Xbox 360 Hacks and Mods: Update Creates Problems

By Jamie Pert - Jan 19, 2011

Following on from our article which told you about the new Xbox 360 update which re-added the boot to disc option we are now informed that this update is bad news for some of you who take advantage of Xbox 360 hacks and mods as it also blocks modded 360’s from playing games.

Full details are scarce at present, however one the people I play online with has a modded Xbox 360, he installed the update and since then his Xbox 360 does not load games and shows a black screen saying something like “disc unreadable”. So far it looks as if only Call of Duty: Black ops, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are affected (according to GetYourGadgetsGoing), however we wouldn’t be too surprised if more games are affected.

If you have a modded Xbox 360 you should play it offline so that your Xbox 360 does not get updated, if you have updated your modded Xbox 360 there is nothing you can do at present, chances are a new mod will be released in the future, but for now there is no workaround.

You can find out more about how this update has affected modded Xbox 360’s here, as we hear more we will do our utmost to keep you posted.

Do you have a modded Xbox 360? If so, did this update stop you playing any of the aforementioned games? Let us know in the comments section below.

I would love it if someone could take a photo showing the error that shows up and mail it to

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  • angeelika


  • Vintrio

    i updated my xbox 360 earlier and i can’t play all copied games, but the original games still works. the xbox 360 reads the copied games as “dvd disc”

  • Ryan M

    would formatting your xbox work? i mean , couldn't you completely remove every update by doing that? or has it fried something in the mod to not let it play those games , and as those are 3 of the 6 backups i have im rather pissed off, and getting it modded isn't the cheapest to do. and would abgx360 work? i have the latest version but i need a definite as the guy who modded it is in another city 5 hours in a car away , and my dads there now on a family trip and cause he has it now, he would get it remodded if he really really had to even though its not cheap, but if abgx360 will work then he'll bring it back and we'll run the games through that.

  • philip cardy

    am having the same problems and my xbox hasn't been altered in any way but can't play any of my games

    • gadgetmaster101

      Microsoft sucks lol. Innocent people always get caught up

  • Guest

    I only have Dance Central and Your Shape Fitness Evolved. After the update, I get the "disc unreadable" error with both of them. I have a brand new 4GB slim Kinect bundle, no modding and the games are new and unscratched ones that worked fine just before the update.

  • Brad

    Maybe some people should learn to not mess with things. Don’t hack and you won’t have the issue. It’s illegal for a reason.

    • gadgetmaster101

      Its all perfectly legal.

  • poyanp

    This happened to me with black ops. Is this even legal? how can they break my system so that is cant play my backups? forget playign online, i understand that. Breaking my system so that it doesnt function as a gaming console?? really? i own my machine shouldnt i be able to do whatever i want with it?

    • gco

      are you serious?

  • flasher

    its happened 2 me im gutted, not banned just the games mentioned above wont load up, if any1 has a way rd this pls help

  • mike

    gutted, just did the update and black screen applies 🙁

    • gadgetmaster101

      IF you are getting just a black screen its not to bad. It is a failsafe. All you have to do is run the game through abgx and your good!