COD Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Map – New Weapons and Perks

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We have some good news for those of you who are searching for gameplay information on the upcoming Ascension zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops, as although we didn’t see any footage in the latest trailer for the First Strike map pack, we have some information which is just as good.

IGN has written up a report, summarizing the information which Treyarch revealed about the four multiplayer maps which will be featured in the First Strike map pack, due out on Xbox 360 first on February 1st.

While Treyarch made no mention of Acsension during the trailer, IGN have reported that the new map will feature a few new weapons and perks, as well as the inclusion of the Cosmic Silverback monkey, who will steal your perks! We’re guessing that this monkey will come in after round 5, replacing the hellhounds and zombie scientist seen in the Kino Der Toten and ‘Five’ Zombie maps.

As for the new weapons, Ascension will feature the Gersch Device, described as a ‘Black Hole Bomb’, and Matryoshka Dolls, which we’re thinking is some kind of claymore / monkey bomb type weapon. Will the Gersch device be the new version of the Thunder Gun? – hopefully we’ll have more details on this soon.

As for new perks, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be at least two new additions. These are the ‘PhD Flogger’ and the ‘Stamin-Up’ perks. We’re not sure exactly what each does specifically, but we’re guessing that the Stamin-Up perk will give you unlimited sprint or something along those lines.

We’ll let you know when we receive fresh details on Ascension. What are your thoughts on the new perks and weapons? – Do you like the idea of a perk-stealing monkey?

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  • Justin

    Alright i have a suggestion about new Zombie maps. My first suggestion is that you can maybe make a perk that allows you to carry double the amount of ammo, you can call it something like Big Pockets or whatever you want as long as you can carry double ammo

    • conto

      i like that alot

    • Peter

      why the hell would we have freaking monkey stealing perks ?? thats kinda gay we already have to spend enough money buying doors, and trying to buy perks why would we have to buy them again?/ i like the unlimeted sprint thats awesome! will the zombie monkey come more than once?/

    • Tim

      That would make the game WAY too easy.

    • josh

      no phd flopper protects you from all explosives and stam-up makes you run faster and you regen quick on breath

    • Daryl McKimmy

      alright the gersh devise is a secondary perk like monkey bombs,such as the mutroyska dolls which are cluster bombs that do area affected damage. and the monkeys wont steal your perks if you protect the perk machine you have if you bought the jugger-nog, you protect the jugger-nog machine because space monkeys will jump on the machine and take all the jugger-nog bottles.and as for the new perks, the PHD flopper perks allows you to dive from high distances and cause an explosion. which is amazing! the stammin-up allows you to have an extra speed boost when you sprint. such as the multi-player perk called lightweight, which allows you to be faster,same rules apply when it comes to stammin-up.thats all,and in order to get to the pack-a-ounch machine you must link all the shuttles and then launch the missle in the first random box room(at the highest floor).the pack-a-punch is located under were the missle was. now you know everything about the new map acsersion.good luck

      • blim blam

        Really lookin forward to playin it on ps3

    • blim blam

      Phd could block gas from the gas crawlers

  • Parakitteh

    PhD Flogger may have something to do with the Pack-a-Punch machine, and perhaps lower the cost of using it?
    Perhaps even allowing a SECOND Pack-a-Punch upgrade.

    • joe

      that would be amazing like make it cost 10,000

    • Starky1994

      Well the Flogger was seen in Shi No Numa and it was a trap so i don't think it will have anything to do with Pack-a-Punch but maybe something along the lines of traps.

    • poop

      its PhD Flopper not Flogger

      • christian

        thank you, i was just about to say that, it was so annoying hearing everyone call it "Flogger", its Flopper people get it right

    • Chris Theisen

      i think phd flogger allows you to buy traps for much less since a flogger was a trap in the old zombie map

      • Bob

        PhD flogger allows you to have less falling damage, When you dolphin dive you create a sonic boom and less explosio damage.

    • Nate

      phd flogger makes it so when you go down a nuke will appear so you may be revived

    • imSkinnyB

      the PhD perk gives u a smash attack dive from a high point to a low point its bad ass

    • N/A

      PhD Flogger allows you to keep your perks and i think it wont let monkeys steal your perk

    • hey

      the PhD flogger perk is u cant kill yourself with explosives, ray gun etc. and if u do the dolhpin dive at a certain height u make an expolsion when u hit the ground and u kill/hurt zombies around you

    • Samuel Cooper

      no dude when you run and dive off a high place you creat an explosion and kill zombies while your at it kinda like a fat kid doin a belly flop at your local pool

    • bundles

      hopefully it will allow you to re-supply with the pack a punch machine
      that would be titty

  • James Nathaniel Yeatman

    PhD Flogger may have something to do with the Pack-a-Punch machine, and perhaps lower the cost of using it?

    • zombitch

      or it might make it so you keep all ur perks if you go down cause PhD flopper means "master at falling" so

      • Deanna

        it's flogger not flopper

        • sarah

          its flopper if u can read it properly !!!

    • daniel davis

      it is when u jump of of high places and it makes a little bomb.

  • Keegan

    I agree, but maybe it also might have to do with the Shi No Numa trap called The Flogger.

    • Patric

      its not PhD Flogger its PhD Flopper, and it makes it to where you receive no falling damage in addition to causing a shockwave type effect on the zombies when you dive off from a certain height

      • Patric

        also, stamin-up makes you run faster, longer, and recover more quickly

  • foob

    PhD is like acids and bases so obviously its some sort of tactical mask thingermabob, and the "stamin" up is obviousely stamina has something to do with running and the cosmic gorrila thing is dumb and its gonna be gay having to get juggernog back every fuckin 5 rounds

    • alex sismour

      its gunu be like the scientist in five u can kill him and by the second time he comes you should have good guns and u can easily kill him for the easy max ammo and keep all ur perks

    • jack

      PhD stands for docterate of philosophy. You were thinking of pH levels.

      • Conto

        OR PhD is a doctors degree something to do with health?

    • john

      mabye if you kill the monkey thing you get your perks back

    • Nicolas Spriggs

      no phd is a doctorate degree in college

    • yan

      Hahha noob maybe if you kill it you wont have to

    • raay

      your right maybe a gasmask for the Crawlers or something

    • koty

      of course!!!! if PhD is like acids, and the flogger on shi no numa repels the zombies, maybe its like a gas mask for help against the nova 6 zombies.

    • MPFIVE

      Dude, PhD stands for doctor, not master or acids & bases. Acids & bases is “ph” not PhD & PhD means doctor. Masters is separate entirely. Having said that, dr. Flogger probably means that you’ll be able to heal teammates faster or that something you have pertaining to the word flogger will be enhanced. My guess is either healing yourself or others faster or maybe something to do with more accuracy with grenades & launchers.

    • Tommy

      Your an idiot PhD isnt "like acids and bases" PhD means you have a Doctorate in a subject and it can pretty much be any subject in the world. So you get a D- for effort but good luck next time

  • Billy

    It may be called 'Ascension' because people speculated that it takes place in a building like NASA (I forget what it's called) and you get a black hole gun. Both of which have to do with space (above us), which you would need to climb (fly) into.

    • Marc Mona

      yeah a new map add me to freind list proobly patched all the glitchs in thir

    • nonextstop

      they might have just named it that because of "ascend from the darkness" written all over the walls.

  • fwong

    Great i had some hobo take my gun in five now ill have some monkey taking my perks

    • alex sismour

      u can just kill him before he gets to u like the hobo in five and the secoind or third time he comes ull hav great guns to do the job

  • Timmeh

    phd flogger is most like tactical mask.

    • sam

      nah if you dive when using phd flogger it makes a nuke bomb

  • sml909

    Don’t patch the monkey glitch!!!!!!!!

    • Stranger

      shhhhh treyarch dont need to know that….

      • A Smart Guy

        99% chance there will be an update that patches that the second you download those maps. Use the patch while you can. I will
        do the same. ;(

    • jack

      what monkey glitch?

      • mark

        it has been patched today

        • yo mom

          yep sure was those fu34ers did it this morning

        • Angel


        • ben

          It was patched yesterday………….

    • Bob

      i think they did i couldnt do it today

    • Cody433

      come on you really had to say that to the whole treyarch company youre a noob

    • Thor

      Monkey glitch is awesome

      • TIMMY

        what is it?

    • cooper

      how do u do the monkey glitch

  • Jimmy

    I think it would be very great if they put in a machine who can get you akimbo of every weapon. just imagine….. 2 tunderguns in each hand….. or 2 ray guns in each hand…

    • d1up

      would be hard to hold two guns in each hand…ill stick with one gun in each hand….idiot

    • koty

      or two monkey bombs o_0 or if they bring it back, two wunder waffes

  • sebasceb

    Maybe the PhD Flogger is like tactital mask that protects you from the gas those litle alien crawlers that apear on five and kino der toten that they throw away. And Stamin-Up is obiously marathon pro

  • JON


    • Sammy

      Apart from your suggestion about a second pack "a" punch all ur ideas have serious problems with them. Firstly why would they create a gambling machine cus people would rack up points prematurely. Secondly a perk machine cant cost 1000 coins based upon the fact that there arent any perks near to that price range. There is no possibliity for saving a game of zombies unless its single player and even if you could, continually playin the same round cant be tht fun. And finally a lobby with 18 people in would never be able to run as it would take massive processing power in order for it to work and the lag would be terrible as you would have 18 connections and 18 players worth of zombies. I will say though that a second upgrade would be good firstly to improve the power of a weapon but also replenish ammo. Maybe if this was introduced in the later rounds it could improve the game significantly

    • glowfx123

      hopefully treyarch will be looking through all these bulletins, and will notice all these ideas,yours are really gd btw :P, don't you think being able to create a custom game of zombies like on little big planet( if you have been on it)., if you have a ps3 add me, lookin to get with gd ppl and smash zombies, psn is glowfx123

    • DaveT55

      I hate all of your ideas. Especially the 18 people one. It’d be way to hard to get that many people to co-operate. And pack a punching twice might work but it’d take the use out of the mystery box cuz by that point nobody would care what gun they have they’d just just be trying to pack it twice

    • 8====D

      Broke your caps lock? Aside from that, your only good idea was the extra Pack-a-Punches.

    • Chris

      You sir are an imbecile, because all of these ideas are terrible and you can not even speak English properly. The point of the Zombies game mode is to: a) Kill a lot of zombies and b) Have fun playing with your friends. Sure getting to level 56 would be awesome and give you some bragging rights, but starting at wave 56 after you died would take the tension and fun out of the game due to the fact that everyone is trying to SURVIVE! If you could just restart after you died that would take the stress out. Besides, if your do not want to spend the time to get to round sixty, maybe you shouldn't even try to…just because it takes forever to get there does not mean Treyarch (not 3arch- their clan tag is 3arc, if you aren't going to get the abbreviation correct then don't) should make the whole game easier.

    • Michael Algarin

      i think 3arc should allow you to re upgrade your gun every 10 to 20 levels alowing you to cary more ammon more attachments faster rof and more stoping power also when are you going to make a box that will refil any type of ammo monkey and grenades!(1000coins) ammo(2000) upgradedgun ammo(5000) also why can we not close doors in multiplayer or zombies! i want to turn the power off in kino der toten after i get my perks i think u should update that!

      • Billy Bob Joe

        Treyarch was originally going to release a perk machine called the Amm-O-Matic which gave the user max ammo when bought but then the icon would vanish. They edited it out because the whole reason people die in zombies is because of little ammo, making max ammo able to buy would destroy the purpose of surviving in later rounds. Also turning off power and closing doors would make a stratigic advandtage to the survivors, siriously you could all just go back to the begining room and cover a window, peice of cake. Turning on the power in black ops has added advantages and disadvantages while WaW maps really didnt have a disadvantage.

    • koty

      i will have to disagree on the gamble machine because what if you lose that round? u'll just die, so whats the point?

    • dman

      i know 18 peple with ray guns,thunderguns,etc. agaist thousands of zombies would be BEAST

  • ralienz

    @foob ya i was thinking the same thing about the PhD maybe it reduces the effect gas zombies nova 6 has on you or even making you immune to it.

    • David Fitzgerald

      You're thinking of Ph not PhD, god don't any of you do science!?

    • David

      wen u dive off a tall surface and u hit the floor u get splash damage, PhD Flopper makes u immune to this and it affects zombies within a certain range so its similar to crash bandicoots splat attack

  • DaveT55

    What if it’s called ascension cuz you ascend into space in a russion rocket and zombies boarded the ship through teleporters and shit so you were fighting zombies in space……. That would be dope

    • Jose :D

      That Would be awesome xD

    • conto

      that would be a very small map :(

      • billy joe bob

        make it a russian space station and there could be like gravity traps… that would be awesome

  • tommy

    you know that mission where yo get out of your chair and you see that rocket like on launch maybe it has to be something about the rocket?????

    • hudson.b

      good idea

    • guy

      I M pretty sure that has to do with the map LAUNCH

    • joh

      no tommy no

  • Illuzion

    There are supposed to be three stages of the map a space base then a launch center then a space station in space u probably will be able to teleport to these different stages after a certain amount of levels maybe

  • John

    they should have the three stages thing. And they should have 4 people on each stage and they have to survive til a certain round, and they'll be able to teleport to one of the stages or a whole new stages. So 12 players 3 groups of 4, on a BIG ASS MAP. like 10 times the size of Kinodertoten.

  • Max

    What you should be able to do is after you get a gun you should be able to keep it after you die because its really frustrating when you have the ray gun and you die and when you get to the next round you dont have it any more and thats gay : also pack a punch should be less than 5000 points maybe 4000/4500 points and treyarch STOP PATCHING GLITCHES YOU GAY PEOPLE!

    • Jordan

      The point of trying to stay alive, IS SO YOU DONT LOOSE YOUR WEOPENS. Idiot, otherwise no one would bother saving other people

    • James

      It is about the challenge, and the realism of it all. If you could just die, wait to spawn, then have all your stuff it would be pointless.
      The points are so high because it isn't supposed to be easy.
      They aren't gay because they patch glitches, it's part of their job. yeah, glitches and hacks are fun but playing it as far as possible without that is so much more rewarding

    • Patt

      well you can't really claim to be a zombie slayer if you have to use glitches…. which makes your whole argument null and void… POWNED

    • Frank

      Shut up, If Treyarch didn't patch these glitchs, then you would have an unfair advantage and all the fun of nazi zombies will be lost.

  • ITokyoRose

    Phd means you specialize in a certain area, and the flogger is a trap, which prob means that the perk let’s you activate traps longer and/or for less money

    • to deflorate

      or perhaps lets you activate certain traps that could provide useful in later rounds. for example, the big centrifugal motion device (not sure what its called) that would require a PhD to know how to operate?


    Matryoshka Dolls = Cluster Bomb Monkey Style thing ?

  • bill

    You should be able to pack a punch bowine knife. That would be beast running aroung with a machete or chainsaw. just sayin. I really hate the idea of perk stealing monkeys. i like just plain dogs.

    • Ziggy

      the bowie knife is the upgraded version of the normal knife. Upgrading it would be like pack a punching the same weapon twice.

      • TIMMY

        but u buy it off the wall so doesns't count as upgraded in Ascension there will be more types of granades

    • Guest

      you CAN pack a bunch a bowie knife, you just need a ballistic knife in order to do so, its BEAST when you run around with that, also it picks up people when you shoot them, not a hard concept to realize

  • Suicide1995

    Pack-a-punching a weapon more than once, gambling points, random perks are stupid ideas. Duel weapons dont allow you to fire them accuratly. And if you wan to fire a weapon twice as fast, then get double tap and shut up.

    Something new I would like to see is an option on the wall to buy a third (and only three) gun. You wouldn't new a "Big pockets" perks, just have an option on the wall to buy a third weapon (which can be the M1911) for around 10,000 points.

    And, for crap's sake, answer some of the zombie storyline questions.

    • wisecodered

      dude y do u have to come in here and ruin everything ppl r just giveing there idea so you dont have to come in here and say stuff is stupid i like the pack-a-punch idea so how about you shut the fuck up and go some were else

    • Jordan

      pj stfu, and the third weopen idea would be good, but maybe like it can only be a gun bought from the wall, or like you can only use the weopen once both ur other guns r gone

    • zombgod

      i like that 2 an suicide ur rite ppl need to remember that the game has to be a challenge an the same time an the big pockets perk would be kewl if u could do that an 3 guns would be alrite lik 1 dude said as long as 1 of the 3 guns was off the wall an if that were to happen it would make zombs eaiser but it would give a twist making it harder throughout the longer rounds but easier throughout the little rounds an (who thinks u should be able to pik up ur teammates after they have died becuz they went down???)

    • guy

      I AGREE TOTALLY srry 4 the caps

  • Pj

    I think Phd flogger might lower prices on traps, mostly cuz a phd is a degree in college meaning u have alot of experiance in what u studied and the flogger was a trap in the swamp level. So yea lower price traps, thats my call.

    • guy

      the swamp lvl is called shi no numa and i dont think so buddy

    • nick

      nice spelling its obvious you never got your phd in anything you high school dropout

  • Chaz

    It would be awesome if u had an uber big banana gun that u could shoot at the space monkey so he would turn into a bunch of space junk

    • Cody433

      yea that would be kind of cool. i also have a question does the black hole grenade work against monkeys? cuz monkeys dont work on dogs in kino der toten

    • Jesus Hitler

      lmao thats like the dumbest idea ever yet it would be AWESOME!!! hahah but im not criticizing… i think you might be on to something

  • mep0077

    I think they should make a mystery box that cost 6000 or so, and put it next to the pack a punch machine. it would give you a random upgraded weapon!

    • hudson.b


    • bob

      so true

    • mark

      the first time i seen pack-a-punch in der riese i thought that what it was a random upgraded wepon

    • JOIaji

      That will be nice

    • Grif`999

      Yeah but not 6000 more like 10000 cause if u get like a thundergun

      • guest

        first of all that doesn't make any sense, second of all, what if you won't usually get a thundergun.
        Why don't you think before you randomly post things that have no logical meaning…

        • No one

          dude chill its just 1 epicly random thought while you have to around critizing everyone and saying how dumb they are? if you werent looking for creativity why log on?

        • isaach

          I think 6 or 7000 cuz 10000 is more than box and packapunch but a il bit more cause it saves having to go to pack a punch room

    • Shadow616

      what if you pay the 6000 points and you get a CZ75 upgraded?? that would be a waste of points

  • MajorPayne

    I would be happy just to have the ability to purchase replacement ammo for any PaP'd guns I had.

    • Jeremy

      they already have that you just go re pap your gun and you get ammo

  • Nikolai Reznov

    Why not have different planets u could go to(via spaceship) that have zombies on them


      im sorry but that sounds like a really bad idea.

    • dman

      that would be bad and good because if you get sorrounded u could use it but take along time to load

  • XBlaZekinX

    I think whenever you get a perk you keep the bottle from the machine and their shud be a machine where you put the bottle in for 5000 pts and you get the pro version of that perk

    • MOises

      yeah you could like keep the bottle caps and put them in a machine

    • zombgod

      yea that would be awesome lik pro jugnog hahah

  • Yo Brotha

    THe biggest **** about zombies is that the guns start to suck at like round 22. They need to put in all of the multiplayer weapons and u should be able to upgrade 2 times. Also there needs to be an ammo vending machine.

  • Luke

    I’m pretty sure phd flogger is like a tactical mask to be used against the novas. Stammin up is probably unlimited sprint or something.

  • Jack

    Anyone think mabye Acension has to do with the story mode mission? Im thinking they will let you play as Mason and some other characters in the story starting in the Chair Room (the one at the main menu).

    • tom

      the "chair room" is in the pentagon.. and not at a soviet missile silo.

  • vaughn

    PhD Flogger= stops the smoking crawlers from smoking you, i own

  • lee

    You should be able to buy attachments off the wall like a bipod or custom red dots

  • BOb

    Maybe the Phd Flogger allows you to resell your bought items if you need extra cash


    HELL YEAH!!!!! They should allow you to pack-a-punch monkey bombs or something and turn it into some baboon gorilla ape bomb… that would be cool!

  • TripleD

    I think that this is kind of stupid, i love W@W zombie where it had like a little creepy style to it, but now there putting a monkey in zombies? Why!

  • anonymous

    scavenger perk

  • billybob

    im from space

  • thrill006

    I think the bowie knife should be in the mystery box

  • codb

    Ascension – the new Zombie map that is included with the upcoming First Strike map pack – is set to include a couple new weapons, perks and enemies when it lands on February 1st.

    Ascension is set in a abandoned Soviet cosmodrome and has you playing as one of the regular cast of characters (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen). While playing the new Zombie map you will have the misfortune of coming up against new enemies, including Space Monkeys who steal your perks! Luckily, you’ll have a few new weapons at your disposal to see off the hordes of zombified bad guys (and Monkeys); the Gersch Device or “Black Hole Bomb” and Matryoshka Dolls. You’ll also have two new perks available in Ascention; Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper, the benefits of which have not been confirmed yet.

    i also found this inf.

    iteUp(lightweight + 7up)- faster movement
    Pro- faster weapon switch and ADS
    Mask-O-Rade(tactical mask + gatorade)- reduced damage to gas
    Pro- immune to weapon backfire, such as ray gun
    Hard Line Energy(hardline + energy drink)- increased chance of recieving power ups
    Pro- increased range of picking up power ups or in other words, they come to you
    AmmoMatic(scrapped)- allows you to buy ammo from the machine for only 3 times a game
    Pro- buy attachements for non upgraded weapns, and buy upgraded ammo for upgrade weapons

    How it works:
    When you get to the pack a punch machine, it will ask, upgrade weapon or perk machine. When you choose perk, it will show pictures of each machine, respectively, and allows you upgrade ONLY one for 5000 points. It will allow you to re-buy the pro perk for free if you currently have that perk, but if you lose it, you must pay the regular ammount. Also it only allows the player who upgraded the perk to buy the pro version. Everyone else will have to upgrade it at their own time. And to keep it balanced, you are only allowed 4 perks in total.

  • michael

    the PhD Flogger is a tactical mask thing that protects u from nova gas.

    • dman

      that wont help when ur surrounded though

  • grahamabeast

    The gorilla i think will either steel your money or your perks because in dead ops arcade he steals your money at the end. The phd flogger will probably let you run through the nova gas from those crawlers. Stamin up will not be marathon it will actually be like rapid firebecause stamina actually means finger strength. Lastly, their will also be monkey zombies after you turn the power on that don' t do much damage but are FAST.. This is true information….

    • jake


  • CRsnowMUFFEN^S


  • Chad

    Personally, i think it would be cool, if you got to pack-a-punch in a different way. Ex. Since it is a space ship map you have to collect fuel (That spawns every round) to power up a rocket ship and you do one lap around the map. During this time you can Pack-a-Punch AND there is a random box inside. Once you come out you will be on the opposite side of the map, to get back to the other side you will have to take the rocket again. Each side will have 3 perks. The first side will have
    Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Stamin-Up, to go with solo gameplay, and the other side will have the other perks. However there is a catch and a bonus. On the rocket FROM side one TO side 2, Pack-a-punch will cost 800 more and the box 250 less. On the 2nd side TO the 1st side, The box will cost 800 more and the Pack-a-punch 500 less. Another Downfall is that when the monkeys come they will steal perks from the OPPOSITE side you are on, along with an Automatic steal of Juggernog and Speedcola. The last downfall is that you can only take the rocket ship Once a round, due to the amount of fuel on both sides. I would love all those mechanics to be in game so it would feel challenging and strategical

  • matthew

    they should bring back the browning,mg42, ppsh and the wonderwaffle from waw.

  • steve

    They should allow us to pass off weapons to eachother. As long as we’re still just carrying two it shouldn’t matter. If i’m down or up, other players should be able to come over and take or pass off their weapons, just like real life.

  • steve

    With the ability to make it happen so easily, “friendly fire” incidents should be available. Mark your targets before you shoot or accidently kill your own friends. No more free for all spraying. I know most will think that insane but it’s simply an extra choice and your free to not use it, just something in options.

    Of course all 4 players would have to agree to it but just think, once you have that you know you wont be playing with meatheads running around and doing stupid stuff. Wouldn’t you just love to have the option to shoot that meathead stealing from your window or doing stupid stuff that ruins your game? ;)

    • PSNiiSSNEAK74

      Id Def Shooot People For stealing my Window POints Or kills within the 1st 4 rounds LOL…Might Juss Knoife them if it becomes a Consistent Issue Lol

  • steve

    I guess it’s too late but I would have loved to see the original map pack with the perk machines. And with a 5th or 6th player, that can be said for all map packs.

  • thrill606

    id like to be able to go into space, and for there to be a trap that opens the door and sucks all the zombies out into space

  • burke

    they need to git rid of all the dogs monkys and scientist to put in like a juggernut zombie that would charge at you and you would have to git out of his way or you would get down and that randon perk and that random upgraded gun box would be awsome


    I hope the gas zombies are replaced by the monkeys. also, the idea of double pack a punch, but the price needs to more than double for the second one. I hope they still kind of stick to what has worked in the past, unlike Five. I did not like that map

  • Freddy

    I think the PhD thing has to do with getting down or needing to be revived. Or maybe if you have it you stay alive longer after getting down or maybe it lets you keep all of your guns and/ or perks when you get down.

  • Swaggflu

    Don’t hate on me but, a gears if war lander wolff make zombies great lol,i honestly like everyone ideas, the 2x paP, and a ammo vender and a PaP mystery box would all make the gane awaome and trading off wepins would also be amazing

  • Carnagex410x

    I think it would be better to put a machine on the game that you can buy max ammo for any gun or upgraded gun because i run out ammo in at least 2 rounds after i upgrade, and the little space monkeys i already dont like running from a doctor now monkeys but it makes because i would rather buy as perk again then try to get a gun that i may not get again that i had upgraded

  • Brad Roberts

    some new things they could do:
    when you get a misery box if you have better weapons you should be able to gift it to someone else.
    bring in some of the old weapons we only have ray gun, mp40 and monkeys (knife bowie knife and grenades obv). like the flame thrower, ppsh, ect. they could also bring in more multiplayer weapons like the ak47, macarov, ect.
    there should also be a choice when you get certain weapons if you want them dual wield or not and attachments because most weapons on black ops are pretty crap without red dot or grip.
    they shouldn't do things like on the cutscene of five end it in everyone getting amazing weapons and then you just start off with a pistol
    i liked dogs because there like zombies (they try to eat your face) and they're relitively easy to kill but then we get to the pikey weapon stealer on five who is really annoying and is hard to kill without an upgraded weapon or some thing like the ray gun but getting 1000 pack a punch after killing him is a good idea. so if there really has to be a pikey monkey it should drop a weapon or a perk after killing it and you should only get the gas monkeys after killing it because i have no idea how turning the power on makes them come to kill you and make you choke on nauseous gas.
    finally there should be a song that is good because onn kino it wasnt that good but on five it was pretty good

    • Eggy

      i tink u can get ak47 on ascention but im not sure :L

  • Brad Roberts

    some new things they could do:
    when you get a misery box if you have better weapons you should be able to gift it to someone else.
    bring in some of the old weapons we only have ray gun, mp40 and monkeys (knife bowie knife and grenades obv). like the flame thrower, ppsh, ect. they could also bring in more multiplayer weapons like the ak47, macarov, ect.
    there should also be a choice when you get certain weapons if you want them dual wield or not and attachments because most weapons on black ops are pretty crap without red dot or grip.
    they shouldn't do things like on the cutscene of five end it in everyone getting amazing weapons and then you just start off with a pistol
    i liked dogs because there like zombies (they try to eat your face) and they're relitively easy to kill but then we get to the pikey weapon stealer on five who is really annoying and is hard to kill without an upgraded weapon or some thing like the ray gun but getting 1000 pack a punch after killing him is a good idea. so if there really has to be a pikey monkey it should drop a weapon or a perk after killing it and you should only get the gas monkeys after killing it because i have no idea how turning the power on makes them come to kill you and make you choke on nauseous gas.
    finally there should be a song that is good because onn kino it wasnt that good but on five it was pretty good

  • Alberto

    Hell yeah this new zombie map sounds great, cant wait to play this game….WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Justin

    they should have you pack-a-punch once for 5 thou then pack-a-punch a second time for 10 thou that would be awesome like first you get and upgraded ray gun they you get a duel wield upgraded ray gun

  • carcrasher65

    PhD flogger i heard it made traps cheaper or something but i thought it would be better if it made perks cheaper by 1000

  • First


  • mark

    I think they should give you a map like "five", and you should be aloud to choose either Monkeys; Dogs, The Thief, all three or just two if you want. But you would have to choose at least one.

  • mark

    I also think you should be able to pack-a-punch more than once, but… the 1st time you pack-a-punch you have a 100% chance of getting it back, the 2nd time lets just say you have a 75% chance of getting it back and a 15% chance of it being destroyed and the more times you pack-a-punch the less chance you have of getting it back and the more chance of it bieng destroyed. Obviously there is going to be a limit though. Trearch if you read this contact me just reply and we will be in contact, I have a lot of good ideas, thanks.

  • Tom

    I think they should make the Pack-A-Punch more advanced. So, when you go to the pack a punch, a screen pops up where you can choose what atachments/bullets/camo you have on your gun that you want to upgrade. Also, like you have in multiplayer you earn COD points, you should have them in zombies as well which will link to my 3rd idea. there should be a 'create a map' option, to create a map where you and your friends can play. But you use your Zombie COD Points to create them.

    • dude

      you dont have time to pick and choose the camos attachments ete, second your bordering around the same idea as combat practice, and third, think before you write

  • random douch

    i think they should put in the m60 and the other multiplayer guns so we have a great variety
    pack a punch!

  • Infinity Ward

    I think that they should just get rid of all the zombies all together and call it "Animal zombies" I think this would be sick! Instead of making it creapy DO NOT MAKE THE ANIMALS BLEEDING.

  • Austin

    what about the fucking zombies????
    also i think it would be coolif you could select a character before that game begins… You have 8 characters, that would be ballen if you could select.

  • hisup

    Well guys, i think the third pack a punch should come in around a much later level. And maybe they should put in a different mystery box maybe a different color, which lets you get a random attachment? (For example, You get a red dot sight, larger magazine, flamethrower) They'd probably have to make a second type of mystery box cost alot, or a once only use. (per gun) Something along the line of my idea, i haven't thought much about it. If you guys can alter my ideas to make it better, please do. :)

  • David Puryear

    you should be able to get in the big rocket because how funny would that be to leave someone on earth is like "five" elevators but alot funnier and instead of dogs theres ganna i think little monkeys first and then the cosmic sliver back and with the black hole gun what if you could shoot it and you teleport anywhere on the map that would be awesome

  • Joe

    how about a certain objective, although i dont like the idea of a giant monkey stealing my perks i do say more than 4 people could play and take it on, and plus say u have 5 or 6 friends that want to play zombies only 4 can play so u make friends feel bad when they are the ones left out.

  • Justin Geissler

    exactly suicide 1995

  • Id screw a horse for ascension

    I would love if they made like an upgraded perk machine called perk-a-punch like at the opposite end of the weapon pack-a-punch and you can buy ammo of a wall, and like they should have a scavenger perk that gives you like.. 10 bullets for machine-guns, 1 bullet for like thunderguns and stuff, 10 bullets for rayguns and other semi-automatic weapons and like some other people have said, a second pack-a-punch would be great. Like make the markings on it green or a different colour and like have it you can upgrade monkey bombs and make it so it distracts the silverback monkey? That would be pre cool I think and if you could get the ppsh like in der-riese and shi no numa and stuff and that, like you could spend 10,000 and get another gun (just 1) and like it’s a pistol (unless you have it already, then it’s just your hands that you run around with) oh and if you could get like some sort of Knuckle dusters or something along this lines I think that would be fun (:

  • Bruggz

    Its frikken pHd flopper not flogger!!!! It has nothing to do with the traps. even look on google…

  • Eggy

    i think that u should be able to get a spartain laser off halo instead of thunder gun/ wunderwaffe dg-2/ winters howl so u can just own that perk stealin fat *** monkey whos so bad at zombies that he cant even afford his own perks

    • DMAN

      spartan rifle is an epic fail


  • will

    PHD frogger lets U turn on all the traps without waiting on them !!!!!, basically U can Use a trap whenever U want

  • Soink add me on xbox

    One thing i would like to see is an attachment cabnit sort of like the mystery box but like a big cabnit that would also cost 950 and it gives a random attachment for your gun lets say you have a mp40, you bye the random attachment and you could get a sight, extended mag, anything and then they could add an extra perk for warlord and you could even get attachments for your pack a punch weapons, which you sortof already do, but i would really like to have some attachments in zombies, but you could only have certain attachments for certain guns, and it wouldnt be like a easier way to win, yoy could get bad attachment like a infer red scope on your smg, but i think it would make the game a little more interesting, i also think you should be able to have a random powerup box, that cost like 2500 that drops a sale, instakill, ect. and even you could get dogs like a killstreak type thing, not get downed for 5 rounds, get a sentry gun, 10 rounds, get a chopper, and 15 rounds get dogs, i would also like to have a new powerup that is a clock, and it slows down time, or turns all the running zombies to walkers for a certain amount of time like 20-30 seconds there should also be a perk to repair barriers twice as fast, the pack a punch should be able to pack a punch a packa punched weapon but would cost 10000 because i played on kino, and i had the pack a punch ray gun on round 33 and it took 4 shots from it, the only gun that one shotted past round 26 was the zeus cannon and i also noticed that after round 25 or so, i stopped getting hardley and powerups other than dogs, i didnt like that at all, it got very frustrating at times.

    • Jimmy 8

      wtf are you talking about

  • black sabbath

    phd flogger is when you die you dont lose all perks you only lose phd flogger

    stamia up lets you run for longer periods of time

  • Infinity Ward

    take away all blood and guts. make it on a farm where all the animals attack and the farmer steals your crops. NO guns though and in orner to kill the animals use your combine harvester to run them over till they scatter from the farm. THE MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO FIND THE HIDDEN CAPOUCHIN MONKEY THAT IS SAID TO TAKE AWAY ALL VIOLENCE FROM THE WORLD!

    • DMAN

      WOW animal zombies
      EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aDildoWeildingHobo

    make a fuckin perk that would make you not fuckin lose all your fuckin perks that you have bought when you fuckin get downed for fuck sakes, please considier this shit nigga, i mean, treyarch

  • David

    the wierd doll gernades pop out of each other and explode their is a lander that flys you to a random place in the map its like a tiny space ship the black hole gernade randomly tosses you across the map if you go in it you start in black and white if you get the power you get color

    Xbox gamer tag UnDeAD LEG3ND

  • AvidPenguin

    Phd Flogger makes it so whe you get downed you only lose that perk…. Stamin-up increases the time and speed you can sprint at. The idea of 12 people is stupid bu the 6000 points for a random upgraded weapon is quite good as the box could look upgraded. The idea for saving is a good idea but only on solo. I also think you should be able to record videos like you can on multiplayer.

  • zombgod

    all u guys talkin bout new shit but the thing is, is if they let u hold to thunder guns u wouldnt go down an it defeats the purpose of a competeition an if u could keep upgrading ur guns then the game would never get harder so they are making zombs perfect cuz think if u could upgrade ur thunder 3 times an dualwield it be honest do u think u would ever go down/ all u would have to do is camp in a corner an shot once to kill lik 50 zombs

  • Cody433

    i hate the monkeys they have a frikin dumb guy in five running around like a pussy now i have stupid monkeys always trying to steal my perks thats crap treyarch you idiots

    • dman


  • Cody433

    good news there is a wunderwaffe in ascension

    • Hollywood

      No they would have saod it when talking about new weapons

  • Chris

    A 'Medic' prek would be cool. so you can revive people from the dead. kind of like the defibrilators on L4D2. mabee taking a long time or something…

  • Jalo40000

    I found out phd flogger is some sort of nova gas mask to stop goml gas from harming you

  • jak

    they are little space monkeys that throw back your granades not steal perks dumbasses and the dolls spread and explode

  • qwertyuiop

    thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard why dont you just pay 950 for a regular gun in a random box then upgrade it for 5000 then you know what youre getting, not like the china beach or something

  • alex

    when do the new zombie maps come out ????

  • David

    What is this. this is still cod zombies right?

  • jake

    dude you guys just need to make the bowie knife upgradeable like make it a ninja sword or somthing. and that you guys should make marathon and steady aim a perk because hip firing is pointless there is no accuracy besides smg's.

  • jiggajuice

    All this reading, there is something missing, there should be something from maybe the random bbbox or off the wall, called something like "no way out" or soemthing and sacrifice your self and wham an AoE of zombies are dead, would be a give up feature in single player, but in multi-player would be usufull, as for those times you get trapped or cornered.

  • Liam

    Me and my mates play zombies alot, and i agree later rouunds we even resort to swapping upgraded guns for guns off the wall just for ammo, so i think there should be a ammo stash you can buy ammo for whatever gun you have for 5000 points of even be able to buy a max ammo off the wall for 10-20k of points. The monkeys sound like a fun idea for me, for starts i cant wait to hear my mate on late rounds go " FUCKING HELL the monkey stole my juggernogg!" (LOL) . Also looking through the comments, the perk deep pocket letting you hold more ammo is a good idea. mainly the problem is ammo use in high rounds. Or to make it simple. just let us pack and punch weapons for 5000-10000 points again, purely just to get full ammo in them again no change to the actual weapon itself. Ive also not seen anything about monkey bombs in this map defo bring them back if there not. And finally keep the main characters the american and the russian anyway, ( russian one has the best sayings xD) there awsome :)

  • killafoo

    you suck all of you get lives

  • DDA

    i really think they are going too far as far as the stupid gas zombies and the new perk stealing monkey…go back to der riese style and wheres my wunderwaff???

  • No one

    They need to make it so that more people can play zombies {at least 1 more person}
    Once you buy a gun when you die you wont lose it
    bigger maps weaker zombies[just a little weaker come on round 56 is immpossible]
    Make the space monkeys on higher rounds become space apes!
    Add more tactical grenades dont lose perks when downed
    make quick revive instant revive

  • zombie maniac

    for starters its phd flapper and when you jump of somethning while going prone it unleashes a explosive wave around you tha kills anything near you

  • codplayer123

    Ascension needs Boss every five rounds like Hitler Zombie so that every five rounds you get a giant and fast Zombie to kill thats harder than most.

  • Shoe

    Ascension refers to the Nazi scientists who were working with the Russians on their space program. Naturally this means that you are fighting Nazi scientists in a Russian space training facility. and PhD doesn't have crap to do with acids and bases. Thats pH for any smart people. PhD is like a doctor's degree or a high level of learning.

  • fag

    Actually PhD Flogger allows you to keep your perks.

  • Jimmy Hill

    PhD Flogger means you take less explosive damage, Your dolphin dives create sonic booms and you have less falling damage

  • dman

    monkeyes stealing perks. as if the scientist wasnt annoying enough when you had bad*** guns

  • grant

    how do i get to pack a punch on asswent

  • grant

    how do i get packapunch and fix the rocket

  • AMG

    Ok so first off i have the map and phd flogger does have to do with the traps, stamin up has to do with running not forever but for longer time, there is no more bowie knife now you get a sickle, there is a new weapon but i wont give that away, the new grenade explodes into many grenades which then explode, monkey bombs are still in it, there is the black hole grenade thing (but I have not gotten it yet), thundergun, ray gun, pack a punch is still 5000, death machine power up is in it, the monkey's do steal your perks so you have a time limit of killing all the monkeys and you keep your perks and after you kill them give you max ammo power up, lunar landers only take you to the beggining of the level, same guns on the wall as five and no more mp40, there are little secrets that you can find out for yourself once you play I have already figured them out, zombies actually dodge your bullets when you aim down your sites at them, the map is the biggest I have seen so far which makes it 10x better than the other maps, and no more crawlers that have the nova gas they are gone.

  • Aaron

    Heyy, just to let everyone who doesn't know, the PhD Flogger allows you to explode when you dolphin dive down a set of stairs, very useful. :)

  • billy

    i think that black ops is gay

  • mr_ruano

    or how about a perk that makes you less tasty looking or smelly to the zombies… make zombies go after your teamates first that dont have that perk, and if you all have that perk, zombies rush at you like they normally do but before they strike, i dunno, they hesitate because that perk makes less wanted or something,,, lol shit would be tight standing next to your teamate and 20 zombies rush at him before at you, even though it already happens sometimes but i dont know if yall get it….lol

  • Matt

    Ok first of all I think that there should be difficulties for zombies like Ascension on recruit or Kino Der Toten on hardened that would be cool I geuss for some of the new players but what I REALLY WANTED to tell 3arch is that they should come up with a thing where you can pay say 2,000 credits and you can add 1 attachment on your gun of your choice like just say AK74U with rapid fire and grip. That would be a pretty cool option. (You can get it a MAX of 2 times) Another idea of mine would be to be able to play like split screen zombies but only you could play with like 3 or 4 people as long as you had the controllers. Oh and before I end this I have to say what every person here is thinking….. WHAT’S UP WITH THE MONKEYS ? I mean ya it’s epic but like how do you come up with that shit ? Oh and if you like what I said or just wanna message me, my xbox live name is………….. xWiinGManx

  • SamIAm13

    maybe one of them is used to by ammo

  • guest

    its the phd flopper you retards not the flogger

  • dark

    i fond the secret to the packa pounch

  • CodyCalkinsBand

    they should have a spot on the wall where you can buy ammo for any gun you have for like 8,000 or something. so you don't have to lose a good gun like the HK 21 to the random box for a cross bow on higher levels.

  • black op

    bring back the wunderwaffe

  • wtf?

    WHAT ABOUT PS3???????? i own a ps3 i also own an xbox 360 but i prefer ps3 and is it gonna fuckin come out for ps3 id like to play it…its quite stupid they came out on xbox and no ps3 on the same day but its feb. 7th…WTF… really dumb…

  • Nick

    PhD is a great Cola. I recommend getting it first because it is the easiest one to defend from the monkeys (they only come up the stairs). What it does is awesome. If you sprint and hold b off of a ledge or stairs, when you land on the ground there will be an explosion around you that will kill all the zombies in a 3 foot radius around you. Also it makes you not be able to hurt yourself. You can't blow yourself up, the ray gun wont hurt ETC. You can literally hold onto a grenade until it explodes and you wont die. It doesn't do anything about lowering costs. Remember to upgrade, take all three lifts back to the starting room and then go back to where you turn on the power and launch the rocket.

  • Daryl McKimmy

    alright the gersh devise is a secondary perk like monkey bombs,such as the mutroyska dolls which are cluster bombs that do area affected damage. and the monkeys wont steal your perks if you protect the perk machine you have if you bought the jugger-nog, you protect the jugger-nog machine because space monkeys will jump on the machine and take all the jugger-nog bottles.also after you beat your first space monkey round, there will be a max ammo and a little something for your troubles, a perk bottle, pick this up and it gives you a random perk.notice the random perk will only work once so dont be dumb and get down monkeys also come down in lunar lander pads..

  • Daryl McKimmy

    and as for the new perks, the PHD flopper perks allows you to dive from high distances and cause an explosion. which is amazing! the stammin-up allows you to have an extra speed boost when you sprint. such as the multi-player perk called lightweight, which allows you to be faster,same rules apply when it comes to stammin-up.thats all,and in order to get to the pack-a-ounch machine you must link all the lunar landers and then launch the missle in the first random box room(at the highest floor).the pack-a-punch is located under were the missle was. now you know everything about the new map acsersion.good luck . send me a message on facebook if you need any help

  • jonny

    i think u should make a perk were u can revive people wen ur down and u could revive urselve and u should hav a option on wen ur team dies u can hav them all pay so much points so that u and ur team can be back in the game

  • Daryl McKimmy

    oh and one more thing they switched out the bowie knife for a sickle, i know beast right?

  • caspa

    old maps available on black ops cba to buy WAW also idea for a new map sorta ripping of ascensions black and white idea but have no lights on till u turn on the power and you have to use head torches, this would make the shitty earlier rounds more exciting.

  • the artisan

    3arc should make a russian zombie map i mean it would complete the WWII theme from waw i mean they have nazi, usa, and japanese (imperial army)

    EX: Nacht der untoten, five, and shi no numa

  • james

    I think it would be so cool if they had the option to buy the ray gun and the thundergun and other super weapons for about 4500 points on the walls

  • born n blood

    i cant wait till the new maps are available on the ps3

  • bundles

    Pack a punch needs to be available to re-supply with your upgraded weapons.. if that were the case… it would still be difficult to get ammo.. but it would at least be a viable option when you're hoarding points and have no ammo left in the mid 30's levels.

  • giggity

    black ops is cool and gay at the same time

  • Jimmy 6

    Fine i'll stop

  • Matt

    The monkeys suck, they are tiny lol – The PHD Flogger is a perk which nukes the area around you if you go down – the stamin-up is a perk which allows you to sprint for longer – you have to link all the lunar landings to get the rocket going, then you launch the rocket to open the pack-a-punch machine, if you shoot the rocket it will blow up in mid-air – instead of the bowie knife there is a sickle – and there are certain zombies that can jump really high – there is a bomb you can get in the mystery box that is a russian doll that when it blows up lots of little bombs come out of it – something replaces the monkey bombs but i forgot the name :) but when you throw it all the zombies get sucked into it but if you jump into it, it will teleport you to a random place on the map – oh yeah, you start off in black and white so you need to get to the power to turn the colour on :) thats about it lol :D

  • Alpha

    What is the monkey glitch?

  • noob

    acsention cool

  • ,kjhg

    pdh flogger is a perk that allows when u dive of a stair case it will make a mini nuke around u

  • will

    I think that they should put in a new gun that can be a mix of the raygun and a pack a punch thunder gun but make it automatic and suck the zombies in instead of blowing them out so u could shoot zombies at other ones

  • John

    guys the perks that the monkys steals can be stoped by camping at the perks themself they try to hack it and steal your perks so stop the monkys from doing it and that purple thing Phd flogger?? that perk if you jump (dive) from something higher then the ground lvl were you are on it makes some nuke around you that makes fire and kills zombies its awsome

  • jo

    i have played acension best to the max on ps3 WAY better then the xbox version in my opinion

  • shwan!

    ure all wrong how funny

  • That guy

    My friend thinks they should make a perk that gives u a uav/ spy plane so u can see where the zombies r. I think this is a really good idea and would help a lot.

  • Spuds

    They call it Ascension because it's based in Ascension Islands.

  • Perefelipe

    how to ascension