iPhone 4 / 5 on Sprint in 2011: New Rumors

By Gary Johnson - Jan 18, 2011

Sprint has announced a press event on February 7 which has sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Since Verizon finally announced that they were going to get the iPhone 4, will this mean other carriers such as Sprint be getting an iPhone?

Network World is reporting that Sprint is inviting the press to “See what Sprint has up its sleeve.” With Apple and Verizon not having an exclusive deal may mean an iPhone coming to Sprint. But they are also reporting that Chris Burns from the Android Community blog, thinks that “Chances are it WON’T be an iPhone unless Sprint has some magical way to integrate 4G connectiveness without changing the iPhone hardware, it’ll be more than likely some other kind of wackiness.”

SlashGear are suggesting that Sprint may be about to announce an iPhone 4, with the CDMA not being exclusive to Verizon Apple might just want to spread the market for their handset. Chris Nerney over at It World is doubting that Sprint will be announcing the CDMA version of the iPhone 4, as it isn’t “yet another industry first”.

Maybe Sprint is going to announce they will be offering the iPhone 5 whenever Apple decide to release it, but this will surely not happen until June when Apple usually brings us a new handset.

What do you think Sprint will be announcing?

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  • John

    Sprint will get an iphone. Verizon and Sprint share towers. So iphones are already being used on the sprint network when roaming off of Verizon. a

  • girl

    i am a huge apple fan like HUGE and i think that apple and sprint joining up to make a sprint iphone would be like the smartest thing they can do! i have sprint and i HATE the phone that i have now but i love the iphone. i think that we will be seeing and iphone in 2011 but i think that it would be an iphone 5 if verizon has the iphone and they use CDMA then sending that iphone to sprint wouldnt be the hardest thing to do in fact it would be the smartest thing to do

  • Blah

    If sprint gets the iphone i will leave att and go back to sprint.

  • staind

    keep dreaming

    • Jen Kart

      Shut Up!

  • Vicky

    It will happen

  • smileeyy

    there should be an iphone for sprint.

  • Not to worry….as soon as the Verizon iPhone comes out, even if Sprint doesn't get the iPhone the jailbreak mod developers will have an unlock. Of course, you'd still need to go to the Sprint store and have them activate it on their network.

  • Heavyrailer

    A watch phone. Because it fits up a sleeve.

  • Writermind

    I'd like to get in on the IPHONE 4 for Sprint, but I honestly don't think it's going to happen.

    Now, an IPHONE 5 for Sprint sounds more likely. Fingers are crossed.

  • Quinn

    WiMAX2, is coming