Metroid 3DS: Announcement Coming at Nintendo 3DS Press Event?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 17, 2011

As you probably already know Nintendo are holding a press event on Wednesday, January 19 where they will undoubtedly reveal full release and pricing details for their upcoming handheld, we are also hearing that a Metroid 3DS announcement may also be made at the show.

This news is not confirmed at the moment, however Jonathon Ross recently answered a tweet which may have inadvertently confirmed the existence of this game.

One of Jonathon’s followers on Twitter recently tweeted a message which said “keep his fingers crossed for Metroid”, Ross then responded “I think you’re going to be pleased then…”, Ross is a reliable source as he is part of the 3DS European press event.

Up until now a Metroid release for the 3DS had been talked about, however this is the first time that we have heard anyone “in the know” talk about the game, NintendoWorldReport suggest that this does not necessarily mean that the game will arrive be announced at the show, however pretty much confirms that it is in the works.

Metroid video games have been popular since the late 80’s, however we have not seen a handheld version of the game released since Metroid Prime Hunters arrive in 2006, perhaps Nintendo think that a Metroid 3DS will increase Nintendo 3DS sales.

Will you buy a Nintendo 3DS just for Metroid 3DS if it is announced?

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  • Hell yeah! This along with F-Zero 3DS, and Super Smash Bros. 3DS is on my top wanted list for 3DS! Best case scenario is if the game is Metroid Prime 1 quality/size and has even better multiplayer than Hunters. The plot could continue after Metroid Prime 3's cliffhanger ending, which hinted at a Metroid Prime Hunter 2 kind of thing. Perhaps this game will be something like Halo 2 which introduced Xbox Live, and bring in the new online system Nintendo has hinted at! Probably won't be that good, in fact it is most realistically an announcement of Metroid 2 coming to 3DS VC. Oh well, even then I'll be glad to get it so I can re-live the classic.

    PS: I would have bought the 3DS even without any Metroid announcement, it's looking like a fine successor to the DS. Also if this 3DS Metroid is as good as I wish, the only name worthy of it's awesomeness is Metroid Prime Hunters: Dread. (Or maybe Metroid Hunters: Dread to be a little simpler.)

    PPS: Some may think a Metroid announcement now is unlikely, thinking if there was going to something like that, it would be in Japan. But these people must remember, that Other M was announced in the US, and that Metroid has always been more popular in America then Japan and that Nintendo knows this. (Other M tried to expand Japan's interest in Metroid hence the ridiculous exposition.)