Mortal Kombat 9 – Co-Creator Teases DLC Characters

By Tina Chubb - Jan 14, 2011

We’ve already learned quite a bit about some of the characters that will be featured in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 9 game, including the fact that Kratos will be making an appearance (as a PS3-exclusive). Now it appears that the game’s co-creator Ed Boon has been teasing DLC characters.

According to Tamoor Hussain over at, Boon took to his Twitter account recently to ask his followers what their order of preference would be for DLC characters. The list he gave was Rain, Kenshi, Shinnok, Tanya, Robo-Smoke or a new character.

Smoke first appeared in the Mortal Kombat series as a background feature in MKII, but appeared again as a playable character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Former Elder God Shinnok on the other hand, made his MK debut in the Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero title.

As Christine over at reports, quick replies to Boon’s tweet showed that many were opting for Kenshi and Rain, while one even mentioned Ermac. What would your order of preference be for DLC characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Navy_132

    Shinnok or Tanya prefably Shinnok.

    We Need an Evil Mastermind we can play as lol but dont do Shinnok like MK4 or was it Mk3? anyway all he could do was morph into others :/

  • Rain for god’s sake who needs anybody else than Rain ????????
    If not maybe Chameleon and Tremor for the ninja’s sake but it looks like nobody cares for those people anymore…

    Where are the Ninjas fans at ?

  • Byron


  • dfsdf


  • peter

    raain rain rain

  • Balubern

    Rain, I want to see more Rain!

  • dennis

    I have everyone I need for the new MK exceptr for Fujin! He doesn't seem to be getting much love but he and Raiden in the ultimate godly tag team would be unstoppable! They are hinting greatly at him from what I heard on the DLC basemale video circulating the web! I do so hope they put Tanya and Fujin in the game and also I would love for them to even at least just show and discuss other MK gods. There are elemental and nonelemental gods in each and every realm and we only know of two (and one fallen elder and with that said how can one be a fallen elder???? that's insane but they should focus more on his storyline which is different) Shao Kahn is nothing to a fallen elder… A FALLEN ELDER!??? He should be so much more of a challenge being that he fell from such a high place XD all that power and knowledge.

  • Richard

    Robot Smoke needs to be added, no question

  • will

    yeah i hope goro kintaro and motaro are considered because they make mortal kombat much more better

  • will

    i think goro kintaro and motaro cause there the best mk characters ever

  • MKRainsPrincess

    Rain, I would like to see a continuation of his storyline.

  • FireMelodeath

    I really want Taven and Daegon in the game. They are, i think, the most brillant story characters in Armageddon. Since Rain has a chance in MK9, why not those two be also included? Also, my chosen toons to make it into this game as DLC are Kenshi, Ermac, Tanya, Fujin (i love his hurricane combo), and Li Mei (only cameo but i hope she can be included). I also want a new character to be introduced. Maybe the Fire God will do, or one from the Earthrealm.

  • Kali-swiss

    i say its about time they should put some new characters in i know they been using the same characters over and over again. However i do get tired of using same characters and old ones that were probably use for more than 10 years now. So i say they should put some new taste to the game. ^_^

  • mortalkombatlover

    I think you should add all of the characters from mortal kombat armageddon. I love all the characters. 🙂 The more, the better.

  • Quan chi, Noob Saibot(unless your gonna turn him back into Sub-Zero's brother again and turn Scorpian into something else),and Smoke(human and cyber)!!!!

  • travelspecialist

    First of all, you guys HAVE to put TANYA in the game. i did some research and many people want tanya for a dlc. reasons behind thus decision very, however the main reason clearly stands out. Tanya is said to be one of the most evil characters in the game. she has betrayed Raiden, Liu Kang, Jade, Sindel, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Quan Chi, Onaga, and a few more if i'm not mistaken. Tanya is Jade's arch nemesis. It would be great to have Jade with her main enemy in the game. Also many of the people that tanya has betrayed are already in the game. this would cause more conflict in the game. Tanya is also a fan favorite. And to be called "one of the most evil characters" in the game, she has not had alot of screen time. Please put Tanya in the game. Thank You for your time.

  • Josh

    Everyone of my favorite characters have already been confirmed except for Lui Kang but I'm sure he'll make the cut. Two of my three favorites that I would like to see as DLC if not already planned to be in the game are:

    1. Khameleon
    2. Quan Chi

    • Navy_132

      Quan Chi is in the game… if you beat story mode you get him

  • mkninjafan

    All I have to say is that you should have at least all the MKninjas in the game… That includes Rain, Smoke, Noob Saibot, etc…