Facebook Down Today: First time in 2011

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If you thought you would try to catch up with a few friends on Facebook, then forget it, as the social network service is currently down today. This is the first time that the website has gone down in 2011, let us hope that this is not the start of things to come.

Having said that, it is not very often that Facebook goes down. The last time the service went down was back on September 23, 2010 due to a DNS failure, we have yet to learn the reason for this downtime. We have also noticed that all of the widgets are not working on websites; so do no expect any activity there then.

My wife and I have now been trying for an hour to get on Facebook and are still unsuccessful; how long have you been trying for? Once we know more we will update this post. Is Facebook down for you? Please let us know and what you plan to do in the meantime.

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  • meme

    bin tryin to get on since 7.30 am aarrrgggghhh

  • estrella

    Well I managed to get on Facebook at around 8am this morning, but the site was very slow and glitchy so I decided to try back a little lateer. It's now 2 hours later and now I can't get on at all. Oh well. Back to the real world then.

    • Crystal

      Seems like for all of us FB users that it's like at the end of "The Surrogates" where all the surrogate machines collapsed and they were all forced to go outside and be with real people. LOL It's ok, we'll all adapt and at that point, FB will be up again and we'll all retire to the blue screen once again. It's ok, I'm here with you all…

  • Anthony

    I just logged in and got the wall but nothing working. Looks like it's up and down like a yo-yo at the moment.

  • mike

    this makes me laugh facebook down for even an hour means mark is losing millions. Im from the UK been down a fair while here like 3 hours

    • estrella

      I may not be losing millions but i didn't realise until today how much I rely on facebook for keeping track of my customers and orders. I run my own business and most of my customers are people I actually know and facebook has become the way we almost always comunicate lol.

  • Alison

    I've been trying for over an hour to get on facebook. Grrr.. :( no joy.
    If you get anymore info would be glad to receive it.

  • Loner

    I've been sitting on this toilet having a shit for 45 minutes now, and still no Facebook activity.

  • Helen

    I’ve been trying since 7.30 this morning. Very annoying!

  • Helena

    FB is down for me as well (Sweden), and has been since I started trying to login 2 h ago. My friend tho who still has the "old" look, have NO problem what so ever with FB – everything is working just fine for her!

  • jane

    No Facebook in Dorset. Went down about 7.30am. It was initially intermittent as i got online again about 8am – but now nothing.
    Help, my crops need harvesting on my Frontier!!!

  • Bex

    My mum was trying to get on at around 6am (UK time) and I still can't get on now at nearly 11am. Grrr, I am sad and have no life, lol.

  • Anders

    Tried for over 5 hours ago, and tried now….nothing. It's a long downtime. Probably since everyone is getting the new "flashy" profile thingy…which i didn't want in the first place.

  • Eileen

    Is it really the end of the world – just wanted to upload some Christmas holiday photographs but another day will do. I think I wll telephone a few friends and maybe even start a new book!!!

  • Tom

    Got in for a few mins but gone again.
    Have they overloaded with the new profile that is being forced on us

  • Rez

    It's been down since 6:30am for me. It's now 11:30am and still not fixed.
    The problem is that so many people are addicted to it that they know everyone will just be sat waiting for it to be fixed and then all moan about it a bit. What they need to do is realise that while this might be the first time this has happened this year… it is only halfway through January.. not a good sign. Facebook always seems to have some issue or another and people would have more impact in terms of them keeping it running smoothly if they left when things go wrong. Of course this will never happen as the sheeple just put up with everything & sit bleating at each other a couple of days before they forget about it.

  • charlie

    i blame the new profile! got on about 8am uk time but nothing worked!
    damn me for giving in to the new profile

  • Johntakesover

    Oh how pitiful, the human race, without no book, without no face :)

  • Monica

    been trying for 6 hours, managed to get in a couple of times, but cant do anything :/

  • tkahn

    Yippey! It's working again (Stockholm, Sweden).

  • Stevie Boy

    It makes you realise that before Facebook some of us actually had real things to do, why not have a Facebook free day every week and watch the country prosper.

  • Cate

    Been trying since 3am. Wanted to post late night knitting project(s), I guess I'll just go to sleep… Hope it comes back soon!

  • Alex

    Love how everyone has been saying they've been trying for hours. It's like you revolve around Facebook for your day-to-day lives.

    • james

      thats the sad part people do there hole life is face book who said what hows my crops what animals did i feed, as there real lives bcome the secondary world

  • Lurker

    I love that people are panicking about farmville when facebook goes down – how did these people live before facebook. There is a relatively new thing now which can help. Its called "Outside" and while people will be scared for a bit at first they will gradually become acclimatised. Outside has been heralded for its benificial health properties although slated for its ability to cause the user to become cold wet or sunburnt

  • estrella

    *update* It seems that mobile facebook users aren't having the same problems. Several of my friends use mobile facebook and they are fine this morning. I did manage to get onto facebook briefly about 30 minutes ago but when I tried to read a message it froze and wouldn't load…or go back…but a lot of my friends had managed to get online fine and didn't know what I was talking about with the problems so it's not a problem for all.

  • Rez

    @Charlie. from what I've been seeing, people are being moved over to the new profile anyway regardless if you want it or not.

  • Jane in Cornwall

    Been trying to get on since 7am, managed once to get on my profile page, but nothing else, and now I can't get on at all again!

  • steve

    mmm… I did resist getting the 'new' profile for a while – I can see why I had reservations now. f it aint broke don't fix it :-/

  • Iris Webb

    Down for the last 2 hours in Ipswich, Suffolk

  • moggsta

    face is down for me in cornwall…but for some reason their blog page : http://blog.facebook.com/ works fine and you can see you messages and post alerts on that?

    • Stephanie

      Nope wrong – even that is not working correctly! go look for yourself!

  • Rez

    @ Alex
    @ Lurker

    Strangely enough you both somehow found yourselves looking for some reassurance that you were not the only ones having problems, hence posting here.

    Facebook is a social network site. That does not necessarily mean that everyone who uses it is sat in front of the PC refreshing the facebook page in tears until it returns.
    Some of us work online, some are housebound, there are probably many reasons why people spend a lot of time there & to be fair, that's why it is so successful. Some are probably addicts for sure, but I believe at the moment that is still their right.

  • connectcumbria

    Facebook went down (locally) @ 06:48 GMT. And it's not working yet.

  • estrella

    I have a work around that has got me on facebook today. instead of using the www. prefix for FB adresses use ja-jp. instead. You will have to change the prefix for every facebook page you load though. You can do this by right clicking the links and using copy link. Paste this into the address bar of you browser and change the prefix. Hope this helps :)

  • shell

    no joy yet been trying all day ah well life goes on lol

  • Berit

    Down in Norway too. I got to do a lot of other stuff, so it's all good ;)

  • Ren

    still down, has been all day so far in the UK

  • Anthony

    According to theregister.co.uk Facebook PRs initially denied there were any problems but later admitted that there were problems and are working on fixing it. So the bottom line is that Facebook didn't know about the problems! I can log in but it's very slow and anything involving apps.facebook doesn't load at all.

  • Anne Crofts

    I've been trying to get on for nearly 9 hours, as at 15.49. Very frustrating because i rely on FB for messages etc.

  • Pat

    There's a service called downrightnow.com which tells you the current status of your favourite websites. It's showing FB as down at the moment.

  • donno….

    Working now. Its 4:13pm Friday (GMT).

  • Nielsen

    I have no problems logging on facebook (here in Denmark(6:03pm))

  • Martin

    Problems logging on up here in the highlands of Scotland, been trying all day, no joy with pc, but phone gets on aweright.

  • Kacey

    I still can't get on but my son can. I have the new profile, my son doesn't!

  • blood

    Right, everyone that can't get on facebook 14/01/2011, try putting ja-jp.facebook.com instead of www. (:
    you have to do it everytime you open up a new page in facebook, annoying but atleast it will keep you going untill the servers are back up

  • Irene

    Could get into FB briefly around 6.30pm GMT and could open some apps. However tried again as 7pm and no joy. Still out now (20.00 GMT)

  • Amanda C

    Been trying to get on since 7.30 this morning (UK), Been getting on at times but unable to do anything so it's pointless, back to REALITY til it's fixed lol

  • Stephanie

    I'm still stuck in the FB vortex ……. !!! Oh well back to reality!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000503173284 Andrew Figueroa

    Been working all day in the US :D

  • enuhhh

    facebook down today?

  • jess

    anyone else havin trouble with facebook today

  • Tom Blair

    The other day someone sent me a message that was kind of long that said to send this to at least 15 of your friends to make sure your account will stay active. I thought that will not be good for FB.

  • dom

    down again…

  • kippersnacks

    My home page showed up when I turned on my computer and it said I had 3 massages however i didn't open anything, went to check my email and when I came back it was gone.
    So i googled it and came here.

  • me

    Unforunately not all of us can follow the problem on facebook on being down because we cannot log on. 

  • Me

    Yep down for me! Been down for about 2 hours now- 5:45 pm PST 2/26