MySpace Cut Staff In Half: Is your job safe?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2011

For those of you looking for more proof that MySpace is on its way out, then the recent news that the service is to axe 500 jobs should just about do it. This is a huge deal, as this works out to about half the current workforce, so you can imagine many of the social website staff wondering if their job is safe or not?

Matthew Garrahan from explains that this move has been done to help save money for the company, which they hope will make it more appealing to a buyer. Currently News Corp owns MySpace, which as we know has not been too happy with the results so far. We can certainly understand why, as the company paid a small fortune to acquire MySpace.

BBC News has spoken to MySpace’s chief executive, Mike Jones, where he has been trying to alleviate user’s fears by saying that the service itself will not be affected in any way by these job cuts – try telling that to the 500 employees and their families.

I can remember five years ago when MySpace was big business in social networking, it just shows how fast this market is moving. It is no secret that Facebook has had a huge influence on the outcome of MySpace. I do not wish to get too personal, but maybe they should have read the book “Who Moved My Cheese”.

Do you work for MySpace; is your job safe?

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  • Frankie

    Good Riddens. They deleted my account for no reason at all and i lost a lot of good friends. Myspace is a bunch of paranoid @#$! After i got deleted, everyone i could remember on Myspace, i emailed to go join Facebook. I'm glad!! Bye suckers!