Mozilla Firefox 4: Release Date Info and Feature Overview

By Jamie Pert - Jan 12, 2011

Recently Mozilla’s Director of Platform Engineering Damon Sicore revealed some details regarding the upcoming release of Firefox 4, up until now we have not heard much regarding a release date, however we can now confirm that Mozilla are aiming for late February.

A recent post on the Mozilla Dev Planning Google group revealed that Mozilla’s developers have been working tremendously hard on Firefox 4 and hope to reach Release Candidate status by early February, Sicore also urged beta testers to not disable major plugins such as Flash and Silverlight as any bugs found need to be filed for developers to fix.

Full details regarding what new features Firefox 4 will bring can be seen here, the interface has been overhauled and has a much “Chromier” look, once installed you will notice a new tab location, a new switch to tab option in the awesome bar, a new Firefox button for access to all of the menu items you need and an all new feature called app tabs.

You can watch a video introducing you to all of these new features here, I must say that it looks as if Firefox 4 will be a step in the right direction,however I think that I will be sticking with Google Chrome.

What browser are you using currently? Will you switch to Firefox 4?

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  • Last time I checked (I think it was rev 12), a large chunk of Add-ons still are not yet supported in Firefox 4. So if add-ons are what keeping you in Firefox, you will need check if the most critical ones are compatible to Firefox 4.

  • dsuvg

    why wait? just try the beta. it is stable enough for any user group.

  • Fulano

    "we can now confirm that Mozilla are aiming for late February." Well, we're already in march and… ?

  • Lupu

    Are you guys running Pentium 4's or AMD K6's still?
    I can't believe people complain about browsers being resource hogs.

    • Exactly Lupu! You just said what was running in my mind. These are just buzzwords created by paranoid developers who want to woo them towards their products.

      Has your PC ever become unresponsive or crashed because of your browser?! I have about 10-12 tabs open almost all the time on my firefox (3), and it has never failed.

      So, stick to a browser and move on!

  • yo momma

    chrome is for the retarded it does not even have a freaking button to go to your home page or bookmarks

    • RogerM

      Well, the retarded probably don't know how keyboard shortcuts work, so I'd say Chrome is _not_ for the retarded.

    • Bas_Man

      It has buttons for both. You can activate them through the option and tools menus respectively.

  • Lord Derpstein III

    I use Iceweasel on my Debian systems, so I’ll be switching to the FF4 codebase sometime around the release of FF5.

  • poopypants1

    recently tried chrome, but switched back to firefox — sure, chrome is fast, but thats all it seems to have going for it, imho. I love all the add-ons in firefox, and after noodling around in chrome, couldn't seem to find all the features in their "extensions" that I was already getting out of firefox. So, why switch? looking forward to what Firefox 4 has to offer!

  • zarth

    Looking forward to this. Chrome is a information hog, no way to clear data on close and add ons don't work as well. Ad Blocker Plus ftw.

  • Sam

    I hope firefox 4 is worth the wait. I'm slowly but surely drifting to opera in my daily usage, but still love firefox for its wealth of addons. Opera just feels so modern, sleek, and fast. I hope that Firefox 4 can give me the best of both worlds.

  • Mike

    Chrome for Mac sucks really much. I hope that firefox 4 will bring a better browsing experience to mac users.

  • Lajos

    I have checked firefox 4 beta 10 recently. There are still UI and speed issues unfortunately, I mean its faster than it was but start time still much slower than chrome. has trouble with transparency on java based windows… on some sites displaying the flash video handling buttons wrongly. They still far away from finish… and chrome just gets better.

    • Aaron585

      I have to agree with you. IDK why but FF always seems to be 2-3Mb/s slower then Chrome. Even with every update that comes out. Chrome is noticeably faster but every time I to use it as a main browser I always come back to FF. Even with the background changes in the menu bar in Chrome it feels too windows '95ish with its basic looking layout. But to each his own I guess.

  • FuRrY321

    Definitely going to try 4 when it comes out, I've been looking forward to this release ever since they canceled 3.7 (and forgot to add jumplists to 3.6).
    I used to use Google Chrome, but Firefox has a homier, more "comfortable" feel than the fast-but-bare-bones Chrome.
    Actually, this looks more like Opera than anything. Opera has the same menu at the top-left, same tab style… check it out:

  • Val

    Good for them. I have been drifting away from Forefox 3 since it has become a resource hog on my machine. Will give the new version a chance when it comes out, but I ain't holding my breath.