Apple iPhone 5 Release: History and Verizon Dilemma

By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2011

When Verizon announced that they would offer the iPhone 4 to their customers I was very surprised, as I thought that they would have waited until June for the iPhone 5 instead. You have to wonder why Big Red customers would want to purchase 6-month old technology, when there will more than likely be a new version at the end of June?

This is certainly a dilemma for Verizon, but we know with the history of both Apple and Verizon that confusing their customers is nothing new. It will be no secret that AT&T customers will be upset that the Big Red version does not suffer from the death grip, but that still does not mean that current iPhone owners will switch.

Helena Stone from Chip Chick said that the better service on Verizon will still not force her to move to Verizon; instead she said that she will wait for the iPhone 5 to be released, which certainly seems to be what most other Apple smartphone owners will do. If you do not own an iPhone yet, then I would not wait for the iPhone 5, just go ahead and get the iPhone 4 now on Verizon and enjoy the better service, as well as having mobile hotspot support.

Having said that, this is still a huge dilemma for Verizon customers, they have waited 3 years for this, only to find that the carrier has left them with a tough decision. I find it hard to believe that Big Red will release their iPhone 4 next month, then launch the fifth-generation just over 5 months later. We had assumed that Verizon would be able to shift over 8 million iPhone’s, but releasing the phone so close to a newer version is certain to have a huge affect on that.

Do you think that Verizon has shot themselves in the foot with an early release of the iPhone?

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  • chris

    brandon… does the android have as much worldwide support as the iphone? no. are there stereos and tv's computers etc. that have as much support for the android as for the iphone? i doubt it. iphone might not be the best out there, however the support and ease of use is bar non the best out there. with the adaptability of the product to basically everything out there… it cant be beat.. hands down.

  • brandon

    honestly i prefer a droid. i know the whole droid vs. apple vs. blackberry BS but honestly i feel my droid x does so much more than a crummy old iphone 4. heck i had an iphone 4 and loved it but the droid x is just a smidge faster and the apps are great. angry birds for free. i mean hell yeah!!!! the thing is look. the droid x was released what around august and now a new bionic replacing it not 6-7 months down the road. as y'all say why is Verizon releasing a phone so close to the new one. they are not, they are giving you the choice. i know its something you are not use to haha but listen, honestly the iphone 4 on Verizon was not just up to apple/Verizon, it had to be cleared by the FCC in order for it to be sold. there for if anything be pissed at the FCC. all i am saying is if u want a slow device that is break prone and is tiny compared to new technology then be my guest and buy the damn iphone, or if you want something sick that is freggin fast and zips around on the net at 16mps then get the droid bionic or thunderbolt. take the blind folds off people. apple is not the best product anymore.

  • Relevant

    Strictly for you as a consumer, how is this a dilemma at all? Verizon is simply giving you an option to purchase the iPhone 4. By no means is it mandatory to purchase the phone in February. You can just wait. The option you guys are complaining about would be making it mandatory to wait until July when the iPhone 5 came out. Then you would just complain that you had to wait 5 more months. How could it be better for you if they made you wait? I think your perspective on this "dilemma" is skewed.

  • Lazy O

    Here's a short little story about my thoughts on all of this. I am a VZW customer and was waiting for an iPhone forever.. I was really disappointed with the ATT exclusive BS. But with ATT having such horrible reception everywhere (oh yes they do) I wasn't willing to switch over a phone. I settled with a Blackberry which was great for business emails and in the end fell in love. I forgot about the iPhone until my contract was up, my Blackberry was crapping out and the release date for the next "iphone killer" BB model just kept getting pushed out further and further. Now, with my phone about to die.. the Release of the iPhone 4 is announced on VZW! Horay! Thanks Verizon. With the ability for push enterprise email on the iPhone, I now have a solution! Screw you Blackberry! You took to damn long to release your freakin phone! But wait!………… The iPhone 5 is about to release in just about 5 months. Why in the world would I want to sign a 2 YEAR contract with Verizon and this now, old school technology iPhone? Damn Verizon… thats Shady. I'm pissed at Blackberry for not releasing a updated phone in over a year and continuously pushing back their release date and I pissed at Verizon for this premature release of the iPhone 4 when the next one is just months away. You would think that with a announcement this big, at least someone could do it right the first time. Where do we go now? Old school iPhone 4 technology now… or wait maybe a few weeks and get a updated BB on VZW… or wait 5 months for the iPhone 5. Needless to say, Verizon will profit from this either way. They might even end up selling twice the amount of phones from it. Once to Bob with the iPhone 4 and then once 5 months later at full price when Bob when he realizes that the 5 is sooo much better. The End

  • scott

    I've been thinking about this a lot as a Verizon customer who has always wanted an iphone. Currently my belief is that both At&t and Verizon will see an iphone 5 this summer. People wonder why Verizon would come out with iphone 4 and then months later come out with iphone 5, but really, new phones come out every month. The andriod platform is constantly loaded on to new better phones. This was a smart move from both company's because verizon finally has an iphone and apple has intrigued millions of customers who may have bought the rapidly growing android platform. As someone who was debating whether to buy an Andriod or see if the rumors were true, the new debate is now which iphone to buy.

  • 3ple ACE

    very troublesome if this phone so thin yet so brittle! if you drop down once…wtf