Worst Cars Of 2010: What Were They?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 17, 2011

We already know how well the auto industry had recovered in 2010, and there are even higher hopes for 2011. However, let us not get too ahead of ourselves here, as there were a few questionable cars that made it to market; so what were the worst cars of 2010? Maybe you are the owner of a less than desirable car; we would like to know what model of car you are unhappy with?

Thanks to Which they have conducted a study on these vehicles that were considered a failure last year, and there are one or two that we were shocked to see in the list. The first car is the Chevrolet Spark, and just by looking at the design came as no surprise why it was considered a poor choice with consumers.

The Saab 9-5 also made it to the list and we can certainly see why; it just looks as though two different people designed the car and met in the middle. When looking at the car from the front things look fine, its not until you look at a side or rear view that things go downhill.

The addition of the Honda CR-Z was a bit of a shock; to me the design is beautiful, but it was sales and spec figures that disappointed the team at Which the most. Forbes has a few different ideas when it comes to the worst car flops of 2010, as they believe that two of the worst cars were the Acura ZDX and the Smart Fortwo. The Honda Accord CrossTour also made their list.

We can think of a number of other cars that did not meet expectations, but that is really for you to decide.

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  • carlover

    I wholeheartedly agree–the CR-Z would be on my list of worst cars as it is clear to me that Honda produced a car that fails to deliver on the promise of a sport hybrid. As the car deliver very little sport (it is embarassingly underpowered and slow and really doesn't handle all that well (see motor trend car of year review in which all of the Cr-zzzz's shortcomings were discussed) and it doesn't even deliver amazing gas mileage. The poor performing hybrid system is this car deliver absolutely nothing to enhance the performance of this car and I believe Honda could have produced a cheaper better performing car if it had done the smart thing and just put in gasoline engine. As as lifelong Honda owner and fan–I really believe Honda has completely lost its way and the CR-Zzzzzz is just another example of the poor decision making and engineering at Honda.

  • Jon

    wrong!! the Honda cross tour and the Acura ZDX are amazing I've owned both and they are amazing looking and run well and the Saab 9-5 is also awesome.

    • Jason

      Interesting. "Owned both", didn't keep either? You have also chosen at car that so many people dislike (Saab 9-5) no matter how many changes they make. Saab sells nothing and the company will no longer exist in two years. You Sir have very poor taste or simply just like to be different. That's no problem as long as you don't mind drive mediocre crap that has the shelf life of a tomato.