Red Dead Redemption (RDR) Sequel Ideas and DLC in 2011

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 4, 2011

Red Dead Redemption has been a truly incredible success this year, winning numerous awards, including many game of the year accolades. Over 2 million units were sold in the first two months of release, just the start of an amazing journey for the game.

In a recent interview for the Official Playstation Magazine, Jeronimo Barrea (Rockstar’s VP of product development) stated that Rockstar had “a massive number of ideas” for Red Dead Redemption.

The critically acclaimed “Undead Nightmare” was released recently and got a 10/10 in the IGN review. For that review, go to It also got an 8.0 rating from, some very impressive scores for a DLC pack. For a full article on the interview, check out the post on CVG, at

Many PC fans desperately want a port of the game, as this is one of the rare occasions that PC players do not get such a fantastic experience.

The game has joined Grand Theft Auto as a truly legendary Rockstar game, a group which may soon include L.A Noir, a game that certainly looks promising. Would you like to see more RDR DLC? How do you feel about a RDR sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • whit

    I don’t have much of an idea how the game should be. But I think adding double revolvers would be awesome

  • Christianmohr

    The sequel should be called red.dead repentance or somthing like that,.it starts with John going to a church and making a confession ans he tells his story of when he was in dutchs gang from im guessing 1880s to the 1890s,,,,the time he whould have been the Dutch gang and as he tells his stories to the priest each story is a mission, it could still be a free rang game just as in red dead redemption, if you wanted to do a mission you could just go to the church or somthin, im sure you all could figure that out but ya about 20 years earlier, earlier.weapons, so on so on. I think its.a fantastic idea thank you,,,, ,,sincerly
    Daniel mohr

  • Buchholz_stephen

    A whole new game, with campaign, free roam, the works. Maybe with a little of the cival war?

  • Gunslinger

    i would like to see a  undead freeroam

  • I want both keep going with dlc but a new storyline would also be great that game is a classic. They finally figured out how to make a cool cowboy game. Now lets see them do it for super heroes

  • I would love a Pancho Villa Campaign or WWI add on where you play as Jack or something. That would be awesome!

  • daz

    a time travel DLC would be wicked, image finding a delorean in the desert , having to use the train to push it up to 88mph and then transporting to liberty city , john marston would no doubt love flying the choppers and shotguning some gansters , or vice verser get to armadilo in a turismo and chase a horse theft down in that , or go after a wanted bounty in the noose tank !!!!!!

  • tyler

    What we need is a few cars fo up to maybe four people and trains you can ride and new mounts towns and female characters.There is not one female native american character that could fit in the dutches gang group. they are all mexican.i would love to see a female native american who looks some what traditional.and lastly the girl from the booklet cover would be the best multiplayer character if she had a dress and not pants.please think about this rockstar!

  • Filip Piekarek

    i would want a dlc where there can be planes(first flight in 1903, i believe red dead takes place in 1911 and 1914) also a part of it would be so u can play as john marston after the last mission, even though he dies. like a character dlc for single player. also maybe more weapons and grenades. more towns would be great. more gang hideouts.

  • Robert E. Lee

    What i like to see is pre -1940's OR , a southern guy joining the confederacy and when the war is over THEN you will a real Wild West. And it would be impossible to have a Jack Marston SEQUEL! it's the beginning of WW1!!! Yea…real wild west!

  • kent

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the RDR stuff so far. I realize that RDR is a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, and haven't read all of the previous replies (too many, I gotta jump online). But instead of continueing with Jack Marston, how about going BACk to the outlaw days of John Marston, and the people whom he rode with?

    Gang hideouts are cool, but NOT enough of them. Could add so many more at this point! but Rockstar has done a great job, can't wait to see more!!! If i'd known the game was going to be this cool (pretty new to gaming, especially online), would've definately done the preorder and been able to access the warhorse. Haven't seen one, it totally stands out!!!

  • mrc

    Come on R* we want to give you more money!!

    Would love to see more DLC and happy to pay for it… How about playing as Bonnie singleplayer? She's an awesome character to play, and could be rather cross after John's death. And maybe she could find love afterall?

    As far as multiplayer goes could do with a bit more to do other than just shooting people… free roam could do with strangers, side missions anything other than the same old hideouts, and more of it in Mexico and Great Plains. Cars and new creatures and weapons would be welcome.

    Got to be Jack as RDR2 protagonist.

  • Wigpu5ha

    I think it be awsome if you could sorta make your own gang like hire people cause I found that at time a couple extra guns be nice were you could direct them It kinda of original story line but just a thought as for sexual or prequel expand map to Canadian frontier or even Dawson city in Klondike time being able to rob bank and have Mounties after yeh be a nice touch. And for dlc or extra content pretty much agree with everyone more area mounts maybe car trains ect. And last thing I want to see is more interaction with people many come asking for help and return you get couple of bucks being able to choose to do good bad or ask for asitence when needed ect.

  • The Joe

    Jack Marston as an Outlaw because of what the government did to his dad. Creates a gang. Get rewarded for being bad. Instead of bounty hunting -rob money coaches(3:10 to Yuma) /rob trains/steal cows/etc. All the good people that helped out John, try to stop Jack from being an outlaw. So all the friends you had in RDR become the enemy. Ride in gangs of 5+ people(example: riding in bike gang in GTA: Lost and Damned) /pilage/loot/kill innocence/hangings/etc. New areas on maps/more towns/new weapons(example: sabre)

  • wyatt

    i think they should make a prequel involving when john when he was younger and in dutchs gang.

  • brandon

    now we all seen john marston at his best after his life of crime now i dont know who else but i wanna see him at his worst in his criminal days with dutchs gang

  • Nick

    all of you do realize probably nothing of this will ever happen, right? I mean great ideas about john's prequel and Jack's sequel, but i don't think they'll be makin a dlc as big as undead nightmare. I'm guessing now they'll focus more on LA NOIRE rather than anything else.
    I'm really sorry to kill any of the hope you still had, but i'm just being realistic.

    • arne

      R* isn't making L.A Noir team bondie is.

  • Inspector

    Add a car as a mount(so to speak) in multiplayer as you level up. Not that it could come when you whistle for it. Lol. Add some more weapons as well as being able to buy items at the store. More citys.

  • Api

    Alien invasion dlc, vampires and werewolves dlc, secret societies dlc

  • justin

    one detail everyone is leaving out….TRAINS!!!!! come on rockstar, put the trains in multiplayer, everyoune wants them, i mean how awsome would it be to have a possie on the train and hold it from other possies? freakin awsome!!!, also, ad in other typs of wagins, like the gatling gun wagin in outlaws to the end dlc, two really good ideas… consider these basics rockstar, choo choo LOL

  • donny

    I would like to have the mythical horses in multiplayer. If they do make a sequel it should be a prequel. I would like to play the story of johns gang days that would be fun.

  • rasheed

    ima play this game forev i dont care if i beat it rockstar games are the best

  • keith

    I would love to see them make a wild west game more when the wild west was thriving not when it was nearly ending that would please me.
    Make it possible of buying houses find more use of cash make their a hunger and dehydration mechanic lot of little things they could do if they returned to the wild west maybe focus on the time when war was thriving just love this game and also Clint Eastwood come on without him you wouldn't of had as much inspiration.

  • Ferssedi

    I think that r* should add more character and shops in the multiplayer where you could buy bait, survivalist maps, outfits for your characters etc. and it would be great if you could skin animals and sell the meat it would make hunting more fun! because i don't want the RDR multiplayer to become a death- match, which is what's happening now!

  • quaniinii

    definetly another story dlc with jack and some more myths and legends along with a red dead revolver remake for 360 would be awesome dlc

  • Dylan

    Yea jack marston for a sequel but for dlc new areas like further south in mexico like chiuaha(dont know how to spell it) city etc and to the far right end ofthe map there is so much there and its all blank ive gone outside the map and everything is still detailed really far out maybe they are planning something. Expansion further in the snow would be cool.

  • Amber

    Definitely want more single player DLC and sequels to red dead. I played revolver and now redemption and undead. Love the games! More wild west action and horses please!

  • Rob


    I would like to see more missions with Jack getting back at all the people who were involved in the killing of his dad. Maybe this could be a sequel or another major DLC. I feel as if killing only one man wasn't enough payback..PLEASE ROCKSTAR MORE DLC!!!!!!!!!

  • Thiel217

    I would love to see the Final conclusion to the wild west, In 1914, right where Jack Marston takes over at the end of the game. I think RDR still has some good story ideas as well as bringing in new activities.

  • anthony

    i would love to see more red dead dlc… more interesting characters, like ralph stricker..
    new areas, mounts, and missions… i still can't put this game down…great job r*.. oh and la noire looks cool as well../gta 5? come on man..