Samsung Galaxy S: Sales of over 10 million worldwide

By Jamie Pert - Jan 3, 2011

Just over a week ago we revealed that Samsung had surpassed 9 million Galaxy S smartphone sales worldwide, now we can confirm that over 10 million handsets have now been shifted.

This impressive milestone means that Samsung have now met their sales goal, the Galaxy S first arrived back in June 2010, since then North America has accounted for 4 million of the sales and Europe accounted for 2.5 million of the remaining 6 million Galaxy S sales (according to Engadget).

The impressive sales show just how multi-carrier Android smartphones put pressure on the iPhone 4, perhaps the only thing which will combat the huge growth of Android’s popularity will be a multi-carrier iPhone 4 release, or perhaps a Verizon iPhone 5 release.

With CES 2011 kicking off in just under 3 days time it will be interesting to see if Samsung have a Galaxy S successor up their sleeves, obviously the recently released Nexus S is manufactured by Samsung, however I am sure that Samsung will be keen to keep a firm grip on the smartphone market by releasing a barrage of Android smartphones in 2011.

Which is your favorite Android smartphone manufacturer? HTC, Motorola or Samsung?

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  • Yeah, a proud moment for Samsung I’m sure…as I type this message on my Swype powered Android phone in less than 30 seconds!