COD Black Ops DLC: First Strike Map Pack – Release Date, Details

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We have some exciting news for you now, especially if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, as we now have details on the very first DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s called ‘First Strike’ and it will be available to download early next year.

As you probably already know, this pack will first be available for Xbox 360 only, as we can now tell you that First Strike will go live on the Marketplace on 1st February. If Activision follow similar trends as previous games, we’re guessing that the PS3 and PC platforms will get the pack one month later, so sometime during March.

According to this Joystiq report, the pack will be priced at 1200 Microsoft points (around $15) and will consist of four new multiplayer maps as well as a brand new zombie map. The four multiplayer maps are Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon and Berlin Wall, while the new zombie map will be titled ‘Ascension’.

We’ll be bringing you full details on each map soon, including our thoughts on the new zombie map. Are you looking forward to First Strike? If you are a PS3 or PC owner, let us know your thoughts on the Xbox 360 exclusivity.

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  • Smicbdsa


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      dont you feel accomplished faggot

    • Matt


    • alexgracceehome

      damn it

    • urmomaonmy*********?

      1200 really wow

    • Martin

      i would advise that people Do Not purchase this map pack until activation fixes the major bugs which still exist as purchasing the map pack shows you are willing to accept the bugs and give them More money for an inferior product.

  • Undeadwolfy

    1st commenter is a fag.

    OT: Seem to be overpriced again but it looks like you get more for your money than you did with MW2.

    MW2 = 3 New maps and 2 rehashed
    Blops = 4 New maps + Zombeh…


    The 360 exclusivity doesn't bother me much. In fact, it drives me to want to play the maps even more but thats just me.

    Besides, with the problems us PS3 users have been getting, ill be glad for our crazy exclusives lineup which includes Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal. Many more but I will be getting those. Bring on 2011.

    • tim26

      and littlebigplanet 2 :D

      • gnoech



      well your just a bit of an arshole arent you.

    • noobs

      lol you forgot MAG best shooter game of life, if you know what your doing.

    • Jack

      I Think its better anyway having them second because we wont get bored of them as quickly as Xbox users will

    • Alan

      Heh true that ps3 may hav its flaws but these next games will make ps3 better then xbox :) my opinion

    • gnoech

      best comment physically possible. i agree whole heartedly

    • DaZombiislayer

      to true, 360 is on top now (and i have a ps3) but this year, ps3 will rule, everyone will be getting the system, we will be getting all the DLC's that the other companies released for xbox 360 first, and then all of the people who work at Treyarch, Microsoft, and any other company that screwed ps3 is going to be thinking

      "…well…um…this is akward…"

    • Kali-swiss

      i agree and and other games you can only get for ps3

  • Jorzza

    is it coming out for the wii ver

    • Elian


      • The Smooth

        No it’s not. Even if it was the Nintendo doesn’t allow any download to the console over 50mb.

    • bkejdhwe

      that was stupid.

      • efdsef

        wii blackops is the same as campaign too

    • dontthink

      saly for you it will not ubisoft is only giving it out to the major consoles for that more people will buy it i sujest you just get a ps3 or xbox 360

    • Nightcrawler

      Ever tried playing it on Wii faggot? My friend who's ranked like 100 in the world at MW2 on xbox, fails at playing Wii CoD. So it shows that its alot harder to play than any other console

      So jokes on you douche bag

      • Wii>Xbox

        yeah you tell that douche to suck it, wii takes skill to play and guess what if the world ends and we're left to fight for ourselves we'll at least have the skills to point and shoot at anyone in our way, while them other gamers die wondering why they don't have a controller in their hands :P

    • TrueViP

      lol haha… he must be 10 or something- anyone who buys nintendo is gay- or gay- or a closet homo. i NEVER bought nintendo ever- first it was sega, then it was 32x, then it was PS, then PS2, then Xbox, and now 360…. GROw UP liTTLE BOY- OR GO WATCH SOME DISNEY SHIT

      • Nightcrawler

        ummm i challenge you to get more thn 10 kills on a wii without dying
        you would fail miserably c0Ck sucker,
        you just can't handle the fact that we could beat you playing CoD, 360 faggggggg!
        next time at least buy a PS3 if your going spend decent money on a good console, not one that is renown for get RROD, or a gaming computer, not some shit made microsoft console

    • guest

      u r such a neek y do u care so much it is just a console there are other things in life

    • Hylke

      yes, but when, I have no idea

  • Scocchia94

    i honestly do not even play online anymore on black ops i only play zombies so im looking foward to the zombie map and i think it is dumb that xbox get it first but what you gunna do. microsoft have there deals with companies while ps3 has theres. oh well cant wait anyways

    • joffff

      same i was very dissapointed when they did not incluse a seperate zombie rank or the ability to gain exp on ur multiplayer rank

  • Kyle

    As a 360 owner and a ps3 owner it doesnt really bother me tbh, i play the 360 more anyway due to the fact I love the 360 exclusive titles more so than the ps3, gears of war 3 ohh ye baby… It was that game franchise that made me buy a 360 ;), but undeadwolfy, agreed there, Killzone 3 is going to be a killer. I seriosly cry wih laughter at fanboys which will undoubtely appear on this thread, or another word would be the people who cant afford owning both console as there just kids.

    • Rick

      haha yeah i have both consoles and i play the xbox a lot more, better games.

      • Daz

        same played killzone 1 that was bad enough killzone 2 was worse so they just ruining themselves wasting time in killzone 3 :/ but gears 3 will be amazing i do quite like the look of resistance 3 and uncharted 3 though :P but then with the xbox we get things like dead rising 2 case zero and case west which are both amazing but i am quite looking forward to the new zombies map ill be playin it quite a bit i suspect

  • Idort

    I don’t give a crap about the Xbox exclusivity. I have all 3 consoles and a PC, and I have Black Ops on all 4. Yes, I plan on buying the DLC for all platforms.

    • Kris Kringle


      • Griffaaa


    • Austen

      Is this an attempt is bragging? You're an idiot for owning all games on each system. Its the same thing. Sorry were all not as good as you to own it all on 4 systems.

    • Dude

      And you are pathetic…..You are probably just a 10yr old kid trying to brag about your consoles which you probably don't have. And if you do, then you are retarded buying this game on all consoles. What a waste of life and money…..

    • Idort is a fail

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    • ORIGINAL 5K1

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    • watch yourself

      truly sad… get a life dude.. and obviously you have a PC.. how else would you be telling us this useless story.. of your life..

    • doin yo mom

      dude you said you have 3 consoles and then you're saying you have the game on four you're a huge dumbass am i right – for admins leaves this on plz so people can vote

      • someguy

        He said on 3 consoles and PC…you should read. Thats four copies of the game faggot

  • Jonnyo

    Trollface is too cool. What are you, like 6?

  • landon,.

    Omg. This is freaking gay. First they give ps3 a crappy port and game, now we get our stuff a month later. FAIL Treyarch. go die.

    • bob

      its not treyarch who made it xbox 360 1 month earlier. its activision

      • bob fails

        activision had nothing to do with this game other then selling the rights of call of duty… your an idiot

        • Patrick Wawrzoszek

          Actually your an idiot. Activision owns the rights to call of duty and microsoft paid a lot of cash to have dlc exclusivity a month early. The final decision is ultimately up to activision. Like if they decide to start charging for multiplayer Treyarch cannot do anything about it no matter how much they dont like it. Why do you think infinity ward is in shambles now? Go do your research first before you spout bullshit.

    • i like xbox but who cares

      Dont play the game then day

    • man graymen

      360 is better then ps3

      • graymen is ghey

        wasn't there a giant argument at the start of this topic… your a failure and should have been aborted

    • anon

      Don't waste your money on Map DLC.

    • jacob

      Microsoft spent the money to get the DLC first thats all it comes down to, and for the shi!!y ports they have been getting better i have noticed that theres alot of people with shi!!y net speeds which slows everyones play down if they are the host!

    • Miguel

      hey 1 month 2 save enough money 4 it

    • Pubi

      Cmon, are you pleople THAT freaky that you can't wait a month ?
      Get a life…

  • Brando

    Is that an attempt at bragging? Having the same exact game for all 4 platforms is pretty retarded.

  • Teeman25

    Its acctually activision who is making it 15 dollars and microsoft is getting it earlier because they got conections so saying that it is trearcs fault is pretty dumb

    • GOD

      well it is treyarchs fault… they agreed to release it to microsoft first… either it being the bigger dollar or the fact that some hot ass secretary sucked off some CEO… so yes it is treyarchs fault if look at who owns the rights to the game… just like xbox owns the rights to halo and forza and playstation owns the rights to gt5 and socom… either one of those companies will not put a release out of those titles on other platforms (not including xbox to pc)

  • Trolls suck dick

    Lol @ Fail troll.

  • Yougotpwnedmore

    LOL X-box, who took 4 years to come out with a system with a decently low chance of failure rate. The "Best" X-box 360 exclusive was Halo.

    Which is like going to an animal store and picking out the "Best" pile of shit.

    Thank you.

    • Suck It PS3

      Haha if it wasnt for Halo your would still be changing weapons to throw a grenade.

  • Fanboys Suck

    I love all the X-box uber fanboys. PS3 users don't run around shooting their mouth off as much. I have both systems, and Wii too, and the only one that collects dust is 360. Between me getting ripped off from the "Games on demand" crap (Paid, got no product, AND customer support hardly spoke English) and all the little kids that play Live. (Trollface, "Youvebeenpwned) It's not worth 60 bucks a year.

    I think X-box fanboys are trying to compensate, so they troll every "Microsoft has to pay huge money to get a MONTH LONG timed Exclusivity, in a desperate attempt to keep their dwindling fanbase" post. I feel sad, X-box fanboys.

    Don't get me wrong, if you like X-box, that's cool. It's religious Zealots like Troll and Pwned that swear by the user manual of it that are annoying. Who really cares about which system is "better." You guys are like kindergarten kids.

    • eL MuSTaCio

      Fanboys Suck

      I myself have a xbox 360 and I've read a lot of comments.
      But the Ps3 owners are the ones that are defending their system against us. I mean, who hasn't heard of Halo or Gears of War. everyone because they are among the best games that exist.
      The only thing that Ps3 owners say is:
      We have better graphics : yes, I don't see the difference and I really don't care
      We have a Blue-Ray player: I go to the cinema or I buy a Dvd, The blue-rays are more expensive anyway. But most of the times I still download my films in HD.
      And you can go on the internet. Wow guys, how genious. Did you guys ever heard of a Computer??
      It's a fact that xbox live is better because we pay for it. The services are better and the community is defintely better. (I'm not making this up, this seriously tested by professionals. just read an article about it)
      I myself do'nt really care about exclusive DLC, The only thing that matters is that we have the best exclusive games, Ps3 exclusive games look awesome sometimes but they disappoint me every time if I play them by friends.
      Oh, and you defended the Ps3, welcome to the Fanboy Community Sucker xD

    • MendoKID.

      Yeahh dude hahaha. I have xbox360 I've never played ps3 yet & I dont see what the big deal is. "OMG 360's way better Fuck ps3" I look at it like ps3 online free? Why pay for xbox live? I probably going to get ps3 for christmas anyways.. The xboxlive is getting old there is not much you can do.. The ps3 on the otherhand I hear has way more shit, Like you can go on actual websites? Instead of just FB and Twitter.. Hmm, If ps3 controllers had the same design as a PS3 controller DAMN… Kids would be droppin their xbox360's like bad habits!

      • EPIC CAKE

        your post just makes no sense at all, does it now?

    • ThisIsMyOnlyComment

      only reason i play xbox is because ALL my real life friends (the gamers at least) play it, so for me, ps3 online wouldnt be very fun (also i like the menus better on xbox and some other small stuff like that). But if most of my firnds played ps3, that is what i would have because of free online :).

    • PS3 Awesome

      Your abosolutley right

    • Steven

      Xbox has no hyphen you noob if you have one you would know and Xbox owns wii. I also have all 3 and can say i play on PS3 for cod and Xbox is offline because i cba to pay but i would rank PS3 and box equally and wii is shit.

      • someguy

        Who really says XBOX owns wii? Thats like saying PS3 Owns Atari…you shouldnt have to make such comparisons…

    • sdfghj

      who the hellsays troll face r u fuking retarded

    • Mike

      I am both a ps3 and an xbox owner and have heard both sides in the argument and both excesses of people saying the other system sucks. In my opinion they both get the job done and its a matter of opinion and cost management that should be the deciding factor.

  • neil inlick

    Yes i totally agree with all your demands I truly hope treyarch notice all you girls but there is a highly low chance of success within this .

    yours sincerly gregory lawjugger

  • neil inlick

    As a nintendo wii owner i would personally like to know if a dlc will be publicly realeased for it.If so plz reply it would mean a great deal to me as i have a new born baby.

    Yours sincerly Neil.


      errmmm. shouldnt you be foccusing on that then? or is the game like a stress release thing?

    • XXXXXXXXX hi

      xD what does a new born baby have to do with anything?

  • neil inlick

    Yes i totally agree young lady

  • blah

    Will prices change when they come to uk?

  • pitviper

    ill stay on my gameboy

    • Bob


  • chasboi23

    I think its stupid and treyarch seriously need to step up there game for the next CoD they make, cos this game is awful in my opinion. I hear its not that bad on the 360 on the PS3 it freezes and the matchmaking is awful. and then to top it all up they release the map pack a month early on xbox 360 is a joke. i also think microsoft are a bunch of fa**ots for paying money to get the DLC's early on 360. gay -_-

    • GilbertoD

      I have the PS3 version of Black Ops and played the 360's version, honestly its the same it depends on the user's connection, my connection is way better then my friend's, his took longer and minor lag because of it and he had a 360 and I own a PS3, it's the same game. I don't mind Microsoft paid month early, it's funny to me lol, but at least I can test it out on my friend's 360 and see if it's worth it. Lastly, why fanboy war, this is silly I thought people out grew this at 2007, I owned both and I sold my 360 and kept my PS3, just because 360 seems to price their DLC and arcade games slightly higher, also that live payment kills me, I mean 50 a year adds up for basically the same online. Stop fighting over which system is better, technically the Wii is (hardware wise) more inferior and it sells way better then PS3 or 360.

    • Bob

      Im sorry but im not buying another COD from Treyarch.

  • cronnen

    The fight between PS3 & Xbox 360 is like the ones between the STI & Evo or the Mustang and Camaro. I like the PS3 but I own a 360 and it's not because of Halo. People need to grow up, saying only 360 users go around shooting their mouths of and crap, people from both sides do it. Get over yourselves. Both systems have it's pros and cons, and they also have loyal devoted fans who may bash the other side. They're just gaming systems anyways.

  • ronald

    ps3 is way better than x box and i am not a fanboy but y would thy put xbox first and not all the other consoles at the same time at least.

    • Josh

      Suuure, your not a fanboy. Its alright, I belive you.

    • PS3 sucks

      idk maybe cause we actually pay for our online use, you ps3 users complain about your matchmaking issues and other problems, get an xbox 360, my 59.99 a year goes toward the amazing matchmaking and the support that microsoft gives to my online play, and now i get the DLC a month earlier beat that :0

      • Revlis

        I have to say im starting to lean more toward the X-Box over the ps3, not only is Sony bitching about people jail-breaking there ps3s to mod them but would that not mean Sony is trying to claim ownership over something the sold, pretty gay if you ask me, but if i have to pay 59.99 a year for online i would and those who don't are obviously cheap bastards…just saying but mind the people who cant afford it because well they could be 12 yrs old and don't have an income to pay for such things and if they can well so should the rest of you people who still olive in your parents basements, but like the saying goes "You get what you paid for" lol its no wonder why a regular ps3 not modded at all sucks ass little work was put into the damn thing, im still surprised my FAT ps3 has not died on me yet me and friend have played a large enough of hours upon hour on them and his died first and mines still kickin, barely, but when it finally does im more or less considering buying an X-Box, its kind of a no brainer that X-Box is better, they are putting work into their systems even after they have sold it "and are no longer in possession of" something Sony has to figure out.

  • sunnythewerewolf

    resistance is an amazing game as is god of war, just coz i cant afford to fork out for an xbox membership every year doesnt mean its a shit console. xbox players are terrible anyway, ive played one cod4 match, got a ten kill streak and got bored, go fuck yourself

    • 360>PS3

      WOAH! A ten killstreak? *gasp* You should be proud.

    • PS3 SUCKZ

      Sure u “got bored”. U probably didn’t even get 10 killz

    • WreklessW

      i got a nuke when i played mw2 on ps3 first time. your point is? ps3 is actually i find alot easier to play on the xbox360.. so get your facts right

      • LittleBigLegend

        Well that’s bull for a start. You have to level up to unlock different killstreaks. If you’re going to lie, then at least do some research first.

      • that guy

        what facts thats an observation

    • GeTsOmE


  • Chris

    Yeah I dont know about the PS3 never cared to own one, but for the 360 it does not ever freeze on me and the multi-player is the shit.

    • stu

      never owned an x box playstation all day for me mate and its coming out for you lot first so they can get it spoy on for us as they know the ps3 is the way forward has x box got 3d capabilties built in so you dont have to fork again like you ent got no blue ray player and ya specs are way down mate lol

  • Chrissy

    Its game systems, and its your opinion. So stop saying one is better then the other, its really old. Competition between the two company's should be kept with them. Seriously, everyone and your grandmother could care less if PS3 sucks, or if Xbox sucks. All I got to say is that just one little tiny difference, between two systems, everyone rants about it. SO what? everyone on both systems should just get along.

  • XboxXboxXboxXbox

    Xbox Rules :-D Can't Wait For Zombies Whoooooooooooooooooooooo

    • XboxFTW

      Xbox is the best, always has been. Think about this, the controller is great for your hands it is very durable and is great with shooting games cause your thumbs dont slip off, if you hate the xbox and always say "hey xbox is shit, and no im not shit talking im just saying the truth" then your obviously an idiot, every system and its users shit talk and your no different then saying that PS3 is the best cause in my opinion no its not because people say its graphics are great, no… its a normal 480p graphics card just like blueray, xbox can bump that up to 1080p even without techno cords and such, just people don't know how i did it, looks fantastic doesn't mean im going to waste my money on something that doesn't suit my playing style, i used to own a PS3 (mistake) and when i played COD MW2 people are rude, argressive (fuck this, fuck that, im going to kill your family) crap like that, least the xbox you can choose who you play with, with advanced controls, advanced system quailty and much much more, if you want true gaming, get the Xbox 360.

      • you fail


      • Ryan Verity

        or a ps3, tbh they are both pretty much the same, on PS3 has got better graphics and a better processor, xbox has better online, so stop being an idiot and saying xbox is better, because the actual hardware, you know that stuff that makes a console, is newer and better on a ps3. oh and i have both consoles, oh and i ask a specialist or go on a decent website and you will find that the ps3 is a better console

      • Jacob

        you can say what you want about x box or ps3, but it your own opinion weather which systems sucks. And……. on both ps3 and 360 people get pissed off and say a lot of BS

    • james artmalik

      gay fanboy all xbox users do is say xbox rules, its better/ well how is it better if xbox is better at least give good reasons why, like ps3 you get free online, xbox you have to pay, xbox controllers are well suited for adult size controllers, ps3 controllers are well suited size for kids, they both have good stuff each and good exclusive games, i dont mind xbox users only if there not being a fanbon and saying stupid stuff. and arguments are alright from time to time to point out good and bad things about ps3 and xbox there both good so why cant we get along, its annoying where fanboys just say random stuff its good if you have good facts instead of hey xbox owns ps3(saying that is biased) or use facts like what i said ps3 you get online free and xbox you have to pay thats a good fact so i hope one day we get along and hopefully there will be no fanboys from xbox or ps3 and i'm not taking sides i'm pointing out why is it we argue

      because these two consoles are competivly matched equaly so why dosnt xbox have fanboys and arguments for the wii or pc than for ps3 is it because ps3 is good and xbox is too.

      yours senseriorly james artmalik

      • Dylan vandamme

        the x-box can maybe be good but the consoles of the x-box sucks sick bad

      • Revlis

        so maybe find a way to submit advice to who, Microsoft about your ideas such as smaller controllers, because im sure not everybody wants a small controller like the Ps3, and well the Adult sized controller is your best bet for they well fit most people for it is usually someone over the age of 16 that can afford to buy such systems, games and ect. yes i currently own a ps3, but i have played xbox, and i like it more i have not experienced a lag within a game on xbox, but every game i play on ps3 you will either experience a lag disconnection or if your luck nothing will happen

  • gidroh

    They released the dlc earlier for the xbox last time, so why expect any different this time? Maybe the month difference is so they can sort out the problems for the ps3 before they try and take more money off us? I just hope there is a wider variety of maps than currently in the game.

    • Mike

      No Its because of a bussiness aragement between activision and microsoft.

      • Brandon

        You're both kind of right. It is a business agreement but they do sort out a lot of the bugs before it makes its way to the PS3.

        I played the new "Ascension" map at a friends and I can't wait to have it… definitely the best zombie map in my opinion and the "Berlin Wall" map is awesome (Try to get across the entire danger zone, in red on the map, ALONE without dying).

  • bob

    xbox just own thats why we get all the graet deals and thats why activision and trearch perfer xbox ps3 are over priced and rubbish and copy nintendo for ideas because they can'y make up there own products that are decent the zombie map sounds better than theonline anyway

    • trent

      PS3 is beast! We get free wireless and online whereas with the old school Xbox 360 you A. Needed a wireless adapter and B. Needed to purchase XBL
      Now with the new Xbox it has wireless inside the console instead of a adapter. The PS3 has the PlayStation Home where you guy's have some uh *cough cough* cartoon characters?

      • GilbertoD

        You know how the say Owned in Russia……OWNED!!! lol

    • GilbertoD

      I own a PS3 and they are both the same price now, (in the long run PS3 is cheapest, free online), the 360 does not own the PS3, if any system owns is the Wii, Nintendo produces way more Wii for less the cost and sells more then PS3 and 360 combined, I'm surprised there aren't more Wii fanboys lol. Everyone copied Nintendo by the way, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, you name it and Nintendo did it first. If I had the extra money I would get a Wii, just because Nintendo is awesome!

    • JLFC14

      Hmm ps3 copy nintendo and are o deprive look at ur shitty overpriced webcam that nintendo helped Microsoft to make dic he'd

  • Greg

    Bring back dome!!!!! Please lol

  • Plasmitic

    if I am allowed an opinion, I am an owner of all three consoles since launch. Each of the consoles is the best at what it aims to do. and that is all there is to it. .. If one is truly wondering why the Moneysoft consistently receives DLC ahead of PSN? the obvious reasoning is simple…. Over the years i have made many more purchases on XBLA than PSN, in all honesty because it is simply easier (and shoved down my throat at login). I would be willing to wager i am not the only person in such a scenario. I would bet that much more XBL DLC is sold than PSN DLC, so for Activcash to permit exclusivity to Moneysoft for a month is probably just a way to get the DLC advertised on the dashboard extensively in exchange for temporary exclusivity. …oh and just for the record, no i wont be buying it for either console, as Bad Company 2's Veitnam expansion has shown me what is worth buying….

  • billy

    well over priced bloody ridiculous they should give u a knew campaign aswell if they price it that highly

  • corrin

    I dont really think people should argue about a piece of plastic with clever microchips under their TV.I like PS3,only PS3,but thats my choice&I have my reasons.Treyarch have given us all the best 2 Call of Duty games released,so if I wait a month I think I can manage it.Ever waited for a woman to get ready for a night out?A month is nothing!If microsoft paid extra more fool them,I wont go out&buy xbox because they did.As for all you people bitching like kids as to which is the best all I can say is be glad you have such a good game&stop bitching which console its best on etc.You sound like fundamentalist extremists.

  • Johnny

    DLC prices are all controlled by microsoft

    1200 for 5 maps
    800 for 3 maps
    400 for arcade dlc

    1200 is a fair price, id rather pay 1200 for 5 maps than 800 for 3

  • Trent

    Okay I have a Wii right now since I don't have a PS3 yet. Will the DLC be on the Wii store? Or a update on the game? Will it even be on the Wii? I'd appreciate if someone would answer this!!

  • ***

    Lmao its pretty funny on such a big debate people get over some DLC its just a game and one month wait for PS3 and early one month 360 who cares, how hard is it to really just wait a little while. Why bother even fighting over which system is better there both great systems PS3 and 360 and even the Wii has its good games to play. People just need to calm down about this fighting fanboy shit…

  • josh

    whens this coming out?

  • mooklips

    theres always a GAY talking about xbox fanboys…then start saying ps3 users dont go around "shooting their mouth off" as much when all i seem to see is "OMFG PS3 is better, its got a Blu-GAY player!…3D blu-rays!…OMFG!!!!!…PSN is free!!!" then it makes me think they are worse. I own both consoles and in my opinion the PS3 is crap, if i wanted to watch blu-rays i'd buy a bluray player…if i wanted to play online for free i'd use the PS3. I dont mind that M$ charge for online play, i find that xbox is way better for online gaming and party play than a ps3, the PS3 only gets used for the exclusive games.
    im not a fanboy…ITS MY PREFERENCE!
    as chrissy said at the end of the day is a fuckin games console so who gives a fuck about which is better…

    • shock132

      Apparently you care enough. Why bash Blu-Ray when it holds 50GB other than HD-DVD witch holds 10GB?

      • Rhodd o DDuw

        HD-DVD capacity is 30gb at dual layer. But the 360 only reads DVD-9 without having to buy a £130 HD-DVD player

        • jay

          i think some ppl here are imature ….
          i got ps3 and im not fking constantly dissing other fking console
          dude its your own opinion and what u want to do with your stupid console
          if u dont like ps3 just don buy it and stop dissing thats same thing for xbox
          this chat is suposed to be about black ops dlc
          its not a console war omg …………..

  • Breal

    PS3 > X-BOX 360 I have both systems as well.

  • Antonio

    Its going to be first on xbox for the next 2 years for the call of duty franchise. Activision and Microsoft signed a contract for this year, the next, and the one after for dlc for xbox first.

  • Paukl


  • adamh3678

    stop arguing you little bitches and besides they're both good ive had em bothive currently got an xbox but might be gettin ps3 aswell soon cause im lookin foward to new uncharted resistance and all that cause they look awsome

    • Ps3andxboxfan

      Will you all just realise both xbox and ps3 have pros and cons! I prefer ps3 but I play xbox coz it has more ppl online…

  • will

    dude i bet ur the only person who doesnt care

    • i like xbox but who cares

      I don’t care, xbox controllers are better and that’s literally the only reason I play xbox over ps3 plus there’s more people. But isn’t this forum about black ops map packs? Grow up children. I’m 14 and your less mature than me and probably like 35-40.

      • doin yo mom

        no they're probably all like 8-10 years old and have parents who dont give 2 ****

  • Probed

    I had to right a quick post on here for a laugh. Why fight over what is better, i own an xbox and have played a PS3 on many many occasions. Can't justify having the both so I keep my xbox with my list of friends who like playing the games I do. Lets face it, at the end of the day all games are going multiplayer so why pay another £400 for a console that does the same thing? Play games?

    Oh well just thought i would say what i wanted to. Fanboys on both sides need to get a life and stop complaining about it. Just get on with what you like and leave everyone else have their opinions.


  • aidan

    Nope Nobody cares, what about the 4 zombie maps that are on the hardened edition of the game can we get those plz as dlc and everyone knows that xbox has better online service but they charge for it, so naturally enough…….

  • daniel

    this is gonna be kick ass zombies are gonna come back woo hoo for a 360 owner gears of war 3 can rape killzone 3 hahahahahahaha you ps3 users just playin both games look bomb but i dont have a ps3 so ill just have to wait

  • GIR

    I can't wait for this DLC. I do in fact think it's slightly overpriced, but it's nothing I can't deal with. I mean, 1200 MS points for 4 maps AND a zombie map (which I will be playing for hours on end)? I actually think that is pretty decent.
    And to those random trolls saying PS3/Xbox is better than the other, just be quiet and go sit in a corner. They both do the exact same thing, which is to entertain the player. They both do a great job, so case closed.

  • steve

    having played all the cod games this one is awful online even when hosting its bad lagging out when you put in location only you have to play people in other countries does no one in the uk have this game you play hard core it takes a full clip to kill someone people with really bad connections get the host playing search and destroy is like carry on camping I WILL NOT BE BUYING DLC i have been let down enough buy these games

  • STIG

    Roll on november…. Modern Warfare 3…. F**k Black ops DLC!!!

  • tom

    idc that xbox get its first.. that way when ps3 gets it all the bugs and glitches that no lifes find are already fixed… I also have both consols and they r the exact same online.. so all u fags who say one is better ur just a stupid fanboy because they r the same

  • Nick_9_8

    I just think this is stupid, if we paid $90 for the game, why should we have to wait just because Microsoft has done some stupid deal with Activision. It's just plain stupid.

  • Jack Butler

    why cant we have the waw zombie maps as well

  • Jack Bauer

    You want to know why xbox 360 users get the map pack early? It’s because they pay for their membership so ps3 users can go die in a fuckin hole.

    • the bawsss

      false. 360 users get their map pack early because microsoft signed a contract with activision.
      (Microsoft actually paid activision a large amount of cash just to gaurentee that they get DLC content before Sony)
      so u sir can go die in a fludging hole

  • BOB

    its probably better if you are a PS3 user so you can se if the maps are good by watching it on youtube so you know if you really want to buy it.


    Al of you people should just shut the fuck up the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are one of the same they both have their pros and cons so just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING A PUSSY ABOUT WHICH SYSTEM IS BETTER

  • Dessert 2302

    If i have to wait a month for the Map packs im not even going to buy them… ill be too preoccupied with Killzone 3 :)

  • anon

    ps3 ppl, you know xbox owners only make the comments they do to make you guys hate them more and its not a big deal about getting the map packs earlier m$ paid to have this done, its a perk of paying for online

  • Ps3 awesome

    Xbox 360- Sucks.
    End of story.

    • PS3 SUCKZ

      Itz the other way around. End of story

  • akbar

    microsoft sucks activision's wee-wee

  • what?

    i like my 64 its better than all ur systems

  • ualrdykno

    just relax every one know ps3 is betetr then xbox if u didnt have halo ud be nothing the system way better online and in and out blue ray and everything xbox 360 is worthless the stores sell used ones for 99 bucks get phuck outta here with ur bullshit

    • doin yo mom

      and dont forget the "red ring of death" "pay to play" and "the circle" – the circle is when you play it to long and it leaves a big circle on your discs because of the tray lift

  • PwnedB!tCh

    i have both ps3 and xbox 360 so im not 2 fused about it and i think the new maps will be awsome

  • saspcioll

    xbox- they have to take new ones everynow and then to keep up- for poor ppl/ ppl with less money
    ps3- made ONE (and the slim) and its still got higher tech – well off ppl

    kinect- racist
    playstaion move- AMAZING

  • Mace

    Ok really…… they are putting out DLC for this game when they still haven't fixed the problems that they already have with it now. I'm happy that they sorta fixed the sniping, but the rest of the game is a piece of crap. Modern Warfare 1 had less problems. The thing they need to do instead of just throwing candies out is to fix the spawning and the guns of this crap game…. It is just a little distraction to go "oh here is new maps oh yea you wanted us to fix what again?"

    Modern Warfare 2 was a much better game noob tubes and all.

  • TasMan96

    I originally owned black ops for the 360, but I got sick of all the little 6 year olds playing so I sold it and cancelled my xbox live. I bought it on ps3 and even though the matchmaking sucks, there arent any little kids playing, plus the onlines free :) as for the DLC, I think its a good thing 360 gets it first, That gives treyach time to fix all the bugs before the ps3 release.

    Add my PSN : Tas-Man96

    • xXEPICXx

      Wait so you sold your xbox because a game with a few six year olds playing pissed you off?

  • sore ass

    On paper the ps3 is better whether you want wat it has, hardware/software wise or not you simply get more value for your money i own 360 & ps3 and having played both online etc for 40-60 quid a year over the course of 5-6 years you could of bought ps3 and got the better deal enough said im not a batty fanboy im a realist at the end of the day every mug is getting ripped of anyway and who gives a pony about month early or not its just microsfts way of saying thanks for the yearly memberships which in my eyes aint peanuts so to all you 360 fanboys wake up ps3 better its a fact online experience comes down to conectivity to the server sweet

  • Miki

    First off, 1st commenter is a douche.

    2nd, to all the reasonable people trying to douse the flame-war of PS3 and Xbox fanboyism? Don’t waste your time guys and gals, these are the same people who have arguments just for the sake of showing off their egos.

  • tark

    honestly guy, xbox had its one year without the ps3. and yes the ps3 didnt do as well in its first two years. but now ps3 is the better system, check the stats.

    • Lol u guys wont shut up

      Agreeing with u here but ps3 only didnt do well in first year becaus it cost a thousand dollars so everyone went to xbox thats y theres more people on xbox then ps3

      • doin yo mom

        i bought my PS3 for $999.99 when it first came out and it just broke last month because i played it a bit to much but easy to fix buy a new cooling system for $59.99

  • Fix-A-Car Johnny

    Hey guys,
    both systems are great, so stop ripping on your opponent system, you can have your opinion, but nobody really gives a rat's ass, so just shut your mouth.

    • doin yo mom

      i agree completly and that brings me to "Fighting on the Internet is like playing in theSpecial Olympics you're still ****ing RETARDED even if you win"

  • Blumpkin

    h0 my g0d.

    We all know the Wii is the best. ;- )))

  • Kittenkicker

    For the people that complain about the price ….seriously 15 dollars is like money you can find laying around the house easy to get.

  • Rhodd o DDuw

    Let’s have a little Q&A.
    Q, Does the xbox 360 play Call of Duty: Black Ops?
    A, Yes.

    Q, Does the xbox 360 allow for online multiplayer in CoD: Black Ops?
    A, Yes

    Q, Does the Playstation 3 play Call of Duty: Black Ops?
    A, Yes

    Q, Does the PS3 allow for online multiplayer in CoD: Black Ops?
    A, Yes

    Q, So what’s the f***ing difference?
    A, Beats the shit out of me……

  • Cowoys

    "If Activision follow similar trends as previous games, we’re guessing that the PS3 and PC platforms will get the pack one month later, so sometime during March."

    its Treyarch not Activision

  • that1guy

    i want more guns, all the guns in the game suckkkkk, the rifles suck, shotguns suck, assault rifles and buttplugs and the only guns worth using are the aks and stoner so give me more choice to mow people down

  • niggasmd

    wtf it shudnt be exclusive on 360 thats bullshit.

  • get along?

    to fix all this fanboy fighting crap why cant microsoft and sony get together and make a new console.? or somehow they should be able to make xbox and ps3 compatible over the multi player thing. and we could all vs each other. i hope that happens it would be epic!

  • Dale McLean

    should make a cross server so you can play xbox and ps3 on same server :)… would cost more… but hey.. hopefully it would stop all the arguing.. and tbh i own both systems.. both are as good as each other… xbox for better online connection and exclusive games… PS3 for Bluray and exclusive games.
    XBL – xII DaaLE IIx
    PSN – DaleMcLean

  • paul

    i ve tested the new map pack and its asome and in discovery i got a napalm strike by sticking a c4 to the bridge

  • salvatruco

    screw you 360 fanboy your only mad because ps3 has better exclusive than 360
    360 cant touch uncharted 3 and killzone, and twisted metal will be on of the best games of the year and what do you get, gears of war 3

    • doin yo mom

      hey im may be for ps3 but dont dis GW3 you little fudgepacking cock munching thundercunt

  • Anonymous

    lol really guys? games are for entertainment stop fighting like a bunch of high school girls. jjus have fun with it all.

    -an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind-Ghandi


    Yes a new zombie map to mod.
    Im going to hack the shit out of my rank just like in waw.
    Oh Im hosting 15th lobbys for and one who beats me 1v1.
    Post reply if you want in.
    And have a great day.

    • BlueDevil24

      I'm not 15th and i'll still beat your ass

  • Rob

    dont tell them to stop arguing i love the fanboy fights just to see how pathetic they are.
    personally i love the ps3 ok there may be some minor faults (some major faults with black ops) but both systems are just as good especialluy when you play on a 50 inch screen which i havent got.

  • hey dumbass

    The only reason I play black ops on xbox more than ps3 is because the players are stupid as shit on the box. In my opinion ps3 is a lot better then xbox considering the xbox just takes a massive shit every year, not to mention it takes me thirty minutes to an hour to join a match where on ps3 it takes about thirty seconds. Get both consoles before you knock the other dumbass.

  • Andre

    Dis is lame… XBOX 360 sucks anyway It betta come out 4 ps3

  • htbf1964

    Xbox 360 live hmmm costs$$ per month
    ps3 network free!!
    xbox first strike comes out month early
    I can add 2 + 2
    So knowing that geeze i wonder if it's that difficult to see who's freaking greedy, I guess it all comes down to the all-mighty $
    Xbox live quit getting so desperate, you suck….

  • D16Z6

    There is always going to be a debate about witch console is better but everything ends up in the teaste of the player. I use to have a 360 and the controller is way more comfortable to play than the ps3 controllers are but like always that is a great opportunitty for some bussines to copy something that the other console has and sell it for the other one. Exclusivity of games is jst to get consumers to buy they’re products in this case game consoles. I love ps3 bluetooth accesibility than the xbox head set crap plus who doesn’t like free shit in this case ps3 network it has a couple of problems but daaammmmm I feel more comfortable with the ps3 than xbox but at the end of the line buy what ever the fuck you want and fuck the rest of people that tells you what you should buy with your money

  • raceallmylife

    Are you freakin kidding me I've been waiting a Month now and now they say I got a wait a month more that's retarded I should of got it for xbox abn guys there the same thing almost every sane game just xbox has a better marketplace I mean personally j say ps3 cause that's what I play more but there the sane thing ps3 has killzone xbox has halo you guys are a bunch of kids

  • PS360

    people still argue over ps3 vs 360 this isn't 2008 anymore guys its 2011 get over it.

  • Geers

    Can all you fanboys piss off and let the normal people talk? Does anybody know if this will be free for PC like WaW or is Treyarch money-grabbing?

  • Mikey

    I hopped on to the MW2 wagon late but I'm a seasoned Black Ops MVP. XBOX 360 is nice but I've been through 3 already. Forget Microsoft and all the garbage they sell. My PS3 is SWEET and Online play is free. I expect the connectivity to be somewhat slower but it's not $60 slower. PS3 is way better overall due to it's hardware and dependability. IM SOOOO PISSED THAT "FIRST STRIKE" is coming out for the crap box first. Keeps me awake at night. It's gonna be a long February.


    they should make a network were both ps3 and xbox 360 can go and duke it out

  • :D LoL

    I luv it. You guys that still have the Xbox and think its way better cuz of Gears of War 3 and halo dont kno anything. Xbox is better for 1 month. I cant wait until u xbox fans see me mercing the chimera then get baord of that see I go kill helghast in 3D. Lucky for Xbox they had good release timing for xbox so all the 6 year olds could get it. PS4 FTW b****.
    Cant wait to pwn zombies in a month ( thanks xbox)
    PSN= ryman10
    I rape Zombies on Black ops.

  • Hater of m$

    M$ bought the whole gahd dam activision company … why doesn't M$ buy a adult toy company too might aswell maybe if they stick something other than there fingers up there butt they would be respectful to other gamers instead of being selfish aholes who are money greedy mongrols and i hope each M$ worker stands infront of a firing squad or brutally murdered cut up with razor blades

  • Eddiesnakepr

    the thin is xbox suck you have to pay to play suckers

  • Rangersalltheway

    PS3 is way better than xbox, look at their fail line up this year and you will see!

  • lolerz

    sounds good :) don't mind waiting the extra month… ps3 users aren't so serious as xbox when it comes to gaming and more or less enjoy the fun of the games soo… looks good :)

  • jay11

    damn … why the ps3 is after ? its really sucks !

  • michael harris

    what time on the release date can u download the new map pack for call of duty black ops and will it be relseaed at midnight on the 1st of febuary.

  • Mattx1

    Damn, You're the biggest fanboy EVER…

  • IDontKnoMyName

    dude ur an idiot if u think xbox 360 is better then ps3, all xbox has is more games so quit running your mouth

  • Your A DUMB ASS

    hey before u say a word about ps3 look at this


    Bull ps3 will smash x-box anyday!!!

  • ben

    Im fine with getting the Maps a month later than the Xbox. I mean sure they get it before us Ps3 and PC players do but they have to pay to play online, whereas we get free online multiplayer. So i guess its kind of fair

  • Joe

    Fallout new Vegas is the best game ever. Enough said

  • Some guy

    Don’t mean to sound like a cheap skate but $15 for just those maps sucks they should add more maps just me feeling a bit ripped off? Btw who cares what console is better but woo does suck lol.

  • Ryan Verity

    i have an xbox and a ps3, here is my thoughts on them, xbox has worse graphics, is loud and when i play black ops, everyone with a headset gets angry when you beat them, why would you get angry? but i have to admit xbox is a good console, and the online is better because you pay for it, and personally i prefer the playstation exclusive titles more than the xbox exclusives, i love gran turismo, its better than forza, i bet someone replies saying xbox is better but i wont get anyone replying for ps3 because were the ones that are not super gamers

  • Ryan Verity

    oh and the main reason ps3 is better is because its newer, which means its obviously gonna be better

  • Playstation 3

    I have all 4 systems so to be honest yes i can wait a month cause i play the ps3 more anywayz……..Lets go TWISTED METAL OOOOOOOOH YES

  • dan

    does anyone no if it comes out at differnet times as each country hits 12 oclock or an american world wide time???

  • Hosso

    does anyone know if its 12 worldwide ?

  • nick

    hey im trying to find out tonight at midnight which actually means it will be tuesday feb 1st will downolad for new maps be available? because im staying up untill 12 turning my xbox off then on and if theirs no update i will cry

    • Adam

      People say it will be able 2 download at 6am GMT

  • ben


  • Adam
  • craig

    these is dumb x box gets it for a mouth while ps3 users have to wait yes im a grow ass man and could buy both xbox and ps3 but i hate the xbox alway have just makes we wont to trade in black ops im already bored but still play the game as im sure most of us do i geuss these is a perak of pay for online gameing when you already pay 60 to 80 bucks for the game in the frist place thats worth 1 3rd you paid for a mouth later so ill suck it up and wait for socom 4 lol

  • Devon

    Okay, i dont know about you guys, but the fact that it comes out for XBOX first pisses me off… personally, i'd like to be able to play it tomorrow… but i can't because im PS3. now, can anyone tell me what day the DLC will be available for PS3? ive looked everywhere and cant find it.

  • street

    any one know what time it will come out ? at 12?

  • mc hammer 40k

    in yo face ps3 and pc players ha we get it like before you or something like i dunno or something

  • justin

    why is it that america has the new map pack before anyone else,why are they so special to have it first?why cant it come out on all platforms at the same time

  • DC22

    Anyone know if this is coming out at Midnight?

    • magic

      5 am eastern

      • chrissycomlex

        when will it be here english time ?

  • tayrawr

    i really dont like how its $15, personally id rather just buy the zombie map thats it, like in rock band you can buy singles instead of the entire album. i dont know, i just dont think how the new map pack is really worth that much

  • Ac1dirty

    the only reason the 360 gets the map pack for call of duty black ops first, is because they have to pay for online….i have a ps3 and i think its fair that 360 gets it first but what i dont think is fair is why ps3 gets it too late….all consoles should get everything on same date…but thats my opinion..?but anyways i think the map packs r cool and im looking forward to getting it….?

  • CaptainCooter

    xbox exclusivity is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • activisionisbad

    The crapbox gets the dlc first, what a joke! Maybe you xbox players don't care, but put yourself in the shoes of the pc and ps3. Would you like it if ps3 and pc got the dlc a month before you did? We all know that you would complain too, and do not even try to deny it.

  • MAtt

    what time is it out for english time

  • nakedstar

    they never put GMT time's on. It's as if it is only Americans that pay for the maps its the 1st here already put we cant have them before the poohsa get a chance to play them

  • Killerpotato819

    i find this funny because people who try to think their console is better than someone elses are pretty pathetic and heres the funny part if someone who has a 360 or ps3 had the opposite console so they had a ps3 or 360 they would think their console is the best so you cant really stop the competition can you its a shame to all you people who argue ove nothing

  • guest

    The Xbox exclusivity is simply a marketing ploy. Microsoft has the money and power to get these type of exclusive deals, but as far as graphics go – PS3 is far better than Xbox. This is the "advantage" Microsoft was seeking when drawing up the exclusivity contract. It is to boost sales for their Xbox system. If you like stunningly smooth graphics and gameplay, buy a PS3. If you want map packs a month earlier, buy an Xbox. If Xbox did not have this deal, people would grow tired of paying for internet AND Xbox online, and finally realize they are being hosed by yet another mega-corporation.

    • Jim

      You Sir Just Boiddd off anyone who has an Xbox

      "If you want map packs a month earlier, buy an Xbox." – Haha but so true !

      PS3 is Free online, Sony know what there players want.

      Microsoft is a peace of shiteee

  • Harry

    Tbh i actually think it works to our advantage not getting them early because a majority of the major bugs will be fixed before we get them, also if they’re **** then we won’t be buying them :) also the ps3′s exclusives this year will take a dump on the crapbox so it’s all good

  • imsobeast


  • ignite_

    it seems as though people think it's somehow unfair or ridiculous that xbox live is getting the map pack first. I haven't really read a post on here that offers any good reasoning for that. I must say, I'm not surprised. Not only does Microsoft own the rights to sell the map pack first, they also charge their gamers to play online. What people seem to be forgetting is the fact that Ps3 gamers play for FREE online. XboX Live forked over the cash to obtain the rights for this release because they want to treat their gamers to the content first. That's perfectly reasonable…. I agree with those of you who say this game doesn't perform so well for the ps3; however, in defense of Sony: All online games are played online free of charge. Sony either maintains themselves, or pays other entities to maintain their gaming servers. This is super expensive to do and it is to be expected that problems will arise with servers that are maintained as minimally as acceptable to save on costs. That means it's going to be easier for people to develop mods and other cheats that are potentially dangerous to the system itself and use them in public games online. To Sony's credit, they have worked pretty hard to contain and deter modding and cheating and I can appreciate their efforts. The fact that the game freezes once in a great while or that matchmaking is sometimes glitchy is okay by me as long as I can play online for free.
    In defense of Microsoft: The online gaming experience with the xbox 360 is fantastic. It's fantastic because each gamer pays around 60 bucks a year to play online. This adds up to a boat load of cash that Microsoft can spend on maintaining and managing their servers, not to mention buying the rights to relase DLC first. The ability and willingness to do so means games run super smoothly and problems with online gaming are largely limited to interpersonal problems. Microsoft's gamers get what they pay for and there's no denying that.

    so yeah, ps3 is sometimes glitchy, but it's FREE…. xbox360 runs great with minimal problems, but you have to pay to play. It's all about personal preference. The game itself is fun no matter which system you play it on. Just be glad the developers care enough to put out a solid map pack at all. They could have half-assed it and sold "revamped" old maps and made a ton of money for very little work. We ps3 gamers have waited this long for a map pack. What's another month? No biggie in my opinion.

  • Jason

    I had the 360 until my second red ring of death came 2 weeks out of warranty. Talked to about 4 different people at XBOX about it and they wanted to charge me $125 to get it fixed!!! That's crap. I bought the PS3 instead and sold everything I had for XBOX. Is it our fault as the consumer that Microsoft can't maker a product that won't work for more than 2 years? I didn't think so, so for us users to have to pay excessively to get it repaired drove me towards PS3 and I love it, plus the Playstation Network is FREE., if they wanted to pay activision a ton of money just for a release early it would possibly mean users paying for the network. I'll take the free online in place of a month early map pack.

  • Angry PS3 Owner

    I think its bullshit. Why should they Get it first? i wouldnt mind if it was a few days or a week, But a month? now that just outragous! I am a PS3 owner and All Treyarc is doing is pissing Us PS3 and PC owners off. I honestly wouldnt mind if there was an actual reason behind this, and correct me if im wrong, but there is not. Fuck You Treyarc.

  • greg

    i think treyarch only cares about ps3 cuz everything they make comes out for xbox 360

  • ding

    fuck the 360 let them have this one cause it a shit system had both ps3 far better 360 dont even challenge it

  • Gregg

    Why a freakin month? i wouldnt mind a few days or a week.. but a month?

  • Dust 514

    I know that Dust 514 will be a cross platform FPS between Xbox and the Ps3 alongside the MMO players on the PC playing EvE Online that pay them like mercenaries to fight on various planets.

    Maybe there, some xbox vs. ps3 wars will be fought :D

  • Name

    Why does XBOX get all this big better perks? PS3 and PC users should get it the same date. It's just simply unfair that other people get to experience these maps only at first and we get a longer wait. make it frickin' on the same date, Treyarch!

  • Vandamme Dylan

    why they release it first for x-box360?
    why not release it for all consoles at same date?? and not let the ps3 users wait 1 month till they can have the maps?
    its just freaking stopid that the ps3 users need to wait 1 month till they get the maps

  • Matthew Hosford

    Hi I am a proud PS3 and Xbox 360 owner. I prefer PS3 because of its multi uses, its very enjoyable and won't and really does have a lot of possibilities over all its a little more bang for you buck. Not saying it doesn't have some faults. I think the exclusivity for the Xbox is wrong. I hope its a one moth wait but I heard its two thats just not fair its marketing terrorism making people have to get the 360 to have the advantage over the other guys its lame.

  • blackopsplayer111

    honestly as a ps3 player im furious about the fact xbox gets dlc's before us. i mean look they have 3 good franchises fable,halo,and cod if it hadent been for those, xbox would be useless. on the fact of pricing i literally think that it should be much lower for the fact that if xbox gets it first we should have it cheaper as a fairness ordeal to ps3 players having to wait.

  • Titanius_

    Is the map pack latr on ps3 or earlier on x-box?? Because if it"s earlier on x box the ps3 users(like me) just got a nice preview

  • gogopeeley2858

    they should be working on a wii first strike mappack


    i wish ps3 and xbox players could play together that way if u have one thing ur friend has another you could still play against or along side eachother


    I bet half you guys that posted on here need to get outside more often.

  • Drew

    What about the wii

  • Drew

    I the dlc coming out on wii

  • Aubri

    It doesn't really bother me that First Strike came out for 360 first. I mean they had that deal or whatever. I just choose Ps3 because the controller is better for a gamer chick. And so me being a girl, the controls are easier to work with. Ha. But other then that I have played on my boyfriends 360. (I sucked) But the new zombie map is a beast. Confusing at first. But total beast. I can't wait for it to come out for Ps3! :))

  • Concerned

    First off. I have owned every major gameing system since the dawn of time. (Atari 2600) I own an XBOX 360, PS3 and other notables. PS3 outperforms XBOX in everyway. Game size and dinamics, from the Resolution (1080P HD) to the controller which is so much more user friendly… XBOX sucks a big bag of D**Ks with it's non-bluray supporting, combersum controller, $60 yearly overpriced network… The XBOX is yesterdays gameing system. It should soon go the way of other notable "X" brands. The XFL, Degeneration X (WWF), XM Radio, Malcom X …

    XBOX received the DLC earlier then PS3 because Activision designs the games on microsoft software, they could have waited to realease the XBOX DLC along with the PS3 DLC but the problem is, the PS3 version is not yet finished. Because it takes several weeks to work out the bugs transfering the game info to work on the PS3 OS from the microsoft software used to design the game. Thus, Microsoft XBOX recieves the exclussive early release of the COD Black Ops DLC before PS3. Microsoft is a Monopoly thats how the get the exclussives so often. The bastards!

  • ryan

    In my opinion i think sony and microsoft should come together and make a play-box it would be awesome

  • Milfs_mannor

    To be honest with you guys both consoles are just a waste of time i myself have 2 360's one in my bro's room and one in mine and i also have PS3 all consoles do these days is just alienate people and brainwash everyone into this imagination world i couldnt give a crap about these games consoles anymore i have much better things to do with my life than sit around gaping at a tv screen. what happened to the good old days where everyone used to go out side and piss about with there mates, game consoles bring out the worst in people wish they were never invented.

  • sasher2007

    release date is today time i hear from psn is around 3pm gmt

  • Kali-swiss

    however (microsoft) does make more money than the (sony) comapany thats what makes the difference

  • Kali-swiss

    the only thing i don't like about it is when your trying to knife online say if you lag knifing a enemy or zombie would suck and i am not sure why they really put the jump in it while the jumping really is not useful in the game (they could of put R2 AND RT FOR WEAPON MELEE)

  • Kplohl

    can you get black ops map packs for wii