COD Black Ops: PS3 Patch Update 1.04 is Live – Any Problems?

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We have some good news to share with you now, as we can confirm that the highly anticipated v1.04 patch update for Call of Duty Black Ops, is now live on the PlayStation 3. We want to know your feedback after installing.

As we told you previously, the change log for the latest update is pretty long, and it looks like some of the major problems in the game will finally be fixed up on the PlayStation 3.

We’ve just download the update and it didn’t take long at all – we’ll be posting up our feedback on whether the problems have been fixed up in a short while. We’re hoping that the matchmaking has been sorted out as it was becoming a constant pain being kicked out of lobbies for no reason, especially with the frequent ‘tranmission errors’ that do their best to really make you angry.

Treyarch has also said that they have fixed up the exploit that players were using to keep killstreaks and custom classes even though they had prestiged, so let us know if this particular fix has been implemented successfully in v1.04 or not.

Interestingly, Treyarch has also added an additional security measure to the game, one which is said to ”enhance detection and banning capabilities” – what are your ideas behind this?

The update is available to download the next time you boot up the game. If you are still suffering from any connection problems, previous issues which havent been fixed, or indeed brand new problems since installing 1.04 – leave us a message in our comments section.

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  • Bittereinder

    Just installed the 1.04 patch: second online match I played –> froze the hell out ….
    Most of the time I have a 4 bar connection (speed =22 down, 3 up), despite of that the game lags/stutters frequently. For God's sake, how many patches do they need?
    You know what: they'll probably never fix it. If the base (engine) is bad … You can't patch a Lada into a BMW.

    • Nolan Ponder

      i have 50 mb dl speed and im freezing lol and i am never the host? how is this

    • fred

      I Havent been able to play a full game since this new patch launched , they gotta show some emphasis on the matchmaking give it more depth or somethin

      • Blake

        Before the patch, matches would occasionally time out, drop me, or load forever then freeze. not I almost spend as much time trying to load a team death match as I spend in the match. =(

    • lordsoth4

      Yes froze on me also again today since the download and toady after i reset the system and unplug it it froze again after each game and now it wont read no game nomatter what I put in there.

  • william

    after the update and buying black ops my ps3 has been freezing ever since iv tried everything on the hidden menu but nothing ??it pops up with error code 8005014 saying the disk is dirty but theres not a scratch onit iv heard that it maybe my hard drive it needs 2 be upgraded 2 a better gb can ya let me no plzz

    • Johny hopkins

      same happened to me with black ops only. i had to send my system in and it took two weeks but they fixed it

  • Ben

    in my experience, it has gotten worse. i am trying to connect to a game since 10 minutes, and every session i join either gets closed, host leaves or whatever. seriously, it went from annoying to unplayable for me

    • Black Plops

      im getting the exact same problems, plus its crashing the ps3, well done Treyarch

      • bob

        Same here. Horrible connections. Can’t link to friends. Booted from lobby. Lost host. LAG, LAG, LAG, LAG!

        I always thought it was Infinity Ward that sucked, but now we know.

  • DarK-Angel

    Its been an hour now since i updated the cod black ops

    The update didnt fix any thing

    OMG if its keep updating without fixing this shit i think iam going back to MW 2

    • Meh

      I agree I now have have a strict NAT TYPE and the grim reaper in gun game is broken it puts itself away and u only have a knife it’s BS back to halo soon if this keeps up


    Still getting kicked out like no tommorrow, PS3 still freezing to the point of resetting console, have a wired network with full signal. AGHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • GagagagagGogogogogo

      lmao like no tomorrow. Its got worse for me this new update and the previous update was fine with the exception of maybe 1 kick out game every 20 games.

      this new update is f*****g s**t

  • Daniel Walker

    Firstly, give them their due for listening to us gamers and TRYING to fix the problems but it just didn't work, after installing the update 3 of out my first 4 match's were ended early due to connection error (I've not had to reset PS3 yet today but only been on for an hour so) unlike a couple of days ago when it was 5-6 times in the space of 4 hrs.

    There also appears to be more lag than ever when playing TDM yet it shows my signal as being full or one bar below full.

    I do however, like the sound of the banning but depends on the reasons for example should all these people who hack prestige's, combat training to allow a heli after 1 kill & leaderboards (which are very poorly maintained) not all be instantly and indefinately banned?

    • Elite_Ranger

      screw them, THEY HAVE HAD ONE MONTH TO FIX ISSUES THAT SHOULDN'T BE THERE. Also do you honestly think that they tested it because i mean there are so many issues going on that would have been impossible to miss had it been tested properly.

      • rawr

        Honestly, I haven't had any issues with the game. The spawning can get a little out of hand on ground war but that's about it for me. Dude, its a huge and complex game. Nobody experienced these issues for the first week. Hell it took me a week to do the campaign. If you did experience this during the first week then maybe you should have played zombies or the campaign, stop bitching because it would probably take 15-30 days for professionals to fix the problems that you are being a total douche about. Games these days take may more days than just one to fix problems like this so please, seriously stop bitching.

  • Paul

    Treyarch please read my post: You guys relly don't have a clue what your doing, you release 2 patches that have made NO difference. Surely you should be beta testing with end users to fix the problems, I knew you guys would mess things up – WaW was just the same. Infinity Ward KNOW what they are doing!

    • Matt

      Are you serious???? IW didn't give a crap about the players, Treyarch patched the "care package " glitch before the game even came out, When MW2 had the javelin glitch it was at lease a month before it got patched. As well as the care package glitch for MW2 was out for a long time before they glitched it. Maybe you should stop being a hater on Treyarch. Yea they messed up with not having a public beta but MW2 has has way worse problems. IW is no more(most people left for respawn) so its time to hop off their nuts.

    • Jack

      Actually Infinity War by the time MW2 was realeased were utterly useless and did nothing fro a very long time to fix the damn glitches in the game.
      At least Treyarch are trying to stop glitchers ruining the game

    • Jason

      Infinity Ward screwed the pooch just as bad do you not remember all the infinite care packages and the elevator glitches not to mention that your killstreaks earned you more killstreaks all games have there bugs get used to it atleast there fixable problems.

      • aces

        Ha e we all forgotten that activision screwed it up for all of us iw did care but can’t do a ducking thing when the parent company is a joke…. that being said they are trying let us hope it will be fixed soon god speed treyarch

    • rawr

      I hope you know that Activision is the only thing keeping MW2 servers working. Treyarch was the ones who made the Resurgence map pack because IW doesn't even exist anymore. There is no one left in the company. You're an idiot. If Activision wanted to, they could make MW2 only be good for Spec Ops and the Campaign. Because they can take away the servers, which means no more multiplayer! Good riddance and God forbid.

  • bumtit

    the update didnt fix anything!

  • watashi-kun

    Still having the "FOREVER WAITING FOR PLAYERS LOADING SCREEN" This is a ***** mess. Now after the patch, I'm still gonna restart my PS3 just to reload it. This is a major fail treyarch bitches.

  • Martin

    For me the patch seems to have helped a little, before i couldnt join friends and such, always errors. But now i get to play with friends atleast. ;D

  • Nikodemus

    I am sooooo **** tierd of this shit… We live in 2010, and they still cant fix these small things?!
    My conclusion is that they wont bother using anny money on this cus the game is sold, and wont get your money back…. and you will still buy the next one, cuz "everybody else does"..

    Ever tryed to play zombies? Fucking annoying, they can hit you from 3 meters and from time to time they hit you like 3 -4 times in 1 sec…

    • Brian

      Can you say class action lawsuit if they can't fix it.

  • wellington

    I cant download the 1.04 patch.. I did everything they told to solve the problem, but the same error appear on the screen when i try to download. error code 80710092… hey guys do you have any suggestions ?

    • ubbernubber

      ya dont bother it only makes the game worse

    • julio

      i have the same problem….

      • mark1984

        think you may have some addtional ps3 patches to download aside from the black ops patch. go to xmb and system updates. The patch is really bad though, so if it lets you in the game without it, dont download it, i went from fine to load games and play with a lost game about 1 or twice an hour, but perfectly playable to every game losing connection, constantly loosing host, cant get audio in game with my friend just turns off, where i could connect to a friend i now cant again, that is a nat issue, but we are on the same nat and was ok before the patch, ohh and it takes about 5mins + to find each game were it was fine before.

    • Joey

      dont even download it. it just screws everything up unless your using the 360. i have the ps3 and it is so fucked where it is unplayable

  • Spencer

    Feel sorry for you PS3 gamers, lets hope the XBOX update is better! it usually is :)

    • Nate

      You are sadly mistaken. there is virtually no difference in the patch code to different consoles except for the nuances within each system. This really has nothing to do with the console, but has everything to do with the game its self.

      The game right now is currently broken to an extent for many consoles (infact at this moment all the PS3's in my vicinity are unable to connect to an online game.) And no, this isn't a small fix, if you have developed anything, in a project as big as this finding these bugs is almost pure luck with out adding large amount of code.

  • wedgie

    w*nk waited for nothing was unplayable now still unplayable shite

  • minskey7




  • minskey7


    • furks

      Guessing english is not your first language then?

  • dotcom_jay

    to anybody who reads this , its now tuesday da 14 :03 gmt and i can offically say black ops multiplayer is unplayable till new patch. man im gettin sick of COD think Im gonna change to BFBC.

    • Skazze

      yes.. im having the exact same thoughts… i feel ill when cod starts messing around qq

  • Unleashed_tuner

    Black ops is freezing continuously and still connection problems. Also the matchup is taking much longer than the 1.03. The game has real difficulty finding a suitable match room. I hope the 1.05 is comming out real soon and that it handles all of these problems, i'm really getting sick and tired of this crap

    • GagagagagagGogogogo

      yeah mate it taking me about 8 minutes to join a suitable match and when i get 5 mins into the game i get kicked out LOL f******g annoying innit

      i should not have updated because the 1.03 was going good for me i hardly every got kicked out.

    • Samuel

      I am having the same issues and after reading other posts on here it sounds like everyone else is as well. I didnt have too many issue before the latest patch and now I cant even complete one game without the console completely freezing up! I have to do a hard reset to get the console to even function again. I hope someone does something about this quick otherwise Black ops can kiss my ass. I'll be going back to MW2.

  • knockertommy

    Getting kicked out, game freezing, problem connecting etc. Never had any problems before.

    • knockertommy

      were in the same boat matey

      • mark1984

        same here, had the odd disconnect but can live with that, not this tho.

    • lee

      same fuck sake freezing in game never ending waiting 4 players dam y did i but this shit game

  • Chimp

    After the patch it seems the connection to every game i go in gets interupted every minute or so, it makes unplayable

  • sly

    It's WWWAAYYYYY worse since i have installed the patch 1.04. 9 times out of 10 i'm kicked out after 1 minute of play with a transmission error. I can't believe this has been tested before beeing relase. PATHETIC.

  • Axemaw

    Still a huge bag of poo, taken me 30 mins to get a game then still get connection errors

  • rob

    Thank god for Modern Warfare 2

    • Joseph Mann

      why cant they us the same engine as mw2? i could play that bitch for 9 hours straight without a single kick out.

    • kai

      prestige 10 mw2

  • Dennis

    they did put new contracts in :D

  • larry

    Update made it worse! 3 freezes in one hour… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGh!

  • owen

    i just got da patch and its evn worse i cant even get any more my m8s in a game just me


    I think it did good for me no more lag for me and i havnt froze once

  • Stephen

    I agree, the latest patch has made the game almost unusable.

  • Dark-R

    made the game even worse. i cant even finish a match now i always get kicked. very dissapointed.

  • Jerico

    i noticed this even before the patch was made, people from the philippines have yellow bar or red once they play online, which means the game experience is very laggy, i thought after the patch this problem would be fixed but still it's the same. hope that gets fixed.

    also i still get disconnected for no apparent reason in some games i join in

  • Awesome Man

    Seems that the PS3 is having quite a lot of problems, specially with freezing and connections. I guess it really does suck.

  • J. Hill

    I've yet to download v1.04 (god help me) but has anyone else noticed that these problems (at least at v1.03) only appear to happen during 'busy' web periods? From my own experience I only get "connection lost", "host migration failed" and the infamous complete lockup when I play early evening (6pm – 8pm) or Friday and Saturday night? If I avoid these times I get almost no problems!

  • Wasted

    I've been disconnected more in the past hour than I have been in a whole day of playing pre patch. Also, I find it complete crap that they "patched" Hardline Pro. A care package is a care package, regardless of whether it's a sentry gun, sam turret, or a random package. If it was that big of a deal, they should have just lowered the ratio more on getting a Chopper Gunner or Gunship from a re-roll. Fail Treyarch….FAIL.

  • c-ko

    Didn't work, I just had to restart my ps3 because it froze on the loading screen…. This sucks. Let's all try to get the next game made by a better gaming company. This is rediculous. Where is infinity ward??

  • trini

    Damn i can't even get the update. Been trying like an hr now it will reach 44% then gives me an error message before this i had no problem with the game ran smooth everything now i can't even play the damn game.

  • mee_shee

    For all the idiots saying Infinity Ward is better, when was the last time you downloaded a patch for MW2? Because IW got screwed by Activision, they screwed all us gamers. I have no respect for them since they up and hauled ass out of MW2. There’s so many things that need to be fixed on there. Now, I’m not saying that Tre is doing a great job and yes getting booted a million times in one night sucks…but hopefully they will fix it and if they could come out with a patch to fix all the fanboy campers…that would be even better!

  • anonymous

    I agree. At least at revision 1.03, the goddamn game was playable. Now, it's not playable at all. I've been testing the patch all morning with various game types, and I just experienced my FIRST ever (in any game) hard freeze of my PS3 while in-game.

    The lobbies have become shit, the connection issues are still there (connection interrupted, etc) Sometimes, I'll get lucky and be able to finish a match (to at least earn _some_ XP), but more often than not, the game will terminate right at the end, so no XP for me (or anyone else) that played the match.

    Frankly, I'm pissed that I've spent 60 for the PS3 version, and another 60 for the PC version, and the PS3 version is shit now. I think I'll find a different franchise to dump my money in next time around, unless the Treyarch goons get their collective shit together and fix the mess that is patch level 1.04.

    Ridiculous – fuck Activision, and Fuck TreyArch while I'm at it.



  • matt

    I didn’t think they could mess it up even more, but somehow they have, it takes like 10th minutes to find a lobby, which closed 30 seconds later! They’ve made the game unplayable and generally frustrating to play! Well done treyarch, for ruining cod another year

  • luiz fernando

    Me too. I cant download the 1.04 and the error is the same: 80710092. Help me please

  • Sam

    Mint update this… not cant connect to a game and when i do it closes straight away taking the piss, unplayable

  • cm17

    it is definitely worse. now i can hardly play a full game without it disconnecting. this is a joke for a game worth 40 quid! everyman back to modern warfare 2!

  • Matt

    It's taking 10 minutes to find a game and when u do it closes or I get kicked

  • Darren

    Bull crap update patch. Always had strict Nat unless put mw2 in and always had probs joining friends unlike mw2 however until this patch had never had my ps3 freeze up now it does it every game nearly. Epic epic fail I think we should all be entitled to a refund for false advertising. Black ops does not have a multiplayer that’s useable anyway. Very angry

  • [G 35]bobroosky

    Black Ops should have just been a map pack for MW2. The Jeep could have still been called the Black Ops Map Pack Edition.

    I've been trying to play for 45 minutes and only played one multiplayer game successfully.

  • BrB

    spit youre comments here!!!

  • Jordan

    Okay everybody stop crying now.

    The reason it's so laggy is because theres about a million people downloading the update, quit your bitching.


    • mark1984

      Please give me a reason for trying to start a game for 4 hours last night and either getting connection error or it just searching and not finding a game.

      A reason when i managed to play the 2 full games within that period with my friend on headset that i could speak to him in the lobby and about 30secs of game then audio just went dead.

      All problems i did not have before the patch!! there were only 450,000 on black ops last night playing, about the same as before the patch and i had no problems then. what do you put that down to idiot? clearly this patch is really not working.

  • anotherannoyedgamer

    yeh i agree with all. the patch made it even worse. constant freezing and getting kicked out. maybe time to sell cod. what is happening to our games.this takes the piss

  • Sgtwhoopazz

    Havent finished a game this morning!

  • hazzo123

    this is so stupid, the patch has made it so much worse…… yesterday i was playing fine maybe a few games kicked me out but now for 4 hours i have not got in a game and lasted to the end. It takes about 5 minutes before it attually gets me in the game !

    • roughyhead

      i agree all this shitty freezing lark iplay at night u get a good few games stil freezes tho

  • Armin

    OMG… The patch made it all worse :S first i was unable to connect a couple of times due host migration or just a dumb reason that gets me aggresive.. now it freezes half of the time and 75% of the time it doesn't show any progress of matching making..
    Than after that 50% and 75% failure it fails another 90% due the game lobby closed, host migration and failing.. let me calculate..

    Thats aprox 1,25% of the time you try to play the game, it fails (:
    So thank you Treyarch for making me more aggresive :D

    Good Luck everybody (:

    • mark1984

      controller throwing aggressive to be precise, the only more agressive you can get is when you clearly shoot someone a good 5 secs before they do and because of the lag you die, then the kill cam lies to you, sending you into the ultimate rage!! ;)

  • F1ProStyle

    i downloaded the patch and its even more worse, connection interrupted every second game even if all players have 4 bars connection

  • dexter

    i play with my friend and everytime we try to find a match we never get into the same party, the game freezes like hell and load screens take forever, people are going to start selling this game if they can't get their shit together

  • Bonfig

    Only finished about 4 games today, absolute pishflaps

  • Dave

    I had no problems before the patch now nearly ever match freezes!!

    Back to modern warfare 2 or bad company 2!

  • jeffrey

    trying to install the update after a system restore freezing up my system all the time
    wont even dowload and freezes the hell out

    its a crappy game
    cant even play the single player now……

  • bas

    what the hell is this patch man now i have problems getting connected to game not before this patch treyarch this is the last game i will ever buy from you losers fake computer engineers. hell yeah give us back infinity ward because they rule with cod

  • Jack

    My NAT type went from open to Strict since i downloaded the new 1.04 update. I wish i bought this on xbox. Has anyone got there NAT open. This is a bunch of crap.

    • Jason

      After installing the update, my NAT type was set to moderate. I went ahead and removed all port forwarding pertaining to the PS3 in my router and allowed UPnP do all the work. Once I logged back in my nat type was set to open, tho I still ran into the issue or being kicked from several matchs, lobby closings, and of course the system freeze


    WASTE OF TIME NEW UPDATE……………………………………. frezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee conecction error….WTF TREYARCH…MW2 dust has been wiped of..

  • Dan

    The patch has shitted up the servers even more.

  • http://Blackops Spud

    So far been lost connections from first game now waited ten mins to join new one not looking good so far

  • de2hat

    Treyarch ur a joke, the new update don't work, if anything it's worse! Just played 3 games of TMD, result – 3 disconnects and if that's not bad enuff they all count as losses too! It's now become unplayable so Treyarch, you can stick ur game up your ass, I'm back on MW2!

  • JTP

    Have had 4 hard freezes since the update and numerous lost connections. Game lobbies close and when they don't it has an issue balancing the teams. There can be 12 players in the lobby and it says waiting on more players to balance teams. I have completed maybe 6 matches all day. They should roll back the patch to 1.03 and go back to the drawing board.

  • Nick

    Not been able to play a complete game since updating, absolute rubbish and feel ripped off

  • john

    1 4 patch made things worse for me ….takes forever to find match even longer to load match then disconnects after 5 / 10 secs ….had enough really cannot be bothered trying ,im going back to mw2

  • JoeMercy

    I've neen trying to join a game for 30 minutes and no success!!!!!!!! can't play multiplayer anymore.

  • Frank

    The patch is worse I got connection error 6 straight times haven’t been able to complete a game since I downloaded the update. I officially give up on this pile of crap game. Right back to MW2 and trading this unplayable mess in for whatever I can get. Now that infinty ward has been destroyed I guess mw2 it is for a while.

  • Mathew

    I can't believe that so many people have posted so many PROBLEMS in the last few hours! 14 dec 2010 19:00 gmt.
    Before the update i didn't notice any problems, except for losing a connection to a host (which i considered normal); now, however, the game has crashed 3 times in a row during play; after which a reboot is the only fix….crap!!!
    please address the core problems first before trying to ban cheats!

  • Maggot

    sniping is still the same shit..

  • davemacsp320i

    downloaded on 2 ps3 both nat types were open after update 1.04 thay are now on strct makeing the game USELESS sort it out cod you lot suck at makeing games an should be banned rom doing so

  • davemacsp320i

    must add ps3 nat type is 2 = open

  • bubba

    Takes 10 minutes to join a game and then either freezes or disconnect, pointless.

    I was fine until patch 1.3 and this one has made it worse

  • Steve C

    Like some said ^^^ was fine-ish before, now it's unplayable-literally.Thanks for the new contracts, but try and play an entire match.Sod it, try and play for an entire minute!!!Grrrrrr

  • Jpg256

    I can't even play this game, it freezes every match within about 30 seconds. I feel violated, thanks for gaping my bunghole Treyarch.

  • panic turtle

    much worse, cannot get into a game, found 1 wager match in a hour. Money back for ps3 gamers

  • Wm_Munny

    serious issues….since the patch I have not been able to play a complete game! The game locks up, shows disconnections and ends early, or the whole PS3 locks.

  • Solidkrieger

    OMG this shit is crazy. Since the update, I can’t even get into a game anymore. Are they for real.

  • Jo3

    Piss poor effort Treyarch, I appreciate you listening to what we want and trying but you’ve got to do better than this, especially with the amounts of revenue this game has and is making. 25 minutes to get into a game is unreal and only being able to get into 1 out of about 10 HCTDM’s that I attempt is a flat out joke. Get the next patch RIGHT and get it out sharpish.


  • Cameron West

    Update made things worse! It takes so long to matchmake and they put you in half filled lobbies! Gladly go back to 1.03 if i could! :(

  • MadConvictor

    They failed with this patch. It made the whole MP more worse than it already was. They needed a whole month to make this patch but it seems they only spent a day on the PS3 one. Now they will need another month (according to their own statements) to make a new patch. The first one will probably fix patch 1.04 and after that they need another patch to fix the original problems (+1 month again) which sums up to 3 months total (including the time from release to now) to fix the startup problems.

    I am so proud of this company.

  • Dave

    i didn’t have any problems till 1.4 patch, now its unplayable

  • Nick

    I now cannot access ANY game and my account has been re-set to level 1…any one else been re-set for nothing?

    • de2hat

      Same thing has happened to me, got to level 46, only 4 off prestige and now I'm right back to level 11 Treyarch u suck big time!!!!

  • Trevor

    Wow all people do these days is bitch…. Treyarch is trying and although i'm not a "gamer" i get a lot of use out of my ps3 play it almost everyday, black ops almost everyday and yes i agree they do have server problems and connectivity issues and everytime i get on black ops i have to recet my router first but i think we should realise that the game is relatvely new and for the most part is in working condition and i can ussually play w/ out having my fun "stolen" because of server issues.
    It's certainly productive to let treyarch know what they are doing isn't working and i can understand people being frustrated as this is now the 3rd patch w/ little to no improvement but telling them they can't do it and there useless and all these things is un productive and i'm sure doesn't make fuckin treyarch want to comeout with a better patch. If some prick i was trying to help said that to me i'd be like fuck you do it yourself so unless your working on a partch yourself sending your ideas to treyarch stfu and wait because i'm sure the time will come when there fix

  • ssshotgun

    mine didnt use to freeze that much really maybe afew times a week and with the odd game restarting,i downloaded the update and its froze 4 times already,very dissapointing think ill just sell it and go back to mw2 much better game imo.

  • mark

    Such a fail once again. Have tried to play several games, has taken of ages to get on each. Many freezes, one of which displayed a load of numbers and random characters across the screen. Not happy.

  • jbn

    dam all the comments say the patch did nothing or made it worse that really is a very important problem treyarch needs to attend to as quickly as possible, i dont know about 360 but i gess treyarch doesnt giv a shit about ps3 which really sucks. Treyarch needs to own up and work their asses off fixing the game, we paid for

  • Gangmug

    What a shit patch we cant even play a single match, Comon Treyarch.

  • Adam

    Update made it worse….its at the point where I can't even start a game. Game lobby closes every time. and even if i get in a game I get connection interrupted. Way to go Activision… you suck

  • i just wanna play..

    was good before patch 1.04…. now i freeze! mid game!! or i cant connect to a game or it take years to get into a game or we are ready to play we have 15 sec left before we get going and bam lobby closed….y i dont get it?

  • Jordan Dyckes

    Treyarch can suck my nut's !!!! I can't even connect to a lobby, the game now not only doesn't let me play with friends, but now it doesn't even connect !!!!! Freezing and more Bull*** !!! :( 10 minutes and not a single game yet !!!! ping – 33ms, NAT: Open and ps3 in DMZ with public IP… 5Mbps downstream and 448 Kbps up…

  • Matty O

    PLayed 1 game out of 5 because of freezing another 2 lost connection to host.

    Far worse now then ever

  • zep

    imo it's only gotten worse :( played 4 two hours, was only able to finish one game .it is even more unplayable now! waiting for the next update (that hopefully will fix our connection problems)

  • nate

    yeaaa i agree with EVERYONE!!!!,, connection BLOWS!!! there no point in playing the game it lags and u loose connection 8 out of 10 games!!!,, and wth,,, if you guys actually paid more attention to fixing the connection instead of fixing other crap, such as glitches in zombies, maybe people wouldnt be soo pissed off….

    and ZOMBIES! wow,, like you guys have made zombies IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!,, they hit u like 4 times in a second and your down,they have a 20 foot arm span, and the zombies are soooo hard to kill at level 34 that if u get downed ur game is pretty much done with cuz wall guns cant do crap to them….. plus you hardly ever get max ammos after level 30,, which makes it imposible cuz u waste all your ammo and it forces you to get crappy wall guns if u have box guns,,, you should be able to trade box guns for wall guns, or at least have a max ammo every round after 30!!! the only way to make zombies fun,, is if u keep the glitches,, which is pretty sad

  • Jay G

    Absolute joke! Updated it and getting everything from lost host to connection interrupted. Played for an hour n haven’t finished a whole game yet!!!! This is ridiculous, 40quid for a pile of crap!!! Won’t be buying treyarch rubbish again!

  • jeff

    The patch did nothing, my first 3 games where stopped short do to connection errors, the only differense i see is that they added some new contracts the game still runs like crap

  • Mike

    Treyarch needs to stop making games if there not going to do it right, the patch did nothing but give us new contracts. I froze up 3 out of 5 matches

  • Lee West

    Just got totally p:,)d off, update has made this game completely unplayable for me online. For info. Very high speed wifi, also tried Ethernet attachment, still getting thrown out of lobbies, waiting forever to join and host migration a bigger problem now. Played 1 full match in 45 minutes. Please Treyarch sort it out, you guys have made a fortune out of guys like us, get it right. As for banning, don’t really care. Let them have fun( if they can get in)

  • KimboGusty

    When you accept invites from friends and join TMD or whatsoever… you cant mute people in the game sessions… you just return to the "friends list"… So far the patch fucks up everything. And now I noticed that when you try to join games its coming up "Error: Server is full." together with friends and also Notice: game lobby closed… I have tried to join games for like 20 minutes with 2 friends in my lobby. And it just doesnt work even once…! sooo… and "party is no longer active." even though I have invited my friends for a session.

    Sooo… again… this update can screw itself from behind!!

  • SuPra_inferno

    only thing it fixed was the sniping at least wen i finally get to play a full game i cn have fun quickscoping

  • bobby1084

    this patch makes joining a game impossible.

  • bobby1084

    please go back to 1.03 immediately

  • Eric

    It's worse. And now a lot of the times the option to join my friend is grayed out, as is the 'invite' option. Argh!

  • @spac3quak3

    well they have made two patches to fix it, they both did nothing so I'm guessing the problem is bigger. But my patience is running out just as everybody's i know who got the game…. so good luck treyarch well done and goodnight!

  • Warsha

    The update ruined the game bigtime..I bought this disappointing game because I loved And STILL DO MW2!! Treyarch should be ashamed of themselves. I updated this afternoon and every single time and with every I do mean every single session of the Zombie Mode it freezes when I reach level 11 or any above that..the only good thing about the game is the Zombie mode and now even that is impossible to play..I WANT TO GET RID OF THIS STUPID GAME…MODERN WARFARE 2 STILL IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE.
    I hate this game.

  • Alan

    I downloaded the patch and it has done completely nothing to help the crashing/signing out for me, i give up :(.

  • Dave monyou

    I just downloaded the new upgrade, now a red screen with running numbers appears everytime I try to play.. Tried restarting multiple times… Never had a problem before the update.. And ideas how to fix?

  • eddiemci

    hope we all remember this next cod game comes out and don't buy it
    its the only way they will get there act together and we might get a working game the year after the only way is to hit them in the pocket
    as long as peeps keep buying then they won't care

  • Mark

    I never had any of those problems except freezing, which wasn't an issue after the last patch. There is one major problem I have noticed with the new v1.04 patch is that I can't connect to regular matches. I can connect to wager matches just fine, but not tdm or domination or any of the others. Someone said they had the "FOREVER WAITING FOR PLAYERS LOADING SCREEN" which is what I'm experiencing. Freezing is back for me, too :(. After all these patches, they need to at least throw in a few free maps (especially since the current ones are getting kind of boring for me). Too bad that will never happen…

  • dylan

    before this i wasnt having that many problems but now i can barely get into a game. :l

  • Korp

    so manny scipts error, lost conection and LAG!!!!

    i miss 1.03…… is has bad, but now is worse…………

  • Matt_Dizzle12

    EVERY game I play gets an interruption error. I have a wired connection!!!! Never got this before this crappy update. FIX THIS!!!!!!

  • kyle

    This game is freaking crap. The patch made it worse, whoever made this game is a freaking idiot. You guys suck. I am seriously thinking of never buying a game from the designer again. I am thinking of never buying a COD game again also. BFBC is a way better game and it is way more real. I want my money back, *****es

  • Mahmoud Ahmed

    I got connection problems, I can't mute people in the lobby, freeze ps3, and party is getting disabandened. Sniping is much better

  • Skazze

    Still Freezes sometimes, even when im in lobby.. and hangs in mapchange now and then.. the patch hasn't done S H I T to improve anything.

  • Amila

    Yeah it made it worse. I only played 4 complete games after the update out of about 40 games i tried to play. in the game it say the connection was interrupted and then the game lobby gets closed. Common fix this guys. don't rush to release the patch. fix it and release it, then the players will be happy. You guys make it worse now.

  • Matt Bradford

    Im hoping is fixes the problem of the vast number of tiger striped-AK74Us on the battlefield.

  • Tom

    the game freezes like every time i play multiplayer. i'll wait a few weeks and if there wont be another patch fixing this, i'll just sell it.

  • josh

    sooo I download the patch and play the first game with no problem. Then I am waiting for the second game and it freezes. So far a -1 out of 10 on the patch. Makes me wanna break the game and throw it out.

  • Russ

    Activision needs to release a new patch reversing all changes in version 1.04. Constantly disconnected from play. NAT in Black Ops shows moderate, while NAT for system shows open. Either fix the game or issue refund.

  • Billy

    The next cod game to come out will be made by Infinity Ward. Activision rotates Infinity Ward and Treyarch with each cod that comes out. So next year we can all actually play a game without being kicked.

    • eddiemci

      INFINITY WARD won't be making any more cod games activision screwd them over just the same as there doin to us

  • Jonathan

    So I went at midnight and payed 160$ for this game that I cant even play? Wont load zombies or multiplayer online, and already got plaitinum trophy. Just great. Never payin that much money again for this crap. WAW is the only game that could get the mutliplayer right.

  • duduarch

    I just got hardline pro i was so excited i was changing sam turret and sentry gun in to a something better like dogs or chopper gunner, now i can't anymore after this patch it only works on regular care packge, you guys broke the deal, it should work on every helli drop.

  • Brian

    Yep its actually a whole lot worse than it was before. Like you really needed us to tell you that look for yourselves lol.

  • Brent

    I had experienced connection problems probably at a rate of once an hour prior to this patch. Upon completion of the patch being installed I have made it through exactly three full games in the last hour and a half. With the exception of the clock issue a few months back I’ve never really had an issue with Sony this however, is very frustrating.

  • enlitend1

    It seems to be worse than before, since the patch was released I have not managed to complete a single game. This is crap!

  • Mike D

    Worse, much worse than before the 1.04 patch. Truly, this has made Black Ops unbearable for me to play multiplayer anymore. This coming from someone who gladly Prestiged 10 times to Rank 70 on MW2.

  • lolwtf

    4 connection interrupted in a row(and counting).

  • B-Rick

    Before this patch I seldom had issues with connections. Everything ran smoothly except every once in awhile. Now with this new patch I have nothing but issues. 75% of every game I get into loses connection and now it takes me forever to get into a game from the lobby. Needless to say it is very frustrating considering it was working perfectly for me before. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Ron Baker

    When I click on someone elses playercard and press circle to go back it goes to my online friends list ? Anyone having that problem ? Also when I start a game I can’t select custom class 1 ? If I do it goes straight to spectating ? This is winding me up now !

  • kayla

    new update sucks. still freezes and kicks you out of lobby every other game. everyone go back to mw2. :P

  • Stephen

    I just "played" for three hours and finished one game. It wasn't that there was a lag problem. It just kept disconnecting during the middle of the game or before the game started. I hope the next patch is issued soon because this is intolerable.

  • Todd

    You all better figure this out. Wow what a headache this edition as been.

  • Ron Baker

    Haven’t played 1 full game yet ! Keeps crashing it’s unplayable it was fine last night, since the update it’s telling me I have a mod nat type and very game I play has huge lag and keeps ending ! Do u think they will fix this soon ?

  • Joe

    If anything made the game worst completed 1 game in two hours

  • AGuest

    Yeah this sucks. 1.04 made playing BOs impossible. A total revamp of the networking would help.

  • angry

    man, this sux, treyarch dont u guys get enough money or what???? u fuckin bastards fix these problems mannn, i hope all of u will lose their fucking job, if i had known that, i would have buy bad company 2 or something wtf

  • Pk_hatter

    Treyarch you had better canx your Xmas holiday plans and get this utter mess sorted. Scandalous a company can make so much money on.a broken product!

  • gaox

    still freezing , still transmission error , more hard to find games and soo dissapointed with this new update and COD series


    I can't believe I paid $60 for a game I no longer can even play. This new 1.04 patch SUCKS!! Can't connect to anything. 9/10 lobby's I get into are closed, that is if it can even find a lobby in the first place. IF, after 5-10 minutes of waiting I do get into a lobby, and a game actually DOES get started, I am almost always kicked due to transmission error. I have had my PS3 freeze 3 times today. It has never frozen in the past. Ever.

    This is EPIC FAILURE for the highest grossing video game series of all time.

  • john

    my ps3 froze twice and just about every match is "connection interrupted." i ended up getting so angry i threw the controller and shut it down. I dont think this has anything to do with it but i wasn't on a winning team for the past couple hours. Just ridiculous!

  • Spring

    This is ugly boys!!! I have played 2 games in a period of 90 minutes with 2 full ps3 crashes and several frustrated minutes wasted just to have one other friend join me in a game. (never mind the full clan!!!) Your game rocks but it’s to bad no one can actually sit back and enjoy it without getting angry enough to come find web sites like this to complain too! My system is worse now since the new update,for I now have multiple freeze ups resulting in a full system restarts. I really hope you guys figure it out because you have had to known the volume of people you were bringing this too disappoint!

  • Jason

    The game is completely unplayable at this point. I can deal with disconnects whatever ya know… As long as i get a game every other time or so. But this is beyond anything i have ever seen. Its like they completely broke the game. Freezes your playstation to the point you have to restart it like half the times. Its a joke.

  • Jeff

    Had problems before the new patch with lagging. Now with the new patch the game is almost unplayable. If I do get in a game it doesn't last long before I get a connection error and then booted out of lobby. Takes a very long time to get into a game. If this keeps up I'm switching to xbox.

  • Bob Z

    Maybe someone will get a class action lawsuit going so we can get our money back since the game is pretty much unplayable.

  • cesar

    come on treyarch go hire a infinity ward expert

  • mazes27

    Please treyarch pass on making another call of duty..

  • pron haul

    The worst upgrade I've ever seen. It takes forever to find a match, and when it does, the system quickly disconnects. I've also had 2 freezes (PS3 bricks) in less than 30 minutes of actual play, forcing me to do a hard re-boot of the PS3. Again, the worst — Treyarch should be ashamed of itself. But I somehow have a feeling that they don't care…….

  • pn2008

    wow i just sprayed the hard drive with patch remover and all the problems i' ve had with the 1.04 update have gone away!!! i'm no rocket scientist, but did anyone take the time to actually test 1.04 before launch. I'll call it THE PATCH THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS…enjoy your millions at Treyarch while we suck eggs. You can play for about 1.04 seconds before your disconnected so enjoy the patch!

  • SpiderMonkey434

    Please let us prestige in combat training. Fix everything else in that but atleast let us prestige and play search and destroy with any settings we want. Combat training is supposed to be fun and it is. All you had the patch in that was the money glitch for online. Just please please please let us play other game modes and prestige and combat training.

    P.S. Online is extremely laggy and freezes out most of the time.

  • bruce

    i had no problems before this new patch but now i can't get into a lobby cos my NAT is stuck on strict. I've had to go back to mw2 where the NAT is open. Please hurry up and fix this cos i miss the better guns in black ops. I read somewhere that the ps3 deliberately chose lesser memory or something compared to xbox. That's what needs to be fixed not giving us patches that cause bigger problems.

  • bob jones

    Terrible i cant do anything anymore, can't connect to anyone this game blows goats

  • Guy

    Before the latest it update it was bad, since the latest update it is worse. I haven't gotten to play an entire match all the way through in the last hour, it's 10:30 PM here. Hey Treyarch, what the F*ck man? I feel like the $60 I spent on this game was a loss, it's like buying something that doesn't work.
    Here's a couple of ideas:
    1. Take all the money you spent on advertising last year and don't spend it on advertising, spend it on making the game 100% functional. You'd be decreasing unemployment, increasing the economy, and making a good name for your business.
    2. Fire your jerk off, overpayed software engineers, and outsource this stuff to India on the cheap. Might bring down the price of the game for users to purchase, create a quality product.
    3. Allow users to purchase a Beta version of the game for more money pre-release. For some reason, your testers seem to not have any of the problems users have, and we'll know on day one.
    I want to punch you right in the balls Treyarch!

  • Treyarch needs to go

    It makes me sick that a company can make untold millions of dollars on a product that is not even as advertised. The fact that they can force you to download these patches that ruin your game is even worse.
    I tried to play for an hour today and 3 out of the 4 matches I was able to join froze on me and I had to power down my PS3 by hand and power it back on. The 4th match connection interrupted me and after that I decided not to play anymore. If this is not fixed by the end of the week I will be getting rid of this gigantic sack of sh!t.

  • Bizz_-_Ness


  • Pissed Off

    WTF! I have class until 9pm and all I wanna do is relax and shoot some people with a nice cold beer but I can barely get into the lobby let alone finish a match. LAME!

  • wuppass

    this worked 4 me…the update changes your NAT type to mod or want it to say OPEN…exit game to your xmb go to network settings and redo your internet connection…..hope this helps

    • Nick

      holy poop…it worked

  • back to bfbc2

    1.04 just killed this game. Unplayable joke. Froze up multiple times and disconnected from every game. When you can actually play, lag was winning. These problems were nowhere near this bad before the "update".

  • willo

    This software is not fit for purpose.

  • Bee

    Don’t know if it makes a difference but multiplayer runs like a champ on my 60hz tv as opposed to freezing on my 240hz .

  • Jason

    Treyarch just ruined Black Ops… can't even play one full game before some type of connection problem occurs. So much lag as well…..

  • jan

    its a fuc..king shame thise game and patch give me back my money loserssssssssss

  • Matt

    The patch made the game horrible. I can’t form a party, and when I do no one in my party makes it into any match. It takes forever to find a game, and when I get into one only 1/2 actually make it through. They need to go back to 1.3 until they fix this or 1.5 better be out tomorrow, it’s a joke.

  • Fabz

    After installing the patch my PS3 connection (both Wireless and cable), passed from a normal and working NAT2 to a crappy/shitty, not wroking NAT3.
    Anyone else got this problem?!?!?!
    Fabz (Italy, Fastweb provider).

  • Zee

    cant play a single whole game since 1.04 installed keeps losing using a pre slim ps3

  • ongbakiie

    this is not fun anymore….
    they made so much money ,i think they will (hopefully) fix it soon,otherwise they will lose many customers.
    i know i will never buy a treyarch game again if these problem will not be resolved soon.
    even if they need to work on it 24 hours a day for the whole week long, i dont care. think about all the millions you made selling and hyping this game.

  • Guy

    Load of crap worse than before and that was bad!!! like the man sai thank god for MW2 never buying a treyarch again. greedy tossers

  • marco

    I went happier than ever when I saw the the update in my ps3, I downloaded it and in the 3 first games it was perfect, no lag problems, very fluid games, connection problems gone… hurrayyyy. but then I had it all again, all the problems came back but whit a difference.. it was worst. I can say that I never had so many problems playing this game before the update. hope they fix it.

  • Fabz

    After installing the patch my PS3 connection (both Wireless and cable), passed from a normal and working NAT2 to a crappy/shitty, not wroking NAT3.

  • ggs

    wtf? I loaded the new update today, (as if I had a choice). I'm not kidding when I write this, IT SUCKS!!! Connection errors and lag up the a$$ now. For the love of GOD, hire some professional programmers already.

  • Mike

    The game lobby is constantly closing

  • ggs

    wtf? I loaded the new update today, (as if I had a choice). I'm not kidding when I write this, IT SUCKS!!! Connection errors and lag up the a$$ now. For the love of GOD, hire some professional programmers already.

  • King o

    People will always find a reason to complain even when theres non, for me treyarch are doing a great job just look at IW or EA absolute garbage of a company and oh, pls get an internet connection that works before you try playing online. Also, ps3 is garbage bin that crap or trade it for a 360 and if u still get connection errors its prob the shit host quiting cus his noob or just crap at the game

  • mark1984

    The patch is a complete fail, im just wondering how they test it? when it was released they had had all the internal beta's etc but it didnt seem to pick up any bugs that the community found about an hour into playing?

    My suggestion to Treyarch would be to get a copy, download the patch at a customers house and then play it online with the rest of us and find out it doesnt work before plaguing us all who had a couple of problems, but were happy enough on the last patch.

    to make it worse is an achievement.

  • Fztop1

    Ever since the patch my problems have not changed one bit. Locks up, it takes forever to get through a full game. I get maybe one game out of 5 from beginning to end. You kidding me. And I have NAT Moderate…Please come on man…

  • Kartoonz79

    game of the year??? They can take away a miss america title sooo?? next thing we hear sarah palin is winning a nobel peace prize in science

  • Magnet

    It is MUCH worse now after the patch. I had 9 lobbies in a row either freeze or "close." I spent more than 30 minutes trying to get into a single game before I gave up. I'm going back to MW2.

    • SeverdSpine

      MW2 sounds good to me. At least you can play, and it's usually an entire match.

  • Dibbz_Brum

    Updated my game (PS3) last night with this (1.04) update and I tried to play a game for over an hour and it wouldn't even start the match, if it did start the match the game would simply freeze and I'd get kicked out to the lobby, where I'd wait another 20 minutes for the same to happen. More the fool me :(

  • SeverdSpine

    Absolutely horrible! Patch has made connecting to a game worse, even with NAT type open. Even my son, who is on Xbox, is having issues. Takes forever to find a match and when you do….you can barely play!

    Out of 16 CTF matches, 4 went the distance. The rest ended by loss of connection. I also froze up twice. All in a 4 hour period. It also took an average of 4 minutes to find a match and when you did, you'd wait and then the dreaded "game room is closed'. WFT!!


  • ben

    freezing.lockup nat issues,lobby problems,lag problems,errors,getting kicked,leader board hacks and cheats,leader boards not recording,targeting issues, WOW this game is the best ever. iam so glad i camped out for this.

  • guest

    for one we have to give them a little break, there is alot of players playing this game, 2 is if you guys are going to complain, make sense in your sentences and try to spell some words right. Now on to the new patch, I too feel the same about it, its horrible, barely able to play and how do you expect us to complete contracts when matches go 2 minutes and then log us out, new patch blows i7OOL

  • marhorn

    Thats why you get an Xbox 360….it actually works!

  • Ryan

    Worse than before. I can't even get into a match now. Im going to Medal of Honor! I've had enough!!!

  • Brunt

    I cant play in a party when i try to me or my team gets kicked. Or we get put into seperate lobbys. So good job treyarch on not fixing the game.

  • GARY

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

    Can't even get into a game , yet alone finish one. Worst case of niggles I have ever witness and I am a car salesmen. Update it feels more like a VIRUS.

  • fatcabman

    i thought it was called call of duty conection error call of dutty migrating hosts. not call of duty black ops.
    has anyone from tryarch made a statement about this ongoing problem or dont they care now we have all bought this game and the millions that will be opened on christmas day.
    do they have a legal obligation because when i bought the game i bought it for the multiplayer and that just doesnt happen .

  • Mike

    After this update it takes forever to find a game in zombies AND it freezes at round 20ish every time. This happen to a few ppl i know also so its just not me. Please release a working patch for these issues. Seriously its very annoying. Nothing like this ever happen before this new patch. WTF!?!?!?!?

  • MadGamer

    After Update: "Lost Connection To Host" for 90% of the matches played. Out of the first 10: 7 of the matches never reached completion. The other 3 lost connection to host the following match. Getting connected to a game lobby is nearly impossible now. Playing through an entire match successfully is even more unlikely. Besides waiting forever to get into a match – I'm really getting used to earning a killstreak reward and having the host drop seconds after. Updates are for progress not the other way around. Please resolve immediately!!!!

  • Jack

    Black Ops is terrible now
    They really need to patch this fucking hit heap of what they call multiplayer
    Its taking too long to join matches
    the mtches I join are discon.
    Seriously here are 3 things Im gonna demand for fucking this up

  • Glock1975

    Why can't they reissue the 1.03 patch untill the 1.04 or 1.05 what ever they want to call is done and tested right.

  • Boovylad

    Just download V1.04 and the game's now almost unplayable. In 1 hour i've had to restart the PS3 from the plug as it completely crashes the entire system. When you do actually get a game the lag is worse than it ever was. Screen now disappear, loading screen don't actually show up etc. etc. Very very poor game Treyarch. Way to make your game unplayable.

  • Lament

    I can't play any online match…I get connection interruption messages seconds after the match starts (It cant be my connection, as everyone in the match ends up in the lobby again)
    Sometimes the level never even loads
    When I can play a match to completion, i often spawn so very close to the places i died, so i can get revenge kills easy

    wasnt like this before…

  • Joey

    wow treyarch really needs to get their act together. how many patches are needed? my game is still lagging like crazy, taking 10 minutes to get into a lobby, lobby closing every time i join, and freezing in the middle of shooting someone! i just bought it about 2 weeks ago and was having a great time until NOW! please send out a patch that will work out EVERY little bug. PLEASE!

  • Steveng

    I bought WAW and MW2 great games but the so named best game ever SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS everytime I trie to join a match is either it freezes or the lobby closes and when I join it multiplayer or zombies the connection is interrupted is not the internet because I pay for it and is always workin IS THE GAME they didnt spent shit on this game

  • de2hat

    A word of warning guys – if the game happens to freeze your PS3 while it's connecting to the servers on the multiplayer menu screen, your game data will be corrupted and your stats will be reset right back to Level 1. Happened to me last night, I was on level 46, 5 off prestiging and now I'm right back at the beginning! Thanks a bunch Treyarch, for forcing us all to upload your crappy update which has now made the game totally unplayable and also cost me my stats, a$$holes!!

  • FFS!

    In CODMW2 I had no connection problems and my internet is great! Always used to Host in MW2 with everyone having fullbars or so. So IT MUST be a BLACKOPS PROBLEM!

  • omg_kityyy

    After installing the patch I attempt to find a multiplayer game and it freezes the entire system. Seriously, was there any system or unit testing done for this patch? Horrible. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Eric

    mine wont update, it will like get stuck at 4 percent or something then the minutes will keep adding up and it says unable to download…………………..any suggestions

  • GARY

    Mate if that happens from your router try plugging it directly into your supplied modem. I had the same issue using my Linksys Wireless router even though it is hardwired to it. Had to plug straight into the Telewest supplied router.

    Hope this works mate.

  • YUKE

    Every time I try to download the new patch it freezes my ps3 and i have to reboot… I cant even get back to playing the game… Weak.

  • Adam

    i have come away from it now before i put the control pad through the tv.
    what a load of sh1t this is.
    if my ps3 laser breaks i will put it soley down to this game, it freezes the game, the disk then spins and you can hear the laser working harder trying to get this turd to work.

    since 8pm ( now 10pm) i managed to complete 4 games without it crashing, freezing so i need to turn off the console and turn back on again or timing out or refusing to connect to a game or connecting to a game and then booting before the game loads or network failing.

    i give it 2 more weeks, if it is not fixed properly then i will be contacting the company for my money back, it is not fit for the purpose at the moment and they can give me my money back if i cant play it how it is meant to be played.

  • Kevin

    In my experience, this patch has caused more issues than what it supposedly fixed. It did not fix SH*T. Since this latest patch, my PS3 has been freezing a lot more. 90% of the matches I've played get disconnected. Takes forever and longer than before to find games… I can go on and on. FIX THIS SH*T.

  • Scott


  • Nice

    PATHETIC. Thats the word to treyarch. Comoon. Seriously, this ******* game will broke my ps3 if it freezes all the time. And why you even patch if you can't fix any problems, you just add more of them. NICE!

  • benji

    In the XMB delete your game save data and game data utility for Black Ops, all of your online stats will still be there, you will lose single player stats though, I decided to check this and found that the patch actually loaded into game save data and not where it should have in GAME DATA UTILITY…After deleting and redownloading everything works like it should!!!!

    Steps to do this:

    1. in the XMB under games where you would click on the disk to load black ops scroll up to where it says saved data utility.
    2. delete this data, what will happen is you will lose all of your campaign progress and on your custom classes you will lose whatever you have named them but all of your classes will be the same and no online progress will be lost. just rename them
    3. scroll up a little more to game data utility and click it and delete the black ops data, you will NOT lose any online progress.
    4. now go reload the game up and it will require you to redownload the patch and you should be up and running.

    happy gaming

    We were not able to personally test this at RipTen – but we emailed the solution to readers who said it fixed most of the issues immediately.

    *The solution is not perfect but will fix the patch for the user who corrected it. If the host of the match has not corrected this problem you can still have issues. The more people who correct this, the less issues people will have.

    Note: This is not an authorized solution given by Treyarch

  • Geoff McIntyre

    I spent 5 hours changing my NAT settings to get an open NAT….

    2 days i got before update put NAT back to strict which means i can't host and can only join games that have been hosted by someone with an open NAT….

    Tried changing my NAT type but update seems to reset you NAT type on restart!!!!

    Think GT5 is the way to go……

  • youface

    I done the update a few days ago and since then ive been having problems like 1 bar connection all the time no matter what and im not doing anthing on my laptop or computer.


  • ala_madre!!!!! cant play worth a crap. cant join any of my friends


    Deffinantly didn't fix the matching problems I'm a 2nd prestige and spawned into a game that had no one over lvl 30
    connection problems are worse for me now my party keeps being broken up I get booted from games when I'm doing really well causing me to lose match bonus and my temper because it's not very often I'm on the top of the score chart due to being pretty much a "noob"

  • Gagr

    Same problems..freezing and loading errors. treyarch blows cock. Fix this dumb shit. Infinity ward never messed up like this.

  • Icemud420

    After downloading the new patch for Black Ops (ps3) I experienced even worse multiplayer gameplay than before the patch. Since the release of Black ops the Lag issues have made the multiplayer experience very frustrating and almost unplayable. The lag issues were so horrible that I have barely even been playing multiplayer and about 2 weeks before the last patch, the lag seemed to have disappeared and I actually for once was able to begin enjoying this game. Then the new patch comes out, completely messed up everything.
    It takes well over a half hour to get all my clan members in a room together to get a match, (usually involves regrouping a handful of times, backing out, changing hosts until we seem to get lucky) Then when you get in a match, I rarely ever get 4 green bars now, (I've seen it once since the patch where before the patch I was always getting all green bars) When shooting a player, the hitmarkers dont register on a clearly placed chest shot, and when watching kill cams, the gameplay of what I experienced vs what the other player saw is completely different. WTF Black ops!!! Get it right or I will not be buying the next COD and I encourage others to boycott COD until they are able to release a fully functional game, not one that takes multiple patches and over 2 months to correct…

    I have tried everything from changing my DNS settings to playstation's servers, google's servers, port forwarding, Upnp enabling, and usually am seeing higher than a 6mb download speed so I know it is not my connection. I am completely frustrated and over black ops until you guys at Tray Arch get it right….

  • Icemud420

    I believe Trey Arch owes all Black Ops customers a ton for us being the "official testers of Black Ops Beta" which we all bought for 60+ dollars. We have not purchased a full game people!!!…. and Trey Arch's way of cutting cost was to release a premature game to the public, use US as the testers, and to patch it based off our frustrations and findings. I think everyone should contact the BBB and every complaint board on the internet and write your frustrations. Trey Arch OWES US for a piss poor release, and for us being the testers…Where is my money Trey Arch….?

    -NO double XP yet for this game??????
    -Lag issues that seem to get worse with every patch.
    -Multiplayer that doesn't work (multiple players group together)
    -Didn't know getting a clan together and getting into your first game was supposed to take over 45 mins????
    -Transmission Errors and continuously being dropped from games during midgame.
    -No Microphone Volume control???? WTF Playstation Eye users get tons of feedback..
    -Kill cam vs actual play….(off quite a bit…when i run behind a wall 10 feet and then die, I look on killcam for other player, and shows me out in the open being shot…not behind wall like on my view…wtf)

    Also WTF…
    -Killstreak rewards don't count towards another killstreak reward…( Isn't that what a KILL Streak is….how many kills in a row without dying??? Why wouldn't a kill count towards your killstreak????
    - Why does it take so long to go from standing to laying down….totally unrealistic…In a battle, do you think it would take 2-3 seconds to lay down when bullets are coming at you????
    - Flak Jacket/Last Stand…Why does it take a whole AK-74 clip with rapid fire to down someone with last stand, and then you have to reload, and fire almost another whole clip just to kill the last stand player….2 Clips…come on…where the fukk is the realism?
    - Why only 1 helicopter in the air at a time/ per team……so u work your azz off to get a 7 killstreak, and then get stuck not being able to use it because other players already have theres in the air….What is there a rule that in WAR, you can only have 1 helicopter??? WTF?
    -Whats even worse is, lets say you have earned killstreak 5, 6 and 7 (7 being the helicopter) If you can't use your helicopter because another is in the air, you are not able to cycle thru your killstreak rewards to use the other ones ( 5 and 6) You have to wait until the airspace is clear and if the game ends before u can use your helicopter, you lose all your other killstreaks too….WTF again…..
    - No NUKE???? Why did you do away with the nuke…this was one of the best killstreak rewards for the game..stupid move…
    -Zombies…..half of the guns in black ops are not in Zombies???? and there is guns in Zombies that aren't in the game….MP40???? poor planning Trey Arch…?

    I could go on and on about how Black Ops has let me down…fix this please

  • http://Codblackopspatchesproblems? Roman

    Thanks for posting all your I know how much it sucks.but I still don’t know if I should get it? Any ideas?

  • ONEdestroyALL

    trayarch have ruined the game,good game but the respawns and the connection get worse with every update,im on prestige 5 but had enough now and gorn to gran turismo 5 instead.bring on crysis 2 now and mw3.infinity ward rock

  • Grant

    Alright I was playing today nd it asked me if I wanted to do this update so i did it. This happens every single time, it says please wait and turns off but it still has the green light so i tried it again and this time it started blowing in the back with the fan then the red button started blinking someone has to help me please!!!! It drives me crazy!!!

  • luis

    the thing it helped with and im not 100% certain is your rc xd doesnt go trough wall neither your tomahawk and the care package doesnt fall through the ground but black ops has been screwing up my ps3 it freezes it i never join ppl theres always host migration always lagging and kicks me out for no reason

  • Sdredger

    Wish I waited till now before I bought black ops, people are that fed up with it that u can pick up the game from the charity shops for a few quid. The connectivity issues are infuriating.

  • lordsoth4

    All I want to know after this update, everything went bad, game system froze won’t play normal games. Will it get fix or is that out of pocket fix for us that we didn’t cause? All I know that there are a lot of players out there that this same thing is happening to them. When you call supports they say call Treyarch, when you call them its PlayStation issue. So if my system worked just fine before the update and now it does not work. Whose issue is it then, and will it be fixing it. So far Black Ops is not worth the money I spent on it.

    • ps3guru

      sounds like ur laser took a poop. $20 fix buy a new one on ebay. CHACHA

  • steven

    only problem iv ad is that when im making a new emblem it undoes it.
    for example….say i put on the smilie face it will undo it and it would take many tries to make it stay on.

  • Mohammed

    hahahahahaha I have xbox you guys have pl3 I told my friend thAT PL3 IS SUCKISH AND XBOX ROCKZ. Hahaha never mind I got to go and play some black ops with my buddies hahaha have fun pl3 noobs!!!!

  • jorad

    few minor issues not copnnecting and not laoding or just plain getting kicked out for no reason,also i got the update like a few days ago,and now when i down someone…i get the kill team or enemy, but if i shoot someone else who is down like the enemy..who ever put them there gets the kill and i get nothing, i think i should get the kill and the other person a good assist bonus or something it's not stealing a kill it's helpin the team out and i dont think that if people got a good bonus for putting someone else down and not killing them themselves and letting someone else get the kill,not sayin add like a thousand points but like 75 maybe, and the spawns are a lil rediculous sometimes, like ill be in behind the enemy as they spawn…once again i have nooo problem with that but other people might so just thinking for some people i know who play cod

  • Joe

    I really wish they would patch the random pump that the stakeout seems to do in the most inconvenient times. It happens normally whenever you're just getting ready to shoot someone after a sprint, or immediately following the first shot you take. It does the pump as though you just switched to it from a secondary weapon (I'm not talking about the pump after a shot that a normal shotgun would do). This has cost me contracts, games, and other crap! Please fix!!

  • random

    when you play a multiplayer match and set the kill streaks then when you start to play player 2,3,and 4 can not get any killstreaks also if they make a class the it will not save

  • Jamesfier123

    PASS THIS AROUND!Shouldn’t Treyarch release a game called, Call Of Duty Zombies? Imagine, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Five, DOA, Asension, COTD, Shangri La, the last map pack, and an additional 5, 10 or even 15 maps, with a campaign and it’s for every console? If you think that would be AWESOME, copy and paste this to every zombies video and thumbs up, if you all support this, it could become an actual game!Started by : SuperMonkeyAssassin
    TheSkandal33 1 month ago 4 ReplySeriously treyarch seriously