Gran Turismo 5: Top 5 Fastest Car List – Accurate?

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If you are playing Gran Turismo 5 you are probably working your way through the huge list of cars to filter the good from the bad, recently I came across a very useful blog post where it lists the top 5 fastest cars in the game.

I do not own Gran Turismo 5 therefore I cannot verify whether this list is accurate, however if you check out PubArticles you can see what they believe to be the game’s fastest cars.

We are reliably informed that the Ferrari F2007 is the fastest car in the game, in second place is the Ford GT-40, in third place is the Ferrari F40, in fourth place the Bugatti Veyron and in fifth place the Ferrari F430.

Just because a car is extremely fast it does not mean that it is the best car to use, therefore check out this post and scroll down to the comments section for what our readers believe to be the best cars to use in GT5.

We would love to hear whether you agree with this top 5 list, if not feel free to let us know your own top 5 fastest GT5 cars in the comments section below (remember to mention any modifications/upgrades which need to be added).

Source: PubArticles

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  • http://none andrew hoffman

    Enz Ferrari’s favorite car was a Spyder 308 -something he could enjoy the experience of getting from his villa to the factory-the roof down,listen to the gentle roar of the engine working thru the mountains-not going from A to B like a bat out of Hell-sorry Mr Meatloaf.

    • kyle

      my mercadez banz amg sl65 hits 266 draftin a buggati

      • Somebodysdfsdfdfg

        My Sl 600 (R230) I think goes to 269 Mph non draft and with it goes actually 300

    • Alex

      You newbs get to 30 win the red bull challenges in gold and get the x1 carbon it had twice the handling and brake power than the formula one and way more speed than any car in the game and wayyyyy more accel.

    • Sam Huynh

      the cadillac cien concept can hit 262mph when fully tuned to 995bhp, special stage 7 is where this car really shines and shows off its exclusive "supersonic" speed ^_^

  • Mike

    Whoever made that list probably hasn't even touched the game. The Redbull X1 is the fastest car in the game, and there are a ton of race cars that go on that list before production vehicles. The Bugatti Veyron is far from the fastest car available, as it can't hit its top speed in reality and it turns with the grace and dignity of a cow. In the way of production vehicles, the Ferrari 458 Italia is the easiest rwd exotic to drive so far, and it's also really fast. The McLaren F1 is so far putting down the best lap times but is more difficult to drive. The AWD Lamborghini's are really easy to drive but aren't quite as fast as other cars. I wouldn't use PubArticles as a source anymore…

    • Sris

      257MPH or 415Km/H in The Veyron

      • michael

        i bought the fearaii f 1 afor 12 million dollars i can't even race it in arcade mode any body know what's up with that is there a add on

        • blarg

          Save it as a favorite in GT mode then you can use it in Arcade.

      • Sris you muppet

        Sris – What race can you win by driving in a straight line? Did you not read the post you replied to?

        Oh and you should be getting the Veyron faster than that!

      • Hollaman

        Actually the Veyron will do 268 fully modded out, however it does suck in the turns…badly, have to say the ACR is a complete beast

    • abc

      i got the viper to go over 230 mph

    • guest

      Agreed… This is the worst list I've seen… These cars aren't even in the top 20 of cars I have already, and I definitely don't have the fastest car, hence why I am trying to find that.

    • andrew

      Actually it is in game since the x1 is not a real car, so I look at it like the f2007 is a real car which therefor is the fastest. You do understand what I mean right ?

    • anonamous

      but the x1 is not buyable the f2007 is

    • Noah Wolfe

      I have to agree, there are a lot of other cars to be considered, and not just the premiums- the toyota minolta, the mercedes sauber… a lot of the LM race cars have a great deal of pace, maybe this will help people get a better idea *note i dont not own this video or am i related to it in anyway. enjoy

  • Richei

    The Lambo Mur SV 09 , i have gotten it to 225 mph, and still going just ran out of space.

    • Anonymous Individual

      I personally own this car and have suped it up to the maximum, but i still believe that the gran turismo race car that appears in the used car dealership is the best in the game

    • craig

      I got my lamborghini murcielago lp 670-4 super velove to 242 mph when drafting the bugatti veyron but i have tuned it to 815 bhp and made it lighter

    • tom

      09' ZR1- Hits 238 before it runs outta room

  • No Mercy 273

    The Citroen road car is the fastest top end car I've tested. (215mph) It handles like it's on rails also.

  • supersneeze

    fully tuned the you van hit 260+ with the bugatti

    • AoR_Warchild

      fresh outta the box the Redbull can beat Veyron. tops ocer 350

      And for those saying my car does 215 220 the Viper ACR will hit over 235 when moded

  • Disruptiv

    Veryon at 437kp/h is the fastest car to date

    • CristianoRONALDO7

      But you can't go to 437k/h in GT5. I don't why but they capped the speed. Kaz f**ked up I guess. The best car in that game is the Limited edition AUDI R10!! F**KING Fast. It accelerates 10 times faster than the Veyron.

      • Aliix317

        My veyron will hit 283mph with drafting…
        but the Redbull X1 prototype is the fastest car with top speed at over 300mph
        FYI, it does 118mph backwards. :)

        • Byron

          The Chapparell can do 250km/h in reverse lol. if you challenge anyone to a reverse race, use that. its pretty hilarious.

        • Bob

          Its not the fastest car. I own one. It goes exactly 311 mph.
          My viper gts goes 312 mph without any signs of maximum top speed

        • Bob

          not true man. I own one that maxes out at 311 mph with drafting.
          I also own a fully tuned viper gts. I draft it to the red bull in special stage 7. I got 312. If i didnt crash i would of went alot faster because of the long 6th gear.

    • SEXGOD

      my veryon hits 480 plus behind another veryon, try it in practice mode in special stage 5

      • Bob

        my viper gts hits 502 when behind a red bull

    • macdeath442

      my audi avant is 912 bhp and can do over 240 easy on a long straight

    • Drylan33

      I have one. Yes it is fast but it handles like a funny car.

    • Payner

      Mine's tuned. i hit 375 yesterday on the daytona super speedway

  • sh4un.br00ks

    skyline 99 r34 GTR hits 230 when pushed and handles like a race car i got 273 out of veyron drafting

    • matt

      i have viper acr without drafting i got 256

  • Mark

    1 minute ago

    so far with everything done to the Veyron in game, my Veyron has 1225hp, and running on the no chicanes track, I have managed to get it up to 273 mph,no drafting, running it on practice, it is nice having an almost 4 mile straight to run these cars on.

    • Robert

      how did you get your veyron to 1225 hp mines maxed at 1176

  • Sean

    On the 14 mile long Tokyo track using 2 veyrons to draft each other I got 285mph. This had almost every extra added and was good for 1225bhp. After this I got a 111 meters per second trophy. Other than that my Mazda 787B race car will hit 245mph with out drafting but it will kick the Veyrons ass on almost any track as it only weights 830kg and has 917bhp.

    • Bob

      I drafted a red bull with my viper gts. I got 312 mph before crashing. It was still accelerating

      • BARCODE

        your lying i have acr and i draft mine to 286mph behind veyron and after that it stopped acceleration an the acr is a way faster car then the gts and im 100% sure your B.sin cuz i tunnel drag an work on my cars none stop!

    • Daxphleme

      Yeah I've hit 286mph with my veyron when drafting behind another veyron – bad roun corners though

  • Marrick

    My Audi R8, the 199,999$ one, I got it to 233.
    Really fast. But yeh, the second track on city courses is the fastest, longest straight ever…

    • vlad

      did u get the semi-racing 6 speed transmission or r u using the default version? I've got the same car and tuned it up, really is sick but seems like sth. is missing..?

  • gt5driver

    My zonda gets 250mph easy!!! Tunes transmission a bit and it fly’s!!

  • phili

    The Toyota GT-ONE hits 270mph without draughting! Handles like a dream too

    • Eric

      *Drafting. A draughting is not a word

  • abz

    i have done upto 260mph with the buggati which is just awsome.. but i would say the best car is zondas jheez jus love them to bits..ive won the zonda r and havent driven it yet…dont want no damage or anything yet..

    • Donald Solstice

      wat the hell dude?

    • poione

      it's is the fastest car in the game. also one of the hardest one to drive. i think thats what makes it so fun to drive.

  • Red Bull X1

    Whats with all this straight line speed stuff? Red Bull X1 Prototype is fastest car in the game hands down.

    • xxXAC130 DownXxx

      Its an X1 its supposed to be fast

      • mojojojo9

        Maintained at 277 >283 Default Top speed [estimated top speed 300>310 in draft] (Redbull X2010 -S.Vettel)

        Not sure about Prototype

        A 34 / B 37

    • Midnight Sun

      I agree, so far at least. Red Bull does well over 450 kmh.

  • tiagobastos[PT]

    buggati veron 460km/h e nao consigo dar mais porque começa a cortar.. nao consigo esticar mais as mudanças

    • Wallace

      That’s easy for you to say!

  • Akeem

    the gtr skyline the '02 & '07 i boosted to 784 hp. they both reach 225mph

    • babyboo

      Babyboo ihave a car it is faster then your cars

  • Gt5

    I had the Bugatti going 285 mph

  • Macca

    Had my Bugattie upto 280 Mph without drafting … Fiddled about with the transmission … But for Acceleration it has to be the McLaren MP4 do all the stuff to that then its a seriously quick car :)

  • red bull x1 :)

    red bull x 1 is fastest car hands down smokes all the other cars. i got 300+ mph easy!

    • Bob

      Viper gts is faster
      312mph without any sign of stopping.
      Draft it to a red bull and see what you get!

      • Aidz

        but no way can you take on the x1 around a corner

  • TBG

    Y'all are NEWBS.. I gots mah Paganini Honda Civic CRCC wif 61 HP up to 500 MPH t'otha day, holla back if ya hear me!

    • ccvg

      thats not even real

    • noob101

      Hahahaha XD


      u talk S H I T

  • GAZzA

    where do you get the redbull x 1 from?

    • Lee Hillion

      When you get to level 35 in b-spec, it's awarded to you as a gift car, I have it, what an awesome car,cheers

    • GT5Pro

      OR is you reach level 30 on A-Spec, I'm level 29 and soooo close I can almost taste burnt rubber.

    • a person

      special event when your lvl 30 it pops up its so hard gold is impossible

  • g35paul

    redbull car hands down.. smokes my formula gran turismo

  • cool

    what brand is buggati and can i find it in the new dealership?

    • shitdick

      win the professional championship and you get one free

    • detramint

      Bugatti is Bugatti ya tard

    • steven

      buggatti is the brand, you have to win the gt cup to get it

    • James

      you have to get gold in every event in world championship in professional a class

  • connor

    Nissan GT-R 07'
    got it up to 243mph on circuit de sarthe, no cicanes and no draft.
    Awesome car
    would reccomend it to anyone
    handels very well and beats anything apart from race cars, struggling against the race cars on all stars but beats most things. Great car, not much to tune fully with 856bhp

  • F1

    The RedBull X1 is unreal…. 270 mph on the banks of Daytona…

  • WABER007

    I am stuck on B SPEC RACE DE-LASARTHE 09 DREAM CAR CHAMPIONSHIP only car i have is a veyron and can't do the first two tracks add me on wabers007 online now PLEASE HELP….ANYONE!!!!

  • helpfull rapist

    Need to reach a spec level 30 mate then it unlocks the sebastian vettel challenge which you need to beat. This is easily the fastest car in the gameas it doesnt exist in real life

  • wabberjocky

    or you can reach level 35 in B-Spec and get the Redbull X1 for free.

  • Matt

    I got my Viper SRT ACR up to 240 with no draft and it handles awsome but there are def faster cars than that on that game as i have been beat online haha

  • David

    What about the Pergeot 908 or 905? best power/weight ratio in the game.

  • greg

    i think my volkswagen kubelwagen Typ82 1944 is better then all yours XDXD 22 hp:P

    • Aliix317

      what'd you mean…
      my fiat 500 will destroy your thing with all its 15 hp ;);)

  • wabers007

    HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!
    i need a really fast car to do tracks to gain the Redbull X1 but can't seem to make the cash to obtain these
    i.e p908 or simular
    is there anyone out there that can help me please i am always online add me wabers007
    thanks guys
    all advice welcome : ]

  • gary

    where da get red bull x1 from

  • jjwooda

    Red Bull X2010 easily wins, drafting it maxes out at around 310mph, with the downforce on minimum.


      you can get 430mph with a draft turn ure transmission up

  • ollie

    peugo race car 395 bhp boom

  • gt5 fan

    the buick 62 has 854 hp and goes aroud 225 it drops all the cars on the datona lap but it doesnt handle that well, you have to win it in a muscle car comp i think its worth it!!!!

  • ferrari fan

    tuned my ferrari 512bb to 408hp

  • Byron

    obviously the x1 is the fastest, no shit its an unrealistic car no one can drive it, it was just put there to have a car where there were no limits (driver or car). top speed ive really only tested the bugatti, 260 with drafting, those of you who say you can get that without, bullshit. track car (not f1) 787b, very very quick car with mid-range turbo. ive tested all the race cars and even though a couple may beat it in acceleration it always beats them when it hits 3rd and also around the track. although more testing is needed. what i was hoping to get from this is the fastest top speed car, any, x1 or whatever. has anyone tryed the speed 12? i dont even know where to get it from.

    • Aliix317

      first of all, the Redbull X1 (X2010) is a prototype in process. secondly you can hit 268mph with the bugatti at its peak hp, without drafting you just need to tune the transmission to its max.
      anyways whats the speed 12? tvr?
      but ive hit 321mph in the X1 while drafting another X1 and the tranny wasnt even tuned to top speed… :P

      • eNigMa_UK

        I've got the TVR Speed 12 Cerberus, it's like a bullet, very quick in straight lines but can't turn at all!

    • ZumnRX8

      The TVR SPEED 12 is available in the used car dealership, it came our when I was around level 10, but hasn’t came out again since, neither has the Carbon R34, and now im at level 24. Planning on getting the 787b very soon.

    • Bob

      viper gts man!
      i drafted a red bull and got 312 in the special stage 7

    • JakeB-5

      i have got and audi rs6 that hit 282mph by drafting

    • jonno118

      that no one can drive, you men you cant drive, have you even done the x1 chalanges, or cant you drive it?

  • Byron

    power to weight doesnt mean shit when you're going 450km/h. its all about the power and torque. give the audi a go, it hits some pretty sweet top speed, havent tested yet.

  • Reznov II

    Accurate list (lap times)

    1: red bull x1

    2: formula gt

    3: minolta

    4: Peugeot 905 race car

    5: 787b

    6: Ferrari 2007

    7:Ferrari f10

    8: cirtreon gt race car

    9: Enzo

    10: 92c race car (Nissan)

    • Byron

      what track? can you give the times?


      the R92CP is faster than an enzo and im sure the ferrari formulas are faster than the race cars

  • Dave

    My ACR Viper hits 277 when drafting and 263 when no… Don't forget about MOPAR people…

  • F3000

    Red Bull X1 race car by far but stupidly hard on bends

  • chongy chang chang

    Red Bull X1 Prototype Revealed (w/Specs!)

    * Engine: gas turbine, 1483bhp @ 15,000RPM, 527lb ft @ 12,000RPM
    * Transmission: continuously variable, rear-wheel drive
    * Top Speed: 249mph
    * Weight: 545kg
    * Length/Width/Height: 4750/2180/980mm
    * Suzuka Lap Time: 1:11.540 (compare with Vettel’s 2009 F1 lap time of 1:30.833)
    * Special Features: enclosed wheels, “fan element” to increase low and medium-speed downforce (much like a vacuum cleaner)

    • X2010

      That top speed is wrong, I have my own Red Bull X2010 Prototype, and I can tell you the top speed is 311.


      sorry but did you even watch the vettel video the thing that looks like a gas turbine on the back is the fan that forces air out from under the car for more downforce and its a 3 litre turbocharged v6 that is in it. and lap time for suzuka is actualy 1:05:179

  • ezra

    308 max speed fpr me on red bull x1 whith 2ed red bull x1 for drafting could not top out not enuph space

  • Jeff Koster

    this isnt about speed it about skills and talent good and i best driver there is 256wins

  • lux

    the redbull x1 prototype is the best car for me at the moment.

  • joe

    how do u get the redbull x1

  • sukhy

    My BMW M5 clocked 215 mph on the banks of Daytona…

  • Madskilz98

    I don't car if my car hits 300….. I care that it can turn, zip, dive, and accelerate like a bat outta hell.

    So far the car that does that for me is the Grand Turismo 5 Formula Car (indy). If its a 5 lap race I guarantee I will lap you twice.

    Oh and 260 in just under 7 secs….. back to 0 in 2 secs with my tuning.


  • herofatih

    I have driven (With slipstreaming) 499KM/H (310Mph) With my Redbull X2010 , I am trading this car for other race cars , pm me Herofatih on psn

  • X1 Lover

    the veyron looks like a gokart compared to the gran turismo red bull x2010 s. vettel or just x1 or redbull. its top speed is 470 km/t and 530 with drafting. it takes the suzuka circuit in like 1 minute without drafting. it also takes the hardest corners in like 250-300 km/t. but its also very hard to unlock. beat the x1 challenge at lvl 30, reaching lvl 35 in b-spec and can be bought at the dealership fo 20.000.000 cr. at lvl 40…

  • thelastjewhunter

    x1 is the fastest the vette zo6 c6 tuned after making it into a race car will smoke most any thing but a veryon in a drag 850 bhp 900 kg weight if you turn the top speed up in the corvette she will do 283 on special stage 7 x1 blasts from 0 to like 300 in nothing tho

  • datta kamble

    Mclaren f1 is the fastest it will hit 237kph easily widout drafting……bugatti veyron suxx…y dont dey hav porsche in it…anyway mclaren rules!!

  • Guest

    you guys are clowns… Production cars that are way faster than the crap listed

    Mclaren F1 246mph no draft
    Viper ACR 252mph no draft
    Cadillac Cien 252mph no draft

    The bugatti is tops speed fast, but couldn't turn at that speed if you got pushed.

  • julio francisco

    the toyota supra kicks 789hp and goes 222 without drafting. it will smoke the buggati in a drag race

  • julio francisco

    toyota supra rz with 784hp can smoke buggati veyron in drag

  • michael

    that list is completely incorrect, the fastest car is the redbull x1, second the veyron baring in mind you can tune it.

  • K-Dub

    i have the formula gran turismo. after an oil change, the million dollar rebuild (engine and chassis) and every part they wud let me throw on it it has 935hp and weighs 550kg every race i can use it in it wins and laps the other cars no matter what they are using. if theres a better one than that i NEED to know about it

    • Jimmy

      I agree, I use the formula GT all the time. Unstoppable car.

  • Bob

    My viper gts got 312 mph drafting a red bull.
    No signs of max speed yet

  • gazzer haslam

    red bull x2010 is the fasest car on the game take all ya downforce off the wings n it will reach 300 mph easy with no drafting

    • Bob

      but it tops out at 311mph.
      The viper gts goes over that

  • amz

    302mph… X1 Circuit de Sarthe no chicanes

  • mark

    how do you get the red bull please

    • tft

      reach level 30 and unlock the vettel change.
      theyre 3 hard lap time races

  • friend

    For the red bull x1,

    1. Get to level 30 in b spec or a spec, and complete the new challenge under special events.


    2. Get to level 35 in b spec and you get it automatically.


    3. Go to a forum and try to trade for it. They are extremely common now.

  • wabers007

    does anyone know where you get the Peugeot 905 race car from can't seem to find it anywhere

  • Jimmy

    Got the Formula Gran Turismo up to 251 drafting @ Indy. Very fast car that handles ridiculously well.

  • dazedownsouth

    The fastest best handling car i've seen so far is the formula gran turismo. It is a real beast. Incredible accelerated, ridiculous handling and great top speed.

  • Helmut

    are u crazy guys,,, saying supra and things like that :O Red bull is fastest !!!!! and i dont have it :( my fastest are cars are Minolta , 727b and the formula gt :P

  • Stan

    The Formula Gran Turismo is the fastest track car on the game(meaning speed, handling and track times).

  • jaf

    The RedBull X1 is beast it go,s up to 301mph fully tuned

  • dwai

    The newest Dodge Viper is really good! If you tune it up all the way you should get about 915 HP on that bad boy!!!

    • Jacoby

      I actually had my ACR Viper just over 1,000 HP. Think I had it at 1,013 or so. Great car for muscle car and super car races if you're starting out. Pretty good all around car really.

  • Simon

    Got my production Mclaren F1 94 to hit 240MPh before the first chicane on Circuit De Sarthe

  • VERdietn

    X2010 503 km/h indy raceway

  • Harry

    471KPH is the fastest ive been in the X1…. Dont think you will get any quicker

  • cooper

    i have an 89 nissan fairlady that does 215 without drafting and 230 with

  • MP4-12C

    i did 440 km/h in a Bugatti Veyron

  • Sambo

    X2010 GT5 Redbull, insane.

  • james

    The Red Bull X1 is the fastest car in the game I got it up to 301mph once you tune the engine just right so you still have the torque to accelerate above 270.

  • Larry-O

    THE VEYRON IS A SUCKY CAR! All you people who think this is the greatest car… you are on crack cocaine and need mental help…

  • Alex

    Is the seriously a question get to level 30 and try the red bull challenge time trials with the red bull x1 carbon. Dude they should just take the brakes because there's no need, and is so fast it gets from 0-150 in about 4 seconds and trust me almost impossible to control. Top end maybe endless cuz it's so fast

  • atomic_betty

    i got my fully tuned viper ( the last one ) with 990hp up to 225mph. thats my best car fast as hell

    • Hossmcgillicutti

      I have all the vipers, and they will all do 245+ mph ie, (255) the convertible. It's all in the transmission gears. These speeds are without drafting. You need to turn off most driving aids. Good luck.


      that viper goes above 1000 bhp

      A-40 B-40

    • dsnyc

      yep my viper 235 mph 

      • Key

        my viper hit 237 on daytona its an asome car and easy to get too

    • Anonym

      My viper has 1042 hp

  • hillsy202

    i've got 290mph in the red bull X2010 prototype with drafting on indy 500 track

  • tWiStEd

    I got my Red Bull x up to 310 with drafting, definately the fastest / best car in the game..

    • Somebody

      I got mine Prototype to go 367Mph (Something like that) With drafting at the Special Route 6

  • sssssssssssssss

    anyone who thinks that the veyron is the best car is a retard because it isn't the fastest and it can't turn
    the best cars are the redbull cars

  • mojojojo9

    X2010 (MPH)
    Maintained at 277 >283 Default Top speed [top speed 300 > Est' 310 in draft] (Redbull X2010 -S.Vettel)

    X2010 (KPH)
    Maintained at 445 > 455 Default Top speed [top speed 482 > Est' 498 in draft] (Redbull X2010 -S.Vettel)

    Not sure about Prototype

    A 34 / B 37

  • Logan

    Any one try the Buick Special '62. Ok I know it really shouldnt be anywhere near this list but it is crazy. Got mine up too 858 hp still got the close ratio trans in it and on no chicane I hit 225 easy. Yeah there are higher top end cars and it handels like a bathtub on shopping cart wheels but take traction control off and this baby launches off the line and out of corners like a monster! Beat the supercar cup easy. this car is in no way realistic in performance

  • GT5

    I managed to get the vettel x1 redbull car to hit 290 so i think that wins

    • Hiross_12

      Iv got 314mph out of im add me me and i will give u the setup

  • Pwu96

    Redbull X2010 S.Vettel (X1) is easily best car level 35 B spec i got it but there is many ways of getting it….

  • MadHatter-LONDON

    What are the fastest times around the Nurburgring Nordschleife – in the following cars (tuned to max):

    1) Minolta
    2) Ford Gt Race Car Spec II
    3) MacLaren F1 (not race version)
    4) Dodge Viper GTR Race Car
    5) Jaguar XJ13 Race Car
    6) Bugatti Veyron

    • anonymous

       try nissan r92cp and sauber mercedes

      • Key

        good car choice

  • Donald Solstice

    Bugatti fast, yes. Kak car, absolutely.

  • oscaroday

    the Ferrari indy cars are a wast of 22.5 mil can use them other then in special evens of one make races and practices

    • Sbroye

      indy? ferrari dont make indy cars, there formula 1 cars

  • JFz-

    My Nissan Micra will hit 250mph piece of piss, i'm yet to tune it but it will spank the RedBull X1, if you don't believe me, add my PSN 'JFz-' and prepare to get your arses handed to you no matter what you drive!

    • Carl69jr

      you are so full of crap there is no car that will beat the red bull x2011 or x2010  my gammer tag is platoonof1    try me but your stuck on stupid lmao 

      • Carl69jr

        my red bull x2011     320+ mph   silly rabbit 

    • Keyshoun



    the fastest cars are the X1,f1…street cars are the enzo, viper acr, R8, GTR, speed 12, next the zo6 and ZR1 all these cars do 240+ in tunnel drags, i got my viper to 245mph with my setup…the enzo does 250+ and is the fastest street legal car in the game with the exception of the veyron!!!

    • Nobody

      wow u sure are stupid my cadillac cien does 280 on daytona

      • Somebody

        280 in MPH or in KPH?

  • http://Gur Smerf321

    My bicycle was Mach989

  • Blaaa

    all of those are inacurate, the red bull x1 is way faster than any thing else

    • Dnzmayo


  • Blaaa

    the formula gran turismo is the next fastest then followed by the 2 ferrari f1s

  • Lewis28298

    1. Redbull x1
    2.formula GT
    3. Ferrari F1 cars
    4. Toyota Minolta
    5. Bugatti Veyron

  • APerson

    As for street cars, and CORNERS, everyone forgot about the R390 GT1 Road Car.



  • Putwellteatime

    1: x1 2011 and x1 2010
    2: F1 and Ferrari F1s
    3: Bugatti Veyron
    4: Dodge Viper SRT
    5: Expenssive Race Cars
    and in my eyes the 6 fastest is either the Corvette Z06 or Ford GT 05 but my Corvette, Viper and Ford are well known for their speed xP

  • Carlovercar

    1. Red bull car
    2. Bugatti veyron
    3. Toyota minolta
    4. Ferrari f 10
    5. Nissan skyline gtr 99

  • Stewie1991

    I got 335 mph in my RedBull X2011 on the straight of Circuit de lar Sarthe 2009 (no chicanes)

    Add my psn: stewie2806

    • Braden

      I don’t suppose youd gift it me for an hour? I don’t blame you if you don’t, I certainly wouldn’t but I would give it you back.. only want it for achievement and to show of to my friends.. I don’t expect you to trust me. but if you would lend it me add me BRADEN_OV_S2 thankyou<3

    • dopeboy985

      but did u glitch the car or game cause i cant do that i can only get my red bull x2011 prototype up to 305 without boost or draft on so if u did glitch it i want to know or please tell me how to mess with the car settings i dont know if its the trannsmission or the LSD or the suspention just tell me how to do it i need to know  

      • ben15_bdg

        Areodynamics on lowest, transmittion on top speed of 365 ish, should be ok from there

  • Kevinw2264

    my red bull hits 320 without draft

  • Keysho

    wat do u think about the takata dome nsx???i want to buy it

  • Key

    wat do you guys think about the takata dome nsx cause i want to buy it?please reply

  • Key

    OMG takata nsx sucks mostly but i cant sell it either

  • Key

    MINALOLTA reaches 245 no setup is ok i guess no draft lv 32 b-spec 29 a-spec

  • ninja panda

    the red bull x1 is the fastest car hands down.