Play Starcraft On the Apple iPad: Find Out How


By Posted 2 Dec 2010, 00:09

With the release of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty this summer, it just goes to show how popular the franchise still is. Most people still compete in original Starcraft tournaments (or they did until Starcraft 2 was released), and now you can finally play it on the iPad.

Ok, well we lied a tiny bit. It’s not the retail version of Starcraft, but a custom made version by a company called iSwifter who are known for streaming flash games to handheld devices through the cloud.

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The game is played and controlled by using the touch-screen buttons that are set out along each side of the screen, plus it wouldn’t be an iPad game without the use of pinching and dragging your fingers on the screen, so there is plenty of that too.

Check out the video in the source below to see the game in action.

Source: Kotaku