Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): List of Best Cars to Use?

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After having had the chance to sit down for a good session on Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, how are you finding it so far? Are you fed up with the online server problems, or are you too busy compiling a list of all the best cars to use in the game?

We’re hoping it is the latter, as you’ll agree with us on the large part that Gran Turismo 5 was well worth waiting for. For hardcore players of the game, we want to hear your expert tips for beginners to read – more importantly, a brief list of some of the best cars to use in the game.

To help you with this, there is a useful guide over at Pocket-Lint, which has listed a few models which they think are pretty useful in the game. Suggestions by them include the Jaguar XJ13, the Red Bull X1 and the Chevrolet Impala.

Personally, I like the Pagani Zonda and the Ferrari F2007 models, as both will give you that extra ‘edge’ when racing. If you have found the perfect car already on Gran Turismo 5, let us know what it is below.

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  • Carl Racecar

    I am in love with the Nissan GT-R!
    Upgraded it with all the best modifications and now it produces 856 bhp! Still is has magnificant handling and insane acceleration :D
    I have won tonnes of races with it because it can participate in noumerus races and win every single time! A pleasure to drive!

    • oneeyepug

      i agree with C R the GTR is insane…i have the best of mods, lightest of weight settings, body kits and my car SMOOOOOOOOKES 'em

      • AMK

        Im driving a Mclaren F1 fully customized of course! it weighs less then 1000kg, and produces 900bhp :D Its a killer :)

        • Randy Buelens

          what is your psn you can always trade cars with me :) ?

        • ben

          ever want 2 trade cars add me 2 psn account. sports_junky

      • aiden cooper

        try Bugatti veyron 16.4 '09 fully modded. 1177bhp and smooooooookes everyone on the gran turismo all stars. gold coloured as well

        • Mikey Gavin

          actually Veyron can get 1256BHP

    • Martin

      How do you get the Nissan GT-R

    • Cabben74

      Amen to that brother:) it´s a great car!

    • Ian

      man i got this car and i felt in love with it mine is pure black,rims are black and produces 870hp best car for the price

    • QUINN


    • Allan


    • Wayne

      Nissan GT-R as in the super GT like the Calsonic, Nismo et al? i've the calsonic impul GT-R '08 version its well good, can compete in the all stars with it evan know it's heavier and less powerful than most of the opposition

    • E-mann

      what type of GT-R black mask or what?

    • Mateen

      mines has 889 :)
      if you rebuild the engine often, it increases your overall hp.

    • Lachie

      which GT-R is this

    • jebo

      what level r u have u beaten the A spec profesonal supercar festiful

  • Racer Bill

    The 07 Mustang with all the mods will beat super cars.

    • valic63

      well i have the buick special 62 with all mods and you get is kind of early and when maxed out it smokes all the super cars. i am only a lev. 16 but so far the best car that i have

  • Josh

    Is there a way to tell what upgrades a car can get before you buy it? Bought a bmw and couldnt put a supercharger or turbo on it which was a major disadvantage.

    I also Like the GT-R dont quite have all the upgrades yet but beating all the supercars so far easily.

  • Ththuvhul

    I'm currently using a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4, (677 hp). It can hang with Ferrari's and even the Veyron for a bit on tracks with lots of space to run, but, eventually, it gets beat. On tracks with more turns, however, I was able to beat Ferrari F40's, C5 Corvettes, McLaren's, an others. A 1998 VR-4 is available. If it puts out more horses I'l be happy. Being able to manipulate gear ratios later might help as well. I like this car a lot. The only other car I use is a 1988 Toyota Supra. It doesn't quite have the power I need. I suspect that Nissan R390G or whatever and that Toyota car I almost smashed my television set over getting golds in super licenses in GT 2 or 3 will probably be the best available, maybe. I think this game series is responsible for more cursing and things getting broken than almost any other game out there probably. Tremendous precision and consistency is a requirement. That's how racing games go I guess.

    • sealteam

      I have the 98 it was the second car i bought and it rocks the super car circuit winning about 21000 per race

    • anonymus

      lol no it cant veyron has 946 BHP as standerd so how does this keep up with it even for a bit u retard

  • Stephan

    I’m using a 66′ Cobra, and it beats the shit out of all the cars i drove against so far! 722hp and 900kilos..

    • maxie5

      Stephan. how much did you spend on tuning it up approx??

      • Bryan

        Brutal handling though. The 458 Italia and Murciélago smoke this car both in the corners and on straightaways for much less. I have them both. The Veyron, of course, will also destroy the Shelby.

    • gt5 fan

      i was sevearly dissapointed with that car, for 900kg's it handles like a tank

  • stphen

    i've played the game quite a bit. from my expiriance i can comfrably say…

    most imports like sylines, rx-7s, supra's and lancers/imprezas do very well (highly modded)

    if you got lots of cash the honda NSX/RSX, Bmw's, audi's and GT-R's and other expensive imports to very well.

    got lots of cash t burn? the ferrari F430, italia and 599 are beasts modded
    as are the…
    lambo Gallardo/murcielago
    dodge viper ACR
    Pagani Zonda's
    ZR1 corvette
    SLS AMG mercedies-benz,
    audi R8
    and the infamous 66' cobra ((( tho it is fairly expensive, its not a let down. i spent a total of about 640,000 on it…and people driving the heavly modded ferraris have a hard time keeping pace with my finely tuned 700HP/900KG Super Cobra )))

    and of coarse race cars are best but are very expensive :(

    • ziggy

      it’s not imports since the g

      ame is japanese. not american. sucker

      • guest

        This site is american so yeah…they are imports

    • tom

      mines got 763hp-735ft-lb

  • graham the baby

    the suzuki swift is sick

    • Bossi

      OMFG! finally someone agrees! i am in love with that car!

    • lasrmann

      have u seen focus rs wrc, more money than nascars, and lambos, and ferarris and mclarens, 850,000cr waste,
      and citroen c4 wrc is 850,000cr! but then again, it does have 400bhp, which is a lot for a focus. BUT 850,000 is a rippoff. NEEVER GET IT! get zzii, 56,000cr and 545bhp. AND r8 is c**p. i got it and came 12th in super car race……..never ever ever get lambo miura, 15,000,000cr and 245bhp, my lambo has 900 and it was 500,000.

  • graham the baby

    the suzuki swift is sick!

  • Motty05

    Got some of the beginner and amateur races out of the way, then went and bought the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '69
    Great car for the muscle series races and many others besides. Start modding it and building the HP as you go and you should breeze through the earlier races.
    Would highly recommend forking out for full racing tyres (soft or medium) as it means you can take corners at much higher speeds. Also fully customized gear ratios are great when the car starts to top out as you increase the HP.
    WHAT A GAME! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    • Clarey06

      i hear ya there mate the camaro is a beast when its got all the mods on it, leaves most other cars in the dust

    • Ken Cornflocker

      Motty05.. I agree that this the best Gran Trismos to date. But not with you selection of car. I bought the 69 Camaro (I love the real life car). The bad thing is.. It's top speed is 130. Do you know how to make it go faster?

    • gtown

      Dont forget you can race tune this car. = super fast

    • SRB

      I agree this is a great car for Muscle Series and some others. Fully upgraded you're looking at 554 HP. I was having issues with the Historic Racing Car Cup until I forked over the credits for the full racing modification that gives me the best rear tires of any car in the game. Depending on what lineup you get in the Historic Cup the first race is close, bu you can win. At Monaco I was able to win by 5-6 seconds. I love this car!!!

  • Chris

    Corvette (C3) ''69 = compete in lots of events, and 600HP (1257kg) is dominate for most events. Get some racing soft tires and you can compete against anyone (some close races in GT pro series)… this car made me tons of money, is versatile for events because of its age and model. Because of its low purchase cost the engine and chasis are cheap to repair (you may need to after all the use it gets).

    I also used the Corvette to win the Cobra 427 '66 (B-Spec Classic Muscle Car Championship) and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '09 (A-Spec GT world championship)… which are very useful cars. The Veyron is 1192HP (1424kg) fully modded.

    • mrmessymessy

      if you change oil strait away you get more bhp from cars my veyron is over 1200bhp, must say the AUDI RS6 is a great motor.

    • sean

      my Veyron has 1228 HP fully modded, donno what you did different but your missing a small bit of HP

      • Dave

        where do I get the bugatti from?

      • ben

        my veyron has 1256 hsp

    • Matt

      my Veyron is 1260 HP after changing oil.

      • janin

        mine is 1274 hp, with 1446 of torque

    • hammysteven13

      te bugatti veyron fully modded has 1213 HP so its a beast but don't mak it to light or it's going to fly xP

  • Adam

    I found the Callaway C12 in the used car marked, that car can be turned into a beast, I think I am up to about 850hp right now, haven't modded the tires yet, but just one weight reduction and this car can compete with many of the other "super cars" of the game.

    It is a litle pricy, but as you make money you will be able to buy it, with some finetuning and if I ever figure out how go fix the gear ratio it could probably be my fave car in the game (with that said I haven't played for too long yet, so I might reconsider soon…)

  • the ram

    Just started the game without a doubt the best car for beginners is the Etype jag what a car no mods yet just purrrrrrrrr british quality.

  • aldos

    my bugatti has over 1100bhp kills everything and eats all!

    • oneeyepug

      i can't figure out how to get the veyron :(

      • Owen

        to get veyron complete professional series, you may need all gold I can't remember if I got it from all gold…

      • Bill Paul

        you must win the last championship in professional series i think. the one named Gran turismo .i dont remember its name for sure

      • mark

        you have to be level 14 and win the last pro a spec event

    • VPS

      lots of power handles like crap!!!!!!

    • murdock

      my bugatti has over 1200bhp but my mitsubitchi 3000gt 98' still beats it;D

      • Lee

        Veyron is a POS. My nan's mobility scooter can handle better

    • Wugwan

      Bugatti veyrons are shite
      I wont even use one

      • racer bob

        my nissan skyline imean its the year 98.. full tuned and areo part + weight decrease… its easy beat the veyrons all cars in wolrd championship :D

        • gt racer

          race me then

    • Niels

      bugatti is crap it is the fastest car on right end i think but the handling is crap

  • stu

    Yeah get the veyron, you will destroy everything!!! also i have an old skyline r33 fully tuned with a properly set up suspension and a short gearbox and not much can keep up with it.

    • alan

      The Veyron gets smoked by the Mazda Furai Concept and Pagani Zonda R on everything except for Daytona. Play B-Spec to unlock the really awesome cars…

      • mark

        not fully tuned it dont with gears sorted there is nothing than can get close to 300mph like it

    • Bill Paul

      Can i ask something about Veyron. I cant steer with that car.How can you do it?I have tried many changes from tuning and so but i cant do anything really.Could you give me the exact settings? And something much BHP does your skyline get?

      • jr_mtz01

        when I approach a turn I hit the brakes and turn, but DO NOT let go of the gas immediately- I let go off the gas once the speed is low and the car has a controlled turn, thats how I can handle most high-powered cars.

      • Bry

        change your tyres. use the slick tyres and soft option. they change the handling ALOT.

    • Chris

      I been rocking the r33 since GT2 on PS1!!!

  • Sammy

    I am in LOVE with the '69 Z28 camaro, full upgraded with race modifications! It sounds and drives like a car fan's wet dream. Sure its not the fastest, but the way in handles, looks and sounds, is well worth it, ive so far racked up 33 wins with it.

    • hayden

      only wish it had 6 gears but still a good car.

  • Alan

    The fully modded 2009 PAGANI ZONDA R might not have the best specs with weight and HP, but it is BY FAR the fastest car that i have so far. It has a nice combo of straight line speed and cornering that i haven't seen from any other cars yet. You can only get it as a reward from one of the B Spec races too…

    Without question, it BEATS DOWN my fully modded '09 Bugatti Veyron 16.4, '08 Mazda Furai Concept, '09 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro, '06 Ford GT, Nissan GTR Black Mask, '09 Ferrari 458 Italia, '08 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, and '66 Shelby Cobra 427 (slow).

    The 2008 Mazda Furai Concept comes in a close second, and the Bugatti Veyron and Audi R8 are tied for third place.

    • Ricki Bobby

      Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 '09 (Race Modded, fully modded other than that)=amazing

      I also won the Zonda R '09 and fully modded it and i was trying to win the B-Spec Gran Turismo all stars. My Zonda was getting smoked so i looked online and several people suggested buying the Corvette ZR-1 and race modding it. Also put on several other mods from the tune shop and it is by far the best car i have. Veyron is too heavy to run with other cars, my fully modded Italia ends up braking in the corners the other cars take full on, Furai concept doesn't have enough horsepower, found several cars that could come close to winning but just couldn't take the gold. Oh and by the way, i believe you can buy the Zonda R '09 for 2.6 million in the dealerships…. Still haven't found the Zonda LM Racecar yet….

      • ReWiCo

        I have both the zonda and furai and my Toyota minolta that I got from winning like the wind a spec is by far dominate. On courses like daytona the difference is minimal but on courses with more curves like the high speed ring it kills

    • mrmessymessy

      i have played the game quite alot (maybe to much) but i have not got the zonda yet.
      I agree with what you say, mazda, bugatti, and audi r8. the rs6 advant is pretty fast too,

    • craig

      what car do you use for LIKE THE WIND oval track

  • ja_donz

    I'm having great success with the '02 skyline gt-r m spec v nur. haven't added all the upgrades and still kikking azz. also the '62 buick special edition has the biggest muscles and with all the mods it can run with the super cars too..

    • medjairukle

      my '62 Buick is also my favorite, it's got some HUGE power, nothing so far can catch it in a straight line, though it lacks skill in the curves.

      • alexandersupertramp

        I used to love my buick in gt3. Must pop out and pick up this game tomorrow

  • Waltermydoinhere

    Well, I'm level 21 in spec A and lvl 11 in spec B. There are a few of the races that are giving me fits. I haven't exactly been economical w/my "money" so I can't just buy a super race car.
    Veyron is fast, but not as fast as the race cars in the "Like the Wind" series races in the Extreme series. It'll hang w/them on the straights but in the corners (at Indianapolis) it plows like a tractor. Yes, I have all the mods, etc…and Iv'e tried to 'loosen' it up as much as possible but this is a pretty limited "SIM" (when compared to REAL RACING SIMS) as far as what the adjustments are that you can do. I managed to get the win at the Daytona Road course, thanks to banked corners but at Indy you have to actually be able to turn at speed…not something the Veypig likes very much.

    • Tonka

      Finish the 'Like the Wind' race in BSpec & you get the Toyota 7… Okay it looks like a Go-Kart on stelroids but its 800 BHP & 750kg… Destroys everything in the Historic Race. ( The Jaguar XJ13 also does the job is your lucky enough to own it).

    • bolla

      Just buy the gran turismo formula. Costs 5.000.000 in the online market

  • Waltermydoinhere

    The other races I'm having issues with are the Historic Racing Cup races. I've got an older lambo that I fixed up to the max but it gets eaten alive. So I tried maxing out the Cobra and it can't be controlled nearly enough to hang with the cars in that racing series. Trying to figrue out where I can get a vintage race car that will hang with them.

    I love the Nurburgring… Excellent rendition. I tried accomplishing the "Trophy" that has you trying to beat the REAL GT-R's time around the ring on Sports-HARD tires. 7:29:05 or something like that. Well I managed a 7:35 on my 1st try, then I kept messing up on each attempt after… I'll give it a break and try another day. I know I can beat that one.

    • hez

      you can win with the cobra, you just have to be a good driver ;)

    • Ken

      Props to you my fellow gamer. You sound like an excellent player.. The kind I hope not run into on line. I am here looking for a cool car that can hang. I am level 25 and have gold in all the races in the first two series and all the licenses. I am having a tough time finding a car that can keep up with the cars in "like the wind". I have an excellent garage of cars to even include a car I paid 948K for (opel). If you are looking for online friends. I can be reached @

  • Waltermydoinhere

    I'm a little disappointed that the track-maker isn't a little more open ended. You basically minimal options. I wanted to create a drag-strip track. And/or a huge oval like in the earlier GT versions that let you take a car to its MAX speed.

    Love the fact that there are lots of cars..but would it be possible to put MORE NISSAN products in there??? They must have contributed heavily. 37 diffrent versions of basically the same car. It gets old.

    I'm upset that they didn't incluce the '08 and later Chevy Cobalt Turbo…(NOT THE OLD SUPER CHARGED VERSION) It is the record holder at the RING for stock front wheel drive cars… sad as it's a great little car. I'm sure they didn't want it to be king of the FWD classes… as it more than likely would. It out-handles the SRT-4 like nobodys business…

    All-in-all I still think it's a GREAT GAME.

    • hammysteven13

      try de circuit de la sarthe without chicanes there you can get your MAX speed out of your car

  • Bill Paul

    VIPER GTS . its CHEAP, for LOW LEVEL and almost 1000 HP with tuning.for beginning and up to Proffessional series.You can even compete with the Race Cars in that event "all stars" or however its called.

    • tony323ci

      I also have the Viper maxed out nearly 1000 BHP beats the veyron Zonda and a lot of full blown race cars too bit tail happy but once you learn to control it it's fantastic

      • jach

        i got a viper and cant find any car faster or that can keep up…. any ideas for a turbo'd car?

  • Bill Paul

    VIPER GTS 985 BHP , you can play up to last can even compete Race Cars

  • Lucas

    The Ferrari 458 Italia when its tuned up is an incredible machine, Ive got mine up to 720BHP and i LOVE it.

    • Tonkz

      If your gonna spend up big on a Ferrari, you may as well spend up really big & get the Enzo Ferrari… I got mine up to 892 BHP & at just under 1100 kg it will dominate any other Ferrari, (and pretty much all other Supercars bar the '09 Zonda R

    • Dave

      Was my favorite car too for awhile, but once you get to the All Stars series at the end of the expert races, you need to upgrade. Either the Corvette ZR-1 (especially if you get it tuned out and race modded for about 185,000, or so) or the Pagani Zonda C12s or Zonda R. But, like you, I LOVE the 458 and wish it was a bit faster.

    • pwhiskey0342

      599 so mutch beter

  • Brutanos

    I know this isn't the most powerful car in the game, but early on, the ´66 Buick wipes *** with most other cars it encounters. Fully modded it holds more than 700 bhp, and can take on almost any car up until World Championship.

    • connor

      i agree i had to sell my other car to use this its a beast !!

    • Matty

      Can you manage to win the last classic race with this car?

  • sipplay

    71 Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack – 825 hp – eats everything – top speed 244

  • Ryan

    So far I've had great success with a fully modded Ferrari 458 Italia…Amazing car!

  • Bill Paul

    Trust me all guys! I tell you i run with this car until the last series (extreme or expert cant recall) and maybe i can play there too with this car (i dont know yet cuz im 20 level) .
    Dodge Viper GTS . it gets up to 9 8 5 BHP !! you can get till level 10 and it costs less than 100.000 . And you can win everything .

    • NastyAce

      All in all I gotta go with the toyota minalta full on after oil change when I first got it its.hitting 1064bhp and only 850killos! I hit 255 before having my first turn sick car just sick im level 27! Waiting for my x1 redbull car! Level 26 bspec

  • Bill Paul

    Trust me all guys! I tell you i run with this car until the last series (extreme or expert cant recall) and maybe i can play there too with this car (i dont know yet cuz im 20 level) .

  • racepro

    the veyron is good untill you get to around level 20. because its so slow round the bends

  • Adriel

    my ferrari 599 is up at 805 hp..

    • mg31

      Save up and buy a Ford GT LM. Got mine from used car lot. Do a full engine overhaul and all the mods and it will win like the win handily. You also need to turn all the auto assist stuff OFF on Indy.

  • ps3king

    The best car I have bought, driven and tuned up is the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Superveloce. Currently I've got it up to around 806bhp, reduced the weight, installed a new rear spoiler, and installed the improve rigidity option. The acceleration on it is insane!!

  • timbertaz

    Does anyone know which car is the easiest to use in "Like the Wind race"?

    • submitter

      I did it easily with my Pagani Zonda R.

    • ReWiCo

      I don’t know if you’ve beaten it yet but on YouTube there’s a great video of a guy beating it with a corvette (09 I think, most expensive). In the area under the video he put all the mods he did and one of his other videos shows him modding it step by step. Search “like the wind gran turismo 5″ and you will find it.

      It worked for me and the corvette can be used later for American series

  • Bill Paul


  • tuckfarded

    The '66 Buick is awesome, 850 HP fully modded. Other than the classic race championship Ive beaten everything but the extreme series with it. The World Championship wasn't too difficult with either, only a couple of attempts.

    Im stuck at lvl 21 though, I beat daytona 'like the wind' with my Bugatti, but as another said, its like a tractor in the corners, lol. If only I could put a park bench wing on the front…

    Looks like I'll be doing 100 mindless cash/XP farming races… The game went so fast until now, its like I hit a brick wall, I dont think they made the difficulty progressive enough.

    • Patrick Fish

      do the nascar races on lvl21, win around 450K per trophy win. then on lvl22, do the european. 80K per race, the rome circuit is only five laps. easy money!

      • tuckfarded

        Yeah, I took the RM ZR1 advice and spanked like the wind. Haha, and yes, the european race is the way to go for cash. I was farming using my R8 on the schwarzwald race ('gring) as its only 1 lap (just a tick over 7min) for 60K. It was decent money.
        But now its def the euro championship. 6 min for 83K is nice. I still use my R8 for that, its my beater car! It looks bad ass though, white with a carbon fiber hood. YUM.
        But Now I use the MINOLTA car for everything possible, that car is amazing…

        • basketweaver

          As far as making money quick, the 'turbo challenge' in the a-spec expert is the way to go. Just take a fast turbo car (I use the veyron) and run the high speed ring…about 1 minuite a lap…3 laps…50,000 in three mins. Do that one a few times, and well you do the math;)

  • Ronald Berk

    Mclaren F1 FTW it is insane fast 812 HP and a weight of 970KG that's a verry high KG/HP
    Higer than that fucked up veyron wich i can't get around a cornor as I want to

  • Justin

    DO NOT WASTE 375K ON AN LFA… I made this mistake and now im stuck with a great car but the thing doesnt even eclipse 700bhp
    I hate myself for buying it its a fun car and i win the supercar and gtwc events also some expert events so its alright but thats about it.

  • mike

    why did they not test the mr2, fully tuned it only gives me 400 hp, b/s!! ontop of it its so dam hard to find the game needs a search bar in the used car section…!!!!

  • mike

    the game needed more car testing, and whats up with all the shitty cars noone will think twice to buy in the dealership section!!! very well made game, but cumon mr. Midori. yoroshiku… who would want to race a volvo station wagaon?…

    • Mack Mitchell

      i want the volvo so i can rub it in my mates face who loves volvos i have had the game 5 days he has had it 2 months and he is trying so hard to find the volvo i found it second day he is pissed

  • B-sauvageau

    1970 Dodger Challenger R/T – beat all the FR and super car races with it and it can drift!
    Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR – allmost 1000 HP and wins any race

  • Jerry

    pre-ordered from gamestop.. so I've had the unfair advantage of the McLaren F1- Stealth Model. Perfect speed… perfect acceleration.. perfect handling.

    • jason

      this car is so much better than the veyron…its almost like cheatin using it…the joey lagano gamestop nascar is pretty sweet too..

  • ryan

    how do you get a porsche or Ruf?

    • rhys

      pretty sure there aren"t any porsches

      • Toby

        There is. ive got a 911 and a yellowbird. There not too good at handling but are fast.

    • Medjairukle

      RUF at used car dealer, you just have to be patient

    • Dan Duncan

      wait for it to pop up in the usedcar dealership. I have the 'RUF "yellowbird" '87'. Lovely little show off car.

  • Martin

    how do you unlock the GT-R?

  • martin

    How do you get the Nissan GT-R?

  • Travis

    I agree I am also stuck at lvl 21 and those race cars are fast, and to spend all the money on modding a car and findin out that it was a waste really upsetts people. What to do now. The Bugatti is only good at the Oval, i have the Corvette Z06 09, and it handles ok but slow acceleration compared to the race cars. Get the Viper ACR 250,000 total for the car and the MODS.

  • Jonny

    The Dodge Viper can produce over 1000 bhp when modded fully. I blast around the daytona track at well over 370km/h. There's not much that can beat it off the line. It picks up incredibly well which is really handy for courses with a lot of turns.

  • Alain Prost

    I've bought a Nissan GTR. Fully tuned (860 HP) it blows away almost everything right up to the "like the wind"- race. For that I took a Corvette ZR1 (also fully tuned, including racing modifications).

    What also works well for me are lightweight cars, the aforementioned Cobra for one, but also the Lotus Elise 111R with race mod.

    • Martin

      What GT-R?

    • Martin

      What is the the full name of the best GT-R plz reply?

    • Martin


  • Patrick Fish

    For most races, I've used these (fully upgraded):

    Bugatti Veyron – ~1200BHP/1100KG
    Dodge Viper ~900BHP
    Ferrari 458 ~900BHP
    Mercedes-Benz 600 SL ~1100 BHP/1200KG
    Nissan Xanavi Super GT ~650BHP/1100KG
    Masda 787 Race Car ~700BHP/900KG

  • Wuggz89

    A tips for everybody thats wondering about "like the wind" you can easily win in bot A-spec and B-spec with an Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 '09 (buy as new car) put racing modification on and all upgrades (this will cost a total of 650k) then you have a car that eats almost everything.

    A little tips though, set downforce front and back to max.

    psn Wuggz89

    • mg31

      Save up and get the ford gt lm and fully spec it out. Get it used to save some bucks. Got my for 2.5 mil. Turn all the auto assist stuff of on indy and back on again for the other race.

    • Mick Wright

      How do you set the down force ??

  • tuckfarded

    I'm not so frustrated (I wanted to put the disc in a blender (will it blend!?) and send it to polyphony) now that I was able to win 'Like the Wind'.

    My 2 main gripes with the game still is the used car lot, and the car delivery system.

    Car Lot:
    -It definitely needs a longer history. 30 car history is not enough, Ive had the problem arise where I want a car but dont have quite enough cash and need to do some more races, well by that time, its been pushed out of the lot.
    -How about 10 cars per race day for 'just arrived' cars.
    -More variety. It seems every delivery of 6 there's a skyline and some form of the miata or rx-7… enough please!! I like those cars but COME ON! I think a majority of the cars in there should be based off your A-spec level.
    -Seriously, what the hell would I do with a daihatsu midget????! Please tell me.
    -Don't reputable car dealers usually change the oil?
    -How come the Bugatti sells for 2M? It says right IN the description it costs 1.4M US.

    Car Delivery:
    -waste of time, just put in the garage.
    -how about different delivery music??
    -accept ALL button please! sheesh.

    I know some of these are trivial. Don't hate me, I still love the game, but I know these things have annoyed most of you too. They did have over 5 years to perfect this game, it just seems like they missed a few things. Especially some of the blocky N64 (OMG!) graphics on race countdown…

    • stagga

      "Car Lot:
      -It definitely needs a longer history."
      Agreed. It would be better if it just added to but stored the old stuff. Very annoying not being able to even find a car to compete in certain events because they're just not on sale that day.

      "Seriously, what the hell would I do with a daihatsu midget????! Please tell me"
      Yep, utterly bizarre decision to have that as Premium and a Veyron as Standard models.

      "How come the Bugatti sells for 2M? It says right IN the description it costs 1.4M US. "
      So who said the game price is in Dollars? They're called 'Credits'- evidently they don't match real world prices, more a reflection of the effort it takes you to get them.

      • tuckfarded

        True, the credits aren't necessarily in dollars, but it seems like they are close most of the time.

        I like some of the updates for 1.05. The online car lot is cool, it seems like they put cars in there that people need for A/B-Spec races. But really, they should just go back to previous GT style with full dealership. But I understand they don't want the game to be 'too easy'.
        The fact that you cannot sell some cars for money is bogus. I won 2 Jay Leno tank cars that are utterly useless and I cannot sell them. The amount of depreciation the cars go through is un-simulator like as well. I know it would be sort of cheap if you could more or less rent cars that way, and that's why they go down in value right away. But it would be nice if we could salvage the cost of the 1000's of dollars of upgrades we put into them.

        I hate being so critical of this game, but the 'painstaking' details they put into the game doesn't "feel" like it was worth the effort. But maybe its just me.

    • GTaustralia

      lol, i totally agree tuckfarded. car delivery is stupid and so is the music. They also need to make more details for B-spec for individual lap times. once race is complete there are no options to view history or lap times.

  • jamie

    I will put my modded Veyron up against anything, anytime, anyplace. I wonder what the red bull x1 is like?

    • tuckfarded

      Too bad it can't win 'like the wind'. It does have epic acceleration though. But I dare say the MINOLTA race car can accelerate damn near just as fast, plus, it corners like a dream, unlike the veyron.

      I wonder why they didn't put the power and speed tracks in GT5?? That's highly disappointing, I always thought it was fun to see what my cars could do.

      I am anxious to try the x1 too, I hope its insane.

  • pvogtu

    the viper is the fastes car than i have its been fllowed by a lambo gallardo and the las a m5 bmw .
    my favourite is the civic it's beautifull and for run at nurburging its insane i made 7 15 at the firs try it rocks

  • Jrod

    For the money you can’t beat the ’89 Nissan 300ZX.

    • tuckfarded

      I have that car too, won a few races with it. Its a good drifter as well…

  • jon wheeler

    The 2010 Peogot 905 Race Car is the tits. Haven't found a car to hang. Sure, the Bugatti is a straight line killer and the Zonda has a ton of balls as well. However, in a real race scenario, they can not compete, period. This excludes the F2007 and X1 of course.

    • boukou

      You really like it? I'm closing in on the 4m credits to buy one.

    • tuckfarded

      Can you buy that car or do you win it somewhere?

      • hobgoblin999

        great car – kills most others. Have not failed to win a race with it.

    • nikolai

      The Peogot FAP is absolutely the best overall car in the game (excluding the Red Bull X1) and will beat any car in any race. It is the ultimate money maker and will never let u down. Perfect blend of top speed, excellent acceleration and sweet handling. This car is the closest thing to the Red Bull X1, but in real world logic.

  • Kyle Schmett

    dodge viper acr with all upgrade and keeping the oil changed is pumping out 1,031 HP and 1.2 kg per hp

    • tuckfarded

      According to my friend, didn't they limit the top speed on the viper? He said even with enough room on the gearing it couldnt go faster than like 140 or something like that. With over 1k HP, it better damn well go faster than that.

    • Jason

      Yeah but it handles like trash. Ford GT is a better car.


    I started with the Kart and won two special events and went with the rx-7 and won races. The Mazda concept is by far one of the fastest and will win the Grand Trismo Challemge which gives you the Zonda R race car.

  • lee

    Dodge viper vts 989 bhp 236 mph rips it up not too good woth braking but isn’t that what walls are for lol

  • Martin

    PLZ REPLY WHAT IS THE FULL NAME OF THE GT-R (860 hp) ????????????????????????

    • afo

      its a nissan GTR! cost about 80,000 only from nissan garage. then you tunr it up & its awesome.

    • DMD

      09' Nissan GT-R V Spec

  • lee

    Go for the dodge viper its 104 grand the first on the list and do it up its insanely quick

  • SUFC Sheffield

    Ferrari 458 Italia is good, 745 BHP, keeps up with most things. But my Rs 6!! Destroys everything. 0-60 in like 2.8 seconds!! Get this car :) doesnt look much, but underneith its sickkkk!

  • Martin

    WHAT IS THE NAME??????? GT-R What? what is the full name of it, can someone plz help me

    • Jason

      458 Italia is a very good production car. Handles great.

      I did a PERFECT lap on Laguna Seca with a fully Modded Ford GT of 1:19:12!!! That is fast as hell!! Fastest production car I have used.

      The ZR1 corvette with full racing mod is crazy fast. Beats just about everything.

      Favorite car to drive thus far is the Impreza Super Touring Car you can p/u in the used car market. Handles on rails. I can do Laguna Seca with that 500 hp car 1 second slower than the 880 hp Ford GT. Its fun trying to use that little thing to race against the beasts.

      The most beautiful car I have ever seen and is fast as hell in GT5 is the Mazda Furai Concept 08. Got it from the used cars section and its a steal at 1.5 m. Very fast car and loads of fun to watch on a replay.

      I also have a Peugeot 908 and it is probably the 2nd fastest car in the game only to the F1 cars.

    • john

      Nissan GT-R costs around 77k then tune it to the max

    • Martin

      Okay thanks

  • Lonet

    A fast car is the dodge viper (100’000 creds) fully tuned with 1050bhp. But the handling sucks..

  • Reg LePage

    Gt-One race car,been in love with it since GT2 just under 3Mill used car

  • George

    ive got my bugatti veyron up to 1226hp

  • Daniel

    I had the Nissan GT-R '07 from level 8 and i'm level 17 now.
    Now i bought the corvette '09 and i am angry at myself for doing that.
    The nissan eats the corvette alive at acceleration and top speed. although it costs 4 times less.
    (over 200k for the nissan and over 700k for the corvette.)
    i guess i'm buying the dodge viper with racing mods if so many ppl agree with that.
    if not then i'll buy the new Mclaren.

  • Sorin Pintiliasa

    I started with Nissan Gt-r fully tuned, after I went after a zr1 fully tuned rm, with which I won the Toyota Minolta… now that's a real race car, 1040bhp and 850kg, damn, damn, damn.
    But now, At level 26 I was able to buy Formula Gran Turismo, 948BHP 550kg. That's insanity.

    The best car for tight corners circuit (like cote d'azur) is Chapparal 2j, best handling by far.
    With it I won easily the Historic car cup.
    I've been racing over and over to gather money to buy new race cars.
    So far I got.
    Nissan r89c
    Nissan r92c
    Chapparal 2j
    Toyota race car 7
    Bentley Speed 8
    and a few more.

    • nikolai

      do you remember how you got the chapparal 2j?

    • David

      Yea those are the best cars.. personally i saw the Peugeot 905 pop up in the used car lot with something like 650 Hp and 650Kg.. i didnt have enought money at the time .. like 4 mil but I think thats the fastest car

  • jackcrackerman

    I'm totally addicted to the game… but I feel like I need to re-learn how to drive the race cars (the MR's) or really mess around with the limited slip, every time I pull out of a corner in my MR cars I lose traction even with the soft racing tires. My Mclarin F1 is the worst at this, my zonda 09 is not so bad, and my Nissan R92 is getting better but I'm still messing with the slip to find the sweet spot. Unfortunately the Bugatti is useless in the race car races… it can't turn and it's just too heavy.

  • bally

    I have modded my subura impreza to the MAX it is light as a fether and has is a good cheap car to start with and can beat many corvettes and jag's

  • kim

    try to listen to the camara Z28 ´69 with the titanium racing exhaust !!! :-) WOW !

  • kim

    BTW, you are all looking at the HP, try to look at the TORQUE instead of HP :-)

    corvette c6 ´09 have 83 from start, and i paid 100.000 for it, it kicks ass ! :-)

    change the echaust (10.000) and airfilter (450), and it have over 100 of torque

  • Trango

    Mercedes C AMG + full tuning = 909HP early on in the game!

  • bugattiboy99

    Bugatti Veyron very fast and very good handling

  • Ricki Bobby

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 Race Modded and all other mods from tune shop. It is by far the best car i have and in my collection i have several fully modded highend cars such as, 427 Shelby Cobra, Mazda Furai, Audi R8 5.2, Dodge Viper ACR, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloce/Gallardo 560-4, Bugatti Veyron, Zonda R '09 and some other ones. Also, fully modded Lotus Evora is a fantastic car, treat to drive. I believe somewhere around 456 horsepower, pretty light (can't remember right now).

  • drew

    dodge viper str10 coupe '06 is beast upgraded with most mods it has 1005 hp/5900rpm 969ft-lb/4900rpm weight is 1268kg…..smokes all super cars easy max speed on circuit de la sarthe 2009 no chicanes straight away is 231 mph maybe a couple mph faster but not much(road is pretty rough at that speed) but the dodge viper str10 acr '08 is probly better starts with 100 more hp but idk because im not a high enough level to buy it yet

  • James Bond

    2007 bmw 135i. Hands down best starter car. Perfect handling and all the power you need to get up the ranks.

  • chris

    i made huge progress with a gallardo, didnt even have to max out the mods, won a bugatti with it and that one you can smoke six or seven race series with.

  • Boney M

    Ford GT (modded) = Awesome!

    Not everything is about 1000bhp. Having a car that is quick in a straight line and handles well, not to mention smokes the other cars, is all that matters

  • Ivo001

    My upgraded mclaren (the lvl 14) has 875HP and only weights 1119kg. I love the spiler coming up while braking :p

  • Rico

    I am an beginner and my best buyed is an Honda Insign Hybrit fully tuned. Its a nice car to begin.

    But my favorite cars stays in Gran Turismo the Nissan Skyline Pace Car and the Poegeut 905.

  • Xron

    Nissan GT-R V-spec since its a great car when tuned well because you can make tight turns and the acceleration is of the charts and you can win Million cr. with the seasonal events.

  • FINN

    buwik is the best cos its made by SCOTS!!!!

  • Springy

    My veyron has 1247 BHP and weights 1424, im not sure how ive got my veyron so powerfull but i keep changing the oil in the car and that seems to add at least 2-3 BHP every time, if you havnt changed the oil on the car before it adds 30 BHP and it only costs 250 CR, well worth it :)

    • GodCrez

      Mine got 1252 <3

      I learned this; ALWAYS change oil before you start tuning your new car.. Drive it a few times and change again. Seems like its really helpfull for getting more BHPs

  • DBrunata

    Enzo Ferrari is my choice every time

  • nojo

    Toyota Minolta… 1000+ HP @ 900 KG… beast

  • Erupuzzeta

    i like the vayron and the minolta their both great cars. the vayron is amazing on speed fully tuned it has 1245 HP and can hit about 265-270 max. i like minolta becuase it really light 850kg and you can tune it to 1050 HP not as much as the vayron but weight makes up for that..

  • Nick

    Ok im level 26 A spec, and just beat the 300km Endurance on Grand valley. Which is btw, mind numbing.

    In my opinion, these are the best cars-
    1: Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM '09. This car adjusted right between brakes and downforce, with upgrades costs only about 700k, and it beats Like The Wind every time.

    2: Minolta Toyota 88C-V Race Car '89. This baby has 1040 HP when tuned, and is amazing on turns and courses where acceleration is key. I dont suggest it on the Daytona oval though. You win this by beating Like The Wind

    3. Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce '09. This was my first big buy. Tuned up it gets over 880HP, looks hot, and is good for beating most races before extreme series. Not a great race car, but its cheap and will breeze through the easier races, up to All Stars.

  • Nick

    Add on to above ^

    4. Mazda 787B race car. This thing is my favorite car, very fast, and looks awesome. 9000rpms, great acceleration. But very expencive.

    5. Sauber Mercedes-Benz race car, This car, is OMG fast. I dont have it, but when i was racing against it in my Corvette, i was going 200mph. This car just rocketed past me going 230mph+. I want this car, because it seems amazing.

    Anybody that plays this game, add me on PSN. id= Dadcuch
    Hope this helps somebody. The corvete is amazing for the price, i still use it, because its a beast.

  • Opinion Emitter

    I got a Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo 99 for about $40k, tuned it to 615 bhp for about $100k more (each time I won a race, I'd buy something). Now I can reliably win the first two Professional level (A-Spec) Supercar Festival races and get 17.5k for 3 laps each time. I'm doing that now so I can buy a Pagani Zonda but maybe I'll go with the Nissan GT.

  • Jin-Lee

    Hi, got the game a week ago and im loving it. Got the Mitsubishi Evo X as soon as possible and its a pure beauty. Fully tuned "only" 515 bhp but the acceleration is godlike. Won the GT World Champion with it. Kind of stuck now with "Like the Wind" won Daytona with the Veyron but as stated earlier its like a "Tractor" on indy. any advice for a nice cheap car for that?

  • the winner

    the best car is the viper acr, no one uses it cuz its not well known, but it is easily faster and handles better than any of the cars u guys are talking about, such as the gtr or the zonda, which is a close second for me, cant say its the best but i like driving it alot

  • the winner

    had to post again because of all these veyron corvette and gtr posts, viper acr easily beats all of these cars and im pretty sure is cheaper than them, i have no idea why no one is using the viper acr, it turns better then my italia and is faster than my veyron

  • JL-BL

    VEYRON… it beats everything until you reach the extreme matches

  • Sumal

    The Veyron is a beast on the straights however in the turns can be dominated by most cars, the best car that I have found is the Ferrari 458 Italia fully modded, brilliant to handle and quick aswell, not forgetting its amazing looks aswell. If you have got onto b spec races aswell the Pagani Zonda R is top quality 750+bhp from factory imagine it being modded. My personal advice would be stay away from the Veyron unless your on a track with massive straights so you can max it (except daytona – you still cant control it) stick with a car with good handling but can be modded to high speeds.

  • Cobra

    The Nissan R35 GT-R Spec-V is very quick when fully tuned!!

    I also own a fully modded Ferrari 458 Italia and F430 Scuderia. Both cool cars but the F430 Scuderia is my favorite car in the game by far. The lightweight Scuderia feels more balanced and it handles just a better entering and exiting the corners.

    I think you get the most BANG! for your buck with a Corvette ZR1'09…when race modded it's a beast. The Bugatti Veyron is a overrated car!! It may be quick in a straight line but it is crap in the twisty bits.

  • Ryan Verity

    Bugatti Veyron 16.4, it may not be that good at cornering, but it can get to 200mph in under 10 secs. and its faster than an F1 car. i tuned mine so it has 1064BHP

  • Fatty348

    Got an Audi R8 5.2 quatro full mods 888 HP handles like a dream awd top speed so far 224 mph.

  • mgio66

    the best cars of the game are: Dodger viper, Nissan GTR, Nissan Gtr nismo tune version,
    mclaren f1, buick special 62

  • o7rstang

    suprised more people arnt talking about the mazda furai (~550hp, 600kg full mod). You win it in bspec in the miata race. It will make all the races upto gt allstars a walk in the park. I can almost win some of the gtallstars with it after tuning the transmission and downforce, it but am having to resort to the ZR1 for it. also early on the 71mach one fully modded is a beast (771hp) won me pretty much everything until mid pro series

  • ls2010

    buick special 62 it as silly hp got my at 805bhp for a old model it can shift

  • User1

    Formula Grand Tourismo

  • …..

    I gotta say I’m level 26 I have 70 cars the best by far is the Toyota 88c-v minolta race car. This thing takes corners at 220+ mph. Of course another great car is the Audi r8 5.2 fsi. Handles and accelerates like a veyron.

  • matt

    Im using the Bugatti Veyron and it is absolutely insane, all mods and its produces 1208BHP, fastest car in game by far, and will beat anything

  • matt

    acr veyrom sucks

  • Z!

    The R8 got me through more races in a and b spec. It’s faster, quicker, more nimble, and less expensive than the vast majority of cars in the game.

  • justin

    well my vayron kicks all butt, it has 1187hp and is completely power!! however im saveing for the GT by citreon race car :D its what i want

  • len

    everyone here sucks a tuned up zr1 (race spec) is best to get you the minolta in like the wind thing that is supremely quick.

  • Adz__13

    your all noobs lolz, my bugatti and toyota with 1050 bhp and 800kg will beat anything you have, psn is Adz__13 if you want to trade contact me!

    • GT5 Player

      I doubt your bugatti and toyota will be the red bull x1, which is something, not anything.

    • Andy

      lets trade, I'm Borracho42, Im offering a fully modded Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloce Edition

  • Karl


    Mazda furai concept

    Nissan gtr specv 09

    Mclaren f1

    Zonda r 09

  • Marsh Ray

    Lancia Delta. It just handles so freaking well it wipes up any track under about 170 MPH or requiring exotic levels of HP.

    And it’s a four-door. I wish I could haul the family around in one IRL.

  • Lee

    Nar, ir would break all the time Ray. Or the floor would fall out. Lancia, great cars when they work.

    Top cars for me
    Toyota Minolta 88v (1000+hp, 800Kg)
    Nissan Skyline GTR34 V-specII (700+hp, 1100kg)
    Castrol Honda Civic (130hp, 600kg) (Sticks like shit to a blanket, good B-Spec car)
    Carbon skyline R35 (700+hp, 1000kg)
    Honda S2000 spoon (600+hp, 1000kg)

    I'm currently on lvl 29 A and lvl 6 B

  • eagleeyesi

    got a tommykaira zz11 and it boosts cars off the line not even fully moded best thing is it only cost 50k from second hand plough another ton at nothing stops it up to race car spec there just to quick through the turns

  • paulo

    lexus lfa is sick

  • fergo

    You guys only think about the cars its also about driver skill

  • doncrimo

    My Audi RS6 is the best for me. Fully modded it has 923 HP at a weight of 1524kg. Modded gear ration and suspension for the best results
    My Veyron is modded and now it has 1187 HP and weighs 1424kg. it reaches 400 and go's over like no other car.

  • ivo001

    Formula Gran turismo is fast and can make very sharp turns, what makes some corners tricky to handle

  • Aaron Go

    The Corvette ZR1 is by far the best buy. It will take you all the way up to into the extreme races. Make sure you do the racing mod right away so you don't waste your money on some of the unnessaray mods. With the racing mod you can win "Like the wind" and many others. The car itself is around 180K and the racing mod is 385K.

  • mikewake

    my best car is the merc sauber c9 which i got for free from the birthday list cars. 999hp not tuned and 800kg beats j2 bugattis my ferrari 330 has no chance against it fully tuned 430 scuderia has got no chance at all. even my toyota 7 is being lapped at the mo

    • Guest

      What year did you put in for your birthday email it to my psn I'd vstar2012 add me

  • bleeper415

    Use the Toyota Minolta Race car. it keeps up with the buggatti on daytona, and kicks the shit out of everything on nürburg great cornering and top speed. you get it by driving in 100 races or more.




    the Ferrari 458 italia is one of the best cars i bought it during amateur series and it managed to get me all the way to extreme series, all together it cost me 500 000+ to buy and upgrade but very well worth it

  • yotamaster

    Get a Viper SRT-10 coupe – 1002hp, 967lb-ft of torque, and weighs 1200kg.

  • lux

    i have now 5 red bull x1's and they are amazing!!!!

  • martmaniac

    try the audi r8 09 (not the older one) fully upgrade him and it will become badass. Best car ever just give it a try

  • EaglesTalon

    The best i have seen so far is the 62 Buick. I just strated GT5 a week ago and have used this car in most races beating out the competition at 858 HP/ 6000 rpms. You can mod the car mad. Top speed is 225

  • romeo

    I got the signature edition and got the nsx gt500 stealth its incredible in corners i did the all stars with it and if you don't make a mistake you will beat all the others because it corners briliant.
    i also got the nsx takata dome its the same only thing is that it isn't super fast on the straight lines
    the mazda 787b if im correct is whey better for that and i love the r8
    didn't try a ferrari yet
    i got a prelude 2.2vti type s tuned it to 400+ bhp and on the straight line it beats the new m3(500+- bhp and even in the corners but i don't like it that they left the old cars behind in the tuning cause you can get 500+ easy with the h22a engine
    but maybe its because it would be to easy otherwise
    but nr 1 is the nsx gt500 stealth/nsx takata dome
    2. the r8 5.2 fsi (cause it drifts very nice :D)
    3. mazda 787b cause its really fast
    i'm thinking about the viper and the corvette for the america race love them both but still thinking though :P

  • Kenny

    Barely anyone here knows what they are talking about… Bugatti? Z28 Camaro? Mustang? Shelby Cobra? Please, if you guys have no idea what you're talking about, don't say anything at all. Another thing tip, 98% of standard cars are worse than the premium vehicles so if you mentioned it, you're most likely wrong.

    Putting the barely affordable and/or achievable aside (5mil+ like F1 or X1), best cars to get is the McLaren F1 and the Corvette ZR1 RM (race modification). My personal preference is the ZR1 because when fully tuned (905HP and 1100kg), its still super easy to handle without any assists with racing soft tires. Those two vehicles will out handle any 458 Italia, GT-R, Lamborghini, Mercedes, or basically most (if not all) cars mentioned here.

  • MustangFan

    im LOVING my Mach 1 1971 Mustang from ford. Beasted every race it can enter up to the expert series and only cost 50000 credits. I was a little dissappointed about the lack of the 1969 and 1967 mustangs but was pleasntly surprised by the Shelby modded GT350R but still, im missing my favourite car of all time :( looks like im gonna have to go to america to see one for real instead ;)

  • gt5master

    by far my best car is the sauber mercedes C9 race car it has 1013HP and handles like a dream! i won the like the wind a spec event like nobodys buisness and also the a spec all stars event but this car is very pricey

  • Chuck379

    Hey I have a toyota minolta 88-CV race car and I see nothing that can beat it. You can get get it for free by beating the Like the Wind championship. If tuned right it can get over 1000 hp and weigh less than 900 kg

  • So Amazing 18

    the toyota 88 minola is amazing. best car so far.

  • Adrian

    My top cars in my garage (all upgraded to the max):
    1. (Puegot) 908 HDi Fap – Team Peugot Total '10
    2. Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Race Car '98
    3. Toyata Minolta 88C-V Race Car '89
    4. Ferrari Enzo '02
    5. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR '08
    6. Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro '09
    7. Audi Le Mans quattro '03

  • Cobra13

    I hate B-spec…and never play it. But the cheapest way to get a quick car is to get B-spec mode to level6….and win the MR-NA race (the one with the mx5/miata)

    You will win a Mazda Furai Concept, only thing this thing needs is a turbo upgrade and some soft slicks. Boost up the downforce levels to max and that car will win a lot of hard races.

  • Gt-one

    The toyota gt-one is the best car ever. I’ve been using this car since gran turismo 1 and it has never let me down in any race period

    • Ricky GT

      any race???

  • car stoker

    the lamborgini prototype is pretty fast but the price is about 15,000,000 million dollars
    and my second fav is the corvette ZO6 '06 with race mods and lots of tuning is sick and go to the dealership and buy a ford focus with electric orange and then sell if you want then go to gt auto with you corvette ZO6 put race mods on it and paint it electric orange
    then sell your focus and buy a new one and it will give you electric orange again and then spray your corvette wheels and the car looks sick

  • Even

    Does anybody know if the Ferrari formula racing car is better than the grand turismo formula?

  • Pussy Monsta

    You might doubt me but the Dodge Ram 1500 all mods and racing tires can beat almost any car without really long straight lines

    • Ricky GT

      you're richt I doubt you!!!

  • Darth Racer

    Red Bull X1 Racer Get to level 35 with b-spec let him rice while your gone…. And you get the car for free! 275 to 280 MPH on A straight away and will consistently corner at 225 to 265 depending on the turn. It will decimate all.

    • Mack Mitchell

      were do u get the x1

  • cody

    LOL I just bought a Formula Gran Turismo from the online dealership.. might want to look it up. I put it in B spec to test how good my bad driver was with it.. and he lapped the field twice in the Wind race, he cant even win the race with a Veyron

  • Owen

    I personal have had no problems winning races with the Nissan GT-R concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001). Maxed out its at 759hp. The only way I know how to get the car is to get all gold in the IC License tests.

  • Adam

    Formula Gran Turismo, never been beaten, enough said.

  • richard fits

    if your stuck at level 21 like is was for a week… buy the 09 z06 vette… buy the racing mod. super charge it and all the works. racing soft tires. adjust the downforce to the max number in the body/aerodynamics… that makes all the difference. tried the "like the wind" race, still couldn't beat it. did the down force adjustment, the car now handles like it is on rails! its not my fav car, but it gets the job done.

  • Blackened4ever

    After all the experience i have playing the game (level 28 aspec, level 20 bspec) i find that the formula gran turismo is an obvious beast, the toyota minolta, toyota 7 race car, ford gt lm spec II test car, and the bugatti is probably up there because its speed is incredible. The saleen s7 is an amazing car too for a good price, same with the dodge viper acr, shelby cobra, and the audi R8 is really good until the expert races, if you cant control it you will never keep up with the race cars

  • Jonesie

    The 2006 Dodge Viper STR10 is beast with all upgrades and aero kits… Mine is pushin 1012hp =D

  • ezh

    Dodge Challenger STR8 with all the tuning is AWESOME.

  • Luke

    Mercy mercy me, that Murcielago.
    Pick up your Lamborghini Murcielago and fine-tune that beast, see how she blows.
    Tuned car championship and supercar races, effortless.
    Cheap, too.

  • Zamado

    Chevrolet Camaro SS `10 tuned to 700bhp. Beats almost anything.

  • albo

    formula one car doesit for me bit expensive at 4.8 million though

  • ???????????

    X1. Get one

  • ???????????

    X1. Get one .X1

  • Brandon

    The best speedway car besides the Red Bull X2010 (fastest car in the game) I personally use the R390GT road car, really fast. Also the C9 Mercedes and Bentley Speed 8 are really fast as well.

  • vlad

    I've just bought the R8 5.2 and tuned it up, it should be sth like 700hp and around 1200kg. with the quattro grip it really is a sick car…

  • John

    The most hp ive seen up to now is the Bugatti Veyron Another car if you tune it right up that is 977hp is the TVR Cerberus Speed 12

    The Toyota Minolta race car does 950hp tuned

  • skullzombie113

    Audi R10 stealth model pwns all with less then 1000 kg and more then 660 pk
    but this car isn't for sale in the game got it by vouchercode

    • guest

      What is the vouchercode can you give it to me psn vstar2012

  • driver

    I've heard that the open wheel cars are the fastest. (formula 1) i am level 25 and have enough credits, should I buy it? the car i have is the bugatti which handles worse than my bike..

  • Helix

    The NSX honda is amazing!!! I know it costs 1million, but its worth it!!! Another great car is the ferarri 330 race car, i know it costs 20million, but its great , i traded my NSX honda for one. Another great car is the Calsonic or Nismo or Yellow Hat GTR, its AMAZING. There's also the GTR 07', mine is fully tuned, TO THE LIMIT!!! the only problem is the MASSIVE under steer, other than that, the acceleration is great! One other car is the HKS evo, OMG that thing soars like an eagle, turns great, and NEVER spins out, even with traction set to 1 or off, its also VERY fast. One last car is 458 italia…SPEECHLESS! the 62' buick is good for speed, packs 850bhp fully tuned, UNBELIEVABLE but highly UNRECOMMENDED!! REPLY THIS COMMENT PLZZZZZZ!!!

  • Kraven Morehead

    formula gran turismo is the best car for the money

  • Gibbsy

    SLS AMG fully tuned drives like a dream fast enough to beat traditional super cars and smooth driving feel and compared to other cars it can be quite cheap

  • Dan

    I need a car to do the expert league – historic race,, suggestions?

  • ost

    gt-r vspec 0-300 14.5 sec

  • SupaViper

    Dodge Viper Str

    fully mod as 993 hp… nothing more to add. lol

  • thestig

    X1. That is all.

  • HUM74

    1- TOYOTA Minolta Super race car with HP 1006 superb Speed with perfect handling .. the best so far if u take out the Redbull as well F1 cars
    2- Bugatti Veyron
    3- VIPER SRT

  • Josh Stobart

    Red Bull x1 :D

  • Capizzi

    the nissan skyline GT-R R34 v-spec II nur is the most amazing car i have ever raced! with a 800hp. not only do u get amazing acceleration but the power and the handling make it a unbeatable car to race against. it wipes all butts that Ferrari makes. I want to buy the evo 10 FQ but is not available to even buy. thats is the only complaint i have with this new game. on the other gt 5 it go's neck and neck with the new GT-R. I think u if u are looking to get gold with all races i recommend this car or the new skyline GT-R v spec model.

  • peyton

    the only thing that sucks about this game every car sounds like a 4 cyclinder motor

  • duke

    audi r8 5.2 910 hp 1200kg……

  • Daniel Franks

    Won a Bugatti Veyron which turned out to be the best car for a great many circuits but failed to hold it's own against Le Mans style cars, in particular the Trial Mountain. Finding a suitable Le Man style racer is tough with only the Peugeot available at a very high price. Do not recommend the Corba as it can not be resold (expensive) and has zero down force even with all possible modifications. It is a straight line car only. Bugatti Veyron a solid contender except against pro track cars.

  • Nick


    Ok guys im back. Heres some advice for best cars
    In the beggining of the game, just buy a honda civic and tune it up a little. It should do you well enough. After you start to get the hang of the game, say level 6 to 13, a good Nissan with some tuning will do just fine for most. I would suggest the Fairlady Z Version S (Z33) '07. Try to save up money, and repeat courses over again if you need to to get more money. Try not to keep buying a bunch of cars for every race, you dont have to beat every one.

  • Nick


    Chances are, youll win a car you can use for some later on. Now, once you hit level 14, and have Cr. 394910 saved up, i highly suggest buying the Mercielago Lp 670-4 Superveloce '09. Its a Lamborghini, and fast as all get out. This care tuned can easily cruise you through most non-restriction races out there untill level Gran Turismo All Stars, level 19. Skip this race for now, its very challenging. At that level, beat races to get as much money and xp as possible. Once you hit 21, buy a Corvette Zr1 (C6) '09. Take it to GT Auto, buy Racing Mods for it. Then buy every possible tuning thing you can for it, set it to full downforce front and back, buy racing meduim tires, and put brake balance to 7 front 4 back. Take it to Like The Wind, and beat both courses. The 2nd one is quite challenging, try to stay and front and cut off anything that tries to pass you. After that race you'll win a Minolta Race Car, insanly fast. Use it to beat all non-restricion races you have left, including all stars.

  • Nick


    This is just a shortened guide NOT including the restricions races. For those, you need a certain car to compete. You will win many cars you can use, so dont be afraid to skip these and come back later. But dont blow money on every single race, or you will not have alot of fun in GT5. Also, the Special Events are a great way for Xp/$$$/ and cars. Do the Nascar ones whenever you can, also the Rally challenges and AMG Driving acadamy are fun and challenging.
    If you need any help, contact me on PS3

  • Onikage878

    My dodge viper srt10 has 1010 bhp does daytona in just over 2:15

  • om nom nom

    suzuki cappucino with racing modifications

  • toonbarmy

    i got given the audi r10 race car. on my first 100 wins 2000km prize tag…insane car. corners perfectly laps the indy speed ring in about 40 seconds. about 1 second slower than my minolta but top speeds 250mph and still going. best present ive ever got

  • helix031

    and XFormula Gran Turismo, F2010 are the GOD CARS of the game… untouchable unless racing in a race with similar cars.

    X2010 by far fastest and possible best handling… 1425 HP and 550kg weight with incredible downforce…

    Some of the LM cars u win are great as well.. NSX LM, Ford GT and GTII and the Minolta toyota….

    as far as regular cars… GT-R 09, 66 Camaro, Vette (race modded) and 430 scuderia are awesome as well (havent owned an enzo yet)

  • Ben den Drijver

    won the Bugatti Veyron. upgraded it to around 1200 bhp and applied some other mods. beats the sh*t out of every other car

  • Chase

    I drive a Nissan GT-R Spec-V in this game and I'm very impressed with it. I can run with the much better formula one racers in this game and actually win. It's fully modded and has roughly 850 bhp. Im very pleased with it, it was well worth the money. Only problem that I seem to be having is getting the car to go over 200mph…

  • Nicco

    The 62 buick special when suped up is one of the best cars i can go 268 tops in it.

  • martin

    i love my mercedes-benz e63 amg. i got it tuned to the max with 827hp and its a beast!
    i can beat pagani zondas and laborhini gallardos even when playing online
    i think its the best

  • andy

    I have a wide range of cars but can't keep up on the Historic Racing car cup in expert series what is the best car to get and do i need to spend big money on a race car?
    I also am having problems with Gran Turismo All Stars i can only manage a second place over all with a fully loaded zonda r 09 do i just need to try harder or is there a better car that i can buy?

    • Kanasta

      Buy the Camaro z28 69 at Dealerships, In GT auto, make the race modifications, then tune it. Not that expensive and you will win for sure. The car has low top speed, but its easy to keep ahead in the more technincal sections.

    • boby6

      do b-spec like the wind and u will get a toyota 7 that will smoke the historic race

  • fishy

    i like using the Red bull S.Vettel, i think it is better than the carbon in performance, but the carbon looks better

  • Ray

    Won loads early on with the free Hommel
    First serious purchase was the Ferrari 512BB, looks great and so versatile with all the Italian/Historic races.
    Second was the Gallardo which spec'd is a top road car and why not when you need one for the Gallardo Expert Series anyway?
    Furai is a free bargain – for the price of an MX5 on (B spec race) racing
    Lightened Caterham with FireBlade engine was an indulgence, great to drive and Bspec Numpties can win on their own while I'm making breakfast/walking dogs etc
    Peugot 908 Team Peugot Total as a Gift Car was a result

  • lightningthunder

    the perfect car is the bugatti veyron with all the mods- 1162 hp; 1465 kg; unknown torque and will beat any car on the track as long as you can handle a little bit of driftin

  • Southwood800

    Suzuki Eskudo Baby!… Yes the same as the one in the original… takes corners at the speed of a well greased badger on heat

  • Kanasta

    Cheapest way to win,
    Just go for the formula GT car (UCD) and the Toyota Minolta that you will get winning the Like the Wind race. You can win Like the Wind with the Maclaren F1 94 (that also is a gift car). Just decrease all aerodynamic, tune i to the max and wait til the last lap and slipstream the R92CP that probably is in the lead. Once you have the Minolta the rest is very easy… to easy :(

  • Guest

    The Ford Gt '06 rapes ass on down the strips but just kills it around the corners, I've got mine up to 790 bhp and kicks it faster most of the cars I own.

  • joe

    I got the minolta. This blows the doors off of anything. Just got done with the dream car championship with it. Just be careful on the course that its raining on. And now trying to save up for that 4 million dollar fi in the online dealership and also starting to race in the endurance. But fully tuned I was pulling 38 seconds at indy going 220 in the corner never braking.

  • Eoghan

    for pure bang for buck, go for the vette ZR1, and perform racing mods in gt auto/maintainence. then add all available auto parts (remember that racing mods will remove any modifications prior to the change so leave it stock and save!) then set to your own personal preference. to give you a lil head start, set the gearbox at 242mph top speed for a good starting set up.
    once you complete "like the wind" you win a damn good race car which will pretty much do any tournaments you're stuck on……. eg. gt all stars

  • GTplayer

    I use a fully tuned Veyron that has 1200 hp and a fully tuned Viper SRT10 which has 1023 hp.

  • Raceruler247

    The zonda r fully tuned is beast but if you want a fast car get the corvette zr1 09 is amazing after the race mod and some tuning I wools arse on like the wind and the dream car race series

  • Connor Gwilliam

    Get the Formula Gran Turismo.
    By ****ery, what a car, that ****er can turn.

  • aaron

    i have a audi R8 fully done up with every thing u can get and it is the best car i have, the handling is freaking insane! and it makes 989hp, and how do u get the redbull X1,

    • boby6

      get to level 30 either spec and u get a special race that if u win u get it or wait till u get to lvl 35 b-spec and u get it or get 20 million and buy one once past lvl 30

  • x_o

    Well, I've tried many cars now. This is the following result:

    R8 pretty nice acceleration and handling for the beginning.
    Viper ACR very nice high speed for the beginning. (400kmh)

    Really sick cars without X1 and FGT/F07/F10 are:

    Toyota GT-ONE very good acceleration with high max speed (405kmh).
    C60 Hybride a bit better acceleration with higher max speed (411kmh).
    Nissan R92CP best acceleration with high max speed (404kmh).

    Of course with really nice handling they are all hard to get, especially C60 Hybride and Nissan R92. You can the Toyota GT-ONE at level 35 B-Spec endurance race.

    If you are looking for a nice race car, which you want to buy for 4.000.000 Crd. Then go for Mazda 787b which has best acceleration in shop or 908 HDi FAP which has a better handling.

    If you are looking for stealth models, you should check for 787b stealth model, which has the best acceleration together with the Nissan R92. R10 stealth model has low acceleration but higher max speed than 787b. And yes stealth model are faster than the usual one.

    • Gt1cooper

      how do you get stealth model?

  • http://T B

    Try the tve 12 speed from the used car list not to expensive to buy about
    1100hp fully tunned and only 1000kg shit fast!!! A pit of a pig in the
    Corners but I managed the win on lIke the wind

  • boski

    why arent there any da9 in gt5

  • Tom

    Why on earth is everyone bragging on about the Viper and the Veyron? Rubbish cars with absolutely rubbish handling. Sickest cars I have are:

    Peugot 908 HDI Fap, seriously, this thing will rip each and every opponent to pieces
    Ford GT Lm test Car
    Toyota Minolta
    Formula Grand Turismo
    Pagani Zonda R
    Toyota GT-R

    • Cjbliz

      Formula Grand Turismo is the shit.

  • bart

    witch car do i need in expert b-spec historic racing car? and in grand tourismo allstars?

    • Jack

      Chapparal 2J/Ford GT 40 Or Toyota 7

  • Harry

    Best car hands down is the Redbull X1. I will challenge anyone, any time, any where to beat it….
    Corvette ZR1 Fully modded is a beast of a car, along with the Pagani Zonda R

    • bart

      How do i get the red bull x1?

  • Cjbliz

    Pagani Zonda R 09 will crush anything up to the final race over all.


    why is there no morris marina in the game ?

  • bart


    • Cjbliz

      Get to lvl 30 and there should be a challenge for it.

    • Jack

      Get B Spec Level 35 Or Get A Spec Or B Spec Level 30 And Try To Win The Challenge

  • nikolai

    Red Bull X1 aside, the Peugot HDi Fap is the best overall race car in the game. It is the ultimate money maker that has never let me down. Awesome blend of top speed, outstanding acceleration and superb handling. All others will perish…..ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Bob

    So I have about 1 million credit now. Should I save for the Mclaren f1 full tuned? From what i've heard, it's very good.
    Oh, and I'm not looking for some over-powered car that only does great on straight lines. I need a car that turns good with good acceleration.

    McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo or anything else?
    I really don't know…

    • boby6

      for that price range there are a lot of good cars. the 458 italia i think would be ur best bet because it is extremly fast and is razor fast cornering. there is a Jag XJ220 in the used car place and i think its around 700,000 but its like driving honda civic just super easy to drive and still throws down fast lap times

    • adam

      keep saving and either wait for the GTR race f1 in second hand orjaguar xj220 is ace 210 mph but handles like a babe XD

  • Royroy

    My Bugatti is up to 1222 bhp after proper tuning. The crap handling is also gone, now it actually handles good. :-) its a MONSTER!!

  • me123

    I no its not the best but i have the mazda 787B because i preorderd the game and its good enough tuned up to go all the way in a_spec, but i stopped using it when i got the minolta from like the wind

  • Slow_Poke

    A Fully upgraded the ZR-1 RM will win everything if you tune it right

  • dom

    i got a veyron and a maclaren and a lambo murchilago and a jag

  • GT_Fan

    Im on level 17 i think and my best cars now are
    • BMW M5 – fully tuned. stock diff and gearbox and only height adjustable suspension. easily beats the cars in GT World Championship. great speed and great handling

    • Ferarri 458 italia – had to get a Ferrari for the Ferrari challenge and settled on this car. once worked up its fantastic!

    Where can i get the Pikes Peak Escudu? i loved it in GT2!

  • mike

    the formula gran tursimo is unreal, 900 hp and 550 kg. it can go around the indianapolis speedway full speed at like 380 km/h +

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Best track car in my opinion (excluding F1s and X2010) is the Mazda 787B Stealth Model 92, fully upgraded it has over 900 bhp and it only weighs around 850 kg. Some people say the Toyota Minolta 88C-V 89 Race Car is quicker but they've only used the box standard 787B, the Stealth Model's quicker and really out performs the Minolta through the corners, it's cornering speed is amazing.
    Good "cheap cars" I recommend are: Nissan GT-R 07
    Lotus Elise 111R 04 RM
    Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 RM
    Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo
    HKS CT230R 08
    All of these are reasonably cheap and will win you any race apart from some in the Extreme series such as "Like The Wind".

  • SIC

    ferrai enzo ive got up to 902 hp plus it looks sweet handels well as it is MR, i could restore rigidity in the auto section but it costs 500k not sure im ready to pay that yet.

  • Matty

    The Nissan Fairlady wins nearly every race for me, have 9 and half million so will be looking to purchase the Formula one 2010 model at £12.000.000 asap.
    Do you guys have any tips for a classic car to? struggling to get one.

  • henk

    formula gran turismo is the best car

  • XPV

    I loved GT-R '09, Corvette Z 6 and GTO Twin Turbo 97 but i used more time my corvette and have 824 HP

  • FinnishGT5Fan



    Toyota Minolta 88-CV Racecar – 1000 HP 850KG 100KG/FM (won at Like the wind-a-spec)
    Dodge Viper SRT-10,(the last one) – 1000HP????KG 100KG/FM (100 000.Cr from dealership)
    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak-car (4WD:D) -1100 HP 800kg 90 KG/FM (bougth with 2Mil. from online)
    Bugatti Veyron – 1200 HP 1400kg 140-160KG/FM (won at last race of Professional)
    Toyota 7 Racecar – 900 HP 600kg 70-90 KG/FM (won B-spec-like the wind)
    Mazda 787B Racecar – 1000HP 900kg 90KG/FM (from pre-order)
    Jay Leno Tank car – 900HP, 3500kg 230KG/FM (won at Amer. Championship)
    Shelby Cobra '67 – 800HP , 950kg ???KG/FM (550k in dealership)
    Corvette ZR1 RACING MODIFICATIONS – 900HP, 1100kg 110KG/FM (lil under 200k, and tuning 300k)
    Ford GT '06 (and all others too:D) – 900HP, 1100KG, ???KG/FM (100k in dealership)
    ZondaR (WERY GOOD) -900HP 1000KG 100KG/FM (won from ….IDONTKNOW:D:D)
    Tommykaira (looks like a saleen:D) -800HP 1200-1400KG, ?KG/FM (200k at used cars)
    Saleen S7 -900HP 1300KG ?KG/FM (700k or 400k in used, cant rememer)

    Ferrari Enzo -900HP, 900-1200KG ?KG/FM (have better things for mah money:D)
    TVR Cerbera Speed 12 -1000HP, 1000-1400KG ?KG/FM (300k in used, havent find one yet)
    Redbull X1(and other X1 too) 1500HP 400-600KG, ?KG/FM (20mil, or 40lvl prize-car or won at Special events)
    All Formulas -900-1000HP (Ferrari formula,12mil in dealer, GranTurismoF1 4mil in online)

    Best(cheap)Car To Drive: Racingmodded Camaro'10, 650HP, about 1200kg, but INSANE GOOD TO DRIVE

    And one of my personal drifting favorites:
    Chevrolet Chevelle '70, massive Torque, tire spins at 250km/h on economic tires 880 HP, 1200KG 120KG/FM

    Ferrari F40 Sucks, Most of 4WD cars suck, and daihatsu midget does wheelies, endos and 2wheels :D, and all 20 000 000.Cr cars are good. i have 4different lambo's, but u can buy better car's at fucking 300k:D
    Ferrari 458 is good
    Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer -800hp, 1400kg, 89kg/fm 750K in dealership is BAD:D

    INFO!!!! : For people Stuck on the Historic class, go, and rush to "like the wind"-race on 21lvl in B-spec, to win Toyota 7 Race-car '70, (see below).

    SEE THAT YOU CANT BUY THE MUSTANG FOR IT, its modded at 2000-2011, so it wont fit
    Ford MarkIV 20 000 000 Can do it
    Jaguar XJBLALBLA 20 000 000 Can do it
    Ferrari BLABLA 20 000 000 Can do it
    Lamboghini Miura 15 000 000 Can do it
    The vacuum cleaner(u know what)14 000 000 Can do it (if you find it at usedcars)
    Cheaper ferrari 100 000 Cant do it
    Cheaper won Lambo IDK what it costs, Cant do it
    Toyota 7 from Bspec, or 1-15mil usedcars Can do it (see INFO ^)
    Cobra ………………………………………………………………Cant do it.
    With 30days of practise some of these cars can do it:D

    And the Pickup-truck-stuckers, go to used cars, and if theres no pickup trucks Put ur computer's internet cable to your ps3(if u havent done it already:D) and go to online dealership, theres always one.

  • R.Green

    I just made the Like The Wind and got the Minolta Toyota 88C-V Car Tuned and it gives 1018 BPH on 850 kg and on the Speedway you can hold at least 350 km/h in the cornering

  • Arjun Cheema

    I love my Veyron just due to it's "aerodynamicicity" (my new word). It's also very fast, the only problem about it is that even though you can reduce the weight and all those specific modifications, sometimes it just doesn't cut it for even the mildest turns like on the Daytona Speedway. When I had the chance to buy the Audi R10 Le Mans Race Car, I did it in less than a heartbeat. (Yeah, I love Audi's THAT much) You tune it to the max, and it's just wonders on those turns and for a automotive enthusiast like myself, I just love those great skills that it has. And I mean, the only reason I was able to buy that car is because of that glitch that some awesome person found while coincidentally they were driving their GT-R and drove into the wall and won 200 Laps in 20 minutes resulting to them winning $2.5mil. Then again, 6 days later GT5 introduces the v1.06 which they patch that part up.
    The Sebastien Vettel Challenge is hard, (You can find it in Special Events) but at least you get to drive the X2010 and get around Nurburgring GP in less than 1:04. Yeah, it's that hard. Well, buy the Audi R10. Please.

  • Dave

    If you come across the 02 Pagani Zonda c12s in the used car dealership, it's DEFINITELY worth snagging. its only about 999,000 credits. Fully modded, its by far the best all around performer under 1 million Cr. Its almost as fast as a fully modded ZR-1 RM, but its much more balanced around corners. IMO, its almost completely equal to the ZR-1 RM (even tho there's a few races you can win w/ the ZR-1 that u cant win w/ the Zonda), but is easier to keep under control and it's almost impossible to spin out. Of course, it all depends on the track, driver and tune. Mine is rated at 923BHP and is about 1240Kgs. Only thing is you cant put any aero kits on it, which is its biggest downfall because on some tracks, it doesn't produce the down force to pull out of corners as quicker cars in the All Stars Series and Ride Like The Wind and it can't win Indy. TRY TO GET IT!

  • Jack

    Well the enzo ferrari is amazing when u tune it,i dont remember the horsepower but when i tuned it it got 405 km/h it could deal with bugatti veyron trust me,buy enzo and tune it to max

  • spitzz21

    zr1 corvette and nissian gt-r both fully upgaded what beasts they are they can both surpass any buggati well with the way i have tem set up any ways

  • Craig

    my 1040HP Toyota Minolta I won Kills everything it has come up against so far!! next stop X1!

  • Brand_X

    Early in the game I found the RX-7 is light and well equipped in the turns and after mods amazing in both the straights and curves even more than before. Power to weight ratio is up there with some of the super exotics. Does a good job of grinding through the early races so you can get something your really want. If you get the top model one it can last you well into the game.

  • niels

    buy the bugatti veyron!! my bugatti has more than 1200 hp!!!!

  • tubedsurf

    Ford GT loaded is a hell of a car

  • Matt

    Mclaren MP4-12C all the way!

  • Bradley

    I think that the Ferrari 51BB and the Ferrari California 2008 are two of the best cars in the game. when they are both fully tuned, they are so easy to drive and smash any competition. i used the Ferrari 51BB (made in 1976) to win the final race in the professional series, easily. that said, when i won the Veyron. Wow.

  • Nigel

    I found that most cars are ok "out of the box" the lambo super veloce definitely needs new tyres. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Eddie C

    One of my first buys was the BMW csl o3 , and was very happy with this then got a BMW gtr 03 when it turned up another excellent car and finally the BMW gtr race car 01 which has won me many races including 3 endurance series correct tire choice is a must as fully modded this baby has tire shredding power it's unstoppable on circuits

  • Ice429

    Formula Gran Turismo PPL!!

  • ReadThisOne.

    first of all, most people on this forum must suck at the game, suggesting high priced cars that will only get you a little into the game? When buying, always look for a hight PP premium car, upgrade it as much as possible and start by getting a good B-Spec driver. Once you get to The professorial series (this shouldn't take to long if you get practice in) Do the easiest race on there until you are about level 17. then do the final championship on that series (this will get you the Zonda R '09) use this car on A-Spec until you get to Extreme, do 'like the wind' and you will get the Minolta 88. You can produce up to 1040bhp, 743PP and it owns on any race you do with it.
    Top tips:
    -when you buy a car, New or old, always get an oil change because it can sometimes add up to 70bhp extra depending on the car, and it only cost 250 credits.
    -always reduce the weight of you car before adding bhp tuning parts, this will increase the rate you can add bhp and PP.
    -if you want a car that is expensive, most of the time there is an easier way of getting the car, such as doing a championship or a licence. here's a list i found useful:

    thanks, yours sincerely,
    A GT-5 Nerd.

    • L3WRY

       that really helped, alot. I was just wondering what car would be the best to the grand trismo world championship? At the moment i have a merc sls tuned to 703bhp, and a nissan gtr 07 tuned to 740.
      I know that these cars are probobly not the car to use but if you could give me some advice it would be much appreciated , also can the cost be below 400,000 please as i am not so good the credit thing.
      thanks again,

  • Razazel

    Just bought the lambo murcielago fully moded rocks!

  • Jack

    Enzo Ferrari Fully Tuned Of Course Its Nothing Against Racing Cars But U Can Trust It Untill Level 20,Can Deal With The Bugatti Veyron!!!

  • Ian

    I got the Audi R8 5.2 liter, fully modded nearing 900hp, AWD, a little over 1k kilos. Top speed 253. Deffeneatly the AWD is extremely helpful. I also have GT-R no spec-v, great car also. Between R8 and GTR… for me R8. But cars are like shoes, you have to find the right one for you. And just like the driver the car has terrain where it excels and tracks where they'r not so good. What I try to find is the best overall car that I can find. Up to this moment, 59 cars in and lvl 27 A-spec I have been unable to find a car that can do it all. R8 great car, but rubbish on super speedway Indy. Advice: worry a little less about the power and a lot more about the weight. Good luck to you, I hope this has been helpful to someone.

  • pup652

    hi does ANY one know how to get the x1

    • Jack

      Get B Spec Level 35 Or Win It From X1 Challenge (LV30)

  • pup652

    my best car is sofar the f1 but im only lvl 29 on b-spec

  • Mark

    The Bugatti Veyron fully mod…is sick at 1068 hp!!!!!!!!!!! It is handling these race cars like horse and buggies.

  • wft1993

    GT-R is best normal car!! i beat all the super cars even the bugatti in accelerating. But now with all the audi R10 TDI classes and now accelerating in the 5th/6th gear isnt enough. my top speed is 380 with my 880 pk^^

  • deaddeath

    try the '04 Corvette Z06 fully modded
    '02 skyline R34 fully modded
    or '69 dodge challenger fully modded
    thier all fully sick

  • stupid guy

    use a stock fiat500 people

  • jack

    my buggati is 1259 bhp

  • bob

    wheres the old mini

  • Thomas

    Looool bugatti sucks! I easily beat it with my zr-1 RM, ford gt, and lots of others!

  • Nate

    I'm lvl 27 a-spec and im in love with the Chevrolet Camaro '10 fully modded (no RM). It is good for speed and a dream in the corners, I was going to do the grand valley 300km endurance race with it but by lap 6 i got lazy.

    • Stanna5x

      I got tommykaira zzll’ 00. Works great

    • Stanna5x

      I got tommykaira zzll’ 00. Works great

    • Darthmoreno

      Won that event with formula gt with 22 laps ahead of the competition rolf.

  • thomas

    i am working on the ’09 zr1 and it’s pretty bad. But i’d have to say my favorite so far is the ’09 ferrari 458 italia, only making 675hp but that’s @ 9800rpm. it handles like it’s on rails and will run 230mph+ all day. great car..

    • SP17

      That Italia is possibly the only car I can't seem to fishtail in corners. I've tried nailing the throttle and chucking it about to swing the back out… nothing, just grip… It handles superbly.

  • guest

    If you are looking into buying your first faster car i got a corvette and it was really fast for its price and then i got some more money and race modded it and after I modded it i had to go to tuning but in the car garage not the shop and go to tuning and got transmission and u will have fully custom and the got to max gear speed and make it bigger the u can get free racing tyres they are also in tuning

  • Jackson

    My best cars in order from best to worst are:
    red bull x2010
    formula gt
    toyota minolta
    zonda r
    corvette zr1 rm

  • GU3R1LLA

    Corvette ZR1 (C6) with race modification. ridiculously fast, super light, handles great, won all the event it was able to compete in, my favorite car and i have gold in every event in a-spec except for last row in extreme series.

  • afyo187

    The veyron is a crap car cannot handlefor shit it is quick but around the corners shoking i recommened the mazda 787b

    • Eyansdaddy

       I can give u a setup that will make the Bugatti hug the yellow line.

      • Guest

        shut up

  • Thomas

    What you really need is the corvette ZR1 mine is fully tuned it has 899 bhp and it will do 251 mph – THATS INCREDIBLE it batters any other car however it struggles on the event called 'like the wind' where it cant keep up with the other cars in the corners but hammers them on the straight!


    you all suck i have nearly all the race cars both redbull racers, i just need the formula 1 ferraris out of the le mans cars the audi r8 race car (I HAVE 3 DIFFERENT KINDS) or the nissan RPC something beats even the mintola… REDBULL RACERS R THE FASTEST IN THE GAME NO IFS NO BUTS..

    • Connorloughnan

      What is the best car you have driven thats not an F1 car and can be used in both A-Spec and B-Spec(mainly A-Spec)? I’m talking handling and cornering mainly and really how easy each car corners, because I know I can rumble down the straits in any fast car but I need something very easy to drive, handle and corner fast if I can corner fast and smooth then down the straits will be wear I make a get away from the rest of the drivers. 

    • Connorloughnan

      What is the best car you have driven thats not an F1 car and can be used in both A-Spec and B-Spec(mainly A-Spec)? I’m talking handling and cornering mainly and really how easy each car corners, because I know I can rumble down the straits in any fast car but I need something very easy to drive, handle and corner fast if I can corner fast and smooth then down the straits will be wear I make a get away from the rest of the drivers. 

  • lasrmann

    i hav lamborghini mecielago (lp 670 4-superveloce) and a 2010 carl edwards fusion, i prefer the mercielago, it has 883bhp after tuning. But nicest car has 2 be tommy kaira zzii. i have it in ferrari red. and gold wheels

  • SP17

    If you want a race car for cornering, I won a Madza Furai Concept '08 from one of the Japanese events, might've been the championship one… Anyway, despite having roughly the same BHP as a stock Ferrari Italia, it weighs only 675kg. It's top speed (wihout fine-tuning the transmission) is 193mph, but it's handling and low weight makes it amazing in corners, where you'll easily make up ground.

    I just won Like the Wind with this car about 25mins ago, all I needed to do was up the top speed to about 240mph, increase the front downforce, and it was doing the corners on Superspeedway Indy at 200mph. Think I was hitting 230mph, but you find that the 6-speed gearbox gets very stretched and acceleration is slow, so you're getting caught up still on the straights. But it is a fantastic car in any race!

  • Williamz cool

    LUPO CUP CAR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    I dont know what would be the best car for the like the wind race series but the corvette ZR1 is good and could almost keep up with them so im just looking for a car that can get a round corners fast and has good top speed for the race track called indy. Anybody got ideas?

  • thomas

    ZR1 Fullt modded is one of the fastest ive drove, ferrari italia is a good one, GT-R is a must have, 97' GT-R is quick, Audi R8<5.2> is fast, Ford GT, gotta throw in the fairlady-z just cuz i won alot of races with it-not a bad car actually.<! 09' ZR1-905HP-830FT-LB 1200KG !>

  • Eddye1707

    Toyota MINOLTA (A-Spec Like the Wind)
    Toyota 7 Race car (B-Spec Like the wind)
    if you got this two little monsters tuned up, they'll have more power than weight

  • running4life

    458 Italia is the best car!!!! Mod it fully its amazing beats everything zondas enzos and every other car

    • TG98

      so does my GTR that costs 150K less

  • Armaan Amirani

    I use the Ferrari 458 Italia! I also have a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, I never use it though. Ferrari Italia, good corners, fast speeds! Best car in my opinion! 

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

    • jason

      SL55 AMG 1000+BHP mine tops around 220mph as my gears are set for accel but i set them a top speed thats acceptable
      my R34 is 200MPH, my GTR 220 lambo 240etc

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

  • Rolf Eirik Bøthun Olsen

    Corvvette ZR1, best car, mine has 901 hp and does about 380 km/h, it also takes corners like a pro!

  • that one guy

    dodge viper acr 08 1030 hp max speed around 260 mph
    formula gran turismo around 950 hp max speed 225 mph great acceleration and turning
    and pagani zonda just a boss

    • Patelrahul472

      What are ure gear ratios

  • Lolwut

    - Ferrari 458 modded to the max is slower than Ferrari Enzo modded to the max, so dunno where people say the 458 is “best”. Ferrari Comp. online, you need an Enzo to finish top 2, can get to 1050kg and ~930hp.

    - Sauber Mercedes, Toyota Minolta, Bentley Speed 8, Mazda 787B, Nissan RC89 are most likely the fastest LeMans Cars…. the Chapparal and the Audi R10 are also pretty good.

    - Best “early” car is the Nissan Micra Race Car, tune it….. and it’ll be the most fun FWD car you have until you get the Honda Civic Type R modded to the MAX.

    - If you have ~50,000 Cr and need a “bread and butter” car, get a Nissan GTR R33… and win a few races, mod it until its Maxed…. it will BEAT Ferrari Enzos, Paganis etc on that Professional Race…. not just beat them, but win by about 10-15 seconds each time… but get use to the GTR quick.

    - Get a Fast Enough/Modded enough Civic Type R and enter the online Civic Type R comp and win 300K a race…. in 2 hours, you’ll have 10 Milllion Cr and Not lose a race against CPU ever again… :-)

  • gt5

    My S.Vettel x2010 beats it all…

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • winning

    bugatty veyron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darthmoreno

    Formula gran turismo cheaper than ferrari and maybe faster


    The Corvette ZR1 09 is a very good car, he beat the ferrari 458 !

    • Darthmoreno

      I find the mclaren f1 really good too.

  • Afc-tommy

    if you have the funds the formula gran turismo is great it will win every race you enter with b-spec (at least it has for me) it also proves very useful throughout a-spec, another strong recomendation is the lamboghini murcelago LP 670-4 superveloce 09 tune it to corner and racing soft tyres are essential for it hope it helped!!

  • Afc-tommy

    if you have the funds the formula gran turismo is great it will win every race you enter with b-spec (at least it has for me) it also proves very useful throughout a-spec, another strong recomendation is the lamboghini murcelago LP 670-4 superveloce 09 tune it to corner and racing soft tyres are essential for it hope it helped!!

  • Connorloughnan

    From what I have read, My top ten would be:
    Red Bull X2010
    Formula GT
    Ferrari F2007
    Ferrari F2010
    Toyota Minolta
    Mazda 787B
    Nissan RC89
    Sauber Mercedes
    McLaren F1
    Corvette ZR1 09

    All these cars have received nothing but positive comments from what I have read, but I think apart from the F1 cars the Toyota, Mazda and Nissan are the best race cars and the Nissan GT-R, Corvette ZR1, McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo, 458 and Scuderia are the best road cars and the Audi R8 5.2 and Mercedes SLS AMG are great also. Theres a lot of great cars but there the cars I have heard the most positive comments on and as much as I love my 1200BHP Veyron I use other cars for races. Anyway thats what I have heard what do you think?

    • James

      I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I have favorite cars for certain races.  The Ferrari F2007 F1 is a great car but can only be used in one race as I had found out the hard way.  It’s great though if you are looking to gain a large sum of Cr.  The Formula Gran Turismo is a great all around car for performance and handling.  At first it can be like a supercharged go-cart but once you get the feel for it, almost nothing can beat it.  One of my favorite cars of the game would have to be the Toyota Minolta.  This car can have as much as 1040 HP and handles extremely well, even on the Nurburgring 24H under the Real Circuit Tours.  This one race alone, being only one lap, will gain you almost 679,000 Cr.  The Pagani Zonda R ’09 is a great handling car in the corners as long as you stiffen up the chassis.  This is another car that can have a top HP of almost 930 and the car only weights 1070 kg.  As for American muscle, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ’08 has 981 HP and weights just 1257 kg.  Plenty of muscle for even the most challenging runs.  For the older vehicle races, the Toyota 7 Race car ’70 or the Jaguar XJ13 Race Car ’66.  Both have plenty of power but the Toyota 7 handles just a little better in my opinion.  As for the Veyron, I know everyone loves this car, and I know it’s like a jet engine strapped to a shinny winnebago, but the cornering on it isn’t as good as it should be.  It’s a little bulky and for the money there are better handling cars that are much lighter and better on the tight bends.  Straight up there are few cars that can keep up so I guess it would have to make my top favorites for that reason alone.  So my top list would be…

      Ferrari F2007
      Formula Gran Turismo
      Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89
      Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ’08
      Toyota 7 Race Car ’70
      Jaguar XJ13 Race Car ’66
      Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09

      Some other great cars that I didn’t mention are…

      Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) ’09
      Ford GT40 Race Car ’69
      Ford GT40 ’06
      Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car ’89
      McLaren F1 ’94
      Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM ’09
      Citroen GT By Citroen Race Car

      Hope this helps.  


      • TG98

        i find the best classic is the XJR-9 LM. included in car pack3. oil change and turbo gets up to 979BHP and it weighs 894KG. perfect for the 710PP dream car or circuit tour.

  • Connorloughnan

    The best cars are the F1 cars then the LeMans cars then everything else thats my opinion everyone loves the LeMans cars I can’t wait to get one for me it’s out of the Toyota Minolta and the Mazda 747B, the best F1 car is the Red Bull X2010 then the Formula GT then the Ferrari F2007 then F2010. As for road cars the R8 5.2, Corvette ZR1 09, Nissan GT-R Spec-V, Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, McLaren F1, McLaren MP4-12C, BMW M3, Ford GT40 and a few more that I can’t think of right now but another mention is the Zonda R. Thats my list of must get cars. Cars I would’t go near are NASCAR’s unless you have practically every car and money to spend, if you want a car that goes fast in circles then use a fully modded Veyron there great for it but thats about it.

  • Scott

    THE BEST ROAD CARS ARE THE MCLAREN F1 (if you tune it fully it will hold it’s own with many high end race cars) an the Mazda furai (rapes pretty much anything it’ll come up against)

    • Mpumi

      Mazda Furai got me through most races around LV 18 l think, after that….you need something else when above LV21

  • Scott

    THE BEST ROAD CARS ARE THE MCLAREN F1 (if you tune it fully it will hold it’s own with many high end race cars) an the Mazda furai (rapes pretty much anything it’ll come up against)

  • Dazza

    wat about the Tank Car 03?

    • TG98

      to heavy and big to be “fast”. hell a stock R33 could beat it

  • L3WRY

    The nissan gtr 07  is not half bad, i have about tuned it fully now and its got about 740 bhp. It definatley holds its own, even with the high end cars.

    • YoungG

      with areo kits?

    • TG98

      the 2012 is one of the best in the whole game weighing less than 07 and has 950BHP. with a wing it can beat an enzo f1 and aventador. also costs less than spec v

  • koos

    i’m lvl 14 i have a fully tuned mercedes sls 806bhp 1300kg 
    and i have nissan micra with 244bhp and only 640kg
    with the micra i beat pagini zonda, bugatti veyron ferrari enzo on the highspeedring, level 12 chalange,

    • D1sturb3d_54

      with the micra, you cannot beat all those cars…. seriously the veyron was once the worldss fastest production car, and now your saying the micra with 800 less hp will beat a bugatti veyron?

      • Key

        u have to be drafting to even get close to the veyron

  • koos

    i’m lvl 14 i have a fully tuned mercedes sls 806bhp 1300kg 
    and i have nissan micra with 244bhp and only 640kg
    with the micra i beat pagini zonda, bugatti veyron ferrari enzo on the highspeedring, level 12 chalange,

  • Reno

    tune a zonda r (starting with weight reduction then the horsepower) then change the transmission settings so that the 2nd to last gear is relativley low and the last one is as high as it can go.  It handles great in all but the sharpest curves and a little braking solves that problem.  Just dont take it to any massive straightaways cause no matter what you do it just cant match up to a veyron in sheer speed

  • Zachgcod10

    Honda Tuner all the way!

  • Bob

    red bull x2010 vettel. Best car ever!!!!!

  • anti

    chaparral 2j

  • EffectZero

    At the moment i’m into the Minolta but the Peugeot HFI Le mans Car is a great buy.

  • Drifting Guy

    I personally love the Mercedes 300 S L because if you buy it in black , and you remove the bumpers in GT Auto , you will have a car that’s worth to love . The cockpit has a type of cream color interior . I would really recommend you all to get this car .

  • NLDeavour

    The best car i have come accros? 
    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 for sure :) got about 1045HP top of 350 and a bit :) handles great, sounds quite good ( better then the Red Bull x2010 Vessel ) and can beat other cars easily. weights just over 1000kg so… :p ’bout 1:1 hp to weight ratio with a allmost perfect 51 49 weight distribution ^^

    • TG98

      power to weight is 1000BHP per ton or 1000KG in that 2X what a real veyron has

  • Anon

    audi r8 with all upgrades, tunes to over 800bhp – will win just about anything but difficult to drive flat out. Has a tendency to spin out on heavy braking

  • george

    mclaren mp4-12c is a great car for me, it can tune over 800hp and can enter most races. it has amazing breaking and comes out of corners well.

  • Sup Dummies!

    The subaru 360 is the fastest car i have in it
    Amazing 15HP!

    • YoungG

      lol best car evvvvvvvvvvvr

    • TG98

      it nearly beat my skyline. but lost by 6 minutes

  • 10777777

    The redbull cars are definitely the. fastest cars in the game. The toyota minolta is a really good car, too. I race modded the corvette and its fine. The 458 italia is a great car after u tune it.

  • Lcoulter98

    red bull x2011 is amazing

  • Randy

    if you are starting GT5 for the first time get a Honda Civic Type R and u don’t need to upgrade it much at all it won all my races on 5 low upgrades up to Lv. 15

    once u get lots of money try to find a car with a good mix of Torque and Horsepower and get plenty of grip on it and it should then keep u winning

  • RedBarrr0ne

    The best for me is for sure the Nissan Gtr 2007 just make it slide a tiny bit with the handbrake in a corner and you get a perfect time trough the corner however slide it too much and you will lose allot of time. ;)

  • Gusta 20

    Dodge viper str10. Fully tuned hp- 950+

  • nick

    my fastest car is the red bull vettel X1

  • Lordylord

    3000GT IS the best handling car in the game IMHO. Fully tuned it fairly beasts opposition! Veyron is brilliant, you just need to learn how to use it!


    starting out, a good car is either the SILVIA SPEC-S AERO from used car dealer or a Honda Civic Type R EK.
    for seasonal events
    i recommend XJR-9 LM or 787B for 700-750PP races
    GT500 or DTM for 600-650
    for 530pp 4wd the GT-R ’07 is a great choice as it destroys everything in it
    when you reach the higher levels the 458 is a good choice.
    the top 10 are
    2.FERRARI F1
    4.MCLAREN F1
    7.SKYLINE GT-R R34
    9.SL55 AMG