Halo Reach: New Aimbot Hack Undetectable by Bungie?

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We have some important news for Halo Reach players on the Xbox 360 now, as it looks like a new Aimbot hack is currently in circulation for the game, and worst of all – it is apparently ‘undetectable’ from developers Bungie.

We’ve been informed about the new hack, and after studying the download link, it appears that the hack has surfaced from the guys over at Se7enSins – a well known team of hackers.

We are not going to post the download link here, but it is easy enough to find online anyway. Here is a portion of text from a tester who has been using the Aimbot for almost two weeks, undetected:

”Finally, a workin version of the Halo Reach Aimbot! I’ve been testing it for about 2 weeks now and have not been detected by Bungie. However, other players would get suspicious if you pull of something totally insane. I strongly suggest you do not be wreckless with this tool as you will ruin it for everyone!”

It is a shame that a small minority insist on ruining the experience for others, but hacks are becoming a common practice now, especially in console first person shooters. After having personal experience from seeing Aimbot users in Counterstrike, I can tell you that it is a very frustrating experience indeed.

What are your thoughts on this? Hopefully Bungie sees this report and takes action on it.

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  • sklorbit

    "this tool… will ruin it for everyone!" exactly what he said. what is the fun of an aimbot? it ruins everyone elses experience. no skill is involved, how is it fun if its automatic? people these days…

  • Shock120
  • dfh

    HAHAHA thats why i prefer KILLZONE and BAd COMPAny 2 all u halo and COD players suck

  • noHakz

    u use aimbot then u a mummy's boy … simple

  • Rainman

    Easy to make an aimbot and easy to make it undetectable ive been making them for years.

    PS shock120 is teh noob =)


    • GROUNDZERO-0924

      Can you make one for me or show me how?  I’ll pay…

  • Legendmaster08

    how do you get it the aimbot?

  • Miguel hernandez

    post the download