Call of Duty Black Ops: PS3 Patch Update v1.03 Live – Problems Fixed?

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We have some good news for those of you with the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, as we can confirm that patch update v1.03 is now live and available to download the next time you boot up the game.

We take our hats off to Treyarch for getting this update out fairly quickly after the PC patch, but there are no signs of the Xbox 360 patch yet.

What has been fixed? Well, if you head over to the official Call of Duty boards, you’ll see that Treyarch’s community manager has already given PS3 users a heads-up on what to expect in the ‘Title Update’ – as listed on the forums.

According to Treyarch, the patch will address matchmaking problems, trying to get into games with large parties, improvements to always select the best host where possible and ‘additional online security enhancements’ – wonder if that has anything to do with recent hacks that were found?

The update is live right now, download it for yourself and see if it fixes any problems that you have been having with the game. Below is a list of the changes according to the CoD boards:

11/17 (full title update)
· Improved matchmaking to find matches significantly faster
· Improved matchmaking to ensure that players are more effectively matched to games with the best networking conditions
· Improved host selection to ensure that the best host is always selected in the pre-game lobby
· Improved party system to ensure that parties don’t get broken apart
· Disable ability to join Private Match, Combat Training and Theater lobbies when searching for Player Match games
· Server-side and game-side changes to decrease the amount of failed Film uploads
· Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by this)
· Prevention of Combat Training stats getting crossed with Player Match stats under rare conditions
· Prevention of temporary loss of functionality when a button was being held down at the point of a disconnect
· Additional fine-tuning of audio levels and ranges for footsteps and gunfire
· Additional fine-tuning of audio levels for bomb plants/defuses
· Additional online security enhancements

Has your online experience improved after the patch update?

UPDATE: Xbox 360 Patch is now LIVE too.

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  • pro gamer

    nothing on ps3 frame rate issues? im yet to download this update so i wont rant just yet but this shudnt have happened in the 1st place i would rather they put the release date back a week or 2 to finish it properly, treyarch has recieved alot of bad punlicity the past week that it could have easily avoided by doing a public beta to find these bugs

    • Joe Bong

      Framerate bug? You must be one of the unfortunate ones. My game online runs flawlessly (no skips/lag) for my ps3. LOL shitty for you my friend.

    • dave

      yeah this hasnt really fixed it, i have problems when joining parties, keeps booting one of us out for no reason. OlModern warefare 2 never had these probs.

  • Jon-Paul

    They need to hurry up and get one for the 360.

    • Matt

      i just got on xbox and there was a new update

  • Anonymous

    I still have problems trying to party up with people.
    Whenever I get an invite and accept it, it pauses for a bit, does the loading screen, and then gives me an error message.

    • Mark

      The same here!!

    • Rob C

      Nat type 3?

      • Vladimir

        a few weeks ago i switched internet providers ;p now i have type 2 :)
        maybe you should be lookin for a good provider ? also I got a new and free modem so it also could be that xD

    • evil_Weems

      i get the same :/ even on nat type 2 its annoying me so much :c

    • corey tomlin


  • Hater4Life

    About time. I was about to quit this game.

  • Blondechick

    my partner VR4-MAN is still having serious problems with joining a game and when it comes to starting a match the white line at the bottom stops working. This is suppose to be an enjoyable experience, personally it has put me of black ops big style and i feel that i not got value for money and these problems should be cleared up before the game is released.

  • stuart

    i still cant join certain friends in parties, although i havent played a game yet. they need to sort it out so me an my friends can play together

  • graham

    since the update im constantly freezing and servers dopping out. didnt have a problem before, great fix

    • nick cannon

      ive got the same, before this update i was fine and was getting into lobbies without any problems , now however its freezing and i've been trying to join my mates party for the past 30 minutes, absolute BS, treyarch should have released a beta to get rid of these bugs because its really hindering my gaming time!!!

    • troy

      Brutal! I have the same problem.. I just got the patch and server disconnect every game. I've played 5 matches and haven't finished a match yet. Never had this problem before.. just brutal.. need to fix sniping too.. can't snipe worth sh!t in this game.

  • scott__67

    my connections worse since the patch jumpy framerate and still the dreaded lag ihave had 5mins of decent play in 15 games today and that lost connection if i could i would uninstall thesocalled fix

  • nashgash

    i've had no probs with it

  • jme

    still awful matchmaking and lag for me. i live in central london with excellent internet. WTF treyarch proper fail

  • Brandon

    Theater mode still doesn’t work for me. All of my recent games are grayed out. Come on treyarch, please fix this.

  • richard

    Frame rate as mentioned above. My games slow right down on smaller busier maps, which for a cod gamer is just unacceptable. A twitch shooter that slows down when the action hots up is just utter s**t.

  • Sam

    1.03? I never even got to download 1.02…

  • demise

    ensure you are all under a open NAT

  • karan

    I dont really have problems except for the long loading screen, and get kicked out with the "Connection Lost" screen, which never happend with me on COD: Modern Warefare 2

  • MB

    Havent tried it yet but there are so many more issues with this game that the description doesn’t cover…

    Respawnibg in exactly the same spot over and over again or right infront of enemies

    Appalling hit detection where you can blast somebody at pointblank range or stab them and they just wander off. Worse still perfectly lined up headshots that dont register or count as body shots.

    Impossible bullets that get you long after youve taken cover…I’ve had countless killcams that reveal my death was caused by shots that missed by miles

    Getting stuck in invisible webs which stop you dead when you are running

    When I lean against Walls my arse, arms and legs come through the otherside and can be shot (this happened in Estate on MW2 too)

    Hopefully the fact that enemy footsteps, explosions, gunfire and helicopters are silent has been fixed by the audio updates

    Can’t do anything about the Pre- COD4 looking graphics though

    There are so many game ruining issues that these details don’t cover

    • CODFAN

      Don't camp inside against walls then and go back to COD 4.

  • bunker

    Pro gamer, the whole public beta thing is still pretty stupid. If you’ve watched Treyarc’s videos, they would say that a public beta would be to slow especially considering order to submit a bug, you must first find out how to get the bug back up in the game. Causing the feedback to be slower. Sorry, otherwise the game wouldn’t be premiering as early as thought of.


  • Street

    Doesn't change much for me as well. Still problems with the partysystem. AND WHY DO U NEED TO SHOOT SOMEBODY IN THE HEAD TWICE? I've made a private match with a friend, to test this shit out. He runs towards me, stands still and let me shoot him in the head. He NEVER dies the first time.

  • Dave

    No change, still awful. I’m so dissapointed with this game to be honest, MW2 is just such a better game. (playing on PS3). The lag issues, Lack of stopping power which makes using sniper rifles pointless, and the awful awful spawn point system in TDM makes this game not worth the effort right now. Also still having problems joining friends in parties.

  • jMES

    they game still sucks to much lag still mathmaking is they same all in all nothing has really changed

  • nev

    i take it this will be available in the uk?

  • david

    game still freezes,game wont load,got our money and dont care.i get more error codes than i get games

  • Own-Specialist_5

    WTFFFFFFF, just went in an online game and i cant kill !!! we all shoot and knive but me and them cant die wtfff !??!?! goood patch

  • BF 1942 Till I Die

    Attemtion everyone:

    Go play Battlefield games. You never get issues such as these. The maps are much larger, so you can live longer and have a lot more fun playing on the servers. Plus, Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be released during the Winter time, so get ready to drop those pathetic Call of Duty games and enjoy the Battlefield games.

    • Soultaker44

      ^—"They see me trollin', I'm hatin'…" xD

  • aadaveylo

    WOW. They really dropped the ball. This game is all screwed up. Applied patch now it is worse. Are you kidding me. We need Infinity Ward to come in and fix it. Nice Job Treyarc. You are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ollie

      I agree mate.

      I had some issues of disconnect before the patch but not heaps. After the patch the game is almost un-playable. I had it disconnect 13 times last night in an hour and a half.

      This is incredible. The patch was supposed to make the problem go away or at least better not 50% worse………..

      I was not bothered with all the problems before but I sure as hell am now

    • nhalps

      I completely agree this game is a joke! they crapped the bed on a game that was practically flawless in MW2 and their "patch" is useless! infinity ward please help out these retards! Treyarch get the F out of gaming!

    • Jeremy

      I agree with all of this, connection issue, dropped games, loss of connection, server not available messages, lag and framerate issues so bad that I see myself killing someone and the replay shows them killing me in a totally different way.

      Treyarc,I WANT MY MONEY BACK, keep your game, I just wish CRYSIS 2 would come out faster, March 22 2011 in North America. For those of you in Europe, you’ll be able to pick up Crysis 2 three days later, on March 25th

  • Ben

    I cant play at all now.

  • A Stevenson

    This should not be happening and still no reply to emails .

    Disgrace really hope this is the last game they launch so other Game Prgrammers find a better game to get it right up them .

    Robbed again every year this happens to PS3 Gamers Time to get in touch with Newspapers i think

  • The Unforgiven

    No Change and whats with not been able to shoot through the banisters on crisis?

  • AnGelz

    Fuck Battlefield! COD is so much better, but BLACK OPS aint playable! to many problems! MW2 is a 10 times better game then BlackOps!

    • Bob

      I have never had problems with games on here. I don't know what's going on with you all, but are you serious about Modern Warfare 2? My friend joined 3 hacked lobbies in a row, boosting is a mess STILL, unlimited noob tubes piss me off, and I'm pretty sure the game is completely broken…It's pathetic.

  • bunker

    Many of your guys’ hit detection is due to your connection. I play on a 25/25 mbps connection with my search settings as locale and 1/10 of my games are messed up due to ahost connection. This connection to me was very helpful. As listed, matchmaking quality overall has increased. I find games more quickly, hardly lag, and like said, hardly dropping anymore hosts. Footsteps seemed to be a little louder, but not much. Use turtlebeaches or some type of headset if you care about footsteps. And the graphics were better then MW2′s. If you’re not using HDMI, I’m sorry. Even if you aren’t using HDMI, go to the smoother in the game options on the XMB and turn it on. For best quality, turn on the upscaler to full screen, turn the smoothing on, and use HDMI. Also, tune the brightness and contrast on your T.V. That’ll help as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • Cecil

    The new patch didn't fix anything. I still have trouble getting into matches. Have the lobby close on me. When it says migrating hosts it fails. Now it'll just sit there saying its either trying to join 50 potential matches or just says it found 50 potential matches. I have to go in and out of the lobby a bunch of times to even get it to attempt to enter a match. Not to mention the system still freezes up. So what was this patch supposed to fix ? I have the exact same issues I had before downloading the patch.

  • Kasner24

    Maybe it has something to do with the PSN Maintence…

  • Russell

    Since the patch my online user experience has become worse.

  • Meow

    I still get lost from my party in pre-game lobbies :/
    I always have to rejoin them, still does it even with the update (on ps3)

  • Steve

    This update has killed my network connection and killed in game audio for black ops for offline games. WTF?

  • danijel208

    They should have pushed back the release date and fixed it properly this game was half assed. They put it out on the market just so they can make money off of it. They should learn from polyphony digital they could have released gt5 long time ago but they’re making sure all the bugs and little problems are gone.

  • ThatGuy1241325

    Works fine for me.

  • mjurdy

    Update made the online multiplayer basically uplayable for me. Been online 3hrs and only played 6 matches without issues. Didnt have a problem before. If this doesnt get fixed soon then ebays about to get swamped with second hand copies.

  • Vandigo

    Nothing is fixed, I have more issues than before.
    Halo 3 had an open beta and there were practically no issues when it was released.

    This is pathetic, the game is so laggy whether your online or just splitscreen.

    Treyarc laid a bomb and made a decent looking game with way too many glitches…

  • FixieMan

    To all of you who has issues join friends and parties. Check your internet/ip/router setup. Go to internet settings/check connection. If UPnP is disabled that could be it. Call your internet provider and ask for their help. You might need a public IP. NAT should be 1 or 2 (one is best).

    It doesent solve the issues in this game. My friends and i have a hard time just to join one game. Had to try 5-6 times before we all Were in game. There were always one player missing when game startet..

    Personally i think its still a Good game, but they owe us one now!

  • doworksonNF32

    i havent updated my ps3 yet for the patch, but next time treyarch comes out to with another game, i wont buy it. im not gonna waste my time or my money on crappy ass lag. ty treyarch for ruining this game for me.

  • NathanialV15

    i was downloading the new patch for ps3 and when it reached 20% i got signed out and i have done the conncection test and went through all the settings maually but i cant seem to connect with my internet which is weird cause i can with all 3 laptops in my house ? any suggestions please ?

  • crazy j

    I'm getting pissed off with this game, when i try to play zombies online it gives me error messages and says that the party is no longer in session, and when i play multi-player it freezes and i go to my task manager and it says COD black ops not responding

  • jony

    keep getting an error when installing the patch
    what can i do?????

  • ozzy

    my black ops has just gotten worse since the 1.03 update, i cant even play a game at all anymore and its my 4th copy that i have exchanged at game! GET THIS FIXED ASAP!!!!! ITS DRIVING ME FUCKING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ozzy

    thought it was my ps3 but fifa11 still works without any problems and cod warfare2..
    its black ops its fuked sort it out treyarch

  • Sef

    this update screws everything. Now you cant do the gun glitch when you down yourself at the box anymore on zombie mode this sucks man. Its al **** up now

  • Mike

    slow internet connection anyway I can download this update via my PC or just bypass it so I can play?

  • Dale Paterson

    rofl infinity ward fucked it up even more.

  • Anthony

    Unbelievable.. I've played a lot of games and never had this much trouble.. I get lost connections, frozen mid game screen, frozen load game screens, people are talking on mics and i cant see who they are, head shots dont even register, i get shot behind cover, I spawn infront of enemies, Error 800something-or-other when trying to start the game. HORRIBLE!! Bad Company is sounding pretty good. EXCEPT I SOLD IT TO BUY A PIECE OF ****

  • whhhhhhhaaaaaaaa

    funny, I don't have/or notice ANY of these issues…no lag runs great…perhaps the lag issues you have is really due to your ISPs bandwidth allocation.

  • Paco Tomas

    I downloaded the patch with a GREAT smile on my face thinking Treyarc had come through and fixed all as promised (sound, connection lag, broken parties, etc)… the small file that took only five-minutes to download worried me a bit, so my GREAT smile wasnt that great anymore… long story short: YOU FIXED NOTHING TREYARC!!!!!!!! Use a few of those MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars WE PAID YOU AND FIX IT!!!!!!

  • blackopsfail

    My online gameplay has gotten worse after patching. None of the issues were fixed, I still can’t host or join parties, and I still end up on servers in France or Germany or BFE when I live on the west coast of the US. Now my lag is worse than before. At least pre-patch I could play by myself (parties would rarely work), now I can’t even do that. Treyarc is lauging all the way to the bank. At what point is it false advertising? If they claim that the game offers “online play” and it dosn’t? Says in my manual and on the game case you can play online but read the other pages and pages and pages and pages of comments in forums accross the internet… seems like this game only works for aprox. 1% of users regardless of the system.

    Treyarc must be an old english word for thief.

  • hotshot69

    I am still having lag issues online and during matchmaking. This update does not seem to be helping out with the issue. Black ops plays like crap and looks like crap compared to mw2. I’m gonna miss infinity Ward…. killzone 3 here I come baby!!!

  • Bry

    my ps3 version has become far worse after the update. barely ever find matches and continuous disconnects within a match ending EVERY GAME!

  • shaydee_lady

    Nothing has changed for me. My PS3 is over 3 years old and this update seems to have made things worse. Constant booting ouT of games, connection errors, total crashing of my PS3. It's driving me NUTS!

  • when will you learn

    hahaha what i find funny is that prob half the people on here whinged and complained about activision and said they were going to boycott all activision games about 6mths ago but still got on the hype band wagon and bought black ops. lol screwed over again by activision – you should have all learned by now so stop complaining and be happy with your activision game

  • .

    the effing combat training should be offline not online and they should bee able to play wager matches and search and destroy and capture the flag…etc.. and the game would be perfect

  • Razz_Derrenger

    When i 1st got this game i played campaign juss like anybody else. It wasnt laggy or anything but it had a buncha bugs like dead bodies floatin in mid air and the weapon not swaying when im sprinting. Also i think ya’ll need 2 upgrade the graphics. No offense but MW2′s looked waaaay better. The sfx for the machine guns sound fake. So anotha patch 4 dat one. Online was laggy as shit before the patch but now its ok (thanks).. So yeah, a patch for the graphics… If possible but a definite one 4 weapons sfx. Treyarch, if ya’ll can fix these 2 things on this highly anticipated game that me and a million others bought, i bet the world would be a much better place.

  • pissedoffplayer

    Is it just me..or is this patch WORSE? The matchmaking was fine for me it horible. Even when im trying to connect from the SAME modem in the other room. And i since the patch i have been doing horrible…its like ppl wont die? ive never gone with more kills than deaths.. did they do something to the guns or the timing? i dont understand.

  • HighlyCafin8ted

    Just played Black Ops for the 360 last night. I own a PS3 and have been suffering through the terrible choppy online gameplay. Well, now I feel as if I've been raped bby Treyarch, because the 360's online gameplay for BO was flawless. F U Treyarch. You guys just said screw everyone who's not on 360.

  • Axrhm

    IM still getting the error where it says Black Ops server is not avaialable. I could barely get into online game. please treyarc, b4 I loose my temper huh..

  • Josh

    since this update. i can't play offline splitscreen. it keeps asking player 2 to sign in. whats the point of offline if you need to be online to play it

  • OpelLive

    This game piss me off I loose my temper fix the game

  • It had potential…

    No, the problems are not fixed to answer the original question.

    For everyone saying that people are having lag issues, enemies not dying after a whole clip is loaded into them, people knifing you from 30 feet away, etc. is because they can't play… BS! The game STILL lags/has choppy gameplay, the enemies DON'T die like they should. (Seriously, a whole clip shot into them but 2 bullets from their machine gun and you're dead? Yeah right.) MW2 had it's issues in the beginning but it's a 10 compared to Black Ops.

    I got the game on release day and liked it, despite the lag, etc. It was new, so I thought I'd give Treyarch the benefit of the doubt… then after many hours of issues, I stopped playing and went back to MW2 for a while. I heard there was a patch for Black Ops and gave it another try… complete fail. The issues are still there.

    Treyarch really screwed up Black Ops. What they promoted and promised was a complete lie and fail. MW2 looks 100 times better graphically and actually plays WITHOUT lag/choppiness. I'd rather play with the MW2 boosters, hackers and lag switch cheaters than play Black Ops with the lag, campers, noobs, and horrible respawns. At least you can actually PLAY MW2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of the game but the facts are the facts people… get it together Treyarch and actually DELIVER as you had all of us believing you would. I hope they fix all the problems but I'll be trading in my copy or letting it collect dust on the shelf… back to MW2 until there's a 100% turn around on any future COD games.

  • DoGGy

    my ps3 keep freezing since the update… it's really annoying…

  • nhalps

    I cant party up or join current sessions. treyarc really shit the bed on this game!!!!! keep getting booted and freezes up all the time. infinityward needs to help these retards out fast!

  • Rude

    I had lag and choppy play aswell.. But since the update it’s actually been worst.. And I really didn’t think that it could get any worst but stand corrected…

  • outlaw

    TREYARC YOU SUCK!!!!!!! I wasted 60 bucks for this piece of crap game. I was really enjoying it until "the patch". Now, just like everyone else, my system freezes and I am lucky to get 10 or 15 min of actual playtime each night. I am sick of getting booted from games and waiting for matches that never start. you can garantee i'm done with activision, treyarc and the entire COD franchise after this sham. Way to keep up with technology assholes!

  • IrishMickaOnPSN

    This game needs alotta updates online lag is bad and the loading screen just freezes on me alot. i end up quiting the damn game or turnin the console off …i only got to level 25 and now i play GTA online …and i completed it on vetern and never got me trophies for it me mate (Officer-OMalley) is the worst guy iv seen for lag.

  • dacek59

    theater mode is still broken

    doesn’t let me upload or click on recent games… what can I do?

  • kayhansen

    i still can't join a party if theres more than 1 person. as long as there is multiple people in a party, I'm unable to join. this patch did nothing for me:(

  • Kevin

    Cmon Treyarch, I bought this game just to have fun with friends, I can't even join game invites. It just keeps saying "Game session no longer available."


  • Steve

    I’m haven a problem with SRS it seems I can hear more on one side then the other its bit weird

  • zoe

    i keep getting kicked out and keep getting inturuped error on multiplayer can any one help me please thanks it pissing me off its about time thay sorted it out you pay all this money out to play on shit

  • ld23

    game just has many glitches, but just yesterday it stops working just when the game is about to begin, the white bar doesn't load up and the whole computer stops working when i get to this point, tried loads of times to get it to work but nothing……… whats the point, can't believe that they charge you full price for a game thats as bad as this, may as well just chuck my money down the drain, this needs to be sorted out now
    have they even appoligised for this mess???
    anyone got an email address for treyarch???

  • Chupacabra

    Whats up with all the connection problems,like lagging out before a match starts

  • Gus Leal-Isla

    This patch broke my ps3. I have the backwards compatable version and ive never had a problem with any other games. The problems started with the game freezing while attempting to exit a match since the new patch. However now the game keeps freezing and the only resolve is to shut down my system using the rear switch on the box. Now my ps3 is not recognizing disks and its freezing playing other games as well!

    This game has effectively eliminated any proper usage of my ps3.
    you can see here im not the only one

    If this continues maybe a class action law suit should be in order.
    The next step is to contact treyarch and let them know about the problem so they can attempt to make a patch that fixes this if not we need to gather against them for a suit to get new consoles because mine is now broken and I can imagine this will continue to happen to others

  • rage

    >nothing about nerfing the famas or ak74u
    >these bastards need to get their priorities straight

  • Slanty


  • zaqqwe

    how do I download the patch? what are the steps?

  • shane

    It is beyond ridiculous when you consider the franchise and how good they have been in the past. This game online is the most frustrating pile of crap I have played in a first person shooter. The hit markers are horrible, the frame rate is crap, and of course you have the lag issues. This is NOT something we are used to with the COD franchise and Treyarch you dropped the ball BIG TIME on this release. It is so frustrating I have gone back to playing MW2, at least Infinity Ward takes care of their online gaming customers.


    Pissed of paying customer

  • JDx3

    Wassup wit the Sounds I just got the game today and I downloaded the patch and the sound is all fucked up, all the guns sound the same, they should fix that shit

  • Jason

    Everyone remember that Call of Duty: Black Ops is a really big game, bigger then Modern Warfare 2 and when Modern Warfare 2 was getting released the whole servers went down for a while because of the overwhelming-mass of players.

  • superdigital

    Still having lots of problems with the freeze, even after the latest update. Never tried the campaign. During a 3 hour session of gameplay, my PS3 freezes approx 2 times.

  • phil

    Boycott that game all together. The online playing is riddle with crashes.
    Hire people from EA games how did battlefield series, they know how to develop an online playing game.For 70$ a game it is a shame.

  • Sosa

    Patch?? I thought patches helped to fix the problem not make it worse…and people that keep talking about “oh the problem is your Internet provider” just stop! This problem is clearly on treyarch. The first game I joined after the patch 2 min in I get this “awaiting challenge” error and I’m waiting for 3 min until I decided to quit the blackops game from my ps3 menu!! What does awaiting challenge even mean???? This game is by far the worst online experience I’ve ever had!

  • f'n pissed!!

    i want to throw my controller at the screen. this patch is a piece of crap and did nothing! you hear me? NOTHING!! Treyarch get your #$%@ together. I can't even finish a f'n game without everyone getting kicked out. it's frozen up on me completely and i've had to restart twice. i'm frustrated and am at the point where i'm done until treyarch fixes their s$#%!!!!!

  • inexcusable

    The game has gotten considerable worse since the patch. The amount of time it takes just to join a game is inexcusable. Then, once do do get lucky enough to join, an error screen is bound to show up claiming there is an internet connection issue. I general do not curse, however, this game has me saying every word I know at the TV.

  • tom cox

    I have had plenty of issues with connection loss, host migration that boots you, and occasionally in game freeze that i have been able to use the ps button to quit the game. But after only 3 rounds with the update i was booted from connection loss, a round ended form host migration failure and for the first time in a while (months) i have to reboot from a complete system freeze WTF!!!

  • tom cox

    Where did the ability to mute players in the lobby?

  • guesst

    cant get into a single match. tried 20 times

  • DICK


  • roobzmia

    new update sucks… couldnt get through a single match for 2 hours without a freez or host migration closing the session.. Team deathmatch is all I play.. I had very little problems before the update…

  • oleg fedchuk

    The new update screwed everything up I cant even get a match it takes like 15 min for it to join a match what’s up with that and what did you guys do….?????

    • Spyvo

      This game should be called Black OOPS! I'm not a great player but come on people, It's a $70 pay toilet. Multiply that by however many million games were sold. I would expect crap if the government built and ran this game. It has the potential to be the greatest game yet, but as of now it is a $70 tease.

      • Spyvo

        All I can say is HELP!

  • sora4life

    WTF, i did the update but there are still a few screwups, especially in split screen. Screw this, im going to god of war, zelda, final fantasy and star ocean.

  • sora4life

    WTF, i did the update but there are still a few screwups, especially in split screen. Screw this, im going to god of war, zelda, final fantasy and star ocean.

  • No name

    No disrespect but i didn't had that much problems before but now i got often bad connection since the update (patch).
    Its harder to get in a online match (tdm domination SandD).
    But The badest thing ever is i cant play zombies withouth a lag since the patch…. plz fix it,
    and fix it fast…
    im starting to understand why some people started to think that treyarc Sucs

    But still Treyarc is the best…

  • bobbi

    this patch is BS it doesnt work!!! if anything it made my game worse WTF treyarch??? now my game is not only diconnecting online but it freezes in the same spot in campiegn aswell!!!! great patch!!!!…..NNNNNNNOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT.. maybe next time u dicks should trial ur games first before releasing them.

  • marciii

    hahaha patch u carnt patch my disk not 1 scratch nothing wrong with it it just crashes and crashes am guna take it back too the shop i got it from tomorow fuck it

  • whiteside

    Major problems with COD BLACK OPS on PS3…..It has me waiting for hours trying to find a game in matchmaking…….then when it finally does…it laggs out to fuck or just loses connection to host….ridiculous! So now i dont even bother trying as its so shit. i eject that piece of shit and put in Modern Warefare 2 as i dont have 1problem playing it online. Sort it Out Treyarch……..oh and this is even after installing the new update.

  • fred melendez

    have they fixed the way the game play is i have both systems and way by far the 360 plays well better then the ps3,,,i got rid of black ops for the ps3 only because the frame rate or lag ,,,im not sure what it is called but it played kinda laggy unless you where running fast ,,

  • Chris

    Its says they now have Xbox Live patch but I guess they screwed that one up again too.

  • antcametoplay456

    icant even play online but i can play cod modern warfare 2 but not blacks ops

  • dean

    well my problem is it didnt let me go on zombies then they said go on this website for updates