Call of Duty Black Ops: Connection Problems Continue on Xbox 360, PS3?

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For those of you with a copy of Call of Duty Black Ops and are still noticing some connection-related problems in the game, we want to know how badly are the problems affecting your in-game experience.

Would you consider it to be unplayable, or do the connection problems just serve as a slight annoyance whilst playing? The good news, is that a patch update is on the way for the console versions of the game, and we’d like to think that Treyarch are now focusing their efforts on fixing up the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, now that the PC patch update has already been released.

When we wrote about our initial connection problems thread for Black Ops, we received around 250 comments from you so far, so it is obviously one of the major talking points about the game at the moment. Don’t forget to check the official Call of Duty boards daily, so you know when an update is due to go live and what will be fixed in the update.

Treyarch’s community manager Josh Olin has been providing rolling updates on the list of issues that will be fixed in future updates, we’ll be bringing you more details on that shortly.

For now, let us know if you are still having connection problems with the game, and how bad they affect your experience in-game.

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  • Justin

    I get lag almost every time i get in a firefight and this takes away 1 in about every three kills i should have had. Its annoying as hell

    • XxAcidxBurnxX

      I have the same issue man. then you see the kill cam and your not even shooting the guy???????

    • Garrett

      exactly the same thing i hate it. i downloaded the new version and it is still the same. better do something about it soon or ill lose faith in the franchise


      I had alot of lag then I opened up ports on the router for xbox live and everthing seems ok, aint had any problems since. :)

    • ricky dicky

      I also have that problem. Some times 10 kills a match I know I should have had. It is very frustrating. Makes me play less and probally wont jump to buy the next cod.

  • digimichan

    Oh wow. Haven't played this week so I would know, but so far never had problems. Maybe once? :S Don't remember having connection problems. (PS3 ver)

  • JimmyDUbD

    Yes the party system needs to be fixed as well still…inviting friends into a party and joining a party seems to still be having problems. I will work one min and then not the next. Another thing that should be adressed is the weapon damage from the guns while playing non hardcore modes. I think it is a little crazy that you empty half of your magazine into the enemy and they will hit you less with a less powerful gun? I dont know if its the frame rate dropping or the lag but im running 32mbps and 14 mbps upload so i dont think its my connection lol.

  • rjlooper

    happens every time i get online.. I can usually play one to two games until it happens and most of the time i get kicked and can no longer play.

  • chrishoch514

    I have been having connection problems with the xbox version and it is quite annoying. It does not happen all the time but when it does it last most of the game and really hope they fix that and the fact that you sometimes spawn right next to the other team which is annoying because you either get a real easy kill or you killed within the first seconds of that life.

  • Rob C

    I spend more time in the menu screens and being kicked from games than I do actualy playing the dam game

    Only really brought it for the online and if this patch doesn’t fix it I’m taking it back :@

    • ant

      too right im not buying next cod i dont think

  • Phillip K

    Well I don't know about others, but I'm having major connection drops, its actually gotten worse in the last 2 days for me. I have an excellent connection, typically full bars (speednet in the browser rates it as 30Mbps dL). But, after a random amount of time (sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes much longer), it drops to 1 or 2 bars, and says connection interrupted. As of this night, it's been slightly better, but still happens about every other game. I've tested streaming on the ps3 to see if its my connection, watched the first epidsode of WWII HD (I think an hour), no drops, so its gotta be Black Ops. MW2 had major host drops, but even still, it seemed far less than this.

  • Mahmoud Ahmed

    I get kicked out still, host gets the kills over the the other guy, tactical insertion does not cancel when in killcam, and i keeplosing my friends in parties

  • brian palmero

    i play it but if they dont get the update out fast ill be loking for new game play

    • krunko six

      tru that this online play is bogus

  • Bob D.

    I've been playing call of duty since the beginning and the major lag is going to make me quit playing. I wait about ten minutes to get a match. It lags so much. Its not only multiplayer but zombies too.

  • ana

    i play on xbox and sometimes i'll get kicked from more than half of my games played. makes me want to return the game. one day it took me like an hour just to play through a full game, it kicked me out of like 7 games in a row. and the search times seem to be longer than they should be. i have my setting on 'any' and my connection is fine. but it takes so long to find a lobby and stay in it i could go make a damn sandwich. i like the game, hope it gets fixed :(

  • @th3n1nja

    First you cant get a COD party in to a game…then you cant get in to a game at all with or with out a party…and when you get in chances are you are going to be playing against a bunch of douche bags that camp on the spawn points…

  • Vish

    its horrible. im on ps3 and i live in canada. i always party up with some friends on the east coast in the states and at least one of us gets kicked with transmission error every game. and when u try to rejoin you either instantly get kicked again or the server gets full. trying to find games by myself is awful as well. constant hosts with shit ass connections, so many failed games. i probably spend half my time with this game in and out of lobbies. never had this problem with mw2 or cod 4.

    • krunko Six

      the same for me .Im in florida and this online play is USELESS. I'm DONE with TREYARCH big disappointment !!! I will BUY INFINITY WARD Call of Duty game they are BETTER at online play buy a country mile

  • David

    Yep, just got through playing through several matches (PS3), and it would drop at least once per game. Others bars would all drop too. Treyarch needs to fix this!

  • kadeb10

    It is affecting my gameplay by not allowing me to have one… I can't even get into a game…

  • Momma, Joe

    cant play this game!! going back to COD 4. Black ops should have came out with ALL new weapons..m16 again?! C'mon!

  • Justin

    I paid for this game to play online and with my xbox live friends, Now i know people will complain about stuff more than let you know how much they appreciate it ..dont get me wrong I love the game and I love that this one takes some skill (noob proof as i call it) to aim. But shouldn't this have been tested? Just keep us updated on when this will be fixed, 60 dollars for a game to some people is alot.

  • theguyonthecouch

    hey i had a round 1 time where it lagged out and killed 2 people…got aa killstreak and then kicked me out and banned me…tried to rejoin but said i was banned? random…also very laggy at points with multiple frags and grenades…also i got a red ring a death while playing Black ops =( bad timing i guess…i hope

  • Mikeyb1010

    Yup this game is pretty obnoxious. Never have a great connection. If i am host it still isnt what it should be. What a shame, i enjoy the game too. If the patch doesnt work, definitely gonna get rid of it.

  • jdjdjdhd

    i have had no problems so far until just now. i got d/c from live while playing with friends and then when i returned there was a 6 mb update. as soon as it was done and i got back online i couldn't join any of my friends invites or invite them. just got the error message :game is no longer in session. and they received no game update…awesome

  • KUSH

    anyone know what the latest update fixes? im on now

    • Ken Mabie

      latest update is …

  • eduardo

    Fist of all Black Ops is a Excellent Game but treyarch really need to fix the party invitations because i cant seem to invite or join some of my mates games, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't . And I also seem to get disconnected after playing two or three matches online. Also when i play zombies i cant hear all the party members , since the key to survival is communication it would be nice if they fixed that too. I guess we all saw it coming because this happened in the last COD as well but treyarch need to release the patch soon so we can start to enjoy a great game even more.


    i’ve had big problems with the lag, party system, host migration, etc. you name it, i’ve had a problem with it. plus i can’t believe how many times my ps3 has frozen because of this game, it’s ridiculous. and on top of all that, i just found another big bug in the game, GHOST PRO does not work at all. sentry, air support, etc still kill me. i mean if they can’t even get one of the most important perks right how much faith are we supposed to have in this company anymore. treyarch you’ve lost me as a customer for life even if this patch fixes everything and comes out tomorrow (should’ve had your asses in the studios fixing this way sooner anyways). they obviously do not care one lick about the consumer, just want more money in their pockets.

    • kylt

      ya they should spend the whole year workin on the next cod instead of half the year. or even 2 years. ik people can go a 2 years for a new and much improved cod.

    • ryan

      Sorry G*yarc only likes Xbox360. Go to your playlist and look at the Search and distroy playlist.. No XboxLive Party Chat aloud.. On ps3? WTF

  • Mulisha057

    MAJOR problems with match making system, takes forever to find match with a full party and kicks half of party when able to find game! Myself and numerous clan members having issues with unloading full clip in enemy, yet his delayed shots kill! HUGE COD fan, must say VERY disappointed! If issues aren’t fixed very soon entire clan going back to mw2! Really hope that doesn’t have to happen!

    • Zach

      I am in the same boat. we already tested the MW2 waters.. and that doesn't look good either. everyone is a cheater with the auto quick scope.. that it's not fun anymore. I really like COD, and just wish they would host their own games.

      When you are winning.. people dashboard on you…
      when you are losing… it's bad.. you can kill anyone.

  • ATL=Beast

    Yea its pretty bad. Im shooting the f*** out of some guy, he kills me and the killcam is like "you weren't shootin bitch. HAHA!!!" It pisses me off so bad, then it's like, "Connection interrupted bitch. HAHA!!!" This is why they should have had a public beta, the community could have noticed all the problems before the actual game came out.

    • MoreCowbbell

      Same thing I have noticed on mine!

      • Matt

        Hate it!! I will unload a full mag into an enemy and have him kill me. I have noticed that if i have a slow internet connection especially when the net is on at the same time as i am playing, I will move slower and die 90% of the time. I am seasoned and a good player. This shit kills me and i have broken three controllers out of frustration!.

  • Pete

    I've not had any major problems on the 360 but my nephew has complained about some connection problems on his PS3. Exelent game though, hope they sort it out quickly for all their customers.

  • daniel p

    im surprised no one mentioned the terrible spawn points. i cant begin to tell you the amount of times i get shot in the back five seconds after respawning. its ridiculous

  • JungleMidget

    XBOX 360:

    Unplayable. I, along with most other gamers, only purchased this game for its online play. At least twice a minute during online play I get connection interrupted where I am running in place for a good 5 seconds and then warp around. This happens every game I join. 2-3 out of 5 games I join I simply get dropped. I am already seriously regretting purchasing this game.

  • Spin

    Myself (and pretty much all of my friends on the Xbox platform) have all but given up on the game. Single person is great and Zombies was done well … but the multiplayer is simply a joke. Parties crash, if you can even get in. Host migration … well, there isn't any. I think the worst part about it (if you can even get IN a game) are the spawns. There's nothing like getting on a map and having the entire opposing team lay you out. I mean really? All that time in development and you couldn't see the spawns are a mess? Most of us are selling our copies.

    Side note to Treyarch … I think you forgot one little stat on your useless counter list – "Number of hours players have wasted waiting to actually play!"

  • Edgar

    I consider this game "unplayable," and that is an understatement.

    Cannot get on for hours, when I do, cannot finish a match without new host every 10 seconds, then game lobby closed.

    I play the training lobby only.

    Extreme disappointment, last Treyarch product ever.

  • Andy

    Well I got 2 PS3's, my old one freezes and has major issues with connection dropping, however my new (Slim) PS3 has no issues, both are connected to 20mb fiber.

  • XxAcidxBurnxX

    Absolutely agreed! Matchmaking=FAIL! , 50% of the time i get into a fire fight it starts lagging up BIG TYME or i'll be shooting the hell out of some guy and he pop's off 1 or 2 shots and kills me dead……watch the KILLCAM, OH! What do ya know! Im not even shooting him somehow!!!! WOW! DIDN'T KNOW WE HAD A PERK FOR A DAMN BLAST SHIELD!!!He's using the Force!!!!!! Or i dont even see him raise his gun and i see flash come from his body and i'm dead……..WTF Treyarch!

  • Tracey Taylor

    Ive fully enjoyed MW2 which was thanks to Infinity Ward, which in my opinion should of done this game as well. Black Ops should of been called STRESSED OUT, as for the past week or so i have had nothing but hassle with connection issues, getting kicked out either during the game. I have not been able to enjoy this game at all and any game treyarch is involved with I will not have anything to do with in the future as they have totally ruined my gaming experience. It is annoying to see that there is some people out there enjoying it and i'm NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shawn

    do u know why this game pisses me off? it's because i spend years avoiding cod multiplayer, because a new one comes out every year. i finnally cave and buy black ops thinking it's going to take over the compitition. ….HA. this game blows. i can't finish a whole match on 360 with out being sigined out of the lobby. I'm going back to halo reach…. a real shooter. that's real fun, was properly tested with public beta, and fucking works right! i'm going to trade this game for something shitty just to prove a point. like clash of the titans. fuck you cod

  • Lemonwilly

    Exact same as a comment or two above. I simply bought the game to join mates, and the party system does NOT work. It worked once after about 15 attempts last night, and then the game failed halfway through. I have NO problem finding games on my own, just CANNOT party with any friends. Just end up getting seperated or left in a lobby or split up somehow. It's absolute NONSENSE and incredibly frustrating. I've gone back to the warm place of beautiful matchmaking that is Halo Reach… apart from the annoying fact that quitters don't get replaced during the course of a match, it's much less frustrating.

  • shaydee_lady

    Logged on this afternoon to see an update was available. After the update I had one complete game followed by over an hour of trying to get a full game. Connection error came up quite a lot, the clan get split up or can't even join, it will say the server is full, the lobby closes just after managing to start a new game, people were in and out the lobby like wildfire and you still can't turn off (or even see) some peoples mic. It is now 6pm and I have given up trying. AARRGGHHHHHHHH! Why release a game when it's NOT PLAYABLE! Treyarch SORT IT OUT!

  • Redro

    It's not completely unplayable, if you camp, use claymores and RPG you can at least make your kill more than your deaths. Still Treyarch you need to give this priority.

    But yeah even after the 1.03 patch the connection is worse, can't remember the last time a played a full game from start to finish.

    I say "not" unplayable but It's pretty close. I only bought this to play the multiplayer, and I admit I'm disappointed not by the game but just the connectivity problems.

  • Coolno

    So this guy is shooting me in a hallway or somewhere else and I run away around the corner where he cant shoot me any more and die there. You see the killcam and I never reached around the corner in the first place?!

    Also not getting the money you earned when you are playing very well because it says connection stopped (the plug symbol thing) in the last minute is a serious ball ache.

    Treyarch was just too busy hyping the game up instead of actually focussing on its gameplay. This is why they will never beat infinityward.

  • extrafail

    I want some of that money back. Maybe this is a good time for a class action suit against a mega-industry? I paid out way too much moolah for a game that doesn't work half the time online. And don't bother putting some COD play money in my hand, I want the real thing. Modded Warfare 2 was more than just a hackers paradise, it was a glimpse of the future.

  • NovaDTH

    I didn't have this problem but I patched my game today and now I have the problem non-stop. I've had connection interrupted just about every single game I hadn't seen it once before I downloaded the patch when I got on today.

  • Alex

    Played last night so i dont know if I got the latest patch. Game is fun but I am getting weary of the incredible lag, i SHOOT the guys shoots back and kills me and the kill cam shows I did not even fire a shot… graphics should not jump or glitch, gamepaly should be smooth. I will give them one more week and back to MWF2. Even HALO reach has a smoother graphic engine. They could of made a great game they made a medicore one. The reason we are buying this gmae is we were all (gamers)looking for a succesor to MWF2, this one is not even close.

  • Jools86

    Lets all take the game back. MW2 was never like this, Halo Reach as well had a much better MP experience in the 1st week.

  • Hoof

    My XBOX freezes every single time I play and now it is freezing on MW2 as well.


    I love the call of duty games and black ops was a automatic trusted purchase. I was absolutely shocked with the multiplayer quality. On previous COD'S I usually suck on multiplayer but, still have fun. I can't beleive how well I'm doing on Black ops I'm getting high kill scores and everything which is cool because I wasn't even aiming at the poor buggers who died. So all I have to do is switch of my PS3 every five minutes when it crashes repeatedly, go back on line, shoot at walls and here twelve year olds crying BUT HE MISSED ME… SNOT FAIR!!!

  • JCRip

    I did not buy the game because I was skeptical of its quality since infinity ward was not creating it. So far my skepticism was accurate. I am considering not buying the game because I have had considerable problems with: MATHCMAKING – This is soooo bad, LAG (again, really bad at times), getting booted from games or people leaving rooms and not putting more players in. The overall game play just doesn't seem as crisp as MW2. Some games I can drop players with a certain gun then other games I can empty a whole clip and get nothing….or get killed from one bullet from their pistol. Sor far I am very disappointed in the game and am considering not purchasing it unless things get fixed.

  • JCRip

    Still bad lag, horrible mathcmaking (especially with a party) and overall inconsistent game play with kills and so forth. I have only rented the game….I don't plan on buying it any time soon.

  • TurntableZ ps3

    I get this issue sometimes even when everyone has good latency, it’s like the game is struggling and not lag. It does it combat training too sometimes.

    One game I’ll have a K/d of 4 or 5 say next game i get killed 10 times in a row cause no god damn bullets seem to hit anyone!!!!

    Serious let down with this game after all the hype too, and I am a massive cod fan.

    Anyway I am waiting to see what the developers who left infinity ward are Gunna do with EA!!


    Im getting constant lag after 2/3 games. in the first few games the connection is great then for some reason it starts lagging, especially when im in a gunfight with someone, which in turn i loose. its very god damn frustrating. I can even host with 55mbps-ish and 20mbs-ish upload and I'm STILL lagging. i had a few problems with MW2 but that was because the internet connection in my village was awful (thanks copper cabling) but now with fibre optic and a booster thingy literally less than 100 yards from my house sureeely it cant b the internet and has to be black ops. surely after so many games they can get it right pretty quickly!


    Seriously EPIC FAIL by Treyarch, the game essentialy is unplayable online. For Evey 20 mins worth of gameplay myself and my friends spend around 40 mins F*****g about with the menus and party system, it simply doesnt work. Hardly ever finds a game, random kicks, multiple host migrations during game, some of the worst lag I have ever experienced in a game EVER.

    This could be a fun game but all the problems completely RUIN the gaming experience, mines going back to the shop as its not fit for purpose.

  • chad

    I downloaded the patch as well and the issues are still there. Did this patch even do anything but try to make people feel better inside while they try to figure out how to really fix it? Since launc I have spent. Nearly 20 hours trying to play and about 6 hours actually playing it. This company seems to have taken a franchise to make fast money on and said screw fixing anything just like mw2. Ima have about a weeks worth ofpatience before I retrn the game and swear off this garbagecan company. They ruined all the other games the touched why did I think this one would do any different.

  • joe

    get connection interrupted everytime i play so bad that i just get booted out of every room i join. i downloaded an update on the ps3 and it did not help

  • William

    Party Connection is the biggest problem. Connection on a whole is pretty terrible it ruins the experience to a degree where i'm considering dusting of MW2. At least I can actually join a lobby. Treyarch sort it out! Why spend all that time on making the game when you dont have the servers to create any positive online gameplay. Connection on this game is so bad its not even worth going online anymore. Treyarch you better fix it soon and the "patch" better work.

  • Greg

    Want to talk about problems with Black Op's, I use my computer and I have had nothing but problems with Black Op's. I even upgraded my graphic card which I really did not have too, and that did not help. My computer meets or exceed all the minimum reqiurements to run the game.

  • Dmartin

    I’m still having issues as well after the update .. Everytime I get killed or dive my control disconnects I even tried switching controls and still get the same problem .. I watch netflix and and play other games and I don’t have this issue has anybody else been experiencing this on xbox 360

  • Chris

    Yer all the f**cking tim, i a true gamer on xbox 360 and the game keeps connecting and then boots me out its bullshi*. Once that happens i can never seen ti get back in. The patch was for glitches in multiplayer and hacking 15 prestige but yer they did nothing to multiplayer. Treyarch has made a great game but…. the multiplayer seriously i want all the issues fixxed now :l

  • josh

    my wins/losses ratio was positive now its significantly negative becuase of connection failure, its happened to me well over 25 games now, its taking the piss

  • jytee

    allways had problems but now since the update cant get online at all

  • jon

    this is truely shocking first week worked a treat for me after thats its been shite getting disconnected comming up with errors left right and center should of realised how shit treyarch are after world at war but hey ho, bloody bring back infintity ward to show them how to make a proper game.

  • Jimblings

    I seem to have most trouble getting into games when in party with my mates, which is definately not related to my interneed speed or ping!
    It's also incredibly irritating when i get disconnected or lag in a wager match and my funds are not returned!!!
    Damn you Treyarch, collect billions in profit and do little to support the amount of people they have sold them too in terms of connection…..

  • Pat[HS]

    Ahhh its annoying, i have 360 and usually near the ends of the games it just cuts out and says connection interrupted. or some host migration thing. Its really annoying, its happened to me a few times when i've had a chopper gunner and i've got a good score. it happens every 3rd match or so.

  • andrew

    yeah i keep on getting it on xbox when all other games seem to be fine :l thought they would have sorted this out on mw2 :/

  • Dom

    i think this game is awesome, but it becomes f**king unplayable then you try to get back in the game and you cant join. then you eventually join a game just to have it jumping about knowing that its going to cut you out again. i have a pretty short temper and i have to stop myself from smashing everything up through frustrasion. all i want to do is enjoy a good evening playing it but instead i spend most of my time wasting my own life hours. its ment to be fun but i just end up f**king p**sed off!! SORT YOUR SHIT OUT treyarch. ARRRGGHHH!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    i have been on it almost 2-3 hours and 2 of them hours are waiting for it to find a game and out of the games i have played it has cut out in every game not completed one online session at all today and it seems to be getting worse

  • jonathan

    Almost every single game i play has lag or connection interruption or host migration. I have issues connecting to games if im partied up. It will kick me out of the lobby once a game has been joined, or it wont take my party member with me or it will never find a game.

  • Bessey

    I've had serious connection problems from the start. When black ops first came out, i couldnt even join a game, after the patch came out (ps3) if figured that I can play between around 2 am until about 4 pm without a hitch, 3-4 bars all the time. although between 4 pm and 1-2 am im lucky to get two bars of connection.

  • Omer

    Before the update it took me 30 minutes to join a game… couldnt join any parties with mates. When we did join half of us got kicked out!… after the update all i can join is sabotage! what on earth is wrong with COD! you would think common sense would prevail… its a popular game yet they decide to release patches after the game releases? I love the game but this is beyond a joke. Never happened on cod4 or mw2 or waw

  • Cameron Hatton

    i cant play zombies because every time i get in a match when its trying to fine a host when it gets to 10 it says notice game lobby close so i cant play zombies and it makes me mad that the only reason i got the game

  • ggg

    It takes too long to get a game started. Sometimes in the beginning of a match (first minute or 2) It gets laggy when I get close to someone.

  • Alex

    I am currently playing Black ops on PS3. Always have three or four bars of signal. Am constantly getting dropped and connection interrupts. I have not been happy with this game Wi-Fi since i started with it. If it does not get corrected soon i will go back to Modern Warfare II, as i never had problems with it. I have come to realize that Activision should have kept with Infinity ward as the graphic designer as well. While Treyarch’s graphics are good, the coloring and sharpness of infinity ward is superior. I hope they solve this Wi-Fi problem soon or I may become and ex Call of Duty fan.

  • KingKenny-7-

    I keep losing connection then always the host migration comes up when i am playing
    a game is an absolute disgrace.
    Traded Medal of Honour in i know its not the best game in the world but at least you get
    a game without any hitches regretting my decision.

  • Johanna

    my ps3 is fine thankfully, but with xbox it just tries looking for a match on team deathmatch and just wont connect to one! combat training.. fine. any other online matches NADA. except when i tried at 8.30 this morning otherwise nothing. NOT IMPRESSED!

  • Tim

    It has gotten so bad that I simply can't finish a match on PS3. I don't have the patience to play with the connection issues

  • mysaluma-senior

    PS3 user…….Almost every other game i play online i get connection error and game hangs up! Also on many occasions it will freeze and i have to reset my ps3!!! This is totally unnaceptable on a £40 game. Shame i cannot get refund or i would have taken it back straight away!!! I have literally lost hundreds of thousands of points and £'s cod. I woud have easily been 20-25 levels above what i am currently, ridiculous and unplayable! (P.S. my wifi connection nearly always shows 4 bars and i run wireless to console @ 10+meg!

  • Zombie-Lover123

    Love the zombie maps, but I have “game lobby closed” messages pop up all the time. It takes over 30 minutes to get in a game. I will be walking and then just fall down and die. I see the counter for zombie kills misses 1 here and there. It also gives you no points when it registers a kill on the counter.

    Fix the software please.

  • Gary Belfast

    Have had Black Ops now since it came out and have been only been able to play one full night on multiplayer. Keeps saying onnection interuppted and booting me off. Getting seriously pissed off with the whole thing now. £40 wasted!!
    Went back to play MW2 tonight and found out it is now doing the same thing!!! I had never had any problems playing on line before but I'm beginning to think this patch has wrecked it for both games! Tottally sis heartend with it all!

  • Andrew

    The party play is impossible to get right, sometimes we can’t hear eachother and other times one of us gets left or one of our ps3′s flip out and freezes on us. I didn’t like Modern Warfare 2 a lot, but if these problems are not fixed by Christmas, and fixed well, then I’m going back to Modern Warfare 2.

  • alex

    i cant even last a match, it kicks me out with a 'connection problem' yet when i load mw2 after its fine, go back to black ops…. it doesnt work. what a complete let down. this was treyarchs time to shine but if they cant even manage to get people in a game and actually let them see it through, they have no hope. the funny thing is, it counts as a loss when they fuck it up and kick you out! well worth the money isnt it.

  • backdoc

    We have had an enormous amount of trouble playing online. It's unplayable. No other games and nothing else in my house has issues. And, we have a friend in the neighborhood playing at the same time. We both lose connection. So, it's not *my* connection or *my* setup. Also, the prestige items don't seem to unlock properly. My system is the PS3. The game play is great. But, I would not recommend buying it until they get the server issues resolved.

  • Rockin Rolla

    I cannot play AT ALL with a party. If I play alone it always works beautifully, but if I want to play with my friends at all, its a no go.

  • TPluff

    i get a connection interrupted about 3 minutes into every single game. this is making it unplayable because im losing my contracts and i get killed when other players are fine….what do i do?

  • Alex n

    Black ops is lagging for me to much to even play online on the 360 -_-

  • nick

    I get a "connection interrupted" icon almost every game. Soemtimes it even boots me out of the game. its really starting to piss me off. I turned off the game last night becasue it becasue such an annoyance!!

  • Russ

    I play on the Xbox360. I have been so frustrated with this game on Xbox live. It has the potential to be so fun but to me it is unplayable. I have been troubleshooting things on my end (Modern Warfare 2 ran fine) but this game does not run properly. The other complaint I have with this game is the when you shoot someone and they drop into last stand what is up with the handgun being the most powerful weapon in the game able to drop you in one or two shots? The weapon powers seem to be wrong. Of course some of these issues could be attributed to the game not running properly and the things I am seeing on my screen are not what is really occurring. I know this occurring because when I watch the kill cams I am not anywhere where I thought I was based on what is shown. I know this is just venting but I hope Treyarch will try to fix these issues so the game play will become enjoyable. I won’t even touch on trying to play with a party of friends it is just impossible to get everyone into a room and once in everything really runs crappy.

  • Chris

    every time I try to get online it takes forever and when it finally does something it says that there are no games available and to try again later

  • amund

    It takes a long time to find a match, and when I finaly get in to a game I lag. I usualy have 3-4 bars but now I have 2 bars. this happened on MW2 and Black Ops on my Xbox and my brothers. I have played the online mode on my nabors PS3 and i loved it!
    Hope it will be fixed or that anyone will tell me what to do.


    When in the Zombie lobby when it says "Migrating host..1 ..2 " once it gets to 10 I am immediatly dropped with a message like "Game Lobby Closed" I have not been able to play one game of zombies in a while since it used to be random now its everytime.

  • kyl3

    the game is good but when i try to connect to a game or im sending a game invation for zombies or just online it wont let my friend join or i cant join to my friend and its a really bad problem that should be fixed because the game isnt fun without playing with your friends!!!!

  • Chris P

    Well there is quite a few problems here.. 1) lagging horribly when in gun fire. 2) getting parties of two or more into a game. Usually takes about 10 minutes of going to find match. Very annoying.. 3) while in a wager match. Playing two ppl on the same profile and same tv.. If one person dies out he can toggle thru his spectating screen and tell the other player where the enemy is.. I’ve lost alot of matches over this and I wish it would get fixed. 4) sometimes when me and an a enemy are having a dual I will be crouched and hidden bit get shot.. I look at his killcam and he can see me but I could not have seen him. 5) bullet penetration is horrible. U can empty a whole clip on somebody with a commando and they shoot u once and u die.. WTF. If these problems are neglected I will NEVER buy another company production game..

  • Mike

    I feel a lot better now that i know i'm not the only one with connectivity issues with my PS3. I just hope they will release a patch soon because this is starting getting annoying.

  • AJ

    I not only get lots of kicks/lost connections/unable to migrate host/transmission errors , but my PS3 freezes a lot with this game and only this game. It’s really pissing me off

  • Russ

    my issue is i keep getting connection interuption i have 50 mb speed usallt 55.000+ down and 14.750 up no other xbox game gives me the connection interuption it really does suck

  • Everblssd5280

    I don’t know why the Funk I continue to buy this game! The first one had effin hackers galore that have to cheat to make themselves feel good, and now this one will lose connection, kick you out of the lobby and when you join another one it’s starts you in a lobby with a team that’s getting their ass kicked. I’m just about done! I’ll take my money somewhere else!!!

  • chad

    ya me and my friend have the same internet but it wont let us host partys with each other. it never has for cod mod 2 or cod bo. it makes me mad because we have to find or add friends to host our partys.

  • chad

    black ops should have attachments for the rc-xd and all the other killstreaks. also for the crossbow.

  • ryan dunn

    the biggest issue i have is….. YOU NEED TO BRING QUICK SCOPES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    Problem is so bad I’m back to playing mw2 if I can get a refund I would. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Takes too long to get in lobbies and can’t play with friends. Fix it please!

  • Richard

    Depending on time of day/night in the UK, the PS3 connection problems vary a lot. When USA is online then sometimes it is impossible to get a game – just won't connect and if it does the game stops part way through. If I can't even get a game started after 15-20 attempts I give up and swith the game off.

    Also when playing friends in Australia in a private match, the connection is now so weak (now 1 red bar whereas it used to be 3 yellow bars) that there is always a 1-2 second time lag for the people not hosting the private match, making game play very onesided.

  • Adam

    Just had to stop playing because the whole group was getting the game lobby closed prompt consistently for about 45 minutes. Really getting sick of this.

  • Chris9006

    How can they release a game and charge people over £40 for it when it doesn't even work properly? Trying to get a game in now and so far I've managed to finish 1 game in the last 2 hours without connection issues, and I only joined that one halfway through. Unacceptable

  • Turnerwarrior

    An utter disgrace!! Even trying to get a few hours worth of gameplay in on the ps3 just ends up a waste of your life! How dare they release this game before it’s ready and charge us £40 for it. This is criminal!….,,I wonder if watchdog would like to investigate this for all of us gamers?? Something needs to be done and quickly cos I’m losing my temper on a daily basis!!

  • Bennett

    There are major problems in this game. The worst for me is how you can only do well if you’re the host or the host has an amazing connection. Never had problems like this with IW.


    This game has made me extremely pissed off. It lags constantly (and I have a 32mbs connection!), joining a match is a pain in the a** as is will always kick me, don't know how many times it's said CONNECTION INTERUPTED, and I can't even join parties. There was only one guy I could connect to and now I can't even connect to him! My MW2 works perfectly, no lag, and I can connect to my friends. I have always had problems with Treyarch as I had the same problems on world at war, and I seriously thought they would have fixed those problems. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic game, but its faults out weigh it's good features.

  • Microkidd

    I have quit playing this crap and went back to MW2

  • Pissed off

    it says i lost connection to host then disconnects me from xbox live every other game

    • Ken Mabie

      me too heres my comment in canse the mods dont post it below

      i get disconnected from the match then i it had the circle loading screen saying connection disconnected, then it sits there for about 5 minutes, then it kicks me off xbox live all together, i try to sign back in to live, it says network problems test connection? i click test connection, and before i can choose wired or wireless it signs me back in to xbox live and into the dashboard… wtf seriously??? so far this has happened 5 or 6 times, and when in a live party it will kick everyone out of the party and then kick them all out of the match room party i paid $150 for prestige edition, this is some b.s.

  • Yohec

    anybody know if we put a better router like D-Link 4500 and D-Link 4100(wired) will make better to play COD games?

    • Ken Mabie

      it aint the router…

  • pooner

    the lag is horrible, ill be shooting someone in the back and all the sudden im dead, i watch the killcam and he turned around and shot me….i dont see any bullets comin my way except the one that kills me, u cant even react to garbage like that. also i never had my xbox freeze during gameplay except on this game…good job tryarch, i thought u were better than IW, startin to think otherwise

  • Ryan Romero

    I have trouble in many cases.

    1. Trying to just locate a game to play. ( I have cable, and its smoking fast.)
    2. When I actually get in a game. Right before it starts, It closes the lobby on me.
    (This one happens about ten times before I can actually get in a game)
    3. Usually when my team is winning, I see the connection error (you know the little plug in the wall thing) Then it either kicks back to the lobby are tries to find a new host. This is about 1 in 4 games.
    4.And on the first one, when locating a game. This applies to all types. But for some reason the worst in Ground War.

  • Mike

    Treyarch you suck, you have always sucked. leave it to Infinty Ward to make the Call of Duty series.

  • haluk yalman

    Lots of lag! disconnections problems…I play medal of honor with no problems at all…next time INFINITY AWARD must do all the tests with its servers ! This is frustrating..

  • IAML8

    This is very dissapointing that they can release a game in this condition knowing just how popular the MW2 was!!! Just crazy!

  • Ken Mabie

    i get disconnected from the match then i it had the circle loading screen saying connection disconnected, then it sits there for about 5 minutes, then it kicks me off xbox live all together, i try to sign back in to live, it says network problems test connection? i click test connection, and before i can choose wired or wireless it signs me back in to xbox live and into the dashboard… wtf seriously??? so far this has happened 5 or 6 times, and when in a live party it will kick everyone out of the party and then kick them all out of the match room party i paid $150 for prestige edition, this is some b.s.

  • codking

    the connections for partys needs to be fixed asap. or people will start playin another game, also we wnt double EXP weekend soon to keep us happy why there fixing it

  • pako

    yes it sucks, i am getting alot of conections problems. it keeps kicking me out of the game when im in a party. also when im playing it keeps frezing up and i will end up getting kill because im unable to aim or move.

  • Harry

    yeah about 1 in every 3 games i get disconnected then the whole system will freeze up and i have to restart my machine. I heard it was causing actual damage to some peoples consoles.

  • Polynikes

    Hell, a slightly-laggy game from start to finish would be an IMPROVEMENT.

    It takes anywhere between five and ten attempts to connect to a game for me to actually GET INTO one, without the host disconnecting or whatever.

    And even then, at least HALF the time I'm in a game, I can expect for the host to somehow mysteriously lose connection with the rest of the players as if he fucking yanked his internet cable out of his console himself.

    It's just idiotic. I think it has more to do with all this pointless amount of data the game is registering EVERY SINGLE GAME than anything else.

    Think about it. Every SINGLE game you've played, for the past HUNDRED game or so, is saved. You can watch 'em whenever you please, in the cinema-mode.

    So for EVERY SINGLE PLAYER, there's over ONE HUNDRED games saved.

    I suck at math, but goddamn, even I know that's a ridiculous amount of games needlessly saved and weighing everybody's connection down.

  • Rick

    I keep getting connection problems in every game now on Black Ops for the Xbox 360, it host migrates twice and then kicks me from the game. So frustrating now that chances are I will get rid of the game, to think we paid money for a game that is UNPLAYABLE!!!

  • Vince

    Today, there was a game update, Now I lose connection about every 3 min into the game. I truly miss infinity ward and there servers, because no jokes, I understand there our millions of people play this game, but Try should of known this was going to happen. Fucking make servers that can hold this many people. No jokes these problems are making me want to just go and sell my version to EB games and wait for mod 3 to come out.


    I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS WITH THIS TREYARCH GAME. Nothing seems to work right. I can only get about maybe 3 full games of team deathmatch in about 2 and half hours cuz of lost connection or game freezing up.And when me and my friends try to play on a team together it ain't gona happen it just keep throwing us out of the games or it just want load a game period. The game always seem to have lag it in also bad. And after the update It made it even worse.If this problem is not fixed soon i'm sure there will be lost customers. IM GOING BACK TO MY MWF2 ITS NEVER FAILED ME YET

  • John

    I am a huge fan of all the call of duty series, But black ops is the worse call of duty i have ever played, It has major lag issues on xbox live ,, I have never dealt with this kind of lag with a call of duty Game before and it had come to the point where i thought about trashing the game because i am yelling more then having fun because of Lag issues

    Call of duty just won game of the year but on a scale of 1 to 10 this game is a 3 while playing live.. I hope they patch this game up .. Plus they need to adjust the Guns they are all imbalanced ,, People pull the plug on the game and you get a loss that is bullshit

    It seems like every three games on live someone pulls the plug and they cant make a patch for this come on ,, Maybe call of duty forgets about their loyal customers as they are up there receiving their game of the year award as the online play suckssss asssssss

  • Rooferron

    This game is crap online.Dont buy it!

  • Nick

    I can't get into any xbox live matches. I just bought the game and I can't even play it.
    I loved nazi zombies from world at war, and the call of duty franchise has always been good, but this game is unplayable for me. Every time I try and find a match for any online mode, it searches for 5 minutes and can't find a single joinable game. As for zombies, it searches and then starts a new room with me as host, and then when it goes to launch it migrates host and kicks me. I know there is nothing wrong with my internet because, halo reach works great without any lag on my xbox, and team fortress 2 works perfect lag free on my pc.

  • rambo

    had problems once or twice when play modern warfare 2. Now HAVE PROBLEMS EVERY SINGLE TIME I PLAY BLACK OPPS. infact i put on modern warfare 2 again to see maybe it is my connection but no modern warfare ran without issues. as i am writing i am stuck on the screen while it is trying to find players. i know i will be on this screen forever. lol unless i back out and try again.

  • Danny

    Well as for me I can't seem to get past the loading screen. Here's the situation:

    1) In a game lobby, regardless of whether I'm playing alone or with a group.
    2) Lobby holds up, map gets chosen then off to the loading screen

    Here's the issue:
    3) At the loading screen, about 3/4 of the way loaded. All of a sudden, nothing. Just quits right there. Doesn't send me back to the main menu or anything, just leaves me there with a little rotating circle. And I've let it sit for 20 minutes before having to dashboard. Oh and dashboarding is the only way to fix it.

    So what do I do to determine whether my connection is the problem or not.
    1) Check my router, giving 270 mbs straight to my xbox without any external devices, with my pc running about 150 or so.
    2) Play other games online such as: Fifa 11, MW2, NCAA 10, or random arcade games. Which all run fine!
    3) Rerouting from directly being hardwired into the router to directly hardwiring into the wall. Same problem still persists.

    Treyarch. Go to hell. I'll be on MW2 till MW3 comes out. Way to ruin a game trey arch, last game I will ever purchase with a trey arch maker on it.

    Xbox 360 – DRivera5PR4L

  • Sam

    Im unsure as to why I am getting so much lag? Put it in my machine for the first time yesterday, only to have a number of horrible messages telling me how bad my connection is. Im not sure why suddenly I only have a maximum of 2 yellow bars, had no problem with MW2, and if my connection is so bad, why does it always make me host!!!

  • Ned

    I have had several connection problems, I've seen my connection go from 1 bar all the way to 4 and back several times in a minute. NAT is set to open and I have a 10 MB connection. None of my other games are having any trouble with my connection. I cant count how many kills I would have gotten if the lag was not there. Sometime the lag was as long as 2 seconds. They should have spent at least a month testing the mp gaming before releasing it to the public. Not release it and then have a whole world of unhappy customers.

  • Gamer

    This game sucks its so much luggy especially when im in a gunfight with someone,its like i see him first then i shoot all of my dame bullets on him and he kill me with 1 or 2 bullets with his gun and th kill cam shows that i didnt even fire anything, MW2 is so much better IW rocks

  • chris

    fix the zombies from freezing i cant even get past level 11 anymore then freeze damn and i just bought a 160 gig ps3 thats a good $400 from me sony can i at least play the game??????

  • Joe

    I can only play a few games before I run a red bar in every firefight I get into. It's really annoying because it only happens on this game, I'm fine on Battlefield and halo.

  • Sam Baker

    I am from the UK, but am currently working in Chile. MW2, Halo, FIFA 11 all work fine, so why does Black Ops have such a horrfic problem with its connection? It always seems that everyone else has a green connection and I am always in the low yellow end. But also the game makes me host a lot which results in a lot of angry messages coming my way. The question is if my connection is 'bad' why does it make me host? Does anyone know who the best person to email directly about this is, to see when a fix will be released?

  • Omar

    I hate that. Whenever i play Sticks and Stones, the tomahawk doesn't kill the player. Yesterday, i threw a tomahawk and it hit the guy in the leg and LITERALLY bounced off.

  • Liam

    I bought black ops the day it came it, as I am a big call of duty fan, but I find the game unplayable, because everytime I get into a game (WHEN i get into a game) it either lags or I get connection iterupted. I am very dissapointed with the game at the moment. And me and a group of players are even considering to go back to modern warfare 2.

  • josh

    I bought the prestige edition of this game with the metal case and the metal award with high hopes for this game, and i enjoyed it, until for some reason they patched something and now I can't get anything better that a red bar connection. I am playing wirelessly and I could probably plug my playstation in, but then it would have to go into the office and I would need an HD tv for it, anyway, I figured it was just my connection so I popped in Modern Warfare 2 and my connection is 3 or 4 bars wirelessly. So there is a problem and it need addressed until then the game has become totally unplayable for me I have like a 1 to 2 second lag against everyone else and no matter what I lose gun fights in fact my scores have been so bad that people in games have accused me of being a cheater or booster. So until this issue is addressed and fixed I will not be playing this game and I will infact be encouraging people with the same issues I have with the connection to not play as well. The company spends all this time and money to eliminate cheating and overpowered weapons and perks that they missed a fundimental aspect of the game….Treyarch you need to fix your issues with this game or you will lose a customer

  • Troma

    worst game ever!!!!
    I can't believe that a COD game has this many multi-player issues!
    And why have they mot tried to do something about it makes me really question ever getting another COD title if this one is a crappy as it is!!!

  • James

    Really getting bad and pissing me off half way through the game it will just no connection please hurry up and sort it out

  • Terrell

    I have Cod black ops and im trying to contiue the mission but when i try my system keep saying error runtime see console need help i dnt wanna start fm the beginning is it any thing i could do

  • keith

    If anybody is interested in starting a class action lawsuit against makers of this game i still have lag . it is a bunch of bs when you shoot at someone with there back turned to you and you unload a half of mag into them and they turn around and kill you with two shots. If the game manufacture wants to test my accuracy with a real assault rifle please contact me . I am so aggravated with this game and lack of support i really feel like driving to california and show them how a real ak47 works

  • rineyx

    At the moment ever other play is showing connection error, then i have to reset my Xbox for it to work again. Deffo makes the game next to unplayable, shame couse when it works it works great

  • JustinD2010

    i have COD black ops for the 360 and im trying to play in the multiplayer mode with a friend on the same xbox and everything works but it doesnt have the option to where i can edit the game rules to where i can add cpu enemys and change the option of friends playing on the same xbox. does anyone no how to fix that?

  • Jamie

    Weell the lag has only just started playing up with me, i go from green to yellow then to red, then it juggles between yellow and red. really cant be bothered playing this game with this crap going on.

  • Eric

    If anyone says the issues or fixed its bs cause minor annoyance is an understatement i have lost all interest in playing live due to the fact that it takes 5 min to find a game and then i just just 30 ft at a time while playing and even though i empty clips i never actually shoot at anyone. f*ck treyarch F*ck cod bo i want activision back with infinity ward never had an issue with cod mw2

  • P***** OFF

    I'd say about 3 out of ten games diconnect. Usually it's when I'm doing well and it pisses me off big time. Sort it out Treyarch. If you really think that saying you get "free" multiplayer with the game is any sort of get out then you can F right off. No one buys the game for the short single player everyone wants online multiplayer and this is starting to piss me off. To make matters worse my first disc got damaged and I had to buy a new one so I've spent £90 on a game that is making me angry as f***!

  • Sire Blew (Chris)

    I havent had any problems until the last few days. Now after about 1 minute of playing a multiplayer match, i get the connection interupted error and it throws me out of the game and then out of the lobby. Its really starting to "grind my gears". I really enjoyed the game but now i cant even get to complete a whole match. its killing my stats and its really the only reason I have xbox live, so I feel like I have been robbed on two seperate fronts. If anyone else has noticed the same issue within the past few days, let me know so I can at least take solice in knowing that it is a global issue and not just me! Any ideas on fixes would be greatly appreciated.

  • oriol

    i just get disconnected everytime i am in a game

  • Audrey.

    I cant even play the dam game ilkl go to play zombies and it says game lobby closed everyt single time when its loading to go into the actual game after everybody readyed up, Fucking sick of this shitt

  • Ryan

    I only lag on CoD:Blackops, this is Feb 1st. I plan on calling Tryarces CS about this. If it doesn't get fixed soon, i'm just going to quit CoD: BO and also bring around 30 friends will me. It happens to all of us. This lag is just dumb.

  • Markymark

    Had a few issues here and there where I would have a bad night, not awfull but for the last couple of nights it has been so bad I am debating on getting rid of Black Ops…..I have got a KD ratio of 1.50 and for the last few nights I haven't got anything better than 0.50.

    I put 4 bursts from a G11 (that's 12 bullets) into someones back who was standing at a window and he just turned around and shot me…..every shot of mine registered a Hit Marker.

    My stats are going down, I am getting killed within seconds of spawning and even if I camp up (something I never do) I still can't get kills, even tho I have the drop on them and I am using a high damage rifle.

    Bye bye Black ops……..will not be buying a title from this developer again.

  • Renogade 9

    My xbox live is fine… Its jus goes does when I TRY to connect to player matches on Cod Black Ops.. I cant get a game at all… and its startin to piss me off

  • Shane A. Schruff

    The drops make me want to throw my console out of the friggin window. Several times I've been playing my best games – games that I'd want to put in my fileshare – only to have them dropped a/o the console to totally freeze and require a hard restart. I think it's absurd to pay the cost for a game like Black Ops and have these kind of difficulties.

  • Jared W

    I'm not saying that i would stop playing, but it's definitely a huge annoyance; especially if I'm half way through, or more of a match. You lose all of the points you gained during that time so you basically have to start back over. One time really stands out to me though, on Nuketown there was a cluster of 5 people. So, I chuck so nova gas, and a frag grenade and get all 5 at once earning me 15000 COD points. A minute or so later, connection interruption. Awesome.

  • jared w

    huge lag problems, game invites NEVER work unless it's into a private party. if i'm already in a lounge and invite a person the room always closes. if i get killed, quite a few times the kill cam shows that i've actually never been shot. ghost pro doesn't work

  • Colin390

    Not really conectivity issue, but when you zoom in real quck on some sniper rifles it will switch you to your secondary weapon. Im a ps3 owner(Colin390s my psn, feel free to add) so i do not know if this is ps3 only.

  • Colin390

    Not really conectivity issue, but when you zoom in real quck on some sniper rifles it will switch you to your secondary weapon. Im a ps3 owner(Colin390s my psn, feel free to add) so i do not know if this is ps3 only.

  • case

    yea it sucks that everytime I play black ops it comes up with Connection interrupted, and it lags sometimes to the point that I get to where I hate playin, you start shooting at someone and your hitting them then all of a sudden your dead and they may have gotten off 2 shots at you with a gun thats less powerful whats up with that, Oh and then you knife a guy and and he doesnt shoot or anything and your dead, but when you see there kill cam there shooting at you it lags horribly!!!!!!! I think the worse thing that could have every happen to the Call of Duty games was when Activision worked with Treyarch! Infinity Ward done a much better job with the Modern Warfare games! the maps aint all that good and your limited to just a few buildings that your allowed to get into, I still love the black ops but it wasnt what I expected, maybe they will bring back the modern warfare games with infinity ward!

  • case

    LOL this is bull crap! Im a huge fan of call of duty but this is by far the worst game they have ever made!!!!! None of the other COD games lags like this one, whats the point of playin a game that lags as bad as this one, you knife someone and all of a sudden your dead cause one minute there there and the next there behind you shooting you, and half the maps suck!!! If Infinity Ward had done this one it would have been alot better game Treyarch made this one almost like they done World at War!! Infinity Ward done a better job on the Modern Warfare games I hope they make the next COD game but Activision messed up when they got with Treyarch and with the way its going for Activision this might be the last big sellin COD game, its sad that they dont get on the ball an fix all the lag and connection problems, never played a game that has as many problems as this one!!

  • dan

    black ops now disconnects players randomly and is ruiing gaming on the xbxo, good old treyarch.

  • Chris

    Maybe if Treyarch had just tested the patch in the first place we wouldN't be returning are games, Well I am going to go play halo

  • Rybread1995

    Keeps saying severs offline so annoying! I can't even play combat training!

  • mal4king

    i have never played online before black ops (PS3).
    it was my first online experiance.. What a joke..
    Everyone says its so addictive.. How can you become addicted to something that is so frustrating..
    Everyone says that Treyarch has dropped the ball. These huys are making millions if not billions off us..
    If you going to make one of the most anticipated games of the decade, then make sure it works…
    Spent 3 hours last night, did not finish 1 game.. bunch of tools..

  • Bobby

    Seems we are all having a lag issue, I knew an enemy was coming around a corner, started firing before he came into view. Unloaded a full clip from the Stoner63 into him. He fires three times and kills me. Kill cam didn't show me discharging my weapon til I'm falling down dead. TOTAL BULL@#$.

  • bobby

    I've just turend my xbox 360 and can play call of duty black ops at all and I'm getin pissed off come on treyarch fix the connection thx for listen to me

  • Lordach

    Terrible! is all I have to say…for the past week or so my online gameplay has been the worst. First it takes me forever to find a lobby, then it takes a long time just to start a match. Once a map loads, it starts but then about 80 percent into the load it freezes. If I do get into a match the lag is really bad, I get a bad connection or I just get booted. I've been playing this game since it's come out and only recently has it been this extreme. Very unhappy and wish it would get fixed soon…real soon. Xbox 360 Player.

  • willie

    yes same here and its like everk 5 seconds or so to have connections lost or lag or kicked im pissed about it please do something quickly and it is only while playing online.

  • r.hayes

    My PS3 has no further connection concerning call of duty black ops involving multipale players or training. What is going on. spent a lot of money for this game. expect someone from Sony to reply

  • Daniel

    Xbox live zombies doesn't work at all. I've spent hours waiting at loading screens. Unplayable. Treyarch–you suck.

  • Geves

    Even when Im the only one in my house using the internet, I still get a broken connection so badly I cant even move into a room without apearing outside the door again. Its not the Internet connection as I can stream music and films in no time at all. The game is now gathering dust and out of protest Ive not dowloaded the map packs lol.

  • Anonymous

    I have a freezing problem playing Zombies on Black ops PS3. I have no problem playing online Team Deathmatch but once I attempt to play online Zombies, its just luck if I gain access.
    It has frozen many times on the menu screen and I even got the chance to get on my friends private match lobby but once I got in the game, I appeared with no gun!!

    I didnt have this problem about 3 weeks ago and the longer I leave playing Zombies, the better chance I have of playing without any problems.

    I have checked the game disc and it is like a mirror without a scratch or speck of dust on it. I even used a game disc cleaner. I have changed my blu ray player 3 times (I repair them in my spare time) and still the problem occurs.

    I have read that it could be that I have a Fat PS3, which struggles with the online zombies. But my friends have Fat PS3′s and they dont appear to have any problems.

    I am seriously considering buying another game and trying that but it just seems strange as to why this is happening.

    Any suggestions would be very welcome. Cheers

  • Kattman64

    the game has been unplayable online multiplayer from release  i can play a day or two then my weapons become useless they jump around and have no impact  then i lose connection to host .  i quit playing for a couple of days it goes back to normal.   If anyone wants to join a class action lawsuit  email    Patches make things worse

  • Kattman64

    Treyarch need to rename game cod I dream of  jeannie with a blink of a eye enemy moves . and Weapon has reverse aim assist . i cant shoot a rock weapon stays steady aim at enemy weapon moves  around maybe i need to get drunk  before playing game . It is halfway playable it you can hide and shoot to adjust the aim . But forget about Kill Streaks after you shoot someone  three enemies appear  from thin air and shoot you in the  back.

  • Kattman64

    Treyarch need to rename game cod I dream of  jeannie with a blink of a eye enemy moves . and Weapon has reverse aim assist . i cant shoot a rock weapon stays steady aim at enemy weapon moves  around maybe i need to get drunk  before playing game . It is halfway playable it you can hide and shoot to adjust the aim . But forget about Kill Streaks after you shoot someone  three enemies appear  from thin air and shoot you in the  back.

  • Kattman64

    Hey josh olin i have 640 rds of ak47  ammo  will you volunteer to be my target at range . I would like to interupt your connection to the world .

  • Bobby

    I have had trouble with cod zombies and multiplayer

  • willis

    hi, gothic92451 trying to play ops2 my screen says over 200000 on line, join lobby and keeps searching for players why