Verizon White iPhone 4 Leaked on Twitpic?

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While looking on Twitter someone came across an image from Twitter – I think you might know what it is? The handset to me looks to be a Verizon White iPhone 4, but this could be a simple bit of photoshop, what do you think?

We have already had a leaked image, and we could not determine if it was the real deal or not, so this could be a sort of Gizmodo exclusive. Looking at the image, if true the Verizon iPhone 4 will have a redesign of the Antenna. You can clearly see in the image that the three black bands have gone.

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This would be an easy thing to change on Photoshop, but then again – the antenna would be the first thing that Verizon and Qualcomm would have wanted to solve first. There is also no micro SIM tray on the right hand side.

Take a look at the two images of this alleged White Verizon iPhone 4 here and here, and let us know what you think.

  • Addy

    How do you explain the i-pad now being sold at Verizon? Seems to be an indicator of things to come!

  • bug

    My understanding is that it won't be out until summer of 2011