Nokia / Intel: Meego 1.1 Video Demo Shows Multitasking

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As far as I’m concerned the thing holding back Nokia over the last few years has been Symbian, I feel as though Symbian^3 is a step in the right direction, however I am far more excited about Nokia and Intel’s Meego OS.

We have recently come across a hands-on demo video showing off Meego 1.1, the audio isn’t all that clear and the person talking sounds a little like a German Mayor Quimby from The Simpsons, however if you ignore all of this you can see that the Meego platform is certainly coming along.

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The video shows that Meego 1.1 is not yet ready for release (this is most evident when switching between landscape and portrait orientation), however I think that Meego’s multitasking capabilities and notifications look pretty strong.

With Meego not launching until 2011 developers have plenty of time to build on the strong-looking foundations we have seen, however only time will tell whether Meego will become a true competitor to Android and iOS.

Do you think Meego will become a real player in the mobile OS market?

Source: SlashGear