Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: List of Best Weapons for Survival?

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We have previously asked you what level you have managed to get to on the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but we haven’t asked you what weapons you used to get there. Do you already have a list of the most useful guns in the game?

Of course, a lot of the weapons you get in zombies will come from the box, and the outcome is completely random as we all know, so some of you may have already settled for what you can get from the walls on different places around the maps. If this is the case, then what weapons do you go for on the walls? I usually don’t buy the first two available, instead I either wait for the AK74 outside, or the Stakeout Shotgun upstairs near the Speed Cola perk machine.

In terms of best guns overall, the Commando rifle is pretty useful, while the HK21 and RPK Light Machine Guns are two of the most useful guns in the game, since they both carry large ammunition clips which is vital in the later stages of the game. I don’t think the launchers are as useful on Black Ops Zombies as they were on World at War, maybe I havent had the chance to use them in good positions yet – do you have any strategies for the launchers?

If i had to choose the best two, I’d either go for the Ray Gun / Thundergun and Commando combination, or the Ray Gun and one of the Light Machine Guns – pack-a-punched of course. If you have a different choice of weapons which you find useful in the game, let us know.

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  • Tianna

    I have never played this game.. but i want to learn. D:

    • dean gillespie

      you need to get da game it is the best game ………………………………………. ::::::)

      • anonymus

        he has yet to find the backspace key.

    • Mee


    • nigga please

      give up on life

  • zack schaffer

    this game is sick

    • dean gillespie

      not the best server for the game ever :(
      NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT am rank 30

    • dean gillespie

      AK——-47u da best gun ever not joking :p

      • Justice

        ak-74u actually

  • anonymous


  • Braxton

    I think the Commando upgraded to the Predator and the Galli upgraded are amazing guns i didnt have them at the same time but i used them in high rounds in the 20's and they have amazing stopping power but the ammo is lacking.

    • drew

      I agree with you. the pack-a-punched commando is good with a ray gun but the winter's howl is good to. i got to round 20 and ran out of ammo though

      • dean gillespie

        no it not :(

    • Gamer

      then try a RPK they are so good but wait till you get it upgraded it is AMAZING.

    • Ethen

      The galil is my favorite. only 35 rounds a clip but u carry like 400 + rounds

    • bob

      the Galli red-dot sight is hard to see though

    • Musse

      the Galil is best when you have pack and pacht it ;)

    • dante

      the ammo isent lacking, you just have to tap the trigger and tap your shots and always aim for the head.

    • Dick Barr

      me and my buudy made it to level 25 in level 4 zombies after 2 guys left the game with mustang and salley and upgraded m16. its useful to up grade the m16 because you can buy ammo for it instaed of buying a new gun and upgrading that. also skull crusher really kills a lot of zombies when you teleaport and shot down on the zombies with it

  • zack schaffer

    i agree about the ammo they need extra ammo or somethin

    • Toxic


    • matt

      Even though its lacking amo….the comando with speed cola makes it shoot two clips and more in minimal time…comando and the ray gun or thundergun is the best pair unlesss you already have a light machine gun upgraded, you can survive for a while with either

  • Mr. Blobz

    I used the HK21 and the Ray Gun and and I have to agree, nothing is better. My friends and I ghot to round 22 and in the end I was really the only one left with ammo. We got really unlucky with the max ammo's, but we would have went down sooner if not for my guns huge mag.


      I have been to level 40, I have ungraded every gun. HK21 upgraded with ray gun upgraded is the best combo, HK21 upgraded comes with 900 bullets, ray gun 240, both with superior stopping power. At level 40, it takes 3 shots with a ray gun, so realistically, no gun is good by that level.. But if you had to choose, thats the best combo.

      • Hero391

        That’d a lie level 34 it took like 4-5 shots to kill one with a ray gun upgraded

    • JSM

      me and my friend got to round 27 with the predator and the resonator

      • riley

        i got to round 27 on solo with the upgraded olympia and raygun :P

    • roflmao

      lawl, only 22, me and my mates got ta 54

    • bam

      the hk21 rocks when its upgraded

    • abcdefg

      Dude ray guns good. but switch the HK21 with thinderqun. Way sicker dude. and upgrqade dem. and ur get to bout round 43

    • Seth

      The HK21 is a great gun for ammunition& damage, but the ray gun I do have to say is simple horrible. I've literally traded it for a handgun plenty of times, in close situations it can knock you down so easily. To replace it I suggest the thundergun, aka Zeus cannon. Use hi for points& save ammunition by walking around in a continuous circle activating traps whenever a large amount of zombies are around you, if u get backed into a tight space& have nowheres to run pull out the Zeus cannon& clear yourself a path:) easy as that. Im proud to say that I've made it to round 38 on kino der toten. And the only reason I didn't advance any further is because of ammo. If u utilize both electric traps& watch where&when you shoot I can garuntee you'll make it decently far. Good luck gamers:)

    • jedinik

      i got and my friend got ray guns first try then he got a thunder gun and i got a billisty knife and bowie knife then we pack a punched it and made it 2 round 29

  • mindegap

    black ops is rubbish connection sucks, out of 100 multiplayer games u problably get 10 good ones where u dont loose connection !

    • hunter

      thats your connection, get better internet you cheap bitch and stop blaming a game out of 100 games I get 100 so fuck you and your way of life

      • dean gillespie

        frezzzy ray best

    • neely138

      It must be your connection cause I hardly ever loose connection

    • tyler

      tbh i agree about the connection, because me and my mates who play on black ops are nearly always havnig some sort of problem when trying to get a game sorted, nearly all of the time it wont let us make parties with eachother, it will just come up with an error message (cant remember what it says) and during a game it will have host migration for almost all of the games at least once, and sometimes it would kick us off aswell. I know mw2 did this aswell but black ops does take the piss compared to mw2 connectionwise- (no its not my connection to any1 who will say so, as it is fine on any other online games i have, and when there are multiple laptops and ps3 connected to internet at same time)

      • Mike

        Sorry but it has too be your isp/connection. I rarely have problem with comcast. 99% percent of any lag/ freezing i get is because of the game host.

    • aint got no legs

      no you just suck well your stuff does at least i never have a connection problem. ever.

    • l30nidis_

      dude, when you first connect to multiplayer there should be a shortcut down the bottom giving you an option of where you look for games. if you change it to 'locale only' then the game only joins servers close to you. i thought the game sucked balls too but now green bars all the way brother

    • Harpzlee

      I agree totally with you there. Me and my mates can't play together in a group bigger than 3 and even if we do get to play as a trio it only lasts 1 match before one of us gets lagged out. You'd think Treyarch would've had the most important part of the game sorted, no problems like this with MW2. Hope they sort it with a patch or something soon. Very soon.

    • Nikolai

      i've only ever lost connection about 15 times, out of over 250 games

    • Owwlixx

      lol ratio simplification fail. 100 to 10 is 10 to 1 simplified. you are not in fact smarter than a fifth grader.

    • gregory

      i never have connection probs its your connection black ops is awesome

    • nubster5000

      Or is it your kangaroo jack internet?

    • mememe

      your an idiot I have been playing online and never loose a connection have you ever heard of your internet sucks think before you talk idiot

  • David

    Pack A punched china lake and ray gun I got to level 26 with them and 3 other pple

    • Riddict

      what does the china lake do and look like when upgraded?

  • Toxic

    to me the H115 oscillator and the winter fury was my best weapon i made to level 20 with them but the best gun i think is the china beach because when the thief come in take take your gun on five i don’t know if this was a glich or something but i shot him once and he died right there but it not best gun for zombie

    • robmonster101

      I don't know but I have done that once.

  • jesus

    zombies are so hard but super fun at the end your in the wight house

    • Scoot

      ehm… actually spelt "WHITE" not wight..

      • StupidScoot

        ehm… actually spelled "SPELLED" not spelt.. hahaha

    • Jack

      not white house, you in the pentagon :)

    • Wpnfire

      Wow, you are a disgrace sir to America.

  • Forestgump

    Zeus Cannon all the way, the thing is sick ! That is the thunder gun upgraded for those who don't know. It's a must have if you plan on making it to the 20's.

    • Me…

      Were do you get the thunder gun upgraded?

    • austin

      i had that and a ray gun. like round 25 cuz my controller died, lol

    • aint got no legs

      not true i made it in the twentys by myself with the aug hand grenades and the m4 commando. but none the less it is a great weapon but lacks ammo, not like you need much tho.

      • Blazehasownd

        Lol I got to round 23 just with the ak 74u nd stakeout not upgraded til round 28. Then I died round 35 tho it was intense cuz I was by myself running around lol

    • lamonic

      zeus cannon is no where close to being as good as the ray gun and galil/ commando pack a punch combo but a new one you should try out is the g11 pack a punched with ray gun now thats what i think myself but in truth there are 3 problems with the zeus cannon 1) only 28 rounds wtf? 2) has a certian distance from where its affected. 3) what happens if everyone out of ammo and you only have the zeus cannon and theres one zombie left and you dont have juggernog?

    • Noobwarrior

      Thundergun is not a Must have for making it in the 20s….me and my friends all hate the thundergun…….and we have all made it to mid 20s on every map (including the new one) We usually go for Ray Gun and LMG/Commando/ Galil…..even though i like the RPK and Commando better than Galil and HK.

  • Noble6

    Its probably the best game of the year…so far but halo reach is also up there. so is medal of honor

    • Wpnfire

      Uhh excuse me but Medal of Honor? That game is terrible. It was a complete waste of money. There's no cool guns in that game. It's a very very very basic shooter. Multiplayer is dull, you just snipe, as most sniper rifles are always a one-hit kill.

    • concure

      i have to agree with wpnfire, medal of honor was a hugh let down. made me want to hurt someone after i played it a few times. multiplayer was bs

  • pullshot

    the ballistic knife rocks if you can get them single file 1-2 knifes on round 13 -15

    • Casgamer

      How do you use the ballistics knife ? Loads of detail pls

    • Moe Lester

      use bowie knife with upgraded ballistic knife
      1) you revive teammates by shooting them with it
      2)if equipped with bowie knife you get bowie in your left hand

      i got round 26 on split screen with that and winters fury the revive really is a good feature

    • not bob

      i would listen to this guy pullshot you are a smart zombieslayer

  • ryan

    I don't find upgrading the thunder gun and the winter's howl are very useful just gives more ammo, i would agree with the upgraded LMGs they are amazing. Another handy tool to have is the ballistic knife – can shoot downed team mates to revive.
    The upgraded crossbow is pretty handy too as it acts like monkey bombs.
    haven't had chance to use any launchers yet but they were terrible on WaW so im assuming the same here.

    • dylan

      all i know is that one person should have an upgraded law launcher- semi auto with 10 rockets a clip and plenty of ammo to exterminate a large horde

    • SWANNY


    • scott

      can balistic knife revive teamates??? or does it have to be upgraded???

      • lamonic

        the balistic knife can revive your teamates, but it has to be pack a punched the nakes is the kriss refibulator its really good i got to round 39 with it, and its always hand but you want to have a pack a punched ray gun or LMG jic. another warning as the levels progress the number of knife it takes to kill a zombie gose up so you have to be careful about hords of them

    • Wpnfire

      You obviously never used upgraded launchers in world at war. The Panzerschreck has scaling damage which means it increases in damage with the zombies' health every round. I made it to 42 on W@W on Der Riese with three people. I had the ray gun, m1 Garand with grenade launcher (upgraded), upgraded pistol, upgraded Panzershcreck, the reaper, and the wunderwaffle upgraded. on round 37, i eliminated 30 zombies with the 3 rockets from the upgraded Panzerschreck. and in black ops, the law upgraded has the highest possible base damage, so on round 37, which i've made it to, you can eliminate, again, 30 zombies with just 4-5 rockets.

    • tyler

      China Lake thumper is great when yoou get teleported up to the film room above the auditorium. Blows em up real nice

    • Johnny

      in W@W the pnzershreck upgtraded was full auto with 3 bullets and in black ops the luanchers arnt bad

    • brandon

      the launchers are not very usefull either game unless on kino you telleport and upgrade the rocket launcher it becames automatic and you can blow the zombies away from the filmroom

  • tom

    i used thunder gun and ray gun while using monkeys when team mates needing revives but most of all when there were to much zombies to handle you can chuck one and blast the thunder gun and your problem is gone, i got up to round 34. also do any of you know if you can get the thunder gun for more than one person?

    • aint got no legs

      a friend and i had both got it once, might of been a glitch tho. but i seem to get it all the time almost the first weapon every match out of the box.

    • paul

      more than one person can get it yes

    • Sheevang

      no i dont think more than one person can get thunder gun because my mate had it and i went in the box atleast 30 times and still didnt get it

      • ahh

        you cant get more than one thunder gun, unleast the other one upgraide the weappon to suesgun orso

        • anonymous

          you can get it from the fire sale

    • tom

      actually only 1 person per team can get it

  • madV1llain

    Actually I found that if you upgrade the crossbow it works the same way as monkey bombs, and you get 12 of them if I remember correctly. If you shoot it all of them run to it. Very useful especially if you have a buddy that has it. Get in a tight spot and just shoot it out some where. works perfectly.

  • luis

    the commando has a bunch of ammo for an AR (upgraded of course)


    Made to solo 36 in kino using ugraded FAL and ugraded thundergun then later trading fal for hk21 (SHIT LOADS OF CASH) After upgrading hk I racked up to 50k within 10 rounds

    • aint got no legs

      the fal is a good weapon my buddy always does the same but never makes it to the pack a punch he never has the money to or just gets downed. love the hk21.

    • antonio

      what system Xbox,ps3 or wii ?

    • Arjohn

      I go through the 20s with the cobra and skullcrusher then trade the cobra for the ray-gun during the 30s. I got to round 38 then quit because my family was starting to take bets on when i would lose. This was solo casual game play waiting for my uverse to finish installing. Quick revive is the key to survival solo.

    • Wpnfire

      Solo is so easy. Two days after this game came out, i made it to 40 something, i can't remember the round exactly because after i found out later IT DIDN'T COUNT FOR NOTHING. I just used the ray gun and the thunder gun, you just use barriers. Just like on der riese on W@W.

  • WiredItWasntMe

    Ok well most of you will prob disagree with me but i think that the mp40 and the stakeout are by far the most usefull. The stakeout only for dogs and rounding up zombies, the mp40 for just getting points. I also dont upgrade them as dumb as they might sound, only cus ammo cost way to much in my taste for upgraded guns. But thats how i play idk about everyone eles. :D

    • Tony

      you can't make it past 20 at best with no upgrades

    • Shanghai

      yea seems u havnt got very far then.. it gets 2 a point where uny non-packapunched weapon will take a clip 2 kill a zombie.. nd thats only round the 20's

      • GOD

        we got to lvl 33 with mp40 no upgrade… u just need the points not the kills

    • Zack

      Yah I play the same way except i pack a punch a gun to clear the zombies infront of me then just run until im far enough ahead to clip a couple zombies, each round you get around 5 k points so you can keep packapunching the other guns or turning on traps and turrets, level 34 solo and 38 co op

    • guest

      would have to agree with the gun but upgrade the mp40 and keep the stakeout normal very good

    • Johnny

      i can see where your coming from for ammo and i might try tht on solo sometime

    • josh221323

      I agree, mp40 for major points and cheap ammo in the later stages, and upgraded ray gun for back up. These 2 with running is a good combo after they are all bunched together, mega points.

  • saints

    mp40(not much need 2 pap)
    zeus cannon(pap)
    speed cola

    camp on top of a starcase with the door at the top closed!
    usaully good to stay on the staircase right outside the room with the mp40 4 ammo needs XD

    ur bro saints

  • Connor

    I got to 21 with a rpk and zeus cannon. the zeus cannon is a necessity to get to those high levels and the light machine guns are recommended because of the ammo. also the upgraded ray gun totally owns even in the high levels. does anyone know if you can possibly have two of the special guns? ie: the ray gun + thundergun etc

    • Zach

      You can definately have two specials. I have had the Ray Gun and Winter's Howl at the same time.

      • dman

        you can have the thunder gun and ray gun at the same time. makes a good combo

        • jokerlegends77

          Not a good combo in later levels such as the 30's Ray Gun isn't as effective from 35 on but it's still great but you don't want Zeus cannon and ray gun when you start getting that late in the waves. At that point it's one or the other and I would go with Zeus cannon over ray gun anytime. It's great for those moments when ya get overwhelmed. Also in later waves Zeus cannon and RPK/HK is what ya want

    • aint got no legs

      yes you can.

    • Frank

      yes i got both (upgraded ray gun is f-ing ausome) and i had enough money to upgrade thundergun but i died in 2 hits with juggernog

    • jessexr8

      yes i was in a game where i got a ray gun then a thundergun from the mystery box

    • jacob

      Yes I almost always get the ray gun or thundergun I would tottaly own with it I got to level. 23 with m1911 and monkey bombs of course upgraded I got both ray gun and thunder best combo ever I never got downed bowie knife roks too

    • Jason

      Ya you can have a ray gun and a thundergun at the same time cause i had both upgraded and mde it to round 43 with 3 others

    • shane

      ya u can i have got the thunder gun and ray gun before made it to round 59 3 player

    • tigerlair

      yes you can get ray gun and thunder gun even with monkey bombs:)

    • josh

      yes i have played with the ray gun and thunder gun at the same time lots of times

    • kyle

      yep you an have 2 special wepons

  • Devon

    I usually run around in circles on the map, so I find having a light weapon, smg, pistols, ray gun, crossbow, or ballistic knives, to be very helpful, as well as a heavy weapon to spin around and take out a bunch of them before I keep running. I seem to get the hk21 a lot, and having an LMG and the ray gun is the best in my opinion. Swapping the LMG for the thunder cannon might be nice, but I haven't gotten it pap'd before. I usually end up just making due with what I get though XD

  • Clayton

    The Zeus Cannon or the Ray gun is a must. You need something to clear a path around tricky corners. Other than that you need a machine gun to rack up some points. Although a machine gun with a large clip is a bonus, I've noticed that none of the machine guns have the same impact as the MG or PPSH. I've had just as much luck buying machine guns off the wall and filling up on ammo when I get to them on my circle around the board. So far I've got to 33 on solo play with that strategy. The only complaint that I have on this game is the sound. A gun should sound like a beast when upgraded, not a pea shooter. The dual shotguns are awesome .. until you fire a round. I almost fell on the floor the first time I heard it. I expected boom boom boom .. instead pew pew pew. Game is still awesome though

    • Wpnfire

      The LMGs suck in black ops. I hate the Hk, cause with double tap, ITS SO FREAKING INACCURATE. I wish you could get an M60, because that was actually invented in Vietnam. I also wish you could get like an Uzi, or a mac-11, off the wall. There's no black ops equivalent to the Reaper in this game. The cammando and the Galil are no different upgraded. Dual Mags on the Commando are cool, but you just use up your small amount of ammo quicker! Also just get yourself some surround headphones. the sound is so good, you can hear echos.

    • Bldaz

      Yep, the sound they make isnt what it should be. Wish we had PPSH and the 42 or even a 60 would be great. Upgraded should pound out base and sound, not pew pew pew, lame.

    • cruindle

      i lmfao when i shot it i was expecting it to blow my speakers not make me turn up the volume

  • Raji Dafty

    a like to upgrade different weapons everytime to see what they are like got the level 26 by constantly swapping my gun, running around the whole building and upgrading when i had the chance. ray gun has proved most useful though with double tap it blast zombies to bits m 16 upgraded isnt bad either gets a grenade launcher which gets zombies crawlin

  • reece

    this is the bes game you eys will ever look at you can go 2 player online so cool

    • penis

      or 4 player

    • k godz

      so far the bes

  • alberto

    What are the movie clips for

    • zombiedestroyer

      The movie clips show you the storyline

  • Cjack75

    The blowgun

  • Plugger

    Do you guys do the box glitch where your mate goes down u revive and pick a gun up, do that 4 or 5 times then get your perks, have made round 26 online.

    • nick

      haha yeah theres also another glitch where u can get ray gun everytime.

      • Michael


  • Jacob Morriss

    I love this game and spend all of my time on it :)

  • sincitystealth

    dont forget the winters howl that guns godly pack'd

  • john11111

    mustang and sally = gg lvl 41 with them and zeus cannon.

  • Dony

    where can you get the Commando Rifle??

    • asdfasdfasdf

      only in the ??????? boxes (random weapons)

  • Dony

    Hey wassup guys…Quick question Where can you get the Commando Rifle?

    • Enrique the great

      It just called the Commando, not the Commando Rifle.

  • matthew

    i m going to tell ya tht black ops is a lot better then halo reach

  • ipwn master

    total pwnage of the butt i just made it to round 58 with ray gun pack a punched and zeus cannon

  • guy

    me and my NOOB friends got to 25 using this strategy on kino der toten(4player). at the room you start the match in, camp there until about round 3 or 4. then go up the stairs and buy the door on the right. once you do that have everyone buy the sub-machine gun on the wall, I think its a PM63. (or use random weapon box if it spawns there). then go into the room with the square gap in the middle, have one person guard the window, one person guard the hole in the ceiling, and two guard the doorway (at the later rounds you'll find the trap in the hallway useful) and never ever ever ever open the door between the gap in the ceiling and the window this will screw up the whole strategy

    • ben dover

      yes! thats exactly what me and my buddy did and we made it to round 30 from sitting in that room, setting the trap, then when the zombies wer bout gone wed leave. wed go in the teleporter at the beginning of the round, then wed run upstairs. it works amazingly

    • zombiedestroyer

      Guy that's funny I did the exact same thing with my NOOB friends and got to 31

  • Trizzle210

    There are several rules that hold true for all Zombies…
    -First-room guns are NOT worth buying. Use your pistol, knife, and 'nades until you cannot hold them back anymore (average round 4 or 5 depending on the timing of our canine friends.) and then use your massive points to open up until you get a machine gun before panicking and buying a kar98 or an m414. Which leads me to my next rule…
    -Shotguns are for safety, machine guns are for points. You always want to start those first easy rounds (1-10) with something fast and accurate. I always buy a stakeout/trenchgun, etc… for the safety they offer when backed into a corner.
    -Explosives are okay as long as your group is okay with cleaning up your crawlers. Although the new upgraded pistol is PHENOMENAL gun! Infinitely useful as long as the max ammo keeps coming.
    -Use your pistol! Compare the points you get from blowing away a zombie with an Olympia(I think thats what its called) in the first few rounds and the points you get from unloading a clip into the zombie and knifing him. It's pure logic.

    Keep in mind if you do need to buy a gun in the first room make sure its the cheapest and fastest and WEAKEST. More points, remember you are only going to have it for a few rounds!

    Happy Zombie Hunting!

    A tip on the map "Five" is that once someone has enough to open the first door, do it. The second that you buy that little smg in the next room you are sitting pretty!

  • dcowan92

    the thundergun and the m16 both upgraded is a really good combo

  • chris

    i used the AUG and raygun both upgraded. the aug gets a masterkey attachment which is very handy. i also had the bowie knife which is instant kills. monkey bombs. and the speed cola and juggernog perks. we camped it out in the room upstairs. activate the trap and buy claymores too. my teammate had the ballistic knife upgraded which is instant revive if you shoot it. we lasted 20 rounds until someone fucked up. let your team mates know when you reload!!

    • Enrique the Great

      The bowie knife is not an instant kill

  • antonio

    the ak 74u is da bom . it cost like 1200 but it the gun i keep all the map it is da bom.

  • Aaron P.

    This is NOT the best game of the year. It is good, but not the greatest, Battlefield 3 will own this game. Reach is still better. But its still way fun. Zombies is way fun. i found the light machine guns are good only because of the high ammo. I used AUG and commando with it as well. I like the commando for high ammo capacity but i liked the aug cuz of the shotgun attachment. Toss up.

  • Guest

    I made it to level 22 by myself with the upgraded rpk and upgraded ray gun. its pretty sick how you can still buy quick revive in single player mode. you have my kudos

  • Falcon

    I've made it to round 65 on the map "Five" Pack a punched thunder gun is great.

    • kozzzzzy

      Does it make u feel good to lie on a website and say you’ve been to round 65 on five with an upgraded thundergun? You can’t get a thunder gun on five. Just like you can’t get a winters howl on kino. For me though, the best combo is pack a punched ray gun and hk 21. We had two ppl with that combo one with an hk21 and winters pack a punched and a the other had rpk and hk 21 pack a punched. We got to round 40 by just camping in the small elevator and going up and down when thing got too tough. We died because we ran out of ammo.

  • JonB

    I've got to round 28 on Kino with 1 friend, with all 4 perks, monkey bombs, an upgraded Ak74u and an upgraded rocket launcher

  • N3RD B0i

    is there a mystery box on 'FIVE' if so where is cause all the gun i get on 'FIVE' is the AK and the MPL i want better guns :(

  • bubbles

    I cant believe no one else has said anything about this but if you upgrade the pistol that you start with you get Mustang and Sally. Akimbo 1911's with explosive bullets. Best gun there is to clear a crowd. If you couple those with an upgraded MP40 (easy access to more ammo) then you are good as gold. Grab Juggernog as soon as you have enough cash. (most important perk)
    Revive is good to have just in case. Other perks are irrelevant but useful. (I go with speed.)
    Get a circuit through the map. A big circle from the starting room through the theater then MP40 room then back to starting room and keep a group of them behind you. At choke points aim head high with the MP40 and start blasting.
    Watch your back when you are shooting though cause its easy to get boxed in by a walker that spawns in.
    I can make it to 25 EASY. After that the rounds are long long long and what will kill you eventually is boredom. It gets awfully repetitive after 20.


    I got to round 11 by getting the Commando (PaP) and Python pistol. I wanted to upgrade that 2 but i died lol.

  • fieldzy4

    this game absolutely pwns

  • presto

    dual wielded cz-75's upgraded are the way to go for running laps around the map. instant kill with headshots for up to wave 30 and insanely fast to run with. second gun doesnt matter much, just something to turn and shoot with every now and then. thundergun, rpk… theyr all the same in this case. definitely recommend it, i go for them every round. calamity and janes

  • NightWarrior

    as a primary i like the spas24 (spas12 upgraded) because its got an amazing reload time and can kill multiple zombies then as a secondary i take the china beach (china lake upgraded) use this on kino der toten

  • whippinyz450f

    i got to level 21 all bymyself with the two light machine guns and the commando they are sick

  • whippinyz450f

    i really wish they had the ppsh in this game this sucks that was my favorite gun

  • Owned c;

    First off, zombies is AMAZING. Im a chick and I love it- I could play for hours.
    Second, in my opinion, the best combo is a pack o punched ballistic knife with a pack o punched LMG or Ray gun. On a side note, the upgraded ballistic is only helpful when youre playing with at least two people. What is does is that when you upgrade it, you can shoot knives into your teammates when theyre down and it instantly revives them, and the ballistics carry 9 knives at a time, and they can be picked back up after use. This can help A LOT when you're surrounded, especially in the upper levels. When I upgraded the ballistics when playing with 3 other people, we lived 15+ levels further than usual. We were doing amazing, and the only reason we died was because I lagged out, and under 2 minutes after I lagged out, the whole team was wiped out and died.
    Long story short: More than one player + upgraded ballistics + upgraded LMG or Ray gun = EPIC WINNNNNN<3

    • Isaac

      Hey Good Strategy But It also helps if Yo Have 4 People Because I got To 25 With 4 People 3 People Had Upgraded Ray Guns and Monkey Bombs And An Papd LMG Or Papd AR And I Had An Upgraded M72 LAW That Thing Is Beast And I Mean It Is Insane! And Try Out The Upgraded Stakeout + Upgraded M16 It Turns Into The SkullCrusher Its Really Good And It Has A Grenade Lancher And Its Fully Auto So Yeah Do you play on Xbox Because If You Do Please Please PLEASE Friend Request Me Because All My Friends Are NOOBS My Gamertag Is AbaldGuy7 (Im Not Really Bald lol) So Please Friend Request Me So We Can Play Together Somtime But Send Me A Message When You Friend Request Me Or I Wont Accept It.So Please Get Back To Me Over Live!

  • codsucksballs

    not a fan of this game this personally ruined xbox for me
    call of duty sucks dick :)

  • burt

    got to 41 with 3 friends using the bowie knife and balistic knife combo and the hk 21 pack a punched.

  • @_@

    i mad it to lvl 88 with me and my cos the best gun is fraez gun lol get skillsssssssssssssssss love

    • Yeti BBQ

      Sorry, but it doesnt count if its not on live noob. try again

  • T-Savs

    I like mustang and sally they have just as much power as the ray gun duel wield so your never stuck reloading, you use em when your downed and they do more splash damage than the thunder gun, I use those plus mp40, juggernog, speed, quick revive

  • troy

    upgraded m1911 for sure, the mustang and sally

  • bullshitter

    i got to level 50 with 1 other person . using 2 people means the zombies arent as hard as 3 or 4 players. I had a PaP thungergun and a stakeout upgraded. My mate used uprgarded ray gun and bought weapons of the wall for when he ran out of ammo and just swithced them a lot. We bought the enitre map but only ran around in a circle through the theatre and around the side with the stake out so you dont get stuck on any of the narrower stairs like on the other side of the map. make sure to buy jugga nog its really useful. and get speed cola aswell and double tap. when we went past the theatre if we had the money

  • Yeti BBQ

    Ok, I am a professional zombies gamer, and I can go on indefinitely. Seriously, i quit when i get tired. The strategy i use is a long explaination that im not willing to give out yet, but weapon wise, you must have a ballistic knife upgraded with the bowie knife (makes it even better) and an any lmg, ray gun, or thunder gun until round 24ish. Then you really use up ammo and you need to buy an mp5k off the wall. You can pick up ammo with little cost. For early rounds use the stakeout, one hit kill until round 11 or so. Don't forget to buy juggernog BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEY ON THE BOX OR ANYTHING ELSE. This is the most common error players make: wasting money on the box on early rounds when a gun off the wall and juggernog will get you to round 11 no sweat. peace, remember knifes, and mp5k. My gamertag is Yeti BBQ, add me if you can get passed round 30 solo. my email is

    • watts8921

      geting stakeout? really? that just means less points you earn, always get a SMG fool.

  • sam

    personally i dont really think the ray gun is rally that great. sure its ridiculously strong but it can only take out 1 to two zombies at a time. where as a HK or RPK upgraded simply mow all the zombs down. i like to use the thundergun for emergencies and the HK/RPK for points and other use.

  • sml909

    The place that’s good for a launcher is in the alley when you open it through the fence not the door. One person on the window by the stairs 2 people with their backs against the wall of the stairs and the one with a launcher on the stairs launching towards the fence the zombies will be coming through

  • Mike

    The h2k1 and the thundergun with pack a punch, I average high 20′s solo with those two

  • Ethen

    What i did to get to round 28 solo was NOT to have a specific gun i get the best gun possible from the box, and try not to get pinned by a swarm o zombies. also try to keep your money up, Ive had to experience these problems 1st hand. I survived round 26 with an olympia then a m14…. TOOK FOREVER. but just keep moving and dont get pinned and you should survive pretty well, also dont risk getting downed over a drop
    I have a ps3 add stiff_kitten_ if u want

  • mr.pina colada

    mw2 wuz really anoying because i always had friends over and we'd have 2 take turns but now , we can both be playing so that is awesome

  • Atanas

    Just saying but all you need is one good gun, (starting pistol packapunched, ray gun, crossbow pack a punched, thunder gun) something like that and an mp40 non pack a punched. I've gotten 40+ rounds that way and with over 200,000 extra money, its the best strategy.

  • Steve

    upgrade your starting pistol, just like that you have a pretty nice two gun grenade launcher, good for getting rid of groups of zombies. caution you can knock yourself down if you use it too close. but good side you cant knock your teammates down so you got there backs at all times. this got me pretty far, if you get ray gun with this, you use your raygun while your knocked down instead of the pistols, so i'd say dont get the ray gun, rather the commando or thundergun

  • tyler

    this is for you kids that say you NEED a zues cannon…get good you dont need a freakin zues cannon

    what you neeed is mp40 off of wall.. any gun out of box.. monkey bombs.. and just round them up in theater and run around map with them following. use monkey bombs when you want to get lots of kills fast

    dont upgrade mp40. tomuch money for more ammo.. up grade weapon from box you'll last longer then using the "duesh cannon"

  • Jeff

    My stratagy: (for five)
    Me and my bud,
    Me: Crossbow Packed into the Awful Lawton and a decent assualt rifle packed, preferably the Aug, Galil, or FAL Packed (the FAL has a 3 round burst!)
    Why the crossbow? when its packed, the bolt blinks red and attracts ALL zombies to it, much more effective than monkeys, attracting most of the zombies.

  • Jeff

    My friend: he is the one with the heavy machine guns, usually an HK21 or an RPK packed of course. it is good for him to have a WunderWeapon like the winters howl. it is good for reloads and nice in a pinch. another good second gun is a good running gun, but never a submachine gun, as they run out of ammo extremely fast. a shotgun is good for this, as it has nice damage and excellent for running and gunning, so the spas 12 packed is perfect. i shell to reload 24, its automatic, and good for damage.

  • Jeff

    we wait in the pack a punch room or the elevator between the third and second floors. i watch the window while he watches the front. when in a pinch i shoot a crossbow or hit the elevator button.

    in the pack a punch room we wait for it to hit defcon 1 and for the doors to open. no zombies will break through windows until this. take advantage of this. when the doors open i shoot the crossbow and he opens fire. all the zomies go to the crossbow shot and he gets easy headshots. then i go to the windows and watch his back.

  • Jeff

    make a crawler and leave, then reset the defcon buttons. repeat. you will get a good amount of money this way, so here is a list of fun guns to screw with when they are upgraded:

    the first pistol: the M1911, i wont tell you what it does but its cool
    the LAW rocket launcher
    the upgraded olympia, just shoot a zombie
    the china lake
    the M16, guess what it gets…
    and the aug gets a nifty attachment to

    tip: don't be afraid to take the pistol from the box, the CZ75 is not that bad, upgraded its full auto, and dual wield it too. it has fast reload and the best damage for a pistol, disregarding the revolver.
    tip:Buying perks is not wasting money, espicially Juggernaut, as it will be a necessity.

  • chapiq

    want the high explosive,fast aiming and a fast reloading?its the rocket launcher.upgraded it with the pack a pouch and u got the second ultimate weapon on zombie mode.the first ultimate weapon is thundergun.but its slow reloading.if u got speed cola….u ROCK THE THEATER OF THE DAMNED!!

  • Karl

    best combo ive found so far is the zeus cannon/ray gun….but not until you get to the low 20's. get the thundergun as early as you can, keep trying the box! if you can get a HK21 or RPK and upgrade it thats great, but past lvl 25 it wont do you much good. by then you will have plenty of points and you can turn on the electric doors, which work really well if you are running in circles around the map. also the turrets are great on dog rounds, you hardly have to do anything! oh and monkeys are a must. me n my buddy made it to lvl 38 with this strategy, and we prolly would have made it farther, but only one of us had the zeus cannon/ray gun, the other had an upgraded HK/ray gun. pray for max ammo's tho….you run out of ray gun pretty fast.

  • urdaddy

    best combo is definately ray gun upgraded and zeus cannon after youve racked up a few points with MG's…i got to 45 on solo with ray and zeus just kept running around hitting traps gettin points when i can…the secret to get that far is make crawlers with ray gun and leave them for the end of the rounds, then knife em over n over to get max points. eventualy gotta buy bowie knife cuz it gets ridiculous

  • Justin

    You can have whatever pack a punch weapon, but to get to higher levels, monkey bombs are vital.

  • cSithiphong

    M1911 PaP'ed is quite good, fast reload, spamable, not too great for close range though, considering you can take yourself out.

  • jake

    skull crusher(m16 Packapunched) bowie knife (for dogs, 2 hit kills and extra points) and if no one has zeus cannon then i got it or another machine gun

  • Ray

    ray gun and hk21 best gun in my opinion. with monkey bomb you should get to lvl 20 pretty easy

  • sebz

    rpk pap and cross pap with monkies XD also quick revive, jug and speed cross is light and attracts them making getaways good, at round 21 and still alive XD

  • IHateBlackOpsSoMuch

    I've got to 25 by myself. My friends and I have done 27 on kino. Basically you need 4 people. 3 of which or Upgraded RPK/HK21 and raygun. And a HK21/RPK/Raygun thundergun combo. Monkeys also help alot. If it goes bad on kino, try to run around the center of the stage, get all the zombies chasing you and casually turn around spray, then when they get close run again

  • J-Cat

    I really like the pistol that you start with. Packed-A-Punch of course.

  • Keivan

    i made it to round 43: upgraded ray gun and krauss refibrillator (upgraded ballistic knife) as well as the bowie knife

  • 123321

    a good combination of guns is the Ray gun and the Thunder gun. The thunder gun is good for clearing a horde of zombies but the reloading sucks so but the speed cola. you'll make it to level 20 easy. =)

  • anonamous

    raygun and galil are an amazin combo espesicaly wen galil is upgraded

  • Beastly_Bastard

    the hk21 is a powerful gun especially when you upgrade it but by the time you get to a bout lvl 25-26 it takes a larger amount of shots to kill thezombies with it. the ray gun is very useful later on because when you go down it is easier to defend yourself while your teammates are reviving you and once you have that and a decent gun wait fo fire sales then buy because a ray gun/ thunder gun upgraded is legendary in getting to the further and harder levels of zombies.

  • carlos

    my cuz got to level 30 by himself.he would have got to 31 but the dogs got him down and he was out of ammo.alone that is pretty good!!! he is only 8 years old.

  • SQuiggly5cott Shad0z

    I made it to round 28 just by using the upgraded ballistic knife and Zeus cannon with 3 people…. the knifing with the ballistic knife……is just fkin amazing 2 knives and theyre down and its so fast 2 plus u get to revive downed teamates..:D

  • helpmeplease

    honestly i like the AUG when upgraded and the spas 12 but they both run out of ammo alot fast and i always go down fast but they are pretty good saved me alot everytime i get in corner

  • UnknownFox

    The Raygun and Thundergun are a beastly combination, I guarantee that. However in the end you end up screwed royally as you have no way at all to reload once you run out, unless you get lucky and get a Max Ammo. I prefer to stick with the Stakeout and Thundergun/raygun, which ever I get at the time. Got to 24 in 4 player but we dont ever get a team with enough sense to NOT GO FOR THE BOX in the middle of the round.

  • ollie

    black ops zombies best gun only on five winter howler

  • Zombieshalldie

    I lucked out and got the ray gun and thunder gun and got to round 27 with 3 other people on my first game. Both PaP juggernaught,quick revie, speed cola , and a bowie knife 9god of all knives) :)

  • Joseph

    i think that if u play with smart friends that know wat they r doing and u have good guns then u will survive on kino i prefer the commando and aug bot pack a punched and on five i prefer the same but u get wat u can get

  • scott

    HK21 upgraded, double tap, jugger – nog, speed cola and upgraded comando. . . . hk21 use on massive packs for racking up points and comando for single kills.

  • 1337 pwnge

    I had a ray gun and a thunder gun and I upgraded both of them and they pwned

  • Dudeitiod

    I made it to round 22 with the upgraded commando and upgraded ak74u

  • joel

    and one having problems getting online on black ops on ps3 or is it just me ???

  • Jeffrey

    best weapons for survival would be the hk21 with the ray gun or thunder gun. use the hk21 rack up points and use the ray gun or thunder gun in tight spots or to cover teammates when someones downed. I also recommend least two people get monkeys bombs or pap crossbow. Before getting the box get all the perks including double tap. People think its just wasting ammo but it kills zombies alot faster plus your ray guns rate of fire increases. I made it to round 33 before my connection messed everything up.thumbs up if this helped.

  • Micheal Brady

    The best gun in the whole game is the gun u start out with the m1911. really ironic huh?

  • davy

    I got to round 17 alone using the upgraded rail gun and the upgraded Stakeout. Was great fun! :)

  • kCroz16

    ray gun (pack a punched) and ice gun packa punched. Great stuff,

  • josh

    ok the best combonation i have used is the zeus cannon and galil, or hk21, if your looking for some points use the hk21 but if u want rounds to end quicker use the galil. i made it to round 34 with one other person using this tactic.

  • Wise man

    Shopping list for 4 players. Ray guns x2 upgraded, thunder gun x1 and crossbow x1 upgraded, hk21 x2 and RPK x2 upgraded, claymores and life saver cymbol monkeys. With jugger-nog and quick revive perks. This is wot u need to get if u wanna get to the 30 mark. Commando is ok to rack up the points early on, with wot little ammo it has. Would never pack a punch it. Famas is the same. Galli is much better due to bigger mag and ammo count. I’m Not saying leave these guns hanging in the crate, just that the ammo won’t last more then one level in the 20s. Don’t ever get double tap root beer, don’t waste ya money or ammo on it. My trigger finger is fast enough.

  • Noctis Goh

    I make it to round 47, no kidding.
    When u reach near to round 20, you should have lots of money, dun waste it, go and buy from the random box till u get thunder gun/ ray gun.
    Eventually u nid both before advancing to round 30.
    Further more, when u upgraded ur gun with pack a punch, it gets full ammo, use it as a full ammo chance.
    Use the teleporter everytime during starting of the round once till round 28 or so.
    After that, you may need to teleport 2 times per round, as there is too much zombies and u nid to upgrade guns without ammo (furthermore, teleporting can kill a number of zombies, especially in large groups)

    When u reach round 30+ u will nid to use traps, recommend everyone not to open ally door, unless box is there.
    Use the fire trap there as there is a safe zone.(with the thundergun/zeus/ray/porter with u)
    That leads me to round 47…oh and 1 thing, the dogs are like Free Ammo!

    One of the many ways to earn big money is to have balistic knife with 3000 huge knife combined with it, though it can only lasts till around round 25.
    Using melee to kill, u get 130 points.
    Another way is to use melee attack if u get One-Hit-Kill icon.

    *Now I think of a new way to last for longer time, Since I always maintained around 20000 money on the later stage, plus finding out how to buy upgraded ammo, I will have no need to keep wasting money to upgrade laser gun and throw them away.
    THOUGH, raygun can dun have it but not THUNDERGUN, its a must-have.

  • Noctis Goh

    I make it to round 47 in solo, no kidding.
    When u reach near to round 20, you should have lots of money, dun waste it, go and buy from the random box till u get thunder gun/ ray gun.
    Eventually u nid both before advancing to round 30.
    Further more, when u upgraded ur gun with pack a punch, it gets full ammo, use it as a full ammo chance.
    Use the teleporter everytime during starting of the round once till round 28 or so.
    After that, you may need to teleport 2 times per round, as there is too much zombies and u nid to upgrade guns without ammo (furthermore, teleporting can kill a number of zombies, especially in large groups)

    When u reach round 30+ u will nid to use traps, recommend everyone not to open ally door, unless box is there.
    Use the fire trap there as there is a safe zone.(with the thundergun/zeus/ray/porter with u)
    That leads me to round 47…oh and 1 thing, the dogs are like Free Ammo!

    One of the many ways to earn big money is to have balistic knife with 3000 huge knife combined with it, though it can only lasts till around round 25.
    Using melee to kill, u get 130 points.
    Another way is to use melee attack if u get One-Hit-Kill icon.

    *Now I think of a new way to last for longer time, Since I always maintained around 20000 money on the later stage, plus finding out how to buy upgraded ammo, I will have no need to keep wasting money to upgrade laser gun and throw them away.
    THOUGH, raygun can dun have it but not THUNDERGUN, its a must-have.

    Oh and btw, you must buy juggernaut, quick revive, speed cola.
    But double tap if u used gun like RPK and HK21

    • dan cotter

      ties is with what i think

  • Oxzen_gamer

    the mp5k is ok

  • christian

    -ray gun and hk21 upgraded

  • zeus

    zeus cannon and hk21 packa puched is easily da best loads of bullets in the hk21 but immense powa from ZEUS CANNON :D KINO IS BETTER DAN 5 =)

  • tttracing

    m 16, aug, and gaili are very good but so are the lmg's

    ps3: tttracing

  • shane

    i made it to level 22 with the upgraded commando and reguler ray gun.

  • sam

    well its easy to get the thunder gun and that upgraded can get you into the 30's but you'll need a primary gun and the upgraded galil fits the bill! (ahem sorry) but i got to 31 with these guns

  • Ben

    I find the most usefull gun in the game is the mp40 just for the price of ammo (just 500) and how its nicely part of the simplest circle i wouldnt upgrade it the price of the ammo just goes up way too high same with all upgraded guns, obviously you need sticky situation guns to go with this, but remember you are a team each can have a different gun for a different situation, LMGs are good for there high ammo, the ray guy for its sheer power and the balistic knife if you get it is good for revives (admittedly the other guns should be upgraded) but your main gun should be a cheap SMG from around the circle, which kinda just leaves the mp40 or the mp5k, provided you keep moving in a circle the zombies will mostly be behind you and the SMG ammo usually lasts a lap,

    following this simple route you can easilly make the high lvls it usually only messes up as you start to get bored/tired

    * as mentioned in many of the posts above juggernog and speed cola are a must, quick revive for those without the balistic knife is also handy (as accidents happen) then all you need are claymores (which replenish every round) and monkey bombs (for sticky situations or when someone goes down, never throw the last one and they replenish with max ammo)

    turrets are handy in the later rounds not always needed but well it gets borign looping round and round so they kill off a few, i wouldn't bother with the traps when you use them the remaining zombies spawn infront of you

  • Aaron

    i got to round 38 with my mate, i got the ray gun, thundergun and monkeys and my friend got ray gun, rpk and monkeys…everything upgraded ofc :D

  • Rish Poudel

    Well the bowe knife is very useful…….. it doesnt replace your primary or sencondary wepons. instead it replaces ur normal knife. it if in fact very strong. one hit on level ten still kills. but the draw back is the cost…. 3000 dollars…. to get there you have to get to the theater room… which cost a great amount of money….. but it pays off…. it is in the right corner off the theater room :) have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan cotter

    got to level 32 today would have got futher but we had dogs and got downed just as teleporter was launched my friend had both ray gun and zeus cannon upgraded of course and i had 2 lmgs upgraded and just before i died ray gun but b4 i could upgrade i died!! would have got futher

    run in circles traps is a must although no points
    jugger nog
    lmgs are great for maxing out points (headshoots)
    monkeys to distract zombies when teammate is down

    teleport —- upstairs —— trap in that room ——– repeat

  • pat

    wow this is coming frrom a bunch of people who havent even hit level 30. M16 off the wall. You will never run outta ammo and its automatic. And the mp40 the doctor says its the best gun in the game when you pick it up. You will never run outta ammo. I got to 35 this way and died cuz the other guy wasted 1000s of points on the box for the ray gun. And trust me its not worth shit in later rounds. You wont even use your gun other than for points for traps.

  • The Not-So


  • Erik

    I got to 37 just last night by myself with a combo of the pack a punched ray gun at all times, and a Druganov pack a punched and whatever else was given to me in the mystery box…the m7w law is awesome pack a punched…got far with that…

  • beener kee kee

    got to lvl 99

    • k godz

      got to 167 with up graded winter howl the winter's fury and the upgraded wunder waffe frogot the name though

  • k godz

    i'd go for the up graded winter howl the winter fury and wunder waffe the code for the wander waffe is dead lif3 its useful

  • Johnathan Mabe

    my stratagy for zombies is use you pistol and stay in the first room and mostly knife all the zombies depending on what lvl your on is the amount ofknifes it takes after you get 3500 point leave that room and go o the stake out shoygun and stay in that room till you can turn the power on after turning on the power i run counter clock wise arounnd the map few to 0 zombies will ever be in front of me eventually after killing a few more zombies i unlock all the rooms and eventually find the mystery box and then get the ray gunthen i upgrade the shot gun and continue forward with those 2 weapons this statagy got me to lvl 44 untouched hope it helps

  • AniimaL

    Black ops has rubbish as for zombies it's amazing but they should definitly get some new maps and sort out their connection. for guns i like to have a ray gun upgraded and either the hk21, rpk, commandom or galil upgraded it will get you very high!

  • bobbbb

    e and my mate got to round 34 & i had Hk21 & Rpk Pack a punched & after round 28 they were taking atleast 75 bullets for one of them to die!

  • Zombeast369

    never pack-a-punch get all perks and fire all clips into mobs only pack-a-punch thunder gun this way you make crazymoney double tap+rpk+colateral+24zombies=thousands of dollars per clip once out of ammo trade gun and repeat me and my cousin got to round 35 first time with AUGs and Commandos

    • hitler (not really)

      always pack a punch guns you retard.

    • hitler (not really)

      and it depends what gun you pack o punch. dont pap pistols or semi’s. always full autos and the explosives. especially the china lake into china beach. if you get all the perks with the china beach and the aug-some/or/ AK47fu2 on kino, you’re set for half the levels (to about level 50 or 75. 80 if your really good)

  • hitler (not really)

    the outcome of the box is NOT random. That was a fully opinionated remark. you look at the symbol on top and wait for it to get closer to gold. The closer you are to gold when you buy it, the better the weapon. I got two thunderguns in a row this way. I’ve been doing this since WaW, and it works. The python is closer to the blue, as well as the m14. the light anti-tank weapon is closer to the middle, and the automatics are right after the color changes to gold. Like, between getting the timing on gold perfect and when it first turns gold. I know this may take some time when hoarded. so just use it when you are cornered. I know this will help, if it doesn’t you’re doing it wrong. ;)

  • playhard100

    I've made it to lvl 29 solo. What has worked for me is you need to have Monkey Bombs and Ray Gun/Thunder Gun… I would recommend to buy all of the drinks first, and then dont upgrade your weapons until you are completely out of ammo. You want to rack up points first in early rounds. The best guns to have opposite of the thunder or ray gun is the FAL or RPK. The FAL upgraded is the EPC WN which is the most powerful assault rifle and the RPK is preferred over the HK21 because it's more powerful and easier head shots.

  • playhard100

    Another thing i forgot to add that is a must need is the BOWIE KNIFE. It is by the juggernog and is 3000 points, but it is well worth it. It is like having a ballistic knife but u dont sacrafice a weapon

  • matthew mangus

    the crossbow should have mor amo

  • Dalten Brown

    Ok My Favorite Setup Is To Get What I Think Is Fun At The Time HAVE FUN IT IS A GAME!!!! Don't Actually Worry About Surviving Because When You Worry And Make Plans And All Of That…… Well you Lose When You Do That… So Go With The Flow Get Some Friends And Mess Around Or If Solo Get Someone To Talk To So You Don't Get Frustrated And Freak Out Because Friends Help You Calm Down…..Well Some.


    Its all about the thundergun / crossbow upgraded or monkeys! all of which are life-savers in the later levels. The crossbow acts like mini monkeys with 14 shots or so. With one of the aformentioned weapons you will also need a gun with a large amount of amo because you WILL run out of amo. Be prepared to lose one of your guns when u run out of amo. If i have a good gun I tend to hold out getting pack-a-punch untill I run out of amo. Juggernaut is a must have past level 8 or so and quicker reload is very useful (espeshaly with slow loading weapons), note these will be lost if you go down. I got to level 42 and find it easiest with two players. MOUSSA_1984

  • sammy

    i got to lv 82 solo on kin der toten. raygun sucks at that lv so it was zeus cannon and nothing else works :P

  • goob

    well i think taht the best gun to pack a punch with would have to be the hand gun and by the way i did make it to the 10th level so if you think you can do any better then just let me know because i need i cool dude to play with and we can be zombie bros and just plain out mess up some zomebitches!

  • Sammysamsam

    We got to round 28 tonight I had hk upgraded with monkeys and ray gun upgraded mate had thunder gun upgrade and ray gun upgrade other guy had same as me with no monkeys we ended up running low with the thunder gun and we team mates go down it makes it hard at lvl28+ to revive even with monkeys cuz they get back up with no jugger nog I think I the pistol u start with upgrade is amazing but deffffffff pick a Lmg over them hope this helps

  • propa tingzz

    i got to 44 blud nnnnnn what

  • sean

    made 32 solo with zeus canon and hk21 upgraded revive juggy and monkey bomb

  • Jon

    I got to level 47 with 2 people, using the ray gun with rpk, and he had zeus cannon with ray gun (We both had monkeys). He would run around the stage while i was camping in a corner shooting with my LMG, and when he had enogh zombies behind, he would blast them and repeat. When we got in trouble, we ran to the teleporter and used it. When we got back, we ran up the stairs to the trap, and whoever had more money, would use the trap when they got right next to us. We went to the stage as fast as we could, and he used a monkey as i was setting the teleporter up. We did the stage strategy again, and made it to lvl 47.

    Speed Cola
    Quick Revive (LMG person)
    Double Tap (LMG person)

  • tyler

    in the first unlocked zombie map the launchers are good if all the doors are open and all the barricads are down have all the zombies follow you till all the zombies are there and you wont get more till the next round get them to try to follow you up the stairs when you get up there turn around and start blastin away. happy bombing

  • http://facebook joestin

    a nice place to yous the rockets and other exsplosefs is in the pack a punch room

  • r4xtar5216

    lvl 33 thunder and ray gun

  • thebest

    i went to round 67 solo with the thundergun and raygun and went to 37 online

  • mir707

    I THINK THE python made to a cobra is good and a commando made to a predator

  • dan

    I think that the best combo is the Ray Gun and the Thunder Gun. They aren't as useful in the beggining but in the higher rounds they are vital to me. The Thunder Gun is absolutly the best gun in the game, but the problem is its ammo. Because of the fact that it only holds 14 blasts (28 when pack-a-punched) is the reason that it is only a secondary. The Ray Gun is also good because it holds more ammo. I don't shoot too much because I'm afraid of running out. I knife them with the bowie instead.

  • AxelGrimm

    I think that the balistic knife + the crossbow(both upgraded of course) are very useful when playing with 3 or more people. It lets you worry about tight situations while your comrades worry about the general killing of those bloody nazis. :D

    • justin

      i agree with the balstic knife but i would say an upgraded commando or galil with it just cuz you dont really get kills with the bow or at least thats what i found so as long as you have a good machine cuz its wicked or even the pistol you start with is good with the balistic knife

  • mir707

    i think the bazooka upgraded is good ten round mag

  • BuBBleGe0

    I know some people will disagree, but I use the PaP M12 Law ('Lol'), and the PaP Zeus Cannon ('Blowgun'). Both are great weapons with great power and ammo (If you count the amount of zombies you kill/ make crawlers per clip). I got to 25 solo, and 28 with 2 people (Counting me). Don't believe me? Add me, BuBBle Ge0.

  • TheGrtAku

    Go from Pistol, to Mystery Box.

    Spaz, and any snipe/low ammo machine gun. Good for rounds 1-15.

    But beyond that they suck. You need to get some guns that can hold up when the zombies are knocking on your face, not your door.

    Hk21, Ray gun, Thunder Gun, or the HK’s Lil bro, The RPK.

    Are the only weapons i found to get your dumba** out of a situation you fell into. They make bad players look good. Pack-a-punch them and your in the clear if your strategy is on point. Get a partner with a thunder/ray and you with a HK/Ray and ill be damned if you dont make it to round 24. I made it to 43 with my noob friend when we got that combo

  • lamonic

    did you all know that you can never run out of monkeys???? comment and ill tell you how

  • Hotshot159 (PS3)

    ok. if you guys want to get to round 31 like i did in kino then it takes alot of time and patience. this is my strategy that works for 2-4 players and requires alot of skill. first 4 rounds dont buy a gun, just kinfe for the most points. round 5 open top two doors and buy the mp40 which will be very usefull later on. one person can buy a shotgun and he will be guarding the upstairs. the rest guard on window downstairs next to speed cola area. when dogs come every one will run around the table where the speed cola is and everyone will help eachother buy shooting dogs. wiat til everyone is done reloading and take the max ammo. get back to you positions and hold of zombies until round 8. then buy the next two doors and turns on the power. to be continued.

  • Hotshot159 (PS3)

    continued (important)-dont run straight to the mystery box, first buy a juggernaut and everyone will WALK around the map in a cirrcular pattern(if you run then the zombies will turn around and you will be sandwhiched from behind and infront.(thats what she said lol). keep making the circle around the map until there are few zombies and make a crawler. NOW is the time to buy the mystery box. this is where it gets repetative and will get you to round 31 or more like me. one person with a ray gun and lightmachine gun will walk around the stage with the ray gun out to kill zombies infront of him while zombies follow him from behind. the rest of the crew will WALK around the map killing zombies infront and behind them until they meet up with the guy walking around the stage. DO NOT try to kill all the zombies around the stage. it should be round 10 and the teleporter should be linked and ready to go. everyone will run to the teleporter kill zombies infront of them and when everyone is in the teleporter, teleport. it will kill most of the zombies and to rack more points just throw all your grenades and then buy more of the wall. repeat all the steps from circling the map and stage then going to the teleporter and you will make it very far. to be continued…

  • Hotshot159 (PS3)

    continued… here is what my team and I think about upgrades DO NOT upgrade any lightmachine gun, ray gun, thunder gun or mp40 until round 20. if you upgrade right away just to kill zombies easier then your never going to make it to round 30 because you cant get any more ammo unless a max ammo comes by and in round 20 and above you wont be getting alot of max ammo's. never upgrade the mp40 if it is your secondary because you can all ways buy ammo off the wall which is why the mp40 is a great secondary to have. you can upgrade the mp40 at round 25-30 because you will be getting 10,000 bucks each round and ammo only cost 4,000 for upgraded ammo. everyone should have speed cola and quick revive at round 15-20 and everyone should have the monkey bomb at round 20 or less because it can round up hoards of zombies and give you a chance to escape or revive a downed teamate. to be continued…

  • Hotshot159 (PS3)

    continued.. also, be a teamplayer, dont leave a downed team mate because you have only one monkey bomb left and you dont want to waste it. the crossbow and ballistic knife upgraded are the most underrated weapons, but with the crossbow upgraded it is basically a monkey bomb and the ballistic knife upgrade can heal a downed team mate just by shooting the firing the knife at him. Anyone with a crossbow or ballistic knife as your secondary should have a lightmachine gun, mp40 or the ray gun, any other gun would run out of ammo to fast since you only have one real gun. it really helps if everyone has a mic and a good connection so you can discuss your next move or if you want to teleporter earlier. hope this helps, leave coments on how to improve my strategy and make it further then round 31, also, feel free to add me on PS3 only. my PSN is Hotshot159 cya guys online!

  • jonny

    i got all the way to level 32 on kino der toten solo with the zeus cannon monkeys all the perks and the hk21 upgraded. but i died on the stairs…. i would have gotten ALOT farther but i messed up and if you get to level 40+ on five you can unlock another stage GIGGITY GIGGITY all right…

  • glen

    i used the rpk and the python upgraded then on round 20 i got a hk21 and upgraded that n got to round 25 but then i was tired so i went to bed but i could have got on to round 40 or higher

  • brayden

    i played with 3 people but at round 20 or 21 1 guy lagged out so there was only 2 people i had ray gun but i only upgrade wen it needs ammo and i also had HK21 i think, well i call it the HK and i had to upgrade at level 29 me friend at thunder gun and any wepon tht he could find on the wall mainly the MP40 we died atlevel 34 or 35 because we needed a brake since we played for 3 and a half hours maby 4 but i think u definetly need ray gun to get past zombies to the round 30s and a light machine gun.

  • black ops beast

    guys what i usally do (dont take it as the best but on kino at first buy the olympia so u have 0 then go from round 1 to 5 then buy ak74u and do that till about round ten get thunder and raygun ur ur good as

  • http://Yahoo Georgie

    I got to 25 with a pack-a-punched stakeout and a pack-a-punched M1911 pistol

  • joeeee

    i like the ray gun upgraded and the thunder gun upgraded als o it helps to use the hk21 upgraded for the ammo

  • unknown

    when the mp40 is uppgraded it gives you 62 rounds in 1 mag

  • Awesome Kid

    OMFG YOU GUYS SUCK. I GOT to 42 with a Upgraded Thunder and m72 law just fucking around… stop camping and run a loop you could use any gun and get to 40 if you just run around…i got to 40 by upgrading the m1911 and the

  • Hugh G. Rection

    In my opinion the MP-40 is one of the most useful guns in the game. The box guns are great and obviously nessicary, but you can not replenish ammo for them without the max-ammo drop and you have no control over what gun you will recieve. The MP-40 has effective stopping power until round 18-20 or so. Also, as far as cost-effectiveness goes it cant be beat. For 500 points you get more ammo and can potentially rack up thousands of points. Machine guns are a great way to make money in this game and the MP-40 (un-upgraded) along with a good box gun (zeus cannon or ray pistol) is my usual combo. Claymores have also gotten me out of a few sticky situations. One of my favorite guns to upgrade is the AUG because of the shotgun underbarrel attachment, which gives you that much more ammo to throw around.

  • ajan

    i got to round 31
    with my updraded ray gun
    and my bowieknife and upgraded ballistic knife
    add me on psn ajan13

  • Mike

    If I were you, I would stick with the pistol you start off with at the begining, and the Mp40. The pistol, when upgraded turns into a dual weild gernade launcher, which helps when your in a tight situation. The Mp40, is fantastic for taking out zombies through their heads. not only that, but you can buy off the wall for more ammo even when you upgrade it.

  • Amy

    I got to round 30 on kino with a variety of guns, but i got to round 23 earlier with an upgraded ray gun and an upgraded python, there a really good combo as you can use your raygun to take out big clusters of zombies and just to thin them out, then your cobra can be used for guarding windows. Also if you get the hk21, pack a punch it, then buy double tap, you can take out huge amounts of zombies real quick! I also recommend keeping your starter pistol and only using your main weapon of your choice until you can pack a punch your starter pistol because they turn into mustang and sally, dual grenade launchers which just own:D, another thing to consider is buying the upgraded knife, i.e bowie knife (kino der toten), or sickle (ascension). youll want something like monkey bombs too, and youll need all the perks you can get,
    good luck dudes:P <3

    • Chase

      I got to Round 26 Solo With the Thunder Gun Non-Upgraded and an mp40 lol Running in circles after you horde them up on the turrret is the best, ALWAYS BUY JUGGER NOG

  • Mr. Huge

    Pack-a-punced MP40 and Stakeout are the best from the wall. There's a lot of recoil(side to side) with the MP40, so just aim at head-level and sweep. Make sure to collect the zombies though, so as not to waste ammo, because although the Afterburner has a 64 round clip, it burns through ammo VERY quickly, even without double tap root beer.


    Level 44 solo and counting…
    After level 40 only two guns will effectively kill zombies. The thunder gun and the ray gun, the thunder gun upgraded is a must for tight corners. But, you will not gather points with the thunder gun. So you need an automatic weapon with a lot of ammo, like the HK21 upgraded to rack up points to allow you to buy the amount of traps you will Need per round. Since the HK21 is near useless to actually kill any zombies it's best to line as many up as possible and unload on the group. Continue with this until you are nearly out of ammo(I save approx. 75 rounds for the last couple zombies after I rebuild all windows).

    Tips- Do not buy traps until you have the entire map of zombies together. If you buy random traps at random times you will run out of money and will obviously die when you can't afford the traps.
    I bowie knife the last crawler(about 14 times for the kill now) for the last kill and it usually gives you a 2x or something.

  • big dog cp

    the weapons i us the most are the mp40 upraded and the 1911 upgraded the hiest round i got to was 46

  • Betocobos

    All I use is steak out and the hand gun for the first 20s rounds both upgraded….then I trade the hand gun for mp40 for points n use the steakout when I need to….i hardly go for the box n I've made it to level 43 just fine

  • Teh Jew

    The Steyr from the random weapon box is good, until your outta ammo, if not the SMG in the Stakeout room that works really well

  • Anonymous

    It's obvious, get the thundergun and the MP40 upgraded so you can buy ammo for 4500 and blast them away in a spot of bother, you also won't survive to the 20's without juggernog , quick revive and speed cola are helpful too! if you are having trouble getting the thundergun add reet-aard-scopez I know a glitch to get it.

  • allen

    ive got to round 24 by myself with no pack a punch weapons :)

  • GreenLewiegee

    Personally On The Map Five ( The Pentagon ) I Got The MPL Off The Wall And Pack-a-punched It And Its EPIC. Grab It At Round 10 Then P-A-P When You Run Outta Ammo And You Get A Weapon With Extended Mags, Laser Fire And A Zombies- Only Sight

  • ben


  • kattum02

    ive had the raygun and thunder gun upgraded its very cool if yuou take advantage of max ammos

  • tim

    ive made it to lvl 19 with mp 40 and m19 pistols upgraded with all perks but i coulda made it farther just messing around mustang and sally equals major pwnage

  • Mr. Huge

    If you get a launcher, immediately go to the teleporter. Speed cola is useful, as you reload after every shot. The result is a ton of dead zombies and a pile of points.

  • Zombie slayer

    I make it to 30+ on kino everytime and got a good hang on set up. You should have two types of guns your primary and your heavy. Heavy are all masive guns like launchers, thunder, crossbow, and even though not big the balistics. Then your primary that should be a ar or lm during lower levels. Raygun is overall the best primary but bad at racking points. A shotgun should only be used as your primary if you are in a group of 3-4 and the window guarder. Fyi for all you asking yes everyone can get everygun and monkeys at the same time only thing is the more people who have it the lower the chance to get it.

  • th manhgh

    the m2law is sick it turns into an atimatic gernade launcher very useful backup with a upgraded hk21 never runs out of ammo when upgraded only after 5-6 rounds will it run out

  • greg

    my buds played just the two of them and got to lvl 42 on kino der toten. there all stars

  • gellow

    keep the pistel you start off with and upgrade it and you get 2 out of the pack a punch and there called sally and mustand they also shot grenades out of then and reloade fast but you hold slightly less ammo though

  • Johnny

    i like the uprgraded spaz 12 wich is the spaz 24 and the hk21 upgraded combo

  • robert

    I am a big fan of the CZ75 even "unpackapunched" it is still a great gun kills in around 4 shots on round 16. I have never tried upgrading it, however I upgraded the Galil and Commando and I did not like them very much the Galil was far better than the commando, but still not that good. I have also upgraded the Hk21 and that was a decent gun but I felt the accuracy lacked. RPK and CZ75 are the best guns I think a combo with them would be even greater. A light gun to run around with and a heavy gun with lots of ammo to lay down fire

  • fab

    well, ive been playing black ops zombies lately on kino der toten and im in round 25, the weapons start to lack out and the only good weapon that still kills the zombies in about 2 shots is the ray gun pack n punched, i also had loads of other weapons updated like, mp40, g11, crossbow and few others, i got to tell you, the rocketlaucher and the ray gun both updated make a good team, rocket laucher instead of firing one rocket and reloading to fire again gives you 10 rockets before you have to reload and you have a total of 50 rockets :D, i swapped my rocket launcher after i ran out into the crossbow. Tip: try to blow the legs of zombies so when you need trapped and need escape just sprint and jump over them, works for me so it should work for you too

  • Alex

    Solo: Best weapons I used were the beginning gun (pack-a-punched), and the Ray gun. Got to round 25 on my own with that setup, and at that point I needed to find myself a Thunder Gun. So solo, the best combo is Ray gun and Thunder Gun. Continued up until round 36, where I eventually ran out of ammo.

    Team: My friend and I have designated Zombie nights, and we find that the best weapon setup is
    P1: Ray gun, Cross Bow (both pack-a-punched), Monkeys
    P2: Ray Gun, Thunder gun (both pack-a-punched), Monkeys
    We got up to round 45 with that combo, until we accidentally got trapped on the stairs with no ammo.

  • Kyytsi

    Best weapons u can have is monkeys, upgraded- raygun and thundergun or winter thing. Machineguns and stuff like that are useless after round 25. If you cant get zeuscannon or winterfury, go whit the upgraded law or starting pistols
    I have made it to 37 in five and 39 in Kino :)

  • Kyytsi

    How to survive in Five: Kill zombies, buy MPL work out your way to the lowest room. Then look trough windov, find random box get weapons, put power on —-> Go to upper elavator camp there when zombiest are near to getting in go down whit the elavator the go up again. Left 1 crawler allway in the end of round so u can go buy stuff and packapunch easy. TV:s near the randombox places show u, were is random box, after putting power on. Go to the lowest room earliest you can …

  • h4ppy k1lm0r3 1

    I think that the ray gun and ballistic knife upgraded are the best or the ballistic knife and thundergun upgraded are like the same so i keep running round the whole map and fire ballistic knifes at teamates who need to be revived and thundergun if they got u stuck u in a corner also try and buy bowie knife before upgraded the ballistic knife got to round 31 with those weapons with 3 other people

  • h4ppy k1lm0r3 1

    in my opinion i think that black ops went a bit far copying off halo 3 and halo reach with the 2 player online and file share AND theatre zombies a little bit but i dont know who copied off who with firefight and zombies but they have alot of things alike.

  • david

    In my oppinnion the porters x2 ray gun (pap) and the h115 oscillater (pap) is the best combo for zombies.Also tey to get monkeys and always get juggernaug and doubletap and if on solo a revive.

  • Nick

    The best weapon pack a punched is the spaz 24 shots with a one bullet reload, get that with double tap and speed cola and its amazing, using this weapon with a pack a punched mp40 me and my friend got to round 41 :) all the guns get weak around round 25-30 even the pack a punched rhay gun

  • Carlos

    honestly once you get to lvl 40 the only guns you will want is the ray gun with the thunder gun upgrade, and if your in five, the ray gun and winters howl. make sure to use up all the ammo or most of it before you upgrade it because if you upgrade immediately you basically lose 200 ray gun shots and 20 thunder gun shots.
    if you ever do get to 40 just be patient with the box and just try to get those two guns, because you will have over 100,000

  • Carlos

    honestly once you get to lvl 40 the only guns you will want is the ray gun with the thunder gun upgrade, and if your in five, the ray gun and winters howl. make sure to use up all the ammo or most of it before you upgrade it because if you upgrade immediately you basically lose 200 ray gun shots and 20 thunder gun shots.

  • Tyler Moore

    I would have to say the HK21 and Thunder gun/Ray gun is the best combo, with the HK21 you can still get enough points to use traps. A nice tip is dont pack-a-punch right away, wait till you are out of ammo, that way, you have a fall back, ik it is not as powerful, but it still does enough damage. i got to rould 34 solo on kino…

  • Jokerlegends77

    Wave 37 with two people. I agree HK or RPK but never both. Best scenario is HK/RPK with Ray Gun and then your partner have HK/RPK with Zeus Cannon or Zeus cannon with ray gun. That's the way we do it. Also monkeys is a must when in late 20's and up. If we don't end up getting RPK/HK we are always happy with Commando or Galil once again with one of us having a Ray Gun and the other having Zeus Cannon. Early levels don't matter we try to use or pistols as long as possible till wave 8-10 before we drop our points at the mystery box. Nothing on the walls are really worth it other than mp4 early on or possibly ak74 and then shotguns are ok. We usually resort back to the wall for guns when we have no choice and don't get a max ammo.

  • Jax

    Thunder Gun/ Aug Bar or M16 (nube ube)

  • qwerty

    Ok the best combo you can have is ether HK-21 RPK or ray gun with the zeus cannon.
    I made it to level 39 by myself with ray and zeus cannon. I would have went further but I for a used and took a break for a little bit. I had all perks as well but the zeus cannon when used properly will keep you from ever dying.
    also looking for a clan to join. message me if you want me
    360 gamertag: Zycoy


    i have found over the many times i have played that either the upgraded rpk or hk21 (resonator and oscilator) with either a ray gun or a thundergun are the best combo add a special grenade or a monkey and you are set my record is round 31 if you want to add me on psn my username is j1018291

  • Jon

    Zeus Cannon / Awful Lawton all the way! Lure them in with the arrow, and then send em flying with the zeus cannon! Constantly get to round 30ish like that :D

  • luke

    i have just got to level 33 with only 2 of us! i used a ray gun and thunder gun but in round 29 or something i died so lost them with only pot luck did we get to 33…i would say that if there are 2 or more you should have some one with a ray gun and some one with a thunder gun and for your second gun an rpk or hk21!! i would say that we could of got to level 40 easy if we had that set up and the monkeys saved are ass soo much always try your luck at the box even if you have the guns you want cos you need them monkeys

  • Dakota

    the ray gun and the commando both upgraded with a gursh device (black hole) are the best things ever i got to round 37 alone with them !!!!!!!

  • zombie10

    i got to level 32 with the ray gun and thundergun pack-a-punch by myself and some monkey grenades

  • MARC

    u frgot spectre

  • MARC

    i dont know were the box is in 5

  • anthony

    ive made it to a high of 27 by myself

  • Monty

    All players must have a ray gun to make it in the high 20s and 30s. One player should have a thunder gun, an one should have a ballistic knife. The rest should have a galil or hk21. Trust me I've made it to round 34. In probably one of the best legit zombie players

  • tom

    i got to 22 on solo just by pack-a-punching some crappy gun off the walls (olympia, m14, stakeout, pm63, mp40, etc) at the end of each round. i ended up pack-a-punching 9 times, and i never bought the box

  • tom

    actually i think the best thing you can have is spaz-24 (pack-a-punched spaz-12), the r115 resonator (pack-a-punched rpk), monkey grenades, and double tap (for the rpk). the spaz-24 has 24 shots in a clip, and its a one shot kill for a while. also, when you reload it, you only need to put in one bullet, instead of all 24. the rpk with double tap has a ton of ammo, and shoots super fast, i think its way better than the hk21. also monkey grenades can help you whenever you're in trouble, so you don't need a thundergun.

  • polots

    I got to round 32 with a friend and the Hk21 pack a punched does practically nothing. It takes a whole half a clip to kill like one zombie. The L96A1 surprisingly is a 2 shot kill to chest and 1 shot to head pack a punched. Even ray gun was taking like 6 shots or more

  • jake

    its gay tho wen your getting points all the sudden it gives you a newk wen you have instant kill i could have gotten more points the game is rigged so you wont win the more points you got the more likely your going to win

  • brandon :D

    primary doesnt matter too much to me, but heres what I do:
    SOLO: mp40 and thundergun. dont PaP the mp40, just use it for points and kill the xombies with traps.
    Multiplayer zmbies:
    P1: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and crossbow [PaP]
    P2: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and ballistic knife [PaP]
    P3: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and
    P4: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and launcher of some sort [china lake or m72 law].

    keep in mind having an assault rifle is mostly for points. also, instead of an assault rifle, the cz75 single or dual wield is a great primary
    Ive gotten to round 28 on ascension, 35 on kino, and 27 on five with othe rpeople. got to round 43 solo on kino

  • MikeM

    YES you can have more than one special gun pap'd .i pap the thundergun and the ray gun playing solo… got to level 26 shouldve got further but the gf rolled a blunt lol its by far the best combo ive used. easily get into the 30's

  • bob

    I had Zeus Cannon and Porter's X2 ray gun and i made made it to round 42 with my friends………. i also find AUG 50M3 or Awesome reeaaallly useful as it has a masterkey shotgun mounted on to it

  • Ronny

    i got from about round 20 to 44 using literally nothing but the zeus cannon. you just need to kite them around until you have as many that can spawn at once in a pile and blow them up. once you get over 40 all other weapons are useless, even the ray gun is nearly useless. but having the thunder gun and ray gun at same time is obviously the best combo. the trick is to use run around gathering and shoot them down with machine guns till you have a ton of points, then when you run out of ammo on the thundergun you just get rid of it and hit the crate till you get it again

  • zombiedestroyer

    I got round 44 on solo with and mp40 and a zeus cannon running around the map and setting traps.


    well i think the thunder gun and the ray gun are by far the best gun's to use wile killing zombies also when dey open the theader blinds the first think you should due is get da gugger nug ill come in handy also get the speed cola. I think all of dat should come in handy i lasted to level 30

  • Addicted2Killn

    My highest level is 42. Usually make it between 30-40 with 1 other player. I don't like playing with more because they screw everything up. They either open doors and turn on power way too early, hog the mystery box, go to the box mid round or refuse to run the same route. If you want to make it to higher levels don't worry about the box until after level 15. What you want is jug and the MP40 and then move up to a light machine gun. You need all the points you can get for putting on traps at later rounds. Always keep at least 5000 points handy in case you go down. The best weapons at the later rounds are the Ray/Thunder. Don't worry about PAP until you are almost out of ammo., I see too many people PAP weapons that have full ammo. Communicate with teammates every step of the way. Link the teleporter every time it cools down. You will need to use it 2-3 time per round and make sure everyone is in it so you have something to shoot at. Hit the left trigger (auto aim) fast as possible while firing and watch your points to make sure you're hitting the targets. Always go for head shots when Zombies are running in a single file and if you run for a perk make sure you can get it without being trapped. Leave a crawler every round so you can rebuild or hit the box. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to stay on stage, they're dense and will end up leaving the game the first time they go down and lose what ever PAP weapon they had.

    XBL & Youtube . com / Addicted2Killn

    • Addicted2Killn

      My new highest level is 46 with over 3000 kills.

      • Addicted2Killn

        New highest level is now 53.

  • Prince

    My friend here been playing, he's at level 35 solo

  • jake

    just give me hk and the new rpd and i wolnt even turn the power on.

  • dan

    the ray gun and hk21 upgraded with all perks, bowknife,claymore's and monkey's is what i usely aim to get and the highest level ave got to is 28
    with 4 ppl gamertag: DanTullycarnet

  • jayy

    got to 30 with zeuss cannon and aug upgraded anyone wanna try and get to 40 and higher add me on psn. djguttah

  • Thomas

    i was playing solo got to round 23 and i had zeus cannon and porters 2 ray gun i swapped my zeus because i thought i dont want to waste all my ray gun ammo so i use the box and got the commando and pack a punched it. i also packed a punch the m16 the mp40 and some other guns but i kept on swapping cos lack of ammo and got sick of them.

  • gmoney

    i think ray gun and ak74 upgraded is one of the best combos because the ak74 is actually really powerful and and if you ever run out of ammo, just go buy more of the wall, i got to level 36 with this combo

  • David

    Usually I try to get to the Bowie Knife ASAP. This way I can kill zombies by knifing them (its a 1 hit kill until round 10, hence you want to get to the bowie knife ASAP). You get the 130 points for knifing instead of only around 100 points for shooting a zombie to death. Until round 10 you can rack up major points, but getting to the Bowie Knife can be difficult, as the knife is always located at the other side of the map from where you start. Getting to the knife (or sickle if you are playing on Ascension) can be easy or difficult, it really depends on how cooperative your teammates are. If your teammates and you are willing to equally use their points to open doors, then you will get to the Bowie Knife by round 4. If you are the only one that is going to open doors, then forget doing this plan. You and your teammates all need each others points so that you all get to the knife (which is 3000 points, so get a gun along the way and get enough points to buy the knife plus juggernog). It's quite rare to find people willing enough to cooperate, especially since most people like to stay in the lobby for the first 4-5 rounds. That's why I often use this plan while playing with a friend of mine, that way he'll listen to me and we can both get to the knife and rack up points. And of course, it doesn't hurt to have 10,000+ points by round 10 :)

  • hiiiiii wat up

    Hey if anyone plays on ps3 add me ONLY IF YOU HAVE A MIC!!!!! Playstation ID: callofmadden1
    My best wall weapons are the mp40 and m16. my top 5 for the box are thundergun, ray gun, monkey bombs,hk21 or rpk.
    My highest rounds [black ops]
    Kino Der Toten:25-3 players
    Five: 21-3 players
    Dead Ops Arcade: 20-4 players
    Ascension:24-3 players
    Add me if you wanna get to a high round and you have a mic!

  • aaron

    Kino der toten is probelry the best map to get a high range of rounds. but ascension is also good too, depends on your strategies. Id say galil or Rpk best packa punch weapons or thunder gun if needed but be prepared after the insane rounds after level 30.. trust me even thunder guns wont kill. :)

  • Rcoman

    best weapons:
    1. Thunder gun
    2. Ray gun
    3. HK21
    4. Commando
    5. RKP

    the order stays the same in my opinion when pack-a-punched :D

  • Daan

    I'm speaking as someone who has finally after extensive hours, mastered kin der toten (sorry if I mispelled it) solo u to round 50. If you play solo you will soon figure out that money is hardly an issue, usualy by round 20 I have every single perk in the game (quick revive, juggernog, speed cola, and the thing in the alley, cant remember that perk's name). So now the only issue is finding the gun combination that suits you perfectly, personally I aim for the thunder gun (zeus canon when upgraded) and a LMG, the biggest reason behind the lmg is that it's simply a money maker, even if you spend about 7,000 to get it + upgrade it, it will pay itself back, after wasting every single bullet you will have made about 12,000+ depending on how good you are with headshots.

  • Daan

    I dont recomend the thunder gun + commando combo because the commando wont last you very long, specially when you get to round 20 or higher, even when upgraded it will only last a round or two, the point that I'm trying to make here is that you will have to, once in a while, trade your upgraded weapon for either the mp40 or the ak74u (it's very tough to use the box while having 30 zombies on your tail). After the round you can always try your luck and attempt to get an LMG again. Sometimes I stick with the mp40 upgraded (not too great) and the thunder gun upgraded, which makes it a very long process to mow all the zombies down specially because the upgraded mp40 is practically useless after round 40, BUT you have reliable ammo for it, and the thunder gun in case of an emergency.
    If you have any questions or comments about my strategy, please refer to my comment and I will gladly answer it.

  • Mr.Big

    mustang and sally and ray gun r the most power full guns in the game

  • Jacob

    My favorite is the ray gun and m72 anarachy so when I get in the pack a punch room I bomb them and use the ray gun for everything else

  • Jacob

    And I made it to 32 then they wouldnt stop comming

  • Bamam

    The best combos are probably the ray gun and thundergun / h k21 or rpk with a upgraded heavy weapon. If you want to' go really high in a zombies round you'll need an upgraded ballistics knife, an upgraded crossbow, thundergun (dosen't have to be upgraded) a ray gun for the tricky corners, and The rest can be chosen by yourself.


    I can get to round 28 by myself, if you ask me just go for the power ups and stay in the first room untill you have 5000 bucks, it helps in the long run, i usually take the upstairs route, though i always unlock the bottom afterwards. i suggest getting your hands on what you can from the mystery box, and use the teleporter when needed. my favorite weapons are the EPC WN, Typhoid and Mary, and mainly all machine guns.

  • Garrett

    I definitely recommend having a thundergun/raygun along with any assault rifle/LMG. The rifles and LMG's will get you a whole lot of points, especially on the higher rounds, so when you run out of ammo in them, you'll have enough to buy and pack-a-puch another one. The Galil has the highest ammo cap for all of the assault rifles and is fairly powerful, so if you ever get that in the mystery box, don't hesitate to take it.

  • Jacob

    The ray gun and thundergun work the best i think. you can just shoot of the zombies legs to make them crallers with one shot from the ray gun. to clean up the crallers i used the thundergun. using this tactic i made it to level 43.

  • kyle

    best combo is a porters x2 ray gun (upgraded) with an upgraded crossbow. you can run circles to get the zombies to chase you and then you can shoot an arrow into the crowd because it acts like a monkey bomb and attracts the zombies then blast the crowd with ray gun and repeat. i got to level 85 on ascension with 4 people doing this in the rocket area by the pack a punch machine it worked great

  • black ops weapons

    i like the launchers,but the better one is the M72 LAW, because it has higher damege,oh and if u get ballistic knives,combine them with the bowie knife,3 hits for a zombie round 25+ too awsome. be warned the box could give you a crappy gun like the china lake or single wield CZ75

  • Chase

    Me and my friend got to round 43, i had the upgraded galil, and uprgraded ray gun, we both had monkey bombs, and he had the upgraded ray gun, for when there were just a few zombies, and upgraded thunder gun for those sticky situation. (;

  • Stephani Wolfe-Kuth

    I found  Porter’s X2 Raygun and Calamity & Jane (both upgraded) to be very effective because the pistols are automatic and the Raygun is obvious, but more importantly, you can move very fast since you don’t have a pig LMG or Thundergun slowing you down, and the pistols never seem to lose power. And then have a team with the Krauss Refibrillator and Thundergun, and maybe a crossbow. Upgrade all of these, especially the crossbow and knife.

  • Stephani Wolfe-Kuth

    It’s helpful to upgrade a weapon off the wall, because we all know how hard it is to get ammo in the later rounds.

  • Skyler Cousin

    i like to use the commando and ray gun both upgraded and with speed cola

  • Skyler Cousin

    i like to use the commando and ray gun both upgraded and with speed cola

  • Josh Frank

    first i use in kino der toten i use knife and grenade first  four rounds then get the mpl wait to open door the leads outside (if dogs wait to) be then you should have alot of money and open all the doors that leads to the m16 and get mostly head shots when you get enough to get juggernog get it and then turn on the power and upgrade the m16 or if you get lucky you might find and get a good gun from the random box like ray gun or thunder gun if not both

  • Soonerfancarter

    thunder gun because its the only gun that saves you when you get screwed and its the only effective gun in later rounds as the porters ray gun takes like 10 shots just to make a crawler in round 50+


    4.RAY GUN
    7. HK21


    • Kill Da Zombies

      m1911 gives mustang and sally

  • Luukrademaker

    I went to round 36 solo. ;)
    Add me psn: kuul61

  • Pro Gamer

    if you want to survive to round 20 or more first if i got the galil i would upgrade it because its powerful and you kcan rank up points so fast second atleast try to get a thunder gun but if u got a thunder gun take it but still go take the mysterybox when u get the thundergun you will be having a perfect combination
    upgrade both   i survived round 36 with AUG and thunder gun both upgraded.But most important get the thunder gun

  • Pro Gamer141

    if u want to survive more than round 20 take my advice try getting the thundergun go for ray gun in these rounds 11 to 20 only but u cant always use the ray gun it will be useless at some round so try getting any assault rifle like galil or the aug and upgrade them they will be EPIC when u get a thunder gun at the box its time to pick between ur weapons so dont leave ur galil or any assault rifle unless if its not upgraded so thats how u can reach to higher levels.

    add me        PSN:HardToKill99                          reached round 36 solo from this strategy :D

  • L€G€ND@RY $H00+€Rz

    Right now im really hooked on the lamentation an predator combo. Last time i used that combo i made to like 34.

  • L€G€ND@RY $H00+€Rz

    Right now im really hooked on the lamentation an predator combo. Last time i used that combo i made to like 34.

  • Mikmikal

    This doesnt work for all players but about 95-98% it does.First be a little experienced with the map/content.Know the locations of useful perks,Juggernaut, Quick Revive.
    So for the more skilled players you should use Galil non packed til round 25 (UNLESS YOU HAVE TO) then ray gun.If your a thunder gun fan then go with SkullCrusher (TRUST ME i dislike this gun but it has ammo off the walls which makes it useful plus a grenade launcher-better or worse?)
    Add me: XBL:PsG x RiderZ
    Hit me up. always down for zombies XD

  • Mikekeller1999

    hey my best combo is mp40 pack-a-punch and mp5k pack-a-punch with some monkey bombs and a bowie knife i only got to round 13 so if anyone would like to help me get alittle further then add me on psn mikekeller1999 it would be nice if you had a mic.

  • Jonmeizel

    we all know that after about level 25+ we all start getting low on ammo, so i use pack-a-punched ray gun, thunder gun and M16. this works amazingly. 
    use the thunder gun for large crowds and when your about to get killed. 
    use the ray gun when you have ammo on it and when you run out use your m16 and buy ammo of the wall. notice: to get 3 weapons you need one of the perks in kino der toten

  • Jonmeizel

    we all know that after about level 25+ we all start getting low on ammo, so i use pack-a-punched ray gun, thunder gun and M16. this works amazingly. 
    use the thunder gun for large crowds and when your about to get killed. 
    use the ray gun when you have ammo on it and when you run out use your m16 and buy ammo of the wall. notice: to get 3 weapons you need one of the perks in kino der toten

  • Jonmeizel

    before your able to create the combo that i listed below (ray gun, thunder gun + M16). i usually start off by buying the Olympia or M14 at level 3 and staying in the starting room until level 5 or 6. then i go up stairs and get the mp40. i get into the theater, buy an M16 and hold on their as long as i can WITHOUT TURNING ON THE POWER. then i get juggernaut, tap the mystery box, upgrade my M16 and get all my other perks.

  • Msquaredmanagement

    On level 5 why can’t two people have a freeze gun when playing split screen?

  • squirtlekilla_420

    best guns       Pack a Punch
    1.Scavenger   (Hyena Infra Dead)
    2.M16            (Skullcrusher)
    3.Thundergun  (ZeusCannon)
    4.M1911         (Mustang and Sally)
    5.Ray Gun      (Porter’s X2 RayGun)

  • Ian Conley

    Mine is 24 rounds with 4 players… Please use the Ray Gun and the Thundergun most of the time when pack-a-punched…

    Add me on psn: xxCoDgamer998xx

  • zombieslayer

    i like the mp40,upgraded thunder gun and with mule kick the rpk my highest round is 89 on COTD solo with these guns. the mp40 is great for head shots

  • zombieslayer

    I died stupidly from knifing a crawler on round 89 on call of the dead lol

  • David reyes

    add me on psn: ELKINTOSOL im good at zombies  

  • Johnathan Sherman

    My best weapons are the zeus cannon and the porters x2 ray gun i made it to round 22 on kino der toten add me on psn only if u gotta mic!!!!!
    psn ID: BSG-_OREO