Norad Santa Tracker 2010: Countdown Imminent

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With just 39 days to go till Christmas there is one thing on children’s minds, Norad Santa Tracker 2010. While visiting the official website we were met with the message “Come Back on December 1st”, so we do not have that long to wait until the countdown begins.

Each Year Santa Tracker uses Norad and Google Earth technology to track Santa Claus / Father Christmas, as he makes his long journey around the world on the same night. We can all remember those iconic scenes where he was flying past the “Golden Gate Bridge”.

Once the countdown begins that is when the fun usually starts for children, there will be a number of games that you can play, as well as look around the small little village where all the toys are made.

Come back here on December 1st when Santa Tracker 2010 goes live and begins its countdown. You never know, there could be a few new surprises this year?

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  • Nancy Speck Bragg

    We can't wait to start the count down…our Advent calendar and Norad are two traditions we love!!!

    • MEGAN

      Same here I can't wait to start the count down i am on Norad every year for christmas HO ,HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Lynne Black

    my kids keep asking how long now till we track santa i think this is a brilliant thing for the children and the big (adult) children to x

  • ebony

    is it just crezzy for kids putting there xmas stuth up

  • christopher

     The countdown is right know from Christopher Harriman in Maine

  • christopher

    we put are stuff up and im only 10 years old