COD Black Ops Zombies: Tips For Weapons

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It’s been an interesting few days for Call of Duty Black Ops, even with countries getting involved and calling the game “Offensive”. The release has been followed up with both complaints and love, but there is something for everyone if you like the zombie mode.

Those new to COD Black Ops may want to read our posts on a survival guide, and cheats for unlimited death machine, although cheating will create upset for the hardcore gamer. Do you cheat in Black Ops?

We wanted to post some tips for getting weapons in the zombie mode of Black Ops, and also get some feedback from gamers that know the mode well. I was quick to jump on the zombie mode after release, and on hearing some players surprised at what a “teddy bear” was, it shows that not everyone played zombies in World at War.

The best way to get weapons in zombies is to find the box, and then spend 950 opening it to get a random gun. It could be a basic pistol or some amazing weapon not found on the walls. After a few tries a teddy will appear and the box will move.

What are your tips for weapons in Black Ops zombies?

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  • Marky

    Well, i've played W@W all the zombie maps, isn't there any glitches to get extra guns etc liek in Der Riese where you could get all the guns and get them all upgraded when you had the points… Is there anything similar on the Zombie mode on Black ops?

    • guest

      yes there is a trick to getting a third gun i accidently had it happen sorry couldn't tell you how but it is very possible

      • saviii

        my brother showed me, something like pulling the pin on a grenade at the exact same time as u take a weapon off the wall. for some reason it doesnt replace the weapon, just adds a new one. thats just wat he told me, might not work.

    • justin

      do u have the promo code for the extra maps
      if so can i have it

    • sniper25055555

      not that i found out but there is bound to be some

    • kenneth

      there is a glich in five

    • adam

      when you get the power on,what do you do next??????

    • Sree Low

      yes, ifyougo through telaporter you go to the room with the pack a punch machine. it costs 5000!

    • Michael

      yeah its just like that

  • Der

    i have black ops, you can upgrade your weapons ammunition like der ries, but it is 4500 points to do so, in a way its better to find the box i tihnk.

    • merk zombies all day

      how do you unlock the other levels?? besides five cause i know tht there are many more maps

    • Striker–7

      Hey, u have to get it pack a punched first, then you can do it.

      • chris

        How do u open the boxs with the bear on top of them

        • fail lord


  • jrf

    completely unrelated it suck that you cant use the avatar token code if your avatar is female kin of sexist

  • Dan

    You find the pack o punch by using the teleporter!!! simple really.

    • Zombie Slayer

      Only on Kino Der Toten Is there one on Five

  • ccfc_b0n3z ps3

    Easy way of acheiving sucess on the first zombie map is if you open the doors in the following order ; as you start you can choose to go upstairs or outside for this tip you will need to open the lower floor door then you need to open the next door to go outside then the gate then the final door that takes you to the room where you can turn the power on. When to this room do not turn the power on instead make you way to the far side of the room and hold this position. This is simple because there is only two entrances to the room which are down the stairs and through the far end of the room. i have done this with my friend and achieved level 20. This only works if the box is located onyour way to the room because you will need a good gun to hold them off………… GOOD LUCK :D

    • BlackOpsExpert

      That's rubbish i got to level 26 with 3 people and turned the power on , if you dont turn the power on you wont know where the mystery box is and you'll be trapped in a small crappy place

    • Friend

      There is only one way to play zombies…..

      Me and my friends play kino der toten map. Here is the way to do it if you wanne reach level 30 with 4 players.

      When the map starts u buy a shotgun from the wall down stairs. Dont buy any other guns. Each player takes a window. 1 upstairs, and 3 downstairs. Let the zombies break threw the first 3 levels and kill them after they have come out. level 1 will let you shoot 5 bullets with your pistol and will leave you with just a kniofe to finish them off. Level 2 wil use 7 to 8 bullets and then a knife melee. Level 3 will leave ya with 3 magazines of pistol, of course you can use your shotgun. In the first 3 to 4 levels you will need to gather point. Thats why you need to use your pistol, aim for the chest or legs….it will give the most points.

      • sam

        1st round can take 6 bullets if its not in the head

      • Dkad1137

        If you shoot the legs you can empty a whole clip into the zombie on the first round. yes 8 rounds on level one zombie if in the legs.

    • ritut

      I got to level 24 solo with turning the power on

    • guest

      Do not hold any room! this is not a level for holding rooms you need to keep moving

  • ashley jacobs

    i got to round 26 todayon black ops 'stadt der totem' easy really after you get used to it aim to get to round 10 by opening the doors to get to the stage and keep running around the stage (this works for a while) when you have decent guns start aiming for the perks
    , juggernog is the most important one to survive with then revive, double tap and quik reload after the perks link the tele up an when got 4000 point head to the tele and teleport to then packa punch and upgrade your best weapon and when you are sorted with your perks and weapons head back to the stage and remember you can dive which is very usefull and also there is plent of traps throughout the map to use which i did and seemed very usefull gamertag : wholickedmycrab ps me for a match i will show you :) ps my friends gamertag who helped me is: Kapl0din boomer

    • tony

      you on "live" or "PSN"

      • jacob

        im on psn my name is jakeokilochero

        • TheSnake1997 (im on PSN)

          im on psn


    • urgay

      look noobs all u got too do is run run the map and every time u do one lap u pick up an mp40 in some rounds it myet not kill the zombies but u erna a lot of money to hit the swiches and i madeit to round 46

      • randy

        randanky23…ill play wit u…only got to 30 but hate playing with idiots

    • dedo

      hey mn i need help

  • Cole

    ive made it to level 25 just by running around with the upgraded version of the first pistol you get and a light machine gun or mp40

  • screwuhipi

    i think the best way is to open up the door upstairs first, cuz by moving that way you will have more room to mess around. One of the weapons you must have is and upgraded tundergun or the ray gun. These guns are great if you get into a deep s***. The other gun could be the mp40 or commando, both upgraded ofcrz. When u run in circles and run out of ammo, you can by more on the way and because theres more room to move about, you won't get stuck that easly. Also by claymores they help if you need to reload fast and you dont have sleight of hand. and juggernog is more important than the box ;)

    • youngy

      wer do u get claymores??????

      • i know the answer

        they are across from the m16.

        • kid

          in which map Kino???? by the stage???

      • fgdfghg

        in the room with the m16 and the power 4 kino der toten or whatever

      • http://awsomness emzGBVN

        Dude yu dont no where they are n im a girl n i no geez learn how to plaay

        little gay person

    • mark

      how do u get 2 the next stage ??
      or do u have to download new maps ??

      • kieran

        you have to unlock 4 doors to get to the stage if you going up stairs for the first door

    • guest

      Do not upgrade the mp40 it is a waste of money! the mp40 is perfect for running around and getting points you're able to buy ammo off the wall and hit a trap with it which is all you can do when you get to level 63 really

  • Major_Pain420 –PS3

    all you have to do to get in higher rounds is to get good guns jugernog as soon as you turn the power on and just keep roaming around the map turning around once in awile cause zombies will be following you, always looking behind and around you cause one or more is likely to come. dont forget about the other perks and pack a punch which cost 5000 to use good luck.

    • AOP

      500$ NOT 5000$

      • toxic

        dude its 5000 to upgrade a gun in the pack a punch and i agree with Major_Pain420 all you have to do is run i made it to level 26 by myself i would have made it father but i want to see all the gun upgrade a the mp5k upgrade suck i would have lived if me thundergun didnt run of ammo

    • jacob

      major pain is such a gay name did ur pimp daddy name you that

    • TheSnake1997 (im on PSN)

      only get 1 weapon from the ? box and 1 from the walls so when u run out of ammo u can get ammo from the walls. also get a quick revive when u turn on the power. i got to round 32 doing this!!! :)

  • nkjman

    In "Five" the key to success is to make it to level 5 or 6 in the first room without opening anything up and then get a crawler. Once you do this you can open all the barriers and elevators to get down to the 3rd floor where the mystery box is. Then once all your teamates have weapons ride the elevator back up to the second level where the defcon switches are and flip all of them to reach defcon 5. Then you go through the teleporter in the middle of that room where the upgrade machine is and is easy to defend. One big door and 2 windows. If you have 3 or 4 people very easy to make it in the 20's. Good luck guys hope it helps. OH yea if you wanna unlock all the maps, SPOILER ALERT…………………………………………………

    When you start the game tap left and right triggers to get up from chair. Go around to computer and type in 3arc unlock and the press enter and youll have all the maps!

    • WarEagle

      dude thanks so much for the maps :D

      • xSOB a DooBy

        Um, does this also apply for the extra maps like Shi No Numa and Der Reis?? These are ordinarily only for people that got the hardened edition, but does the 3arc cheat unlock that too??

  • thadd

    where is the box????

    • halo fan

      the box is always moving from place to place look for maps that show you where the box is a

    • sree low

      anywhere one of those lightsare on the big ord upstais in kino der toten. at "FIVE" down in one of the rooms where you turn on the power.( you have to pay 1250 just to get in to the rooms where its possibal for the box to be plus the 950 to use mthe box.) dont use it more than 7 times or you will getthe teddy bear.

    • bosconian143

      any place that has a some grey boxes with a teddy bear sitting on top of it

  • zombie reaper

    guys the box can start in any random place and u cn locate it by looking up out side to find a green or blue light. dont go directly for it because u WILL die on the way.i like opening all the doors and running around planting claymores.
    STEP 1. leave a crawler on the 4 or 5 round.
    STEP 2. open up all doors or ones which lead in a circle.
    STEP 3. buy clamores.
    STEP 4. kill crawler.
    STEP 5. wait untill loads are behinde you.
    If anyone can think of tactic to survive hell hounds the put these 2 together. In the middle of the steps you might want to get a good gun (box) to survive dogs.
    this might not work for you but it does for me. lyrics: the magical box of mystery, i wonder whats in side it.

    • Brandon Womble

      my tip to survive dogs(kino der toten) is throw grenades cuz there is a max ammo at the end ALWAYS so waste ammo and move around and dont get corned. for the zombies that take ur gun (five) alwways move and stay near a teleporter incase they attack u and they appear right infront of u and i dont noow how to kill them :( :( :( :( :( :(

      • NiteTime

        Bowie knife for hell dogs bruh. its located in the theater for Kino der Doten. Unfortunately its 3000, but its worth it for the 130 every time you knife a zombie.

    • Deriel Taylor

      Yoo i have a tip for crawlers and hell hounds use the shotgun stakeout and it kills the hell hounds one shot and for the crawlers it kills them one shot to !

    • hhgregg

      get the steakout for the hell hounds

    • TMG starmar987

      Simple… use a high-power shotgun.


      Kin Der Toten: dogs are easy until lvl 20, solo. the boxes and setup on the stage make good chokepoints. if you stand beside the wall that has the power switch you can backup towards the outside door(if you didnt open the alley) theres only 2 routes of attack, both are visible in one screen. When the dogs get close running through and around the stage provides enough time to reload while sharp corners slow the muts. i prefer Stakeout too. GL

  • Romin

    get 4 people and teel 2 people to go on way and the other 2 to go the other. if you go up stairs, knif until you can buy the mp40 off the wall. if you go to the door under the stairs, knife until u can buy the ak-74u find the box and get a good weapon. then get the following perks in order: juggarnuat, slieght of hand / speed cola and quick revive. upgrade the mp40 / AK-74u and the box weapon if possible. if u get a ray gun upgrade that first.

    • Guy yupp

      its good to run around after opening every door possible. first i made it to round 26 by myself and it was easy cuz i just made a huge circle and i never went into the middle of the map where the jugger nog is because they eventually crowd up there. randomize until you get a thundergun or LMG ( because sooner or l8r you will get trapped.)

    • saad

      Where do u buy the sight of hand? :O

      • Dkad1137

        Slight of Hand perk is in the room with the Stakeout. It has the two stairwells. It is located downstairs next to the window inbetween the stairs

  • signature600

    how do u upgrade the weapons on zombie i get enough points buh it still wont let me

    • Guy yupp

      do you mean upgraded ammo?

      • John

        yo kid . upgrading the gun is simple. first you have to make sure u turn on the power in the theater or stage. once thats on you go inside that teleporter thing on the stage. you hold X or square for ps3 and its gonna say link something. so you run back to where you start off in the main lobby and your going to see a big circle in the middle. you hold x again while on top of it and the teleporter will be linked. next you run back to the teleporter on the stageand you go to a seperate room. you will need 5000 points to upgradde each gun. but becareful you can only stay in the room for like 30 seconds before getting sent back to where you staart. hope this helps . hit me up on xbox MR iKiCCs

        • John

          Also kid, You can only use the teleporter once a round. (XD Its not john its Orbrun lol)

        • Anthony

          but you know were it say's upgrade ammo buy the gun, how do you get that instead of teleporting

  • whydoyoucare :P

    right so, everyone has the misconception that the ray gun is all powerful and that juggernog is the best perk :P well your gonna be screaming your juggernauted heads off when you cant reload your inky-dinky little pap'ed ray guns fast enough, cause the first perk you should get is speed reload and it is a neccessity for an LMG, and the ballistic knife crossbow load out is the best, but the thunder gun is nice, and the upgraded knife lets you stab your teammates to revive them and the crossbows bolts are monkey bombs when pap'ed soooooooooo……… you guys got to get your perk and weapon priorities straight :P

    • Orbrun

      gl reloading only 1 milisecond faster when u get double hitted and die instantly

  • Tony

    For “five” on black ops there is a glitch on the floor you start off with to get onthe table and no zombies can get you. Also you can if you have atleast 100 point when you kill the scientist you can run through the teleporter and upgrade your weapons and it will only cost 1000 points instead of 5000

    • rapforcrap

      patched first glitch is patched sry

    • cody

      Only If The Doctor Doesnt Take anyones Guns If He does There is no Chance of Power Packed For 1000

  • Shadow

    To each their own. Everyone will find a different tactical style that works for them. I find juggernog way more important than speedload, If cornered you can squeez through a crowd of zombies while taking a few blows…. Yes, speed load becomes handy as the undead grow in numbers… but I wouldn't grab it first…. just make your shots count and keep reloading between bursts, don't wait for the gun to go empty, not having to chamber the first round saves a bit of time…. And if you're anything like me you enjoy upgrading your weapons to make kills easier later (past level 20 and up). If you're upgrading both your primary and secondary, make one of them a wall gun, so you don't have to rely on max ammo… I like the M16… Upgraded is full auto with an M203… Ammo runs dry pretty fast but it's very tight… and drops zombies quickly.

  • Shadow

    Another quick tip… I find headshots are easier if you disable Aim Assist. You'll also be able to better aim for the faster moving zombies in a crowd to drop them first.

  • Antonio

    hey wat up dis is hardcoredump, the easyest map is probably is five but not much of a run away place but, some time i get F*** in level 8 or 9 but i hope there r more zomdie maps to play with

  • Instant Death

    What is the best way to kill those damn dogs

    • mfff

      I found the best way is to get a pump shotgun. Get to this gun by opening the upstairs door than going to the back and turning left. There you will find another door. When you open them u should see stairs. If you dont u opened the wrong door. Take the stairs down and go to the left. there u will find the pump shotgun.

      • zombies_must_die

        i agree – just make sure you reload after every shot (if you can) as it only takes a second – if you use all 6 shells you're going to be reloading for ages!!

        • Shadow

          If you need to stop loading a shotgun half way through, there are a couple of ways to stop. I use the knife button.

        • Dkad1137

          You can also pull the trigger to stop reloading

    • JCc

      dinder tooten, after you open the first door on the bottom… go to the left of that room and hide back in the little nook…. makes the dogs super easy to kill

    • zombie dude

      well, i use a shotgun and aim for the head, also, just sit in a corner and wait for 'em to come a sniffin by, one shot should do, but in later rounds they might need 2 or 3 shells to kill, but don't quote me on it.

    • noah

      get in a corner

    • trevor

      shoot em, run away, reapet dont ever stop running… EVER, or if your not like that get in a corner and shoot like heck!

    • paris

      shot gun easiest way to kill dogs

    • dan

      I get in a corner and use the stakeout 1 shot kill just relode each time

    • David

      well what i do is run in tight circle because dogs cant and have a gun i like shotguns but whatever works for you.

  • Al Shabah

    Sit in a corner and let em come!!! Use an automatic or something that packs as much power as you can, but doesnt take time to reload. I do not recommend shotgun bc of the reload time.

  • CodeAndy

    where r all these perks located?

    • Boom

      They look like soda machines
      Double Tap – just outside the door to the alley
      Speed Cola – in the room before the dressing room
      Quick Revive – in the room you start in
      JuggerNog – in the theater room as you go back the way to the first room on the right next to a the bowie knife

  • Taylor stegz

    I recently got to level 34 on kino der toten. I had to constantly buy new guns as for ammo reserves will drop very fast the higher the level is you're on. So on this note it is always a good idea to upgrade what you know is best. I upgraded the ray gun and the thunder gun, both are very powerful and can come very handy. When I got to level 34 I was constantly running in circles around the building and pulling out the Zues Cannon(thunder gun upgrade) whenever I was about the enter a tight space and blast anyone out of my way. It is extremely important to continue to move. Keep in mind that the new zombies that explode will hurt the normal zombies. And always have a closed mind when it comes to guns.

    • moo

      exactly what my friend and i did but we got to round 35 :p never been so desparate for a max ammo.

  • Taylor stegz

    don't shell out all that money for something stupid like the Famas or any other assualt rifle to upgrade it. Yes I know upgraded assualt guns have a huge offensive capability. But the greatest enemy in this game is your ammo. And you aren't going to get very far without ammer.

    • Orbrun

      I agree but also, if you want to upgrade a gun, wait till u lose all ammo. (i.e. Omg i am out of ammo!! wtf do i do? oh wait i know >:) (upgrades gun) hahahaha i have ammo again…) yeh this post was really wierd plz no hating

  • Taylor stegz

    And if you are low on ammo and set on points then turn on a ton of traps until you get to the dogs. Then use the traps on the doggies. If you are looking to get far then you have to have monkeys as well. and if you also have the zues cannon then, well I don't need to say much more. But as far as perks go you should do them in this order. Juganog, speed, revive. Then think for a second, can your gun handle double tap? If you have a gun like the HK21 then yes by all means buy it. However if you have a gun like the RPK you absolutely don't need to waste all that ammer just to sling 5 more bullets in a second. If playing alone then you need revive. The second you start buy it! After 3 to 4 buys it disapears. That's really all I have to say. But one more thing. You can dodge an enemies attack by crouching just at the right second. Or just dive out of the way. Oh one more little thing. don't forget to listen to slayer while you play. Happy nazi hunting exscursions!

    • Orbrun

      Actually if you are playing alone, revive might be tempting but heres the trick i did. 1. Round one-knife only and repair walls for max of 40 points. 2. Hide in a corner and wait till zombies to come out. Then shoot each 6 times–>exactly 6 times and then knife. When your out of ammo, knife them. By the time round three begins, u should have 2,750+ points. Quickly open the door upstairs and open the next one. Buy an Mp40. Pwn ass until u get 500 points. Finish the round and buy quick revive.

      The reason i like this method more than instantly buying the quick revive is cause it makes round 3 way easier.

  • jacoby

    What about the items you can pick up in the rooms after you return from the teleporter?

  • Minmatt

    To survive the dogs u need to get a shotty and aim for the face no joke the one in the second room with the 2 staircases is good (so u go up then down to there and wait for dogs and own them with shotty)

  • Danny

    FUCKING PWN ZOMBIES!!(: I got a stadgie and got to level 38 but idk if yall even know how to do it i explain ans shit load of people fail!!

  • Garrett

    I think that the upgraded hk21 with double tap is WAY good. It has high damage nd over 100 rounds per clip and the dbl tap makes it amazing. Another good weapon to use when u r being chased by a horde of zombies is the crossbow. When you upgrade it the bolts r basically monkeys and it draws all the zombies 2 it. Both of these guns can only be attained from the mystery box but they’re worth trying 2 get. Hope this helps

  • Jan1512

    Important……if you let the zombies come threw, when you kill them it will give you special thing, like ammo, instant kill, double points etc. After Level 5 will probably give you the dogs. Go sit by the counter downstairs, where the quik revive jukebox is located. Now communicate with your friends, use the shotgun and play in 2 teams. Try to shoot and reload while your buddy will shoot when you reload. This is an easy trip if you get the hang of it.
    When you finish of the dogs, you will recieve an ammo box. First reload your guns (pistol and shotgun) revive the ones that need to be revived and then take the ammo box. Go back to your window and wait foor level 6 zombies…NOW important is that no zombies get threw. Shoot and rebuild at the same time. ( sometimes they will break threw but just stay calm and use your shotgun as much as possible.) At this point 3 out of 4 people will need at least 7000+ points.

  • Jan1512

    Level 7 you will need to make a crippled zombie. Do this downstairs on the 2 far windows with your grenades. its kind of tricky, but try and hold your grenade a little longer and make sure you cripple a zombie in level 7 and the end of this level. You will notice its one of the last zombies because there will be no more zombies at the other windows. This crippled zombie is very important to reach the next levels. If you succeed to make a crippled one you can go on to open 1 of the first doors.
    When you have 1 or 2 crippled zombies the next level will start only when they die.

  • Jan1512

    You are free to run around now without more zombies coming. What you do first.
    Go up the stairs where they 1 window is. On the other side of the stairs is a door. Open this door. IMPORTANT, you must all have at least 5000 points before you can kill the left crippled zombie. Proceed threw the door and go left to the next door. Go down the stairs and unlock that door. Run down those stairs and open the door downstairs in this lobby. Run threw the dressingroom and open that door aswell. You will come into the theater now. On the wall somewhere is a powerswitch. Turn this one on an go straight over the podium to open the door at the end. Go up the stairs and run threw this chamber, go left and down you will come into an alley. There is a gate you can open. At the end of this alley there is a door on your right up a little stairway. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DONT OPEN THAT DOOR.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan1512

    Now all doors that need to be opened are opened. Whatch out for the criplled zombie, that is still dragging his *** around. Now, cause your free to run around, first a few pointer. In the theater you'll find some sort of a portal. This is where you need the 5000 points you have saved. Because you turned on the power in the theater, the doorway to where you spawned at level one is open. Likely the crippled zombie is somewhere over there. Now to activate the portal, 1 person needs to stand in the portal, (the big blue thing on the stage) and the other will need to run to the spawn point. (lobby). If you see press x to activate link, do so. In the lobby you'll find a big round thing on the floor that looks like a music box. Stand on it and you will see "hold x to activate link" so do so.After you've done this, go and stand in the portal with everyone that has 5000 points.

  • Jan1512

    Make sure you equipe your pistol, so if you panic you dont use the wrong gun. Press x to teleport. You will telepot to the room above the theater. In here you will find a michine that says "pack and punch". Exchange your pistil into this machine and grap the new pistols by holding the x button. YOUR READY TO ROCK BABY. Once everyone has done this, must be done quikly cause you will teleport in just a minute, your ready to take your places at a new spot. There are many things to do more, but this is just a tip to get more levels. If your all ready, the once that have money left, can look for the box if you want to. You can find its location on one of the green light board that are around.

  • Jan1512

    this way you'll experience wich room is called what. Make sure when you find the box and use it, dont exchange your pistols but your shotgun. After every one is done you'll find your way to the alley. That is where you have opened the gate, the last door you have opended. Remember, dont open the door up the little stairs at the end of the ally. The places you guys must take is:

    - 1 on top of those little stairs, he will shoot the zombies that will come form the far end on the other side of the alley where you opened the gate.
    - 2 will sit in front of the stairs and will kill the zombies that jump of the roof and the zombies that will survive after 1 on the stairs has tryed to kill them.
    - 1 next to the stairs there is a window aswel where they will try and break. NOTE. if you shoot your pistols, dont aim to close, you will get damaged, suppose you guys allready noticed that while testing the gun hahahah.

  • Jan1512

    Now, Kill the last crippled zombie and the next lavel will restart. There are only a few pointers now. When you guys make like over 5000 points again, make sure you make a crippled before your ammo runs out, this is very important. Also, when you have a lot of point, you can upgrade every weapon that you will find in the box. Everytime when you'll get the dogs, afterwards there is a ammo reward. revive first the ones that need to be, the pick up ammo. AMMO IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO REACH LEVEL 30+.Further on you just can experience yourselves what gun is best……(raygun upgraded with pack and punch is the best weapon.) and whatelse to do in the game, like buying perks etc. you will have to find out yourselves.

    Hopefully you guys will succeed. If you have any questions, you guys can add me on msn,

    Have fun, kill those bastards…….Booya!!!!!!

  • Xbox 360

    My best round is 32.


    Stay in the first room and shoot 6 bullets then knife zombie to get max points and always let them break through barrier in first 3 rounds or so. Stay in first room till around lvl 5 or until first round of dogs. Then your gona open up the bottom 2 doors and grab the ak74-u. Stay in that area until around lvl 7 or until your team cant handle the hordes then move from there right through to the stage. Once at the stage kill off the zombies until theres 1 or 2 left (make crawler if u want). Then first priority is jugg-a-nog so get that asap if you wana live. Now you can end the round or if u have enough points pack a punch a gun or use mystery box. If you get ray gun, thunder gun,rpk or hk21 use up the ammo before you pack a punch so no points or ammo is wasted. Moving on now your gona go into the room you start in then go upstairs and open up that door. Walk down that corridor and have 3 people set up by the couch and 1 person by the window. Heres the trick to get lvl 15-30+. Everyone stick close to the wall by the couch and aim down that corridor 3 people fire there guns down that little hall way which is the zombies only entrance. If its getting a little hard then turn on the trap and u pretty much just take a breather. Who evers on window always keeps one zombie behind the barrier so when the rounds over you can get ready for the next. You dont need to make a crawler because at round 30+ a full set of grenades is needed just leave it and run away when it gets close. If you do it right you can get to really high rounds.

    Notes:Once you get to round 28+ your gona be running out of ammo every round from then on in but youll be raking in maybe 10,000 points a round so at the end of every round go to mystery box get a decent gun and pack-a-punch only gun you shouldnt swap is probably thundergun that only needs to be used in extreme circumstances.(Only 1 person in your team can have a thundergun/zeus cannon…)

    Xbox360 gamertag = LoadiizZle

    Add me and message for tips…

    • james

      you wont run out of ammunition constantly if youre playing with only 2 people or solo, as they are much less zombies per round. 3 or 4 people, most likely you will run out then.

  • tony

    all those tactics are ok but i am going to tell u guys a tactic that is amazing open the upsatirs door but never open the door after that open all the others and get good guns and perks then at every round teleport then throw grenades then run to the upstairs room and turn the trap on which leads into that room so the trap kills all the zombies and you just cover the window and hole then leave 1 zombie at end and do same again i did with 1 mate we got to round 87 but then after that if you get into deep shit then open the last door and run around.

  • [MYTH]Typhon

    In Kino Der Toten, if you can, get the crossbow, and when you get 5,000 points, get the Pack-a-Punch upgrade for it, it becomes the Awful Lawton, which is basically a crossbow that shoots bolts that act like the monkey bombs, it's very useful when you're in a difficult position.
    If you play on the Wii, look for me, [MYTH]Typhon!!!!!!!

  • [MYTH]Typhon

    In Kino Der Toten, if you can, get the crossbow, and when you get 5,000 points, get the Pack-a-Punch upgrade for it, it becomes the Awful Lawton, which is basically a crossbow that shoots bolts that act like the monkey bombs, it's very useful when you're in a difficult position.

  • Bla bla bla

    Ok so on the first map in the first room is there this “random box” that u guys r talking about where is it and if not in the first room then what room?

  • flyingtiger1130

    i can give you the cheats

  • tyler

    i got to round 26 in the alley, add me to teach me new strategies, i got a ps3, psn : DefOfChaos

  • clayton693

    i put in the code it only unlocks five do i get the other zombie maps?

  • XxPiNkDrAnKxX

    If you play at Kino Der Totten and camp in the alley nova gasses will not spawn! You unlock all the doors starting from the top750 door. DO NOT OPEN THE 1000 DOOR ON THE STAIRS unless you get over welmed by zombies on higher levels 25+ buy the ak off the wall and put it in the packa punch machine. 3 people take the front and one person with the worst gun take the back. Only 1 person can have the zues cannon thats what the game allows. one large amounts come use the zues cannon! DO NOT BUY DOUBLE TAP it waist ammo!! you need alll other 3 perks! thats how you servive! my name is my gamertag i have 360 look me up. BEST GUNS ARE HK21 THUNDERGUN RPK RAY GUN

  • ViNnYxZ

    my stragedy is to start upstairs and open the 750 and a thousand door and everyone takes a window in the mp40 room while one person takes the stairs, after level 6 or 7 you then open the next two doors and stay in the power room for another one to two round, you then turn on the power when the second lot of dogs come. while you are fighting the dogs someone turns on the teleporter and when the zombies come everyone waits in the teleporter and you use it when you are being overwhelmed, then you throw grenades off the roof and once you kill all the zombies you dont kill the crawlers and rebuild and activate the teleporter so everything is ready for the next round. this has got me to level 28.

    My xbox live is ViNnYxZ

  • dthomas

    me and a buddy got to 35 the other night. the trick is to open all the doors and just keep making a lap all the way around the map, avoiding the middle 'theater' area during the run. and then stopping at key points to turn around and shoot into the line of guys coming up behind you while ur partner watches the other way making sure u don't get cut off by a swarm. obviously the first 5-10 rounds r pretty easy so u can just hang out in the first few areas to build points and then at the end of each round try to save a crawler so u can rebuild, get perks/ammo. after a few times youll realise some areas r better than others to stop n kill. happy hunting

  • DaPriceIsRite29

    everyone knows how to get up to about round 18, but after that is when its tricky. you need to coordinate with your team who has what gun based on luck of the mystery box. here are the four people:
    1. thundergun (lucky bastard) + lmg/raygun
    2. Balistic knife (reviver) + lmg/ray
    3. crossbow (distractor) + lmg/ray
    4. lmg/ray + lmg/ray (needs ammo) + fast reload

    everything needs to be upgraded, and every one should have jugger. keep hitting up the mystery box for monkeys. start each round (kill the last crawler that i know you have left EVERY ROUND) at the teleporter. fight off as long as you can until youre in trouble and then just teleport to the pack a punch. here, have the crossbower shoot out bolts in the middle to attract all of the zombs and then just throw nades or spray. after getting teleported back, try to fend off the zombies as long as you can in the lobby until you are forced back upstairs where you will turn on the trap. here is where the roles take place!

    1. stand a little behind the hallway, spraying lmg until hall gets too crowded, when you use your TG.
    2. watch the stairs, spray with lmg and shoot bolts at the bottom of the staircase (you can look over it) to keep any zombs at bay
    3. watch back window and revive anyone in need with ballistic
    4. kneel in front of # 1 and spray your ass of down where they will be coming from through the lobby. even if smoke comes up keep spraying, cause youll be racking up kills.

    after the trap ends, continue the loop so zombies dont pile up and simply repeat.

    when dogs come, have all 4 ppl stacked where the juggernog is and the dogs will flood thru the crack and be easily killed.

    Add me if you are good and want to play on xbox!


  • jake

    In kino der toten to get to lvl 30 realy easy is to wait till everyone has enough money then unlock all up stairs doors to get to stage then turn power on try to get jugernot and some good guns. Go link the teleporter then run to the room you start in and go to the down stairs door unlock that and don’t unlock door to alley if you have 4 players stay in that room 2 people watch the front then 1 person at each window I got to 33 realy easy this way

    • kevin

      broooeee i dont understand what u are saying.. but it seems the idea is good can somebody plz explain a little more specific i dont understand where he is :P…… THX!!… iv reached lvl 28 :P

  • http://gmail DewMe1337

    All of these strategies are complicated. All you have to do is make your way to the teleporter, link it then stand in it at the beginning of the level. Once zombies come you teleport out of there. Start chucking nades out of the window of the up grade room and buy them off the wall as you need. The zombies will cluster together in the center of the stage room just waiting to be blown up. The upgraded pistol works here too. This also creates crawlers so you can run around and do stuff and wait for the teleporter to link between rounds Once you teleport back to the main room just wait there until they all start pouring in the door, just sit there and chop them down with the rpk or hk21. My gamer tag is DewMe1337 on live add me

    • blange

      Of all the "Zombie killing Theories" Ive just read, yours is the closest to mine. Maybe you know a few things I can not figure out.

      What do you do with the movie reel we can retrieve during the momentary pause after the projector room in the teleport transit.

      What is the banging sound you can hear in the dressing room, at one of the zombie doors near the room where the speed load machine is????


      • Dkad1137

        Once you get the reel, the next time you are in the pack and punch room, go to the projector and hold x. The movie will play on the big screen. Rumor has it, that if you get all four reels you might get unlimited ammo….i haven't confirmed this yet.

  • Jeff Davenport

    how do i upgrade my guns?!?!?!?!?!?

    • JDxPumpkin

      By using the teleporter in the theater, near the powerswitch. Stand in the teleporter then hold square or X you now initiated the link. Go to the first room (where you start in) theres that glowing circle on the ground. Stand on it, hold square or X again. You are now ready to teleport. Go to the teleporter hold X or square and you will be taken to the projector room; overlooking the theater. In that room theres a pack a punch machine which will upgrade your gun for 5000 Points.

      Congratulations you have a pack a punched gun!

  • zombie dude

    hey ppl, i have a wii and for any one else who does i found somthin cool, and it might work on other consoles too but not sure. if you go into solo as edward richofen(you might have to leave the game and come back in a few times to get him) the mystery box is in the same spot every time, now, this could just be my game that does it but idk. anyway, when you enter the game your standing in the loby of the theater, after round 5 i go open the door under the stairs and you will see a chainlink fence that is open on both ends, the box should be right behind that. (ps, when you open the door, you should see a greenish blue light above the box.)

    • Mystery Box Man

      In the wii version, i don't know about the other consoles, the mystery box spawns in the same place every time. So you can just keep restarting if the mystery box is not in the place you want it to be. For some reason the mystery box spawns in the first room upstairs for me most of the tiime.

  • Orestis

    ummmmmmmm gus… if you want to unlock all the maps just do everything i say plz .
    1st: In the main menu press R2+L2 and you will be free from that chair (you will earn a stamp too!!!)
    2nd:Go behind from the chair( just stand up,go left and straight.Then you will find a computer.Go to the computer and press the button (the square) for PS3 (for XBOX i dont know)
    3rd:It will show you a keyboard. Write this cheat:ARC UNLOCK
    4th:Then the computer will show you: CHEAT ENABLED.If it is wrote you are ready to enjoy all the zombie maps.Then press squre again ti sit down.And go to zombies and you will see that all the maps are unlocked. Hope i helpen for the maps. :)

  • orestis

    Oh and i forgot to say the best guns for you is: Ray gun and Thundergun. If you upgrade them you will be unstopable With JUGERNOG-QUICK REVIVE-TAP BEER-SPEED COLA

  • ????????

    I got to round 31 with one other friend by running all around the first map and turninging on traps and shooting the zombies behind us at 3 hold out points one in the lobby one in the foyer and one on the stage if u use this strategy correctly u will have no problem getting to round 20. Also upgraded raygun takes 3 shots to kill on round 31


    ok i got 2 round 30 on kino der toten rather easy singleplayer first run over get quick revive now shoot zombies 5 times and knife them that gets u 180 points then get about 4k then open the doors up stairs and run and by stake out but dont go any further stand in corner whrer next door is when hellhounds come then when u get enough sprint for the power room when u get there dont turn on the power keep the stake out and get clay mores when u get 12k run turn power on turn tele on buy m16 upgrade that and teh stakeout then go get juggernaught and bowie knife buy now it should be about round 20 (it was 4 me) then open all doors now go find the box if u get ray gun or thunder gun u are in luck becuase by now the stake out is rubbish

  • The Not-So

    where and wen and how do u get perks

    • Damn zombies

      You get perks from perk-a-cola machines found around the place. these basically look like vending machines. First u need to turn the power on, then go to one of these machines and hold the reload button to buy the drink. The character then drinks the perk-cola. And then U get the perk. It costs u a lot of money btw.

  • yasso

    Alright me and my mate for the first few levels shoot the zombies with the pistol 6 times on the first level then knife them, gives us 190 points for each zombie. 2nd level you shoot them 8 times then knife them giving us 210 points whilst letting them tear down the walls each level and so on.. Also on the five level smash out the glass by knifing it and then rebuild it gives u an extra 50ish points but only do it once as it stops giving u points.. Chea chea also get the guns with 115 or 100 bullets as it gets difficult later on..

  • Dan

    You leave a crawler each round and re coup and go open doors and buy all the perks

  • Dan

    I got to 31 with 1 partner quite easy with upgraded thunder gun and rpk with some monkeys

  • eddy

    when thunder dogs come open the TOP! door then the other door from dat because there are better guns that way

  • nick

    how do u get perks?

  • Kev

    Anyone know what the reel thing you can pick up is for? It is next to your grenades and monkies if you have them.

    • Hi!

      You can put the reels in the side of the projector in the pack-a-punch room.

  • yes

    first you knife and shoot until you reach round 4 than you open the door under the stairs. than buy mpl of the wall and kill them until you reach the round were the thunder dogs come out (round 5,6 or 7) , then open the door behind you and buy the ak74u instead of the mpl and open all doors until your in theater and get 3000 points to buy the bowie knife and have a one knife kill then knife every zombie (the thunder dogs are also one knife kill). knife until you've got 5000 points and go in to the teleportar and convert your m1911 handgun and shoot al zombies dead but have a distance from yourself and the point of firing other wise your gona die and if zombies get to close knife them( buy that reviving drank if you kill yourself). run and shoot circles and let all zombies follow you and shoot don't stay in one place. when you've got another 5000 points use the teleport and convert your ak74u and kill every zombie.

  • Chase

    In five right away break the windows on the doors with knife and build baracades easy cash at beginning of game :D

  • jizz

    Solo strategie on kino der toten. I MADE IT TO LEVEL 50 WITH THIS STRATEGIE!

    Level 1-7 ( or whenever dogs come)

    Get quick revieve n hold main lobby with pistol only. if things get tough open room upstairs leading to stakehouse shotgun. Go back to lobby n hold it again. Watch all entrances. Keep d shootgun till dogs come.

    level 8-20

    After dogs go to stage n tun power on also get juggs if u have enough point, if not do another round n then get it.. also d box has had to be used to find good gun. ***if u get thunger gun ur set for d rest of d game*** all u have to do after getting is buyin a gun off d wall n keep runnin in circles around d map to group zombies in a bottle neck hallway or corridor. Shoot with d gun till ammo runs out n keep buyin ammo to rack up points. If u didnt get d cannon keep trying.

    ** the path i took is stating in d lobby group zombies till u have a good amount n run towards d dressin room to d room with speed cola. Upstairs towards lobby n back down to theater, shooting at them at every corner. N keep runnin. U may open d room down to d right next to d main lobby into d ally into d back of the theater if u wish for a longer path n more shooting. Up to you.

    20- till u die.

    keep using above strategy till later rounds. U might want to start using traps at this point if things are too heavy. Use thunger gun if u get trapped n RUN RUN RU. Also dont upgrade cannon till u find ur self with no ammo n no dogs rounds… then upgrade to get more.

    Another thing i did to kill my bordum on later rounds was run in a circle on d stage where d podium with d sentry is n group zombies in a bunch then kill them with d cannon. U can take out about 20 or 25 in a group with one shot. I got bored n i had to go to sleep so i just quit … but im sure i wld have lasted a while more. GOOD LUCK!

  • bobg

    the best guns are thundergun ray gun and the freeze ray.

  • zkiller

    ok guys i've been to round 43 on kino der toten so i'll give you a quick run down on how that happend… firstly, play with 2 people (not as many zombies). secondly, on round 1, 6 shots one knife each zombie, round 2-3 8 shots and as many knifes need. next, after round 3 take turns opening doors untill you are in the MP40 room (so first door you open is the one up the stairs). once their both players buy the MP40, then for the next few rounds untill dogs one player watches the stairs you just came through and the other watches all 3 doors in the MP40 room. at the dog round just wonder around the MP40 room together its not hard to defeat dogs so im not going to say much. after dogs take turns opening doors to the power room. if both players have enough more to purchase either juggernaut or a bowie knife (i personally always take the knife) turn on the power straight away if not stay on the stage for a round or 2.

  • zkiller

    then if you have the knife only use it until round 10 then it stop taking them out in one shot. once there are too many zombies to just wonder around the map you need to start doing laps of the stage area. there are plenty of different ways to do this but i'll tell you what my mate and i did to get to round 43. i would do my laps around the stairs at the front of the stage by going up one stair case then jumping off the stage over the following zombies BEFORE you get to the turret then doing the same on the other stage. while i was doing this my mate would do laps around the back of the stage (no need for explaination that way is pretty simple). once you both have plenty of money (around 20000 points) try to leave a crawler by throwing grenades at the zombies. with one ready go find the mystery box and between you try to get these weapons: thundergun, ray gun (in later levels – 20 onwards), monkey bombs, LMG's, and galil or the commando (pack a puch each gun as they lose their ammo). and then once you got that your good to go. ascentials – one person with thundergun, both with monkey bombs, JUGGERNAUT and quick revive.

  • Chatboys

    Ha ha ha noobs I average round 20 in all the maps by myself o and you want the get the ray and thunder gun

  • ZombieKilla

    First off most of these commments are straight stupid i got to level 40 on kino and 32 on five. kino u wnat to get juggarnaut first most important and i found out that theres alot of idiots playing dont upgrade unless your out of ammo especially for your RAY GUN witch is the most powerful gun point blank! Head Shots HEAD SHOTS HEAD SHOTS easiest way to kill zombies nd for dogs again RAY GUN 1 shot kill

  • Foxkilla170

    hey does the map cheat work on xbox 360?

  • Rodney Ewart

    I have found some film reels in the rooms when you get teleported can anyone help me out and tell me how to use them.

    • Dkad1137

      when you are in the pack and punch room, put them in the movie projector.


    I speacilize in Kino Der Toten (Translates To Day Of The Dead in german)If you have four people run to the upstairs window in the first room when you see the zombies on wave one shoot twice and knife once it will get you money in multiples of 150 and on the next round shoot once knife twice for the same amounts it has always got me the most money in the four because others just shoot and end up with only 100 points each kill


    Not Many people know this but the ballistic knife is one of the best weopons in the game on level ten its just two knifes to kill and when you upgrade it when another player gets downed just shoot them with it and it will revive them

  • x_boy

    a good tip for round 1 in kindo do toten…. whatever is to knife all the zombies in round 1 its well easy knifing until round 3 p.s dont buy the gun at the top on the stairs in a 3 round burst gun…uselesss

  • xgoo420

    ive made it to 78 solo

  • rapforcrap

    on five i once got ray gun and winters howl upgraded the ray gun and then the winters howl winters howl turns into winters fury and ray gun turns into porters x3 ray gun survived to round 29 and upgrade once u get in the room quickly because there are metal doors once they open like 40 zombies come to get to pack a punch u flip the defcons but u have to turn on the power and then get in the teleporter and u will find the pack a punch hope this helped! good luck!

    • SamboRambo

      You can mod the ray gun three(3) times in Five?

  • SamboRambo

    Just got to level 40, I found 2 pieces of the meteor. Does anyone know where the other 4 are?

    • Jorge Amaro

      yah the first is in the loby the 2nd is in the next room from were the mp-40 is and the 3rd is in the boiler

  • Frank

    I got to round 37 on 'Kino Der Toten' in solo mode

    • Mher


  • braiden

    today i got to round 41 with my mate on private match then we died and the game finished then it went to the menu then we checked our leaderboards but it didnt count it said i got to round 27 but my high score counted though so if anyone can tell me who not plz tell me

    also if ur australian and want to play zombies with me add xdragon-ownerx

  • brandon

    what are you talkin about scientist

  • justin

    i've gotten to level 28 on the first zombies black ops level and i was playing by myself,
    the trick is to make a massive loop, at the start in the lobby go right and continue on this path, once you've gotten to the theater room turn the power on straight away then turn on the teleporter and link it, dont run back to get inside it but do another loop, keep doing this loop until the round is over, then when the new round is about to begin hoop inside the teleporter but dont activate it until the zombies are literally inside the teleporter with u, the teleporter will kill all these zombies, then once you have used the teleporter and your in the top room throw grenades like crazy but try not to kill all the zombies, once your out of the teleporter room pick off the remanding zombies by continuing the loop but leave one, dont kill the last zombie until you've linked up the teleporter again and/or visited the mystery box therefore ready for the next round, this method works very well but once you've passed level 20 you will need the thunder gun as while running the loop zombies can trap you into corners and the thunder gun 'moves' them from your path.

  • peter

    Go to the beginning of the map and when you get out from the chair type the following in the computer for unlimited ammo and infinite life in ONLY the first zombie map!!!…

  • zach

    best set up….mp40 not upgraded. and the zeus cannon.

  • jk81

    smgs have clips so small they will end up getting u killed rifles have bigger clips and u will survive longer but lmgs are ganna be your best bet since they have large-huge clips and less reloading means less running more killing special wepons will do u good but unless u upgrade the thunda gun the clip will kill u and the ray gun starts not killing as much in higher rounds pack-a-puch may increase damage idk i have not pack-a-puched it yet i think damage increases along with larger clip and if u wanna die rlly fast get a shotgun rlly slow reload and crappy range…. ya not worth it…

  • ricky

    i use the zues cannon to kill those bitches

  • Zombie Slayer

    How DO You Get the Death Machine PLZ

    • Sherkhn8

      you can only get it on five on special occasions its relly hard tp get it only special zombies drop the icon hope tghis helps

      • Sherkhn8

        sorry guys spelling mistakes there trying to type fast XD

  • sherkhn8

    any one got ray gun and thunder g at the same time i play on pc any one wanna add me

  • Cody

    I Have Made it to Level 28 by myself on "Kino Der Totten" It is very Simple You Just Have To Have A Plan Before every new Round. Plan A: Consists Of First Getting Juggernat Before any Weapons and Connect the Teloportals Then just run around the Turret and gather up as many zombies as you can. Once you Have Acheived This run Into the teloportal and shoot as many as you can. If there is to many to handle teloport and start throwing all your grenades out. keep buying more when you run out Very Very important. Now When You Come Down from the Teloportal just hang out and find out how many zombies are Left They will all be coming from the Door underneath the stairs. Throw more gernades and kill as many as you can. If there is to many Bail out Run upstairs to the

  • cody

    Part 2

    Electric Trap and turn it on when there are close. This will Block All zombies from entering that way but there may be some jumping from the ceiling or coming up the backside stairs be very careful and watch out. If there is no one Start shooting At them as the pass through the trap to get some extra points once the trap wears of or starts blinking Take off down the backside stairs repeat this until there is to many zombies and start setting other traps… Dont even worry about the dogs just turn on a Turret and run around it… always works

  • black ops

    i got to round 28 on kino der toten and trust me to get far u need porters x2 ray gun and zeus cannon and if u then go to buy perks buy juggernort it is handy because u can take afew hits tbqh then go for speed cola that is handy when ure past round 18 or soo. speed cola is good for LMGS or shotguns becasue they reload pretty quick double tap is not essential but can be usful for some guns. but not usful for guns that shoot like the RPK quick revie is on at start on solo pick that up before u shift. if u go upstairs way buy the mp40 if u go down staris well id go for AK unless u come across the box this way helped me :D

  • DHDJ

    USE THE DOG GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Prabhjot Basra

      What is the dog glitch And does it work on wii

  • Kieran

    I like the UAG gun, becauae it has a sniper aim and it's a fast shooter which kills lots of zombbieeeeessssss!!

  • Guest

    It's cheaper to buy a gun off the wall as you can get the upgraded ammo unlike having a gun from the random box, but as they are a special weapon only use it when you have to (unless you have the HZ21 as it has a lot of ammo, useful tip buy the double tap for it).

  • hani4

    guys hers what you should do___—–as soon as u start on round one just shank the zombies then on round two shoot the zombies three times then shank two times then carry on till u get to round 4.when you get to round 4 your bound to have run out of ammo so go up the stairs and buy the gun ther[I FORGOT WHAT ITS CALLED]then shoot up the zombies like they killed yo mom.Then when you get to round 6 open the door in the small sqare room go down stairs and buy the mp40 dount get the shot gun there because it will take long to relode and ting. wile your down ther open the door that leads to the make-up room turn and open the door strate away beahind you there be a -lode of zombies just shoot all there heads{THIS WILL HELP YO AKYURACY ON HEADS}.after that swich on the power and link-up the telerporter yous it to get some kills and dount wurry theres no windows that zombes can get upafter a cuple of seconds yu''ll telerport to were you first started{you might telerport out the if you do and you see a disc get it its black and looks like pizza after you get it yu''ll here a voice then it will show a short clipp on zombis [=~no sound~=]}run up the stars and put on the trap dont wurry the zombies cant get you so dount pay atention just look on the uther side of the trap[the side that your on]u can say yo right event.

    reply to me and tell me what you thinck of it good look!!!!!!!!! :)

    • CR7


  • THestEALthMAStEr

    A WORD OF ADVICE PEOPLE……….. 1 gun off the wall and 1 from the mystery box. YOU can always get ammo 0FF wall guns, the 4,500 points is worth it.

  • butchie

    man just use ur pistol and knife until like round 3 then buy an m14 or olimpia then buy top door then buy second door then buy stakeout or mp40. then use them till round 7 or 8 then open up rest of doors go to mystery box then always keep telportor ready to teleport then pack a punch and run around raisin hell lol u will be at round 20 easyly

  • Descuff

    Death Machine is a rare and limited item. If you like explosive guns then save your first weapon until the pack a punch (just don’t shoot too close).  Always stick with a teammate and cooperate (you prob won’t even make it past round 10 if you don’t).

  • Mher

    dont buy upgrade for raygun or thundergun until u need ammo. it fills it up. very importamt for experienced players. may save your life

  • Sherkhn8

    the ray gun and the thunder gun is not the best combination the rpk and the hk21 are the best okay maybe the ray gun and the rpk are good but not ray gun and thunder gun

    • codboz fan add me

      ye the ray gun is easy to get  and thunder gun when your high level and kinertoten if anyone has a ps3 blog ur name i will add u im no idiot im 13 years old

      • Coolkieran10

        add me am badmanki666

      • CR7

        Can you add me my name is Baranaktasfener

      • John

        add me on psn my name is smitsmash

  • codboz fan

    hi guys i also have been wondering how to get ulimited ammo on my ps3 i think xbox360 are worser well u know you have to buy the internet ps3 u just get an account and bingo your online

  • codboz fan

    black ops u have a ps3

  • CR7

    do any of you guys
    know how to
    take out your gun while reviving