COD Black Ops Zombie Mode: Map Cheats and Unlock Code?

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When you first start playing the COD Black Ops zombie mode you will notice that only one map is available to you at first, if you want to play the other maps then you will need to complete the whole singer player game first, which is a nice reward for doing so.

The point of doing that can be ruined if other players are playing all the zombie maps without even playing the single player campaign, is this fair? I understand both sides of this, some people do not want to play the single player game and want all the zombie maps, and others will feel cheats are only bad for Black Ops.

If you want to know more on Call of Duty Black Ops cheats, and specifically the unlock for all zombie maps then you can get the code and instructions in this post. I have known the unlock code for all zombie maps for a few days but have yet to use it, do you think I should? Let us know in the comments.

Cheats in Call of Duty Black Ops may divide the players, or most gamers may think it’s a good idea. Will you cheat to unlock Black Ops zombie maps?

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  • willjitzu

    Nah mate dont do it cheats only ruin the game thats why i stopped playing mw2 becuase everyone was cheating and hacking or boasting, even the whole "how to get extra weapon" just made it shit in waw.

    • MisterBlackOps

      Don’t use any cheats ops is for serious players.the campain is what ties the game together



      • flame

        hey if you want the othere map break out from the chair(in the main menu and press l2 r2 [ps3] i dont know 4 Xbox)and go to the back and you will se a computer.

        type “5FIVE” to get the five map or complete the campain and type “DOA” for the third map

      • flame

        oops from person srry

      • HateJews

        You must buy the Hardened or Prestige edition of Black Ops, which come with the codes. It has been confirmed that the maps will be released as DLC at a later date.

    • job

      Dude, some people simply want to play Zombies, not experince campaign, plus, I rented the game, u think I wanna spend my time beating the campaign, then when I beat it, and Unlock the maps, I now have to return the game and can't play on the maps? Please..

    • unknown

      some cheats are good like in zombie map FIVE u can play WONT BACK DOWN by EMINEM

  • Spod

    Cheats only fool themselves and spoil it for everyone who wants a fair fight
    so no, cheats=pointless

    • corey

      cheats r not pointless

      • flame

        i agree

        • trey

          cheatsare for people who want them. if you dont want them, dont put them in. duh.

    • Nikenzo

      geek cheats are just for fun when u finish da game noobhead

  • GHoSTzZ

    Yeah Cheats totally screw the game man . play fair or dont play at all.

    • kamakmkam

      i did the cheat but i did caimpain first

  • Tymiba

    In my opinion, they put the code in there for a reason. I don't consider it a bad thing unless people are hacking/breaking the game to do so, or cheat to use it to their advantage. And the story isn't that long, so there's no need to cheat, but it's always nice to have an alternative for those that don't want to play the story.

    • dude

      i toataly agree with u dont use cheats to youre advantige unless youre on
      zombies and want three guns or unlimited ammo or zombie maps

  • c dawg

    i think that as long as you are gunna play the campaign whats the harm in unlocking them first? just means you have more to do more of the time and you don't have to slug through the campaign

    i'm loving the campaign and i will complete it (soon hopefully) but i would also love to play some more of the new zombie maps because they're great too, but i suppose each to their own

    • dude

      how u unlock the other maps do u have to have perstige eddtion or is it
      unlock by computer

  • Rosie

    I think for the Zombies cheating is okay, me and my hubby cant get past level 5 and cant find the power :( but if its cheating in the online matches i think it ruins the game for everyone, you can always tell the cheats on there because they are much harder to kill. its up to you though.

    • DEUCE1215 (gamertag)

      the power on the first map is in the theater. But you dont wanna turn it on until you have really good money, a close to solid battle plan, good weapons for the crawlers which spew blinding nova gas, and a place to camp it out. oh i highly recommend getting claymores as well.

    • SasukeCurseMark

      To get to the power on ' Five ' you need to unlock the first door, unlock the elevator, go downstairs, open the other elevator, go downstairs again, go to the first room to your left and the switch'll be there.

    • BRADY

      To turn the lights on in the first map go upstairs unlock the room on the right thenn keep going straight until you get to another room with barbed wire then go left and open that room then go downstairs and open the other door then go past the maniquins and to the left opern that door then turn the lights on!!!

    • jeh

      u have to leave a crawler so u can unlock all doors, then when u re-up(ammo< guns etc..then kill the crawler and get ready//its important to set trapps as they chase u…. ive gotten to level 31 by doin that…also make the teleporter ur best friend..

    • ben

      u go to the bottom stair open the door go around and the power box is in the next room on the wall there will be a wall in the center of the room okay good luck

    • fred

      the power is under the building

    • isaiah

      what is the farthest round you got to c dawg

    • ZombieSlayer =P

      level 5? i'm sorry but that's sad…i'm 13 years old and can make it to level 21 by myself, easily…as for the power it's a LONG way away, you go through allot of different rooms (you need money to open up doors and stuff.) if you want any advice then i would say buy the olympie as your first gun, use it for a long time in the first room, then open the two doors upstairs and switch to your pistol (Y for xbox. triangle for ps3. idk about wii) and buy the stakeout. then just move on some more when you get the money, the power box is in a big room with a curtain. hope it helped!

  • no.1 gamer

    Cheat codes to unlock maps are a great idea. BUT ingame cheats e.g MW2 Rust getting inside the pipe etc suck. There should be seperate options like Barebones to use these cheats for the useless no good gamers who cheat their ass off just to fog over the fact that they really no good at a certain game. from a no. 1 gamer

  • no.1 gamer

    Cheat codes to unlock maps are a great idea. BUT ingame cheats e.g MW2 Rust getting inside the pipe etc suck. There should be seperate options like Barebones to use these cheats for the useless no good gamers who cheat their ass off just to fog over the fact that they really no good at a certain game. from a no. 1 gamer

  • Guest

    Thank god there is a cheat, the campaign sucks ass.

    • eekeethejester

      Idk if its just cause zombies is all i play but can’t figure out what they mean by get out of the chair. like when? me and my friends sit here and play zombies cause were bord and we all can play together someone help us plz

      • flame

        really? >.>
        getting out the chair is step one of getting the dead ops arcade and five(also you can get it by completing the campain)if you want the rest go and see my other comment on top.flame out

  • lolgamermitch

    guess what wen ur on wave six ull be wishing for more ammo ull be getting buttraped by zombies and i will lololololl

    • Kenn M

      if u really cant pick up power ups and ammo bu lvl 6???? then u NEED to practice MORE!!!
      i NO expert and i have reacged 28 on Kino Der Toten and 24 on Five… tactics man… brainwork!!! its really quite easy make a circle by turning on power in Kino and turn on the power, hence head down when u got appr. 7000points, leave a crawler and remove the debris in the WAR ROOM, buy the MP5K if u cant pick up ammo and move in a circle around the Pack a Punch room!!! easy as that! if u r skilled enough… and slow down, create some distance before reload etc. but this is just practice or talent!! i struggled a bit with Five in the start but its only tactics and strategies man. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS!!!! GET JUGGER-NOG!!! Hope this helps! Regards K.M

  • schemers

    3ARC UNLOCK is the cheat

    • DEUCE1215

      i tried that and it doesnt work. but DOA and Zork works.

  • m_evolution_9

    The campaing in awesome! And they did put cheats for a reason. These are the “good” cheats, where the game allows you to do it.

  • Mike

    Its not really a cheat. It only unlocks a zombie map to be used single player or multiplayer. It in no way effects gameplay or achievements. Where is the harm here?

  • Aaron

    people are dumb why does it matter?

    • guy

      retard doushbag

  • danny


    • why do you care

      you suck cock

    • koolman


  • danny

    cheats are awesome

    • xXHellScreamxX

      thank u finally someone understands why cheats r not bad just mods n hacks r

      • xXHellScreamxX

        do u like the new zombies

    • Emma

      Excacly its True

  • guest

    its not a cheat its just the code u got with the prestige

    edition ….

    • someone

      how do u get the prestige edition?

      • Cody

        whatss the code

  • ashley

    cheats are doa and 3arc unlock and 3arc intel

    • yay


  • afdsasdf

    do it pussy

  • zombie slayer / bringer of death

    zombies is the best,,, but treyarch wrecked it with their lame ideas ( mad scientist ) they should have given the idea to infinity ward and they would have had better graphics, better online play, better general gameplay and most importantly better ideas…. hope treyarch does not become the sole company for call of duty

    • liamsteel

      treyarch made all tha limbs blow off in waw n in mw2 money cums out wtf… theres no compare you mug……lol treyarch are nxt levels ahead they been makin games since infinity wards ceo was still in dypers… you soppy lil fool

    • guest

      dude people say the graphics suck the graphics are the same as MW2 if better i think

    • Anonymous1

      I'm glad that someone else shares the same point of view on Treyarch. Infinity Ward has done all the other COD games and they were awsome…This COD was kinda Lame!!!

    • Ham

      U guys know that treyarch were the ones who created the zombies in the first place right? WAW and stuff. jus sayin…..

    • ZombieRaper

      Treyarch created CoD. first Call of Duty, treyarch; second, treyarch; Treyarch started Call of Duty. Dumbass

  • william

    i beat the games campaign mode and it unlocked the zombie map "Five" how do i get the other maps? dont want cheats just maps to play. doa and 3arc unlock aren't cheats they dont make the game any easier and gives no advantage to the players. all these code are in my opinion are shortcuts


    I only bought the game (with my own hard earned money) to play zombie modes and online multiplayer map. I feel as though I don't have the time to run through the entire game and all that. I work 45-60 hours a week and I want to be able to play with my buddies after work. (unfortunately they have beaten the game because they do have jobs)
    I guess they were smarter than we think…they have accommodated all of the many different aspects and needs of the end users….US.
    They put the code there for a reason.
    thanks COD team

    • fff

      mo fo

  • deniz

    hehehe me and my friend make the ZOMBIE MODE IN 19 ROUNDS and we DONT USE CHEATS

    • DEUCE1215

      highest was 75. mine was 21

      • shahzaib

        how man i cant pass 8 , i am going crazy i need cheats for health and ammo

        help me plzzzzz….

        • meghcn

          i got to 48 by myself

        • Black ops specialist

          Try 63 with only two people wooooooooo no cheats

        • Tyler Moore

          The computer is not a madgical genie and you cant ask it to do what ever you want it is just a fun thing Treyarch put into the game

    • jeh

      not much to bragg bout.. MAKE the teleport ur best friend…leave crawler at the end of every round..

    • Kenn M

      14 is not anything too brag about dude!!! SERIOUSLY!!! over 30 and i will start to get impressed but under 20 as top score either solo or coop is not GOOD its adequate. lvl 31 and 28 myself and i have just started. pucker up!!!

    • zach

      i made it to round 37 and i dont u cheats

    • pokeloke

      I made to round 479 because of cheats!

  • pablo




  • unreal B

    cheats ruin game

    • ron

      ur mom ruiend the game

    • jeh

      u ruin the game

    • guest

      do you no the cheat for the zombie maps such as the world at war ones

      • ZombieRaper

        You need to get the Hardened version or whatever it's called. i hate my parnets for not buying me that version.

        • saddas

          get ur own money and buy it then homo

    • boob

      its not a cheat faggot it just unlocks maps

  • The Whole Truth

    lol why is everyone making such a big deal about it it's not really a "cheat" so much as a way to have the maps before beating the campaign. i think they would have given you all the maps beforehand but they made it like this so people could have the challenge of beating the campaign for the maps if they so chose to. so don't call people that use the codes "cheaters" or "hackers" or "noobs" because some people just don't like the campaign and bought black ops for zombie mode. so just lay this to rest and use the codes if you want to and don't be calling people noobs abouit it.

    ….i have not bought black ops yet =[, just waiting for christmas to come for me to get it =]

  • Extra

    GOD dammit JUST USE THE DAMN THING and PLAY THE STORY LATER ON its the same damn shiit

  • Hasbro98

    i know that their is a map called kino der toten, but i saw my mate play a map call nacht der untoten or something like that, how do u get dat 1???

    • Matt

      Thats on COD: WAW

    • Roberto

      hasbro im 11 year old boy i own most of the sires and nacht der urtan (nazi zombies) from call of duty number 5 world at war the first time treyarch helped in call of duty but to unlock it you have to finish the campain in number hope you appriciate the help.

  • Nik

    so basically you're telling me that you're an idiot, because i only spent $60 on this game

  • JAY


  • badboysteveo

    found out how to keep coming back alive after you die in the zombies rounds in black ops if ur playing on ur own. all u have to do is pick up revive

    • soldier

      how or where do pik that up?

  • badboysteveo

    does anyone know about the rocks in the first map of zombies do. after i seek the 3 rocks just music plays.


    i don't see the harm in using a 'cheat' code to unlock the zombie levels, in fact i don't think it's considered a cheat. Using cheats to get through the levels is lame. And an even more lame concept is using cheats to survive online multiplayer, just play the damn game and see how good you really are without mods on weapons or perks to make yourself last longer.

  • cod zombie fan

    campaign is so EASY. just shut up and play there are only 15 missions and most of it is weaver and hudson talkin 2 u with that deep voice. oops i spoiled the "surprise" of who was in there

  • cod zombie fan

    i got prestige edition and it gives u a code 4 W@W zombie maps.(on ps3)

    • dude

      wat is the code im dieing to find out how cool the maps are

    • ghost man

      what is the code

      • ghost man

        what is the code i am trying to finde it on the internet not comig up!!!!!!!

  • eren

    cheats r the best all my freinds do it who ever dont like it they r dome it dosent ruin game


    “no. 1 gamer” u seem like a little bitch. i mean atleast im really good games since i cant get my dick wet!.. lol faget. i think the cheats are sweet because i bought the game to have fun and wreck more shit, not to prove how badass i am because im really good at a videogame. im gonna put in some codes since im not worth anything on games without them lol, but atleast i can wreck the game faster and get back to fuckin ur mom in the ass

  • Yasir Ejaz

    I hate cheats … specially when someone is using it in online play 1!!

  • aaron

    type in '3ARC UNLOCK' and you get intel

  • ray

    these cheats suck is that all u get wow !!!!

  • cedric

    i made it to round 24 in solo and i never cheated

  • EBTV

    cheats are are good for the maps but in story mode it ruins it

    • golokin

      round 98 no cheats

  • fghhgf

    how do you get the zombie maps ''Der Riese''

    • DDC53

      did you get the answer to how to get the maps for :
      Shi No Kima and Verruckt and Der Riese

  • dan

    hey does anyone know how to get the zombie maps from world at war? i know you have to buy the other prestige package but is there a code to getting them? help me out if u can thanx

    • Roberto

      dan there is only 1 map there are no codes and you to finish the campain to unlock it.

  • jpn

    you should put the cheats unless people keep hackin

  • Ghost

    I had test it but the 3arc Cheat didn`t work. I don`t know why but I think the cheat just work on the PC and X-BOX version of Call of Duty : Black Ops.

  • fahad

    Can anyone "help" me i want a code that's gave me all of the i saw some ppl playing it plz.

  • someone

    whats wrong with cheats like i dont see the problem

  • spikedud2

    well here is the thing i have a problem with is the fact that i played the campaign and put in the code and still only have the 2 zombie maps and the arcade game and when i look at the leader board there is like 10 maps + the arcade one so wtf…

  • Taj

    how am i an idiot i only spent 60 bucks on this game and cheats r 4 noobs the really just make the game very boring From Warboy my gamer tag is Warboy243651

  • fff

    cod rocks

  • joe

    yo yo yo my name is joe my pants hang low and my underwear shows and i say do it,i mean its only for a zombie map

  • sarah

    hey add me up yo!!!!!! I go by LadyVenom11, nd i don't like the cheats, it takes all the fun out of the game!!!!!! =) =) =)

  • dylan

    zombies are the best ting about black ops keep it in the game and cheat codes are of gud use to zombies but online no way it not fair.. but keep codes for zombies

  • King

    You people are so thick. Put down the controller and learn some English. I'm embarrassed for you.

  • AlwaysHIM

    we make round 34 on kino der toten without cheats :P so…. it is possible :P and much more fun!!!

  • hammy330

    unlocking a map just so you can play other maps and have more fun and play levels with your friends isn't cheating…if it gave you some kind of upgrade or boost then yes it would be but in this case. no…just saving time…

  • rod

    i didnt use a heat and got the maps but i cant play em anymore i need help

  • Small Beans

    How the hell do u unlock like the other maps beside five and arcade and kino? -___-

  • brody

    i think you should try it

  • unworthyend

    On five probably the best strategy I no of is to get as many points as possible in the first two rounds then buy the doors wait tell round three make a Crawler and go down stairs to the bottom floor and only unlock the door with the mystery box then run around Intel round 13 then turn on the power then go around the map btw stab or only use pistol tell u get to round 5-6 or whenever u get to the box let me no if this helps

  • http://wat demond

    I can not say a live wan i turn on the power the zomie kill me

  • R. Slade

    Cheats rock you psychos… Me and my brothers have been playing zombies for a good time now, and were ready for easy street, and ridiculous unfair rewards… So like many people have already said here, cheats are great for people that want them…

  • Michel gaudet

    you people fuckin suck cant get past round five and six. look for dead ops arcade you need the cheat anyways but its a 2D old school game so its not really worth it and five is unlocked when you beat the game. but realy, cheating to get one extra level isnt really fuckin cool cuz playing the god damn campaign makes you fuckin better jack asses just my fuckin opinion so start practicing sucking less at zombies and maybe you'll start cheating less assholes

  • EJ-MAC (PS3 TAG)

    I think its garbage that the people who own all of the games and already bought all the map packs shouldn’t have to get the hardened edition just to play maps we already paid for

  • soldier

    is there a cheat code for unlimited ammo on the zombie map

    • Tyler Moore

      The computer is a added bonus to the game not a genie whom who can ask for whatever you want

  • George


  • dion

    so how do you unlock the third map without cheating?is there a differnt way?

  • Michael Ridley

    i think the zombie maps are mint but i think that there needs to be away to inforce the 18 cert on the game as i for 1 is sick of plying with kids that scream down the mic

  • cod rocks!!!

    if u use cheats DONT PLAY ONLINE!

  • george chadwick

    chiting is for pepole who cant play a game without dieing that y they have to use cheats but it would be nice to play on the new maps i havent got them yet i might have them soon if i find out how to get them plese help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabe

    How do you beat the Zombies game or is that even possible? I have gotten to level 9 by myself and I still see no end in sight! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let me know, I won't judge…ha ha. But in all seriousness, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase let me know if there is anything that I am missing!

    • Tyler Moore

      well i can tell you that it goes a lot farther than 9 sorry buddy i made it to level 50 and there was no light in sight, on the leaderboards on live it says that people have made it to level 99 idk if that ends it or not…

  • Adam'sbabe;)

    how many levels are there on Zombie mode? only those 3?

  • dakota lococo

    no u ruin cheats

  • dakota lococo

    i made it to level 32 with no cheats but i would still like to know the glitches

    • Tyler Moore

      If you know the dolphin dive one thats a good one to use

  • Tyler Moore

    If people want to cheat let them, who cares im my opinion Five isn't that good anyways, but for those of us who dont boost and hack then we can enjoy some fair competition that others cant, and that shows that someone who made it to level 40 ledgitamently is better than someone who sits on top of the tleporter for 90 rounds. And FYI guys i really enjoyed campaing, it had a great, complex (one that Bungie could never develop) storyline so in my opinion it is worth playing through.

  • butt kicker456

    I think that zombies are really fun,my friend and I thinks that it's one of the best part of the game.So if your playing, kick some zombie butt!!

  • http://hotmail tiger

    i’m a level 48!So close to level 50

  • tiger

    hi :lol:

    • Chuck Norris


  • Tyler Moore

    Am I the only one who thinks this or do you too, i think Treyarch should make a zombie map pack with all the zombies from WAW, BO, and then add some more, and instead of selling them on just live sell it as a seperate disk like they did with "Red Dead Redemption"

    • awesome

      ya man true that

  • Aaun

    Wow it would be nice if u guys made a cheat code for the new zombie map ascension that’s why I came to this website but u guys suck cause u guys need the new cheat code once it just comes out

    • Scuba9901

      You have to pay for ascension

  • Vman

    Any cheats for the new zombie map

  • joey

    please do it and me and my family and friends always play campaign first

  • joey

    the cheat code for five and the arcade is 3arc unlock

    • jason

      i now that you bum

  • andy

    what is it please tell me

  • andy

    i just want code for all 5 maps

    • Malachiboggs

      try dao that’s a new map

  • David

    How do you start the zombie Ascension map. Bought new pack on Live. New at COD Black Ops.

  • tc1221

    how do you play

  • andrew

    it would be nice if they had black ops in kinect form

  • isaiah


  • mistery guy 2112123

    cheats acually help u and they dont unreal b

  • mistery guy 2112123

    i made it 2 level 28 with cheats go 2 ps3 .com and look for a cheat that is jump on tellaportor it will get u some good rounds if u dont run out of bullets

    • jason

      i don’t care
      you are crape lol

    • CAmeron-Schenkel

      what is the cheat  to not run out of ammo

      • LT Jackson

        its SDRMAX AMMO

  • andy

    that is all right cheats were design for a reason and it is up to the player to decide whether to us eit or not.I bought my game with my money not someone do what you like.L have played zombies by myselfI got to level 28.No cheats it is possible.problem is to get everyone to do the same,go thru the same area as a team not individual.I play with my son and nephews and they like to wonder around on their own anf do things that get them killed.I tell them do not move forward shoot them from where you are and every time they do the opposite and get in the way of the other shooters knowing that we cannot shoot thru them.hence they get killed because one of them is the only one that can shoot.TEAM EFFORT is zombies not solo (rougue).

  • coolguy

    how can you get all zombie maps? what cheat do you use because i have been searching for months!

    • Joshuajenkins17

      i cant find eany cheats ethar

      • Malachiboggs

        wat maps have u unlocked so far

    • coolio

      what you do is very simple lol whn ur sitting in the chair press [lt] [rt] buttons and u stand up go around untill u see a computer and press x and type in “3arcunlock” it will only unlock like 3maps and one of them is a awesom rcade game there are more maps but u need to buy extention packs or download of xbox live and stuff lol

  • Zombie Killer

    I own zombies with my friend Jayden. We own. But we hate guy named Speedy25

    • Dakota=Zombie Killer

      Also black ops (Zombie mode) like best game I ever played. Should be in game of fame!

  • dakota


    • Junjuniorscullyiorscully

      No they don’t suck

  • Dakota, learn how to spell. It's at least not atleast.

  • Jap

    Well anyway, ive done all campain, threw all dificulties, ive got bord now, duz any1 no a code for some maps, ive got deadops, five and the first 1, iwant more? And i dont understand what you mean by prestege edition? Give me every code you know?????

    • Manmartinezrojas

      give me the codes you know and i will tell you all of mine

  • HorrorGal98

    Yea, I think people should run by experience. The only thing I use is one glitch to get the Monkey Bomb by jumping in the corner. Thats the only one I use.

  • pizza

    i got to level 106 ohhhh

  • christian shadden

    you are all messed up because all i wanted was a map cheat to play on zombies, so you all are really dumb.

  • chad budd

    practice…is a virtue.SO USE cheat or code.

  • Jacob

    i think cheats are pretty good to use after beating the game

  • fghuy

    cheats are good because if someone cant beat the game then sure if is boring

  • jeremy froman

    cheats are awsome

  • Dillon

    do any of you cheats for Kino Der Toten Zombie ??? offline only?

  • dsesdsr

    u guys are so stupied cheats are awsome thy help people that cant get past a part but i dont need cheats cause IM A BEAST

  • fierygun

    you collect this board in the teleporter but i duno what you do with it collect 3 rocks and it plays cool
    music the best gun is the raygun or the thundergun codes on COM are DOA /3ARCUNLOCK/3ARCINTEL/ZORK

    (CHEATS) ps:codes DOA and 3ARCUNLOCK don't work for the

  • fierygun

    code for zombie map found from freind william it's


    • Scuba9901

      Actually it’s 3arc unlock

      • golokin

        hey how do i us the cheat turminal

        • Andrew Jenkins

          press the l2 and r2 button repeadtly and a computer is behind the chair

      • Lpearcy

        are you a diver

  • Jj74

    i want the cheats because all my frends have them but me

    • brandon guerrero

      then your a little girl ill tell u one cheat 3arc

      • Bradphillips

         hey dude if its a real code i owe u one

  • fart 54

    you should

  • Mbjunejo

    What’s the unlock code??????

    • Nathaniel

      for what ?

  • Snuffy778

    Just buy the maps. My brother and I only spent 15 dollers for 4 maps

  • Snuffy778

    Is 3arc unlock actually a code? where do you type the codes in anyways? and what do they do? your suppose to buy maps, so i dont think thay unlock maps

    • Anthonygreer60


      • Anthonygreer60

        how do u turn to a zombie

    • LT Jackson

      you are suppossed to press the righ and left trigger and go to a computer

    • LT Jackson

      when the game starts and gives you options press the righ and left trigger reapedly

  • jboy

    i need help