Call of Duty: Black Ops Vs Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) – Which is better game?

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It has been a good few days since Treyarch finally released Call of Duty: Black Ops onto the world stage, and after having a good period with the game, what are your general conclusions on it?

Yesterday, we ran a poll asking you if Black Ops was the ‘worst CoD game ever’ in light of the current problems which are plaguing the game at the moment, but now we’d like to get your opinions on the game compared to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2.

We received some criticism yesterday for calling Modern Warfare 2 a ‘great game’, but we still stand by our initial word. However, you may think differently of course. After playing Black Ops enough to give a comparison on the game, do you think it is better than Modern Warfare 2 overall, or does it not come close?

We’ve already read a few user comments from you stating that Black Ops is the better game, but we’re gonna run another poll to make things semi-official. If you believe that MW2 is still better than Black Ops, state your reasons below.

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  • Gideeyup

    MW1 (made by infinityward)was the best at that time. Then came World at war(made by treyarch). Most people played for a month and then went back to MW1. WatW was a shere disapoinment.- both games suffered from lag.
    Then came MW2 (made by infinityward) – took online gaming to a new level. The play is fast and accurate and very realistic. And almost no lag. The slight lag is only niticable because the game is so fast.
    Now comes Black Ops (made by treyarch) – yet another dissapointment. Sluggish, not accurate, lagging, poor graphics (yes that's right. given todays technology, they could had and should had done al lot better). Most wins are not due to better play, but less lag then the other guy – I've played it almost constantly and it's a fact.
    So to sum it up – infinity ward is the king of COD and no other company should be permitted to make any games under this name. WatW and BO are an insult to the name COD!.To prove my point, I dare anyone to dissagree when I say – back ops maps with MW2 game play and this would had been the best game to date.

    • Dwill

      So True

      • James

        Honestly, you are correct. The maps in black ops are hot and are always fun to play. Treyarch, this is 2011, please start making video games that look like 2011 and not 1954. World at war was a fail, so why try to bring world at war part 2 with black ops? The create a class menu looks like it came out of a cereal box. Come on, you wanna make money off of this, at least do it right. Not to mention, in HARDCORE mode, one bullet should be sufficient enough to kill an enemy. I feel that if a player sees the other one first, and then shoots, the player who shot first should get the kill, instead of it being that an enemy can absorb almost a full clip of an AK74u and somehow, manage to kill the player shooting him even after being pumped full of lead (in hardcore mode). Modern Warfare 2 did a good job at that, I could be across the map with a UMP45 silenced, and all i would have to do is shoot one single bullet, and thats a kill shot. Applause Infinity Ward, you know how to keep players happy!

    • jeff

      I didnt buy black ops when eberyone was preordering it, because i knew treyarch was disappointing in the past.
      and i stand corrected.

      • Gimp

         smart man.  wish i trusted my gut too!

    • gamer king

      Black ops really is not good at all, MW2 is better by a long shot. the only thing I like about Black ops online game play is that you can buy upgrades

    • Jon-Paul

      You do know that Infinity Ward gave up in MW2 because of the hacking and glitching. The only reason you think MW2 is better is because you don't know how to play with the new features in Black Ops.

      • Bob

        no they know how they just dont like it becuase it fails

      • Gimp

        haha you patronizing fool!

    • claude

      I agree that MW2 is better, however I wouldn’t put BO down that far. MW2 had way better desigin, as far as how the weapons look in hand. I believe the graphics are slightly sharper in BO. BO campaign killed MW2… my only problem, but major problem with BO is the multiplayer. MW2 was beyond excellent other than the occasional cheaters, but BO multiplayer just doesn’t work. People that I have gamed with for years, I can nolonger play with. The weapons seem a little inconsistant, the spawn points are so messed up, personally I think most of the perks suck… and for the most point, since I already have the game 99% complete, the game is a dissapointment.

      • Noah

        Er… OCCASIONAL?! I've been in nothing but modded lobbies for about a month now. Just a crapload of aimbots and wallhacks.

    • joe mama

      Most definitely an insult to cod. I WAS addicted to the modern warfare series. But COD BO provided just enough frustration and distraction so I can quit this beautiful habit that is MW1/2. THANKS treyarch. But in all honesty, Ppl like you should be locked up and and be kept away from the COD title like pedophiles on Justin bieber. Now excuse me. I’m gonna take my 27-year old college educated ass back where I left my career 3 years ago to pursue a masters degree.

      • Kill3r instinct

        If u still spend all your time playing video games at 27, that itself is pretty sad XD

    • Ele701

      Gideeyup is so right. This game is bland and boring, and I'll be alternating between CoD4 and CoD6. I hope to god there's a MW3.

    • lui

      I went back to mw2 but I was already a 10th prestige so I made a new account on the ps3. My new name is blakops_sux lol. Lots of people agree with me. And I get a lot of friend requests too. I was so mad that treyarch made this game sound huge and it sucked so bad. Nothing on mw2

    • jason morrison

      this guy is on to it … MW2 is the best CoD game to date and beats BO hands down. CoD MW2 will stay the best game forever unless "treyarch" stops making there poor excuse for games, and let "infinityward" work there magic!! MW2 has better guns, maps and graphics!! things BO just simpily cant compete against!! MW2 WINS!

    • Jarrod

      Simply put… Black ops uses the game format MW2 created out of thin air.. Fuck black ops.

    • bks92

      i like mw2 maps better but i still really like nuketown but mw2 does have better play

    • California

      Gideeyup… You are 100% correct. Who can argue that MW2 graphics are 10x better compared to Black Ops mulitplayer? Treyarch spent more time worrying about the maps then the actual players, weapons, etc. Black Ops single player is excellent but mulitplayer…. ugh People complain about MW2 because of all the damn hackers. Other than that, the game is almost perfect. Black Ops failed IMO.

      Activison will never say it, but they know they should have given the contract to IW for black ops. Let treyarch worry about world war II crap.

    • ModerrCampfail2

      "very realistic"LOL you should play Battlefield Bad Company 2, it kicks Camp of Duty ass any day.
      You know why WaW was dissapointing? Because you're an IW fanboy

      • BI' @@

        bad company 2 is gay. the games are too long and its impossible to see anybody

    • vipernote

      Heck yeah Gideeyup! You know what you're talkin about! BO is very dissapointing. treyarch sucks.

    • common sense

      I agree with you. although Black ops is a good game, and the Nazi Zombies are really fun to play, when i heard that black ops multyplayer made MW2's multyplayer look like a beta, i thought no, way. MW2 is still better, Trayarch is getting way to much credit for using infinity wards ideas. dont get me wrong, black ops is still a good game,but not as good as multypayer as MW2.

    • Bob

      I agree 99 percent but the only thing Mw2 is lacking is the idea of theater modes and the playercard which i find quite cool but other than that im dissapointed in Black ops also.

    • Toddstark

      mw2 fucking sucked the maps sucked the caimpaing was gay and boring and online gameplay got repetive after well 2 days. Black ops and World at war kick mw2 ass hands down. but my favorite one is mw1

    • Isaac Singleton

      Cod black opps is good but the ghraphics are low and a lot of glitches that is very annoying mw2 you level up a lot faster and the graphics are so better but I also say they need more weapons and kill points and some more editing and they also need to change the ending and.especially special opps it needs more missions more players should be added and make it supper hard I love hard games and the game should be just perfect now back to black opps needs stronger zombie's the ending was dumb and they should add a special opps to the game to and fix the aiming and it's hard to find people on the map fix every thing up

    • herromisser

      Ok look, as it should the newer game Black Ops wins
      Guns= Blacck ops it has absolutely fantastic guns! but quickscoping yeah ok MW2
      Graphics= ok look i dont see the problem with black ops. i mean MW2 is BETTER but black ops is fine.
      maps= black ops kicks modern warfarres ass unfortunately. i play black ops usually becuz as of any game i got tired of MW2 especially its maps.
      online= BO BO BO BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MW2 is hacked hacked hacked and worst COD online ever sorry!
      Campaign= Black ops due to the diferent things you get to do
      Zombies= WELLL……
      However i <3 MW2 gameplay!
      Look black ops maps, weapons and online. with MW2 graphics and gameplay = best game evr! thank you and good night

      • Daniel

        dang thats why i say.. Imagine black ops with MW2 graphics + cooler spec ops + variaty of guns

    • a_person

      agree totally. the lag in black ops is terrible and it is dominated by people with fast internet. The game is too slow and the graphics, well they suck. The only positive to BO is the zombie mode but that's about it. MW2 FTW!!!!

    • MW2 > Black Ops

      Black ops stinks! you can be in a building (no doors near you) and still get blown apart by a b52. I agree that knifing and noob tubing are a bit cheap on MW2, but if you are good, you can beat them. I have gotten 5 nukes (no cheating or anything) using my favorite gun, mini uzi. In black ops, there are only like 6 different guns, but with different recoils and looks. They all have the same fire rate! I mean really, there are 3 fire rates. and, the stoner lmg shoots as fast as all of the smg's. . . thats just wrong.

    • Jane

      I totally agree with you… black op's graphics are pretty crappy compared to mw2. mw2 offers depth of field and specular mapping…

    • Gary

      So true!!! Black Ops was a pure failure. Everything from that horrible dive into prone to face paint lol lol The graphics remind me of 1999 games and was just down right sad. MW2 is still holding strong with the amount of online gamers for the length of time this game has been out

  • Your Superior

    Gideeyup = Sheer Nonsense!!! Black Ops is far superior in every way compared to any other COD game released to date. Your lag issues is related only to your poor quality of internet service. I look forward to Treyarch supporting the game far better then Infinity Ward ever has. It's nice to finally have a COD game designed for mature players looking to play matches not fettered by young kids abusing the system or flat out cheating.

    • cook

      One hundred percent true. Its nice not to have eleven or twelve year old's on the mic talking junk. People are just used to playing MW2 and they B i t ch and its stupid. this game is beastly. Great maps, and I love all the stats. Good Guns, and IF YOU HAVE A GOOD INTERNET CONNECTION, you wont have problems. Love how the killstreaks are harder to get. it makes you a better player. MW2 is still a great game, but Black Ops is by far better. x_box_is_betr on ps3.. add and get destroyed

    • fede

      "Your lag issues is related only to your poor quality of internet service." i don't think so…lag it's a big problem for all player due to a poor quality online service made by teryarch.

      "ettered by young kids abusing the system or flat out cheating." ??? random spawn cause the game to loose every kind of tattics, made this title just a "selvage deathmatch" (i've also played capture the flag and "dominio"…they sucks…casual spawn make you just run trought the map looking for the enemy flag, no strategy approcing enemy flag etc…

      Black ops is a great game but isn't batter from Mw2. (im talking aboout multi, because single is absolutly better from mw2).
      the only improvement is the ccustomization of your charachter (paint on face, chest, weapons, player tag etc); but isn't enought, i think.
      imbarrassing graphics, general lagging and random spawn make this game the worst cod i've ever seen.

      • grammarnazi


    • raidel

      Just how you stated that lag issues are related prior to your own internet, cheating and kids and abusing of the "system" depends on your gaming community. Here we the PS3 community don't have cheating problems.

    • kaaaa

      I dont know what you're talking about kids screwing up the game. Im 14 and just as good as anyone else. Plus, black ops weaponry just doesn't have the same feel. Id like to see you pick any black ops weapon and have it beat the tar 21. Killstreaks are retatded in black ops and there are no good places to snipe and all the snipers suck.

    • sc00ba

      see how you blame the kids, then surely its got nothing to do with the game, i mean as it is now theres just a bunch of prepubescent fools running around with ghost and an ak74 which is far more annoying then noob tubes. Also for anyone who complained about noob tubes i can see why IW put in danger close with the way some cowards go hide in a corner for a full 10 minutes. Black ops is a game for campers – so maybe thats what you mean by the mature gamer………….also why are the maps all crap i mean theres nothing even close to terminal on this.

    • Sephiros

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it's "fact" that the majority of people including magazine reviewers all agree that MW2 is superior. Majority rules, and in this we can claim it is a fact that MW2 is superior whether you want to admit it or not…

    • Chigurh

      The only reason Infinity Ward couldn't support MW2 long term is because they got sacked by the idiots at Activision.

      Infinity Ward is a farm superior company to Treyarch. Treyarch simply knows how to hype up a game without actually updating graphics, coding or multiplayer support.

    • light

      Black ops is not the best COD ever made, it's not even that good of a COD game, COD4 and MW2 are the best, MW2 is going to be patched and fixed to get rid of the hackers, IW, SLEDGEHAMMER and RED STORM are now in the process and working on a patch to get rid of the hacker in MW2 so that the fans can play it and enjoy the game to it's fullest.

      Now i do'nt know if you've ever played anyother COD like 4 but to say BO is the best in the series is just retarded and proves you have bad taste in games, COD is slow, cluncky, it has far worse and abused camping, nading, over powered killstreaks, and weak weak weapons, it's like playing airsoft, MW2 is so much more smooth, the animations are better in MW2, the weapons look and feel better in MW2, thekillstreaks are better in MW2 the maps and details on everything from the weapons to the maps to the characters are just far far better in MW2 as is the gameplay.

    • Jester

      so true i bought mw2 i played campaign once and five minutes of mw2 and i was so bored!!!! and then i was pissed cause i waisted all my money!!!!

  • A guy

    CoD Black Ops wins. Modern Warfare 2 had the most glitches and hacks I had ever seen in any CoD series game. Black Ops is rather more balanced, not easy to get high killstreaks and actually takes skill to get them rather than Harrier Strike = chopper/ac130 = nuke = end game. Or the OMA perk which makes for endless noob tubing. In fact, Black Ops has taken out almost everything gay that Mod2 had. And for the graphics, it's the vietnam/cold war era and the graphics make it feel like the time setting. Modern Warfare 2 is good but Black Ops wins.

    • A smarter guy

      What a joke. Its called MODERN warfare for a reason, sure lets just take out all the military advancements made since world war 2, why not scrap the modern part of the title as well?

      Sounds like some noob got noob-tubed one too many times and decided to find somewhere to vent his rage.

    • thelivingrobot

      Most glitches and hacks you've ever seen in a CoD game? Did you play MW1? Because that had a lot more. You could basically walk out of maps in that game.

    • Black Ops Sucks

      It's not about the textures people are complaining about. It's the actual model and atmosphere graphics, as in the quality of them. They used a poor engine from their previous games and didn't bother to update it, either out of laziness or the thought they could pull a hood over the consumer's eyes.

    • robbie

      lol, this this is why you have stinger missels, maybe you should use it.

    • the other guy

      mw2 has maps that you can pretty much use any weapon you want on it, in black ops you can hardly snipe because there not meant for really sniping. also the knifing in mw2 is alot better because you dont hop halfway across the map, that is unless you have commando lol but still. in black ops you basically jump across the map….sniping in mw2 is alot better and alot more accurate than in black ops. and well the reason the graphics arent as good is because, really when have you ever seend treyarch make a game with high detailed graphics? never, because they cant, its not because they want to make it feel like the time…. but graphics aren't everything!

    • a_person

      people need to shut up about the game being unbalanced. the only people with those "unbalanced" perks and guns are those that are higher level and since they are that higher level they deserve better perks and guns. it sounds like you've just been knifed or tubed too many times on a 24 kill streak

  • Jay

    Black Ops is better than anything IW has ever made, fact!

    • rolando

      look u fag b4 talking mad shit learns ur facts blacks ops is a piece of shyt n if theirs hackers is 4 da pc u fagets r 2 poor 2 buy a ssystems. da graphics r horrible da killstreaks r terrible n 2 make worst da same campers n if ur a sniper u cnt even snipe da sniper rifles r garbage da game itself makes no sense diz by so far is the biggest crap trayech has made just lik its crappy waw. infinity war is da best cod developer

    • sc00ba

      dont think so mate any problems you had with kids noobing was the players fault not the game.

  • matty

    I agree, modern warefare gets boring way to fast, were as i never get bored ot blackops, i wasnt to keen at first on blackops but after playing it a few hours, i feel it is a much more fun/skilled game, alot more to do and more challenges! blackops wins for me :)

    • jhgk

      its been out three days, how the he ll could you get bored of it without ADD to the max

      • LOL


    • sc00ba

      ok so just using a famas and ak74 requires skill? this game isnt balanced or anything its the same ol crappy game where you only need to use one gun, i'm sick of everyone saying its balanced go play with a LMG and see how fun or skillful it is for someone to tap the trigger and kill you from distance with a SMG – oh hold up i could have sworn there was an SMG that could do that in MW2 too……….

  • game programmer

    modern warfare all the way,

    • gobacktoMW2

      word, MW2 all day. bOps levels look like they were made from legos. crying about how unfair quick scoper n noobtubers r? then apparently you werent very good at killing them

  • WarApe

    For the PC. I enjoyed Modern Warfare (NOT MW2). I never went with MW2 because of the lack of dedicated servers. I was glad to see that SOMEONE (IW or Treyarch) listened to the PC lovers about bringing back the dedicated servers.
    Black Ops just came out (with bugs), MW2 has BEEN out and time to get the majority of its bugs resolved. Perhaps this GREAT DEBATE is a bit premature. Give Black Ops a chance to get a few of the issues resolved to show what (or IF) it is really capable. THEN revisit this discussion. Just a thought…..

  • chris

    I love mw2 but I have to agree that the noob tubes ridiculous knifing got annoying after a while, other than that I love the game but black ops has amazing new features that make it great too. I can’t put my finger on it but the online multiplayer is lacking something that mw2 has. So for me. I can say I like both games equally.

    • Stekka

      I know what you mean, Chris. In theory Black Ops mutliplayer should be better, it certainly has the perks/guns/killstreaks sorted, but there's just something missing.

    • light

      Yea, it's lacking color and mdern weapons!

    • ahmed

      all the people that think blackops is better than mw2 are noobs black ops sucks it only lets u use 3 killstreaks also mw2s maps and guns are better so blackops is a noob gameand its way toooooooooooooooooo easy

  • dillion rollins

    I think mw2 is wayyyy better. Black Ops is terrible. Just look at the M16. terrible graphics. Big disappointment. will be going back to mw2

    • Damien

      the m16 is is soo ugly , the knifing on black ops is diabolical. as a tenth prestiger i have played mw2 for soo long and its fun , black opshas a lack of fun after a while because the is just too much realism

      • dat guy

        Don't like it? That's how the old M16 looked.

    • Dat

      why do people care so heavily on graphics? I mean, it WOULD be nice to have good graphics, but when a game's graphics are even slightly worse than another game, they bash on graphics, tbh, there are many games that have strived without amazing graphics (take the orange box, for example)

    • yobsdrawkcab

      true dat but the famas is crap on MW2

    • DFCF Matt

      Of course the m16 will look worse on black ops because the m16 on black ops is an m16a1 thin barrel, but on mw2 it is an m16 a4 fat barrel.

  • Gerry Conlan

    Black Ops is somewhat of a disappointment to CoD, it has nothing on the maps and gameplay of MW2.

  • Mr. ?

    Black Ops has a more balanced multiplayer but Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer was more intense, exciting, and more fun than Black Ops. I just feel like MW2 is the better game.

  • David

    I was extremely disappointed when I played my first match of Black Ops. The graphics are just flat out terrible. (And don't say that graphics don't have an effect on gameplay. If I wanted to play a good game with bad graphics, I would play Goldeneye on N64) MW2's graphics are far superior to Black Ops. Fact! Played one match in Black Ops and then put MW2 back in. Treyarch doesn't have S**t on Infinity Ward! I'd rather deal with noob tubes any day then the lack of graphics in Black Ops.

    • badassmedic

      i will add that black ops vietnam lvl made me want to kill them (treyarch) b/c it made me feel like i was in cod1 agian but with out any of the fun elements not in what was the sneky vietnamise of the vietnam war i was look for booby traps but instead i was shooting people in the open……

  • deVate

    Black ops is far better game than mw2 if you look at mw2 it was glitchy far to many noobs it was easy to get a kill streak going black ops doesn’t have the graphics that mw2 has but it doesn’t suppose to it suppose to be a game base in the 60′s and 70′s mw2 is in the future the weapons suppose to be different harder to reload and look like they did in the 70′s the weapons from mw2 don’t look nothing like the weapons in real life I should know my dad was in the armyfor 30 years and I seen the weapons and black ops have it spot on

    • mickE

      ur dad must be in an old a55 army. and MW2 is based 4 years from now….unless they find hidden alien technology like the 100% random alien gun from WaW, i wouldnt exactly be expecting laser cannons. try halo

    • BREEdonk

      ya and ACOG scopes were sure around in the 60's and 70's. not to mention reflex scopes or even infrared.


    • ALex

      haha BS.
      half the guns they made the looks up, look at the famas!

    • Case T

      Noooooo you got it wrong MW2 weapons look exactly like they do in real life look at the barrett 50 cal. it looks just like the Barrett M82. The vector really looks like that only thing thats wrong is some of the guns have diffrent names in real life like the barrett is really a M82. The m1014 is made by benelli, it looks the same ive held one before. To me it sounds like you have no clue what you talking about HANDS DOWN MW2 DESTROYS black ops.

  • spenceyboi

    i think the whole story is well better in the 1st 2 games,i myself am one of the 1% who love the campaigns,the music sucks in waw and blck ops,n i love how the modern warfare put british and the us as allies just as we would be in real life,in black ops u spend half a mission killing UK commandos :( ops isnt bad tho to be honest i never knew they were developed by 2 different developers..i found Waw unrealistic like how u can shoot arms off with a pistol:S…..INfinity please please make modern warfare 3!!!2 is left open for a sequel!!!

    • dat guy

      In Blops you spend a mission killing UK commandoes because you were Russians whom were betrayed.

      • Keith

        Good point.

  • infinityward RULES

    MW2 the best by far, regardless of the glitch, balance play or what ever you may call it, MW2 is FUN, black ops is not as fun. i played MW2 last year and i fell in love with the game. it didn't matter if my friends were online or not. black ops… i play because it is new and all my friends are playing it. nobody mentioned that the weapons sound like paint ball guns they have no feel to them. the only thing that feels good about the black ops is the grenades IMO. i liked the little hidden spots in mw2 and if this were real there would be no runners and gunners. they'd be dead so camping isn't bad only the runners complain cause they can't kill them.

    • mw2sucksballs

      U should just throw ur xbox away immeidiatly campers suck and this isnt real life its a vidio game. all that crappy shit in mw2 is all taken out

    • Ron

      If everyone camped, no one would get any kills.

    • roy


  • Iyaz

    BLACK OPS IS THE WORST GAME! Not fun at all, MW2 beats it hands down, graphics better, Guns are better, GAMEPLAY IS MUUUCCCHH BETTER! IW need to come back and make MW3, I've sold my Black Ops already – BORED! Going back to MODERN WARFARE 2!!! WHOS WITH MEE!!!

    • treyarch suck

      couldn't agree more, gonna sell my black ops, biggest disappointment ever, going to buy mw2 again, cant believe i sold my baby thinking black ops would be better, treyarch cant make games if their life depended on it, im soo pissed, was so excited about black ops

      • Mw2 is dirt

        im pretty sure that mw2 is dirt and doesnt have zombies

        • toddstark

          well WaW zombies are better and legit is orignal(cuz they are first cod with zombies) i like the maps for WaW better especial Shi no numa i found it way more fun then five. For wepons black ops wins but Mw2 has better online maps

    • @$$hole

      I'm with you!! (person who trashed your comment BITCH)

    • cc.

      your not wrong mate, i would normally be playing mw2 no but bops has depressed me

    • PanicFaceKing


    • 2rod

      I will be going back to MW2 also. COD is the only game I play and I can't believe I spent all year waiting on this turd called Black Ops. Black Ops is a campers paradise, some matches have three or four consecutive host migrations, and the overall game just sucks. It almost feels like the game was designed with player and weapon custimazations and interactive mapsto disguise the fact that the game is actually trash. Noob tubers and campers and glitches were bad on MW2 however but all those problems still exist in Black Ops just in different ways. Now there is that remote controlled car that is awarded for a measly 3 killstreak and is just as effective as the 5 killstreak predator missle on MW2 maybe more since there is no way to hide from the RC car. Some times there will be 2 or 3 of those enemy RC cars out at the same time. Also, the camping is far more prevalent on Black Ops than MW2. So to sum it up if you already own MW2 then don't waste your hard earned money on Black Ops because you will be disappointed.

    • fede

      MW2 FTW!

    • Bill

      I am Black Ops is terrible.

    • TheAyceMann

      agreed. evrthing about MW2 is better. and nothing is going to change thaat so suck it BLACK OPS!! CoD MW2 PS3 ALLDAY!!

    • SilentKillerSK

      Yea, Call of Duty – Modern Warfare series are a way better then other series i liked mw2 very very much and black ops is sucking my **** i don't liked that game…bored…!!!

    • xdtfx urlifeup

      i agree all the way black ops graphics are bad MW2 is great the weapon choice is bad the perks suck and the whole game is about money which is dumb! the dead ops arcade has better graphics than black ops itself. Black ops spent to much time on making layers and emblems instead of the multiplayer/ online.

    • light

      I love the modern weapons and killstreaks, i hate old weapons and boring killstreaks.

    • BOB


    • dat guy

      Gameplay is the same. Contrary to the belief of others who commented, BO isn't a campers paradise. Not like MW2, anyway. IW got fired. Deal with it. If you really want MW2's awful gameplay, unbalanced stuff that will go unfixed, etc. etc., look for stuff from Respawn Entertainment. Or buy Battlefield 3, which will be WAY better than CoD, graphics AND gameplay wise.

      • shaman12497

        you are the worlds most awesome guy cuz you GET IT!! mw2 is so hacked i gave it up, then bent the cd and ripped the case. an DON'T tell me i have anger issues cuz half my friends did too. T_T

    • roy

      not me, haha.

    • a_person

      YES!!!!! black ops is hopeless. modern warfare is so much better.

    • saloom890

      Dude , ur Totally right

  • ste

    Agreed black ops is a great game, but online play doesn't stand up to modern warfare 2. there is something wrong when firing, its laggy and the spawns are terrible. I fired a hole clip at an enemy who had is back to me and he took it and while i was changing my mag he turn around and shot me dead with one round.

    • The Game Critic

      That is exactly what happened to me. I don't understand the physics of Black Ops. I've never been so pissed off at online multiplayer as I did when I played Black Ops. Really terrible online mode.

      • sleepoverguy

        Same thing happened to me. I've got a rocking cable modem and Black Ops is way slow and laggy compared straight across with MW2.
        PLUS, I noticed the shitty graphics the first time I played it, Lame..

    • dude

      it has all been fixed by now

  • treyarch suck

    MW2 winner by miles, no contest, Black ops is shit in almost everyway. The games engine is laughable, you watch, this is gonna be another WOW, people will play for a few months then go back to MW2, people on my contact list are already going back to MW2, im gonna buy mw2 again, so sad to have sold it, thinking black ops would be good. The graphics are soo shit, and yes i can tell the differencve when i play on a full hd L.E.D tv

    • deers

      true. on led tv the graphics look a sort of WoW lol

  • bg7414

    First off why are yall saying black ops is boring r u kidding me people just hate to have to actually PLAY a game and its funny everyone was so comfortable with mw2 cuz they could camp…and camp…and tube …ad tube…and baby monitor every match…and climb waay at the top of maps…great huh? But at the same time when people get killed they scream mw2 sucks well now that black ops is kicking your asses mw2 sucked all the kids back in to there newbish ways I got online with mw2 today and indeed it was nothing but kids black ops has my vote

    • farticus

      oh, big time… everyone camps, and its startin to piss me off a LOT. BO has my vote

  • Ben

    i say MW2 is way better than black ops the only thing that is good about black ops is the zombie mode

  • rolando

    omg u inity war haters learn ur gacts black is crop da worst game of da year, horrible graphics terrible killstreak n same campers i belive ppl camp harder in diz game den mw2 n da server is terriblee omline connectivity is undescribable biggest lag ever. if infity ward would have made da gae diz would have been insane treyach should move aside n lets da real game developers make a realllll gameee.

    • anongame

      Read your comments. You are an idiot. What language is that?

      • Prof. Poopsalot

        hahaha lol

    • big r

      i think someone moved the keys around on your keyboard.

    • Centurion

      I think sum 1 need to learn dat spelling is important in doz life. <—– Thats what you sound like moron, You know jack fucking shit about black ops, and I think the only reason you commented, other then making yourself look like a complete retard. Good job by the way, is because you cant afford black-ops.

    • pffffft

      wtf is inity war?!?! check ur spelling dumbass

      • fag hater

        and dont get me started on mw2. n00bt00bers campers, stupid hackers, AND WHO THE HELL MADE THE FMJ FOR A SNIPER ONE SHOT KILL?!?!

    • Brandon

      Hey you nigger, learn to spell. Nobody can understand your flapping gums. Mw2 sucks nuts

  • Ryan

    Don't get me on Black op's is a great game, but i can't help but get the feeling that it's like a filler, and un-finished product, a product that can't quite make up is mind, is it currency or XP based? now the single player i must say easily rivals the modern warfare series, it has a much better narrative whereas mw2 has that "3 day action movie" feel. overall however if you a sniper and you buy black ops it's just awful, treyarch completely and utterly ruined it, another complaint is the map design on black ops it again is something treyarch just cannot do. overall i'd say i'd much rather play mw2, but ZOMBIES to be quite honest cliche and generic, very simple, but the sheer fun factor of playing as kennedy or a grumpy nixon is just sheer genius.

  • chitster08

    mw2 miles better graphics ,guns ,gameplay,sound etc …black ops just a little bit of a let down oh dear.



  • kingcod

    umm black ops sucks u guys only like it cus u sucked at mw2 lmfao black ops doesnt lag? its funny every single person on my firends list says its so shit lags bad theres a shot delay when ur shooting at some guy and there is still noob tubes and scavenger u idiots and they camp sooo much and as for age if anything black ops is easier for the 11 and 12 year olds the guns got no fuckin recoil oh shit yea thats realistic? haha teyarch sucks at making cod and whats with the kills ive played for 5 hours and says i got 20 000 kills? am i that much of a beast i dont think so mind u my ratio is 3.18 in team death and campin kids camp like bitchs already

    • UberGeit3000

      no recoil? are you kidding me? have you used the m14 or rpk? and your internet sucks balls. noobtube is way harder so pleasse … go play mw2 camp your balls off and leave black ops alone.

      • jEnjEn

        i like how ppl from crap ops always say "ur internet is crap" wen someone says they lag. coz ive played so many games online and rarely had a problem . the only time i did have a problem is wen id join a game hosted by sumone in another country. black ops fails at multiplayer

        • dat guy

          Nah. You're just too used to spraying with the ACR, SCAR-H, etc. etc. in MW2. Blops has superior multiplayer in terms of balance, and you can't restock your noob tubes with Scavenger.

    • Matthew


    • 1234

      Yeah seriously…? no recoil? there's more recoil in this than MW2 *cough* ACR, SCAR-H *cough* and the 20,000 kill thing is because it adds all the kills of your teammates, if you want overall k/d your looking in the wrong spot mate.

    • MEDzZ3RO

      MW2 has little recoil and it was unbalanced.Easy for kids with "nooby" perks and deathstreaks.
      Every game upon release has glitches,the leaderboard was on of Black Ops that has been patched.
      Black Ops actually favours the gamers with more skill.Noob tubes have less power,if you're still dying from them it's your lack of skill.

    • awesome dude

      i agree with kingcod. i mean just because u stink doesn't mean MW2 is a bad game. in fact its a great game everything is better. by the way kingcod i'll take you on anytime anywhere

  • kingcod

    yea and we will see how much shit u guys talk with in about a month when everyone runnin back to mw2

  • Flagstang

    I dunno what all the fuzz is about, 'cause I like both MW2 and Black Ops equally. The gameplay is nice – the story is Good (at least on Black ops. MW2 was waaayy too confusing). The graphics… what can I say? i didn't really notice anything, but running with everything maxed out, 4x AA + stereo vision and it still makes 60 fps is quite Good – or the graphics could've been better.

    Why is everyone saying that it lags all the time? I experienced no lag at all.
    Perhaps it's because i never play multiplayer because I Suck Balls at it. And you'd have to buy the game also to play online….

    The campain is very Good. Shooting people, making your way out, hit 'n' run – I wouldn't put a single finger on it.

  • ShocKy_SicKnesS

    Modern Warefare 2, by far, is just too amazing to have a opponent…. The graphics, the killstreaks, the campers, the noob tubes, the ump's, the host migration, the hacks, – it all makes it a great thing to play while it lasts. I have a good comparison. When I was 13 I played RuneScape, back when there was the wilderness, the scamming, the bots, all that illegal stuff and it made the game FUN. Ever since Jagex changed all the stuff around I quit, and went to fps. MW2 is like playing the old RS, and Black Ops is the safe, new, downgraded version. I play black ops because all my friends do, but in the near- by future, I can see it coming. We're gonna get bored and go back.

  • MW2-lover

    MW2 is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than blackops .. at least u feel that u r playing for a goal in MW2 (kill 7 and get the harrier and then move in ur way to get the nuke) .. but in black ops i feel that i'm playing for no reason .. blackops sucks in killstreaks and lacks reality .. i'm going back to the best online game ever MW2
    waiting for MW3 by infinity ward after 1 year

    • Justin

      MW3 isn't going to be produced by IW, look up your stuff, IW that created MW2 broke apart and handed the MW title to some hammer company (forgot the specific name, look it up) but yea, MW3, just isn't going to be that great of a game. At least, I'm not expecting it to be.

  • http://Yahoo COD

    I love mw2 but then black ops came out and I thought it was going to be an awsome game but there is just something about it that is just not right and you would think that they would have made the graphics better but instead it looks like they are worse I mean I don’t know what to say other than mw2′s campaign makes more since and mw2′s multiplayer maps are better and for those of you that hasn’t played the campaign, play the first level where when the people are sitting at the table and that guy stabs the other guy in the hand with a knife and you can’t tell me that looked any where close to real or any other part of the game.IM GOING WITH MW2!! But that’s my opinion try it for yourself..

  • Everstar1424

    Mw2 is still way better!!!

    1 the graphics

    2 the sound

    3 the feel of controlling the character

    4 maps are better design

    I can’t wait for mw3 to come out!!!

    Black ops is ok I give it a c+

  • NCAL

    MW2 all the way. Treyarch makes their games to fake In my opinion.

    InfinityWard should have the rights to COD!

  • UberGeit3000

    Believe me, Black Ops is better. Don't listen to the stupid kids.
    -more options like emblem creator, theatre mode etc.
    -the sound of the game is sick!
    - > A bit more buggy, but if you really have problems, its not the game, its you.
    - weapons way more balanced.
    - campaign is really really really awsome.
    - less camping, n00btubing, and cheating.
    - good graphics , (wtf are the haters talking about)
    - more maps
    - Zombie mode
    - arcade zombie mode.

    IT FEELS RIGHT, if you got skills you will own, if you don't you go play mw2 all on your own. good luck camping.

    • kjdf

      NOT EMBLEM CREATOR!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! no you can show your online friends just how awesome you are

    • lol

      your the stupid kid

  • Jackonoso

    All right, let's be mature here, kids(did you see what i did there, kids and maturity; oh never mind…).. There are 6 types of people in over here.

    1. the people who despise the call of duty series…
    2. the people who love infinity ward…
    3. the poeple who hate infinity ward…
    4. the people who love treyarch…
    5. the people who hate treyarch..
    6. the people who love call of duty series…

    i'll come clean and tell you guys that i am no.6 as well as no.2….

  • chris

    Your clearly a moron. You don't like black ops for the simple fact that you can't sit back and snipppp alll dayyy long. also you'r tubes don't work as well either. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!. I love it mabe now when i play on line i'll have some real players to play with instead of a bunch of retards like you. have fun in MW2


      lmfao try hard. go sprint dive into sumones crotch. hahaha everyone on black ops acts like ppl online will be banned from the game if they camp. ill give it another week until ppl find camping spots. OH NO!!! wat will the black ops fans use as an excuse against MW2 wen that happens?!?! that they dont like the pause menu in MW2? everythin MW2 has, BO has. Nube tube and camping included. i LOLd so hard at the killstreaks. wat was it? 11 kills for attack dogs??? they better be wearing armor or shoot lasers out there but hole or sumthin different from waw or it will be just as big a fail. BO… never has a game been so appropriately named. have fun in B(ody) O(der)

  • J3nn13

    Black Ops has only been out for about a week now… they will find glitches. MW2 absolutely demolishes BO. Dont get me wrong Bo is an awesome game, (Campaign story line was beast) but online doesnt come close at all compared to MW2. MW2 multiplayer is 100 times better than Black Ops. i did like how they fixed the kill streaks though, then again everyone still camps so its a bit pointless. And i hate the constant connection interruptions. And no, its not my internet connection. How do i know? Because my internet has been fine with the other 100 games ive played online. the guns are useless as well. Yeh i get that its set back in the vietnam war, but that shouldnt make the guns less deadly. A bullets a bullet. But for some reason when you shoot someone in the head, they are somehow immune to headshot and knife you from a mile away. MW2 Headshot =Headshot….Black ops: Headshot = Somehow miss at point blank and killed by bullet in foot. Oh and btw Noobtown (Nuketown)………….shittest…map…ever created

  • mickE

    its funny how treyarch had 2 years to make this game yet there is ALREADY more problems with the game in 1 week than MW2 has had in a whole year. and LOL!!! at the ppl having a cry at ppl camping in MW2. every time sumone camped in MW2 i just, you ready???? SHOOT AT THEM. ive never had a problem with ppl camping because i can actually shoot them. if ur dumb enough to die by someone who is sitting in the same spot for the whole match than u should probably go play with your "more mature" black ops buddies. while your their, why dont you kindly discuss the worlds current financial crisis. ITS A GAME!!! if u want to talk to mature 40 year old freaks then ur messed up. ill take the ppl in MW2 that actually have fun. and who cares if they talk crap? CANT YOU TALK BACK???? lmfao "kids" hahahaha wenever sumone says that it makes them sound like fuckin pedos. lol i wipes my butt with better things than black ops

  • Stalker

    BLACK OPS SUCKS>> Get with the times…

  • john doe

    Its all about feel for me and Black ops feels wrong. MW2 feels like your in a war zone, BOps feels like your in some sci fi maze.

    I guess, reading comments, MW2 is for people who like to have a good blast and like the realism, and BOps is for people who are very serious about first person shooters, but not right bothered about the atmosphere of the game.

    • pandemis

      realisme?? Lol.
      Last time i checked, nobody was running around quickscoping in iraq

  • x RadicalTime x

    dont mind the trolls most people that are negative about black ops just love the attention

  • CoD Lover

    I personally think MW2 is better. The graphics I feel are much better than Black Ops, even though Black Ops should be more updated. The maps in Black Ops slightly worse than MW2 because of the terrible spawns (I literally spawned next to the enemy team). The guns in Black Ops may be balanced, but I enjoyed how MW2 was fast paced, and intense. Me being a sniper however, has the secret hating that quick scoping was removed after the patch. I know some of you may hate QSing, but I personally loved it. Btw, as for the connection, give Treyarch some more time to get that fixed, it'll be fine.

    I've always felt that Treyarch paled in comparison to Infinity Ward, and I still believe in that statement. Some of you may care to disagree, saying that Black Ops is the best thing since sliced bread, but the whole aspect of fast paced, intense, good graphics, and quick scoping, have made me take my decision with MW2 as the better game.

  • mw2amazing

    Modern warfare is the benchmark of all fps games. Days and days of fun with mates right there, everything is a perfect 10, aside from the cheap tactics of others, which is a challenge in itself.

    Black ops was a massive dissapointment. A fair game, but nowhere near as good as the magic of mw2.

  • Kyle

    Ok whoever hates black ops are noobs who can only noob tube or quick scope lolz go back too ur mw2 if u hate it, don't bash it here…

    • Everstar1424

      You can still noob tube in black ops… The game is Ok c+ at most MW2 is a A- with room for improvement…

      • pandemis

        the noob tube is not as OP as in Mw2

    • worstnitemare

      shut up, go camp in a corner with ur 74-u/Galil and claymores like every other idiot who plays crap ops


    Any of you fools who say black ops is way better you actly dont deserve to play it! Its shear disappoinment in a box, graphics, maps, spawning etc! I agree with kingcod completly… Infinity Ward should only be let make COD!! Black Ops in pure DIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    I like Black ops more than MW2.
    Great thing about Black ops;
    helicopters, prison break, many many different areas like places in Russia, China, Vietnam, prison. Minigun was nice, but it was odd that it can use it on only 1 mission.
    Shotguns with fire was very good. It would have been cool if there was mission that could fight in Pentagon. Che Guevara and Kennedy was in it which was nice.
    Fast paced. More indoors than outdoors which is good.

    By the way, Medal of Honor was very bad and boring. Most of the areas are same, which is so boring.

    • MW2 ftw

      i think everyone is mainly referring to the multiplayer of black ops. I personally think MW2 is better in every way but i do like black ops' campaign. I will admit that much. i think thats the only thing i liked about the game. I actually consider woods one of my fav cod charecters. After Price and Soap. Mason, Bowman, Hudson and weaver were pretty badassedly awesome too.

  • Ryan

    I like Black ops more than warfareMW2.

  • OrangeSoda

    I'd have to go with MW2, the gameplay is just way more realistic and enjoyable but there are some good points from BOps. MW2 + wager matches + BOps killstreaks idea + Zombie mode – noob tubes – baby monitors (heartbeats) would simply be the best game

  • Anonymous

    Now i had some time to play the crap out of Black Ops. Honestly, I don't feel that it is as good as Modern Warfare 2. I'm not going to bias this on developers. Infinity Ward and Treyarch both make great Call of Duty games. In terms of content, Black Ops added alot of new content and reshaped the game, but when it comes to playing the game it's different. Multiplayer on MW2 was straight fun. There was alot more variety in the maps and the games had an intense feeling. In Black Ops, the intense feeling was gone and imo it got very boring fast. The character customization in Black Ops looked cool, but it didn't seem to deliver what I was looking for. Play Black Ops if you want a stale balanced experience. MW2 had many glitches (which a lot have been fixed) and is unbalanced at times, but the immersion and overall fun of multiplayer make it better. Black Ops disappointed me with the zombies… The arcade mode was the worst thing I've ever played in my life. The first map just wasn't fun. The "Five" 2nd map was the only one that got my attention. I know some people think the campaign for Black Ops is extremely good but I could not get into it. MW2's campaign to me was extremely good. Moments in the game led up to the excitement in the action. In Black Ops it seemed like a full game of straight action which lost it's excitement early. It took away from the time Treyarch spent on the game. Overall they are both great games, but MW2 is better. If Infinity Ward (they are still developers they just lost alot of the head designers?) still creates MW3, then they should try to take the brilliantly balancing, and loaded content from Black Ops and add it to the intense fun, competitiveness, and superior graphic of the Modern Warefare series.

  • Anonymous

    Black Ops AI = HORRIBLE. Some of the dumbest AI I've ever seen. Expecting something great since MW2's AI was very intelligent.
    Black Ops Co-Op = Tremendous addition to the game. Beats everything Co-Op MW2 tried to do.
    Graphics are a huge part of any game. It adds to the immersion and attitude of the game Although both games graphics look great. MW2's shines as the best in the COD series. Not bashing Treyarch in any way but each COD game they made looked fake. You would think since it's a newer game it would have better graphics. I'll be nice and compare the graphics a little less than COD4.

  • Aidan Lawson

    Black Ops. There aren`t any 8 year olds quick scoping, because sniping actually requires skill. No noobtubes and commando. Both were completely gamebreaking in Modern Warfare 2. No Stopping Power/Juggernaut means that guns take a reasonable time to kill people with. And i`ll take gameplay over graphics any day. Your game could have the best graphics ever but still suck because weapons/ perks are ruining it. Go ahead, go back to the land of Modern Warfare unbalanced, gamebreaking issues that havn`t been patched quickscoping 2. Black Ops wins by a longshot.

    • black ops = poop

      "reasonable time to kill people"? it takes an hour to kill someone in black ops. black ops online FAILS so hard. i checked my stats n it says ive played 18 games and says ive killed over 120,000 people? then everyone has a cry coz they think im hacking.

      • Jacknife

        Play Hardcore mode and your problem is solved… but then you lose all your nice radar hacks that make MW2 FPS EZ mode.

  • dizzee

    black ops is a more realist game, reloads are realistic, scoping is more realistic, levels are more realistic…. mw2 does what treyarch couldnt and thats make it fun and enjoyable, treyarch made the game as if it were real… you cant use a sniper in real life without taking time etc but for some reason in mw2 u can… treyarch done a good job, but mw2 stands out for online gaming and enjoyability factor no doubt


    Before Black Ops was released I was so excited to play it, the campaign, zombie mode and online multiplayer. I did my research on treyarchs new features, guns, perks, killstreaks and customization. I was thinking 'once I go black I'll never go back'. Well sadly to say that after playing the game till the first level of prestige…I was not satisfied. This game does not live up to its expectations. The Laggy servers, the animated like graphics, the extremly oversized maps with stupid spawn point system, lightweight perk is like normal speed compared to MW2's, cant strife or run behind a wall for cover without the enemy spraying you to death and the list goes on. No glitches or hacks yet because the game is new, just give the hackers a few months and they'll be ripping into it soon enough. Black Ops campaign is great, both graphics and game play but Modern Warfare 2 takes the cake on online multiplayer full stop. Sure everygame you'll get campers and noob tubers. You just have to be good enough to spot them and kill them. MWF2 owns BO

  • mw2lover

    hate to admit after one week being out, but i feel im sick of black ops already some thing that never happened with mw2,even with the hated care package glitch! takes ages getting into lobbies with freinds and find mysely gettin bored with the mainly oversized maze like maps, never got peed off wi mw2 like this. I reckon i will give it another month if i feel the same any one fancy a game of mw2?

  • FRank

    Game play, game play game play!!! Look, FIrst of all lets talk about the guns.set graphics aside, they do not fire or sound realistic. what is the point in having a surpresser when you cant hear the guns that dont have one. the timbre (sound charectorisctic) is tha of a paintball gun being fired in a tin can. not onlt that, on mw2 you can tell if someone is using an acr or scar just by hearing it. on b.o. all guns sound the same.WTF!!! the bullets, firing rate, recoil and accuracy are all non realistic as in can complain about campers and noob tubers but hat has nothing to do with game play integrity. b.o. has a lot of great ideas but to me being an avid gun owner. mw2 is far4 more superior

  • Frank

    quikscoping, i admit is a lil far fetched , howevewr, anyone who say that it does not require skill obviously has never tried it because though one can achieve b.s. kills. it takes alot of skill and is probably the most difficult skill to aquire in mw2. so antone who downs it is just a hater

  • Darkz0m

    Modern warfare 2 wins by far. Sure Black ops is ok but next to mw2 it sucks. the guns dont look realistic at all, allies and enemies are dumb.. sometimes there just standing one next to the other. But my what I really hate ( In Campaign ) is the friggin infinit spawn points omfg.. this is sooo lame, they actually run almost always at the same spot ! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

    Anyway about multiplayer .. alot of people say that mw2 was easier for kill streaks.. which is true but in mw2 you had a killstreak of 25 and in BO highest is 11 soo its only logic that its twice as hard. Anyway BO Multiplayer is alright but thats the thing MW2 wasnt just alright IT WAS THE BEST !

    Anyway Im just glad I rented it before buying!

  • jonny_cage777

    Blacks ops isnt so bad. compaigns way better than MWS.. Online play is more challengin – player movement isn't as fluid as MW2 – Graphics suck on black ops – the currency system is quit good – there is a slight lag compared to MW2.. i like both games but mw2 is better – i run with marathon, lightweight n cammondo in mw2 which is ma style of game play.. but in black ops player movement aint so great and you don't run as fast – knifing aint tht fast either.. n i find guns have more recoil.. so i dono black ops 45% mw2 55%

  • shadratch

    modern warfare is so much better. the guns are much more fun to use, the killstreaks are way better, the graphics are unreal, the movement is smoother and yes it is fairly easy to hack/find glitches but it's hard to protect the online play when 20 million players are playing. also, black ops is extremely laggy especially with knifing and bullet lag. treyarch stole the idea of killstreaks and perks from IW and they still suck. the only good thing about black ops is nazi zombies and the wager matches(one in the chamber, sticks and stones, gun game, etc.)

  • None

    I just played Black Ops for the first time. I didn't like it. MW2 online was so much more intense, and the graphics were so much better. Black Ops did fix a lot, but I'll put up with it in MW2 because of how much better of gameplay it was.

  • Dre

    Black Ops does not come CLOSE to Modern Warfare 2. On any level. Graphics, Gameplay, Fun, Skill. And for those who are complaining about the Killstreaks on Modern warfare 2, Why aren't we mentioning these attack dogs? apparantely they just spawn out of the ground and are more powerful than trained soldiers with choice weapons. Not to mention they can jump at your neck from 40 yards away and it only takes one bite for the dog to kill you. Sure, there were things in modern warfare that were unrealistic, but none as bad as running away from an exploding toy car only to find yourself in the jaws of a werewolf.

  • Chuck Norris

    Sound quality for Call of Duty: Black Ops:

    Running on crackers? Shooting of paintballs? Lack of surround sounding gun fire? Helicopter pencil sharpener fire? Noticed that you do not hear your teammates throw a gernade or say anything like "reloding, throwing frag, tango down, etc." Sound of punch a sack full of powder when you hit someone? Bombing runs, Napalm strikes, mortar strikes… pop rock? Narrating, sounds like mono, horrible or wrong accents, sounds robotic. Theme music is stupid? Usually, as you are about to play a game of Call of Duty you have that feelimg from the music just before a match or while you are waiting in a lobby. Sound graphics and triggers sound plain, like someone dropping a book as you switch or join a lobby? You make more sound while crouched than you do walking with the perk "Ninja." Anyone else still hear the buttons or keys being hit just after you plant the bomb in Search and Destroy? Try running on the sidewalks in the map "Cracked" sounds like you are skipping really fast or tap dancing. List goes on…

  • lil lee

    haha laugh at people who say BO (body odour) is better then MW2.. Sounds: I heard a grenade explode when i first played it, and i fell about laughing, i cuda wet myself :) .. Then all guns sound like paintball guns, silenced or not, and the voice acting is the worst iv ever heard, makes stephen seagal sound good (thats a bloody good achievement).. On top of that, i use ninja and i have pro aswell.. Im silent when i run, but moving when crouching makes noise, and even with turtle beach i bet you my life you couldnt hear the enemies footsteps.. Onto graphics, environments do look good, in single player, but thats about it.. Guns have no reflections in the light, or no detail whatsoever.. Character models are hilarious, and nuketown, dont get me started, how ridiculous is that map?.. Gameplay, mechanics and features: Guns are all underpowered, and regardless of stats, have exactly the same damage, fire rate and recoil (accuracy).. Frags have stupidly high splash damage (range), and semtex’s range is stupidly low.. Connections are terrible (i have a 50mb fibre optic connection, before u go hating on my internet), and as for hackers??.. People hacked for the campaign and were playing it about 2 weeks before the game out, and even 15th prestige hack vid’s are on youtube, so all those that hate on MW2 for hacks have just been facepalmed :) , unlucky..

    As an all in all package, i think its clear to see what game is the better.. MW2 isn’t without its errors (OMA, deathstreaks and commando, numerous glitches, and expensive DLC packs), but overall MW2 is a much better game, and IW have got the overall package spot on, treyaech fail in a big way at delivering the overall packages.. Just think back, so MW1 had just been released, and then WaW came out, people raved about it for a while, then went back to MW1.. The same thing will happen now, evry1 will rave about body odour for a little while, then back to MW2 we all go.. I think,if IW keep the same formula for MW3, but iron out the kinks from MW2, i daresay they’ll have the best game out for a long while..

    • lil lee

      oh, an extra note: killcams.. Anyone else ever notice that when one bullet is fired in killcams, it sounds like there is three bullets fired??.. Wtf?!!?..

  • Puta Madre

    Modern Warfare 2 is 2x better,smooth gameplay, and almost no frame rate&lag issues at all. Ever since I got Black Ops, I always spend more time swearing at the very sluggish gameplay and constant frame rate slow downs for multiplayer( I have high speed internet,3-4bars). Treyarch may release a patch soon.

    Although….I have to stick with Black Ops cuz I've had enough of MW2 once I reached my desired kill ratio from 1.42 to 1.78 and 49kills0death.LOL. It is better to move on to the newest COD game and still appreciate how g*d f*cking da*n good Modern Warfare 2 is. I will easily jump to MW III as soon as it is released.


    MW2 IMO is far better. say when you wanted a attachment on your gun you needed to get a certain amount of kills with that gun or another attachment (20 noob tube kills to get shotgun attachment) it made it more fun.. you actually had to get kills to unlock things.. now just get some cod points (that are to easily obtained) and whack on whatever you want.

    i've been playing for 2 days now (like 6 hours game time) and i'm level 40 already i'm 10 away from prestige. MW2 had it right having 70 levels it made the game longer and it had better challenges etc.

    oh and BTW anyone thing the graphics are better in black ops either need a IQ test and a eye checkup. they are HORRIBLE! go play any other game made from 2009-to now and compare. also look at things like the cars that are in the maps and stuff. this game went backwards. games should improve the quality of there graphics especially a release in 2010.

    i agree it will be like WaW people WILL go back to MW2 i know i am for sure!

  • James Watt

    I wrote an article about this as well where I lost Black Ops as the second worst of the most anticipated games in 2010. Consider taking a look if you agree with that statement:

  • bill

    I am bored with black ops, slower and not as exciting as mw2
    Played MW2 for a year and still love it.

    MW2 with another 10 maps would have been the better option and maybe a few downloaded wepons .
    treyarch hold your heads in shame and Infinity ward hurry up with MW3 or massive MW2 update

  • Brandon

    I don't judge a game by the graphics but by the gameplay and modes that they offer. For me personally, i like MW2 better because there was more offline content as i do not have good internet access to play online. According to Activision 40% of the players who buy the game do not play online so i will assume that those 40% are sorely disappointed with black ops. The fact that they took out special ops from MW2 was a huge disappointment for me as I played that the majority of the time. Zombies is cool but there is only 2 levels to play from and that gets old real fast. besides you generally need at least 1 other person playing with you to get anywhere in it anyways. The campaign story was cool but it seemed shorter than MW2 I beat it in just under 4 hours. The combat training in multiplayer is cool but you have to an internet connection to use it, so it kind of defeats the purpose of having it anyways. And I like the leveling up system in MW2 way better than the economy system that is in Black Ops. I liked having to level up to get stuff in MW2. In black ops you can pretty much buy everything right off the get go. All in All I like MW2 better than black ops

  • tdog

    mw2 will never be beat

  • elema44

    Black Ops is better then MW2. its alot harder for you pussy campers who sit in one spot the whole game!! the graphics are smoother, the maps are awesome and overall I like the feel of the game. I'm sure new maps will come out soon enough, This was an awesome change of pace from MW2 I got so bored of that fricken game

    • dex

      yea like no one camps in crap ops

  • DMullins

    Mw2 in my eyes is by far a cut above black ops the game play is better and by far better graphics mw2 wins with it hands behind it’s back and blind folded the only thing I like about black ops is the kill streaks and that’s probably only cos there different as I’m used to mw2 black ops graphics are rubbish and game play is poor I just hope the whispers going around they from activation that infinity are working on another call of duty modern warfare 3 if there aloud to call it that fir legal reasons come on infinity you kick ass

  • tony

    black ops worst game ever made board of it already mw2 is much better, but cod4 is where its at!

  • Matthew

    You people are retarded. This game just came out obviously you don't remember all of the problems MW2 had when it came out. Wait a month or so and come back to this debate. As far as lag goes, I have had less lag on this game than I have mw2. Black Ops takes more skill to play IMO. The guns kick more and require more skill to kill from range and there are no more OMA and quickscoping retards. You people can go back to MW2, its not going to hurt Treyarch's feelings because all the people that worked on MW2 got fired for doing such a bad job so go back to your overpowered guns, OMA toobing, and commando bull and leave the real game to the real players

  • raidel

    I believe this forum and post's are way to judging at the moment. There are tons and tons of comments relating to which is better but to no real points, just random bias comments. Basically its which company they like most and honestly nothing to do with the game. Usually people also tend to lie to themselves at a point because they do not want to feel as if they just wasted 60$ on a game. I say we give it more time then judge. As for me I made my choice. Black ops, I believe they put a little to much lighting in the game its hard to shoot from long distances half of the time I just spray around when I think the target is and sometimes I get a kill. I also feel like the gameplay is much slower and they tried to make it just a tad to much different. Prestigueing is almost pointless, its incredibly fast to get to lvl 50 and by the time you do you probably have maybe 2 perks to pro and your ready to prestige again. I do like how presitiging gives you more rewards though. I think the guns are incredibly annoying. I do not like how Snipers cannot quick zoom in. The game seems like it was slightly rushed but its a good game. In comparison to MW2, I think MW2 is better. It's smoother maps are much better, you honestly cant beat those original maps from MW2. The guns obviously thanks to the modern era advantage. I just feel like all in all MW2, the game well honestly you just feel cooler playing the game. You can actually use weapons. In black ops nearly all the maps are tiny no point in sniping in half of them. so MW2 hands down.

  • xmanny23

    Noob tubers, people who run around with knives on mw2. just stop. people with no skill hate black ops because they suck. it's okay, go back to mw2, we don't need noobs on blak ops. thanks

  • David

    Are you kidding me? Black Ops lags a S**t load. I pay $250 for good internet service and I have never had any lag issues with MW2. My very first match in Black Ops lagged out. And no, Black Ops does NOT take more still than MW2. You try quickscoping in MW2 and tell me that doesn't require any skill. And if the developers of MW2 did such a bad job, then why are all the ratings higher for MW2 then Black Ops. Check out the aggregate scores on the Wikipedia pages for both. Look at how many people on this forum alone like MW2 better than Black Ops. Something like 85% MW2 and 15% Black Ops. Leave it to Treyarch to do a s****y job. I agree with the previous post. Black Ops = WAW. People will see that its retarded like WAW and go back to MW2. Oh and by the way, the developers didn't get fired for doing a s****y job, you need to go online and do some research.

  • Ian

    Black ops wins this hands down, the only real reason why you have people running back to mw2, is cause of the quicksniping or noobtubing or it's fast and you don't wanna move cause black ops is "Sluggish" that it actually takes some skill that mw2 didn't

  • ananymous

    wow all mw2 fans can complain about is graphics and lag.
    wait what happened like 2 days ago a patch by treyarch. also i dnt have any problems playing online same with all my friends we got ps3's. so its ur connection face it. also so wht about graphics. gameplay makes it
    problems in mw2 i get only these maps favela, karachi, and sub base literally almost all the time . i have black ops and i played on each map already cause it doesnt jus choose the same maps over and over again. also too mw2 has horrible weapon balance. every weapon has low to no recoil except for the f2000 with does have it. black ops u have the recoil and also its balanced with their stats. wait theres more. infinite noobtubes, teleporting knifing. also wait mad hacks and glitches that they could patch up. no they would have if activision didnt stop it. no its jus that IW is lazy. look at this y is it that treyarh released good patches? yea so not whos the smart one wait no hackers in BO and no glithers a patch was made for that already forgot.

  • Ryan Connelly

    i slightly think black ops is better for a couple of reasons, the story line for one is amassing, modern warfare was kind of out there futuristic and wasnt bad but cant really compare when you incorporate that much history into a game it just makes it better. the zombie part of the game is something modern warfare doesnt even have or have something close to compare, i know i found myself playing world at war sometimes just for zombies before black ops came out. Now modern warfare defiantly has the edge with the multiplayer, i loved the modern warfare multiplayer except for the hackers and boosters which im sure will come soon enough with black ops. the worst part about the multiplayer for black ops is how do you have bigger maps and horrible spawn points, i feel like im playing halo sometimes. The overall graphics are worse in black ops compared to modern warfare. if all you really play the game for is multiplayer modern warfare is the way to go, but as far as overall game im going with black ops

  • Jacknife

    Well since MW2 F***ed over PC Gamers with their decision to not support dedicated servers I refused to buy it for PC. I love MW1 tho. That being said I will support Black Ops over MW2 simply because of their support of the PC community and their support of dedicated servers. All you Console Kiddies forget that if it wasn't for the PC FPS communities support of the Call of Duty franchise in the first place, Modern Warfare would have NEVER happened.

  • alexander solhus

    Treyarch didn´t do their research. in campaign mode you run around with weapons and attachments that didn´t exist at the time. the missiona are stupid and far fetched from rreality. MW1 and to scored high because of the reality and no BS-plot. In Treyarch games we are usually tougher than Rambo himself, The story line is boring and unlikely. The MP was inaccurate and lagged horribly. And the scenes in between missions was really bad, felt like i was going epileptic with all the flasshing lighs.

    to this day: best CoD game: MW1 (both campaign and MP)

  • shabs

    black ops sucks, mw2 rules

  • lil lee

    ahaha , how misinformed people are.. People who think there arent hackers on body odour are retarded.. Iv seen loadsa hackers, theres vids on youtube for 15th prestige, AND people hacked the beta files and were playing campaign 3,4 WEEKS BEORE THE GAME WAS OUT.. Connection: I have a 50mb fibre optic internet, and it STILL LAGS, how can u say i have a pony connection huh??.. And 2 the retard who thinks IW heads got fired for making a bad game, WOOW u no f**k all about tht huh haha??.. Do ur research before u go blabbling thinkin no what u are talking about haha tard..

  • chris austin

    I am a fan of mw2 the maps are a lot better as gerry said have to say I was very disappointed with black ops the only saving grace is no obnoxious noob tubes or knifes anyone who plays mw2 on x box feel free to add me chris x ruckus

  • bert

    IW can make MP maps, treyarch cant. BO feels like a step backwards after MW 1 & 2. Even with the MP problems MW2 had, its a way better & more polished game than anything Treyarch will produce. Black Ops just feels like World at War updated with new weapons, an expansion maybe with a few copied ideas but not a new game.

  • David

    Too bad there's no patch for s****y graphics. And I disagree; graphics have a huge impact on game play. Whoever says they don't is just flat out retarded. If I wanted to play a good game w/ bad graphics, I would play Goldeneye on N64. Besides, when new games are released, they are meant to be better than previous versions. Instead, Black Ops actually went back in time and used a mediocre graphics engine to run the game. Why would you do that? New games should be, at the least, equal to or better than the previous game's graphics. Weapons were not overpowered, it’s called stopping power. (Part of the 2nd tier perks that increases bullet damage by 40%) Weapons appear to be "balanced" in Black Ops because there is no stopping power!!! If you didn't use stopping power in MW2 then that's your own fault, so don't complain that the weapons were "Overpowered." Just wait, Black Ops is not immune to hackers. Almost any game nowadays is going to have people hacking into the system. BTW, Infinity Ward is not lazy; the original developers of MW2 are no longer part of Infinity Ward. People need to do research before they come on here and post erroneous information or just put the blame on Infinity Ward.

  • name

    Don't get me wrong, BO is a great game, but MW2 is simply better. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but the overall gaming experience for MW2, especially mutli-player, is superior to that of BO. The graphics, sound, and manuevering for BO feel more like a cheesy arcade game. I get it – BO is a more balanced game, but that's just not enough in my opinion. Wish we could mix maps of BO with gameplay of MW2. Infinity and MW2 are still ahead of the pack… That being said, I'll play BO for a while and get through the campaign… but I'll go back to MW2 for multi-player

  • FruffeyBunny

    Black Ops is a Decent game. When coming to multiplayer, i love the currency and the killstreak setups far batter. The customization is also a really great features as are the maps. The Gun balance for the assault rifles and smg is far superior to MW2, however… The light machine guns are all really insuperior and don't stand a chance against the smg's and assault rifles, with the exception of the Stoner63. Now this is where Black Ops really messed up, SNIPING. Sniping is completely gone for the most part. There is absolutly no way someone can stand up against a smg or assault rifle with a sniper rifle. Youtube celebreties came around because of quick scoping and sniping in general, and communities were formed because of the epicness of sniping in MW2. So instead of getting rid of NubeToobing, they left them in AND included FLAMETHROWERS. It was a very poor choice on Infinanty Wards side. At least Camping is gone for the most part. Black Ops is a wonderful game though, and has allot of potential if they fix the major problems and put sniping back in the game.

  • FruffeyBunny

    Oops I said Infiannity ward, and ment Treyark

  • mohammed

    call of duty is now a classic game i really liked this game so much, the other games like WAW and MW2 i really didnt play them much as i can say they had lots of things i didnt like but for black ops thats a game that will make my year its great and challangeing, its not that easy like mw2 thats what i like mostly about but wish just they fix the conection and theres nothing with black ops well done treyarch

  • mainevent21

    ok first lol u cant argue opinion because there opinion so no haters please …..i think black ops has potential to the thrown that cod mw2 once had……

    but most mw2 fan want agree because there used to the fast paced mw2 (some would say including my self " arcade shooter")
    but after playing black ops and switching to playing mw2
    its just to easy to win i won a free for fall with out giving my best effort…(and my kd ratio sucks)
    black ops gives you challenge ….its like blackops is 2/4 year coll and mw2 is high-school ( yeah its fun but eventually the academic get boring and thriving for more )

    not mention blackop innovated ….more equipment (hammock ,ballistic knife ,spy camera ,rca,flamethrower, a plane thats cant be shot down (kill streak) return of the dog (that not so annoying and zombie mode oh yeah the bow gun ( i forgot whats its called)

    story mode epic ,less camping although skill player that want to camp its slighty easy to do so with the new equipment)
    basically what im trying to say its a person who is young that had tmobile sidekick (mw2) ( sidekick are fun phone to have with email and aim and web browsing )but as you get older you eventually want to upgrade to a smartphone( blackops) like literally it very bloody scene in the story mode that i would prevent my lil brother and sister to see….and lets face preteen has took over mw2 online smh

    with all that said mw2 is outstanding because most of us agree that we all play it and still playing it
    just stop being bias and give black ops a chance (for treyarch and bo haters) the game only been out for 2weeks so naturally we going to give mw2 the crown but black ops still have time to grow and just like it out sold and might just be the superior online for a along time coming or till mw3

    so who better ….all depend but what i play more //////blackops what i prefer now//// blackops…..what the best story mode to me /////blackops (handsdown) ooh yeah address some comment black ops is not fast paced as mw2 but is still intense and kill streak are fair unlike mw2 ( emp WAS POINTLESS and NUKE was stupid to me) but at the same time black ops they " dumb down the m16(my personal fav on mw1 and mw2 and ump three round and semi automatic guns dont stand a chance on line and that F*ckin suck) so blackops has issue … but then again its new so hope to see them resolve in the future and i feel for yall who have ps3 with the lagging me personally i have 360 but its lag on the xbox sometime i know that can get annoying too…iw/trey ….activision need to fix that now …peace

  • Jhon sparten

    The only reason Modern warfare 2 beats black ops is because its by infinity ward its bullshit But when modern warfare 3 comes out I can only imagine fans reactions But Halo 4 will beat it

  • The summarizer

    Graphics: Depends. Mw2 is good, guns and peoples look better, but black has better looking locations

    Campaign/single player: Black ops wins. Surprisingly,if you watch the cutscenes, with subtitles, it actually makes sense.

    Now for a multiplayer break down:

    Weapons: Hard choice. For more fun and easy touse weapons, play mw2. For realism and a challenge, play black ops.

    Perks: Mw2. Why? Because, for example, if your have scavenger, sheight of hand and marathon, all pro, on BO, you can basically have loads of ammo, reload and aim quickly and run for ever. Balanced? Yes, i know commando was annoying, but BO has turn that on its head, making knifing on BO terrible.

    Maps: Draw. BO has better level design, as in more open buildings, but mw2 has a better mix of long range and short range. Black ops may just edge it with a better votimg system. Btw, is the random map always Hanoi?

    So, to conclude, if you want realism and better level design, choose BO. If you want fun, choose mw2. The big letdown for BO is the connection. I mean seriously lag. I have internet connection you can get. Host migration fails nearly everytime, lag means i die even when i rune behind cover. And to top it off, in every other game, i get a connection interupted warning. Ive checked my connection… It’s fine. So it must be that the ‘dedicated’ servers cannot cope with a huge volume of players online. Treyarch must fix it. I’ve gone back to mw2, so i can actually play a full game. Once it is fixed, i will play BO again. I’m giving treyarch a warning fix it, or face a dimishing player base.

    And don’t say i’m a sore n00b who spent $60. Firstly, i’m british and secondly, i only payed £27. My k/d on BO is 1.3. As i and reznov (sort of) have said ‘ i am here to deliver a warning treyarch would do well to heed’

  • AnInfamousDerka

    i'm really confused here, how are Modern Warfare 2's graphics any better than black ops? i notice absolutely no difference except that like all the characters in black ops seem like they are always sweating. as for the question, i say black ops is better. Most of the people who hate it are hackers, campers, and m16 whores who are like "o no, stopping power is gone!!! i refuse to admit that the only reason i was good at MW and MW2 is because of stopping power M16!" also, most of them are probably pissed because they can't use killstreaks to get other killstreaks like that nuke camping bullshit. i don't give a shit if you get a 25 killstreak, the game must go on.

  • fucough pl0x

    what the fuck is up with people and graphics obsession all the people that say its not good cuz graphics are idiots and they have never been around for realy games like classics, hell i have all new games n sht and i still enjoy a little n64 zelda, fuck graphics "GAME"play makes the "GAME"

  • leatherf8ce

    I've had Black ops for a few weeks now, Honestly not as excited as i was when i had MW2 for the first few weeks. Online play is what i do 90 percent of the time…BO graphics is just no comparison to MW2..Sure BO added alot more more options attachments weapons etc…but what the use if you can't bring the graphics up to better level or even the same level as MW2.. People talk about the sniping and noob tubing which in my opinion made the game funner…in MW2 you can do it all.. knifing, run n gun, noob tube, snipe, quick scoping…BO just doesn't seem to have that… Its most of the time running because everybody is re spawning right behind you….MW2 is my vote…..

  • sleepyf1

    I tried to give black ops a chance, played for 5 hours, but I hate it. Going to finish off single player then return to MW2 multi. Yes noob tubers, commando and tactical insertion nuke boosting was annoying, however not everyone does it and you can always leave the lobby. When in a good lobby, The smooth fast paced tactical game play and map design win it for me.
    Black Ops suffers from bad graphics, frame rate drops and everything has been nurfed to the point where rifles with different coloured reticles are the only weapon of choice. It took a lot of skill to flank with a silenced MP5K or learn to quick scope so don't give me that Black Ops requires more skills crap.
    The only ones who complain about MW2 are those that couldn't play well or cope with noobs trying to exploit the system.

  • cj the pain

    cmon guys ya mw2 little kids fuck things up like commando noobs and such but black ops has unquestionable lags and problems ill treat them the same but cmon mw2 is better

    • cj pain

      cmon u guys yea mw2 has little kids FUCKIng everyden like commando and nubes 1 kill away from a nuke and some dick commandos me but i cant say that black ops has some unquestionable lags and issues but mw2 just seems better

  • pheonix ops

    Black ops pwnes mw2s ass. treyarch used to work with iw.treyarch-iw=a better game than mw2.i played mw2.sheer failure.for all u mw2 bums, have fun getting knifed,i will be slautering zombies and earasing the competion with my new crossboe(bet u are so jealous)

  • nazarine

    First and foremost – i have no interest in FPS's on a console – i am a pc player – so this is my comparison of both games on the PC only.

    Graphics – on par with each other (ignore all the fan boys of one game or the other)
    Sound – not sure on this one – i am assured black ops is more realistic from gun nut friends – but i did like the sounds from a gaming point of view better on mw2
    multiplayer – well – from a pc point of view mw2 is a disaster with no dedi servers – cheaters and annoying kids were rife. this aside, my clan is 20+ players and we had to start playing in only 5v5 matches which was slowly splitting our clan apart.
    Black ops – is laggy – but getitng better with each patch – so while at the moment it is definitely not as smooth as mw2 – it gets better and i have hope for the future

    conclusion – i never play mw2 now the cheaters, lack of server control and small team sizes / joining issues make it a no-go for clan matches
    blackops – i am awaiting final judgement

  • David

    Ok anyone that thinks the graphics in Black Ops are equal to, or better than MW2 needs to go see their ophthalmologist sometime in the very near future. You're either going blind or you might already be blind. There is no comparison. And dear god if you are still playing games on the computer you need to think about getting into the 21st century and get an actual gaming console (XBOX or PS3). So naturally the PC play is not going to be as good as it would be on an XBOX or PS3 because the majority of people that play MW2 and Black Ops have a PS3 or an XBOX. The developers are obviously going to focus more on the PS3 and Xbox gameplay than the gameplay on the PC.

  • Doug

    Black Ops is by far the worst Call of Duty I have ever played. MW2 just has a fun factor regardless of its flaws, the pros outweigh the cons. I can't find anything good to say about Black Ops, the graphics are inferior, the game engine is laughable, frame rate and lag issues, can't play with my friends, guns are weak and take a whole clip to kill. Also the currency system removes the challenge of unlocking attachments. The game just lacks a fun factor, i found myself back to MW2 within about an hour of trying to play Black Ops.

    Seriously, i didn't pay $60 bucks to beta test black ops. I don't know what's worse, the graphics or the sound. I mean it sounds like every gun is silenced and footsteps can't be heard. Treyarch won't even acknowledge the frame rate issues and try to pass off sloppy coding for lag. Seriously Treyarch F-U, I'll never buy one of your awful games again.

  • Doug

    Black Ops is by far the worst Call of Duty I have ever played. MW2 just has a fun factor regardless of its flaws, the pros outweigh the cons. I can't find anything good to say about Black Ops, the graphics are inferior, the game engine is laughable, frame rate and lag issues, can't play with my friends, guns are weak and take a whole clip to kill. Also the currency system removes the challenge of unlocking attachments. The game just lacks a fun factor, i found myself back to MW2 within about an hour of trying to play Black Ops.

  • Manbearpig

    Black ops multiplayer is shitty but zombies make up for it. Overall BO is pretty good but mw2 is just a step ahead. If infinity ward would have zombies along with it’s excellent online experience, that would be great. Looking forward to mw3 if it comes out!!!

  • Mo money

    Black ops just lacks the fluidity of modern warfare (online) and has far inferior graphics, there is noo excuse for the newest call of duty game to have worse graphics than the one before it

    Modern warfare 2.

  • The Weege

    I strapped the black ops disc to my playstation move dildo to play disc golf on sports champion. thats the only good use for that horrible excuse for a fps. treyarch you suck and dont know how to make a COD game. MW2 is far better in every way. dont believe me play both for an hour and see which one is more enjoyable. at the end of the hour you'll find that black ops makes you want to pull your hair out and mw2 makes you want to play more.

  • nazarine

    my pc plays mw2 / black ops way better than the console – consoles have their place – I love racing games on them as well as footy games where they are far superior to the pc.
    First person shooters are significantly better on a pc where I can play MW2 at 2000 x 1000 pixels at over 100 fps plus you get mouse shoot control which is the way to play (i've tried shooters on a console, did not like it).
    Black ops single player seems more fun so far than MW2 although both suffer seriously from on-rails gameplay.
    Black ops maps are significantly superior in a gameplay point of view than MW2. Gone are the spam across the map at the spawn to shoot your enemy – or the grenade spam at spawn. Also the camping of 1 or 2 entrances to the objective is now gone as there tends to be much more methods of getting into a bomb site in black ops.
    From what I can see MW2 is designed to be played (in objective mode – not tdm) to max of about 5v5 – network limitations aside. Black ops caters more easily for larger teams so I tend to prefer it

  • :P

    most of you guys are talking about online gameplay and not everyone can play online so thay need to get rated seperately for online and offline

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Glad Infinity Ward may be out of here.MW2 was a joke and was so unbalanced it wasn't even worth playing online.
    CoD 1,2 and 4 were great but IW went completely the wrong direction with MW2.It was a cash in through and through.A game for the kids if you like.No recoil and aids left right and centre in the form of perks,deathstreaks and akimbo.
    Treyarch on the other hand listen to the community and have changed CoD for the better.The connection isn't as bad as people suggest because if you use the local search option you'll find 90% it's lag free.Amazingly the Black Ops host migration actually works on occasion unlike the MW2 host migration that just delayed going back to the lobby every time.

  • sc00ba

    i know games and im no IW fanboy – but you're wrong mate, everyones got different reasons to want to play a game, i want fun – and i don't mean noobing or any of that fake crap. But BO is a piece of crap if i've ever seen one – always get disconnected from my party, when i do find a bleeding match the scores usually 7000 – 1000 and im on the losing team. And the AK74u is the fakest piece of shit ever. So please don't say more realistic guns and all that crap – cos if it was i could switch between single, burst and full auto on my famas. Games spawned so many little kids who think they know about guns now its stupid.

  • anonymous

    for all you idiots saying you like Black ops cus theres no noobtubing or quickscoping, its really not that hard to deal with. play their stupid little game and you can kill them every time. Just shoot faster and dont miss, try and say that doesnt take skill you. personally ive been quickscoped about twice the entire time ive been playing mw2 and i got the game when it was first released. Damage is realistic, no person will ever get up and shoot you after you just shot them in the effing face. Thats what happens in BO. and noobtubing isnt a problem my ass. All they have to do is rack up 5000 points and buy the grenade launcher(not hard to do) and theyre back in business. Plus the online play is erratic. Im pretty good at mw2 although im sure everyone here would say that. but in BO one game i will be in mw2 form with a 4.00 kd ratio and the next ill be at .50. that s**t never woulda happened in mw2. mw2 takes skill to stay alive and thats the way it should be, not getting shot by some noob who got a lucky break cus of a glitch in the system and stands up after being shot in the face. MW2 all the way, im selling BO

  • alex

    u guys don't know what a good game is, graphics are better in black ops not mw2.
    black ops is way more exiting and has nowhere near as much lagging and sad nerd boosters.

  • Costantino

    i dont know if one is better than the other, what i do know is that connectionwise mw2 is WAY better for us who dont live in the states, with black ops there is know way of get a decent server response if you are not in the us or europe, it simply sucks we are just lags. think globaly treyarch

  • Gaspiii

    BOPS is more balanced.. the game is more serious and realistic (not graphic wise!!) but MW2 was just pure fun! at the end of the day cod is just a game and i think its all about having fun.. yea noobtubing and knifing gets u frustrated but i still think even with those problems MW2 was much more fun, entertaining and thrilling than BOPS!
    Other than that, MW2 had better graphics and a much much much much better game engine!! BOPS was a fail on that part! I play it on ps3 and the game disconnects after 2-3 matches on average or the lobby just freezes up.. and this cant be due to my internet because i have a lot of other friends complaining about the same exact issues! You're game being disconnected half way through a match is much more frustation then getting noobtubed..
    MW2 rocked for me!! BOPS tried but didnt succeed.. will be going back to mw2 if these connection issues dont get solved!

  • Aj rocks

    Black ops sucks big time! it got a very annoying bug where the whole screen goes blank with nothin but the compass and distance meter! And it doesn’t have awesome team work like in mw2!


    sure how you can talk about black ops glitches and hacks if game was released a few weeks ago and still hacks WILL be created to black ops, and how do you know maybe there will be even MORE cheaterz on BO rather than on modern warfare 2. I agree that Black ops is a very laggy, unoptimized, disbalanced, and not stable game it has lots of issues on PC version (dont know anything about consoles) Modern warfare 2 is very interesting to play, it is very smooth running on low systems, mw2 graphics is very good and whole gameplay is awersome not even comparable to black ops multiplayer gameplay. Both mw and mw2 are awersome games developed by awersome developers. In short words: Treyarch sucks!

  • http://productreviewsnet bj

    I dont know why people are talking about Cod Blackops graphics maybe u have a shitty tv because i got an hdtv and the shit looks real come to 2010 and step your game up

  • FlyingSpaz

    MW2 is better, people that say that it is not are one of the following:
    1. Suck, and keep running from it by moving ot the next game.
    2. Want to feel good about their Black Ops investment (counter-buyers-remorse).
    3. Developed Black Ops.

    I don't camp, tube, or run n' knife. I'm not aware of any cheats and I've only heard rumors of glitches.
    –> I welcome all of this because these are the people I own all the time. People that do this aren't even the really good players… people that think they are, are just revealing that they suck.

  • bj3444

    I want blackops so bad i hate mw2 so many people just camp camp camp camp gt damn.
    Nub tubes whole damn match no balance way 2 fast, i do lik mw2 gun sounds but it jst so many bad things wit it. Also i like that you have to earn everything its not jst handed 2 me.

  • http://productreviews bj

    if u have an hdtv like me the graphics are bad ass but if u hav a shitty tv well y do you wonder why the graphics look lik shit black ops all the way fk mw2

  • MedalOfHonor(1999)

    Black OPS vs Medal of Honor(year 1999) who win? its a DRAW, dont ask you know damn right!

  • ~Yoshi Auditore~

    MW2 is better. However, it is pretty close. For online, MW2 kinda does annoy me when the match just collapses due to the bad servers. But the COD point thing in Black Ops just completely pisses me off. MW2 is far more addicting and fun, whereas BO gets boring after a while. Also MW2 also has FAR better maps. However, I was happy when Treyarch got rid of all those cheap perks, killstreaks, and Heartbeat Sensors. I remember when I used to watch the killcams in MW2, and as soon as I saw a Heartbeat Sensor, I threw my controller on the ground in anger, lol.
    As for the story, MW2's is better. Black Ops's is pure nonsense. It's hard to understand and grasp, unlike MW2's. IN BO, there are just soooo many flashbacks that its impossible to comprehend.
    Black Ops's Zombie mode is what saves the game slightly. It's really fun, and it brings back the memories when I used to play WoW Zombies with my friend late at night. I rented BO recently, I don't own it. I will buy it though. I just LOVE Zombies. If it wasn't for zombies, I probably wouldn't get Black Ops…

  • Mike9013

    You guys are just noobs. Just because you cant go around quick scoping because you are all *&^$%^& noobs and you cant go around noob tubing everyone. Black ops is better than MW2. You also cant just hate a game because of its graphics and sound. I have had no problems with the multiplayer and it is better because it gives you more of a challenge than MW2 because it doesnt let you quick scope people. Black ops all the way!!!! P.S. I don't get lag so it must be your crappy internet connection.

  • Paul

    imo black ops is balenced and in a game balence is exstreamly inportant mw2 graphics are sopirior but if there are anoying OMA noobtuberes and marathon lightweight comando knifers then i cant deal black ops is fair and balenced and Modernwarfare 2 could have beat black ops IF infinityward patched it but they dident they just gave half assed map packs and dident fix the boosters and other problems but as of know black ops beats it and how much do graphics matter yeah its nice but its not worth it to get knifed from 20 feet away or spawn toobed across the map. at all black ops was good and is well worth it

    • David

      Go play Goldeneye on N64 and then come back and tell me that graphics are "not worth it." The weapons are balanced because Stopping Power no longer exists in Black Ops. I do agree though that the noob tubing does get annoying. But I counter that with my own OMA/Danger Close class. If I get really annoyed then I just back out of the match. It’s as simple as that. (BTW balanced is spelled with an 'a' / extremely no 's' no 'a' / important with a 'm' / superior with a 'u' / annoying with two N's / commando with two M's / didn't no 'e' / 'Now' instead of know)

  • Vic

    Modern Warfare is better overall. It has better graphics, smooth of play, and bringing back MW1 maps. However, credit is due still to Black Ops for having such customization that the other COD's did not have. Infinity makes better COD games for multiplayer. Nonetheless Black Ops had a better campaign but we all know multiplayer is what counts the MOST. Both are good games and Black Ops has been having just as many glitches and exploits as MW2. For those who were talking about it did not, well the game was new so all the exploits were not yet found. Yet, it has been out for roughly two months now and yes new exploits were found. MW2 get boring to some now yes, why, because it is much older than Black Ops. New mostly takes the stage, just like new songs the same goes for games. To be honest Black Ops graphics looks like ps2 and it took my eyes a while to adjust to the game because I "immediately" noticed it wasnt up to par to other xbox 360 titles.

  • pro snipesAUS

    ok so i bought black ops about 4 days after the release, fucking loved it, best thing out, fuck MW2. thats what i thought, ok a few months have passed im 3rd prestige now. and just starting to feel that it really lacks in gameplay, MW2 was fucking fun, i like the shit that was overpowered, dont get me wrong i dont noobtube or camp, but, shit was actually fun! m4a1 and scar-h, intervention, sniping is fucked in BO, and the l96a1 doesnt even feel like a sniper. black ops is a real let down, and i spent $80 on that shit? sorry treyarch, but im going to have to buy MW2 back.

  • ~Yoshi Auditore~

    I dunno what u guys are talking about. Noobtubing is still possible in Black Ops, as is camping. People can just buy a grenade launcher as an assalt rifle attatchment, and they can noobtube once more. As for quickscoping, who cares? Just think about it. Lets say you're camoing in that really high window in Quarry, and you've got an Intervention. You see an enemy, and you snipe him. Quick scope or not, you're dead. And for close combat, snipers just don't work, quick scope, or not.

  • dinkster

    black ops maps are mazes not maps thers no open choice of where to go its do i take patha b or c mw2 maps aRE WAY MORE REALISTIC because you can snipe and u have to worry about that enemy u cant see in black ops i feel like im walking into funnel after funnel with no choice to go around or over

  • Sephiros

    The fact is the game was created by Infinity Ward. Treyarch are a group of developers created by activision to try and boost revenue at the expense of quality (part of the reason Infinity Ward was dabbling with other contract options and got fired, I hope they stick it to f*ing Activision when they go to court in may next year) Bottom line…MW2 is superior in every way. It's for the hardcore gamer. Infinity Ward was on another level when they designed the game. "noob tubing" people complain about, but they fail to realize it's a weapon like anything else, the noob tube has massive disadvantages as well they only complain when they die to it. Black ops single was absolutely inferior and so is the online play. Any hardcore gamer can easily tell…there's just no discussion…Infinity Ward / ModernWarfare 2 wins hands down…

  • Ken

    Both games are great but they have a problem.Every time Treyach or Infinity Wards make a new Call of Duty game,the maps get more bigger.Like even in the map Scrapyard in MW2 and Jungle in BO.MW2 is really fun but there are really big disappointments.One noobtubes.Two knifers.And three we all know quickscopers.Bo is really fun but there are disappointments.One killstreak only ends up to 11.Two Better attachments.Three better perks because some fail like Gas Mask and Flak Jacket.No one really use explosives except grenades and launchers

  • fisme

    black ops rules!! face it

  • Cmills

    Black ops is set in the 1960's. The graphics make you feel like you really are in the Cold War. Black ops had an awesome storyline too. The ending is amazing!
    And you get to play zombies with JFK.

  • Blackopssucks

    Modern Warfare 2 had balanced weapon unlocks but the biggest problem was the noob tubes. In Black Ops, the noob tubes are alot weaker but so are all the weapons. Most of the weapons in Black ops have WAY too much recoil and the weapons are really shitty too. In modern warfare 2, each weapon was powerful and were really easy to aim. In black ops, the weapons have so much recoil that aiming is nearly impossible.

  • weston brierley

    Black Ops trumps MW2 the only people I’ve met that don’t like black ops suck at it all they did was get rid of the Cheater bullshit. Black ops just requires more skill.

  • Alejandro

    i dont have black ops yet but iv'e heard that the campaign is better on black ops and i think so too but i perfer special ops than nazi zombies or russian zombies it comes up to multiplayer and i'll judge that when i get the game

  • Bleh.

    Mordern warfare 2 beats black ops by FAR. Yes blackops might seem better right now, but in a couple of weeks ill bet you, you will be tired of it. Blackops has horrible graphics compared to modern warfare 2, and if you think that noob tubers and campers have no skill? Think again. Real life is the same way, and if you had people shooting at you in real life? wouldnt you camp too? or would you run out in the open like a fuckin retard? Blackops < Mordern Warfare 2, Treyarch is a nub compared to infinity ward.

  • reakson

    I have to say that yes, black ops is technically the better game, due to its balanced weapons and organic maps and s— like that, but I have to say that after two weeks of playing it im kinda dissapointed. Im having fun with the g11 ar, the ak47 and ak74u, the L-sumthing-or-other sniper rifle and the rc-xd. But thas it. is just like kinda fun. im already finding myself turning back to Halo r or assasins creed Brotherhood. It just isnt as fun as MW2. What happened to the hyper intense sniper battles on estate? Highrise? Afghan? its so much more fast paced but somehow so much slower. I Never was a quick scoper, or a knife runner or a noobtuber but i kinda miss that. The berret .50, ACR, AUG, AK, or EBR was so much… more. I dunno, but im getting MW2 again and im gonna f— s— up

  • bks92

    i think black ops as a better structure to it like the set up is alot better but the actual gameplay online sucks compared to mw2. mw2 has better gameplay when not playing with hackers and i thought campers was bad on it but black ops is a campers paridise . black ops has more variety on things to do like zombies and wager matches and lets you have say so in what map you play but i dont like the maps half as much is mw2 in black ops maps are to big . i think if they took black ops and put the initial gameplay of mw2 in it it would be a great gun

    • bks92

      i meant game

  • MW2 vs Black Ops

    Everybody stop using the servers for both games to dis on them,what are you honestly going to do,stop playing?, NO everyone will still be playing MW2 and Black Ops for months to come,In my opinion Mw2 is way too easy to be good at,I bought to try it, I was 7900 kills positive with only 7 hours of gameplay,Black OPs has its ups cuz there is no commando pro or quick scoping,the two things that wud make Mw2 better if they werent there,i cudnt stand to see quickscoping goin on in game,or modded controllers, that just makes you a piece of $#*%-I will say guns look better in MW2….Infinity Ward need to kick out quickscoping and commando pro n they cud easily bring back alot of players that moved to black ops

  • Steve

    It seems as if everyone's opinions are all biased, being either treyarch or infinity ward "people".

    Personally I don't think whats cheap or how fair is what makes a game fun I think its a balancing act.

    Infinity ward made modern warfare 2 either purposely or accidentally overpowered in some aspects. Making the game fun, but also creating biased groups of people who think just because there is a weapon that is better than others it takes no skill to use.

    If the Grenade launcher is overpowered use it! ITS FUN TO USE WHY WOULD YOU NOT?

    Treyarch was trying to make the game more balanced, which they did to a key. They did a great job in balancing the game to where no guns were better than others…..

    I don't like that to be honest I like some guns to be better than others. In my opinion it separates the new players from the veterans. In black ops there is no separation and its just ridiculous.

    All aside I vote modern warfare2.

  • cameron

    Modern Warfare 2, been out for over a year & still on line as popular as ever. Many of my friends have gone back to MW2 after a month playing black ops saying it's dull & poor graphics, but they lasted 2 weeks longer than me.
    Despite being a year older MW2 looks so much better and sharper graphics, the maps and map packs r better and i have my MW2 loaded onto my xbox for crisp picture & no lag!
    Black Ops has a good campaign and ok on line, but MW2 is more popular because its set today – can't wait for MW3

  • amir

    I have both games and i have played both,
    i loved modern warfer 2 and i enjoyed it a lot, but honestly ?
    black ops wins !!

  • CoDPWNz

    I think they both are great games but i hate all the campers and noobtubers in mw2, and yeah, the graphics in black ops is not that good, could have been better, but black ops is still a funny game, funnier than mw2 actually, but it sucks that u cant quickscope in black ops, but so what? play mw2 if u wanna quickscope then, its just a GAME.

  • Slim Shady

    Hmmmm this one is very close, so ill go into it by sections. They are- Campaign, Split screen, and Online multiplayer.

    Campaign- the winner: Black ops.
    The one thing I didn't like about MW2. It defiantly wasn't the strong point of the game as much of the hype came from the multiplayer. Black ops campaign is fantastic, tells a wonderful story and is much more epic. Ive beat both, and Black ops wins hands down.

    Online multiplayer- Modern warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer is going to be very hard for them to top off. From an airport to a circus it was all creative, and was the strong point of MW2. Black ops is good as well, in fact, Black ops' multiplayer is fantastic. It's just MW2's is even more fantastic.

    Splitscreen- Black ops
    This was a hard one. MW2 has spec ops, Black ops has zombies. Before I decided I noticed that you can play against the computer in split screen. Thats right, If you're alone, and dont have internet connection, you can play against the computer on all the multiplayer maps. Plus, all the weapons, guns, perks, equipment, etc is unlocked right out of the bag, and those there are enough to take the win. Yes spec ops was good, however if youre alone, it just felt like you were play little bits here and there from the campaign. the zombie mood is completely new and original, and very different from the campaign. Plus I love the difficulty, and suspense from it. Plus it is not just defend your self against the zombies, there are other things you must do so it does not get repetitive. Black ops wins

    Winner- Black ops. Those who dont agree did not read everything I wrote, Dont own the game, and hated MW2 when it was out cause they sucked at it, and now they hate Black ops.

    • NLPenspinner

      I agree with you. I don't know why people say black ops sucks

  • NLPenspinner

    Black ops is very good!! Just fixing the lags and freeze will be perfect!!!!!

  • MW2

    Well i will say that i like both games and i have played the hell out of both of them. I am a very good player have a above 2 kill death ratios in both games and i dont camp. I am 4th prestige in Black ops and i have not played the game for 2 weeks i am bored of it already.

  • MW2

    There is something missing with the game the guns suck the perks suck its is just not as much fun. There is no reason not to prestige as challenges do not unlock anything the money system is stupid if you are a descent player you can play some wager matches at 10g buy in and easily have 100+g in a couple games and buy everything you need no work to get any new attachments, camos, titles,equipment etc. And i feel that black ops is more noob freindly then cod.. you cant really see the claymores in Bo much more camper freindly and the motion sensor is flat out cheap(although i use it) you can just drop it

  • MW2

    outside a building with campers go in and clean up shop its just a lttle to easy. Sure MW2 had the heartbeat sensor but it was much harder to read and a lot of people used ninja and if they werent using ninja prolly lightweight marathon commando which made heart beat useless as you moved to fast to be tracked anyways. I feel there is just no reason for me to keep playing black ops i have like 3 days on the game and i dont see my self

  • MW2

    playing it any more it is just not as rewarding. In MW2 i took the time to urban camo on 9 different guns all of them i used and tried to unlock every title there is nothing like this is black ops just get money and buy shit no reason to get head shots complete challenges etc… All the guns in black ops sound like shit fire like shit takes 30 shots. And i dont see why people say noob quick scoping if you have played and tried to actually be really good at it is probably the most challenging thing to do in BO or MW2 and sure noob tubing sucked in MW2 and i never used it and it did not really bother me as if you are a good player noob tubers usually suck hence the name noob tuber i would hit them with a throwing knife or famas burst before they could fire there noob tube. I believe the only thing BO has over MW2 is the theather mode i wish i could have recorded some clips from MW2 other then that fuck black ops its boring and more noob freindly then MW2

  • MW2

    Only thing that sucked on MW2 was gay Pain killer other then that game owns BO


    i think that MW2 is better than black ops. the guns are more diverse in MW2 because like 5 of the assualt rifles are identical in black ops. the attachments* are better in black ops. the killstreaks seem to get you more kills on MW2 and i just like them better because the valkeryie* rockets and mortar team arent that good in my opinion. the graphics are wayyyyyy better on MW2. black ops almost looks like a PS2 game. Although the OMA noobtubers and commando users do really piss me off when they stop me from getting a killstreak on MW2. i just think there was too much hype to black ops because honestly, its not that good

  • Juliop

    Is black ops better than modernwarefare?I think black ops is better.because black ops has zombies.and u could play spit screen online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sergio

    Is black ops better in x box 360 or ps3 !!!

  • SayNoMore

    Black Ops just sucks… plain and simple. Modern Warfare has better graphics better maps and overall better satisfaction. I mean Black Ops is ok but seriously the maps are way tooooo huge and everyone camps. The snipers are so hard to use and lastly the amount of 2ndary weapons… why would you vote for Black Ops? I know why cause you sucked at MW2 and know you can easily get a camped kill with the ak. Infinity Ward all the way. This is the new era solo campains are nothing we play COD for the Multiplayer exp. hoo ahhh

    • cod1

      hooah…. i beat modern warfare 2 3 times every time better they only like black ops cuzz theyre a bunch of noobs that havent even heard of cod before well i like zombies multiplayer online only

  • Jay

    Black ops. No infinite grenade launcher ammo. No Quick-scoping. No reduculously long meleeing and, the best part, NO STOPPING POWER OR JUGGERNAUT/PAINIKILLER!

  • COD1

    are you guys serious mod2 is the best selling game on the system black ops is fun but mod2 is inspirining it came 09 i still hate shepard for killing ghos the only reason i acually like black ops is campaign and zombies and why the crap would they go and delay mod3 to 2011 damn tangos!!

  • cod1

    I wish mod 2 was longer you all no it should be

  • cod1

    how does it get boring you get challenged you get the predater you get a story line you get inspired what about ghost remember INSPIRING and sad you guys like just cuzz its new u r noobs wait til mod3 youll say the exact opposite of what your saying now stop liing


  • Prof. Philosopher

    There is no game bettwer than Black Ops at making you appreciate Modern Warfare 2.

  • M.R

    i could care less all cod games are great

  • MrZombiea

    I think if anyone is complaining about the graphics of Black Ops compared to MW2, it's probably because you're playing on console. If you're playing on 360, games will look terrible regardless, same with ps3 due to hardware limitations (and please no one reply to this going "you know nothing about console hardware", because I assure you that I do, and I will continue with my explanation now). If you played the game on pc, you wouldn't be able to complain about graphics unless you just happen to have a computer that JUST meets bare minimum requirements for the game because it looks absolutely gorgeous on pc. And gameplay in comparison to MW2? Lemme just put it this way, no commando for halo style lunges and no morons running around with noob tubes, I'm totally down for that.

    • David

      It doesn't matter what console you play on, the graphic engine used to power both games are quite different. And technically speaking, MW2 has a superior graphics engine. Regardless if you play on a PC, 360, or PS3, the graphics have limitations not because of "console limitations" but because the engine has its own limitations. MW2 was designed for the XBOX. not PC play. Why? Because people would rather play games on a gaming console. Look at the first 24 hour sales figures for MW2. 4.2 out of the 4.7 million copies sold were for the XBOX alone. So its kind of impossible for the PC to have better graphics considering the game was made to be played on the XBOX and then ported to the PS3 and PC.

  • Black ops

    Dose mw2 have zombies, no mw2 sucks because zombies are the best

  • UK- Hadi

    i am 19 and i played modern warfare 2 alot, i am a pro since mw1 , got black ops as soon as it was out, i dont judge until i play the game alot, anyways black ops has a much more balanced multiplayer, more costumizations, better single player , much more features ,however it is quite boring , i cant decribe how but modern warfare 2 was much much more fun and has way better maps although i really hated noob tubers, plus mw2 was released with almost 99% ready to play game , on the other hand black ops has tremendious amount of problems especially the connectivity to games and freezing although i have a 20mb internet speed , in it?

  • clam_pounder69

    The only thing black ops really has going for it is zombies, and wager matches. if i get bored trying to get a nuke on mw2 i throw in ops play a couple waget matches, play zombies as far as i can, then throw modern back in. other than that i have no use for black ops….. btw i got psn ADD ME clam_pounder69

  • Lilheven

    Modern warfare 2 is better because of multiplayer, and modern weapons.

  • madhatter

    i have not played black ops yet but i think it’s gonna be something like like cod waw. I really want black ops because mw2 got boring

    mw2 is the best game i have played but nothing lasts forever and it’s time to move on.

  • corytgs

    COD Black ops is the best and orlando anderson sucks monkey balls

  • Camping

    I purchased COD Black Ops and was really dissappointed with the end product. I was so glad I didn't part ex MW2 to get Black OPs, like so many peeps did. The lag was the main issue for me selling the game. You shell out £40 odd quid for a game for a 6hr single player mode which is offset by the life of the online mode. Now if your having serious lag issues that is a constant problem, then you fill short changed. So like many others have reverted to playing MW2 and now enjoy it more than ever, you appreciate what a supperior product it is. If black ops didn't have the lag issue maybe more people would have taken to it.

  • Alex

    MW2 is better than Black ops.. First, the campaign is too short. Second, the graph is horrible, if you noticed some weapons look too childish, however in MW2 the weapons looks with a strong graph and look more real, Third, Black Ops is very hard to get killstrikes or unlock weapons, seriously I want a game that when i play i can feel that I'm playing, not wasting my time to kill others looking for them and not using killstrikes… Sorry but Black Ops is for kids!!!…. Online is wack, in conclusion, Black Ops do not support the HD Settings much better like Modern warfare 2!!… Putting Black Ops HD is the same thing putting it on AV Cables (Normal TV) MW2 in 1080! HD is the best Graph and looks perfect. …. I'm really disappointed for it, I bought it, and I returned it, I come back to My MW2!!!..

  • dr_salvador1

    Well after reading almost 17 pages of comments, I thought I’d comment myself. This is my honest opinion, trash me if you must or read and be constructive. Bear with the rant lol.

    Let’s get one thing straight, COD, MW? What’s that?

    That was my exact reaction when my mate was raving about MW2. My gaming background was the obvious NES, sega master system, mega drive, nintendo 64 (as mentioned goldeneye is ace) ps1 where resident evil blew out anything I’d ever played, MGS etc etc. Res evil 5 was all I bought the ps3 for. Certainly not what I hoped it to be but still.

    What did I do, yeah I bought MW2 and was immediately sucked in, not because I love IW and hate Treyarch because they mean nothing to me. I simply loved MW2.

    People moan about camping, tubing, commando, stopping power, pain killer, boosters, nukes, elevators, quick/no-scoping, knife glitch, claymore glitch.., need I go on? I say so what, I still loved the game and done my fair share of it all to even out the odds. At the end of it, I found my preferred strategy which still changes!

    Different maps I have different tactics. If on skidrow I like to use marathon, light, commando and blitz the map I’m a commando noob, then sorry to upset anyone. If on wasteland I like to hold a piece of ground and snipe, I’m a camper

    then sorry if I’ve upset anyone. If because of being on the receiving end of too many blind firing interventions, find myself running around trying to learn myself how to do the same thing, sorry if I’ve upset anyone but to be called a noob for doing it, have any of you tried to do it because as said it’s bloody hard work and I fail probably 8 times out of

    10. If on rust I like to run around like a complete maniac with a Tar21 or M16 shooting anything I see, again I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone. So to conclude, I’m a no-scoping wannabe, camping commando noob who runs around with marathon like an idiot sprayfiring at everything. I still have fun!

    I just love the variation of the game and play potentials. If course I’ll swear and go mad if a camper kills me from the same spot more than twice but who’s fault is it he killed me and why am I annoyed? Because I was killed. I thought that was part of the game?

    Boosters? I tell you what, I just love to hunt them down and crash their party! Nothing more satisfying. Yeah it might alter from or spoil your game play, so what every match is supposed to be different online aint it?

    Now then, I wasn’t too fussed with the release of BO because I still have boat loads of fun with MW2. My mate who introduced me to COD bought it so I borrowed it for a couple of weeks. I only played multiplayer and zombie mode. Honestly my first reaction was I don’t like it. Standing out were the graphics and anyone who says it isn’t an issue on a modern console wants their head examined. Like I said earlier, if I want to play a great game with bad graphics, I’ll get my PS1 out and MGS or res evil. Better still my NES or Mega drive. My point is, I bought a ps3 for a good reason!

    Game play fair enough, it is slower but still very good. I still really enjoyed S/D but christ the guns are naff (yeah because I’m a noob)

    I don’t understand who people can say there aren’t campers on BO???

    Sniping on BO, skillful of rubbish? I choose rubbish. Why you ask because I can’t quick scope on it? No but the inability to aim quicker is annoying.

    I’ve also fired whole mags into people and had return fire kill me while reloading to then re spawn right on his war path. Ran for cover and been killed when I’m behind 2 feet of concrete, the lag and connection is so bad. The amount of matches I had cut short was more than annoying. Why are people denying this issue?

    Perks, no I don’t think they are as good as MW2 but it’s not MW2. Kill streaks I find boring. Attack dogs? RCXD? I just don’t get it. Chopper gunner is awesome though!

    Buying weapon upgrades over earning them I’m definitely

    not in favour of. I don’t like the sound of the gun fire or explosions, in all I just can’t quite put my finger on it but in my opinion it’s just not half the game MW2 is which is why I’m so glad I borrowed not bought. MW2 is what I still play and will continue doing so.

    I’ve probably missed loads I was going to say but without all the bitching, I favour MW2 any day of the week and found black ops a disappointment and glad I never bought it.

  • Philip Dwyer

    basically black ops attracts more mature gamers,and is better structured than mw2,but each game has its own merits,its impossible to please everyone all of the time.i personally prefer black ops as i found the boosting and badly thought out perks spoiled mw2.

    if the black ops gameplay could be grafted onto mw2,s maps,that would be perfect.

  • josh

    i personally like black ops better than modern warfare 2 b/c less hackers and it's just better overall.

  • Bothgamesaregood

    look, if you dont like boosters, kill them, or dont play ffa.
    theres no reason to hate on quickscoping, as it does take skill.
    the guns are balanced on black ops? wtf? what about the galil, the ak47, the ak74u, the g11?
    theres no camping? everyone knows thats bs. At least in mw2, if someone camps, you can whip out your rpg and blown there faces off.
    also, to conclude my rant, getting 25 kills for a nuke is not easy UNLESS the other team isn't shooting down air support. Theres nothing you can do if youre spawn trapped on favela, but the chopper gunner/dogs on black ops are pretty overpowered. In MW2, switch to SoH, Cold blooded w/ stingers, and bam, chopper gunner goes down in 5 seconds.
    In black ops, ghost doesnt make you invisible to air support, which makes it very easy to rape with the killstreaks.
    I'm not saying MW2 doesn't have flaws, but theres always ways to fight them. Yes, some of the guns were easy to use, but thats what made using the vector, or the f2000, or the m240 fun
    Kill the noobtoobers with ur gun, and you can hear commando noobs from a mile away
    Either way, I love both games. Jus sayin

  • SDOSerch

    i have been playing black ops all the week and i have to say that i miss MW2

  • sleepoverguy

    Got Black Ops for Xmas. Been playing MW2 online since it came out..
    Black Ops is a pretty big disappointment.
    My thoughts about both ( Online gaming )
    the graphics just are NOT as good- I'm not talking about 70's look vs. modern. I get weird refresh glitches / pixilation every match. Switch back to MW2= runs like a champ.

    There is a bit of a lag when playing online with Black Ops. I've got a screaming cable modem and have (what feels like) ZERO lag when playing MW2 online. The timing and aiming of Black Ops feels funny.

    I've pretty much given up on Black Ops and I'm back to MW2. Going to sell it back ASAP to get a good value.

  • Jay

    I was really excited by Black Ops (mainly because I heard it was based in Vietnam) but there have been ups and downs with the game that polarise my opinions quite radically. I'll refer solely to online because, let's be honest, we don't buy CoD for the single player. The main problem with BO is the lag. I play on console, so I'm not sure if that's an issue, but my internet connection is top-rate. It just has a very jumpy and static feel to the gameplay, and it can seriously affect your performance. It's apparent when you get a killstreak (let's say the napalm strike) and once you've taken out a few players, the game jumps quite badly. That's poor. The fact that your game can't handle something that was included in it is a bit embarassing. The lag affects the screen as you turn. I have my sensitivity on 10 (maximum) and it lags a bit as I turn about too rapidly. This can be annoying when you try to aim at someone quickly. But the gameplay mechanics themselves just resemble an older game to much. It's almost like playing MoH on PS1. To really get a kill, the lag requires you to use steady aim as aiming down the sight just doesn't seem to be as accurate as MW2 was. The maps and level designs seem a bit more suited to an "upstairs, downstairs" type feel, whereas MW was a bit more "open-plains", but IW really did do a better job with the levels in MW2. They were quite simply, fantastic. Rust, Derail, all those great levels with their own personality and atmosphere. BO doesn't have that. And I think the second most annoying thing about BO is how much it attracts campers. I know MW2 was bloody annoying, but EVERY match I play on BO pits me against a camper of some kind. EVERY MATCH. It's so annoying sometimes. And I agree with an earlier comment that it can sometimes come down to the lag determining who wins. The killstreaks ARE a bit bland, the only exception being the RC car which turned out to be more fun that I thought it would, and the helicopter you can pilot yourself, which was a good idea. The only thing that would beat that now is a 2-man killstreak you can share with someone on TDM. But having said that, there are some FANTASTIC things about BO that surpasses MW2. The fact that you can report players for cheating or whatever, the fact that Treyarch obviously care about their fans and community and moniter the games is a instant brownie point. I will also say that Treyarch had some of the best ideas I've ever seen when they designed the game, what with the wager matches, CoD points, the level of customisation with the emblem creator (which I can't get enough of), contracts and the depth of your stats and personal records. They really did go all-out in terms of finding what would appeal to us, the fans, but one fact remains: They just can't make a game as good as IW can. MW2 was so insanely fluid and accurate and it was so, so much fun to play. Because BO feels dated (and I don't take that bullshit about it being set in the Cold War), it struggles to top MW2. The graphics are a slight bit better than MW2, so I don't know why people are saying they're not, but I do agree that character models are definately more cartoon-looking and blocky. But the detail on the guns and lighting is better than MW2. Sniping is a no-no in BO, which is a shame, but I know they did that to terminate the quick-scoping ability. But in the process, I feel they just made the sniper rifle just a pointless addition to the list of weapons. It really is USELESS in the game. C'mon, who doesn't just stick to the AKs-74u? MW2 was insanely frantic and had me nearly punching myself in the head at times, but it was much more fun. It made me so addicted, that I felt like they deserved the insane price I played for it. BO, I can take or leave. I'm not that arsed about prestiging (especially when there are 15 levels of it to get to; that's just sad), but again, their ideas were great, giving you golden gun camo and coloured clan tags and everything. IW flopped with what you get for prestiging in MW2. Theatre mode is a superb idea. You can expose campers, create your own funny screenshots (which you should be able to save to the hard drive, Uncharted style, not have to fit in a meagre 6 boxes in the file share, but whatever) and take time to gloat or criticise yourself. Overall, Treyarch had brilliant ideas and had their hearts in the right place but couldn't make as fluid and fun a game as IW did. I will still play BO because I spent a bit of money on the hardened edition and I may as well since MW2's servers are filled with hackers now, but if they make an MW3, I really hope, somehow, IW get a chance at doing it and integrate the GOOD things from BO, like customisation, CoD points, theatre mode and Treyarch's good policing of the servers, but keep the core gameplay of the MW series. Sorry for the lengthy review, but this is my opinion.

    • David

      I'm sorry but I've got to disagree with the graphics part of this review. Granted I don't know what your setup is and what you're playing on, put I've got a 42" LED/LCD Television connected to both my PS3 and Xbox via an HDMI cable. I have BO and MW2 for both consoles and there is no comparison about graphics. MW2 beats Black Ops hands down. (Especially gun details and lighting). Look at the wikipedia pages for both games and there's a section on each page that describes the graphic engine used to power both games. The engine used in MW2 is superior then the engine used in BO. I've done lots of reviews of both these engines and if you look at the technical aspects, the MW2 engine is better overall. (Details are rendered better, lighting is better, and it supports big maps) Just to list a few. Again I don't know what your setup is because that could be the problem. But technically speaking, the MW2 graphic engine is better.

      • danz

        well said OP, but i also agree with david about the graphics. mw2 visually has an edge over BO


    The only good thing about black is the customization annnnddddd that it.

  • some guy

    black ops is a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT it should have never been made i was at my friends house yesterday and he has a hdmi cable and the graphics were no diffrent still a dissapointmnent at first i thought he didnt have the hdmi cable plugged in but it was just the really g.a.y graphics that this game has i mean the game feels like u have toy guns and the sound sounds like if someone recorded of a radio HONESTLY i suggest buying modern warfare 2 wich has better graphics, better sound, and better multiplayer i will have better fun with modern warfare 2 than this gay black ops any day treyarch is a BIG DISSAPOINMENT they shouldve stop making games since world at war came out infinity award IS THE BEST…..

  • CavemanGames

    Modern Warfare 2 is the best COD game of all time hands down. Better Story, better graphics, better everything. And yes….I am a fanboy….

  • sagizilla

    the 1st thing that made black ops suck was the boring characters. 2nd was the levels. 3rd was the enemys damage, it can take 2-8 bullets to kill a single enemy and MW2 basically toke like 1-2 bullets. The 4th thing was the Zombie mode was a lot worse than MW2′s Spec Ops. Overall that makes Modern Warfare 2 a lot better then Black Ops.

  • christian

    mw2 all the way dude black ops looks so fake and it has all the old weapons we want new likebody camps anymore becuse they are all a higer levesmw2 all the guns in that gam,e dont look fake and they made all hackers go away no mods other than people changing there name so it looks purple etc. my point is is that black ops is going to fail i got bored of black ops when i was level 40 i was getting so high streaks there was no point of playing becuse mw2 was and challenge for me not black way to easty to level up in that game anyway give this comment a thumbs up if you agreee with me(:::

  • David22j

    MW2 is better than blackops. blackops has the worst server ever every time i playe the game gets disconected and we all back to the main menue it get anoying when its happening 5 to 6 times a day. also it makes my ps3 freaze so i have to restart my ps3 again. the guns are not as good as MW2 but i understand why they are because blackops is based on a different time.

  • Me Myself and I

    I thought that Infinity Ward had made a near-perfect game with Modern Warfare 2. Had they taken more care with hacks, easily eliminated the death streaks and some other small changes, it would have been amazing. On the other hand, Black Ops seems to be great as a whole, but the poor graphics and HORRIBLE lag just make the game unbearable at points. With how close Modern Warfare 2 had to becoming the perfect game, I have to give the title to it, and maybe give a participation ribbon to Black Ops.

  • Ninjatwinkie

    I personally enjoy mw2 much more. I loved black ops for the first monthes but then the problems started to arise. Noobtubes were getting more and more common, the rcxd is like a predator missle 100x, second chance is overused and just bullshit, the ak74u is now the only gun used, knifing is like cod4 (which was kinda spotty) plus a lunge, matchmaking is off, teams are insanely out of balance, spawns suck… I can go on… Mw2 was only plagued by noobtubes and commando but ran fairly well, had pretty good spawns (compared to cod4 And black ops), good knifing (minus commando) and FUN! you know? Fun!!! In black ops, all my classes are assault rifles… Boring. If i were to use anything else, it would just pead to frustration. In mw2, i have incredibly varied classes. My point is, there are more ways to play in mw2. Thats why alot of people suck at black ops(myself not included)

  • joe

    They both have pros and cons. Well if not for overall balance, and new ideas like r/c, dogs, servers and least hacking … i'd go with black ops..
    But graphics and maps mw2 hands dwn.
    If the guys who made MW2 came out with next gen MW.. i think it would have been better alittle better.

  • yo yo man

    mw2 licks the armpit while black ops tops the list.

  • no name

    i like to go back to mw2 but most of the players are playing black ops and so i am not able to find any good games progressing in mw2 online. if all of you return to mw2 i will be able to find some good game to play.i hpe every one switches back to mw2.

  • Al-Asad FTW

    The only reason in my opinion to get Black Ops is for Zombie Mode, and I'd rather stick to World at War for that

  • ownz

    blackops epic fail!

  • T666G666

    k get the point. I love mw2, but recently i got hacked. Iw does not give a damn shit to all these people who r playing mw2. Ive been joining hacked lobbies for 1 month. Black ops on the other hand, are maintaining its servers. Once i joined a hacked lobby, they closed it. Lag… All of u douche bags r complaining about lag.. Where i live, my friend had 5 second lag and he got 52 kills 4 deaths on mw2 without camping and qs and noobtubing. On b.o. I used to have a lot of lag… But now i dont, treyarch patched everything and r still continuing to. Also on mw2 in spec. Ops, iw made it clear shit. While black ops but zombies, i mean isnt it fun to be a drunk russian? The graphics on black ops lk exactly the same as mw2 with my hd tv. Just lower the brightnes, it really helps. Mw2 ks a gd game and i used to like it. But after all of these patches, black ops gained my respect. Iw can just fuck each other watching b.o getting more people. Also the guns in b.o and all of the perks are anti mw2. So if u want, u can go suck iws balls and milk them while u join hacked lobbies and ‘get fucking owned’ and lose all of ur emblems and guns and perks. And play with a hacker using aim bot and have a walking ac130 qs u. While u can play a more balanced game. Its up to ur choice…


    mw2 ftw. even though i didn't get as many kills as black ops on mw2 multiplayer was way better i cant tell u how many times i unlocked sumthing and couldnt buy it :( for black ops/BO/body odor

  • TheAngryFuddles

    I personally prefer Black Ops, but I can agree, it is a completely different experience than Modern Warfare 2. It just doesn't feel like a Call of Duty game, which is why I like to approach it as something different.

  • Brownwing

    Black Ops is unbelievebly bad, MW2 was superior in every wqy, the guns were better, higher explosive damage and the maps, oh god the maps, i would rather play a lifetime of rust than one more match on fucking jungle, if the map peck is crap i'll never play black ops again. Infinity Ward are far superior to treyarch at making Call of Duty, challenges for attatchments were a much better idea than cod points, i wish i never traded in mw2 the day before now. Long story short – I hate Treyarch and Black Ops

  • ClownyBronwie

    I know this is kind of late, but for those of you saying that Black Ops' graphics are "flat-out" terrible, then LOL to you. Black ops runs on a better engine than MW2, of which includes fully dynamic lighting and shadow effects. Plus, the multiplayer problems have been deceased in Black ops, and all of the noob tubes and crap have been deleted. Modern Warfare 2 did have a better single-player campaign, and multiplayer seemed more intense, but overall Black Ops seems to win. You just can't get enough of those nazi zombies! :D

  • klklinton

    MW2>Tash Ops

  • TheCODMaster

    Why do you people hate Black Ops so much? I mean im not saying that Black Ops is any better than MW2 but seriously? You haven't even played Black Ops yet! It pwns just like MW2 maybe you guys have a shit of a computer that's why you guys are so mad that you can't play it or is that you guys suck in Black Ops.Give Black Ops a chance.You probably was hoping for Captain Price to return in Black Ops lol you find out that there is not CP in Black Ops and you get mad want to sell the game.And stop saying that MW2's graphics are better than Black ops i have a really good computer and it runs just as smooth as in MW2 i set all the graphics on high settings and there is no LAG and i don't see why you people say that it's trash compared to MW2.I really liked the storyline and the MP is great it even has a god damn zombie mode that all of you guys wanted! Treyarch did a great job and stop hating Black Ops so much!!! And it has a more balanced MP then MW2
    P.S This is just my opinion i say the both are the same like always COD pwns all other FPS and it rocks!

  • boozer

    black ops is awful, anyone who says its harder to get kills is a poor excuse for a gamer considering i can name almost every spawn point on every map…Black ops has some positives (i.e killstreaks dont add on to eachother) but overall MW2 trumps it in almost every way. not to mention Black Ops maps are just terrible( largely due to the set spawn points that are sooooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculous)

  • fuckyou

    MW2 sucking?
    Black ops good?
    i wonder how high people can get…..
    MW2 runs on the 2nd best engine available at a 5 million dollar price.
    The first being ID tech 6
    Who wants to have a ridiculous recoil on weakass guns? Who wants no recoil on nearly every unstoppable gun? Go fucking play with treyarch,

  • jaison

    actually infinity ward made the cod engine….not treyarch….so obviously the people who made the engine can do better than who is inheriting….
    the story in MW2 in classic….
    and i was very exited when captain price enters in MW2…..that kind of story is not there in black ops…
    am waiting for MW3 by infinity ward…..

  • Noob

    Fucking Ops

  • BlackOpsRulez!

    Black Ops, no questions asked.

    Why, you ask anyways? (really, I told you not to ask)

    3 easy, simple reasons:
    No quickscoping
    No Commando knifing
    AND NO NOOBTOOBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Italianswag

    modern warfare 2 is way better. Theyre are little places to camp, better guns and better killstreaks. Black ops has wayyy to many campers everywhere and the gaymores are annoying as hell. Also the maps in BO suck. IW make MW#

  • jaime jimenez

    Mw2 is king,superior ,the big enchilada ,al[ha and omega , cod is not a bad game but its not as good aS mw2,FACT – it is easier to have some thing good that is already made like MW2 ,and copy it and try to make it better ,..but for some reason as much as they copied a good existing game and tried to improve it ,they did a horrible job. cod is still a good game but thats because they copied mw2.if not i garuntee u this game would have sucked that much more.infinity ward got a bag of flour and baked a good cake,,,,treyarch borrowed the cake in an atempt to fix it -make better and ended up ruining it ,,totaly took away thewhipped cream, treyarch needs to step back and let infinityward how them how not to just make a good cake better but how to make it from scratch….MW2 rules …MW3 should only be touched infinityward, please …………

  • dagaoscura

    all the way with MW2

  • lol

    black ops just wins hands-down.

  • Jonathan Wallace

    MW2 Cons

    1. BOOSTING. It is way too easy to boost to a nuke. Its usually easy to stop, but often times they get away with it before its too late. Or they are boosting in enemy territory and you can't easily get over there to stop them.

    2. Heartbeat Sensor
    -ninja? wtf? You are saying to counter the unrealistic attachment, I have to give up perks and use NINJA? Which itself is unrealistic?
    -Promotes CAMPING.

    3. Danger Close
    -An explosion is an explosion. What adding this perk packs more pounds of C4 into a…C4? What? Adds more semtex to your semtex? Increases the size of missiles? Huh? Yeah? Sure it does….sure it does…
    -Most launchers in the game have pretty large explosions already…the RPG and javelin do work, but add danger close onto it and its absurd. I mean, just stupid. Don't tell me you've never watched a killcam of either an RPG, tube, semtex, claymore…ANYTHING that explodes killing you from incredibly far away. All thanks to this unrealistic, unbalanced, noobish, perk.

    4. Stopping Power
    -A bullet is a bullet, stopping power makes no sense whatsoever.
    -You say Black Ops' weapons are "under powered" try using most MW2 guns without stopping power…

    5. One Man Army
    -unlimited ammo, grenades, claymores, ammo, everything
    -gives you access to ALL guns. Sure in that little package you can pack several sniper rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns, RPGs, claymores, grenades, hottdogs, marshmellows, sleepin' bag, portable tv with dvd player…and so on…
    -allows you to play two claymores without even getting kills
    -allows you to place claymores and then use frags or semtex
    -lets you switch from a danger close class to a cold blooded class as soon as enemies get killstreaks
    -encourages camping, it replaces marathon
    -people in this forum tell you to stop whining about campers, and just shoot them. How do you shoot a camper who is using one-man-army, danger close, noobtube, and killing you from across the map? You literally cannot see them to shoot them…there are kinda buildings in the way you idiots. IF you can get over there through the entire enemy team to kill them, you have to get passed the two claymores they've set AND hope they don't just noob tube you as soon as you find them. Good luck MW2 lovers.
    This perk is completely and utterly unrealistic and unbalancing.

    6. Scavenger
    -gives you unlimited ammo, grenades, claymores…
    -picks up ammo, grenades, claymores, RPGs, regardless of whether or not the enemy you killed was using one of those
    Again, unrealistic.

    7. Noob Tube
    -when using either scavenger or one man army you have an unlimited supply. You can literally win games, get all killstreaks, get the nuke, without ever firing your weapon

    8. Commando Perk. I've spawn killed entire teams, and gotten up to my chopper to get my nuke, just by using this perk with lightweight, marathon, and tac knife. With commando you lunge SOOOO FAR. Its so unbalanced. Unless you know I'm coming, I WILL KILL YOU.

    9. Hacked Lobbies
    -unlimited clip lobbies
    –AC130 fully automatic big boom shot-smoke literally filled the ENTIRE MAP
    -crazy fast running lobby
    -nukes in carepackages lobby..

    10. Hacked weapons
    -weapons with attatchments that don't exist…lazer pointers

    • Jonathan Wallace

      11. Glitches
      -Javelin Glitch, whenever you died with the javelin you EXPLODED. If someone with a javelin was too close to you, you could either stab/shoot them and die in the explosion, OR choose not to kill them and let them stab you. This glitch took at least a month to be fixed (on 360).
      -Unlimited care package/emergency air drop glitch. Constant air support for those gay enough to take advantage of the glitch.
      -Elevators. Let you run around outside the map, or hovering way above you, sniping.
      Has there been anything remotely similar in Black Ops? NO THERE HASN'T.

      12. Patches to fix glitches took weeks to months to be released.

      13. After months some glitches still NOT FIXED

      14. Unbalanced Maps
      -certain territories much easier to defend than others.
      -some maps almost REQUIRE you to use a sniper, which encourages entire teams to camp with their snipers…

      15. Unbalanced Weapons
      -sniping with SILENCED UMP and even P90 (though UMP was much better) across the map. I can easily use these guns to kill at close, medium, and long distance. Should not be possible.
      -ACR, SCAR, EBR no recoil
      -blast radius for RPG, Javelin, most explosives WAY to large
      -Crazy range on shotguns, models (still pretty crazy even after the patch), and the spaz
      -machine pistols….raffica aka "mini handheld dual M16s"

      16. Shotguns as secondary. I don't know why they let you do this in MW2 while you couldn't in MW1 but you shouldn't be able to carry a shotgun as well as your primary…

      17. Overpowered Killstreaks.
      -Chopper Gunners and AC130's allow MASSIVE SPAWN KILLING. Sure you can shoot them down while using coldblooded. But all too often you die IMMEDIETELY. No chance to switch to the stinger, lock on, and shoot them regardless of your cold-blooded perk.

      18. Lack of Perks
      -nothing to counter nube tubes (blast shield does NOT counter anything nor is it worth it, impaired vision, takes away radar, has to be activated, takes place of equipment, and you will still get killed by danger close nube toobs)

      19. Nuke
      -ends the game, turns all modes (CTF, DOMINATION…) into deathmatch
      -games ending in under a minute
      -turned games into the great nuke race
      -Encourages BOOSTING.
      -We've all been in a game where someone got a lucky multi-kill in the beginning that either put them straight into a predators or harrier, which sometimes got them an easy nuke. That is just unfair, not to mention unbalanced and flat out gay.
      spawn killing at beginning w/ noob tube

      20. Stinger's NOT SHOOTING DOWN KILLSTREAKS, three consecutive shots going through air support not damaging them
      -I was once killed by a stinger missile that went straight through a harrier and continued down to the ground to kill me.

      21. Being pulled into private matches while in matchmaking
      -groundwar on rust…this sort of thing lasted for months…

      22. Hacked leaderboards….Sure its in black ops too, but on MW2 hundreds of thousands of spots are hacked. Stupid.

      23. Killstreak kills count towards killstreaks
      -Encourages camping
      -Even if you get your first killstreak legit (no one man army danger close tubing) you still can use that ONE killstreak to get all others.

      24. Hiding in a corner with one man army riot shield and C4 or a throwing knife.
      Riot shield-makes you invulnerable to gunfire. Will never ever break.

      25. You can use one-man-army with danger close and a noobtube and get a nuke within several minutes of the start of a game WITHOUT EVER BEING SEEN BY THE ENEMY OR PERSONALLY SEEING AN ENEMY OR SHOOTING YOUR GUN!

      The worst part about Modern Warfare 2 was not the hacks or glitches, but the uncomparably unbalanced online gameplay. Just go into a game and listen to all the nube tubes. Count how many killcams you watch of someone switching classes with one man army, then tubing you from across the map.

      • Jonathan Wallace

        MW2 Pros

        Graphics. Though the graphics aren't THAT much better to make up for the absurdly unbalanced gameplay.

        Sounds (not really a pro cause its more of an opinion, i like the sounds of both)

        Intensity? Lots of people say this about MW2, but the only reason i think this game was more intense, was due to the frustration level of all the game's absurdities, and because of the race to get nukes.

        • Jonathan Wallace

          Black Ops Cons

          1. RC Cars (though you can use flak jacket, or just shoot them)

          2. Can't run through claymores (though unless you get a resupply in a care package you only get one claymore a life, unlike MW2's one man army gayness)

          3. Motion Sensor-it encourages camping but having hacker perk counters it.

          4. Getting pro perks is stupid (but still not that big of a deal)

          5. Stabbing System -very inconsistent but at least not overpowered like MW2's lightweight, marathon, commando, tactical knife combo

          6. Attack Dogs? So many people on here complain about attack dog being overpowered. But really? I've used them before and got anywhere from ZERO to twenty or more kills. Whats the difference? The intelligence or experience of the enemy team. All you have to do is kill them, or get to ground where they can't get to you. If they kill you anyways, hey I mean whoever got the dogs deserves it. They got ELEVEN KILLS without dying WITHOUT KILLSTREAKS to get them there.

          Nearly EVERY negative thing about black ops has something to counter it. Claymores and motion sensors can be pretty gay, but you can use flak jacket or hacker against claymores, or just hacker against motion sensor. Sure there are still noob tubes and RC cars, but hey you can use flak jacket without hampering your own ability to kill.

          Black ops Pros

          Played since game's release, still never been into a hacked lobby, or seen any MW2 glitches/hacks like the javelin glitch, care package glitch. I've barely seen any legit cheating whatsoever, while in Modern Warefare 2 I would experience some sort of cheating nearly every day I played.

          Hacks in general much less common

          Bugs, and hacks fixed quickly

          Game designers LISTEN to players and QUICKLY act to fix things

          Balanced perks
          -flak jacket, sure there is still tubing on Black Ops, but now you can fight it…

          Can no longer have unlimited noob tubes or claymores.

          Can no longer have both nube toob AND another weapon attatchment.

          Can no longer get multi kills with noob tubes from across the map at the beginning of games.

          Has a reporting system where you can quickly and easily report players for cheating or boosting.

          Requires much more skill to do well. Instead of getting 4-5 kills on MW2 that lead to your chopper/AC130 or even nuke, you must continue to personally get kills in order to get killstreaks.

          Zombies, Wagermatch. Hey and if you don't like either one, MW2 still doesn't have it.

          Money system. It makes much more sense to be able to unlock attatchments in the order of your choosing.

          Tactical Insertion made easier to spot and HEAR. Sure it doesn't belong in the game, but its better than MW2's version of it.

        • Jonathan Wallace

          Both MW2 and Black Ops

          Noob Tubes. Exists in all COD games and I believe should be removed entirely, for in real life its not commonly used…and even if it was, it hinders fairness and happy, fair gameplay. But AGAIN at least Black Ops took measures to prevent there misuse.

          Camping. This exists in every shooter game ever made. Though I personally believe that there is LESS of it in Black Ops due to the absence of heartbeat sensors, nukes, killstreaks counting towards killstreaks, and one-man-army.

          Host migration and lag. I'm not proud to say that I've no-lifed both MW2 and Black Ops. Both games have about the same amount of lag and host migration problems.

          Quick scoping/hip firing sniper rifles….this is in both games and is unbelievably unrealistic. In real life its unrealistic to fire a sniper rifle like the barret standing up much less while running around like an idiot.… how massive that gun is. Do you honestly think its realistic to quick scope someone with this gun much less hip fire? You…WILL…..MISS.

          Spawn killing/dying-Both games have this, both games try and solve it, yet it will happen in every COD game no matter what. It was much worse in MW2 simply due to nube toobs, and how common killstreaks like chopper and AC130 are in the air.

          Tactical Insertions. Both games have it, doesn't make any sense, but at least Black Ops made it easier to see.

          Small map ridiculousness. Sure Black Ops' Nuketown is a bit stupid sometimes, but so is the map, Rust on MW2 and similar tiny maps on MW1. They are in every game. Get over it.

          In the end looking at this list and playing both games WAY TOO MUCH, Black Ops wins hands down. Just try and argue with all these points I've made against Modern Warfare 2. Just try. I'd love to win the argument.

        • Jonathan Wallace

          So in case you don't want to read everything I posted, just know without a doubt that Black Ops is by far better than Modern Warfare 2

  • Jonathan Wallace

    MW2 Cons

    1. BOOSTING. It is way too easy to boost to a nuke. Its usually easy to stop, but often times they get away with it before its too late. Or they are boosting in enemy territory and you can't easily get over there to stop them.

    2. Heartbeat Sensor
    -ninja? wtf? You are saying to counter the unrealistic attachment, I have to give up perks and use NINJA? Which itself is unrealistic?
    -Promotes CAMPING.

    3. Danger Close
    -An explosion is an explosion. What adding this perk packs more pounds of C4 into a…C4? What? Adds more semtex to your semtex? Increases the size of missiles? Huh? Yeah? Sure it does….sure it does…
    -Most launchers in the game have pretty large explosions already…the RPG and javelin do work, but add danger close onto it and its absurd. I mean, just stupid. Don't tell me you've never watched a killcam of either an RPG, tube, semtex, claymore…ANYTHING that explodes killing you from incredibly far away. All thanks to this unrealistic, unbalanced, noobish, perk.

    4. Stopping Power
    -A bullet is a bullet, stopping power makes no sense whatsoever.
    -You say Black Ops' weapons are "under powered" try using most MW2 guns without stopping power…

    5. One Man Army
    -unlimited ammo, grenades, claymores, ammo, everything
    -gives you access to ALL guns. Sure in that little package you can pack several sniper rifles, assault rifles, sub machine guns, RPGs, claymores, grenades, hottdogs, marshmellows, sleepin' bag, portable tv with dvd player…and so on…
    -allows you to play two claymores without even getting kills
    -allows you to place claymores and then use frags or semtex
    -lets you switch from a danger close class to a cold blooded class as soon as enemies get killstreaks
    -encourages camping, it replaces marathon
    -people in this forum tell you to stop whining about campers, and just shoot them. How do you shoot a camper who is using one-man-army, danger close, noobtube, and killing you from across the map? You literally cannot see them to shoot them…there are kinda buildings in the way you idiots. IF you can get over there through the entire enemy team to kill them, you have to get passed the two claymores they've set AND hope they don't just noob tube you as soon as you find them. Good luck MW2 lovers.
    This perk is completely and utterly unrealistic and unbalancing.

    6. Scavenger
    -gives you unlimited ammo, grenades, claymores…
    -picks up ammo, grenades, claymores, RPGs, regardless of whether or not the enemy you killed was using one of those
    Again, unrealistic.

    7. Noob Tube
    -when using either scavenger or one man army you have an unlimited supply. You can literally win games, get all killstreaks, get the nuke, without ever firing your weapon

    8. Commando Perk. I've spawn killed entire teams, and gotten up to my chopper to get my nuke, just by using this perk with lightweight, marathon, and tac knife. With commando you lunge SOOOO FAR. Its so unbalanced. Unless you know I'm coming, I WILL KILL YOU.

    9. Hacked Lobbies
    -unlimited clip lobbies
    –AC130 fully automatic big boom shot-smoke literally filled the ENTIRE MAP
    -crazy fast running lobby
    -nukes in carepackages lobby..

    10. Hacked weapons
    -weapons with attatchments that don't exist…lazer pointers

  • Spanky

    Black Ops owns MW2. There are too many boosting and camping in MW2. They have fixed this in Black Ops. You can camp but usually don't win by camping. They took the tactical insertion out of free for all. The game is less glitchy with less cheating. The only people who like MW2 better are campers or cheaters.

  • Sin

    hey ahh man iv been wondering and plzzz answer me whos better codmw2 or cod bo .. plz answer me ill be here every day cuz i dont want to buy i suky game and thx all

  • Joe Bag

    Black Ops' Nerfed Noobtubes and less campers + MW2 Maps, unlock system, maps, camos, sounds, graphics = Best FPS in the world.

  • jad

    MW2 voices online "ENEMY AC 130 is here!!!!!!" or "THE BOMB HAS BEEEN PLANTEDD!!"
    Black ops "bomb …. planted" "enemy spy plane is up" k F that Shit i wanna play online it has to be an all out war not a robot talking. MW2 online yes i said online is better but Black ops campaign is cooler and Zombie feature. So plz COD franshise stick to Infinityward caz graphic wise and sound wise even playing wise is better online.

  • red9For LEON

    Its easy to see that that one game is not better than another. It all depends on the player. If you are a good player who enjoys a balanced game but still likes a little competition from players of an equal level, then you like black ops. If your a complete noob who enjoys noob tubing infinitely, teleport knifing, random sprays from across the map, overpowered perks and weapons, being beaten by kids who have just started playing yesterday, being sniped with smgs, being shotguned with sniper rifles, and huge gay male sex orgies, then MW2 is your game you retarded cock sucking six year old.

  • ……

    i say mw2 because you can actually snipe…. and knife… lag is gay…. dropshoters should die camping is gay and its too easy to shoot down the air support and the only good thing about black ops is its campaign zombies and combat training (is kinda gay cuz the bots have aim assist and always know where u spawn) spawning sucks maps suck and who cares about people who knife? what r u suppost to do not knife people that are right in front of you and spray then so theres another reason to complain? and only people who r gay will glitch mod an hack… oh and the mp5k wasnt around in the Vietnam war. guns r over powered and none of the guns have recoil.

  • I Hate Ur Face2

    Well they both suck. Far to many people for the servers to keep up. over 700,000 people playing. That will bog down any server. Glitches and the perks make it easy for the the beginner to whoop your ass. I am a good player like the games and like to strategies that these game can provide. However to many time I re spawn right in front of any enemy, which means these maps are to small. And I get the I shot you first but somehow you turn around and kill me method. To be honest Battle Field 2 is much better and has more realism than a guy knifing you 20 feet away, not to mention the vehicle to get to operate. COD black ops can be fun, but to bad its a mainstream product and to many cheaters and kids will be on it to ruin the experience thanks f@%#$ers.!!!!!

  • Kmar10

    MW2 Is Much Better!! I'm getting it for my Bday in like 5 days and i bought MW2 and Halo Reach instead of buying Halo Reach and Black Ops. Treyarch sucked at WaW and they still suck. All My Friends said MW2 Is Better and I AGREE!!! BLAck ops sucKS!!!

    • death maker123

      well i think that black ops is best in zomby mode but I have to go with bolth=/and black ops is ok and mw2 is a smig better

  • hall

    Like these people have said black ops only sucks because you can't cheat fuck you you fucking losers

  • A. nero

    mw2 has too many hackers and it makes the game boring black ops has less hackers. plus mw2 has more noobs and mw2 has more maps that people can camp on. black ops maps are more open and you need more skill even if u r noobtubing

  • michael

    lol black ops is the best jeh mw2 or waw suck

  • Joe

    Right! All of you people saying mw2 is better than black ops and black ops is better than mw2 just stop. It's nothing to start a war about I loved mw2 when it was out and now black ops is out I moved and now I love black ops and the same with mw2 I don't even have the other cods but my bro did and sold them to get it on xbox and when I do play on other cods I'll play on them to. Why can't you all stop being stupid and like all the cods equally!

  • haters suck

    youre all just some freaking haters graphic are really good on both if you didnt have an hdmi cable for mw2 it will be some bad graphics, if you get an hdmi cable fore black ops or not the graphics are still good, the only thnk idislike about black ops is that they got the famas all wrong.mw2 sucks move on to a better game

  • mkm

    modern warefare II story is better than black ops, but texture and models is best or better than mw II.

  • MW2 Nuker

    ok so many people think black ops is better some think modern warfare two is better but honestly i think call of duty modern warfare two is better. i have played black ops a lot over at my friends house but i can't stand how the graphics for blacks ops are. i bet i could make a better game (sorry black ops creators) i think they are both wonderful games but modern warfare two that's final!

  • hari

    Call of duty Modernwarfare 2

    * Have great graphics
    * Interesting game play
    * Not having a good story
    * Good sound quality and textures
    *Good wepons
    Call of duty blackops
    *Have good graphics(with good graphics card.Without a high quality graphics crad graphics will be bad.Try nvidia Gts 250 or better for an average graphics)
    *Good story.(Call of duty Modernwarfare 2did not have a good story )
    *Based on a real story
    *Bad textures

  • Itelligent Person

    All I hear the Black Ops supporters use is bit**ing about glitches, hacks, and nukes in MW2.

    So what, that means a game with extremely terrible lag, horribly laughable graphics, limited system, terrible gameplay, childish sound effects, extremely limited goals, is better because there is support for glitches? Wow you guys arent very smart.

    EVERY single person I know on X Box live and real life bought Black Ops Midnite release and within ONE WEEK permanentally went back to Modern Warfare 2, why? Because Black Ops is an extremely terrible game.

    MW2 had solid player numbers from the day it came out, even today after 50% still play it. Not 1 month after the release of Black Ops, more than 70% of players stopped playing, how do you explain that? If black ops is SOOO good, how come the average 3 Mil players went down to less than 800k in less than one month.

    The truth is, Black Ops sold on the back of IW work, and Treyarch took advantage of the amazing game MW2 and now they are taking credit for selling us the equivalent of Matrix Reloaded.

  • MW2 Easy WIn

    Numbers dont lie, almost 2/3 of gamers agree that MW2 is better.

    And those that dont are just in denial that they spent over 60 dollars on a pile of garbage.

  • Common Sense

    Best Graphics: Modern Warfare 2
    Best Sound: Modern Warfare 2
    Least Lag: Modern Warfare 2
    Smoothest Framerate: Modern Warfare 2
    Best Gameplay: Modern Warfare 2

    I see a lot of you complaining about MW2 being worse because of hacks?

    You sound like Macintosh fans saying that Apple is better than PC because there are less viruses… stupid.

    Hey everyone lets ignore every feature and quality in a game and instead judge it by some insignificant thing like how many cheaters there are.

    • MW2FTW!!!

      lol or it's like saying MP3's are better than Ipods because you can't jailbreak it =P
      MW2 FTW!!!!!!!!

  • MW2 > BO

    MW2 is far more superior in graphics, perks, (Because who uses a tactical mask right?) maps(no BO map can compare to Highrise, Terminal, Favela, etc. basically all),killstreaks(Napalms suck ass, mortars are somewhat helpful, and Blackbirds are so overpowering. I'm complaining about this for the other team because me and my clan have had full games of endless blackbirds.) and guns(Compare any of the SMG's AR's or LMG's). Treyarch took all the fun out of not just quickscoping, but sniping in general. The only thing BO has is the ballistic knife and crossbow, which can be pretty fun to use, and wager matches but it's not much because those aren't the foundation for the best game experience. There's no debate on campers because it depends on the players and the lag depends on your internet and host. The best thing about BO is Zombies. That's it. And for people who would say I hate on the game because I suck, I'm actually better at Black Ops, but Modern Warfare 2 is just way funner. Overall MW2 takes a shit on Black Ops and it has diharrhea.

  • MW2

    I kind of agree with the comment on top of me but MW2 IS WAY BETTER THAN BLACK OPS i hate it when they quickscope me but i still LOVE MW2


    these are arcade-like shooters. designed to be cinematic and accessible. Dont even fucking put call of duty and realism in the same sentence. Half the guns in both games are slag in real life. Just have fun for what they are and not what they lack. be glad that you can pretend to shoot people, rather than actually being in a place plunged in conflict.

  • http://deleted jake

    black ops neads goood graphics like mw2

  • miah

    pussy monster


    MW2 > BLACK OPS COD4 > BLACK OPS black ops is a bad game PERIOD!!!!!

  • eddie

    i think mw2 is a better game i like the maps and the graphics better than black ops

  • mw #1

    i think that black ops was gonna be the best game ever but then i played and went back to mw2

    mw2 takes skill to play and that why its better than black ops

    but the only resson i play black ops is for zoimbes

    • MW2 all the way


  • didi

    black ops rubbish

  • Ganjaman

    MW2 by a landslide. better guns, attachments, perks, gameplay, graphics, maps, oh and not to mention the fact that i never lag or take 10 minutes to find a match. I started with MW loved it moved to 2 loved it even more….played BO for a few days couldnt stand…..just how fucking dissappointing every match was…and how insignificant it was compared to MW2. And the challenge comes more out of playing MW2 simply because anyone who is decent at the game and actually enjoys it and the vast superiousness of MW2 abandons BO and moves back to MW2 making the pool of people playing, in my opinon…a step above the rest of the noob asses still stuck on BO most likely due to thier 12 year old buddy going DUDE BLACK OPS IS SO COOL DUDE HAVE4 YOUR MOM GO BUY IT FOR YOU SO WE CAN PKLAYYYYY!!!! Ide prefer a few decent players to challenge me versus a bunch of childrren….oh and also the knife perk….if you cant roll with the big dawgs whove learned to master the game and its perks, tough shit bro go play BO

  • awesome dude

    MW2 all the way. black ops graphics are blurry and just unrealistic. Where MW2 everything is great the graphics the guns the killstreaks. It also gives you a way better visual of actual war. i mean zombies aren't even real. its a joke. MW2 u got my vote

  • juan

    Is a tool of control both modern warfare games, more so Black ops. Why do you think they call it MOdern WareFAr, Its purpose it for harassem==ment adn conditioning of its players… heres my e-mail shoot me a line. send me a line dont shoot me.

  • TheLeGit$hit

    I would say I like Black Ops better, but only because blops gameplay relies more on gun/aiming skill. I do worse on mw2 because the maps are a lot less linear, more campy. To me, black ops feels more like cod4 than mw2. In both cod4 and blops, I could run around like an idiot and still have a high kdr, whereas if i did that on mw2, I would be food for campers on most maps (except terminal, cod4 map pack). However, mw2 does have superior graphics and runs on a superior engine, even though it is one year older than blops. To me, blops feels like the older game and mw2, the newer.

  • MW2ftw

    Black Ops..

    1. The maps are too miniscule (I CAN'T SNIPE?!?!)
    2. Sniping is shit (still shit after 1.07)
    3. Graphics are..blerh
    4. Hit detection is trash (shot a guy first but he killed me)
    5. Zombies is okay, it's just that if the host quits, the entire lobby shuts down

  • nathanial

    mw2 sucks i have to say black ops is better by far because it doesnt matter about guns if u cant get kills it means u suck. Graphics dont matter either plus all modding warfail is is modding,hacking,camping,tubing,and flat out glitching.If u say black ops is worse because of lag well yeah it lags but mw2 is worse in lag switches and constantly being quick scoped. the only thing black ops is missing is commando.

  • PSN: SkaterDudeJared

    I feel it all depends on what you are looking for in a game. Black Ops has a better selection of weapons and Attack Dogs is pretty cool. The graphics are much better in Modern Warfare 2 though. My Black Ops disc cracked a little over 2 months ago so I've been playing only Modern Warfare 2. The perk setup is much better than Modern Warfare 2 in Black Ops. Overall if you want a MODERN fps with better graphics then Modern Warfare is your game. If you don't mind playing a game set in the 60's and like extras like 'Zombies' and a big selection of weapons and attachments then Black Ops is your game.

  • FRED


  • nyran125

    Its MW2 and Black Ops are still call of duty games… Counter strike owns all of them so… bla lol.

  • Commenter232232

    ok so this kind of tore mote in two.Graphics:MW2 wins easily in this case BO just good not good enough.Campain:BO wins.MW2 i just felt like there was something missing.Love the gallery(meuseum) though.Online:Srry Black Ops but your guns just suck.Like the currency though.MW2 was great online but BO maps were better and MW2 change to money system.Overall:MW2 just barely wins i found the game more filling but BO was a great game.

  • RED

    modern warfare 2 FTW

  • Guest

    Modern Warfare definitly wins ….. why should you have to rank up…. then pay for a gun…… then buy attachments…… either just win money or experience not both. And last time i checked a dog can not kill you by jumping on you however an stealth bomber can tear you up

    • Daraw02

      Its better buying only the guns you play with and the attatchment without having to do extra stuff to get them like in moder warfare 2. In modern warfare 2 lets say you eant the heartbeat sensor. Youll have to first get the kills with the gun  to get the the grenade launcher to un lock the red dot to unlock the silincer then youll have to get the kills with the silencer just to get the heartbeat sinsor. Its easier just buy the attachments that you use. I dont have a problem with doing this I like both games.

    • Daraw02

      Its better buying only the guns you play with and the attatchment without having to do extra stuff to get them like in moder warfare 2. In modern warfare 2 lets say you eant the heartbeat sensor. Youll have to first get the kills with the gun  to get the the grenade launcher to un lock the red dot to unlock the silincer then youll have to get the kills with the silencer just to get the heartbeat sinsor. Its easier just buy the attachments that you use. I dont have a problem with doing this I like both games.

  • blaaaaa

    BO is better with the multiplayer maps because the DLC maps and the program is better but MW2 has better graphics but it gets really boring. If treyarch and infinity wardcould stop arguing and try to work together it would be the best game in the world.

    • SuperBAMF00

      If Treyarch and Infinity Ward worked together, they’d make an arcade-shooter style Battlefield (No, I am NOT hating on CoD) I like CoD because of it’s arcade run around slayin’ em style gameplay, but Battlefield is more strategic.

      Now, on to the actual article’s topic, I’m not sure which I like best. I love Black Ops’ game layout, but I wish they’d kept the perks the same as Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops has less over powered guns, which is nice, but I think (After playing Modern Warfare 2) it takes a little too long to kill someone. Then again, they ARE slower guns. They will take longer to kill. That’s what I think of online. Single player is REALLY hard to choose, because both have great stories. Black Ops is all about Alex’s previous and current life. In Modern Warfare 2, it does the same thing with Roach, Allen, etc, but in the end, everyone you play as eventually dies except for Soap. They brought CoD 3′s character jumps in, but didn’t do it as well. In B-Ops, it’s a little boring, but I think it took longer (Especially if you played on Veteran) but MW2′s story achievements were harder to get.  I’d have to say  Black Ops by a VERY small amount. They balanced the weapons more (Minus the occasional AK74u or Famas) and balanced previous problems (Noob tubing, lag, etc) by making secondary launchers don’t reload with Scavenger, nor do under barrels. I liked that they separated lethal grenades and claymores. I would say get whichever on preference. IF you like fast paced gameplay with not much challenge other than unlocking attachments, get MW2. If you like a bit slower, but a little harder game, get Black Ops.

  • blaaaaa


  • Dustin Randall

    Well here’s what I think….
    Campaign:Well Black Ops does have a good campaign but then, MW2 has a even better one and its way longer so i’ll give that one to MW2.
    Zombies:Well Black Ops is the only one with zombies so hands down MW2 is better…JK Black Ops.
    Multiplayer: Here’s the big one, so in MW2, you rank up and you unlock the guns but you have to unlock attachments which is way hard if your not skilled, but with Black Ops,you get to buy them off the bat and it doesn’t take that long to get the money for them so Black Ops wins Part 1. Multiplayer Gameplay: Definetly MW2 because in MW2 if you shoot some one THERE SHOT but in Black Ops. sometimes, and this has happened to me, you will shoot someone and then theres no hit marker and BTW theres a lot of sniper hitmarkers but in MW2 they don,t have that problem so MW2 wins part 2. Multiplayer Maps: I gotta say there both = in maps and areas to play so tie for part 3. Gameplay Quality: I always thought Black Ops had a way good quality but then i played MW2 and it had about the same quality but a little suckish. In this fight, I think Black Ops only beats it by a little, but then again that doesn’t mean MW2 isn’t good.

    • Niels Schmitz

      soo i realy like your comment. i want to buy mw2 our black ops…. soo i realy like multiplayer but a good single player is also 1 require thing for me…….

      by the makers of COD there are always problems our good SP our a good MP MW2 has a good SP and black ops has a good MP…………… am i right?

  • Dustin Randall

    Well here’s what I think….
    Campaign:Well Black Ops does have a good campaign but then, MW2 has a even better one and its way longer so i’ll give that one to MW2.
    Zombies:Well Black Ops is the only one with zombies so hands down MW2 is better…JK Black Ops.
    Multiplayer: Here’s the big one, so in MW2, you rank up and you unlock the guns but you have to unlock attachments which is way hard if your not skilled, but with Black Ops,you get to buy them off the bat and it doesn’t take that long to get the money for them so Black Ops wins Part 1. Multiplayer Gameplay: Definetly MW2 because in MW2 if you shoot some one THERE SHOT but in Black Ops. sometimes, and this has happened to me, you will shoot someone and then theres no hit marker and BTW theres a lot of sniper hitmarkers but in MW2 they don,t have that problem so MW2 wins part 2. Multiplayer Maps: I gotta say there both = in maps and areas to play so tie for part 3. Gameplay Quality: I always thought Black Ops had a way good quality but then i played MW2 and it had about the same quality but a little suckish. In this fight, I think Black Ops only beats it by a little, but then again that doesn’t mean MW2 isn’t good.

  • Skatersiard

    mw2 is beast. black ops is ok but mw2 is better hands down

  • Niels Schmitz

    by the way you dont know wich game is better it’s your choos the first person loves MW2 and the other loves black ops soooo…..

    all those threads are your own experians

  • stacy marie

    black ops is wayyyyyy better..mw2 is good but not as good as black ops

    • Honey11168

      u r right

  • Pur3n00dl3s

    black ops has zombieez

  • Pur3n00dl3s

    black ops has zombieez