Facebook Update v1.9 for BlackBerry: Brings Places


By Posted 11 Nov 2010, 19:14

We have good news for BlackBerry users now, as it seems as though the Facebook application has been updated to v1.9 that now comes with the ‘Places’ feature, plus many other vast improvements that make your Facebook browsing a lot better.

The obvious one to talk about first would be the addition of ‘Facebook Places.’ This feature is already present on the iPhone and Android version of the application, and has been for some considerable time.

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Now BlackBerry users can ‘check in’ on selective locations by choosing from Nearby Places in a 1.25 mile radius, add places that do not exist, and tag friends in the check in as well as adding comments.

Other features that Facebook v1.9 for BlackBerry now comes with allow you to search for people and pages, find mutual friends, view profiles by thumbnails, send friend requests, messages and even poke.

A full changelog will be added soon.

Have you downloaded Facebook v1.9 for BlackBerry yet? How are you finding the additions?