COD Black Ops Zombies: Your Best / Highest Level So far?

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If you were a fan of the zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War, then the chances are that you’re already playing the new zombie mode in Black Ops more than the main multiplayer mode.

If you are one of these gamers, then we would like to hear your progress on zombies so far, either on the Kino Der Toten, or Five zombie maps – how far have you managed to get?

From my brief experience so far, it seems as if zombies this time around are much harder, probably because after the first round of dogs, you start getting crawler zombies which are harder to kill, harder to spot, and they also seem to take great pleasure from distracting you from the rest of zombies running towards you.

Personally, I havent got too far with zombies yet, only around level 13-14 since most of the time was spent figuring out the map and the countless routes and doors to open – I’m sure you have managed a lot better with your friends.

Just like World at War, it seems almost impossible to get to the later rounds of zombies unless you have a headset and are communicating with friends, otherwise it just leads to chaos.

Are you loving zombies so far or getting bored of it? Let us know your highest levels so far, and any tips you might have for others.

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  • DDA

    They made it sooo much harder and those crawler things are sooo annoing..they never should have added them.

    • Joe

      ik those little motherfuckers are annoying

    • blackopglich

      level 41 and rising

    • Buddy

      The crawling gas zombies only come if you turn on the power people! Also if you camp in the ally with some friends the crawling zombies don't come there IF: you don't open the door of the room that is really close to the starting theatre point, you have one person watching the fence right bellow that door that you don't want to open, the others go on the stairs or on the ground in front of the stairs (you need someone at both, not everyone can fight effectively on the stairs and you have to watch the back of the guy who is guarding the fence.

    • Dave

      I’ve made it to level 24 sinleplayer nd the only reason i die is cuz i run outta ammo

      • LOgan

        same bro but im 25 twice on solo kino. i normaly run out of quik revives to and end up just scraping through in terms of points for the box or juggernog

      • nun yo buisness

        u lie just buy a new gun

    • Eric

      k me and my bro were playing and we made it to round 26 with only me and him but the key is…MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!! kkk i over screamed but really the ball room is the 2 room you open up stairs and on like round ehh 15 too infinit you need power on but after like 5 seconds of being in ball room you turn on auto turret then a guy throws a MONKEY!!!! and you run to the teleporter room or A.K.A theater room but then when things get bad you turn on that turret then when you in the packa-punch room you chuck granades then you'll pop up in the room that you started in then quickly run up stars to the first room up stairs then wait till guys come then turn trap on like the one in the hall way then you cheak your back the trap with always kill every single thing that comes into it the trap last pretty long but always get a crawler and also always always!!!!! link the teleport just remember watch your 6! so have fun with that and make sure your guns are leveled! :) have fun :from Eric the 10 year old who plays Vidio games all the times.

    • E.c.R nlee9

      i got to level 50 BUT i used infinite health and ammo on the pc with the zuess cannon friend me on steam for a hacked zombie lobby E.c.R nlee9

      • EternalNinja0

        What fun is the game if you can't die? I seriously can't understand how people find it fun if they are hacking/cheating… If there's no challenge I find it boring…

    • Willzee

      well, theyre good. coz then youd have less actual zombies, and the crawlers are much easier to kill, just be weary of there gas…

    • Spivey77

      whats the farthest round you got to

    • John Keith

      if anyony needs help with getting to a good round add me on xbox 360 Xx PUZZZLES xX i have played all zombie mape and the minimum level iv got to is 34 and that was just me and one other mate of mine

      • jacob

        add me pllea, i need some good coopreative(probably spelt wrong) people to play zombies with. too many people who try to clutch it and think team work is bunk.

        • jacob

          didnt make it clear pllea is my 360 gamer tag=]

    • bill

      i know dude

  • pico

    in the five level their is a jack ass that will take your best gun

    • Gakew

      Gakew (PICO!!!! as in king pico?) and na doesnt take ur best gun it takes the gun that u have equip.

    • montybra

      kill him and he wont take it

    • Bobby

      just swich to your crappy gun.

    • sami

      He wont take your best gun..he takes the gun your are holding so if you have a ray gun and winter howl (freeze ray) best of holding the one least likely to help kill the Pentagon Theif ;)

    • MAD PROWLER413

      he only takes the gun you have out at the time and if you kill him you will get it back

    • kiki

      retard your not supposed to use your best gun.

    • John

      run in circles on the cat walk while the other three shoot

  • Sam

    Level 8 or 9, but I guess I had communication problem, can't seem to use
    my mic… But only in the zombie mode.
    Anyway, I got the power on In both maps. But five gets crazy hard when you get to the lab.
    The map is HUGE I have absolutely no I idea were to go, or find a good spot to defend.
    Doesn't seem to find a magic box. Anyway had a great time. But I need to find experienced players. Some guys really just don't know what to do…
    It's harder, and without the wonderwaffle!

    • hunter

      no wonder waffle

      • jorge

        yea they didnt put the wonderwaffle in but i think the thundergun or zues cannon is might be better

      • guy

        you guys sound like dempsey when he calls the wunderwaffe the wonderwaffle

    • Matt

      heyyy brahhh add me if you have xbox live im ok at it

    • Josh

      You unlock all the debris and blocked off crap in the main lab on the bottom floor, and u run around in a big circle, sprinting past zombies you think will intersect you until you have a big horde following you and make sure you don't kill any of them until they are all spawned, just kill ones right in your face and look ahead, walk at walking pace so they can keep up with you but if you are gonna get cut off, sprint or shoot, after they have rounded them up stop at choke points like behind the stairs and headshot them all. Rinse repeat, and get more ammo before you have less than 20 bullets.

    • keith

      the box is down stairs when you take the elevater it coat 1200 to open the door to the box

      • guy

        its a box that appears anywhere where i found it was in the labs near a dead guy

    • jackson

      Sam do you have a PS3 cause if you do my name is Commander2929 send me and invite! Btw round 32 kino and round 24 "Five".

  • Jason

    Round 13. Kino Der Toten

    This new zombies seems much harder than previous. The only strategy that I have found that works is just continuously running around the map after all doors are unlocked.

    • Rory

      There is one spot i have found that works to hold out at is you open the downstairs door then go outside open the fence in the back and go upstairs you should have three guys at least one for each window and one for the stairs made it to 18 last night on that map could of went farther but one of the people i was with screwed me but it does work as long as you got the players

    • Matt

      when you start out if you go up the stairs and circle all the way around to the alley and camp in the alley you can make it far… me and 3 of my frds just played it and got to round 38… but when you are camping in the alley( use an LMG) save up enough to turn the power on and teleport to upgrade your weapons and then just camp in the alley( Pray for max ammo while killing zombies)

    • mike

      I got to level 42 and it is insanely hard

    • Raven JOSEPH

      I got to round 42 on solo in Kino De Toten i used the run technique it can get you really far. camping will only get you killed allways get perks like juggernaut and quick reload and at about round 25 get the double tap it will help put them down easy. If you wanna play wit me on xbox live my GT is Saucy Life H4L

    • Michael

      Wave 18. Five. Had to resort to using my freaking knife and grenades!

    • osufansince94

      level 54 solo bitches

      • ROMPILATOR_420

        Solo is much easier to get to a higher level as long as you know how to guide the zombies and lead them in circles. And in the level five when you go down that first elevator to get to the defcon room where the double tap and juggernaught are at and remove all the barriers downstairs so you can run around in circles. Note: you can stay in the defcon room the whole time except when upgrading your gun or going to the mystery box. Another note: always get juggernaught first!!!!!!!! Especially before any other perk

        • jamel

          how do u get the map "five"?

        • Nick

          Enter the code 3arc unlock or beat the campaign.

    • Nick

      I made it to round 34 on KINO DER TOTEN just by running in circles in the theater to the upstairs room.Actually i would link the teleporter before i kill the last zombie of a round then when all the zombies start coming at me i would teleport also killing all the zombies that where close to me then i would run in circles. I do this for every round and it works pretty good.

      • Manchild9292

        I just got to level 32 on KINO DER TOTEN last night. Its nuts how tough the zombies are. Aim for the head.

    • matt

      round 25 kino

  • Thug

    Lvl 18..

    • khristian

      ive made it to round 28 on five and 27 on kino der toten

  • jaireci_ice420

    definetly harder with the crawler zombies, lvl 24 kino der toten

    • xxavier

      what was ur stategy?

    • Ivyer

      Do you know the best spot to camp? or best way to get to lvl 24. I have only done it to lvl 17

      • Eric

        Ok these are the steps I did and do when playing zombies.. I have reached level 30

        First round let zombies tear everything down and shoot them 2-3 times then knife once they’re dead rebuild your window. Repeat this until round 3. At the end of round 3 whoever has the least amount but OVER $750 unlock the upstairs door then whoever has the most money unlock the next door right after. USUALLY THE GUN BOX IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS! if not don’t worry because when you get in that room you stay there till about level 6-9 whatever you feel when to move and turn power on. ALSO MATTERS ABOUT MONEY. after you turn the power on go to where the juggernaut machine is and everyone buy it. And don’t move! Camp that corner there only one way in and with 4 people shooting all at once a zombie coming through is hard. PLUS! ** if you do get the gun box and upgrade weapons that are good make sure to camp with everyone in this corner.

        EX- my party had 3 ray guns upgraded and the other had 2 lmg upgraded. Instead of all shooting the ray gun we cycled, one person used the ray gun until empty then someone else used their ray gun until empty. If all 3 ray guns are empty run and turn traps on, also what I forgot to mention which I’m sorry for is when campin in the jug corner make sure after each round person with most money turn the turret on right before a zombie comes to him so the turret will be on as long as possible an killing as long as possible. If you do this and everything works out you can get FAR IN ZOMBIES.. but remember, SAVE AMMO because once about level 20-25 if you find ammo then god is looking after you because that’s the hardest thing to do is find max ammo

        • joey

          are you suppose to do anything after turning power on? i started teleporting around, but it doesnt seem to make a difference

        • kenny

          the way i see it is everything has to die exept u so why not …. my advice is to kill anything and everything in your path link the teloporter and get the heck outta the lol i made it to round 44 solo with the jugg speedy cola tapp tapp and revive but im just a beast so lol i just move to a room and kill the zombies that follow u to that room just remember to watch your back or else the zombies will tea bag the crap outta u

  • jjsmoke1985

    just got to 22 in "five" 150th overall in points now…..tryin to figure out a way to avoid that scientist fucker from takin' my gun….any ideas???

    • shadokiller097

      get instant kill and yoy can kill him in one shot or other wise i dont know of any other way to kill the pentogon thief. also if you kill him before he steals your gun its an achivment.

      • kneary123

        one person run other person shoot he dies in 10 ray gun shots

    • Guest

      That's what the trap is for I'm assuming. Lure him into it when he comes and turn it on. Costs 1000 to turn it on. The part is in the war room on the floor in a corner.

    • Tone

      go to the deafcon level…the middle level before he comes. When he runs up the stairs(if you're with two people) hes going to get one of you…let him take your crappy gun and then he will teleport back to the deafcon room to chase the other person. Follow him into that teleporter and when your partner is running around the balcony run the opposite direction and put some lead into that scientist till he dies. Ray gun works great, so does the Winters Owl. Got to level 28 yesterday using the elevator strategy…never leave the elevator.

      • j.c.o.c

        I know haha i got to level 37 with four friends. You just camp yourselves in the elevator and when too many zombies come, turn it on. once you get the mystery box you turn on all the defcons and upgrade your weapons. Oh and the best way to kill the scientist is to let him take your gun and then just chase him and shoot him. I don’t know any strategies to kill him except to light him up.

    • Stevo

      who can kill the scientist just everbody spray, i have made it to lvl 24 no cheats 4 people. we would have made it farther but we all ran out of ammo, and of corse thers never any max ammos

    • evaneo876

      have ur pistol out

    • BMX

      let him take ur crap gun and also me and friend were in 1st room with big tables he managed to keep running round as i was shooting tw@tentist in the back

    • murphinoff

      go to the beggin part of the level and run around the table while shootin him he will take ur gun but make sure u got the 6 shooter hand gun or the ray gun that will take him out. its better with two people he will drop max ammo and a tag that says sale. the second time he comes do the same thing pick up the tag and run to the portal it will bring u to the defcon room and go to the wall to upgrade ur gun it only costs a 1000 points but u can only do one gun each

    • baller

      the bowie knife you can buy off the wall in one of the lab rooms works well, keep chasing him and knife him with that probably about 8 times and he's dead. you get your gun back and max ammo

    • josh

      you need to follow him and he will go one by one and take all of you everyone, one at a time follow him then blast him at the end to unlock mad money

    • noob

      GET THE QUICK REVIVE FIRST. when his music comes on be in front of the teleporter, and cook a grenade, youll go into last stand with 2 crazy powered pistols and kill him right away, and keep your guns

    • ashley

      you shoot him and you get them back, takes good aim tho and you have to follow him

    • Collin Buchanan

      are you playing right now

    • Bojankety

      having the mad scientist take a weapon is inevitable. Switch out to you weakest weapon. However if your team works together it is possible to kill him and get your guns back. Knifing him repeatedly while chasing him seems to work pretty good.

    • A Random Guy

      The best way to avoid it would be clamores placed inside a place which would be like your safezone, also, if he's on you, right before he takes your gun, pull a grenade. He will take the grenade instead of your gun.

    • sandman

      go buy the mistry box and wen he takes ur gun get a diffrent one

    • demonwarrior81

      if your playing with a group of four, get to the defcon room early. keep a crawler as the last zombie alive. You and ur teammates hit the box get decent guns make sure one person gets crossbow well try to and upgrade it. most powerful guns out of the group watches door and other to watch the two windows. pack a punch weapons as soon as u can. when the scientist comes he will come through the portal in that room as soon as he steals ur weapon light him up….person with crossbow should have sleight of hand with this pop him twice and should kill him.. killhim before he gets everyones weapon and ya'll will get them back

    • zombiekillerzz

      if you have a good gun like a famas or machine gun, switch to a crappy gun like a pistol or a m14 and let him take that, then go at him with your good gun.

      also, having a mic to communnicate ( with freinds are best ) is good for telling people were the theif is so they can also witch to crappy guns, then you can all take him on with good guns and kill him and get your crappy guns back, plus some points and gives you mystery boxes free 4 a few moments.

      hope my advice helped :)

    • khristian

      pull out your lightess gun run around in the lab get all your teamates to shoot him even know u cant see him you can still shoot him if u play zombies u have to cumnicate with your teamates

    • leo8491

      buy a crappy gun then let him take that one and u keep your best

    • Tygermad


      I can easily achieve lvl 34-38 in Kino and on Five make sure that you are on the mezzanine floor out side the war room and run round in circles. If more than one is playing as you run round encourage the other players to shoot the prof as you run around. Its easier than you think with practice

    • shadowfox

      if your in single player you by a self revive and go to the big elevator that has the metal grating and when you here the beebing down yourself with a grenade and shoot him with your pistols if that doesnt work u did somthing wrong ……….. good luck

    • pmj

      run around the top of the war room and let your friends shoot him, he'll still take damage if you shoot the number aura, kill him before he takes any weapons and you get bonfire sale, pack a punch gets lowered to 1000, iv done it

  • Dave

    Level 9
    How do you unlock the other levels? :-s

    • Gingerado

      on the main menu look down and tap R2 and L2 than go to the computer and type 3arc unlock, zork, doa

    • cory

      you have to complete campain in order to unlock the second map dont know about the third

    • Kelly

      use the cheat 3arc unlcok and youll unlock the other 2 levels

    • noah

      go to the main menu hit LT and RT and youll break out go to the comuter behind you and type in "3arc unlock"

    • Gingerado

      die dude

  • Derek

    Just got to lvl 27 tonight on kino der toten, 4 players. Stuff is nuts.

    • Stevo

      were did u stay and camp it out

    • fffffff


    • griffin

      me and my friend got to level 34.. its tough but the two of us just started at the portal then would run in a lap around the map and turn and shoot from time to time.. it works, best thing we've figured to do so far

    • urbanbearjew

      agree just got to lvl 21 last alive

    • jesse

      got to lvl 26, as the three of us. kino der toten….easy as hell. my bro ran the wrong direction

    • guest

      i made it to 27 by myself

  • luis

    Round 13. Kino Der Toten

    2 players

    i lv zombies

    • xXNiNjA DaV1DXx

      Lvl 28 kino could have gone further but host left game! Of course I own zombies my name shown is my xbox live name add me for intense rounds of zombies

  • Cram_It

    round 9 on kino der toten, solo, map is hugh .

  • thc

    lv 20 Kino der toten solo

    • david odom

      how many level r there, im on 20

  • Jim

    Get a lucky instant kill to get the pentagon thief

  • joe

    when that guy comes and takes your gun chase him down and kill him you will get max ammo and your gun back helps if you have the speed pop

    • greg "dece" brigg

      If you kill him before he can get a gun you get the "Hands off the merchandise" acheivement and get 1000 point upgrades. Every teleporter will take you to the PaP room. Best strategy is to get the smg, then hold near the first elevator, one guy watches hall, other watches two windows on either side. Once you have around 12,000 points each go all the way to the basement and tun on power, buy random guns, upgrade then go back to the top elevator and repeat the process until you have everything you need. Just made it to 30 on 2 player. Had upgraded ray guns each, one upgraded winters howl, and one upgraded china lake. Both had every drink and the bowie knife. NOTHING MORE TO BUY. Also had the upgrade for the electric field. and monkey grenades. Fact is the strategy works great. For 4 player, have two watch either window and the other two watch the hall. If you ever get into trouble just ride the elevator down and back up, they dissapear and come back slowly. Also there is a red phone near the quick revive, hold X, there is another one in the power room, hold x at it , and the last one is in the PaP Room, it unlocks the hidden song for those who dont know.

  • billy

    i got to level 31 with 3 ppl its some crazy shit

  • PJAY

    Seeing as the level count is slowing increasing with each post
    I got to level 39

    • evaneo87


      • brennan


        • ^dumb


    • death

      yo im level 32 on five if u play 5 hit me up deathcureslife ps3

  • Guest

    Here's our Pentagon/Dead Presidents strategy so far: Do about 5 levels in the first room, then open the door, get the SMG. Open the elevator, but don't go down. Do a few levels in the hallway, then try to throw a grenade and get a crawler. Once you have a crawler, it's game on, because you all have a ton of money now. Get in the elevator, go down to the war room, unlock the lower level of the war room, then unlock the elevator, go down, unlock all the rooms in the science lab area, get some good weapons, turn the power on, come back up to the top level after getting the trap piece in the war room (on the floor somewhere). Then just kick ass all day long till you die.

    • sola2k

      Thats what i do except, after getting the box, got back to the elevator which takes you all the way to the top, go to the top but stay pretty much right in front of the elevator (helps if theres 3 people) have 1 person stand next to each window and someone in front sort of forming a rough triangle, this way you can defend the windows and the hallway at the same time, and if shit gets rough bail back into the elevator, chuck some nades and take the elevtator back down to the main room, zombies will come from left and right so spray some bullets/nades and go back up. The zombies will be waiting near the back of the hallway so yeah keep doing this. we managed to get to level 26 (fucking epic at this point) with 3 people.
      I have a good strategy for keno too

  • Rory

    Something i found out on five is that if you activate the elevator if some zombies happen to be in there with you they dont attack until the doors open again. I did it on the second elevator not the first not sure if it makes a difference

  • Zombiefan

    Round 37 by myself on Keno. It was crazy.

    • jebus

      sure you did. LIAR

      • Viedo

        Yeah and i farted gold dust this morning.

    • Yamdogz

      @Zombiefan Its not impossible guys, you just need to be above average at zombies and you will get way further in solo mode then you ever will online. If you consider yourself good then try solo with a good strategy. I personally suck but I've seen players get to round 40 and above solo.

      • james

        ive gotten to 41 on kino its easy with ther upgreaded colt and tunder gun just run on the first part of the stage and wait until all the horde of xombies is chasing you then turn round and booom one shot with the zues cannon kills them all

      • ggg

        its true i just got to level 39 on solo and im not that great at the game, just get one of those air gun things and get the zombiesto chaseyou around the stage till they all spawn, then turn around where you turn the power on and shoot them all… just remember not to open the sidestage door its the only one you shouldnt

    • Yezzr

      got to 31 solo on Kino

    • Solidpnk

      Hey bro , if you think reaching level 32 by yourself think again.
      I have all trophies I need something else to keep me playing.I stumble upon this blog and cought my attention. I read some of the comments and I saw that someone made it through round 42. My reaction was surprised. So I decided to top of his survival and well I did this offline since I had no Internet during that time which was several weeks ago. I started around 5pm and finished around 11:30 pm.
      by 10:50 I was in round 45. Those zombies and crawlers have a armor of a juggernaut ! That was my toughest fight in zombies and longest. But I'm glad to say I made it over the other guys record of 42 round. Good luck!

    • JDog

      Imade it to round 43 by myself

  • bullbutter

    @Zombiefan That is bull!

    • country

      hell yea thats bullshit. no way to get 37 by yourself

      • dildo


    • jbrock

      yea i'm with ya.thats some bs

      • jjs

        its really not BS at all. i got to level 35 by myself on kino. you just have to know what to do. once you figure it out its easy for any moderate player to get to level 25 and above by themselves

        • mroberts

          haha still havent managed past 10 on solo :(

        • goldenguatemala

          just run around the right half of the map in a circle, its not impossible, i got to 31 myself doing that. i could have kept going but i ran out of ammo half way through the level and had to keep using the teleporter and run around avoiding zombies….. they finnaly trapped me :(

        • Bianca

          Yep thats true i got to level 31 by myself. Its a lot easier doing it solo because when I play with 3 other people they usually just hold me back…especially when I have to revive them all the time.

        • Connor

          i agree jjs, all you gotta do is basically run, shoot and places traps after round 26 onwards. make sure you have the teleporter ready for the next round and always leave a crawler arounddd

        • Nik

          ya its true….i had a ray gun and thunder gun, both upgraded and it was fairly easy really


      No way 37 by yourself

    • lachlan

      it is very possible mate there is less zombies when ur by urself, trust me it makes things easier

    • x ViiSioNsRambo

      Got to round 74 solo, douche. Tis easy, just go to the room with speed cola, and making sure you have juggernog just lead all zombies around circularly around the stairs. watching out for stray crawlers that lose track of the main group.

      • Anonoymus

        Nope, the world record is level 69 solo. If you have proof make a video >_>

    • Tpot19

      It is not actually, my friend got to 37 playing by himself, he just played it carefully, doing the method I described, taking up 3 hours.

    • Melinda FedUp Goddard

      Not bullshit, my husband has made it to level 36 solo. Do you relize how many glitches there are ???? Come one. Look on youtube to see.

    • lol

      your an idiot friend made it to 39 himself ive made it 34 with 2 players that shit is easy once you do the loops if everyone runs the loops exactly the same next to each other… over and over again you wont die at all… kino der toten is a very nooby map. perfect 2 player strategy is first person has crossbow and machine gun pack a punched should be able to do both by lvl 10 if you dont waste your money most likely the mp40 hit till you get monkeys and the 2nd player uses a ray gun pack a punched and a machine gun. or if your very experienced with 1 shots. use a pack a punched sniper.. sounds like bull but i watched a guy in my party of 3 using it from 12-23 and he destroyed with it. for all of you who have made it to only around 10-15 once you get the power on with teleporter and juggernog run loops ( dont know what loops are? check youtube black ops zombie loop) its the best and only strategy that guarentees you live if you dont screw up. and no im not bullshitting check leaderboards. even add me if you want ill get you to 30 easy and even 30 is nothing one friend of mine i met randomly made it to 51 needless to say i think it was somebody elses abount since we only made it to 21…. lame but if you have any questions or anything send a message ill be glad to help. zongo1 on xbox live.

    • john

      i got to round 42 by myself…

  • D-Ray

    35 restless and non stop hell… Four guys on Kino Der Toten

    WE got to the point where we had to run every round just to survive. So many zombies that if you just stopped for even a second the horde would be upon you. And worse is that crawlers made it much worse, most guns have to discharge a whole clip to destroy just one of them… we spent an hour on level thirty… what ended us on level 35 was the fact that even dogs became nearly impossible to kill. We could not run fast enough and there were way to many zombies and dogs. 6 in half hours of constant team work and we still were destroyed.

    • bay

      you played for 6 and a half hours!? if thats true you gotta get some sun

      • Nik

        theres no way…took me an hour to get to 27…died cause i got bored and stopped paying attention

  • ZACK


    • Rizzler1

      the pentagon theif isnt on kino der totenit its only FIVE mate

    • anonymous


      • John


        • TTU

          why are you yelling?

  • braden

    hitme up getwr3ked69

    • brad

      no hit me up psfanboy65

  • Brendan

    Lv 37 in Kino Der Toten, my buddy and i got to 64 on Der Reise

    • andrew

      how long did 64 take ?????????????????????

      • McCloskey

        theres a glitch on one of them

    • Hannibal

      probably cheating no les

  • Wiliam

    29 with 2 people on der toten. if you go up and to the right to open the first door and work your way around the best place to hold up is outside on the opposite side of the stage and dont open the door back inside. one person can guard window next to the staircase and the other shoot until reload and then you just switch places pretty efficient if you have good guns.

    Has anyone gotten this winters howl gun yet?

    • Anonymous

      I have. It is really pretty crazy, especially considering you can use it while downed.

      • d man

        whats dat
        how do u get it

    • dude

      Yea i got the winters howl yesterday it slowly freezes zombies then u shatter them

    • dan

      thank u ill try that

    • rathis hawk

      yeah my friend got the gun when we were playing 2 player on five. got to round 14 damm scientist guy took our good guns away

    • some guy

      I got the Winter's Howl on four player. I actually got it right before a thief round, but me, thinking ahead, switched it with the MP5K so it would steal that. Then when I respawned behind it I just blasted the buhjeezus out of it till it died.

    • mole78

      i managed to get to round 44 on kino der toten
      i used upgraded ray gun and upgraded thunder cannon
      after about round 35 they become allmost impossibal to kill with any guns but them
      and those guns fail after a while

      bloody hard

    • christian

      level 48 solo. i got both alien guns. and monkeys. pack a punch and juga not im only 12

    • pop goes the pig

      yes it not that good but when you get in like 15 20 it helps but erler lvl its point less

    • cade

      im playing right now and i'm at 52 with 22 deaths playing solo

      • slimjim

        How do you have 22 deaths idiot? You only get one life?

  • bullshitter

    got level 5000 on solo. wel easy.

    • Ground153

      well thats a big load of bull because if u were going solo you would have to have a one shot one kill gun with unlimited ammo and the fact that u dont have slight of hand onj zombies means that it is impossible to get to level 5000 so u were just cought in a lie

      • nom nom

        shut up ground hes joking?lol :L

      • james

        fail there is sleight of hand on zombies

      • Diesel

        You do have sleight of hand tho. Its called speed cola.

  • Jean-Luc

    12. I don't play Zombie Mode often.

    See me? Kill me. Fullyencrypted

  • howtoon psn

    dude you gotta hit all the death con switches and open the presidential room pack a punch machine inside on pentagon it only stays open for a lil while but you can let yourself get locked in its safe for a lil bit, and on kino der toten you gotta teleport to the packa punch machine but be careful it teleports you out automatically after like 30seconds.

    • Diesel

      correction – DEF CON

  • Lewis

    Made it to level 22 on “five ”

    Using a mini-gun with unlimited ammo

    • classified

      how do you get the minigun with unlimited ammo

  • Yayo

    Me and my buddy made it to 22 tonight just runnin around shootin

  • thomas

    just got the the secomd floor n use the traps on the bit** as* theif!

  • branch

    omg i thought i was a pro when i reached lvl 10 u guys r sick plz add me im branch0warren on Xbox the only thing keeping me from progressing r the guys i play with randomly online plz any pro out there add me and i will be ur bitch in the game ull be my commander ill obey orderz

    • grb baby

      ur a weird guy

    • Tyler Moore

      Add me if you want My gt is Tyler Moore… kinda nubie ik but oh well, my best is level 32 with one other person

    • aaron

      that was bizzare. are you a gluten for a punishment from some dude?

  • Jonas

    Upgraded the small alien looking gun that shoots green circles. It was sooooo powerful. Me and 2 other players hung out in the first room you u lock under the stairs. On level 16 I was able to handle the entire hallway coming into the room by myself with the upgraded weapon while my partners took the windows. Ended up dying on level 17 as we ran out of ammo Tips: if at all possible, hole up in the room that has the war chest so new weapons are readily available. Leave one zombie alive at the end of each round to give everyone a chance to get new weapons and perks. Once everyone is set, kill the last zombie to progress to the next round. Good luck and F those zombies up!

    • alan fairfield

      hey the green alien gun that shoots green circles is called a ray gun. it is a one hit kill until round 20 but when upgraded it is a red laser and a one hit kill until round 40. fun fact: the ray gun has UNLIMITED range.

  • NewbHero

    only gotten up too level 11 with 4 ppl, were trying to find ppl better then us to play with…cuz we seem to be better then most of the ppl we play with anyway i dont know how thats possible. me n my cuz do really good team work but the other guys seem to always go their own way :/
    hit us up if you guys are good we need to play with ppl better then us so we can get farther!

    • y0000

      sup! add me on PS3: NL-Mr_Marcus

  • PRO


    • Girlin2games

      Hi PRO, I also got to level 40 (but playing solo) – where is this so-called "secret room"? I'm assuming ur talking about Kino Der Toten, and you went upstairs and not in the alleyway and you opened up all the rooms linking through to the stage/theater to the original room?

  • steve

    I got to level 131. err i mean 13. It is very hard, no joke. I always liked to find a place to defend and attempt to bottleneck the zombies, but you really cant in these maps, atleast i dont think so. Still playing around with it though. I made it to round 29 on der riese by myself. I know that there are people out their way better than me, but i was pretty proud of that. Zombie killin is always a good time, no matter what the outcome is.

  • Abe

    Made it to level 28 with just me and my friend :D we ran out of ammo lol :D

  • WhiteCReamjyZZ

    me and my boi made it to round 42 at kdt. but itts hard and a new zombie comes out after 40 and he is one big mutha #$%$%$

    • ever

      are the new zombies that big?

      • james

        no new zombie comes after round 40 you bser

  • D'Oh

    To the genius who lied about making a crawler and unlocking everything… Crawlers die if they are not damaged for 20 seconds.

    • nom nom

      Do they?We had a crawler for like 2 mins yesterday before we killed him :o

    • kriss

      i've had a crawler that lasted alot longer than 20 seconds 4 people used the mystery crate multiple times each before WE killed it

      explain that genius

      • Greg

        yeah, that guy is an idiot he doesnt know what he's talking about…usually the crawlers can last about 5 minutes

    • Red

      One of your teammates probably shot it then, because I've had crawlers that we've drug around the map for 5 minutes or more when using the box, getting pack-a-punches, and perks. As long as you don't drag it past a claymore, through a trap, or shoot it, It will keep on crawling.

      • bromo

        its a distance thing – they can die if you move too far away from them, otherwise they will last indefinitely. 31 on kino 2 players, ray gun and zeus cannon and hk and rpk, but only 13 on five 2 players

    • Blackas

      No they don't, bloody fool

  • john

    level 42 "five" is my highest. and to kill the scientist when you hear the music strasting to play and you see the red numbers starting to float then have everyone shoot towards the numbers, 9/10 times you kill him (with a heavy gun)

  • ross

    lvl 7 my highest in half a dozen tries^^

  • bking24

    Got to lvl 25 with two people in kino … had upgraded pistol and upgraded ray gun (unstoppable) …524 kills and partner had 500.. it was a sight to see

  • SKjMPY

    Level 18.

    2 Players.

    We entered the backstage from the door nearest the power switch. One man watches the furthest window from the switch the other stands near where the magic box is, looking towards the door, and the zombies from the door and window will line up to be slaughtered.

  • bestCOD7player

    All you are Noob I got to 2nd Round
    yea yea I'm so pro thanks

  • Champn0s

    Yes crawlers survive most of the time so always use tem, usually about lvl 8 gives time to build up your cash. Lvl 22 here, out of ammo and mystery box kept giving garbage!

  • Orem

    Round 10 Solo

    Got killed by those fucking crawlers!

  • andrew

    wats the longest sum1 has played on black ops zombies any level sum1 got to 64 and died 46 mins into the round. they must of been playin for like 19 hours.

    even w.o.w.

    • GPHI


      • james

        no its not glitching the worlds highest is 67 with vidoe proof it on youtube by a guy called i pro syndicate

  • Leo

    level 32 by myself on Kino Der Toten, used claymores until round 25 where it got to the point where claymores were useless. traps were really usefull for escapes and i got the thunder cannon 3 times from mysteryboxes. (zeus cannon after pack-a-punched.)

    Try to leave 1 zombie (preferably any slow moving one) then go round fixing all the barricades.
    Dogs were easy until the later rounds where i had to camp with a pack-a-punched AUG. round 32 was near impossible, zombies took 10+ bullets with almost all guns, got a pack-a-punched LAW which STILL didnt do any good, eventually after many laps i was surrounded with no way out, died, revived and died again after using the last of my Zeus cannon rounds.

    TIP: with 4 players you really shouldn't split up your group in the later rounds. stay together and fight the zombies from all directions.

    TIP: if your playing solo running laps works well…..for a while. hahaha

    • Dave

      man i hear u on the laps strategy, made it to 18 w a couple other ppl doin that. the first door i like to open is the one upstairs b/c you can get to the stakeout shotgun than way. i saw a couple ppl try to camp out by the door between the dressing room and the stage, they would stay in on the dressing room side and use the electric trap when things got crazy. this only works up until a certain point though…

      hit me up on ps3 i'm lookin for legit players BiffDibble

    • Raondell Jenkins

      I picked up a red pack sack from one of the bottom floors in one of the lockers.
      Do you know what it was for? Also what is the best way to kill the Theif?

  • awesome

    Got to level 32 passed about half of level 31 with no ammo kept teleporting and running around….Did this with two people but i was by myself like all of level 32

  • Joe

    Its Just too hard.

    • gman n nky

      Playing 3-4 players @ The Zombie Theater: One person holds down the middle isleway leading to the stage w/ the best gun or with the gun on the tri-pod on the stage. Then, one guy holds it down to the right and one guy holds it down to the left. The right (coming f/ the electric room) seems to need the most help. The box moves but you can really rack up the pts in the Theater. Speedy cola, mystery box (sometimes) and pack a punch machine are right there in the same room which is nice. What we can't figure out is why the hell does the 1st mystery box location continually move?? This shoots every pre-game plan out the window and you have to keep a slow walker (NOT a crawler, they die) just to explore! Careful, if you get too close to the "slow walker" he turns into Usain Bolt and runs after your ass! We are very experienced zombag killaz and have only got to like level 15 or so. But we are always trying to find new guns, strongholds and perks. This is the best place we've found so far…..

  • Hannibal

    get that one gun with burst and scope upgraded and teleport to pap eventually. pick um off effeicently. solo 22. KDT. Just finished campaign. saw intro to Five and shut down for the night. Pretty sweet but can i get the original zombies in a DLC some how. i sold waw and pretty bummed after the gamestop dousche told me that hardened was a waste of money. Sumbitch. anyway. I died cause i ahd the reg ballistic knife and the revive machinge disappeared. COULDNT SWITCH FAST ENOUGH FoR ZEUS CANNON!!!

  • Ty

    Round 2147 kino der toten, 5 and dead ops

  • WaelParadox

    level 13, kino der toten, solo mode

  • McCloskey

    me and anther guy just got to 30 on der toten it was so intense. we came up with a beast strategy that helped us go on until we ran out of ammo which is when we died

  • Oc Canoes

    Well my friends and I have just got it, and we have never done that lan thing or anything so we just play 2 player..

    And my mate Ryan and I got to level 21 on 2 player at Kino der Toten…

    For those trying to get far, you need ray guns or wonderwaffles to pack a punch, and you have to get all the drinks. They help ALOT!

  • Balkan

    I got to level 22 By my selfe .. I need Serious Players who will Play untill the end .. And i Need Expirienced Players .– ADD ME WITH A MSG ( ZOMBIES) IF YOU ARE ONE SERIOUS ZOPBIE PLAYER .

    My PSN —–> Balkan1to

  • khanke85

    The best thing I know to do is keep going up and down on elevator that goes from war room to lab. The only thing that screws you is one person ruins it when they go off by themselves. If u need ammo or new weapons, make sure u leave a crawler by throwing a grenade:

  • wow

    keno der toten

    level 18

    2 players

  • Tricric

    Level 26.. KDT, open doors to power then go back to where you start and camp up stairs.. two on each Side.. Make sure somebody is watching the window tho :-/

  • dark br0

    30 solo kino 18 solo 5

  • jack

    on the first map camp by the jugernaut with upgraded wepons i made it to round 22

    • daan

      i did i too but if you haven't speed cola you ain't gonna make it till round 22

  • gunts is The man?!

    I got to level 26 … In kino der toten! 2 players

    Got an alien gun upgraded and thundergun upgraded friend had alien gun upgraded and a bunch of MONKEYS !!!! They are the SHIZNITS!!!!

    But the zues cannon is the best…

  • Greg

    Got to level 27 on KDT playing with four…easiest way to do it is open the downstairs door, then the door that leads outside to the alley….follow the alley to a chain link fence that you open…that will lead to the room that is easiest to hold. Buy one of the smgs on the wall to last a couple rounds if the box is not on the way to this room. There are two windows…place one man at each window and two to watch the stairs…DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR THAT LEADS TO THE STAIRS THAT GO DOWN TO THE DRESSING ROOM!!!!! There are traps to use if you get overrun. Throw grenades out the large front window to leave crawlers…once you have a crawler…follow your trail back around to the beginning room and get to the stage area to turn on power through the upstairs door then open the rest of the doors excluding the last door that will lead up to the room you are holding down. Hope this helps.


      thats my strategy i had a rpk with ray plus monkeys its very difficult but i was able to pull off 1,552 kills i get so many head shots its not even funny i play zombs constantly. we buy claymores for back up and we saved over like 40 some before whats ur gameer tag? do u have a xbox or ps3. "cmb-

  • olly and doon

    Kiner de toten. 2 players, gamertags- puffheaddoona + ollyiceman, round 27. Found a nice little technique in the room to the right of the first room where you can buy the mpl. So happy!!! Buzzing inside, we both love zombies. Oh and on de riese on w@w, we both got round 40 together. No lie, add us and see for yourselves.

  • Megan

    4 of us made it to level 30 on five. We finally killed the mad scientist before he got our guns, turned on the music by pressing the telephones, and pressed all the buttons on the second level to open the special door! Winters howl gun is sooo raw!!!

  • Burrz

    best way to do it is have 3 or 4 ppl and be in the gig elevator one person mans the window constantly holding f and shooting the other 3 out the door.
    Also if you dont kill the last zombie in the elevator back window you can keep him trapped by holding f so you can buy guns/ammo then swap babysitting.
    best way to do it.

    our best is 28 with 3 ppl

  • Kelvin

    LEVEL 2 OKAY!?!?! <3 lol.
    I got to 7 solo. it's not much but it's so hard.

  • AmaX

    Lvl 41 in kino der toten with 3 party members

  • Scott

    Made it to lvl 19 on Five tonight. Took some serious strategy and a lot of trips to the pack a punch. Also managed to kill the mad scientist once.

  • Cole

    anyone know what the freeze gun is upgraded???

  • Zack

    I made it to the 80th level on kino der toten it took me 4 hrs to get theree and the gas zombies i hate because the gas zombies in the 60th level are combined together making them bigger

  • randomguy23

    I made it to round 27 on kino. Solo.

    • randomguy23

      My advice would be to get something with a lot of ammo (like the RPK or HK21) and something you can buy off of the wall if you need ammo (I prefer the AK74u). Buy all of the doors and run around the map. It's best to always have Juggernog (and Quick Revive if you're doing it solo). I strongly recommend having Monkey Bombs (a.k.a. Cymbal Monkeys), Speed Cola, Double Tap Root Beer, and the Bowie Knife; especially in rounds 20+. If you have any questions send me a message. (XBL: PerfectDarkV)

  • Mr. Blobz

    I got to round 22 on kino with 4 players. We actually found a really sweet room to camp in around round 11 or 12. Plus we are all actaually pretty good. Finally died when we ran out of ammo on a dog round.

  • leigh

    best way to get past level one and what weapons to use

  • CurtisJJ

    im number 2 in the world on kino der toten. my friend that i did it with is number 1 since it was his lobby. we got to level 69. add psn CurtisJJ757

  • jaik

    lvl 22 solo just unlock evrything and run around

  • Lasse

    22 with 2 ppl

  • Brock

    Ive gotten to level 27 with another player only on the first map. All you need to do is save lots of money before turning the power on because thats what spawns the crawlers. Also, you need to find that box at all costs. Get the thundergun upgraded along with a gun with a shit load of ammo. You will need speed cola and juggarnog. Best spot to camp with your buddies is by the juggerog machine since they can only get through that one way. If too many zombies swarm, then thats what you have the upgraded thundergun for. It really isnt that hard, its just strategy. Only use the pistol and knife until round four. Garunteed you can have 5000 points each by the end of the round.

  • Nicole

    29 on kino, ps3. Crazy shit, found a glitch though. Got up ontop of the turret in the power room, and no zombies could touch me. Camped there, while my team kept getting max ammo and stuff for me, and they were just running around crying. <3 Love them.


      haha thats great but i do think when u turn the power on them crawler like things can get you because one time i ran over to see & one got up there and attacked me so i had to run and i went to 29 too it was nice until we lost.. no ammo i need unlimited im telling ya.

    • football=life

      girls playing cod r so sexy haha. 2523123151 text me haha

  • Un dead

    me and 3 mates got to level 27 on Keno Der Toten. we were using some searously kick ass guns, my mates were all VERY good players, and we still got totally destroyed! DIE you little gun stealing scientest!!!!

  • Jimblings

    Sneaky ****ers got me a level 1..

  • http://google Your mum

    we got to round lvl 234 with knifes only

    • Death_Aflame

      impossible… even in round one you need three or more stabs to kill them….

      ( add me on PS3:- Death_Aflame )

      • james

        the knifes a one shot in round one you noob

    • CAroline

      Funny bs man

  • Binks

    29 by myself on Kino. The trick is you must abuse the shit out of the teleporter.

  • Stone

    i got to lvl 41 on kino der toten alone if u want proof my gamertag on xbox live is CivicPiano

  • sebascbas

    28 with 3 people…


    Lv 71 in Kino Der Toten. The trick is to buy a weopen from the crate every time and soon youll be getting enough points to upgrade the crate weopens like right away. The plasma gun upgraded and the monkey grenades are most important.

    Just keep running in a loop between a few rooms then when it gets to hard to run throw a monkey granade. then have some one with the thunder gun blow them all away. the monkey granade also helps you revive a down player because it destracts the zombies.

    Eventually it will get to the point where you have to use the turret non stop. Also the drinks are important, every player should get every drink and the super knife. it wont be hard because around level 20 youll be getting so much points you wont know what to spend it on.

    If you are the last player alive use the transport and shot at them from the balcony

  • Zac

    Just got to level 20 on Kino with my bud on splitscreen. 2 good updated weapons each; ray gun, spaz, aug, and commando. Plus a few fast revives and juggernuugs were lifesavers… couldve made it a little further I think.

  • Jon Taylor

    level 31 with 2 people, its all about doing a big loop and dodging the zombies so they end up all following you in a line so you can shoot em or put the fences on! When you teleport into those weird rooms, theres one that looks like its from the level "five" and you can pick some item up off the bench, i have no idea what it does or is other than maybe its the "component part" for Five…. anyone know what im on about?
    25 on five. Not really worked out any technique other than up and down the first elevator and timing reloads.

    • zombieschmuck

      Is that the film reel you play in the projector? Running the loop is totally important, plus when you run the loop always choose you spot to turn and kill zombies carefully every zombie you kill means one is come out from window or door, if you kill more than one or two at a time in the later levels (after 15 or so) they can end up blocking your escape root in the loop, so don't turn and kill them in rooms that lead to drop in zombie holes. I like to stop and make a stand on the stage ( having the teleport as an optional escape is good 2) Thanks for the monkey comment I found em but didn't know what they did or if they were usefull, I must try them. TIP: when you have killed all zombies and only have a few crawlers left use your knife instead of ammo, hit and back away (only if you have the medical drink), best to do this in the hallways on a straight strech or you may wind up backed against an object. Cheers

  • Red

    Just got to 26 in Kino Der Toten. Opened every door except for the one near the M-16 spawn in the power room. Camped out the room on the opposite side of the door. 2 people guard the stairs, and 1 on each window. We all had full perks, and an upgraded ray gun. 2 of us had upgraded HK's, one person had an upgraded thundergun, and one person had an upgraded AUG. whenever the people on the stairs get overwhelmed, chuck a monkey out of the window, and if it gets too hot, run in and hit the trap.

    We could have gone farther, but someone died running outside to grab an insta-kill, then people lost perks and eventually we just all died.

  • jamesbhoy

    Solo I got to level 29 with 30000 points to buy guns.. I think the new zombies is a bit easier . I made stupid mistake wen I went down and not tried since.

  • dom

    level 30 Kino Der Toten

  • Chris

    Lvl 27 on solo

    Xbox live gamertag: xxxiamchrisxxx

  • Austin

    zombies at "Five" is totally doable if you have a foursome willing to stick to the plan. You stay in the first room until the end of level three or four depending on how sketchy it gets, then you all buy the MPL submachine gun off the wall. Someone should move the debris asap because if it gets out of control someone will need to be able to quickly use the elevator. Stay in that hall way killing any zombies that come your way and make sure they dont get through the two windows next to the elevator. After level seven or eight, two of you go downstairs and fight the zombies on the pentagon catwalk. One person stands on the left and kills the zombies coming his way and the other on the right. Keep in mind the one on the right has a harder job due to the window right in front of him. After level ten you should all have plenty of money. Between 8 and 11 thousand. Make sure to save a crawler!! Go downstairs and turn the power on. Look through the windows to the three labs that can contain the random chest and start buying guns. If you all get two decent guns early on then keep them and get sleight of hand and juggernaut. These are both necessary in the killing of zombies! :D Now you must set all of the Defcon switches and jump in a teleporter to take you to the pack o punch room. Upgrade any guns if possible. Now you should have the two with the best guns covering the double doors leading into the room and one on each of the windows in the room itself. The technique is flawless if you have a good group of people who can stick to a plan. If the Mad Scientist comes you must all leave the pack o punch room and go to the pentagon cat walk. Let the man take the first persons gun, but make sure you have the worse of the two guns in your hand if he's coming for you! Now when he grabs your gun you will teleport with him downstairs, you have to chase him and shoot him as much as possible. When he goes into the teleporter follow him and dont fall too far behind. Now the three people upstairs must keep running around the catwalk while the person who had his gun taken shoots him with his other gun. After a few laps around if you have a good enough gun, he'll be dead! Piece of cake! Quickly after killing the Mad Scientist you must go back into the pack o punch room to camp, if you waste time getting a gun with the random chest ticket you'll die guaranteed. Follow this plan until the zombie madness is too much to contain! ;) Keep in mind that the upgraded balistic knife instantly revives team mates when you shoot them with it and the upgraded crossbow bolts act as if they are individual monkeys and proves very very useful! Hope this was helpful to all you other zombie fanatics!

  • Funkymonkey

    Level 25 solo play on Kino Der Toten. The trick is to teleport every level and chuck grenades through the window into the theatre, takes loads out and makes crawlers, also keep doing circuits of the map, don't stay in one room too long!

  • bob

    Well Im 'playing' five now with 2 others and one has found a glitch so that he is stood on the table in the middle and no zombies can get to him. therefore just letting the game go on (as he has no ammo) and letting zombies die on thier own. so will leave it going all night and hopefully he will do the same and see what level it goes up too! how do you get on the table??? who knows….!!! ha ha!!!

  • usmcMATT

    ive gotten to level 35 with 3 people without glitches or cheats on the first level. The trick is to open all doors and run around without cornering urself. Always try to activate the teleporter and hit traps and turrets as much as possible. Make sure u and ur teamates run the same direction as to avoid getting them from both sides in big groups attacking you and cornering you. u could pretty much go on forever if max ammo was more abundant in higher levels. Remember always communicate with teamates and remember u have monkeys!

  • J the G

    I made it level 29 by myself on Kino. I got screwed at the end when I was running out of ammo and given an explosive tip crossbow. At least I went out in style :)

    Getting all the perks is essential. You have no idea how having juggernaut has gotten me out of so many situations.

  • Casey

    i can only get to 10 on my own on FIVE :)

  • chris

    communication is a must and experienced players. without those, don’t expecto get past lvl 7 lol. upgraded weapons is a must too…i used the AUG with a shotgun attachment and laser bullets. and upgraded pistols which shoots grenades…and its dual wield. buy some claymores too and set up a couple traps. once all doors are open just run around and don’t get cornered. i camped it out in a couple rooms then i open another door when i get overwhelmed. try and rack up your point in the first 5 rounds by using the pistol and knifing them for double points. the dogs are easy…one shot kills with the olympia shotgun at the right range. ive got to lvl 24. hope this helped

  • Richarty

    Here's my team's strategy this far:

    1. each player man a doorway in the first big room. Make sure come all the way to the window and then knife them it gives you even more points.

    2. Stay in the beginning room until the start of Dog Round and then go to the upstairs door. Stop at room with stairs that has MP40 and Stakeout and buy MP40 and stay by the door of Room D. DO NOT BUY THE DOOR UNLESS YOU SEE THE MYSTERY BOX IN THERE! Kill dogs in that room and reload after each kill/shot. After Dog Round stay in the room and one guy stands next to the window by MP40, the other one stands by the slight of hand machine, one stays on the door by the stairs and go to the right where you can see them coming down, the last one stays by the window upstairs to the right of the slight of hand machine. Once to Round 10 buy the room to get to the stage and use mystery box if found if not buy M16 and claymores. Strategy for stage is one stays in the back by the door where the window is at, the other 2 guys stays by the door by Room stage door and fire at zombies and goes for headshots, other one stays by the window next to stage door helping out with the 2 guys who are standing next to the door.

    3. Once Round 13-15 comes leave a crawler on the floor and turn on the power! Find the mystery box! And use it till you get the guns you want. Turn on Teleporter!

    4. Once opening power room go do a lap with the zombies either route works. Start from the stage room then to the lobby then go the upstairs room then go to stage room while killing zombies. Rinse and repeat.

  • J.R_TheBeast

    round 29

  • jpcurling

    Level 27 with me and guest, ended up running around the whole map, the thunder gun is THE weapon!! I get double/triple more kills than everyone i play with. If you know how to read the zombies moves it is easy!

  • luv2splooge

    we just got to level 29 with two players but got unlucky and both ran out of our ray gun bullets so we ended up dieing !!!


    me and a friend are are on level 70 highest in the world at the moment we no longer can kill a zombie on are own they are invincible you need to evade them and make them kill them selfs. map "FIVE" GAMERTAG NME_STRANG3R xbox 360 send message to learn how

  • RWCT

    RWCT got to level 50

  • RWCT

    trying to beat the guy at level 68 anyone got higher?

  • robert

    i made it to level 48 HAHA noobs

  • crellin56

    round 28 with my mate i had the ray gun and he had zeus cannon we just kept running round the theatre until we died

  • ray55800

    last night i reached level 18 it was hard, too many zombies around us but we managed to stay alive because of two important things we did, first we were communicating well with each other for example: when we get max ammo we wont use it till everybody said done reloading, that help us on getting an extra bullets after reload, and when we feel that the zombie wave is about to end we use frag grenade to make zombies start creeping (crawling) on their hands this buy us a lot of time to walk around and search for the question mark box for random weapon, then go to the time machine or what ever you call it and upgrade our weapons.
    and on every zombie wave we camp in the same area where there is two round stairs and one sentry gun in the middle (not in the theater) we manged to hold till 18 round but the mistake my friend done that made us lose is, he switch his light machine gun that he upgraded to a sniper rifle so he wasn't able to defend the stairs so we got killed one by one.

    we were 4 players each two is defending a stairs and the door behind us was still locked.

  • ray55800

    last night i reached level 18 it was hard, too many zombies around us but we managed to stay alive because of two important things we did, first we were communicating well with each other for example: when we get max ammo we wont use it till everybody said done reloading, that help us on getting an extra bullets after reload, and when we feel that the zombie wave is about to end we use frag grenade to make zombies start creeping (crawling) on their hands this buy us a lot of time to walk around and search for the question mark box for random weapon, then go to the time machine or what ever you call it and upgrade our weapons.

  • blackopsno1

    Kino Der Toten Round 25 4 People

  • JMurr

    Ok, I've made it up to level 22 on KDT (my teammates weren't that good). Here are some tips. 1st-get crawlers after every round if you can starting with 6 or 7. 2nd-Shotguns work best on the dogs. 3rd-No gas zombies come until you turn the power on. 4th-No gas zombies come even with the power on as long as everyone stays outside in the alley. We usually head upstairs after 3 rounds, go straight through and camp in the speed cola room for 2 or 3, head backstage for 2 or 3, then turn the power on and head straight outside from the stage. We camp in the back of the ALLEY. DO NOT OPEN THE FAR DOOR. Just camp near the double tap machine and have 1 person guard the back fence. Mow them down, hit up the box and pack-a-punch whenever you can while you have a crawlers, and get crawlers as much as possible. Best of all, no gas zombies!

    Gamertag – Murray710

    • eazy0801

      yo dude, this is the same strategy I use with a few buddies, tough to find people to buy into it. Are you on 360 or PS3? Definitely will be playing all night tonight

      • alan fairfield

        eazy0801 he has a 360 xbox has a gamertag ps3 has somthing called PSN (play station number

  • kev

    The best way to kill the pentagon thief I found so far is go to the top level of the war room opposite the elevator and when u see the red trail of numbers shoot like mad all four of u if he doesnt die keep following him round knifing and shooting him until u get ur gun back ive only got to level 18 on five I need to play with like minded people who know the elevator tactic I usually gwet into games with kids trying to do that pointless table glitch in first room bloody stupid. If u can play then add me my psn name is flyingjocksman

  • Anwar

    41 by myself on "Five" Check it if you dont believe me :)

    Gamertag – MKz x Supernova

  • oscar

    you guys have to get the thundergun n upgrade it to the zeus in the upstairs projection room.. it will literally blow everything away in its will not regret it

  • CAroline

    Have to say firstly, lol this thread is so funny.

    Love the new features:

    Sale tags for a $10 box spin

    Teleporter is free

    Loads of traps

    The sonic booming gun, Zeus thing.

    Not as good as the boyf, we managed lvl 14 together, on his own went to lvl 26.

  • Mike

    on kino der untoten there is the lightning gun and on five there is the winter howl and also i got level 25 on five we would just go into the pack a punch room after turning on all the defcons at the end of each round-2 people watched the front while the 2 with bad guns watched the 2 windows

  • KrYpToNicMoNkeY

    me and my mates are currently on five and we’re on lvl 22, still going strong, lol. we’re in the glitch on top of the table, and my friends just got a death machine and insta-kill :O we wait ntil the zombies get close to the table b4 killing them so if they drop a nuke or max ammo or carpenter etc we can get it without jumping off XD

  • nate

    i got to 71 in Five but i didnt go on the leaderboards anyone know y

    • tom

      me and my mates got wiped from the leaderboards.

      • K-OTiC_GuNNeRz

        Isn’t the answer obvious why you didn’t get into the leader boards!Treyarc(h) has wiped out any scores from the Leader boards that were obviously obtained by either mods,glitches, or any cheating ways.

        That is why!

        Think about the way you got that high!(70 something->Impossible! By the time your in 13 it is almost impossible!You could barely manage to keep some ammo left)

        • Betterthanj00

          You nub round 13 is easy it gets tough from 20+

    • jellhead

      CUZ UUUUUUUUU PROLLY didnt do it u LLLooossser Ha hA losser

    • james

      solo doesnt count o the leaderboards

  • corey

    My highest is 29 and we quit my friend who i was playing with quit at lvl 40 and it took him 6+ hours hes 200th on the leaderboards now. Just run in a circle around the map and youll go on forever.

  • Goose

    Got to level 32 by myself on kino. Got great pulls on the box and eventually accumulated so many points that I would upgrde a weapon, use it till I ran out of ammo and then hit the box to get another weapon and upgrade it. Had all perks, the monkey grenades, and the thunder gun

  • ivan

    got to round 31 with 4….. zombie mode needs to get nerfed big time

  • captain2obvious

    me n 3 others got to level 32 with no type of communication at all in kin der toten it was fucking awesome my psn is captain2obvious if anyone wants to add me

  • nathan

    me and four other guys made it to level 21 and me and my friend just us two made it to level 16

  • nathan

    if you have a ps3 hit me up and play some zombies killer6848867 is my name you better be good cuz i am

  • T-Bone

    To Nate – you didn;t go on leaderboards cos you were in solo/local game – you need to be online or in private match for scores to count.

    Without a doubt the most under rated thing on any of the zombie maps is the Juggernog perk. It makes the difference between getting to level 15 and level 30+. As soon as you've turned the power on get Juggernog over and above anything else.

    You can take 2 hits without it and 8 hits with it! That's an additonal 24 hits for the team in 4 player. Next best is Speed Cola (fast reload) – and I don't generally bother with the others unless I'm playing with douche-bags that keep needing to be revived (so I get quick revive).

    Tips for staying alive – stay in/near the lift between the War Room and the Basement – one player covering the rear window and three covering the front. Acitvate the lift if it gets a bit hairy as the zombies won't attack when the lift is moving.

    And to all the noobs out there, don't kill the crawlers or get the lifts on your own – just cos you want to progress to the next level doesn't mean anyone else is ready.

  • robert

    level 32 two people on der toten.. the last 2 levels I had to buy guns off the walls and set traps as I ran from the hoard. Great tip is use the teleporter as much as possible just throw grenades from up there they all gather by the gun in the theather you rack up so many points. just keep doing that. it got to the point we just got tired of running around.

  • chris

    i posted tips already but…if u get the ballistic knife its worth having on guy keeping it. when u kill gas zombies with they dont release gas and once upgraded u can revive teamates instantly by shooting them. the thunder gun and ray gun is crucial to success. an upgraded spas shotgun is fuckin awesome! if you wana try on your own it may be easier…you just gota worry about yourself! quick revive is a life saver. sometimes i get downed on purpose because you get the dual grenade lauchin pistols! i always end up carryin my team because they suck so i play on my own…hit me up on psn…wolfy_616

  • king 9 not in a gang

    got to round 22 by myself firs round by quik revive and knife them then by the rifle i luv these zombies they are beast

  • Jason

    I got to lvl 13 on solo and 25 on live. Ppl camping in the room beside the alley. 2 Ppl to the stairs and 2 Ppl to the windows. It worked great. On solo I would get to round 3 and buy the m14 then leave and go upstairs and stay in the next room for one round then move on and I immeadietly turned the power on and hooked up the teleporter. I would go through the teleporter at the start of each round and throw grenades from the top then just run and kill the rest, upgrading my guns and trying to get a ray gun from the box in the process.

  • Killerfatmonkey

    Lvl 20, i got 500+ kills and the others(4 people) got just over 200 one had fkin 70, did basically the entire of 18 and 19 on ma own (they got downed) had to run round the map and get em in a group… then rape em wit zeuzcannon.. shit gets hard. but i suppose it depends who u play wit.

  • Ruben

    round 35. whit a friend, both laser in 'five'. out of ammo at last…

  • Goose

    Beat my personal best last night and made it to round 40. Once you get in the 30s, if you don’t have the Zeus cannon AND the ray gun you might not last long. All other guns, upgraded or not, are pointless. The zombies come sooooooooo fast and are extremely stout. The only upside to this is if you have a machine gun, you can get points out the ass! I seriously upgraded every single gun I got I had so many points. In my opinion it’s easier playing by yourself than with others bc you don’t really have to worry about anyone but yourself!!!

  • jrlop99

    Level 18 really hard

  • sam5000cool

    lvl18 plz add 'projecthsk' if u r proficient at zombies!

  • sam5000cool

    add projecthsk got to lvl18

  • thunderfish

    I've gotten to round 19 on kino. Whoever mentioned it, Juggernog is the key to surviving especially when you need to get out of a tight corner. Getting hit once or twice while getting out of a tight spot would down you normally but you will easily survive it with the perk.
    Also, try to refrain from turning on the power as long as possible until about round 13-15. If you take the right path (upstairs that leads to MP40 room) you can actually see if the mystery box is in the middle of the theater or not. Looking over the balcony, you will see a bright blue light if it is there. If it is not there, you shouldn't be turning on the power until the rounds listed above. My favorite weapons to have and upgrade are the RPK/R115 Resonator, the HK21/H115 …, the ray gun/Porter's X2, the thunder gun/zeus cannon, and the ak74u/ak74fu2. The RPK and HK21 have enormous clip sizes (100 and 125 respectively) and their upgraded counterparts have clips of 125 and 150 respectively with total ammo of 500 and 750. I believe the regular guns have 400 and 500 spare ammo. Hope this helps anyone with weapon confusion.

  • alex

    49 solo so fun

  • cory

    how do you unlock the third map

  • charles

    34 nbd

  • bob

    i got to level 35 with my friend..easy if u save points and buy good shit and get all juggernaught and quick revives they are a must!

  • Tyler

    Level 15 on Kino Der Toten.. 12 on Five.

  • christain vazquez

    round 16 solo kino der toten

  • Yogan Sharman Suppiah

    lv 15 yeah imma noob..

    i have never played WaW zombies but in my opinion the Black Ops zombies are very hard to kill . Most of the people i have to play with (due to crappy connection) really don't know what they are doing and never open the doors!

  • Zakiel Telsa

    22 solo Kino

    SiN ZakielTelsa

  • joey

    is there something i should do after turning power on in kino? i started tele-porting around but it doesn't seem to make a difference

  • p dizzle

    Ha ha all u noobs 3 of my crew and myself reached lvl 103 on five trick is to roll a fat joint before u start and trust me u will get so into it any questions anyone and i have vid also if any tossers think im talking shit LDN

  • Shoqeeb

    SoA x ShockZ Xbox I Got To Wave 25, Add Me and Check ;)

  • Sho

    Me and a friend went 25 on co-op.

    Those crallers are really anoying but they also make it challenging!

  • gandyfartmuncher

    your all shite, ive just done round one on my own, shit was crazy maine

  • Callum

    have they patched the table glitch on five?

    because i got to level 43 with my friends just glitching on the table with ray gus

  • mike

    on the new call of duty black Ops, is it only 2 players or can we play with more? if more how? and level 47 with 2 players!

  • mike

    on the new call of duty black Ops, is it only 2 players or can we play with more? if more how? and level 47 with 2 players!

  • ZomMaster

    got to 35 solo last night on Kino. Don't even dare say i'm lying, i've been playing nazi zombies since WaW came out and I bought every map so i'm pretty much a pro. And all you really have to do is circle the whole map with bowie knife and juggernog if you run out of ammo. Oh and btw, if anyone wants to know how to BEAT THE THIEF ON FIVE, all you have to do is get def-con 5, have everyone go into the pack-a-punch room, and have whoever he is after circle the table while everyone else is nailing him, but on solo, just get a good weapon like the python and trigger-finger him to death

  • John

    I got 43, and it was so freaking hard. You need to have a good strategy and good weapons.

  • TaZ

    guys the whole leave a crawler trick will not work with this edition of zombies as they will die on their own after a while wat u have to do is leave one or two walking zombies alive while u walk around unlocking and buying ish try not to leave one zombie as he will eventually go ape shit and start running like a spidermonkey. Best strategy is to hold up in a corner next to an exit such as a elevator and alternate fire and reloards so that the zombies walk into a constant stream of bullets

  • RYAN


  • billy bob

    round 56 kino der toten solo

  • J

    Round 31 solo. IDK how??????

  • Some Dude

    Damn…I must really suck. My friends and I only make it to round 9 before getting over run with zombies.

  • charity

    how do you save the progress on the zombies game how far to do you have to go for it to save your progress or do you always have to start over no matter how far you go?

    • randomguy23

      No, you've never been able to save your game in zombies. You've gotta start from round 1 each and every time.

  • Darcie

    Round 24 on five. :]

  • big john346

    3 players round 100 easy just sit in a area and and let them come to u and make a crawler go get guns and start new round

  • http://deleted p dizzle

    Look all of u are pussys add me on ps g-e-m-m-e-L-L ill being anyone good or bad to lvl 60 easy and if ur good we can hopefully hit the high 60s peace amd make sure u have headset

  • Riddict

    i got to lvl 25 in kina der toten with 4 people and we had mics on and moved as a unit it helps also quick revive and juggernaut is good

  • Bol0

    Got to level 36 with two people on Toten. Could of gone farther but we ended up running out of ammo. We used 4 traps but it was just too crazy at that level with just two people.

  • Tyler

    I got to Round 28 with 4 people. Got pretty damn hard.

  • Adam

    kino der toten LEVEL 20 with just me and my roommate. the trick is never stop moving!!! we don't leave the first room until at least level 3 usually level 4 (after level 2 start knifing zombies in the window as fast as possible and throw grenades if they break in). NEVER BUY A GUN until you can get the shotty in the 3rd room upstairs (the other room with the stairs) usually around level 4 or 5. Hold down that room until you feel overwhelmed and then open the next 2 doors in a row. turn on the power and activate the transport. then just keep running in circles around the whole level with one guy aiming forward and the other aiming back and switch when you have to reload. Juggernaut juice and also upgrading your shotty in the teleport room is crucial…. happy killing

  • greyd

    lvl 26 on kino with 4 ppl not to fun after round 20

  • Bruno

    I reached level 25 and i think i have the best strategy out there …

  • Darkassasin

    I got to wave 168 playing split screen on kind der toten! We both had upgraded laser guns and the mustang and sally! Basicly the strategy is to use the teleporter and when u get out run straight forward with the mustang and sally and activate the barrier. Try to save one guy each wave until the teleporter is done cooling down. Thunderguns also work great. Also, remember to use monkeys and gernades!

  • cantona

    Me and my mate just got to level 28 on kino der toten. The worse thing is we could have got further. usually we only die if we run out of ammo but this time we had loads left and monkey bombs and the thunder gun and laser but we got unlucky so pretty happy with level 28 as its the furthest we have got to but at the same time dissapointed we didnt get to at least level 29

  • sgjfng

    What bitches. 3 and 4 players. Hell nah two players level 37. Glitches like Hell.

  • John

    lvl 16 solo kino

  • nima

    how can go up level in zombi??

  • Rich

    Got to level 27 on Kino with 3 people level 20 on five I think Kino is way better though

  • J5ubx23r0

    i killed that F***** boss on lvl 7 with death machine :D got a sale,max ammo and a crap peice

  • evanfury

    with 3 or 4 in KDT, hold out it the lobby with the m14 till the first dog round. for the dogs hide by the bottom door and shoot them in the hallway. you can hold out in the next room till about 7 or 8, then move into the room with the stairs after the alley. DO NOT open the door in this room under any circumstances. put a guy on each door/window where the zombies break in, and anyone else on the stiars. make a crawler or just leave a walker at the end of each round.

  • evanfury

    go back to the lobby and unlock every door to the power, but DO NOT open the door at the west end of the stage. turn on the power. get juggernog, speed cola, upgrade guns, get the bowie knife, etc. after each round. this strategy, after round 12 or so, should leave everyone with enough after every round to take a few spins on the random gun box, and use the pack-a-punch machine. instead of making crawlers, you can also leave the last zombie at a door/window. have 2 people stay while the others go "explore". have one person sit to the side and repair the window as the zombie breaks it, and the other person stays there in case they need revived. or you can all just go and let it come through and hope its not a runner.

  • evanfury

    whatever you do though, DO NOT open the door between the theatre and the camping spot. For dog rounds, by the window with the little room around it. *NOTE* this strategy won't work with people who don't understand the concept of crawlers. if you know a person like this, please contact the nearest animal shelter. these people make great pets for other stupid people. *NOTE2* dogs have a max health, and with the bowie knife, 2 slashes will always kill a dog. this works great with 4 people.

    also, if you've read this guide, add me on PSN, evanfury

  • Johnny

    I got to round 50! NILKA

  • nick

    i got to 28, 27, 29, by myself and my friend got to 32…we got to 29 3 time together.

  • Shurtual86

    I’ve made it to lvl 33 by myself with the upgraded thundercannon and commando in the theatre map.

  • qais

    I just got to 37 tonight, I am now officially ranked 1,545!!!! dont believe me add me on PS3, BIGQUESO420

  • Liam

    Kino Der Toten Solo: Round 25

    I've never had this Winter gun, what is it?

  • Lachlan

    we got to 24 with 2 people without dying (had to leave could have got so much further) the trick is to go to the right and get through and only buy the stakeout. then get to the stageand make round 10 or 11 or so. turn the power on if u havent found the random weapon chest yet get it and get ray gun or thundergun (if one person doesn't have one of these u WILL NOT survive). we both had upgraded ray guns. go back to the room u started in and go to the room with the fire pit, do not ever open the door to the alley unless u are certain u will die if u dont. once u have 5 grand and a ray gun or thundergun to upgrade use the teleporter and upgrade. continue to turn the fire pit on when the round starts to get hard. this works and u will get far if done right.


    At the mo we are on round 36 :) But we are out of ammo and waiting for them to die :)

  • the good guy

    i got wave 28. there's is a drink called jugger nog if you drink that you cn take much more damage.

  • Brian

    i got to round 28 in kino with 4 people but ialone up to 18 rounds LOL

  • ctiddy

    level 18 Kino Der Toten 2 players

  • Panda

    hate the crawlers and the scientist in Five doesnt take your best gun he takes the one you are holding in your hands if your smart u would switch to your worst gun. and i made it to level 21 on Kino Der Toten, and on Five i made to like level 50 (in the glitched) (now patched) but kino der toted is the best map on black ops


    • http://deleted p dizzle


  • andman

    level 48 with split screen 4 player live rander 50th highest last month

  • trez songs

    400 beat that

  • grb BABY!!!

    i got to 37 on "five" me an my buddies r really good. im lookin for a good game tonight.
    ADD ME: carolinarazor1 (ps3)

  • Me123

    45 on kino der toten..then I got bored and decided that was just sad..and turned it off.

  • me123

    45 solo kino der toten, forgot to mention that, my bad.

  • Ian

    My best and I actually have it on pause right now to charge my controller but it’s lvl 21 solo on kino der toten.

  • mister stinky pants

    round 22 with 4 people, and round 41 on solo. i think solo is easier. the zombies are insane though. i got rid of the ray gun upgrade because it ran out of ammo and they took 5 to 6 hits before they even became crawlers. i just bought machine guns to get points and turn on fences. thundergun is always awesome though.

  • Joshua W

    Got to level 28 in Kino, with some 780 kills, Just got to level 32 on five wihh 1152 kills. I could have pushed it more but i got bored.

  • Jesse

    Just got half way through level 38 on Kino Der Toten solo. Only reason I ended was I also started getting bored and ran out of ammo. If you think it's bull when people say they make it 30+ solo it's not. There's a really easy strategy and I think solo is actually a lot easier.

  • Jackson

    25 on det toten 4 ppl camped inside the gate and one guarded window 3 stairs

  • GhosTTrac124

    hey guys, here's a hint for the dogs who annoy most of you..
    on round 5,6 or any other dog rounds, i suggest you all to shoot the dogs with the stakeout. the stakeout will be found when you go to the upstair's door on the first room and open another door until you arrived at the place where there is an auto machine gun on the bottom stair. you just go to your left right after you opened the second door, the stakeout will be right in front of you. for the first round, with the stakeout, the dogs will die in one shot.

  • anonymous

    38 on kino we found a strategy that as long as you have monkeys you just cant die. it was with 2 players. will try to post youtube vid soon.

  • Zabba

    Level 48 2 players still going run around set traps had no ammo for 3 levels just keep running with traps easy when dogs come set turrent and run then set it again


    I made it to lvl 32 alone. Dont believe me dont care, im just pissed that i have to beat my friend who made it to 43 alone. Key is not to get attached to guns. the ray guns no good without ammo, especially upgraded and you cant count on getting lucky max ammos, goes for all the cool guns. Keep getting guns, keep fire on the horde, keep running.

  • Jonsid84

    Up until two days ago i could only get to level 6 on my own (poor i know) BUT last night i spent four solid hard working hours and got to level 33 on kino der toten on my own! I eventually ran out of ammo, i recognised my mistake – i got attached to two guns, upgraded ray gun and upgraded thunder gun. I was hoping for a max ammo but it never came. Dont fall for this mistake – and i would recommend all the perks apart from double tap. My only issue is and this is somehting i am guttted about – why the hell did it not save my score and why does it not appear on the leader boards???? I didnt cheat or do out wrong i just worked hard and stuck to my strategy. can anyone advise? I found it quite easy until round 25 and was wuite surprised to go beyond level 30. I

    • anon

      It is only posted on the leader boards if you play online with a group. Solo play is much easier because there are less zombies the less players there are and 1 person is easier to cooridinate.

  • Jonsid84

    oh by the way – when you teleport you can find film reels and pick them up, when you teleport again you put them in the machine and it plays it on the screen in the theatre. I only found two last night – dont think it has an effect on playing but its summat to watch if ur bored lol

    • anon

      each tape u put in increases item drops.

  • chris

    if you play solo it doesnt go on leaderboards but its good practice i guess. i dont play on five much but kino der toten, i got it down. everyone says shoot 2-3 times then knife for more point but ive found out u can shoot them a maximum of 6 times then knife them. this is how u rack up points up to level 5. again everyone seems to open the door upstairs first but either way is fine really. there is no ” best ” route!! if u go the upstairs way and open the first two doors, stayin in that room with the two staircases ana machine in the center is good to get alot of points plus u get the stakeout shotgun. takin the bottom route is also all the doors until u get to the backstage area where u switch on the power but DON’T!! no power=no crawlers! u can stay in there for quite a while and if your good enough get up to 20,000 points, yippie! if u run into the box then even better. but a common mistake is that everyone gets too hung up on the box in hope of gettin a ray gun or thundergun…your choice but i promise you will not get far. one thing that really ticks me off is that not alot of people use the teleporter efficiently…use it at the start of each round and throw grenades down. this will take out the first wave everytime. only bad thing is that if a power up appears, well forget About it lol. u won’t make it. if u really want to make it to the highers rounds then u need to play with friends, use headsets. activate traps whenever u can! they are there for a reason. everyone seems to be on a rambo trip where they try to shoot everything and then complain about ammo…ammo was never a big issue for me. perhaps im lucky. grenades! u get two back each round so use em! buy claymores! again u get em back each round. last thing i will say is DO NOT think that havin both the ray gun and thunder gun is a good thing! of course its awesome and helps alot but it will be your down fall. the more u play the more u will agree with me. its better to have one normal weapon too. the AUG is my fav because the shotgun attachment is a life saver!! oh and MONKEY BOMBS! anytime there is a firesale i use as many boxes as possible just so i can get them!!

    i have loads of tips. psn wolfy_616. add me or msg me for tips. if u wana get to higher rounds legit with no cheap glitches then play with me lol. if u msg me please qoute this site so i know

  • ogre

    'FIVE'——level 76 atr the campaign!

  • matt

    38 by myself and i took a pic to prove it

  • stm

    lvl 20 on kino alone

  • sha

    this game is so addictive! but the shoot and stab method really helps to boost your points to buy better guns!!!

  • 73 on 5

    73 on 5. suck it.

  • Kassa

    41 with 2 people for sho kino der toten, took about 4 and 1/2 hours

  • cristhian

    Lvl 32 whit 3 people, kino der toten :) playstation 3

  • darin1027

    Takin a break on keno and im on 40 right now. Highest is 58. Noobs…

  • Deriik

    31 before getting stuck like a noob and getting myself killed. Far as how many bullets.
    6 shots then stab round 1
    10 then stab round 2
    14 then stab
    ROunds 5-7 dogs show up run to the mp40(Speed cola room) or stakeout. I prefer the 40.
    Make sure people are reloaded and revived before grabbing a max ammo. You'll fail to refill ammo completely otherwise. Till round 8-10 you can camp in the speed cola room. 4 people. have 1 cover upstairs, 1 for each window. 3 people have 1 upstairs, the other two cover the three windows in the speed cola room.
    3 clips from a pistol before stabbing for round 5-10. You can really max out your points by getting 10 pts a shot (24 shots) plus a stab kill that's a 360 point zombie. I don't camp behind the curtain (Frankly the smokers are easy) I just teleport. At the beginning of the round every1 camp in the teleporter. Kill as many zombies as possible. 2 guys crouch in front two stand behind and fire. Take the porter before being overrun. Rain grenades and bullets (Constantly hit aim button).

  • Deriik

    When you teleport back in make sure no zombies are behind you. You can wait a few seconds and fire at the hoarde but you should run up the stairs towards speed cola, then theatre. SOMETIMES you can go up the stairs in lobby, go two rooms to the rgiht and activate the trap while firing at zombies for points. But you run the risk of getting trapped. In later rounds you can definitely set off the trap and just keep running. ____ Round 13 all perks and roughly 10,000 points for the box should be yours. Make a crawler at the end of every round and give the box a shot./cool teleporter You need a ray gun. Shoot the feet not above the knees and it auto makes a crawler. Get good at hip firing. Limit to # zombies on screen so the more legless zombies you make the less runners you have to worry about. Keep teleporting, looping, trapping and racking points.____every person needs either thundergun or ray. Get a light machine gun to rack up points in the teleporter room. Don't pack a punch until mostly out of ammo. The only reason to upgrade the ray before round 25 is to reload bullets. Ammo will get you to 30 and beyond if you are good.____Tag Shingram (X box) msg ZOMBIES__

  • nate

    level 31 on kin der toten split screen. using the teleporter and throwing grenades out the window really helps alot, most effective tactic ive noticed so far and kills a bunch of them and moving constanstly from room to room helps a lot too.

  • joel

    lvl 117 on kino der token

  • daniel

    got to level 73 on kino der toten with four people playing from one room so great comunication and box was in second room gave 2 thunderguns, aug, crossbow and 3 monkey bombs then you camp with upraded balistic knive augs and thunderguns near juggernog machine

  • Oscar

    I just got lvl 37 with a friend only me and him 2 ppl 2 lvl 37 kino der ton ten on ps3
    Want 2 add us ps3 ID oscarplevy and dijegv12

  • nhi

    my friend got to lvl 32 solo

  • Marco

    Level 22 on my own for those who choose to play that way. I used the teleporter at the top of every level. When you get to the projector room, buy grenades and use them trough the window, as the Z's wait for you down in the theater. After that, blast as many as you can with your less effective weapon. When you are transported back to the lobby, wait till they start coming through the doorway and blast through as many clips as you can and head back upstairs. Wait for them in the other small room, they will file in line through the door, and you should have enough time to empty one clip and start running. Head downstairs, buy some rounds at the bottom of the steps, go into the next room and wait for them to come in single file just before you get back stage. As you know by now, keep your distance and find a spot where they will come at you in single file so you can aim in one spot and fire away. Every round will find a target even if you miss. Continue running in circles till you kill all the Z's running at you, you should have some half Z's in the theater crawling around slowly. This will give you time to charge the teleporter's, buy rounds, a 2nd weapons and collect all 4 soda machines. Wen you are ready, kill the crawling Z's and start again in the teleporter. I wait till they gather then teleport, this way you can kill them with grenades as they gather. You should be able to clear levels systematically and deal with the dogs. I deal with the dogs the same way I deal with the Z's by finding a spot kneel down and funnel them in a narrow area where they can only come at you from one direction. My favorite spot is upstairs in the 1st room off the lobby overlooking the theater, there is a small room in here with a narrow entrance. I lay down to limit them jumping up at me, this way you don't have to aim as much.

  • Travis Michael

    level 60 and still going

  • billy

    39 on five, offline split screen with one other person

  • Pulse555

    level 30 on my own , the games easy once u work out a strategy, btw using the transporter is for n00bs ;) , the only time u should use it is for pack a punch, unless u have zeus cannon which is thunder cannon from the ? box with pack a punch , or u have the ray gun , monkeys are a real handy tool to have aswell, cross bow with pack a punch can get u far aswell , primary weapon though u should be using is the AK47 from the alley, reason being is u cant rely on max ammo with them ? weapons and AK47 is only 4500 to reload ammo, the 2 things u should learn are head shots (really needed for upper levels) and learn to not panic when u see zombies coming , infact u can round them up if u dont panic and stand your ground, ive been to level 30 3 times now and 2 times i died cos of something silly….

  • Pulse555

    a little tip for all u ? weapon box lovers… once u start zombie mode both 1 player and 2 player , if when u open the first door under the stairs in the lobby dont have the ? box there , quit the game and goto main menu , start zombies again and check the room , keep doing this until u see the ? box in the room under stairs , once its there it will be there untill u quit the game fully , gr8 tip if u want to hang it out untill u get 15k each or whatever , normaly i hang without the ? weapon box until 10k , then once i turn electric on and set transporter i wait for zombies to come then lead them back to lobby , leaving trnasporter alone, golden rule is to leave 1 zombie at the end of each round so u can lock up and set the transporter.. i play on a hacked ps3 so i cant play this game online but cant wait to get another ps3 so i can join the elite crew and get even further, psn user Pulse555 , im well known on FarCry 2 online , check out my maps if u have time ;)

  • vapr67

    u have to go in the big room with the box and 2 windows down the big elevator and hide to avoid the ass hole who takes ur guns cause he runs laps the same way around the map so just hide out somewere

  • guy harvey

    on kino all u have to do is open up all the doors and run laps around the map link the teleportor jump on it and do it all over again!

  • michael

    well….i got to lv.. 50. its not that high well i guess it is but… i can do better ooo yea it was on ''five'' with 3 people.

  • Josh

    My mates on lvl 53 right now think that’s a record lol

    got vids an evrything

  • joe

    level 39 kind der toten…four guysss….we found da best way to defend is on the stair case are you start…if you try leave one zombie alive at da end of the rounds where you have lots of money it gives you time…best way is ta get shit load of juggernaut and packa punch da laser and sonic gun…. use your monkey toys wisely….you only get far if you work as a team and start out good with da goody box near you…thts my stategy

  • Josh

    Lvl 60 an still Going strong will be uploading videos 2 you tube ;)

  • Russell

    the furthest ive got was lvl 31 single player, its actually a hell of a lot easier single player but alot less fun. The running technique works, I can not stress this enough…..this is the key to getting further!!! Once youve done power, get juggernug, its the best decision in the game…some may not think it, but it is…..dont waste ur money on the bowie knife, its 1 hit kill up to lvl 10, then its not worth stabbing…. if you guys are playing multiplayer which I assume most of you are, the way to do it is always be in contact, tell each other whats going on and when your starting to run………….READ THIS>>>the concept of the running technique is zombies will only start spawning in the room ur in, the room behind you or the room after you, each round will have a maximum if spawned zombies, once youve roughly ran a lap with only killing the zombies infront of you, gather your shit together and aim for the head ALWAYS. Start running very soon, as when you kill 1 another may spawn in the next room so be prepared……with multiplayer this will not work if you are in different rooms as the zombies will spawn around ur team mates aswell, causing you both to have majour difficulties in running the map……if you stick together and work out,this system, you could probably do alot better than I…….if your team mates die and the room is too full of zombies, run all the way around the map and tell ur team mate to start crawling the opposite way, this way you can make it all the way round and then be able to revive him, the zombies will be on ur tale but if u run fast enough and dont get distracted they should be about 25 seconds behind you……my gamer tag is DARTHRAGH I hope this helps my fellow gaming community

  • Luke Anderson

    Kino Der Totem – Level 87

    Got to Theatre Room on level 9 and linked the Teleporter to the Projector Room on level 12. Used Pack-A-Punched Crossbow and Pack-A-Punched HK (Light Machine Gun). Open every door and keep running around the map. The map can only spawn 27 Zombies at any one time, so shoot them a little every time, otherwise you'll get over-run. But whenever you can, get to that Teleporter and throw the grenades from the Projector Room – Good Luck

  • nick

    42 with two ppl on kino der torten

  • Sexyguys

    43 on my own on kino, i can explain my strategy on youtube if you like, can be used for sole, 2, 3 or four players, although 3 and 4 requires huge teamwork.

  • COL

    27 Kino der toten

  • Ryan

    Lvl 64 last night took ages use the thundergun upgrade it and get the speed drink(green one) and use a lot of traps and the teleporter

  • balazs zsula

    I got to level 67

  • mydick

    i got to level 2 LIKE A BEAST, try to beat that!!!!

  • AJ H.

    Round 37 solo mode in Kino here. Use MP40 for backup ammo, and upgrade the AK74 when out of ammo. When starting a new round, run around the stage 2 times, then go up the seating isle, then do the inside circle. Always take the right landing in the room with the MP40 and turret.

  • Pulse555

    what weapons is everyone using , ive learnt that using the ? ? ? weapons can mess u up so i went back to just using the AK47 off the wall in the allie , i do this cos for 4500 u can reload , cos u cant rely on that max ammo all the time unless u know u have dogs coming..with AK47 pack a punch i like to zeus cannon , having monkeys is a bonus , allso get the claymore mines , when u set transporter , set them to the right of the transporter plus if u have them at end of level when u just have 1 zombie left , set them then kill last zombie then u get another 2 at start of level so set on stage… allso headshots get u power-ups and is key to beating zombies, i generaly dont go into transporter now untill about level 20 reason being is i like to get power-ups like 2X lol an insta kill for the shank lol

  • Pulse555

    im tempted to buy another ps3 and buy black ops just to play online with people, im on a jailbroken unit so no online gaming for now for me :( lol (waves to sony)

  • Serial-Drummer

    round 25 on KINO. frist dog with pistol, after you try to find the mystery box, take the weapon and upgrade it. P.s DO NOT waste your time on mysery box. you ranup of ammo? buy the ak74 and upgrade. liquors helps

  • AJ H.

    Level 37 solo. Always use indoor circle and use mp40 for backup ammo.

  • 1234

    18 Kino der toten. get the thundergun or your screwed. thats the only reason we lost, we ran out of ammo.

  • jaye

    29 by myself..took pics of it to prove

  • werkheiser

    got to round 33 last night

  • Ibzzzz

    I am currently on round 51 on the map 'FIVE' lool 3 man up no sleep and lacking ammo :( oh and i have been on lvl 37 on kind 2 man up

  • Anom

    Level 18 is my highest, so far. 3 players in level Five.

  • ZombieSchmuck

    Lvl 28 after bout 4 hours on kinder tot, found last metor peice (in starting room behind couch) a heavy metal song plays in background. Tip: on first level shoot each zombie 4 times before using knife – on second level shoot 3 times and knife 2x) more money. Try to stay in room 1 with shotgun till dogs come, as they teleport in open door at bottom of stairs, get machine gun. Then open doors as you are forced to retreat to good shotgun, after turning on power get drink from teleport room machine, then upgrade shotgun. I only used random wepond box till I got a good machine gun. Use greanades from packa punch room then by more from wall before teleporting out. Best tip: you can by ammo for upgraded tactical shotgun from the wall but it costs 4 grand. Found 2 movie reels and played them but like the metors I have no idea what effect they have. Kill them Zombies.. Good Luck

  • jake-JARON

    lvl 30 with four people took around 4 1/2 hours add jake-JARON on ps3

  • Mattalicous

    im actually playing it right now at "Five and guess what? im only at level 28 and haven't needed a single revive top that people

  • charles

    i like crawlers they are funny i squished one in the elevator doors

  • zack crabtree

    i have made it to 33 solo. me and a friend made it to 36. he gets to 15 typically on his own.

  • Aaron

    Made it to round 35 with the neighbor. No reason we couldn't have made it for forty… but after playing for what seemed like two hours, other duties needed attending.

    All you have to do is leave the back door closed on the stage, run clockwise and end between boxes and power switch. Repeat over an over while activating the teleporter on each level. Hang out till the last minute, teleport, knock a bunch out. Once you return run a loop past the MP40 room ending at the stage.

    The fact I had the thunder gun as a backup really helped at the higher levels. Once a crap ton of zombies funneled between the box and switch just blast them away.

  • jacki627

    me and my friend got to level 27 but onling with 4 people i got to level 31

  • upbeatnas

    lvl 25 alone
    lvl 29 with 2 other players

  • Joe C

    Lvl 38 with 4 total players on der toten gt Call Me MaINMaN

  • fezzaz13

    26 with 3 others. But, I was hopeless lol. I was drunk off my nut and I think I got downed 11 times or something. They carried me through on my wonkey legs right to round 26. Don't drink and drive??? DON'T DRINK AND PLAY ZOMBIES!!!! I was on the mic and told them they thought it was funny coz I was actually playing terribly!! LMAO

  • $Walter$

    The farthest I have ever made it was to level 16 I would have gotten higher but the host ended the game. In my one month experience I found that it is better to play online with your friends. If ur with ur friends usually u will stick together so if someone goes down one person can revive u and the other people can cover u. Know the first time I ever played black ops I was In a conflict with my friend and that day at school he said that he wasn’t my friend any more. And just by coincidence he was in my lobby with me and over the intercom I heard him talking to someone. My mind completely went blank as I listened then a zombie downed me but I didn’t know. Over the intecome I heard my old friend say that he was gonna come and get me but the other player in the match with us said not to that he would get killed and cost us the game but my friend said “I DON’T CARE” then he came and revived me. Then we made it to level sixteen. So my point of me telling u that was to always stick together no matter what.

    and try not to get stuck in a small area with a lot of zombies

  • Zack

    I got to level 51 with me and one other

  • Jubs786

    Round 30 . Kino Der Toten. SOLO

    Round 26 . Split Screen With my Bro. Kino Der Toten

    i own the map :)

  • Alex

    lvl 24 solo on kino der toten and me and a friend got to lvl 37 on kino der toten.
    lvl 18 on five, its a hard map :/

    know many good places to be on zombie ^^

  • Tpot19

    I got to round 31 with 2 people on Kino. It got crazy at times, but it wasn't too bad. By the time we got there, we just kinda got bored and just messed with the zombies, running around with only a pistol. The best tactic is to start with the first door at top of stairs, then keep going, opening all the doors until you get to the theatre. Turn on the power and then use the teleporter and run the "circle" running through the entire map, and then wait behind the couch in the first room and in the theatre to get some points, and then keep running. Use the random box as much as you like, but make sure you get jugger-nog. You will not survive otherwise. Dont stop moving or you will get cornered and killed. Throw as many grenades as possible when you are in the light box. If the random box appears in the alley, get through to there through the theatre, and open doors through there. Dont open the door that leads back inside though, or the zombies will appear from everywhere. Long response over with.

  • juan

    i got to level 24 by myself and with 4 people also level 24 i wanna get futher what to do

  • Vinny

    Me and 2 of my friends-yeah, only 2 friends- played what we thought was going to be just a quick, fun game of zombies but we ended up lasting 32 levels in kino der toten

  • ladonis bell

    i just got to level 24 on the first map of zombies and it gets harder and harder 2 kill them

    Ladonis Bell

  • Mattalicous

    who here has made a crawler into a crawler? i have an its funny wicked

  • eli

    lvl 22 on kino der toten and lvl 25 on five all i did was travel up and down the elevator. and ive gotten the winter gun its called winter's fury when pack-a-punched. and note i was alone on both lvls.

  • Devon

    Got to lvl 24 solo on Kino Der Toten it was not that hard it took me only like one hour and a half to get there i mean the zombies are a little easy in the old one i think there were little more harder then black ops and also i got to lvl 36 on five with out the the doctor touching me at all ask me how i did it i will tell you send it to me in a email it ok see yea

  • Bilal B

    Okay, this is my plan.. i got up to level 46 and died cuz i ran out of ammo. my plan is u buy a quick revive with the first 500 u get, u play up to level 3 knifing all the zombies and closing windows to get points, by level four, u open the room down next to the lobby, and u camp there making sure noone gets to you from the side windows. then after the dogs appear u will get max ammo, (u will get max ammo after every dog round). the level after the dogs, kill all the zombies but leave only one alive! open the door to the back alley and unlock all the other doors leading to the electricity. link the tabs and sit in the teleporter. kill the last zombies and wait till the next level starts, wait kill the zombies, but when u see them increasing drastically, teleport up to the cinema room and packa punch ur pistol, u get two guns called mustang and sally.. and start throwing grenades down to the theatre, when u run out, buy more.. then when u teleport back, use ur mustang and sally to kill all the zombies BUT LEAVE THE LAST ONE! go close all the windows to make money and wait for the teleporter to cool down and link it again. do this technique until u reach the second round of dogs (level 10, 11 or 12). after that go unlock doors to find the mystery box and once u do, try ur luck, if u dont get thunder or ray gun, try the next round.. but stick to the method i told u of teleporting back and forth and using MUSTANG AND SALLY. it will get u very far if u play well.

  • Devin Pederson

    On Solo, I got to Level 26 on Kino Der Toten. I ended with over 65,000 points and 740 zombies K.I.A. Of those killed, I didn't have 99 headsots, nor did I have 101 headshots…I had exactly 100 headshots. :D

  • Lee @ Pres

    Level 37 Doubles on Kino der Toten

  • Garry

    well, i made it 2 round 4 cuz im not really good at the game so if i had any hlp. then it would b great

  • Peru

    Lvl 40 Kino Der Toten, Solo. email me if you want my strategy because I dont want to take up a lot of space witht the comment.

  • Trevor

    68 kino der toten, 4 people,INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sirty_stan

    Well, I've noticed that the Rounds have gotten quite high after 12 pages. I can barely compare. But just for you, I have a guide for Der Riese, Kino Der Toten and "Five". My high scores will be listed under all of the guides.

    - Der Riese –

    Alright, I find this map to be big and a little challenging. This guide is for both solo and multiplayer.
    Round 1-5: Depending on how good you are, you should stay in the first area until Round 3 (solo) to Round 5 (multiplayer). Do NOT buy a gun unless absolutely necessary (as in, you will die unless you buy the gun).
    Round 6-8: Open up the door to the right (where the Double-barrel Shotgun is) and then open up the next door and buy a Thompson. Buy whichever of the two guns you prefer (Thompson is recommended for milling points). Open up the next door and stay in the main area (where the Mystery Box is)(solo) or stay in the Thompson room until Hellhounds, or you are overrun (multiplayer).
    Round 8-10: Stay in the main area (do NOT turn on the power) and camp there. If overrun, either open up the door behind you OR turn on the power and do laps on the right side of the map.
    Round 10-12: Stay in the main area and try to get a slow zombie/crawler. When you do, turn on the power and open up as many of the doors as you can and link the teleporters (you do NOT have to do this all in 1 Round). If the Random Box has moved, obtain decent weapons (LMGs, Shotguns or Wunder Weapons) or effective wall guns.
    Round 13+: Not comes the long/hard part. Stay in the room behind the main room and camp at the top of the stairs. If you are overrun, jump off of the railing and either run outside and do laps OR use the teleporter (if you do not have Jugger-Nog). when you get a crawler at the end of the Round, Buy the Perk-a-Colas in this order of priority (if you cannot get them all): Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Revive Soda, Double-tap Root Beer. Buy the Pack-a-Punch on decent weapons and try to obtain the Wunderwaffe. Also buy the Bouncing Betties/Claymores near the Jugger-Nog and place them at the beginning of each Round at the top of the stairs in the back room and in the doorway (solo) or at the top of the stairs, the doorway and both of the barricades (multiplayer).

    On my iPod (I don't have the maps on console YET) I have gotten up to Round 49 TWICE (solo) and to Round 57 (2-player multiplayer).

    Will add the other strategies later: I'm short on time!

    High scores:

    Nacht der Untoten (solo) – 12 (I don't really play this map)
    Nacht der Untoten (multiplayer) – 23
    Zombie Verruckt (solo) – 28
    Zombie Verruckt (multiplayer) – 24
    Shi No Numa (solo) – 45
    Shi No Numa (multiplayer) – 40
    Der Riese (solo) – 49 (TWICE!)
    Der Riese (multiplayer) – 57

    Kino Der Toten (solo) – 8 (I don't play solo often)
    Kino der Toten (multiplayer) – 33
    "Five" (multiplayer) – 18

  • PS3 3GAMER


  • t7t7

    level 50 kinto der toten wid 2 people its easier as dere r less zombies

  • John Mosher

    2 people both in same room separate 3's lvl 35 on kino 25 on 5 …kino run counter clockwise around entire map using traps in higher rounds me personally i keep a mp 40 non paped and a ak paped so i can rack up points with the mp only 600 per ammo grabbing it … 5 a little harder once u have everything open have 1 really good person running the circle on the second floor while every 1 else stays in the pap room 1 covering both windows using clamores the other two at the entrance. circle runner if gets too hard then hits central tele going to first floor and hitting trap wait on other side til majority of followers are dead then run in circle back to tele going to 3rd floor then hit tele by power to go back the 2nd floor rpeat repeat repeat gets extremly boring after a while solo but i bet u pass ur highest lvl using these stategys.. dont believe me User name: eiyes playstation network check leaderboards

  • nigel

    level 22 kino solo
    level 25 kino 4 ppl

  • Diesel

    Lvl 17 – Five
    Lvl 15 – kino

    Only played zombs a couple of times because i always get paired with noobs that dont have headsets.

  • James

    I've got up to Lv 66 in Five

  • robbie

    me and my bro got to level 24 on"five

  • Lehcer

    Level 21 solo Kino der toten

  • ronan

    31 by my self

  • Hector

    Level 29 with 3 people on Kino, Level 27 Solo on Kino
    Its all just running and shooting and praying that you get a max ammo to replenish your empty Ray Gun. We activated all the traps and there were still zombies coming out of the wall. It was crazy

  • jamel

    i got to level 49 on kino wit 3 of my cuzzens. all u need is communicatuion… my gammer tag is XxreffermenxX ADD ME!!!!!!!!!

  • Solidpnk

    I’ve never played the world war C O D . So I would not know how are they in strength but on black ops those gas producing crawlers are hard to kill and after you kill them they release their deadlies attack yet gas -_- .

    (kino der toten)

    Well the farthest I’ve gone in 2- 4 players was 23 rounds but before I get to the solo i wish they had leadebords for solo. Now, the furthest I’ve survived was to level 27. No glitches or nothing just instincts. My strategy is just make them follow me then teleport and bomb their asses. But for me the hardest part is staring it but eventually I make it :).

    I recommend this guns. From 5 to 8 round UAE the steakout then UAE box or buy mpk5 badass gun. Get lucky and then you’ll need Thundergun but, the MUST have is the Zeus cannon! Then which ever gun you’ll like it’s partner to be x). Oh yeah one more thing find the three meteors and listing to that song it’s pretty decent . I always put it at level 25.

    Well hope my advice works for some of you.

    Good luck and sley e’m nazis!

    Ps. I could go on further but I ran out of ammo :/ lol

    • Solidpnk

      I see some mistakes!
      Sorry I was writing from ny iPod and it uses auto spelling. -_-
      instead of UAE I meant USE
      STARTING not staring . Lol

  • Kris

    Highest Score – 182770
    Highest Level – 42
    Highest Kills – 1108
    Map – Kinder Der Toten

    This was Solo and I used no glitches

  • esh

    i got to level 32 single player on hte first one you just have to run around and beginning of every round use the teleporter. i used ray and thunder gun. single is much easier then four people. i only got to 27 with 4 people

  • Colin

    Crawlers Come in after the power comes on. Get it right.

  • Hung

    I've gotten to level 39 wit 2 guys. we would of made it further if the other 2 jackasses didn't quit.. if ur good add me on the Ps3 highbird775..

  • caleb

    i need a little bit more tips these tips are good and i need to know how to get money faster

    • jonathan

      well start with the mp40 and if u get the box aim for the rpk thoes guns get you points

  • Jon

    49 with 2 ppl

  • bigredjn

    Solo on Kino – level 23, team of 4 on level 2…

  • meatsack

    round 22 bitchez! (kino der toten 4 ppl)

  • anthony

    i survide 100 rounds with 2 people

  • Solidpnk

    Hey guys!

    Just yesterday I played solo and reached level 33 . Started with steakout & mpk. I used the box at level 17 had a ray gun , monkey and cz pistol. Pardon my memory I don’t remember the full name.

    at the round 20 I searched the cast meteor and moshed through the zombies :D.

    Later, i pack a punch both ray and the thundergun.

    It got pretty hard after level 30. I had run out of bullets. I turned almost all of traps but several crawlers cought me from behind. : /

    • Warpro

      cz75 i love that gun

      • Warpro

        thats why your not suppose to use the ray gun after lvl 20's

  • matt

    36 by myself.. kino. thunder and rpk and monkeys. over 30 everytime.
    takes way to long

  • Miguelinho

    Level 97. Five.
    67 Kino Der Toten.

  • Miguelinho

    Level 97. Five.

  • Guest

    haha, calling BS on most of these posts.
    …but I personally hold the record for round 72, by myself on Kino, and 125 on Five.
    hahaha what a joke

  • Warpro

    alot of people fail at playing zombies because their are scare of them.

  • dchapp

    i got to lvl 49 solo only beacause i accidentally switched my rpk for a ballistic knife

  • david

    i have got to lvl 24 solo but with one friend we got to lvl 29 omg it was a pain in the ass

  • tadadazz


  • AxelGrimm

    Round 32. Once you get to round thirty, every round from then is an hour long. Which in my taste, is ridiculously long.

  • Spencer

    I got to level 50 on five using the glitch.. i dont have any ammo though :/ just grenades

  • jason

    Level 25 kino der toten solo.

  • Notorious BVH

    gamertag-Notorious BVH

    lvl- 63 solo kino dino der toten

    add me

  • Tony

    Wave 28 with 3 people, clutch at lvl 24 and we recovered and then made it to lvl 28….hard as heck.

    keep moving fast, play as a team, don't go solo unless you have to, when you run out ammo buy anything off the wall, and keep buying.

    Good luck

  • keith

    I have made it to level 87 by my self with the thundergun upgraded the the alien pistal it took 9 hours to do to was some ***t but fun!!!!!!!

  • TheGrtAku

    Look, You just need to be calm in the face of danger. Learn the pistol, get a friend. Save up to 3000 roughly. Explore till you find the mystery Box. Then Die. And repeat, now you know exactly where to go. Once you get to the box. Buy a nice weapon off the wall while your partner buys (unless your feeling lucky with the box) Take turns, and if one pulls a ray gun. He isn’t allowed to touch the box for a second equip until partner pulls a good weapon. If you get the bear. check the stage (power room) and if the box isn’t by the wall, its in the auditorium. Hold out. Get the HK21 (125 clip) RPK (100 clip) The Thunder gun (giant air cannon for hordes in your face) or the Ray Gun (just uber powerful)and you can easily hold out till wave thirty if you run laps, utilize the teleport and the pack-a-punch machine ($5000)and dont make any stupid mistakes, (like rushing to save your partner in the middle of a high wave, partner can stay down a very long time before dying and they make a great barrier in a doorway if their down while they line up to get up in the face)

    Patience is a virtue, Head shots are a necessity, and cardio is a must.

    • TheGrtAku

      my advice was for the theater, FIVE can kiss my ***, those labs are a deathtrap and that box is too far and the defcon is whack and the inner sactum is crap. At least you can collect film and watch a movie in Toten

  • BelRock

    not personally but online friend made it to 57 on kino solo…me lvl28 derise solo

  • Mark

    LvL 38 1 Person, Level 37 2 People, Level 42 with 3 Level 29 with 4 if anyone wants to team up… we can go further with teamwork which everyone i try to play with seems to lack

  • m5gjhkgfigcf

    71 on kino

  • Blixi

    Round 32 on Kino But i Will play with Guy and his best round is 80 :P

  • George

    lvl. 15 one player

  • khristian

    on kino after you open the door to the ally rack up some pionts then open the door after that(the gate) that is a good spot to camp two people get the stairs and two people get the window stay tell you get 10,000 then go upgrade your weapons or go to the mystery box again 27 on kino 28 on five

  • Dwayne

    I got to level 42 solo. If only I had stockpiled my points..might have hit 45/50.. Game on! Hit on live if ya wanna run. SniperWolfx2

  • leo8491

    level 33, thanks to monkey bombs and the mp40, plus running around the circut on the theater works nicely

  • Logan

    Round 25 twice now in Solo Kino Der Toten ..had the Zeus Cannon and kept switching other gun

  • Jason

    I got to level 38 in kino der toten but it was only 2 ppl and we deff had mics. But if there was more ppl i dont think we would have been able to do it. Our trip was to get jugger, quick reload, and revieve and we both had the ray gun and he had the rpk and i had the thundergun and we ungraded all our guns and got the bowie knife and we had alot of points extra cuz i went down once and he saved me and i enough points to get the jugger and all that stuff again. I think the double tap is a waste of ammo and you have to use the teleporter and u just gotta run around in circles throughout the map. Ohhh and we had monkies and claymores you just gotta make sure u use everything. What finally killed us was we ran outta ammo. We all never opened up the alley cuz then u can just get caught up if theres too many ways to run

  • DutchKid121

    14 on CO-op, I'm not very good but I'm getting there. I love what they did with the maps and the new Nova Zombie. It's AWESOME!!

  • Nik

    Level 27 in Kino Der Toten solo

  • ty-chaos

    level 111 but i use a glich 6-7 by my self without glich

  • moomallow

    wave 46 on kino with 2 people, im not trying to sound like an elitist but as long as you use the traps its not THAT hard.
    yes its difficult to dodge zombies and stay in strategic spots to stop them from spawning everywhere but once you learn how to run to get the zombies to form a crowd it gets easier.
    if anyone wants to play with me on psn please reply and ill send you my username.
    also just to share some tips ive found useful:
    dont hold onto your ray gun/thunder cannon/other useful weapon after round 30 or so unless you know the dogs are coming up next. youll just be stuck without ammo, zombies rarely drop any power ups like max ammo around this point. by this point you should have enough points to get those weapons back from the box at the end of the round.
    and for anyone who makes it to 40 and how has no idea what to do next

  • Jon-Paul

    I got the hardened edition so I don't play a lot of Kino and I hate Five but I made it to round 35 on the Verrückt map with four people.

  • Hero

    i made it to 29 by myself. almost made it to 30 but i kinda zoned out for a second when i had a break from zombies piling in on me.

  • dubsftw

    I got to level 44 last night.

  • jonathan

    this new update for black ops made zombies way harder to kill are something i got to level 50 within 5 to 6 hours n now i get to level 35 in 5 hours ? has anyone notice that zombies got harder ps3 add me jjohnygee18

  • frenchy

    my highest round was 43 and omg it is soo hard! it took about two or three clips of a pack a punch m16 to kill 1 zombie and the thunder gun pack a punch doesn't kill them! it only knocks them out then they get back up…. it's crap.

  • brendan

    I got 25 solo

  • Alcad

    54 solo? run circles in the theater use tele, and luckly get mystery just use ur gun when ur out, buy another gun, (u need thundergun/ray gun or just quit :)

  • Edgar Arrona

    I made it to level 25 and hoping to get further If u have a ps3 add me the my user name is eamexican and no capital’s it is yust as u see it

  • Jackson

    level 29 solo on kino der toten

  • moonwalker94-_-

    got to round 40 a couple times with 2 people had to abandon game due to it going on until 3 am when i had an exam the next day :/ :L as long as u keep a light gun and dodge its easy, just circuit them around the map. best combination is zeuscannon with normal mp40 so you can milk the zombies for points to put on traps and the zeuscannon to stop you from ending up trapped in some corner somewhere

    add my PSN- moonwalker94-_-

  • slade

    made it to round 20 alone its got crazy

  • Tyler Moore

    Me and my friend just made it to level 32 on Kino Der Toten yesterday one tip is to not camp or your screwed, just keep running and hope for thunder gun/ ray gun, then upgrade and run run run, also use the traps to your disposal, or you will run short on ammo…and yes zombies is crazy awesome, treyarch should make a zombie map pack of all the current maps plus new ones.

  • Tyler Moore

    Made it to level 32 with one friend i had Upgraded ray gun and thunder gun (aka porters x2 ray gun and zeus cannon) 815 kills, i am going to get a party together and make it passed 50 add me my gt is Tyler Moore, only add if you gan get 30 easy

  • superzombie123

    round 73 no joke 4 players it took 6 and half hours it was amazing i love nazi zombies (on the teather of corse not five thats hard as hell)

  • Willzee

    round 30, on solo

  • ste crane

    im only level 53 because no a glitch for both places and trus they will neva get you!:)



  • DestructionMan

    Level 21 Kino der Toten, stay outside when the power is on and before rounds begin to avoid the exploding stink f**ks

  • xybetancourt

    You need to buy the jogger nug perk when u turn on the power because it gives you a better chance of surviving. Without jogger nug u die in 2 hits with it u need a least 5 to get downed so it makes a big diference try it… I got to round 31 with mi cusin in splitscreen on kino soooo try it

  • sisco

    32 kinder toten split screen with one other person. took 2 hours

  • Jordan

    Got to level 41 playing co-op on kin der toten. Anyone who has gotten higher or knows someone who has on Co-op please email me

  • mikel pikel

    me and my mate got up to level 19 it helps when your together cos its easier to talk.

    the way we got up to 19 is a simple way of opening doors and running around using the teleporter every round (helps) plus must pack a punch your guns but our stradergy at the start is go the top way and as soon as one of us have 750 to open the first door then save up to open the rest until you get into the main area dont turn on the power until you have saved up 5000 it helps because you can pack a punch your gun straight away

    also i recomend the hk24 i think thats it

    and if your on ps3 add me

  • david

    i've made it to round 23 solo on kin der toten by opening doors and running in a big circle having the zombies follow me then get somewhere with alot of moving space and turn around and waste em lol

  • Brad

    Round 36 on kino and 24 on five

  • Zac

    level 35 on kino on splitscreen, corral them through the trap in the first room upstairs and it takes them out even at a high level, but you get no points for it. also, starting later levels by turning on the turret and teleporting (and throwing a bunch of nades down at them) makes the levels a lot easier. just as I suspected, we're gonna need to get the power on.

  • scott

    24 solo on kino der toten and 21 solo on ascension unreal

  • mattyp73

    Level 44 on Kino split screen. Still trying to master ascension — 27 with 4 ppl

  • guest

    Level 54 with ammo cheat. I could of gone forever but I was tired. You cannot kill zombies even with the upgraded ray gun after level 50. Yeah, I know, I'm a cheat :(

  • connor

    lvl 33 you need to buy quick revive, juggenog and cola and you will be invincable

  • DeAdLy Sh0cK

    level 41 split screen on Kino

  • Merlok

    How many levels are there?

  • Jessie

    level 32 4 people but one afk since 7th round…

  • romeo5885

    lv 36 1480 kills

  • thomas

    i got to lvl 31 on the first one with out cheating

  • Madison

    Got to lvl 39 solo and 47 w/ a partner. This is why girls rock :)

  • A-to-the-J

    i have gotten to lvl 31 with 2 players. we always try to beat the highest score and we take a pic of it……. nerdist huh? lol

  • jack

    playing two players me and my brother has got to level 19 on black ops and level 27 on worl at war and it get hard

  • sander

    got to lvl 57 takes to long to get to next lvl i quit

  • Jack

    Level 47, 309 000 points and 2470 kills in Kino playing with a friend (not splitscreen cuz that doesn't count, neither does solo), on PS3! Username is knightmen360

  • Thing

    25 solo in kino

  • denz

    round 30 3 players:kino der toten iv been playing for a while my most used gun would be a pack a punched pistol got up to round 13 on five but the theif is just annoying

  • guest

    i got to level 52 solo on kino but after taking an hour per level i decided to waist the ammo in my zeus canon and commited suicide in the theatre lol username: QERBICYDAL

  • joey

    got to 105 on solo but 29 with my friend on kino

  • qcc

    Stop complaining about crowler they aint that hard.. just need at least 3 '' pretty good players'' and you can go 25 and up easy .. find box..get laser guns.. upgrade em.. then hide..when round is about to end always keep a monster alive so you have time to do what you want.. then get all drinks… after u done forever..

    level 41 in five here..and 36 in first map

  • Lord_Jebus

    love how ppl say its you lie when you said you get too 39.. lol it is possible iv been too 45 solo in kino.. its quite easy if you get the thundergun and raygun.. monkeys helps alot too.. but its really not that tough

  • Zaksaladfingers

    Level 28 Kino.
    Level 26 Five.
    Level 18 Ascension.

  • ratedx

    Me and my cuz play togeather on playstaion network.. was on the boards for 33 rounds kino but now they say 29 WTF….lol but any way here are some tips. stay in lobby until first round of dogs then run to mp40 room. post one person down stairs and one at the door two in stairway. secound round of dogs run to turn on power and get juggernog. try to stay togeather and run large laps turning and killing as you go. I dont worry about the box i take a wall gun so i can reload as we move in the lap and upgrade the pistol to dual grenade launcher pistols to clear the way if it gets hair.. play like this and get better and try to do more… ratedx on PS3 network ill play with you…hope it helps. tip box guns are good but dont need them till like round 20.

  • Solidpnk

    Hey guys.
    I've left few post before . I stumble upon someone that he made it solo to 42 I do not remember his name. So I gave my self a challenge to see if I could go further than 42. Well I made it to round 45 solo.
    From 5pm to 11:30pm

    I took a break and went to buy Chinese food lol (35 mins).

    I upgraded until 17 i had steak out & mpk45.

    I used box @ 20 and got a galil xD
    Upgraded it and still has my steakout.

    Used box at 30 and I received a RPK! Damn gun is really in handy. Switched with steakout.

    35 used box and got ray gun switched it for galil.

    ( after 26 they seem to get harder to kill , it takes around 10-15 grandees for one zombie to leave him crawling)

    At level 40 I just had to gamble to get thundergun I had 3 bears and useless guns I had over200,000 in points so traps bought me time. finally I got thunder gun :)! I thought I was gona be a breeze but I was wrong. It took alot of strategy and timing. I fatally got to five I was pumped by the song 115 ( which I turn on at 35 ) it just filled me up with killing more and more lol) now, on level 45 I was doing great but ; I decided to stand near the teleporter to use it little did I knew crawlers out of no where eat my back so I died….

    The hard part after 30 ish is the lack of amo . Use your bullets when you need it don't fire all crazy and such lol

    If you plan to nake it to 45 like me or want to challenge yourself like I did go on but , for every few stages has it's surprises. Also , beware of crawlers , please check your back if standing in a open area!

    Good luck!!

    Kill e'm All!!! :D

  • mike flegg

    im currently on level 51, took me just under 5 hours so far so i have paused it and going to come back to it. No i do not play it a lot i think i just got a pretty good strategy going and im going to continue to see how far i can get.


  • Guest

    round 30 on kino

  • lolz

    the best way to kill the pentagon thief with out him taking any guns is to run around the top area of the war room. the person who he is after is the only person who can see him so have that person point him out when he sees the thief. make sure you have an SMG/Pistol cuz if you have an LMG or heavy weapon he will catch up to you. have your teammates shoot at the trail of numbers (cuz they can't see him) until he is dead. works best if teammates have a ray gun. if he is getting close to the person he is after just put 2 people in his way to block him.

  • angrywolf98

    level 27, with three people, pretty hard

  • Guest

    round 24 on kino. i cant wait till ascension to come out on ps3 as it looks total kick-ass on the 360

  • Gamerkid

    im 11 years old I was playing today after school and i went on kino der toten and my first mistery box item was THUNDER GUN!!!! then I almost died but i had a revive so i got up and got another mystery box and got hk21 heavy machinegun so i left on round 7 to the theater turned on power and hid in the corner where the bowie knife and juggernog is. what you need to do is buy revives all of the time. I made it to round 22 at the end.

  • john

    level 45 on kino der toten, how many levels is there?

  • jkguyefw

    lvl 39 crazy in there man so hard they got me cornered and that was me dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Tank Dempsy

    On 52 right now solo. I don't really care if you believe me, but keep this in mind: only a certain number of zombies can follow you at once. So if you have a trail of them, you will be safe to turn around and fire without having to worry about watching your back unless one of them dies.

  • mickp

    got to lvl 23 with my 8 year old son found the best place to stand was in the room upstairs to the right go through to the area with the double doors dont open them one gaurds the window the other stand next to the window shooting at zombies coming from the small corridoor you have to go right round the other way to put the power on but once you have you can put on the trap in the corridoor but only do this after about lvl 13 as you want to keep a last man to set up the teleporter go through the teleporter every level and throw grenades from the pack a punch room onto the zombies below then go back to the upstairs room throw the lever on the trap at the last minute and watch them fry we found the best guns to have ray gun plus heavy machine gun ,thunder gun plus either ray or hmg upgraded ofcourse and monkeys can be a life saver speed reload and double tap a good help could probably get further with this method but start to get fed up after 23 ps me and my 6 year old daughter got to lvl 22 .

  • eac commander

    round 50 kinodorton with cosin and best friend EAC] commander
    ps eac clan is the best

  • edgar73489570423

    lvl 27 in kino . solo

  • altxero

    28 – kino – 2player

  • jhone

    i got to level 23 kino with no cheats

  • pauliev9

    me n my buddy got to lvl 42 on kino, got a pic of it to

  • Mr. targets

    made it to level 42 online with friends wona get far add me ps3 only cookie9888

  • anthony

    i have gotten to round 36 on kino der toten and the frekin dogs were hard to kill

  • Alexander

    level 25 solo on kino der toten ;)

  • tofy

    i got up to round 42 yesterday im not lieing

  • Ethan

    Heh 23 with 4 people 13 by myself i havent figured out my perfect stag yet

  • Jordan Tristam

    lvl 36 is all i'v managed, its insane! it gets boring after a while tho so im kinda glad i died. I had 2 other guys with me i had duel HS10 and near the end we just had to cam in the lift, there was no other way

  • Hunter

    level 21

  • Ryan

    The best solo I have achieved is Level 41 in Kino Der Toten. It took almost 3 hours. It does help if you have the ray gun.

  • steadiedbow8

    lvl 28 kino der toten solo.stay in lobby using knife on first and second rounds keep barricades up at the end of second round buy the m14 and on the 3rd shoot them in the head with the m14 notice they still walk a little bit quickly knife them for 130 points :) then round 4 run around just kill the faster zombies and as many of hte others until your comfortable moving around them then line them up and use your pistol they take ALOT of bullets without dying and bulelts do penetrate so one shot can aqual 60 poiints or more use around 20 shots then start knifing by the end fo round 4 i usually have 6 to 7 thousand points maybe a little more round 4 is simple kill quickly headshots knife when possible keep one alive use some grenades keep one slow half crawler zombie alive then make your way down to the left towards the alley just keep opening doors and follow it to the theatre turn on the power use the mystery box your m14 can still be used until round 9 or 10 so use it untiul its out of ammo run aroudn theatre elt them spawn in then make your way to the teleporter toss some grenades or make your way to the lobby and blast them save money and get all the perks and try to get the thundergrom and ray gun or one or the other and one of the big machine guns like the rpk or hk21 will do nicely expecially if you have the upgraded thundergrom ( zeus cannon) and the monkey dudes from the crate i usually get the revive perk then the juggernaut perk then double tap then speed cola so by round 12 i have all the perks and usually have some descent weapons.80% of surviving is your ability to move around and not get backed into a corner or let yourself get surrounded learn the level know where everything and you should get to level 20 with ease

  • Tom

    got to round 38 on 2 player on map five and we kill the pentagon theif before he takes our gun everytime we are pro at zombies.

  • PaulieP

    Level 51 by myself on kino.. took me 2 and a half hours alone to get from 36-48.

  • Trustun

    Round 19 With 2 people in kino and solo in kino round 15 and im only 12

  • Samantha

    level 51 @ five. we quit on that level cause we got bored and they just don't die anymore.

  • abdul

    alright so il show you guys a strategy guide for five in the first and second level use ur pistol to rack up points start by shooting 6 times in the chest then knife at lvl3 ur gonna get forced to open up the door and get the smg stay in the elevator until u think u cant hold them back any more then u should have about 3000 points or more then quickly buy mp5k then go to the lower lvl clearing debris then u should see the place were the elevator is but if u turn right and walk there u will see another debris to be cleared (DONT FORGET GO RIGHT)then turn left and u will see a corner the (left one) then stay there and camp and zombies will come at u in on line only u should have the MPL and MP5K stay in that corner for a little time to create a crawler then turn the power and and get perks find the random box use it and upgrade ur weapon the go back and camp and i will repeat the zombies will come at u in ONE LINE STRAIGHTLY AT THE OTHER CORNER NEAR THE DEBRIS.
    i hoped u liked my guide and i will upload more guides soon this is bloodshot signing out

  • Rob

    Round 59 solo. The best way is to just run around the map then turn around with an auto gun and pop the heads off

  • Guest

    round 41
    2 people
    left a crawler every round,linked teleporter and tried mystery box
    you run around the map on the right side and use the thundergun to kill them all when they are in a straight line

  • gangsta

    Round 29 with 2 mates important to have headsets for communication.
    The Bowie knife is very good for killin the gas zombies because they dont give out gas when there knifed. Juggernog is a must . use the bowie knife with upgraded ballsitic knife :D good luck peeps

  • Shane

    round 45 on Kino 36 on Five and 56 on Ascension, I'm apart of the best zombies clan, my gamertag is Zom Bz Hughes

  • kenny

    I FOUND THE MYSTERY BOX IN “FIVE” !!!!!!!!!!! when u first enter the room by the power befor u get to the room with the switch theres a hallway right when u walk in go down the hall and the box is behind the door

  • YankTheBrew

    Round 36 Kino / solo
    Points: 188770
    Kills: 1104
    Head shots: 357

  • Daniel

    level 42 kino der toten with 4 people

  • Skip

    I can steady make it to level 28 29 in kino der toten. U absolutely need a ray gun form the gun box upgraded and all the perks. Speed cola juggernaut n such. Doesn't hurt to have a thunder gun upgraded too. Link the pads open all the door and continuously start a round by teleporting up n throwin grenades down. The. When back run a complete circle n kill everyone. Turn on a turret gun before u teleport in the later rounds

  • John Alta

    level 28…only managed it with the zeus gun [upgraded thundergun], after it ran of ammo then it was game over, plus me and my mate had a ray gun each. wouldve made it to level 30 if he had just turned on the turret…!

  • Goose

    Lvl 15 in Kino Der Toten with 3 players

  • thomas walsh

    hi guys i got to round 28 on my own on the thearter with one death but as i got bk up they all pilled me if u want add me on ps3 my ps3 name is thomastanker96 send me a message and i got profe of the round ok guys im pritty good play it a lot online on solo coz there are to many rubbish players out there now so if u wanna game just add me and send me a message if u wanna privite match with me thanks guys and i dont playing online much now its all zombies for me now thanks guys if u wanna know some good ways to get to high rounds just send me a message on ps3

  • d man

    i just got it my highest is 17

    • d man

      do u no wer the claymors r i do

  • guy

    i got to round 85 coz i had the ray gun and thunder gun dominateint together u should try it just dont get addicted like i have

  • guy

    and round 90 on five

  • Jackson

    does anyone know what gun is good to use for multiplayer, I really want to find a gun because the guns i use now are shit. Please tell me your desired load out! :)

  • bartek

    27 on my one it s simple visit send me a message and ill make a strategy

  • bartek

    also 30 with 2 its all luck

  • jo

    i made round 21 on acension but turned around andthere was like ninty before i could throw my gersch device

  • Loyalty

    It iz realli not that hard once yuh have yur guns and ungraded them…yull be all set with that…solo iz tough cuz lets say 7 zombies come out in the first round it doubles it so i heared…but 64 iz hmmmmmm kinda seems fake but who knows…i need 2 players more to make a beats ass n 2 otthers r playin…n yea yuh can have 5 players its the gllitch i juss dont kno it…


    I got to round 32 on a 4 person difficulty.. cuz 2 people left at round 6… KINO DER TOTEN !

  • Sawyer

    With 4 total only 37. But by myself 50.. I got tired of playing and let them kill me. :D

  • el wimmos81

    we made it to level 31. with 2 guys.

  • Mike G

    That's all gravy guys! LVL 40 Solo Kino Der Toten. Total 5 hours of gameplay and was 1 lvl from dogs… thunder gun, zap, and monkeys… but no ammo… :) enjoy beating this!

  • Argir

    my friend went to level 48 in Kino der Toten and he left the game in 48 because he was tired after playing for 3 hours

  • Rich

    got to round 87 on Kino Der Toten. With two people offline so it isn't on leader board so that absolutely sucks. But it gets so boring after a whole night of playing it and we fell asleep lol. At about 60 it was like 20 shots from PaPed Ray Gun to kill one zombie insane. So gods know wat it would be at 90

  • zombie beast 24

    i am decent at zombies at kino is where i own. on solo i have gotten to level 24. online i couldve gotten further but i mostly play with people who arent that good so if you have a ps3 and want to get further in zombies just send a message and i will give you my online user id so you can add me

  • That_Zombie_Guy

    So far am sitting at level 43 solo on Kino Der Toten. Had to go to sleep so it is paused and I will continue after work. Have screen shot of me at 42 in projection room. I have monkey, Zeus Cannon and MP40 with ALL perks. Sitting at 150,000 points on screen right now. All I do is spray the entire ammo supply into horde behind me, then run and do traps, pick up ammo, repeat on stage ammo emptying, then hop in the teleporter for some free zombie kills. Run MP40 lap with traps again and cluster them on stage again then empty ammo. Use Zeus Cannon to get out of tight spots while running level and to kill dogs quick and easy for max ammo. Starting to get a bit annoying though cause seriously the only thing that kills anythign is the traps and teleporter. Just takes a while to finish each level but am going to keep going just to be bale to get the final screen shot where it says NAME, KILLS, POINTS, HEADSHOTS and LEVEL. Just for proof. EVERYONE should have a screenshot of their level WITH their name if they want to say that they go super high in levels. See how far I can go.

  • Jordan

    level 27 kino der toten just got it

  • mike

    I got to level 35 solo ran

    Out of ammo,

  • Jazman

    Playing with two people is much better than 3-4 people unless you have a sure fire plan First with two people each guard two doors until round 3-4 then open the door to the downstairs door grab the mpl then save up enough money to get to the stakeout and buy it and stay there until you can open the next two doors and upgrade if there is a mystery box in the dressing room DON’T get it unless you have a crawler-and just keep running around and try to get a upgraded ray gun and thunder gun. I got to level 29 but we ran out of ammo. Cjaz12

  • Mike

    Level 39 Kino Der Toten 2 people, I had the ray gun, cross bow, monkeys, and quick reload, and my friend had ray gun monkeys, and thundergun all upgraded and all four drinks, we utilize all the traps, mainly the firepit then run to the teleporter i think we killed over 1600 zombies.

  • Master

    Level 51 Ascension, solo ! 3712 zombies killed.

  • SychoMan26

    22 on Solo

  • midnight_climber

    45 kino rnk 27 out of 7,455,662 for highscore (in the millions) took 10 hrs lol

  • Nati

    round 28

  • Jole

    got to round 142 on accention look at it on youtube

  • jole

    142 solo accention its on youtube

  • Stephen

    i got up to round 34 with my buddy at my house, but him and his brother got up to round 36 :/

  • clivanmeanit

    Made it to lvl 24 by myself on Kinder. Run and transport, run and transport.

  • steve

    29 on Kino, solo, had thundergun upgraded which helped

  • Johnny

    Level 41 on Kino with one other player. Killed ourselves bc it was already 4am.

  • time2chasecars

    level 21 by my self

  • ali

    level 30 with 2 players – the way to get high level is to run around the map but try not to stay at one place thats how u will lose ….

  • chris

    48 on kino

  • Louis

    I know somebody who got up to lvl 49

  • J3R3My

    i have also noticed that crawlers aren’t always a part of the after-dog level, rather after you turn on the power, which the noise “wakes them up” so to speak.

  • ghelyoon

    lvl 36 kino lvl 37 der riese lvl 36 ascensions

  • liam

    my friend got 2 32 by himself!!! on kino. he said to get the raygun and try to get an olimpia packapunched and you will do good.

  • Zombie

    my friend and i made it to 43

  • Jacob

    Level 42 at Ascension. ray gun is a must to be able to shoot zombies legs off into crawlers instantly.


    round 77 on acension those ++++++++ zombies got us from behind 4 people all with upgraded ray guns

  • memyself&i

    end of lvl 32 twice 873 kills once and 872 the other 110000 points until i got snagged and the @#$$ caught me , by myself , never got past 12 on multiplayer because every one seems to be useless and get me killed trying to revive them. still havent sussed out five but can get 25 odd on ascension. again on solo.

  • RivDog!

    On kino der toten i made it to round 42 by myself and round 31 with 2 people!

  • dude

    level 13 solo on X-box hang up^^

  • roll3r

    My litie bru clocked d game what you talking..;)..

  • kid

    with 3 people we got to round 24 on ascension :/

  • Guard

    To kill the pentagon thief you want to shoot him when he comes after you and when he's close to taking away your weapon pull out a secondary weapon that you dont really like.Continue to shoot him and he'll eventually drop max ammo,fire sale,or the pack a punch perk that reduces the price of it to 1000(From 5000).Best way to survive in 5 is to rack up points in war room up to level 10 then move on to turn on power get jugger nog which increases health,also try not to chase after the mystery box so quickly just use the weapons if the walls.

  • Khang Bui

    i got to lvl 50 in kino, n im only 12 yrs old

    • Amir Saleem

      i am also 12 years old  but i only got to lvl 10 in kino :P nice job btw

    • Jason Jay Allmond

      nice i made it to level 987 then i ran out of ammo and got down when i got up i had nothin i went to buy a gun and instantly i got four guns idk how then i made to whatever level i made it to on kino der toten and i meade it to level 1,936 n im only twelve

  • Khang Bui

    i got to lvl 50 in kino, n im only 12 yrs old

  • Mher

    i got to 37 solo on kino with zeus cannon and packapunched raygun but i ran out of ammo for both guns and didnt want to switch either one out so i died :/

  • Soonerfancarter

    on kino i got to 54 on ascenscion i got to 52 i have video evidence on youtube at soonerfancarter

  • Soonerfancarter

    both on solo

  • Amir Saleem

    i went to round 10 in kino heres 2 very ueful tips 1st watch ur back 2nd when theres a bunch of zombies just throw a grende, most of them dies use also transporter if u need it the first 3 rounds just use pistol and knife then after u finish the 3 rounds open the next 2 doors upstairs then buy thee stake out shotgun and the other mchine gun use machine gun on zombies and stakeout shotgun on dogs there are 8 dogs and they die all by 8 bullets of stakeout (solo) and when u have 3000 u open the next 2 doors then now just use the teleporter and myestry box hope i helped (solo)

  • Ngb1996

    I got to round 26 on ascension with the zeus cannon and pack-a-punched Galil and gersch device, but ran out of ammo and I died

  • zt

    72 on five I got on the table and accidentally fell asleep when I woke up I was on round 72 the zombies die out after a while

  • zt

    72 on five I got on the table and accidentally fell asleep when I woke up I was on round 72 the zombies die out after a while

  • Razorjustin69

    I consistently make it to about 30 solo using about any gun i get and the bowie knife. There was one instance where i went through round 27 starting with no ammo….it was a little hectic

  • Macaraca

    cooool lol ;D

  • Roving_Stranger

    Round 28 on Kino, i got pretty bored and ran out of ammo after that :I.

    My strategy goes like this. I always buy the M14 for when i get swarmed in a later round. I knife every zombe at the window up to round 3 (if they get through use your M1911). After round 3 i buy Quick Revive because i know i will leave soon. When i get swarmed i run up the stairs and use the M14 to headshot large groups of zombies. Right before they reach me i open the door and go crazy with the M14 and try to use up all of its ammo. I run straight to the next area and open the door, and then buy the MP40 (best SMG in my opinion). Getting headshots is so easy and it has ALOT of ammo (32/192). After getting around 6000 points i open both doors to the stage, turn the power on, and make a mad dash to Juggernog. After that i run laps around the area of doors i open and buy speed cola. After that, its just running laps and survivng (dont forget to Pack-A-Punch your guns!) the zombies.
    ME and my bro tried it, and it worked pretty good on split screen Round 18 ( could have gone farther but we had to eat T^T).

  • Gaetan

    i made it to round 31 on ascension with 2 people me and my friend when round 30 came i died my friend lived that round he had the thunder gun and the ray gun at round 31 i came back i had no guns i went to the box right away and got a bad gun then my friend died so i run and bought the ak74u and went on the lander and lived for 15 mins and then they trap me   

  • Jglover406

    Round 22 is the highest i’ve made it, with a Pack a Punched HK and a Spas12. I camp out in the alley as long as I can, then get a crawler, turn on the power, arm the teleporter, get Jug, and get started. I always stand behind the turret gun, wait til they start coming, turn it on, then dive in the teleporter. Go up to the projector room, and throw as many grenades as possible, since you can buy them off the wall. Hopefully, you’ll have monkey bombs by then. After you leave the projector room, you’ll respawn in the lobby. Start chucking grenades at the door separating you and the theatre, then raise hell with your weapon at the door. When they get in, run upstairs and go through the room, hopefully not too far ahead of the zombies, and hit the trap. Then, follow the rooms back to the theatre, and start all over, making sure to rearm the teleporter. I could have done a lot better, but got stuck in a corner. Had a quick-revive, but lost my Jug, so I was screwed. So, there you go.

  • DrEdwardR

    i always play coop, got to 62 on kino by running big laps together, many traps, thundergun and punched crossbow. 54 on cotd by running circles and combining both groups from about 30 and use the scavenger, punched vr11 and punched crossbow. got to 57(top 20) on shangri la with combining groups and babygun them from 30 on. usually we suicide at one time because of too much time or connection…kino 16hrs, cotd 15hrs, shangri la 18hrs played the other maps too, but highscore list messed them up…   

  • Mrsimmo96

    i got to round 68 on kino then fell asleep in the middle of it

  • Ninjaslaw2

    21 kino on solo and 55 on asension solo.

  • B G_owner

    i went to round 45 on kino solo, and 67 on ascension solo, with other people i got 29 on kino and 43 on ascension with 2 people.

  • Jason Jay Allmond

    I made it to level 999

  • Matt 1588

    i made it to round 81 by myself over the weekend, i got the ray gun on round 8 and the thunder gun on round 18 and then i upgraded both of them!!! and then i quit because i got bored

  • Silvem

    27 kino solo

  • Just4495

    Went to 18 when two people quit and then 24 with the one who didnt quit on kino

  • Mr Connerton

    Played system link with four people, got the uptime set up, four rayguns, and 1 of each special. Mad it to fifty and broke it. Couldn’t be defeated, so we got bored. The guy that’s says he made it to 999 is full of it. That would take tooooo much time, there is no way I believe that.

  • Alex

    Solo, ipad, lvl105, and counting, still going at it, got an upgraded automatic n upgraded zeus cannon;-) all you do is get the cannon and keep it other weapon, use whatever u want, keep going in circles…

  • lynden

    I went to 1002

  • lynden

    I died when the round just started it took me 5 days to make it to 1002

  • lynden

    on kino but on die rise bo2 I went to 35

  • Paul

    all kino der toten