COD Black Ops: Patch Update for Xbox 360, PS3, PC – What should they fix?

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We have some good news for those of you who have been experiencing problems in Call of Duty: Black Ops, as Treyarch has just confirmed via Twitter that a patch update will be on the way for the game.

It looks like Treyarch has been reading some of the wide criticism received for the game so far, and are keen to put that smile back on your face with a quick patch update.

The good news is, that the patch update will be available for the three main platforms of the game, which include the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. Here is what Treyarch’s community manager Josh Olin had to say about the game:

”Hello World. We’re here, working. We will patch all platforms, as always. I’ll have info of substance once we catch our breath. #ItsBeen1Day”

It may have been 1 day, but there has also been 1 day’s worth of complaints too. As Olin mentioned above, he’ll be bringing out further details on the update, most probably the key areas that will be fixed up.

What are your thoughts on the patch update? What would you like to see fixed first?

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  • Tynan

    It'd wanna be here in 24 hours or I'll be taking it back

    • joe

      haters chill out… Im glad that they are working on it and I want them to take their time. Rushing is what created problems in the first place so just let them do work.

    • Carl

      Yeah right, whats the bet you won't noob

    • Joe

      aggreed… the sound effects for footsteps are NON EXISTENT… I can understand toning them down a touch from MW2 , but this is ridiculous….

      guys can run past you full speed and you will never hear them… even with ninja perk you can hear your own footsteps… which go silent only when your running…. WTF?

      at this point, you will have ppl do one of 2 things…. run around liek chickens with their heads cut off of sit somewhere and camp because of the lack of situational awareness

    • Stephen

      ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MATCHING IS REALLY SLOW! Matchmaking is BROKEN. I will not play until it is fixed.

    • dfefe

      where can i get call of duty black ops full updates

  • sam

    the lag….

    • @20jaime10

      There's absolutely NO lag!! I have the highest DSL internet, I suggest you get off your walmart internet and get some cable at least!!

      • betterthanyou

        STFU Console fag its a POS game

      • techwillfail

        I have plenty of video showing laaaggg on cable and dedicated fiber so give that argument up, besides there isn't a walmart here.

        • @20jaime10

          It wasn't literal. And Treyarch will fix the Theater problems right now if that's what you mean. If not, then online gameplay lag is affected by host or your internet.

    • DarthBron

      I agree. If they can fix the lag I'd be happy. I bought a new video card prior to this game, so I wouldn't have to worry about GPU issues, but I should of bought a new processor. My quad core goes nearly 100% constantly but my video card is just hanging out. My specs are.. amd phenom II b35 2.9ghz, 8 GB OXZ reaper ddr2, Zotac 768mb 192-bit gtx260, Western Digital 640 GB caviar black

    • danny

      its not lag on the ps3 it the frame rate cuz its so high it cant work but thats hy it skips

    • stu

      I got a 28mb line, and Im picky about what server I join, I hardly get any lag at all. I reckon you need faster internet

  • Martin

    Too many games are being released these days that are crap at time of release, basically being released knowing there will need to be a patch shortly after to fix bugs.. It doesn't effect me because my PS3 is linked to the internet, but what about the people with no internet access and are left with a buggy game forever.

    • @20jaime10

      Well then they don't need the patches because the patches are mainly for online gameplay. lol.

      • gamesaresuckingballs

        Not true you asswipe, i'm stuck in the last mission, the game freezes at a certain point every time I try it, so yeah single player campaign has its issues as well.

    • truth

      Pretty sure you should get a real job and pay the few dollars to get connected to the internet, homeless person. Why did you buy a PS3 and not have the internet? You using a 15inch black and white for that console too? sheesh

    • Tomi

      You fool!! the patch is only needed for the online gaming because theres no bugs on campainmode.. -Know before talking-

      • KizzWizz

        Don't cry about it.

    • jeremy

      won't really matter for them because most the buggs are with the multiplayer

  • b911rice

    the load times for the menus, and the short freezing you get in menus as well on ps3

  • Ed

    Seeing how the bugs are on the online play they will have no problem. Even Xbox 360 users have Online compatibility whether gold member ship or silver they still get the updates.

  • Daniel Barnett

    This is needed and hope they do it soon. Treyarch needs to work on its soon so they don't lose the faith of their customers. Myself, im just excited to play it and want to get in the game :)

    • okpaam


  • @DannyTech_LT

    id like them to fix the game.. add better weapons and more killstreaks and bring some of MW2 to this game since they took most of the best stuff from MW2 away from Black Ops.. although this isnt a patch that theyd do i still want the voice reached out that the game is a letdown

    • chris

      This game is a PC way to allow developers to get inovlved with Vietnam. It's not a MW game; it's a WAW game updated for the late 60's. Keep playing MW2 until next year when MW3 comes out and the COD world is whole once again.

    • Adam

      You do realize that you are talking about two different companies right? Black Ops is created by Treyarch where MW2 was created by Infinity Ward. I'm sorry if this game isn't like an arcade spray and pray shooter with newb tubes galore. I for one believe that Treyarch make the better COD games. Personal belief not an argument starter. I just think it takes more skill to play Black Ops/WaW than it does MW/MW2. Again not saying you don't have skills cuz I'm sure they're mad, but tougher doesn't mean the game is worse. Oh, and zombies… nuff said

      • Mike Button

        Sorry but ive seen more people on Black Ops Spray then MW2 also i got a 17 kill streak on my first match on black ops its to easy!!!

        • Feel Good

          first of all, obviously the first few games you play are easy, people are still getting a hang of what weapon suits them. and i think your forgetting that in modern warfare 2 all you ever had to do to, to get a nuke is camp it out with an lmg (btw only way to use an lmg is by spraying) secondly camping is impossible in black ops because of the spawns plus the guns are realistic in the sense that you cannot cross map someone with a smg, as ive seen in MW2 with the ump and mp5, there is no quik scopes and sniping is nearly impossible because of how hard camping is. so dont go saying how easy the game is when you played one match. and you have to spray because of the realistic range in black ops…

    • Carlos

      its a HUGE let down!!! ive already returned mine!


      u noob MW2 IS THE GAYEST GAME EVER! and i guess your thinking of a killl streak like a tac nuke cause tac nukes ruins the with hacking nooobs getting nukes every game!. BETTER WEPONS ARE U SERIOUS!! Treyarch has picked the best wepons from the 1940s to 1975 and u want to mw2 wepons in wow u really ARE A NOOB!@!.

    • heart of sand

      Black ops and MW2 made by different ppl so they cant realy…

    • krooked

      black ops is based in 60s it aint no modern warfare

    • Tim

      MW2, in my opinion, is a good game, but they made it too easy to be cheap. I mean, seriously, any shotgun with akimbo and marathon pro makes you nearly invincible. Run around and double-shot someone, they're dead, and you're gone.

      The game doesn't take place in Modern Day, so there's no point in bringing ANYTHING of MW2 into it, that would destroy the meaning of the game being different. Personally, All I see on MW2 online anymore is young kids yelling and screaming because hey got killed, or someone arguing with their parents because they can't stop playing.

      In case you've forgotten, IW and Treyarch are not the same company, not even close. It makes sense that the game wouldn't be like MW2 in most ways. I agree with others that some parts of the game are awful. I've actually found the campaign on Standard difficulty (I forget the actual term) to be comparable to MW2 on Veteran, which proves that more skill is needed to play it well.

      I've seen people moping and whining that you can't quick scope anymore. Face it: It's /impossible/ to quick scope with a sniper rifle in real life. It may be a game, but games like this should be as realistic as possible in some ways, and slightly unrealistic in others.

      The game itself is fine in almost all aspects. Campaign difficulty could be lowered a little bit, but other than that, and the standard server issues and being unable to party with certain friends (for whatever reason), it's an all-around good FPS game.

    • jim

      I agree that the weapons kind of suck. I don’t want different weapons just wish they could make them a hair better. On modern warfare 2 all the weapons were good some more than others. But with the host advantage on black ops I can’t use half the weapons cause there to weak. When you catch someone off guard and shoot them twice and they turn around and kill u somethings up. And for crying out loud get rid of last stand in real life you don’t get a secound chance.

    • Fuck you

      thats the stupidest fucking thing ive seen.. go stick your dick into mw2 if you like that so much

  • Kyle Rice

    I haven't found anything wrong with the Campaign mode yet. However, the servers they're using for PS3 multiplayer are just TERRIBLE. I've also heard reports of the same for 360 and PC. You think knowing the crowd the game will draw, they would be able to handle the stress, but nope. Right out of box on release day the lag was terrible. And day 2 has been even worse, with about 50% of matches lagging out. I can't really think of anything else in terribly dire need of a fix, probably because this problem is horrendous, but otherwise, Black Ops rules!

    • Kris

      The ps3 online play is awful with any game 360 dominates u get wot u pay 4 (xbox live £5 a month)

      • Kyle Rice

        Not at all. At least not here in America. I have both a PS3 and a 360, so don't start that fanboy crap. The only thing that's good about 360 is Left 4 Dead, and Halo. Otherwise it sucks. PS3 is free, the network is always amazing (Just not Black Ops, their dedicated servers suck) plus it supports blu-ray, HD 3D. Ahem, Black Ops in 3D>Xbox 360.

        • ConvictedGreed

          Are you stupid it can be 3D on xbox also

  • techwillfail

    I haven't seen anyone say it here yet but the game seems to be different from the commercials… Cant put my finger on it–ohh yeaah I can, taliban.

    • NjM

      Are you getting confused with MOH?

  • Smokey2Bluntz ps3

    It keeps reseting my money wtf and after a huge game in which i leveled up twice from 8 to 10 the game lobby closed and reset my level to 8 wtf

    • TheDisturbed1

      I've got the same problem

      • Fisto_Roboto

        I've had the same thing happen to me 3 times. Worst was 27 -> 24, and loss of my pro perks

  • Jim

    It would be great if they could make the PC version playable – single and multiplayer

    • paul T

      i agree, this is the biggest waste of money, my pc easily meets the specs and then some….unplayable on the pc…what a ripoff

    • Alex F


    • loloa

      MY spec are well over too and i get like 7-10 fps XD

    • Robert S

      Works fine for me, don't know what you guys are talking about.

      • your budgie

        up yours robert

        • pnut


  • Casey Oneeightytwo Helbig

    is it me or do the graphics kinda suck? well there not as good as MW2s
    im kinda dissapointed in this game they only worked on it for what a year? and they coulda spent a little bit more time on it. the online replayability isnt very high either!

    Xbox and Ps3s!

    • Andy McAdam

      no, they spent over two years on this. They started just before finishing World at war, Then while inifity ward were finishing MW2, treyarch were working on this.

      I think the graphics are fine, I'd much rather they worked on the frame rate issues and online lag (I'm playing PC version).
      Even the cutscene videos are choppy on PC.

    • Alex F

      I haven't had a chance to check it out on the consoles. But I saw an excellent comparsion for them.
      PC looks superb in maximum graphics.

      • Dave G

        Pc version maxed out looks like a console game from 6 years ago, the graphics are terrible!

    • Kyle Rice

      Ps3 HD looks amazing. So does PS3 3D.

  • Casey Oneeightytwo Helbig

    is it me or do the graphics kinda suck? well there not as good as MW2s

    • jow

      yeah i just played mw2 and its way smoother and everything is more clear. This game is more fun though in a way so thats where you kinda have to pick between how it looks and what it has.

    • moparjuggalo

      I believe they done it this way so that more stuff can be added. The more detail you put into a program the less gameplay you get.

    • james

      Dude there the same fucking graphics as MW2 not difference what so ever same engine

      • pete

        not the same engine the mw2 graphics were iw

  • Aaron

    Fix these ridiculous spawning issues… and please for the love of god PLEASE! add in a leaderboard that shows your overall kills and deaths and time played and score.. the most basic leaderboard stats are all missing and instead we have leaderboards for every other possible minor thing that NO ONE cares about whatsoever.

    • joe

      yeah for sure make a leaderboard stat that shows your highest kill streak. That might already be there but I didnt see it anywhere.

    • Diego

      they already have it i think you are not at a high enough level to be able to see them

    • TheGamer4fun

      there is an overall obviously havent looked properly

    • bryan

      ya go on playercard then combat record then go over to weapons should see Kill/death ratio

    • peter h

      i highley agree they said they fixed it so theres no spawn camping but now u cant spawn without turning around an shooting immediatly an just a few minutes ago i also posted the video on the theatre i threw a care package only to have someone spawn on my care package shooting me are you serious..drop shoting was fixed ? treyarch only made some screwed up dive an never fixed the drop shoting …overall game sucks will not play another treyarch game again ..good note campaigne was good

  • a-train

    the lag is horrible on my pc. please make a patch that will fix the lag and make the killkams better, like do different angled shots and shit

  • spacebar

    quite a hefty list for PC, and be aware that I (and most people who share many of these issues exceed the minimum and recommended requirements)

    Single Player:
    random fps lag spikes with no cause
    resume game starts at the beginning of the chapter
    intro movies skip (same problem in WaW)
    ambient sounds skipping
    inability to skip cutscenes
    long loading times
    poor textures (good example being Woods' cigarette box on the first mission, extremely pixilated on high graphics settings)

    MAJOR GAME KILLING fps lag (on rock bottom settings I average 20-40 spiking down to 0-15)
    game uses near 100% of CPU memory no matter what your hardware is
    only a fraction of dedicated servers showing up in browser
    inability to add servers to favorites or connect to servers by IP address
    matchmaking giving a full servers consistently
    in-game friends list showing Steam friends who don't own Black Ops
    inability to invite/join friends with Steam overlay
    inability to join friends current games with in-game feature
    similar sound issues to singleplayer

    • Vnz

      quite a hefty list for PC, and be aware that I (and most people who share many of these issues exceed the minimum and recommended requirements)

      Single Player:
      random fps lag spikes with no cause
      resume game starts at the beginning of the chapter
      intro movies skip (same problem in WaW)
      ambient sounds skipping
      inability to skip cutscenes
      long loading times
      poor textures (good example being Woods' cigarette box on the first mission, extremely pixilated on high graphics settings)

      MAJOR GAME KILLING fps lag (on rock bottom settings I average 20-40 spiking down to 0-15)
      game uses near 100% of CPU memory no matter what your hardware is
      only a fraction of dedicated servers showing up in browser
      inability to add servers to favorites or connect to servers by IP address
      matchmaking giving a full servers consistently
      in-game friends list showing Steam friends who don't own Black Ops
      inability to invite/join friends with Steam overlay
      inability to join friends current games with in-game feature
      similar sound issues to singleplayer

      Stole this post from the rest but these are the problems that needs fixing ASAP.
      When you're done giving PC gamers a playable product then u can sart focusing on server stability

    • Luftballoons

      Amen To This Post !! PC users have it worst and we spent the most mmoney on our machines to run these games!!!

  • chris

    I said this on my post yesterday, and I thought the issue had fixed itself but it hasn't. My rendering is all sorts of jacked up. I have somewhat of a 2D shadow enviornment with golden weapons which one would think it was cool (it is… at first) but after awhile I wanted to play the game I bought. I'm not a fan of Treyarch because of the POS WAW days and this does nothing for my faith in them.

    • Josh

      That’s exactly what my single player does if it hasn’t already crashed also I can’t install game to my hard drive and multiplayer doesn’t load the maps. (360)

  • anon

    im taking it back if they dont fix it fuking soon, i havent played since i got it its been nothing but anoying laggy, and shit

    • anon

      forgot to finish, how ever on a better note campaign and stuff seem to be running well minus one or 2 glitches and is good(already finished), the multiplayer is just killing me though, i cant even connect to mates games online and i get 70 ping and i lag, how ever this may be my computers folt, also dc ed my router first like 10 times i tried to connect

    • askell

      me to i hate it!!!

  • hatchet_warrior

    wow techwillfail ! you really have no idea what you are talking about taiaban. that was medal of honnor, not black ops.hopefully they fix the spawning also. so sic of ple spawing right behind me.

  • Tony

    Win streak or as it's labeled under combat record is totally wrong!! I went on a 6 game winning streak and it says my best sreak is 1 WTF!!! Patch is definitely needed!!

    • Tony montana

      in mw2 i had 265 win streak =) try to beat that :D

  • bmh2104

    Don't loose faith in Black Ops. Ps3's version of Cod 4 was horrible when it first came out. Online was horrible. One patch made it the game of the year. (Don't know what the other systems were like on launch date.) I think that more effort could have been put into the campaign. AI and teammates seemed pretty dull. Also fix the damn lag. I cant stand it when it doesn't save my progress halfway through a game. They need to play their own game on all the systems to understand what we are all talking about.

    • NjM

      Totally agree, and it was the same on xbox for cod4 too.
      And lets not forget the issues BFBC2 had on release too, that had major lag, awful weapons balance, you couldn't join games as a party consistently, the leaderboards just didn't work at all, and games were left empty when people left them, so you'd be left in a game of squad rush with only one team, and it wouldn't find new players.

      Most of thos things were patched reasonably quickly, except the latter, but it soon gets forgotten.

  • rob

    Constant connection problems.. too many loading screens that take too long.. especially when trying to join someones game or make a party only to be told that you cannot make the party. Menu freezes.. brought all the way back to the start screen wen trying to join a game then freezes.. always the “join” option even if player is at main menu.. to name a few.

  • TheDisturbed1

    lost my rank twice
    i was 12 and was reset to 10
    after that i was 13 and again now i'm 10 that sucks

  • paul dd

    Fix this transmission error bullshit

    • wraith

      you had 2 years to sort this treydarch ..unacceptible major FAIL .

    • spinal

      #ItsBeen1Day … right how about testing the stuff before putting your product in stores

  • Lucas-Björkman


  • Bjeil

    Did they try the PC-version even once before they released it?

    Anyone else notice how in the promotional videos, the treyarch guy playing, they kinda sucked at the game? I think thats it. They just dont know what they're doing. Take a look at the minimum requirements. They're absolutely ridiculous. With a game like Crysis you can accept high requirements, but for a game of this standard? No, thats just poor programming.

    Anyways, what im most curious about is when they're planning on releasing the patch. Will it take a week, a month? What? Anything more than 24 hours, counting from now, and ill lose the respect i had for Treyarch. Way to go from skyhigh expectations, to the rock-bottom reality.

  • -MereC-BigJonT

    Just plse fix the bloody lag it becoming silly now i understand it new ! but should of been sorted BEFORE the release and now my rcon for the server has screwed up :( cannot find MY server in list keeps unlocking same gun bloody hell i could sit here all day and type the errors :(

  • jimmy

    game is shit, everything good about mw2 has gone, killstreaks are crap, player cutomization is crap, onlne its crap, are treyarch good at anything but ruining a good game? zombies are crap, special ops were much better and the graphics are crap compared to mw2. please treyarch dont make no more

    • Satsuray

      spoken like a true one man army danger close commando faggot that now gets owned like the bitch he is

  • Brandon

    Please fix the glitch for kill counts. I went from 6000 kills to 49000 in a match. It screwed up my k/d.

  • Wander

    lag on xbox360…. it's painfull..

  • daiv

    This mirrors all the issues people/I had with mafia 2 when released, (to name one) not sure if the subsiquent patches fixed them all because i'd already deleted many of the eye candy files (physx particle fx and lighting fx) from the game direrctory, it then ran smooth as butter down a crumpet !!
    And yes, my system greatly exceeds the recommended spec, and i know how to tune a game in !!!
    To me, it seems these early problems have a lot to do with dev's, as an after thought, patching on elements to the game that exploit the features in the hardware, Although, that said, bugs in the console version's are surley inexcusable.
    not that i know owt about owt of course !!!!
    ps, i know i wasnt the only one to have major problems with the install !!!
    i was having dark thoughts about wanting to hurt steam untill finally got it installed after deleting a partition and reinstalling o/s, 3hrs in all !!!
    bless them all xx Hope they enjoyed their "Grand launch" but to me it seems they just rolled it down the beach in to the sea then poked with a stick untill it started swimming !!!
    …..metaphorically speaking

  • Allan

    the issue with killstreaks in CT!! i cannot use any killstreaks at all can buy them but nothing else, i know this is a glitch as its only my gamertag affected. FIX ITTTTT!!!

  • Thaisson

    i bought this 2 days ago and can't play singleplayer at all – it crashes on the menu screen. with luck i can play multiplayer but it laggs like fuck and crashes sometimes on the loading screens, the menu laggs also as fuck-.

  • awesome

    make it work on simple pcs tooo just like infinity did with moderwarefare2 …
    fix the lag… and thats all
    do a good job

  • barry

    is anyone having problems not getting into matches with friends

  • Justin

    I would like to see them fix the CT killstreak glitch wherr you cannot select killstreaks, only buy them??? also they should make CT an OFFLINE mode.

  • R3S!ZT

    Treyarch what about PS3 & XBox Uses With No Internet Connectivity. I wanna Be Able To Play Multiplayer Split Screen & Be Able Able To Load My Own Data That I Worked Hard On Not This Bull%&$# We All Have To Share 5 Classes Is That All Im A Big Fan But This A Let Down Like Come On MW2 is Still The Best

  • Mikeyb1010

    Pretty obnoxious how the lag is. I have played MP for about 5-6hrs on the 360 and every game i am getting killed before i can take a shot. I have never experienced this much lag in a game before. Hopefully the patch will fix it. I dont really care about anything else just as long as i can play without enemies flickering all over the screen. The graphics are definitely not as sharp as MW2, but thats not an issue at all. FIX THE LAG MONSTER!!!!!!!!

  • BadgerBear

    PC – Zombies online – Almost impossible to get into a pub co-op game. In about 100 tries 1 game has started. This game then lagged out on level 2.

    The party appears to get created then the required players ready up. The countdown starts, gets to zero, waits (about 5-6 seconds). Then bails.

  • tt3443


  • Ryan

    xbox servers are running pretty well considering there are 3.5million players online right now … the few problems are mainly with the matchmaking system not working with friends, but for the most part this game rocks. Treyarch nice job with this!

  • Hugh Mclargehuge

    How about shooting someone for 2 or 3 seconds (getting hit markers) only to die by the very person in .1 seconds.

  • lMadScientistl

    Too much recoil on most weapons. Please bring back the SCAR assault weapon. Online servers suck, and getting disconnected from the server way more than MW2. Graphics are worse from when you looking at a big view of an area. In the Perks, you can't see what you could unlock next in on that specific perk. The names of other players/users in online mode are way too small. And why is it since MW2 and now Black Ops, the last couple of seconds in online mode just before a game starts, you cant move over the other users display names ?


    oh all u poor bastards…i have been running this game since its midnight release with all settings maxed at near perfect performance.i get no lag with just a lil studder every now and then that don't effect my game play..can't wait to see how good i run it after the patch…one thing they should fix tho is they should actually nuke nuketown cause that map is TERRIBLE

  • murphy

    Patch the commando like knifeing!! its way way overpowerd

  • Stokies2

    Im not saying the issues are not important – of course they are, but this is by no means the worst launch ever. The CoD series are by far the most poular games on the market so things get blown out of proprtion. Playing off peak times you can get a decent game with the launch es of MW2 BFBC MoH and so on you couldnt.
    Although its annoying we have got to start to accept that the Beta for the CoD games is the first two weeks of launch – They have found that by releasing the game this way 11million people will find the glitches much faster than a Beta test, this means a faster patch time.

  • COD4 <3

    Black Ops just phucked up big time… Terrible game. It might have looked amazing in the trailers… but ingame.. it was shit. It didn't feel anywhere near the same as COD4 or MW2. I was high playing this and it was shit.. replayed it when I wasn't.. and it was shit. Graphics are terrible.. COD4 graphics are better… Game play is slow… Everything that VNZ said was correct! You guys need to phucking play the game on all consoles first, play it ONLINE not LAN and test it PHUCKING properly. Honestly if this chit doesn't get fixed I'm getting my money back.

    You guys honestly 'phucked' this game up…

    • Travis

      1. You're a loser.
      2. Good luck getting your money back a**clown.

    • COry

      Its not suppesed to be like cod4 or mw2? Not even the same time or game company. Your a dumbass

  • b4rtman

    So much lag, no possibilities to play in the same team with my other clan friends.
    No more different color of my friends in the map/radar.
    We cannot create a new class without leaving a game.

    More? here:;…

    and here:;…

  • davross

    fix the lagg its uses 100% of cpu 70% of ram and only 60% of gpu on pc. Even in simple menu system you have to wait for the curser to catch up as it freezes. The 1st and last game ill bye made by Treyarch. The company was made aware of the issues before they released to europe yet they still released the game knowing full well more than 80% would have the lagg. Deadline met well done! but hopefully the customers arnt fickle and will remember this the next time you release a product. i feel this is Appalling business ethics and it needs to bee voiced by all gamers that we arent standing for it.

    • Travis

      It's hard for anyone to take you seriously when you can't even use punctuation correctly, let alone the rest of the simple rules of the English language. "…needs to bee voiced…" Are you kidding me? Do you need to repeat kindergarten to re-learn what the difference between "be" and "bee" is?

  • john

    The massive lag problem almost everyone is having!
    Also the slow loading in areas such as create a class
    The game is almost unplayable in this state


    .Okay this is annoying Im in level 43 with only about 300 deaths and 13000 kills ,for some reason my death keep rising without me dying it jumped from 300 to 9000 in one mach WFT!!! I`m trying to have a good record and high kill ratio but can`t because of this …I HOPE IT GETS FIXX OTHERWISE IM NOT PLAYING UNTIL IT GETS DONE.

  • The Ethug

    I have a brand new PC, with the only software installed is a fresh vista install, steam, cod and the latest drivers, my comp well exceeds required specs. and my Internet connection works perfectly, I've spent two days now doing tweaks that people are saying help including turning every graphics setting to the lowest and running on 800 x 600, changing steam settings, games settings, screwing with an epically long list of rewriting some script that should have been done right first time and plenty of other stuff thats kept me busy, but not a frigging thing works to get the game running like the cocky retard
    D3ATH D3ALER claims (me thinks someone works for Treyarch), how do they legally release and sell a game they know is broken? how do they not test games b4 release? why did they not have a beta as if they have everything under control and sorted when the fucken thing hasn't been tested at release, they must be delaying the patch long enough so people cant take it back for a full refund because the game itself is pretty shit when its not crashing/lagging/Dc'ing/not connecting/and so on, ill be taking mine back, Treyarch claimed that this game is far more balanced than mw2 *SCOFF!!!! not at all, they claimed that people wouldn't be drop shotting with prone, FAIL, its like halo now with every retard bunny hopping about dodging everything spraying there SMG like rambo ffs. They seemed to have nerfed the fun not OP weapons, its still horribly unbalanced just boring and laggy now.

    The Guns are zzzzzz same old, same old. Also the damage from some weapons seems to be really random, a full clip sometimes doesn't kill someone but other times two shots with the same gun to the legs drops them dead, i wasn't sure at first if it was just lag or some shit but after watching kill cams, testing it and talking to friends im sure they fucked up there guns damage system of something, and why did they ruin snipers so much? with any other scope than the acog you get random misses, even though it was a clear hit…. nothing…. no hitmarker… nothing, someone said it was put in intentionally to stop quick scoping, the idea being the bullet wont hit the target for a sec or two if fired directly after a scoping in, im not so sure if they would that retarded but i agree there is a prob with missing, even after scoping, zooming in and taking a breath i have copped this bug, was there any need to ruin the sniper class really? all the guns bar the single shot rifle are terrabad in so many ways, quick scoping was hardly OP, i cant think of once a quick scoper wiped out a whole team in S&D w/o it making onto youtube, 9 times out of 10 i and most people can smash a sniper with most guns if he isn't camping/see's me first, and now Quickscoping/run and gun sniping is gone guess where all the fucken snipers are, yep in a bush or in some corner somewhere, picking people off, GG retards, it took time and skill to learn how to QS and added options for fun different types of game play. Bad game is bad. Bad developers are worse.

    PC games are getting worse and worse, its a mission each time a new one is released to get it working, hours spent googling different errors, scrolling through forums hoping for a fix, i returned MOH quickly for the same reason and sadly looks like will be doing the same with this P.O.S., Bring on Crysis 2 i suppose and lets hope they have a beta and some testing b4 realease :(

  • Robbo

    Please fix the LAGGGGGGGGGG on ps3 it is so BADDDDDDDDDD

  • Steve R.

    The lag that was generated with so many users being online when MW2 first came out should have been a clue that a certain company needs to expand and upgrade their servers prior to releasing Black Ops. If you had serious issues before, why would you want unhappy customers again?

    After playing for two days, I have to say that the game is awesome. The graphics are excellent, the guns are sweet, and the amount of customization that you can do to your guy and weapons is a nice addition. I would suggest adding a (new weapons, new care packages, and other upgrades) package that can be purchased and downloaded to further enhance the quality of the game in the near future similar to the map packs. MW2 was lacking some additional weapons and care packages which would just keep gamers further entertained in the game.

    Just my 2 cents. I'd give the game 5 STARS!

    • skillzilla64

      you are right, this game is awesome and i love it. the campaign is epic and the multiplayer is even more epic.

      the only thing i can complain about is the lag. i have a bad system yet i dont usually get lag but i can understand how bad it is for everyone who does get lag. i hope they patch it soon.

      there are other little things like not being able to create a class in game or after game but I can put up with that.

      without lag, this game would be the best call of duty EVER.

      I'm counting on you treyarch. please dont let me down.

  • Tony Montana

    I agree to most people here. So it is like this… Game is GREAT, i mean mp is awsome.. weapons perks, attachmets etc.etc.
    BUT!!!. the game needs a patch to fix FPS drop in mp (and sp) and fix to game LAG.. i have 20 fps on low and ping on 60 but skill people around me teleport… i mean wtf… no matter what graphic settings u have, the game always goes between 15-35 fps on MP. that is unplayable.
    SO plz pathc the game ASAP.. and than the game will rock, it will be better than mw2


    Jv_assassin12 … be sure you are correctly checking your k/d ratio …. the lobby leaderboards and regular leaderboards are incorrect. To check your correct K/D ratio go to your player card and then over to the weapons category. This will give you and your friends correct K/D ratio. …what is everyones k/d ratio in black ops and what platform? … im on the xbox 360 with a 2.66 K/D. Gamertag … Bl4nksh0t (0 in my name is a zero)

  • The Ethug

    FUC Ken retarded admin, wtf man, i spent ages typing that shit out and for what? so some spastic with power issues or something can block my post? GG dickhead, i kept it about as clean as i could all things considered but still u find something wrong, i fucked your fat dead mother cunt.

  • Jonny

    I agree, patch is urgently needed my game freezes at the menu,

    I can’t join fiends games or it will boot me out

    Sometimes I can’t even find a game but there’s 800k online

    Bs if you ask me. But it’s only 2nd day. Still the creators should be

    Better prepared cod is nothing new.

  • EBK_Nocturnal

    Well I play on PS3 so I am not having the same problems that you guys on PC's are having. I play Search and Destroy almost exclusively. I got sick of getting the first shot on an enemy in Core and then having that enemy turn around and kill me, so I moved over to Hardcore. Any ways in my opinion they need to fix the Ninja perk and the fact that I can't accurately listen for enemy footsteps who don't have Ninja equipped. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN SEARCH AND DESTROY IS NOT BEING ABLE TO HEAR THE BOMB BEING DIFFUSED. It is ridiculous. To all of those in the community who whine about this feature or that, you suck and nobody can help you. You have successfully caused COD to take a step back in my opinion with all of your complaining. I agree the graphics and overall smoothness of the game is shite right now compared to MW2. FIX THE LAGGY ASS KILL CAMS TREYARCH.

  • EBK_Nocturnal

    *forgot to subscribe

  • Halil

    Just fix the lag. I am sure Treyarch knows the problems better than me, but it has something to do with the packages in multiplayer (PC) so that the FPS drops REEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYY low.
    People are really angry that the only comment they have said was, HELLO WORLD BLABLABLA 1 day.
    THis game wasent CHEAP, so people had high expectations, and then they got smashed in the face with a laggy unplayable game.
    Instead of saying we are working on it BLABLABLA we will release a patch on this time/date/year they just told us that they were cathing thier breath…….
    Plzzz fix it !?!

  • Kyle Rice

    If you're bitching about QS, please go back to MW2.

  • Maxi

    Black ops, more like Lag Ops, i'm i right? :D

  • jacob

    the pc version ,fix the pc version its complete shitfest,lag freeze u name it ,i hope treyarch dont get too greedy with the cash we spent buyin their broken game and forget about the game just like IW did ,at least in the other consoles its playable i know u guys are sufferin freeze and party issues and stuff but u have no idea hows it like on pc.

  • Fous

    freez and increase optimisation (fps)

  • daiv

    bLag Ops

  • Jeffrey Cordonero

    Sign this petition for OFFLINE COMBAT TRAINING!

  • noahmichvfs

    To be able to actually play it on my ****ing $2800 gaming rig. Seriously, did they even load this game up on a PC before they released it? Unplayable frame rates with everything on low at 1024×720 on a 5870. "Sigh".

  • kevin

    fix the fact killstreaks are unselectable in combat training for some peoples games

  • joe

    can a patch clean up the graphics too or is that way too hard to do?

  • sp1ca1s

    graphics aint even looking so good but requirements are soo big :/ and it stills lags hard while playing on lowest possible graphics :/ can get only max 50 fps in gunfights ;/ sometimes its 30 :/ even though i have nvidia gf 9800 gt @ 1gb :/

  • Mars1065

    Im pretty sure that a patch won’t fix the 2005 graphics in hd, is I just me or does black ops feel like a cartoon? Mw2 the guns looked real, black ops looks like they were colored with a crayons

  • Ian t

    pc sp and mp laaaaaggggggggggggggg ppplease fffffixx itttt

  • Marc

    I havent played one online game keeps sayin tryin to join potential matches but neva does

  • Eddi Reeves

    hmmm i want the pach update as soon as its really buging me i cant get online an kill all these noobs :(

  • Andrew

    Online is unplayable. This game sucks! I already took my copy back. Activision will never get another penny from me.

    • johnny d

      its not activision its treyarch

  • adeel

    the game loading time the menu loading time freezes 4 a bit and the graphics and everything else the game has because its all a waste of money really. If they can fix all those problems I would play it all day and night.

  • Butthumper

    omg laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • askell

    nothing but lag lag lag and lag and when do u think that the patch will come

  • MaKa

    Fix so Black Ops Start to work on Steam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zaza

    Shit, trying to back out to the main menu from the campaign froze it up, then gave me the RROD. Wtf, right? I'm playing it on a different Xbox 360 now, and all seems well except for the lag. I love the game other than that, it kicks ass!

  • zach

    all they have to do to fix the game is write "beta" on it.

  • DJF

    lag lag lag on ps3

  • Harrison

    Problems with the PC are LAGGGGG and, seriously? we have to leave the server just to change a class? MAKE it like MW2 NO LAG AND GOOD INGAME

  • Henninho

    Game lobbys for pc, or get it easier to play with friends. Its fu*kin impossible to play for example team deathmatch with your friends. Fix that !

  • Jason

    Lag and bring back hardcore headquarters! And kill streak kills should count towards next kill streak!

  • pactard

    lag and the freeze i can haz fix stat..

  • Gavin

    I would say their priority is to sort out the ps3 freezes before the lag as at least some can still play online as my system freezes at least once every two deathmatches and have to reset the bloody ps3.

    Am gonna keep playing mw2 till it’s sorted:(

  • Dan

    all i want is a basic scoreboard/leaderboard with your friends, kills, deaths, best killstreak, kill death ratio, apperently i have 5000 kills and i'm level 20 on first prestige??????????????????

  • deadontyne

    i cant play zombies on line keep getting error the game session is no longer available i be back to wld at war soon

  • Jordy
  • zzirGrizz

    Fix the frame rate on ps 3 and the lag ( frame rate is a joke mutiplayer and single player it`s all over the place

  • skillzilla64

    give treyarch a chance.

    Black ops is brilliant and im sure it will be even more brilliant when this patch comes out.

    I also hope they fix the lag.

    all we can do is ope for the best

  • Unhappy Customer

    I returned my copy of the game after completing single player. For multi-player based game it is just awful

  • smoogs 09

    xbox 360 the lag is shocking your in an empty room and in a split second your watching the kill cam without even seeing any one around you before you die this is really annoying is it my connection or how do i fix this

  • Ryan

    lag/connection and spawns.

  • steve

    This game is worse than the last box of crap they put out……….$60 worth the crap for pc ..

  • Jay

    they should combine flackjaket with tactical mask and instead of flack jaket add something like a bulet proof vest for less bullet damage except in head shots and knifes….. just saying …. i want juggernaught back and if they spread it out over 2 perk spots it would be more balanced

  • maddmax

    the pc version graphc arent as good as mwf,and mwf2 the attack copters are like the old 25 cent video games in the 80's.are there gonig to be any graphic updates

  • Scottspaige

    The menu absolutely sucks. It takes forever to load if your lucky that it wont glitch Scavenger perk doesn’t let you replenish claymores. The server is the biggest problem. I got all excited for the release of this game just to get irritated at the game play. I’m just going to play mw2 for a while until they get their sh&t together. At least in mw2 I can’t join into a friends match right away. Clearly not the case with black ops. After waiting for a minute just to get a server full error. I waste more time trying to play the game then actually playing it. The only good thing I can say is I like the maps.

    • Scottspaige

      I said I can’t join in my friends matches in mw2. It was supposed to say At Least I Can join in. But in black ops I Can’t and after waiting a minute for the slow server to let me in then I get disconnected. Or if your lucky enough to not to get booted 5 times while waiting for the match to start. Scavenger perk is no good. The knife miles attack sucks and the ghost perk still let’s you get shot by helicopters. What’s the point in having a ghost perk when u show up anyway. There’s always a million helicopters in the air at any givin time so obviously your gonna get killed anyway

  • FPS fan

    And people sad MoH was bad……..heh…. Don't get me wrong this game is pretty good for the CoD style FPS game. But with it's issues, bad graphics and lack of any realism. Medal of Honor blows this turd out of the water.

  • FPS fan

    Oh, and the PC version was already patched. Steam updated my game earlier tonight. At least 4 hours ago. Still has a small bit of stutter here and there, but it's not bad at all, single player is actually playable now with no 6 to 10 second freezing. Multiplayer wasn't bad for me from the start, had a little bit of stutter but not much. Now it seems a tad smoother. Still not as good as it should be, performance wise.

  • Awesome One

    fix the f-ing no killstreaks on CT glitch that many, including me, have. i could shot treyarch in the head!!!!!!

  • ollie

    i played 10 matches today and kept getting transmission error pisses me off so bad sought it out TREYARCH

  • ollie

    i played 10 matches today and kept getting transmission error pisses me off so bad sought it out TREYARCH


    this is what happens without dedicated servers

  • Oliver Won'ttell

    I'd want them, TO FIX THE CURSOS THINGY WITH WINDOWS 7. I'm so annoyed. I start the game, I'm all like : OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD*orgasm*.. Then I see the Windows 7 round loading thing moving with the cursos, I thought it was okay, then I got to where it says Press Any Key, I press, I press more, I smash the keyboard, and yeah, ctrl alt delete and wow, not responding. PLEASE FIX THIS AND ALL OF THE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORRIES!


    i dont care for the spawning especially on small maps like nuketownwhen ur sniping ur camping bottom line but when a team spawns behind you that sucks

    • Scsrper

      didnt fix any of my issues…still lag.

  • Dave

    Freezing and Lag! Make this as smooth as mwf2 and it looks to be a good multiplayer game!

  • daiv

    Does anyone think that it may be time we assembled an angry pitchfork & flaming torch wielding mob, hell bent on retribution ?
    i for one would deff be into that !

    ps, if you dont have a pitchfork a lump of wood with a couple of nails in it will work just as well.

    where do treyarch live anyway ?

    • michel

      i am down for that just name it

  • Arndip

    Fix QuickScoping!

  • cjp012

    Players should be able to set the game rules for local splitscreen matches. The 10 minute time limit, full health, and lack of hardcore mode really take away from what seems to be a pretty fun multiplayer experience.

  • jorge

    ive noticed that the 360 has been getting the least complaints for thois game. im lucky my ps3 broke n i got a 360

  • Steve

    This game looks so non realistic for PC TDM, it makes me laugh every time I can actually get a game in without the crashing and freezing lol what a joke this was …Black Ops more like Crap Ops

  • NEscs

    Makes the sounds more noticeable. Can't hear footsteps, guns, or grenades

  • Jambo

    When will the patch be through to sort the joining issues on multiplayer on ps3, spent £40 on the game and it’s nearly been launched out the window so many time

  • Dread

    Playing on PS3, I can't join any of my friends parties and I know they cant join me (or anyone else) either! I thought they would have fixed it after the same thing happened on WaW but all we get is stupid error messages! I'm sure its not the connection as cod4 and mw2 were fine and even on black ops I normally have at least a 3 bar. SORT IT OUT.

    • Loverso69

      Yeah true. It's happening to me. I hope this 'Patch' will fix it.

  • .

    ok soo treyarch is the dumest comany i seen ..hear me out …ok the campaign was great had no problems the zombies where cool especially dead ops but the main thing here is thats it i have no high speed internet and i have bin very exited for combat training and they said it was offline and not require a connection i have learn that there is combat training but only in multiplayer so you can play Ai bots instead of playing online but why did they put it in multiplayer where you need internet and that mode has nothing to do with internet ….fix that shit

  • please

    XBOX. ending a game in privat match gives host to a diffrent player or it will give you a messeg saying " Lobby is closed" and you will go to Match making menu. Framedrop (you need to turn off xbox) Hit marks on the game. some weapons are way to powerful (g11, ak74u , famas ect) and some are way to bad (mp5, ak47)

  • David

    fix unable to connect to a match , fix the respawning issues, final kill cams need the victory music….i like this game…make me love it please

  • mark howe

    Don't get it. first 2 days after releases there was no problems with connection for me. now all of a sudden I can't even find a match. even after searching for a tdm game. I end up waiting like 2 hours to get into a single match.

    At first, I thought it was my homehub so I updated the hub and changed the DMZ settings, which sadly did nothing.

    I'm really p'd off with this now. I booked time off work to hit the leader boards as soon as.

  • fxmodels

    Before releasing this game they should have actually done some Quality Assurance testing on it to make sure you can actually PLAY THE GAME TO THE END… On the LAST mission it freezes in the same place EVERY time… What kind of STUPID people release that to the public? Perhaps those who just want the cash and beg forgiveness later when they finally decide to patch it!?
    I used to work in software development. If I put this type of production problem out I would have been fired!
    Treyarch you people are absolute idiots. Those who read my comment and want to slam ME for being unkind to Treyarch you just keep in mind that you have become SO USED to crap being released and then patched that you think that is normal! That ISNT how its supposed to be… Good thing Treyarch doesnt have me working there. I would have fired a huge chunk of that development team a while ago and hired people who know what the heck they are doing.

  • SixTwoZero

    if im playing with friends we just cant get in a match , we have to leave at last ten times and invite eachother again… also the mics should be fixed… everyone sounds verry weird

  • The Invidual

    It would be splendid if the lag on PC was fixed and as i read i see that scripting in the game is very weak.Makes me wonder… how much do treyarch care about PC community ? It all began here and it all should be FIRST here!

  • god

    cant believe nobody is complaining about the sound?? You cant hear anybodys footsteps besides your own… Ninja perk is useless…. How do you mess this up…

  • red80

    The PC version has bugs that make it unplayable. The GPU hitching is terrible — I think for the Nvidia GeForce 400 series video cards, especially.

    Given the announced system requirements, I know my rig should be able to handle the campaign smoothly at max settings. It's a bad port, I think. The GPU usage is low, and the CPU usage is unusually high — sometimes reaching near 90% on all four cores and eight threads! The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions aren't half as bad, though.

    As usual, the COD franchise allots the biggest shaft for PC gamers. Oh well.

  • anon

    After they patched it is like 20% better but i still lag like fuck, and a sec of lag makes the diff between good score. Now when ever i go into play and server it either doesnt load the servers or i join one and then it d/c my whole internet and i need to wait 2 mins re connect to internet only to have it happen over and over. After port forwarding once i had to delete as i couldnt get any internet, i tried again and it wouldnt let me but i have played without port forwarding.
    I have over minimum requirements and have turned off as much graphics options as possible and i still lag, this takes up rediculous ammonts of cpu usage, i always hit 100%

  • Tinkerbell

    Single player problem??…. I got to mission 3 or 4 after I got Reznov and intel. Shoot and support the APC and when Wood and I push the door and the car explodes….. I'm in a "dark room" and must "walk, crawl"?? about 10M….. What the hell? I cant get out? Is this a puzzle? or just so crap that I lost all graphics? My system far exceeds the minimum specs?
    Can anyone help? or say whats wrong?

    • Red80

      What kind of video card are you running it on? If you own an Nividia 400 series GPU it is most likely a coding issue. I've come across a good number of PC gamers with GTX 470s and 480s who cannot get through the campaign when shadows are on. Try turning the shadows off. But yes, I couldn't see a thing in that section as well. It was all black. You have to dig your way out, I remember. Have stopped trying to play the game. Will wait a month or two maybe — until some of the most needed patches are issued…I hope.

  • josh

    so when the heck will the patch for the pc be released i cant play zombies and multiplayer and theres too much lag!!!!!!

  • Cletus mcdonald

    Anyone else havin problems conecting to friends on ps3??

    Keeps saying ” game session no longer available”

    will this be fixed with a patch or is it something I’m doin wrong?

    Any help will be appreicated guys… cheers

  • lars

    PLEASE fix the LAG in multiplayer on PS3 and from what i've read also PC and X-box need a patch for that.

  • Alexander iforgetnow

    I play on the 360 andI have this problem when I try to play with my friends on team deathmatch or demolition when we find a game some of us will get kicked out and so the only way we can play is if we join the game but we dont stay on the same team, people told me they have this same problem on xbox and ps3

  • humle

    overall i dont really have problems online. A few anoyiing bugs but nothing serious. However…
    Iam gettin so anoyed to see my ststs bein set back again and again. Iam lvl 45 now and so far ive been set back 2-5 lvls about 8 times. (after a game when i go under create a class, when i exit that menu i can see my lvl drop and completed challenges reset.) this issue should get high prio tbh sins i for one feel my games is a waste of time (progress wise) and dont really dare to check challenge progress or change classes to avoid loosing a couple of levels each time

  • humle

    overall i dont really have problems online. A few anoyiing bugs but nothing serious. However…

    Iam gettin so anoyed to see my ststs bein set back again and again. Iam lvl 45 now and so far ive been set back 2-5 lvls about 8 times. (after a game when i go under create a class, when i exit that menu i can see my lvl drop and completed challenges reset.) this issue should get high prio tbh sins i for one feel my games is a waste of time (progress wise) and dont really dare to check challenge progress or change classes to avoid loosing a couple of levels each time

  • Clutchy

    They need to bring the snipers damage back up n I liked the fmj as an attachment not a hardened perk. Also u cant knife if your switching weapons. Scav shud refill equipment also, atleast the pro. The damages across the guns is messed up. They spent to much time trying to make it ‘un-jtaggable’ wich new version of freeboot is out n lobbies r already started.

  • humle

    remember this is for bugs. Not for changing the game. Its not mw2 and stop asking them to make changes to make it similar to the old games

  • Ray

    They should fix the load time it takes for the onlline play.
    I can't even load into a team deathmatch game because it loads forever and it wont even start.

  • etch

    In my opinion there are 3 big problems which should be fixed ASAP in the sniper gameplay.

    - when you go into aiming mode, the center of the screen is lower than where it was before.

    - when you press the “hold your breath” button, there is a critical delay before the character actually holds his breath.

    - why do you have to wait till lvl 27 to get a decent sniper?

    PS: if the game is set in vietnam, then why does the famas look like it’s from fucking HALO? lol

  • faggotfaced

    the graphics on black ops are about the worst ive ever seen in a next-generation game

  • Kim

    Ok so everyone has their own problems!

    People need to chill out as there are alot of issues for everyone.

    The game over all is good despite the fact that there are lags, kicks and god knows what else, this patch should fix it!

    The only problem I’m having is being kicked from a lobby if I’m in a party with more than 2 people in it other than that it’s all good.

    Take care

  • DaveNY

    Lagg and respawing are the only two problems that need to be fixed, however hit detection may need some adjusting as well, but that is always a problem with lagg.

  • Steve

    THE GAME IS AWESOME – Best COD game!!!

    The only problems I have are:-

    * Connecting to game modes with your friends often fails and we have to try again, and again until we get in. I am sure this is a small bug that will get fixed as soon as you can.

    * Ninja and Ninja Pro don't seem right! Can't hear enemies footsteps with or without it on. To hear enemy footsteps louder with this perk and the bomb being planted and diffused in search and destroy modes would make things a lot more interesting, tactical and fun.

    please fix and make this possible.

    Final words:- The game rocks, easily the best COD game I have played both single and multi-player.

  • Jaime

    Hi. I bougth Black Ops for my Xbox 360 and cannot play it without updating it. however, I have problems with my wifi conecction and spent two days with xbox technical support with no succes. Please advice how I can play Black Ops without updating it. or what shall I do. I have 10 days left to return the game . Please help!!!!!!

    • humle

      well if its your connection in general theres nothin for black ops support to do. If you cant get the latest patch you wont be able to play. At least online that is. Any way you can go wired connection?

  • Freakjob

    This game blows. I play on xbox and am lagging in every game along with almost everyone else in the lobby… Thats not all.. Ive got a lil list of what makes this game so crappy: 1. Graphics blow butthole. 2. Treyarch not only destroyed quickscoping (which shouldnt have been done in the first place… Idiots) but they completely destroyed sniping all together, sniping is so bad right now that it needs to either be; un-patched (it was perfect before they patched it…) or taken out of the game entirely. There are only two explanations as to why treyarch would take quickscoping out of the picture, one its over powered (its not, unless youre a raging noob because u got scoped all the time in mw2 cuz u suck) or two treyarch wants fewer people jumping off buildings and doing 360s everywhere during snd…. So treyarch instead makes snipers sit wayyyyy in the back of the map, not helping their team by staying there all game trying to steady their scope across the map, missing all oppurtunities because of slow scope in? Good job guys. Youve solved nothing. 3. Is their seriously no footstep or planting noises?… I payed 200 dollars for headphones and i cant hear someone sprinting at me from 15 feet away unless their fckn character makes a grunting noise or reloads? Fix that… Now… 4. Im just gonna mention lag again because its so crappy… Just stop failing at everything and get your s*** together treyarch!

  • moparjuggalo

    Biggest issues Ive seen on PS3,other than the whole B O server going down last night, is laggers and the fact that every freekin time theres a host migration my game freezes. What happened to the dedicated servers we were promised?!

  • moparjuggalo

    Oh, another thing is, when Im invited or I invite friends, we cant connect, keeps saying the game is no longer active or theres a connection error. Trust you me, its NOT on my end.

  • Jfchopp

    I bought cod black ops and my ps3 is connected to my pioneer avr but when I want to play black ops doesn’t work, there’s a message on screen like my ps3 is off ! Then hook up the ps3 directly to my tv and the game works but now I keep getting split screen? What’s wrong??

  • fresh

    the spawning is the worst thing about this game it gets so frustrating having a horrible k/d ratio because people pop up everywhere and you can't watch your back there will be someone in front of you and if their not in front of you there in back of you.. i almost feel bad killing people when i spawn behind them

  • dj puerto

    fix the invite problem and the mic problem too….the connection problem is bad

  • Michel


  • Dmorgan

    The lag is very bad on my PS3. I have cable internet that works just fine so I know it isn’t that, it is the game. I know this is a continuation of WAW not MW2 but I would still like to see them add more Hardcore game modes on the multiplayer. For those of you who think they made it more realistic with the guns and how powerful they are you are crazy. SMG’s are no where near as powerful as Assault rifles so there is no reason why I should dump 8 rounds into someone to have them shoot me once with a SMG and kill me while they run off. That is also why I wish they would add more Hardcore modes. They also need to fix the spawn issues, this promotes camping, it does not discourage it. The spawn camping in this game is 10 times worse than MW2. The melee on the multiplayer is messed up too. You can melee someone from 5 feet away looking in the opposite direction. Not realistic at all. It’s been over a week and we haven’t had a patch to fix anything yet. I’m ready to return this game. It was a huge let down.

  • Mark Squires

    I believe they should make the bot training mode offline, with up to four players on one system. Being in Iraq, I know it is impossible to get te system online, and the bot moe is what all of us wanted, aside from killing each other, lol.

  • rockbottom

    so whats the deal it november 17th no fix still sketchy come the fuck on this is bullshit

  • unknown

    fix the lag on every system when you go to pick a class when you select you have to wait like a whole 3 seconds before taking you back to the game not including the lag when shooting and with the sniper rifles, and the party system need to work every-time any of my friend on either platform want to play with me and we try the whole party thing all it does is kick them 90% of the time… that's real stupid considering the whole game rose to fame based of the rich multi-player and party oriented gaming you could look forward to like no other title like call of duty

  • UR MOM


  • gary

    the lags shocking connection issues are terrible get in 1 group of players n i can almost guarantee it will kik the host and doesnt find another to finish off the game . The worst of all is i cant party up with my friends no matter what i do try thinkin about all these issues in future treyarch a delayed release date wud b better knowin all the bugs are fixed

  • Kevin

    The lag. I shoot first and the killcam shows nothing.. Just got done playing a game shot this dude twice…kill cam shows that i wasn't even looking at him.

  • chuck

    Get back my money

  • Pdizzle

    Fix these rediculous spawn issues. They say it's for spawn killing but what's the different when I get spawned right by the enemy and they kill me anyways? It's irritating when I have a k/d ratio goes from 2.5 to 1.00 in the blink of an eye because they spawn me in the most horrible areas near enemies.

    And the knifing issues! This is PAIN! I can knife someone at point blank and somehow they don't die and I get shot? Now I understand MW2 knifing system was stupid but you just took it from being overpowered to never getting knife kills.


  • james


  • lildeviloihigu

    there has to be more chicks playing the game

  • Burningoath

    THE LAG!

  • TheTech76

    One flaw I did notice about the game is with the m16. Given the time period the game takes place, and the way the gun looks, this version of the m16 is the m16a1. The a1 is an automatic with a 20 round magazine. The a1 has a smooth grip covering the barrel and the gas tube. The gun in the game has the look of the correct gun, but shoots like the m16a2 (3 round burst, 30 round magazine). What’s up with that? Really though, my only REAL problem with the game is the spawn system. The maps are pretty large. Why do I continually spawn directly into an enemies crosshairs, and why do enemies spawn behind me in an area I just cleared? Why? Extremely frustrating!!!

  • carne asada1

    we need Quickscoping back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • reed

    make snipers like they were in cod4, and im not a Quickscoper, but you cant even snipe with it shaking so much

  • Lian

    where can i download the ******* patch


    the only problem i came across was the sound you make when running, quick little bursts then stop, even when your still sprinting, was quite annoying, it put me right off, that's now patched so game on. :)

  • Nick

    Fix the goddamn lag on the PC multiplayer! >_<

  • mitch

    unpatch quickscoping.. so that we can quickscope again

  • darkimposter

    If u have the grenades launcher attachment u need to be able to put sights or something else on with it so it wont be better

  • asuka rules

    now i have the new path,and it just makes WORST the already pain of buying this game…..
    lag is the same,and now,with the new path i can even connect to the servers,and when i do,i just get disconnected in a sec…OH! and i just saw that now i'm at level 28,WHEN I WAS ON goddamn 32!!!!!!….this just sucks all the way…shame for my time fun and money buying this game…

  • painkiller1961

    they can never fix or patch stupidity, steam will never work for pc gamers and game makers are just using the same shitty console graphic code over and over. with 80% of the market now rich children on consoles that will buy anything, game makers are loving it

  • MARC


  • Todd

    PLEASE FIX THE "the game is no longer active" error when trying to log in or host a zombie game online. It's completely unplayable for many of us as is, and thats the main reason I got the game =(

    Just please fix it! this is an actual bug not just a wish list item.


    God where do i start ? The LAG, getting kicked out of games and loosing all your points, CR, kills etc, Ok the MOST annoying thing is the stupid stupid stupid Re-Spawning in the multiplayer OMG can that make playing the game any worse ……………..

    NO !!!!!!!


    Patch that Spawning up treyarch or as of today (which i am doing) i will go back to playing MW2, getting into games no problem, not sitting waiting looking at my tv for 1 3/4 hours hoping to play online with my mates in a party, having to go into party chat (no banter with other players in the lobbies) because you never quite know who is in who is out ? are you all in the game ? are you on your own (without party chat you cant hear people pre-game start), people shooting you across the map with seemingly one bullet in final kill cams on NORMAL or HARDCORE TDM's WTF is that about, People using AIMBOT when they said they would not allow hackers to ruin this game as they tryed to ruin MW2, some games you play (without spyplane's or perks) people know EXACTLY where you are ALL the time!!!


    The best way when people ask me "what is Black Op's like then ?"

    My reply is…….it's a great game, but it is a load of s**t !

    It is the most fustrating, not finished, needs sorting, annoying, smash the disc in half game ever !!

    I love the guns n reticle colour's etc etc….. but i am afraid treyarch…….. i cannot wait for the the next Modern Warfare game to come out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (in the mean time i hope they release a new set of map packs again for Mw2 to keep people playing it till the new one is out, cause people wont be playing Black op's as much as MW2 that is a fact !!)

    very disapointed after all the hype !


  • Tristan

    Black ops multiplayer just keeps getting jammed on my pc, no matter what i do to my settings. I even think the game worked better before the first patch… Sometimes I also get a "fatal error" and my whole pc jams… But the problem isn't in my hardware (intel i7, 1gb graphics, 4gb ram…)

  • Tristan

    Black ops multiplayer just keeps getting jammed on my pc, no matter what i do to my settings. I even think the game worked better before the first patch… Sometimes I also get a "fatal error" and my whole pc jams… But the problem isn't in my hardware (intel i7, 1gb graphics, 4gb ram…)

  • smk

    The lag on PS3 is very bad.

  • JJ97

    get everything back into sync fix the lag, when I walk on the game it goes silent and all the footsteps catch up at the same time and its so annoying the lag!!!


    but black ops is amazing

  • DUDE


  • Philip Price

    I paid $85.00 for that game through Aussie Gamers what a joke,why should I have to wait and download a patch.The company who made medal of honor EA games have no problem at all.This one dont they do checks before the big hype and selling this dud game.
    Why should all of us wait for a patch its a joke im pissed off with this game indeed. I want the patch sent to me why should I do the work for them.

  • jack

    i want to be able to edit local matches.

  • Jim

    on the single player, how about a "resume from checkpoint" option on the pause menu.
    Also, on the level select screen, how about letting us know what difficulty we've completed the missions on.

  • britty

    A patch isnt it what it needs a whole new release.
    The game is a joke… sold 13 million on hype…in 8 months as is you be lucky to see 500k online over a week.
    So whats wrong;
    1) The 'bullet lag' is awful (Not sure why it has the bullet name, its actual a communication lag). This varies from 0.3 seconds up to 1.8 seconds (Which is disgusting). There are plenty of videos out there of this.
    2) Knife lunge range needs reducing to 5 inches instead of 5 metres… in fact remove the knife completely…
    3) Hit area is completely crap.. half the time the shots miss by about 3 feet and still kill, many end kill cams cause some amount of embarressed laughing.
    4) Completely missed shots. This vaires from game to game but god its bad a whole clip into someone and nothing. I n a good game 3 bullets they dead.
    5) Spawning….
    6) Weapon ranges….how about making range actually matter…using a smg to shoot the length of array and kill pathertic really. the 500m accurate UZI.
    7) bouncing tomahawks…wtf
    8) Increased objective xp and reduce kill xp for objective games (Inluide obejectives in killsreak calculations like MOH that was a good touch)
    NO SKILL MATCHING……………..85% of players in a game only to feed thje ego's of the 15% its like a go kart raicing up against F1 drivers sometimes.

    Good effort but if everything was the same and you removed COD from the title this would be getting 2 out of 5 at best…..fanboi reviews 5 out of 5 my a***. Disgusting reviewrers giving this top marks when its clearly broken. Especially the so called top online review sites etc. shameful spanners.
    The trade in price has already fell below MOH and BFBC2 in my local store…£13. Thye say a boat load are being traded……
    Hopefully future patches will fix it all and a great fps will emerge but atrm….

    • Five

      Ya i agree i mean i think the server is overloaded mostvof the time. And there has been such a bad glitch i was on an 8 kill streak and i got killed by a rolling thunder that nobody called in and i was killed throught a house but guess what?…. The kill cam was 10 seconds long

  • kyle

    not sure if the people making th epatch are looking at these but if they are.. you should make it so u CAN quickscope in black ops.

  • kegan stewart

    The warlord perk should be patched to where everyone can use underbarrel attachments and combine them with any other attachment.

  • abda

    do we have to download this update or is it gonna be downloaded automatically?? :) plz anybody answer me.. just wanna know for sure i'm a new in this PC gamming.. :(

  • http://N/a Ron

    My black ops constantly disconnects from psn network, that’s what it tells me anyway, yet I can sometimes still be online, and 70% of the time I have to log back into the network, I decided just to play some of my other games mw2 and medal of honour while I wait for the update.

  • alex

    i have 15 errors for every game i get to play. worst call of duty ever if you are solely rating on multiplayer experience. the problem is that the game is too fun to stop playing and im forced to have to put up with the errors.

  • marco

    fix the hit detection so sniper dont suck

  • matthew

    i survived till round 28 on kino der toten and it keeps reseting my score + round survived and says round 8 and is really annoyin me :@


    Fix the random freeze/lock up issue !!!

  • Harry hill

    Treyarch need to sort this game out it is rubbish keeps kicking you out freezing and is totally unstable it is crap and is putting true fans off the game

  • claudio

    fix the nat type my nat type on black ops is strick on mw2 is open wtf

  • nocnoc

    here's a frustrating comment from amsterdam -holland im ready to take it back to the shop of throw it out the window! lag-lost connection to the host-gamelobby closed and so on and so on! plus i hate NUKETOWN! that an insult to millions of people world wide how play black ops!
    they spent a whole year on development spend milions on expensive gamedevelopments and what not and NUKETOWN is what they came up with!? 2 houses-a bus-stupid dummies-2 backyards!? Come on!? am i the only one hows seeing it!? let me know please! frustrated gamer

  • Frank

    lol i still get lag on 12-28-2010. minimum details, 60 ms maximum ping 800×600 resolution, 4 gb ddr3 ram
    1gb nvidia video card
    2.6 gHz i5 intel.
    I used to play MW2 almost on maximum details, very smooth.
    NUKETOWN is a CSS like map…

  • brandon

    wats the story with all the games these days why do they not work??there quick enough to take ur money and it takes dem ages to make patches and updates,we shouldnt even need to get updates!!!

  • Adrian

    Fix the Black Screen from Xbox 360 PLS!!!

  • Xx Run GordonxX

    fix that you die by your own napalm strike .you dont die by your team mates napalm so why should you die by your own !! xbox 360, ps3

  • Readout97

    My Ps3 will not play Call of Duty Black Ops ever since i downloaded the update the 28th of January for Black Ops my cousin and I played one round of Zombies then decided to play Infamous no it will freeze ever time i wanna play before i can even press the start button. Funny thing is the disk still turns and game has no scratches or smudges why is this?

  • bruce

    the lag on every system has been terrible so they should fix the lag problem first before anything else because most people ae getting kicked from the lag so if we talk about the lag problem more black ops will be a better game than before.

  • stanjam

    Well, Homefront comes out in 8 days. It has dedicated servers, so they MAY be on top of lag issues, or at least there will not be host favorable issues. Call of Duty, if they wish to keep me (and a lot of other people) need to fix the lag. Continually getting killed after firing first, getting killed from what seems like 1-2 bullets, and then watching tghe replay and I never even fire. Well, it is getting old. I am not a great player, but I am a 1:1 k/d kind of player. Not in Blops though! I go seriously negative in most matches, because I lag in nearly all matches. Problem is the way they try to even out connections. I don't have great up/down numbers, but I don't have bad ones either. I think I am kind of getting stepped on twice by their ruleset.

  • douchebag

    fucking bring bots bakc

  • Geoffrey Hicks

    Hello I have had my Xbox gamer card for all most nine years. 
    After playing MW2 hoping that the network was going to be better in black ops realizing the black ops isn’t any better i was let down. I wish that who ever is the project manager would move away form the intense tunnel vision of missions/game play. Are generation is about interaction with other people not talking about the missions/game play. 

    Good example of online interaction rainbow 1,2,3 Halo  2,3. Until the xbox are more powerful I DON’T NEED to have smoke from a cigarette or tv playing,radios and other in the background. 

    I have put a lot of time in black ops i do feel I got my money out of it. Bet i my debating buying the next Call of duty.

    Geoff AR1

  • Wesly Russell

    This I hope they fix, but me and lots of other people that have this ‘Annihilation’ map pack. When I play the zombie map ‘Shangri-La’ in splitscreen, the game will freeze for about 10 or so seconds when I turn on both switches of the power. Also when you stand on the pressure stones for activating the Pack a Punch it’ll freeze for each person about 20 seconds. Then when the pack a punch time is up and the water comes down the steps it’ll freeze twice again. Please fix this, I love this map and it gets really annoying when you’re food at it and it freezes in the middle of a game. Thanks.

  • Wesly Russell

    This I hope they fix, but me and lots of other people that have this ‘Annihilation’ map pack. When I play the zombie map ‘Shangri-La’ in splitscreen, the game will freeze for about 10 or so seconds when I turn on both switches of the power. Also when you stand on the pressure stones for activating the Pack a Punch it’ll freeze for each person about 20 seconds. Then when the pack a punch time is up and the water comes down the steps it’ll freeze twice again. Please fix this, I love this map and it gets really annoying when you’re food at it and it freezes in the middle of a game. Thanks.

  • Thodoris

     i have recently downloaded the game and wenn i press play to play online…it says that i should check for updates…where can i find the patch/updates files ? what else do i nedd to do to play online ?

  • Bobbobinson

    They need to fix the “the call of duty blackops server Is not available” error but if anyone has any solutions to this problem please tell me

  • Miked1179

    well i don’t believe thy fixed any thing it just got the game we rs on
    zombies maps to wear the game cheats

    zombies show up out of know wear to take you out plus with the title update 8
    &9 and 10 if you don’t let it up date the mapepacks wont show up if yer
    offline which you payed for which why pay for sum thing if you don’t really git
    the mapepacks sense thy make sh ere you don’t git what you pay for it shooed be
    free map packs SEC there titelupdate ma ks Sher it wont show up without it ,
    which i thank its bull i shooed have the choice of having the mappaks with out
    title updates for off lien yous yeah i do under stand with the others cheating
    on lien I dealt with that lots of times worhawk and others so I don’t play those
    any more do to them cheating on it but why make every one El’s suffer for it ,
    there shooed be an option to play it off lien with out titelupdates SEC its not
    fun to pay to play on lien for xbox360 like ps3 its free to play on lien sow
    whats with that plus what ever ha pend to game shark ? it was more fun to yous
    offline back then on ps2 it was more Worth playing then the games NW