Call of Duty Black Ops: Worst COD game Ever?

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We continue to be flooded with negative feedback over Treyarch’s recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops title yet, and to say that the criticism received is just slightly negative, is an understatement.

Modern Warfare 2 came in for a fair amount of criticism after it was released, most notably when hacks started to ruin the experience for hardcore gamers. However, the sheer number of comments coming in slamming Black Ops is starting to get a bit tedious.

Initially, we thought that this was only due to the somewhat ‘poor’ graphics in the game, but it seems like a lot of you are unhappy with the overall experience as well. The following comments below are just a small portion of what some of you have been saying about the game

Shawn stated: ”Not a huge gamer but fell in love with MW2 last year. BO is a complete disappointment. Not only do the graphics stink in comparison, the multiplayer stinks. I had more lag in one hour than I did in one year of MW2. Don’t care for the outdated weapons either.”

Dean stated: ”It’s not just the graphics, the multiplayer is slow, laggy, and just weak. Infinite ward have it nailed on with the playability and graphics in mw2. Treyarch cannot get the guns to have any impact, they feel loose and cheap, while with infinite wards mw2 they feel tight and powerful.”

Don stated: ”This game is such a let down, and we all know it. I preordered this for the PC, and played it today for a couple hours, mostly campaign. I’ve logged hundreds of hours of online play on MW2 and can say that I haven’t seen one part of this game that is superior to that of MW2. The realism in the game is not there. The graphics are like counter strike from 10 years ago.”

Those are three user comments that we picked out from hundreds. We’ve even heard multiple claims that Black Ops is the ‘worst Call of Duty game’ ever, which we thought was a bit harsh. However, it’s all about opinions here on PR and we’re gonna let you have your say on the matter.

Is Black Ops really the worst Cod you’ve played or not?

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  • Ejay

    I havnt tried it but i would like to.

    • legmundo

      dont waste your time!!!! i have had it just short than a month and i would still like to try the multiplayer out.

  • bobby gosa

    this is the worst game i have played online however the campain mode was alright not good not bad but taking all in to consideration i feel i waisted my money on this supposed to be big hit i played worse but i have also played alot better more better than bad i hear the people that made this made the movie avitar well that was a great movie stick to the big screen leave the gaming to people who do it better

    • James

      No, the makers of Avatar did not make this game.
      If you do your research, you will find that they used the 'same technology' to help animate the cut scene's. The main reason for that was to give the AI a more believable face expression and movement.
      That technology was simply a 'sensor' suit so movement of the suit could be translated into a computer program and used. This means that each person's actions in game could be acted out in reality for better effect.

  • Ian

    I don't find it that bad it's better than mw2 by a mile though.

    • Sleep Creeper

      hell yeah your right mw2 blowed

      • Mr Correction

        lol you mean blew?? Blowed isn't a word.

    • adoss

      are you kidding me mw2 is way better especially the graphics

      • SelaDudre


        • CapsLockHater



          Dumbass lol, Gtfo BO Fanboy. o/

    • mat

      i havnt played bo but i had no patience for mw2

    • norman

      Ur NOT very bright if u think BO's is better than Mw2! BO's is horrible at multiplayer!

    • Alexander the great

      you don´t find it "bad" because u spent $65 dollars and I bet you were one of the thousands that waited for the midnight preorder … of course u sell yourself the idea of a not so bad game after all this … trust me I also fall in that category although I accept the game totally blows and my money was awfully wasted … Black ops is lame and sloppy

      • Mikee

        Yeah i fall in this category too every day tho i hate black ops more and more

    • davemar

      ian.. stick to mario kart

    • blackopslame

      hahahahahaha!! mw2 is way better than black ops… black ops multiplayer = camper hole, my kdr mostly on mw2 = 20+ kills less than 15 deaths, black ops = less than 10 kills more than 20 deaths.. why? CAMP MAOR PLOX everywhere u walk theres a camper, gf cod you better make mw3 godlike to make up your black ops mistake

  • zoomie

    multiplayer is such a disappointment. the lag makes it almost unplayable. are these developers that stupid that they didn't see this coming?

    • Steve

      The Developers DON'T play the games, they only DEVELOP them. It's in their interests to make the game as crap as possible to ensure they can continue writing patches after it has been released.

      The lag is a sure sign of poor coding – I'm running a quad core, windows 7 64 bit fresh install, 4 GB RAM, GTX 460 card and STILL get lag even with graphics at 800 x 600 until at least 2 minutes of the round have passed.

      I thought Medal of Honour with it's 17 mile wide hitbox was bad, but at least it wasn't a damned slide show….

    • norman

      I agree!!!! Horrible Multiplayer! I wish i could get my money back!

  • k balls

    yeah i agree with most of them up there. graphics are weak sauce, music is lame, lag, getting booted from like every match. and i paid 20 extra bucks to find out i dont get the new zombie maps. i just double paid for the old ones that i already owned on the world at war game. its just a glorified world at war. thats my two sense. throw it up there with the millions of others.

  • jordy1098

    this is probably one of the best call of dutys since mw1, everyone that is saying it is bad is stupid. this game is hard and that is why everyone is crying, mw2 was a baby game and now this is too hard for the little girls.

    • chris

      ur an absolute retard. you need to get out of the closet ass****.

    • mad

      yea people that cry about the weapons and games are just missing their OMA danger close noob tubes a little too much.. the lag however is HUGE issue, along with LAST STAND… the guns are a bit weaker so it takes more skill to take kids down. but with most weapons u pretty much out by the time they hit last stand and if ur not close enough to knife them killing them can be a pain… the lag is so horrible my win loss is 0.05 because 9 times out of ten i lag out and when u bet money in a wager match, lagging out basically rips u off… this game would be sweet if they could master the lag, and make it somewhat stop

    • Andrew

      Mate have you actually played the game?

      It is bad, I played the campaign and online and it has no gameplay. Just run and kill. People with pistols get more kills as they can run faster. Graphics are like a cartoon. I totally missed my shot and the guy died in online play, it is that inaccurate. I know my pointer was not on the guy. Total wast of money, they should be made to refund the money for those that were tricked into thinking this was a good game. I will never buy a game from this developer again!!!!!

      • norman

        I totally AGREE!!! I want my money back! Activision meesed up big time for letting TREYARCH make this game!

    • Ours

      Except you're clueless.

      - Hitboxes in BO are 200% retarded
      - Every weapon feels the same and is WAY too easy to use, add more recoil
      - Hipfire spraying is making it way too easy for the noobs out there
      - the spawnsystem is stupid

    • tom

      too hard?!? this game is easy… best game for newbies to feel like they are good.. people constantly crying gets on my nerves as well but i have to agree with the lot the constant lag and freezing is annoying

    • Nick

      Video game preferences don't dictate someone's intelligence. However, stupid and presumptive comments on the internet do.



  • Utot Ka

    Cartoonish graphics compared to MW2. Small fonts when creating classes don't help either. Antiquated weaponry. Laggish. This is a step backwards in COD principle.

    • James

      Well, maybe you should give your copy to somebody more deserving, and go start on MW3.
      Small font? Try a HD TV. it really helps,
      Laggish? Theres over 3.5 million people on at a time, the servers will be very busy.
      COD principle? So you have only played MW1+2 ?
      You should try Cod 1, 2, 3, 5. You will see they fit together better

      • DCiPLE

        Despite the little girls who whinge about every frikin problem that a game has this is by far amazing gameplay, the campaign on Veteran is still the best that i have played aprat from perhaps cod2 still my all time fave! Antiquated weaponary? ITS BASED IN THE BLOODY 60's and 70'S wow idiots… Go back and play your easy beat mw2 leave the real gaming to those who enjoy it .

      • J.D.

        Yes…the game is laggy…and no it will never be fixed as long as treyarch refuses to give us dedicated servers. This game is a pile of shit, and I was actually very excited for it considering how great WaW was. Cod4 was amazing, WaW also great, MW2 is just ok, black ops is awful. The health in this game is ridiculous and because half of the bullets don't register it takes me even more than half a clip to kill just 1 person. Treyarch should patch it to add stopping power, and we need better sniping. I don't think they should bring back MW2 quickscoping though, that game always seemed too easy with sleight of hand pro.

  • Quit Complaining


    • maso monster

      dude your right they will fix all this shit in time just like cod world at war

      • Brjan

        Still not fixed. How much longer should i wait?

    • Steve

      in which decade are you referring to? The guys at Treyarch aren't exactly renowned for their speed or customer service, are they?

      The fact of the matter is that the lag most probably WON'T be fixed for at least 6 months. If the game is that CRAP, they shouldn't have released it but because M0H was out there, they rushed it. Just plain stupidity.

      • Herpderp

        They kinda had to 'rush' it as it was getting near the end of the year, and a CoD game has to come out once a year.

        Though, 2 years working on this just makes it the biggest letdown I have seen.

    • Fucking bad game

      Yep, it'll be fixed.
      In about half a year, when Mw3 comes out…

  • rob

    Like it alot.

  • tactical99er

    best call of duty yet. kick ass graphics. the only bad thing i have to say is that there is so many people playing it that it is hard to get into a match sometimes or to have a party.

  • ihatestupids

    Duvane's post was spot-on. Those kids that are whining about the game obviously have no skill whatsoever.

    • Nick

      Or the game just sucks. My K/D ratio is 2.0, so your argument bears no weight. Who would have thought that heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all arguments could be picked apart so easily?

    • jamie

      since most of them aren't whining about getting killed I would have to say you're an idiot.

  • Jake

    Haters will hate no matter what. I just ignore them and move on with my life. You can tell some these people are immature IW fanboys. I don't belong to any fanboy regiment, fanboyism is stupid. I like Treyarch and IW, no problem with that. I ain't an Activision hater, i just buy good games, i don't give craps about Publisher.

    I respect all consoles. I ain't a fanboy.

    • Nick

      How many times do you have to state the same idea in your post?

    • abc

      IW is so much better and im not a hater i just get good games too and black ops is one of the worst fricken games ever

  • Ethan

    OH MY GOD:
    you all need to understand that it was lagging because the servers were overloaded like will die down soon there was just too many people playing at once. Same thing happens with any popular game when it comes out

  • @20jaime10

    SO man people might complain ON HERE, but go to YouTube and ask the YouTube Community. The gamers who played MW2 constantly and actually KNOW what a game this. In my opinion, this game requires skill, not like MW2. My little sister played MW2 and used noobtubes and still went away with a good score, but with this game, you need to think every move you make.!!!

    • bo sucks

      lmao, this game requires no skill at all. I get a lot of kills on here and i can tell you this game blows compared to mw2. I'm guessing tryarch paid a bunch of kids from kindergarten to do the graphics for b.o.

      • Poppa

        NO SKILL required , they may hafe get rid of the noobtubes and those kind of things but did you indeed looked to the graphics and maps, and all those things insteed of noobtubing and camping or shit , so Shut The F… UP

  • Duvane

    Call of duty black ops is way better than mw2 online it’s smoother there’s no crap help me out perks like commando,danger close or any deathstreaks.It’s a real first person shooter and for some reason all people I know that say it’s crap.there sub standard players that know nothing about first person shooters

    • The Hodge

      Thank god someone else agrees with me!! The reason so many people don't like Black Ops is because MW2 had all of those help me out perks and stuff that enabled even the worst of players to get involved. It's about time this game was brought back to it's pure first person shooter core for the real players.


        This. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Nick

      Or the game just suck. My K/D ratio is 2.0 and I still think it's garbage. You do have a good point, though, with the perks like commando being overpower from MW2.

  • cjbrown

    wish those panties would just shut the hell up!!! and wish I have enough time to just play this awesome game forever..only one thing I could say that is negative is..the game should be triple times longer!!! worth the wait!! and sam worthington is cool..not in the clash of titans but cool like in avatar..

    • Jan Sobczak

      you easily pleased if you think this game is awesome I play Pc got Frame stutter and lag
      speech break up the list goes on running a Q8400 16gig ram 2.5 Tb of Hard drive space
      geforce 9500 so I meet all the requirements and its still rubbish

    • Jamie

      what game are you playing? Black ops isn't just the worst call of duty game out there it's the worst first person shooter in the last few years period. The only people that really like this game like that are all the hackers that have a new game to hack into. I like the new theater mode and I'm a zombie fan but that's about it for me. Not to mention they totally screwed up zombies. it sucks in this version. boo I rate the game -5 stars.

  • Darby

    Game is way better than MW2. Single player campaign is much more fulfilling. As for the idiot that posted weapons are outdated, game takes place during the cold war area. So of course the weapons are older. Moron!

    • mat

      havent played it but looks good hope this is true

  • Ramy

    Im very disspointed, i think people might switch to medal of honor now as call of duty let down a lot of people, i wish i didnt preorder this game it was not worth the waiting for!!!

    • Capriox

      No one will switch to Medal of Honor cause it's the worst first person shooter ever. There is nothing good about that game. The most used class is the sniper class that has a range finder so you can snip across the map with thermal. With that there are very little things to unlock and very little levels. So when you talk about people switching from a game you think sucks to a game that just plain sucks ass you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

  • doug

    WHAT a PILE of CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. after c.o.d 2 U should be ashamed. I’M SELLING MY CRAP… but i’ll put a good spin on it just like the people who sold me my crap.

    • Diana

      I totally agree with you! CRAP! I played the entire campaign in 5 1/2 hours. No fun at all. No challenge. What were these people thinking?

    • nate7885

      yes. i just wish instead of selling it, i could spoon feed it to the ceo's at activision.

    • 007fuc**** blackops

      The hitbox = FAIL
      The Bazookas = EPIC FAIL
      The lag = Huge Fuc**** EPIC FAIL



  • James

    People should stop whining about 'how bad the game is'
    I hear people complaining about the graphics? Big deal, not all games are perfect and it looks fine to me.
    - MW2 online to BO online
    The stuff about MW2 been superior. Rubbish, I have played MW2. I though it was good but it was repetitive and unbalanced.
    BO runs smoother and provides gamers with a wider variety of game modes. Not everyone likes hardcore….
    Lag is not an issue, it may be annoying but think about it, you WILL get lag if your playing on PC. Ever thought of buying an Xbox? You could get a PS3, but don't complain about the latency issues '''Caused by the PS3 itself, not the game'''
    - Why BO is better,
    I already said that BO is well balanced compared to MW2. This is down to a few little things that even out the battlefield a bit.
    - To start with, there's not any quick-scopes. It's a good fix since it was basically unfair that people on MW2 got 'flukey' quick scopes. This allows the sniper to be used properly and may even prevent sniper sweat pits….A game where everyone has a sniper, no fun at all.
    - Killstreaks
    The killstreak system is also much better, In MW2, It was unfair that somebody hiding in a remote corner with a sniper could pick off enough kills for a decent killstreak, then use it to further there kill streak and end up with chopper gunner's / nukes etc. It was generally unfair since the player saw little action in the field. I remind you that in BO, killstreak kills do not account towards the next killstreak. It is better at showing the skills of a person rather than getting lucky and thinking they 'pwn' everyone.
    Also, it is better off without deathstreaks. Although useful in MW2, it was annoying when you cannot kill somebody because they have painkiller. It really messes you over. With the way killstreaks have been set up in BO, deathstreaks would be too strong and ruin everybody's game.
    This is another interesting area, balanced out simply by removing / replacing over powered and overused perks. Such as stopping power, danger close etc. These when used properly gave a unfair advantage to people using them.

    Anyway, I feel this might get too long, I will write down a few key points why people who loved MW2 may not like this.
    By the way, Treyarch do far better campaigns. MW2's looked good, but was too short. Besides the game might as well be just called Modern Warfare 2. You have to look closely at the game to notice that. All the other CoD's are pretty self explanatory.

    Okay then,
    MW2 gamers wont like BO because
    -They can't quick scope,
    -They can't manage the new killstreak system,
    -They think the Cold war era weapons should be better than MW2. Stop complaining about 'outdated weapons' It's stupid.
    -The graphics are set in a 'darker period' So more likely to look a bit off compared to MW2. Just keep in mind that Treyarch is using an updated game engine of the one used in WaW. Not using the one used in MW2. The comments about the graphics are comparable to a 10 year old game are just cruel. Either get a better graphics card, (yes they make a difference) or get an xbox or something.
    -They wont like the fact that they will have to do more fighting and will only get killstreaks they deserve in a game,
    - They will miss their favourite perks that made the game unfair to everyone else.
    - It appears that 'turtle beach headsets' etc don't work on BO. Which also makes it fairer to everyone else.

    Note: Stop complaining about lag. The game has just been released, it will be sorted out through patches if it is the game, otherwise wait for it to become established. Obviously you will hit a bit of lag if there arnt enough people playing with a decent latency. Also you should maybe consider getting a better ISP, or even better yet stop sniping. I find it funny when people complain about shooting somebody and they don't die. Big deal, you just move on and change gun if need be.

    • Hobuck

      Get a Life

    • Daniel

      Get skills….

    • hey guy

      If the lag is caused by the PS3, then why don't any of my other multiplayer games kick me out of every game? My xbox also exhibits lag in this game. To me this is far better than MW2, it would just be nice if I could finish a game once in a while.

    • mdw915

      Explain Nuketown then PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that shit sux it makes me wanna puke toy story seriously i would think they would have people test out the game before im sure they wouldve had a couple of people say the graphics suck its a BIG distraction and something you cant get away from

      • Poppa

        GET BRAINS fool.

        it makes me wanna puke toy story << LOl haha so true

    • Run Tell That

      You said "In MW2, It was unfair that somebody hiding in a remote corner with a sniper could pick off enough kills for a decent killstreak"….Isn't that what snipers do in real life? Don't they hide and pick people off? I do agree that the kill streak adding to the killstreak is unfair, but BO ruined sniping completely just so retards can run around with SMGs and Assault Rifles.

    • yo !

      you and black ops are a total joke! … just because u spent the money doesn't mean you have to be proud of this lame ass game … if u can´t see this game is a step back in the COD I´m so sorry for u and your mediocre gaming knowledge …

    • jamie

      are you kidding me? perks that are unfair to everyone else. wow so none of these people that those perks are unfair to can use them? ummm…… ok.
      the kill streaks in this game are completely dumb. tell me what is a kill streak? it's the number of kills you get without dying, right? so why doesn't the kills you get from kill streaks count? I think that's a dumb change also.
      Another thing that changed is the look sensitivity. it's horrible compared to the other call of duty games.
      Another thing is that the head shots in this game are ridiculously hard to get. I sat behind someone and repeatedly shot them in the back of the head with the ak one time and I didn't get a head shot till the fourth bullet. I can't prove it or maybe it's just some people but the health rate on this game is very unrealistic.

    • nate7885

      you probably work for treyarch and you're trying to justify reselling call of duty three to everyone for a third time hoping no one would notice. black ops is utter garbage.

    • sean

      HAHA no quickscope… Instead they have NO-SCOPE! you just aim the redicule at the person and shoot, the auto-aim feature takes care of the rest. Look for videos on it it's true!

  • Jesse

    Aight…. I bought the game… have to say the Campaign mode is nice… graphics aren't the best in the world but the are decent enough… so for that I give it a B+, Multiplayer… I have to say its not the best in the world… Not a fan of the really small maps… "Nuke Town" is the worst map i think i've ever played on… so small that i can throw a grenade from a spawn point and take out 3-4 of their team… I know that sounds fun til it being done to you over and over… The Lag will go away…. come on guys its only been out 2 days. Its a step up from MW2, but pretty much the same ol' game…

    • RDX

      are u kiddin' me? "The same ol' game" -_- it's nothing like MW, or MW2 it's completely different game -_- I don't care for the graphics and lags, but I feel the difference. Did you ever played a multiplayer shooter, where people where jumping (very very high) and shooting, and falling on the ground… and so on, and whenever you respawn you were dead in few seconds and it just didn't make any sense playing it? Its almost the same with this one but without the jumping and fallign to the ground : Man seriously take a while and look closely, this game feels so weird. Movement, weapons… aaah you just don't get it.

      • nate7885

        yeah. black ops is garbage.

    • Nick

      I thought the campaign was utter trash. It felt like you were on rails the whole time.

    • nate7885

      it had potential, but treyarch pumped this game out just to meet a deadline. infinity ward loved and nurtured the modern warfare series and it showed. mw2 is the closest anyone has come to making a perfect game. it's a lot to live up to, but treyarch didn't even try. black ops looks like call of duty 3. it is utter garbage. the fact that they recycled old material and sold it back to us is a slap in our face. i for one will never buy another treyarch game. activision really screwed the pooch when they fired infinity ward. the world needed modern warfare 3 and activision was more concerned with lining their pockets.



    • Jay

      And your comment clearly shows that you didn't have mw2 or understood how to compare the two games based on gameplay…graphics..and connectivity to online multiplayer

    • bryri

      I bet you're one of those kids who sits in corners and wait for people to walk by. That's just about everyone in Black Ops. I also bet your k/d ratio is slightly above a 1 while mine is significantly above a 2. That game is terrible. I really want someone to formulate a well written or at least well argued perspective as to why the game is better. I want to hear people address spawns, the SMG dominance, and the fact that you can't get a kill with every gun unlike you could in MW2. I know that you couldn't bring up the lag, host connections, and random booting and support your argument, so I'm okay with people omitting that part. Overall, there is an extreme lack of realism. Everyone brings up One Man Army, but the perk set ups in black ops are way worse and the way you get the pro version is so stupid I wouldn't ever think to prestige. If I ever shot someone 10 times and them still live to run around and be merry, then the world is about to end. The amount of shots it takes is ludicrous. This game is more based on luck than skill in my opinion. Your aim is left to the randomness of coding, not how steady your hands are. The game stinks just like your perspective and witty *sarcasm* retitling of the game. Crap Ops is way more fitting. Phonetically it is similar to Black and it doesn't involve a homosexual reference. Smarten up kid.

      • jamie

        totally agree. the aiming on this game is horrible and the health is unrealistic. when you shoot a clip into someone and they just walk up and knife you, or turn around and shoot you and don't die there is something wrong. I'm thinking about selling and going back to mw2 myself. was only keeping for zombies really and that was a disaster.

  • Jesse

    I also purchased "Medal of Honor". Have to say i like it alot more… graphics are alot better… Multiplayer is a FOK ton better… one of the best multiplayers i have played period… I hate that COD keeps adding the "showing your death from your killers perspective". I mainly like being a sniper… how the hell can you be a great sniper if the game shows you where i am all the damn time… Kinda disappointing… MoH doesnt have that feature, so a sniper can set up shop and wait like they are supposed to… not everyone likes to run and gun, wish CoD creators would realize this… Honestly if I had to choose take Medal of Honor… much better campaign, graphics, story, multiplayer, hell everything… the only category in CoD's favor is the guns… MoH has a very limited choise of weaponry… but maybe a few patches will fix that.

    • Nick

      I agree with most of what you said, but I thought MoH's campaign felt unfinished. The mutliplayer is way better, though.

  • chris

    Those three comments are 100% BullShhh. the graphics are not even comparable to counter strike that’s a flat out lie. Counter strike? Seriously? And its also a lie with the laggyness online, get off your wallmart internet service because I haven’t lagged once. Its not the game, its probly you. Everytime a hyped game comes out someones out to hate on it. Worst cod game ever? Not even close. Online multiplayer for black ops is arguably the most customizeable game in history. And to the person who published this article…… such a heinous article could only be looking for attention. Black ops is amazing. Period.

    • ihatestupids


    • @20jaime10

      You said it! I hate the people at Product Reviews who haven't even played all the Call of Duty games and just want attention with biased articles based on people who hate the game…and have crappy internet service.



  • Ali

    Its a multiple facepalm for TreyArch

    Whoever says it's got better graphics or game play over MW2…please explain how?
    The glitches, poor visuals, poor audio, poor maps and poor attention to detail really give the impression this game was rushed and a half ass approach was taken…. 5/10

  • Joe from surrey

    Are you kidding me? MW2 was terrible – the game play was broken – kill streaks such as nukes which would give people more incentive to camp and cheat, super fast knifers (commando with tack knife) that were almost impossible to stop in the close quarter maps, OMA cheaters, dual shotguns, tactical insertion cheaters, nube tube/claymore spammers and on and on it goes.

    There were many games when MW2 was laggy as well – both are p2p.

    • Rob

      I agree 100% Joe MW2 was full of shit, the sound was terrible, if a guy was standing a foot away you could barely hear his gun shooting so you have no idea where it was coming from. I sold it after 1 week, looking forward to black ops.

    • mad

      dual shotguns are back LOL

  • Steven

    Black Ops Rocks. More Options, More Games, More User Friendly Lobbies, More Personalisation, Better Sound Effects, Better Kill-Streaks (MW2 tactical nuke is a waste bandwidth, the BO attack dogs are way scarier), Better then MW2, easy! It does need much more multiplayer maps, larger ones specifically. And a few bug and lag fixes, apart from that. Treat yourself to countless hours of fun that will have you calling in sick more often ;) PS wager matches? Brilliant!!

  • Joe

    Multiplayer is so disappointing, no where near as fun as mw2. And don’t tell me it’s because I have no skill my kd is like 3+ in BO much higher than mw2. Rushing is completely ruined. Don’t realise why people hate on mw2 it’s obvious they played hours and hours on it anyways. Bo is a huge disappointment.

  • Corey

    Mw2 got so old this is a great replacement for me



  • TKA

    Black Ops is amazing? Has any one of you played MAG. It's just a ripoff of that. PERIOD. The feel of the guns and the way they sound are EXACTLY LIKE MAG.

    I expected a lot more since today's gaming technology is always improving, and we should be blown away about how the game is played AS WELL as how it looks.Maybe all you meat heads feel the need to settle with this garbage — a game that rips off another game and crappy graphics. I don't feel immersed at all. Even WAW was better than this. AND YES THERE IS LAG. I have top of the line internet, and it's jittery, slow at times.

  • Cristina

    I really liked it. Altho I think MW2 is the best COD game ever!

  • Josh

    Your just to mad that you wasted your money on a shit game

  • Marco

    The graphics are not as good as mw2, the multiplayer has taken a step backwards and the guns suck.

    Hope mw3 comes out soon!

    • TKA


  • joe

    well ive played the game well long enough and its a definite that MW1 and 2 have black ops beat in graphics there a little pale but the face animation is pretty good, however i was playing single player and went to take cover behind a dresser and totally went right through it and got killed i tried it again just to make sure and went straight through the thing was crazy but also while playing i happened to get stuck in a spot where the computer player just kept coming and getting in the same spot and eventually killed me every time yea maybe i suck ha but i think thats kinda dumb you cant have unlimited guys come but im sure they will fix some of these things but also some levels were intresting but then some just totally blew it back down then it would get better but went right back down the crapper. I will say that the zombies is a pretty good deal as always treyarch needs to just do zombies i think but adding the conventional weapons and making the map like 4x bigger makes more intense shoot outs have not played online till i finish single player but from what im hearing that isnt as great as everyone anticipated. i honestly if i had a second chance i would not have bought this game it seems to be more a failure like medal of honor but overal its alright

  • Martin Riley

    Its a very good game….The multiplayer has sooo many little changes that made me smile…I haven't played the campaign but im sure it will be awesome…The graphics aren't as good as MW2 but graphics aint everything and its the experience that is the important factor….As for the lag…Its a new game with new servers….IT WILL GET LAG…. Stop Bitching about it and review it in 7 days and im sure it will be in perfect shape :)

  • Idareu2playme


    • BioBlue

      lol green sticky nades

      • Nick

        As opposed to the red sticky grenade in MW2 (hint, they're both called semtex)? Don't get me wrong, Black Ops sucks, but that is a laughably weak assertion.

  • RickyRulezUK

    I have been playing online as much as i can in between the lag issues, scaled server after server and found one that wasn't too bad lag wise at all, i even managed to play to full rounds and get 18 kills with a 6 kill "kill streak" with the trusty old knife.
    The lag and spawn issues need to be fixed quickly as i have a friend who isn't even playing the game he spent £35 on because of the lag he's experiencing.
    People are being a bit harsh on the game though after one day. The two online rounds i had that we're playable i got as much fun out of as i did on MW2. We need to remember that it is still the "COD" franchise that we have bought and if Treyarch took away most of what Infinity Ward made such a success they'd have got an even bigger ear bashing than what they already are doing.
    Graphics i don't have a problem with but i am on PC and have the graphics up full running it in 1920 x 1080 resolution.
    I think we let them patch it and give it another go… After all we're all entitled to that second chance…. Aren't we?

    • Arronuk87

      I 100% AGREE!!!

  • Zero123

    I havent got this game yet, and i have playd MW2

    and tbh i am highly considering about not buying the game, because the same thing is happerning with WaW (witch in my opinon was terrible)

    Best First person shooter out at the moment has to be MoH

  • Sam

    Seriously dude. I think even Treyarch would have to admit that specs ops graphics are below par with modern warfare 2's, you would have to be conceited to think otherwise. You just need to settle.


    i like this game its fair no more boosters and so much you can do the graphics surpass call of duty modern warfare 2. the weapons are balanced no more stopping power or commando so you can experiment with classes so to all the little winning bitches out their just stay with mw2 while the rest of us enjoy cod black ops, mw2 you wont be missed by me im sticking with black ops all the way =]

  • sean

    The one main thing wrong with this game that i havent seen anyone comment on is the fact that online play, from the moment that you log in, is preset to auto-aim for people. thus if you burst fire from across the map and let go of the right stick, you can kill anything while the game adjusts through walls, terrain, other objects. That is absolutely stupid. what skill does that take?

  • adam

    I dont know why im bothering cos chances are no one will read this but black ops is the biggest let down ever, in responce to a number of posts,

    1) not all people like hardcore: while this may be true its a MASSIVE following wanting a realistic game, not a load of crap where someone can run through 6/7 bullets to stab you thats horses"£t as far as im concerned.

    2) the game is not balanced at all or as a beginner you would be able to use equipment too and i dont mean all of it but claymores would have been a start.

    3) im not a fan boy i think cod 4 was the best out of all of the cod series so far, people complained about mw2 but in all honesty all they did was go a litle too far, but they did make a flowing fun game.

  • Adam

    4) the maps are rubbish and incredibly linear and so big they are useless for objective based game modes, there is VERY little natural camoflage for any gamer even to just move around the map.

    5) the spawns are aweful but it appears to only be on team deathmatch, but ive spawned a few times and been shot at almost instantly, i dont know why they dont just lay a sodding claymore for me to spawn into its that bad on occasion on the flip side i have spawned beind three of their team and taken them all out so swings and roundabouts but not really constructive for multiplayer gaming

  • adam

    6) for the people saying the lag isnt an issue and that the servers are bombarded, a player in the game is the host not the server so thats that argument shot.

    7) the WORST point of this game is, and i think if you read this and go and test it, your weapon strength and power is 100% based on your signal strength, good signal, 2-4 bullets per kill, poor signal 10+ and chances are you wont get the kill.

    8) none of the perks compliment one another and the game wants me to play some crappy core game to try and get pro perks, and who's stupid idea was it to make the perks based on your enemys killstreaks?! e.g. ghost pro says you have to take out a sentry gun….so i have to wait till someone on the other team gets a six kill streak and hope to hell they have sentry set up?! greaaaat. also you have to take down 30 enemy a/c thats fine but spy planes dont count and choppers take two rockets and can see you anyway.

  • Adam

    9) on the flipside i think the weapons are better than mw2, the heartbeat sensor was annoying at best and scavenger/OMA noobs was rediculas as was quickscoping all of which is fixed so bonus, just a shame the rest of the game is rubbish.

    10) i will also say that the camo based on perk choice is a fantastic idea! and the kill streaks are better and im glad theres no death streaks, people saying the weapons are dated, id just like to point out the game is set in th 1960's ……and aside a handful they were all current weapons of the era so point mute.

  • adam

    i never considered myself a mw2 player im a cod4 player with nothing better to play im not a hater of treyarch and its not cos im crap at the game my k/d is 1.30 not fantastic but far from terrible, im a hardcore player and theres not enough there to keep me, team camp match is boring free for all seems pointless, no hardcore wager matches EVERYTHING is geared towards the teeny boping gamers that think you should be able to see where people are cos they fired on the map a millions miles away.

  • adam

    , i was really looking forward to this game especially after watching the gamestop one hour special, but it just shows that the series is worried about alienating people otherwise they would bring out an online beta like EVERYONE ELSE! so that players can comment get things fixed, for the record im not a fan of bfbc2 or moh they are both crap but they stil had a beta so people could try it and make their mind up or try and get things fixed, if this game had a beta it would have saved me £45 and i would be happy as i never would have shelled out for ……this, its not fun, its not entertaining, its not addictive, its not very good, campaign on veteran is FAR too difficult, anyone who has tried it will know what i mean the online reminds me of brothers in arms hells highway, and that was simple and more fun but still pretty poor by the standards we are used to.

  • Iaj

    I was abit dissapointed with the "report player" tab, if you are having trouble with someone just mute them. Also I ran into this one dude whom coudlnt be muted not sure if he was an admin but the game feels like they were having some issues last night and nuketown kept repeating itself over and over. I do hope they fix this apparent server issue.

  • Dane

    I seem to recall MW2 being laggy as hell last year when it first came out…
    Overall i like the game, the campaign mode is the best out of all the CoD series in my opinion. Multiplayer is going to take some getting used to, but i don't think it's fair to call it rubbish. Remember when you changed from CoD4 to WaW?!!! Exactly the same scenario, of course the game is going to play differently, just a case of getting used to it!

  • Jim Jones

    The game is a bit crap, graphics are poor and too cartoony – not as good or as gritty as mw2, the multiplayer has taken a step backwards and the guns are poor.

    Back to MW2 and mw1 for me!

    • mad

      mw2 GRITTY? for gods sake money flies out the corpses when the perish

      • Nick

        Only for payback kills. Get it? You get a payback kill and money flies out them? Surely you can connect the dots. Aside from that, what's your point? MW2 is more gritty than BO.

  • Seagalinv

    It is terrible and the review above says it all, slow speeds, awful graphics, weapons are duff, inaccurate and the game story is… well, non existent really!

    I think this may be the end of COD.

  • Seagalinv

    It is terrible and the review above says it all, slow speeds, awful graphics, weapons are duff, inaccurate and the game story is… well, non existent really!

  • purple

    I am not sure why the heck people think that you have to be more skilled to play in black ops. It actually takes more skill to aim an accurate weapon in modern warfare 2 than a shaky weapon in black ops. Black ops is more spray and pray then MW2. In real life, people shoot accurate weapons. I am good at black ops, and I still think the game is crap. It reminds me of medal of honor on my playstation 2. My 8 year old son sucks at mw2, but is good at black ops. I am just tired of this skill crap. That is not why people don't like the game. I bought a playstation 3 for graphics and reality so I don't appreciate games that stink at this. I have already seen more camping in black ops than I ever saw in mw2.

  • RDX

    I only know 3 call of duty games: mw, mw2, and this one – black ops. I have to say bo is the worst. It's even rude to call it cod : F the graphics and lags. Game is way too fast and the maps have the feeling of a cage : Whatever you're trying to do someone is there and in two's or three's : It has the feeling of old cheap multiplayer shooters the only thing missing is the high jumping and falling to prevent getting hit : Personally I have to say MW1 was the best shooter I've ever played, before mw1 there was quake 2 for me. MW1 was so smooth and perfectly done. They should've just make the graphics better, add some new attachments, make some more maps and call it bo : I miss mw1 :(( the best shooter ever!

  • Brian

    This was absolutely the biggest let down ever for me. I sold the game immediately the next day. To say the graphics are substandard is a gross understatement. The guns used in multiplayer might as well be shooting jelly beans because there is no power in them at all. I will be playing MW2 for the remainder of my call of duty days and we can all only hope infinity ward steps in quickly with a new version to take the disgusting taste out of our mouths that is Black Ops.

  • Mark

    For what I'm about to say, I expect from 98% ridicule and 2% pity!

    I am a 36 year old male – never got into the whole francise and last time I programmed anything was on the Amstrad CPC46. However, MW2 offered a complete rest bite from work and the MBA I'm undertaking. It also offered something that Black Ops fails to do…….buy in!

    In short, on MW2 I actually cared if I died (>2% kill ratio, a testament to the belief that MW2 offered realism to an externt and an edge). Black Ops leaves me cold! However, this is my issue and clearly as a grumpy old sod I don't engage with Arcade anymore and Black Ops is an arcade game. I have actually gleamed more pleasure of late from watching my son play Shining Force re-release on PS3 than the current COD incarnation which is a shame.

    ps. my wife thinks I'm a plank anyway for playing it, but I was generally excited about BO release, like a child at Christmas, only to find out I was bad in February and Santa chose to dump in my stocking instead.

  • lil lee

    Black Ops :

    Good Points : Wager Matches And Money System, and perk pro system.. I think its cool that i can buy perks when i want them, and the challenges to get pro are actually related to them.. BO lightweight: melee 30 players, dscape death 5 times, and i cant remmber the third challenge lol…. Vs. MW2 lightweight: run 30 miles using it.. And taking away commando, OMA, and danger close was a good thing too..

    Bad Points : Graphics are a BIIG step back from MW2, especially gun details.. guns all handle exactly the same, and some are well underpowered(M14), and others are well overpowered (famas), no matter what the stats say.. The mechanics system as a whole infact it all feels like MoH, an that was cack aswell.. Emblem editor and RDS reticles, yada yada.. I dont care about having a cross instead of my dot, and i dont care about making a brill emblem, the first thing i wanted to do was make the 10th emblem from MW2.. And finally, even though treyarch (worst developer ever, overpaid fuckers) SAID the game was almost impossible to hack , and they would ban hackers bla bla, the fact remains that people hacked the beta before the game came out, and now people have hacked the game for 15th prestige, bla bla…….

    As a whole, black ops has so few good points, and even fewer of those are done well.. Treyarch had a few good ideas, but they should brainstorm them with IW, and IW make the game, because they are better at it.. As for IW, the reason they didnt ‘look after’ MW2, so to speak, is because they are hampered with legal trouble from activision.. Wikipedia it for full details.. So ill ask you, trade in MW2 for black ops??.. Kept the receipt did you??..

  • chris

    LMAO you heard your sens this game requires no SKILL to play – its a bunch of 14 year old kids running around knifing people – its worse than on MW2 with commando i can jump half way across the map to knife you!

    Fuking skill wheres the skill on this game? i haven't seen ONE sniper yet because every fuck ass idiot is running around with AK74 with their 10% accuracy hoping they kill somebody – WORST GAME OUT OF COD SERIES – I PLAY IT ON 3D AND THE GRAPHICS FUCKING SUCK

    • MAV

      I agree with you 100%. This game favors the spray n pray running noobs. hopefully these people get board of it quick and move on to something else. The running in this game is way too fast, sometimes I cant even pan my rifle in the general direction as fast as the guy is running… complete BS IMO. I think the developers realy droped the ball with muli-player as well. Dispite a MASIVE following no true tactical servers exist on steam, when someone tries to get one going it's ruined by a run and gun freak thinking he has a ton of skill. Steam could have added a tactical mod to prevent the inevitable complaining back and forth. Overall the game isn't as good as I hoped for and the graphics seem to be nothing special but, like all the others since COD1 I'll have to keep playing and see if all the thing sI dislike get fixed.

  • Maaack

    Man Oh Man that original comment highlighted in the article had it nailed. These are Counter-Strike quality graphics and if you ever played SoF2 you know that CS didn't even have the best graphics of it's day.

    I think its a little bit of a scam that they have pushed a new CoD game rather than an expansion pack for MW2.

  • Harry Pare

    Everyone who says this is the worst COD ever are complete and utter fagots… you guys complain about graphics… its set back in the cold war you fucking queers! its suppost to be dark and gritty… sure the graphics might not be good to you guys but you guys have to think about it… graphics aren't what make the game fun… fuck there's a shit load of games that have worse graphics and they where fun… legend of zelda ocarina of time that had fucking horrible graphics for this day and age but its still one of the fucking best games ever made… the weapons are good this game actually takes skill unlike modern cockfail… the only people who play modern cockfail still are 13 year old whiny bitches like yourselves… this is def the best call of duty game ever and treyarch did a fucking amazing job holding up the COD series after IW basically got destroyed in the anus… and they made zombies witch is one of the best mini games iv seen in a long time because left for dead's zombies sucked complete assface!!! umm forgot what i was saying but anyways this game is good and if u can't relies that then i hope you get cancer

    • Nick

      The GAME is set in the Cold War; that doesn't justify crappy graphics because its 2010, you genius. Learn how to spell and punctuate, then people might read your inane posts more than two lines deep.

  • ben sampson

    This is by far the worst game ever. I logged about 5 hours of gameplay and I'm selling the game as we speak. BO did a great job advertising and marketing it but the reality is the game is a FLOP! I rather have spent $60 on MW2 new maps then deal with this cartoon like experience. What is up with the Spawning in BO's? If you kill an entire team next thing you know the whole team is spawned on top of you and you get murdered. I give the game a 2 out of 10 for a review…HORRIBLE.

  • Daniel

    This is a blatant console port, and that port screwed the multiplayer and made it laggy and have shitty graphics. FUCK YOU CONSOLES

  • Philippe

    Black ops sucks really bad. What the hell is up with the sounds? Graphics are terrible, movement when running is very sluggish, guns have no weight to them meaning they all feel the same regardless of having a sniper or a ak.

    MW2 kills this piece of crap, worst COD ever.

  • Yo Mum

    I definitely agree with all those who said COD: Black ops is a big disappointment. Having played all the previous COD's, this is one that for sure puts COD's name/reputation on the line. Whomever built this new engine of gameplay needs to be FIRED!!!

  • pewe

    I've played MW2 for a year and I can tell that Black Ops IS THE BIGGEST SHIT GAME EVER!

    I've played single player and it is awesome but WHAT THE HELL, multiplayer DOESN'T WORK AT ALL! I don't have the best hardware, got a E6600 and Radeon HD 4770 BUT AT LEAST IT SHOULD WORK with 800×600!

    POOR performance, LAG (as soon as there is more than one player on the screen), POOR server performance, AND POOR SUPPORT!

    WTF????? Give my money back.

  • doc

    the game is fine and should be fix soon for online you suck get a better pc fags

  • Adon

    Modren warfare 2 is extreamly better than black ops even though it to had it's let downs the next game you release shouldnt be worse than the crap you puked up last time get right game companys you do this way to often and as far as difficulty goes there is none, 5 hours into single player vetren dif and done I was very dissapointed played zombies for 10 mins took the game out went to the pawn shop got some of my money back and put in world at war to kill zombies.

  • Rasco

    Infinity Ward nailed it with the players fluid movements ( stabbing, hit detection and graphics ), but Treyarch nailed it with the balance of weapons and killstreaks ( earning it with skill ). Combined these 2 companies talents and you have the game of the year in the making.


    This games remind me of " RED FACTION' from 10 years ago.
    I do not even want to finish it.
    Even MOH is a better game than this
    MW2 is the best COD game and BC2 comes in second in the same genre.MOH, then, black ops.
    Graphics are pure crap, gun play is ridicule, story line childish.
    I just feel like throwing up in discuss

    • S JONES

      Just a quick follow up to my post:

      COD by infinity ward was USA today “game of the year” in 2003

      Maybe .just maybe Black ops has better graphics than the 2003 Game[and that is a stretch ]

      When in the Russian space station, for example, Mason is asked to blow a hole in the wall and just by magic, there is charge that appears out of nowhere with a big F to activate it.

      The same luminous charge that was placed on German battery guns in the first COD

      The wall blows up in big chunk of granite that looks really stupid now a days because we have seen much better since the first COD game, some 7 years ago.

      Activision is trumpeting that this installment is kicking but, and that they have already sold thousands more that the last “Modern warfare2”

      As if this somehow proved that it was much better .


      I was reading some marketing genius talking about the voice over and how they were just spot on.

      Another bollocks.

      The dialogue by the Russians trying to escape is garbage.

      Typical “mother Russia” we have heard that so many times already.

      A little ingenuity would have been refreshing.

      I could really go on and on , this game sucks so badly.

      I will say this to end , since I have read that one has to consider that it was in the 60’s ,that the guns and

      Everything else was not available at the time, like it was ,for say, MW2 or BC2

      When you blow up a car in the 60’s or in the year 2010 , It sounds just the same. The glass breaks all the same. Tires blow up, and the car is riddled with bullet holes.

      That was the case in MW2 . Not so in Black ops.

      I used to have my heart rate pumping when playing MW2,because some missions where really ,really touch and go, and the AI could be vicious.

      The only thing treyarch came up with to scare me was to have the Russians make a pirouette a la ‘Max payne” before standing right in front of me, waiting to get shot.

      And much like the latest MOH, one’s actions are very limited to what your team leader asks you to do.

      I do not recall MW2 being so linear.

      This game is worth 40 bucks at the most and deserves a rating of 7 out of 10 ,if that.


  • Brandon

    I wouldnt say its the worst Game in COD history, It has its Pro's and Con's. MW2 And BO are both very unrealistic games. BO i would say is slightly more Realistic, but in general i'd have to say for COD games they both are terrible if you compare them to MW1, Cod 1, 2, and 3. The campaign for BO is a whole other story though, id have to say The campaign and the Zombies are the only good thing about the game. For the lag, stop complaining it will be fixed.

    • Nick

      What? I thought campaign was terrible; the whole thing was scripted.

  • Poppa

    There are people huh that hafe bought a ps3 when the known and seen how good MW2 was and what a succes it was , but i think after they seen Cod BO they just whant to break ther ps3 , i just can't look at it at all ( bluuughh – i hafe just puked)

  • Marlon Calvo

    They took stopping power off. They should have kept it. So if somebody has hardened you use stopping and the game would be harder. Also, treayarch sucks at making spawn points. You could be running around, and you are in the enemy base, and some random person spawns behind you and kill you. Last, they made the best maps for camping. They should have made rushing maps instead. They know everybody hates campers. So why don't they rushing maps.

  • Run Tell That

    Shouldn't every new CoD game be better than the next? I feel like Treyarch took a step back. Sure they balanced the weapons and killstreaks, but the spawns are terrible. I thought using a suppressor and flanking was a very smart and rewarding move. The opponents never knew where you were striking from as you tore at them from behind. Now, I will flank and maybe get one kill before somebody spawns behind me and kills me. Also, there is no sniping anymore. Why even give the option? The multiplayer just feels like its 12 people running around in circles taking turns just shooting each other instead of well executed flanks and sniper support. Camping is still in Black Ops, and so is the Grenade Launcher attachment. I don't know how those ruined MW2 for you all, usually if someone is camping around a corner the whole game I cook a nade then throw it in there. If someone is noobtubing, I shoot them from a distance. Good idea? I know!
    I also felt MW2 was much more rewarding in terms of unlocking things and challenges. It felt good to finally unlock fall camo because you were a beast at popping heads off with the intervention. Or working hard to get thousands of kills with the m16 for the badge. A few games of BO and you can get anything you want.

    Summary: Maps- MW2>BO, Gameplay MW2 > BO, Balance BO>MW2, Fun Factor- MW2>BO

  • Jay

    Everybody should return this game and bankrupt the design team for such a terrible game…how can you go in reverse with graphics when mw2 was such a great game. I wish I never bought this game

  • Wol jesus

    You guys are dumbshits mw2 was the worst game ever with all the noob tubing and the boosting and it doesn’t have zombies! It has spec ops which is not fun what so ever. And all u assholes who say there is lag, that is just ur terribad connection u stupid bitches, and black ops is way more realistic, with no stopping power, no commando, no overpowered weapons, and no quick scoping, and the graphics are amazing, you guys must have a 10 inch tv or be blind. Go play halo u faggots

    • Xs3dr.n

      Dude, how long you played Black Ops ?
      There is stoppig power…

      Graphics are good
      Gameplay is good

      They just need to get the game stable, and that's not easy in the past week… Just wait a bit and it will fix.

      Btw. at this moment I feel like MW2 is better then BO, 'cause of the lag (and no it's not my internet)

      • bryri

        There is no stopping power. There's just hardened which is just an overpowered FMJ. It doesn't increase bullet damage, just a bullet's ability to go through surfaces. Since there isn't stopping power, and the given set up of perks, people use ghost and hardline a lot more. I don't see any balance whatsoever in this game. There's constant spawn switching and until you get to a higher level, the guns suck aside from SMG's. In MW2 you can get kills with any gun–and that's balance. The fact that all the guns suck until you get the AK-47, Commando, and G11 means that there isn't any balance. You can get overwhelemed by the people who have better guns than you. The ACR wasn't cheap in MW2 because it was fairly weak. The other guns like the TAR, SCAR, M16 and the list goes on can kill an ACR. You just can't play MW2 like a mindless idiot. It involves way more skill than Black Ops. People might camp, but you can kill them. Everyone corner camps in Black Ops which makes it suck. My ratio in Black Ops is a 2.3, so it isn't like I'm bad. I just think the game is garbage.

  • 셖픤 뗸 =D

    Compared to BO, MW2′s campaign was garbage (story wise) but was fun. The multiplayer was also fun but was ruined by the unbalanced gameplay and hackers ( which are now sorted out!). Graphics wise: People are being WAY too harsh, personally i’d rather have a good story than amazing graphics, Treyarch has really thought about this game and it could have been far worse. BO has fresh ideas as well as the things from previous COD’s that made it such a great series. I would give up the amazing graphics for the things Treyarch have done for the game. Maybe the reason people are ganging up on this game is because it’s not Activision, if they HAD made this game at least 3/4 of people would not be moaning their 12 year old heads off about a game that has been made by a company who have had to step out of the shadow of MW2 and deliever a game that nearly every fan boy wanted to be the best game in history.

  • bootyshakin

    all of you are silly. i dont really care about black ops. all iknow is that i have black hops!!!!!

  • NeonSlipstream

    Personally i found BO's campaign to be both enjoyable and satisfying, they caputrued the feel of the era (the cold war/Vietnam) with the dark graphics and brutal effects and immersed you into the story. You don't want to stop playing the campaign because you want to know how it ends. Modern Warfare (thats right kids i said "Warfare" not "Gayfare" like some of the less mature of you out there) lacked this in it's campaign mode which i found to be less engaging, it was a simple mix of gun fight…..walk….some dialogue…more gunfights then game over. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed that campaign aswell, just not as much.

    Modern Warfares Multiplayer cannot be compared to BO'S multiplayer for a number of reasons, most obvious being the two different companies that created the two games. Also the periods in history that the two games are set in are vastly different both in weaponry and available technology which explains why BO's weaponry seems "Antiquated" (although a remote control car with a block of C4 strapped to it seems quite advanced for the time).

    On the subject of Lag, we all knew it was going to happen, it happens for every eagerly anticipated game that comes out. On launch day everyone and their mum grabs a copy and is playing for what seems like a month without really taking a break, so be patient and you will see the lag diminish over time.

    The one problem i do have with BO's multiplayer is the spawning, which seems to me to have no noticable sytem to it what so ever, it merely seems to spawn you where it pleases. Be it with a number of your teamates..or as is my experience, right in the middle of the enemy team who proceed to give you a lead enema. If Treyarch could releases a patch to correct the spawning so that you spawn with friendlies then the game would be near perfect.

    So there you go, Modern Warfare AND Black Op's are both good games in their own right, if you don't like one thats fine, but don't try and shove that opinion down everybodies throats. I like both, as i'm sure many others do aswell. They both have their bad points and their good points, but nothing in this world is perfect.

    So go and enjoy the game.

  • NeonSlipstream

    Personally i found BO's campaign to be both enjoyable and satisfying, they caputrued the feel of the era (the cold war/Vietnam) with the dark graphics and brutal effects and immersed you into the story. You don't want to stop playing the campaign because you want to know how it ends. Modern Warfare (thats right kids i said "Warfare" not "Gayfare" like some of the less mature of you out there) lacked this in it's campaign mode which i found to be less engaging, it was a simple mix of gun fight…..walk….some dialogue…more gunfights then game over. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed that campaign aswell, just not as much.

  • Bizkit

    Worst Cod ever! I wont reiterate the same thing over and over but this bad. I preordered mine and when I got my copy I was thoroughly disappointed. Although I got an interesting email from Walmart stating that they are sending me $10 back(what does that tell you about the game). That has been my experience with this game, although I do hope that the Treyarch team visits these type of sites and takes note of feedback because if they release another game as poor as this the COD series will FAIL.

  • AleXander the great

    Black ops is like paying a PS2 game … and Treyarch totally proved they couldn't handle the quality of such a big franchise … they remade their lame WAW and added some stupid non sense perks and lame maps, there´s no more strategy in them, than running around with a LMG and kill whoever gets on your way, this is if non of those stupid little remote cars intercept you before hahaha …

    now the graphics, whats up with that??? so freaking sloppy and the sounds, I can hear the fan of my PS3 louder than any of the grenades thrown … I can keep going saying bad things about black ops … this game is a total joke … cant be possible that after MW2 this game came out continuing the COD series … its a shame for all of the COD community, for all the wait, false expectations, and not even mentioning the money we paid having the highest hopes thiking it was going to be a great game … TREYARCH YOU TOTALLY SUCK !!!

  • ben_J

    all games have lag to start off with… as soon as treyarch gets on to this it will be patched. treyarch is far better than infinity ward, they listen to us.

  • Bobsaget

    This is easily worse COD ever! I’ve played them and treyarch ruins each one they did. I thought WaW was bad but this just sucks. At least in WaW there were decent graphics. This game is ridiculous. I Saw my brother play it and the graphics are just pathetic. They look like N64 graphics. Instantly turned me away from the game. Of course there was lag and we all saw how long it took to somewhat fix WaW. I’m not going to complain about the gun choices cause it’s the cold war. You can’t expect amazing high tech weapons in the 60s and 70s. But seriously, I each gun feels the same whether a M16 or MP5k. The recoil needs work. The hit box needs major correction. I shoot a guy in the butt and it registers a head shot. Why are there Nazi zombies in the cold war!!!? Enough Castro assassination missions. Been done several times (God Father 2 for example). Thank god I didn’t waste the $60 on it. I knew these guys would screw up another CoD. And I’m not just in favor of the MW, I’ve played the others. The old ones in WW2 were good. I’m sure some dumb noob will complain about my comment cause they wasted their money and have to defend their choice for buying this crap. The one good thing is that you can’t get noob tubes from the start so you’re not getting spawn killed every game. Still the noobs camp and can get easy kills from the design flaw. I got to say. Those graphics were just sad. How do you spend that much time on CoD game and release it looking like that. With all offense, black ops is the biggest joke ever. I still can’t stop laughing at how retarded those graphics are.


    MW2 was imbalanced

  • bryri

    This game being good or bad has nothing to do with skill. This game is horrible for a number of reasons. The lag, spawns, graphics, perk set ups, dominance of SMG's, over powered killstreaks, and the camping are just a few reasons as to why this game is awful. My ratio in MW2 is a 3.67, and it's only a 2.3 in Black Ops. Now, my ratio is a lot higher than what I had through my first 5-6 prestiges in MW2. Meaning that if I play, my ratio will be above a 3 before I hit my second prestige. I don't doubt it for a second, but I literally hate playing the game.

    The game is entirely too cartoony. Yes, MW2 is "cookie cutter" in the sense that it looks way more realistic. I could've drawn better gun models than Treyarch and I draw like a 5 year old. This game preaches balance and all of that stuff, but I've yet to see any of it. Basically, the currency system blows. I definitely have no incentive to ever prestige even though I was a legit 10th in MW2. Every gun blows until you get the Galil (which is clearly flawed), and the submachine guns are entirely too good. I thought the UMP45 was annoying until I ran up against the SMG's in Black Ops. The AK74U, Reflex, and a number of other SMGS are entirely too accurate; they're way more accurate than just about every assault rifle. The assault rifles absolutely suck until you get to the AK, Commando, and G11. The Galil only serves to make it bearable until you get to the AK. I found myself relegated to using an SMG which was super lame.
    Now on to the killstreaks. The RC car sucks. Everyone uses it, so after like 3 minutes it's like Nascar for the rest of the game. With hardline, that is ridiculous. It's so annoying. If you're lucky enough to get a 9+ killstreak they are entirely too over powered. I literally went from 8-0 to 36-0 with a chopper gunner. That's awful. That shouldn't be in the game and it has nothing to do with the skill of the players either. it just speaks to the strength of the killstreaks. For the first time ever killstreaks don't stack and if they did, the games would go by entirely too quickly. The attack dogs aren't even that great either. For what it is, it's terrible. For that amount of hype, I was expecting a flawless game. If you're playing with more than 3 people, it takes half an hour to get everyone in the game, and everyone quits out and it doesn't force more people into the game.

    There is no balance whatsoever, and there's way more camping. If you're camped in MW2 you can kill them, with the amount of corner camping in Black Ops, it's a lot harder. People can move from one corner to another and just blind side you every time if you guess incorrectly. The OMA noob tubing isn't as annoying as the RC car by any means. I was obviously better in MW2, but there are so many flaws within Black Ops that makes it a lesser game. Someone told me that this game was a beta, and I completely agree. There's nothing about this game that is a finished product. The game play is broken.

    For the most part, I know that everyone who thinks this game is good is either a noob or completely unaware of how most successful video games are made. For the most part you aren't vulnerable on spawn. You can pretty much predict where the other team is spawning, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can spawn camp them. Looking at MW2, Halo 2, and Halo 3, have all proven this formula. There are other things where you can literally get kills with any gun in just about every successful FPS. You can't do that in Black Ops until you get to a higher level. The SMG's are entirely too unbalanced which I thought was awful in MW2, but I think the SMG's are more balanced in MW2. The SMG's in Black Ops have no recoil whatsoever, and that's annoyingly stupid. I just think that Black Ops is broken. MW2 has a number of styles of play, but in Black Ops just about everyone camps. EVERYONE.

    And for everyone who says that the customization is awesome and makes the game great. You can form a turd into any shape you want to, but it doesn't change the fact that it is still a piece of shit. The best part about the game is Dead Ops Arcade and the campaign. The game was over hyped and I'm going to sell my copy in the near future. You have to camp to get all of your killstreaks, and that's the result of killstreaks not stacking. It's fine because I don't mind camping, I just hate the game. It's garbage.

  • Joe

    Black Ops is a big disappointment, with all the money Activision is making , she could have done much better, and Yes MW2 with all it shitty commado, Killstreak still much better than Black Ops,

  • sogek1ng

    Cod 4 was the best CoD along with 2. They need to just stop making cod for awhile. Do it right just like the first MW was. Black OP is just as bad as MW2. They keep making the game easier for the xbox kids and computer gamers have to deal with the left-overs.

  • Capriox

    Really the lag isn't that bad. I played many matches and only had lag problems once in awhile. It wasn't to the point where I couldn't stand the game though. And if you think that MW2 doesn't have lag issues you are completely oblivious. I have just as many lag issues on MW2 than I do on Black Ops. The guns are not that weak. I have had no problem killing people in just a few shots. If you're having a problem killing people it probably means you just suck.

  • graham reynolds

    Some very interesting comments. Ive gone back to MW2, On BO i liked the campaign, the online well thats were it went wrong, firstly i can never understand how you can empty a magaizine into someone and they still managed to take you out. noobtubes one lands at his feet explodes and he walks away the use of a knife you can clearly see and hear the knife go through him but no you are still taken out, spawning now this is the biggest bug bear how is it fair that you spawn close (even in the same room) to an enemy would it not be better to spawn in a nutural area away from any battle? in regards to grahics they are great, i find a couple of the way the wepon classes odd, for instance u cant have an exstended mag with a grenade launcher why. in all honsesty the whole create class quite labour intensive and the rewards for going presteige are lacking u loose everything just for a badge the fun gets sucked out then. All in all its made me look forward to MW3

  • Iain

    Black Ops is just a failure man, the graphics arent a improvement, there are a regresive impact that shows Treyarch fail and want your money.

    MW2 has crappier graphics the COD4 MW, why doesnt everyone not notice that?
    Theres no way they crammed all of that from MW2 and kept them graphics. The textures are subpar or halved, not enriched, though, I do quote ont he PC the grpahics are almost on the same par as CoD4MW2.

    MW2's multiplayer is just so nub freindly, and everyone whos unskilled and pick it up and make a pro look like a frog. COD4 and COD2 were where the skill was ment to be, and it shud still be like that. :)

  • Joe

    Black ops is awful the spawning system is awful every time you spawn you can expect 2 or more enemy players right behind you. Every single gun is awful in its own way. Taking out quickscoping?? That is just stupid because i can still quickscope with ease. Treyarch blows.

  • JoeJohnson

    Sadly, gotta agree. Never seen a worse CoD made. Sorry.

  • GBA_Batman

    Reading through this lot and it isnt hard to see the plus and minus's about the game, I'm a 40 year old gamer who is ex-army and i know first hand what war is about and have fired numerous weapons over the years.

    The problems… Campaign Mode: Short but generally ok, the only thing that lets this area down is the AI of the enemies and friendlies alike, come off it guys, no one in the world can fire an AK from the hip whilst running, and have a grouping of an inch at 100 yards. 7/10

  • GBA_Batman

    Multi-Player: Erm… I'm trying hard to think of good things to say about this, i know lag is an issue and so are the lobbies and the fact that you can't get into a game, but the leaderboards are innacurate (for example 8 straight games of HC S&D and still not on the leaderboards after a 19 and 1) The weapons are ok but don't have the feel of MW2's weaponary. The graphics aren't what i would expect, dated yes but i think they have the same quality of World at War rather than a ten year old game. What annoys me more than anything is that there is still no vote on the countdown timer, some people don't want to wait a minute to have a host migration and wait another minute, we should be able to vote to play at the lobbies wish.

    Plus points, the recording facility is a good call, had a right laugh with that and some of the epic fails one does, money for loadouts and perks, that was a good idea, maps are a good mix of size and variance. Overall i would have to rate the multi-player at a 5/10

  • GBA_Batman

    I think quite a lot of people have the same opinion as me in that Activision, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been more on a money fleecing scheme rather than creating the ideal multi player. When COD4 came out everyone raved about it and sales went through the roof, i dont think COD5 WAW was as popular but by far the best version i have played as far as multiplayer is concerned. COD6 MW2 came out and broke all records, massive sales but gamers still had there reservations and the hacked lobbies/ leaderboards are still there after a year and they haven't done a thing about them, now COD7 Black Ops breaks all records again and just listen to the cristism its getting and well deserved in my opinion, it should be law to have a demo released prior to a game going on sale, this way, customers aren't getting fooled into buying something they beleive to be good, just because its got a name on it.

    To round up, Black Ops is not the best COD and certainly not worthy of its financial gain, but i think we all get caught in the belief that the next one is going to be miles better when it isn't the case, but thats exactly what they want us to beleive.

  • james

    This is the worst game ever, the lagg is a massive problem. the bull shit way you die online, the shooting is bad the hit area around the character is the most annoying thing ever. you shoot someone in the chest = head shot. you shoot someone in the chin = miss.

  • spiderbite

    call of duty black ops is an ok game if u have it for the ps3 of course the online is going to be laggy cause i have it for the ps3 if u have it for the 360 then it might lag a little the zombies is ok cause it almost look the same as waw i'm spiderbite from nextgentactics aka NGT look it up on utube

  • Joe

    The problem here is people are paying a premium price and want the very best. It's clear they cut corners to rush it out for Christmas thinking that eventually they'll patch it up but who wants to fork out top money for an ordinary game?

    I bought Bad Company 2 after MW was getting trashed by everyone and Bad Company is beautiful as a game and it puts the COD series to shame. COD sells on it's reuitation which is fast going down the drain if they don't begin to bring out hit games. You can't keep bringing out trash and expect people to keep buying it. Sooner or later people won't buy the product anymore and that's when something will be done about the problems. Right now buy something else that's guaranted to please rather than invest in a shaky product at best that has so many complaints and shows no promise of getting better.

  • James

    IMO Black Ops is a step back. I love the kill streak changes which require you to actually earn them. I think knifing is still a problem. I get so pissed when I can kill a guy with 3 shots from a distance but he can glide through 3 shots and knife if he is close. Who brings a knife to a gun fight???? I think they should make it two knifes in the front and one from behind or something. They ruined sniping unless you are in hardcore mode. Even in hardcore, the maps are setup to force everyone to run and gun. For those who complain about a sniper camping, that is a snipers job idiot. They are there to pick people off and disrupt the enemy. The last stand is pissing me off. I continue to shoot every person when they go down because most are using last stand. Problem is, you cannot kill them immediately and then you have to reload so they kill you with the damn pistol. the new game modes are cool as hell. Spawning is the worst I have seen. They have release patches to fix it but it is still bad. In demolition, people just spawn camp because you spawn in 1 of two spots. At least in MW2, they tried to spawn on the nearest teammate not engaged in combat which worked better more often than not.

    I pretty much play hardcore exclusively now so I don't have to shoot someone 20 times to kill them. Hardcore seems like where the normal mode should be. I think there have been problems with all COD games, the question is if they get fixed.

    I don't think this is the worst game made but I don't feel it is worth the sales numbers i received. I will think about buying the next Treyarch game.

  • 1shot

    This will be my last COD!!! VAC is at best a piss poor anti cheat with no streaming through 3rd party anti cheats sites! Battlefield is bacj and thats ware I'm going to stay! Battlefield 3 is comming soon and I'll see ya all there! P.S. are clan call COD Black ops TOY STORY WITH GUNS! lmao

  • Norman Ingle

    BLACKOPS is a load of horse ****. The only people that enjoy playing the game are assault rifle idiots. In mw2 i could win games playing with sniper rifles and semi auto rifles such as the Fal. In BO you dont stand a chance of winning a game with those weapons. Now how the **** is that a well balanced game when all you can realy play with is assault rifles and smgs. What is the point of having other weapons to select.

  • Tom

    worst COD ever. multilayer lags constantly and takes 30 mins just to get into a game

  • Nick

    Bryri, couldn't agree with you more. And the fact that you can spell certainly helps your case.

  • julio

    i like the game but i felt it wasn't ready to be out in stores when it did. i'm sure that if developers just waited a bit no one would be complaining but since it wanted to beat medal of honor they should of realize that before releasing the game they should of worken on all the bugs specially on the pc, and PS3. until is fixed, this game is really a big disappointment for online players.

  • mw2 fanboy

    The gameplay in mw2 multiplayer is much better than black ops, much smoother and better looking. The knifing is just as ridiculous and the conncection is just hilarious. I really dont understand the spawn system at all. Black ops basically looks like waw engine just modified… oh yeah thats exactly what it is.

  • disgruntled gamer

    If I could actually get into an online game I'd enjoy it more. An average 2 hours of black ops play usually consists of at least 1 hour sat in pre game lobbys before being told "lost connection to host". absolute garbage

  • CODBO…not bad

    My only complaint is that the some of the maps are too big (I'm talking about FFA because that's all I play). It gets annoying running around for 2 minutes trying to find people only to be shot in the back by a camper. I think they should cut the maps in FFA to make them smaller, I know I can just play hardcore but I don't like waiting 10 seconds to respawn (why do they do that?).

  • kratos

    This is the worst game ever its random and way to easy to play i just wasted 60 dollars on a game that i have already played. its world at war all over again with kill streaks and new weapons made for the garbage people cod keeps on getting worse almost every player on the game is terrible and has no idea what there doing and for any of you morons who think black ops is terrible and i hate the games because i am bad hit me up on xbox 360 at o godz o kratos. and check my stats and the video on the file share I HATE CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS WITH A PASSION

  • D Bernhard

    Haven't played the multiplayer yet. Still trying to get through the really cheesey Loooong movies of the single player. COD scores 0 on this one as far as I'm concerned. If I wanted to watch really boring movies, I could have bought three for what I payed for this game. I noticed that there is a switch to tone down the violence. I really don't care that much about that, but would like to see a switch to get rid of the offensive language so it can be played without a headset around my grandkids.

  • james

    oh my god u are all idiots!!! this game is amazing!! u complain about the guns – the game is set in the 60 And 70s!!!

    you complain about the lagging – theres 3 million players online at the same time!!!

    you complain about the graphics – well then stop using your crappy portable box and go buy a HD tv!!!

    all of these comments are from fools who thought they were great at mw2 and are now upset beacause there hacks, cheats, and noob toobing have been removed!!!

  • EvilCrayon

    Best cod that have made and I have gotta say that someone saying that this game is crap and all you do is run around and shoot dude WTF lol that’s what cod is……..

  • ClaytThaGreat

    Treyarch is not a bad publisher, but Black Ops is a bad game. In fact, the worst CoD game I have ever played and I've been playing CoD since it first came out on Xbox/PS2. WaW was tremendously superior to Black Ops, as was MW2… The graphics are trash, the refining of the perks system was a huge mistake (stopping power has been in the game since the start.. GET OVER IT, IF YOU DON'T LIKE PPL USING IT ON U, THEN Y DON'T U USE IT BACK??!!) because of this, every player immediately turns into Curtis Jackson and takes a whole clip to kill unless you play hardcore where everyone uses Ghost and camps in bushes or whatever they find handy to hide in (<- noobs). The maps are all level with the exception of a couple maps where the ground isn't always flat and there are high points, like Launch, Firing Range, etc. This makes a large majority of the maps linear and to be honest quite crappy. What happened to maps from WaW like Castle and Banzai??? I could go on and on but i feel like my comment would be cut short due to character limits regardless.. so I'll stop ranting about this awful game prematurely. R.I.P. COD

  • some guy

    black ops is a BIG DISSAPOINTMENT it should have never been made i was at my friends house yesterday and he has a hdmi cable and the graphics were no diffrent still a dissapointmnent at first i thought he didnt have the hdmi cable plugged in but it was just the really g.a.y graphics that this game has i mean the game feels like u have toy guns and the sound sounds like if someone recorded of a radio HONESTLY i suggest buying modern warfare 2 wich has better graphics, better sound, and better multiplayer i will have better fun with modern warfare 2 than this gay black ops any day treyarch is a BIG

  • Ryann

    ive always hated the spawn issues, then they bring out a book that tells you where the opposition spawns… this is madness

  • nate7885

    Black ops multiplayer leveling system is stupid. i have to buy shit for all my weapons? i got distracted by attachements and wager matches so now im level 27 and still don't have any equipment because i don't have enough points. the campaign is just a rip off of every movie ever made about vietnam (and some that had nothing to do with vietnam.) for example.
    Russian roulette scene= The Deer Hunter
    The rat tunnels = casualties of war (plus michael J fox had a china lake.
    Credence Clearwater= Forest gump
    The river boat scene = Platoon
    The whole mason/resnov thing= fight club

    If you think black ops is in any way original, you would be mistaken.

    they even tried to rip off mw2, but failed. look at all the weapon upgrades and such. everyone says that black ops is more fair because anyone can have any weapon early. but it doesn't matter because the hit detection sucks. and unless you camp very well, or you're the host, prepare to get no kills. i give this game two enthusiastic thumbs straight up treyarchs ass.

  • black ops sucks

    black ops sucks horrible maps,snipers suck, gameplay is not enjoyable

  • Johan

    Other: CoD4, MW2 and Black Ops are all pretty poor excuses for online multiplayer FPS experiences. The entire product has always been sloppy, and unfortunately, nothing has been done to fix the underlying problems that plague every one of these entries into the franchise. You can spray a turd with Febreze, but it's still a turd.

  • BruceWayne

    Kids these days so caught up with propoganda. COD needs to go all together, their multiplayer has no depth, and their campaign's are noticebly repetetive. They go for the M rating and yet their the game still plays to kids? I don't get it. Bunch of morons buying no good products.

  • Tyler Moore

    I think that everyone needs to stop complaining…you only hate it because they took out anything that you cant be a noob with…ex. unlimitied GL, tac knife, nuke boosting, commando, quick scoping, sky tubing, spawn tubing, shot guns as secondary, camping, unlimited claymore, all the boosters, all the hackers, machine pistols, javeline, cary over killstreaks, and dare i go farther.

  • Sevisgod

    Black ops aint that bad, certainly needs changes. WaW was probably the best CoD game yet (as far back as mw1) for sniping maps and yet Blops has only one decent sniping map(that being array even with the new map pack). The Aug and the Famas especially are way overpowered, a gun that was one of the weakest when it was released got a major boost in one of the patches and when hip fired will go toe to toe with any other gun in the game. The game needs more rural maps, we dont all want to hide in buildings. Other than that the single player was the best Treyarch has done tho i still prefered mw1+2 just because the SAS rule. So add a few more open maps and stop the famas being so fake and it would be the best overall cod for me. The lag which a lot complain about only happened to me when the game originally came out and when the map pack was released as long as i select locale only and dont play at ridiculous times it is fine

  • nick

    I find the game playable, but would rather play mw 1 or 2. Those that say I'm probably just bad are wrong. My only problem is I don't enjoy the gameplay as much. Don't try to back it up just because you get half your kills from overpowered second chance. I'm glad there's a game for everyone now at least.

  • shane

    It takes more time to kill someone in black ops, not complaining. Just pointing it out, in Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 I could put a silencer on my Tar and sneak around and put em down with 3 bullets anywhere because of stopping power. Black ops was fun for a while, but I really dislike the maps, Too many spots for campers, and I'm sure I am not the only one who runs into campers every single game. Overall I find Modern Warfare series to be more fun, on and offline.

  • John

    The game "black ops" is the worst I've ever played in my life, I've never experienced anything so unplayable. And the multiplayer is some of the worst I've seen. I can not play this and get bored after a few minutes. Think at least I managed to get up to level 29, have even tried other games like counter-strike and it is much better I'll tell you.

  • Tom Garvan

    Big dissapointment, not as fluid in the graphics department as mw2 and very laggy at times
    still. The inclusion of second chance was a big mistake that some servers have to make rules to disinclude it. All hacking cheats should be tagged for all to see, they still ruin alot of games. Treyarch would have you believe that the bugs in the game were normal, the chief exed coming out with some diatribe to protect themselves because fair trade is on their backs now after receiving so many complaints . Remember they mad $650 million in the first five days and hyped this game up as if it was the be all. the bugs in it nearly frazzled my graphics card , every hgame froze at some stage and I brought it to a pc doctor to stop it overheating (and I have a top end pc). Same thing when it came back then suddenly a patch and all was better. Amateur programmers had their own patch before them. Shame on Treyarch for this spin doctoring that sounds like an Irish Politician that lost billions. Shame on Treyarc for encouraging cheating in a game that could have been alot better before it was rushed out . Shame! shame ! sha1

  • Chase

    Black Ops is certainly better than MW2. Granted there are a few thing wrong with it, such as the spawn system and graphics. To be perfectly honest the graphics are very good, it's just that people got used to playing with the MW2 graphics that when there is a change in the texture and flow in the new games graphics people perceive them as being "bad" simply because it is different than what they are used to. As to the lag problem some people have reported, it may just be your connection. If you have a high speed Internet provider but a bad connection the game will put you in a room with a higher ping to help accommodate you. Over all Black Ops is certainly better than MW2, it has more features and less hackers.

    • Michael Kelly

      So people who are used to playing the N64 will say MW2′s graphics suck, because they’re not used to the realism? People know what realism is, they see it every day when they wake up, all the way until the time they fall back asleep again. Google Black Ops’ graphics versus Crysis’ graphics, both on their highest settings. BO apparently doesn’t even have an ‘Ultra’ setting, and no wonder. And if you’re right – and the more realistic graphics ‘suck’ – then all the reviews should spout that Crysis’ graphics suck. Good luck with that. It’s funny then how everyone claims BO has poor graphics, but nobody ever said that about MW2…

    • Michael Kelly

      So people who are used to playing the N64 will say MW2′s graphics suck, because they’re not used to the realism? People know what realism is, they see it every day when they wake up, all the way until the time they fall back asleep again. Google Black Ops’ graphics versus Crysis’ graphics, both on their highest settings. BO apparently doesn’t even have an ‘Ultra’ setting, and no wonder. And if you’re right – and the more realistic graphics ‘suck’ – then all the reviews should spout that Crysis’ graphics suck. Good luck with that. It’s funny then how everyone claims BO has poor graphics, but nobody ever said that about MW2…

  • Elim

    Halo Reach Is way Better

  • michael

    The big let down with this game is the lag on multiplayer, (these are some of the reasons why) some times I can fire a hole mag into someone & just get hit marks then they can turn around a kill me, the knife does not seem to kill at all I can be point blank & it does nothing, the semtex & frags no longer kill but give hit marks, getting killed when all of rounds hits the wall, floor etc & none hit you, the join-in game time is getting a lot worse, (e.g.) Me & my mate were playing on TDM it started out 6v6 then most of the players on are team left so it became 6v2, & for the rest of the match it had still not joined any one in, Black Ops can still become a good (or great) game but the way things are going, I think its just going to keep getting worse, as Treyarch are trying to fix the things that dont need fixing.

  • Cheese Sauce Anyone?

    I hate black ops. Plain awful. Its so easy I get two choppers a game wtd? I am not that good. Treyarch doesnt know how to make games. Treyarch needs to start making pacman. Thats what their graphics look like. Its a slide show of water color guns. No secret hiding spots and it is no fun.

  • jlee

    this is the worst online multiplayer ever unreal tornament knocks spots of this the old 1 thas how bad multi is

  • Yes sir

    It just sucks, there is no skill required for this stupid game, it's noob proof everything's just RNG, seriously.

  • Anon

    MW2 and BO both suck, MW2 is just a teen girls dream party with unbalanced drinks and sweets, everyone doing the hell they want and not noticing the other people who want a normal party.

    BO has 'fed everything over with their oh-so-great changes, changing a sniper is one thing, I don't care that quickscoping (seriously qs is a load of bull and for people who want to show that they have spent too much time in a game), changing the damage output on a sniper, ok, I live with that, until I found out, that this was a complete overhaul, a sniper just feels unnecessairy, there's no map where a sniper is useful,
    Array? no, with the stupid spawn system that has been set up, you'll set up your spot and then when you're good to go, they'll just spawn behind you. Cracked? NO, only 5 spots, 3 of them being used by everyone, 1 where no one walks, and the other one is always being checked. NO map has a good spot for a sniper, no clever spots, the only way you can even out the huge disadvantage is by camping in a corner where no one will come, at least you'll make a chance then.
    Ok, then here come the shotguns, one of my favorites, I hunt in real life you see, and hunting shotguns are just so great. BUT OH MY GOD THE RANGE, WTF!?!? A hunting shotgun can shoot a bird out of the sky, your so called "olympia" can't hit a wall even if I stand infront of it, your SPAS isn't even worth it, seriously, you know what SPAS stands for? Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, my father used one, they can shoot a bird out of the sky, that's flying higher than most birds, here, I get that the SPAS, being used by people like the military of Bangladash, modified it a bit to make it combat purpose? Jup, here too, instead of increasing the deadliness, the "black ops" decreased the range tetra-fold, and took away the deadliness, they can't even kill birds with this modification. HK21 is a anti-personel shotgun, it's kickback is bigger than that of a spas, and you can hold one in every hand? Psh.

    I'll give you this, I enjoyed black ops more than mw2, but some modifications of damage output, range and just the FEEL of the weapons was so lame, it was not a great experience and at times even worse than mw2.
    The maps suck, mw2 and waw did better, the weapons are outbalanced including the weapons of BO.

    The games both sucked it went all downhill after cod 2, all that's left is a steroids injected shitstorm of dumbness, and THIS is how soldiers fight? God be with me and let these gamers NEVER join any civil-protection service.

  • Dwaine

    Worst online play of any game!!! I have been in many, many games where I was doing good like 10-2 or 7-3 and anywhere between 4-9 times in a row I get spawned right in front of the enemy and within 1 step I’m dead, what a load of BS.

    I’m in the military and would like to buy one of these flak jackets they have in this game, I mean come on the DOD should be all over a vest that can protect you from everything except a bullet!! Grenades, C4, RPG, Napalm, claymore yep we could just walk right through everything!!! If you can’t read the sarcasm I think the flak jacket is more noobish than juggernaut ever was.

    LAG! LAG! Most LAG in a game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last rant for today is Last Stand… how on earth can someone get shot become invincible to bullets for a second pull out there pistol and get off a head shot before ever hitting the ground all the while the person who had the drop on the person gets nothing but to curse through the mic as there kill gets revived.

  • Jeremy

    I came straight from MW2 PC to Black Ops Xbox 360. Why to the 360? Because after my TERRIBLE experience with hackers on MW2 PC, I was finished, so I went to xbox 360 for Black Ops. One thing I'd like to mention before I state my problems with the game is – PEOPLE SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THE FREAKING GRAPHICS. Jesus, they're not even that bad… at all. They're like Cod4's Graphics and they were perfectly fine. Now then. Before I state the problems, I will admit that I do suck at Black Ops to an extent, I'll have my moments, but only for a short time. The problems I've noticed with Black Ops is 1 – The Spawn points. Treyarch did a terrible job with spawning, particularly in Team Deathmatch. What would have been my chance to take a couple seconds to maybe set up a claymore or a motion sensor or look out a window for a few enemies becomes My downfall 10 seconds later when a couple enemies spawn right next to me when I'm not looking. Wtf? And yes, I've literally had enemies spawn like 2 feet away from me, then kill me. 2 – I find the guns to be tastelss. Not only in how they look, but their stats too. Recoil is even worse in Black Ops than in MW2. And as well, when I try a new weapon, and like it, it just screws me over later on. For instance, when I first bough the kiparis, I loved it, I owned with it. A couple matches later, I suddenly suck with it, it doesn't do shit, as well as every other weapon. Could this just be my skill? It's probably a good 90% chance my skill is just shit. But the weapons tend to do nothing, yet I see people coming out of corners and in half a second with the same weapon I'm using, they kill me in one bullet, where as I somehow need 4 to 7 at least to kill them. This is just a problem I've noticed that I personally have for BO for xbox, my aiming is crap due to the joystick movement, it's too jerky for me to handle, no matter how smoothly I try to move the joystick, either way, I end up shooting to the sides of my enemy. I was much better at aiming with the mouse on PC, and now I'm thinking I should have gotten BO for PC in the first place. I may get it, I may not. I'm frustrated with Black Ops mostly because no matter how I experiment with my strategies, which weapons I should use, perks, and how I should move around the map, no matter what I do, I suck all the same. At least with MW2 if I experimented with my strategy do to earlier suckiness, I could actually FIX it myself and then get a decent amount of kills. In MW2 I could have gotten any of the 3-5 kill killstreaks easily, but in Black Ops, I can barely even manage to get a Spy Plane, even 2 kills in a row is lucky for me. The multiplayer experience from what I've noticed is either way too slow, or way too fast for me to enjoy, usually it's too slow though, I rarely come across a fast-paced match in BO, whether I could handle it or not. As I said before, I DO suck at BO, and I did so much better in MW2 Despite the terrible experience with the Hackers. I feel that soon I will hate BO just as much as I hated MW2, I will hate them equally, but for different reasons. MW2 I had a reason to hate it due to hackers, but to hate BO because of the GAMEPLAY itself?? I think I might rather go back to MW2, I don't know.

    • Ghola

      Yes people who played on PC have trouble adapting to that lame Xbox controller. You'll probably never adapt as you dont really like the controller. You ca buy a mouse+keyboard adapter for Xbox , like I did. Of course it wont feel like you are playing on the PC with a mouse, the camera movements will be just like when using the controller sticks, but at least you have your hand on a user friendlier device :) You also might have lag (latency, ping etc. internet connection problem, search for it)

  • Sean

    Number 1: mw2 and black ops are different. Cannot compare apples and Oranges. BUT Black ops is lame. I enjoy counter strike more than this bull, feels like a virtual paintball match, you can spray with every weapon, the maps are just horrid. The maps in WaW and MW2 were way sicker. Overall I would say lose the call of duty and get medal of honor, it's intense, it is impossible to run around you'll just get shot, the maps look real and are made to be random instead of having strategically placed barriers and camping spots, and the maps are pretty big and fun. In medal of honor, when you get killed in moh you say "dang, nice shot" not, "What! I hit that guy 4 times with an ak47, and he still killed me!"…


    ok in my opinion its the Worst of all CODs. heres why. the graphics are not sharp as the previous games. The respawning is is the the worst ever: how can you shoot someone, run 3 steps then get shot by the guy you just killed? it was stated that it was made to stop campers but in actuality, more people are camping more than ever. And not because they all suck, but because as soon as you respond, within 2 youre being shot again and again. I love sniping however, no good sniping boards, and all the sniper rifles suck. it amazes me how i can get plucked off from a pistol at 150 yds but cant kill w/a sniper rifle. the last stand is the worst of all time. i can be behind you, shoot you in the back and somehow youre able to twist in mid air and shoot and kill me before you hit the ground(lol). Then, as hard as it is to even get care packages, whats the freegin point when the game is gonna respawn 2 or 3 people right there to kill you and take YOUR package? makes no sense. and last but CERTAINLY not LEAST. the lagg kills are HORRIBLE!! when youre getting shot and make it around a corner thinking youre safe, but you drop dead? also there was nothing better than 1 on 1, hand to hand, mono y mono fights that NOW if that happens, bot of you get killed by someone popping up behind you both. I really hate this game but i spent 60 dollars on it so im gonna play. But i vow from this game on, if TREYARCH does it, i wont buy it. INFININT WARD FOR LIFE!!!

  • Blopshater

    It doesn't take skill when all the maps are broken. If you look at the main difference between mw2 and blops. Mw2 had more open maps with less bottle necking. All blops maps are bottle necked with crappy spawns. There is like 3 places to go and 99% time if you don't camp ya get shot in the side/back or spawn killed. People who rush with better internet will almost always win a frontal battle.

  • Ghola

    I have played shooters ever since Wolfenstein 3D.( lot's of you younglings dont know what that is, but dont stress your tiny heads with it) I have Black Ops for Xbox, I play with a mouse and a keyboard because I find the controller to be the worst input device ever created. Better to play with a joystick. So on Xbox Call of Duty : Black Ops graphics are on low setting aka CRAP setting. If you kids find it to be satisfying it just meas you HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT HOW PC GAMES LOOK LIKE IN 2011! I hate to brake it to you but the consoles are just low end PCs or worse. Multiplayer in Black ops stinks like it did in all CoD games( enemy respawning behind you is just 1 example, shooting through thick concrete and metal walls is another).

  • Gabriel

    Game sucks. Graphics are okay But Ghost camping w/ silencer is just plain horrible. When there was stopping power nobody used ghost and cmaped as hard ecause they need the power to kill other players. Now since there is no disadvantage to using ghost w/ silencer everybody uses it And camps so hard that i just automatically leave. WAW/ COD 4 were the best ones ever cuz every thing back then was balanced until IW Messed it up with MW2 and Treyarch "supposedlly" fixed every thing but just made it worse.

  • stephen

    man, black ops whoops mw2 and the "bad" graphics is just your suckish tv. its ha harder game, but it makes it more realistic and exiting.

  • stephen

    TKA, your on a pc thats why. mac rules the world

    • Aerobob1827

      if u like guys…

  • Cons

    Cons(since thats what everybody cares about):
    MW2: Campers, overpower Noobtuber(+scavenger), Commando, overpowered weapons, quickscoping, overpowered killstreaks, stacking killstreaks, (you fill in what i missed)

    BO: Multiplayer lag, Graphics, sounds and visuals(?), no quickscoping,

    I put Quickscoping and no quickscoping on both because a lot of people complain about not being able to quickscope in BO but some say quickscoping in MW2 is cheap and unfair. Based on websites like IGN, MW2 has the lowest user rating compared to all the Call Of Duty's.

    Even CodWAW is somehow more fun. At least Treyarch had a beta test for it. but people seem to hate it because it takes place during WWII? well at least that was a real war not a random hate between Russians and Americans.

    So the conclusion is that Call Of Duty is dead unless they make MW3 epic…. like playing it on PS MOVE of Kinect lol…. maybe it wont work with kinect but w/e


    I'd say that 40% of the bullshit with black ops is due to lag and the resulting hit detection – 30% straight up crap map design (to many camp friendly buildings and dark areas not to mention choke points) – 15% poorly thought out perks (if you have ghost then they should have included stopping power, and second chance is without a doubt the worst perk in the COD series) – leaving 15% crap weapons design (famas ak74u dominate if u choose any other weapon then u automatically place yourself at a dis-advantage, shotguns with 100% damage drop off at ridiculusly short ranges, snipers are getting better as of 11/5/11 however). If Raven studios browse these sites then heres my two cents – DEDICATED SERVERS, LESS BUILDINGS, BRING BACK STACKING KILLSTREAKS HOWEVER MAKE THEM REQUIRE MORE KILLS, REAL WEAPON INDIVIDUALITY – DON'T JUST DESIGN A TEMPLATE FOR EACH WEAPON TYPE THEN PULL THE STATS AROUND A TINY BIT LIKE 3ARC HAVE DONE – MAKE EACH WEAPON CLEARLY DIFFERENT AND A CHALLENGE TO USE, AND LASTLY THINK ABOUT WHAT PERKS YOU PUT INTO THE GAME AND WHICH TIER THEY GO IN – IDENTIFY THE POWER PERKS AND SHOVE THEM IN TIER ONE – DO AWAY WITH SECOND CHANCE FOR GOOD!!!

  • 1990 Banks

    (NOTE: I Play on the PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops is basically an improperly tested and unfinished product/video game.

     I actually broke my Black Ops game disk (self-control out the window lol) because all the game did was stress, anger and frustrate me to the max but yet I couldn’t stop playing it (Addicted), always hoping for that one match were everything runs smoothly (good Host) and at best I’d have a little fun, but 99.9% of the time that never happens.

    Black ops is mildly entertaining at best, what’s most entertaining are the silly things team-mates do (like being last player alive in an S&D match and not defusing the bomb lol). Any and every update/patch etc. made by Treyarch hasn’t helped a bit or even at all.

    The major issues in the game make it near impossible to overlook the minor issues like the match-making, the many ways of gaining a loss, I search for a game and I get into a match in progress or should I say conclusion, (yes) I get put into a match which ends as I connect, I don’t even get to choose a class or spawn in and what makes it worse is I get a loss because I obviously get put into the loosing team, due to players on the losing team leaving near the end of the match (happens a lot). 

    Another circumstance in which players might be handed a loss is if the host disconnects while the match is in progress (happens very often).

    I wont bother addressing the many other problems/issues in black ops, it’s hopeless haha.

  • Jdmerritt00

    Just an all around bad game.. The campaign is IMHO, without doubt the worst game I have ever played in the past 2 generations of playstation. The campaign is; linear, narrow, cheap, and redundant. You endlessly chase after an automated ally at a frantic pace, the graphics are what can only de described as dopey, and silly. The sound is substandard and goofy at times and your AI ally literally screams at you, and frequently. Literally zero realism!! A dedicated gamer just simply expects more and they really nailed the consumers with this low budget carnival prize of a campaign.

    Multiplayer was a smash hit and I have a nagging feeling it was due mainly to children 13 and under. To an adult like myself it is easy to see that the graphics engine is 2 generations or more old for starters, and again the sound is dry and pathetic. The screaming continues from the AI here and frankly it gets to the point that it is just weird. Your player often shouts as well, shouting when he throws a grenade, lays a claymore mine, or reloads, even when there are no allies nearby which gives your position away often. Who decided that was a wonderful development idea? The guns are plenty but in actuality vary little in performance. Once you have become a veteran of the game you begin to realize this. It is a matter of picking the right weapons or the wrong ones really. A few of the better weapons in the game come too late to put them into practice for extended periods if you prestige, which has so little reward its intended purpose is clear, keep you reaching for something that does not exist in this title, satisfaction. OFTEN times games drop without warning, dump you specifically from the game and teaming up with friends online is sometimes aggravating due to a broken PS3 network. You will get messages claiming a game is full when they are infact not, you will accept an invite from a friend and for reasons unknown not get transfered and occasionally it simple refuses to let you party up with zero explanation. The game lags, and I do mean the game itself, not your platform, not your tv, and not your internet connection, the game ie network itself seems unable to optimally run the games. Some players have learned to exploit the glitchy network play and its disheartening to experience. The mechanics of the game always leave you with a large question mark above your head, entire clips of ammo shot point blank into a foe cannot stop his advance and other times a single bullet to the leg will kill. There is no grace period after spawning to let you prepare for spawn camping, spawning in general is what can only be seen as broken, it will spawn someone right in front of you allowing you to kill them instantly. Napalm and other killstreak attacks penetrate ceilings often times. At times the napalm flames are completely invisible. Chopper gunner killstreak is on auto pilot and is in my opinion a cheap way to cheat yourself into being better statistically than you actually are. I have seen 90+ kills and single digit and even zero deaths on a single player, thats is rediculous and a very pathetic design decision when something like that is not uncommon.

    In closing the sad fact is I could go on for hours destroying this game with its flaws and short-comming and overall patheticness but you all already know, you likely own the game or know someone who does. just ask them, they will tell you. I will never in my life buy a Treyarch game. Ever.

  • Paddytenpoint

    This is pretty much unplayable. Much like mw2 just all around bad. Will we ever get a call of duty like cod2 or cod4 again?

  • Anonymous

    Not the worst, probably, but it’s a Treyarch game. Treyarch has ALWAYS been below IW’s standards, and they always will unless they change things. It’s not horrible, just disappointing. I say it’s just pretty good instead of awesome.

    • Ryster059

      Treyarch sucks, bad hit dectition, terrible lag, overpowered weapons, and plain bs thumbs up if you agree ( sorry for bad spelling)

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever seen ET the Game, Action 52, or Superman 64? This is FAR from the worst. If you think this is the worst, then I think you should check out some AVGN!