Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats: Zombie Maps Unlock Code

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We previously told you how to unlock the third Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map individually, but now we have another cheat code to share with you. This one will unlock everything in one go – spoilers beware.

We’re sure you’ve heard by now, that to unlock the second map ‘Five’ normally, you have to first complete the single-player campaign mode – not anymore. If you would like to know how to unlock it straight away, continue on reading, if not look close this page now.

To unlock all zombie maps on Black Ops, simply break out of your chair (back buttons on controller) and head to the small computer again. Instead of inputting DOA, type in the following sequence ’3ARC UNLOCK’ (with a space in between). If you have done it correctly, you should see a message saying the cheat has been activated pop up on screen.

Head back to your chair and start up a zombie game, you’ll now see that all maps have been unlocked straight away! You can check out a video showing the process below if you prefer. Try it now and let us know if it worked for you. Have fun playing Five guys!

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    watch out for the scientist who steals your weopons

    • kifeb221993

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      • http://ps3 randy

        When I did the unlock and went into zombies the other two maps say classified. Am I missing something?

        • LMAO

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        • The Genius

          He's not a damn scientist; look it up. He's called The Thief. He travels through every teleporter until he finds the main one and disappears, he steals your gun, or you kill him. The Thief.

      • HeavenscloudFF7

        the best way to take him out with out losing your guns is hope to god you get a insakill right b4 you start a round with him if your that lucky a simple pistol shot 2 him will kill him and you’ll get a trophy “good hunting”

    • bob

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      • sera

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        • Lori

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      • Drew

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    • douchebag10101

      There's only two Presidents, Kennedy and Reagan. One was Castro "Pretty much not a good guy" and the other was vice. idk where the fifth guy came from.

    • gdolfan1

      no its only 4 presidents and one is castro the other guy is the accountant from the campaign

    • Jordan

      are you mentally ill. there are only 2 presidents you can use. JFK or Richard Nixon. the other two are fidel castro(Cuban Dictator) and Robert Mcnamara. Come on man.

    • DYL_C4RR_

      easy way to kill docter max our as u know it (evil scientist) let him chase u round the pentagon while some 1 shots him with ray gun useually 8shots to kill him,winters howl does nothin 2 him so dont waste ur ammo on him with it

      hope this helped

    • manny

      anybody now how to get nevetr die on zombies

    • edward

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    • Rene

      hey can somebody tell me the codes for the zombie maps

    • matt

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    • klashy47

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    • luis

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  • Noah

    five is great, but it’s really hard on solo

    • Michael Fell

      its hard with 4 people

    • LMAO

      That’s What she said!!

      • Lol


      • LMAO^^^


      • LOL


    • danny

      lol it ain't hard there is a glitch u can do on the map five where u can not die and jst keeping killing the zombies, uno where u start there is a big table in the main room and when u do the glitch u get on that table and go from there. does anyone no when the other maps are coming out for zombies the ones of WAW?

      • Bdc9898

        I think if you get the prestige edition, you get the WaW maps too

    • thomas

      i know i try and try but i only get through 3 rounds

    • juan

      you are a do ass

    • keestin1928830

      No iff u have a XBOX 360 (not elite) you can do glitches really easy

    • gage

      i know right i died at least 5 to 13 times

    • brooklyn

      no it is not hard easy i got up to round 47

  • Tony

    Zombie missions add that little extra fun to the game.. Good maps

    • rhfpnkd

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    • vic

      how do u put t power on in t zombies

  • XxspartanxX96

    i agree

  • zZ PenGuin Zz

    does this only work on solo or will it work online????

    • lackoflol

      Works online.

    • josh

      ya it will work online

    • FuckingRetard

      are you slow?

    • thomas

      it works online and solo and friends

    • james

      yes it works online

    • mdfscf

      edna kline

    • PS3 Wiz

      it works for both

    • hhh

      it works online

    • andrew

      it works online

  • Lukas

    this is awsome im gonna try it

    • meme03

      lol ya mee too

    • HEHE

      thats what he said!!!!

  • mike

    yo if i unlock this can other friends play on the new map or they will have to do the same cheat code.?????????????

    • Biggzy

      they have to do the same cheat code it dont take long so just tell them and play it

    • ant

      no they can play it as long as the host has the map unlocked themselves. I played it with my friend online and i dont have it unlocked yet.

    • thi

      they have to do it

    • guest

      u unlock these maps during campaign u dont need the cheat

    • wolf

      no just you mike

    • dell

      nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it will just be U but there is 7 maps

    • guest

      no thay dont man thay can play on them even if thay dont have them as long as you or someone who has them is pikeing the maps

    • josh

      and can u reverse the code and lock it so i can get my campain acheivment

    • jacob

      If you host the game, and choose that map im sure theyll play it to and not have to type the code in themself.

    • Jett

      I didnt do it until now and im always online with my friends on the map

    • gabe

      No u dont

    • joe mcelderry


    • kevin

      ur friends can play on five with u if they dont have five

  • chris


    • dawson

      chris meiers

  • Cole

    Last guy is Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense under JFK), not a scientist. But other wise, yeah, I agree with you.

  • brady

    no actually you play as John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon

    • if u think cheney is part of five because during it jfk says something about calm down dick or whatever, he says that because of richard nixon, shorter way to say richard is dick and besides that this is before cheneys time

      • stephen

        no dick is a nickname for richard

    • Alex

      yeah if you beat the campaign you see who everyone is and thats who

  • Lewis

    as in *space* like space bar, 3ARC (space) UNLOCK means "3ARC UNLOCK"

    • harvey

      It Doesnt Work For Me

  • T Ludlow

    On the command screen, there is a button that says space on it ;)

  • BOB

    what so is it 3ARK UNLOCK?

    • zim

      3ARC UNLOCK (Y) i did it 2day it works and gets u five and this cool 2d arcade map :D its funnn

    • fatmaniac

      three as in trey and then ark well its supposed to be another way to spell treyarch

      • James

        no shit eh?, can't believe how narrow minded some people are.

    • BobsBitchAssMom


    • josh gaunt

      3arc unlock

    • POOP


    • thomas

      no 3arc unlock

    • mitchell kelley

      it is 3ARC UNLOCK

    • dell


    • jacob

      its 3ARC UNLOCK

    • Elizabeth

      no its 3ARC UNLOCK

    • Captain Bubba


  • develdog

    when in doubt wipe em all out

  • the annoying one

    is it really that complicated? morons.

    • MeanCarnival89

      its not compicating just put 3ARC UNLOCK and if u want all the intel put 3ARC INTEL

  • Defour__

    Could this have a negative effect on the singleplayer campaign? I mean like you don't will be able to get some trhopies or something? + Can you play the unlocked maps online?

    • jas

      did u find out?

    • Bill

      Actually, No. In fact there is trophies for doing this!! So if you don't do it, you can't get all trophies!

    • Bob

      You can play all ulocked maps online.

    • fraser

      it does you unlock all the misions

    • poo

      no it wont effect it and you can do it online

    • CadenG10

      You can play the map online, and it does not have any negative affect. Good luck in your zombie carnage : ^ )

  • robert

    yes, that is correct BOB

  • coobalacheck

    too bad the graphics arnt as good as modern warfare 2. wait what does (space) mean?

    • Dogzilla

      wow you retard,the graphics in MW2 are TERRIBLE they suck! In this game if you shoot someone's arm IT COMES OFF,it mw2 there is nothing like that,There both different companies,The creators of MW2 Activison And black Ops is some one else

      • sushant

        you are correct my frn the back ops rock, how ever i havent play mw2 as it,s dvd is unabilable in my town what to do love gamer cant get dvd in our country nepal.

      • Knower

        Actually, Activision is the publisher of all cod's games. The developer of mw2 is Infinity Ward, the developer of bo is Treyarch. They alternate in the developing each game, for the record Infinity Ward kicks Treyarch ass, though Treyarch has made some improvements.

      • LoN3SoLDI3RZ

        Hey smart ass, the creators of MW2 were infinity ward and the creators of Black ops are Treyarch and Activision is just the publisher!!

    • RICH

      it means space u fucking retard. wtf is wrong with you people? Its extremely simple!! You break out of the restraints, go to the computer and type in ARC3 UNLOCK. not ARK3 UNLOCK. what the hell do you think space is? the little empty SPACE you put between each word!!! I'm willing to bet that tons of dumb people typed in "ARC3 SPACE UNLOCK"

      • Guest

        3arc unlock

      • LMAO

        Ur a fail 3ARC UNLOCK

      • Mr. Green

        Lol he went in too lol and was so wrong smh

      • danny

        ur a retard cuz its 3arc unlock not arc3 unlock


    all cheat codes that can be put on the computer(LT and RT [if xbox] to escape chair)

    • louis

      does zork unlock anything apart from the achievment?

      • dylan

        why it unlocks zork "the most amazing game ever " lolz

    • BiLLL

      Wut does ZORK do besides the extra computer screen with the begining of a short story?

    • SHORTY

      3ARC INTEL

      • tNL

        3ARC INTEL what does it do ?

    • Teamfire

      does this work for PS3?

      • random guy

        u for got 2 more codes

        ALICIA virtual therepist game
        Hello sailor 2nd code of ZORK

      • jeff

        Dont forget about the code "alicia"

    • Nick

      DOA didn't do anything

    • mark

      is there more cheat codes to unlock more maps i wanna play the old maps is it possible..plz help..

    • thomas

      what dose the code ZORK do

    • chelsea

      none of those worked for me…

    • tyler

      what is it for xbox 360

    • josh fredrickson

      what do ailicia doa and zork all do?

    • trolololol2

      hey please can you tell me how to get the new map i am feeling angry!

    • CadenG10

      Dont forget


  • skylar

    So do you have to enter that code everytime you get on? or will it always be there?

    • guest

      once u unlock them they r unlocked

      • Jennifer

        Sometimes we've had to re-enter it. When we go from solo or multi-player to live we normally have to re-enter it.

    • Hunter

      it will always be there

    • Chrissy

      it will always be there :)

    • bob

      it will always be there

  • skylar

    So do you have to type that code in everytime you get on to play zombies or will they always be there without having to put it in evertime?

    • bob

      always be there

    • Guest

      no skylar you do not have to type the code in every time you play it

    • P MAN

      tipe in DOA

    • bob

      you do not have to put it in every time only once

  • Gabe

    Can u use the maps online too or just solo

    • daniel

      online aswell

    • Bill

      Just solo

      • Harry Street

        Online aswell, or is it only solo?…….

        • robobob

          why dont u just try it and see instead of waiting for an answer all day on this de dee dee

    • zombie


    • bob

      online also

  • Brendan

    Thanks. It worked!

    • lol lol lol

      wow lol man

  • mr marbles

    dude chill the eff out

  • rajan gil

    I love black ops add me I’m only on Ps3 also I know reay good places on some maps add me on facebook and I will te you them: )

    • steven

      whats your gamer tag

    • presto_32

      what about being a friend on the ps3

    • bob

      whats your username?

  • christopher

    does it work on xbox360 because it said unknown command try help

    • bob

      make sue you type it in right

  • Traci Adams

    doing doa gives you a mini zombies, except its an aerial view, and has very 80s nintendo music. and zork brings up a little game where it describes a scenerio and you respond what to do, and then it goes further.

    • wolf

      wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt are u talking about!

  • Bearhug78

    The intel unlock "3ARCH UNLOCK" code will prevent you from getting the intel achievement, but the others had no effect on my achievements. (Given there is no achievement for unlocking the "Five" zombie mode anyway). In saying that I had already done the DOA unlock first, so just to be safe, type that in first then maybe the "3ARC UNLOCK" for the zombie modes, just in case you need to do the DOA unlock on it's own for the achievement.

  • Stop Cheating

    It will cancel all future achievements!

    • wolf

      i dont give

    • bob


  • marboo

    it awsome

    • bob

      so awsome

  • death raina123

    you are awesome


    GUYS ON THE LOADING SCREEN HE MEANS THAT -there is a black guy with a gun like OMG HE HAS A GUN WHAT A SURPRZE

  • bryan

    that sucks because i thought it was another cool zombie map but we'll wait 4 map packs….

  • Illest23

    this actuallly works! there isnt a leaderboard for the zombie map "Five" yet, and the "Dead Ops" is a joke, lmao exactly like an arcade game.

  • dr_freak (ps3)

    dudes, just finish the game!

  • Mr C0D

    Yes it wrx ! all the maps r there.

  • Mark

    what was yer highest on the first map solo??

    • jacko


      • josh


  • Biggzy

    How can u say that its the best thing about call of duty

  • http://facebook thomas morgan

    the map with the 4 presidents in is sick i got up to round 11 on my own

    • Michael Fell

      its so freakin hard onceyou go farther down

      • LMAO

        That’s what she said!!!

  • drew

    is there a cheat for all wepons on the online play

    • bob


  • jfk

    obama is the zombies right

  • kyle

    i did it and got to lvl 12 first time

  • Tone loc

    So where is the scientist that steals your weapons?

    • Michael Fell

      you have to go into the laboratory i forgot which round he comes but hes in there

      • mike

        comes out after u turn the power on.
        and then again every fifth level after that… its hard to kill him without loosing a gun tho..
        what i do is pack a punch my pistol. wait till i see him. cook a grenade. blow myself up. and kill him in final stand. and then get revived

  • Hellssniper211

    Anyone up for zombies? Add me on ps3.

    • steve

      whatz your gamer tag

  • Elliot Turner

    how do you unlock the 3rd zombies map anyone ???

    • Michael Fell

      r u serious?

      • Louis Davidson

        yea how do u??

        • nathan


    • bob

      you enter"3ARC UNLOCK

  • BeanzEno

    what is this 115 clearence crap???

  • BeanzEno

    and what is the trap part u pick up in the first room the mystery box is in?

  • doing your mom

    th cheat for obama on five is "3arc URANIDIOT"
    Lower case arc but the rest is caps

  • jacob

    when he says space he means put a space between 3arc and unlock not hard to understand

  • Luke

    because it is based in the past the whole game noob

  • Darkness

    Sir, your the one with no brain. Special Olympics here you come

  • Ball buster

    Does this mean that you can’t earn acheivements?

  • Noah

    5 is an awesome map but its very very narrow.

  • pwnr

    just got game. my friend u can get a zombie arcade or somthin im gonna try this

  • D22

    its not a scientist retard its the secretary of defense

  • LEE

    how do i get out of the chair on PS3 version

    • rich

      rapidly press L2 and R2 to break wrists straps. have fun

    • zack

      you have to press every butten

  • Buff

    i have xbox360, got out the chair and went to computer and typed in 3ARK UNLOCK but it comes up unknown command try "help".
    How come its not working?

    • dfg

      that happened to me

      • bonzlardo

        Its 3arc unlock not 3ark unlock… 3arc

  • John snoad

    Hi guys, if you do this cheat on ps3 will the whole campaign be completed and if so do you get all of the achievements?

    • Michael Fell


  • Scott Cox

    type this exactly: 3arc unlock
    that will get you the additional zombies maps.

  • hhkjjhjfdghjkilkj

    it's L2 R2 on ps3, then DOA suckbitch, the different can you get when you play Campain out bitch

  • wrht

    also try "DOA".Good Luck.

  • Traci Adams

    anyone know how to get ahold of codes to get the classic maps from waw for black ops? would someone be willing to give out theirs?

  • Traci Adams

    hey buff. its 3arc, with a c, not a k. try that

  • Skyler

    its not 5 presidents its 3 presidents the secretary of defense (from that time period) and the zombies make 5

  • malcolm

    how the hell do you beat the man in the white coat in map "five" around lvl.8 hes a total a##hole, he takes my guns ! i need answers!

    • sam

      you follew then kinfe

    • treehippy

      if you have the pistols up grade them first they become like when you play it on your own when you get knock down run around he second floor on the top wen you see him fire all 6 bullets from your guns the reload then collect the amo box

  • Rofl

    Haha, you can also get adam west, i'd recognize his voice anywhere.

  • chris chandler

    its kennedy castro nixon and kennedy's chief of staff

  • tito

    it's five 'cause your at the pentagon

  • illuminari


  • Lefty5794

    go back under your bridge you troll

    • black ops

      "i can hear you trolls across the internet"

  • jas

    will i be able to still gain trophies wen i use it

  • Bill

    Actually, there are Trophies on the PS3 that you can't obtain unless you do this… and by doing so I have unlocked those trophies. So I would say, Nah no negative effect!

  • Will

    can you kill the wizard

    • Michael Fell

      yes and its actualy a scientist

    • SD_CHICK

      LMAO he said wizard lol.

    • zack

      yes you canbut it takes a lot of bullets

  • Cal

    Probably the only part of the game that doesnt crash for me on the ps3

  • Sean

    not a scientist secretary of defense laslow

  • shau

    is this in story mode you go to the computer or just normal startin screen and thanx ill try when i get home from school >.>

  • Robert

    what if you have PC? what do you press then?

    • [E1] ken

      its space bar or thats what iv herd

  • bob dole

    how can u get the normal map packs

  • James

    awesome, it worked. Thanks.

  • [E1] ken

    i found that a good grenade will take down the white coated zombie after a bullet or two but these are the diffrent break out of chair its spqace for computer and shake the nunchuk and wiimote for wii and the other buttons in the other comments im not putting thoes down…

  • Cody


  • Mohammed

    Haha I have to hardened edition (which i got for 70 bucks???) and gave me extra zombie maps so ha!

    • dan

      wat about nacht der untoten is that on a different game

  • Kyle

    you play as either JFK, Castro,Nixon and Richard McNamara in the zombie level "Five" and Obama i heard is a challenge lobby cheat for black ops

  • andrew

    sick. worked grate

  • guest

    okay. first off. you play as one of FOUR major political faces. NOT fucking obama. theres NIXON, CASTRO, MACNAMARA, AND KENNEDY. THATS IT. jesus.

    ITS NOT OBAMA god damnit lol.

    • SD_CHICK

      lol you don't remember Obama back in those days? He was running countries already. lol you guys are dumb

  • ST1LL_1_RiSE

    Anyone got the code to unlock Der Riese map??

  • urmomschesthair

    fuckn bullshit this is wierd it doesnt work for wii? prolly y since it didnt come out on mine it did say cheat enabled but nothin happnd im like wtf

  • leighton

    does it work on ps3 to

  • mamamclaren

    no the last guy is not a scientist hes was the secretary of defense during that time

  • Dreadknotts

    Nixon, Castro, Kennedy and Robert S. McNamara (Kennedy's secretary of defense) are the playable characters for "FIVE".. Where did you get scientist Joe? Looks like your the idiot.


    if u use the 3 arc cheat you will not platinum cod bo sorry to say =0( I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY


    is this only or xbox or is it for the ps3 too

  • Mike

    Alot of people ask stupid ass fucking questions. We gave you the code so just type it in and figure it out yourself. Bunch of dumbasses. Seriously if your going to ask questions like "so the code is 3ark unlock" or " do my friends have to enter the cheat too", then go return your game. These are the gamers you gotta watch out for because these are the ones who get you killed.haha next thing you know one of them is gonna ask "how do i play campaign". Haha

    • Curious

      I hope you'll never need help, you'll be told to go **** yourself.

  • HutsonHawk

    Always on..

  • liamandollie on ps3

    thanks for the codes i persume it works on ps3 thanks

  • COD master

    to all the noobs…
    Its 3ARC UNLOCK not ARK.
    And the scientist that steals your weapon is a BONUS ROUND itself. You must kill him before the next round starts. If you manage to kill him you get your weapon back and max ammo. If you do not kill him you all lose 1 weapon and you get no max ammo. JUST KILL HIM. He will also give you mad points when you shoot at him.

    To get off the chair on consoles you press both the trigger buttons.
    To get off the chair on PC you press and hold SPACE key or whatever your key is to jump.

    Once you are up walk around the room to the PC terminal.
    Following codes work: 3ARC UNLOCK, 3ARC INTEL, DOA, and ZORK
    ZORK is word puzzle/solving game. good luck

    Now does anyone know how to unlock the classic zombie maps from WAW?

  • unknown person

    this is the cheat for all intel write down 3arc intel it will unlock all intel for u but there a hidden password within those intel it will unlock all zombies maps but it is in all in intel those hidden in there but u guys have to found it

  • josh

    space the words!

  • kenny

    why are you kids so fucking retarded its so basic its not even funny. fuck what the hell is this world coming too.

  • Jordan

    or you can just beat the game and the "Five" level becomes unlocked

  • michael

    it did not work for me.

  • MattyBswaGGin

    what do u get after u beat the first level??

    I got to level nine and die WTF..>:0

  • danny

    can you do this with the PS3 ?

  • wolves

    How Do You UNLOCK (Zombiecheatcode)

    Nacht der untoten
    Shi no numa
    Der riese

  • Angelos

    WTF, black ops laggs so much I f–king lost all my missions, wtf wtf wtf, I can no longer gain my missions back and everytime I put 3ARC UNLOCK I only unlock dead ops but five cannot be unlocked.
    *UGH* guess I have to f–king start everything all over again. I had a epic score of round 39 and 942,452 score…BUT BLACK OPS LAAAAAAGGS that my score disappeared.

    • wolf

      ho ho ho merry christmas dum ass

  • C00l SN1P3Z

    im fat like a mat that sat on a rat har har har har hardi bob ops her her her her herdi berb erps boo b ooops

  • http://bo mpm

    hi im fat

    • wolf

      well dont sue mc donalds

  • Brandon

    Why do all of you ask stupid fucking questions? Just try the damn code and youll see it unlocks them for good you dont have to type it every time. and its a computer and your asking what space means? hit the spacebar you jackass!

    • wolf

      i like that movie

    • AStalter

      True that.

  • jbes

    how many maps are there for zomies on xbox 360

  • cheeseburger

    why is it that complicated it is so easy to do!!!!

  • jbes

    is tht me

  • MrBillyX

    Ok newbs.

    Once you are on the Computer screen. there are a mutitude of commands.

    using "Help" shows you a lot.

    There are pics. txt files and emails to read/view.

    There is also other user logins.

    Reading the txt files and emails will give hints to other personnel pwds.

    There is even a therapist.

    • wolf

      ur a noob

  • bob

    what is the cheat for the basement dore?

  • asdfghj

    black ops is the best can play cause some fat kid fell on my arm and broke it fat kids suck

    • wolf

      a men bro

  • andy

    dead ops isnt fake rofl! i started pressing random buttons & god achieve for opening it up it was a 5G achieve

  • alex

    iwant to know i there is a code to unlock the rest of zombie maps cuase there is like five other mas with a code only if you buy prestige and hardend editions

  • hee

    yes 5 pregige

  • randi

    is there any cheats to upgrade weapons

  • smok

    im in the 12 round on level 1 zombies for black ops and i picked up some disk like object off of a bed when i was teliporting from the light box above the theater to the mainframe. what is it is my question and how do i use it? and is there objects in every room i take it?

  • grant

    how do you unlock the last map?

  • Crackerjacks

    It is not working for me and my hubby, we have it on ps3, is there something we need to do different??

  • loves it

    How do you turn on the light it won’t let me

    • wolf

      maybe cus theres no power

  • adam

    at menu were is says camp solo zombie press left, and rite trig fast then ur guy will get up find comp were it say press x to use then type how u see this
    space ^^ there

  • someone smart

    not a scientist…robert macnamara.

  • hayden

    they are 4 hidon maps u know it wuld be realy good if u culd fined them

  • AlExander

    I have the wii and I put in the pass and stuff. It says cheat enabled but when I go to zombies the maps aren’t there o.o

  • Meme

    Type in zork then enter then hi or hello or bye or run he says stuff back

  • Marcus

    this sucks they added the old maps to black ops. what about all of us who paid extra for it when it came out for WAW huh? shouldn't we get it too?

  • darcy andre josie

    that cheat is kinda awsum but its alrihjt

  • cade


  • WIll

    LOL at how you tried to make him look stupid and you didn't even know who McNamara is.



    • wolf

      shove a sock in it a bullet sounds the same in any game come onlie and ill show u

  • alex

    i beat the game in 3 days >:(

    • Dwcdr

      Took me 6 and a half hours :-)

  • BOB


  • cody

    black ops sucks big hairy testicles

  • kkk club

    back of the bus

  • Bob

    Next cheat, do unlocking the World At War maps

  • Ahmad

    Gosh you guys are making it seem so complicated. Just get out of the chair. Type in on the computer "3ARC UNLOCK". Hit enter. It will say "Cheat Enabled." Go back to your chair. Play Zombies. It DOES work online! Good lord, morons!

  • Chris

    The cheats work and Mr. Obama will get my vote again in 2012 and if he could run again then he would get my vote ” yes we can”

  • jim

    Can someone play four players zombies without going online???

  • salar

    ooooooooooooim zombie

  • mark

    all good but there are three new maps….. well the old one now how oh how do i get them

  • ashir

    I have done it the other way but yes it dose work online and you dont have to keep doing the cheat code

  • fuck

    naaaaaaa really

  • xxcobra226xx

    Wat Does ZORK do?

  • mike1243

    Uhh how are all Yall unlocking all this shit?? I did the code and nothing hanged for me….

    • astalter

      Do you have the hook? You can't hang anything without the hook. I'll bet that's why it didin't work.

  • Aaron Aceboogy Bailey

    How do you get the other zombies maps on zombie mode, is there a code or something???

    • STEVEN


  • the thug

    i know where to find the pack-a-punch

  • xaiverle85

    has any one done the glitch in five??

  • DeDe

    does it wrk for ps3?

    • N3RG

      yep sure does

  • John

    it says cheat enabled but when i go to play online or solo it's not there

    • Sick of Retards

      You have got to be kidding me.

  • Luke

    i hate idiots. dumbass questions

  • BOB

    there are more maps with a unique code i dont know

  • jacksta

    it works

  • darkyanarky

    what is the code for the 4 zombie maps from codwow

  • Mike

    Obama all the way

  • tom

    hey zombie people, i played zombies today and used the teleporter and ended in a weird room as normal but for some reason i got an object shaped like a bicycle bell and didnt know what it was and how to use it can someone tell me what it is.

  • SomeOne

    can you break out of your chair on the wii? i done it on ps3 but not on the wii

  • Cj Martinez


  • dylan

    so does that mean the hardend edidtion is usless for the zombie code? and if u type it in once will the maps always stay on the game or do u have to type them everytime u start the game up

  • god

    any cheats that work were designed by the makers you goon.if you entered nudes any everyone was naked itd be because the game was programmed to do that

  • gameking

    can u give me the codes for der ries and nacht der untoten

  • bob marly

    it is awsome LOL LOL LOl

  • joshua

    i need the codes for the 4 maps that you get with the hardened and prestige edition black ops? does anyone have them

  • CODBOfan

    at five theres a glitch, look it up on youtube, its the table glitch

  • tooo

    new maps

  • bobby

    -_- Wow Do U guys Stay on This all the time? I go on once a week And sum people are like lvl 50 15th prestige l ready

  • black ops

    Passwords and stuff:

    For Xbox 360, to get out of chair-LT+RT a few times(for PS3 it is same buttons)
    there is a computer behind the chair.
    Passwords for games on that computer:Type DOA to play dead ops arcade
    Type ZORK to play….zork
    and to unlock all zombie maps, type in : 3arc unlock
    to unlock all intels i think its:3arc intel

    Im not sure if it is '3ark' or '3arc'.

  • mark plz text bac

    i really want der rise and the other cod 5 maps is thair any other way to get them besides buying the £50 game

  • yomomma

    well thats cuz xbox sucks u need a ps3

  • carter

    What about the other 5 or so maps (nacht der unototen, Shino numa…etc)?

  • BigBobXD

    what are the cod 5 zombie map codes?

  • The smart one

    man people are stupid as hell, just fucking type the code no damn problem, why the hell would u type it in evry time u sigh in? why would it only work for damn solo but no multi? damn people use ur f-ing mind

  • billy bob

    i entered it and it did nothing

  • trusav85

    tha game is sick as hell weres tha glichz at for zombiez?

  • henry

    this looks like awsome game thanks for the cheats

  • blackychan

    why are u guys talking about obama? of course hes not in this shit. its based in the 60's

  • jo

    deos in work on wii

  • gamer111

    LOL… the zombies do look a bit like Obummer

  • Mr. Green

    Can anyone tell me if there is more then two zombies maps and not dead ops

    When I play zombies online and I look a the leader board there’s more maps and people played them

  • jenn

    does anyone know how does the mistery box works or how do you get it to work

  • kaiser

    my fave game!!!!!

  • matt

    how do u unlock the map not FIVE or DEAD OPS the other one

  • larisa

    is there onley three maps

  • matthew

    does it work on wii?

  • big wang

    just got to level 29… zombies took forever to die. 4 hours of my life lost

    • wolf

      and 4m of your wang lost

  • Marcus Garcia

    dose it work for wii

  • nathan

    I seen that there is 7 zombie levels is that tru

  • Thomas

    lucky for you it dose not

    • thomas

      yes it does

  • c a way

    its a f##King pi## take that the maps are not available if u already own the standard copy

  • Joe

    is there a code to unlock the 4 other zombie maps from the hardend black ops

  • cod 7 man joe

    whats all the codes

  • cod 7 man joe

    the 15th prestige title is alsome speshly the opening skull with the roman numerals

  • Infamous Thickumz

    there is more then just 3 rooms on zombie its like 4 not including the arcade


    dis game is too sic i played with my friends and i got to level 27

  • pauly

    So does any! know what the deal is with the like 4 or 5 other zombie maps listed???? i can only see them wen i got to the leaderboard…..any way to unlock them ?______________

  • EckSyle

    first of all Obama is Christian, second of all … whats wrong with marriage…. your a total moron…when Obama was elected THE WHOLE WORLD CELEBRATED. terrorism will never be done with BECAUSE it's our human nature … … so ultimately going to war with it will destroy us all… but that was YOUR FAVORITE PRESIDENT BUSH'S IDEA NOW WASN'T IT. YOU WANNA SEE OBAMA'S CREDENTIALS THAT MADE HIM WORTHY OF THE OVAL OFFICE…WELL I WANNA SEE GEORGE W BUSH'S HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FIRST.

  • Boo radley

    Every single one of you guys that was talking about Obama and the current state of US politics on a zombies forum are complete morons. No one cares what you think, that’s WHY you are voicing your opinions on a COD forum! Now shut the fuck up and play some Zombies!!!!!

  • john

    in the zombi game kino der toten what are the disc or reals you get when you telliport

  • mktity

    the cheats dont work 4 me they say cheat eneble wen i type 3 arc unlock but it dont show up on zombie maps wat do i do

    • Jesse Herrera

      type it in like this… 3arc .unlock then it will say cheat enable and then type in zork hit enter and your all done!!!

  • Samuel

    how do u unlock other maps on black ops zombies

  • Who Gives A FUCK

    about niggers

  • jacko

    do you need a home phone to go on xbox 360 live or can I use a willess

  • Ryan

    Don't say unlock ALL zombie maps when you don't have the codes for the WaW zombie maps.


    What does zork do????????

  • nerd killa 5

    how do u get the other zombie maps like nach der untoten verruckt shi no numa an der riese

  • barry

    skylar it will always be there o by the way u should try the upgraded mp40 it is mint

  • FAKE

    do u guys use the original disc or what?

  • Rich

    I just beat the campaign mode. Now i have to do it on veteran. Its a shame i had to go through tons of posts to actually get to ones on topic. ALL political anti-Obama posts are ridiculous in a thread for COD Black Ops. Just shows you how many trouble making morons we have in this country. God help us/

  • wolf

    i just came on and this works deth to zombies

  • wolf

    with 5 do you get the big sword with the obama guy

  • wolf

    dose anyone cear what stop cheating things

  • Amogedon7

    U are all idiots. It’s called “Five” because it in the pentagon and a pentagon has five sides.

    • wolf

      ho i dident know zzzzzzzzzz

  • tara

    That call of duty black ops zombie map cheat is so fuckin retarted

    • tara

      what ever

    • wolf

      your just scerd of zombies

  • wolf

    am i the only person on here

  • baz

    does it work on ps3 as well ?? thanks

  • cody

    why is when i put the 3ARC UNLOCK cheat in on my wii it doesnt load up the zombie maps?

  • Brookie13

    Thank God this isnt brain surgery… you guys are morons… "what does space mean?" SERIOUSLY?!… its that long button at the bottom of your keyboard called the SPACE bar and space is that thing you put between words you (space) freaking(space) idiot!………

  • guest

    just type in 3arc unlock

  • luis

    i want new maps

  • GOMA


  • jovanny perez

    I hope i can get the game for i can put it in

  • LarsNv1

    How do you get the maps:
    Shi No Kima and Verruckt and Nacht Der Untoten?

  • bjmaster


  • alex

    it is easy
    on black ops

  • kim

    I wanted all the maps there's six maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim


  • larson

    yeeaa boooooyyyyee

  • jweezy

    I have a Xbox 360 and when I do the LT RT I get out of the chair but before I can reach the computer, my system freezes, what does that mean?

  • KevinDaly

    is there any way of getting the original WAW (der riese etc etc ) maps on black ops instead of having to get the prestige or hardened pack for £150. surely theres unlock codes or ways around it?

  • wazzabi

    all of these are old need some new ones and quick

  • Me myself and i

    I knew when in combat training the 3arc clan tag on the bots meant somthing

  • the good one

    this cheat is amazing

  • chad

    worked like a charm! i had already unlocked them all the regular way, but something happened and 5 and the arcade game disappeared.

  • lifetaker

    are there more than 3 maps? how do unlock more?

  • hotcairoboi

    Does anyone know of a way to earn a lot of coins? or a cheat for coins?

  • blue

    Here one of those codes:
    4.3ARC INTEL
    if these codes work on Wii,ps2,ps3,X-BOX360and DS
    my own doesn't work on my Wii
    i just type #ARC UNLOCK
    it showed all of the missions
    but not the Nazi Zombies Maps
    thats mess up
    that will be
    ending up on

  • todumbasses

    Lmao i think its funny some people belive the stupidest shit and choose the leader of our country by pro gay or anti and thats bullshit its america the land of the free what does free mean to you i think its gay that you cock suckers will only have your hand for the rest of your life so learn your shit fuck wads and on the clinton econmy was the highest and he got head whats wrong with that its what half of you dream of and if its so important at least he wasnt gay and if thats what determines presdent im glad i aint pres cause i would have got a bj to it happens to thousands a day so how is he so bad

  • bas

    yes he is working thanks,my friend telld me that code and he is good but the new zobies isvery wird now see laters byebye

  • rdog

    how do you get unlimited ammo on zombies?

  • noah

    u fucker

  • jonathan

    why the hell is the zombie part so damn hard

  • DDC53

    Did anyone come up cheat code for How do you get the maps:
    Shi No Kima and Verruckt and Der riese

  • guest

    haveing to post the cheat on the computer sukes you could at least tell us the site to typ it in at oh ya for all whom reads this its better to just go throungh the campain to git the secund map the third one sukes big time unless your alone

  • Tyler

    how do you get other aombie maps like the der reise

  • Menace

    Does the cheat also work on the ninteno Wii?

  • cody

    how can you type in the computer? should I go to options? WTF?

  • cody

    What do you press to escape the chair if you have a ps3? also, does anyone know any weapon cheats/glitches for zombie mode?

  • jackassmanel

    how can i play with obama???

  • le geek d AnD

    slt =) j aimerais savoir si il y a des code pour des autre maps que kino.. five et le doa svp =') merci d avance

  • twhiteho

    Fantastic cheat. Worked a treat. Thanks x

  • Person

    what the hell u guys r being gay this is a mother fucking NAZI ZOMBIE game so just shut the fuck up and play the god damn game

  • NIgger jew

    The Scientist only comes when you turn the elctric on.

  • Rudy vance

    hey this doesnt work i typed 3ARC ARC3 3 ARC and it did not work i did them all in seprite emails and still nothin

  • Gman

    Black ops is way better than any cod game ever!

  • Chris

    U guys are all retarded

  • reveNt 29

    I read earlier about the “law” student, who wrote a book defending Obama and saying about how the Feds/congress would leak him. I would just like to let all of you know, that McCain was born in panama city, which unless I’m retarded, isn’t a state in the U.S. I’m sure most of you didn’t know that, so please don’t say the Feds would leak anything. Also, Obama has put us in more of a deficit then bush did in 8 years, not to mention he’s the first president to ever MAKE us pay for something, which is unconstitutional.

  • rodolfo

    does 3ARC UNLOCK work on the Wii to.

  • Josh

    How do you unlock the other levels on zombie mode? I have the Pentagon one, DOA, and Kino already…

  • marlor

    hey thank you we are happy to have all the levels unclocked
    we are eternally greatfull:)

  • Jonathan Duron

    Five is easy on 4 player

  • Steven

    COD needs to make a game for Zombies alone, their is enough fan base for this Zombie game to be successful. Also I wish you could win sometimes, like a reachable round, or atleast have the option to set a finishing round number to reach.

  • crazycanuck

    after reading this entire page of bs about bush and obama n presidents i just wanna say STFU all of u. play the game n keep ur political opinions to ur damn self

  • ghost warrior

    This game is fun

  • ps3-rulezzzzzzzzz

    there are five more maps for zombies, but your can get them if your have bought the presitage or harded editions so you can't get them untill xbox live or playstation network gives them out but not for free.

  • the grate one

    i agree wit crazycanuck keep ur damn political opinions to ur damn self

  • its me msc

    what a shitty ass game ITS RETARDED

    • Twenty8hax

      damn you.

  • nathan

    yes it will stay on your xbox 360 no matter what until you play it on another xbox 360

  • scott

    if you check the leaderbords there will be the first zombie from call of duty world at war cann you unluck that also or is tah impossible?

  • Will

    Doesn’t work for me. When I unlocked it, it said cheat unlocked but when I go to zombies multiplayer, I can only find kino der untoten. I have it foe wii if that makes any difference.

  • HAckzz king

    anyone know about table hack apparently its patched, Help

    • BlackStall1on16

      It’s been patched no more table hack

  • dan

    is it for ps3 or x box

  • Ethan Kelly

    i honestley thing that the commando with pack a punch (makes the gun more powerful) is 1 of the best wepons in zombies. also try the upgraded famas smily face 4 sights i got to wave 26 using it. ;)

  • Rachel=:)

    You cant break outta your chair anymore.!

  • B

    Just to inform everyone… The truth will come out soon..israel and am erica worked together to bring ddown the towers…this country is going down because of the corruption involved within..they killed millions of arabs for nothing…then tell ignorant americans lies…the news lies because it its run by jews…none of u are getting the right info..rIck sanchez got fired from cnn for exploiding the truth…11 israel I spys were caught celebrating in ny right after 911 but was taken off the news immediately…israel runs please dont be fooled by this countries lies..theres a reason y america is the most hated country..ur and my life is nothing to them just our money…israel caused 911

  • guest

    how do u get a second player in the arcade mode?

  • emile

    are these cheats alsofor pc and how do you break out of your chair on the pc or is that not possible?

  • Storm

    these are good maps but i've found something really strange right to find it their are 3 steps

    step 1. go on zombies online menu

    step 2 go on to leaderboards

    step 3 look at the zombie map's names! it says shi no numa, vurruct and many more from w@w!!

  • Ryan

    If you kill the scientist who takes your weapons you get an achievement…

  • WIIiiw

    does this glitch work 4 wii?

  • BlackStall1on16

    Where do you type in the code to get the WAW maps on black ops? The computer? And what is the code exactly?

  • hhaha

    sweeet this is cool

  • bob

    does it work for the wii too because it said cheat enabled and i didnt have th maps when i went to zombies solo

  • Geers

    I had to use this because the game kept freezing at the end of Revelations.

  • guest

    how do i get all the other zombie maps? (not kino der toten, 5, or arcade)

  • Jason Kingsley

    just for xbox???

  • keithy

    how do i get the time machine to work after the power is on

  • darragh

    call of duty black ops rules

  • darragh


  • camer_faze

    thanx really helped

  • riotonya

    there are more maps

  • ultralo

    the other maps are the classic and also i have a couple codes 1st is arc3 unlock 2nd is doa and the 3rd is arc3 intel have fun

  • WoodyJr.

    I haven't tried this yet, but for ps3 which buttons would you press to break free? r1 and l1 or r2 and l2????

  • smit

    do any of you know if there is a code for all the rest of the maps E.G derail if you do please comment back thanks you

  • biggestCOD7fan

    amazin i love black ops especcially zombie and multiplayer really fun but hard and like he said watch out for the scientist he stole my gun and claymore

  • biggestCOD7fan

    cant wait till the next COD is out its probaly gonna be called modern warfare3 donno

  • jakk

    how u do it on pc?

  • dj wazza

    how do i play as obama?

    • Trond

      U just gotta type in 'President' ""….

  • green blood

    hi all i have cod 7 on the WII .

    i'm in the main menu , i go to the computer for the cheat : 3arc unlock , i typ in and : cheat enabled . then i think yeah now i have the zombie maps <3 . but i go to zombies and only the map kino der toten !?
    can somewhone tell me what to do ???
    and if i type in on the computer : DOA then the computer says : kerror reading drive A :-(


    does it only unlock only the ones with the game

  • casderr

    yeah its works thanks

  • kkkkkk

    black ops zombies ''five'' the scientist that steals your guns only steals one gun but to get it back u have to kill him!!!11

  • Augspurg

    how does it work for wii???

  • andrew

    wat does 3arc unlock do

  • ArdenMech

    does anyone have one of the other maps? (not dead ops arcade or kino) if you do i would like te play on the maps. i went to round 32 solo on kino. plz add me my name on psn is ArdenMech

  • ibrahim

    how unlock you der rise ……

  • seannnn

    how do u play as the pesidents?

  • Bobobby

    Woot Woot

  • Naz

    i have unlocked it on my account and i played it and all i could say is that its awesome. the day i unlocked it i played it 3 hours continous and its so addictive and i love playing it and it is quite interestiong to play the game and i know that others love it too.

    if there is anyone who hasnt play the new black ops zombie mode needs to unlock it NOW!!!! seriously i am not kidding if you dont have the game, but it now with the PS3 or buy the game!!!

  • something something

    will it work for wii?

  • ali

    losers you dont have to do it every time you go on it will always be there

  • floatyb

    i have tried the 3arc unlock and it says that the cheat is enabled but then i go back and the othere maps are not there

  • cody

    wow thanks for the tip i could really use it and yes you can use the unlocked maps online i worked 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • godlike007

    i cano use this when online?? can ayone help me?? or can post someting here thanks

  • Hatachi269

    Black ops isnt as good as MW2, the storys confusing, but REALLY good game.

  • Hatachi269

    have u ever noticed how masons like the Hulk when he breaks out of the chair?

  • Hatachi269

    oh, 3ark. Thats supposed 2 be Treyarch

  • owen

    get a ammo hack

  • joe

    didnt work for me!!!

  • Will

    It doesn’t work after I return to my chair with it enabled and when I look at the maps it only has kino!

  • codyzack

    how do i get the other zombie maps besides the 3 i already got ( zino , five , and doa ) i havent seen anything for them .

    • Bboykilladadasec

      5arc unlock

  • The Brad14

    so I have tried the 3ARC UNLOCK like 100 times and i have yet to unlock every zombie game. is there something wrong with the game or what?

  • jeremi

    cod black ops
    how do u get the other maps on zombies i have 3 but there is 7 all together

  • sgt machette

    mine wont work

  • Bob

    yea it didnt work for me, i have a PS3

  • Bob

    yea like i said before it doesnt n plus i forgot 2 use my email on the othe comment >.<

  • kalle

    i bougt new maps on playstation store, but i cant seem to have them when i play, what is ronge? is it somthing about bles code or somthing??

  • stunt

    do you know how to get on the big table on the map ''five''

  • bobby

    How do you unlock "five"?

    • Bboykilladadasec

      3arc unlock

  • Ernest

    Used cheat code to unlock all three zombies but now I’m having trouble with my multiplayer online links ? Is there a link??


    how do you get the other maps on zobies theres four others on leaderboards

  • Dr.Savargo494

    when i got my black ops i didnt need 2 do anything, i already had the maps for some reason =P

  • castro

    how do u unlock ascension the new zobie stage?

  • jason

    forget the three maps dat was easy how do u get the rest of them whats the unique code?

  • Dan

    how do you get the other four zombie maps?

  • shaden

    this just opened 2 maps where are the rest?

  • jake

    does that unlock nacht der untoten my xbox live acount is ghostwolf9999

    • Bboykilladadasec

      open the upstairs doors for 1000 pts then open the other door in that room upstairs for 1000 pts also thengo down tose stairs and ull see a door open that for1250pts thenopen the other door in the room that cost 1250pts then look aroun and ull see a switch thatll say hit x to turn on power and on ps3  ull hit scuare to turn on power and there u go th power is on

  • chris

    how do you turn on the power on the first zombie map?

  • tfr

    3arc unlock doesn't work on wii

  • Jordan Mandrusiak

    what about the other 7 maps????

  • knucklemizzi5

    hey does anyone know how to get nacht der untoten i just need the bloody code ive been lookin 4 as long as i can remember


    Thats bull it don't work iv tryed it a million times it dosen't work

  • Michael

    easy was to avoid the scientist is stay on second level and run around the cat walk and have your team shoot his as he passes them

  • poop

    thanks it worked

  • khailan

    thats not all the fucking zombie missions the hole collam is asposed to fill up my freind has like 10 zombie missions

  • abc

    if u guys only want the 2d map and not five than type DOA and not 3ARC UNLOCK

  • thonybp

    c est trop cool les map il ont beaucoup de glitch

    playstation network login thonybp devener mes amis

  • Brandon

    Dead Ops Arcade is better than regular zombies

  • blc1

    It's funny because I've tried it twice now and it doesn't work

  • sman b bekkai

    boring lol na it sick

  • damien

    it works online ive got the prestige edition with world at war map packs and kino five and doadead ops arcade

  • ham

    New map assasination

  • rip

    is there a way to get the der riese map for free?

  • jeremy

    i tryed to enter it but it did not work can you hlep me?

  • Jordan

    how do you get every map tho?

  • josh

    i think this thing stinks it suchs it doesnt give u the codes or nothing and i sould no im a gamestop manager

  • jtron99

    on the ps3 is there only 3 zombie boards…

  • Owens

    How do u get all the original zombie maps on black ops

  • wetf1ngers

    works for me cheers

  • sparks

    it does not work for me please help

  • julian lopez

    having a hard time doing it ive had the maps before then i bought a new hard drive NOW it wont let me do it can anybody help 0 and i got the achivements to it to when i put in ZORK & DOA when i had no hard drive but i try 3ARK UNLOCK and still nothing

    • Bboykilladadasec

      its actually 3arc unlock

  • danny

    i good i try it but u guts r no lifes ha ha ha

  • Napalm

    is there any more zombie maps except those three like in cod 5

  • jim bob

    lool i went to do the hake then i relised i all ready had the mapp loool

  • joseph

    does anyone know how to get the other zombie maps on black ops?????

  • ethan


  • Crazy Dawg

    But when i saw a pic of black ops it showed someone on a beach fighthing zombies which map is that?

  • alex

    is that how you do it thats easy wow is there lots of more places for zombies

  • Sillyband man

    On Five theres a glich to getting on the table and earn many points with out dieing

  • tyler

    how do u get the maps from world at war like when u go to zombies on leaderboards the other maps people played like der riese and the other ones

    • lucas

      I know how to get the ray gun from the mistrey box on black ops

  • patrick

    i know a hack look behind you on map five knife the door 2 times rebuild the barrier go to the left corner of it jump on bolth of them then jump again jump on the table across then jump on the other table then you are safe the zombies just die randomly.

  • master

    para q serv o rolo de filme

    • Twenty8hax

      wtf dat mean?

  • matt


  • cody man3521er

    the cheats don't work

  • guest

    well on mine it will not work i tried it but it wont unlock the others it just unlocks the five and arcade but i know there others

  • andy randix

    how much and how do i get the new map packs for ps3 please any one

  • PS3 name Ek2yahoocom

    I love the Original Black ops Zombies map Kino Der Toten i got to round 22 solo reply if you think is amiazingly fake

    • yo's

      i don't think it's fake

    • Justin Bieber

      I think that is amazingly fake

  • max

    who cares idiots !!

  • richkid

    how to unlock ascension

  • jdmm

    zombies mission ar awsome an fun really good

  • michael

    its greet, the code has unlocked so many portabilitys for me

  • ali

    its not that bad but acsenssion is sick



  • thomas

    all u got 2 do is cook a granade in the elevator wen da evil guy who steals ur guns runs 2 u and u should b able 2 kill him on da ground in 1 shot if used correctly

  • robbie

    i did not look through all of the coments but if it didn't say anything about knifeing than heres a tip when you nife the zombies intil they die you will get +130 by the end of the firs round you should have at least 1,300 or more thanks for loking at my post

  • Dawson

    it doesnt seem to work for wii

  • barsivan4ever


    • Darrickclark

      yo mum

  • barsivan4ever

    i need call of duty black ops unlimited cheat plz :)

  • barsivan4ever




  • shanon

    aide unlock maps is very coplication !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shanon

    what is code de maps zombie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trololololol


  • celeste

    WOW!!!! it really worked now i can play DOA this is BITCHIN!!!!!! :)

  • shaggyclown221

    i love ascenction i wish there was a cheat code to get it and dead ops that map i dont like

  • kade Marnin

    What is the invincibility cheat code????????????

  • lora
  • hippie

    is there a code to unlock ascention??? plz tell me

    • drock

      no you have to get a map pack

  • liam

    need xbox names? … anybody?

    • Justinkia500

      what does that mean

  • Dan

    I got to level 5 on "Five" on solo…..

  • zsdf

    ya mum

  • spencer

    whats the cheat code for the map accension

  • hello

    in solo cook a granade fall (with a reivives) and shoot him

  • Apple eater

    Enter text right here!coo

  • Apple eater

    I got Wii and i really want DLC for black op's. W@W looks kool,i never played it. It's not fair that XBox 360 gets DLC first,and everything else first. Wii has only one map for black op's-zombies.

  • ATDT

    what is with accession?

  • Amber

    What if it doesn't work?

  • ertroyiba

    it says cheat enabled

  • emiliano

    thanks yo

  • caca


    • macca_warlord

      who knows any good hackers that could hack me up to 15th prestige

  • yasmin

    do anay of u have any more codes i will give u some now ENCODE and FOOBAR and ALICIA and DIR and HELLO SAILOR and WHO and CAT and PRINT and DECODE and that is all that i have got i have got kin der toten and five

  • Rey

    Use a shotgun agianst the hell hounds against the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dodos

    i have this maps and im 15 prestige 38 lvl but i want vurruckt

  • dodos

    i have this maps and im 15 prestige 38 lvl but i want vurruckt

  • Jack Stevenson

    how do u get the cod 5 zombie maps for black ops?

  • Bmauricio7808

    I want to know how to get infinite ammo

  • abby

    i want  new maps :(

    • Brithechef

      i want new maps2

      • Justinkai500

        how do you get the classic zombie maps on black ops

        • ddd

          you have to have a code but now all of the codes might be gone :(

    • Brithechef

      i want new maps2

    • Akakixocho

      me too:D

      • ddd

        you have to have a code but now all of the codes might be gone :(

        • 1samforester

          were did they go lol

  • abby

    type thise for infinte ammo tipe 152801170 or gsuwofsssssfrghyfrf

  • abby

    type thise for infinte ammo tipe 152801170 or gsuwofsssssfrghyfrf

  • abby

    all maps type dgeyohsecnhtfive

  • abby

    all maps type dgeyohsecnhtfive

  • JumboHotdog

    new code for infinite ammo ssabmud69 or subumotitiko

    • Ordieman58

      how would you input this code, I can’t get it to work.

  • George Klayer

    My zombies soundtrack offer code says its invalid and i didn’t use it HELP

    • Setsu_mitariki

      i had the same problem with my brand new hardline edition

  • ste

    any1 no the code for every single map on the game??

  • Emzy Louise Dodds

    do these cheats work on the wii?

    • James Wood

      idk thats what im trying to find out too

    • James Wood

      idk thats what im trying to find out too

    • GAGE


  • E.T.


    • sweetheart3

      u need 2 get out of the chair and go 2  the computer and type in 5arc unlock with a space in between  and it will unlock Shangu-lari,moon,Acention,and REZURREXTION

      • essendonstyle7:)

        it does not work on wii ive already tried ittttttttttttttttt

      • Kckirk

        whats the code for unlimmited ammo

        • Akakixocho

          you must use the cheat engine

      • Jeffdiaz

        what system is that for

      • Tommygiglia

        r u sure

  • ariana


    • GAGE


      • person

        i tried it on my xbox it dosent work

        • A Brodian

          Becuse it not going to work man because it pobily it duset work on xobx

        • Dannyj

          that is a lie so shut up

      • Treysmudrick

        liar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rwkeller

        dose not work for ps3

      • Heavenphillips11

        it did not work

  • Joshuaabbey

    this is so gay dudeeeeeeeee it does not work

  • person

    somebody plz help im stuck on dead opps

  • Cap5150

    Why does the revive is a waist of money if your not playing solo?

  • Jamesfido09

    it sort of good but where are the rest theres only 3 my m8 has 14 and its not fair :((((((

  • Catchinair4x4

    were do you type in the codes for ps3 at

    • PulselessMonkey

       tap RT and LT or maybe L1 and R1 repeatedly and you get of from the chair. go to the computer (behind the chair) and type 3ARC UNLOCK and you open “five” and all campaign maps. also put DOA in there and you will start playing dead ops arcade.

  • Trey Barber

    Can you lower the ladder by using all 4 films shooting both radios and collecting all 3 alien articles?

  • Adam

    i know there is zork but what does it do ???

    • Wytt

      it is an under groung place with a nail box

  • Taylor Sedrick



    it doesnt work how do you get ascension call of dead and moon???? please tell me

    • Tsmudrick

      you have to buy it :(

    • Wytt

      you have to buy the moon for the zombie map

  • Elidixon1


    • ArmyStrongAK-47

      EveryBody wan’t all the maps,I wan’t all the maps too but fornow I am playing campain mode to see if I unlock any other maps on zombies,if I were tou I would do the same thing to see if you get any other maps on the zombie mode so have out there in the campain mode to see if unlocked any new maps if you did tell me because I would like to hear if you got any thing:::::please write back to me I realy wan’t to know if you unlocked any of the new maps for zombies;all I have is only three my favorite one is the first on kino it is the most easyest one that there is and I like that on:::::remember to write back to me I realy wan’y to here if you unlocked any new maps on zombie mode.

      • Jessejohnston2011

        you wont

        • Bware1098

          it”s true you won’t

      • Nathaniel


  • Imjustplaying68

    for all the people that say this cheat dont work it does for the xbox , the ps3 gives u them when first play zombies and for the ps3 peole their aint know cheat u have to buy them holla

  • Imjustplaying68

    for all the people that say this cheat dont work it does for the xbox , the ps3 gives u them when first play zombies and for the ps3 peole their aint know cheat u have to buy them holla



  • herminio

    3arc unlock

  • Alijahgarcia56

    your suck your dont show the cheats

  • Guest

    are u on ps3 if u are i’ll tell ya

  • Silenceascalling

    We’ve been playing zombies on kind der toten and when you use the teleporter it takes you to rooms that have “discs” that you can grab but we don’t have any idea what they are for.  Mind you we are playing only on split screen without xbox live.  What ARE  the discs for?

    • Foufou2113

      u put them in the projecter in the first room that u teleport to by pressing x

    • Bware1098

      you walk over to the disks and press X and then they stay with you, then when you teleport again you put them in the projector and when you leave that room the vid from the disk plays on the movie screen

    • Smokey1216

      movie clips ther are movie clips give you free perk

    • nativeboy

      pretty sure the play movies on the big theatre screen

  • Tjbebe

    who cares if you want all the maps I have all of the maps

    • Tj


  • Tj


  • Leal


  • Golden


  • Deadgrandpa


  • Aasaniprice


    • notell

       i have cod bo for the wii but 3arc unlock doesn’t do anything. why???????????????

      • Chrisdanderson27

        Because, the wii black ops doesnt have any other zombie maps, just kino der toten, i got it on xbox now.

        • Smokey1216

          3arc unlock will unlock three maps kino five and dead ops

      • Smokey1216

        because it only work on wii playstation 3 pc and xbox 360 not wii if your stuck getting those maps il find a cheat code for you thankyou

  • LIAM

    whats the cheat for map MOON!!!

    • kameron

      i know right

    • ??MISTORY BOX??

      lol XD i can tell ya all the code for the game ( works on ALL of consols
      ) i got the god mode!!! and all the maps but not the MOON :( BUT i got
      all the others :D YAY

      i bought about 2 or 3 and the codes are still on!!! just go to game stop
      call of duty black ops cheat codes and u get all the cheat codes!!

  • jahan alom

    ur mum did it for u and i got up to level 28 with 4 ppl but 1 dikhead left so that made it harder so beat that DAN

  • jamesbryan

    this is retarded it does not work

    • Smokey1216

      hey hear what he said 3arc space unlock if you want to hear the table glitch jump on the side of the window jump jump go to corner run jump jump from one table to the other then it shall work you must be offline and the update deleted then it will work i got up to level 47 on five with it hope you will enjoy it bye ps im only 12yrs old

      • Bunny1

        how do u delete the update

  • Donovanstarwars

    these cheats are crap

    • Cj Paraiso

      yes these cheats are crap

  • Beetle31

    What’s the password for McNamara?

    • Holdenharbin

      i know i tryed and it didnt work my freinds didnt work either these cheats are crap

    • wytt

      is that ah president

  • Kkolbygill

    if anybody knows every single map tell me please for xbox 360 on zombies

    • Wyattthedreamer

      i do

    • Bigfela1


    • 123134

       press first look down then rt lt press fast and then it will open!

  • Shae


  • jj5467

    it does work but only for the first three

  • Kevin Northrop

    how do you open the door for pack a punch on ascension

  • sniperscout420

    The secret to getting all the zombie maps is…..20 bucks to buy some microsoft points. You used to be able to get ‘em for free,at least on xbox,with the use of utorrent and a flash drive….but it got patched a long time ago.

  • damon

    five sucks


    Are anyone of you guys serious that it doesn’t work. If so I guess I should just play through the Campaign.

  • bogdan

    how i unloock the map whit moon and der risen

  • LucactusOfficial

    There is no cheat for the rest of them. You have to buy them from the PlayStation, or Microsoft store.

  • kristian

    it don’t work for wii 3arc unlock zombie mod

  • kristian

    only 3arc intel

  • Jack

    By the way “Kino Der Toten” translates from into “Cinema of the dead”. Hence the cinema room you unlock.

  • Does It Still Work?


  • man

    This crap doesn’t work!!!

  • curmarion

    It doesn’t work

  • Brandon Cox

    ATTENTION: These cheats only work for xbox360 and PC versions any other it will not work out so well.