HTC Desire Z: Vodafone UK Release Date Soon

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We have just came across an ad which confirms that the HTC Desire Z is coming to Vodafone UK, however at the time of this post a release date is not known.

According to the ad (seen here) the Desire Z will be free of charge when you agree a two-year £30-per month contract, each month this will give you 3000 mins to UK landlines, 750 mins to UK mobiles, 250 standard UK texts and 500MB of internet usage.

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If you do not want to sign your life away with a two-year deal I’m sure that Vodafone UK will offer it SIM-free, no price has been confirmed, however Amazon UK has it listed for £429.99, so expect a similar price tag.

Interest in the HTC Desire Z? if so, you should perhaps check out the full specs and hands-on videos we posted previously, as we hear of an official release date we will keep you posted.

Will you be buying this smartphone from Vodafone?

Source: Eurodroid