COD Black Ops Vs MW2 Vs WaW: Graphics Compared

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Call of Duty fans had hoped to take delivery of what was meant to be the best from the franchise yet, but for one reason or another – that has not happened. Black Ops is more of a re-skinning of Call of Duty 4, but that is not saying that the latest game from the franchise is not good.

We already know that the graphics for COD Black Ops is not that great when compared to Modern Warfare 2, and there has even been suggestions that World at War has better graphics – I will let you decide that for yourself. You have to wonder why the developer did not polish the graphics up a little?

There have been comments that the graphics are not as bad as people have made out, but surely this is dependent on what TV you have. If you have a new LED TV from the likes of Sony, Panasonic or Samsung, then they will pick up all the little details, and this could be where the problem lies.

Take a look at all three videos below and tell us which you think has the best and worst graphics? Please remember that it is not always about the graphics though, Black Ops has improved Zombies Mode and a number of new features to go with it.

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  • bazanrj

    honestly i should of rented black ops before i bought , the game is just bad; the graphics, the voices, the sounds effects, even the choppers, sound and look like a cheap imitation of mw2, mw2 was a 100 times better.

    • Pissed

      AGREED. I only keep playing so I don't feel like I wasted $60.

      • Angry

        Nope $65.34 to be exact and i feel the exact same way, i wish i could return it :( i was barely able to get the money to pay for it, and now i am so dissapointed. MW2 and World At War were so much better, they make so much so much money of this game, the least they could have done was put a little more money into the graphics and sound….it feels horrible when playing it.

    • dakota

      i think its just you just you cant afford to buy the full game like the other millions of people that moved on from mw2, stop being a fan boy and attacking the better game. DONT LISTEN TO BAZANRJ HE LIES BLACK OPS IS A GOOD GAME GET THE GAME YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

      • jennygraig

        I agree with you after you play it for about a week you'll love just move on from the MW2 it "was' a good game.

      • Tim

        BS man! the game is trash treyarch doesnt care about the call of duty franchise. VERY DISAPPOINTING GAME.

    • o-o

      Agreed =) Black ops makes new york islanders an all star team.

    • hfh

      yeah right i have both of them. Black ops is just a huge improvement from mw2. but i will say that mw2 had more multiplayer options.

      • jennygraig

        i soory black ops has so many different options for mulitplayer like:
        Wager Match
        Combat training
        Theater mode
        and all the other game modes.
        I'm sorry but black ops has more multiplayer options

      • tim

        what huge improvement? they made the game suck graphics do matter a lot. so many things wrong with you

    • Berto Lopez

      your a fucking idiot. get off Iw dick. Its waaaay better than mw2. You obviously have no skill and prefer a game with crutches for shit players like you.

      • jennygraig


      • NLPenspinner


      • Danny

        Just got black ops and i 100% agree its way more fair than mw2

      • Eric

        How is it better when it uses a modded vesion of the cod 4 engine from iw. and both games everyone gets a bullshit death. but when they are doing good they dont complain. if there was no oma or commando mw2 would still be getting played alot, unlike like black ops were all they did was fuck up the while purpose of the perks and rename them.

    • http://youtube arzaiah

      black ops is a millons times better then mw2 because my hole school like it

      • Murray

        Wow, your "hole" school likes black ops more, that obviously makes it better!

    • nate7885

      nay. 1000 times better. i'll still play mw2 ten years from now.

    • poo

      well, I think the voice is better but ya black ops is shit!

  • Tron

    It might not look as pretty as MW2, but the framerate is a solid 60fps. MW ran at 60, MW2 ran at 30. It's all good and well looking better, but I'd take the improved framerate over appearance any day.

    • Bob

      Are you retarded
      MW2 had a smooth 60 frames per secong
      Black ops doesnt
      Treyarch fails as a dev
      the only reason BO is good is they took MW2 and got rid of the major problems

      • agreement

        i agree with you sir completely. If only the gameplay (harder to noob tube, better recoil, and dedicated servers) were applied to MW2, it would have been the best game to have. period.

      • Tron

        NO. I'm not retarded. MW2 runs at 30fps on consoles.

        • imanoobybitch

          no its 60 fps on consoles too. well atleast on xbox

        • fiestyone

          mw2 ran at 60 fps why do u think that i have cod on wii and 360 and reflex for wii ran at 30 fps and when i compare it to mw2 it is clearly 60 fps in mw2

  • Louis

    i play both MW2 and Black Ops on 360 with a Full HD TV, and although there is a small difference between MW2 and Black Ops, it is barely anything to worry about. I think the problem is people are comparing it to MW2, which is understandable, but it should be noted that Black Ops isn't a continuation of MW2 but rather a continuation of WaW. As a result the game has a 'Treyarch' feel about it and uses a different engine which isn't as polished. However, the engine allows bigger maps and helicopters to be utilized. And FYI for those people that think 'NukeTown' has shit graphics and whatnot, thats the way it was intended as it is a training area, which is designed to look like a 1950;s town, and promote the relative 'sarcasm' that goes with.

    Overall: Graphics are inbetween COD 4 and WM2, and when playing in full HD look very appealing. The additional factors added by Treyarch make up for the graphics being a little unpolished.


    • Schulzey

      It was Built on the Modern Warfare 2 engine…not the World At War engine. On my 50" Plasma that is only bested by the new LED's in picture, the multiplayer looks pretty bad. The larger maps are nice (if you can find someone to shoot), but no matter what effect they were going for on the 50's style Nuke Town…it looks bad. It's not the look that fails, it's the execution of that look that fails. I haven't decided whether to keep it or not, but it's disturbing that if any of the reviews even mentioned the graphics issue, it was just glossed over. Graphics, are important. Not the end all be all, but the reason we play on the Next Gen consoles is for improved graphics as well as gameplay. Graphics matter.

      • Xenium

        INCORRECT: It was built on a heavily modded WaW engine- not MW2

      • My name is Jonus

        WaW not MW2 do research before posting.

  • Louis

    i play both MW2 and Black Ops on 360 with a Full HD TV, and although there is a small difference between MW2 and Black Ops, it is barely anything to worry about. I think the problem is people are comparing it to MW2, which is understandable, but it should be noted that Black Ops isn't a continuation of MW2 but rather a continuation of WaW. As a result the game has a 'Treyarch' feel about it and uses a different engine which isn't as polished. However, the engine allows bigger maps and helicopters to be utilized. And FYI for those people that think 'NukeTown' has shit graphics and whatnot, thats the way it was intended as it is a training area, which is designed to look like a 1950

    • dakota

      dont worry if you get thumbs down cause this site is full of people that don't move on from mw2 and its a good game but black ops is better for multilayer and also site is full of halo fan boys that played mw2 like once

      • Truth giver

        I agree completely black ops is a good friggen game and every one who disagrees can go to hell for all i care

        • Dave

          it's a bologne game are u stupid???

    • Dave

      World at war was shit compared to Modern Warfare 1……? if you can't see the difference then your just caught up in the hype like every other idiot.. .there is a huge difference between the two games… the sounds are way different.. i have guys shooting at me in Black ops that sounds like goddamn BB guns lol it;s weak all the way through shit gameee, treyarch needs to pick a different gendre

      • brad

        i agree ha, teh infinity ward games have been so much better than the treyarch ones , i thought black ops was gona be great with all the new features but its horrible in every way, and yes i think that treyarch have to develop their next game in a more recent or even futuristic genre :) and zombies is quite poor this time round too ha

  • Phuong

    The graphics look good enough to me. I admit that I prefer Modern Warfare 2's graphics because it looks like it has more texture and depth compared to Black Ops. Unfortunately, I won't be able to tell the difference when I play this on my TV because my TV is crap. But in terms of gameplay, I think I like Black Ops more so far. One interesting thing have I have been reading about Black Ops could set the record for game sales. Could Black Ops make more money than Modern Warfare 2? I found a poll on it this morning… It probably will because the reviews on the game has been good thus far and it is living up to everyone's hype. This looks just as addictive as Modern Warfare 2.

    • tim

      obviously game reviewers were paid for good ratings. BOPS IS NOT ADDICTING!!!!

    • Marj

      Just wanted to point out the fact that this poll doesnt account fro BOPs returns or exchanges after purchasing.

  • DC_Stunna

    I play MW2 and black ops and i think mw2 is better i have a huge lcd tv so i get the best picture quality but in all true honesty mw2 just smoother and all around gives your a better online gaming experience. Black Ops is a great game just not "great" enough to compare to MW2. Its just doest live up to the hype personally.

    • mason

      Oh wait so lemme guess you're one of those commando, one man army, danger close noob tube fags? How anyone on the face of the planet could enjoy that game I don't know. I bet if Black ops had the words IW stamped on it you wouldn't give a rats butt what the graphics looked like; or you would compliment them for being outstanding. Mw2 was a broken game, with too many problems, too many hackers, and a company that didn't even listen to the community. Black ops fixed everything that was wrong with mw2 and added way more.
      The fact that you can even begin to trash black ops and defend mw2 blatantly shows how much of an IW fanboy you really are. If you don't like the game fine. But don't compare it with mw2 because that game has enraged thousands of player across the globe for an infinite amount of reasons. So don't start

      • Money

        Why would you assume he is a noob at the game, i guarantee you i don't do any of the things you just said and ill murder you in MW2 or Black Ops, but i know from experience black ops is good but not that great. It did not live up to the hype, they make so much money off this, the least they could have done was spend a little more on the graphics….cheap bastards…i should have rented it before i bought it now i know ill never get back $65

        • BO>MW2

          Yes, because I'd rather get noob-tubed across the map (even though it hit a wall 20 meters away from me), knifed by a jedi that can teleport, some wanna-be quickscoper that zooms in in 0.5 seconds (CoD4's quickscoping was the REAL quickscoping), nuked by some boosters while trying to play FFA (hell, it even happens in domination etc), killed by some automatic AC-130 (hackers!), killed by some camper with a claymore infront of him, with a light machine gun and shotgun as secondary and pay 15 bucks for 3 new maps than have slightly worse graphics (which arent bad at all, they're just not as good as MW2's)

          Im sorry Treyarch does not like unrealistic shit.

          If you want to say "wow" every 30 seconds, play MW2
          If you want to have a great time, plus great gaming experience and fun, play Black Ops

          Oh, and Treyarch listens to the community.

  • joey

    black ops gameplay smoother worst graphics yet too cartooney!!! wtf happenend??? huge dissapointment

    • tim

      yup, they got lazy with it

  • Dod

    The graphics are awful but the gameplay is better y cant the two just team up and make a good game with good graphics?!?!

    • Ryne

      If I could give you any more thumbs up, I would, I think you just said what we all were thinking…

      • Latoflex


    • jennygraig

      I agree man they should work together for gods sake they helped make the cod series one of the bets ever out there. I hop they do pull there thumbs out of their asses and work together and make the best COD ever :D

    • jack

      i agree mw2 better graphics but the overall gameplay in black ops is better

  • alan

    haha the gameplay is not better imo. While it has a freshness that will wear off soon. It was the same way with MW2 but the difference lies in how long that freshness lasts. In black ops the grenades have an unrealistic arch when thrown and many maps are small and unbalanced. Where the hell are the sniper maps!!!! What happened to the maps we saw in Ghost Recon 2 for the original xbox. MW2 was at least a little better than black ops at having a greater variety of maps. One thing that has plagued all first person shooters is the lack of power in weapons. Again there is a difference, one reason people love black ops is that it has a more realistic feel to its gameplay. If this is the case why doesn't someone die when I clip them from 10ft. away with the olympia. Even getting clipped at that range would at the very least put you on your ass, not turn around and rape me with your automatic gun because either I fired from the hip and I have apparently lost all control of my weapon or I am zoomed in and I have lost the ability to ADS with any haste. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait for the next activision game. Until then ill be play bad company 2 and MW2.

    • Baxterzz

      Now let me disagree in MW2 i could get so many kills with the ACR ACROSS THE MAP because it had 0 recoil this game is very balanced and the shotguns are even too and its Infinity Ward that made MW2 and they will never again make a game as they are no longer together

    • Jordon

      From your post, I am assuming you're playing pussycore mode where you have to unload half a clip in someone before they go down. My suggestion is you do what I do and play Hardcore mode, that way it's much more realistic with the weapons. Then you can shoot someone with your Olympia from 10 ft away and have them in at least last stand but even that's unlikely from that distance. Same with auto, pop someone once in the chest they won't keep moving. Realistic enough? Should be.

    • hjh


    • Dude

      the reason u probly didnt kill the guy with the olimpia is because u have a suck ass shot… retard

  • Joe

    seriously, there is definitely a difference between Black Ops (Treyarch) and MW2 (Activision). MW2 without a doubt has better graphics, and everything just feels smoother and more realistic in MW2. One thing that really pisses me off in Black Ops when compared with MW2 is the lack of feeling of power in the weapons. Every weapon sounds the same in Black Ops and every weapon feels like I'm shooting a pea shooter. In MW2 you can hear and feel when your hitting an opponent and that's a huge part of the game for any FPS in my opinion.

    • Sven

      *Black Ops (Treyarch) and MW2 (Infinity Ward). Both published by activision.

    • phil

      its a fucking game chill if you like it you like it im sick of all you people taking this shite too seriously god sake power in a computer ggenerated gun how sad how very sad.

      • Damnppl

        Yup true all these people talking shit about both games is just stupid both games are good they both have thier differences and different game experience so ppl just stop talking smack about both games cuz they are both great!

        • tim

          black ops was not great if you dont want to hear people debate then just ignore it. BLACK OPS SUCKS!!!

    • ray

      I now it feels like a paintball gun

    • sel-G

      right on! in MW2 all of the guns had punch and great sound that made it very realistic. BO sounds like mud….

  • tyron

    mw2 is way way way way way way way better graphics. but the story behind it is not as good as black ops.

    • Jordon

      I do like that Black Ops focused 90% on one guy and had deep character progression. Something that MW2 severely lacked in.

      • light

        Who in the world plays a COD game for the story? it's all about the online play.
        MW2 is just the all around better game, also MW2 is far more realistic than BO because it takes 1-3 shots with any weapon to kill someone in MW2, just as in real life, it would take one – 3 shots to kill someone depending on where and what caliber weapon i shoot them with, but in a case of MW2 and in reallife ONE SHOT TO THE HEAD AND YOU'RE DEAD.

        The AC-130 rapes ever killstreak in BO, with the Killstreaks in BO there's is nowhere to hide, because ever killstreak such as the dogs and the rc can go into biuldinds, so there is nowhere to escape them, unlike the preditor missle and the AC-130 atleast you can run inside to avoid them, also the weapons and attachment and rank up-unlock system are far far better in MW2, i do'nt want to get my perks/weps/camo's etc and then have to spend money just to get them and thenrinse and repeat.

        Also the wager matches the gun game etc are old news, we on pc have had those modes for years thanks to the mod community, where do you guys think TA got them from? that's right, the pc mod community.


      Seriously dude?!?! Black ops is based off the most boring war in the history of man the cold war black ops is just another shooter game. MW2 has an awesome story its modern warefare based on secret agencies like black ops and with an all out war with russia. MW2 storyline is epic

  • Zorno

    for all the noobs who think MW2 is Activision its not its Infinity Ward, just thought I should clear that up,
    Blackops is alot different than MW2 and therefore should not be fully compared to each other, I enjoyed Cod WAW alot more than MW2 and MW1, I like the Treyarch feel and the knifing is alot more satisfying. In the end MW2 and Blackops are both good games, but my personal fav of the two is Blackops (I love Nazi Zombies !)

    • Keaton

      Spot on man. I definitely enjoy the Treyarch feel

    • Zamight

      Do you know who owns Infinity Ward? -> Activision. Thought i clear that up. Thats why the two co-owners of IW are fired and started Respawn Entertainment Studio. Look it all up.

      • Sven

        … Activision published both games. You know what he means. We are not talking stock majority. Dipshit.

    • spencer

      infinity ward is owned by activision, treyarch is owned by EA games

    • t_bagged

      your a dumb ass activision owns infinity ward and treyarch

    • Zorno'sGay

      for the noob who thinks activision is not infinity ward, Activision owns them dip $h!t

  • Ben
  • moose r me

    the main one is the fps and the lack of pxielation yes it is not as pretty in cases but it is more consistent the consoles lack of good hardware can be blamed for that

  • jason

    I dont have a problem with the graphics,,,,i have a problem with the game play……. its terrible…..Jumpy,,,,,it sucks when you run….. its hard to get kills…..MW2 is smooth and more accurate when shooting etc,,,,,lucky i rented black ops,,,, i wont be buying it…..the people who made MW2 should have made black ops……… seriously dissappointed in it…

    • Chris

      I completely agree with Jason. For some reason, getting kills in MP is difficult. You come face to face with an opponent, clearly fire your rifle in their direction and for some reason there is no hit detection, and this is with a 4 bar connection!! MW2 has the same problem sometimes, but usually it is associated with a poor connection, and it is just not on the same scale of frustration that Black Ops delivers..

    • chris

      Also, WTF is up with the sound in Black Ops!!!! You can't even hear when shots are wizzing past your head! I use to shoot BB guns back in the woods with my cousins, and we would fire them at each other for fun (not aiming directly at each other of course, just in proximity). When a BB flew by me it could clearly be heard… You would think a .45 caliber round would create some kind of noise that would trigger evasive action, but not in Black Ops…

      All I can say about Treyarch regarding their latest iteration of COD is that they did a great job marketing their product and greasing up the wallets of professional reviewers, because this game is not an 8.5 or 9 out of 10 caliber game, and we all know it!!! Come on people, get over the hype and say what you really think, or we are just telling Activision that it is okay for them to mass produce Call of Duty games without the polished graphics and gameplay that others in the series have delivered…My 2 cents..

      • @SaunJay

        I could not agree with Chris' two posts more. Everything you said is exactly how I feel.

        The sound is awful, as if all guns are using suppressors, and there is hardly any difference between any of the guns. Also, grenades sound like fire crackers, and the voice acting is god-awful. I remember seeing videos of Infinity Ward at actual firing ranges with mics recording each of the guns being fired. Treyarch obviously didn't take the time to do this, and I blame this on Activision rushing them.

        They must have paid for those high reviews, because like Chris said, definitely not a 8.5 / 9 game.

        • Brad

          yeid agree too, the campaign i must say is pretty good but online is terrible ware as mw2 was good in both parts and i enjoyed spec-ops more than black ops zombies .

      • Vincent

        I have to agree with you 100%. The feel of Black ops is definitely not the same as MW2. If you think the graphics or even the gameplay of black ops holds a candle to MW2 you seriously need to make an appointment with the eye doctor and psychiatrist. rated MW2 @9.5, COD4 @9.4, but Black ops @8.5 why? Because Black ops is clearly inferior. How did they come up with their rating? By comparing this COD game with, of course the other COD games before it. I played Black Ops for about only 1 week and I have gotten very bored with the gameplay. The people who think that Black Ops is somehow more realistic than MW2 clearly do not know what they are talking about. The sounds of the guns in MW2, the quality level of detail, is unmatched. The sounds of combat, the grenades, the helicopters, the footsteps, all unmatched. The physics are outstanding for MW2. I still learn new things playing MW2. People say that graphics are not everything, that is true, however, graphics PLUS a brilliant gameplay make for an superior, true, genuine game by gamers, for gamers.

    • Brandon Wright

      Black ops sucks the game looks like they have only been working on it for a few months they game, The games modes "that they so called came up with, they did not I seen videos on it months before I heard about the black ops all they did was changed the names of them" Treyarch SUCKS. CANT COME UP WITH THERE OWN GAMES AND SAYING THAT THEY CAME UP WITH. MW2 is the BETTER GAME good game play GOOD GRAPHICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT INFINITY WARD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! I have MW2 it is my fav up next to Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo!! I have X-box360

  • Anthony Harrison

    Very bad multiplayer graphics and sound compared to MW 2. But the story is amazing so its a bit of a mixed feeling. I personally will still be playing both. Black ops is still much better than MOH´s sad multiplayer effort though. That was really bad!!

  • tropa de elite1

    we've been scrwed by treyarch..i should have waited for the review before i bought it,..first of al the graphics sucks ,c od 5 is much better…and the sound effect sucks too.u shot a fire..u'll hear three burst..mw2 is far more better than blacks ops..

  • COD

    all you guys are comparing the graphics. why not the actual gameplay? sure ill admitt the graphics a far below mw2, but lets face it… mw2 was had such a fake warfare. in real life u cant quickscope, or knife 50 feet away. black ops is REAL warfare. Its what would actually happen on a battlefield. MW2 is fake and it supports the noobs. nobody can be bad a mw2. i mean u get rewarded for dying 4 times in a row. yeah, mw2 is for people who are bad at fps. black ops support the good real players. thats how a game should be. no game is better than the other. since there not exactly in the same family you cannot compare them. its persoanl preverence. noobs play mw2. real men play blackops

    • Tommy

      what are u stupid, you get awarded for dying in black ops too, everything in black ops is dirty, it feels dirty, the name tags, the guns, the way they run, the sounds are terrible, you can hear good footsteps in mw2 but you cant tell the diffrence in black ops, and why the hell does everyone keep talking about zombies? y dont u just buy left 4 dead you idiots, is this why u say theres more gameplay, i dont think so. and i never got knifed 50 feet away stop telling lies, and just because of that u say its lies? and quick scoping , a 50 cal, shot gun weighs in at 33 lbs, and can be carried by a soldier easily, and taking 4 shots to die is not real either like in black ops so get over yourself, i hate the game myself black ops is terrible, and you said real men play black ops? do real men like bad graphics and the same gameplay as cod 4? do they like to live in the past?, because that is what black ops is the past, this is 2010 we have 3d tvs now, 3d computers, we have 128 gb pen drives, why the hell cant we have a game that is polished like a chromed engine? You dont buy a dirty paint chipped car with bad rims just because its got 10 more horse power do you?

      • evan

        idk about the whole dirty paint chipped car with bad rims but a whole 10 more horse power sounds good =]

      • Tommy's The Idiot

        You make good points, but leave zombies out of it. First off, its very fun and a lot of people agree considering the money it made. Second, left 4 dead is nothing like the zombie mode in COD, they are completely different so don't compare the two, and third, left 4 dead is an xbox exclusive, so people with PS3 dont even have that option.
        Last, remember this comment is in reply to one guy, you don't have to attack the entire community for liking a game mode by calling them idiots. Just because you don't like the zombie game mode doesn't mean other people can't enjoy it.
        Being that tunnel minded shows how you are the real idiot, not the zombie lovers.

      • Money

        God Bless You!

      • Tommy the Nerdy

        Real men just don't get stuck in videogames, they go to the gym, they do some sport, they hang up with some booze and girls… nerdy!

        • jimbean

          Ur Gay

    • Zamight

      two Words. Attack dogs. Equal fail and isnt warfare.

      • Baxterzz

        Its vietnam you dumb ass they used dogs

        • Alan

          Sounds like you had a lot of experience in Vietnam… It also seems like a little bit of a coincidence that the germans and the viet cong used attack dogs en masse to hunt down their opponents… oh wait that never happened…. also you dont buy a game just for nazi zombies (left for dead, dead rising, all better all more expansive). Sorry but people on the PS3 who buy it just for that are wasting money.

        • Fucking Idiots

          They really did use attack dogs. The Soviets used them in WWII, as did Germans… Ahem… German Shepherd, Rottweiler… They were bred as attack dogs. In Vietnam, it's possible too. So shut up. And honestly, these games aren't realistic. A) Weapons in real life aren't balanced. An AUG doesn't balance with an M16. B) Moving a 33 pound sniper rifle, Tommy, is not simple and is not a smooth movement. Why do you think snipers dig in to set up shots. Because they're damn cumbersome.

        • Clint

          The Americans used dogs in Nam. A lot.

    • Andrew Reese

      Nobody can be bad @ MW2? Why is it then anytime I am playing everyone on my team is like 2-12 or worse and I went 18-5, give or take? Most people who play suck ass that's why it's hard to play a good game. It depends on who's playing. If your team talks, then you win, it's a strange concept I know.

    • Black ops ftw

      your right COD P.S. whoever puts thumbs down to this message is a mw2 spawn trapper nerd with 1/20 vision thats right bob and every nerdy name im talking to you! >=(

      • Black ops ftw's gay

        It's not MW2's fault it's 100 times better than Black ops. black ops just sucks balls

    • alan

      Honestly you sound like an idiot coming on here saying you know anything about war

    • kosta

      first black ops has the worst sound effect second u can snipe a guy with a crossbow third u can snipe a guy with a balistic knife fourth they fucked up m16 and made it shit, fifth every gun is old and fucked up and last but definitley not least real men should not be playing video games in the first place.

      • dr. urfullasheet

        Guess your not a real man then. Sounds like you've been playing quite a bit

    • gamer77

      REAL warfare… mmm strange because im pretty sure if i was on a battlefield and blasted a shotgun at somebody from 2 foot away they wouldnt sponge it and then knife me…


      Black ops is fake warfare! In real life Sniping is actually strong! You can't throw an axe a mile away, A bullet in the head actually kills! Any way I hate mw2 and Black ops

    • tim

      real warefare? in real warefare bazookas didnt have missle tracking ability and there was no such thing as instant kills with a tomahawk or a ballistic knife. And lets not forget that healing ability when you get shot

    • Jordan Johnson

      yeah if it's real warfare then why is there those dumb rc cars and guys runny around with and m16 with tiger camo and a green smiley face reticle? In real life you don't shoot someone 15 times by an mp5k and not die, yes that really happened to me and it's fuckin frustrating.

  • Juv

    I will not stop playing MW2, it is unique and Black Ops has inferior graphics and does not even have tactical nuke – no reward for getting higher killstreaks

    • Ian

      Stacking killstreaks are for noobs. Stick with your MW2, you won't be missed lol

    • bob

      since when has cod been a realistic series? if you want realism, try bad company 2.

      • tim

        Bad company 2 was horrible worst graphics of them all basically its just another shooter game.

  • NCHMasterKilla

    Well the reason is if the graphics were awesome, there would be way more lag on black ops like there was in mw2…..

    • Zamight

      I disagree. Majority of the game is ran on the client side (Thats your console.) The rest is a connection to the servers and host to tell where you are and what actions are performed.

    • DouBleOUght

      Oooookk then you havent played black ops, it lags a TON

      • Jordon

        Doesn't lag on mine except when server maintenance is going on. Maybe you just have a slow connection?

  • Zach

    MW2 Hands down is a better game with not just graphics, but game play. Recent major problems I have already noticed with Black Ops; Guns are way to under powered, explosive devices are comparable to a firecracker, respawning blows balls ( constantly have the enemy spawn around me), this could be because the levels are way to small, which is another issue with this game. Sound quality gets a 4/10 score, can't go into the audio settings and turn game player voices? you have to manually turn them off every time (this is very annoying, I hate listening to all the drama and annoying people in the lobby or in game play.

    The biggest problem that I have is how inaccurate the kills are in this game. I will see an enemy player, he will shoot me once, I will bend around a corner, which from my camera view is unseen by him, and still his bullets penetrate through any wall and kill me. You watch the kill cam from his view and even though I showed I was hidden around a wall when he killed me, from his view, I was visible the whole time to him.

    • Dre

      @zach very true! i was just talking about that to a friend. Bullets will fly through absolutely any wall surface after you've been shot once. It's either that, or they need to rename this game "wanted" because the bullets are certainly flying and weaving around corners and walls.

      • RLBL

        Funny… seems to me this happened all the in MW2. Look up Magic Bullets on Youtube. I have to say though, when I got shot from around the corner and his kill cam showed me visible and standing there like an idiot, I thought: " THis is no better than MW2"

      • Mars


    • paci

      Its called lag difference, you actually appeared to him like on the killcam, and you saw something else because you are late few hundreds of miliseconds, Try to play on server closer to you and pings no higher than 60 ms

    • Gazzarado

      Well I hate this – I have had this happen too many times to me already! If it's a lag thing – It never happened once to me in MW2. I have a 20mb connection, shouldn't be feeling lag!

    • the_Good_Sheperd

      My thoughts EXACTLY! Personally, I love the idea of wager matches and the different game modes (especially zombies), but the game feels sloppy and loosely put together. I'm sick of respawning in direct fire of hueys and slipping behind a corner or wall to reload and then play witness to a kill cam in which the other person somehow saw me the whole time. It's inaccurate and quite honestly, crap. Half the weapons sound more like paintball markers than actual guns and the hit indicator cannot be accurate because I've laid an entire clip into enemies, getting four, five or six hits and they're still alive. It drives me nuts.

      • the_Good_Sheperd

        I don't want to sound like a sour puss because I enjoy serveral aspects of the game but in the end I personally think Modern Warfare and MW2 are both much better games. MW2 does have ridiculous quick-scoping (which is fun but not realistic) and melee attacks with a range of 50 yds (j/k) but it blows Black Ops out of the water. Just my opinion. I wish the developers would get the hackers out of Black Ops and clean up the game with some dlc/patches.
        Long boring tangent, I know. Last thought, I sure hope activision/infinity ward get their heads out of their rich a**** and don't screw up MW3. Here's hopin'…

    • tim

      yup, no power in the m16 or m60 takes just as long to kill with unrealistic. black ops should not be compared to mw2

  • solid snake

    Just a few minor changes & tweaks nothing major in black ops to completely separate it from the other two games.

  • Keaton

    Overall I think the people expected a updated/ repackaged MW2 . And that is not what Treyarch delivered. People are just complaining because its different then MW2, but that's why I like it. However the maps are too small and the graphics are not as sharp as MW2.

    • the_Good_Sheperd

      I can agree with that to an extent but my biggest issue is the inaccurate kill cams and someone shooting me around a corner before they can even see me. Maybe it's my dsl connection. Idk. It fast enough for MW2, Madden 11 and so on. I just feel like Black Ops is sloppy. World at War feels smoother than Black Ops… (I do like the different game modes though, and the video/file share concept is AWESOME!).

  • ssdafa

    How about u geta pc so can actually see what it looks like without squinting through your shitty tv's. Black ops has much better graphics than mw2 escpecially lighting.

    • Guest


    • tim

      what are you talking about mw2 has the most realistic graphics ever in a fps. Lotta work went into it infinity ward rocks, black ops sad remake. And have you noticed theres no rotating animation for the sentry gun in black ops

    • Semper Fi M1911

      yeah i have a pc and can play at ultimate specs on both and i would still have to say that MW2 Graphics were quite superior to black ops. But i do agree with that the lighting is way better in black ops

    • jeff

      I think you should stop talking crap ! mw2 had way better graphics than black ops 99.9 percent end of disscussion!!

    • light


      Now, i don't know what you're talking about but pc games get really no support, and aside from the games crysis and warhead there are little to no difference between COD games on pc and consoles, sure the lighting and texture may be a bit tighter and a bit better, but not by much, don't be an idiot, this is coming from a pc gamer thjat signed the patition to get dedi's for MW2 pc, pc gaming is truly gotten bad, barely no support, all games now are being developed with consoles in mind first including crysis2 and then ported to pc, so you can stop with the elitist mess.

    • Marty

      Are you high?

  • Tim

    Joe, both games are made by Activision, Treyarch made Black Ops and Infinity ward made MW2. You’ll probably find Black Ops fun after playing it for a while, when World at War first came out I felt the same way about it that you feel about Black Ops, but after playing it for about a month I got better at it and I loved it.

    • spencer

      Black ops is made by EA games who own treyarch

    • Critic

      He is absolutely right. As with any video game, it might take a little bit before you get good at it. You might think it's boring at first, but as you get better you start to like the game more and more as you start to dominate more often. I felt the same way the first couple of days with Black ops after playing MW2 for so long, but I gradually got better and it was a lot more enjoyable.

    • Captain Pichy

      You're 150% right!!! after playing Black Ops for several days and without playing MW2, i started to like it a lot.

    • Ethan

      Well just to clear this up Black Ops was made by Treyarch which is a subsidary of Activision. We don't know how involved Activision was and it's possible that these two are competitors and had no communications while making Black Ops

  • browse

    black ops is not as good as mw2. treyarch waw was crap activision and ifinity ward keep that combo 4 the next one . they muck it up all the time .multiplayer on black ops looks good but dus not play as good as mw2

  • HateBlackOps

    Seriously Black Ops sucks the big one. The gameplay is horrible. Guns underpowered. Maps are too small. Graphics aren't even as good as WaW. This game is a huge disappointment. I do enjoy the COD points and buying upgrades and what not but I can't get over the huge lag that I get every time I play. In MW2 I did not have this lag what-so-ever. I will be shooting dead on at someone and then they have time to run, hide, turn around, scope in on me and kill me. This has nothing to do with mine or their skill level it is about big time lag.

  • Random Person

    Its better. Treyarch didn't cater to the noobs with this game which is why its good.

    • nate

      Correction. Treyarch did cater to noobs by getting rid of quick scoping and lowering the power of all kill streaks (to appease people who can't get them). I also dislike that stacking killstreaks no longer works. I think that getting massive scores added to the replayability of mw2 for the better players. As far as I can tell the only positive thing about black ops is that the grenade launcher seems to be a little less over powered.

  • Kevin

    MW 1&2 have better campaigns than WaW and Black Ops IMO. I personally think Treyarch should stop doing World War II and Vietnam and allow Infinity Ward to keep doing Modern Warfare. The old time weapons and back stories having been failing in the market which is why the Call of Duty series almost tanked before selling the rights to Infinity Ward, and probably why Medal of Honor did tank. People are done with World War II and want a new more realistic feel of modern day weapons. The Story line on Black Ops was not even realistic, a trained black op specialist spills all of his Top Secret information after a few shocks and then claims "I won't break or tell you anything." Then he continues with his story. Treyarch has to either step up to the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Modern Warfare level of current weapons and stories or else they will just fail again when Infinity Ward gains their own game franchise.

    • Broger

      I agree.
      Pros and cons

      Black Ops
      Pros: Tons of things to play online and recording matches and postin good. Okay gameplay.

      Cons: OMg where to start. underpowered guns, horrible recoil on allll weapons, Glitchy gameplay sometimes, and Weak KS's…Aug bar assualt rifle ?

      Pros: Kick ass story, Sound quality top notch, Guns were powered properly. nice killstreaks

      Cons:..lmao again where to start….Knifing..smh very..very overpowered, quick scoping..FTW.

      and yes please no more WW2 and Nam games..i have been playing COD and MOH before European assault and Finest hour..please something more modern.

      and before some moron comes up here and says mW2 is for n00bs……your wrong and probably cant get past 7 kills without 13 deaths. MW2 is a staple game of the COD franchise. i fear Blacks ops wont be but still could be. Famas recoil shots my sight above my opponents head when holding R1 while aiming at their belly..Tsch

      • Rob

        Are you an idiot? How is recoil a con, it takes more skill to use and the guns aren't underpowered as it is.

      • brian

        Infinity Ward didn't "buy the rights" to call of duty they are the actual makers of the game. Activision doesn't "make" anything they publish games. IW has made CoD since the original on pc, treyarch made "expansions" which is all WaW and Black ops are. IW rights the main code for their game, Treyarch buys it and builds their game around the original code. Black ops is different in the fact that its not MW2 code but MW1 because of the fallout between IW and Activision. MW1 had a big problem with hit detection in the original code which treyarch bought for WaW and now Bops but it was fixed in patches.

  • irapeatthisgame

    i played the crap out of mw2…still not tired of it. i was hugely disappointed in black ops. graphics wise i like mw2 better due to depth and color contrast of the environment wich reflects enemy position. gameplay wise i like mw2 more as well. theres just more to do. secondary weapons in black ops are lame. sniping is also out the door.

    and people keep saying you cant compare black ops to mw2 for some reason… you do realize that when black ops was made all of the input was taken from mw2 players and thats why we see the changes reflected in black ops.

    the only thing black ops accomplished for me was scavenger not reloading grenade launchers lmao.

    i still own people easy in black ops just doesnt feel as rewarding.

    the worst part of black ops to me is the weak bullet damage. ya theres no stopping power but come on im tickling people. i can take apart the whole team in mw2 with a proper flank but not in black ops.

    i never expected to buy black ops and have to debate if i want to keep it or not. if i had rented it and played it first i probably wouldve been like eh ill stick with mw2. ya it outsold mw2 but how many people will keep playing?

  • vlad

    u got that right, the lack of tac insertion in free for all matches, does not live up to the promise of costumise and play as you want to.I don't like having my hands tied when it comes to cutomization or how I want to play online.MW2 still rules, should have just rented black ops instead.

  • bob

    i have mw2 and black ops and also play it on my 55inch LED samsun tv and i can say that without a doubt the black ops graphics are a big big big let down. infinity wards MW2 has much better graphics. however i can also say that black ops is a fun game its not that different to mw2 but the small additions that treyarch have made make this game awesome.

  • AXEL

    let down gave it to a friend these games are ment to get better the faults of the last COD should hav been fixed and the added game play is expected its number 6 its ment to improve from 7 the maps are to small and pretty much all played on ground floor or very low level heap of crap if u ask me back to MW2

  • Mac Joey

    Activision doesn't make Call of Duty games they publish them… Infinity Ward invented/created Call of Duty and Treyarch was hired to crap out Call of Duty 3 while iWard worked on MW1 and again for WAW while iWard worked on MW2. Black Ops looks 10x better than MW2 you guys must be playing on a fat tube TV. The people saying Black Ops online sucks are most likely upset that they can't boost and actually have to actually PLAY THE GAME with some type of skil and can't hang. Good job Treyarch for weeding out he assholes.

  • Evan Kawashiri

    mw2 in my opinion is better these things i think r betta: graphics,guns(SNIPERS esp.) better perks, killstreaks (except for the rc car), maps,multiplayer,online,

    Black ops things that r betta: russian zombies, storyline, attachments

    O and by the way ppl who r saying black ops is more realistic than mw2, NO games r realistic cause u die and come back to life like in 3 seconds

    • Josh

      First of all, It's a video game. If I get shot 3 times and die, its not fun. Killstreaks in both games are overpowered, buti n Black Ops, Killstreaks don't stack, and there's no nuke, which makes it WAY BETTER.And I don't know what Zombie mode you've been playing, but there aren't any Russian Zombies. In Kino Der Toten, there are Nazi Zombies, you can tell because they're wearing the Swastika, and that isn't a Russian Symbol dumbass. In Five, The Zombies are american, along with a few Nazi's. The Perks in MW2 are bullshit overpowered pieces of trash. Eg; Lightweight, Marathon and Commando, or OMA, Danger Close, and Steady aim. They also have Deathstreaks, which you get for sucking at the game. The only thing better about MW2 is the graphics, Maps, and Sniper Rifles.

      • Evan

        well first of all my bad on the russian zombies but lightweight is not overpowered why would you think that it is overpowered. deathstreaks first of all like dont even help that much and painkiller only lasts for 10 seconds,o and by the way the sound of the guns are HORRIBLE!! im serious the frags sound like a fart and the guns they all sound silenced or something

  • Marius

    We don't want realism, we wan't a game thats playable! I really don't see a difference between cod4, cod5, cod6 OR cod7. So I don't understand why you can't shut the hell up and play the fucking game instead.

  • Chris

    This is all i can say. The guns are so so so under powered and when you unlock a gun it feels like it keeps getting weaker everytime. When i play online people only use three guns and thats the ak74, famas and the mp5k

  • Edeshar32

    I really think that people have to get past the graphics problem and realize that what makes Black Ops a great game is obviously not the graphics, but the gameplay itself. Black Ops is simply much more balanced and challenging to play than MW2. No infinite boob tubes, 7-11-25 nuke quickies, and no one-bursts. Guns are more difficult to use and actually challenge the gamer. Rather than have a gun with practically zero recoil and 100% accuracy at any range with a high rate of fire, Treyarch said “Now that you’ve warmed up, try these on for size…” The community should take this challenge and show that you don’t need stopping power or infinite noob tubes to be good at a game. Black Ops actually takes skill, and that’s why I prefer it over MW2.

    • Tony

      makes alot of sence

  • niCk NYCe 718

    Great game…remember its not a sequel to last years game. The CoD series is wonderful because it has different developers. Lay off the comparison comments unless they are treyarch comparisons.

  • Martin80canada

    Disagree with everyone I have 42 inch Sony Bravia and hand down black ops has more detail then mw2 people got to stop comparing anyways just play the game they did a amazing job. The multiplayer levels like nuketown have very little detail but I love it it reminds me of my days on cs.

    • Trodger

      i have to agree with you that black ops has much more detail in its graphics, but mw2 looks smoother, which is why i have to favor mw2's graphics. (played both games on 102 inch HD projector). but i also think that black ops has features that mw2 lacked, like more game modes.

  • Kdw

    People who like mw2 are noobs who couldn't shoot a gun in real life. Mw2 aiming feels like it is on rails. If you think you could aim an assualt rifle in real life without any slop or error you are nuts. People who don't like black ops are the people who saw their precious K/D ratio drop and that is enough for them to run back to mw2. I for one will be playing both games as they are both quality in different ways.

  • Jason Todd

    Wow MW2 is much better then Black ops. Right off the back the graphics are poor on Black ops. The sound Effect on Muti player are terrible on Black ops, all the gunns sound the same, & the when your getting Shot at, it sound like an Air Soft gun is Shooting you. Lol. But the Stoy mode is Good, & Zombies is GREAT! The best thing on black ops is Zombies. But it's a Good game But Not Great. It will be Fun for a while, but i think the Real Skilled Cod Player will go Back to MW2 After getting All the new stuff on Black ops.

    It's like Jordan Vs Kobe Most new people will say Kobe is better then Jordan. Because he's the current Thing In Right now. But the people who Remember Jordan Playing Say Jordan is Way better. Because Kobe Lean From Jordan, He does all the same moves, that Jordan did. so with out Jordan There would be no Kobe. Black ops is Just a copy of MW2 With Bad Sound Effects & Bad graphics.

  • Trodger

    although black ops has more detailed graphics, but for some reason mw2 seems to look better and smoother from my point of view, which is why it might be argued to have better graphics. It's very difficult to get bored of Black ops because it has many different and new game modes, unlike mw2. both games however i believe could make better multiplayer maps, because i will even favor battlefield 2 maps over any cod map (although the maps are a bit too large on battlefield). Both black ops and mw2 are great games, and i will probably keep switching between the two.

  • Darin B.

    I don't know where you guys are getting this whole "the guns are underpowered" stuff. They work just fine, just practice more and actually hit your target, play a little hardcore perhaps! They feel a lot more realistic when shooting than mw2. The lighting in Black Ops is simply phenomenal as well!. MW2 was horrible with the whole auto-aim bullshit online, it doesn't seem to be there or nearly as prominent in Black Ops.

  • Da Swede

    Almost everything about Black Ops that I have noticed owns. I even like the graphics albeit cartoonish. I love the MP options and the new zombies (you can kill Zombies as JFK! How cool is that?!) The campaign blew my mind too!


    The only thing I can complain about is the actual F***ing gameplay. Cool new options do wonders to boost sales, but once you buy it you realize you are stuck playing a game that already feels out of date compared to older FPS games (MW2 Bad Company 2). In fact, I saved my receipt because of my lost faith in Treyarch after WaW. I'll get my money back tomorrow because I'd honestly have an 8th and my MW2 then a copy of Black Ops.

  • Conventrix

    I think its worth it To point out that these games have vastly different art styles. Black ops has a much more gritty and dark art style than mw2 and probably woul appear as if it were worse but in reality the graphics (in there own respects) are pretty equal. In fact i personaly prefer black ops rough grit to the clean almost cartoony look of Mw2. Its supposed to be war isnt it? I also would like to adress the gun damage issues people seem to be having, its part of the freaking game, they took out stopping power for a reason to balance the game. They also made the gums damage lose power over space so that you cant smg or pistol across the map you actualy need a long range gun.

  • Pure666Evil

    Blacks ops feels old, graphics are not even close to MW2….. Not impressed at all!!! FAIL!

  • Louis DJ

    I have played every Call of Duty since 2003, and I must say most have been great games (with some exceptions "CoD 3"). However, since console gaming has gotten hold of this game, graphics tend to be more important then the rest. I switched from PC to XBox 360 five years ago, just because I wanted to be able to play with full graphics on a bigger screen. However this has greatly decreased my appreciation for when I want to play a game on my PC. It even got me to the point where I changed to Mac because I didn't want to play on computers anymore. Nonetheless, I think if Black Ops is given some time, it'll be a better game. I hated MW2 in the beginning, but as I played on I realized it was actually one of the best Cods I've ever played. But with games like Crysis, Gears of War, Uncharted 2, Killzone etc… It is just demoralizing that the graphics haven't even improved since CoD 4 (which was amazing) and that after playing and feeling the realism of FPSs such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I hardly want to go back to 2008 graphics. Anyways, I would only hope for the graphics to be better next time…

    • Guest

      Pc will always have better graphics than ANY console. U switched to crabox360 for graphics?!? U sir are dumb….

      • Guest

        Oh and btw I play pc on a 61inch 1080p tv.

  • HnY

    Can't believe someone even put something as stupid as 'The skilled players will go back to MW2' Skill on MW2 means absolutely nothing, great you can whip out a UMP and spam across the map, and one man army nubtub, and hit someone with a sniper when running, and sit in a corner while your stupidly overpowered chopper kills everyone, and great you can stare through a thermal and dropshot and boost and do everything else that was so damn wrong about MW2. Face it kiddies Black Ops pwns unrealistic warfare 2, and it always will. Also the graphics are almost the same, so stop complaining.

    • mason

      Finally somenoe gets it. Mw2 was broken beyond repair. And the worst part was IW didn't even bother to even try and fix it

  • seth

    black ops is much better graphics on any tv but it has 2 be on ps3 xbox graphics r s**t

    • dildogaggins

      Lol Seth that’s is such bull… that is all

      Ps I love black ops because its fun

    • brian

      I have both systems graphics are the same both run 1080p through hdmi to the same input on tv. Stop hating fanboy.

  • eastbandit


  • Sick Of This

    Wow you are all morons.
    Call of Duty is Activision's, so stop with the Infinity Ward vs Treyarch stuff already. We will all continue to buy every Call of Duty that comes out every year and all of you will still bitch about it while Treyarch, Activision, and Infinity Ward laugh all the way to the bank. (Yes I know Infinity Ward is now done).
    This is a corporation guys, a few of you being fanboys one way or the other affects NOTHING. Just play the games and enjoy them, thats what they are there for. Your dumb coments like, "oh what terrible graphics" are doing nothing.

    P.S. Id love to see all of the haters make a video game that looks as good as a Super Nintendo Game, let alone something that can sell as many copies as a Call Of Duty. You Guys sound like the idiots that argue between Xbox and PS3, who cares? Just have fun.

    • Alan

      honestly if infinity ward is out of the pic I may just switch over to the BF series… the only reason I looked forward to treyarch cod was knowing that at least I would have something to tide me over till i got the infinity ward cod

  • Gus

    As much as I like the mw2 graphics the single player campaign was just horrible. It didnt really make sense. The multiplayer mode wasn’t balanced and to many glitches. Like people trying to get inside the f***en rock in “Fuel”. The killstreaks made it worse cause people were camping trying to get a nuke. The weapons weren’t really balanced. Like having the akimbo model shotguns. Thats what annoying as they had to much firepower. Then people will be using commando, lighweight, and marathon then they are running around stabbing people. Commando was a stupid perk since it enable you to stab a person like 10ft away from you.

    Oh well I just hope Black Ops isn’t the same.

    • Alan

      Honestly the basis of the plot for BO may have been better but in the words of Gameinformer it was too disjointed and messed up to be any good.

  • D-Ray

    BLOP is built on a heavily modded waw engine…
    the graphics are better than most titles so if it was up to me. I will say this; if you own blop for consoles and don’t like it post your comment about how disapointed you were we won’t look at it. GO TURN IT IN, and got on with your life, not every game looks awesome and it is sad when all gamers care about is graphics… games are made for the gameplay and the fun you get out of them is what you make of the expirence!!! If you hate the game for graphics then just quit gaming since you can’t see a good game in front of you.

    So please either quit bitching about graohics or enjoy the sixty bucks you’ve spent on a very entertaining game.

  • Rob

    What I find funny is how people are moaning about how the guns are underpowered in black ops. For one there not underpowered, they kill in around 4-6 bullets, you just need to get them on target. People are just moaning because it takes more skill.

  • JAP

    MW2 Is a Better Game, hands down. Black Ops Campaign mode is Great. Good Graphics, sounds, story, etc. — its a great game. But, where Black Ops has failed is Multiplayer.__ –WTF– Bad Graphics (Cartoonish, simply not refined as MW2) also has anyone noticed animation is off, Bad Sound (all sounds are almost cheap sounding) Controls are OK. __ How many of us have spent countless hours playing the game online. You might beat story mode once or twice but then you will play multiplayer. This is where MW2 has Black Ops beat. __It seems that Blacks Ops Campaign Mode was done very well but the Multiplayer (online) was rushed and is not refined. ___ Activision please make a Modern Warfare 3 that is strictly dedicated to Multiplayer (online). Think of how many different Maps, Guns, Killstreaks, Teams, Game Modes etc. can be put into a game that would only be dedicated to Multiplayer Only. With Millions of Online Players around the world this would be a no brainer. MW2 REIGNS CHAMP

    • IVIyL3$

      TRUE DAT

    • tony

      there is already a game dedicated to online war its called MAG

  • david

    Mw2 For Life.

  • John

    I definetly should have rented black ops too. I spent alot on the prestidge pack :( Alot of ppl think that if you hate black ops its cause you suck at it. I am not great at either game, i have a K/D ratio of 1.45 ish in both but I would way rather play MW2 for its soothness, graphics, gunsounds, and the fact that every enemy class/perk can be countered by another effectivly. I will put up with ppl quick scoping, noobing anyday than having the choppyness and bad graphics of B.O. . I know that it is a continuation of the 3Arc series but come on your market is coming from MW2, its still COD. It would be awesome to get new maps for Mw2 or even new Spec op missions. (not gonna happen) It's nice to ba able to show off cool kills and play back old matches really easy in black ops, if you went like 20 -0.You can keep it in your acct. Zombies are fun too. They are both fun but i like how much more smooth MW2 is. The RCXD is fun, Not the best RC car in the world but the colour camera built in is fun.

  • John

    … continued… I just read the post about the lighting. I don't mean to say that the graphics all around are bad but i don't find it as good overall as MW2 especially for long shots. The shadowing is amazing in black ops. I play on a 22" gaming monitor from my xbox, 2ms refresh rt. it works great

  • Aria

    So i have played MW2 over 1000h's and Black ops for now about 35 h's. In my opininion black ops is made for people who camp, if you rush u gonna be strainght dead. in blackops, there are some cool perks, but they are fucked up. most of the good perks are in 2nd. i have to say that player card, video thingy is cool but gameplay and most of the maps suck hardly compared to MW2. i should have played cracked version first-.-'

  • mark

    hi i bought a new LG full 1080p "ld450" and the first time i played black ops the first thing i noticed is the graphics .. i even swap my cd's black ops to MW2 and their is a big difference, i just want to say it ruin the whole game and thats my opinion… id be happy to have a graphics update witch is not possible.

  • arnas

    black ops is like mw2 and waw add bouf together because grapiks and online gameplay is like mw2 but the zombie mode is from waw but it is a lot of new fetures.

  • CowboyInG8rBoots

    I have to say, that if it wasn't for the customization options and the wager matches, black ops would be a TOTAL waste of money for me. I seriously feel like I got ripped off. Not just because of the graphics, but the whole feel of the game is just sloppy. Yes, MW2 has its faults with the noob tubing, quick scoping, and boosting, but at least multiplayer was smooth and polished. The guns in Black Ops all sound like pop guns (same thing with the grenades/explosives). They don't have a distinct feel to them. I especially like how Treyarch took measures to stop boosting, but I still feel like I spent money on a game that should have came out 3 or 4 years BEFORE MW2. I wont be giving Treyarch any more of my money. Infinity Ward, please help us!

    • SleepingDwarf

      That is EXACTLY how I feel!

  • cameron

    Well guys, all the obvious has been stated considering graphics, gameplay, maps, weapons, and weapon damage. Everything you hear is true but, it's a fresh new game, and definitely a challenge, and that is why I like it. I definitely feel it doesn't cater to the nubes which means hopefully all those nube tubing, baby monitoring, death streaking idiots will eventually drop off the map for this game and let the men battle it out on a game that takes a little more adaptation. I look forward to another infinity ward game for sure, I think their modern warfares have set them apart and has taken FPS's to a new level, but until then I'm taking on this challenge and spoiler alert!!! I'm kicking ass and I'll already know your names, thanks to your gamer card :)

    haha alright gamers see you out there!

  • salom

    I recently bought Black ops and honestly MW2 is far more better. I really surprise hearing people taking about graphics is not a matter since the Black ops is a more solid game, if this is the case then why we don't go back to playstation 2! Why Sony take all this time developing PS 3 isn't the graphics!

    • Cman

      because ps3 is sooo much more than graphics dumbass. With more powerful engines the framerate and gameplay increases exponentially

  • Chea

    Everyone can say what you about MW2 or Black Ops but both games have their pros and cons like any other game we play. There never gonna be a game that satisfies everyone. There are always going to be someone complain about something. If MW2 never established all the problems in the game, would Black Ops' gameplay be what it is. The question at hand is not about gameplay, its about the graphics. To honestly answer it, MW2 has better and smoother graphics, its does not matter who made it, IW or Treyarch, Black Ops does not have the graphics like everyone expected, period.

    Even though Black Ops address most of the gameplay problems with MW2, there are still many other problems that came up. 1. Sound-quality just sucks ass 2. Spawn points in the game(most DM) are completely stupid, kill a guy, take a couple of steps and he spawns behind you. 3. Sniping, was quick-scoping that bad of a problem where they now, u can't. Makes people that wants to snipe, just sits and camp. STUPID

  • jesus prevails

    hey guys how about we all stop complaining about the game and either play or u dont.compalining about it isnt going to make it better.personally with games ive gotten,ive read reveiws and people have said the graphics are bad,but when i got it i strongly disagreed. for example for world at war people are saying that the graphics look similar to that and to b honest i loved the waw graphics, so stop the drama enjoy the games u buy and stop complaining, its a good game ive heard and not every game is going to be amazingly perfect…just doesnt work that way

  • Shuayb

    For me the truth is Modern Warfare 2 has the better graphics but the gameplay of black ops is sweeter and more enjoyable. Cod WAW I never really played because it was pretty rubbish.MW2 was a great game but the OMA Noob Tubes and frustration just ruined it.Black ops has shitt graphics but the game ownz .

  • Luke ps3

    Well graphics are not the best but gameplay i love, i use to play hardcore because it was only way to kill someone with 1 bullet to the head you also because i Liked using other perks otherthan stopping power, plus quick scoping you cant do in real life and then you will say it dont take 2 bullets in real life either but you had to in mw2 anyway if you didnt have stopping power but still it would take 2, zombies is a great game mode which adds something other then spawn and kill and die also alot less hackers still be prestige hackers but in waw there were none until they stopped paying attention because they were working on BO and people were playing mw2 and IW just gave up and took to long with maps and patches.

    Lot less toobers as well and they arent over powered and there is no OMA and danger close which helps and people dont like the point system, it is alot better because people will not hack for T&E and wont boost for nukes and camos also no commando so i dont get stabbed from ridiculous lengths, i use to run around using ninja cold blooded and sleight of hand with maggnam 44. Tac knife now that is real knifing 

    anyone reads this and agrees thumbs up :D 

    Anyone wants to bitch about this to me send me a message dont add me on ps3 XxTactical_Lukex 


  • Sam

    i'll admit MW2 has better, smoother graphics, but black ops has more variety to almost everything else. They removed all the shitty noob things back in mw2, they took out tactical insertion out of free for all so boosters won't exist. They took out stopping power, and fucking COMMANDO. They also took out nukes because it was fucking ridiculous. Anyone camping or killstreaking could just end a game quickly, but in such a stupid way. Now you can't run 100mph while knifing people 50ft away, and you can't face a sub-machine gunner with a sniper rifle from close range (quickscoping). Also, kill-streaks are not overpowered in Black ops. Also, treyarch has a better side-mode than infinity ward. I mean, Spec ops totally sucked ass. ZOMBIES are fucking insane fun, and it doesn't matter if it's unrealistic, it's a FUCKING GAME. You don't get shot 20 times then recover in 5 seconds and start killing everyone. The sad thing still present though is the goddamn noob tube, and the knifing lags a lot sometimes. I still play both games. But mw2 whores are stupid

  • Zman

    Campaign: Black ops is better- I felt way more attactched to the story and characters.
    Special Co-op mode: Zombies vs Spec Ops- Zombies easily beats spec ops.
    Multiplayer: Black ops is little better- Black ops may not have as good as graphics and may have some flaws but MW2 was updated like 6 times or more Black ops has only been once and will be updated a lot more to fix flaws. Black ops also has Theater mode which you can upload your clips to Youtube. Black ops has Combat Training which is a great way to get a feel for multiplayer. Black Ops also has a lot better customization. For all you complaining about no sniper maps. What about Array? WMD? Cracked? Crisis? Jungle? And if Treyarch hears that there is not enough sniper maps well than they will add them to the map packs.

    Overall Black ops is better

  • 7yr old =P

    the average age that plays mw2 is !7! =O black ops: 16 im more of a black ops type of guy =
    P.S im tired of hearing: mommy can i play for 5 more minutes! all the time… -_-

  • JCO

    Alright people…the Black Ops engine is an updated version of the WaW engine, which was an updated version of the CoD4 engine…I see lots of similarities with those three games. I did notice that Black Ops has bigger maps and that the gameplay is a hell lot more balanced than MW2's noobtubing, commando, and one man army infested gameplay. Honestly, i believe that the color pallets used in Black Ops are beautiful, but the lighting, shadows, and texture work is nothing compared to MW2, which so far, has the best graphics in the franchise. Will they get better with the next CoD coming out next year (yearly CoD games are confirmed)? who knows. I really do hope that the remaining developers in Infinity Ward make a MW3 next year or the year after. A MW3 with better graphics than MW2, and gameplay similar to Black Ops = the ultimate console FPS. Either that or the other developers (a company ending with hammer idk the whole name is) will capitalize on treyarch's graphical mistakes. If Activision didn't spoil us with MW2's graphics we wouldn't be complaining about Black Op's graphics.

  • Si briers

    I feel let down by all the guns on black ops, keep changin from one gun to another just trying to find which one suits me but they all seem the same and sound small and silly. MW2 Was such a good online game that Black ops is'nt a patch on it. I would give Black ops 6 out of 10 and MW2 a 9 out of 10, They have taken all the fun out of it by trying to stop the cheating that went on in MW2. Im going to stick to MW2 for now.

  • ryan

    Black ops is the biggest let down ever! I havent had one round yet where i feel like saying "hmm…im glad i bought this game!" Im always pissed off at black ops. You cant snipe…there are no sniping maps either. Way too much recoil on most guns except famas. It takes a whole clip to kill someone, unless u are 5 ft away from opponent. The perks are positioned poorly. Points system sucks. THIS GAME DOES NOT ALLOW SKILLED PLAYERS TO CONSISTENTLY WIN. MW2 let the skilled players dominate. Black ops makes everyone have a 1.00 ratio. Im always saying outloud "What! how did that guy not die when i nailed him point blank with a shotgun, or poured a clip of assault rifle on him. Also, RCXD remote car RUINS THE GAME.

  • Awesome Guy

    Noobs play MW2. Idiots play Black Ops. REAL MEN play BFBC2. Screw these shitty FPS games designed for the retarded youth of today. Give me the real deal that is Bad Company 2.

  • don't jizz on me

    black ops sucks so much like a guy jizzing on another guy thats how much it sucks.
    mw3 is going to suck too because infinity ward isn't going to be working for activision because activision likes jizz in their mouth. COD is dead. long live cod2, cod4, and cod6

  • Rollin

    How about u geta pc so can actually see what it looks like without squinting through your ****ty tv's. Black ops has much better graphics than mw2 escpecially lighting.


  • cj pain

    cmon guys ya mw2 got its little kid issues like im a kill away from a nuke and i get commando and not 2 mention nubes and camps but b ops has some unquestionable lags and issues so cmon mw2 is better in my oppinion

  • cj pain

    cmon guys ya mw2 has its kiddy issues like im 1 away frm a nuke AND I GET COMMANDO PROED & not 2 mention dose noobs but black ops has unquestionable lags and issues i like mw2 better in my opinion

    • Grant

      i like black ops but u my friend have class in stateing you opinion. i applaud you

  • fuk treyarch

    DUDE black ops sucks! graphics,killstreaks,and sound .

  • guest

    gfx aside, all odd numbered CoD's are just plain bad, Infinity ward should just get the entire franchise, but then who would buy the guff they put out every other year, people didn't learn with world at war, at least they'll be a good CoD again next year with number 8, but in the mean time, anyone for MW2

  • pete

    I play Black Ops everyday i Love it, However i dont love getting spawn raped, bad hosts, crap sounding pea shooting guns, lame graphics etc….. But its still fun. Why did trenchyard get rid of loads of classes? I found it fun to see one guy running about knifing people with commando, sumone using a roit sheld, another guy sniping in the corner of the map, a camper here and there and people running and gunning, it was fun. Now everyones just running around in black ops with a AK4U. Thats it it fun will fun out soon

  • IVIYL3$

    whats wrong with quickscoping? wut if a guy comes to u and u only have a sniper and u cant half scope in and kill them? theres just gonna sit around snipig nao

  • Anthony

    I don’t know why everybody compare Black Ops and MW2 because everything is much more realistic in BO.But,it’s not all over,sounds effects is better,gameplay is better,story is BETTER…Well everything is better.Seriously.A lot of imbecile said that the graphic are poor but they doesn’t realized that their are making a fucking big mistake while telling this unbelivable dirty shit.Cause all the texture are associate to the epoque.Per example:if you make a game that state in Vietnam and Cold war it’s normal that you’ll found moderne’s war much more realistic cause buildings,houses,weapons…are more recent.EVERYTHING IS ASSOCIATE TO THE EPOQUE.Never forget it.OH!!! Concerning MW2,it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alan

      Graphics have nothing to do with the aesthetic/artistic setting of a game. There is just plain worse. Saying that Black Ops is more realisitic is bullshit. Any video game is no more or less real than the next. There are too many real life variables to consider to have a fully realized game. The main reason I prefer MW2 is for the smoother game play and the variety.

  • _nuclear_

    Black Ops "feel" for movement and mouse are bad. Weapons seem far too balanced. You can tell BLOPS uses the Source engine and MW2 uses the Q4 engine. id Software has always had the superior engine when it comes to player movement and mouse feel.

    Its a different game. Is either better then the other? No – but I will say that BLOPS does give the lesser players more of a chance then in MW2. I didn't say it brings down better players, but it gives the lesser ones more of a shot at not being raped two ways from sunday.

  • Shitbreak

    Both games are fun in different way, but MW2 is far more better game than Lag Ops. I play FPS since HL/CS times but to be honest I never been so frustrated on playing FPS til Black ops came out. as mentioned by the other player here, there so much issues with BO in accuracy, connection, bad spawning, graphics, weapons has the same power, and some objects is invisible. I was running and suddenly hit an invisible object that you can even climb up, I'm like WTH is this? but if you check who made more money in the franchise BO made 100M more than MW2, you why? its because people expected the game to blew MW2 away but HELL NO! prolly MW1 has blown away but MW2 in treyarch dreams. zombie has step to the next level, Story line maybe (never played campaign yet) but overall, with this kind of issues it seems like they release the game to early and did not do a proper test. I understand MW2 has issues and Glitches when it came out, but its not as bad as BO, Multiplayer is almost unplayable, never seen my friends list to have same comment about this game ("COD:Lag Ops") this game will not last longer than MW2 IMO.

  • dan

    black ops is hanging! what a let down! looks and feels like a ps2 game!

  • Bob

    COD blacks ops no good sniper spots, close qauters game play, hardly any open areas, shotguns should still be a secondary, no riot sheild but other than that its exactly the same as mw2 but with balanced weapons

  • dyyylan

    i love it when retards say,"its hard to get kills". please. this probably means you suck dumbass,also it was wayy easy to get kills in mw2 as you can see demonstrated by the faggot camping at the beginning of the video. mw2 had EXTREMELY overpowered killstreaks, i mean a fuckin nuke??? come on, you cant tell me that once everyone figured out you could end the game with a 25 ks, they didnt try to do just that EVERY FUCKING MATCH! commando: which is stabbing someone who it 15 feet away, now thats realistic.
    commando pro: no falling damage,thats REALLY realistic.
    im glad infinity ward went under, now they dont have a chance to fuck up another cod. if they would have made black ops,it would be shit.
    go ahead and right comments about this people who disagree, id love to hear some nonsense:)

    • Grant

      will you marry me? bc this is one of the most beautiful things ive seen all day. at least i know one person in this world has a brain

    • Alan

      I can personally vouch for the fact that both MW2 and BO are very easy. I usually rape in the multiplayer of both. BO doesn't have the massive kill streaks that MW2 had but it has worse spawn camping which allows you to rack up kills much more easily.

      Knifing is just as bad in this game… sometimes i feel like when two people knife each other the game engine rolls two dice and the winner gets the kill.

      On the note of Commando pro you are retarded as lightweight pro has the same effect.

      Infinity Ward hasn't gone under and any cod they make is better imo.

  • Blake

    Modern Warfare 2 is a far superior game. Black Ops is fun and new but cannot be put in the same category as MW2. Games are supposed to get better, not worse.

  • Jack who h8s Cod 7

    just put it this way cod 3 4 5 6 own cod 7 and i cant stress it enough to ppl when the say cod 7 is brilliant. its absolutely SHIT!!!

  • Grant

    from the begining they said that they are going to make it hard on the noobs. ive played both. i get about the same kill/death ratio. but i believe my black ops one is better. u know why? mw2, u get the best wepons first, and the worest weapons later. also, noob tubes every 3 seconds!!! knifes are more powerful the guns? i shoot someone 5 times and they dont die, but let me tell you a knife from 50 feet away is a quick kill. and finally, u can get a nuke with 7kills (6 if you have hardline). dont know what im talkin about? harrier gets you chopper gunner in a snap. chopper gunner can get you a nuke in one use, and if it dosent, then you just need a few more kills and bang! u won a round. good job. i see almost no difference in graffics. u know what i say? i say u guys all just wanted the best game ever made, the delivered, but u screwed them in the butt bc they make it hard on low level people, even tho thats the point of the game to begin with! they said that to begin with!

    • Alan

      again I rape at BO and im telling you that its not versitile enough to hold an audience for more than 5-6 months tops. This game is either you play hardcore or you are playing a worse version of MW2. But wait hardcore is the same in both games too.

      Again knifing is only marginally better in this game and camping is even worse as people with ghost+silencer sit in a corner and try and rack up the kills for those oh so cool killstreaks.

  • Dat

    why do people rely so heavily on graphics over performance? To be honest, I played modern warfare 2 on pc on max settings for a while, the graphics were smooth, and there was no doubt i was deeply immersed in the game, but it was missing something. Black ops came out, and no doubt i had purchased it shortly after, I quit playing modern warfare 2 because black ops filled in where modern warfare 2 had problems. Overall graphics on modern warfare 2 are better, but graphics won't do any good when you're getting shot down by noobs that can't play like other people, Black ops is better performance wise, considering that many things have improved. Both games are not perfect however.

  • Jake H

    In my opinion, its hard to judge black ops via zombie mode because it is a dark setting. to be honest, the graphics aren't terrible. obviously mw2 looks much more glamorous, but black ops and waw are nearly the same, but black ops has slightly better graphics. the biggest problem with black ops, the part where most are concerned about, it the online multiplayer. i've noticed, along with all of my friends online that the lag is sometimes unbearable, and usually if you or your team is not hosting the game, it's found to be just terrible.

  • Don't give a FUCK!

    *-Well for graphics!: I think "BO" seems BETTER on campaign, you know! those facial shadows and lighting. YET, I was shocked when i came and play BO's multi-player. Those texture are a bit of blurry, things are like COD4, little bit caroony and shadows are little bit of miscalculated compared to "MW2"! so I guess "MW2" wins!!!

    *-For campaign story!: MW2's story seems to have booring story :/ i think BO's are more epic than MW2. well thats my own comparisons, I don't give a fuck! if you think i'm not right!!!

    *-Multiplayer: -_- First of all! "BO" has lame kill-streaks, and perks (I'm still dissapointed they didn't include "stopping power") but you can still manage to buy and get stuff faster, other than unlocking your own for hours like in "MW2" :( ANYWAYS "MW2" has better weapons, perks and most of all KILLSTREAKS! just love the AC-130!


  • Ipunchkitties

    I’m not a IW nor am I a Treyarch fanboy. But I can say, without a doubtthat I had way more fun playing MW2 than in BO. In MW2 there’s more variety, and just plain fun. You could fool around in MW2 and still dominate. (riotshield, c4 scavenger) BO is just pure point and click. I do enjoy BO time to time but not as much as I enjoyed MW2.

  • Andrew

    Look Guys MW2 Is Great But The Thing Is Black Ops Is Supposed To Be Better But I'd Give Black Ops A Ten Out Of Ten But At The Same Time I'd Give MW2 A Ten Out Of Ten So All You Retards Who Think Black Ops Is Better Than MW2 Is WRONG But Same With MW2 Being Better Than Black Ops So Please Give Me A Thumbs Up…… :)


    Black ops was a HUGE disapointment! I wasted $59 dollars and I wasted my time in pre -ordering it… The game has graphics that look like from cod 5 or even 3! Online sucks because Over powered killstreaks that are too easy to get example: Attack dogs, Gunship, chopper gunner, and RC XD is too easy to get. The guns have no power at all. Campaign was the best I played. But co- op zombies gets boring. Treyarach needs to stop making games because COD 3, COD 5 and Black ops is all crap :P


    I think Treyarch is stupid and lazy. The only reason why they Put the RC-XD in the game is because one of the employee's son was playing with an RC car so that gave Treyarch a dumb stupid idea!

  • Suspect

    The game uses wave 6 security,
    Yet all high budget games that came out this year have been wave 8 and some with AP2.5…
    This game has neither! was it sitting on a shelf? 8-)

  • tlc tony saydo

    mw2 is far better, i think the perks are more level on that and better options. the ninja perk, what a joke, you cant hear the footsteps with or without it, eliminating the point of sneaking up on people, lags too much, also much prefer the maps

  • nate

    Why would you banish quickscoping? It's not like it's an advantage. When playing MW2 I usually get excited when I come around the corner and see some guy trying to outgun me from point blank with an intervention, the odds are definitely in my favor. People hate quickscoping because it's embarrassing to get killed with a technique they can't pull of effectively. It certainly isn't advantageous though. For me quickscoping adds replayability to mw2. I get tired of using assault rifles and shotguns, so I go to quickscoping (always to the detriment of my k/d and w/l ratios). I mean in a game full of maps that are disadvantageous to traditional stakeout sniping, and weaker rifles, banishing quickscoping makes it almost impossible to snipe effectively.

  • Doma

    shit LMG's apart from m60

  • uruguay


  • Zach

    Gosh Man I agree with almost everyone of you who is hating on Black Ops.
    Im sorry but I have to come out and say it. Black Ops is already getting a little borin Maybe youll say I play it too much but I dont think so. The online is the same old crap they really didnt add anything new if you think of it, Same gun's same killstreaks etc. The only thing that keeps me on that game is the Zombies game mode because its so fun. MW1,MW2 and WAW just gave me and awesome feeling whenever I played it but BO doesnt.


    IMO, Mw2 still is better than Black Ops. Besides all of the talk about graphics, which Mw2 proves to be the superior, there are several other issues I have with the game. Mw2's original multiplayer maps killed the ones that have came out on Black Ops. Aslo, what's the point of having sniper rifles in Black Ops if maybe, and i say maybe, only one map is "mediocre" for sniping, by which I mean Array. So many Mw2 maps killed it, especially Derail. Perfect balance in every aspect at Derail, from assault rifles to snipers. Next issue is the exposives. I can shoot a M72 LAW at a person and hitting within 4 feet of them, not even get a hit-marker every time. Same thing with grenades. If it's not right on them, you can give up the chance of even getting a hit-marker, much less a kill. Black Ops did have a very good idea on facepaint and other customizations, like the reticles. Some of the killstreaks were very nice, and i kind of like the idea of not being able to use your killstreaks to count towards your overall killstreak.


    Taking out stopping power was a good choice as well, so it is even for all players all around. Now the weapons. Besides what I said on sniper rifles earlier, several other things bother me. A freaking light machine gun only have 30 shots per clip? Horrbile idea. Just might as well call it another assualt rifle class that makes you run slower. And the secondary weapons. Taking the shotguns and machne pistols off the list was an extremely stupid thing to do IMO. And in Black Ops, the only automatic weapon, CZ75, takes MORE shots to kill when it has the fully-auto attatchment than when it is semi-auto? Seriously, what crap are they trying to pull. And now the credit system. Only thing I can say about it is that it is exremely stupid. Once i purchace a gun, i can easily buy everything possible for that gun, without haveing to put in any work into it. As i said, I like all the customizations, but not having to work for anything sucks. There is so much more I could talk about, but im not going to say any more. My final conclusion is: Mw2 > Black Ops.

  • Mustaffa

    I am let down by black ops, mainly because I was in the military and used many of the weapons in MW2. For the most part, they look and function much like the real thing, that is what drew me to the game. In black ops, they look very cartoonish and don't function like real weapons. I am not a gamer per say, but I know what I like! Black Ops in going on Craigslist, and Im sticking with MW2.

  • Captain Pichy

    MW2 & Black Ops are Both good games! But MW2 Allows to many stupid practices (Noob Tubers, Insane Quick Scooping, Tactical Nuke Boosters, Unbalanced Guns) Yeah MW2 = better graphics but BO much better gameplay and lots of adds (Statistics, Guns Personalized, more realistics perks,….) I'm very happy with Black Ops, and for sure next Infinity Ward Shooter will be Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Hardcore

    black ops graphics look like painted carboard but im impressed by the lightning
    and i really love nazi zombies :)

    but there is still something missing…i just dont know

    bu! i prefer both games mw2 and black ops.

  • steve

    Black ops is a major let down, i dont know about any1 else but when ever i play it it is always laging out and crashing and i have a good internet connection… sides from that you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out mw2 is by far hands down the much better game.. the maps have far more imagination to them, compared to bops 5 min attempt i mean 'array' wtf is all that about? the guns are all on the same level, the people look like small cartoon characters and lag or no lag the accuracy is way of key.. people who say lag ops is better really are dumb and have no idea> it sucks hard and personally i will never play it again waste of my time and money, from a game i had high hopes for.. roll on mw3!

  • mat

    black ops sucks because i believe if i jump of a 10 story building you wouldnt land on your feet

  • jennygraig

    to be honest Black Ops is a very good game due to the many different features it brings in multiplayer (wager, combat training, all the other usuall games, THEATER MODE and ZOMBIES) and MW2 brings you spec ops and normal game types. Although the graphics in BO are a bit dull compared to Mw2 but it is just a different art style and it is not a series from Mw2 but a series from WAW. SO I believe that although black ops has the duller graphics it is the mopst dominant game due to its many varities of online gameplay.

  • teh_boi

    i think that we should just play mario instead

  • Joe Guitar

    I just wanted to say that to really appreciate the graphics of a game you must use a PC. I have a I7 with a GeForce GTX 460 OC 1G and 6G ram ddr3 and the graphics in BO are amazing. I played BO for PS3 and it seemed like I was playing a megadrive game comparing to the PC. In terms of realism neither MW2 nor BO are very realistic but BO it's much better in that fixture, if you want realism buy Battlefield bad company 2. So to end, I think that BO is a cool game, with some flaws (for me the main one is: some ways of killing are bit unrealistic like with the knife), but more entertaining and challenging than MW2. I think the best thing to do it's to have Black ops to play like you're Rambo, just go on and kill some pricks and then have Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a more realistic, complete and tactical/teamwork gameplay. One last thing, for those who complain about the damage of the guns, it depends on witch server you're playing, I've played in some servers that with only a shot or two you kill the enemy…. take care

  • Joe Guitar

    I just wanted to say that to really appreciate the graphics of a game you must use a PC. I have a I7 with a GeForce GTX 460 OC 1G and 6G ram ddr3 and the graphics in BO are amazing. I played BO for PS3 and it seemed like I was playing a megadrive game comparing to the PC. In terms of realism neither MW2 nor BO are very realistic but BO it's much better in that fixture, if you want realism buy Battlefield bad company 2. So, to end, I think that BO is a cool game, with some flaws (for me the main one is: some ways of killing are bit unrealistic like with the knife), but more entertaining and challenging than MW2. I think the best thing to do it's to have Black ops to play like you're Rambo, just go on and kill some pricks and then have Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a more realistic, complete and tactical/teamwork gameplay. One last thing, for those who complain about the damage of the guns, it depends on witch server you're playing, I've played in some servers that with only a shot or two you kill the enemy, or else you suck and just aim to non vital parts…. take care

  • Irondove7

    As cynical brig would say: there’s an awful lot of trolling and fanboism in here. But good details worth considering. I shall hopefully do a bit of ranking on the leaderboards, while you lot fuss about. Ta!

  • jack

    it really does depend on what tv and what console i have a an lg led tv and ps3 and xbox and personally ps3 makes everything crisp with not that horrible rough edgyness that i get with my xbox

  • Hayden

    Those videos do NOT compare multiplayer graphics. Black Ops biggest failing is the multiplayer graphics when compared to mw2.

    Also the footsteps sound effects on ps3 is rediculus.

  • john

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!! shut up you spoiled little fuckin brats, seriously, "OMG TEH GRAHIX ARE SO BAD I CANT NOT TELL WHEN A GUY SHOOTZ AT ME!!11ELEVEN!!" get over it jesus, graphics don't even come close to making a game. maybe it would do some of you some good to appreciate what you get instead of bitching about it. or maybe you would all rather be playing pac-man and donkey kong………

  • dom

    The graphics arent that good which is a disappointment but the gameplay is far more realistic,I cant believe they didnt make more open maps for sniping, every map is for close combat ,sniping is already difficult enough as it is,everytime you zoom in the scope is swaying all over the place.The sniping should be like the way it was in cod4/WaW but not MW2 quickscoping a person from opposing sides of the map is scandalous.Hopefully the maps will have 2 or 3 sniping maps.Anyone who thinks that MW2 is a great game is sad cos it was so arcadey running around the map at 100 mph stabbing people from 20 yards away so stupid,a few tweaks to black ops and it will be great

  • stoned

    Poor graphics,anemic sounds of weapons,the same one from every weapon,strange maps,strange killing abilities of bullets and idiotic perk achievement methods-that's what i got in BO after a long period of enjoying MW2.
    Why have i play flags for example to get marathon pro?who is the idiot that made it?To play rush type of game without ability to run?
    Biggest part of weapons are absolutely unusable!WTF?
    My opinion-BO is a great step after MW2…But step back.

  • Name

    All the people saying mw2 is better u need to move on. mw2 is good but black ops is an overall better game. The only things mw2 excels black ops in are graphics (which I don’t really care about as long as they’re half-decent) and 2 player offline splitscreen (which not many people do).

  • Idiot

    So the guns sounds like shit? Compare the colt (which sounds like a muda fuckin beast) in black ops, to the m9 in mw2. m9 is a toy, thin as a fucking piece of paper, and sounds like a “peashooter”. God you people who say it sounds stupid. Hk to the MG4. compare. Galil to the acr. compare again. enough said homeboys


  • Lucas Tselepis

    Black ops campain is amazing best campaign out of all the CODs. However, MW2 still rapes blackops up the arse!

  • cod

    i Agree mw2 has better graphics but it so unrealistic eg quick scoping, commando , 1 man army and other things but of course black ops will have some glitches it's kinda new game and it wont be as good in some ways because it not meant to be modern warfare it's about warfare 30-50 years ago

    black ops owns

  • Joe

    Really it looks like some of the graphics on the map itself lacked, but the reflections/wood grain on weapons has improved vastly. It almost looks like they're going for an HDR kind of feel to the visuals but it hasn't quite gone so cartoony with it (like some HDR photos look). Not having a copy of the game and just making my point with the three videos presented, I think it looks more like WaW, and if that's more the look they were going for, then it's much more polished than WaW, but for the time it took and the huge hype that followed, you would have thought it might have been slightly better.

  • tim

    graphics matter alot these days if Treyarch cant take the time to make a game with good graphics. Then maybe it's time for infinity ward to take over. all you people who say its all about gameplay and not graphics. then maybe you should go play your shitty nintendo's.


    rc's are very annoying and destroy killstreaks. worst idea ever another fail for black ops.

  • Pat

    I personally like Black Ops alot more than Mw2, graphics-wise, gameplay-wise, AND stopping-****ing-hackers wise, so I think that Black Ops is, 1.) The best CoD game so far, and 2.) The best game Treyarch has made so far.

  • job

    Treyarch are a joke, infinity ward are pure class, i love hardcore search n destroy in mw2, black ops is just mainstream rubbish and now the dust has settled ppl are comin back to mw2.

  • Codder

    I like black ops.

    It is fun.

    and that is all that matters.

  • light

    That's also you're OPINION.

  • Kevin

    I like Mw2 a lot better. The maps are better, graphics are better, guns are better. Seriously, what happened to all the secondarys, non of them are realiable imo. And snipers? Wtf happened why can't I seem to hold it damn still. Spawns are the bigggest problem, after I spawned I get flanked in less than 10 seconds wtf… Hopefully the next one is done by Infinityward

  • Ryan

    I'm sorry but Black ops took 4 steps back to the terrible Cod 3 in my opinion. The game lacks in graphics, the game play is extremely choppy, and the guns all feel underpowered and relatively the same. The knifing in this game is horrible, I can go for a knife and just lunge past him but he gets me????? Also the sniping in this game, although better now than it was, is still bad. I get way to many hit markers for center mass body shots and when all I can see is someones head ill get either a hit markers or just a normal kill.

    e.g. I was using the L96A1 on jungle and I was in the Snipers nest and i seen a guy laying prone across the map so i steady my gun and shoot, and all I got was a hit marker. (and trust me i was on his head). I then shot another 6 times (yeah this kid was terrible enough to give me 7 shots on his head) just in order to kill them.

    I also want to point out how utterly terrible the servers are. During my first game I was disconnected because they could not migrate host. And still even today 3 months after the game came out 1 or 2 out of every 10 games i play disconnect. That is unacceptable!!!

    I'm not saying that MW2 was perfect because it wasn't but was way more refined, polished, and clean, the servers were good, and also the game play was smooth, deep and fulfilling, and to be honest the story was better

    • Hooligan Snail

      Dude it sounds like you just suck ass at duty. Just because you botched a shot doesn’t mean the game sucks, dude. Black Ops has the same game engine which means there is no difference in graphics. MW2 has darker color schemes so it tends to look more real and less cartoon like but that’s about it. They both have good and bad points, and I have played a lot of each to know them all.

      Its time to stop bitching about Black Ops. 90% of the people out there complaining are just pissed because Black Ops didn’t make the snipers way overpowered like in MW2. The concept of quick scoping a .50 cal sniper rifle is ridiculous anyways.

      Learn to shoot a AR and stop hiding in corners you bitches!


    • Hooligan Snail

      Dude it sounds like you just suck ass at duty. Just because you botched a shot doesn’t mean the game sucks, dude. Black Ops has the same game engine which means there is no difference in graphics. MW2 has darker color schemes so it tends to look more real and less cartoon like but that’s about it. They both have good and bad points, and I have played a lot of each to know them all.

      Its time to stop bitching about Black Ops. 90% of the people out there complaining are just pissed because Black Ops didn’t make the snipers way overpowered like in MW2. The concept of quick scoping a .50 cal sniper rifle is ridiculous anyways.

      Learn to shoot a AR and stop hiding in corners you bitches!


  • DJ M4C

    WTF Treyarch your graphics, sound effects and Multiplayer are a huge dissapointment. 1 those sniper rifles sound like fuckin cannon and your mini guns soundlike hair dryers 2. your Multiplayer was a massive rip off of MW2. You Guys are such IW wanna be’s, thumbs down Treyarch :(

  • http://google use the lube

    MW2 has better quick scopes,no scopes,glitches and black ops dosent only because infinity ward is better than treyarch

  • pandemis

    Black ops is so much better. The graphic is pretty much the same as mw2 if you ask me, weapons are more balanced, no stupid noob-tube/quickscope/knife faggots or gay killstreak rewards.
    The gameplay is also more calm and better imo. The MW2 gameplay was too fast and unreal
    All the things that made MW2 stupid and annoying have been changed to the better and the credit-system is awesome + new types of game-modes (gun game etc.).
    I refused to buy black ops when it came out, because i thought it would be another Mw2, but turns out it was better.

    And i bet all the black ops haters never played black ops or only tried it once. Play for some time and you will see how great it is compared to mw2

    • Northerner

      Agreed mate

  • fatcap

    i am a graffiti artist and i liked COd MW2, it looked perfect and the graphics blew ma mind…. now when black ops came out i was very disappointed, the graphics look like they have not improved from the last one this bullshit company made. alsothey put in the CORNIEST sayings ive ever heard, not to mention they repeat over and over again driving you crazy. The weapons look like 2 pieces of metal slapped together with drawn on designs…. no matter what tv you are running it through….
    im not comparing black cock ops to MW2 because doing so would make treyarch look like they stole their graphics from tetris

  • cod

    i like both but mw2 multi online is better but black ops has way morethings to do. i like both

  • KOR

    i cant stand the mw2 graphics somethig about it forces me to sit real close to my 36" tv in order to see what is happeing i the game the only thing i dont like about blackops is the first decently good weapon other than the enfield you get is at level 20 the gailil

  • Joshua

    I love mw2 not black ops

  • Murray

    BO is trash, its simple as that. The first 6 months of MW2 were atrocious and i traded my copy in. i came back 6 months later and repurchased it and it was much more refined. yes, it still has commando and danger close but lets face it, you'd have to play pretty darn terrible to let that largely affect you. Yes, Treyarch did fix problems, but in the process it lost the CoD feel, the CoD touch, what the series regulars were used to and loved. I realise im going to be slammed in the replies for this as "IW fanboy if IW was slapped on black ops youd love it" and the rest of it. not true at all, CoD 5 was a wonderful game, as was call of duty 3, but BO really doesnt live up to the title's reputation and playstyle. It's no call of duty to me.

    • Ethan

      Just to be clear I don't consider Black Ops to be better then MW2 or MW2 to be better then Black Ops overall. Two different groups made these games and they are set in different time periods, different economic and geographic locations and are two completely different games. I know Treyarch is a subsidary of activision but that does not mean activison participated in the development of Black Ops. Anyways, all of our opinions are completely biased and none of us ,the consumers, can really claim everything about both games.

  • Jonathan

    The games are being played on two systems. Black Ops was on Playstation and the others were on xBox360. The graphics for Black Ops would be worst sence its on a Playstation 3. On xBox there not as bad as that, not saying there the greatest, and no where near as bad as World at War. And the person playing Zombies sucked, only got to round 3. You need to have all the games played on the same system and same TV to get any worthy data. Without that, this doesnt prove anything other then he cant play Zombies.

  • brow

    i say that after you play black ops for a while you start to love the game

  • Marty

    Black ops is an insult to the CoD series

  • pizzaroll17

    Black ops is way way better. MW2 guns have major kickback. when i tried playing it after i had just played Black Ops i got ticked and went back to Black Ops within 2 games. I cant play MW2 anymore because of the kickback. The smootness of shots in Black Ops is perfect and the guns in MW2 block the screen when you look directly at a guy. If i play MW2 I quickscope or use the Famas cause it has a good sight. Another problem with MW2 is its lagging. I lag at the most twice a day on Black Ops and MW2 the host gets kicked and it take 25 minutes to play a 10 minute game. And BO has zombies and with Escaltion coming out BO will be the game played by everyone. And all you MW2 players, dont think you wont. You will play Escaltion to see what its like. i for one will buy Escaltion when it first comes out. If you dont like my comment or agree with it, hit me up on Xbox. gamertag is dagudnamzrtaken. (the good names are taken)

  • Njjftr Jgtf

    mw2 was good but guns wasnt that good black ops rulez but mw3 will rule the cod series  but bops is best i have black ops mw2 and cod 4 i think modernwarfare is a good game cant wait mw3 coming november 8 i love bops who agrees comment to tell me mw2 is good cod 4 was better but mw3 is going to be awsome. In black ops aug is better than the mw2 aug bar but i like the graphics of mw2 but i dont think its the best cod game.

  • Njjftr Jgtf

    mw2 was good but guns wasnt that good black ops rulez but mw3 will rule the cod series  but bops is best i have black ops mw2 and cod 4 i think modernwarfare is a good game cant wait mw3 coming november 8 i love bops who agrees comment to tell me mw2 is good cod 4 was better but mw3 is going to be awsome. In black ops aug is better than the mw2 aug bar but i like the graphics of mw2 but i dont think its the best cod game.

  • Andy Applers

    MW2 = Good Graphics, Good Guns
    Black Ops = Zombies, Good Guns
    World at War = All combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connor

    I have mw2 Black ops and waw I love them all but I play mw2 until resurrection comes out for black ops then you’ll have the 4 waw original zombie map plus another new zombie map moon on resurrection. P.s. If anybody wants to play any of these games my xbox live gt:beasted90 all lowercase letters

  • Connor

    By the way resurrection comes out august 23rd of this month.

  • Connor

    I’m so happy I preorderd mw3,gears of war 3 and battlefield.

  • Black ops Is a little better

    Guys i think that black ops is better ONLY IN MY OPINION DONT HATE ON ME the reason why is MW2 the gun is a little to big and takes up the ENTIRE screen except a little im am not a fanboy because MW2 has better graphics and cooler sounds thats the reaon why i play it sometimes and ZOMBIES makes black ops better because you get the FULL EXPERIENCE because in MW2  your only stuck with campaign and Multiplayer evn though MW2 is a little laggy and black ops is also a little laggy IMM NOT A FANBOY 

  • Jimbob

    tbh mw2 was a much better game multiplayer wise the game was more fair took more skill i have a 2.4 kill to death ratio on black ops if you have the more powerful gun you will win mw2 was more about accuracy and reaction times which is down to skill and learning to play the game i agree marathon lightweight commando noobs were annoying i have owned both games on both xbox and ps3 and mw2 had the better graphics, credit where its due though the custom emblem making was a good idea also zombies is great to also being able to record things from previous games, how ever the story mode was pretty equal i loved the mission on mw2 when the emp had just been set off and stuff is falling from sky but i loved black ops story aswell 

  • Meh