Call of Duty: Black Ops – Respawn Points a Major Problem in Multiplayer?

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We have told you about various other issues surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops, but one problem we haven’t mentioned before is the respawn system in the game, and the frustration that it is currently causing gamers.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from you about the game, but most of the issues seems to lie in the respawning system of Black Ops, and while we’d love to tell you how good it is, it seems like the respawn points are making a lot of you angry.

The game seems to be respawning players must closer to the enemy compared to Modern Warfare 2, and while the spawn points in that were by no means perfect, it looks like Black Ops isn’t better off either.

Furthermore, we’ve seen that the game often respawns you in a random place next to a teammate, but this has often proved a disadvantage more than an advantage, as you often get wiped out by the rushing enemy before you have a chance to find your bearings.

Obviously, there is nothing worse than dying straight after you have respawned, so we hope Treyarch address this issue in their first patch update to the game.

If you have played a few hours of mulitplayer, let us know your thoughts on the respawning system. Is it ruining the experience for you, or do you think it’s not really an issue? We’ll update you if we hear from Treyarch regarding the situation.

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  • Fred

    i think this is a big problem i mean i ran past a corner and turned around immediatly and saw an enemy spawn right in front of me

    • jay

      true…. one way to get easy kills is to spawn and turn around and drops a claymore. if your team is successful in moving across the board you'll get a free kill. sometimes you only have to be half way before the other team starts spawning behind you. until spawning is fixed i will not have anything other than a claymore to protect my rear

    • Potts

      personally if u are a true cod player u would change wit the game…meaning if u kno black ops is a fast paced game u shouldnt complain bout the respawns. this is not mw2, camping really does not work this time…for all u campers

      • terrible respawns

        @ potts ur an idiot it has nothing to do with the speed of the game, u have no control over where u spawn and black ops likes to spawn enemies 2 feet from each other…meaning once i spawn and take 2 steps i get shot in the back of my head, side of my head or someone turns a corner and shoots me right in the face before i even kno wats goin on…this happens waaaay too much in this game, much worse the mw2

  • Jasen

    When I played earlier this morning that was a major issue I noticed. Everyone on your team seems to respawn right next to you if you’re one of the remaining players…no big deal, but if you just went toe-to-toe with another guy on the opposing team and lost…the rest of your team is right behind you respawning and now its 8 vs. 1. That happened to me a bunch…kill one guy and next thing you know the whole damn team just respawned and there’s people in front and behind you and everyone just runs around…in fact most people on the other team ran past me not expecting me to be right where they all just respawned. Even in free for all the spawns could be a little better, but I didn't notice it as much in that mode.

  • Rahjat

    Yes Repswan system is effed cuz i have only played for for one hour and played demolition most of the time where the spawns dont change because you are either defending or planting. i have taken 3-5 steps and i get gunned from my back or my side? how?? does that happen in demolition u are suppose to spawn in ur own area where it is safe buh black ops spawn system is better in some cases as u spawn near the enemy so, getting kills is faster.

  • rofldinho

    I think a bigger issue is the annoying lack of lobbies in Black Ops (for the PC version). The game just zips through straight to the next level, so the only way to modify anything like classes or killstreaks, or see what you've unlocked, is to exit the server completely.

    Also the server browser and friends system on steam arent working properly. Very annoying.

    • zal

      Obviously you never played CoD4 on PC.

      • BlackOpsOwns

        then both of you guys should go buy a god dam console and stop bitching abbout your shitty PC versions

  • Ruara1dh

    I've played a few hours now and I have definitely found spawning to be problem. Far too close to the enemy.. sometime you barely have time to move before more than one turns up around a corner. MW2 wasn't perfect in this regard either but it is far more frequent already with black ops

  • Tom M.

    It's absolutely terrible. While you play you pretty much always hear "how did they get there?" It just makes no sense. You can't secure or hold any positions because the enemy can spawn behind you and if they just wait a few seconds for some teammates to die, oh look at that…Now there's an entire army of people spawning in the secured area.

    It's stupid and ruins any strategy that might have otherwise existed in the game. It essentially turns the game into a frag fest.

    Furthered by the sniping in the game. The PSG1 and other bolt action high end sniper rifle suck. They are completely inaccurate. As is the first starting gun, or rather it's confusing exactly where to place a head in the reticle. I've missed people who are standing still while I'm holding my breath to aim…. Come on. I'm very much used to sniping and have really good success with it playing MW2.

    I'm ok with the removal of "quick scoping" even though I would do it religiously…It adds a new type of technique to the sniping scene that I like. It's very satisfying to get a sniper kill. BUT…. most the time you need two shots. On a weapon that already isn't accurate. Add to that the fact that you can use ghost with an assault rifle…..and….oh well would you look at that, they made sniper rifles almost completely pointless!

    They need to fix the spawning first and foremost, but then also the aim on sniper rifles. The WA2000 is ok, that one doesn't seem to have aim issues. Guess I'll just have to use that one for now, despite it being satisfying to use a gun that requires a bit of work to unlock.

  • joe

    tbh they're not that bad.
    if you're really having that much of a problem maybe you should try not dying so much?

    • justin

      haha i agree anyone whos crying about this must be pretty bad at the game theirs always gonna be times u spawn near enemies its ur job not to get killed be them, and if ur the only one from ur team on one side of the map then obviously the other team will spawn near u so gtf over it and stop dying and cryin so much

      • Camp of Duty

        Spoken like a true camper. Call of Duty is a campers paradise. Me, I can’t understand the enjoyment most people get from sitting in one place shooting people that spawn. Boring. But I guess that’s the only way people like this can compete. As for the rest of us, I hope they patch this so that we can have a game that rewards skill and tactics, rather than just who can spawn camp the longest. Until then, I’m going back to other games.

      • george

        you dont have black ops do you? otherwise you would understand why the spawn system needs to change a little bit. and I HATE CAMPERS so its ok to spawn near action, but not next to a man getting shot at lol

      • jmoney

        its not just that .. I'm a avid player at this game but due to the terrible spawning points it sometimes ruins my kill streak by a person spawning right behind me which i do not like one bit. if they already came out with an update for the PC version what is taking them so long to put the update for the ps3 and xbox systems

    • Derrell

      i demand that this man take an IQ test lol

    • Joe's comment sux

      You die sometime or another and when you do, you will die within a few seconds again. Then again and again.

    • Ciry

      your an idiot

  • nick

    The grapics are cartoony,,,And the respawning sucks big time,,,,Mw2 was amazing with everything running smoothly come on black ops sort it out

    • Bigg Benn

      Totally agree with this. I like some of the new changes options wise and killstreak etc. but the execution of the graphics and gameplay is poor. I would be willing to let the graphics go if it made game run smoother than ever, but its the opposite if anything. The sound of the footsteps is annoying to place where someone is and the way the characters move etc just isnt up to scratch with likes of MW2 – which is much smoother. Until they patch this game its just gonna be people running around using the grenade launcher all the time with no skill, my pet hate with games like this. I dont normally go for a sniper class but i still think it is a shame that it is made almost obsolete with everyone running around at lightening speed using the launchers. Lastly my favourite equipment on MW2 was by far the semtex… now its alost unusable apart from on things like enemy claymores… zzzz. Bring back infinity ward!!!!

      • BlackOps>IW

        both you guys are retards, maybe if you had a decent tv the graphics would be better, and if you were any good you would use the spawns to your advantage instead of B****ing about them. I was 10th prestige in MW2 , and black ops killed it in everything.

        • COL


  • Dan

    Let the crying and whining begin. The game has been out for a day and the hyperbole is flying! I've played TDM for about 5 1/2 hours and MAYBE got spawn killed once. People complain that they are too far from the action, so they developers put you a little closer – oh but wait now I'm TOO close. If you are having issues with respawning – stop dying as much. Go practice and get better.

    Oh and a quickscoper is complaining about sniping in this game, shocking. Oh no, where's my Stopping Power + Steady Aim for OSK? You mean I have to aim down the sight to use this effectively?

    • Andrew

      Really thats your advice captain stupid. Don't die as much? What a camper thing to say. Oh and Dan, for a person who hates people who whine you are whining about people who whine.

      Get back to playing your game thats what you should do instead of trying to preach your garbage on how this piece of crap game is perfect.

      • tim

        You are an idiot. If the enemy spawns right behind you, of course you are going to die. And with sniping, im happy with no stopping power or soh.. but sniping is impossible in this game unless we camp like DAN! back in the waw/cod 4 days or even mw2 how many peopel did actually complain about quickscoping!

    • xstaskiix

      Haha. You contradicted yourself. Quicksopers do use the scope!

    • FatD

      I agree with you Dan.

      Honestly, People bitch about nothing. This has to be my favorite CoD game now. I can't tell you how good it feels to be level 30 and not been killed by a single grenade launcher so far. I've not noticed anything wrong with the spawns at all; If your having problems with enemies spawning behind you, why don't you learn to check your 6 occasionally? I learned to do that with MW2 and never had a problem with being spawn killed. Already people are bitching about how shitty the game is, but it only came out on tuesday. give it a chance. at least Treyarch has noticed the problem and is working on a patch, IW never did that shit.

      • jeff

        If you asked me any time in the last week, I would have said something along the same lines. The multiplayer, though it took a little getting used to, was amazing. Now, since my kill death ratio has dropped by .2 in 3 matches because of spawn-camping and the stupid helicopters that are somehow a reward for camping. It's unbelieveable how many times you die when soemone has a helicopter. The game is slowly but surely being ruined by those who are prestiging and proceeding to give up on any objective other than max kill death ratio. That might sound like a contradiction coming from someone who cited his kill death ratio as a cause for frustration, but I'll tell you that I prefer winning to kills. However, when you're being spawn camped, you can't even pull that off.

    • Guest

      Dan's a liar about only getting spawn killed once in 5 and 1/2 hours. It happens every game, at least once.

    • Nick

      Anyone who says they haven't gotten spawn killed in BO is lying. Or has the attention span of an insect.

      Oh, and don't come up with some bullsh*t excuse like "they spawned me too far!". Like said earlier, get your bearings and ready up, then head out to the battlefield. No f*cking spawn kill on a twitch, whether you spawned or was spawned on. Ridiculous. The good news is this can be patched easily. The bad news is this will never happen with players who think like this.

    • CR-9mm

      As an incredibly good player, Ill openly agree with the fat that some spawns do suck. But I also agree with his point. Dont die so much… Simple as that. And when you do get right back on that next killstreak and maim some foolios. I doubted the game befor eit was release hc like. And mainly because liek them or not IW designed the other games. Now that they left I figured I wouldnt care for it much but no worries. I do. And in all honesty Im not a huge fan of any cod because they are all so damn easy. I hope you all get whatever you want out of this conversation.

  • @_TimNorris

    Nuketown is definitely the worst for this where both teams can spawn in the same garden!

  • Ali

    The spawning is not that bad in most levels, but it really sucks on nuketown! They spawn behind you some times :(

    • MW2_God

      Um, it has to be. The map is designed to be small and when you have 10 plus people playing the span points are going to be close. It is a fact. Nuke town is a direct play on Rust from MW2… and the same "issues" were there. Gamers complained about it, but please explain how you design and develop a logic to spawn you in a 'safe' zone when there isn't one. Maybe you just shouldn't respawn.

  • Josh

    This is one of the biggest problems i've had and its frustrating the fucking shit out of me, also the bullet lag if you are on less then 5 bars (or even sometimes on because the game doesnt seem to be able to update that in real time >.<) going around corners and dying from a bullet that supposably hit me before I did.. Theres alot in this game that frustrates the fuck out of me going to get to level 50 if I still like it then Ill keepm it but if it's still giving me the shits like it is right now, I'll be taking it back to EB for my refund.

    Whats with developers releasing shit half assed these days? Just because they know they can update it at a later point shouldnt mean they don't do everything they fucking can to make sure there are NO bugs before release.

  • nate

    Yes I hate the respawns. I stopped playing last night because of this issue. It needs to be fixed immediately.

  • Harry

    after a death they should allow you to choose a spawn point with the directional pad, so at least you have a choice.

    • justin

      but then ud cry about people boosting

  • Torre Schmitt

    the respawning definitely sucks especially when opposing teammates spawn behind your teams respawn points enabling some dirty ass spawn camping. But sadly there is a more pressing issue at hand (at least with the PC version) which is the INSANE lag in both the campaign and multiplayer which is making Black Ops pretty much unplayable. And no it's not a hardware issue either.

  • TerryMMA85

    im heartbroke that i spent ages trying to get to level 19 to play hardcore search and destroy like in mw2 and in blackops they have added a bomb plus when you die you stay mw2 there was 20 min timer and 3 flags to capture and hold plus when you died you respawn 10-15 seconds later

    • chris

      what the ef are you talking about? SnD is when you only have one life per round with 2 bombs and as far as i know its been the same since CoD4. I think what you're talking about is DOMINATION. noobs these days…..

    • Lack Ops

      Ummm, what TerryMMA85?

      I think you’ve taken one too many kicks to the head, that IS Search and Destroy. I think you’re talking about Domination. At least I hope you are.

  • @adamm

    Where spawning matters, like in free for all, the respawn system is seamless.. However in TDM, Domination and other team based games, I think I’d rather be spawned closer to the enemy, it adds a hint of excitement, and frankly I don’t want to walk the length of a huge map just to find the enemy

  • daron

    What happened to this game? It's amost like they took everything good about the other COD and decided to go another direction. I mean with the graphics half the time you have to look at a place for 5 seconds befor the the resolution can catch up to the gameplay. The characters look terrible, unlike MW2 where you could tell that a ton of time was put into making each charcter look extremly realistic. And I cannot put me finger on it, but something is different with the shooting engine and its not good. The best part about The previous COD were the accuracy of the weapons. Whatever it is that they have changes on this game is really ruining the game all together. If Treyarch cannot give the gamers what they want then give the franchise back to IW !!!

    • CR-9mm

      If your resolution as you put it isnt catching up witht he gameplay try refreshing your television. I havent had this problem myself.

    • gary

      get an HD tv that is your problem

  • Buster Highmen

    I read an article that says the lag issue is going to be fixed. Apparently they did not anticipate the high volume of customers online….. I am going to have to agree with most posts here. The spawning system is flawed. Too many times would I go into a room, cover the area and end up getting killed because someone spawned right next to me. Funny, I watched a killcam and it literally shows me go to a window, look out, turn around and get shot in the back by a guy that spawned where the window was.

  • Mike

    The respawn system is horrible. I played about 5 hrs on the 9th, and I got at LEAST 50-75 cheap kills, where enemies were spawning in my cross hairs while I was ADS

  • lyrix

    terry….you have 0 idea what you are talking about. Search and Destroy has no respawns and no flags to capture. I assume you are talking of domination?

  • Matthew

    On nuketown its a bloody nightmare, half my death on that map are spawn related and on free for all its just nuts. Other than that map no complaints about spawns.

    • justin

      i agree but i love the craziness that comes wit crazy spawns on nuketown

    • Kilo

      I used the sensor that tracks nearby enemies while I shot out a window and killed 3 guys within the first 45 sec and all three respawned right behind me in the same room. To be spawn raped like this game has been is horrible. Almost as horrible as the recoil on every weapon I have purchased. They have to fix this asap or I may break another controller : )

  • Fed Up With BO lag!

    Here is an idea spawn armor to at least give you a fighting chance

    • Edge

      so people can then complain about spawn armor like they do painkiller IN mw2?

    • justin

      o u mean painkiller dont be an idiot that was the worst thing about mw2 y would they bring it back just be happy this game is well balanced and fun

    • CR-9mm

      I like this idea myself

  • Renee

    The spawn points are definitely a problem. My preferred playstyle is to flank around the team, but that’s so far been impossible when I get enemy players spawning directly behind me. I’m literally getting flanked by the spawns, which is like awarding the players who constantly die a couple free kills. Its really made my experience so far fairly bittersweet. I love the credits system, the customization, and the wager matches, but those spawns are just plain awful. Please fix this soon, Treyarch.

  • Zoris

    I spawned in front of a turret. Patch please.

  • A normal guy

    I like this game, the only problem I have is the sound! They should make the sound of enemy gunfire louder because you can’t even hear it.

  • Edge

    I for one am not very bothered by spawns in any of the maps(NUKETOWN, its small so your supposed to spawn close together, I understand this), and maybe the only one who seriously enjoys the game in its whole?
    luckily i was not plauged by lag or stutter issues at all.
    maybe if everyone shared my issue free experience they would enjoy it as much as i do.

  • Curtis

    My problem with multiplayer is spawn points and setting up party as you

    Invite your friends but when you try to join a match most of your party has gone and you have to back out of the match to get them back. One thing that think need to get patched. Also when your back out of a Mach because you lost some in your party you can just back out and be with your party you have to start the hole party process again. As in mw2 you could just back out and be with your party leader Again.

    • Cazo

      Drove me INSANE last night! Your absolutely right! I think that should be fixed before the spawn. We cant spawn if we never get a chance to start a match. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the spawn issues, but if the lagging and cheap *** servers cant keep up, you'll never get a chance to shoot/get shot. I tried changing the settings to chose "local" players first, in hopes that bridging a shorter distance would increase speeds but I was mistaken. I cant ever join a friend, and forget trying to start a team for TDM. I've been skeptical since the first time I played, the higher levels obviously have better (more effective) guns, but the basic functionality of the game needs to be improved before I would say that I "like" the game or would suggest it to anyone else. I'm gonna keep playing in hopes that the programmers start pushing out updates.

  • nerf

    On some maps I just use my run and gun loadout and do a circle usually when I come back to my spawn point the enemy is there.

  • Brawl

    Huh, I've never had this problem. The only bad things about the game is the freakin' lag bug and the lack of console commands in SP. Is it really that hard to disable achievements in devmode?

  • justin

    i think that this game was a big let down…. the sounds of the guns/grenades suck when on kill cam the sound of the guns are off. they sound flat. the hit marker issue every time you shoot 27 bullets into an enemy and you watch the kill cam they shoot a 3 round burst at your legs they kill you wtf? if i could take it back i would but im not about 20$ for a game i paid 70 for. the purchase system is cool but the lag is ludacris. i really hope that they fix this soon. the spawn points need to be fixed too players just roun around the outside of the map in circles and kill you.

  • Guest

    Even though this game is really fun, Treyarch has a ton to patch. The spawns are probably the worst; I basically have to keep my back against a wall or camp in a corner to survive for more than 30 seconds. The hitmarkers are almost more ridiculous. It seems like when they took out Stopping Power (a decision I fully support), they made all the guns extremely underpowered. Even the sniper rifles, which are supposed to be one shot kills most of the time, generally take two to three shots to kill someone. Three shots? That's just so realistic. As for the parties, I've gotten kicked and disconnected so many times that it has gotten really frustrating. It should be really easy to play with your friends, but it is really maddening how slow and unreliable the lobbies are. Has anyone else Commando-lunged/been Commando-lunged, even though they took out Commando? Even then. it seems like you have to be the host for your knife to even work.
    Of course, that's not to say that the game isn't good. I love the Wager Matches, love how they fixed some of MW2's most annoying aspects (OMA noobtubing, Danger Close, camping for killstreaks. etc.), love all the customization, love the maps (well, most of them), and I love the new killstreaks, among other things. I think this game easily has the potential to be far better than MW2 is or ever was, but some, if not all, of these things have to be fixed. Right now, even though I hate to say it, I'm preferring MW2 despite all of its overpowered killstreaks and spawn killing and noobtubing. Please don't do this, Treyarch; I really want to hate MW2 and love Black Ops, but there are just some things that need to be fixed before that will happen.

    • Coredawg83

      I feel the same why you do. I want so badly to love this game, but I am having a hard time with the lag, hit detection, and spawning points. Its like they tried to pack so much into this game, but didnt polish any of it. So you get alot of mediocre content. Blah

  • Shawn

    Respawn is a total mess. Weapons are weak. I guess they thought we would be happy with the face paint and new cash options instead. Really, just make the game like MW2 or let IW do it. I can't believe all the hype for this release. What a let down. I hope you patch this quick or all be back to MW2.

  • Chris

    Spawning is definitely a major issue with this game. Especially in demolition, my first demolition match I figured out you can easily go to the enemies spawn spot and keep mowing them down because of the ridiculously small permanent spawn area they have. When this is happening you can actually see the enemy spawn within 20-30ft. Hit markers is also a big issue. Watching game clips in the theater, not sure whats happening but it shows killing people with the reticule not even being over them. Treyarch has some work to do on this game.Second a lot of the previous opinions. Game feels like a let down so far. The game has the potential though.

  • Chris

    Plus the sound is not near as good as it was in MW2. Prime example would be, You can hardly hear any of your enemies footsteps coming your way so what's the point of having ninja?!

  • Dibbers

    The spawning needs patching and quick! It is quite unbearable how quickly a 30.00 k/d can go down because of spawning and dieing over and over. Also the matchmaking is utter crap, and most of the time takes 15 minutes to get us into a 10 minute game, as there was over 3,000,000 people on last night, I forgive them for that.

  • James

    It's not that it spawns you closer, it's the fact that if your team moves forward covering all passages the enemy still spawns behind you and flanks the entire team even when no enemies got past your line of defense.

    On one map I was in a dead corner call in a care package then got knifed from behind, in the killcam he spawned right behind me and then knifed me. WTF?

    In Nuketown as soon as half my team moved towards the bus people started spawning right behind the 3 of us on the back lawn. Ridiculous.

  • Soulbane666

    The spawn system is jacked up.All the comments posted I agree.The game is new and it is understandable that there would be flaws.But HOW IN THE !@$# do you over look this issue.I mean the testers did not see this coming or what.Also the hit markers are rediculous in this game.I used the FN FAL on an enemy at point blank while his back was turned 3 shots 3 hit markers and he turns and kills me with an MP5 WHAT???

  • respawn=annoying

    wrecks game play
    and once you kill that person he comes back and gets you straight away
    making it very hard to gain killstreaks

  • john

    They need more simple maps like on cod4!
    there are too many building and no main points, its all jsut run around and hope


    The worst respawn system I have ever seen in a FPS. If they don't patch it inmediatly, they will loose a lot of people. Horrible.

  • Spoiled Brats

    its amazing how many cry babies there are. STOP WHINING

    • tuomo

      crying for a good reason.

  • Kyle Rice

    I agree with everyone else saying that Nuketown shows how terrible Black Ops spawning works. The spawning is bull on other maps as well, just not as often. Mainly Nuketown, sometimes Launch, but that's really it. But I've literally already been camping in the most random area, and someone spawns directly next to me, close enough to knife me. That is bull.

  • Jed

    I actually spawned up right in front of the other team re spawning. kill cam showed 5 guys shootin at me…

  • Mario

    The Spawning issue is the number one factor that is going to make me not want to play this game much longer and go back to MW2, its a huge issue that affect the playability of the game. Another concern is tha maps themselves, while it can be said that the graphics are awsome and even the layouts are great, there is no good sniping map, its all run and gun. atleast in MW2 there is a good mix of maps that you can run n gun or camp n snipe,its what kept me playing MW2 and honestly its what I will probably go back to. Dont get me wrong, Black Ops is very good but it needs serious tweeking and the 1st map pack should be free just because the lack of flavor in the maps. Treyarch should really follow this simple rule…"Keep it simple stupid."

  • Prv8J0k3r

    I'm not going to complain about Nuketown I see that map as the equivalent of Shipment in CoD4. Shipment and Nuketown, aren't really for 18 players. They are for if a few people are playing or you want to play 1 vs 1 and don't want to go across a huge map trying to find one guy). But when you are on a much larger map and you spawn, take a couple of steps and somebody instantly spawns behind you and kills you,,,that's different. Even if I do hear a footstep or something behind me the frames freeze too much for me to react, and the guns aren't powerful enough to kill anybody anyways. Also, despite the fact that I live in Chicago all I can find is one or two hardcore servers for free-for-all or HQ, so I end up having to play regular – I almost emptied a whole clip from the RPK into a guy yesterday and all he did was run through it and stab me.

    After playing Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor for the last couple of months this whole game seems like a giant clusterf*ck anyways, looks like I just wasted 60 bones and that it's back to BC2 and MoH until BC2:Vietnam comes out now.

  • asd

    just played nuketown 5 times in a row, literally got spawn fuked and spawn switched like everytime i die, im an avid cod gamer since cod 3 but this is ridiculous, im gonna get my fucking money back

  • Adam

    Spawning really is a HUGE problem in Multi player I have had a spawn when I had been behind an enemy then I had killed him isn't really fair for him either though is it?

  • dan

    the spawns are ruining the game, sometimes u can literally see them spawn behind you on the killcam.

  • Billy Willy

    This game is an epic fail all around. I loved MW2, the graphics and gameplay was tight, the maps were awesome, and the single player campaign was compelling enough to want to finish. Black Ops–don't bother with the campaign–boring–and I've seen better graphics on my old PS2. The MP is a major letdown. I've been playing BFBC2 the past few months, which to me is the best online MP experience ever, so BO had big shoes to fill. The spawning is ridiculous, and the maps are blahhhh. Those issues are nothing compared to the lag and server problems I get on a constant basis–my PS3 has frozen several times in just the few hours I've played, and when I do get a nice sreak going, the lobby closes, or the network connection is somehow severed. Rent it, you'll be much happier that you didn't blow $60.

  • Eric

    i was playing this morning the game winning kill was this. Losing team guy shoots winning team guy in back the winning team guy respawns in about the same place he just died and kills the guys that just shot him in the back. all this in a game winning killcam. Come on Treyarch fix this fast.

  • Jay

    The spawn system is shocking at best, I have no problem spawning close to the action (I like it) but spawning to someone else's ADS is beyond funny. I'm not even including Nuke Town in this as it is so small it can be forgiven but on the bigger maps it needs squaring away. The sound might as well be on mute, when my player runs around it sounds like a baby elephant to me but when I use ninja pro I can barely hear enemy footsteps until they're pulling their knife out of my back. Speaking of knives, it seems it's all or nothing with the knife, either you're commando-ing through a FAMAS emptying a clip on full auto or close enough to hug and still not able to pierce the other guy's shirt. Then again maybe that commando style knife issue has something to do with the fact AR's need a full clip to put some in Second Chance and then a reload to finish in off. Maybe Stopping-Power did make some weapons in MW2 over powered but it is massively missed here where the average BO weapon is just slightly more powerful than a bb gun. Let's not even mention adding a suppressor, you could get greater range and do more damage throwing the bullets by hand. There are many other issues such as: sniping, match making, etc….

  • disa pointment

    another thing thts BROKEN is the theater mode. If you get a bad ass kill and later on in the game ther is a host migration, your whole game nd kills disapear from the theater… wtf!!!

  • matt

    The spawning is terrible there is no doubt about that but the other issue at hand is either the bullet lag or the hit boxes cuz I cant tell which one it is…..i kno the servers are over loaded and lag is to be expected but it seems that the hit boxes are off too… time u play watch the kill cam….i saw a game winning kill last night and the shooter was getting hit markers and his red dot was next to his target and he was still getting hit markers….so treyarch fix spawning, lag/hit boxes and then ill start playing again

  • sven

    all i want, is for there to be a possibility for communication and tactics. once you flub the system with terribly imbalanced spawn, the game becomes a close quarters halo run n gun. i know that COD has always been like that in a way, but damn is black ops frustrating. and way to 50/50 on the bullet accuracy. when you watch the final death in all its slo mo glory, and you see how off the aiming is (literally shooting below the hip and maybe looking like one shot hits, barely), its like a demonstration as to how flawed it is. plus, shooting a guy point blank in the chest with at least 2-3 rounds from ANY gun only to be killed instantly by a poorly aimed knife swipe, come on. cartoon it up like a bug(s) bunny.

    • Jason

      You hit the nail on the head there! I find those two things to be the most frustrating things about this game. The spawns are BRUTAL, but I'm not sure on the bullets/accuracy. To me is seems more like a HUGE inconsistancy with the weapons/bullets/damage rating. Take the M16. It's rated as having the most amount of damage. However, I've shot at enemies and had to pull the trigger 3 times. That's 9 total bullets, granted not all of them hit, but at least 5-7 do. Then what happens, they fire back with a sub machine gun and wipe me out with 2 or 3 bullets… OK, fine. I respawn then the next enemy I encounter goes down after only 2 hits…Not two pulls of the trigger, just one pull and 2 bullets. Happens a ton. I know now that they have a heat map of where your bullets are hitting opposing enemies, and I've checked it…a lot. 80-87% of my shots are in the gut or the chest. I guess I'm just frustrated/confused about how one time 5-7 rounds can't take out an enemy, but the next time only 2 will suffice. Oh, and did I mention that the respawn points/system is BRUTAL?

  • Russell Leung

    Nuketown is really bad. It pretty much turns into- spawn —> shoot—> die. That one map really has absolutely no tactical element to it, or even a remotely tactical element. It'd be good for CTF, but maybe just make it a bit bigger….

  • matt

    This game is awful. I will never buy a Treyarch game again. You would have thought after the crappy World at War respawn system they would have gotten it right. The respawning is garbage, the maps are awful and the playability is so rough compared to Infinity Ward. AWFUL GAME.

  • Aaron

    I literally heard, in every lobby I was in yesterday, people complaining about getting shot in the back constantly.

  • Troteus

    The spawn locations are a huge problem, particularly on the map nuketown. Almost every match I have played has been infested with the problem of being in one of the back yards keeping the enemy out, then me and 2-3 team mates dieing because one of them respawned right behind us. The spawn locations seem to "flip" about every 30 seconds and completely ignores whether theres an enemy in the area or not (MW2 seemed to try to spawn you away from enemies, or at least out of sight). I have also run into a camp on jungle where there was only 1 guy and killed him. The next second the spy plane showed 5 of them around me that had just respawned. Needless to say I died. Aside from the bad texturing, this is a big problem that is seriously ruining the game for me and every time it happens it makes me want to stop playing that much more.

  • matthew

    I dont know why this comes as a surprise to everybody. Treyarch has shown they don't care. World at War was awful too, same spawn problems, same frustrations. I got rid of it after two weeks. They obviously don't put out a product as good as Infinty Ward, but still sucker all of you out of your money.

    Trayarch can not address this issue because THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT.

    • Skinny_Fuhrer

      If you don't like it go back to playing MW2, and leave BO to people who actually enjoyed WAW more than any other COD title previous. I enjoyed MW2, but it was too easy. BO has actually made this game more challenging. Yes, it has flaws, there will be patch(es), just as in MW2. I believe Treyarch has a lot more riding on this game than you know, and I believe they care a lot more about it than you think.

  • Adrian

    I think the respawning is a complete joke. It’s not about you dying a lot it’s that when you get a kill and move they spawn right near you almost as if it was a free for all. I understand maybe it was done to stop camping more but it makes it harder to get kill streaks. The kill streaks not adding to each is cool but don’t make it harder to get them by respawnjng them right by you.

  • Crippler2007

    The whole COD series has been awesome. I've played since the very beginning and for me they are the best games ever. COD 3 was simply genius! But since MW1, re-spawning has been a problem. Enemy teams should surely approach each other from opposite directions! or one team is hold-up somewhere and the other attacks! Just like in real life! Marines aren't air dropped into the middle of an enemy base and told "get out of that".
    I appreciate it makes for fast paced, exciting gaming. But if the re-spawn system had structure and logic to it, then snipers could snipe, assault teams could charge in and kick ass… etc etc! I hope people from the development teams at treyarch and infinity ward read all these comments. If they improved the spawn system, we would have something truly beautiful and my stress levels would certainly drop!!!

  • Hoho Man

    in a few days..this game's mp will be like mw2's

  • DMrMidnight

    Respawning definately a problem. Aiming and shooting not so clinical as MW2, something else but cant quite put my finger on it is wrong. The game devolpers need time to update and iron out the gliches as our feedbacks will no doubt help them and us in the long run. As it is now though not totally impressed but can see the potential if they listen to us users. There is hope for Black Ops. In the meantime i'am logging back on to MW2.

  • AkkeDaBest

    Ye this system sucks ass. I play mostly FFA and usually when I respawn, i see a guy in front of me ~10m and start shooting, kill him, and next thing I know there is a guy shooting at me from behind. The killcam shows he just respawned, killed me, and then got shot from behind. Pattern much?

  • lilblacc 25

    quit crying if you were true cod players then it wouldn't matter i played nuketown had the enemy spawn behind me and still had a 13 kill streak with 2 napalm bombers and much more so suck it up play the game and maybe just maybe you'll get betta if you wanna complain do it about the lagging

  • Aaron

    In the map wmd yesterday i spawned in the same spot five times in a row and i found it VERY annoying this is the second time this has happened in the same day

  • I hate MW2!

    Well the spawns are bad but i can't say it has frustrated me as much as OMA, Dander close noobtubing and commando from mw2. I loved cod4 and i do like Black ops but mw2 boy that game was unbalanced!

  • HitmanKaiser

    Yeah the Spawning is halariously bad. I was camping in havana and this guy spawned in the same spot 4 times and I continuously killed him. After that, more people kept spawning there and i racked up around 15 kills before i actually died XD

  • Dave

    Have spent enough time in Black Ops multiplayer to officially be at 'no life-never seen a girl' status, I can say that the respawn points are awful. Seriously, the game itself is probably the best CoD game since CoD 4, but the spawns are nothing special. I think they should have taken a cue from Battlefields' spawn system, or at the very least had a define "base" where your team always spawned and the enemy couldn't get to.

  • Danny Larson

    the respawn issues are horrible. I dont even want to play the game because of it.

  • slone7328

    I have never gotten more frustrated over a game, this morning i broke two controllers, and cracked a third, nuketown is awesome but spawning sucks, and firing range isnt much better

  • DCTiGGeRq

    Yeah I just finished a game in anger after literally being "spawn" camped 17 times in a row… Before It even finished loading the textures I was killed… once I even got spawned right into a napalm fire as I watched the person I got spawned on die from the initial hit of it. MW2 had issues…. but this is Terrible. and some people are taking advantage of it… which makes it even worse.

  • Matt

    The spawn are terrible, there are no maps to really snipe on except maybe Havana, the assault rifles have no stopping power to them and terrible accuracy at a distance (might as well use an SMG, you get the same results).

    It's also very difficult to start a game with a group of people wthout someone getting kicked. This really ruins it for me

    I went back to MW2 yesterday because black ops multiplayer reall sucks. I wish I could play these maps with MW2 weapons characteristics.

  • Dustin

    People complaining about how long it takes to kill someone, why don't you try hardcore? I was getting really pissed at how long it took to kill people on regular games, now I play hardcore and not having a problem. Earlier I was playing a match, don't remember the map, was 19 and 1, got killed, and finished the game 20 and 13… I never once moved from my spawn. Everytime I spawned I just randomly shot, as you can see it only worked once for me. This really pissed me off. I went from a 19.0 k/d to a 9.5 which is fine because I got killed….but then down to a 1.54 without moving pisses me off! This happens to me on all maps, not just nuketown. I've spawned on a claymore, spawned into a mortar strike, next to an rc car, in peoples scopes, you name it, its happened. I love this game, but this shit is really starting to piss me off.

  • http://productreviews reznov

    B.O does play like w@w but has been upgraded with MW2 technology. Spawn system needs sorted big time. Nuketown has got to be the worst for spawn killing. You know its going to happen on that level but you can’t prepare for a prone enemy to be camped in your spawn point. I know. I have started to do it to. I’m level 28 and not been killed by a grenade launcher. Yet. Just wait until more players unlock the China lake.

  • M@T

    This game is sad! The Lag is GOD AWFUL, Spawning=Crap it was spawning my team directly in front of the other team and them infront of us today. I felt like I was in the civil war, just spawn and hold the trigger down. Hit markers=Joke A whole clip from a AK 10 feet away all hit marks only to die while reloading. YAY! Match making=****ing BULLSH*T! it takes about 30 mins (sometimes longer) just to get into a game lobby and that doesnt even mean that you will be able to play! **** the GFX you have over 3,000,000 ppl's Hard earned $60 Make the ****ING GAME WORK!!

  • Craig

    The respawn system in black ops is just awful.

  • BB

    The spawns are the worst. My team is defending a side of the map and they eventually just spawn right behind you. It’s gotten so bad that we kill a guy and immediately turn around so we don’t get shot in the back. Also the way kill streaks work it encourages people to camp. I thought MW2 camping was bad but this game is horrible with it. The customizations are cool but the game play if bad. Makes me long for the days of call of duty 4

  • jeff

    The respawning is awful, especially when spawn campers come into the picture, we all get stuck respawning in the same place, more or less and these guys are running around our spawn points killing us all. The multiplayer is already being ruined by campers and cheats.

  • adam

    The spawn system is outrageously bad. I love CoD but, this will make me go back to MW2 very soon if it's not fixed. The game has great potential and i love the wager matches, cod points and killstreaks. I can even do without the footstep sounds and i don't mind people using ghost….but the spawning seriously weakens any meaningful gameplay, strategy has been wiped away and replaced with endless repetition of the same kill from behind…lame.

    please fix this!!

  • Cazo

    The spawn issue should have been corrected on day 1 of the testing. Someone had to have realized that when they died they spawned in the same spot to die again. There are maps that are worst then others but a problem is a problem.

    We also build clans, and like to be able to add their friends to a match, which is nearly impossible. You might be able to play ONE game but that's it, your dumped out of the game and have to regroup, if you can, most of the time you get tired of sending request after request and give up to play alone. You just made millions of dollars…. put some of it back into the system and upgrade your servers. This will also improve your graphics!

    Your servers are JUNK, if you make a game that previously had 6m players, and come out with a new edition, you should realize that at minimum 5m of them are going to "upgrade". Most people play this game for the online play.

    The hit markers are a little overboard. If it took that many shots to kill someone we would have bigger guns. I know its a game, but the point was to make it realistic right? That's why you named the weapons after real guns, stats (on screen) similar to the real guns? Why don't you allow them to shoot that way? The accuracy and damage you list doesn't match the game play.

    I'm sure there's some geeks that put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this game, maybe you should have tested it for another month. When in doubt let US try it out, don't release it and let US beta test it now. You've lost a ton of fans in the first week. $60.00 to beta test is fine, if that's what you are paying us, not the other way around.

    Pass along these comments to the geeks and let them do their thing, millions of us are waiting.

  • Jack

    THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM!!!! What is the point of playing a game where most of the times half of your deaths come from these "spawn kills." When the winners of these games aren't based on whos team were more skilled, and is more reliant on who can get more of those lucky spawn kills its not even worth playing. no one who plays this game can ever truly claim that a win came completely from skill, and that is how bad it is. Oh and a little side note; this is not a new thing this has been a problem in every single call of duty. Its kinda frusterating to think these developers have all these billions of dollars to develope these games and they wont take the time to fix the one fucking problem everyone hates. I just wish i could get a refund

    My opinion save your money and get your halo on, sorry infinity ive been a fan for a long time but you really let a lot of people down this time.

  • Dale

    The game is absolutely horrible.

    Party needs fixed
    Lobby needs fixed
    Spawning needs fixed
    The guns feel weak with barelly anything to make them more powerful at all
    The killstreaks are overpowered and the chopper gunner is a joke on small maps
    nuketown map sucks

    I got ripped off 80 dollars, grats treyarch on running another COD into the ground. All their games just flat out suck and they should just quit. Unreal….

  • Leigh

    Last Treyarch product I buy. I thought I would give them a chance after the debacle that was WoW, but it looks and feels almost exactly the same as that piece of rubbish. Jumpy movement, terrible sound and, and , and….
    MW2 was so good. Already gutted i bought this.

  • Rawb

    It would be such a relief if the respawn timer from hardcore team deathmatch had been removed. I've played hardcore modes since Modern Warfare released. Now I am forced to play Black Ops in normal mode, which is a crying shame…

  • elfueerte

    Yeah I think the spawn sistem is al fucckkked up but depends the way you look at it I did 76 kills and 10 death at nuke town, calling dog 2 times if u know they spaming point why u don’t take advance off.

  • Zach

    fuck black ops, it's not just the the respawning. trust me. why is the sniper rifle even in the game. the maps are so wide open and random that there's no strategy involved. fuck this game. i want my MW2 back.

  • Tuck

    The game isn't bad! It is more balanced, no noobtubing, no commando, no overpowered weapons,.. But I hate respawn system, there is also too much lag.;; Sometimes i have to hit an enemy 3 times and sometimes i have to hit him like 1 times! Knifing is just based one luck… sometimes you can knife someone like u have commando, sometimes u can't even knife him when u stand against him… Summit is the worst map ever, … respawn is shit there…

  • Quinton

    after playing cod black ops for maybe 10 minutes ive noticed the respawning system sucked @#$!!! im hoping that treyarch is going to try and fix this problem because it is becoming a major problem!!!


    respawning i one of the worse thing of Black ops , and yes , is very very annoying no only in Nuketown , is completely stupid that your enemy reborn behind you leaving you without possibilities to do nothing, if you are in HQ you never make it because in the middle of the way you die for some shot behind you and in that moment the opposite team capture the HQ o you lose, cmon WTF is that !!! Treyarch better fix that ^&%^% quick because for the moment Black ops sucks and i have no even chance to get my money back either .


    Spawn and take 3 steps and there is a good chance an enemy just spawned behind you. Clear an area and keep your back to it and an enemy spawns in that area and shoots you in the back. I have never played a first person shooter except Black ops where you are running full speed and an enemy spawns directly in front of you and you run into them.

  • Alan

    It's stupid to have an enemy spawn 5 feet away from you then knife you in the back. That's when the game gets turned off!

  • klokloco2009

    In Team Deathmatch I've been killed twice by the same enemy in a matter of 10 seconds. He kills me and I spawned a corner away from him and he killed me again. Everytime I spawn I have to rush out and look around to NOT get killed again.

    I've also seen in the last kill cam where i've shot someone 3-4 times with a shotgun before I actually kill them. I think 2 shots should be fine for shotgun kills and 1 shot if its very close range. I'm tired of shooting someone with a shotgun and they turn around and kill me instead.

    I've also seen where I get plenty of hit markers on someone and don't get the kill. If i'm last kill and you check the kill cam, my bullets don't even hit the person that shot me. I get the hitmarker, but bullers are not hitting anything.

  • Steven

    Black ops has too many problems, I cant play this game. The graphics are jerky, the re-spawning is horrible enemies re spawn behind you, the sound and music sounds cheap, lag, I could go on and on. This game prefers you camp. Forget about running around trying to find people to shoot. I'm selling my copy.


    YES SPAWNING is a MASSIVE joke, thay have kill the game off no fun anymore just endless spawn kill ribbish SORT IT OUT!

  • SupremeKai510

    the respawn system in black ops is broken. no matter what map you play on, there is a high chance of you spawning near an enemy or an enemy spawning near you. this has nothing to do with being a true COD player or adapting to the respawn system. we should not have to worry about an enemy spawning near us and should not have to worry about dying right when we spawn. there needs to be a patch because this game has great potential. also, the voting system to choose the map is broken. i once played on nuketown 5 times in a row. if treyarch can patch these two broken aspects of the game, black ops could easily win game of the year.

  • Mike

    If they could take the best elements of MW2 and Black Ops combined with the spawn system of COD4 then you'd have a masterpiece.

  • Erik

    I was playing firing range just a few minutes ago and it kept spawning me in the same spot but there was a sniper in a window looking into the spawn, i got killed 5 times before a team mate killed this guy, i am very displeased

  • senior

    its not only the respwans whats wrong into this game,
    its also the gamers how know exactly were game starting and after witch times the respwans turn around to div.locations. into some games hanging out a spectator…well they been used for know exactly were we sitting/going as well.{i will getting kickt for not actieve playing,so why spectators not?
    would be nice if respwan rapers getting killed themself if or better take away there xp points as punisment for molesting gameplay.
    i find it most diffecult to get my part off the streaks when people start shooting into my back for getting there own support streaks.
    driving a little toycar bomb is nice,butt the ennemy still see us and been easy target with out deffending us at drive moment.
    also seems to me sometimes other players can respons faster with aim/shoot down ennemy.
    butt overall its a good game to play…when see friends into list..oeps..sorry…gone>!!!
    same with fav,games servers in your map.
    must be chanced a lot to make it a fair gamestyle.

  • Paul

    I still get a kill streak but i constatly have to turn around back and forth back and forth just to make sure that nobody spawns right behind me. I don't know why a player would spawn directly in behind me when their team is'nt anywhere near me. More than half the time my killstreaks are ended because of this. This surely needs to be fixed!

  • Neil Jones

    On Jungle got spawned just where someone was dishing out death with chopper gunner… and straight away respawned in the same place… and again, and again… 8 times in total. Though was stupidly pressing X to respawn straight away :-(

  • nibirushock

    i do not like this game always gettin shot or knifed in the back

  • nubski

    the spawn system is utterly horrible. I cant tell you how many times in hc tdm I spawn in front of a guy and get insta killed. Its just rediculous.

  • mike

    Its horrible in demolition…there are only a couple of spawn points per side, and now everyone is figuring them out they simply camp the spawn. Take Havannah for instance. If you're defending, then you're at the top of the map in one of 3 locations. If you're attacking, you're at the bottom in one of three locations. There's no strategy to it, simply put in a tactical insertion by the opponents spawn locations, When they re-spawn, with the lag, you'll have mega kills! Then you can use the sam turret, care package, get dogs or chopper gunner!!! Simple solution, change care package to 4 kills (like MW2) and put sam turret to 5 kills. That way sam turret is now a roll of the dice in the carepackage.

  • Jynx

    Those of you saying that there are no problems with the spawning system, take a look at this the link following this post. Many times, I kill someone and then their teammate spawns right behind me and kill me. I've used the theatre mode many times and it's just ridiculous. We are not whining, we are pointing out the issue that is causing much frustration. I've learned to deal with the crappy spawn system by checking behind me every now and then, but sometimes that's not enough. I've hardly had spawning issues with CoD 4 and MW2, but in this game, the spawns are unpredictable.

    Here is the link:

  • matt

    ive seen people spawn in black ops on my screen more than mw2 and how could i stand a chance against an enemy i just killed who spawns behind me, and knows my position?

  • brandon

    spawn system is definately screwed up and it maked me angry to play…not what i want in agame…especially call of duty

  • Juice Jones

    its so sad. This is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST respawning game COD has ever put out. Its amazing how you can use a spy plane, see every1 totally far away, and as soon as you throw a care package down(by the way, that you struggled like hell to get) all of a sudden, not just 1, but sometimes 2 & 3 enemies respawn right there to smoke your boots! I honestly camped in 1 spot(with my back to a corner) for almost 2 min 2c how long it would take 4some1 to come in.(NOTHING) I then purposely faced the wall and in 5sec, POW POW POW right in my back LMAO. Dont believe me? TRY IT. I DARE U!!! LOL



  • XARHS007

    i want fix the lag on pc…when i m playing call of duty black ops i have "lag". it s not exactly lag it s something like lag…. if they can fix that problem… a lot of people have this problem on pc… 9/10 people have this problem


    The spawn system for Black Ops sucks. There's absolutely no consistency. They need to pick one side of the map, give that side to your team, and continue to spawn your team there until that spot is completely overrun. Then and only then is it OK to change spawn points on you. NO MORE SPAWNING IN RANDOM LOCATIONS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ENEMIES!!

  • Ross

    I played a Team Deathmatch just before – one of the first matches I'd played on multiplayer. It went something like this:

    Spawn with the team. Find an appropriate place with cover to engage the enemy. Lay fire upon enemy on a four bar green connection [which I'm assuming is <100ms]. Take one bullet from an assault rifle – die. Look at the killcam – while I had hit detection, the enemy didn't register any damage. Respawn. Get bearings in literally two seconds, run three steps, shot and die. Respawn and immediately turn corner – shot and die. Respawn and stay still for literally two seconds in the faint hope I don't die. Enemy turns the corner – die. If I read someone else writing this, I'd swear blind they were bullshitting me, but it happened EIGHT times in a row. Eight consecutive deaths without so much as the chance to fire my weapon or take cover.

    Who enjoys playing under circumstances like that? What's the point of having customisable everything if I can't even use it in the game because I'm being spawned straight in front of the enemy's iron sights?

    I'd suggest that the next instalment of Call of Duty will be better, except for the fact that Infinity Ward did a better job of sorting out respawns in CoD4.

  • MartysCZ

    Yeah respawns suck, best was when I respawned in napalm instantly dead… or when teamate spawned in front of my right when I was firing so I killed him… And spawning and being immidiately under fire is not so uncommon. This and endless enemies respawn in singleplayer must be fixed!

  • smoot

    I was playing a private match free for all with 3 players on Nuketown. I was killed in the middle by a player in the green house upstairs. I respawned in the room immediately behind him. I killed him as my body was just hiting the ground.

    You can spawn trap on summit like a mutha too. I can kill a guy and know exactly where he'll spawn.

    I've played on Firing Range and watched players spawn in front of me on free for all. I played MW2 extensively. I never experienced this problem with that game.

  • rigid ranger

    Eff yeah spawning is all effed up. (360). I mean, so I kill a Guy and he respawns behind me? What’s the point of having all these buildings with windows and all this crap to climb up on if you can’t camp? I thought semi-realism is what these games were trying to achieve. What armed military just runs around in circles when they fight. Maps too small. Nuketown is an eff’n joke just like rust on mw2. I’d go back to mw2 if I hadn’t traded it for black ops. Just waiting for Homefront (preordered) wide open maps, can actually use vehicles. Battlefeild 2 on PC got me into realistic fps war games, too bad dice couldn’t make a decent bf fore console, hopefully homefront will give me a reason not to give up on console on modern combat shooters with dedicated servers. Why do these studios think that my Xbox should host a match anyway? Here lately I can only play about 1 in 5 matches I join without severe lag or getting booted. So eff’n frustrated

  • whoisjamesearl

    I love the Call of Duty franchise… The newest addition has been frustrating to say the least. There has been many days now that I'm yelling due to getting killed from a spawning enemy either behind me or I spawn next to an engaging enemy. I play CAPTURE THE FLAG to fix these problems myself. The spawning seems to be localized to bases and it takes way from my frustrations.

  • Kota813

    If you really study the spawn system and look at where everyone is when people respawn it isnt so bad.

  • steve

    its far worse than modernwarfare, its very frustrating

  • Jack Thew

    its a major annoyance, and still a very present problem, often the enemy spawn behind you you may just as well wait at the point you spawn at

  • Jim

    I'm fine with the respawning in every game mode, except where the spawn locations are set. I've had plenty of fun games of Demolition, but when you end up with a bunch of people on the other team that are just playing to rack up kills and not for fun, they just camp the spawn locations, rack up the kill streaks, call in the dogs and Huey and you are lucky to move before you are killed. I think the people are the real problem, not so much the game.

  • b4ifucuRU18

    i think its cause you get spawned near a teamate who dies just as you spawn

  • SAM_04

    Treyarch has put in tactical insertions for a reason if you DO NOT like their SPAWN POINTs get Tac Insertion and make your own spawn point simple

  • Juha

    Hmm.. There is lots of problems that Game is freezing when playing nazi zombies.. Its not about my computer because I have lots of games and none of them seems to freeze.

  • steve

    its a game! go outside and run around for a while, burn off all that fat that you aquire from sitting on your ass while playing video games

  • Rob

    All I’ve played since MW1 is HC HQ and me and my network of friends used to dominate every game hardly ever letting the opposing team capture even one objective. But in Black Ops, we’re lucky to cap even one HQ most of the time. The spawns are just ridiculous. We’ll spawn on the HQ side of the map, get into the HQ and before we have a chance to get set up to hold it down, the whole enemy team spawns where we did, wipes us out, then we respawn as far away from the HQ as possible making it impossible (even with lightweight and marathon)to get across the map in time to even get to the HQ, let alone cap the thing…another big issue I have is the Flak Jacket Second Chance combo. While I can tolerate each separately most of the time, it becomes a big problem (especially playing HC)when the entire opposing team has both flak jacket and second chance on. HC is supposed to be 2-3 shots kill someone, but with all the second chance and flak jacket non-sense, you’re lucky to kill someone with half a clip (if they don’t somehow manage to turn around in mid air and shoot you 8 times in the face before hitting the ground which happens to me constantly). This could be fixed by putting them in the same perk slot or even going so far as to not have it in HC all together. I mean when their whole team has second chance on, it’s like playing against 12 people.

  • Grimsickle

    Very frustrated with certain aspects of this game. Because of the poor spawn points I am constantly killed from behind after securing an area. Every spot in the map seems to be conveniently vulnerable from 5 plus angles, and although this eliminates camping it also makes it impossible to stay alive and the constant death at the hands of unseen opponents regardless of skill adds a ridiculously unrealistic feel to the gameplay. I don't know why the most basic communication functions are not included in the game, nobody knows who the person talking is relative to their map location and no communication between your team other than that one guy yelling "GET TO A…GET TO A…" just sucks. Lag / glitch causes crosshairs to not be completely accurate, but the real killer for me is… how exactly does someone manage to raise his weapon if standing in my direct stream of automatic assault rifle fire? Sick of shooting someone dead on in the back multiple times just for them to turn and fire once for the kill. I haven't made it through three straight matches (played over 600) without the lobby or host disconnecting. In some aspects this game makes me want to go back to Red Faction.

  • Sera

    Totally agree! What kind of realistic war simulation is it when enemies get in your garden etc. behind you and have it easy to kill you? I know many people will say this is a problem for campers but if you order care packs or a sam you will have to wait there until you possibly get killed by enemies spawning. That sucks especially if the packs are good

  • john

    I was just in a game of demilition and the other team were sitting camping out our spawn points so my whole team were respawning and dying striaght away. the other team werent even trying to plant the bombs just camping and getting kills. whats the point in playing a match like this if you cant do nothing just spawn die spawn die spawn die. its something they should sort out and probably could quite easily sort

  • john

    p.s. if you want a better online experience get battlefield there game is more realistic and doesnt lag. but it does sometimes have the problem with spawning but very very rarely. its a better game everyone should get off bumming COD

  • lol

    i like to swap trap

  • brittany

    I have played a lot. And there has been times where I join a game in progress and the other teams have [evil] before their names and they spawn kill you. Which is very annoyin because no one on my team could move due to spawn killing and all the killstreaks they got off it.

  • Cas

    who the hell decided to put a time limit for you to respawn? 13 -15 seconds is rediculous and you die right afterwards!!!!!!!! what a waste of time 

  • Steeve Tremblay

    To be totally honest that game is epic but at the same time an EPIC FAILURE, the truth is that u can be the worst player ever n finish with 50 kills and only 5 deads. Game has major issues, n not only blackops but all the cod’s and BF’s, its all about camping now, maps are soo BIG and detailed u can hide everywhere, yeah its realistic but where’s the fun at when all these kids want is to finish with the best score n ready to camp the whole game to collect killstreaks n finish the game with 60 kills… game sucks thats the truth, unless ur a real lab rat n play all the time/camper u cant have fun with the online mode. Respawn system is hilarious hahaha really…its so funny specially in ”Capture The Flag” ur dead waiting to respawn n if someone take ur team’s flag u respawn right in his back haha, unless ur blind or retarded its a free kill everytime, matter fact u respawn most of the time right in front/in the back of the enemies u aint even got time to react, sometimes ur just running n enemies respawn around you, free kills all the time…. its a real joke n really boring, game still fun after all but I get bored fast its always the same sheeet. Oh almost forgot, how could I forget that, worst connection of all time ? EVERYTIME I play connection lost connection lost connection lost, so yeah game has major issues n I wont buy COD games no more one day, producers earn millions n laught at us I cant be more honest. Servers suck major ballz. No budget at all, they keep our money n dont give a fucc

  • Www Thashocka213


  • Imchasinyou

    LMAO, this crap dont happen on my servers! Period! I have the rules set up to stop it, and every member of my clan can kick for it! If I catch them, I ban them with no warnings! i post rules alot so there is no excuse for it to happen! No spawn killing, no spawn trapping, no tacts in enemy base and no camping in enemy bases! Simple rules! I am now ranked top 2% in the US and top 1 %in the world! Maybe check us out for HC CTF! AAAAAA*MWIR* HC CTF  and     AAAAAA*MWIR2*Old maps HC CTF

  • BobBently

    I can’t play multiplayer anymore.  The spawn die, spawn die rate is too high.  The maps are too small for the amount of players.    I get shot up from any & every angle.  All I want is a nice safe spot to hunker down in & “camp”.   The best way to avoid a quick spawn death, is to spawn & hit the dirt.  Just lay down flat the second you spawn & lay low.  Don’t move an inch, (this prevents someone from spawning 2 feet behind you & killing you)  Another tactic that works for me is to play backwards.  I simply run around backwards & pick off players who would otherwise shoot me in the back.  

  • Bb

    Your method (if there is a method) for respawning TOTALLY SUCKS!!! You respawn directly in front of Huey and Attack helicopters?!! WTF????!! You don’t even have a chance and you get mowed down before you realize where your at!! c’mon guys!! That sucks!!!!!

  • mudge

    the game sucks.. spawn campers are unskilled players who take advantage.. there is nothing fun about being killed by a bunch of pussies who lack skills.. what a waste of money.. wont buy any game from this company again..

  • huskdrgn

    all this sounds like 2 me iz none of u can play worth shit…dam cry babys oh boo hoo learn ur surroundings now when n where 2 move instead of standing there looking stupid n crying cause u get spawned trapped..easy 2 get out of really it iz just now ur maps duh gesh..its all fun n GAMES 2 me why get mad…….get better..oh yeah if yeah want ta find out come at me black ops ps3 [NBK]huskdrgn

  • huskdrgn