Call of Duty: Black Ops Graphics Or Sound – Which Is Worse?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for almost a day now, and although a host of reviews showed up online the day before the release, it was the users views that we wanted the most. Now fans of the franchise have started to offer their opinion, and there seems to be a consensus that both graphics and sound is not up to par.

Having played the game for just an hour, I noticed that the graphics sucked, but you have to get past this and play the game for what it is intended for. However, there are those who believe that this is a step back in the franchise, do you agree with that?

There have also been reports that the sound effects are very poor, one reader said that the sound on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 makes Black Ops sound like you are in a sewer, as the sounds just do not go. Do you agree?

COD Black Ops did get great reviews at first, but now the game has been played by hundreds of thousands already, this is where the true reviews start, and things are not too good at the moment.

Which do you think is worse, the poor sound or graphics?

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  • Roosterv

    My computer plays the regular COD fine. But this one lags like crazy.

    • James

      Stupid! Obviously it's going to play an older game with worse graphics better than a new one! I bet your Compy can also run Pac Man better!!

  • Ryan

    I think the graphics were amazing so I'm confused….?

    • James

      is it the first time uve played cod? or maybe its the systm ur on, my graphics r as bad as cod 3…perhaps 4

    • Kal El 001

      you ate confused unless you have an sd tv then it might look like a dreamcast game

    • Matthew Nicholls

      the graphics are shit get ur eyes tested the game is a total fail its pathetic. i would rather play mw2 no joke

      • jose

        im with you i rather play mw2

    • scantrax94

      on pc or xbox they are quiet good, but on ps3 they suck ass hell if you played uncharted 2..

    • Nick Reese

      Same, i think its because people are used to the super glossy embossed light look that is made with unreal engine in MW2. this is just a more photorealistic engine, therefore less glossy.

      • massicolli

        the graphics look like graphics for a kids game
        theres is no tone in the colors
        you could take a picture a give to a kid to number paint it

    • Thabang

      The graphic are bad but the game make up for it. I mean which another game has JFK and Fidel Castro in it?

      Its a AAA title but MW2 is still the reining FPS champion

  • marcovegas

    The engine, graphics & sound are inferior to MW1&2. If you say otherwise, you clearly do not know what you are talking about. Image quality and sound quality are not a matter of "opinion."
    This is an upgrade from World at War, but I assure you that it is equally as deserving in terms of earning 6 stars out of 10. For every positive thing you can say about the game, those positives are offset by the negatives. You cannot enjoy the additional features and efforts made when the sound and video is so poor it ruins the game. Within 2 hours of playing I happily returned to MW2. I took the day off of work for this, and I would rather have fun playing Mw2, than force myself to play Black ops.

    • Mango

      bud, the engine is at least an expanded version of the one found in mw, if not mw2's. Criticize the implementation all you want, but the engine itself is very similar if not nearly the same. Do you know of what you speak?

      • mangosucks

        youre stupid,
        1. its a modified version of the WaW engine
        2. Have you even compared the graphics?? there is NO COMPARISON MW2 owns at this
        3. The sounds suck, I cant comprehend anything about what I hear

        Mango, do you have any idea what youre talkign about yourself?

    • Pixelated

      Sir, you're a moron. A bad troll. World at War had generally better graphics than MW2. The lighting was a big plus over either of the Modern Warfare games. MW1 is still the best, competitively speaking, out of all of them (I haven't played Black Ops, so I won't judge its gameplay.) If you enjoy MW2 over any of the other games, YOU clearly do not know what you are talking about. Playstyles are favored, maps are thrown together to look like something, not play like something, and balancing leaves a lot to be desired. The engine is the same as WaW, meaning it runs similar. It's not going to be the smooth yet slow paced game MW2 was. The fast pacing in MW2 is a facade, I hope you know. In fact, due to the map size increase, it IS slower than in CoD4. I have seen the graphic for this game first-hand. Considering how much stress this game puts on a CPU and GPU, this game looks, sounds, and runs like a dream. Let's just hope the gameplay is equally as sturdy.

      • hitsfrumdastreet

        Mango and Pixelated – you are both dumbasses. Especially you pixelated – you havent even played black ops. Everything you said is wrong. Black Ops is extremely choppy in gameplay, the graphics are bad, and the sound is horrible – no footsteps and the guns sounds like crap. How can you even compare that to MW2. MW2 had it's flaws, but in terms of graphics and sound both MW2 and MW1 kill black ops.

        • neh

          I agree with you: The graphics in Black Ops is a dumbed down version of modern warfare 2.

          I see Treyarch as the RECYCLING game maker as they reused the sounds and also the engine. I know its not easy to make a game and i give kudos to them for their innovation in currency system and other gameplay such as the training with bots but they became lazy to the other 2 most important aspects in a game = graphics and sounds.

          Also to those who say its flawless etc. TRY THIS while playing the game try going to your “Task Manager” and see for yourself the Memory Usage which ranges from 1.3 to 1.5gb usage. Clearly it has a huge memory leak and needs to be patched up.

          Hope treyarch/activision acts upon this the soonest as we did not pay that high price tag to get mocked. [Not to mention also that the game did not come on that nice box with goodies compared to Modern Warfare.]

          Modern Warfare 2 was good especially for PC but thanks to the bots it destroyed everything. Wonder if black ops would suffer the same soon? :/

        • andrew

          last i checked gameplay was inportant to :/

        • Alexwalkern

          So i played the game and i like the gameplay andd story line but yes the graphics are like Nintendo 64 or something.

    • Bob

      Exactly! I played 3 maps and happily returned to MW2. The audio and graphics were beyond disappointing. Simply put, they were awful. Everyone I've spoken with said the same thing. I returned my Black Ops to GameStop. They credited my money towards another game. I'll just wait for the next MW3 by Infinity Ward.

    • Kal El 001

      you hit it right on the head you sir are a person of intelligence

    • LordLilly

      Have too agree!!very disapointed. A big step backwards. both graphics and sound are
      total crap

    • kel

      i agree totally. i have about 3 hours of Black Ops play and am now returning to MW2. The NUKETOWN map was the last straw. the graphics on that map are so bad, i thought my 360 was secretly replaced with a Wii while i wasn't looking.

      The spawn points are a huge turnoff too. They were horrible enough in World at War that refused to make the purchase after renting. I wish I had done my homework and rented Black Ops first before shelling out $70 for it. Had I known Treyarch did the game I would not have purchased.

      Horrible graphics (disgusting really). Original XBOX quality sound (likely worse). And enemies spawning on top of you and/or you spawning surrounded by enemies (got spawn killed within 2 seconds of spawning 14 times in a row on Headquarters on NUKETOWN.) I will be selling this game tomorrow and going back to MW2

    • cmr112184

      I know what you're talking about. I didn't play MW2 that much, so I can't really comment on the graphics. I like the graphics in Black Ops. But, I don't like the sounds that much. I could be 15 feet away from a guy who's shooting me, and I'll think he's using a suppressor because it's so quiet on my surround sound system. But, when I watch his killcam, his gun is super-loud. That gets on my nerves. The only way you can tell if someone is near you is by radar, or them getting blown up by your claymore or some other equipment that senses them. Because, the guns all sound suppressed when you're not the one using them.

    • Thomas Graham

      i say the sounds are pretty good, much better than mw2's (the pp2000 sounds like a retarded laser pistol)

  • tatanation

    i agree regarding pretty much everything, im coming from modern warfare2 and battlefield 2 bad company and im still thinking about going back to modern warfare 2 but i guess i can still give it a try to black ops, about battlefield 2 bad company it really has way better and refined graphics and better sound than black ops, but then again im talking about my online experience, i think black ops is more campaign designed rather than online gaming

  • eric

    i just don't get it the graphics are so bad on the ps3. i thought hey maybe i m spoiled i have a built computer and i play a lot of computer games. wish i didnt get this game compared to other ones out but hey same on me for buying from the this call of duty team….uhhhh

  • andre

    Absolute rubbish, this game is awesome, I am halfway through the single campaign at I can’t put it down. On my surround sound system its powerful and the graphics are brilliant, couple of glitches here and there but worth every penny. If you think its below standard ….go to specsavers.

    • John

      Wait until you try playing online. There is a ton of lag and the sound effects totally blow. The game is not nearly as immersive as either Modern Warfare offering; it's just not smooth or intuitive. It's tough to explain, but it just doesn't feel right whereas Modern Warfare feels like you are in the game. Black Ops has some cool features and I'll play it until the next release because I am a COD addict, but this feels just like World at War online and is a complete let down after all the hype from its developers who claimed this would be a great leap forward.

    • Kal El 001

      you must be lying to yourself i have tritons and the sound is true rubbish but call of duty 2 sound was incredible so you should check that game out might change your perception of sound and graphics c'mon you must not have HD

      • John

        Ka is right! I have B&W surround – top notch stuff and MW2 sounds incredibly good. This sounds like they are shooting pop guns. One positive though, the maps are pretty amazing and huge.

    • Christopher

      lol the graphics are good yes, but the graphics are like in CS: Source.. no details added. check MW2 compered to Black Ops, mostly its the weapons that bothers me.. and i got 7.1 surround sound that for $800. and i must say the sound is poor. and check the fires looks like Duke Nukem

  • Sam

    On my headphones the game sound is better than a lot of other games I have. The only issue I have with sound is the footsteps. I don't here them as much as in MW2. The graphics are not that good, only a bit better than WaW. I don't see much difference between the PS3 and Xbox version, like I thought, it was a brightness issue. Still, the graphics online are not impressive at all.

    • snap

      I dont agree with much here other than the poor frame rates, but I have to agree that the sounds do not carry far enough. It seems enemies have to be within 10 feet before you can really hear their footsteps. Despite the fact that they are not using ninja. However, when not using ninja, a players own footsteps sound very loud. Loud enough that I would expect them to be audible from half way across the map.

  • B0B

    I was really surprised at how bad the graphics and sound were. The story is predictable and does not have the epic feel of MW2. It seems like Activision was really interested in saving on production costs so there is no soundtrack and there is nothing memorable with the voice acting. This game is the most overhyped and least remarkable game of 2010.

    • Sayonara

      Three letters.


      • CMcKenzie2810

        Two words.
        The Stones.

      • Whatthebbqsauce

        taking two awesome bands’ songs and calling it soundtrack doesnt make it good, alright i felt really good when woods came down in that chopper with the music but the whole game but just bullshit with their original soundtrack, honestly i felt so pumped when playing mw2 throughout

    • guest

      2 words, halo: reach. but black ops is a close 2nd

  • O.chick

    for some reason the very first game that I played the graphics were worse than battlefield. But then after the first one.. somehow.. the graphics got better. I don't think the graphics or sound are bad. But I do however like the fact that when people talk, they sound far away and its not echoey. now, i don't have to concentrate on muting people. so far, the game is good.

  • kev conway

    its sh*te

    • James

      The audio decoding is totally wrong. The graphics are quite good. Right. If you own a proper 5.1 system, not a poxy £250 all in one DVD in a box job, and you’ve played COD4, MW2, and even F1, you should know how true DD 5.1 should sound. In cod4 and mw2, the 2 front speakers should be your gun sounds. The centre speaker should be the dialogue (the character speaking) for the simple ones and the 2 rears are the surrounds. This is not the case with black ops. Your gun sounds come out the rears therefore you can’t hear your opponents running ip behind you. It’s not a bad game. It just lacks the “x factor” of infinity wards versions as the case has been since COD2. Cod1. Great as it was first game. Cod2, awesome. Cod3, dogshit, cod4, awesome, MW2, good/great, black ops, ok/good.

  • Richie

    The Graphics are absolutly rubbish, i have been looking forward to this game for so long, and was very very dissapointed and very pissed off to be honest, the graphics are an absolute joke, its 2010 we have full hd tvs and full hd games so there is no excuse for this

  • ben


    u can suck it product reviews the graphics and sound were amazing people just need to take a step back and just enjoy the first person its intended for and just stop whineing if u dont like it return and STOP bitching

    • richard

      Are u serious? Lmaooooooo

  • i want refund!!!

    Graphics are a step back, the game looks very cartoonish the sound (pause) what sound? there's nothing but gun shots and explosions all over, no ohh ahhh uhhgg when players are killed, no ricochet sound when head shot, I mean MW2 is way up there when it comes to details that make you feel like you are experiencing a battle field, i tried snipping and i cant tell you how sad it is, shot a guy in the face: dam dude just fell down…WTF no blood, helmet or brains splattered. THE DUDE JUST FELL FLAT ON HIS ASS.
    And they tried to somewhat ressamble MW2 by introducing other lenguages, i happen to be a native spanish speaker and the words they mumble is an insult to spanish. I could go alnight but.. nope.
    other than zombies with my friends i dont think i'd be playing this much.

    • Matt

      Excelent Review, could not agree more with you!
      I think the Ninja Perk is the default setting in this game, there is no footsteps sound at all!!

  • Roberto

    I expect a game in this time of age to have good graphics as well as good sound, specially since there has already been games in the past with better graphics and sound, such as crysis, and MW2

    • dylan

      black ops is a bad ass game but i think the graphics are great..but they are not the best

  • rauz

    graphics are soooooo bad on ps3 online! SERIOUSLY WTF!!!!!! i cant believe people are saying they are BETTER than MW2. its insanity. got it yesterday and instantly i was like … HD turned off? no thats working. Put the game in my nintendo 64? nooo its in a fucking ps3 1080i graphics 40" LED samsung tv.

    • headsh0t95

      totally agreed. I thought my game ran at 720p. It looks like that but my screen says 1080p. If i put it on my pc, i get the same quality at 1280×720 and at 1920×1080 it looks indeed awesome and better than MW2. PS3 runs thus at 720 P saying it is 1080 i/p.

  • Hannah

    I was absolutely mortified today when I starting playing multiplayer. The sound was so bad I actually thought I blew a speaker on my tv. Aside from the ridiculous gun and explosion sounds, this game took a complete u-turn from MW2, which is the only video game that has managed to steal my heart. The graphics make me feel like I am playing something that should have been released along with the original Xbox. The detail in this game is pathetic compared to MW2. It’s cartoonish. Not my thing. I am so disappointed… Back to MW2 I go.

    • Mango

      Like something on the original xbox? sheesh man, have you taken a look at those games recently? Black was probably the best looking game on xbox, and it's not in the same league.

      • Hannah

        Man? First off, recognize that men aren't named "Hannah". Second, what the fuck are you talking about? Taken a look at the original Xbox games? Yeah, they look like shit just like BO.

    • sirfraz

      i totally agree. i am making it my mission to prevent as many peeps as i can from buying this game and ask those who have got it to trade it in. long live modern warfe 2.

    • Kal El 001

      you are so correct sound wow and totally a dreamcast game

  • Yeahyeah

    The sound in the Multiplayer is bad. You just don't feel immersed in the battlefield, doesn't feel very exciting.

    On the other hand, it has lots of things going for it that make it better than MW2:

    Noobtubes are nerfed.
    There is no One Man Army
    Scavenger doesn't restore Noobtubes.
    There are no Tactical Insertions in Free for All
    There is no Commando.
    There is no Danger Close perk.
    There are no nukes.

    If MW2 would be released again without all that garbage, I'd buy it again.

    • Shawn

      No Nukes
      No Nukes
      No Nukes
      No Nukes!!!!

  • RiJo

    I'm so disappointed! I'm only playing online and the graphics is like cartoon and contains alot of lag. The lag totally removes the nice feeling one had in MW and MW2. But also the sound is so bad and there's no reality at all in the effects. If you don't believe me, compare the sound of frag grenades from MW2 with Black Ops.

    How is it possible to do a step back like this? My first two thoughts when I played the game was: "This feels like Call of Duty 3" and "Did I really activate high resolution and lighting effects?" (actually went to the menu to look it up).

    Totally agree with marcovegas, BOB, i want refund!!!, among others.

    I will probaly go back to MW2…

    • kel

      it feels like call of duty 3 because Treyarch is the developer of both of those garbage games. see you on MW2.

  • Harry-606

    Compare black ops to WaW, because treyarch didn’t make MW2

    • kjh

      but black ops is still the successor to MW2, so it should be better, they compete as companies, not for "personal bests"

  • DAYMAC187

    You have to remember the era the game is based. For example Nuketown as a map looks fisherprice at best. It's deliberate, Its a mock up town which would have had bombs tested on it. Think about it!!!!!

    • AXE

      Not talking about the map itself, but how horrible it is with the already bad resolution

  • thehenman

    this game a step back for sure, yea the graficks are better than cod4 but not as good as mw2. but the sound is a step back from both. all you can hear is silly sound effects all the time. in the othe games you could pride your self on pinpointing an enemy by there foot steps. NOT in black ops. you cant hear shit. just explotions ect. and another thing. when the game lags which it does alot, the frame rate goes down soooo much! ANOYING!! as for the hit detection well… it just me or is cod4 still by far the best of the bunch after all this time…. sigh!! still, no silly boosters….YET

  • Jeff

    I will keep this short and sweet.. Sound is absolutly terrible. Its almost like I took my turtle beach headset off and put kmart brand headphones on.

    Graphics… Maps are ok. I hate that they made the toons look like BF toons. I also notice a HUGE image lag on buildings/walls/and tooks. Mainly guilie suits… 10 steps away they somtimes look like green blobs..10 seconds later I can literally watch the textures get drawn in by the game. NTM … *running along thinking to yourself isn’t that green grass so pretty.. wait.. WTF is that BUGS BUNNY!?! Nope… Black ops toon laying down **BOOM***

    I am trying hard to like this game. MW2 took a bit to grow on me so I am hoping this will do the same.. But I def. See myself going back to MW2. Killing stuff in BO feels like your cutting paper.. It seems like they spent all their effort on numbers..”how many headshots worldwide..” who gives a..

    • DAYMAC187

      Have you tinkered with the sound options?
      It does make a difference

    • Chuckasaurus

      All in all, the third rate graphics, and the crappy sound effects, make Black Ops take a step backwards from MW2, instead of taking a step forward, and being a better game. This game had so much potential, but Treayarch ruined it with their inability to make clean graphics, and decent sound effects. Treyarch had some great ideas when they made this game, just like they with World at War (Nazi Zombies), but every great idea they incorporate into the game, is offset by their bad graphics, and worse sound.

  • @filmgoss

    Sound is fine. Stick it on Surround sound and the explosions and gun shots are amazing, Most of you must have not played the game, So many people dissing the game when it's actually pretty damn good.

    • Casey

      Well, i'm sure alot of us have played the game. I absolutely loved MW2. this is quite a dissappointment. I was expecting so much more, I find it incredibly difficult to enjoy. I love the new currency system, I also love all of the other new additions. However, I'm finding it difficult to look past the graphics. I see no issue with the sound yet. to me, the game looks a bit like a cartoon, It's quite frustrating. i haven't played the storyline yet, I hear it's the best yet. however, I think the multiplayer is lacking. I'm hoping this grows on me, perhaps I was just expecting too much. however I wasn't very satisfied with WaW either… I'm starting to think that infinity ward was the driving force behind the series and now Treyarch thinks they can handle it by themselves.

    • johnny

      you suck ballz and so does this game fuck off


      filmgoss i'm pretty sure you're one of the gamers that like halo and all of the bad games such as Black ops

  • DAYMAC187

    Totally agree. Very good game the killstreaks seem to play less of a part. So more about around ability as apose to getting out a pavelow and wiping everyone out.
    More skill envolved.

    Any thoughts on best gun?

    • Jane

      So far, its the famas but i feel that the commando may prove to be overpowered

      • DAYMAC187

        Started with Fammas last night. Is an improvement on the same gun on MW2.
        I did think there would be more weapons

  • Rasmus

    Sound is bad compared to medal of hornor tier 1
    i think the graphics are bad as well… this game is just way to hyped

  • Jake

    Black Ops is Terrible. Treyarch made a valiant attempt at best in trying to make a great game but lets face it….. THE CAMPAIGN DIDNT MAKE THE SERIES BILLIONS…. The multiplayer did. If i was to rate the Single Player Mode I would give it a 8 for sure. Its playable and fun but i dont spend 60 dollars for a single player mode that last 6 hours. IM HERE FOR THE ONLINE EXPERIENCE like most are. Black Ops Online Gameplay is sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
    Now maybe im spoiled from MW2…lets say that i am…But damn im not stupid the graphics SUCK, the sound sucks and like the gameplay is TERRIBLE. Now the fps is good BUT SHIT when your playing Graphics that looks like N64 on the XBOX the fps would be great shit it better be!!!! Listen guys really get your head out ur ass u Kotick Cock suckers BLACK OPS IS GARBAGE, the single player is good BUT THE MULTIPLAYER SUCKS…

  • jake

    YEA YEA sure sure the multiplayer has wager matchs (so sick of hearing about)
    YEA YEA sure sure the multiplayer has new modes and customization yada yada

    Im not playing a game with shitty gameplay.
    ILL DEAL WITH bugs in MW2 before i play a game that doesnt make sounds when i shoot a gun, or make sounds when i walk, even sometimes the sounds skips when cars blowup. Its terrible, im really really upset with this game like i dont even know how to express it properly.

    I understand were they went to balance the game, i really do but if THEY just did a better job with the graphics, sound, and gameplay, i would of been so much happier. JUst the graphics alone and i would be acting like a fanboy.

  • Fry 723

    The multiplayer experience is woeful. The graphics and textures are extremely poor in comparison to MW2 and even below MW1 and the sound is snap, crackle, pop. No substance at all. The environments and sound went an extremely long way to making MW2 a great online game, they seemed to have messed up some basic elements that make the gameplay great.

    Bring back Infinity Ward.

  • jake

    Black Ops is terrible and I really wish Infinity Ward gets the rights to A franchise that they put one the map.
    Done Said Understood
    Back to World of Warcraft tell further notice!

  • stretch90

    The graphics are really terrible, at least in multiplayer. That and the lagging really ruins the experience. This would have been acceptable if the game came out 5 years ago for the ps2 or xbox.

  • roy rogers

    medal of honor tier one^^ you mean battlefield!!!
    the game is amazing, lots of haters on here, the article writer is a joke, its PR news how can you take that seriously. what they lack in graphics they make up for in customization, the maps remind me of uncharted so suck it

  • alwaysthesameshiz

    My comp exceeds minimum requirements with a beefy videocard (HD5850 o/c) and yet the game shows great video lag even with shadows disabled and textures low; to the point where at times it almost becomes unplayable. Beta testing exists for a reason, to prevent rushed crappy releases like this one. Someone said it's due to the fact it's a console port where emphasis lies on utilising the CPU instead of the GPU. That's great and all, but a PC isn't a console. We don't buy expensive videocards only to be capped by a processor's limit. Either port properly or don't port at all.

  • Guest

    I agree, the sound is total shit. You can barely tell the difference between the gun sounds, and handling characteristics of the weapons are non existent. And the main character sounds like that loser from Avatar and clash of the titans, its horrible.

  • 1984

    I see people defending Black Ops… seriously have you played MW or MW2? Both are way better. The graphics suck. I agree its like im playing on XBOX instead of 360. what the hell? There is no excuse and if you think there then you're an idiot.

    • Guest

      Sure, the multiplayer graphics may suck, but the campaign and zombie graphics are amazing. MW2 was just plain annoying with all the OMA danger close tubers and overpowered shotguns and teleporting commando, never mind the killstreaks.

  • John

    Graphics are worse since you can play without sound…

  • sirfraz

    this game was all hype.. i feel like i,m playing a kids game in the year 2005! it should have been better vthan midern warfare 2. But cod modern fare 2 is 20 if not 100 times better that black ops. i feel ripped off by all the hype. online play is slow and staggered. v. hard to see targets in distance. this one big scam by treyarch.

  • jadyx

    If you believe the sound and graphics are better in Black Ops than MW2 or BF2 you haven't really played them all, especially with surround sound. One reason I love MW2 is that when I crank up the sound on my 5:1 channel surround sound the realistic sounds from gun fire, grenades, footsteps, reloading, etc. are phenominal. MW2 also combines all these different sounds as if you were truly emmersed in the battle. Black Ops on the other hand reminds me of playing Doom on my N64, the sounds are completely unrealistic. Listen to the helicotpers, the claymore explosions, grenades – they all suck. It isn't even a close comparison. I think people that believe Black Ops sounds amazing either haven't played MW2 or are simply using standard the sound from their tv. The graphics have gone backwards forsure but not as bad of a drawback as the poor sound quality. Treyarch needs to take some lessons from Ininity Ward. Game play online is similar to MW2 but the transition makes you feel like you have gone backwards when playing Black Ops. I am taking this game back and playing MW2 & BF2 instead.


    Sounds are horrid. Were not playing with cap guns are we? The graphics… This is 2010 cmon treyarch get it together. This is just WAW with some new textures. But they made millions again. When will people learn that if you pay for shit you get shit.

  • kaboombandsaw

    So so so so so disappointed. Back to MW2 for me. Waste of money

  • Sola

    the game is horrible

  • gsd

    the graphics are a little bit off, but it is more a technical based game, no reliance on OMA, and noob toobs, commando and lightweight nonsense and no stopping power. so basically now its a gun vs gun battle. no bull. the sound and graphics arent what they should be, but the fun factor is there.If the graphics were flawless you would still here the cries from OMA soldiers. sometimes you cant win. I am willing to overlook some aspects of the game which should be better to get to play a game which flawlessly fixed all the things i hated about MW2. so just play.

  • sneekn n peekn

    I have played Black Ops for 5 hrs total game online multiplayer game play, so i feel i can now give it a review for of the first 5 hrs. MW2 really showed what is possible in advanced in graphics, but the sound was not as good as WAW was. So I was really hoping that Black Ops would up the graphics from WAW and keep the amazing audio from that game. MW2 had fair sound ( i use Tritton Ax Pro's and Turtle Beach x41) so i can judge sound. Black Ops has absolutely no foot steps and echo location at all. (Cracked has some, funny why that map is the only one where you can kinda echo locate by footsteps and gunfire: pay attention you can kinda hear it on that map) The gunfire is too loud and grenade is to loud, you can't hear someone running up on you no matter what perk they are using marathon( should be loud as it is faster) or ninja ( should be really quite but some sound) but you can hear some reloading bullets into magazine from across the map? wow what a fail! my only theory for this is treyarch is trying to level the playing field and not give anyone with a headset any advantage to someone playing on a 19" tube t.v. with one speaker that is blow out. Why would they want that to happen, COD has always broke into different groups of skill and the really good players have good equipment and a good mind to go along with it. This game completely voids the equipment part! Is the audio something they can do a major update on and fix or is that impossible? if they fixed the audio the real gamers (not noob tubers, boosters, 7yrs olds, spinning snipers, etc..) would love the game. The lag will drop out as the numbers drop down ( there were 2.5 million people playing on 11/9/10) and the graphics are good enough with just some frame rate issues. So Treyarch fix the audio and don't be hated like Infinity Ward now is for that complete failure.

  • Mareok

    Anyone know if enabling the 3D mode will improve the graphics? cuz they are totally disappointing on HD dont know what happen… WaW is much better and nothing to say about MW2

    • Kevin

      3D can take the frame rate down to 30.

  • http://thisone Skillet

    I agree that the graphics are not as in detail as modern warfare 2. That being said, there are many more items (buildings, passage ways, and misc.) i think. The sound quality on the other hand is below average. I would rather have had a constant roar from GOW. I believe there might have been some borrowing from the style of MOH. Wich feels like i should be playing with a mouse than a controller.

  • Dan

    This game is nothing campared to World at War… or MW2 …the graphics and sound are really the pits….these guys must have been asleep making this game….its the pits…. COD 2 is just as good….

  • Sam

    What are you talkin about?!? MW2 sucked. Spec ops was boring campaign was bad and online was filled with noob tubes and commando. Black ops is better in each category


    • qwe

      your a butthole

    • qwe

      but hole

  • Xander078

    The graphics dont compare to MW2..I would liken the graphics quality to a PS2 game and that's being generous. Also the sound is your running you can hear the sound of 1 or two footsteps for every 10 you take…its ridiculous! They obviously decided to cut corners knowing the demand would be great not caring…I think I'll go back tp MW2

  • Chuckasaurus

    The graphics on Black Ops aren't very good. I heard all the hype about how the graphics are better than Modern Warfare2, but that is a lie. When someone is far away, you simply can't see them, because of the grainy graphics. After straining my eyes trying to see enemies in multiplayer mode, I took the game out, and put MW2 back in my PS3. There is no excuse for the graphics to be this bad. It looks like Treyarch wanted to make good graphics, but just don't know how. If you played World at War, and got annoyed with the graphics, you're not going to like Black Ops either.

    And the sound effects on multiplayer mode suck too. The guns sound like bb guns or something, and just make a "pop" when you shoot them. And grenades and claymores make the same "pop" as guns do. All in all, the sound effects on this game sound like I'm playing a PS1 game or something. On MW2, you can tell what kind of guns are being fired around you. On Black Ops, every gun, and every explosive device, sound pretty much the same. You'll wonder if you got shot, or if you got hit by a claymore.

    • Realist

      Ok, I have to ask. Have you EVER actually shot a real M16 in your life?? A real M16/M4 does not sound like the freakin hand cannon on MW2. Now while the guns do sound beastly in MW2, they are WAY too beastly sounding. I actually own an M16 as well as an AK47 and they do not sound like cannons being fired. They actually do just kind of give a 'pop'. So as far as the sound of the guns go, I think that while they might not be as 'beastly' sounding, they actually are much closer to the real thing.

      And for the graphics, I'm not exactly sure what most people are talking about "a step backward from MW2". So please give more detail as to why you think the graphics are terrible. Although I do have to say that I thought the AK47 in BO was very realistic looking.

  • James

    the graphics on cod5 r better than cod6 now perhaps they updated it but cod7…surely its not that bad…no wait it is! i thought mine was fake at first! the trailer has amazing graphics, but the actual game doesn't…ohhkay?? awkward lol

  • mclifton

    This ought to sum the sound for ya. Just play demolition and with out looking at the map when bomb A or B is about to explode, tell me when you hear one of the bombs go off when it explodes. I'll go on and tell you that you can because grenades, sentex, n00b tubes, explosives, bombs, blowing up helicopters, rc-xd, etc. etc. all have the same "poof" sound to them when they go off. There is no excitement in blowing up a helicopter any more even if you are lucky enough to hear the damn thing when it is right over the top of you.

  • none

    this game sucks, goona trade it for medal of honor and back to BC2 in the meanwhile.

  • kes

    Very disappointing the graphics and the sound are poor and this for me makes the playing experience worse than mw2.. Going to take it back and get back onto MW2

  • no-one

    cmon don't criticize black ops too much, it is the first couple days after all and they haven't released a patch after all. Don't complain about the game until you've seen some of the updates. Plus, most of what people are complaining about can be fixed with patches.

    • Slick

      Can’t update graphics engine in a patch, its outdated and modified from cod4

      It sucks

  • Dz6874

    Overall Black Ops just appears to be a very average game. As pretty much everyone on this site has stated the overall look and particularly the sound are well behind what was offered in MW2. Like it or not everyone felt this should be an improvement over what had come before. Treyarch have had time to make this game work, even without the polish that MW2 delivered in both graphics and sound, which I guess could have been forgiven if it played and felt right, but it just does connect to the gameplay. In time with the inevitable series of patches this game may be improved, but ultimately it appears flawed and inferior when looking at the general expectation from this release. The hype machine well and truely delivered, the game doesn't

  • mushi mush

    playing this in 3D for already second day. Yes, Black Ops is a far cry from the MW2 standards. But have to say, 3D works really good!! Thats the only reason i keep playing it. At some point it even looks as a game is made for 3D. When i change back to 2D (just to check image quality etc) it looks cartoonish and not impressive at all. On the other hand, in 3D it looks real and much more engaging. I can see a potential in 3D gaming. But in general terms – game left me unimpressed.
    Sound is very bad. I use 7.1 home theater system which contains very good audio components and its just not delivering it as it did in MW2.
    Disapointing. I can give only 6 out of 10 and mainly for the 3D.

  • Chuckasaurus

    I think this game to closer to being the next installment of MAG than it is to being the next installment of Call Of Duty.

    I knew Black Ops was going to be like this. Every COD game that Treyarch makes is worse than the previous COD game that Infinity Ward made. I always get annoyed with the third rate graphics and sound, and go back to playing the last Infinity Ward version. I didn't want to buy Black Ops because of this, but my son showed me all of the reviews talking about how great Black Ops is, and how Treyarch is now better than Infinity Ward, so I took a leap of faith and bought Black Ops. Well, those people lied about Black Ops and Treyarch, because this game blows as much as Treyarchs previous installments of COD.

    I will never buy another Treyarch game!

    • thesaintsfc

      same as

  • Matt

    I am not surprised that everyone is bashing the graphics. I thought the same thing when I first played BO. Until I read this though I didn't realize how equally mediocre the sound is too. You guys are right, no footsteps. MW2 seems so much more realistic. I'm especially surprised by the explosion of the frag granades. I feel like i'm throwing a black cat instead of a granade. I also agree with the 'cartoonish' assesments. I hope this is just something that I will get used to because it's hard to go back to an older game.

  • Lowjak

    Very disappointed with Black Ops, graphics and sound quality are very lacking. Seems like the same graphics engines as WAW. MW2 should be the standard and nothing less. For the money and hype not worth it.

  • Jumbo Jet Jim

    No offense people, but everyone should have seen it coming, the same thing happened when COD4 came out then treyarch made WaW. My rule of thumb is, go with infinity ward.

    There's one defense I've heard that I personally can't accept which is, to compare the game to WaW, well that's not how the game industry works or any industry for that matter, because its based on competition which relies on comparison of 2 or more rivals, in this fiasco, treyarch seems have lost twice now.

    Sucks to be anyone who pre-ordered this haha.

  • Jose

    Ok WTF I think the graphics are way better than mw2 and waw and also the first time I played mw2 I thought the guns sounded weird but only because I was used to waw’s sound so these issues will be gone before u know it.

  • nWe.ingmar bergman

    The sound is the worst shit since WaW…sounds like charlie chaplin in the movie modern time
    why dont they put some money in the soundpart!? Medal of Honor´s sounds is like sitting in at theatre, Hollywoodisch.
    I have loved every cod since the number one (still thinks that UO is the best one by far)
    But im not buying the next one…..VAC is a joke (pb to but still better)
    Dedicated server means Deadicated not rental shit….

  • Oren Mckinney

    Black Ops plays like MAG! I'm trying to give it the benefit of doubt but its the worst entry in CoD so far.

  • Raaz

    In my Opinion, I got it for the PS3, the graphics do suck, but I dont care. COD has never been about the graphics. Now about the sound. IMHO, the sound is a step up from MW2. IMO almost all guns in MW2 sounded the same, and sounded like laser pointers. The thing I hate about sound in Black Ops is the explosions. It's like tapping a snare drum. Now, I have had every COD since COD2 on PC, and this is my first console COD, and IMO, I am pretty satisfied. The multiplayer is surprisingly balanced unlike the fiasco from MW2 and the nerfs that were worked out are actually good. I can admit, I love COD4, but this game is close to it…

    Im just expressing my opinion guys. Don't flame me for it. Honestly, this game is on par with COD4(minus the graphics). The new game modes are keepers, the customization is incredible, and now the game actually needs skill to play again.

  • Pro

    graphics are on par with mw2, not worse stop kidding yourself and theres a reason for this. Developers are limited by the consoles because they cannot be upgraded. if they improved the graphics it would make the game dog slow, mw2 ran at 60fps which is pretty low Is is. so dont blame the game blame the console, pc version looks gorgeous and im a competive gamer anyway i turn all my graphics down because the fancy visuals get in the way of my gameplay and when it comes down to it doesnt matter what the graphics are its the gameplay

    • lol.

      60 fps?
      60 fps + is pretty much industry standard and pretty damn high, as the human eye can only perceive fluidity at 30 fps. 60 fps is only necessary because there is no motion blur in black ops.

  • MoodyOscar

    My mate bought this on release day and the graphics are lousy. The opening menu looks like PS2 graphics! This game basically licks balls which is a shame as I was so looking forward to getting it. People saying that graphics are good need to go play MW2, then you will understand how high the bar has been set. Black Ops does not live up to the hype.

    Only redeeming features are the new multiplayer modes and customisation, but it is hard to enjoy when the graphics are just so crappy. As for sound I can't comment yet as I have only heard it on my mates tv speakers but graphics are definately a step down from MW2. Damn you Treyarch! Damn you to hell!

  • Tim

    you guys are stupid, the graphics are amazing and they spent more time making the zombies then they did making the multiplayer, why dont u guys actually try out what treyarch (yes i know its mispelled and idgaf) is know for and stop running right to the pvp like scrubs. ;D

  • Tim

    forgot to say that the only bad thing about this game is that 6 year old kids can walk around just spraying with a sub machine gun and get a kill streak. need to stop making the sub machine guns less op so that kids will use different types.

  • Tim

    lol last post, but i got to say after reading comments it looks like alot of you guys are on the ps, think about it. Black ops was made for the the 360, and ps3. if the image sucks on the pc, thats because the game being made for 360 and ps3 had to be totaly changed to be on the pc. and if i were them, i wouldnt put any extra time into the pc version because i know that all kids do is hack it and make there own maps ext……. and also mwf2 and black ops were made by dif companys to stop acting like its a downgrade. the graphics from wow (there last game) and black ops (recent games) is 300 percent beter, and if you guys seem to think they put all there time into multiplayer when realy they have zombies to think about, which one of the zombie maps is as big as both of the biggest multiplayer maps put together so suck on that. last but not least they didnt just work on black ops. they also had to spread there budget out so that they could rebuild the four wow maps. so not 100% of there money went into pvp and u guys need to appreciate all the effort they made to round the game out.

  • skypilot

    1. The graphics are terrible. They would have been "stunning" if the game was released in 1999. Who the heck made this decision? "Gee, let's release a new game, with graphics inferior to older games."

    2. The weapons are cap guns that don't kill people unless you hit them 3 times as much as in MW 2, and are horribly inaccurate. This is frustrating as hell. The weapons also have a lousy feel. If you picked up the TAR-21 or M4A1 in MW 2, you had a reliable, accurate weapon. The mini-uzi or Vector were fast, fun, and lightweight. The shotguns were solid. NOTHING in Black Ops is fun, easy to use, accurate, or reliable in comparison. Again, what Einstein thought this was a good decision?

    3. The sounds are a joke. The guns sound like caps. The grenades explosions are muted. The sound of footsteps is non-existent.

    Are there fixes? Can the company admit they screwed up and improve these basic functions of a game from with they will make almost half a billion dollars of revenue sales?

    If they don't, buyers won't be rushing to the stores for the next release.

  • just another sucker

    yes graphics and sound are terrible, but look at the plus side… we get to create a cool emblem.. and put it on our weapon i couldnt wait to do that or put some really cool face paint on and look like rambo running with my crossbow.. ok lets be serious now i spend more time owning bots in combat training then anything else game was a huge fail way over hyped, ohh and zombies.. since when did the swamp people (mud men?) from l4d2 join in. but i do love the belly flops lol another + ok back to cod4 for me.

  • Le0n2

    Hmm graphics aren't a problem for me tbh, anyone who doesn't play a game cause of its graphics are just retarded because its not how it looks its how it plays, so sound is very important weapon in cod4 and mw2 but they seem to have just taken out footsteps in Black ops. I can't hear anyone around me intill im dead the the amount of time ive had a guy sprint up behind me and pop in the back of the head while i'm in cover is just unreal, its really stupid I've got a quality Studio headset just for this eventuality. I'm glad the killstreaks have had a nerf bat and hardcore has been fixed and its a lot better game than mw2 anyone who says it isn't didn't play any of the earlier cods.

  • StateFan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks black ops isn’t very good. All my friends are saying ‘it just takes getting used to’… No, i shouldnt have to get used to it. I remember i was blown away by MW2 when it came out. Black Ops graphics suck, the guns sound like a .22, grenades sound like a fire-cracker… I’m really disappointed. I’m taking my copy back too and going back to MW2.

  • Omar

    Honestly I don't mind the graphics at all, they are ok, sure characters in MW2 looked better but hey they all looked the same with minimal changes from one faction to the other. Now the sound is horrible when it comes to foot steps, something I heard they were patching. The campaign graphics are a lot better I dunno why they bothered with that in all honesty…the campaign is horrible anyways. The game play itself is great, for the most part I enjoy game play with balance and actually needed skills than graphic oriented games like MW2 when any n00b tuber or commando fag would own you just cause they can.

  • Annoyed

    Oh yeah, Black Ops looks just like this:


  • Shawn

    Is it possible the game would run much better graphically on the Direct X 11 card? I would guess that most, like myself, are running the game on a Direct X 10 card. Console players will not see much of a degradation with graphics, however those of us that are running top end video cards can really see the issues.

    I am considering getting the new GTX 470. However, if having a Direct X 11 card makes no difference to Black Ops, then I will just keep playing the incredibly smooth MW2 version.


  • Shawn

    Is it possible the game would run much better graphically on the Direct X 11 card? I would guess that most, like myself, are running the game on a Direct X 10 card. Console players will not see much of a degradation with graphics, however those of us that are running top end video cards can really see the issues.

  • BOB


  • dvssnowboarder

    The Sound Effects are not the problem. The problem is the VO in the multiplayer and the music throughout the whole game. At first I hated the Foley and the Guns in the game but after a while they grew on me. But to be honest I think that someone told Ice Cube that he could be an announcer for the multiplayer games and the Studio Engineer and the Producers probably did not have the heart to tell him that his performance sucked. As a result every one else who did the VO had to suck as well. Another possibility is that the sound studio that they probably outsourced the VO to sucked. They are the true culprets.

  • guest

    common i waited for something special what i get is something out of a cartoon flim,the game does not at all feel,sound realistic and thats why mw2 was much better is all aspects.after playing black ops for an hour i had to go back to mw2…

  • Sam Pounsberry

    I had been waiting for this game for a long time and once i got it i was very sad to see that the graphics are not fantastic and a step back from MW2, some parts of the single player have great graphics and others are just poor..i get the feeling that it has been hurried to make release date and thats very sad.

    However i will give it a chance on multiplayer and i do realise that its a different game from MW2….I guess i will have my fingers crossed for MW3 :)

  • Guest

    I wasn't gonna get this coz it was made by Treyarch, but the good critic reviews convinced me otherwise. First note, the graphics are much worse than MW2, the multiplayer graphics were fairly shocking, felt like stepping down a generation. But its more than just graphics, animations look off, people move at unrealistic speeds at times, cars slide about and instantaneously stop unrealistically. The sound lacks any substance too. It lacks the polish and attention to detail of its predecessors, its all a little lazy. I'm hoping there's enough substance in the campaign and gameplay to overlook these problems, but all these niggles add up.
    But most of all, i can't believe that all of the critic's reviews i've read fail to mention these problems

  • mai

    Anyone arguing that MW2 had better graphics or audio clearly isn't playing right. Just finished it on total max settings, with all the audio perks enabled (5.1 tower speakers) and it was very satisfying. The last level has fantastic detail, especially the intense lighting while all the crazy shit is happening…don't wanna spoil it by going into detail.

    If people are complaining about ps3 or 360..well get a PC, imo you can't bitch about graphics on crappy outdated console hardware can you. And perhaps it's a driver/settings problem. MW2 on max didn't come close, though I liked the story more…black ops seems kinda fiction-y, not believable.

  • MW2lover

    I gotta say, I loved MW2, still do, just a little tired of the same maps. But that game is awesome. Black Ops, sorry guys, this one does not measure up. It certainly is not a step up or even equal. The campaign graphics are fine, sound is fine, but online play is a bit of a joke. Very little skill involved. You can't hear anyone running around, ever, other than yourself. Everyone is camping somewhere. The minute you step out of a building, you are toast. Lots of lag, hard to tell if your aim is bad or you just can never get a kill. My son is ten, never played this game, used the basic weapons of first level, never seen the maps, and he isn't very good at the games. I play very well, high kd ratio, all that. We played split screen online teamdeath match. I was already at level 30, had all the bells and whistles. He beat my score in both matches. My point, run and get shot. Camp and hope to get some kills, very little skill involved, just try to find a good camping spot and survive. To me, that is no fun at all. Forget running the map trying to get kills. You won't last ten seconds before getting knifed in the back by someone you never saw or heard. Back to MW2! Geeze.

    • thesaintsfc

      spot on m8


    MW2 was terrific , [I keep playing it over and over ] compare to this piece of garbage.

    Black ops graphics suck so bad, I don’t even want to finish this game.

    Heck, event the atrocious MOH is better that this.

    This COD reminds me of the first “red faction” .

    It looks and sound the same.

    Thing is, Red Faction came out 10 years ago.

    It’s 2010. How can you make crap like that and market it as

    the best game ever.


  • Annoyed

    @SEANNY How can you have grammar and spelling so bad and expect to be taken seriously?

  • Laon-Fait

    Am I playing Kids of duty or call of duty…>.>

    And about nukes, they were hard to get at first, then people got good and exploited noobtubes and stacked Kill streaks…

    I still get noobed tubed. And the killstreaks are almost literally every two seconds…

    Even though the maps are big, they are all congested. Some maps are as large as wasteland and Derail but they all are as congested as… highrise.

  • BlackRat

    Explosion and guns sound ridiculous! and even your own footsteps sound so fake and incoherent. You can´t hear anything when people are shooting at you at close range, it feels like they are a mile away. When you have a chopper on top of you, it sounds like its a toy. You can get knifed from behind by someone that sprinted in a metal platform without ninja, and you don´t hear anything. Not having good sound takes the excitement of the game. Come on Treyarch, fix the damn sound! And please look up in Youtube how frags, stuns, rpgs and guns really sound.

  • BlackRat

    Forgot… Respawn system in COD BO sucks, just the same as MW2. But MW2 is a much better game, if you take away, noobtubes, commando, akimbo rangers and tactical insertion.

  • lee

    Love the game, especially the multi-player, the gun sounds are actually very accurate It's just people are used to over done, over compressed, tweaked sounds, that's why they're complaining. After a few days when the connection quality increased the game is brilliant, perfect, but Treyarch really need to sort out the frame rate drop in particular areas on some maps.

  • Herpderp

    I actually believe that the worst part of the game is the waste of the money to pay for it.
    Especially considering 2 years was given to make this game, they got absolutely nothing right.
    (I would also like to note that I previously thought that the taking away of Stopping Power would make the game better, but it has just made it worse. People can spray through anything now.)

    • Mike

      Sound is garbage. Not just the footsteps. You can stand next to someone who is shooting a suppressed assault rifle and not hear it, however you can hear them reload from across the map. A suppressed assault rifle is not SILENT. It is still fairly loud, and to hear the sound of RELOADING over a suppressed weapon is ridiculous.

      The helicopter mini gun sounds like a bee is flying around even if the chopper is directly overhead.

      And why are my footsteps louder when I'm walking crouched, then when I'm walking around? This makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Eran

    very dissapointed with Black ops, nothing compared to MW2 graphics, Sound and or gameplay. People hate on MW2 but actually the game was really good its just the players who messed up the game. MW2 is by far better when compared with black ops. I dont know which is worse the graphics or the sound, when u get hit markers it sounds like ur shooting a ballon..plop

    This is more campier than MW2 as well, i think thts the way they wanted it. Not to mention they have totally messed up sniper guns. Wow and MW2 sniping was fun but BO they just made it horrible. Lets wait and see until people starts tubing people dont forget u can have tubes on SMG's as well plus its got more gear for campers like Camper Cam and Motion sensors.

    Im going back to MW2, and in my opinion i dont think there is much to compare between MW2 and BO because MW2 is far far…..far better. BO….it stinks !

    • jtylermullins

      My favorite gameplay is search and destroy and you are not able to hear the enemy sneaking up to you at all . I even have turtle beach and it dosent help because all of the sounds are the same . You can be shooting at someone and they will turn around and shoot you like 3 times after you have already shot half a clip into them and you are the one that is dead not them. The rocket launchers are worthless on the game to. I mean it did get pretty bad on mw2 with toobs but you can’t kill anyone with them on blackops you get hitmarkers very unrealistic. I agree with ya on the most over hyped game of the year . Very dissapointed

    • jtylermullins

      Horible game. you are not able to hear the enemy sneaking up to you at all . I even have turtle beach and it dosent help because all of the sounds are the same . You can be shooting at someone and they will turn around and shoot you like 3 times after you have already shot half a clip into them and you are the one that is dead not them. The rocket launchers are worthless on the game to. I mean it did get pretty bad on mw2 with toobs but you can’t kill anyone with them on blackops you get hitmarkers very unrealistic. I agree with ya on the most over hyped game of the year . Very dissapointed

  • bully

    the graphics of the first modern warfare game are better then black ops

  • Sou eu

    LOOOL? You aren't talking about black ops of course , because he have a awesome graphics and sounds !

  • memphus

    There is a lot of great new features in this game, but the horrible sound removes all tactical gameplay and makes my favorite gamemode, SnD, unplayable.

  • bhuttu

    my audio does not work at all . plz help . i got a capable PC to run the game and the volume is set to full in my in game settings bt sill no audio. help plz.

  • Alex

    A major dissapointment, this is a step back from MW2 and even inferior than BF2. Not worth buying maybe renting. I will not buy any future products from these guys.

  • black ops master

    YOU PEOPLE ARE SMOKING CRACK!! the shadow and lighting effects in black ops are amazing, the music is friggin boss, and the gun sounds and explosions are REALISTIC!! MW2 gun sounds were entertaining, but they were totally fake. You guys have seen too many movies, and probably don't realize that the gun effects you hear from hollywood are not what guns sound like in real life. As for lag, yes it is a pretty big problem, HOWEVER…..if I change lobbies a couple times I can ALWAYS find a game with no lag and play said game for a long time with no problem. NO PAVE LOWS, BOOSTING, or overly predictable maps, e.g. sub-base etc. NO ridiculous classes that gave an advantage to people with no skill. This game takes pure skill to win, which is why I win nearly every game i play, which, in all honesty has made the game kinda boring, since most people aren't that great at 1st person shooters, they were just given a false sense of skill because MW2 was made to have a more level playing field so people wouldnt get discouraged, and bitch and moan.

    • U r teH dOucHe

      I just smoked a huge bowl of crack and Black Ops still sucks, you'd think the crack would make it more fun…

  • Drebot84

    The game is kinda garbage graphic Wise but I’m glad I have a moded system so I only paid $5 for it I’m goin back to mw2

  • betteroffded

    I went back and played MW1 a little while back and loved the sound of the guns, they were loud and overbearing – like I was really firing one. The sound in war games has to be loud and raw, the latest games sound like they are being finessed.

  • Rich

    Black ops is a horrible multiplayer game period!! Treyarch blew it! WAW was better in my opinion and MW2 blows both games out of the water. After playing black ops for about 6 hours I happily returned to MW2 due to the awful graphics and horrendous sound. All the weapons sound the same in black ops. The grenades explode with force and sound of a firecracker! It seems Treyarch spent more time on customization and currency than actual gameplay. Infinity Ward owns when it comes to combat multiplayer gaming. They just have it down pat. To bad the team disbanded (although I hear some of the original designers and progammers teamed up to create Respawn entertainment) all in all a huge let down! The only positive thing on black ops is the single player campaign which is probably the best out there!

  • Michael

    Just to contribute my thoughts after about ten hours of play…

    Bad graphics. CoD4 was better, I kid you not. Just low-res, low-polygon effects.

    Bad sound effects. Grenades sound like firecrackers and reloading sounds like sticks breaking. The reload sound effect for the RPK is especially annoying. Gun shots in many cases sound pretty fake, and in the Final Killcam when everything slows down, an automatic gun sounds like it's firing multiple rounds for each single round it fires. Footsteps are also pretty quiet.

    Poor spawning. MW2's spawning had issues from time to time, but Black Ops is far worse. Ever killed someone just to have them respawn ten feet behind you? How about the entire enemy team? Yeah. That's Black Ops. Not CoD4, not WaW, not even MW2. Black Ops.

    Lagg. Lag out the ass. Treyarch promised dedicated servers, but the connection on MW2 is better, and IW didn't even assign dedicated servers for that game.

    Abysmal weapons. Shotguns went back to primary and pistols are all there is to use as your secondary. Both are pathetic. Pistols take around 4-5 shots to kill, and shotguns fail to kill in a single blast unless you're point blank.

    Boring. It feels like there's less customization somehow, probably because there's less choice in what you can be. In MW2, however cheap it was, you could have fun revolving entire classes around being an OMA noobtuber/Semtexer/claymore-setter/sprayer/smoke grenadier, quickknifer, quickscoper, shotgunner, akimbo sprayer, or just a plain old aim-and-shoot class. The killstreaks in Black Ops are boring and lack oomph, the environments feel dull (unhelped by poor graphics and sound effects,) and the fact everything is now bought instead of unlocked gives players little to play the game for in the long run. You have nothing to show for your skill and hard work like you did in MW1 and 2. The callsigns are weak, they, again, don't reflect any part of your playstyle or skill like they did in MW2.

    Summary: online is shit. 4/10

    This game might've broken the record for the number of copies sold on release, but I'm sure it also broke the record for number of games returned by the next day.


    Black ops has crap grphics and the the sound sounds like from a bebe gun


    Why did Treyarch make a game worse than cod 1? How is that even possible! TREYARCH SUCKS!

  • http://NONE Jason Ta

    If this game is so bad, why would you play it?

    And instead of getting all mad over a game because of its content, why don’t you make a better one?

    • uR TeH Douche

      Do you like fish dicks?

  • Mikael

    the grenades sound like a joke… They sound like those party streamer poppers its ridiculous

  • fabulous19785

    First off yea i agree you guys have to do better with the graphics I thought infinity wards was going to do this one. The shooting sounds like someone throwing rocks at a piece of metal. You have to definitely improve on the movement and the Effin Lag we pay 60 bucks for movement that sucks soooo bad I feel sometimes as if we're given cheap servers for the money we spend. Other than that please work out some sort of anti camping method cuz these dudes suck sooo bad they make the game easy for themselves. Umm adding to that we need more flexibility with the characters the diving is cool but thats the only cool thing.. Ohh and I didn't know bullets can go threw certain things like a brick wall or other obstructions that if i shoot in real life would not in no effin way penetrate. Now going into the zombies who in the world designed such a game that when your running on a solo game zombies just seem to appear anywhere they want which seems pretty effin retarded and they hold quite a few clips who was the moron who hired these people to make this game if it were up to me i'd do a better job with it. Please take matters seriously its our money that makes your company a success lets not forget that because I am a call of duty fan and I definitely can't sit here and watch you guys destroy it. You need people to gather information about a game before you design it like keeping the graphics the same adding new weapons and making the game a bit more different and keep the customers coming.

  • hu^

    are you guys retarted in real life most guns sound the same. for example a .308 sounds simalar to a 7.62 because they are ballistically similar

  • Neverusedthis

    Has anybody heard the sound of the left weapon while using dual wield weapons ? It has a significantly lower volume than the other gun. The gameplay's alright, graphics and sounds completely terrible compared to BFBC2 and MoH, i only really play this game for the zombies.

  • bbc2ogexecutioner

    I think when you say this game is good: youre just a nice person that has not played all the better games out there. just to mention a few. MW2, Killzone 2, bad Company 2, medal of honor., and so on………. even resistance 2 is better.

  • Mike

    The biggest problem with Black Ops is one that I find a lot of people arguing a case for the game – it’s difficulty. Loads of comments I see read something along the lines of “stfu noob get better skills”, and that’s exactly the problem. It’s almost as if Treyarch have gone on to a few COD fansites, seen what all the pro gamers have suggested and followed suit. There’s no “pick up and play” about this game at all. You have to be shit hot to get anywhere, and if you’re not, you’re fucked.

    I disagree with the thousands of comments regarding graphics though. The visuals COULD be stunning, my only concern is that the colours used in the game are far too bland (too many greys and beiges), the only map that impresses is Nuke Town, and even that has a degree of “meh” about it.

    The game’s okay, but MW2, even with all it’s noob tubers and campers, is far superior.

  • Guest

    The graphics are OK, but they are not up to par with Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2 (which in my opinion is the most realistic FPS ever) which have far better texture detail, larger maps and better scenery. Also in Battlefield, although the multiplayer games are pretty chaotic, a building can't survive a noob tube, let alone a carpet bombing like in MW2 and Black Ops.

    The worst part about Black Ops though is the sound. The guns all sound tinny and pathetic, and they all share about 3 gun sound effect. Even worse are the explosions, which not only look ridiculous, there are 2 explosion sound effects which are pathetic and unrealistic. I don't like the gameplay either, the single player is far more linear than Modern Warfare 2 and there are far too many cutscenes. The multiplayer is not more balanced than Modern Warfare 2 and it is completely chaotic, where enemies are everywhere and campers have loads of opportunities to kill you.

  • silencer

    Graphics were a disappointment fo rme after MW2 but you get used to it. Sound is also not as involving as MW2, but again, you get used to it. The main reasons I play BLOPS instead of MW2 is the facts there are no quickscopers, noobtubers, commandos, boosters, hackers etc etc that RUINED MW2. I loved MW2 but all the crap that went with it forced me to BLOPS. I just hope that the next in the franchise takes the best of BLOPS and MW2 and gets rid of the crap for good. Time will tell…..

  • Cyclance1

    If black ops had better levels and better snipers like on mw2, black ops would actually be useful.

  • ken

    If not for Campaign and Zombies, I wouldn't bother playing this at all. And $70 ? I expected alot more bang for your buck.

  • DJ2



  • Ghostleader100

    BO f**king sucks more than the disaster in Japan !! Good luck stabbing someone, shit perks, worst game play ever (and i saw "halo"), shit unreal killcams, go suck a **** BO if you can even aim with a sniper properly ! For a +18 game, WHERE is the F**king blood ?!! F**k BO and go back to a PROPER GAME, aka MW 2…


    what the **** is up with the shooting? i shoot a guy with all my ****ing first round of ammo and he doesnt die, the killstrikes like napalm look ****ing flat, if i have ghost, silent walking, silencer for my gun, some random fucking dude still comes and kills me like he knows were i am, i saw it on killcam, im hiding in a corner with only one door, no kills he just runs in and throws a granade! how the **** did he know? and the emblems have innapropriate pictures, which offend me, how the hell do they even make these things? i have everything unlocked and i dont see ****, im getting the feeling theres modders, and online theres little kids that have emblems with sexual content on it, black ops is like a porno for children(talking about emblems) the cops could get on your *** for porno for children, i suggest stopping this and making a super tech age confirmanation machine. thats all thank you

    • damons

      if u have silenet footsteps, then u can still be detected by motion sensors, that person who killed u probably had amotion sensor placed, or he saw u runnig into the building from far away..go to theater mode and watch gameplay from that persons perspective, and see what he did.

  • Harkirat

    my game does not play sound while i am playing but it does when showing the pre-mission viseo

  • Clint

    I thought Modern Warfare had better graphics, but when I went back to play it, I saw how black ops had improved. One of the major improvements was character's idle movement. In Black ops, they ducks down and shit, but in Modern warfare Soap stoof sock staright in the middle of a firefight waiting for me to follow him. I didn't love Black Ops, it got old way faster then Modern Warfare. I think it's because the guns are all pretty basic. There's not much variation. Different guns had different tactics in Modern Warfare.

  • BC1991

    Totally agree about graphics being a joke. My friend thinks he knows all about games and says it's the same as MW2. He is clearly blind and just agreeing with the hype that goes around the game. Don't get me wrong… it is still a really great game… but why did the graphics have to get worse. I personally think WAW was better graphics. I have back ops for 360 and the wii… although wii is worse for graphics… there really isn't too much of a difference. MW1 and MW2, I was blown away by the graphics… but black ops… pfft… more like spongebog

  • damons

    first of all, if u r a cod fan, it is very difficult not to get addicted to any cod game, even if its poorly on to black ops..u need to realize that treyarch didnt use the mw2 engine-which is a generation more advanced than the cod4 engine- to make BO, instead they used a modified cod WAW engine that was originally modified from the cod 4 engine, so the visuals and gameplay and even the sounds are no where near as crisp and beautiful as mw2..i think one of the reasons they didnt use mw2 engine is because of the problems with iw and activision, or because they werent used to the advanced iw4 engine to make a game in a short time frame..either way thats the bad thing about black ops.

    that being said, black ops brought alot of good things on the table, like balanced gameplay..if u played mw2, u will realize that every match is chaos- although fun-..everyone running danger close with one man army and grenade launcher, or commando light weight marathon with a tactcal black ops the game play is way less chaotic and more it is mod free, no wall hacks and aim bots. so i guess they did a good job on that part.

    the cod point system is a neat addition as well, where u dont have to grind for kills to unlock an attachement for the gun, u can just buy the attachement or camo u need. it reduces the incentive to boost..cod points can also be used to by layers and custimise ur personal emblem that u can put on ur gun, along with ur clan tag and reticles.

    another amazing thing they added is the detailed stats that u can check and compare with ur friends, things like how many kills u got with a certain gun, ur kd with that gun, how many helicopters u called..etc. not to mention theater mode which lets u review every single completed match on the last 100 u played, and even save ur “lucky” no scopes or tomahawks. combat training didnt impress me personally but i guess it is a welcome addition.

    in conclusion, i think black ops did not live up to mw2 when it comes to visuals, crisp gameplay, and sound. but it really balances the experience and adds a variety of new makes gameplay as mod free as possible..and i believe that if they implement the above features into the new mw3—that will be using the iw4 aka mw2 engine(YAY!)—mw3 will probably be the best call of duty thus far.


  • damons

    first of all, if u r a cod fan, it is very difficult not to get addicted to any cod game, even if its poorly on to black ops..u need to realize that treyarch didnt use the mw2 engine-which is a generation more advanced than the cod4 engine- to make BO, instead they used a modified cod WAW engine that was originally modified from the cod 4 engine, so the visuals and gameplay and even the sounds are no where near as crisp and beautiful as mw2..i think one of the reasons they didnt use mw2 engine is because of the problems with iw and activision, or because they werent used to the advanced iw4 engine to make a game in a short time frame..either way thats the bad thing about black ops.

    that being said, black ops brought alot of good things on the table, like balanced gameplay..if u played mw2, u will realize that every match is chaos- although fun-..everyone running danger close with one man army and grenade launcher, or commando light weight marathon with a tactcal black ops the game play is way less chaotic and more it is mod free, no wall hacks and aim bots. so i guess they did a good job on that part.

    the cod point system is a neat addition as well, where u dont have to grind for kills to unlock an attachement for the gun, u can just buy the attachement or camo u need. it reduces the incentive to boost..cod points can also be used to by layers and custimise ur personal emblem that u can put on ur gun, along with ur clan tag and reticles.

    another amazing thing they added is the detailed stats that u can check and compare with ur friends, things like how many kills u got with a certain gun, ur kd with that gun, how many helicopters u called..etc. not to mention theater mode which lets u review every single completed match on the last 100 u played, and even save ur “lucky” no scopes or tomahawks. combat training didnt impress me personally but i guess it is a welcome addition.

    in conclusion, i think black ops did not live up to mw2 when it comes to visuals, crisp gameplay, and sound. but it really balances the experience and adds a variety of new makes gameplay as mod free as possible..and i believe that if they implement the above features into the new mw3—that will be using the iw4 aka mw2 engine(YAY!)—mw3 will probably be the best call of duty thus far.


  • chris


  • Peccinatorc91