Call of Duty Black Ops: Connection Problems on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC?

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For those of you who have already spent countless hours on Call of Duty: Black Ops, how are you finding the experience so far? We have played it for a good while too, but we wanted to get your feedback on some notable connection problems that may be recurring.

We have to admit that we have played the zombie mode part of the game, more than multiplayer, and we experienced our fair share of connection problems whilst trying to get into a game.

For example, we noticed that once a hoster tries to start a game, sometimes the game hangs up and does nothing unless you choose to exit back into the lobby with your party. If this happens to you, we’ve discovered that if you keep exiting out and try to get into a game, it will eventually start a game of zombies up as soon as you see the ‘migrating hosts’ message.

It is not an ideal way to get a game going, as we’d like to play without any connection problems at all, but it looks like this is becoming a frequent issue with the game. However, this may be dependant on the hoster’s connection, so consider it trial and error at the moment.

If you have encountered any connection problems whilst trying to get into games with friends either on multiplayer or zombie mode, let us know below.

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  • jedi

    II have had massive issues trying to bring 3 to 6 people into a team deathmatch game. Is taking upwards of 15 tries to not have us split into different rooms


      ive had loads of connection problems on the ps3 in the last two days,and its really starting to put me off what should be a really great game

    • Elise

      This exactly. It's near impossible to keep a party together and get into a match of any type on the Xbox network.

    • dale

      i cant get into some game modes it just stop at the part when it loads and somtimes warnings come up saying game version is incompatiple for this game mode will someone please help me

    • Screw you treyarch

      not only do I get connection problems but the f'n controller has a mind of its own. I will be sprinting towards an enemy then try to melee him only to have my weapon switch sometimes the gun fires off a round giving my position away and then other times I will jump for no reason. This game is pre beta and they released it charging full pop absolutely ridiculous

    • ThePhoenician

      I can't believe i bought this game – TreyArgghh disapoints again. Don't get me wrong, the game isn't bad but the multiplayer experience is so frustrating that I had more fun recently popping back Modern Warfare 1 & 2 into the PS3 and sharing good times with friends.

    • krish

      HELP SUM BODY PLZ EVERY TIME I CLICK ON MULTI-PLAYER OR ZOMBIES A SIGN COMES UP SAYING ERROR the call of duty black ops sever is not available at this time.please try again later or vist http// for a status

  • rohithm

    connections problems are fuckkkkkked up :( i hate this game, you can't play it on ps3 …always a problem

    • hardcoredarksky

      xbox 360 connection problems on zombies and multiplayer!!

  • Sam

    PS3 version, ni problem at all, everything works fine. Got connection problems during a game 2-3 times. Nothing that didn't happen in the other COD before.

    • JSNPeabody

      PS3 version has been working great, but last night everytime i respawned, I would have a different 'perk' set. I had to "reselect" my custom perk set each time I respawned

  • zach

    PC game is all kinds of fail. All pc users i ahve spoke to have major lag issues, lock up issues and some dont even allow singler player to work. Not to mention the poor graphics of the game. Should not been given a call of duty title.

    • guest

      word this game bites the big one on pc

    • Dennis

      I hear Ya.Getting nothing but lag.Turning off shadows helps a little but not much.Way too many bugs in this game !

    • Black Ops

      Are you stupid PC graphics on Call of Duty Blacks Ops are second best wayy better than Xbox 360 but PS3 graphics take the cake on Black Ops

    • Malcolm

      yeah i agree, I play it on pc, 1. steam took over an hour to unlock the files, 2. zombies will NEVER work for online play, and 3. the stupid movie thing that plays EVERYTIME a zombies lobby kicks you to main menu or when you exit sp, SO ANNOYING

  • alex

    all my games i try it loads then tells me the game lobby closes

    • Jade

      Having the same problem here!

    • bob


    • jim


    • Z s

      same shit happened to me since the 1st day i got the game, man hate this game to the core,

    • rrrre


    • austin2727

      same thing is happening to me dont no why

  • adsf

    I can't connect to a game at all with my PS3. It just keeps timing out and exiting the lobby.

    • playstation gamer

      me too…. it sucks, and then i'm like what the fuck after trying it for over 20 times

      • Matt Jones

        its doing the same for me on the xbox :@

    • Tom James Eggleton

      i can get a game but every single time i have red connection and frequently it says connection interupted but last night i had the same problem as you

    • JayRoadrunner

      yeah me too i have the same problem than you,that's bull*****on it does to my ps3 and xbox360

    • Colby

      PS3: Me too, all I can do really is combat training. I left it searching for a game for 20 minutes and then my controller auto shut off and I was like skrew it.

    • aaa

      same!! hate it!!!

    • boris

      yeah when i first got the game over thanksgiving it worked perfectly, now whenever i attempt to join any match online it will just keep refreshing its search over and over again and eventually i will end up hosting a game where people slowly trickle in. I have a wireless connection bridge and everytime i do get into a game it says that i have a perfect signal so i don't think its me.

    • r.hayes

      i can't connect into call of duty, what is going on with SONY. Spent a lot of money on this game, and it does not work. (PS3)

  • DaDeLeon

    Frustrating is probably the key word. Every time I try to join a match I get Game Lobby closed, or the lobby will just fail. Has some bugs so far

    • IMr GodI

      I got the same damn thing… it pisses me off!! cant game online at all!! all the thing says is found 50 mathes, getting match quality, joining lobby, en then getting match quality again.. over and over again!!! aaggrrhh!!!!

      • ozzi

        having the Exact same problem with mine

      • google781

        yup same thing on my ps3 worked for a little while now dosent -.-

      • aSHLEY


      • danny

        haha I hate that "50 matches" crap. It's all lies!

    • Marcos Alexandre

      is true, no I can play because whenever I'm in the lobby, he closes in less 30 seconds =/

  • Clive

    my connection is lagging my bars for wireless go from 2 or 3 bars to nothing since i got it abunch of b.s

    • Mike

      same thing i got 3 bars day 1 but goes from 2 to 1 now and everyone else had 3 or 4… went on mw2 to see if it were my connection but i got 4 bars there!!!!

    • mathew

      same problem red yellow red nothing its bs

    • matty

      u need to use wired connection.

  • Trent

    Most new games I've noticed are having a slew of problems on release. Its like when an MMO comes out you KNOW its gonna be full of bugs and incomplete…they always are
    now its becoming standard for console games and just single player games in general.

    Give it time, Treyarch will iron out the issues in a few weeks

    • gamebynight

      You're probably right, Trent, but this isn't an MMO and certain platforms being more problematic than others is inexcusible. This kind of stuff should be working out of the box.

      • Sparky

        I agree, if you buy a product you expect it to work… Not have to wait for them to fix it, if so they should never have brought it out so earlie.

    • ryan

      they should have done a beta…still a good game though…and ps3 network is down also….

  • Pat

    problems on PS3. i bought the game today and it froze over and over again, first during the game, then on the main menu. I returned the game, got a replacement and I am having the same exact problems. Playstation customer support found no issues with my console and referred me to Activision customer support. Activision advised me to reset my system, which I did, and erased all saved information on my system (including Modern Warfare prestige modes..) And the game still freezes! WTF!

    • woody

      i kno right

    • Guevara

      i am having the same problem except that mine only freezes on a certain level. I went to change the game because i thought it was the game but it wasnt. It's weird cause i never had this problem with any other game.

    • matty

      u nutta y would u do that.

    • talon

      plastation network is down

      • talon

        plastation network is down hurry up and get it back on

  • NSayers

    I haven’t really come across any problems I get into games easily and never really get d/c from them, when I first started it wouldn’t let me chose a game to play but all I had to do was back out and go back to choose other then that, everything has been great

  • Kelly

    The worst connection ever! The game pauses online for three seconds

    Then boom you’re dead and have already respawnednwithout even seeing anyone in the first place. This is complete bullshit so far and weve had nothing but connection errors the whole time. As well as it keeps kicking us out of lobbies and keeps closing.!!.

  • R8ERJB75

    I haven't been able to play two consecutive full games yet. Always times out, logs me out and lobby closes. I've been trying for the past hour to get into a game and haven't been able to. Finally got irritated and put in MW2 and had no problems. I hate this game so far. I am no techie, but did they not plan on millions of people trying to play this game at the same time? I want my money back

    • mike

      me 2

      • scott

        me also. this same thing happened with mw the first day i bought it. this is thurs. the game came out tues, still can't connect to a multiplayer game. B.S.

        • John

          I get the feeling they've underestimated the amount of people connecting to the server. I expect they'll boost the service soon… not before a shut down of the service for an hour or two though… I have to admit, I've been fairly disappointed with the connection problems. The actual game looks good though…

    • jim

      Same problems. See you on MW2!

      • Drew

        Yup, gone back to MW2 for now.. kinda sad all these issues with Black Ops..

  • Wes

    I hate this game and wish I never spent my money on it! I was able to play for a couple of hours but haven’t been able to connect at all today. May the developers of this game develop a serious case of the clap.

  • paul

    dont try to invite friends into party never works always headache friends end up having to play by them selves cant party up for S##T. no issue on mw2 wonder why

    • Richiecraw

      I have all of the above problems with ps3 cannot invite or join any of my friends in a lobby!!!!

      • jeff

        same problem,it work fine at first,played with friends saturday, than sunday could not invite or join

    • tom

      Yeah but to be fair mw2 online shut down in the first week 2 times and about 3 updates were released that month so compared to mw2's release this is great

    • Hayden

      ya i know it freezes when i try to join them!!!!!!!

    • wayne

      because mw2 is english built!!!

  • Cannon Fodder

    I payed and preloaded via steam – wanted to get right into it….

    I feel ripped off and taken for a fool… crappy lag – a +500 ping for a host 200kms away and a sub 100 for a german host??? No matter who i choose the result is the same…lag then freeze … we need a class action against these money grabbers that put out this sad effort of a game. I want my money back and the wasted time tryting to play it.

    • Dukenukem

      dead right man, this is bulls%$t!

    • valdious

      agreed my ps3 is dying cause of the game it froze it so bad that the rest buttons didnt work so i had to hard rese cia the back switch over and over again

  • jason

    some games in team death match will just boot you out of the game all together other times it wont even connect . most of my friends with 360s said it has to be the psn but im thinking its all systems and servers its too over loaded or just have bugs to work out

    • james

      i agree its the same way with me for ps3. hate it

    • John

      Probably both reasons…

  • Brittany

    Anyone having issues with lag on your sensitivity? Low is smooth but to slow and High is WAY JERKY!! Anyone else?

    • Dennis

      Getting terrible lag and not getting better. Turning off shadows helps a little but not much. Connection problems are excessive too. Worst game I ever bought. As much time as they had to perfect this game it's inexcusable.

    • sam

      I have it on Medium, and i jerks too, I'm getting dizzy playing it. I been playing MW2 for 7 months and do not get dizzy.

  • Ben

    for the first day of black ops i had a three bar connection, the second day of black ops i only get a red bar connection WTF some one please help me out :(
    additional info – i am not capped and i am playing in australin lobbys

    • Dukenukem

      I am a ps3 user and all these issues are BS! Ready to take the game back and go back to playing MW2!

      • John

        Dude, all you have to do is read the other posts, they're all saying the same…

  • chris

    I'm unable to connect to any games. it just hangs and kicks me out with a "Lobby Closed" message. I've tried off and on for about 3 hours. Guess I'll go back to MOH until things calm down. Of course everyone will be level 50 by then…

    • scott

      Same problem, cant connect to online games unless joining a game from friends list.

    • beergogles81

      i am the same so annoying

  • nick

    mine still freezes in the middle of matches,and its so bad that i have to reboot my xbox…updates needed people!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan

      Me too… It reminds me of the Red Ring error back a few years ago. If I play single player offline it works great. But if I go online, I am screwed. Randomly freezes my xbox and I can't get past Level 1. I go on a 7 kill streak then it freezes and boom, back to square one. UGH!

  • Jay Will

    Cant really complain about the laggin part seems pretty consistent with MW2, I have only been booted from a game once and I have played close to 10 hours so far. The one major ocmplaint that I do have is the issue with trying to play TDM with a party, WTF this def should not be a problem with a game that cost 63 damn dollars. I hope you guys use some of the 50 to 60 million dollars that you made in a one day to fix this issue.


      try 700 million, you would think they could spend a tenth of that on a state of the art connection hub

  • Welshe

    I have had some epic lag problems in game, but i found that if you turn the graphic settings down it seems to make it less noticable.
    I can't play the single player as it just lags out.

    • valdious

      dude u shouldnt need to lower settings to play a game lol

  • sean

    This game is a dam joke. It is literally impossible to play a tdm or even get in a game lobby for that matter on 360. And finally everything is so jerk and these effing super guns that just 2 shots put you down is bs!

    • valdious

      i know i get killed with one bullet most of the time its BS

      • randy

        Yeah me too its been going on for the last couple of days but before that i never had a problem with this game. i am just about to give up on it. this problem has recently also been going on with my friends. i hope there is a solution because i really enjoy playing this game.

  • FUck u

    SHITTY CONNECTION on parties 2+ fuckin treyarch get it rightttt

    • Olivine

      What the hell are you trying to say!? What the hell does this mean!?

  • mikeypole1972


    Yes I have a problem! For some reason I cant run or sprint also for some stupid reason it will not allow me to throw anything or place a claymore? HELP! I double checked by playing the older verison and it works fine lets me run and throw items but not on the new one????? is this a net work problem or I managed to buy the only corrupted game???? any assistance would be appreciated

    • valdious

      corrupted game data. try different controller or check button layout. dont forget in options u can change from default to a tactical layout

  • Fawkeshound

    Trying to take this game online on PS3 has been so frustrating. I have been able to play 2 matches all the way through. I've connected to 7 or so matches and been thrown out due to "connection issues". This is absolute crap. I want my money back, I'll go play MW2.

  • kevin

    LLAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!!!!!! I’m right under my modem n I still lag! Theres times where I shoot someone and they dont die. N I’m right on the dot. Bs. Now it has been overhyped and repeated stages come alot. If its server connection than wtf out should have been planned from me 2. its not exciting no edge of seat moments. All in all waste of my money. Graphics improved but guns appearance have been down graded n perks have been placed retardedly. Equipment stuff some are retarded. Idk that’s all I have to say

    • valdious

      hells yeh totally agreed. like what is with the one claymore thing and the scavenger thing. i miss having unlimited noob tubes. also there are so many ppl that refuse to die. i use 45 bullets of ak47 to kill someone

  • martyn

    it takes hours to get into a game online which ***ks
    when u get in a match it is awsome but to find out the host goes
    after 4-5 matches aint good,
    i hope this problem gets fixed real soon
    even if they would release a patch on microsoft store
    (free Download)
    bring back Infinity.
    dont get me wrong though the graphics and gameplay
    is awsome. just wish online was fine.

  • Chris

    Played for about 5 hours yesterday , it was actually impossible to play a ground war game with 8 friends in a party. Cannot join the ante up wager matches with mates, and laugh zombies. Not really any excuse, they knew how many people would want this game .BS

  • Mark

    Very laggy on the PS3 version, I had an average of 11mbps last night and the game was awful in multiplayer, very laggy, hits not registering, Lost Connection messages.

    What the hell happened to Host Migration during the match – looks like Treyarch have binned what Infinity Ward added.

    Very disappointed so far.

  • jacknife

    it will find a new game if the host leaves and there is a good enough host to replace them, this doesnt always work but it didnt always work on MW2 either, there will be an update over the next few days and everything will be fine

  • Ben Mills

    aaarh. When you try and join a zomie game from a friends invite, it says the session is no longer valid and then jumps to a cimematic and back to the main menu-absolutely rediculous!!!

    • Denny

      Have you fixed the problem? One of my buddies and I have the same problem. We can only cooperate on zombies through a third person acting as host. Even then, we still can't communicate with eachother. Others can hear us, but we can't hear eachother. It's driving me nuts!

  • john

    ive onley been in 1 game and i cant get in any others

  • Beezy

    Wot a load of bollocks!! I can’t get into a online game at all!!

    I bought this game and had high expectations and have been let Down big time!! Fuck u treyarch!!! Fix it up!!

  • Leonardo


  • Brucey

    The matchmaking server seems to be completely overloaded. It's fine during the day here in the UK, but once it hits the evening (18:00+ GMT, 13:00+ ET & 10:00+ PT) and all the Americans come online it just lags to hell. The Graphics are extremely poor compared to MW2 and some of the Navigation menus are a joke. Also, why give you the option to join somebody's session if the server is full? Is it so hard just to remove this function like was done on MW2?

    So far, considering I payed £40 for this game, it's a complete disgrace. They have until next week to sort this out before I return the game to the store and request a full refund.

  • ken

    I already had the steam installed , tried installing Call of duty Black ops ,
    It reads waiting time to play 22 Hours, Its disgusting , I have no idea what the game look like as Even though I have a High spec PC the game is unable to run. It absolute Rubbish this is all dawn to Treyarch to stop piracy , at that same time they continuously bombard you with meaningless advertising , I’m taking the game back , it is obviously full of problems, we should not have to wait for the developers to fix obvious errors , I left Steam on overnight and this morning I just wanted to see if it was able to work the game started and Froze its Rubbish

  • paul

    mine installed but 2 more people i know could not install it, steam problem i assume…another on xbox was laggy and mine is laggy to the point of unplayable…illegal to sell goods not fit for purpose ??

  • rachel

    tons of lag on the multiplayer, can't always connect to a party, get booted when i do connect, get booted from death match lobbies due to connection problems, needs to be fixed

  • jerf

    Can't play on multi player on 360 xbox , disc unreadable,change the disc 3x still the same shit…………treyarch what the f***************** is this ????????

  • NOV4STO72M

    So far, i can't connect to any games. My NAT is strict but it didn't stop me from connecting to games in MW2. I spend only seconds to join a game in MW2, while in Black ops, i can't join any games at all. It does the loading screen, where it says that it has found over 50 join-able games, but ends up not connecting to any of them. The message it ends up giving me at the end of a search is "Error, no available sessions were found. Please try your search again" I'm really disappointed in Black Ops, made me regret spending my 60$ for a game that won't let me join one online match.

    • Sarah 'Ling Ling' Almond

      You will need to open your NAT type, you have to forward the ports, if you need help with this reply back xx

  • caleb

    i cant even get the game to load on my 360.. everytime i stick the disc in it says open tray.. or reading.. ive read a few people are having the same problem i am.. i havent even seen the main menu to the game!!

  • Sarah 'Ling Ling' Almond

    Trying to play it on Xbox, and the connection is terrible, and I know its Black Ops because I have tried MW2 and that works fine, so its not my connection, its the game and multiplayer servers.

    This has made me so angry, I have been looking forward to this, and all I get is "SPAWN…..BAM!…DEAD…..RESPAWN….BAM!,…DEAD!…..RESPAWN….BAM!,…DEAD!…..RESPAWN….BAM!,…DEAD!…..RESPAWN….BAM!,…DEAD!…..RESPAWN….BAM!,…DEAD!

    It's rediculous and I hope it gets sorted out, especially as I have come across people using hacks such as aim bots already.

    lets hope they get a patch and an update sorted asap, otherwise I doubt I will be keeping the game, I will be going back to MW2.

  • Coelura

    I’ve only played multiplayer on the ps3 an I’m having some connection problems.

    At first I had trouble connecting and some lag, so I reset my router and that seemed to fix it. Now Im having more host problems, and I can see others lagging.

    It seems to be the same problems as previous games, but it’s about time they fixed it.

  • Rob

    ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Bought the game and I was looking forward to playing it Thursday.

    What an incredible piece of crap.Despite the graphics not being on a par with those of MW2,the frame rates are much worse.Multiplayer?What's that?I sure don't know;I haven't been able to connect yet.After the initial excitement purchasing will slow WAY down as the word spreads.You better get this fixed fast boys,or Treyarch will have destroyed any chance of the community trusting them to put out a decent game.You'll have single handily killed the series.Well done!

  • boomstick1

    It seems it takes a really long time to get into a game on the 360 with a party of 4 or more. It only happened once with a party of six after trying for around 15 minutes. It got to the point where if one of the people in our party made it into a lobby and there was open spots, they would invite everyone who didn't make it into the lobby.

    I heard of similar problems with the launch of MW2, but then the devs should have known about the problems going in.

    Once you get in though, GOOD TIMES!

  • Rob

    Ever since i downloaded the new version thats required to play black ops my ps3 has gone crazy!!! not one single problem with my ps3 until now. it keeps freezing up and it only reads that theres a game in every other time??? called sony 4 tech support and one of the things he talked about was the router, resetting all my data and even wanted me to put my usb cord into my ps3 and controller. got off the phone after not getting anywhere and sure enough my controller wouldn't turn on or respond unless i pluged it into the usb and then could unplug it and then the controller would stay on. today the controllers are fine but still freezing and everything else. now codmw2 keeps freezing up when trying to get a game going. blu-rays will also only read and play every other time but will play regular dvds everytime??? it's funny that all was well before the update and i had put this game in! it's as if my whole system has been corrupted. and is it me or is sony's tech support completely useless??????? if u have any answers or feed back i sure could use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my brain is fried so i hope all that made since?

    • Mike

      Same thing man…seemed to work fine on my ps3 util that update. 95% of the time I have a red bar connection and cant even play. Sometimes in the evening I can get a three bar connection and play but when the next day rolls around back to red. Thought it was my router so isp brought a new one today game worked fine until I turned ps3 off now I can't do nything to get rid of red bar connection. that new patch 1.04 came out yesterday mad it hella worse games locked up willis non-stop

  • kevin

    Having connection issues constently. Cant find match all day long, booted out of games, when it finally finds match and ready to start my xbox freezes and i have to reboot. it's f$$$ked up and bull. can't believe that 63 bucks for nothing. Treyarch sucks.

  • Rob

    I have experienced 90% of the problems on PS3 with a 25mb/25mb wired Verizon FIOS connection to the PS3. The online gaming experience has been extremely frustrating. What you do once to kill someone will be completely different than the next often times appearing as though you are being killed instantly after shooting an opponent several times. The Locale selection does nothing to limit finding games to US matches and Leave with party is only available when first entering a lobby before a match starts. After the end of the match the option is gone and you must recreate the party manually by sending invites if you need to leave the lobby. In addition, the entrie functionality of the PS3 XMB menu drags terribly while the game is loaded even when not in an active online match. I can say that of the 20 or so people that I have played with online in my parties they all experience the same issues. I am extremely disappointed in the game so far and hopefully patches are able to fix the issues as right now the graphics look very cartoonish compared to MW2. All I can say is glad I kept my copy of MW2 instead of trading in.

  • Lord80

    It's impossible for me and my 4 friends to connect to a game party on ps3. This game without good connection is useless……….. We tried 50 times and it showed the message that party has been closed when we didn't start.

  • Rudyr5

    Its fine when I search for matches by myself, but I cannot join a friends party, friends cannot join my party, and we cannot join a zombie lobby. I hope this gets fixed soon cuz I wanna play with friends. This game rocks!

  • Kenneth

    The multiplayer which is what i bought the game for is lagging all the time! its like my player is drunk! hope they fix this as soon as possible or people should be able to get their money back. Feel ripped off when i pay 60 bucks for something that doesnt work properly! i am aware that this problem doesnt accure for everyone and really cant see why i have this problem? but im reading in online forums that im not the only one with this kind of trouble. All my other games work 100% fine online, not this one!

  • gary

    rubbish connection on xbox 360 not happy fix please

  • sara

    tried to invite friends into game wont even connect us altogether anyone else had these problems??????

    • Jeremiah

      Yes, I have had the very same problems on PS3.

  • Imperial079

    i have nothing but problems on my xbox with black ops. every time i'm in a game it says connection interrupted in the beginning i was like mmmm okay that can happen but after a while it started to do it every time i played a game and by now its driving me insane ! does anyone knows what problem is ? the servers cant handle it or something? (forgive my english i'm from holland)

  • Andy

    There problem I’m having is on the leaderboards, only put 5 hours in on line and it says i have 14000 kills and 11500 deaths. I do kick ass but i think this could be a technical fault. All my friends have they same problem 2, I’ll have passed a million kills by the end of the week at this rate

  • jor

    when I play online aft about 30 sec the game stops and I get a server fail I can't even play a nice game

  • Klatu

    1.) CAN play "combat training" with a party of 5, but not an actual player/ranked match
    2.) Party booted every time we attempt to join a match (no matter how many were in the party)
    3.) Have YET to be able to play online with friends in same match.
    4.) Apparently, no one tested whether you could actually play with your buddies.

  • Steven Rowland

    Yea well I have it on PC. My fps is about 13 so its f-ing impossible to play online to begin with. I have played online for around 6 minutes and am now wondering y my display is soo bad. I have cod4 and it works perfectly visually so why is this game giving me so much crap? It also connected me to a server with 14 playing on it, with 37 ping and it never connected me.

  • richiecraw

    On PS3 Cannot connect to any friends lobbies, impossible to party up! theres seven or eight of us and we end up having to play online by our selves whats the point in that. playing a game is no problem but simply cannot join a party. is there a reason for this? would help if fucking tryarch had a site saying yeah we are aware of this and are working to have it fixed but no……. they have a shiting website saying defcon1 all systems are go….. well no they fucking arent!!

  • Adam

    I've gone back to Modern Warfare 2. I've had Black Ops less than 48 hours and have had to give up on it already. I just can't join any games at all in a party with my mates. They all connect fine, and its really upset me as I can't play with them online anymore. Very dissappointed

  • Daniel Edwards

    On Xbox and it won’t save my progress. Keep starting at level 1…. Can’t get past this while online!!! Was so looking forward now, lost the edge for me.

  • FoxiAndi

    There were a few problems connecting 3 + ppl into a team death match…and there are just some ppl it will not let them connect to me..but other than that great game..just so different from MW2 going to take some gettin used to

  • Tyler

    me and my friend have been playing online, the bot mode, and zombies since he has gotten the game. Recently we have experienced the problem where we both were set back in levels for the online play and it has not saved everything we have boughten (it appears as though it has confused bot mode with online play). Also we are no longer able to join others or find an online game but we can still play bot mode. We can play zombies but only local

  • greattheo123

    i cant connect to games on xbox live P***ING ME OFF someone help?

  • Misiozon

    taday we were trying to play together with my friend in party (from the same Town: Cracow Poland) and we had many huuuuuudge connection problems, the game was disconnected , host changing, connection problems, lost , party no longer available, it sucks it is not possible to play multiplayer with this conditions!!!!! the other COD is 1000000 times better ! We want our money BACK!!!!!!!

  • wetgdsdsv

    epic fail.
    crashes on ps3
    PC VERSION PLAYS NOTHING, mouse freezes, cant play anything. Developers= fail



  • Jeremiah

    I have a PS3 and I have been having problems connecting with someone who has the same isp I do, but we can’t seem to connect to one another unless it is through another person who starts the party then I still get booted as soon as the game starts PSN really sucks nuts right now.

  • DucK

    Back to Bad Company 2 for me I think. I don't care what console or company, if a game will use P2P on multiplayer I won't buy it.

  • ryan

    you guys are all lucky…i cant even sign onto psn….ive beat story mode like 4 times now….

  • reffat

    its killing me i cant play i wait 20 minute to get in the game
    i think black ops is a down grade moderne war fare 2 is a million time better

  • Nick

    i cant even get into games half the time and have trouble connecting to other people. This game seems to have taken a step back in terms of stability. And to be clear i have never had connection problems with any game since halo 2 so its been a while

  • Kock

    Having major connection issues with black ops. Very laggy too.

  • Jeremiah

    I think if Treyarch were to use dedicated servers things would run much smoother on PS3.

  • Jason

    I have no problem at all connectin to/ or playing multiplayer on my PS3, i dont even have lag…
    my xbox on the other hand, cant even connect to a game, its just me searching for ages

  • Snake

    Yes,i knew there was something wrong with connection lol I shoot someone the whole clip and they still dont die

  • Pyros Napalm

    well, seems all having same issues. Just really getting annoyed with the fact ya can’t play with a group of 6 guys in TDM. How long have we played TDM before and now there are issues. Simple coding would take care of this. This should of been one of the first things looked at when testing this game. Now I will give the benefit of the doubt that over 3 million people are playing at once and could, i repeat could be causing some issues, but come on. No where can I find anything saying they are acknowledging any thing right now. One can only hope they make some sort of announcement or posting somewhere

  • Anthony

    I have no problems connecting on my own. However when my clan and I try and get in as a team it's freakin impossible. It's an absolute nightmare. I know that new games like this with huge amounts of people logging in have a tendency to have problems the first few days but this is beyond anything I've experienced in a console game. I can't even connect to people who live within a couple of miles of my house.

  • jason bourne

    it would be nice to make a comment about game play for blk ops wii, but I guess it would be easier if I could actually get in and play.

  • amber

    I am very upset, I'll wait for sometimes 15 minutes just to join a match. Idk what the deal is

  • mike

    can anyone help with this problem…i log into steam, open up black ops, works fine then when i try connect to a game it goes to the loading screen(fully loads to the end) then just says connection error and takes me back the lobby…this also does it in single player….i want my fkn money back

    btw this is on pc

  • Brian

    I have it for the wii and while it works fine for zombie mode it doesn’t even connect when I try to play multiplayer. It just says its connecting to wifi but stays like that

  • Dustin

    super guns and campers are bad….. Going back to MWF2

  • AceGuy

    I am unable to connect to a player on my friends list. He will send me a request to join his party, and it will always say that it is "unavaliable" (this has been labelled as an 'error'). I enjoy playing as part of a party and this problem had better be fixed soon. FYI I do play on PS3.

  • eric la salle

    its shocking we managed one full game in 2 hours of play as lobby after lobby closed down, what is going on, they must have known about this before the release.

  • Fungus

    PS3 – Yep me too. Go online, join and lag, lag, lag or connection error and kicks me out of the game and begins with a new game. I spent 1.5hrs online last night and must have played 3 full games from start to finish – hope they get the servers sorted soon – I'm getting very bored of this and thinking of returning to MW2.

  • Anthony

    I have it on 360 and the game consistently freezes when loading the map for multiplayer . the loading bar goes all the way to the end and the a white ridicule pops up at the end of the load bar spinning clock wise. IS THIS A PROBLEM WITH MY CONNECTION OR MY DISK? PLEASE HELP ME

    • Connor

      I have the same problem to! The white bar goes almost all the way to the end and then stops…and then moves a tiny bit. But when it stops and the white circle starts spinning my disc doesn't stop moving or anything it just gets quiet ( I took apart my xbox so I can see my disc drive). If ever find an answer contact me at

  • Jess

    Have the PS3 Version Been playing for 2 days now and had no problem yesterday. But today i have had nothing but connection errors and if i see the stupid graphic of the cord coming out of the out let I am going to freak. I have been on for 4 hours this morning and have been in a total of 4 full games since then I usually only make it in about a 1/3 of the way in to a game before it drops. THIS IS BULL SHIT !!!!

  • kenny

    i'm having the same problem. hope it will be fixed soon

  • guest

    One of the First to got the Game on its Release Date on My country loaded in start playing first disapointment to stylised graphics and this stupid floating in air or ice skating movement of you character activision stil in the 90s regarding motion capture movement meaning non at all lol bad company 2 far better than this …the main reason for geting the game was to play with my friend online specialy on the co-op modes but alas Its An activision Code Ppl Same Stupid Ridiculous Errors as In the last game of Transformers same countles complains from ppl around the world one would had thought that activision would learned a lesson from that game but the release of this Game shows the exact opposite…and its sooo frustrating specialy since this game is so expensive to begin with and this problem only persist with this company have absolutely no problem with any other title from any other software company i think they should ask Capcom to teach them how to build their online code since capcoms online play is supern no problems what so ever with all their titles ….Lame Behaviour from Proffesional Development software company Activision … personaly think activision should stick with wii games or ever better for them to keep making games for the zx-spectrum since those were good days for them lol…

  • BlaBla

    *ucked Up Conection On Ps3 Do An Update Plz

    I cannot play 1game normal everytime no longer BlaBla

  • Josh Cubie

    constont problums jhoing games then cansling and partys geting seprated ~(ps3)

  • gSuS

    I have Black Ops on the PS3. The game has so many issues it isn't even funny. Hit detection is ridiculous. One time it can take 5 shots to kill someone while another it can take 15. Gun fights are never consistent. Skipping, stuttering and skating happen routinely online. I have been killed som many times by some one skipping around that it is almost a game breaker. Mic icons next to names don't show up in lobby. My Trittons have lost speach function twice which resulted in me freaking out because I thought my headset broke, but it didn't it was just that Black Ops bugged it out. Oh but wait, no head set needed in this game, because sound is all messed up.

  • gSuS

    One of the great things about FPS games is using all your senses to be the best player in the game, not just using your eyes and touch, but also using your ears and sound. But because they took out footsteps you can't hear any enemy movement. Friends routinly get kicked from the party or seperated. But the thing that bothers me the most is the in game lag (stop and start, stuttering, glitchig, skating). It makes gun fights more random then about skill. This game is garbage. MW2 never had these problems, yeah the game had frustrating perks, guns and attachments, but the game played smoothly and played like it was built. Black Ops is just a buggy garbo game.

  • jack

    can only connect to a few of my friend's parties on ps3, and the online connection is bad. The reason why i buy CoD is to play online with friends, not to play on my own. Please fix this treyarch!? everyone who is having this problem copy and paste this, we need this to spread!!!

  • OHai!

    Yeah I have horrible connection to most games on my PS3, but it's obvious they're going to make a patch for it because of how bad it is.

  • Black Operative

    The connection being horrible is one thing.. but Im purrdy sure when you lose connection you lose the match ?? bullshnikes if you ask me.. even if you're winning or the match hasnt started yet..

  • mark

    ok single player works fine laggy as fuck graphically poor but does play!!!!! now the multiplaayer is something, funny thing is i cant seeem to find any other ppl having same issue
    when i go into multiplayer it says connecting and hangs for 30 seconds or so then fails saying visit been there checked all of em are defcon 5 all green! so i turned off both anti virus and firewall, still same thing happens! forwarded ports 3074 on my router, upnp is enabled firmware is up to date and yes i do have a working internet connection!

  • *SOD*4

    Similar connection issues on Wii COD:BO last night getting an MP game to start. Also an issue with buttons configured in customized controls becoming Unbound and you can't use it during a game without resetting the button to the same action.

  • Tom

    Im the only person out of all my friends that can not join anyones partys ?, it always comes up saying there is an error and i havent been able to join a party on the game yet, please someone help, does anyone have any idea why this is happening ?


    ******SOLUTION (For some of you): If you just got on and your buddy has already been playing for a few hours, your playlists are not synced. If everyone in your party backs out to the main menu, then goes back into live and re-joins the party, you should be able to enter a room just fine. I was having trouble tuesday, then last night I had parties of 6-9 get into rooms just fine over and over with different party hosts using this method. There were 3.5 million people online last night, there are going to be issues. Sync your playlists, if it doesn't work, change hosts. If you're in with a friend that's in your area, try pressing the back button on the controller and changing the connection type to local or local only. Good luck. – D0GM0THER, TEAM FUCM/everygamerknows.

  • Andrew wheeler

    On my wii I can’t even open wifi at all it saids loadin and never opens

  • me1

    the games alright but online is strang it tells me the bklack ops server is unavailable (i live in the uk) but then the online works! its weird and i hope the bugs get sorted out soon

  • Jm

    I cant connect to any games on xbox live it just says found 50 matches and does nothin really fu##ing dissapointed iv played traing the maps are shit any way treyarch are a fucking waste of time

  • I has problem

    I got a friend on ps3, and about 1 in every 3 times we try and connect, either by inviting or joining an open party, it waits a while, loads, then tells us that the game session is no longer available, and we can't connect for the rest of the day. Any ideas?

  • Chris

    So far I think it’s a good game but it’s had major issues regarding seamless sessions with problems or things to hinder the gamers experience. As otter are aware. Hosting a lobby session with friends is proving to be a chore rather than a laugh never session I’ve tried to host or play with my friends have failed. So far I have not been able to have a joint game with people on my friends list. I don’t think it’s a connection issue as everyone of my friends have had the same issue. Thank you for reading my problem(s).

  • Chris

    PS3- I can't get past the Start Menu!! My Start button won't work and i'm stuck on the main screen!! Anyone else having this problem?

  • Billy Willy

    Who's complaining about IW now? MW2 is so much better than this PS2 game, and I have feeling Treyarch will be cleaning house in the quality control dept.

  • woody

    omg i can not play my black ops i got 6 black ops still cant play it freeze at title screen cant play my SHIT WT

  • Elliot

    I have problem forming or joining parties. Keeps telling me Session is full, or unreachable, when i'm at the multiplayer menu. there is no visual lagging, but connetion speed lagging is always a problem.

  • MrLunchBox

    The first day on PS3 no problems at all, day two and three cant say much other than it sucks. Trying to get friends into games is next to impossible. Also we need seprate servers I am tired of playing with people that dont even speak the same language. One other I seem to have the most problems when I have people in the room speaking french and chinese. US servers for US players and so on….. Please fix this issue having a mic really is useless if I can't communicate ith other players.

  • popopopo

    xbox live party connection problems.. lots

  • jesus

    i have been having trouble connection with friends and thats it other than that the lag i have run into is because someone backed out or has a crappy connection which is rare ive run into it maybe 3 times in my whole 20 hours of gameplay fix the parties!!!!!!!!now!!

  • Mike

    I can't play "Zombies" on my PS3 copy I cant play multiplayer and story mode and everything just not zombies mode solo or on the net. If anyone else is experincing this please let me know. I will join a room and then as soon as we all green up and the loading screen pops up it stays there and it doesnt budge just stays there with no progress what so ever.

  • dissapointed

    Call of duty black ops problem i can see the lobbies but cant join them On pc, what is this sh%$ man what a waist of money

  • CODBO zombies suck

    zombie mode is a joke! everythimg i try and connect and join a group…. it keeps breaking up, or doesnt find a game and it keeps saying that stupid connection not available…. if the guys who made this game and steam dont fix these probelms they will lose their respect from every1….

  • Craig

    Every match I play I get booted for Connectivity Problems. I just replaced the modem and same problem. I never have any issue with any other game. It doesn't happen on the combat training just actual on-line play.

  • Treyarch Killer

    Can't connect at all with 3-6 people in a party or it takes forever. You would think that with this being the biggest release of the year they would be perpared. I didn't pay $60.00 to sit in a damn lobby for 30 minutes trying to ACTUALLY play. You want to call the people who find the glitches "Douche Bags"? Don't worry about us finding the glitches, worry about having a product that works correctly. Fix it or better yet, give us the next map pack for free. You made a killing on this game and it doesn't even work right.

  • raizin

    treyarch have completely fucked up the lobbies. i cant get into my friends partys and the rare times i do, they cant hear my mic. FUCK YOU TREYARCH

  • JPL

    X360. I have the same problem as some of you. I have sat for 20 minutes while the matchmaker tries to find a lobby. I can't get in to any of them. Every now and again, it looks like it tries to connect and then stops. My mates are all getting on fine and I have to sit out.

    Incredibly frustrating.

  • James

    I thought my internet was the problem (although it never has been an issue on my PS3) but after hours of playing with 1 red or 2 yellow bars i got pissed! So i popped in my MW2 and what do ya know???? 4 GREEN BARS!!! I was looking forward to this game for MONTHS!!!! but if they cant fix whatever the f*** is wrong with this game its not gonna be in my collection very much longer. Even when i do get into a game (which is very rarely) it lags SOOOOO bad and most t he time kicks me out. GRRRRRRR from what ive played i like the game all in all not as much noob friendly advantages, but GRAPHICS ARE HORRIBLE and idk if its just me but they are, for lack of better words, twitchy nothing like the smoothness of MW2. if i could take Black Ops and get the connection and smooth graphics of MW2,,,, this would be a top game of all time. PLEASE FIX THIS S*** TREYARCH!

  • niki

    "Game session has already ended." is the message I keep getting when I invite/accept an invite to join a party. WTF.

  • Gabriel

    I was able to play online until last night about midnight. The problems started occurring after I tried getting a team together with my friends for zombies. Now my ps3 freezes when I try to get online solo for zombies and now doesn’t connect to multiplayer. The error I get is”black ops server is not available at this time”. Its been like this for almost 12 hours.

  • Fishcake

    sorry but going back to MW2 like one of the posts mentioned 1st day I had awesome reception full green bars ready to go, 1 day later in the reds and hasn't gone up since, I have 200 gig I never use it all can't see why it should lag so much???

  • Dylan

    i cant connect to some of my friends what can i do to fix it

  • jarrod

    The party TDM is just as bad as the last COD. when the hell are they going to put it back to where it boots the whole party out together? its a pain in the ass getting everyone back together and it happens all the damn time. it needs to be like the original COD because the way it is now just blows!!!

  • Justin

    Stop crying please it will be ok.

  • Stephen F

    This game online is a broken mess on ps3, lobbies close for no reason, it’s constantly trying to migrate to a new host during games and more often than not fails. Treyarch have fucked this up big time

  • javier

    whath the fuck withe the server is a chith a canot play online becaus of the server they have to reperet fast

  • mkmk

    on multiplayer it opens then it just says waiting for 5 players it doesn't join any games people cant join my game in session i cant join theirs……………… plz someone tell me wat i can do

  • gaz

    i like black ops very much but why do we have this problem? iv talked to loads of friends who have xboxes and ps3's like me all my friends on xbox dont have this problem why is it just us ps3 users !!!! now im starting to see why xbox have to pay online fees each year paying a little somethink each year has got to be better than the crap we keep gettin on ps3's you would think with the money they earn they would bable to get better servers hope this problems sorted soon !!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnson

    Dude wtf seriously, 63 dollars and fuckin fuck yourself treyarch. You have like one day to fix it or else I’m gettin my fuckin money back and may take further legal action. Fuckin fix it.

  • mick

    this game is stupid i always hav either red or yellow bar on the connection nd my internet is perfectly fine becouse every other game i play online i always hav full connection except this one i hate this game

  • tgd

    for those that havent yet played for some reason or other dont bother its the worst cod yet, im going back to mw2

  • Corey

    My ps3 wont connect to any online games!!! It says trying to join 50 potential matches ten just quits out saying no matches found

    • boo

      Very true game does not want to join a match on zombies,,,Says 50 match's found,,sits there and gets an error and I tried again, over and over the same thing. If the servers are full wouldnt you think they would have seen this coming and prepared for it,, total BS…..Can i take my game back to the store?

  • Wuupti

    I cant enter a game. because before i get in the game it says: Connection… until it tells me that i should look for updates or something like that i played 2 online matches so far…

  • xtmonkey

    i cant join my friends partys an they cant join mine, I mean WTF is this, i dont want to play by myself all the time, soo can someone please help me?

  • Dan

    I got this the first day it came out and it’s the biggest waste of money! shouldn’t u guys spend a bit of time making sure partys/zombie lobbys actully work before u go off boasting about ur shit graphics! after cod5 been so crap I should have known! Fix soon people

  • bob

    I havent been able to join a single game on my own. Ive spend more than 5 hours trying to connect to a game. It also takes me about 3-5minutes just to load a map

  • dr_bongzilla

    hate this game…. Major Lag on all servers , even after the patch , still laggy as hell . Graphics are ordinary , have trouble getting into matches. The server browser is retarded… This game is a wast of money and time……. Treyarch , epic fail! lol but we all brought it so were the suckers.

  • Iron_Coffin

    Sony PS3 Black Ops…. I want my money back, Grainy cartoon graphic, and too much like World at War, that is if you can even get connected and if you do you get booted, I turned my Battlefield for this game, Treyarch could learn from the EA !!!!! You can hide in foliage, climb about anything, the game is noticeably superior ! I am so disappointed !!

  • thomas

    I was able to play for 3 days but this moring wher i goto multiplayer only 1 server shows up and when i try to connect to it , it just spinns the connecting thing and never hooks up btw im on pc.

    P.S. The graphics suck.

  • Peet

    8 out of 10 multiplayer games will have connection problems with a/the host and closes the lobby.
    No fun playing MP at all. Hope infinity Ward will make more DLC maps for MW2. I'll revert to this one and looking forward to next year for COD8 by Infinity. Better ngraphics as well

  • Ziggy

    Sitting here for an hour waiting for black ops to connect to a live match, it just searches and searches (xbox360 version)

  • annoyed guy

    Every game I enter today has me on a 1 bar connection lagging all over the map, everyone else seems fine i have no idea whats going on… any ideas anyone

  • bas

    i have connection problems every first game no problem the second game he says lost connection to host .i will bring the game back the worst game of 2010 im returning it because it has so many problems how the hell can you bring such a shitty game on the market everybody fell for the marketing strategy of black ops i hope they will fall and learn that the consumer is the king not them because of ther profit of the time relaese a beta for a game global so every bopdy can play it and find out were the bugs and other shit is what doesn t belong in the game.treyarch you messed up big time
    i will return it tomorow and never buy a cod again shame on you

  • nstgtr03

    I have had the game for wii since wed, the 10th . anyway every other game i'm getting booted from game at start up , connection errors, or freezing up. My signal usally 3 to 4 bars, good connection signal,

  • Tonyc

    Really p1st with this. Have had 1 game online since getting it on release day. Just keeps going thru 50 games found… Joining game lobby then back to 50 games found before telling me no sessions are available….wth have they done with this game. Will I ever be able to get multiplayer again???

  • reef

    this game sucks ive been trying to play a free for all match on xbox for 3 f****ing days now and still no game it just times out after a search,whats the point in keeping this game when you cant even play online major fail big time

  • Kay

    Absolute B.S Cant Have One Full Game Without Getting Kicked Out!..My Advice To All You Is To Get An Xbox Apparently It Doesnt Happen On That. Thats What Im Doing.

    • chipsnp

      trust me problem is on the xbox as well dont bother save your money
      lag spawn dead lag spawn dead that if your lucky enuff to get in a game

  • http://prnews PhiladelphiaMAN

    i can’t even join my friend invites its just constant connection errors un when i finally get into a game the graphics are so jerky i feel like having a jerk lol

  • wolf

    well im on pc and every singe game i join it either comes up with CONNECTION INTERRUPTED straight away or some time through the game then kicks me then i lose everything i should have earned. it is happening every single game now and it is making me wish i had never bought this POS game. if the connection interrupted crap doesn't freeze me straight away then i can still move around and see everyone moving fine but when i get killed in the kill cam it shows me as not moving at all and i have 999 ping when i should have had 30. actually TRY your game first before you sell it. so stop swimming in all the money you made for doing nothing and start to fix the broken game you released.

  • john

    dont tell me spent heaps of money and i dosent work

  • David

    on ps3 version it seems to give me a average of 2 bars out of 4 even though i have high speed internet and the console is connected on ethernet

  • lilblacc 25

    I am so fucking tired of this connection interruption shit. Everytime I play a game some bull shit always occur. I am tired of this, if you seen it has happened in the past you should've prepared for this problem. I spent my hard earn money on this game, and can't even get customer support. Seeing that i'm in college taking law and met alot of COD players/fans if this problem is not fixed I will start a petition and sue your asses. Excuse my french, but it burns me up that I can't get any help and I spent almost 70 dollars on this game. Please fix it soon not a week or 2 but a day or 2.

  • LiquidForceT

    they need to fix the connection in a patch i find aussie games all the time coz you choose your setting. its just that i cant connect to some people and they cant connect to me. i send them invites and they still cant connect, then you try someone else to host and when you got everyone in you cant hear them talk. they really need to fix this issue. (PS3)

  • mostwantedC

    i bought black ops fr the ps3 it wont even start i get an error can somebody help me?

  • Ike

    I try to join a game with my friends, it boots them and puts me into a game by my self. The same problem with WaW. Why couldn't they use MW2 multilayer rather than treyarch's piece of junk.

  • Positive Emotions

    MW2 was better in connection.

  • DanG144

    I have trouble getting into any game when i am in a party of 2 on xbox 360 but works fine when i play on my own

  • lars

    A day before the game came out my ps3 started to freeze ( bleu-ray player problem ) so i bought a new Ps3 slim and sended the other away for repair. So i'm playing Black ops on a new system, my connection has always been between ok and good, However 8/10 games end before the round is over because of lag. This is taken a lot of the fun away and need to be fixed soon!

    For example, i bought the contract to win four "domination" games in 40 min, wel the whole 40 minutes there was one game that lasted till the end and i lost that one. So even tho you lost connection the time still counts on your contract.

  • red teddy 77

    Ok so we all have the same issues with this game that we are getting raped on, is there anyone one out there who any knows who we can ring their phones enough to get them to step up and do something?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Kenji

    With the new Update, I find it worse than before…

  • nstgtr03


  • KeNg

    i can't click on my killstreaks!!!! it's driving me crazy!!!! if anyone knows the solution tell me please cuz it's driving me nuts!!!!

  • Chad

    My x box 360 had a bad live connection before the game….but when i bought black ops and had to do the really long download, my connection is terrible.. i cant even log into x box live now when i start my console up. it takes me like four times to be able to get on live…and when i do get on live i cant use messenger and i can only play two matches or so. that download has messed up my whole connection with other games such as mw2 also!

  • @AdrianL3

    TREYARCH. 2 WORDS. VERY DISAPPOINTING. connection interrupted every second of a game.
    had high hopes for this game but it backfired and it was my first time buying a treyarch game.
    certainly never going to buy another treyarch game
    graphics are certainly not up to mw2's standards

  • Chris

    Endless failed attempts to play with a party. maybe one out of 20 times it will take my whole party to a game. Regardless of who's host, it never seems to send us all to the same game if it sends any of us to a game at all. And I constantly have 2-3 bars and lag where as i've never had this issue with any other game before. Just frustrating. im on 360 btw.

  • dr_bongzilla

    well people , when i first brought this game i was thinking wtf… wast of money. Had lots of problems with lag bla bla , but with the patches released its working well now , maybe not as good as it should be in relation to lag in multiplayer but , but still worth it. Then i played the single player. Three words~ "jaw dropping graphics"!! im f***ing astounded.. And some of the hardest and most satisfying gameplay ive encounted. The story line is excellent and im enjoying all the hidded little things trayarch have put into it.

    win 7 ultimate ~ amd 2 core 4ghz , 4gb ram , nvidia gts250 , running flawlessly , all on full @1920×1080

  • Guy

    Continual disconnection from lobbies. My other games are all fine as is my int connection. Haven’t been able to play one single entire game from start to finish because so no xp earned. Very poor.

  • Richard

    Massive connection problems just on regular Team Deathmatch. I am UK based and at one point last night, for 10 game attempts, only 4 actually completed, the others crashed part way through. A 60% failure rate is not acceptable.

  • griff

    Not much to complain with it so far, it hasn't really lagged that much. The only problem I have had is with my internet connection, it turns itself off during times of high traffic, annoying when you're in the middle of a game. I'd just unlocked warlord pro and then it turned off, was quite annoyed as I'd been trying for ages to get the grenade multi kill

  • Killentime PSN

    Game play is fun when you can join a game. Takes forever and a day to connect to a game, then half way through the game it freezes up and you get to pull the plug on the PS3 and reboot. So far game is full of lag, freezing up and hacks… Two thumbs down until this is fixed.. I saw a guy laying on the ground floating around like a leaf in a strong breeze killing several people. Some people are making super jumps and unbelievable shots through walls. Wall hacks already>?

  • jaypeto

    Can't play the game at all !! I get Error : lost connection to host every game and black screen on single player

  • Hayden goldhahn

    When ever i try to join my friends it freezes up and then i have to unplug the ps3 and start up the game again.(It's pissing me off please tell me how to prevent this from happening).

  • TheyCallMeFudge

    First of all I would like to say "two thumbs up" on the work of campaign for Black Ops! I do have to give just one thumb down for the online multi-player because the lag is horrible! Every time my friends & I get together in a party lobby and attempt to jump into a session of Team Deathmatch, Search & Destory and every other game mode on Black Ops, it lags and disconnects us to seperate game sessions. If they don't fix this soon, I can see the 3,804,730 players online subtracting to about 30 players online. They need to fix the connection lag, and they need to fix the connection problem ASAP!

  • Cody

    This game is a lot of fun but not being able to get into games with my friends is ridiculous. they said they were going to make it easier to play with friends what a bunch of bull sh*t. it shouldnt have been called call of duty either. it doesnt have the same feel. i love the game but its just too much of a hassle to play with friends so IMO fix this or im sure like most my friends ill be back on MW2.

  • d low

    I agree with everything that has been said that is bad!

  • Richard

    Wow, I think the connection on this game is horrible. I can't bring a big party into one game with me without getting disconnected from online play. It takes like 23 try, before we even actually get into one game I think it's really annoying. Hope they can fix this soon as possible like now.

  • linus

    It can take over an half hour to connect to a lobby, really frustrating! Needs a fix..

    • Russ

      for version, what, 6 of this game….these types of constant networks issues even during off-peak times are just unacceptable.

  • James

    i cant connect to any of my friends that are playing black ops, they invite me and it just doesnt join and when i invite them they cant join to me either, mw2 never did this ANY HELP PLEASE

  • willo745

    Keeps telling me that at least one guest should be present when trying to get into MP. When i finally get a game of MP or Z ombies i get a 1 bar connection on ps3. Its unplayable atm and needs urgently looking at. This happened with MW2 after a while so the next game i will not be buying unless they sort these problems out.

  • JB06

    This game so far is utter shite. You cannot play with your friends online without there being an issue. I pay good hard earned money for it and it doesn't work properly. Get it right treyarch… surely know how popular it was going to be and yet, you failed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Surely Sony must step in to recitfy the issues we are all having (on a PS3 only of course.)

    Game play so far big fat 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    im honestly embarrassed to say that i spent $60 on this piece of shit game. the idea is great with all of the customization, but regardless of how good it is, i cant get into a game. because of the connection problems this game is very frustrating and not fun at all.

  • hahah

    When i was playing Zombies i couldn't shoot then a zombie cam from behind me and swiped at me and i was Down WHAT THE F…..

  • wayne

    fuckin shite cant do party's with ya mates ya get kicked out all the time and it lags like f**k sick of it already goin back to modern warefare

  • Blaze tovar

    Pice of SHIT Game, fukin retards who made can’t get the damn shit straight, everytime I’m in a party getting good fukin kills a stupid ass message come out saying that the lobbe is no longer available and stops the match, and it laggs too much and it’s not my interned cuz I have high speed Internet… Stupid game I hate it fukin bastards need to fix all those damn issues, yesterday we couldn’t even enter multiplayer mode at all, what the fuck is up with that… All I have to say is that I’m really disappointed with this game

  • Cory Cadorath

    bought the game, it worked fine the first day. next day go to play free for all or really any game and it would start me up load the map then when i go to choose a class not even 2 seconds go by before i get booted and it tells me there is a connection with the host error. bs. also i finally got it going the next day, played from level 13 to 20, about 3 hours of game play and the next day i turn my system on and im back at level 13 again. waste of my fu**ing time. my previous game match status shows that i had played the previos day but didnt count my score for some reason. this game is fu**ed. they need to figure this shi* out

  • holapola

    fix the connection for multiplayer – it's utterly rediclous.

    • Tom

      The new black ops game is a joke, i really cba even playing it until there's an update im on the PS3 there's nothing but disconnection, local host lost, connection interrupted, migrating issues. Its like they didn't even bother fucking testing this game.

  • lewis anthony

    never conect 2 games it f*****G stupid

  • peeevd

    it takes me a faawkin hour to get into a team death match, its such bull shackacak. who ever made call of duty black ops, must have mental disabilities


    i have a ps3 i get in a game and then it comes up with a wire on the screem and then say's game lobby closed. worst it as ever been. (UPDATES) !!!!!!!!

  • Steve Allan

    Came looking to see if anyone else was having connection issues with black ops looks like i found a few, its a bit jittery and stuttery or the game lobby just closes with server timed out messages and it seem at times to find and set you up in a game lobby, it has also started telling me that cannot connect to host hope this is just teething problems because i have been enjoying the multi player but it is very frustrating sort it out FAST pleeeeeaaase

  • disgusted

    I playerd COD MW2. I loved COD MW2.

    I've only played the Black Ops multiplayer, but so far this game isn't even close. Sloppy graphics, terrible maps, bad spawns, poor/laggy hit detection, some really useless killstreaks, 6 different assault rifles that all seem to be the same, and the fact that half the time I can't even join a game because of network issues. I'm sorry, but waiting 5 minutes just to get in a match is NOT FUN. Really aweful game. I feel like an idiot for wasting my money this.


  • Reddz

    Omg this shit is so dumb. always gettin kiked from lobbies, even parties WTF. Great game but this shit need a patch ASAP

  • Mike

    I got 3 bars the first day and no connection problems. Now all i get is 1 bar which is causing it to lag really bad. i called activision and they emailed something on port forwarding. i did this and did a storage media update and these did not help. Is there an update coming out soon to solve problems like this?

  • Saad

    I have a problem it says call of duty server is unavailable

  • Harvey

    there are proper lag issues on this bloody game, when it takes a lifetimes to find a game, it sometimes puts you in a different match mode or different altogether e.g. if you search team deathmatch, it will put u either in search & destroy or theater. ive searched so many times but this sometimes happens, seriously dont know why i bothered to buy the game. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Totally not acceptable.

    Can't connect to the majority of my friends online. And even when I do I can't hear them and they can't hear me. And then when you finally get in a game (after about 3 days waiting!!) the LAG is unbelievable and the fps is shocking.

    And whats with zombie mode? Everytime i try to join a friends party, it doesn't connect, plays that stupid cinematic clip (wtf!?) and kicks me to the main menu, where it freezes for like 10 minutes, before i can try again. Why waste my life on this useless pile of sh*t.

    I shall be back to MW2 tonight. Using my sniper rifle that actually does get a one shot kill when I shoot someone in the head. And I can actually hear enemies who are doing the cha cha slide right behind my back!!

    Feel free to join me!!

  • Clan Boab

    Cod black opps sucks big time.

    cant get connected worth a monkeys tadger….. come on get it sorted !!!!

  • ll208krooklynboy

    I I’m very disappointed that I have to spend close to an hour before I’m successfully connected with my party.once we make it into a lobby we don’t want to switch game modes because we don’t want to have to go through the matchmaking process again

  • Funkyguru

    Treyarch has seriously F-ed up a great running series. To bad because the game itself looked promising. I dont recall any of the Infinity Ward versions having anywhere near the issues this rendition is having. Hey Treyarch FIX YO SHI+!!!

  • Connection sucks

    The worse connection ever her in holland on the ps3 i can play like 2 min then its says lost host connection what the fck?? Man firt day when the game came out i never had problems but now major problems

  • Zen

    I'm not even able to join some of my friends game invites. Treyarch, just fix it.

  • David

    i try to resume my campaign and the screen goes white and stays white for a long time cant play anymore.

  • Subnormaldaisy

    I’ve been on black ops zombies trying to play a game but it keeps telling my migration host and then kicks me out to the lobby..been having this problem for 3 days now! How do I fix this problem??! Help me!

  • jeff

    It sucks! Waiting for the stock price to tumble.

  • pissedoffgamer

    This game is PISSING ME OFF now, never been so FRUSTRATED about a game as this one. 9 out of 10 games the connection fails and sometimes MULTIPLE TIMES IN ONE GAME!!!
    And even when i get into a game im already so FRUSTRATED that when i die, I'm so pissed that I rage quit anyway, so NO FUN FOR ME.

    Treyarch better come up with a patch and QUICK!!!

  • toveroy

    getting connection error on 99% of the times i try to play a match on my ps3

  • toveroy

    getting connection error or host migration on 99% of the matches i join on my ps3

  • Zamandar


  • ZombieMode isfaig

    Zombie mode dont work… Its gay as hell,

  • blackopsfail

    PS3 issues. I can play by myself online most of the time. Parties don’t seem to work at all…. ever. Constantly get the message “Error, the session is no longer valid”. Really? Cuz the party was started 3 seconds ago and I accepted the invite 4 seconds after it was started. So I’m not sure how the session is no longer valid. The “Join in Session” doesn’t work either unless the other player is in a map. I’m not real happy about not being able to play w/ my friends. The multiplayer game itself seems fun but the issues w/ connections, parties, etc. kill the experience.

  • Holland

    8 out of 10 times I can't play an entire full game match, it will shut down during game. Connection error, lost connection to host, migrating host, everything goes wrong at any time. And everytime it does get to final killcam, it's giving me the connection interrupted thingy. tested internet, all fine. Treyarch/Activision has got to do something about it…
    (PS3 version btw)

  • Mike

    Yeah agreed with everyone here, not only is there plenty of problems getting into the game …. during the game i will nearly always get a message saying 'connection interrupted' pretty much every game , and i cant join or invite half of my friends to matches now matter how many attempts .. Treyarc need to FIX this or they will lose Alot of players :/

  • william

    when i go to start the game on my pc it starts but gos to a black screen and thats it

  • Ronnie

    It was bad the since game released, since the update…connection been non existent. Back to MW2.

  • wil

    ever since i bought black ops im getting connection problems only with this game. also, it makes my ps3 freeze up. its fucking annoying. im beginning to hate this game.


    This game is getting very annoying. Sometimes it just freezes out of nowhere with an annoying loud buzz

  • Anthony

    I have a ps3 and every time I try and play it either freezes or it doesn't let me join a game online…

  • Paul

    Can’t get a match online on the xbox for black ops keeps saying found 50 matches then says joining game lobby then nothing won’t go into match then it times out

  • Kyosuke

    When ever I get more than 10,000 points in a ps3 match I get connection issues while watching the last kill replay. But it still takes me to the same game lobby so we don't get any points. Therefore I am only lvl 25.

    I don't understand why we don't have a real game lobby like xbox 360 but whatever add me Lazykyosuke

  • Ivva_Biggin

    I can no longer get more than a 2 bar connection as of, 20/11/2010.

  • lawrenze21

    When I start the game up then I go to multiplayer and when I go to the lobbies, it won't let me pick any wager matches or player matches…. but if i do private matches and start the match… It won't load it but it will say "You have been signed out of playstation network" then it lets me play player matches… And in Zombie mode… when I try to find a match.. it takes like 5 minutes to find potential games… and while waiting it looked like it hangs up.. so does anybody have an answer for this???

  • Smooth the Marine

    I sometimes get connection interupted just about when im finishing a tram deathmatch and middle of games. I cant stand it anymore. PS3 owner

  • Paula

    All day today I’ve had connection problems while in the middle of a match everything will freeze. I know it’s not my system because I can play all my other games online with no trouble. I get the Ethernet cable plugging into the jack icon a lot and I have a hard time keeping a party if 2 together! Does anyone know if this is going to get fixed?! I’m rubbing black ops on a ps3 also

  • randy

    you can play one game in a hour, its totally fucked up to play with your friends. now waiting for mw3:P

  • Alan

    I end up turning it off in a fit of rage because about 20 times a in a 3 hour session i get 'error migrating host' or 'trouble connecting to new host', then game fails :/

  • FeinORFoe

    Game freezing during online play every 3 to 5 games. Need to manually restart from the console. Didn't notice until the last update about a week ago, Yes I see the connection icons on the screen also and game goes back to the lobby…

    When is this going to get patched????

  • Richard

    I've tried for 45 minutes on my 360 to get into a game and haven't been able to. Very frustrating. Keeps timing out. I would think that by now they would have come up with some solution for this.

  • GuestGuyUdontKnow

    i get in a game MAYBE after 10 failed tries but this is stupid

    and they want to make us pay a extra fee on the game when they cant even fix little problems

  • BenignFOR FUN

    Been playing for a few weeks, noticed with friends we just couldn't get on. I.E. a party of 3 or more froze the system. Tonight however I have been unable to get on by myself for over a half hours. I played a few times durring the day with no real problems in connection, its just been since 1:15 am that I haven't been able to join a game let alone host it. I checked my internet speed and it was normal. So I'm hoping its COD and not my BOX. I'd hate to see another red ring.

  • hates horrible games

    these servers suck to the max. the game for some reason decided to go back to the main menu of the game while trying to load me into a party online. this game has probley one of the worst online setups ive ever seen. the game puts high ranking pros against low level newbies rather than putting people of equal levels together. this is horrible. hope they fix it soon

  • pissedoffgamer



  • tflash419

    I may stop playing because I spent half my night trying to get into a game. Pretty disappointing.

  • joe

    hardly get into a game.. constant connection issues and when i do find a lobby its always hanoi map always.,, takess about 10 min to find a game and 90% i'm the host,, this sucks assholz

  • Bob

    I have HORRIBLE problems getting into rooms. Some of my friends say they have no problems at all, and get into lobbies immediately. Some of my friends say they are having the same problem as I am. I play Black Ops on Xbox LIVE, and it is nearly impossible for me to get into a room most of the time. I have tried to find a solution to this problem, but have been unsuccessful. It is completely ridiculous. I have DSL and it is a fairly good connection. I shouldn't have any problems.
    Besides that, I have noticed that lobbies get closed VERY frequently (when I do happen to get into rooms). It says, "Could not migrate host," or, "Game lobby closed."

  • Rayooi

    My one cannot even load the zombie mode.Always cannot connect to server.

  • Dave

    Have had a lot of connection issues. The worst is when I am having a good gAme and loose all my points from a Server problem that no one will own up to. Guess I won’t buy anymore COD games

    • James Brian Mahon Jr.

      right. i was just 15/3 on hardcore free-for-all and just got my chopper gunner and BANG connection interuppted1 all week ive had similar issues and just lag all over the place. seriously disheartening

  • Saephaan

    mine doesn't freezes or kicks me out (btw i play on the ps3) but it gives me red signal or yellow signal with the other players on 4 bars of signal -.-… also they kill me with like 1 bullet and i need to kill them with all my mag completely shot at 1 person without fail…. that sucks i'm tired of that i can only practice on hard until they fix this -.- at least i will be good when they fix it… if they do…

  • chromastone10

    I get in a lobby and as the game is about to start it says game lobby closed…… WWWWHHHHHYYYYY!!!!!

  • benjamin

    I use ps3 and my games all too often cut out and say "connect lost". then there's "lost connected to host" and "migrating hosts"… it's a rare pleasure to enjoy a game from start to finish. what rubbish. otherwise a brilliant game.

  • Karl

    Ive had massive problems on the PS3, keep lossing connection all the time on multiplay!!

  • Breki7

    My whole country has this problem. Nobody can join anyone. There are just a few guys I can join. We’re playing on the PS3 and its starting to piss everyone off. We would like it very much if you could fix this problem. :)

  • exileez

    I cant join a zombie game! When i do that the screen freeze and i must turn my ps3 off and restart it. I hate this game soo far

  • matt

    cant connect to my one friend for no reason and i have connected to him once but only once someone help me.

  • kevin

    i pay for the game and the conection is bad

  • Dave

    I notice the most recent posts are 2 weeks old and still the problems with mulitplay persist!. Connection is difficult particulary when part of a team. The lag is generally awful and most frustrating is being first to shoot, emptying a gun into an opposing player and still being wiped out by 2 or 3 shots. My experience is PS3. Despite all the problems none of the issues are being sorted out. I am seriously thinking of off loading this game!!!!!

  • Jens.A

    Playing every day, and say that in 10 rounds, I get connection problems maybe 4-5 times. I like the game in general, but feels like you will tire of this in the long run because you do not have that problem in CoD MW2.

  • http://None Chad

    I have tried for 2 weeks not to get through an entire multiplayer TDM, Domination, or Free for All without either a continual stream of “connection interrupted” messages that lag me back 2 seconds EVERY TIME (usually to death…) or my latest favorite, a random assortment of maps that won’t even load completely after the teams are formed and the game is getting ready to start – assuming that I’m assigned to a team within 10 minutes of starting. I consider myself pretty good at FPS and did really well with online multiplayer COD:MW2, but when I play for 10 minutes and have 0 kills, 19 deaths, 0 assists – something is extremely wrong. I’ve changed out the wireless router and the wireless network adapter on the Xbox. Heck, I even switched ISPs to get more bandwidth. You know what that got me?? More frustrated when the the results were exactly the same. The true downer?? I had 1 day last week that was flawless – for about an hour. No connection problems, no waiting problems, and all of the maps loaded. What is the deal?!?!?

  • Rudy

    This Game fucking blows dogs for quarters! Oh my God i cant even last a dam minute on the multiplayer without getting kicked out! They dam well should have known these dam bugs from the experience of modern warfare 2…. complete bullshit. Treyarch, i know you got these messages before…. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EEEEEVAAAA! Buy another Fucking call of duty Game from you AGAIIN. and i dare you to grow some balls and answer this which you will never read, pitiful. Grow some balls and FIX this shit!

  • Luke

    Ive had no problems with multiplayer but me and a friend tried to get into a Zombies match today for about 2 hours, but it didnt work just kept saying lobby closed everytime we got into one. This should be simple Treyarch has a server for each console and PC it should be running better, sort it out.

  • bas

    still the same problems over here to.every second game i get in with the same lobby he says lost connection to the host and my friend s still play in that lobby so i join em.and then the same storry 1 good game the second kicked out. this is the last game me and my 50 friend will buy from cod or treyarch.stupid noobs cant even get a game wright mw2 was way better for me.

  • EDD

    Even after the Patch all the problems still remain. Framrate issues still, server crash still, stats inaccurate still, lag still, takes like 30 mins just to find a game still, unregistered shots like every other time still. BTW i'm on the PS3, this has got to be the worst duty ps3 port ever. I mean the game right now is virtually unplayable and I thought the patch was supposed to fix this. WTF!!!!

  • Fasnacht

    Very frustrated with this still going on…I spend more time outside a match than in because of the continual connection issues on the PS3…Understandable (I guess) for the first week or two, but come on…

  • dunczilla

    black-ops connection sucks for ps3 everyday when i play i have a couple of time the famous connection interrupted or the ps3 has to be switched on and off, SO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKS, bye the way this is from holland and more people wich i play with have the same problem

  • Role

    The connection issues are terrible. You spend all night trying to get everyone in your party into the same game without dropping one of them. Then, when you all do finally make it into a game, the Host Migration screen comes up and the game fails. So now, you get to go back in a lobby with your party to start the process all over again. Pretty fun thing to do for 60 dollars. After about 45 minutes of wasted time trying to connect, you might actually get into a game with everyone and be able to play if it isn't laggy, but once it's over the nightmare starts again. There have even been times I have lost friends and their message said the CoD servers are down, but I was still in the game they were dropped from… Can we get a full refund?

  • Role

    A glimpse into the future: Treyarch will release a map pack before any major update patches. We'll all spend 800 pts on the maps and not be able to play them due to connection errors. The maps will be old ones so it's more 'easy money' for them. They'll re-use the code from the levels in MW, MW2 and WaW and give them a B.O. makeover. Then they'll put out commercials that make this game look like the best game ever. Then they'll all go on vacation and say congrats to a job well done, meanwhile every gamer on CoD is screaming in frustration because the game can't keep a party of 3 or more together. Halo is carrying parties of 8 from game to game consistently and effectively keeping them all together so it doesn't make sense that this game, being one of the hottest games out, can't seem to work right… I'm sure next year CoD: Armageddon will be released and millions of gamers will flock to it even though we have all been plagued by so many CoD issues in the past.

  • adam

    rediculous, even if i can connect to my friends party for zombies. once he starts the game i cant hear him, no point in even playing this game ryt now :(, i dont know if its a combination of the psn servers and the treyarc ones buts, cmon guys fix it for us!

  • james

    i keep getting connection error in the middle of online multiplayer games. i have full signal strength in the bars. it then goes to the lobby saying host connection error then says lobby closed. really annoying

  • Shem

    Me and a friend cannot join a Zombie game (on PC). When I try and join him via his invite the game just sits in the connecting screen and never goes anywhere and the only way to stop it is to Task Manager it. If he accepts my invite he joins a random game.
    Pretty annoying and could definitely be doing better things with my time…like playing MoH. I won't be pre-ordering a game again – I'll wait for user reviews and all the bugs to be fixed before I buy a game, especially an Activision/Treyarch one.

  • spud

    the game is good but network is sh** for ps3 cant play game treyarch gonna be losing fans and gamers at this rate especially the price we pay for the games

  • Disappointed COD fan

    The online play has been frustrating me so much that today I decided to log my game play for an hour to see if it was as bad I thought or if I was just exaggerating the issues to myself. Here's my log from tonight: Core – Ground War (all of the logs before are in this game mode)
    9:15pm – Domination – Grid -> 35 seconds in Connection Interrupted -> Game Lobby Closed
    9:18pm – Team D.M. – Havana -> approx 1 minute in to game -> Connection Interrupted -> Game lobby closed.
    9:20pm – Team D.M. – Havana -> 15 seconds in -> Connection Interrupted -> game lobby closed.
    9:25pm After 5 minutes of waiting to join a game -> Domination – Havana -> 2 minutes in Connection INterrupted -> back to Find Match menu.
    9:27pm Enter Core -> Ground War -> Lobby -> "Notice – Disconnection due to transmission error"
    9:31pm Find Match -> Core -> Ground War -> Domination Cracked join game in progress.
    9:34pm Connnection Interrupted -> fixed itself kept going.
    9:35pm Connection Interrupted -> Error lost host -> Lobby
    9:38pm Kicked out to Find Match menu
    9:39pm Domination – Grid -> Completed full game.
    9:48pm Domination – Grid -> Completed full game.
    10:00pm Domination – Radiation -> Connection Interrupted -> Host Migration-> game froze while trying to restart from host migration.
    In a span of 50 minutes I was able to play for 10 minutes with out getting a Connection Interrupted, 3 full games, while I spent 40 minutes being frustrated.
    This game has serious issues and needs a fix!!!
    Am I alone in this, I didn't think so…

  • mark brown

    i live in a village called lambourn in berkshire england me and 3 other friends all on ps3 we cant invite each other in to a party then into team death match its so frustrating is this problem going too be fixed

  • yo sup

    my xbox and game was fine came back tried to play zombies it loaded then when the map game up all the color effects were negative on all the maps. What happened

  • Custimized

    Connection Problems Are Terrible… I have 6-10 Mb on Download connection and 4-8 on Upload. I still get kicked off and arent able to connect with parties. I beleive the game and it's servers are at fault. Dont Buy The Game! Wait for the next First person shooter game. Lesson Learned on Treyarch!.

  • Tailgunner123

    Hate this game we should ge a refund fu*ng 60$ is no cheap. Treyarch fuc*ed up big time

  • peebles

    for the amount of bugs and glitches in this game i can't believe i've only had one system update…which by the way seems to have made things worse, treyarch need to pull their finger out before everyone dumps black ops in the bin. Infinity ward must be laughing their arses off, and rightly so!!!!

  • LuckyGhost Mom

    My son was having connection problems with Black Ops, constantly getting kicked out of a game or not able to join a session because of the communication between X-Box and our wireless modem. Easy fix, ordered him a $15.99 RJ45 cable from Wired the connection between the X-Box and our wireless modem. Proglem fixed. I wish I would have done it three weeks ago!

    • Bill Bone

      Bunch of fruits, i cant ever get on the damn thing. I have a wire connection and the worst bit is the time lag. I shoot people with 5 shots and on the killcam it shows a completely different scenario. It shows one shot with different timings. Its completely KAK. From Bill Bone!

  • poogame

    the odds of playing multiplayer without connection issues on ps3 are slim its so annoying ive waited so long for this game

    • Bill Bone

      MW2 worked fine compared to this

  • ripped off

    what a waste of money can't play single player after about a minute of playing pc shuts down and is locked up. I'd like to join in on the law suite.

  • Josh

    i can't play CoD any more because the connection is so bad. i do have a shit ISP but i still had 33 bars on MW2, and can barely play Black Ops

  • Will

    For the PS3 I've been lucky if I can log into Multiplayer at all. Generally I'm stuck for an hour or longer trying over and over again just to connect to the server. My connection is fine, I'll be logged in to PSN already and I'll repeatedly recieve a message saying that the Call of Duty: Black Ops server is not available at this time…etc. etc.

    When I am connected I'm getting booted from games and lobbies frequently, During a game I will find myself moving, like through a door, then I'll jump back to the entrance after already having moved into the room and it will jump like this three or four times before stabilizing.

    I don't think the game is a rip-off….I just think like every other manufacturer out there they pushed the product out before they had perfected it. COD needed to contend with HALO Reach I suppose. Either way, this game will lose its popularity the longer these issues maintain.

  • pissed off

    this game is a fukkin rip off the connection issues make it unplayable and ive already spent 60 fukkin bux. fuck xbox fuck treyarch.

  • Trey

    I play on the PS3 and rarely make it more than one game in a lobby. I generally get booted during the first game, it's ridiculous, I can't believe they haven't fixed this issue yet. I remember when MW2 came out it was the same thing but it was resolved right away.

  • Ryan

    This is the worst game I've ever played for connection troubles. It seems to cut out with connection interrupted for no reason in the majority of my games, incurring a loss as it does so. I've accumulated around 300 losses now and I honestly have to put half of those losses down to connection failures.
    After so many games in the series and the price tag of the game, I never expected the poor quality of connections that I am seeing.

  • Jon

    everytime i go to zombies online it says migrating hosts and then itll count to ten and kick me

  • Mike

    Stupid game! It wont even let me play zombies at all now! before it froze when i tried to find match, had to wait like 5 to 10 minutes! sometimes even longer. Now it just kicks me out and says "signed out you have to be sign in for playstation network" or some shit like that. Cant be the ps3, every other game i play on it no problem at all! damnnnnnn!

  • Rehman

    Connection Issues a re big head ache…. I think my comments would just echo the feelings of most ppl on this forum… I have tried and tried but this F**** POS would not let me connect… Never had any issues with COD Modern Warfare. I hope they catch this issue soon and release some patches.. Otherwise i think i just threw 50 bucks down the drain!!!!

  • Dude

    I'm getting SICK of the freezing!! Past hour i have not played one full game!! (and i've tried more than 10) I'm getting F***ING tired of it!! I want them to fix it asap!

  • eslm

    I play on the ps3, usally online, about 1 in 10 matche I get connection problems, very frustrating when You’re on a roll and the server takes a dump, great game but that doesn’t really matter if you can’t play it!

  • goose

    When trying to load a game on black ops for ps3, 9 out of 10 times there is a notice saying "game lobby closed." And if you actually get the game to load, there will be a connection disruption error half way through your game. Treyarch, please leave COD up to Infinity Ward. They dominate you in each and every way.

  • Kieffer

    terrible, terrible terrible. played for about an hour and only completed one full game!!! So damn terrible. WTF

  • ben

    exact same problem now too.for the first 2 weeks got on not a bother .now it takes any thing up to 15 minute to get a game and as someone said here already, half way through the fucking thing gets disconected which is a pain in the ass especially waiting that long for a game or if you have a kill streak contract that your half way through doing and it cuts out.

  • eworld420

    would be nice to finish a match….freakin disconnects 3 out of 5 matches…..infinity ward where are you?

  • wormdyrt

    i only can complete maybe 2 out of 20 games without getting kicked and u can forget joining with a friend

  • Bobby Pia

    The problems are getting worse on my 360. There are times were I wait 10 min to load. It then starts me on a map solo. This is not the best way to get me to buy into the game. Is there any talk of corrections?

  • Marcos Alexandre

    Whenever I'm in a "pre-game lobby, appears: Disconnected due transmission error, and the screen switches to the part of combat training and the screen looks like a … chess, and it does not happen just once, almost always happens. What can I do to fix this?, share the same game, change the connection, please respond

  • fanichio

    I've been playing this for two days now, and would say I'm lucky if I connect 1 in 4 games, and even half the time when i do connect I get the connection interrupted message and dumped from the game, which is fucking my contracts all to hell. Seeing as how I have no problems with MW2 this has to be a treyarch issue. I haven't been able to connect to a single game of zombies, which happened a lot with the last one, my friends and I often found that you couldn't connect with others unless you've already got a party going. If it were still near release date I could see this, but it's been a month now, they've made hundreds of millions of dollars, get the game to freaking work already, LoL

  • Mike

    mine messes up when its about to start a game it says migrating host counts to ten then kicks me out i can never get a game

  • Pissed Off

    this connection problem is a joke i want my money back!! in 2 hours i might play 1 complete game. this is ridiculous

  • roman

    i have the same problem idk why its happenin somebody help

  • Arun

    Ok. so i have had black ops for about 3 weeks now its a great game and everything but i have a huge problem with lagging it keeps on lagging when i play zombies which is extermly annoying becouse i get to round 16+ and it just laggs and the whole game frezzes and then it kicks me out the game while my other friends are still playing i hate it its so annoying its been happening for like a week now can anyone help me thank u

  • Guest

    What did you expect from a game made by Treyarch? WaW was buggy and glitchy and how long did it take them to fix the MP in that game? This developer is just bad, bad, bad. Maybe now they'll go under and never touch another COD game.

  • clayton

    call of duty black ops is stuped i cant play on line on that f**** game you cant play with freindes i let it set there for 50 minuetes and came back and it was the same the connection was good but now is bad . so dont get it untel it is fixted. I hat this game so bad i tried to play it online 30 times and then i broke the game in two.

  • bud

    i hat call of duty black ops i cant play online on it no more so i got sick of the game that i broke it in two.

  • jack

    i wiil never play call of duty black ops no more

  • Kjetil

    Me to, can not invite or join any of my frindes.

  • DecrepidOne

    Out of my many friends, I can only connect with 1 trying to play zombies. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drew

    it says evrything is good on toe cod web site then i try to get on and says the server is down ?any thing you would like to say cod ppl?

  • jrod

    for the past two day it said that the server is not available

  • Lukas

    When i search for a game on zombies, a message pops up saying Welcome to black Ops, and make me reset all my settings and it also resets all my campaign progress and all enemy intel. The main menu also goes all weird. I think my anti-virus has something to do with this

  • chaoticzachary93

    terrible connection problems dude, like everytime i try to invite a friend, it sends him right back to the main menu and then does the same to me if i try to join his party. this is bull, i paid 60 dollars for this fucking game and treyarch better get their act together cuz this is bullshit.

  • john

    yep everytime me and my buddy play zombies were cruising and in the 30's everytime we loose connection! absolutely ridiculous! first we thought it was connection since it takes you like 3 freaking hours to get in the 30's in the first place but then i read some of this stuff…… and the stupid ass game doesnt give you a checkpoint to spawn at if you've made it so far on the levels so basically we have to play for 3 hours every night to get where we get everytime and then loose connection

  • alicia

    ********** i really need help i have a wireless conncetion and it says 100% and when i go to join a game, invited, or anything, zomies too, i will be sitting in the lobby for ever, never connecting, it says 50 matches found getting match quality, i literly joined and then went and made supper, then ate supper, and nothing happened at all… what can i do? i need help.. maybe reply to my email

    • melissa

      im having the same problem!!! help!!!

  • Cheri

    My son has Black Ops for PS3. Everytime he goes to the maps "grid" "crisis" or "cracked" it freezes. He has quit playing Black Ops and has gone back to the previous Call of Duty. It is too frustrating. Are they gonig to fix this problem?

  • peugeot631

    i can't join my friends lobby in zombie mode. i can only join regular multiplayer lobbies. this blows! what really sucks is i'm the only person out of three of us who can't join.

  • Toby

    3/9 i get connection problems. (almost.:) )

  • Tommas

    It happens, to me several times, its enoying. hate this game – because of this. but i playit 2days (in hours) so it cant be all that bad. but.. yes

  • Justin

    I had a problem with this game now and it is the first time but it is HUGE!!! I tried playing zombies with a guest and once we got in a lobby it lagged out, I noticed after that that it completely erased everything I did in the story and the maps I unlocked for zombies, I'm back to square one as far as that goes, after all the work I did to get it finished

  • MikeGotPurp510

    This game is a failure, Treyarch u just ruined Call of duty, Thats why hammerhead is making a new Modern Warfare & they will shut u down quik, this game isn't skilled based like MW2, its "CONNECTION BASED", basically whoever has tha host on their team-they will come out on top regardless, u cant beat them they see you b4 u see them, they kill you in 3 bullets, u kill them in 8 bullets… nothin but connection based, killstreaks suck cvuz tha airsupport gets shot out tha sky quik, blackbird is tha only Good thing u guys came up with, now im getting suspended for having a guy getting stomped as my emblem, but u have people running around with dicks & pussies as their emblems & they arent gettin suspended??? not even tha 6th prestiges with golden guns alreadi,, make tsk tsk, Treyarch is BK!!!! You guys are a joke, Nintendo wii gives me more fun than this piece of crap game, u guys might as well make it up to us and make your new map pack on Feb 1st free since you already wasted our 60 bucks with this 20dollar game,

  • MikeGotPurp510

    nothing but disappointment, ak74u is 30x overpowered than any other gun, u guys need to make shotguns stronger for a "so called" primary they fuckin suck, Mw2 had shotguns as a secondary but they should have been a primary, but on this game shotguns are worse than pistols, and how about them snipers on Black ops, quikscoping was a new way to play & u guys F***ed that up to, maan… i could have made a better game in my media class than this, its a sorry piece of crap….. Requires no skil to win, all you need is a AK74u and the host on your team & baaam!!!!u have a win…….. This gam is all about connection,if you are a 3bar u will get stomped on no matter how much skill you have, its rediculous, you guys have made a bad name for call of duty, this is a disgrace, 74u=Nooby, overpowered trash, Flakjacket is stupid and nooby, wat a way to ruin half tha game with flakjacket, make them almost invulnerable to explosives, explosives were tha only way to fight back overpowered guns like the UMP from MW2. now we have tha 74u, nothing can beat it, not toobs obviosly, and scavenger is SO DOWNGRADED, cant get equipment back and cant get tubes nor flames nor masterkey,

  • MikeGotPurp510

    Having nothing but grenades for your right bumper button, maan nothing but noobs respawn & tha first thing they do is look in the air & throw a random grenade across map=weak, and everybody does it, you guys F***ed up the equipment , claymore, c4, tac insertions should have been right bumper, that would lower the rate of noobs throwing random grenades every time they spawn.. How about ballistic knifing, they should have kept the commando lunge, this game is crap and they downgraded so much fu things we liked about call of duty, they even took out the nuke, this game must be for noobs if people throw random grenades, run around with flakjacket & 74u's. thats all nubes do….

  • MikeGotPurp510

    dnt get me wrong my win ratio is 3.79, as much as i win, i hate this piece of crap game, im so mad i waited so long for this garbage…. Treyarch is terrible….. the fileshare is crap too!!! up to 10 clips??? thats is??? no music added to your vids??? you can only edit clips frum 1 game on a video, you cant mix your vids up??? waaaccckkk…………… HammerHead is gonna smash treyarch now that they got infinaty word & they WILL BE MAKING A NEW MODERN WARFARE, i hope thery come out with a perk called quikscope pro, just to p*ss off you F*GGoT Treyarch Noobs who think it's cheap, and i hope they put c4 as your right bumper button & i hope they bring back the nuke, tubes, danger close, 1man army, i hope they bring it all back just to Sh*t on Treyarch & let em know, that infinaty ward knows best

  • JOHN

    Its rubbish, never have we had so many connection problems, red ping, green ping, dead in a shot and lag lag lag, people dont die. WORST COD YET BY FAR. UPDATE YOUR SERVERS YOU TIGHT MORONS

  • matt

    Black ops is unplayable on xbox live! Went live just for this game and its a let down.

  • Corey Reazor

    I have call of duty black ops for xbox 360 and i am having issues with multiplayer, both online and split screen. i would start a game and is would show the loading screen for the map and game type and then would never load. the loading bar would be filled and the circle loading symbol in the bottom right would continue to rotate. This would happen both when joining an online multiplayer game and a local split screen game. PLEASE HELP!

    • Killabytz

      1.Unplug the internet before you turn on your Xbox then try split screen. If your netwok isn't set up correctly for xbox it can affect it even if your playing offline 2. Make sure your NAT(Network Adress Translation) settings are open on your Xbox. You can do this by testing your Xbox Live connection in the system settings at the dashboard. If they are not open you need to open ports in your router. Normally your NAT settings will be open if you plug directly into the modem. If it doesn't play right pluged into the modem then it could be your bandwidth. If that's not the case you sould buy a new modem. Black ops transfers alot more information than most fps. So even if other games run right your modem still might not be responsive enough for black ops! If your running cable internet use a Motorola Surfboad 6150 and you will be unstoppable and lag will be rare!

  • Name

    Yo, everything that happens on my screen already happened on everyone elses screen. So, what the hell. What can I do to fix that, like when I'll be shooting someone, I already died on their screen and then I get pissed and remember the controller is $60 to calm myself down

  • Jonathan

    I have CoD:Black Ops for the Nintendo Ds but when i go to Wi-Fi and go to Join Co-op Zombie Mode it always says no games found. Any ideas what could be wrong with it?

  • Killabytz

    Black Ops was running like crap for me about every game. I was so sick of it I started playing Modern Warfare 2 again! After troubleshooting everything for a week I decided to buy a new modem, Motorola Surfboad 6120. After hooking that beast up its ran flawless ever since.I'm on a 41 game win streak and counting. Now I can't stop playing. I too thought it was Treyarch with the issues, but come to find out it was just the crappy equipment- Arris 702 modem. The speed test's are the same with both modems but the game is to time sensitive for alot of modems to keep up. So read reviews and get the best modem your ISP's will support.

  • Ivan Padron

    Able to play Zombies on xbox live but not multiplayer?
    Starting from the main menu:

    1. Multiplayer > Local
    2. Start game in Local (splitscreen)
    3. Wait for map to load and game to begin, then End Game
    4. Go back to Multiplayer menu and select Xbox LIVE
    5. -fixed- continue with selecting game type, find game, etc and begin game
    I had spoken with Activision and this workaround I discovered was the only way to get it to work for this specific issue.

  • Matthew

    Ever since the day i updated my ps3 to ver 3.56 my blackops wnt work anymore it has no scratches or anything my connection good but it wnt let me get into multiplayer it keeps saying the server is down, i check the website it gave me and it said all servers are good so i restart everything n yet it still say the same thing. Wat do i do?

  • Tyler

    black ops on 360 – at the title screen, it was very bright, could slightly see anything on it, few seconds of waiting on the screen, pop up shows up and says "problem finding .tok files in pack file" and something else i couldnt decipher, i dont know if thats exactly what it said, but it was something in the files…weird and it freezes when i press guide button when it says friends play game

  • Sid Uction

    What a shame, its a disgrace, bending bulletround corners, spawning in front of the other teams,its a joke.B ut what can we do#~?~?~? i didnt buy the new maps. 1200 ms points! yeah right, micro soft,more like microcunts.

  • Allison Dethlefs

    I've Been trying to play COD Black Ops (Zombies) with my brother, when ever one of us tries to invite the other it starts to connect and then it says it's no longer available? Anyway to fix this or at least get it so We can play?

  • James

    The host migrates every other game, and 90% of the time, the migration fails, the game lobby closes, and I get booted from the lobby midgame. On a 360, no connection problems with any other games.

  • Sam

    I have horrible connection, it takes me at least a minute or 2 to find a game of like domination and at least 2 timing outs to find headquarters or demolition. I turn all the stuff using the wi-fi off and I still get a 3,2,or 1 bar connection. Most games I can't play with my friends because when I lag, I move around that isn;t under my control. HELP?

  • james

    hi can some one tell me how to fix the problem i join a nazi zombie game kino der toten when it starts the comic book style loading menu dosent cum up and it just freezes on a black screen HELP MEEE!!!!!

    • Jose Adrian Rivera

      copy your game to the HD, texture are what make loading even slower, when ur match starts its still gonna check if everyone can still connect and its also gonna be loading the map, the ppl and all sorts of stuff, take a small load off ur xbox’s back and have all your graphics already on your hard drive, it may help, good luck :)

  • dre


  • mnrtj-ej

    I have a big problem i totally can't use zombie mode … i try to do solo and it won't start my TV is getting black.. mutliplayer mode zombies won't load, only my mutliplayer wil work.

  • George

    pEICE OF CRAP!! i try to play some zombies but it keeps on migratong hosts and then lobby closes

  • Ccji

    I play the game on a wii and i try to connect to the server and it won't even do that. My wifi is working fine and I can go on the Internet just fine, but the game just won't connect.

  • Drew

    black ops is worst game ever, i lost connection to my friend at round 30, f*ck you treyarch

  • deferentcocaman

    i can't join a game with my friends

  • Aron

    I can't join a single Zombie game without at least 15 tries and it's pissing me off beyond belief. I seriously hope Treyarchh is looking into this because they're going to lose a customer if it keeps up. I'm not paying this much money for bullshit that doesn't work.

  • Indiac112358

    finding and actually getting into matches…between host problems, connection problems between people in parties getting better connection then those with the same bars that are not, getting the jump on someone having three bars yourself and dying. Hackers, modders, cheaters and plain bs…and well a sub machine gun being more powerful then most assault rifles it guess its all right. To tell the truth

  • yo mama

    Heres my problem : i have the xbox360 version and i always have ONE bar of connection. this is weird because Halo Reach works perfectly and so does my netbook. Also, i get a "connection interrupted" message alot. Im using a wireless connection, and a wired connection is out of the question seeing as i have my router and xbox on different floors of the house. please help!

    • Jose Adrian Rivera

      in zombies u guys are connecting to each other using your internet, so u have to carry all 4 players with one internet as the “server” or host, not many ppl have their internet powerful enough to do this, or to connect to another person far away, they should build real servers so everyone just pings into areas near your region, which can then ping to other servers so u can get full bars even playing someone in china, but this would change rooms into more players so its not a waste, which could mean 6 or 12 player matches for zombies, like in multiplayer where it is servers, or reach

  • Braden

    My stupid game always goes to load lobbies the joins lobby the goes back to loading PlEASE give me an answer. For this

    • Jose Adrian Rivera

      your internet is looking for other ppl nearby to try and host or to have a good enough ping to be a guest on their internet, 4 ppl is either too much bandwith for your internet, or there are no ppl nearby available to be the host, so u get stuck on a loop, i get this alot so i just do find match and let it run until i hear zombies killing me haha, but yeah xbox live will try anywhere if u have it set to anywhere, even all across the world and that means lag, or alot of full rooms that end up in migrating host to see who can carry all 4 players with minimal lag

  • pissed off

    Well I can't even log into the multiplayer section at all. Everytime I click on the xboxlive I get an error saying the blackops server is down… For 2 freak'in weeks I think not…. Anybody know how to fix this problem?

    • {S.A}Kryptonite

      iv got the same problem

  • mikeisnissan

    This game has major problems. It will even kick me out of xbox live all together!

  • Andrew

    The Zombie matchmaking is a major fail…. Treyarch needs to fire whoever worked on that part. 9 out of 10 games wont get past the lobby and into the actual game

  • mark

    av had this game for 1 day. thats it 1 f$£$%ing day and already its crashed 27 times and now it WILL not connect to the internet what so ever. my advise dont waste your money £40 down the spout and i carnt even retern it!

  • peter

    I was having serious speexd issues and ingame lag. Bypassed my wireless with a ethernet cable and made a big difference. kills double first try. Still some lag..i think your black ops performance is very dependentt on internet connection speed and modem.

  • shaggz419

    i dont have any problems with multiplayer and none of he zombie maps except assention that map is awesome but 50% of my online games gets freaking kicked and it is freaking stupid anyone else haveing similiar problems

  • Gary

    I have PS3 and when i invite friends they can't join my lobby why is this and how can I fix it?
    Please email me back.

  • cash

    can't connect with parties or games with friends on xbox 360. constant problem! please fix

  • Tonydtiger

    I haven't been able to Finnish one games on xbox live for about three days now, I can rarely join a friends game n party, my Internet is hard wired in I've called the cable co. And they said it's not them. I've gone back to mw2 for this reason. I love black ops but playing a game without a lag would be nice

  • adam

    I've been having problems with privates matches of the zombies levels with my friend on ps3. Whoever hosts that game has perfect 100% connection, and the other player has terrible/no connection. And it switches depending on who is hosting.
    Does anybody know why this is happening? We have both tried resetting our routers and using a wired connection but it still does it.
    I'm calling my internet provider in this week, but I was wondering if this is a problem I could fix myself?
    Any other advice would be appreciated!

  • kittyihime

    At night when i play zombies around like 8pm till the next day in the morning i lag so badly it gets me killed is there anyway to fix it? Cause this is just bs =/ I am trying to play and i cant cause of the lag.

  • chris

    i keep wanting to get to a match on the core server. but everytime i try joining one it says testing match 98.9 and like 30 matchs. and it will take 30 mins to get into one sometimes longer cause i give up. nobody should have to wait that long to join a match. same thing with trying to join a zombies match. but i can join a match on the barbones server no problem. is there anyway to fix this?


    Xbox 360 player from asia please add me for better connection
    gamer tag: MRMR ZX


  • Dishin0utpain

    Game freezes up when trying to load TDM Crisis, Cracked, Nuke Town, Grid, and Hanoi. Basically have to power off the console and restart. Gets really old playing only half the boards. Crappy connection far too often, Very disappointing. Treyarch Blows!

  • Ulises Montano

    I have a PS3 and when i play multiplayer on the maps: Radiation, And WMD, my system Freezes and I have to restart the game. Is There Any Solutions.

    • James_bailey92

      it is your game disk, this happened to me recently. Replace it

  • Trenton W

    I am also a gamer who enjoys playing xbox 360 live, but I am also having problems with my connection at times and would like someone to inform me on how to make it better. Please let me know what I can do to help anyone.

  • Jose Adrian Rivera

    hi dunno if anyone has put any working solutions yet but if you google what ports xbox live uses for all its bandwith activity, u can log into your router and forward those ports, if u dont have a secure wireless secure it even if you use the ethernet cable for your xbox cuz some nearby person could be stealing bandwith, also dont download while you play, dont have any internet related stuff on your pc while you play live, even ppl on other computers in your house, some dont know but you share bandwith, even youtube can mess you and lag you up for a good couple of minutes, best solution would be if everyone in the world learns this, gets road runner basic AT LEAST, ports forward,resets their modem and router, test the connections…..if everyone does this and searches for matches nearby and not france and stuff, we should be happy gamers, that or they can build servers and patch the game mode so we can play zombies with 6 ppl, which would rock, unless u get 5 kill stealers running around being greedy with the box and getting downed

  • dludu1

    I’m trying to get in the same zombie lobby as the person sitting next to me. No matter what, we end up in different lobbies. Sometimes we see the same people who joined one of our lobbies in both of our lobbies simultaneously. It’s really aggravating.

    • James_bailey92

      mate get him to join your party,

  • Evanrulz7

    im trying to play a match of call of the dead and my conection goes from 3 bars to 1 bar and back up and it gets really annoying, please help…

  • Stanislawa Szpak,

    why i have a problem to be conected with black jack game since yesterday  please give answer , i never have this problem before, sincerely , Stanislawa.

  • Icetrey66

    How come my xbox live is signed on and I can talk to my friends in a party but I can’t connect to be able to play online with them I’ve already tried to change my gamer tag and that didn’t work

  • Icetrey66

    How come my xbox live is signed on and I can talk to my friends in a party but I can’t connect to be able to play online with them I’ve already tried to change my gamer tag and that didn’t work

  • Chiragshah586

    Whenever i try to play zombies online it keeps saying waiting for 1 more player and i have to wait for like 1 hour for someone to join so is there something wrong with my console or what?

  • Cgc_3115

    i always have a problem in cracked… every time i choose cracked to play as the map it always keep me hanging and i need to start up my ps3 again….. please help

    • hawkman0508

      bad disc

  • AscensionSnake89

    I’m having a problem finding a lobby to let me play in the player match of the network. It will join then say testing good games and it’ll repeat until it says it cannot find a match try your again… I just updated both the game and the system.

  • Duarte Agp

    For about three days that i go to my ps3, i login into psn, go to black and select multyplayer. Then, it usaually telm me when i’m creating a class or about to enter a match that i have been sign out of psn when actually i’m still loged in. WTF ! Can somebody help ? Is it Treyarch servers fault or am i having a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad internet connection, beacuse this stuff never happened to me before.

  • {S.A}Kryptonite

    hi, when i try to connect on multiplayer it says unable to connect to black ops server, my other games have no problem connecting to servers, what could be the problem and how can i fix this?

  • Ryanlee01

    i have tried to connect into both single player and multiplyer zombies and the game doesnt load in and i either have to dashboard it or turn ff my xbox due to the console freezing where as my xbox live multiplayer works normally and encounter no problems.

  • Johnclark7376

    tried to play zombies every time i tried it say read error or it doesnt work

  • Reaznov

    hi when i open black ops multi on pc it says connecting then it stopes then says check the site for update or check it later
    plz help

  • Reaznov

    hi when i open black ops multi on pc it says connecting then it stopes then says check the site for update or check it later
    plz help

  • PL336

    cannot connect to multi-player games on COD BO on wii. Either get no other players or the games starts and freezes.  This started happening a couple of months ago. Resetting internet does not help.

  • Cchstitan

    When I see my frien in a lobby and u join it will take me to it but it’ll only be me by myself then it will say no longer available

    • Animedude33

      I’m having the same issue if u find the answer to this problem please comment



  • commonbleed4me

    im having problems loggin on to the game server its self and its telling me that the servers arent avalable please try back later and i kno theres nothing wrong cuz im signed in and everything i even did the update for the playstation and its still saying the same thing i play on multiplayer alot and i never once had problem till now i wanna know whats going on

  • Cala

    Many connection problems only with BO2 for some reason after 6 hours playing I can’t connect to multiplayer online.I can connect to zombies and the other stuff.
    Wanted to level up fast……When I click any multiplayer game it say’s ”An error occurred try again”!Guess it’s a server problem because there’s no error code!
    Again I regret buying this game so early!Pffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • cricket

    i cannot get into a public match .When i started playing it was fine.But after i downloaded the 2nd system upgrade it startred not letting me into the matches.It will not even let me start a solo zombie lobby.these are the things that pop up when looking for public matches (1)searching for game+checking for matches (2)checking quality for match of 46 of 50 (3)analyzing 0 of 7(4)searching for matches(zero matches) searching for host.Please let me know if anyone else is going thru this and any fixes.