Call of Duty Black Ops: Are Bad Graphics a Game-Breaker?

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As huge fans of the franchise, we certainly don’t want to keep casting Call of Duty Black Ops in a bad light, but sometimes you just cant keep ignoring the complaints that keep flooding in.

We have reported on various reviews for the game so far, as well as some of your own user reviews which we asked you for. While it is clear that Treyarch has added a ton of content and replayability to the game which is always a huge plus for any big game release, it seems as if the graphics within Black Ops are a huge let down.

We’ve heard reports that the graphics are a major step back, even ‘cartoony’ as one of our users calls it, probably refering to the Nuketown map, which we agree – did seem a bit strange compared to the other maps on the disc.

Are the graphics that bad though, so much that you would consider not buying, or even returning the game? We’ve heard the term ‘game-breaker’ overused in recent times, but do you think the Black Ops graphics apply to this term?

We previously reported on how the graphics on MW2 were ‘much better’, but we’re interested in hearing your final say on the matter. Are the below-par graphics really a big deal to you or not?

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  • richard

    Yea they are terrible! Im taking mine back in the morning

    • Wisdom Thumbs

      Wow, people hate a game for its GRAPHICS? How shallow and asinine has our culture become when we define "sub-par graphics" as "graphics that three years ago would have outshined everything else on the market"???

      Just pathetic. Games are like women in that looks aren't even close to important. Black Ops looks as good or better than most games on the market now, IMO. You people disgust me.

      • Tim

        That’s three years ago…you can’t deny how bad it is compared to mw2. Game devs are suppose to progress and improve with each installment. Simple as that. Treyarch did not deliver. And this is coming from a huge Call of Duty fan…

      • Page5858

        Shit game ever,waste of time n money,am going 2 da shop 2 get my back.

      • Joe

        well activision is swimming in money so why does it hurt so much to get a few more people to "polish" it up? they couldve done it, but they are lazy and want to keep as much as they can for themselves

    • cod fan

      Don't judge a book by it's cover.

      • qwerty2112

        were not reading here buddy

    • Bill

      I'm not taking mine back but I am super disappointed with the cartoony graphics. Ill prob finish campaign mode but for multiplayer, might just stick with MW2

      • ibbi

        those who made the game they where making the game more customizable they wherent focusing on the graphics

        they where making the game more fun not just look

        cooler with graphics. and u can see that

        mw2 has really good graphics but when your playing

        the game it sucks there are so few things you can do

        unlike black ops

    • Mike

      For graphics. Fail. If you're on a console, the reason the graphics suck is because consoles can't handle advanced graphics. PC looks stunning, it's not the game, it's the inferior platform of the console. On X-box, the graphics of MW2 are a complete joke compared to pc. In fact, they are worse even than the graphics of the pc version of Call of Duty 2. You console guys are living in the past ;)

      • abc

        pc gaming is for nerds

    • david

      I have to agree they are horrable and dont hold a candle to mw2 i hate the respawn seems that every time i respawn especially in nuke town the enemy repawn behind me sometimes i see them actually respawn not much i like about the game but the customized player card im just dissapointed all together

    • SGTKILLROY1944

      yeah man theys grpahics are a bit odd and totally disapointed me!!!!

    • Size Zero Weasel

      Hi Im a PS3 user when there were on the software this morning 16/11/10 i had know issues with lag or at least very few, but now the have patched to its almost unplayable

    • Emile

      At least you could play the game. After all the updates my game bombs out and 3 weeks later.. no playtime at all.. this is seriously pathetic!!!

  • JakeS

    They're definitely worse than MW2, even MW1. Just plain looking, washed-out and cartoony. The MP maps aren't that stunning either. A lot of bland colors.

    • Call of Duty

      Much the same as MW2. Not saying the graphics aren't cartoonish, but MW2 the the same look; dirt, metal, concrete and wood.

    • joe

      mw2 has bland colors too but thats what makes it look realistic… I thought black ops had too vibrant of colors it kinda looks like your playing a cartoony army man game or something.

  • Jacob

    I tried to like Black ops, I really did, but I just can't have fun playing a game that looks and feels inferior to MW2 which was released over a year ago!

    • Chris

      Quote: "I tried to like Black ops, I really did, but I just can't have fun playing a game that looks and feels inferior to MW2 which was released over a year ago!"

      I'm assuming you never played COD4 then

  • Stett

    Its a huge letdown. My best friend bought the game and I went to his dorm room to check it out. I couldn't believe how bad the graphics were. To be honest I thought he hadn't plugged in his hdmi and was using the regular connections. I won't be buying the game now, and neither will 3 other guys who were sitting in his room.

    • MattB

      OK, im running a side-by-side comparison of MW 2 and Black Ops ( my own gameplay footage from both games on each of my screens) and I really dont get what the MW 2 fanbois are getting at. Yes there is a difference, polycounts in MW 2 seem to be higher, texturing is better in BO, particles are nicer and more efficient in BO, lighting seems more atmospheric in MW 2. Both games have AAA photorealistic graphics, BO put more focus on customisation, game types and variety. In case you forgot, MW 2 shipped with less maps than I can count on one hand and bugger-all to do in multiplayer, then they charged extortionate amounts for a handful of maps (some of which were just reworks of old ones) that ANY community except the COD community wouldn't have been happy to pay for (compare this to Team Fortress 2 for example).

      BO is a GOOD game, the graphics on my PC are excellent, and the GAMEPLAY (you know, what normal people buy games for) is a lot better than MW2.

  • anon

    I agree, the graphics are a step below standards. Is this a game breaker? no, the game still has some decent features; but it is definitely a let down. The xbox360 can handle a bit more; though its graphics capabilities are out of date by a long shot.

  • Olib123

    The GFX are not a game breaker. Infact, some levels look superior to MW2.

    • Nhoj

      You, sir, are a ritard.

    • luis

      then you are blind or color blind because the graphics are horrible and i feel that they just tried to release the game to make some money..but you either work for the company and trying to give them a good word or you are to bias

      • joe

        yeah i think they just rushed this one to make money… they already knew that everyone would buy a game next in the series of mw2 so they just spent less effort on graphics i guess.

        • Jonp

          Even though they spent two years making it? and @Nhog, EPIC irony alert.

        • ClaytThaGreat

          2 years spent making black ops was a waste of 2 years of their lives, they raped us for our money.. MW1, WaW and MW2 were all superior to BO.. I may even go far enough to say I'd rather play CoD3

  • Roberto

    At this day in age, yes good graphics are a must in any new game. Specially with the majority of people having HD tv's and HT equipment, whats the use of having all of that if a game does not take advantage of that while other games are.

    • Sean

      the games a load of shit, graphics concept, TreyArch fail end of, just get Infinity Ward back on the saddle and get MW3 done already.

  • David L.

    I justs checked the game out after my brother brought it home and i dont think it was up to par before i saw this review on line i told hime that it looked cartoony and then i see alot of ppl agree with me.

  • No no no

    Because it's the graphics that make the Call of Duty franchise so successful /sarcasm

    Get over it. If you want graphics go play Crysis.

    • Joe

      Dude you pay enough to buy the game, activison have money coming out of their a**hole and yet they still cant whip up a game with good graphics. Seriously, this just once again states how much activison wants to milk things, not matter what the loss (community wise). Cause they know that they will get their pockets filled and laugh at us idiots who actually bought this piece of crap. I believe they should learn from this big time. Cause it better not happen again especially after they hyped it up so much at e3.

    • Jesus

      Crysis? If you want better graphics and smoother performance play Mafia II! Mafia II is everything GTAIV should have been, just like MW2 is everything black ops should have been.

  • brian

    the violence doen't make me feel anything in a spritual sense, you know am i really doing this, wait…its just a game, i keep forgetting…my son will be able to keep all the stuff separate….sorry about the sarcasm…it's something i;m working on…when the big questions and comments say…wow, i;m having a hard getting into the killing mode because the graphics aren't as good as the other death game…man that's a tough day..i hope you all get better graphics so it becomes too real to the point when you may observe the wasted time and accumulation of lousy energy…remeber it's just a game…..

    • guest

      A game you pay 60 dollars for. If you paid 60 dollars for a dinner (just yourself) wouldn't you be pissed if it came out and was smashed all together with no presentation? Yes, you would send it back.

    • techwillfail

      Its just a game, like life—always trying to get to the next level.

      • Anonymous777


  • Yevgeniy C.

    I was disappointed when i fired up Black Ops. Graphics were not horrible, just too similar to battlefield for me..

    I got used to it pretty quickly, I still enjoy the feel of mw2 more though, running around with lightweight seemed more smooth in MW2. I still got to give black ops props for their overhaul on the weapons system.
    After playing MW2 and having the both teams resorting to grenade launchers for the entire match, it was a nice change to play black ops with some standard classes.

    I am not returning my game, what i want to see is Steam allowing users to run mods to play gun game and one in the barrel, without the player getting banned for doing so.. .. more so I wish IW was still a full team so they could work on another game title in the call of duty series with better graphics, better feel to it, but with the game modes and structure of black ops.

    • Tyler Hauk

      I completely agree, If they could mesh the cool factors and capabilities of Black Ops to the graphics and fine tuning of MW2, that would be amazing. I found the Black Ops single player quite glitchy at times and it didn't compel me to play it, kinda like BF BC3. I'm contemplating bringing back BO and just stickin with its predecessor.

  • bilo

    terrible… this game seems to build on world at war, and i liked even that game better than black ops. they really changed the core of the game and the graphics are a joke.. i didn't like battlefield bad company because of it, and call of duty seemed to just go out and copy it. the weapons are terrible, the maps are terrible.. when you shoot a gun it seems like a toy, not a weapon.. when you knife someone its so dull. its really not as action-packed as mw2, nor as fun. its really boring when you play team deathmatch. the contract stuff is confusing and really dumb idea… they've really messed it up

  • Kaa

    calm down buddies its not a bad game aha the graphics arent great but when does that make it to where you return it? like seriously how can you not like a game just cause the graphichs, its supposed to be fun not a serious thing, the games are here to entertain…

    • Surts

      Yeah but when you go spend £40/$70 on a game that you just want to take back out of the console to play on MW2, its worth getting your money back to buy a few crates of beers! As much as you keep playing it to 'try' and like it, it's never going to beat MW2

  • JOHN G.

    HOLLY CRAP!!!!



    • Sam

      there are plenty of other good ps3 games dont do that lol like God of War 3 metal gear solid 4, heavy rain, and plenty of others but those are my favorites

      • mike

        selling ur ps3 would be a dumb idea u dont buy a console just for 1 game… DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Buddy S

      Dude, stop raping the caps lock key

    • Joe

      what a fag, u sound like a little 10 yr old bitch, this game owns any other game out right now on a multiplayer aspect

    • Penelope Lane

      Word to that. We have to wait another whole year while bungie turns COD into Halo. I might go buy a X360 tomorrow.

    • Abdul-Rahman

      U know that MW3 is coming out next year so u might as well play mw2 until mw3 comes out and if 3 is good dont bother sell ur ps3

  • jeremiah

    game sucks takein mine back

  • silicondreams

    Bad game play and utter lack of realism ("release the dogs", etc.) did it for me, the games were almost comical. I wasted over a thousand hours of my life in the CoD 1-4 franchise and got really good at them, I must say, to my embarrassment. Then, I discovered Red Orchestra. RO graphics suck bad compared to the newer CoDs, but the game play is a million times better and designed around historical as well as tactical combat simulation accuracy, unlike CoD which is an arcadeish joke. Also, one of the main deal breakers for me were the tiny battlefields in CoD games. It was like fighting inside of a shoe box. I could rant on all night about this…but I'd rather be playing RO. Laters, nubs! (nub: a derogatory form of noob.)

    • techwillfail

      I'd rather be called a nub–noob is a form of boob which was easy to see how it was pinned onto the internet gaming newbies chests…

      • cod fan

        cod isnt a tactical shooter

  • Elivingston

    It is vintage treyarch graphics and is way behind infinity ward. Same old game just with more toys and maps. “Not disappointed” however I still plan on wearing out MW2. Nut shell Infinity Ward smokes Treyarch!

    • ClaytThaGreat

      WaW (made by Treyarch) had better graphics than BO.. I don't know what happened, but BO is a complete joke.. give WaW props, it was an awesome game.. not that MW2 wasn't cuz it was.

  • http://Na Dean

    It’s not just the graphics, the multiplayer is slow, laggy, and just weak. Infinite ward have it nailed on with the playability and graphics in mw2. Treyarch cannot get the guns to have any impact, they feel loose and cheap, while with infinite wards mw2 they feel tight and powerful. Sorry but treyarch in my opinion should leave call of duty to infinite ward.

    Big let down.

    • Abby

      Hear hear! I feel like I'm playing with toys instead of killing machines as in MW2. It's the graphics that got me hooked on to MW2 in the first place and Black Ops is a huge letdown for me. If IW can do it why can't Treyarch?

      I hope IW makes a continuation of MW2. The story was great and I want to see what happens next!

    • Brandon

      so u enjoy commando, dc nube tubes, laser accurate weapons, and getting a 15 killstreak from 5 kills(5 to earn predator then 2 from pred, 4 from harrier, and at least 4 from ac130/chopper gunner)?…i bet u cant get a kill in black ops because u actually have to earn them, so therefore it sucks

  • Jacob

    I bought Black Ops yesterday and after 5 minutes of playing the game my PS3 overheated and game me the yellow light of death. I found a hair on the disk and forgot to remove it prior to inserting into the PS3 I think the hair go caught up in the CPU and short circuited the board. You would think Treyarch would pack there games without hair.


    • Ha Ha

      Its because you have a PS3, the commercial said,"play call of duty black ops on XBOX 360". Silly PS3 user.

    • DPeysum

      Um…It doesn't work that way.

      1) The hair probably came from you after you opened the disk.
      2) There's virtually no way the hair would make it's way from the inside of the DVD drive, get under the heatsink, and come in contact with the CPU.
      3) Even if it did, a hair wouldn't cause an electrical short.

      Your PS3 error is an unfortunate coincidence.

      • to ha ha

        hey dude up there a couple of words xbox used to be the worst out of ps3 wii and xbox becuse Xbox=30% failure rate plus ps3 is the sh!t

  • Chris F.

    All these haters bro.

    MW2 has better graphics then B.Ops

    But, nobody should care about that all these new features the guns, the zombies, combat training, wager matches.


    This game might have BFBC2,MoH,CoD WaW, and Cod 4 graphics but you guys still played those games so stop fucking complaining.

    Also, to those IW fans, your fucking company is DESTROYED.

    You guys have bearly anyone working for you fags, all your employees left to RESPAWN with Vince Z.

    I honestly appreciate what treyarch did with this game even though they didnt have the best graphics.

    • Bob

      umm bro… IW isn't destroyed lol? they're already making mw3 which is going to be SUPERB to black ops.

      • cod fan

        infinity ward doesnt exist anymore

    • Alan

      you much from treyarch hahahaha..

  • Lambenttelos

    Yeah I made the mistake of buying it on Steam this morning. I thought it might be a decent game but no, its a janky half-ass console port with a bad graphics engine.

  • James

    not sharp at all… 2 years outdated graphics wise

    • Common Sense

      So graphics are a bit lower than the absolute maximum…so what? Would you play a game called 'Ultimate Tea Party' if it had uber graphics? of cource not, the gameplay is what matters, and the graphics are just support. I personally love black ops, and played it for about 6 hours straight cause it was so damn fun. Quit complaining about a non-essencial part of the game and simply have fun.

      • Kris

        Graphics r the making of a game black ops is great cos of all new features but v graphics let it dwn slightly mw2 graphics r better by far

    • Matt

      small differene? are u smoking crack? BO graphics are horrid! 2 years out dated? Try 5 years out dated. The graphics look like COD3!

  • Shawn

    Not a huge gamer but fell in love with MW2 last year. BO is a complete disappointment. Not only do the graphics stink in comparison, the multiplayer stinks. I had more lag in one hour than I did in one year of MW2. Don't care for the outdated weapons either. IMO, the MW series should always showcase the latest in military technology.

    • Martin

      Ummmm that's because MW is…. MODERN WARFARE. Black Ops takes place in the 60s ya dumbass.

  • Daniel West

    Went back to playing MW2 after an hour. Haven't played campaign yet but thats all the game is good for I hope… With Infinity Ward in pieces from firing's and resignations i fear this may be the demise of the much loved COD franchise.

  • Eric

    I really enjoy this game. Everyone says that the graphics suck. well they look quite well on my 50" Plasma 1080P. I think they look just as good as MW2. The game is by a different company as well! As far as the game being somewhat cartoony that is fine by me, lots of newer games are going in that direction such as Crackdown and The new Star Wars MMO coming out. I think all of those games looks great. And to someone who said the Contracts thing is confusing…HOW? I mean come on you buy a contract for 20 kills and you have 40mins to get them how is that Confusing?

  • …….

    wow huge letdown the graphics suck! i am so disappointed! they are too cartoony…im actually playing mw2 again right now i cant even play black ops

    • Common Sense

      Then you must be pretty pathetic.


      Really? You've got to be joking, or else your internet privledges should be revoked for unacceptable levels of stupidity.

  • Epic Cheese

    Your all fucking retards, we know how shit mw2 is! Treyarch know how to make a good game, laggy? That would be your internets fault, not Treyarch, the spawn system is a load better and the graphics are insanely good, you NEED a HD/ HDMI cable tv or else you wont get the full experience

    • Kathoga

      you are a tard… HDMI does not fix the crappy graphics. I have HDMI connected 1920×1200, i7 950, ATI5970 and 12GB RAM… still looks like crap with all settings maxed. AA, AF and textures maxed. Enjoy your sub standard game. MOH and BFBC2 graphics FAR exceed BO

      • Dave

        lmao 90% of comments saying it sucks and we're the retards lol don't try to reason with someone that has no sense. This Dbag is one reason why the human race is doomed.

  • Colt

    I feel like I’m playing paper Mario. The graphics are so corny! I think world at war is a better game than this and it was made by the same people.

  • jay T

    honestly you just expect more. period MW just flowed better was smoother …… this SH*t sucks a$$ it looks like Stick figures running around in multiplayer….. the zombies r the only plus sign. but im very very disappointed. i will b trading this sh*t in


    Graphics sucked, the game play sucks, to me its like playing with toy guns. im just disapointed I waited for this game since summer just to plug it in and and be blown away for how lame it was.

  • brian d

    I think the game is beast! The graphics are fine I mean damn how perfect can a game be to please everybody on earth? It will never happen I think the graphics are a problem for say 100,000 there’s still millions that love it, me being one of them.

  • Martin

    What a bunch of whiny, spoiled little brats you guys all are. Whaaaaa the graphics aren't good enough for my 23423523423423i tv. Shut up. It's people like you that make me wish games looked the way they did on NES still so you'd realize how kickass most games these days are.

    Oh and all the "own" or "noob" people are just as bad. It's a video game you're "owning" people in. Go out and "own" someone in real life while you're at it.

    • Dave

      Uh can you say slavery

    • kris

      lol nerd rage sum more feel empowererd

  • lawsuit420

    ok for one thing it is a video game its not real life for two the graphics are great.. look at halo for instance the graphics on halo and 20 times worse them call of duty any of the games for 3 a gaming system only has one video card in it and can only handle so much like computers so everyone quit your whining you invent a gaming system that can hold up to your standards and look like real life o ya you can’t so if you viol its cartonish take it back and suit whining over it that’s why they call it a video game it can’t be perfect all the time good bye and good nite

    • Dave

      You can't compare halo to CoD they are two very different games. You can compare treyarch and IW because they make the same franchise title.

      You need to research a lil more before commenting on things you don't know about. The 3 core processor actually handles some of the workload of the graphics card in the 360(floating point calculations, some anti-laising, lighting engine projections, and some shaders). So as devs get better at streamlining code and utilizing cross functional features of the chipsets graphics improve over the years.

      As far as people not complaining about it. If they turn out $hit and never get feedback. They will keep turning out $hit. Personally I don't think the graphics are that bad. Treyarch has always lagged behind IW in that department. I didn't expect much. I think they just tried to cram too much Modern Warfare advancement into it and gameplay in general suffers. Some cool features but they just need to leave this franchise IW. Much better games all around. Had black ops for about a week. I gave it a chance. That was the last chance Treyarch gets from me.

  • Bob

    graphics are a big let down compared to the past title. waste of money

    • Common Sense

      You buy games for graphics? Do you know how retarded that sounds? Go buy some older games for the NES and SNES, play them, appretiate the awesome gameplay, and finally realize that graphics are the worst indication of a games quality.

      • Dave

        This is not the 80's. Standards have changed. Games these days have have the capacity to have good graphics and gameplay. They had to rely on inventive gameplay and ingenuity back then because hardware was very limited.

        Give a starving man a cracker and it will be the greatest cracker on earth(to him)

  • Derek

    yes my copy is going back today, very very disapointed with it, the sound quality is a BIG JOKE, it sounds like your in a church all the time, & the graphics make you feel like your playing a cartoon, i bet they are gona get lots of complaints on this load of shite.

  • Wakawaka

    Black Ops is such a dissapointment. This will be the last COD game I purchase, since Infinity Ward is out. RIP COD.

    • matt


  • Keven

    Wow u guy really are shallow . I played the game and yes the graphics aret as great but the game is amazing! I mean even the reviews are almost as good as MW2, of course it’s not a perfect game but the game play has been improved, remember grand theft auto san andreas? That game didn’t have the best graphics even at that time were considered flawed but it still had amazing gameplay u do not Jude a game just because it’s graphics aren’t as great and try aren’t even all that bad! They seem pretty good enough to me, you are just shallow bastards

  • Jerich Morey

    i don't mind it i agree the graphics are a step back and yes the killstreaks are a joke i mean if there basing it on Vietnam days whats up with the remote controlled thing that explodes why not through in a ac130 instead i think another stupid idea was the damn money system that doesn't fly with me i dont' like the idea of making money blowing it on shit that you unlock then lossing it all i suppose that's the most life like part of the game make money blow your money then loose it lol….i hate to say this but if Medal of Honor had full prone it would be way better then black ops….

  • Nathan

    MW2 deffinetly has better graphics…But i'm having a hell of alot more fun playing black ops, no more hacking noobs, modders or anything just fun, and also some of the mw2 killstreaks were a little over powered and Black Ops has way more features to keep you entertained, this is just my point of view so don't bash me MW2 fans

  • rgiGWRNWRG

    unless the graphics are as bad as COD2, you can all STFU about graphics.

  • disappointedone

    To all the people that claim the graphics are great:
    What are you smoking? Have you seen the textures in this game?

    oh, and gameplay is flat out terrible, game's going back tomorrow. Total waste of money.

    I faulted MW2 for rewarding camping with ridiculous kill-streaks, but BO is an ALL OUT CAMP-FEST. I know these are new maps and tons of people are running around, but I honestly cant see any other way to survive than to out-camp the other team. Flat out stupid.

    HUGE disappointment.

  • James

    Dude, they should make the a seperate graphics setup for PS3 and xbox360 because of the capabilities of ps3. no im not a fanboy, ive got both consoles but PS3 can play better graphics. FACT.

    • Henry1111

      are you stupid? the native resolution of ps3 BO is lower then the xbox360 native resolution.

  • LMAO

    How can you compare San Andreas on PS2 to Black Ops on PS3/360?


    thats the stupidest shit i've read in a while hahaha

    • your the stupidest

      you do know that 'stupidest' isnt a word right?
      and he was using san andreas as an example. it didnt have the best graphics either, but everyone still loved it for its gameplay. he was comparing gameplay, not graphics, tard

  • Afghan

    Big Let down, not only are the graphics a step back, but also the feel mw2 had a greater more natural feel to it, this is just a big step back really dissapointed. This game gave me a headache.

  • Common Sense

    The game is awesome. Admitable, the graphics could be a bit better, but it is far from being a gamebreaker, due to the shear awesomeness of the multiplayer. The contract system provides greater goals then simply shoot the shit out of everything, and the level system is noob friendly at first, but gradually becomes more difficult as the player advances. An excellent addition to Call of Duty, and a giant 'f off' to the haters who only care about graphics.

  • Max

    Really? People are having fits over the graphics? They are better than any other game on the market at the moment.

  • Alex

    from what I'm reading, this doesn't seem to be a good sign for treyarch

  • Alex

    if you guys want realism, join the ******* army OK

  • Disappointed

    Black Ops is honestly terrible. Not only are the graphics not up to par but the game just doesn't feel smooth. I feel like I'm playing a choppy N64 game. MW2 just felt natural. Also the sound is horrendous. Most of the time you can't even hear the shots and when you hear them they resemble a strange toy gun. If they can fix the game flow and the sound it might be playable but the game really LACKS THE FUN FACTOR OF MW2.

  • Don

    The laws in on video games need to change. We should be allowed to return a game within a certain period (24-48 hours), I seriously feel like we all got robbed by Activision and Treyarch. And there will be countless blind fanboys that give this game 10/10 and call any sane persons perspective of this game a hater etc etc.. And there will also be plenty of well paid off game site reviews, so ya know those aren't biased either.. WTF seriously

    This game is such a let down, and we all know it. I preordered this for the PC, and played it today for a couple hours, mostly campaign. I've logged hundreds of hours of online play on MW2 and can say that I haven't seen one part of this game that is superior to that of MW2. The realism in the game is not there. The graphics are like counter strike from 10 years ago. I have an ATI 5850, i7 860 w/8GBs, so no issues there. Maxed all graphics options, and it's terrible. Textures are terrible, aliasing is terrible, smoke and fire graphics are heavily pixelated. Bushes are 1 dimensional (like they were made of paper). Sound design is extremely flawed. Each weapons sound, recoil, damage, accuracy, visual damage, etc etc is wrong. The menu systems are terrible. The balance in the gameplay is way off. i haven't played with the sniper guns yet, but all i hear is that they destroyed that as well. the AI in combat training is terrible. I remember the bots in counterstrike were more realistic than these. And putting it on the hardest mode is a joke, cause its so out of wack, its like a room full of hackers w/aimbots. After dying I saw the AI sprinting, instantly turn facing a wall of bushes and shoot through blindly and killed me. Another big let down is the multiplayer map design. These designers don't have a clue how to make a well balanced map. I played through every map in BO and not one is as thought out as ANY of the MW2 maps. in MW2, every thing in the map was thought out, each position had its strengths and weakness. and they fit each game mode well. BO maps are full of corners, dead ends, and the positions in the game are … not well positioned. again.. its bad.

    I wanted to vent what I've been thinking of the game today so there ya go.. I'm sure there's more things I am disappointed with in black ops, but this is enough to get my point.. If you enjoy MW2, keep playing it. Don't waste your time or money on this extremely flawed, over hyped, over commercialized POS. The only positive is that I have more appreciation for MW2 and it's designers. I hope infinity ward is chosen for the next cod, and is allowed to continue making these games. Treyarch and Activision let us down (and again stole $60 from me).

    Will be returning to MW2. here's to hoping more maps packs are made for MW2. Infinity Ward needs to show Treyarch how its done.

    • Cavlar

      excellent points its good to be honest.

  • Stuart Phillimore

    If I knew a different company had made this i would have waited to see reviews before buying it,,,,, IT SUX, BIG TIME bad graphics, bad game play, crap weapons, this game has gone back 5 years.
    I shall part ex mine today, anyone want the T – shirt I got with mine?

  • Jake

    MW2 was the biggest letdown in FPS games in the past few years. MW2 is so full of glitches, mods, hackers, and the multiplayer is just straight up broken. I think everyone is sniffing glue or something because the graphics in BO look awesome on my hdtv and the game feels much more balanced than MW2 was. just my two cents

    • Cavlar

      well thats what treyarch capitalized on the fact that people wanted to get away from so they didn't even try putting effort in developing a good game because they knew people like you and me would buy their game regardless.
      and ultimately they are laughing all the way to the bank and you and didn't get what we thought our money deserved. so be honest with you self could have develop a better game, the answer yes they could have but why bother.

  • Cavlar

    absolutely rubbish graphics at least not what you would expect from series like COD, sometimes it feels like you are playing counter strike from 2005.. its that bad.
    other then the graphics you cannot get a decent game due to the epic lag and countless disconnection from the servers.

    i don't know how a group of grown people (developers) can sit down and all agree that this is a good idea of game. finally black ops was the cash cow.

  • tired of the insults

    Omg, all this insulting talk etc makes me not want to play consoles again … perhaps its just your ages…so childish. dont want to read people taling about peoples moms and dads jsut a review on the game please..i read a review then at the end they insult someone… that just makes your entire post rubbish.

    grow up

  • ELMO

    COME ON! The game is pretty good. Give treyarch some credit! Campaigns pretty good and online has great features. Its just graphics your complaining about, suck it up. Yes the game is not as good as mw2 but it has new and improved features.

  • MaNgO

    I currently am finding the Multiplayer unplayable. Very laggy even with the graphics down to 1400×900 and aa off / shadows off. Strangly however in single player I am able to have the settings up to max (1900×1200) without any reall issues apart from the odd 1-2 second pause every now and then. (textures can still look stretched and pixilated though)

    I do like the gameplay mechanics and the maps (remind me of the original MOH maps) which is the most imprtant to me, so if they can fix the mulitiplayer lag then I will be happy.

    GFX – 7 (sure this could be inproved with texture patch/update)
    GAMEPLAY – 7 (with current lag)
    SOUND – 6 (should really be better then this, breaking glass sounds like the phone ringging?)
    CAMPAIGN – 8


  • Antillio

    BO is pure garbage, the first thing i was extremely annoyed by was the hollow sound. then i looked at the gfx and tought wtf a new game in a series should never ever be allowed to go gold if it does not atleast look up to the older version regardless of company.

    Then the laggy part i was chopping around to often wich i can't remember happened to me in MW2 and on terrible times i was like wtf choose a new host but no nothing.

    BIG FAT FAIL unless they somehow tweak performence FAST in updates. SOUND AND SMOOTHNESS need a damn upgrade!

    i blame myself tough for pre-ordering did not like waw should have known this was a miss to.

  • siscarface

    the Knifing is HORRIBLE dull, not accurate, and plain dont work sometimes. they need to fix that with a patch or something. CAMPING is ridiculous in this one, people are sitting in corners ALL game hiding . also needs to be patched. Treyarch needs to do better Infinity ward killed them.

  • Keith

    I found the graphics displayed too much contrast adjust your colour and contrast down and the graphics look much better (not so cartoonish). The sound is a let down, sounds like toy guns. I am starting to get used to it after playing for a couple of hours. will stick with it I think.

  • Lucas

    I agree with a lot of the previous posts. This game is a big let down. I am upset the IW did not fix the boosting cheats with MW2 but I have to say the MW2 is a heck of a lot better than Black Ops. The graphics are cartoony and dramatically lack realism. Gameplay is not as smooth as the MW series. Sound effects are just terrible (really, the gun fires less than a foot from your head and it sounds like a BB gun!!!!) Not impressed with the updates to the graphics of the weapons – they look like they are drawn by my 7 year old.

    I will play the campaign mode on Black OPs but multiplayer will be a MW2 thing

    • Fed3000

      Agree. if MW2 would just update those small detailes then it would be untouchable.

  • King19

    like the new look i can tell the difference between wall and soilder runing around instead of blending

  • Fed3000

    First mistake I have done. I tried to compare CODmw2 to black ops.

    You just can’t put those two games in the same Category. It’s like comparing a racing game to a shooter.

    Black ops is a game that feels that it’s for a younger crowed of people.(kids) 

    Codmw2 is a whole different game. 

    If I was new to the gaming experience 

    And if I played black ops first then MW2, I would think that MW2 would be the newer game. 

    First of all we all know graphics on black ops is just disappointing, it has some very saturated look to it. It does not wow me and being a recent game with recent technology…fail

    Second I dont know if you did not noticed about the sound. If I wanted to shoot a paintball sounding type of gun then I would go buy a paintball game. The guns feel like I’m shooting staples and sound Like it also. On MW2( I’m not comparing just as an example) the guns sounded like if you were shooting real ones, even explosions, helicopters, and more. These sounds sound like they grew some balls and not like black ops sounds that stayed in some 10 year old puberty. 

    Over all I feel that Black Ops was given to much hype, yea some more game features were nice, but how can we enjoy that when we have failures first of all.  There’s still time for treyarch  to recall the game and step it up. You know how can a company still smash on you when they went out of business, theres no competition. Infinity ward was one of a kind just how CODMW2 was. Die hard COD fan.

  • Kathoga

    I am extremely dissapointed with the graphics on this game for the PC… no different than COD4 or WaW. I am a PC gamer with a very high end system and look forward to graphics always getting better (realistic). This game to put it lightly "without stepping on toes"… there is no diffference between the console version (XBOX, PS3) and the PC graphics. If i wanted to see these graphics this crappy, I would have bought the console version.
    PC has always outperformed graphics wise, but what a let down on CODBA. Graphics look very cartoony. While some aspects of the game are better, graphics is a major dissapointment. 6 out of 10 rating.
    I beleive graphics wise, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor are the best to date. I will quickly be putting this game down and taking back up on MOH tonight

  • Paul

    I waited with baited breath for Black Ops but I wish I never bothered… There was a real sense of occasion the first time I played MW2 online and the campaign but so far all Black Ops has just left me disappointed. The graphics are old hat, the game play clunky, the weapons are a joke and the general feel of the game is rushed and knocked together. Most people were so blown away by MW2 they ( like myself) were expected more of the same from Black Ops but no, It seems we've all been conned by Treyarch who knew everyone would snap up another Call of duty due to the excellence of MW2. I'm going to pop my copy on Ebay and hope that Infinity Ward will bring out new maps for MW2. What a bloody let down!

  • andrew

    sorry you console nerds are mad, if you want graphics buy a good PC and set the graphics to extra, gg have a nice day, get off mw2's dick

    • Kathoga

      There is no difference in the graphics between console and pc either. High end PC still displays crappy graphics. I have a i7 950 with ATI9750 and 12GB ram settings cranked as high as they go (AF, AA and texture) no difference. very dissapointing

  • Ricardo gutierrez

    The game looks great on pc. My brother’s xbox 360 copy is looking pretty terrible, but in reality the game has to record everything that happens which hogs resources. Graphics are a small downside compared to the rest of the game.

    • minelbp

      agree, why halo 3 graphics suck. just run fraps on any pc game and see what happens with your fps.

  • ikaruga

    1, + dedicated servers are back
    2, + indeed lots of new content included into the package

    1, – if you take out the realtime shadows, its looks like plain playstation2 graphics,
    2, – most stupid AI in the 21 century
    3, – story is weak, scripting is even weaker
    3, – the whole thing feels very cheap, most of the talents left the devteam for sure

    Bottom line: its just a simple fps, not a worthy to the COD title at all!

  • brad

    gameplay is good, but graphics look liek they are from 2007 and cartoony, which isnt a huge deal, but kind of a heart breaker, as i like my eye candy.
    I hate the weapons though, i wish some modern game would go back to a rainbow 6 athena sword gun cache. I loved that game because you ahd 20 assault rifles, 10 snipers, 15 sub machine guns, loads of pistols and 5 different types of grenades, or so it seams when compared to modern day games.
    I just truely miss the options, and wish a game designer would take the efford to actually learn about guns currently being used in the field. (seariously, i think that besides the PSG1 there isnt another single H&K gun in the game… i mean where is the MK23…or the g36…)

    • JCWH

      the mp5 is a H and K weapon. The game is still nothing to games like bad company or the previous call of duties.

  • Bob

    Not played that many recent first person shooters – Guess i'm old school, half-life lan parties in the office etc. Played first persons all my life on Pc's. Have played Resistance 1,2 etc and some others on PS3 and they were pretty good.

    Just bought Black Ops and phoned Sainsbury's an hour later to confirm i can return the game. Wasn't so much the graphics as the fact it isn't barely a game. I haven't played the other COD's so not aware if this is normal format. So i have to run over there, i have to press the square button. I have to do this, i have to do that. Linear isn't straight enough for this game.

    Was so incredibly bored so quick.
    In fact sod it. It is the worst game I have ever played in my life.

    Gameplay please not interactive movie with dodgy graphics – Got James Cameron for that.

    Save your money.

  • POgiAkoIkwGago

    modern warfare is much better because they have high tech. weapons and gears. black ops is a epic failure. freakin back in vietnam war lol.

  • Hiiii

    Did ya see those improved graphics on Halo Reach? Now that's a true sequel.

  • horsedick.mpeg

    what a fucking let down. I just got the game and I couldn't believe how bad the graphics were. They took 2 steps back with this one.

  • Scalymanfish

    I think the comments made about the cartoonish graphics aren’t completely out of order. If I wanted the game to look this bad on my tv, I’d have bought a wii instead. In this day and age, and taking into consideration the money involved, you have to expect more. Despite this I think the graphics are the least of it’s problems. Everyone seems to be having problems with the way the game plays. It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll even get into a game on multiplayer without it crashing. No other game I’ve had has ever crashed the entire ps3 as many times. Also can anyone even read any of the text in the game options area? its a tad on the small side. Peace out!

  • Southpark 100

    This black ops pissed me off the graphics suks on multiplayer but it fits well for the campaign mode fuk activision asholes they fuked up with this game I’m enraged

  • papawesty

    I have few things I need to rant about this .Yes, the graphics are almost bad enough to make me want to return the game. But I dont know whats worse, (1) the sound, (2) the gameplay or (3)the graphics. Every gun sounds weaker than a cap gun. If you ever play again, just listen to your guns… so bad. I ve lined up head shots and completely missed (Ive watched replayes of this). And oh the horrible graphics! If you dont think this game looks bad you should have your eyes checked. Now I remember why I never owned cod 3 or world at war. Just not fun at all.

  • Bruvama

    What game are you playing? Perhaps you need to upgrade your televisions. This game kicks ass…really!

    Excellent storyline, graphics, and evolution.


    for the one mentioning about nes – snes. well you got what u wanted BLACKOPS NES GRAPHICS ! LOL


    whoa i just looked at the graphics of call of duty black ops and thought, what is this for the wii?!?! until it said xbox 360 and i was like dang that is some poopy graphics right there!

    • ps3player

      maybe you were looking at the wii


    BUT this game is FUN besides the graphics im not being a hater, im just saying that graphics aren't as good as modern warfare 2

  • Mike

    I heard that they brought in the guys who screwed up grand theft auto. I tried playing black ops for a while and went back to previous duties. Checked out the one three Call of Duties back and graphics were better. Black Ops feels like a game from 2003.
    Screw extra story. The real game happens in multi play. I don't think they tried to improve the game, I think they cheaped out and went for quick bucks with new people who don't have the skills of the previous team. Grenades suck, maps suck, little radio control car sucks, guns suck, sound sucks. They tried and failed
    DON'T BUY THIS GAME! I'm pissed. Activision has screwed the golden goose on this one. I am also returning the game in the morning.

  • Henriquez1547

    i think that Black ops was the Best thing that happened to online for me, its a little bit harder to navigate the menu's, but still, its a new release. i dont like MW2. too much noob tubing and the Commado Perk is just a joke. im 10th prestige on MW2, LEGIT, and im not planning on going back either.

  • Mike

    never trust a game that's commercial that doesn't show the game being played. One of the commercials has kobe bryant and jimmy kimmel playing with a bunch of regular every day people. You never see the game. Why? Duh, the game is no good.
    Any time I've bought a game and they only show people in the commercial you can bet it's a piece of crap. I'm really angry. Why does everything end up getting worse; not better with great franchises?

  • Silverchin

    Nuketown ??? Toytown more like….looks like something out of the SIMs

    the Look and sound are shit

    • bowus

      I was expecting Woody and Buzz Lightyear to come out of the buildings.

  • Gary

    I really wanted to love black ops sooo much but just can’t .it feels so sloppy and cheap this should have been a hidden game on mw2 then I still wouldn’t have played it.I’m gutted I wasted my money on this rubbish. I will never buy another game with acitvisions name on the box we have all been scammed big time

  • KingBlunted

    I was let down as well… MW2 is the way to go.. if you play PS3 and you think your good.. Add me and Ill show you what good is..


    PS im still going to play Black Ops, but, MW2 is still the best game that ever came out… in fact it was sooo good all of our expectations have gone up so high, we all were let down so easily…Hopefully once they fix the glitchy game play and bugs this game will be better..

    and honestly WTF happened to commando?? Only good thing is that there ARE NO MORE NUKES!! Thank god!

    • Somebodee

      There are nukes in the map Nuketown HAHA!



  • matt

    it a shit game , sound is rubbish ,maps have to many doors windows and ways in, graphics suck and takes ages to throw a grenade and go off,
    not a patch on mw2 im going to take mine back to,

    should of taken mw2 and made i better not go back 200%
    never going to get a game at 12pm again ,ill wait till some peeople buuy it and reveiw it first

  • Greg

    I was really looking forward to Black Ops and a step up from modern 2, but this game really looks like it is a step back. The graphics of the maps are ok, definitely not great. My biggest complaint is the weapons. They look way too cartoonish. I put Black Ops in and for a second thought I was playing Battlefield 2. Huge, HUGE dissapointment, hopefully the campaign is fun because online content is not worth buying the game for. Nice try Treyarch but I think you successfully ruined Call of Duty.

  • Cudds

    Meh. The graphics I don't really care for at this point. Give me some beast ass sound effects. My guns sound like toys. Anyone played 'BLACK' – give me those sound effects.

  • boobsnstuff

    Oi…I think being as huge of a disappointment this was overall graphicly/texture mapping/gameplay feel should really get this company to revamp it’s game production staff. For this game to have such a subpar standard as compared to games that have come out more than a year ago is saying alot for their abilities. I think the idea and creation of this game looked better on paper than the actual delivery. I already sold mine to the neighbor at a $10 loss just to get rid of it.

  • Dansmokey

    Still undecided, which is strange? Been playing for a couple of days now where as MW2 i instantly fell in love with and could not put down. One multiplayer mode has been taken away which was my personal favourite (hardcore headquarters) looks like a few others have disappeared too, still not the end of the world! I agree with people about the graphics, they arent what i or obviously a few people expected but they are still good! I am thinking of trading it in and putting it towards the kinect, Maybe the franchise has just run out of steam for me? A bit same old same old now, a definite dissapointment!

  • RandalFlagg

    The majority of people say the graphics suck. The others are Treyarch employees.

  • mdw915

    I couldn’t wait for the but was let down by the toy story graphics. But what do expect it is not “modern” warfare I felt like I was playing an old medal of honor game on ps2 I was gonna buy it the day after release day but now I’ll wait

  • Steve

    Overall the graphics are mediocre at best. Game play was a bit bland but it stuck to the Call of Duty game play. Story line could have been better though. Good concept just not all there. I am still a little lost in the storyline even after completing it. id rate it a 6 out of 10. MP is still fun, but it is no MW2.

  • stupidgame

    terrible game , i was so hyped to see it but come on, there is no way you r not going to die , all maps are open ,you have to run all the time , terrible map set up, the graphics eehhh somewhere there it just annoying the guns are blocking most of your view. im going back to play my MW2

  • wes

    It is not mw3 it is world at war two basically. The graphics do suck and the game play Just isn’t as good as mw2. Treat it as its own game and not mw3 and you may enjoy it more. I’m glad it supports 3D.

  • Ralfie

    Huge let down horrible graphics mutiplayer sucks ass campaign is actually somewhat entertaining, bottom line i wouldnt recommend the Black ops game im actually returning mine getting somethin else. Call of Duty Black Ops you have let me down

  • asn

    Bad Game – after the patch it is not running.. Great Stuff.

  • Koen

    Steam didn't find the patch, now i am screwed or what?

  • Dillon Rollins

    I believe the graphics are not very good because they are trying to fit WaW into the better graphics of MW2. Overall Treyarch is not a very good designer of Black Ops but Infinity Ward put up for all of the mistakes

  • fuzznuts

    Graphics suck, story mode sucks, and zombie mode sucks. This game sucks.

  • Greg

    My first impression of the graphics were not positive, however as I played more I realized that they aren't "worse" than MW2, they are simply different. It is a different engine, and it is actually quite remarkable how much detail is in the textures and how smooth the gameplay really is. That said, the biggest differing factor is in the physics engine. And I will agree that MW2 looked a little more natural. However, I have to completely disagree that the nuketown map is cartoony. It is an excellent map in both the way it looks and plays (I find most the Black Ops maps vastly superior to MW2's maps, especially the complete waste of money that most of the add-on maps were). The throwback, novel look of NukeTown is what infinity ward tried (but failed) to accomplish with the carnival map. The bottom line is that it looks and plays better than any other shooter out there, save maybe other titles in the same series. One thing I will not argue with is that it looks much better than Treyarch's World at War.

  • Jason Pope

    when I spend 2k+ on a Triple SLI machine yes.. I expect a AAA title to have great current gen graphics..

    this current trend of throwing low res textures.. and console ports on current gen PCs is just retarded and needs to go back to the old days where PC games drove the PC parts market.

  • Stephan23

    Seriously…it sucks bigtime. Indeed the whole gameplay, graphics, story and so on takes you back to World at War. It would have been a good game….if released in 2005.
    It's a major setback compared to MW2.

    Not even mentioning the lag's and glitches, hoping Treyarch will fix.

    Too bad… :-(

  • Dan

    Such a let down. Graphics and sound WTF?
    I hear gunshots across the maps so loud then a guy right behind me sounds like hes barely there….
    Maps are designed like shit, simply to avoid camping? You cant use scavenger to reload claymores, so why change the maps? Some of us would still like to perch up and play defensive every once and a while rather than running around in buildings with 10 entry ways and killing only to be killed.
    SPAWNS – probably the worst part, all i do it check my ass every two seconds to make sure ten guys arent spawning right behind me as I flank the enemy.

    plus many more flaws I wont even get into…I only play this because I wasted the money on it, it's not something I even look forward to. I'll go 35-10 and not even enjoy it
    TWO thumbs down.

  • Dan

    Such a let down. Graphics and sound WTF?

  • edog

    GRAPHICS SUCK!! A friend brought it over where three of us were anticipating it. It was a complete and utterly HUGE let down. We have bought every COD since the begining.

    First of all the graphics are cartoony.
    2nd, the sound omg what the hell happened?? They dont sound like real guns shooting anymore.
    Third, Gameplay is completly unrealistic.

    I have no idea how they ever approved this game. Me and my friends are not buying it. We'll stick to MW2 until something else can compete with it.

    INFINITY WARD YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Im sorry you guys couldnt have made this game.

    Edog, pasadena

  • candy man

    guys dont forget that this wasnt make by IW but by Treyarch en these guys make bad cod games. so what did you expect, some kind of mw2 but better, i did not.

  • Chris

    I find it hilarious how people complain about BO sucking, and then go on to say MW2 is great. Go buy yourself MW1 ans play it. MW1 > MW2*1000000. MW2 was by far the worst game in the series. Graphics and matchmaking were excellent but everything else was terrible

  • luis

    This game reminds me of Resistance 2. Horrible Graphic, cartoonish look, and the sound "phew, pheew!" C'mon!

  • ramon

    game is alright but the graphics are the same as waw

  • J J

    Graphics were a major let down.. I really wanted my money back after I saw how bad they were. MW2 is still superior.. I don't care how many game modes are available for BO.. Graphics suck ass. Feels like I am playing Goldeneye on N64. Fuck You with a long dick treyarch.

  • Frankie

    This was a amateur release by Treyarch. To even release a game knowing the graphics were far worse then an older version of the same game title is unacceptable. A bunch of amateurs in that office apparently care more about the immediate money then future money because i will never by anything with that name attached to it. Better work on a new company but do yourselves a favor and trim A LOT of fat first.

  • Laon-Fait

    I need to shut people up…

    BO- Worst graphics mean a lack of realism. Meaning I feel like I'm shooting little cartoon characters. Not only that though… All explosions sound like Party poppers. Everybody says that MW2 had overpowered KS's… No they didn't. As the game went along, the Ks's were easier to obtain as people got better. I have seen already 32 hinds, 4 dogs. 57 cobras and 3 attack heli's… Never the less the inevitable RC car..

    It takes more skill to play a broken game such As mw2. I am getting noob tubed in BO… seriously? THey should make the Noobs and rocket ammo cost money…

    And the spawning system… I spawned, and got stabbed within 2 seconds of being alive…
    Such a dissapointment… And the guns are HYPERPOWERD!!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GAME WHERE THE SMG'S ARE AS STRONG AS LMG!!!!

  • Elexx

    I'm really trying to like the game … but it's just not working..

    ok, graphics and sounds are disappointing…

    But there's more than that … I just can't have fun playing this game.

    And the gameplay … makes me feel it's the first time i play an FPS.

    As it was said before, hard to play 2 games straight without massive lags or crashes.

    With all this and no positive points on this game … i'm going back to MW2… no hesitation.

  • Josue

    I've been playin Call of Duty since its first COD game quickly after it came out since i was a huge fan of Medal Of Honor, and as all u by now know Medal Of HOnor was made by Infinity ward back in the days!!.. I'm a PC and Console gamer and this is by far the worst Call Of Duty game ever in graphics!!.. Treyarch also made Call of Duty 3 wich didnt even get a 6.0 overall score.. Treyarch has made all the bad COD games. except the COD "United Offensive" expansion wich was heck a lot of fun with tanks and all that..that is the only good product that Treyarch has ever done and that was back for the first insttallment of COD on PC.. I was expecting not much from them on Black OPs.. but at least something similiar to MW2 but with some new stuff.. and yeah there is alot of new stuff wich just playinly suck!!!.. Multiplayer graphics are jsut aweful and the sounds and death are awful..Nuketown Maps is the worst graphical map ever in a cod game!!.. I am rerturning this game mainly due to the poor graphics, bad sounds, no "OmG felling" on kills.. boring as hell… …………………………. this should be call Call OF DUTY Lego OPs.. grapchis just look like a lego game!!!

  • Poppa

    Agree for sure that the graphics are shit looks almost like a counter-strike game, very dissapointed hope they wil make it better and add some real maps not like Nuketown :S ,
    And there are not allot of options extra only zombie mode ( from cod 5 not very a diffrence) , Wager match ( witch is an awesome game mode for online multyplayer and that you can play splitscreen online-Awesome) .

    So for those they still not played , it's just a dissapointment! whack!
    until they do something about it.

  • Just a gamer

    Graphics are a deal breaker!! Its 2010. Is it too much to ask for a fun game that plays great AND looks great. And for all those PC gamers that’s fine but we want it to look great on console also. Absolutely a deal breaker especially when we all know the damn company hAs the damn money to make them better!! It’s not like were talking bout some measly Lil company… This is treyArch and COD is a huge lucrative franchise. So disappointed in the graphics and not in love with the multiplayer maps either.

  • sean

    what i really dont understand is how they could hav created such a perfect campaign, with top notch graphics and gameplay, and then… give up when it came to multiplayer. anyone who has played the campaign knows that its graphics surpass even MW2, and it is action packed and simply fun. giant let down when it came to the "flat" graphics and boring gameplay in multiplayer.

  • keith

    I'm very disappointed with that game, unfortunately i bought the PC version and already registered it on steam. ): I do not like that it has no coop, i do not like that there is a only one Zombies map (also Steams really bad servers for it). I was expecting at least a 32 player DM or what would have been the best would have been a 64 player DM like CODWAW PC. And last but certainly not least, the graphics. WHY DIDN'T THEY USE DIRECT X 11! At least direct x 10 would have satisfied. I don't give a **** how detailed the game is, the graphics still suck!

  • Val

    I have a pretty top end gaming laptop. MW2 ran perfectly on multiplayer with all the settings set to maximum. Black ops gets frame skips on lower resolutions with game settings set to minimum. The worst 60$ spent in my life.

  • b3rN

    This game really sucks. Treyarch needs to do a lot of fixing to do, starting grahphics and online multiplayer..

  • Anthony

    Black Ops has terrible graphic on my full hd lcd tv even using HDMI, if i watch it from 1 meter away I can hardly see the distant enemies in the jungle, so it is advised to sit further from your tv, but the 'nice' part of the graphic is not noticable from bigger distance, so its fucked up, any1 get me ? Why make this sub-720p, you cant really enjoy it on your tv. :( was so hyped

    • Magnus

      Im playing Black Ops with my PC on my TV with 1080P and it looks amazing

  • vomitthesoul1

    dude the graphics were bad and the rc car i mean get real man i know its a game but they made it to sci fi. i hope the court case is settled soon so we can get a real game like mw3

  • Riaan

    Still not playable on PC after patch was applied:(

  • Andrew

    I wouldn't say graphics are terrible but they're not the very best. Modern Warfare 2 had better graphics (not that much better) compared to Black Ops but I would have to say Black Ops has some great gameplay. I would still still recommend the game though. I personally like it. Better killstreaks, (except no nuke) weapons,and the new call of duty currency. So I wouldn't say the graphics nor the sound is a "game breaker".

  • Shepard

    Just played the opening level…after it crashed and crashed and crashed. This is completely unacceptable in today's competitive market. I am so frustrated with the obvious laziness of Treyarch who thought they could ride off the back of the far superior MW2 and just take everyones money. On finishing the opening level it crashed and will be brought back tomorrow, that's after the 5 or so crashes just to get it started. The graphics, sound and atmosphere are just shocking from what I and I think fans of the franchise would have expected. I would love to see where this game was tested. Has Treyarch released any sort of opinion on the fact the game is about to be a complete flop?

    Epic fail. Now going to play a 59p game on my iPad.

  • David

    I feel like the Black Ops should be Xbox or Playstation compatible. It certainly does not live up or even look good on HD screens.

  • Blahu

    MW2 experience beats the shit out of BO. Dunno what was the idea with that weapons, they feel like made of plastic, and shotguns are OMG !!! you're getting killed by submachineguns with suppressor while spraying that stupid Olympia in vain. In close quarter combat shotguns should rule, not be obliterated by all other weapons. IW understood that, Treyarch didn't.
    GFX is shit compared with MW2, details are non-existent, there is also a general feeling of lag, too many RC-XD which are almost impossible to shoot down…I mean, c'mon in MW2 you can at least go behind sentry-guns which are 5 kill-streak and knife them down. In BO there is no RC-XD dodging unless you can climb up, and the the maps are almost flat.
    Release dogs killstreak versus Nuclear Nuke, cartoonish weapons with stones as projectiles compared with the powerful feeling of SCAR-H, AK and Rangers, Model, SPAS, Magnum etc. BO is a middle class game, suited for a newly created company which tries to copy a recipe for success, not at all a successor for MW2 nor an equal at least. BIG BIG disappointment :( :( and I hoped so much when I bought it.
    Treyarch, just go back and do an addon for MW2 containing COD points and dedicated server. You'll be acclaimed for that.

  • david

    i suffered from terrible lag even though i put the texture and everything as low as possible, which made it look like a 1980 game, and even when i put it high it looks way worse than mw2, graphics suck, im totally disappointed

  • Captain Jew

    I don’t if its just me, but in Single player i got randon CPU usage increase and in Combat Training on Multi if i play a game over 5 minutes i get a “lagg spike” which increases my ping from 50ish to 400ish… Why does this do this?? it works fine if all my games are under 5 minutes…

    On another note: Black ops has worse graphics than MW2 but requires a higher graphics card??? why? wat the hell?? MW2 runs so smoothly on PC and Blpoops =] was said to suppose to be easier on ur PC than MW2… i guess the only thing they ment is a 4GB space decrease….

  • Magnus

    No those people whos saying that Black ops has less better graphics than Mw2 doesnt know what graphics are the graphics in Black Ops is maybe 10% better than Mw2 but i think the PC Preformance you need to play this game compared to Mw2 is a big game breaker

  • ben_J

    i love what treyarch has done with the game. at least they listen to the wants and needs of the community. we asked for less hackers and boosters, and they said "ok, we'll change tactical insertions" and anyone caught hacking or boosting is punished. Infinity ward never really gave a damn about its customers. MW2 was booster and hacker infested and the spawning was HORRIBLE. sure the graphics in B.O mays be a bit outdated but i'd much rather play a game thats free of all the bull**** in MW2. And as for the "slow, laggy multiplayer". almost all mmo's start off with problems…. as soon as treyarch find them they will patch the game up. unlike infinity word who couldn't really be bothered..

  • josh

    the graphics are worse because the engine is a lot more demanding and requires a lot more intense hardware to run it, and that's where your problem lies. no doubt you're all on about the console versions graphics and their hardware is so outdates it's unreal. i play it on PC at max settings because it's capable of doing so at a smooth rate, and i can assure you, the graphics are FAR superior to that of MW2. the textures are so much sharper and the game generally looks a hell of a lot better.

  • Black ops suck

    Bad company 2 and black ops both have different graphics the only difference is that Bo looks faker and cartoonish oh yeah i took the black ops game back a day after i bought it Bc2 Vietnam is going to murder black ops

  • Tom

    PC game locks up repelling down a mountain one quarter of the way through. I have to quit through the task manager. Back to the store . There should be legal action against companies that release hyped up buggy crap like Black Ops. 60 bucks wasted.

  • William Archer

    Well the difference between MW2 graphics and BO's graphics is night and day. I play on a Geforce 9800 GTX graphics card and run everything on high( I back off of ultra to ensure no lag) with a 32inch HD TV as my screen. In MW2 I could see a person clear as day from all the way across the map no problem, but for BO sometimes it takes me being right in front of the person before my eyes even realize there is something there. It is not however a big enough deal breaker for me to regret buying BO. It is a good game with lots of new features and maps, as long as there isn't lag I think this game is overall 8 out of 10 for PC.

  • Penelope Lane

    I wish I had bought an Xbox 360 and Halo. This game blows next to MW2. All that waiting and anticipation for something that feels less than its predicessor. So dissapointed.

  • zoobaum

    Outdated graphics definitely detract, but let's say something positive: The russian guy with sweat/water all over his face looked cutting-edge. It was really just the washed-out map textures that didn't match at the edges that got to me…

  • Filippo

    Not just graphics.. Multiplayer (which is what we all bought it for really) is absolutely slow unresponsive and laggy – connection drops just about every other game and for some reason game seems to respond to other movements (and my friends too as I tested on theirs to check) – i will look at a killcam where I got killed wondering why i got the stick after emptying a mag and for some reason no shot hit him?
    btw, as i am writing this Black ops is AGAIN stuck (5th time in an hour), but this time (for the nth time!) I am going tohave to power down the PS as there seems no other way


  • sad

    To sum this game up,
    Gameplay: about the same as MW2
    Graphics: worse than MW2.
    Also the whole purchase your guns thing is just crap, i liked getting kills to unlock perks and guns, now you just buy them its shit. Treyarch just got sucked into the shit of Halo Reach with the whole buy your armor BS
    The maps are also complete shit. If you don't have a nice place to camp you're dead as enemies spawn right behind you. Spawning in front of RC cars is also fun.

  • Scott

    Hi Ive just got Black ops well were do I start about the graphics im not botherd but its nothing like MW2 the thing that reall gets me going mad is the fell of the game when you aim and shoot some one omg it is pathetic i lost my receipt so i have to keep the game lol well no way i gave it to my next door nabour :)

  • PCgamer

    Why COD:BO graphic sucks?Because the Xbox 360 and PS3 are sucks,with my PC and open all settings to high, it is an epic game i ever play, f*** MW2 and IW

  • Sonofcod

    This game is just crap, it really does look like a cartoon… What’s the point of all the extras when the game is s**t, maps r s**t too and small, no good sniping map and a lot of unused space in some maps. The maps look like they where hand painted… Looks like a game from 5 years ago. mw1 had better graphics I think… I’m not hating on the game that’s just the truth and I don’t know why people keep defending this when it’s clearly worse then the one before it.

  • The Dutch N00B

    bad graphics?? wtf mw2 is NOT better then black ops! it's just harder too shoot someone with an smg over the map.. without the lagg bo is f*cking AWESOME!! i will NOT resort to mw2, if you play both you'll really see why black ops is better ;)

    • EdgeCo

      your name lets me know why you like Black Ops better than MW2

  • Abdul-Rahman

    The graphics arent that good because infinity ward made Mw2 and it didnt help in the making of blackops

  • diddly

    It is a truly atrocious game

  • hamid

    shit…. all week i've been looking forward to christmas, to get black ops, and now i read this… i 'm really diappointed, myself i saw my friiend play this on his ps3, and the textures looked like ps2-era. i know gameplay is more important, but BO didn't live up to it's hype. and whats all this about it being cartoony??? screw this, i dont know if im even gonna buy this anymore, i think im just gonna get MW2 instead.

  • Adam

    I have a Gainward GTX 460 with 2 GB VRAM and i7 860 3.2 with 8 gb ram
    **** this game, it lags to much . From 80 down to 7 fps and always jumping like that.

    I bought it today 2010 – 12 – 03 and still no patch to fix lag.
    Really bad…
    Is it because its treyarch now or what?

  • T.A

    I don't really care about GFX, but more interested in variety and gameplay in which Black Ops has succeeded thoroughly. Not really worth the $150 but if I had it, I wouldn't return it.

  • 7amad

    They dnt care about us they just care about the money….

    And a lot of ppl got cod black ops

  • Jesse

    Black Ops has to be the biggest letdown of the decade. Absolutely horrible. Did they all smoke themselves into a time machine going in reverse? Treyarch, you guys are going to be out of a job soon. I saw an ad in the paper for telemarketing from home.. if you give me your email addresses, I'll send you an application.. The game is on rails with no options to make your own decisions. The graphics.. can you say more polygons, The storyline, seriously are you going to jump us back to the first world war too? What a bunch of idiots

  • Brittaneeandjordan Werstandsamson

    i think the game looks awsome it is my favorite next to mwll, grapics kinda remind me of borderlands also great game, so all you stupid rich snobby spoiled brats can suck on te grapics department long live the tomahawk!!!!!!!

  • Smokeyrose

    Treyarch sold out for the cash. They made an amazing game..cod 5 then saw how much mw2 made so copied and pasted it and cashed in. Dickheads.

  • a beast

    my ps3 broke so i played on the wii the colors were darker making it more real but of course texture and affects are worse and mw2 looks washed out on lcds.

  • WTF?

    It maybe just me but I like games that more then 3 colors and a story that at least made sense(bar that it was highly unrealistic) black ops wins. They fixed so much stuff with black ops(still problems though) but the multiplayer is better, there’s more color, there’s not some fucking asshole screaming RAMEREZ! SEE THAT SATELLITE OUTSIDE EARTHS ORBIT? TAKE THIS THROWING KNIFE AND TAKE IT DOWN! or anyother stupid bullshit. Why does people like MW2? I got every achievement for it and had a positive kd……and it still sucked.

  • mysteryPig

    The campaign isn’t much fun because it’s too heavily instructed, yet a lot of the graphics I thought were great, particularly the snowy areas. Then I played the online multiplayer and it was as though I was playing on new map additions to COD4 with the chunky, cartoonish graphics, but the online gameplay does have much more depth to it. Instead of going halves either way on both the campaign and the multiplayer I’d rather they’d released the game later and done the job properly. However, having said that I much prefer black ops to mw2 despite the better graphics because the gameplay is more fun. Though the graphics are chunky they’re much more colourful and varied than the monotonous brown of mw2.

  • booot

    Nasty looking game. Looks like I'm playing it ona Wii. In a game like Call of Duty; Immersion is very very important but with something that looks like something from the Duke Nukem days I can easily say that this game is a huge letdown in terms of graphics. Horribly bland textures, no bump mapping, not even decent lighting. All and all it reminds me of those old FPS's being played on some piece of crap dell where you have to turn down all of the settings to low.

    I think they just threw this game together as quickly as possible to coast on the success of MW2 rather than take the time to do it right and polish everything. I just hope the early adopters don't support this game in the long run, otherwise it could pave the way to more bad development.

  • iHateCoD

    call of duty is dead…anyone who buys CoD games is an idiot. watch how many little kids will have orgasms when the next CoD comes out.

  • Alex

    your all giving bad points about black ops why not think about the good points


    theater mode

    there isn't an annoying harrier in the air all the time because you actually earn your kill streaks not one of your others do it for you

    dead ops

    the maps seem more active like the missile on launch and activating the doors on radiation

    the emblem creator

    nice relaxing wager matches

    A good campaign because of the zip lines and more interactivity with teh ac 130 commands

    think of the positives not just the negatives

    And for the Graphics I don't care, there not even bad and for the people that say it's cartoon, so is mw2 I mean if you go on medal of honor and then compare it to mw2, it looks like a cartoon as well. Who cares it's the gameplay that's fun, mw2 was stupid with noob tubers using one army to get their noob tubes back, but the gameplay was good as well on that game. There just as good as each other

    • Mebrandon9

      half of what you just said was ripped off of halo

  • Patrick Norris

    I would just like to be able to play the bloody game on a pc…is that too much to ask??..All I get is 'Fatal Error' !!!! great stuff especially as the game isn't cheap to buy…cant take it back because Tryarch or Steam won't send me an email to say there is a problem….what a load of crap i'm stuck with now!!!!!

  • anon

    The Graphics are a game breaker because the only good thing about the COD franchise is the graphcs. COD gameplay sucks.

  • no-oe


    Oh for christ's sake -.-

    GRAPHICS!? You're seriously returning/not buying the game over something to superficial? My god… People are so shallow nawdays…

  • raDI0acTIVe2 GuN

    cod black ops might not have the best graphics, but look at it like this, new perk combos , weapon combos, and well atleast its better than plaing MW2 for another year right?

  • beau

    cod sucks people be right in front of you and you can't see them because of the horrible graphics. plus the maps are to small xbox is dx 9 old technology about 5 yrs old. i cant wait for the new battle field for pc it dx11

  • Jake

    Real let down, I would say that the graphics should not be a big concern. But your paying 60$ for a "high quality" game. I would expect that the game would look well and play decent.

  • Jwb98

    Battlield is the best . But when I play a call of duty game I choose black ops . I don’t care for graphics. Graphics doesn’t make a game. With bf3 I think the graphics are almost TO good . I enjoy the graphics. Battle field 2 graphics are perfect super realistic but yet very fake I like BO best cod game

  • Whatever

    The graphics for black ops are large, bulky and really don’t look that legitimate as opposed to MW3 which is compact and tries to make you feel like you’re in a battlefield with cars and such that all aren’t 10 feet bigger than you.