Samsung Galaxy S: Runs iOS 4 on Fake Model

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We have an interesting video to show you now, as a fake Samsung Galaxy S model has popped up in China (where else), showing the device running a very smooth version of Apple’s iOS 4 software.

While we sometimes poke fun at the various Chinese knock-offs that hit the limelight, there is no question that they are clever bunch, and this fake Samsung Galaxy S model is a perfect example. The video which we’re about to show you gives you a quick preview of the device. You can clearly see the ‘Galaxy S’ branding at the top, and the somewhat dodgy looking casing around the sides.

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However, the port of iOS 4.xx looks pretty impressive, and it handles a demo of Angry Birds with no problems or slowdowns whatsoever. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on it.

If we dig up a price on this beast, we’ll be sure to let you know – if you’re interested of course.

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  • Jim Irvine

    Its apple hardware, apple software, just someone stuck a sticker saying "galaxy s" over an i phone? why the article about it? The Galaxy S doesnt even say Galaxy S in that position on the phone – it says "samsung"

  • deata

    yep thats an iphone 4…

  • deata

    and i think even the iphone is fake

  • babi

    so fake and gay