COD Black Ops Zombies: Full List of Pack-a-Punch Weapons

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We have previously brought you previews and a sneak peek video of some of the upgraded weapons you can use with the Pack-a-Punch machine in Call of Duty Black Ops, but now we have a complete list of upgraded weapons and their new names.

If you have been watching videos from zombie mode prior to the game’s release, most of you will probably have already seen some of the upgraded guns in action.

We first told you about the upgraded version of the ThunderGun – a new energy based weapon in the game, but now we have confirmation of another new zombies-only weapon located in the second ‘Five’ map. It is called Winter’s Fury and has the ability to freeze opponents.

Below is a complete list of all of the weapons in zombie mode, as well as the result when pack-a-punched. Let us know if we missed any. Just to clarify, the Wunderwaffe-DG2 from World at War isn’t in the game, as far we know anyway!

List of Pack-a-punched Weapons


M1911 = Mustang & Sally
Python = Cobra
CZ75 = Calamity
CZ75 Dual Wield = Calamity & Jane

Sub-Machine Guns

MPK5 = MP115 Kollider
AK47u = AK74fu2
PM63 = Tokyo & Rose
MP40 = The Afterburner

Light Machine Guns

HK21 = H115 Oscillator
RPK = R115 Resonator

Assault Rifles

M16 = SkullCrusher
M14 = Mnesia
Famas = G16-GL35
Galil = Lemantation
AUG = AUG-50M3
Commando = Predator
G11 = G115 Generator


Olympia = Hades
SPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24
HS10 = Typhoid & Mary
Stakeout = Raid

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov = D115 Disassembler
L96A1 = L115 Isolator


China Lake = China Beach
M72 LAW = M72 Anarchy

Special Weapons

Winter’s Fury = Winter’s Fury (?)
Ray Gun = Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
Thundergun = Zeus Cannon
Ballistic Knife = The Krause Refibrillator
Crossbow = Awful Lawton

And there we have it folks. If we’ve missed anything out or you have any further information on this list, leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to check out our mini review of zombie mode here.

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  • cr0sb13

    makarov pistol

    • bob

      Winter's fury is really Winters howl

    • gadsghkjsfdghkh

      what are the best sub-machine guns in the game

      • Anoymous

        Ur mom

      • Ahole

        Alot of people will disagree with this but I think it is m115kollider

        • Ahole

          Alot of people will disagree with this but I think it is m115kollider also the spectre upgraded

    • MOOS

      it is winters howl to winters fury just so you know and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    L115 Isolator
    D115 Dissasembler
    G115 genorator
    H115 Oscillator
    MP115 Kollider
    R115 Resonator
    Remember 115?The thing that powers zombies and wunderwaffe guns?

    • Lefty5794

      yeh i was thinking that aswell

    • ????

      the name 115 in isolator isnt another reference to 115 – the upgraded L96 in real life is actually called the L115

    • Sam Ellis X

      by the way u can double upgrade the rpk on five but u must turn on trap all the phones get all perks have no downs till round 20 and monkyes its called the Maximum Kill

      • darkpallly

        Is this real ?

        • ElevenFive

          No its not

    • Kuyh

      115 is a meteor from kino der totan and thats wat runs the wonder waffle
      So there is electricity invthe meteor

      • mwa ha ha

        its actually from shi no numa

  • Lefty5794

    'winters fury' is the upgraded name it is normally called 'freeze gun'

    • Adam

      Its actually normally called Winter's Howl normally… Believe me, I've used it.

    • Tyler.

      You're retarded.
      H3rp d3rp.
      I troll, sry.
      It's called winter's howl.

    • darren

      no normaly its called winters howl

      • minifiji

        upgraded its winters fury

    • Frank

      no its howl's fury

      • elphillo

        your a dumbass

    • Sam

      its actually called the winters howl

    • ben

      how do you get it?

    • pengpain

      the normal is called winter's howl

    • Smooth Criminal

      no its goes from ' Winters Howl' to ' Winters Fury'

    • Cody

      no its winters howl before u pack a puch it then it turns into winters fury

    • ahmed

      its normally called winter's howl

    • john

      or by its actual name the "winters howl" but when upgraded "winters fury" =D

    • CoD ZoMbIeS

      the normal name is called Winters Howl

    • guest

      your all dumb, its called the winters freeze gun and it upgrades into the howl of winter

      • wtv

        ur an idiot

    • Chase

      no it is called 'winters howl'

    • Chris

      it is 'winters howl' upgraded to 'winters fury'

    • maozedong

      it's a winter's howl and upgraded it's the "winters fury"

    • Nathan

      Its the Winter's Howl, Then the Winter's Fury

    • xHMx LT Wargasm

      no it isnt its called winters howl and it turns to winters fury

    • lefty i retearded

      no its winters howl artard

    • loft

      i thought it was winters howl and then winters fury

    • due

      winters howl

    • James

      No it's normally called 'Winters Howl'

    • iLeozar

      No, It's called the Winters Howl.

    • wyatt 68

      where do you find the freeze gun or winters fury

  • Ethan

    Haha assault rifle EPC WN – that's an EPIC WIN!

    • ging

      lol EPIC!!

      • lolz

        from FKN FAIL TO EPIC WIN

  • AlVal

    Can anyone tell me how to get ALL the zombie maps even though we didnt buy the game that comes with the cheats?

    • helpful guy

      The 4 w@w maps or the pentagon?

    • domm

      break out of the chair then go to the computer and type in 3arc UNLOCK

    • anon

      or actually beat the game

    • GUEST

      i am VERY VERY VERY SORRY I WANT TO KNOW THEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Samuel Kirby

      at the title screen tap l2 and r2 until u stand up then go to the computer hit the square button type DOA and 3arc unlock or 3arch unloc

    • COD

      if you mean the waw maps then the will be released in DLC about april time in xbox not sure about ps3

  • adam

    are all these games and the pack-a-punch machine on the second zombie map?

    • chad

      no the pack a punch is acsessed through the teleporter

    • x-iiNTeLLiiGeNcE

      Ya u get to the pack o punch machine on the 2nd map by turing on all of the defcon switches on the second floor

      • wok75

        the winter's fury is not on kino der totem (first map)

        • ElevenFive

          Its an “5 only” kind of gun

  • scott

    bowie knife

    • man

      black ops sucks

      • Brainslurper

        okay that was very informative feedback. i will take your opinion into account in my future decisions

    • lucas

      not a gun
      bowie KNIFE

  • nazi dude kila

    note – you get pentagon map for completing campaign

    • jake

      i beat hte campaign and got it and it's epic

      • xMcKebabx

        Your stupid, type in cheat at the back of the menu room by simply breaking out of the chair and walking up to the computer and typing in the code u don't have to go through all the hassle of beating the campaign. Aren't cheats great!!

    • Canadian J3rk

      you can get the map "five" by doing a cheat in the main menu of black ops

  • jordan shipley

    ur dumb nazi dude kila you just have to get out of your chair at the main menu by pressing l2 and r2 rapidly back and forth, go to the computer and type in "Arc Unlock" then hit Enter

    • Adam

      He's actually right? You unlock it by beating the campaign, for those out there who actually want to *earn* the map.

    • Neil

      dude think before you type the code is "3arc unlock" cause 3 in many latin based languages is pronounced more like trey as in treyarch


      • Doglord1234

        you are a legend, not many people would notice that. i can admit i didnt, and yeah your code is correct, if u type caps it also wont work. BLACK OPS: ZOMBIES. FTW!!!

    • labowner543

      well yeah if u like to cheat but it's fun to get out of the chair though

    • fag

      Dude you spelt it wrong you faggot

  • ray

    Or by putting in a code at the computer.

  • maty

    yes u can.

    • JB

      You’re thinking of the ballistic knife, which becomes the Krause Refibrillator. You can’t upgrade a melee knife, how would you get it out to upgrade it?!

  • joe

    cod 7 zombies is better than nazis on cod 5

    • TeDdy8eaRkillR

      duh thats the point the newer the game the better it is

  • leon

    the best gun on zombies is the thunder gun

    • asd

      NOOO Thunder gun sucks

      • capelry_Britto

        thundergun is tonnes of fun

    • Moe

      i like the thunder gun but wunderwaffe all the way whats better than electrocuting a shit load of zombie

    • Spartan234

      No it's onley god if u r on like a high round and it's still not very god the best is the death machine

    • Poo

      Not for point building its only good for clearing when you need to

    • thomas

      its ray gun

  • joe

    what do you think the best gun on zombies on cod black ops is please reply

    • xMcKebabx

      My Preferred Primary :

      Ray gun does great not upgraded until about round 13 then you will have to upgrade takes about 1-2 bullets to kill zombie lots of ammo big clips and light weight so you can run around with it.

      Galil I have to say this is my favorite gun 2 bullet burst head shots from far away upgraded has a red dot sight which helps for easy head shots lots of ammo and reloads pretty quickly.

      Rpk lots of damage very accurate and bigs clips with lots of ammo.

      Preferred secondary:
      M1911 or as I like to call it the 'Mustang and Sally' Whats better then 2 pistols that shoot grenades. Lots of ammo and 2 bullets from these pistols will kill a big crowd of zombies also very effective agaisnt the mad scientist.

      Hope that this helps you. :)

      • scott

        R115 resolator
        and the tokoyo & rose are the beast guns

      • bobby

        probably the ak74fu2 with speed cola is good for the zombies

    • bob renegade


    • Jon

      thundergun trust me its the best it will save ure life

  • dylan

    winter's howl=winter's fury

  • Depiclows

    domonation is the best on cod 7 o got a 15 killstreak with a akimbo makarov

    • Nathan

      Makarov Dual-Wield

  • joe

    this game is for low life x box freeks

    • 360 better than ps3

      someone must have a ps3 haha gutted

    • Cody

      ur a **** ur just saying that cuz u either suck at zombies, dont have the game, or ur a ps3 loser

      • Weeeeeeee

        Hoe PS3 is better than xbox

        • Doglord1234

          PS3 FTW!!. i have a ps3 and a 360 wait had a 360. sold the the stupid thing coz they are shitbox, and ps3's rock.

        • Fracture


        • dude


    • Dave

      Yo I think your Girlfriend is sneaking on your computer

    • tom

      you spelt freaks wrong :/

  • joe

    yes it is

  • deem

    are that codes for the guns??

  • Somthing somkthing


  • Postal

    Ya'll forgot the thundergun which upgrades to the Zeus Cannon. Just lettling you know

  • wow idiots

    just to let yall know the waffe is in zombies, just der riese and shi no. also the winters howl is in verruct.

    • lolol!!1!!eleven!!

      the winter's howl is also in the map "Five".

    • jack

      your dumb, it is on there

  • dom gore

    The number 115 in the name "Isolator" isnt just another reference to 115 – the new version of the L96 IN REAL LIFE is actually called the L115

  • Will

    The zeus cannon is the wunderwaffe

  • spyro

    dude thats gay no wunderwaffe ps is the M60 in zombies?

    • dylan


  • kieran

    you do get the wunderfaffe because ive had it. i then upgraded it to the dg6. ive had it 3-4 times already

  • kieran

    to all you people who say there is no wunderwaffe, i have got it 3-4 times, i dont know weather its only or der riese but i have definatly got it on there. i have upgraded it aswell to the dg6 just incase no one knew

    • dsjfaksfjsda

      kieran and all the other tards on here this is only about black ops and the wunderwaffe isnt in black ops derrrrr deerrr derrrrr

      • doglord1234

        actually, sorry to tell u that ur the tard but the wunderwaffe is on black ops but only on der riese and shi no numa which are available on the hardcore prestige edition. A new map called "Ascension" will be out on February 1, 2011 for 360 and a month later for PS3, PC, and Wii.

        • xMcKebabx

          Dsjfaksfjsda ya you just made yourself look pretty retarded.Lol

      • roy

        play some more der riese, then say there isn't a wonderwaffe kid

  • random guy :D

    ummm…. there is a wunderwaffle on shi no numa. and yes, it is on black ops, i have used it myself :D. but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GUN IS…. PPSH (i dont know the full name) but it pwns, it has good aim DAMN STEADY, shoots fast and lots of ammo.

  • kyle


  • bill gall

    wonderwaffel is in the game but its only on the classic zombies which are availble to hardend and prestige edition buyers. also update your weapons list to what happens to the weapon along with its name. i wanna know the m-16 get a noob tube, and the spaz shotty is auto and one shell reloaded = 24 shells in your gun. hook it up

  • Damien

    On shi no numa I found wunderwaffle (or however it’s spelled) on black ops

  • Edwin

    U guys forgot the spectre

  • James

    EPC WN – is epic win without the i's
    FN FAL – is FIN FAIL without the i's !!!!!! :D lol

    • dom

      Well spotted.

      FN actually stands for Fabrique Nationale (the company who made it – it's Belgian, where they speak French). FAL stands for Fusil Automatique Leger – literally "Rifle, Automatic, Light."

      • Tyfoi

        actually, let me rephrase it a little. Fabrique Nationale (the company who made it – It’s in the French side of Belgium *they also have a Dutch and German side)

        and literally it would just mean Automatic Light Rifle. French just have weird structures in their sentences.

        • i99y

           no Tyfoi the words in french do mean rifle automatic light but when u translate it to English one would say automatic light rifle. the french don’t have weird sentence structures thats just the way they do things

  • jimbob

    its called the winters hoel first and then the winters fury and theirs no makarov pistol in it

  • Toshiro8

    The winter's fury is actually called the winter's howl; un-pack'n'punched. When pack'n'punched it is called the winter's fury. I can tell you from personal experience with the gun. BTW it's kickbut. 2 freezes to a zombie and their dead. Well, they freeze up into a block of ice and wil break into tiny pieces after a few seconds if you don't shoot it or knife it. However, it is very likely that you might have your kill stolen, as it takes only one shot or knife to break the block of ice. I'm not quite sure about kill stealing, but I'm guessing. Also 2 freezes will do the same thing to the pentagon thief as regular zombies making for an easy way to get the achievement/trophy plus the bonfire sale for an easier way to pack'n'punch for just 1000 or get the mystery box for 10. And add the max ammo and the fact that all teleporters lead to the pack'n'punch room no matter if you have opened it or not, it's a good back up weapon.

  • nikholi

    I’ve only upgrades a few weapons but a little advice, dnt upgrade m16 or rpk just rust me, ak74 and commando are very powerful but the thundergun and winters howl dnt hav that many bullets their just fun guns and I prefer bullets not sonicbooms or lasers…

  • Anthony

    The best thing to to is on FIVE, get on the table with the two upgraded LMG's, the HK21 and the RPK. Together, they have 1,500 SUPER strong laser bullets, which'll last you in between max ammo's. I have 378,000 points off of the, #435 in the world in points. Look me up, d0minati0n55555.

    • danny

      how do you get the zombie map five

  • jake

    u r also missing the spectre

  • Azure

    missed the spectre.

  • angelos

    @Spyro, the M60 is not in zombies.
    -I've upgraded the ballistic knife and hell yeah it's one hit kill and instant revive when you knife a downed teammate.
    -I've also upgraded the crossbow and it's like a monkey bomb, sadly there's not much ammo.
    -I've upgraded the winter's howl and it's awesome, but again, not enough ammo…
    -I survived up to round 23, with two LMGs. I could've survived higher if it weren't that mad scientist guy, who apparently stole all our weapons(One weapon) and left me with a low ammo LMg.

    • ricky

      you get a max ammo at the end of every scientist.

  • Derp

    Uhh. Lefty. Its acctualy the winters howl then the winters fury..

  • jack

    wheres the spectre?

  • bill

    the spectre upgraded is called phantom with 45 bullets

  • jjp

    level 21 on my own with skullcrush and mustang & sally FTW :)

  • RX100

    I use my StakeOut when I’m playing solo. It works quite well. After he takes my weak gun and teleports me down, I follow him, aiming high hoping for a few head shots, and usually he is dead before he teleports even once. Also I don’t follow him in the teleporter, too risky. I sometimes end up on a whole different floor! Once he has everyone’s guns he runs around staying DOWNSTAIRS. So I just run around down there hoping to find him and kill him. Also, here’s a tip. He always leaves through the teleporter in the room with the power switch. Also whenever he takes someone’s gun, he always takes them there too (In the power switch room) before he starts running around. So technically you can wait for him in that room, ready to chase him, if he’s out getting someone else’s gun. (Also one thing about the StakeOut, it’s one shot dead for zombies until around round 10. It’s always my first priority to get it. You can find it near the elevator that takes you down to the bottom floor.) Good Luck!

  • zach

    the crossbow is the best wepon

  • Krimsn Drknesz

    Everyone who says that the Zues Cannon is the Wunderwaffe is stupid. If you have ever actually obtained the Zues Cannon you would know it shoots air, not lightning. Dont make assumptions based on the name. The Wuffe shot lightning that bounces and could clear rooms. The Zues Cannon shoots air that penetrates and can make holes.

  • Z91www

    Winter's howl > Winter's Fury
    There's the missing one, thanks for the list by the way!

  • static_reighn

    you can pack a punch a bowie knife if u upgrade the ballistics and u have a bowie

  • Anhminh

    Before Upgrading "Freeze Ray" its called Winter's Howl

  • gilless

    anyone upgraded the borwnieknife??????

    • Aryk

      The only way to upgrade the bowie knife is to upgrade the balistic knife and then it is insta kill till wave 15

  • cod-master

    it would be better if you had shown the pictures of the normal weapon and the upgraded weapon in the game

  • brandon alverson

    The best two guns for killing zombies are the thunder-gun and the ray-gun.

  • Darrin

    where do you put the code to unlock the weapons? I am newbie please reply.

    • Aryk

      There are no codes you have to have 5000 points on kino der toten you have to Turn on the power then link the teleporter then use it on five you must turn on the power hit all the defcons then use a teleporter or on five after you kill the scientist He drops a power up that take you to the pack a punch and finally on the newest map asscention you must activate all 3 landers then go to where the rocket launched turn right then there is the machine and also there is a secret song in each in kino you must find 3 metor pieces on five 3 red phones and on asscesion 3 bears with sickles

  • silent bob

    wow out of all that the spector was left out… spector=phantom after pac a punch

  • william

    the crossbow might be the best weapon to pack a punch tactical wise..when you shoot it all the zombies follow where the arrow lands then explodes. super awesome !!!!

  • me

    Hey my lil boy is into all these games and he is wanting the cheat codes for the zombie game, he’s only ten years old so will someone help him out? Thinks to you that do, he appreciates it

  • patrick

    its winters howl and then pack a puched to winters fury

  • t man

    Actually its the winters howl before the winters fury.

  • Guy

    the best gun is porters x2 ray gun

  • Lettuce

    Krauss defribulator. Not ‘re’…..

  • Extreme desire

    The gun was a FENOMENOUS FAIL but after upgrade became an EPIC WIN hahahaha

  • bob

    its called winters hoawl when not upgraded and winters fury when upgraded (:

  • Zombitchn

    i made it to lvl 41 alone upgraded zeus and raygun all perks. sad part is i only got to use 2 of the 3 Revive perks =(. and now i will always wounder "what if"

  • ben

    dude its called winters howl not fury lmao

  • abcdefgryu67u68

    black ops Is a D FACE

  • xxElysiumxx

    I got the wunderwaffle on der riese, so yes it's in black ops but you need the WaW map pack that comes with the Hardened Edition :3

  • jeremy

    to the people looking for weapon codes there arnt any hit up the M-B and hope for something good

  • Lou 4L (xbox )

    Any tips for beating "The Pentagon Thief" before he jacks your gun?

  • $+zombies=:D


  • jeff

    it s the winter's Howl = winter's fury

  • Elie

    Ray Gun, Winter's Fury and Thunder Gun are not special weapons they are wonder weapons.

  • Oscar

    The Aug upgraded kicks too much ass, upgraded balistic knife revives people too xD

  • codbo

    don't forget the specter, that then becomes the phantom when upgraded

  • borules

    u also forgot crossbow ): just letting u know

  • mohammed

    porters is awsome guys its proper mint

  • ethan

    this is the best game ever i had the porters x2 ray gun and the china beach

  • zzz21341
  • Kino Der Five

    If youre like me you can get to round 30 alone but barely get past 12 on live…. those idiots have no clue. also when you upgrade the g11(ftw) you get g115 generator i thing 115 is refering to element 115 that is what caused the dogs to be…. well the way they are.

  • bow

    dude thats so gay

  • DMR122

    Me and my friends were playing kino, and we all got Zeus Cannon and either resonalet or oscillator. We usually get round 16 when we play but we got round 48. Now, I'm REALLY bad at zombies but even i was able to rape some souls

  • kino is nooby

    your an idiot friend made it to 39 himself ive made it 34 with 2 players that shit is easy once you do the loops if everyone runs the loops exactly the same next to each other… over and over again you wont die at all… kino der toten is a very nooby map. perfect 2 player strategy is first person has crossbow and machine gun pack a punched should be able to do both by lvl 10 if you dont waste your money most likely the mp40 hit till you get monkeys and the 2nd player uses a ray gun pack a punched and a machine gun. or if your very experienced with 1 shots. use a pack a punched sniper.. sounds like bull but i watched a guy in my party of 3 using it from 12-23 and he destroyed with it. for all of you who have made it to only around 10-15 once you get the power on with teleporter and juggernog run loops ( dont know what loops are? check youtube black ops zombie loop) its the best and only strategy that guarentees you live if you dont screw up. and no im not bullshitting check leaderboards. even add me if you want ill get you to 30 easy and even 30 is nothing one friend of mine i met randomly made it to 51 needless to say i think it was somebody elses abount since we only made it to 21…. lame but if you have any questions or anything send a message ill be glad to help. zongo1 on xbox live.

  • Aaron

    G16-GL35 aka famas =

    and AUG-50M3 is

  • sam

    winters fury turns into winters howl

  • da-da-da-dylan

    i once played with a guy who was so hardcore. he asked me for a handicap of some kind. so i said "use a gun and no other until u run out of ammo." he did and we got to round 23. he used a pack-a-punched ballistic knife (The Krause Refibrillator).

  • miguel

    do you guys know. any other cheats i allredy know the arc3 unlock one

  • Rush

    itss the M10 Anarchy, not M72

  • supermannnn

    i think they should have made the pack a punched mp5k the mp5 special K =D

  • charllie

    Winters Fury is the upgraded Winters Howl

  • Vamped

    how do you upgrade the guns?

    • BornOfOsiris24

      what your dumb

  • jimmy

    you forgot the spectre

  • brandon

    u missed a weapon its the big hunting knife thats off in the corner across the room from the teleporter

    • Bilmarcella

      its called a bowie knife

  • reece

    how do u get shi no numa

    • Xx..Cameron..xX


  • someone

    it's called winter's howl and upgrades to winter's fury

  • jeremiah

    winters fury upgraded winters howl

  • ricky

    get a life

  • James Blakis

    The winters frost gun upgraded is winters fury

  • guest

    for all you dumasses its called the fucking WINTERS HOWL.

  • Jblack ops

    you missed spectre upgraded to phantom

  • omg

    its the winters howl = winters fury

  • im legend on kino..

    you rlly dont know F A about zombies do u? its called winters fury then winters howl but when its pack-a-punched its still called winters fury, add my Gamertag its xXxNA7HANxXx i no everything about cod zombies!

  • Anonymous

    The WINTERS FURY is the pack a punched version of WINTERS HOWL. Its not called the freeze ray

  • i dunno?

    u missed the spectre and its the krauss refibrilator not the kruase refibrilator btw what does refibrilator mean

  • pardonzilla

    winter's howl=winter's fury

  • steven rodriguez

    i call the thunder gun the moses because it swims across the sea of zombies with no trouble

  • E1|Ken

    what about the sicle, dolls, or any thing else new on the new map ascention?

  • gggg

    its winters howl =winters fury retard

  • 666 XD

    its winters howl then winters fury

  • derby

    Winters Fury/Howl is Dragons Breath Pack a Punched

  • shizz

    ummm you forgot the spectre ??

  • steve

    Spyro your sooooooo stupid there is no m60 in black ops only on splitscreen online

    • [MSG] TwIsTeD F3Ar5

      will your stupid to the zeus cannon is not the wunderwaffle your on crack :p

    • Domingo Whitehead

      what are you talking about the is 2 m60 you dont have to be online splitscreen

  • sikkkkkkkkkkky

    i am homosexual..



  • marcus

    Winters fury should be Frost gun= Winters Howl.

    Also this is a gun only modders can use

    Default gun- Brainsss

  • Your mom

    Its winter howl to fury u faggots

  • niggabeat11

    mustang ans sally are the best!!

    • coolguy115

      i had one but i kept dying because the zombies kept getting too close

    • coolguy115

      i had one but i kept dying because the zombies kept getting too close

    • coolguy115

      i had one but i kept dying because the zombies kept getting too close

  • Wii

    The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is not the Zeuss Cannon. The Zeuss Cannon is the Thundergun Pack-a-punched. The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is a gun that electrocutes any zombies within a radius. It has three shots in a round.

  • Cody

    You forgot the Spectre!!!!

  • tom

    you cant get wonderwaffle in der riese only on other 3

    • shademaster09

      yes u can!…ive gotten it in der riese!

    • Nik Wackerbauer

      You can get it on Call of The Dead

    • bob

      u can get it in der rieseu can get it in der riese

  • Anonymous

    You forgot the Spectre it pack a punched is the Phantom

  • Nick Doellman

    vr11 and the scavenger

  • Nick Doellman

    vr11 and the scavenger

  • Osama Bin Ladin

    Ballsack Mcgee

  • shademaster09

    the winters fury upgraded is winters howl and u left out the wunderwaffe

  • shademaster09

    the winters fury upgraded is winters howl and u left out the wunderwaffe

  • Nik Wackerbauer

    AK74u and the MP40

  • Bowmaster222

    u missed the spectre. its called the phantom. 40 bullet clip and reticle sight

  • Bowmaster222

    u missed the spectre. its called the phantom. 40 bullet clip and reticle sight

  • Ferdi Simsek

    its the spas-12 to the spaz-24 not spaz-12 to spaz-24

  • Edwin

    its winters howl = winters fury

  • Daanvanzanten

    winters howl upgraded to winters fury

  • William Romero


  • Aaron Faux

    And he forgot the shrink ray/Baby gun rom shangri-la

    • Tajmaui

      he forgot spectre.

  • Shah

    War about the bowy knife
    And the ballistic knife combined with bowy knife!!!!!!!!!!
    Those2combined and pack a punched are1hit k o for the early rounds

  • Shawn Brack

    the winters fury p.a.p. is winters howl. it does have longer freezin

  • Thisy

    Did you know that one of the creators is called Max Porter?

  • Ppyro321

    if u get the balistic nife AND the bowie nife and the packapunch the balistic nife, itll pap the bowie nife as well its engraved and gets a power boost and the original pap balistic nife name changes a lil it has 1 extra word for the bowie nife

  • Jarrodallen

    The winters howl turns into the winters fury

  • Cameronwatson1027

    Does anyone all the Know the World At War Guns pack a puche names, i want to know thoose

    • Psycostogdell

      i do

  • Kirill Masykevich

    were is spectre and it is in pack a punch in phanton

  • luksyfear

    were is phantom and spectre

  • luksyfear

    My favourite 5 guns 
    1. Thunder gun
    2. Ray gun
    3. R115 resornator

  • ironjesster

    You’ve forgotten the slgd hammer. Upgrade the hammer to change a light machine gun into a laser machine gun.

  • Tylor

    Winters howl goes to winter furry. Hk21 goes to h115desenator