COD Black Ops: 15th Prestige Hack – Game Ruined Already?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some shocking news to bring you now, as although Call of Duty: Black Ops has only just been officially released a few hours ago, it looks like hackers have already found a way to hack into the game. We have a video which shows some solid evidence of this.

Judging by the video we’ve just seen, it looks like the guys over at are responsible for the hacks, or at least they know the person who has done it.

What you are about to see in the video, strong language aside, is hackers bypassing the game’s security and unlocking 15th prestige mode instantly, as well as unlocking and completing all of the challenges within Black Ops. They have also managed to gain access to a 15th prestige-only multiplayer lobby, which of course ruins the whole concept of levelling up in the first place.

It looks like Activision and Treyarch are already aware of the video, as they have removed the main clip from YouTube, although it has since been uploaded again.

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on this. Are you disappointed that the hackers have exposed this, or annoyed with Treyarch for making the game so ‘easy’ to hack? It looks like Treyarch may now face a task similar to what Infinity Ward faced with Modern Warfare 2 when hacks started to emerge.

We’re disappointed about this, what about you? Check out some screenshots of the hack below, in case the video goes down.

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  • BuBBleGe0

    Thank god to those hackers, I can now wank off to my VIRTUAL rank that means nothing. I'll probably forget about it in a few years… So I will wank till that day comes… literally

  • beastyyplaya

    i agree with neatgamer117 im beast and im only level 35 but i still use the m16 and th hk21 and im beast wiht em i got skill but im not braggin

  • yoooo

    hackers should stop its not fair on us when they just get 10 kills in 2mins when we get 10 kills in 5mins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Vandal Cain

    For those who think that it doesn't make the game less fun, because it's a skill vs. wanker pit-off, I say don't forget that hacking can be done against you as well as to improve the hacker's personal stats. Case in point: I was working hard at my 6th prestige the legitimate way on MW2. A hacker started asking people if they wanted to get ranked. I voiced over "no thanks". To which the hacker said, "you'll take what I give you." He then ranked me 15th prestige and unlocked everything for me. I was irate and went off on him during the round. At the end of the round he said, "and this is for being a prick about getting ranks."

    He reset everything. Everything. As if I had wiped all achievements, emblems, tags, weapons, accessories.. everything. My sign on screen had "How does it feel to be F*cking Owned?" scrolling across it.

    So tell me again that hackers don't ruin it for everyone.

    • my comment

      Yeah that was my point to. They absolutely can ruin it for others…my only hope is that inside they really are decent people and realize that infringing on someone else’s profile is just wrong…go ahead and rank yourself up, but for those of us who like to experience the progression of the game, just let us enjoy what Wé like…simple case of live and let live, right?

  • my comment

    When all is said and done I really don’t care if someone hacks, except when it affects MY profile-i started playing MW2 about a month ago. I had gotten to level 34 and got into a lobby where someone changed all of my weapons classes. I could do nothing to fix it, and had to create a whole new profile. Again, after getting to level 32 someone hacked my profile again and when I got out of the lobby I was level 70 and all weapons were available to me.I got BO a week ago and have only been in a few lobbies where I’m sure people we’re hacking…made my asshole pucker up but I just exited immediately. So, hackers, if this is how you choose to validate your life, go ahead and hack away to get 15th prestige…I’ll still kill you a lot because you still can’t play very well…just please LEAVE MY PROFILE ALONE. That’s not asking too much is it?

  • Josh

    Come on everyone lets all clap for this no life person who lives in his mothers basement. I have a legit 15th prestige friend who has a life. He goes to work for 10 hours a day and still got leveled up very fast. If you are the one who made this hack, go get your own place, go to the gym, and GET A GF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hades1000

    y use hacks if your as good as me ( psn Hades1000 ) hack r 4 losers and pple wit no life or gf

  • tigar_777-q8

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    • hades1000

      psn or live

  • Anonymous

    One thing to say, you're a lucky bastard.

  • ILLUSION1999

    add me ( WittyCarling99 ) and then send me a message a safe way to prestige

  • Let them have there fun. They are only ruining it for themselves 😀

    • hades1000

      hacks r 4 losers

  • Paul

    I don't know what it was about yesterday but evergame i was in i ran into hackers on black opps and MW2. There were guys trying to sell me the hacks. I had a kd ratio of 2.29 and it went to a 2.23 in one day. I am disgusted at this i build my player up the way i am supposed to and some hackers come along and just destroy it. And to those that think 15th prestige is the only hack you are wrong. There are aimbot and many other hacks they use. I have ran into guys that you absolutely could not kill. Headshots across the board with a pistol lol i am sick of this stuff. I did not pay that much for a game that i cant play without being pissed off!

  • psn- Vag_Voyager

    u hack, i'll just keep letting my dogs take care of u. eeeeet mah cawk. VAG_Voyager -psn

  • Sunman5000

    I think that they made it easy to hack so they know which players to reset/ban first

  • Tanner

    i want 15th!

    • Jack T

      to damn bad

  • ray

    i honestly dont think this ruins the game so what when a 15th prestige gets owned it will be just that much more fun and really hacking it for the wepons isnt a big deal because come on we all know that leveling up in COD games doesnt take skill its just time consuming so if some one wants to do that and then play to get better than who really cares its not like it effects others in the least so everyone stop complaining and play the game.
    ( you do you and ill do me)

  • alstair

    emm whats his name cis i want to get in this challenge lobby

  • RushTarget

    As an avid COD player I have come up against people in matches that are boosting/hacking. A super sprint jump of a 3 story building, 8 shots to the chest and he doesn't drop against my commando at point blank range is ridiculous. Personally I could care less what level your combat record says, because when you play against me i am guaranteed to come find your camping a$$ sooner or later. A 101 killstreak just equals lame and those are the ones I am coming after every time I get on the sticks. As stated before your level does not make you good it just makes you a target 🙂 Learn how to play for real and step your combat K/D ratio up fools 😉

  • 15th Prestige Hack

    im one of them

    • alstair

      are you playstation if you are add me xx-x-snipez-x-xx

  • Nathan

    Add me nathanfavignano1 (:

  • ceez

    You people need to stop crying about hacking! Really? How in the world is this ruining the game? Do they get some sort of super powers that makes them invincible? Please! All they get is extra classes and emblems. There is no unfair advantage. If you're good then you're good regardless of which prestige you are. Prestige hacks are not unfair, what is unfair are glitches that are exploited by people. Like the invisibility glitch in MW2 where you can go outside of the map, run back in and be invisible. Now that is unfair! So are the elevator glitches that allowed you to get on top of buildings that are inaccessible to everyone else. Those are unfair, prestige hacks aren't.

    And by the way… for the IT security guy here posting about no one is impressed and to go attack Amazon with a denial of service attack. Why? You of all people should know that to most hackers it's not about impressing people, it's just about doing it because you can. They didn't hack this game to show off. They did it because they can. Plain and simple. Stop crying about it.

    • hades1000

      ur a loser ceez plain and simple

  • frank

    I looking for a rank hack if anyone can help let me know (

  • Ditch mf

    Hackers are Pusseys just like retards they dont want to lose

  • Chris

    to be perfectly honest i dont care if someone hacks to get 15th level prestige boo hoo they get an emblem and a title…its the other hacks that really ruin the game…turtlebeach, highlight players through walls and aimbot etc that truly spoil the game

    • hades1000


  • Jason

    Ok so it is a Game…Like all games they (Hackers) will find away to hack a game just to cheat or get the advantage. I suggest that like DVDs or Music CDs you put a lock on the hacking or if they hack it you can find out all the hackers and cancel there game play! Just saying!

  • II Efan II

    Im getting so sick of hackers. My score rank in MW2 use to be around 70,000, now that all the prestige lobbies are so easy to get into my score rank is barely 800,000

  • SolidClifford

    Is this patched and how would you go about doing it??

  • bang

    Don't forget, a lot of cheaters are just paying to cheat. And they are doing more than leveling up. Remember that chopper mowing you down over and over again as you spawn? He's up there watching you, what direction your looking and everything. autoaim, easily shoot through stuff, etc. Those are the hackers that suck. But just quit and jump to another server. quit whining. Can't do anything about it.

  • L–Kira

    oops double posted by accident xd WOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK BLACK OPS

  • gayfag

    agreed i dont like hackers either

  • L–Kira

    Personally I don't care about people hacking Prestiges. They gain nothing really but extra classes. Sure your Ak can be golden, but hell my plain one can still pwn the shit out of yours. Hackers do this to either gain attention or do it for a challenge. This is why i'm not one of those whiners who cuss at the hackers. I know they just feed off of the attention. Though it's still not fair or justified to people who are hardcore gamers. I like the idea of auto-banning anyone who jumps prestiges it makes it alot easier to keep it under control.

  • L–Kira

    Personally, hacking prestiges does not bother me very much. What exactly do they gain from hacking there prestige? Extra clases is the only positive thing in my opinoin. Sure you can have a golden Ak, Dosen't mean my plain one cant pwn the shit out of you. People that hack generally either do it for a challenge or for attention. So don't bitch and cuss at them in the lobby when you see them, they live off of that. They just want to be the center of attention and have people ask them to hack for them or say WOW SO COOL A GOLDEN FAMAS.. Who cares? Though i don't think it's right there doing this. Some people lack lives or just play alot on Cod so why should there hard work be in vain when some 12 year old has everything unlocked? Do the admins not read the leaderboards? It's clear there are several hackers. I agree with the idea of auto banning anyone who jumps prestiges, it's fair and has zero flaws. Admins need to be more active, ive seen some hackers and a little off topic, i've also seen countless emblems of naked chicks (yes i like naked chicks) but seriously it's inapropiate for the game, and i've seen worse like a nazi symbols. haha i'd love to see an auto ban system that bans there ps3 off cod servers.

  • Braden

    Black Ops Is 100% hack free atm. 3Arc is doing a fiiiiine job of patching the bugs away and keeping it as fair as possible. GO 3ARC!!!!

  • accainy

    Add me on XBOX Live, accainy is my XBOX name and my real name is ethan cain

  • LT x CainY

    hackers think they have done well and achieved something in the game by getting 15 prestige in 1 day, but they are clearly useless at the game. I dont understand why people hack, if you dont play the game that often, just dont prestige. Hackers are much more sad than the legit as they spend all there time looking to download the latest hacks.

    If you buy a game to have completed in 1 hour. and not go on it again. I suppose they do it to try and prove something. But Owell let them get on with it, It is not about prestige,the non hackers are the ones that are better at the game, hackers are generally*******

    • Nujabes ghost

      Think of it like this: Hacking a game is a game itself, except you can't get any retries and lots of people trash talk you.

      • spastic-elastic

        naw. more like masterbation

  • Phil

    Theres nothing like kicking the arse of someone who is a higher rank than me so I look forward to finding these numpties in game!!

  • Heavy J25

    Damn These Guys Who Hack Into The Game Are Losers Who Sit On Their Moms Couch Eating Pizza Rolls And Drink Red Bull All Day Long. So Personally I Feel Sorry For These Guys Who Havent Even Had A Girlfreind Yet. So Thanks Guys Who Ruined The Game For The Guys Who Have Lives Already.

  • keith

    Well actually you guys crying about us hackers remember we ONLY hacked Black ops because JD 2020 said that we wouldnt be able to, we were fine running lobbies in mw2 but they took it from us, alot of us didnt charge for lobbies we only used them as a recruit tool for our websites. Jtags offline we were bored and just moved on, TREYARCH failed worse than infinity ward in my eyes when it comes to vunerabilities of the game and I hope sledgehammer makes future warfare the up and coming game in the cod series.

    JD can be held responsible because he thinks he is game god and can run it however he wants……………Theres some pie in your face treyarch……..btw I am 15th 50 but i only play on it to recruit I have a legit account also so I can play for real……..I didnt even prestige on it yet but i should tonight 1st prestige that is. and I have a full time job, kids, and a wife i dont devote countless hours to the pursuit of hacking………..I do it because its fun.

  • megamark

    how can i hack i hav been trying for years

  • iLucky7

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    Thank You !

  • nick


  • Big Sean

    hack away my friends hack away. just make the hack public so i can get it and use it. i dont care about the prestige i just want the extra custom slots.

  • Who needs xp hacks? There’s a glitch out that let’s you prestige and keep all ur guns plus you get to level up

  • michael

    you guys writing this down now are just saying that but after u seen this ur just going to belive u can hack it as well so dont lie admit it hacking ruins all games and once someone does it everybody does it ur wasting 60 bucks to watch someone hack the game its just prestige ur just jelouse u dont have it ull just ask him how did u get it he wont reply ull report him becuase he never told u dont lie ur just jelouse scrubs that are so l.d in the head.

  • Nad

    well my concern is that they are not doing anything about it.. Its like they are ok with it.. Look at the leader board at black ops..hackers are all in top and they are still playing.. Seriously. they have failed so pissed that i wasted my money! I gotta tell you this.. that i will never buy treyarch game again.. their sound, graphics and the game itself is not good.. I liked MW2 lot better so much smoother ! You could play with your clan! Our clan still plays MW2!

  • grave

    If it was an aim bot hack or see enemies through walls hack I would understand but a prestige hack? I mean come on, seriously? Your a bunch of whiners if you ask me. You see, some people don't have the time or patience to get that far without getting frustrated, bored, or both. Besides, all there doing is unlocking stuff, in no way does it effect gameplay whatsoever.

  • cmc75

    I never understood why cheaters cheat. This is supposed to be a game correct? What's the gain in cheating in a game? The idea of a game is to compete for fun, and let the chips fall where they may. You may win some and lose some.

  • Keith

    Might aswell hack the game, its a dirty piece of shit waste of time, I influence everyone to hack it save yourself time this game isn't worth taking 14/15days of your time to reach 15th prestige fuck you Treyarch.

  • JACK

    so what if there are hackers iv hacked to 15th for xbox and ps3 and so u people would to if u had the chance

  • lewis

    Could you do me fitheenth on xbox 360. o iMrCuddles v

  • Gamersince1990

    Funny because all i see is crying.. Who cares if there instantly highest level.. prestige.. w.e what you should be bitching about is the kids that have clear walls, esp,aim bot, speed hack, unlimited ammo and any other bs that takes the purpose of even playing a game. maybe some poeple such as myself want the high level "i" have a life.. and do not wish to have to play 4-6 hours a day so i can stay at a fair approach to kids that A. Don't have a life… B. are like 12-16 with nothing better to do like IE.. a job.. Kids.. real things.. all of you crying need to grow up some day.. dont aim bot.. just use the weapons that the game should provide.

  • kingpin

    neat gamer is obv a noob some people can get up levels quicker than others like me

  • Ashley

    People who hack or make hacks to get to the top level i give credit for you people all sit here complaining how they ruined the game, being top level doesn't ruin the game, hackers who do mods(which i have come across in mw2) kill games, I'd rather hack and get to top level then waste all those hours of my life doing it especially as mw2 is a better game then black ops

  • ferhat

    someone please upload a undetected blackops hack on many upload sites so people like me can download free. sick of these survey request. FILL OUT A SURVEY TO COMPLETE DOWNLOAD IM FUCKING SICK OF THEM.

    Upload to hotfile or rapidshare so we can download please stop wasting fucking time idiots. ANOTHER THING STOP PASSWORDING COMPRESSED FILES ASS HOLES

  • tom

    have fun with all the hackers on mw2 and black ops guys, im gonna go play some battlefield bad company 2. i bought it when it first came out and i havent had any problems with hackers yet. also its more realistic and straight up better

  • HEY AWSOME i LoVe the HACK BUT THE GAME SUCKS anyway you can only use one claymore and the warlord perk doesn't let you use 2 atachments when you use granade launcher with anything else and also the SERVERS are CRAPY they screwed up the CALL OF DUTY FRANCHiSE. PS IT'S THE WORST CALL OF DUTY VERSION ACTIVISION HAS MADE IT'S NOT FUN PLUS GRAFICS & SOUNDS ARE TERRiBLE SO THE ONLY GOOD THING IT HAS IS THIS HACK MAYBE if you could use 2 claymores and SCAVENGER PERK could reload and better server maybe people wouldn't look for hacks

  • iNs4nePT

    Sometimes i am sad i quit playing FPS online at arround 2002…
    … and then i get reminded why i quit in the first place.

    If people would simply boycott any games that are this easily hacked, i am sure companies would start using *serious* security measures to prevent it.

    What happens, though, is games getting 9.0/10 scores in reviews for their "online experience".

    Online FPS = someone freaking shoot me in the face

  • iCanHazConnections

    Okay guys, to the people who are gonna complain, this hack has only been split screen tested. According to special people I know, they will not release the patch modifier .ff's until at least 6-8 months after the game has come out. Reason being, 1. Hackers enjoy the game too and don't want to get fucked over by their own work. 2. They do not want Treyarch to try to patch this and know that it will take months before they "slacken" on their community support because they are working on the next game. I do not provoke or support hacking in any way, I only associate myself with these people so I know when people are going to fuck this game up.

    ps. This is almost EXACTLY the same XP hack as MW2. We don't have any super hackers or anything, it is simply a few modifications in the patch. If this is released early, Treyarch the beautiful developer will patch it. Remember the Care Package glitch was patched within a day, and 3 patches have been released already in the first 2 weeks. This game isnt being ruined any time soon.

  • Redstar

    So I have a question? Why does everyone saids it ruins it for everyone, if some one hacks there account it doesn’t make them better players or anything like that, it just gives them cool emblems and titles ect… But in no way it ruins the fun for all the rest of us, like I said hacking the game for prestige 15 doesn’t make them better players.

    • spastic-elastic

      except when they see through walls. theres types of hax that seriously f up the balance.

  • wa'dereck

    fucking put a save file lock on the damn game already…Pretty sure it'll be harder to hack without someone save data easily available to download off the net…Make it utterly useless lock the damn save file like grand theft auto..And at least give us a few months of peace….IP ban anyone who hack to access your game in general…We know you care about money but damn you losing devoted players in the long run to this bull…IP ban them, lock the save file so others cant use them, And monitor leaderboards… case closed

  • dogzballz

    what a legend lol

  • lololol

    Eh… Can't Treyarch just see that someone is 15th prestige and think "hmm…. he can't of got it that quick…"

  • RLBL

    Hackers do not ruin the game for me…. I just do not play with them

  • Weasel

    Meh Prestige is gay anyway, i just sit at rank 50. This is an FPS, not an RPG.

  • Ahmed

    Black ops booster, Cod Points unlock, and prestige.

    Not made by me.

  • Chatip_18

    ADD CHATIP_18 !

  • Hackers are the reason i dont enjoy playing COD games anymore.The other day i was in a game on MW2 in Fuel when players where taking off with black jetpack like things attached to them and every second an emergency airdrop was being called next thing i knew they was out of the map then a tactical nuke finished game! I haven’t been online since this madness happened and i doubt i be online again anytime soon because i am very angry when i spent a lot of money buying a playstation a huge TV un the COD games for my online gaming just to be totally ruined by these criminal scumbags!

  • Jordan

    I think these hackers should be given a job designing the security systems for the games because obviously they would know what they are not able to bypass

  • ChroNiC.

    tbh vac picks up all exe files on computer but doesnt ban for a while just to catch out many many more people using the same hack so soon enough they will get theres

  • Dante

    "What's the point", "why do that", etc.
    Don't you realize that for some people its a challenge. A new and widely expected game comes out and within a few hours they crack it. Its self-satisfying. I'm not defending the hacker(s) who did it, I'm just saying that there are different reasons for doing that. Maybe it was done from competition. Who knows.

    Personally, I don't give a rats a$$ about it. Even with Prestige 15, you can get insanely penetrated by a Level 1 Player.

    • Nolife wHacker

      Reminds me of the time I jailbroke my iPod and hex edited Mass Effect. I didn't mod Mass Effect to reap the rewards, I did it because it felt good. It's like asking people why they "Do the dirty laundry" with a "glove". Not really, but still.

    • my two cents

      When all is said and done I really don’t care if someone hacks, except when it affects MY profile-i started playing MW2 about a month ago. I had gotten to level 34 and got into a lobby where someone changed all of my weapons classes. I could do nothing to fix it, and had to create a whole new profile. Again, after getting to level 32 someone hacked my profile again and when I got out of the lobby I was level 70 and all weapons were available to me.I got BO a week ago and have only been in a few lobbies where I’m sure people we’re hacking…made my asshole pucker up but I just exited immediately. So, hackers, if this is how you choose to validate your life, go ahead and hack away to get 15th prestige…I’ll still kill you a lot because you still can’t play very well…just please LEAVE MY PROFILE ALONE. That’s not asking too much is it?

  • GummyBear

    It's text-book attention seeking behaviour. Look at all of you, enabling them.
    They LIKE this attention, it is part of a ritualistic need to gain status.
    Stop elevating them.

    Like the IT Security guy mentioned, if they were any good they wouldn't be wasting their efforts on new code (or maybe they are honing their skills in preparation but that's conjecture and I won't stand for it).

    In what way have they ruined the game?
    They haven't suggested that YOU do it as well…besides, maybe they can't be bothered boosting when this shortcut presented itself so nicely?

    Anyone over-reacting to this is a sensationilist and a drama queen.
    Grow the f*** up…it IS just a game after-all.
    Aren't you used to this by now?
    In what way is it so unexpected?
    I'd be upset if it didn't happen to every game…exploits lead to homebrew (though, not really in this case – even if it did, big woop).

    Wow, digressive and utterly lacking in point…I think my comment will be at home here with other such childish things.

    'Enjoy your game, just don't complain.
    Cause in the end it's all the same.'

    That's a little poem for you; eat it, smell it, f*** yourself with it for all I care but don't bitch at me about it – because in the end…I just don't give a f***!
    Peace out.

    • steve

      I reley agre wid that i mean halfe them ruing it wid there biching and monaing they should all get a fuc#ing life

  • PhatMonkey25

    Well to me who is just a mediocre player it just ruins the game. For those who are not that good at any of the games, stay off. Little girls can’t win without finding a way to cheat. Give props to the people who play the game the right way and earn their war wounds.

  • Wind

    all these people saying the hackers need to get a life and get a girl, people like us (me. not a hacker) are the ones without lives! the hackers get the max level and all the guns, while we sit here everyday, neglect our jobs and girlfriends to grind levels.

    Who has more of a life? the hacker or US who play the game constantly to unlock guns and titles and facepaints etc

    • tommyb

      haha i agree with you there they just get it all over and done with im 1st prestige it took me a total of 24 hours to get there so anouther 336 hours or so and ill be 15th prestige we all seriously need to get a life to be putting that much time into a computer game but im still going for 15th prestige may be sad it may not but i paid 40 quid for the game and i pay the 5 pound xbox live monthly charge so im guna get my moneys worth or i may just give up like when i got top rank on RDR and it got corrupted so had to start from rank 1 ive given up on that and bad company 2 im rank 37 can i really b botherd to get to rank 50 i dunno i usually lose interest within a few prestiges and somthing new comes out

  • kyle

    the first thing they should of done before they mad the game was to make sure it was hack free, but obviously there not that smart, this game has not even been out for a week and yet people are already hacking like come on you guys are supposed to be great at making ( obviously not ) im really dissapointed and wish that people who have the time to hack would just get a life and get a girl

  • Don't Flame On Me

    I think hacking is cool so you actually have a life instead of coming home from school and playing it all night or skipping school to becom 15th prestige

    thats a fact but :

    Person who CREATED the hack has no life

    People that DID the hack will have a life for fucking sure cuz after some time they'll get bored 😀


  • neatgamer117

    surely the whole point of the game though is to play and enjoy. Not to get 15 prestige and wank over it. Your ranking and prestige level is just a reflection of how much you play the game. It doesn’t reflect how good you are as a player. Take a trueskill system like reach or fifa. That is based on skill not length of time played. So there is no point hacking cod apart from to kill off your account on that game. No more challenges to earn and such. Sad bastards i say.

    • !5th Prestige Wanker

      I just want to get 15th prestige and wank over it. Sorry…

    • someone random

      i agree

      • Nicky

        same here

  • tyler Flamisch

    I think hacking is cool so you actually have a life instead of coming home from school and playing it all night or skipping school to becom 15th prestige

    • robin

      u r a homo


      Yes, but hey, what about us who may not skip school, play it all night, or hack, but are still a high prestige/rank? Most of us have lives. Most of us have our ranks not by doing the above listed, but pwning ppl who are just jumped from lvl 1 to 15th prestige immediatley. I just got the game a few days ago, have only clocked in five hours on it, and have already prestiged once. You want to know how to do it? Practice, or have a knack. Beast with a 30-3 kills in a match, over and OVER AND OVER. Hacking isn't cool. To hack most games, you have to spend countless hours running code over and over. THAT is having no life, and I agree with some of the above comments saying they should insta-ban acc.s!

      • ben

        You didnt get a prestiege in 5 hours lol smd

  • Eric

    Another patch is actually coming out for Black Ops challenge lobby. My one friend EliteMossy is a creator of hacks and he actually made the 2nd ever challenge lobby on Modern Warefare 2. It is wrong but some people dont have the time to be a pack rat all day. I know im not hacking, but I also know that im not gonna let this game be a distraction. ——-PSN Eclark1

    • daniel

      i patch and do challenge lobbys for mw2 black ops add me for a cl and admin for 48 hours
      of admin seya guys screw the peeps who dont like hackers 😀 add me ezyscopeHD

  • We all know I’m cool

    Haha nice one I’ve almost hacked it lol so easy

    • robin

      you are a fanny

    • fifaman2189


  • eric

    who cares i think it is fucking sweet yes it is quit crying and the rebooter was released today

  • Kyle Rice

    i've never heard of a server admin on Black Ops. I am disrespectful and discriminatory all the time.

    • robin

      so am i – you are a tool

  • Par

    Well, the main difference between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops is, unlike Modern Warfare 2 where hackers rained down on everyone's parade, they couldn't be kicked. At least in Black Ops, server admins are on post, they they will kick people who are cheating, discriminating, disrespectful, and so on.

    • Mack

      Unless there hacking also?

    • hello

      I've seen a lot of discriminating in black ops and no admin seems to care, its annoying as f***

  • wired_flesh

    anyone that goes from level whatever no prestige to 15th prestige in one match should be on an auto ban. take a page from blizzard, i brought a lil hack prog to a live server and was instabanned within 5 min just for using a speedhack. even though it was a trial account i assume that it works the same way for my real one… i didn't use it again…..lesson learned…..that's what we need here

  • neatgamer117

    so the hackers have “finally” wet their pants playing black ops. Wow! You know i had some really good, legit emblems in mw2. I was proud of my “end of line” title but it means nothing when these twats (boosters consider yourself included) cheapen everything. Activision should take a leaf out of rockstars book and boot the hacked accounts off the system.

    • L33T ITz HAXOR

      Speaking in Legal matters and Game database server matters as well… It would be impossible or atleast highly unlikely for activision to do that. In fact due to their outdated TOS, If they did they would be sued by some dumbass with no life and they would sadly lose. Not to mention all they can legally do is reset them back to level 1 due to their own faultyranking systems. they cant techinically be banned becuase all it takes is a new account and or change of ip address in which i can bypass in less than a second… Gratz at your nerdrage 😉 as i will be taking MY Jtag online with the new Freeboot on the 27th of december for a 2grand profit on lobbies,,,, Thats a GARUNTEED Profit by the number of people already paying for their lobbies in advance 😉 HAVE FUN!

      • robin

        only 1 thing gauranteed mate – you are a wa**er

        oh and another thing, i would love to kick you right in the nuts

        • spastic-elastic

          second that.

          i punched a kid in line at gamestop who was braggin bout his leet hax. he left with a bloody nose, and was banned from the store and I just left before the authorities arrived.

          thats for all of us.

        • craig

          The guy's just trying to make a living from saddos who want 15th. Good luck to him I say. And thanks to him for making the wankers of this world a little bit poorer.

  • even if its been hacked a good time can still be had by all those who will play the game for fun of playing not to see how good there are by hacking

  • angus

    add me GUSSAC1

    • nathan

      add me nathanfavignano1

      • Anon Elite

        Wtf? Seriously, contribute to the conversations…

  • Phish

    You people are worse than the glitches yeah they do spoil the game but you can chose to leave and everyone knows that they are crap at the game you keep telling those people to get a life. You are taking the game to seriously and maybe you might need to get a life and get off the game. Give the people that are crap a chance of getting somewhere on the game because they can’t level up like you hardcore players and when they come up against one of you they have no chance of getting a kill because you hardcore players take them out it just levels the playing field. At the end of the day you have a choice glitch don’t glitch

    • BeefWellington

      Wow, you sound just like every little f*g out there that pays hackers to enter the prestige lobbies. Well buddy guess what, there's no way you can legitimize hacking of any sort. You can talk about "leveling the playing field" all day but in the end the only way to level it is to get better at the game and stop calling every decent player who kicks your ass a "hardcore" gamer.

    • FreeAirBandit

      This is SERIOUSLY what is worng with kids these days. You don't want to work for ANYTHING! Your helicopter parents who followed you around throughout your entire youth, and probably still are, have done everything for you that you should have had to earn, and now that you have figured out that you suck at everything on your own, you make up some lame line that makes your continued lying, cheating lame ass excuses for accomplishments seem meaningful, when in reality, you just don't want to do the work. You want it handed to you for no effort. Congrats. You and your kind have done it. The rest of us who work for everything we have or will have, know who you are, we know you suck, and really, you know it too.

    • BlackCox

      Bro don't be stupid. Just because people play video games a lot doesn't mean they have no life. I have a girlfriend, I have a job, I go out with friends, and hell yes I play COD for hours a day. How come when someone watches television too much, or plays sports all day, they have a life but gamers apparently don't. I do what I enjoy doing and if someone ruins the game then they can GTFO. I don't give a shit if I can beat them anyway. I am working hard to get to 15th prestige. Wtf do these losers get to be there in a couple of seconds. It sounds like your supporting these guys.


      actually…. your a fuckign moron… us "hardcore" players got that way by playing shooters for 10 to 15 years… you fucking pathetic faggot kiddies expect to be good right off that bat.. and when you are not you hack like the bitches you are.

      The truly funny ass shit about that… is in order to become good you have to practice and constantly learn from your mistakes… while hacking.. you cant do that and in turn perpetuate your own faggot ass hackness… congrats…your a loser


      I'm agreeing with everyone else who replied to your comment Phish. Pathetic cheaters have no place in games or anywhere no matter what. Also gamers have lives, no matter how much time we spend playing or what we play. If we didn't have lives we wouldn't be able to play anyways because we wouldn't be alive. U MAD?

    • trevor

      listen pal, anyone can kill someone but not much can get into prestige lobbys and if your tellin me that people are crap if they try to level up normally or to hack it then why are you callin your self crap? unless you just go on enternet talking about video games that you dont play so how about you tell me who is crap now?!!!

  • oboewan42

    Video's broken. Activision filed a takedown.

  • iTzWaCkO-

    Doing that u know has just recked the game u are such a homo……but add me. ITzWaCkO-

    • x-iTz-KaSh-x

      Lmao Mine Is x-iTz-KaSh-x

    • robin

      u r all gay……what is the point? got to be the best at everything, the only thing you lot are best at is toby thrashing all over your laptop

  • AggressoR v

    what have they hacked xbox or ps3

  • binladen11

    saddos need 2 get a life,a girlfriend and get their ass of cod

    • sadamhussain

      and you need to get a life, get a girlfriend and stop calling people exactly what u are m8

      • GeorgeBushJr

        sit down hussain I already told you once

        • BarackObama

          Change, hope, peace…. F changing the world I’m going to be playing COD for a little while longer.

  • Jamie

    Well I thank it’s a piss take to put it blunt, why the fuck buy the game just to hack it n cheat there no point at all. If you don’t want to play game as you should properly then don’t play it at all, and give us decent gamers a chance to have a fair n enjoyable cod experience, one word TWAT’s

  • Kevin

    Of course there are hacks. I am in IT security. There is no such thing as perfect security for any system in the world. One cannot be upset at Treyarch for having vulnerabilities in their code.

    • Anthony

      No but you would think that they would at least have a better more secure network then the one they have now.If these so called hackers are hacking the game then they truly have no life…honestly why cant people just play the game instead of cheating. In my opinion, if u have to hack a GAME just to play it then them hackers are just a bunch of no girlfriend having, still live in their parents basement, masturbating assholes!!!

  • Black ops is ruined already. The hackers need to get a life and stop ruining it for everyone else.

    • robert

      ikr im mad at them

    • Danny stokes

      I know it's a disgrace they can't even rank up

  • pro lol

    grats now you are prestige 15 and probably worse than most people that are rank 2010.

  • Kevin

    Of course there are hacks. I am in IT security. There is no such thing as perfect security for any system in the world. One cannot be upset at Treyarch for having vulnerabilities in their code.

    But to me hacking for max stats defeats the fun of playing doesn't it? Being max rank doesn't make you good at a game; practice does.

    Hacking a video game seems so pointless. If these "hackers" were even half decent at their trade they wouldn't waste their time on such meaningless targets. Go work on a DDoS attack for Amazon or something! No one's impressed.

    • Nolife

      If I hear about a DDoS attack on Amazon…

    • DERP

      You clearly don't understand the purpose in hacking these video games. We do it simply because we can, we're not trying to achieve anything. I do it to prove how poorly coded the security is. I don't care what level I am or what guns I have, it's the fact that I can do it, and you cannot, and neither can any of the other people.

      However, if you guys were given the opportunity you know you would try hacking too. Don't lie.

      • derpped in thabutt

        no. you do it because you are an egocentric jerk with little compassion for the other players. at least in black ops i can boot script kiddies tards like you.

  • Waltee Wartooth

    It's not really a problem to be honest, at least for the 360 owners. As without a new Freeboot (or other program) you can't take Jtags online. And after the amount of people that ruined and took advantage of MW2 I doubt that even if anyone does make one that it will go public any time soon.

    • JTAGs

      your dumb a new freetboot has been out for 2 weeks it fbBuild google it JTAGs will never DIE

  • LooseRockets

    Well its Activision? Since when do they care about online gameplay "cough" MW2 and COD: WAW and COD4 have all had this problem, so a message to the people who think this'll be a huge change, it wont, you'll have another year of hacking and back-stabbing and "I" will brush off my MW2 copy since all the hackers will be tearing Black Op's apart for this upcoming year, enjoy.

    • billy bob

      treyarch maybe black ops idiot

  • james R

    shit sounds like they need to give them some jobs. the ones they have now doing the job are not doing a good job. for them to hack so quickly.

    • Jonathon

      They should hire hackers to hack into the game so they could find out how they did it. Then release a patch. Then just keep doing that until they a really (security wise) stron system

  • MAW

    clap clap clap congrats to this tit who obviously has no life or gf!!

    • Anon.

      Idiot. Ever just think someone is smarter than you? Ever just think someone has skills you don't? Grow the fuck up or die.

    • dre

      i guess your made

    • bob

      Iw may have took there time but black opps is not what you said it would be and btw im 15th perstg all ready losers a 11 year old kid can hack the game thats bad

      • derp

        treyarch made black ops, not IW

    • 88888

      just hack no one relly cares

      • JIMBO

        if you hack then you dont need the game, it was a waste of money if you hack. Im gonna say this the 8 year old that made this hack is fat and has no life.

    • Josh

      you are right though whoever made this hack has no life, there are legit 15th people but at least they didnt hack

      • Ryan

        its their game, they can do what they want with it when they want, its their business not yours!