Call of Duty: Black Ops: Are You Experiencing Problems?

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Now that millions of people have rushed out to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops we thought we would get some user feedback to see if there were any problems with the release.

I managed to get hold of a copy last night and played it for two hours, the only major problem I experienced occurred the first time I ran the game, just after I set up the screen brightness, audio properties and agreed that I wanted to see mature content, I selected “Multiplayer” nothing happened on my Xbox 360 the game just seemed to freeze, I tried pressing B to go back, however nothing happened, all I could do was call up the guide, return to the dashboard and reload the game, after doing all of this it worked fine next time around.

I have not yet played through the campaign, in fact all I did was played online multiplayer matches, I found it a little hard getting into games with five friends who were in a party with me, however one of these friends has a strict NAT, which is probably the reason for the problem.

We would love to hear whether you have experienced any problems so far with Black Ops, a quick check on Google Updates doesn’t show any obvious problems being reported on Twitter, therefore it seems as if most people are happy so far.

Are you experiencing any problems with Call of Duty: Black Ops?

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  • Guest

    On PS3 update was out as soon as purchased the game. My friend couldn't connect to me for some reason but I had no trouble connecting to him.

    Only played for 2 hours so we'll have to see.

    • mark

      My black ops is great for nintendo wii ( everyone should get it
      its great theres zomies all same guns good graphics but no emblums :/

    • medrano

      my xbox 360 freezes when im on round 11 or 12 in the pack a punch room it frustrates me

    • Jack

      The PS3 update 1.07. did nothing for me. Last night I was only able to get on TDM with terrible lag issues. Now it's back to the regular black screen freeze up. There's nothing to fix this yet. Lens cleaner, deleting game data, system restore, change screen resolution, check all cables, traded game for new copy, and all other games work perfectly fine.

  • Rory

    My Xbox 360 version won't load. It's like the Xbox doesn't even recognize the CD. Instead of being able to click on the game to play it, it just says "open tray." Throw the CD in, close the tray, and… nothing.

    • jay

      SAME HERE EXCEPT ON THE PS3 im sooo maddddd i bought the prestige edition uqhhhhh

    • shaun

      had the same thing with f1 2010. turn off xbox and remove wires from box and then put it them back in. worked for me

    • MAT

      The Xbox Cd eye need reset.

      • Angie

        How did you reset the CD eye? My son is having the same problem with his xbox 360.

    • finland

      i had the same problem i fixed it by opening and closing it rapidly many times

    • shiverz

      same thing happen to mine.

      • Anthony

        Samething happened to mine it woulod say to open tray and would do so repeatedely once it finally loaded it would freeze up where i would have to turn the console off and back on by the button not the remote.

    • Alex

      kinda the same wheni join alobby on live i wait for 50 secs as normal then the the loading screen comes up and the line gets right to the end and i wont get to play i have to then go back to the dashboard to get back out

    • anthony

      if you have a live card swipe it in the tray closed if you hear a bad sound dont freak out thats what i did good luck

    • kevin

      mine did the same thing and it ended up that the disk reader or drive burned out had to send it in to get fixed

  • verify

    On pc its a lag feast ^_^

    • RECON104

      install ok but thats about it. game will not start at all .well the screen comes up,but thats it ,it just hangs.
      I have a high end systems aswell ,5870 amdx6,crosshair mb,fast ram.I'm a systemeng: I'v done all i ccan .I GUESS i'LL WAIT TIL A PATCH COMES OUT!!!

    • Bill

      Yup the game is slow and laggy on a PC I have no problems with MOH2 with BO
      even the cinematic is shattering and choppy. Steam needs to figure out a fix and quickly.

    • laks1201

      the game play isnt anything what you would expect for this day in age game play it all works fine single player is ok as soon as multi player comes up i might as well just not move because when i do its like a 2sec delay not happy at all treyarch should of had this all sussed and steam is just s**t anyways didnt like it when cod mw2 came out on it suppose i will just have to wait for a patch

    • zekestone

      Lock ups, audio without video, two minutes into Laos patrol boat level, all mouse control of boat is lost. Russian arctic level requires door to be opened to proceed, but… 'to open door hold space bar' ….prompt doesn't show up. Unable to access menu so requires ctrl-alt-delete to task manager.

  • Gust

    My friend and I have been trying to party up for over an hour and no matter what we do it wont work (ps3)

    • daniel

      same thing.. some friends i can connect to easily, with others i never manage

    • Gary

      I have the extact same problem

    • HELP

      I also cannot join anyones party, says game no longer available!!! HELP!!

    • Katie

      I have the same problem it’s rather annoying

    • Christina

      I have the same problem. It worked when we bought it at midnight. But we woke up today and now it doesn't let us. Game Session Unavailable.

    • guest

      same here. was able to get one game going with 5 people but that was after trying dozens of time. hopefully its fixed soon.

      • Quez_Dez

        Yeah, it says that the "game session is no longer available"

        • CoD_master

          this is so rediculous i cannot join any of my friends games at all i tried everything to figure the problem out. its just unbelievable as of right now im very dissapointed with call of duty black ops

    • Sarge

      Yep same here, we have tried a number of times to join friends and either get the "session is no longer available" message or "your friend is not in a joinable session". Two of us tried to join each other for ages and then another friend would come along and we could both join him. Ironically on other nights it has been other friends who can join us. So it can not even be out down to just our, ports, connections, firewalls or whatever. We got so fed up the other day we reverted to MW2 , shame black ops is a great game. (PS3)

      • Steven

        It worked for me to get to 38 online then froze when my mate invited me then reset my online profile to zero i called them and they told me it was corrupt data it still works one in every ten games though. .Ps3. Udoknome

  • guest

    On xbox 360 the system have frozen about 5 fimes now. It is complete lockup you have to power down and restart the system.

    • jonathan

      that's what happens to me!!! any idea how to fix it?!

    • guest

      same problem…so annoying

    • blk water jones

      i have this same issue

    • Jack

      same to me

    • Ben

      same with me on PS3, it happens at the end of every game now :(

    • Eric

      it's freezing on me loading multiplayer maps and taking tons of time to connect to games, TREYARCH FAIL, mw2 is much better

    • Joe

      I have the same issue. I traded my new COD for a new CD issue was the same. Then I thought my Xbox was the problem, so I took my Xbox 360 Slim in and traded it for a new one, issue came back. The problem for me is, it happens at random points, in multiplayer and campaign. If anyone can tell me what the issue is, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

      • Ethan

        same here…there was an update today…but it still freezes.

    • Jack

      same here! its all fine till i click multiplayer

    • jon

      i have the same problem but its when i click on xbox live on the mutiplayer screen. it completely freezes i have not been able to play in 3 days .. i have checked and so far 57 people friends and friends of friends are haveing the same issue . activison and tryarch say there is nothing wrong we all need to set a day aside and all call them the same day and make them fix it or give us our money back

    • daniel

      hey my name is daniel and when i go on my xbox to play call of duty it works but 3 maps do out of the DLC 3 work and 1 doseint stadium i dont no why but its just the one map and its pissing me off so if u no anything could u tell me plzzz

  • matt

    yeah there is a problem with this game… YOU CAN’T SNIPE

    • graham

      booo hoooo

  • http://google billy jean

    its amazing liek. no problems for me atall yanno

  • John Q Smith, Fgt.

    game doesn't work at all for PC, don't buy

    • eXor

      Might be patched. + the servers just are unable to handle it… cuz of there is no g_antilag

      • david

        I've tried for a week to get mine working – as usual crap!!

    • dan

      Yea cause i got 1000 mb grathix card that 4 x better then that crap radion 1 i dont no why it wont work i mean it works on zombies on single player so yea

  • guest2

    bone crunching lag issuse on the PC which make the game unplayable, but these things happen, needs a patch, nice to see dedicated servers again tho, and not just another souless console port :D

  • guest

    everytime i destroy the BTR in the first mission it says my actions caused my team to die or something then i have to do it again, really pissing me off, what do i do?

    • guest

      I am having the same issue

    • guest

      try resarting the level, it worked for me

    • Steve

      Mine does this every time. No matter what I do, even if I make it into the sugar field with the rest of the team.

      As soon as the BTR is blown up it says I've failed the mission.

      Major glitch.

      • Dan

        Yup same here, soon as my guy starts to go past the BTR game quits saying my actions caused my team to die . After an hour getting very hacked off.

        If they can't even get level 1 right what hope the rest of the game.

        • the gamer

          the rest of the game is good on 360 but i beat the campaign now only 2 campaign missions work and my multiplayer won't work at all the only thing that works is zombies and that gets boring

          i regret getting this game
          worst COD ever

    • Player

      Resarting worked me also!!

    • Guest

      Same here. I hope this will not block off access to other levels. And I suddenly get a headshot sometimes, when no one is around. Very wierd, but fast-paced and intense game.

  • JmJ

    On my ps3 keep getting transmission error when tyring to play online, this really bad. Never had this problem with medal of honor or bad company 2. Needs to be sorted.
    I agree there does seem to be some lag on game play. Its only going to get worse with more people buying game, but the way these errors come up it could go the other way.

  • KDH

    Having trouble partying up with friends with open NAT types. I wish Call of Duty would stick with Infinity Ward as Treyarch always makes inferior games.

  • Chris

    And then to think they could make a game better 10 years ago!
    Good network / Good servers

    * Battlefield 1942 etc.

    And now… the year 2010…..
    Didnt test it?
    Didnt learn from previous problems?

  • Corrado

    I have a problem with connecting to servers online on my computer. I just get ''CONNECTING **SERVER**'', and it stays like this.. forever. Gave it 20 minutes, when I came back it were still saying ''CONNECTING''. Someone have a solution for my problem?

    • Beast

      I got same problem on PC. I have a really fast computer and it takes forever to load between maps and eventually times out.

  • Nick

    I’ve been playing on ps3 for 2 hours and my Kills is now 4900 this is def not right?is there a glitch?

    • lewis

      same ive had over 6000 kills on sabbotage n ive only played 7 games

    • scott

      yeah mine says 30000 its bs

    • skeezy_p33t


  • Andrew

    haven't been able to party up yet on ps3

  • zach

    my game is split screen, its stupid! must be a defective game..everything i do on the top the same thing is going on, on the bottom half.

    • toby

      you might have 3d turned on check in options

  • Ben

    I have the same problem as Corrado on my pc…
    I can't join any game, it just freezes…
    I've tried over and over again, but I just can't join.

    • Jaclyn Golightley

      i have the same issue as welll, i purchased it for the wii, i can play the wager game, but everytime i try to join a team or free for all it freezes at the map menue, very ver irritating!

    • Beast

      Yep…mine tends to hang as well between maps and eentually times out. I hope they can get this fixed for PC users as we invest the most money into machines.

  • Nick

    On Nintento Wii been trying to connect for an hour now. Still unable to get online. This blows.

    • Boo


    • random dude.

      same thing happened to me until i made another profile and it worked

  • Josh

    Im having a similar issue where my xbox 360 completely freezes up during gameplay. It does not happen with any other game. I havn't been able to make it through one complete multiplayer game for a a few minutes. Single player lock me up as well. Force reset. Happens everytime I play Black Ops. On support with Microsoft as we speak.

    • guest

      please let us know what they say- i have the exact same problem.

    • dex

      nintendo wi blows

    • blk water jones

      same here

    • woody

      same here on ps3 i bout 2 black ops and it does the samething

    • Jman

      Mine for PS3 does the same thing :(

  • A Clark

    mines is not working AT ALL on my ps3!! I put the disk in and nothing happens, not even registering!! Its not my console because every othger game is fine and this is the second copy of the game ive tried!! WTF!!!!

    • R.B

      I had the same problem but when it did register on the start up screen it would freeze in the same place. i to tried various games and even went back to the shop to change it got home and hey presto it was the bloody same. HELP!?

  • Sam

    Ps3 version, no problem at all, works like a charm, I've been playing since 9 this morning

  • Rich

    My ps3 keeps freezing then shutting down about a minute into an online game. All my other games work GDR!!

    • aaron froling

      im having exactly the same problem! – have you worked out a solution yet? – Aaron

  • Logan

    Ps3 Game wont connect to any online sessions. Invites say they have already expired. So i have yet to play ANY online.

    • Help

      I also have this problem…. Can't connect to anyone!! HELP!!! UPNP is fine.

  • chris

    1) I had texture issues on the first level. All the people were black (not like negro black, but like super mega can't see black). All the weapons were gold and it looked very Sin City like… not cool

    2) I started a new game to try and resolve the issue. It froze after the 'Bay of Pigs' video.

    3) I started a new game… again… I'm not sure if it froze cuz I turned it off after 5 minutes of nothing.

    4) I deleted the information from hard drive about COD:BO, restarted aaaaand… it works… for now.

    • Aaron

      Same here… The screen goes black at nothing happens. Sometimes it will stay lit up white. Let me know if you figure anything out!

      • chris

        I played the entire campaign and some multiplayer on release day. I shouldn't have turned it off because now I get the texture issues again. I can play multiplayer but everything is black and looks like it's put over some sort of 2D mountain (hard to explain) with silver and gold weapons. I think the best course of action is for everyone to take the game back and demand refunds. :-)

        • Adam

          The same thing is happening to me now, WTH? I just got it and have only played for a couple hours, XBOX360

        • John

          On Xbox 360 i have the same issue the people are completely black out and the weapons are silver and gold have anyone figured out what to do.

        • chris

          This is really annoying. It's still having texture issues. I need this fixed with the quickness. I constantly spend 20 minutes trying to get it to work and then submit to Madden 11 instead. After playing Madden for a bit, I can try two or three times on COD: BO and it works. SOOO FRUSTRATING.

    • Eddie

      Yea this is BullSH!T every game i get into its all metallic and the guys are just black shadows moving around… does anybody have any REAL answer to why this dumb shit happens…

      • Jody

        Im having the same problem. I tried the game on a friends xbox and it worked fine for him. I have to believe its a problem with my xbox. But, all my other games work fine. I tried to load it on my hard drive and it keeps saying disc is dirty so that aint workin. Fak!

    • Houk

      Same issue, here with the metallic looking guns/floor/ objects. Also the shadow people… I put in some info to Activision, and I'm still awaiting a response…

  • ryan

    The Problem is the game just keeps fukin freezing sort it out help Please?

  • nick

    mine keepsfreezing on me too….pissing me off!!!

  • steelblackface

    all the guns on multi player sounds like they have on a silencer and there is an issue with the spawn spots sometimes you spawn right in front of people it's annoying.

  • Eli

    I cant Even Install The game i keep getting error 80710723, for the ps3 anyone else with this problem

  • [WBD]MakaveliDK

    My problems: Takes a long ass time to connect to servers. Single Player freezes, then crashes. Online, i lag like, fuck? Freezes sometimes for 2-3 secs, then starts again with lag problems. When making a class in "create a class" it can take me 20-30secs to download new settings to store my new class. For PC, btw.

  • rob

    i have the wii and the new cod black ops gets to the screen where is says its loading and then it just freezes…wtf…from all the posts i read before i put mine here i see that there are alot of issues on all the systems that the game came out on this is stupid. why would they release a game when it has all these issues…i mean i cant even get it to load to play the game..what a waste of money

  • James

    So frustrated waited for hour and a half last night, got two games working, very very very very very laggy and then froze every few seconds, unplayable, that was last night, today couldnt even connect got stuck on fetching stats, then got in, couldnt connect to any server, then connected got through the loading screen then threw me out of the game back to windows claiming a dx issue. Please Please hurry up and patch or just advise us what to do!!!!

  • mika

    Call Of Duty Black Ops wont even start with steam

  • dyna79

    Major lags. Have tried to play online/multi but it's unplayable. Great :( No reason to preorder games, just always wait a month to the first patch is there.
    Same lag problems with MW2.

  • Perry

    Wow bought PS3 version at the midnight sale and have yet to play any online matches!!!! This is a whole 14 hours!! Already beat campaign waiting for MP and have yet to be able to go online. Says “server unavailable try again later” or when it don’t say that it just stays at “trying to join lobbies screen” BS!!! but yet I pop MW2, BFBC2, and MOH in and they all online just fine!!! Bring back infinity ward

  • Negro

    My game won’t work on both me and my friends new xbox. We tried it on an older one and it worked just fine. GET THIS SHIT FIGURED OUT!! Stupid people who made all the disc fuuucked up big time! Thanks for the let down fags.

  • Sune

    I have a problem… I can't install black ops on my pc, in somehow it have to update or download in the steam library > download… and it takes 14 hours… and then i saw a video on youtube.. and the download progress was very different compared to mine.. I tried to reinstall and uninstall a few times and tried to install it in offline mode, but none of them worked. Anyone have a clue why? if so please help me..

  • guest

    For the 360, doesn't work for 1/5 of the people that buy it..
    Activision doesn't even resolve the problems…
    Don't buy it, It's shit!

  • huub

    Yes here to: keepsfreezing on verry fast pc !

    Update fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beast

      I agree. I hope they come out with a magic update. Not working and when it does it is very unstable.

  • wellbright

    When playing multiplayer on Black Ops, I constantly get two flashing red lights on the XBox 360 when I get halfway into each game. I've tried everything but still get the same result – two flashing red lights. Yet all my other games play OK. It seems to be a specific Black Ops issue…anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  • steve wood

    yeah big problem with online game it keeps saying transmission error meaning i feel that there servers cant cope with the amount of people playing online i dont think the people who made this game antisipated the huge scale of the online play,i bet the technical department will be working over-time tonight to update there srevers too cope never had a problem with modern warfare 2 online so now the campiagn mode is completed on black ops i think ill stick too modern warfare 2 for online play,another annoying problem is on black-ops online game play there is serious lag issue when u use your knife.

  • andy

    im having trouble getting a game online too….get in a game and get connection interupted after 5 seconds on ps3….so annoying n disappointing =(



    • greg

      i did that two bro i went bak exchanged Blackops for 2 more ops and both them still didnt work and zll my other games work its the disc what u think like its load up everything and shows these texture lines or whatever the fuck and i know its means it going freeze soon but when i dunno if that happens to u keep trying to get the right disc cause i thought of it and they didnt really take there time on the game on each disc to be none froze

  • lee

    i cant even get my game to install on computer!!! i mean i got the icons on the desktop but it saying needs to update from STEAM …. saying that it gona take 10n hours to download!! anybody else have that problem? and does anyone know what i can do to fix it? also.. the steam servers are extremely busy so most of the time im being disconnected:(

    • Adam

      Yeah same here, 16gb of updates. Total waste of money. Game is meant to use 8gb to install, 16gb goes beyondentheir system requirements and for thoes with capped usage are going to suffer. Pathetic. I li e in a rural area with a slow 3pm. Connection ages to wait, 8 hours!!!

  • pop

    got throughb various levels, called in the gun ship, helped to push open the door, screen goes black with the compass in the bt right corner and the yellow direction arrow, but the rest is all black any ideas.

    • paul

      that the same as me

    • jay

      turn your torch on your rifle on.

      • Wade

        how do you turn your tourch on? Im having the same issue and thought i tried everything.

    • Mike

      I use PS3, but apparently this works for X-Box and PC as well.
      I saved the game before being asked to open the door.
      Then when asked to press the square button, I press square and X as fast as I can.
      Apparently you can just press X repeatedly and it will work.
      It worked for me and it's worked for others I've seen in other posts.
      Thought I'd put it here because it ranked well in a Google search on this topic.

    • Nick

      Same happend here.

  • karl

    Im sorry but I have an old version of HD tv and all I am getting is sound and no picture, someone tell me what can I do????

  • karl

    I just get a blank screen and sound!!! what do I need to do to get it to work?

  • Scott

    PS3 the Lag is rediculous. Mo other problems

  • Tyler

    Me and a friend are trying to play just a regular one on one local game against each other and cant find where to change time limit, kill limit, etc… Figure that shit out

  • hondaman01

    mines freezing on me and i believe it just burnt up my blue ray lens (PS3) it froze on me while trying to load new game online and it pushed the disc out and now whatever game i put it its not reading anything

  • Waiting

    (PC) game will not install from Steam – servers have been "too busy" for the last 3 hours. I've paid for this game so I would like to play it. Too much to ask? Steam support sucks.

  • Stephen

    I have not been able to play multiplayer OR single player yet…when i join a multiplayer game, it freezes after 10 seconds, same problem with campaign + zombies. can't push any buttons, all i can do is turn off my 360 and try again, but it always freezes. been trying since 10am. i even exchanged the game for a new one and i still have the same problems. absolutely rediculous. other games work fine on my 360, so my guess is it's something to do with the disc.

    • Stephen

      I called Activision, who said that they believe the problem is the firmware update for Black Ops not installing correctly, and that I have to contact Microsoft. Microsoft said I have to send in my console to get it looked at :S Might be a problem with the hard drive or something…but ultimately I'm left with sending it in (out of warranty) or buying a new 360.

  • ALY

    PS3 – Given up due to lag and childish graphics. MW2 is back in the machine and Cack ops is going back to the store tomorrow.

  • Timo

    The game play is great but i can not connect to my friends and form a party. This is really lame. Hope this gets worked out soon. We never had any trouble making a party in MW2 so I just don't know……………..

  • Rubicks

    PC version: The campaign crashed just after the battle of Khason (sp?) and then on multiplayer it keeps resetting my stats. I passed level 17 at least 3 times but a few minutes later I'm level 16 again.

    My friends and I got a dedicated server and I cannot find it on the server list. I was able to accept a friends invitation and then I added the server to my favorites but my favorites list does not even show our server.

  • Laurynn

    my boyfriend got to level 3 earlier on today and now everytime he plays a game in multiplayer he gets to level 4 all though he doesnt the game freezers the whole xbox and we have to restart the xbox360 to get the game up and running again.. which looses the points to stop him getting to level 4!! Its really annoying him as he cannot create his own classes until he reaches level 4. Is there some problem with the disc or is it the internet being slow as there are sooo many people playing on it??? will this problem get worse as more and more people are buying the game? or will it get better because people are getting that fraustrated with it they are deciding to switch it off?? Its alot of money to be spending on a game that doesnt work. Surely it shouldnt lag soo much. And it deffenetly shouldnt crash the whole computer!

    Somewhere down the line something wasnt thought of by these technology guys..My boyfriend is now playing offline to see whether the same probem occurs!
    Do we need to take the game back or just wait and see what happens?
    Any help or suggestions??

    • blk water jones

      i have the same problem.

  • Adam

    PC Version.

    SHIT! updates already, 16gb in total!!! wtf is going on?! waste of money

  • Laurynn

    same problem happening when not online! this game has to go back!!!

  • Alex

    All is well until I hit start, then I can see compass in bottomr right hand corner and hear whats going on but screen is scrambled colors with shadows of people. Have restarted many times with same results. Help Please!!!!

  • Joe

    I had the BTR problem, played mission from checkpoint over 80 times, restarted over 12 times and it still happens, annoyed to the max…srsly.

    • jon

      dont feel to bad there was a glitch and all care packages after geting the crate it would blow up and kill me . 13 times to be exact

  • randolphwebb91

    I got it for PC and I can't even play it because of a DirectX unrecoverable error problem which is pissing me off….

    • Beast

      I went down a long road on this one. You have many errors coming your way bud! Have fun!


    When I attempted to download the update on my PS3, the fukin thing blew my Dual Shock out! Whats up with this game?

  • Joe

    I try to connect to nintendo wifi and it just keeps loading IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mickey

    My PC version wont play at all and locks up my entire computer. No choice but to shut down and reboot. Did everything the support website said to do, called customer support (live person) & did what they said, and still have the same problem. Resubmitted the problem online, included the diagnostic results from my PC (requested) and no reply yet. If I’d known this would happen I would have never bought it. $60 for nothing, and I am now a dissatisfied customer. My son has it for his PS3 and it’s working perfectly.

  • Bristolkid

    I cant even install the damn thing on PS3…just keep getting error message 80010514. This doesnt happen with any other games and never has!

  • t six

    wii version just sits attempting to log onto multiplayer. its been over 45 minutes trying to log on.

  • Jiggy

    bought it first thing in the morning was all excited to play poped the Cd in my PS3 worked fine played a bit of single player went pretty well then decided im going to try multi player chose the PSN connecting……OPs the F***ing Black ops servers arnt working please try later or check for f**king server status did work all f*cking day and we wait all this time for this piece of crap? i want my f*cking money back
    PS: any one got the same problem or solution should hit me up.

    • ronny

      thats exactly what mine was saying too. everytime im about to play it lags out and brings up the message that says check the server or some shit like that and everytime i try to look at my kill/dealth ratio my ps3 freezed

  • kbraulick

    I have the old 60gb ps3 and was playing Black Ops for like 2 hrs and now when I try to go on my playstation just shuts off everytime it tries to load a game. I can't even play the campaign. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • IrishVigilante5

    Only problem I had on xbox360 is that I can’t party up with my friends. This needs to be fixed. I know on MW2 we had some that had a strict NAT that couldn’t host but never had a problem connecting to someone with an open NAT. We really want to play as a CLAN on this game HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    PS3 my system wont even get past the intros it just hangs after the intro in a black screen!

  • jasper

    tried for an hour to get onto multi with wii, nothing happened. never connected and couldn't play.

  • Laura Smurr Owczarek

    I cant get Rasmov in Varkuta (the protect part) to move. He'll stay where he is and not sauter his way through the one gate. I just put the game on. WTF?!

  • tyler moskal

    I cant sprint or shoot, then it shoots continuosly even tho im not pulling the trigget. Ps33 default flipped and inverted with high sensitivity. its fucked

  • Simon

    Everytime I select multiplayer, my 360 just locks and freezes. Feels good, really, nice job testing the servers.

  • Tyler

    Online is not really working. Connected to three games total. Also says I have wayyyy more kills than I do :/

  • Mark

    Wii owner: single player works just fine. Multiplayer just sits on the "Please Wait" message for WFC connecting. What's going on?

  • Ron

    PS3 keeps freezing. Doesn't matter if its online or campaign. YLOD.

  • Mark

    Hey, at least for Wii owners all you have to do is make a new profile. Name it something different. I connected immediately as soon as I did that.

    • Jaclyn Golightley

      yea see it doesn't always work…it worked the first time for us…then it started freezing again and we tried to do it again…and now nothing…its stays frozen

  • David

    PC version…installed…but when I click on the multiplayer icon…loads steam, then quits the process…frustrating

  • justin

    bthis game is fucked up im surprised its this screwed up

  • coy

    everytime i try to join a game with a party it kicks everyone out and we have to back out and invite everyone agian this happens about 5 times before we just give up and play by ourselfs

  • jones dawg

    how the f**ck can i party up me and my friends keep trying but it keeps saying game invite expired WTF

  • maggoochef



    in general multi-player black ops on ps3 is great its faced paced with lots of action…. but the amount of lag and errors that keep on popping up through out the game is unbearable its hard to get a party started with friends online even when they are just playing up the street it times out 9/10 times… i seem to only be able to play with them by joining their lobby… this is a mutual thing that has happened to all friends on ps3 when we try to start a party. treyarch please fix this problem as soon as possible

  • Mike

    I play on wii and it was difficult to get connected to the wifi at all at first. Then whenever I got the cobra after a 7 kill streek and tried to use it, nothing happens. I then got killed, and it said that the cobra was standing by again, so I tried to use it and again nothing. This continued every time I died. Also the game seems rather slow on multiplayer…

  • Matty y

    When I play on ps3 online I have no probs at everything is fine until I get killed. My connection is great but every time I die the kill cam comes up I lagg out and it says connection interupted I’ve owned the game since midnight or yet to be able to play a whole round of online play. Pissed

  • dave t

    bought b ops on pc from tesco got home it didnt load went back to tesco they swapped game no problem still didnt load swapped it again managed to get it loaded tried single campaign MAJOR LAGGGGGGGGGGGGG turned it of went back to modern warfare happy again b ops a waste of money

    • Beast

      I finally got mine to play even though it is still unstable. I had to bump up to a minimum of 4Gig of RAM. I still have problems on multiplayer though.

  • dave t

    dont waste your money yet wait a couple of weeks and the problems will be sorted the way its going they will be paying you to get the game get back on m warfare.

  • Jay

    xbox is mega laggy for me and all my mates. you dive behind a wall then then you glitch back about 5 foot and die and sometimes when searching for a game it says 50 games found then it goes to joining game lobby then goes back to found 50 games yet you never join one. if they could sort out the connections and there issues then the game would be good. but until they do the game as it stands is terrible online

    • blk water jones

      i had a similar problem and my names also Jay, what are the chances lol

  • ahmad

    I have got DirectX problem :|

    • Tristan

      Check the CD at "My Computer", go to the folder resources, open the directX folder and look for dxsetup.exe and run it. This might help you!

  • josh M

    Connecting to games takes ages in a party like forever taken us 20 mins to get into a match. the connection is pretty bad they should hve dedicated servers. and it needs mre guns and mre stuff the buy.

  • LindaG

    grrrrr my game keeps freezing or it would take for ever to get into a game.. then i cant see nothing on zombie mode i cant seem to fix my brightness in the options ahhhhhhhh so fustrated i was looking forward it enjoy this new game but it looks like world at war is better for me for now until they fix all these problems…… PLEASE ANYONE HOW CAN I FIX MY BRIGHTNESS WITHOUT MESSING WITH MY TV????????

  • Rich

    I have the same problem! Its never happened with any other game. As soon as i put th disk into my xbox give it a minute or two and it freezes!!!! why?? Ive updated, even brought another copy. Is their a glitch in the game settings?

  • daniel

    PS3 online does not work. I sign in, click find a game then about 5 seconds later i get signed out of my Playstation Network account. Major issue i cant even get on for more then 10 seconds in the lobby menu, MW2 worked fine.

  • Chad

    PC – Won't load, can't play anything.. just goes to black screen.. YAY

    • Beast

      u got fast enough computer? Even though it says minimum is 2 Gig of RAM I found out that 4Gig is minimum… This game is very picky!

  • kevin

    hi the game is lagging and also keeps booting me out anyone else having this problem as it only happens on line

  • George

    Can't even connect on wii. Pretty upsetting for what it costs.

  • Turk

    What a F'in crock. This server crap is ridiculous. It's by pure luck if I can actually connect with a friend on my PS3. I have to start a match and they have to join the session, not my invite. So they are on the other team most of the time. It's lagging like crazy, and kicks just as much, if not more then MW2. I'm pissed and wish I never got so excited to buy this chunk of shit. I wish they just came out with more map packs for MW2 instead. I dont like the killstreaks nearly as much. The maps are beautiful, but very unexplorable. It's like they took all the fun out of finding any kind of off the "path" hiding spots. I hope they got one hell of a huge patch to fix these issues, cause this shit is old and getting boring really fast.

  • TURK

    Infinity Ward can make HUGE BUCKS just by coming out with a few more map packs for MW2 again. I would much rather earn emblems and titles then play this laggy as hell MW2 wannabe. Im level 34 and sick of Black Ops already. Thanks for putting out a shiny turd Treyarch……oh bye the way, your game is garbage too.

  • TURK

    I want to be able to collect titles and emblems. I want to be able to explore around a map instead of being stuck to a path. Way to take all the fun out of a game. I can't beleive I waited in line so long to get screwed. The maps are gorgeous, but you can't explore that beauty very much at all.

  • Alexis

    It sucks that i can play modern warfare 2 w/o lag an this game rarely lets me play online, keeps droping hosts. when i try to fire at somebody it takes amost the whole clip to drop them and sometimes they kill me AFTER I pumped them full of lead only to find out during the replay cam that the game never registered my attempt to fire this is really bad lag. Treyarch should fix the servers up instead of tracking all kinds of useles crap like how much bullets have been fired since game launch or how many people have already prestige 1 WHO Cares I say that is an extra burden for the servers already chugging on the gameplay side. Don't get me started on the replay video posting crap either.

  • Chris

    Can't party up with my friends on Black Ops! WTF

  • Beast

    Mine keeps disconnecting…

    Loads up then throws a screen saying unable to connect…

  • memo

    I'm using a Core 2 Duo P8800 with 4GB Ram and Ati Radeon HD 4650. And I'm still lagging on this game! A patch should be coming on the way and hope it will solve problems on grahics engine.

  • SCI

    Im having same problem as a few ppl. During level where i have to help push open the door, the screen goes black, with just the compass in the corner, ive been told its supposed to go black but only for a few seconds.. mines just stays like that. I can hear myself move and hear everything else going on but get nothing but black and my compass..

    Anyone know if this is a glitch that can be fixed or is it just a bad disc.?

  • Chris Ayers

    when i get into the lobby to join a game i am unable to join everytime on tuesday i was able to play for a few hours but still took forever, but ever sence than i have sat in an empty lobby for maybe a half hour at a time. so idk whats wrong its with the 360.

  • SCI

    Im having same problem as a few ppl. During level where i have to help push open the door, the screen goes black, with just the compass in the corner, ive been told its supposed to go black but only for a few seconds.. mines just stays like that. I can hear myself move and hear everything else going on but get nothing but black and my compass..

  • MongosPawn

    I'm having level up issues on the PC, played for a few hours last night moved from lvl 8 to 13 then went to purchase some new tech, half way through the class setup screens I got a downloading settings popup then suddenly dropped back to lvl 8. What an arse!

  • Andy

    Having lots of problems getting into games with parties of 5 or 6 people. There can be 3 million people playing the game, and it cant find us a lobby to play with that many people. We have no problems when its just 2-3 of us.

  • joel

    Constant connection interrupted message havent been able to finish a game in 3 hours

  • spaniko

    no major problems yet, but u cant snipe, lag is big time only when u snipe…. i guess im not returning mw2 multiplayer there at still works

  • Lastgladiator

    black ops sux,audio is sh1t ,maps are sh1t spawn is sh1t u cant invite friends like mw2 i am crying for the 55 euro i spent for this shitttttttttttttt..many ppl asid that mw2 is modern warfail i want to see them now what they are going to say about black ops shit treyarch iw ownz

  • Klatu

    Multiplayer connect problems when party is larger than 2 people (XBL and PC). Especially during peak hours (late afternoon/evening). Party is lobbied, ready to go, then as the game is about to start everybody is booted. Treyarch stated they are "aware" of server capacity issues and are addressing the issue. My guess is they knew the game would be big, but didn't expect the 3-4 million people online simultaneously during peak hours. They apparently intend to add more servers. Little late, but can't blame them for being pessimistic about sales in this economy.

  • guest

    i have a wii, i go into multiplayer mode, and click on "connect to nintendo wifi" or whatever and it says please wait. i have been sitting here for over an hour waiting. is the server just full… or what?

  • Jud

    I'm having trouble with the XBOX 360 version. Whenever I try to resume my campaign, it will go through the intro/intel but then the screen goes white and freezes.. What do I do?

    • Amanda

      Have u found a fix for ur problem as am experiencing exactly the same.

  • ali

    the texture on my looks not finished then it like in a couple of secondes it goes normal its sooo anoying

  • NeedHelp

    for some reason when i insert the game in my xbox360 it goes to the start up screen then freezes then goes to a black screen where it says please wait on the bottom right corner and then it goes to the start up screen again then freezes AGAIN and its a continues loop from their on HELP PLEASE

  • Thaisson

    This is great… Now they fixed the lag, it was unplayable for me and now the update came, no lag at all. BUT NOW I CAN'T CONNECT TO ANY SERVER AT ALL! It says connecting and won't go any further. How is this possible…

  • radar

    26 hr download an stil won't play

  • dan

    black ops.. bit of a let down
    multiplayer maps are crap and very small
    …cant quick scope….cant no scope…game play seems slower… respawning positions are crap…sound effects not as good…kill streak rewards not as good…party set up takes a long time…finding matchers takes a long time

  • Nader

    on ps3 some of my friends can join my party and matches and i can join theirs, but theres others that cant join any of mine and i cant join them which i really hate cause i want to play with them.. i dont think this problem is only on ps3 because i was talking to my cousin the other day and he experiences the exact same problem as me,, so pleaseeee can you fix this? there is also a bit of lag but im getting use to it, well im trying because the game is amazing

  • phil

    i have a blank screen on mission 6 part 3 does any one else have this problem

  • TURK


    • Ben

      omfg i completely agree, the spawning is complete turd. i killled one huy and he spawned 5 metres behind 2 seconds later. ive only been playing s&d now :/

      • PSN ID: Pyr0n1c

        yeah i hate that especially on NUKETOWN!!!!!!

  • guest

    Everything worked great the 2 days then all of a sudden when I try to play my XBox 360 comes back with a message that the game requires and update, but the update couldn't be found. I'm connected to my internet so its not an online problem.

  • steven

    cant getmultiplayr to come up on wii

  • Genx

    Blackops freezes sometimes during connection, but lately, it's been freezing right in the middle of games and it's getting worse. I played for 1 hour and the game froze 3 times. Each time I had to reboot the system.
    This is BULL SHIT!
    They probably knew it and still released the game!

  • Genx

    Blackops froze 3 times during games in one hour. Each time I had to reboot the system.
    Extremely disappointed with the people that made the game, knew it was bad and still released it anyway.

  • James

    Very good matches, love the wager matches, yettt maps are small can snipe, takes for everr to connest to server connects like 2 out of 10 times, weapons are good, sounds good, zombies good, only thing that’s missing is more kill streaks :(

  • Dennis

    I have the wii version. Aside from the multiplayer problems everyone is having, my frame rates are awful. So bad it isn’t really playable. Probably something like 3-6fps. If this problem continues I will take it back and get a refund.

  • Darkcobra

    I have the Wii version, connection sucks. I spend more time trying to get connected then booted out when you think you are connected. Had to create two profiles and flip back and forth before it connects.

  • Carlo

    On the wii it freezes a lot and to get on the multiplayer online you have to do some crap with making profile accounts and it is all messed up.

  • logan

    i have it on xbox 360 and it keeps lagging me out and losing connection with host at least everyother game and idk why

  • Hoof

    I am having the same issues. The game worked fine for a few days and then suddenly it will freeze on startup. Sometimes it will load then freeze. Some crazy pixelation too. Now my MW2 is freezing too. I think it mught the update they forced on us last week.

  • Cross

    I agree with a few people on here that it was fine for the first two days. I played for about 12 hours straight with very few problems. I dont know wtf happend, but for two days running I haven't been able to complete one single game. It boots me because I lose connection with the host and its not just one or two games, but 22+ games running now. It lets me play for two or three mintues then boots me because of that connection lost with host issue and brings me back to the find a game lobby. BTW if anyone hasnt noticed yet, it counts a disconnected game as a lose…. So much for a good win/lose ratio. ALSO, I have never been able to invite a friend to a party and go longer then one game together. It always boots me or my friend from the group. Anyone know if they are working on a fix?????

  • ritchy

    black ops is fucked, new patch released today done fuck all, i can still only join about 4 of my list of friends cant join all the main people i play with, what a shit load of balls

  • matt

    the video feed of what you see on XBOX is not the same as the video feed for other players online. watch any of the replays and you will see

  • Al4

    cant join games with friends it keeps sayiong "game no longer available!!!!!!!!!"

  • Meg

    im having trouble on my Wii, i can connect wifi to zombies fine…i try multiplayer and………………. please wait…………………………………………..FOREVER! cause it wont let me on. somehow my husband was lucky enough to get on fine last night.. for me nooooooo… its friggin Discrimination.

  • joco

    i have problem with saving game!!! after instalation i recive a notification to free 5 mb on game drive!!! can anybody tell me what to do? i try 3 diferent instalations and all the time is same!! tnx!!!!!!

  • joco

    i have problem with saving game!!! after instalation i recive a notification to free 5 mb on game drive!!! can anybody tell me what to do? i try 3 diferent instalations and all the time is same!! tnx!!!!!!

  • ROY


  • MSd

    when I try to joine a server this came : exe_server_is_different_ver_cod_t5_smp

  • Dustin

    So i unlocked scavenger pro and cannot use its damn effects this game is a failure

  • Feles

    My PS3 version blacks out in level 6 immadiately after i get hit by the car while pushing the door with woods. Any help cause I can't see shit !

  • joey

    i picked up call of duty black ops a week ago, everything was going well online and off. yesterday i put the game in to play the campaign and now the game will not load past the title screen i can hear a single beep then a black screen and nothing happens. please i was really enjoying the game and now i'm becoming frustrated because it won’t work i took the disk back to game stop and they gladly exchanged it for me but when i put the new game in the same thing happened.

  • joey

    i picked up call of duty black ops a week ago, everything was going well online and off. yesterday i put the game in to play the campaign and now the game will not load past the title screen i can hear a single beep then a black screen and nothing happens. please i was really enjoying the game and now i'm becoming frustrated because it won’t work i took the disk back to game stop and they gladly exchanged it for me but when i put the new game in the same thing happened. i would be pleased to have an explanation sent to me as to why my game is not working and what steps activision is taking to fix the problem

    • Minislice96

      A first my game was freezing a lot but i thought it was my PS# but now when i try to play the game it starts up but right after the part with the lady on a microphone it goes black.

  • joey


    black ops is crashing
    i picked up call of duty black ops a week ago, everything was going well online and off. yesterday i put the game in to play the campaign and now the game will not load past the title screen i can hear a single beep then a black screen and nothing happens. please i was really enjoying the game and now i'm becoming frustrated because it won't work i took the disk back to game stop and they gladly exchanged it for me but when i put the new game in the same thing happened. i would be pleased to have an explanation sent to me as to why my game is not working and what steps activision is taking to fix the problem

  • Carson Nev

    Xbox 360 wireless N connection. Game works fine in single player. Works ok in zombie multiplayer. Has yet to connect to a multiplayer mission game – doesn't matter if NAT is strict or open. Identifies servers and shows online members. But when trying to start match, just says searching for a server and ultimately errors out and fails to connect. All other online games work fine (eg MW and MW2).

    The only explanation I can figure is that are too few servers available for the massive demand from on-line players. It's curious that some friends in my town are able to connect while I can't (haven't had a success connection yet).

  • @JammyzT

    Xbox 360,

    Game Lobbies constantly rendered unavailable lately
    Causes Xbox itself to lag really badly. If you press the guide button, it jumps up one step at a time and takes a very long time.
    Also causes Xbox to lock up, but this is rare compared to other issues that happen more often than not.

  • ryan

    yeah i bought it a few days ago and it glitches and freezes on tge first mission then it played perfectly till the second mission then froze again what should i do this is bs

  • Kylee

    Won't work 4 Pc!!!Help!!!! I really want to play!

    • Beast

      you better have a kick butt system. Forget what it says for minimum to run it wont work. Go spend the money on one and enjoy!

  • vishal bajaj

    My weapons wont load any accessories! what the $#%^!!!!

  • DOC

    On PS3 I have problems all the time with this game. Half the time it never lets me join a game. every time I leave multiplayer and go back to the main menu it resets all my settings as if I'm just starting to play the game for the 1st time. I also have good internet connection and its always laggy in multiplayer most of the time. A few times after playing a match it would never give me the money I won, but it did the xp.

  • stoffel

    when im trying to play call of duty black ops it says that the program cant start because d3dx9-43.dll is missing from your computer. What can i do to fix This?

  • guest

    "On xbox 360 the system have frozen about 5 fimes now. It is complete lockup you have to power down and restart the system. "

    ^^ This.

  • oman

    the voting is there for the majority. now we cant repeat a game on a map like nuketown more than once. i think it should be left to the players to decide if we want to play the map as many times as we want. those who don;t wish to play on the map can leave and get ona different lobby. so point is……….let us be able to vote for what we want with no limit of how many matches we want to play on one map.

  • Ricanrod

    Slow as hell on my quad core pc . game is worthless

  • CreepingBarage

    i aint had any problems with it to be honest iv had the transmission error thing like once or twice other than that i aint had any thing and iv been playing for two days n like 6 hours in game time. so i guess im just really lucky ( on xbox 360 btw)

  • shannon

    My black ops on my playstation3 goes to a black screen during the vietnam round. I can't see a thing after I help woods get the door open….

    • jay

      same thing on my xbox. but my son went past this point on the same xbox with the same cd

  • Edward

    Too much of "Game lobby closed" and Way too much of "Lost Connectioin" when playing. Happens almost every match!

  • Collywog

    Been having connection problems in the middle of a game not just me but the whole lobby. Used to be annoying but it’s just after happening 6 times in a row which is a bit more than annoying.

  • Chad

    1)Graphics suck
    2)Head shots yeah right you hear the noise but the guys is still shooting back
    3)I get kicked off the game alot and told to connect to xbox live but im still on.
    4) lost of servers host drops i mean are you serious they need to have a recall and give every one there money back or fix this is not worth the problem

  • Orkb

    Is there any forum where game developers may respond and sort out solution of worst created black ops! Mine sometimes run and most of the time freeze (PC ver.).

  • vikrules

    My Problem is on xbox360. When i get to the Defector level, somewhere around the end of the level where you have to push in a wall to get to the other side…All i see is a black screen, i can hear the sounds around me, can advance, jump etc…but everything is just black. Does anyone know why?

  • ps3 player

    yes there is something realy wrong with cod black ops. so when are they gonna fix this stuff ? the game freezes up in the first part of the game . the screen is red and white and the people are still talking but nothing after that and thats on the ps3 . i hope help is on the way.

  • Bromen

    I have noticed that the graphics on certain objects does not load up. It stays all digital, and ugly. And I also have noticed that when playing online, I looks like an enemy is looking one way, when actually he is looking right at me, and shooting me.

  • Matias R.

    Black Ops sucks at ps3, Constantly connection problems!! I have no problems getting into the online games, but 8/10 times it says : "Connetion Interrupted", and then I'll go back to the lobby. Please fix this ASAP!!

  • sophia


  • Jay

    xbox 360. When im going through Hue City and help push open the door the screen blacks out. Still shows the HUD but everything else is black. My son played through, same CD on same xbox and no problem. Any ideas?

  • perry

    again they market a game just in time for chirtmas that is not ready. its all about the money. this crap is getting old. shame on activision. why dont you guys finish a game before release.

  • http://buyblackopsornot? Roman

    should i get black ops?

  • hanz

    I have a problem with the multiplayer
    It dosnt work on xbox 360
    I keep being kicked even when i try to join with my frinds

  • Matt

    I bought the game yesterday Dec. 24 it loaded fine the first time but everyone was blacked out and weapons were shining. Played through some of it then tried to switch to multiplayer it has never loaded again. After 6 hrs. constant trying, only because the stores are closed on christmas day, I got it to recognize the game twice to download it to my hard drive but at 39% complete it stops and says "unreadable disc". I will take it back on Sunday.

  • Alex

    I can't enter in the game……every time I enter it appear a black screen and wont get me in the game……what is the problem?????

  • Kevin Jensen

    help! for some reason i can't get out of the courtyard and into the sugar fields!! what am i doing wrong???

  • fish

    i got black ops as a gift for christmas and i played local multiplayer for less than 20 min. now every time i turn on my xbox it says open tray or when it says play black ops i press a and it says clean disk…… WTF

  • zen

    PC Multiplayer:
    When i get flashed or see a large explosion my screen starts flashing black.
    Connection issues and lag.
    Randomly freezes in the menus, only way to exit is by pressing the power button.

  • Canes

    I have had problems both on and offline for the ps3. First, when I played matches, it would constantly say "Connection Interrupted" despite having a very fast internet connection. Every time that happened everybody in the match would grunt and complain so I knew it was not just on my side. Usually when that happened, it says "connecting to new host" and 50% of the time it would say it can't. Then immediately after it would say game lobby closed. Now I'm having problems trying to even enter the game when it says "press start button" after the treyarch and Activision promotion. The dust clouds would move but I can't press start despite multiple restarts, unpluggings, and so now I'm backing up my system so it doesn't corrupt.

  • Zach

    I bought black ops on release date (pre ordered it), been able to play up until yesterday. All that happens when i turn on black ops is : it loads that god awful treyarch montage scene (you know that one before it allows u to click start) then when it says activision at the end of the scene, it just freezes! someone please help

    • BlackOpsIsFail

      EXACT SAME PROBLEM ~~!~ WTF TREYARCH / ACTIVISION !~~!~! damn right im using squiggly lines to show my anger, helpppp ussss

  • timothy

    ps3….. when i go to multiplayer, i click on local play and it lets me play against computer opponents by myself but when we try to sign another controller in it says " no network detected, must have an active network………

  • jesse

    it wont let you go into a party or join/invite friends

    • Alanna Davidson

      Same any help out there?

  • elias

    my account status has just been reseted. i did some research and i read that this only happens when they see you boosting or hacking the game, i've never did any of this things but it suddenly did it! im really pissed now and i dont know where to send an email, of where to report this, can anyone help me?

  • texas singles

    I have been seeking hunting around for this sort of info. Will you post some more in future?

  • Maurice

    I play on my call of duty on my x box for some reason my stick control have changed and I can't get back to normal settings

  • the gamer

    my black ops isnt workin on multiplayer and only 2 campaign missions work
    (crashed plane, and wmd) i'm getting pissed off only zombies works and that gets boring some one tell me what 2 do

    my black ops is on 360

  • John

    mine wont let me play the campaign it starts to tell u the story then just frezzes before it starts but online works fine

  • sbb

    in pc doesnt work …cant believe i spent that money one it

  • mason

    Some maps done load for me on my xbox like summit, and nuketown

  • Sam

    I have just purchased a new xbox live account and payed for a month of membership also i have connected my xbox to my modem and it says it is connected to xbox live and i can use msn/facebook/watch videos etc. but whenever i go onto cod blk ops and click multiplayer then hit xbox live it says connecting for about 7-9 seconds and then says were sorry call of duty blk ops cant connect you because servers are down or something please visit for updates. and it is really pissing me off please can someone help me? :(

  • seb

    i put the disk in to my xbox 360 and it loads perfectly fine! so i select zombies online for example and it lets me set up all the game but when i start the game its just stuck on the loading screen and nothing happens. However i can play other xbox games but just not black ops. Can any one help??

  • Chris

    my problem is the respawn posistions the other people will respawn behind or in front of u not kool and also the gamers glitching on every map. the ak74-u all it take is 1 round to kill u, u dont even need to aim just hip fire and ur dead and when ur getting shot most of the time the crosshairs aint even on u its around u but it says ur getting hit WTF this is on the ps3 im not playin black ops till this all gets fixed its BS

  • Lonnie

    I just rented BO. and i go home and put it in. 1st mission works fine. Then after the vorkuta video it is frozen on a black screen. So we took it back and got another copy. the same problem. The Xbox hadnt been hooked up to xbox live for like 6 months. I decided to hook it up and download a patch or something. so it downloads the new system update and the game update. i start up the game, and go to campaign. try vorkuta. stuck on the black screen. after trying this for a while i decide to just try to run local multiplayer. now it stays stuck on the loading screen. WTF is the deal :/ wasted 8 bucks.

  • Nicaragua

    I have it for Wii and wen i got to play online, combat training works fine but if i go to player match and try and play it'll say found certain # of matches, getting match quality and then the screen goes black then a box will pop up that says "No available sessions found, please try your search again later." like WTF this is rly pissen me off

    • Alanna Davidson

      Mine is doing almost the same thing. I get on multiplayer and it wont let me into a match and nobody joins the one I made. No message pops up though. Anyone knows how to join a match? I have a Wii.
      All I can play is Combat Mode by myself and its getting boring.

  • asdcasqdas

    I have it for Wii and wen i got to play online, combat training works fine but if i go to player match and try and play it'll say found certain # of matches, getting match quality and then the screen goes black then a box will pop up that says "No available sessions found, please try your search again later." like this is rly maken me mad

  • Mike

    My COD on the xbox has suddenly just started saying can't find session, i can't play team deathmatch or free for all etc as it says can't find any sessions to join in a error msg, its really started to annoy me. It takes 5 mins looks for games and then msg comes up, just started happening on friday evening, didn't play it the weekend and same problem today. Rest of xbox live works fine.

    • guest

      no joke same exact thing with mine says joining session then goes to join and says error after like 5mins ikr its sooo annoying

  • Dj556

    When I load a map including zombies and multiplayer whether I'm online or not it will load but just before it's about to start it stops loading, showing the picture of the map, and a white ring go round clockwise spins and that's that but once I left it on but nout happened if anyone could help it would be great xbox 360 btw

  • Legenda

    PC version is still a piece of shit !! Freezing up all the time …

    tryed all i can and it is still not working ffs…

  • MY PS3 is F-ed up

    my ps3 plays every game fine and even works fine but when i put in call of duty black ops my ps3 just gets a black screen wtf it used to work fine…i think its because i used 3.55 cfw

  • aquib786

    Hi , i have balckops on wii , when i play zombies online it takes for ever 2 fid match quality i mean i havent even played a game because the match quality takes to long . it would be like 'Found 12 matches. getting match quality' it would be liek that forever ENI FINK I CAN DO!?

  • aquib786

    hi i have black ops on wii.the problem is, when i try plaing zombies an i fid match its like '18 matches found looking fr uality ' for a long time

  • alex

    When I try to join other people in the area around me it wont let me join them it just sends me back to the main menu

    • Rafael_rodriguez3214

      It’s probably cuz your nat types aren’t compatible. One of you might have a strict or moderate nat type. If your nat type is strict look up on YouTube how to change it. Hope this helps-_-


    When im playing on PC my computer makes this loud beeping noise and it doesnt come through the headset and it doesnt happen on zmobies but it does on campaign and multiplayer! PLEASE HELP!

  • kyle

    my black ops wont work for zombies or online play i checked my internet connection updated it and it still wont work for online

  • blair

    when i 1st bought the game it was fine for about a week until it started to freeze at the xbox live menu and zombies menu, i gave it back to my brother. then he bought another one it did a different thing. when i put it in it worked for about 2 days then it scratched it up pretty well inside the system. we tried using disk cleaner but nothing. now it just doesnt want to play it says open tray or disk is unreadable now. so if i try to buy another one it might do the same thing its like a nightmare what should i do?

  • Austin

    Mine wont load Mulitplayer at all, I click on it and it freezes my PS3 right up…

  • guest

    so it works fine no freezes or anything but when i join xbox live it finds games but it takes forever to join one and ten after about 5mins or so it says error done this sense forever but on my friends it works fine…please reply and help!

  • Blaah

    Ahh ! someone help me , everytime i put my Black Ops disk in and it loads and when it goes past the lady it makes a beeping noise and freezes on me .. Can someone help me out here ?

    • Alanna Davidson

      My game freezes when in real time Weaver comes into the room and unties me from the chair and it gets through I think what is most of the video (*SPOILER* after he figures out Reznov wasn’t with him) and then it freezes and makes a long continuous beep. It doesn’t turn off if I hit the power button, I have to unplug it. That’s happened in some other games too, but in this one, its stop me there. It takes me back and I have to do the mission before it again. It’s on Wii. Please Help!!!!!!!

  • gregory

    when i put in my cod black ops cd in the xbox 360 it gives me a black screen after pressing on play :/ i tried more than 1 cd anyone can help ?

  • andrew

    on the game multiplayer mode it wont let me play a game it goes on to the loading screen to get me in the game loads normal but when it gets to the end it randomly stops and wont put me in but my friend still get in the game ive tried deleating the game from my memory and do it all again but it still doesnt ork and it is starting to drive me crazy

    • D Morel

      same here bro if you here anything let me know 

    • D Morel

      same here bro if you here anything let me know 

  • steven

    Downloaded the map packescolation and zoo and convoy wont lod!:(

  • bigk101

    Hello ! My Xbox 360 Cod game Black Ops Will not load the Campaign At All . Period , nothing , gray screen , KKRAP ,

  • Anonymous

    So i am having problems joining my friends parties and games within black ops.  All of us have Open NAT types and party types open also and it still wont let us join eachother!  any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    Hey when i play call of duty black ops, when Firing range comes up, it loads 25 % but then fails and sends me back to the main menu,What is up with that? and my friend has the same problem on Nuketown,Hanoi,and other maps.

  • Anonymous

    Hey when i play call of duty black ops, when Firing range comes up, it loads 25 % but then fails and sends me back to the main menu,What is up with that? and my friend has the same problem on Nuketown,Hanoi,and other maps.

    • thisisretarded

      same i try play firing range and it doesn’t load says cannot play mp firing range what do i do 

  • Why? Why?

    Everytime I try to connet to a match it crashes after the loading screen.

  • ab120

    Well as soon as I go to Black Ops and start it and go to play
    My game freezes for no reason then I have to Task Manager close it.
    Anyway to fix this? I have only played Black Ops for one match and it really sucks that I can’t play anymore… No I did not pirate it..
    I’m using PC and don’t have xbox/ps3 to play it on them…



  • Thomas Duhamel

    hey, for some reason my friends list loads VERY sllow. For example, i would just load for the first time multiplayer, and when i pull up the list it freezes

  • muddawgmom

    For some reason every time the HANOI map comes up my PS3 locks up and won’t finish loading. I have to pull the plug. Disk is excellent and scratch free. I used to not have problems with the map before but recently it’s the only game that seems so give me problems. Don’t know what to do… frustrated, because I did like the map better then some of the others I’ve played.

    • Ryano99

      that has happened to me but the maps were array and grid and it still is and it does it to a level on my campaign but i have to turn off the xbox but no matter how many time i try the level freezes up

  • Ryano99

    i was playing the campaign and it froze on a level the 2nd one after reznovs story it wont let me press the xbox guide button, or any other so i had to turn off my xbox this is a new game i have had it for about 5 days if anyone knows what the problem might be write back
    (i am going to put scratch remover on it in case it has a scratch

  • Gclearyok

    ok on my leader board on kino it won’t show I’v been past round 19 what do I do??????

  • Gclearyok

    ok on my leader board on kino it won’t show I’v been past round 19 what do I do??????

  • Rafael_rodriguez3214

    I just bought the annihilation map pack but I can’t play the multiplayer maps.I have no problems with the zombie map but when ever I get the maps online is kicks me and says read error.what should I do?

    • Rikersheffield

      I got same problem with annihilation and resurrection but the resurrection one is downloaded but can’t play any zombie map :/

      • Brody Macdonald

        its usually because you dont have enough memory space i had the same problem and deleted a few thing to free up space tried again and it worked perfect

  • alpha

    in vietnam campaign mode after pushing open a door screen goes
    completely black – restartes level 3 times, always the same…grrrr anyone
    know a way round it?

    • Pluppino

      yes,i do you need to shake the wii remote and nunchuk to get out of the chair look behind yo there will be a computer type in on it 3arc unlock to unlock all the levels 

      • Pluppino


  • Ivan Kostelac

    it frozes after the bay of pigs video how can i fix this??

  • Ivan Kostelac

    it frozes after the bay of pigs video how can i fix this??

  • Guillermo

    dude look i dont know why but this thing just happen today on 24/7 i was playing kool then it just glitch that it kick me and i keep trying to go on multiplayer and it wont let me go on multiplayer i could go zombies but not multiplayer i dont know why but is there like some way to fix this?

  • Guillermo

    dude look i dont know why but this thing just happen today on 24/7 i was playing kool then it just glitch that it kick me and i keep trying to go on multiplayer and it wont let me go on multiplayer i could go zombies but not multiplayer i dont know why but is there like some way to fix this?

  • Anthonybaca7

    whenever i go in a lobby, right when the game is supposed to start loading, the screen just goes black for a second. then the screen for the map shows up, takes forever to load, and then puts me in a game by myself. is there any reason for this?

  • Timbo_1997

    on multiplayer whenever i buy an attachment for any gun when im in the game it wont let me use them whatsoever and it also wont let me use my C4!!! but it will let me use absolutely everything else, its really annoying and its stopping me from advancing in ranks as im underclassed

  • Xboxfortrevor

    My nat type is open but i am unable to play certain maps including firing range, radiation, villa

  • Leonelvaldez9

    My nintedo wifi won’t load for multiPlayer it just says ‘please wait…’ but it never loads

  • Dj_binkley

    it wont let me level up i have zero points to earn

  • Clonetrooper_123456

    I change the system of my pc, from vista to windows 7.  And now Black ops dont work.
    How is that possible?

  • Brendon Muller

    every time i try to play online, it says session cannot be found, try again so i do and it just wont let me play multiplayer 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve recently bought the Resurrection Map Pack, and now it won’t download for nor work for me, anyone know why?

  • Candy_shop344

    i cant load my last chek point .why? every time i resume the mission it restart from the beginning

  • Peter Smith

    Black Ops crashes on my PC.  The longest session that I have had is under 4 minutes.  I have waited patiently for a patch, but have yet to see Treyarch show any interest in PC users. They are certainly on my black list of publishers to avoid.

    My computer is an i7 with 6gig RAM. (If the game will not run on an i7, it won’t run on any PC). I want to exchange my PC copy of Black Ops, for a Wii version, but Treyarch will not respond to any emails.  I am not an activist normally, but mainly due to Treyarch’s attitude, I now make every effort to discourage use of any product with their name on it.

    I will buy the next version of COD MW, as long as it is by Infinity Ward, and not treyarch.(small T intended).

  • Giraffelover013

    multiplayer works first make a second profile and put it as 1111 then it will work delet 1111 your regular profile will wok! but my zombies wifi wont work can you tell me how

  • Tylershockley

    my game doesn’t let me play multiplayer every time i go on it it freezes and lets me do nothing so have to turn off the xbox can some one help me with it:(

  • Charlottem24

    my game loads to multiplayer but when i try to go on live it says that my profile isn’t allowed but i have all the settings on and my live is not long renewed plz help havent been on in almost 2 months because of this

  • CAMY

    How do you change nat type?