BlackBerry Bold 9700: OS Installation Guide

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As you might be aware, a leaked version of RIM’s newest OS hit the internet this week for a majority of older BlackBerry phones including the Bold 9700, Pearl 3G 9100 and Curve 3G 9300. If you want to try OS 6 out but are not sure how to go about it, we have taken the liberty of writing a little guide for you to get started.

Let me just start off by saying this is not an official version of the OS by any means, so by installing and following this guide is completely at your own risk. My recommendation to you would be to wait for an official release by either RIM or your carrier.

For the rest of you who know what the circumstances are but still want to go ahead with the install, read on.

1. Upgrade Desktop Manager and Backup – This will be the most important step in this entire guide, unless you are not worried about backing up your contacts, calender data, message, music, photos, tasks, memos and anything else you want saving.

If you already have Desktop Manager installed on your computer, check what version you are running by loading up the application (Windows Start menu > All Programs > BlackBerry > Desktop Manager), clicking help, then selecting About BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The version will be listed on the General tab. If you are not running version 6 of the software, click the Check for Updates link in the bottom right hand corner of the application, where it will then prompt you to download and install Desktop Manager version 6.

Once Desktop Manager 6 has been downloaded and installed, reload the application, plug in your 9700 and let the program register that the phone is connected. From here, you should see two options in the black toolbar at the top. Click Device > Back up… This will then take you through the step by step process of backing up your important data. Once this has been done, and you have made a note of where you saved your backup file, go back to DM (Desktop Manager) and backup your pictures, videos, and music if you wish by selecting the appropriate option under Media Sync, which is listed on the left hand side of the application.

All backed up now? Good, lets get moving.

2. Install OS On Your Computer – Once you have downloaded OS 6 from wherever you downloaded it from (I will not be giving any links to the program), double click the .exe file and go through the steps. It’s fairly straight forward.

3. Installing OS 6 On Your BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Restoring Backup – Once step 2 has been completed, connect your phone via USB if you disconnected it after the backup process. If DM loads, check that it is connected. You should see an image of the device when it loads with an option telling you that an update is available for your 9700. Ignore this for now and close DM.

Now we need to locate the setup files that we installed in step 2. To do this, we go to: –

C:\program files(86)\common files\research in motion\apploader\

When inside this directory, either delete or rename the vendor.xml file to something else. I recommend that you delete it. If it is not there, don’t panic, then run loader.exe.

Follow the on screen instructions, but when going through, take a look at the different check marks to see what you want installed and what you don’t want installed. My recommendation would be to uncheck all applications that you downloaded such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Copter etc. We will manually redownload these after OS 6 has been installed.

When you get to the screen that asks you if you want to make a backup of your device and restore 3rd party applications, change the option to Do Not Restore. It should already be selected to do so, so make sure you change it.

Experience OS – Let the updater go through the process and update your phone to OS 6. It should take up to 30mins for this to be completed. Once it has been completed, or near to doing so, you should notice that your BlackBerry has a slightly different loading screen, with the loading bar being at the bottom of the screen and an updated BlackBerry logo. The phone will then boot for the first time and take you through a video guide of the new features that come with OS 6. I almost skipped this, but if I did I would not have found out about 1 or two new features like the improved zoom, or the extra options that have been added. It will then prompt you to setup your 9700. If you wish to do this later, you can always come back to it. Play around with the menu’s for a while until you are satisfied that the installation went well and are having no issues. I recommend doing a battery pull afterwards, and letting it reboot to double check that there are now problems after the initial boot.

Restoring Data To Your Bold 9700 – By now, you should have a big smile on your face knowing you installed OS 6, and everything is working perfectly. You love the new menu’s and features but want to get your contacts, saved data and applications back on there.

Simply pop your USB cable back into the phone, load up DM, select Device > Restore, to which then you will be prompted with an option to choose your backup file. Select the most recent, and then select the option that allows you to choose what items you would like to restore. Only choose items like contacts/calendar/tasks/memos/messages etc. Nothing else should be restored from the backup file.

Once everything is restored and you have checked to make sure it is all there, you can then use BlackBerry App World to download the applications you had installed before and hey presto! You have a fully functional OS 6 installed on your BlackBerry Bold 9700.

If this guide was helpful to you, or you would like to make some additions, leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Update: A lot of you have had trouble downloading the update, here are some alternative download links for you: FileServe, MediaFire, DepositFiles.

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  • mikey f

    ok, i have successfully updated to os6 on my nold 9700 following your guidelines, and all is working extremely well. seems very quick and smooth using the new menu system. my one and only problem so far is i cant get the facebook app to install. saying my phone doesnt support it?

    • Thomas

      because facebook is garbage.

    • Jamie Pert

      The Facebook App installed fine for me

    • Chris

      Download it from appworld and it should work. I had trouble trying to download it from anywhere else

    • dreuster

      i followed everything 3 times(i tried 6 times) where did you get your link? and when i tried fallowing these steps it cam on but icons was really weried and i couldnt cange the theme. its a bunch more but i think if i was able to change the theme i would have kept it….can anybody help me?

    • Phil

      The Facebook app is packed with the OS6 install (although not the new 1.9 release) go back into the loader.exe tool, and check the option to install facebook (along with Twitter, myspace, and the social feed app if you like)

      • angel

        Hi con someone plis giveme the link to download bb o.6 plis thanks!!!!! Just hit me up on my email

    • pime

      Mikey,pls can u send d os 6 setup 2 my mailbox?av bin tryin 2 download it for weeks and all d once I got where currupted.thanks

  • dane

    I did this everything works so far,

    Noticed that my browser shortcuts do not work, pressing T doesn’t scroll to the top of the page etc.


    • Jorge M

      You need to enable browser’s shortcuts @ BB browser options… :)

  • Amauris

    what link did you guys use?

    • Daniel

      go to crackberry, they have a bunch of links

  • ibrahim

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  • hxh

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  • werner

    Where do I get the download link? I see it has been removed from all the sites?

  • akbarherekar

    I installed the OS 6 without removing the vendor.xml file before i found this guide and now it shows me a white screen everytime i load up my phone. Is there anyway to fix this? Can i reinstall the OS 6 software somehow?

    • Zeke15

      I am getting the same white, with text only screen too. Can anyone help with this issue?

      • Eduardo Antonio Colon

        You have t-mobile?

        • Chirayu

          I am having the same issues! Yes i have t mobile. HOw do i make this right. Pleas help!!!

    • Jeremy Nicholls

      I would suggest restoring from back up to previous version. delete file and upgrade again.

      • M

        No u just need to delete the tmobile themes and then load the installation for the os 6,

      • mohit

        I tried but seems to face the same problem again..

    • jig

      go back to v5 thats what i told my friend and it worked for her

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  • Trey

    Found somewhere else for white screen….

    Quote from: billard on November 02, 2010, 09:41:34 AM
    I have installed OS 6 for my Bold 9700 but the theme is Black/White, many icons are error. Does anyone get problem like me? (
    I am guessing you are on Tmobile. If so you need to delete the two net_rim_theme_tmobile* cod files from your blackberry with BSAK or remove them from the java folder on your PC and reload the OS.

    • Jeff

      I had the white screen problem as well on T-Mobile. Removed the files as suggested and reloaded OS to the device – Everything is working smoothly! Thank you.

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      • john

        BBSAK is blackberry Swiss army knife, if you google: BBSAK you will find it aswell as where u can download it.

    • john

      i removed them from the device, but when i reload the OS again, it does the same, do i need to remove them from the java folder aswel? if so, where is it located?

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      im guessing u are on Tmobile if so u need to delete the two net_rim_theme_tmobile* cod files from your blackberry with BSAK or remove them from the java folder on your PC and reload the OS.

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    The instructions given by jamie was very clear and easy to follow. I made it for 20 mins. This was the first time I upgraded my OS. And I started on a leak w/c has a tendency to nuke my bb. Wiipee!! Very, very cool OS 6! Very, very stable and fast. No problem in reloading all 3rd party applications I wanted to install. Even FB v1.9 is no problem downloading. I had exactly 90mb of free app after upgrading to OS 6. Tnx Jamie! This is such a wonderful treat. I’m so glad I did this. Downloaded this morning. (From abel1015. (Philippines)

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    Installation went well and it seems just as fast as BB5. My only issue is that my maps, Bloomberg and application store doesn’t run through my BIS, and additional charges when using these applications. Is there a setting to fix this?

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    I did the download, all worked fine, I have one problem my browser gives me this messages when I try to use it – "Browsing over the cellular network is not included in as part of your current service plan. To browse the web you must use Wi-Fi or contact your service provider to change your service plan."
    Now I can't call my service provider since this update is not official but it still works and I don't always have Wi-Fi where I am. What can I do to get my browser to work since it worked before with my 3G connection? I need help.

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      You need to have another browser setting and not the hotspot browser which comes by default. Also you need to change your TCP/IP settings only then you would be able to access your browser. Enjoy..

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    Install went smoothly. Took about 25 minutes. I loaded only defaults plus about 4 additional apps. Everything went smoothly.
    Love the new look. but will take some time to get use too..
    It isnt THAT much faster… but noticable..
    If you need the upgrade file contact p t s AT hot mail and i can arrange something.

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    When I start the loader.exe, there's only apps, the OS isnt there to install.


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    had the same white screen problem, followed the directions to eliminate the t-mobile theme and now it works great. Too bad t-mobile couldn't be deleted as easily!

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    i followed all the instructions but when i start my 9700, the loading bar doesn't go all the way, it stops and then nothing

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      Let it take its own time..!! dont fuss..It will automatically reload after 20 mins.!! Relax grab urself a coke..

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    i have a problem .im getting this message from Dm ::This BlackBerry® Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry® solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription. To learn more about BlackBerry® service, please visit so why ???, i had the os 6 before, than i decided to downdate it because of problems in youtube so now i want to update my bb 9700 again and im getting this msg ,what should i do now ?? any help plz

  • Nauris

    Followed the instructions and all workings great!
    Ty werry much! ;)

  • steveg44

    Downloaded everything very easily. Thanks a lot. I am now trying to synchronize my outlook categories and it shows that contacts are set up for wireless sync. The instructions are not clear on how to turn that off so I can upload my contacts from my bb desktop manager.

  • hemzi

    my camera flash light is not working nemore afta installin os6 .. .
    wt to do ? / :(
    plz help nd i think the camera clearity has also dropped . . ..
    plz help me . .. .

  • mazhar

    instructions worked great! thanks for the step-by-step!

  • opcy

    please where do i download the exe file from?

  • guest

    same camera flash issues as previous poster. Works once after a reboot then no more flashes. Camera also doesn't focus as nicely as it did on V5.

  • Gelopots

    Most informative guide i've read so far! Been trying for 2 nights already and this is the first time that i heard that i needed to run the loader.exe although i just did a fee minutes ago, out of curiosity.

    Good luck to me!!!

  • Tarun

    Thanks a ton man!!

  • tarun

    GPS not working after installing OS 6.0 on BB9700, rest all working fine. I was using google maps while on OS 5.0. Can anybody help me out on that.

  • sohail

    its was reali thnk ful to u i read dis n got a idea of installin it thnk u

  • Tom

    The loader.exe doesn't update my 9700. For half a second I see the bars and the next moment it says "complete" with OS 5 still running. Could someone help me, please?

  • moussa

    you broke my phone :| ??? it will load 3 quaters then won't load further. pleasee helpp?

  • moussa

    dont worry its fixed :)

  • Steffen

    Just finished installing OS 6 on my 9700. Works great! Thanks for your help.

  • bella

    if i could kiss you through the web i did do that. i have sat at my edsk for 8hrs trying to install the damn software :D

  • mohamed

    I did every single step but my BB bold didnt update it loads and does everything but it stays the same and goes back to the old version
    Mohamed :From Yemen

  • Matt

    I tried it but my trackpad no longer works…. It works fine on OS5 but on every OS6 versions I’ve tried the trackpad doesn’t work as anything except a button…

  • voltaire

    Great work! kudos

  • Abu bakr LATIF

    I installed everything as told and as soon as the bb loads up u can see everything has changed to the new OS but i cannot get past the first thing which is the handheld agreement it does not let me scroll down or leave that page it is NOT the trackball or the fone it happens everytime i download!!

    PLeasee someone Help!

  • Mida

    Finally!Been trying to get OS 6 up and running for two days!
    Had to switch to a PC to get the work done..For once a Mac didn't cut it :(
    thanks again :-) loooooving the smooth UI

  • Onox Gideon

    it worked perfectly for me…am bb is t mobile
    good work n keep it up
    am from nigeria

  • Koingr

    Great……Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

  • Vasudevr

    so i followed everything u said…….
    this is the file that i have 9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel1202_PL6.6.0.50_A6.0.0.344
    and after the update the version on my setting still shows v5.0.0.405 (Platform
    wth???? i thght this would upgrade my Os to OS6…..

    can anyone pls help me on this????

  • Vasudevr

    so i followed everything u said…….
    this is the file that i have 9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel1202_PL6.6.0.50_A6.0.0.344
    and after the update the version on my setting still shows v5.0.0.405 (Platform
    wth???? i thght this would upgrade my Os to OS6…..

    can anyone pls help me on this????

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  • Kshitij_prasad

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  • Mobarez2009

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  • minniexo

    I updated my blackberry bold 9700 from OS 5 to OS 6 and since I have made this
    upgrade my camera has not worked properly. It will not take photos, it focuses when trying to
    take a photo then nothing. It works
    every so often but hardly at all

  • Ocellot99

     When I update it always give me an error while doing the last update. Why ?

  • C2m4real

    pls help me, after going tru all d steps everythin was ok except for network. when i tried turning the network on the phone will reboot