Android 100,000 Apps Could Increase With PayPal Option

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2010

Google Android is slowly catching Apple when it comes to apps, as there are now 100,000 apps available on Google’s Android Market, which we discussed in a recent post. However, that number could soon increase if a rumor of a new PayPal payment option happens.

According to WirelessGround Blog writer Mont Cessna, the information had been leaked onto PayPal’s blog, but has since been deleted. Google has not made an official statement, but you can be sure that one will come soon – we just don’t know when.

Apple is king when it comes to apps, but they also offer PayPal as a payment option, which some believe has helped them. There are those who do not want to keep handing out their credit/debit card details to more services – such as Android Market – so using their current PayPal account could be the perfect option.

Google’s Android Market has come a long way in a short amount of time, and with the range of handsets on the market now, it is only a matter of time before the Apple will feel them breathing down the back of their neck.

Would you use PayPal to pay for your Android apps?

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  • john A

    I just switched from iPhone to Android, whilst iPhones app store is more comprehensive for now , I am surprised that people focusing on number of apps and not the quality of apps… how many "FART” app are in the app store?? should they be counted as apps???
    . come on guys…get real…. number of apps is not a true indicative of quality. There is no doubt that Android is catching up , I just hope that Android market gets more quality and useful app ….

  • random

    How many ppl got stupid iphones because of the excessive marketing? With more people holding a device, no shit there's going to be more apps, more quickly. The truth is, android is not going so heavily with marketing, bc they know their customers are smarter than that. Android is chosen by consumers because they are informed. They don't need the company that makes it to tell them its the best. Get over yourself, Apple zombie.

  • Jdub

    Also, the Android market has come a long way in a short amount of time? I took them four months longer to reach 100k apps than Apple did….not an opinion, a FACT.

  • Jdub

    How amusing……Apple has 3 TIMES as many apps as Android, but the writer suggests that Android is “slowly catching” Apple. You Android fanboys are hilarious….