New HP Palm Logo: For webOS Tablets?

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In September HP finally completed the acquisition of Palm, now they have revealed a new logo shortly after showing off the Palm Pre 2 and HP Slate 500.

The new logo can be seen in the thumbnail for this post, the fact that it has been revealed after the official Palm Pre 2 and HP Slate 500 unveilings suggests that they may soon release a device with the new branding.

My best guess is that HP Palm will release an iPad rival which features HP expertise in build quality and computer hardware combined with Palm’s webOS mobile operating system.

Obviously this is simply speculation and nothing has been confirmed, however I think the time is right from a HP Palm tablet, especially as the BlackBerry Playbook and Acer tablets are coming out soon.

Do you like the new HP Palm logo?

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  • ehm

    pretty vanilla – unimpressive

  • Wally

    I know this is an era of flash and dash, but do we really care about the logo over the product?