Fallout: New Vegas – Xbox 360 & PS3 Patch Being Tested

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Yesterday we posted an article suggesting that Bethesda‘s developers were working on a patch for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Fallout: New Vegas, well now it seems as if things are almost ready for release as an update is being tested.

The PC version has now received two patches, the first contained 200 fixes, whilst the second concentrated more on autosave and quicksave functionality, these two pacthes are great for PC users, however frustrating for console gamers as they are still left with a less than perfect game.

A recent article posted on BethSoft said that the updates for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are in their final stages of testing, they also went on to say they hope these patches are live very soon.

It is nice to hear this from Bethesda to show that they are aware of the problems and are doing their utmost to fix them, let’s just hope the patches arrive pretty soon.

As we hear more on the situation we will keep you posted, what is the most annoying problem you have come across so far?

Source: BethSoft

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  • Doug

    "It is nice to hear this from Bethesda to show that they are aware of the problems…"

    It took some people LESS THAN three minutes into the game to notice the problem. Considering it's been in development for a year and a half, I damn well hope they're aware of the problems.

    • Wes

      yes, unlike infinity ward with mw2. they act like they dont notice it. But Bethesdas really on top of thing, plus you gotta understand its a huge game

    • Des

      Right on.

  • volcomstoner180

    man im doing a mission called come fly away with me and i cant completed the quest because its bugged….

    so pissed

    • Dlnx

      omggg sameee i did it like 10 times now trying to figure out what it is and so far ive discovered if you go far enough into the repconn building that the saves wont work idk its weird i hate ittttt i had to re do an hoursd worht of quests againn

      • 88DEATHwish08

        What’s sucks I just bought a new 320gb ps3 Tuesday and this game, it kept freezing and glitching so I deleted the save file then did a full format so I could delete the trophies that I earned, thankfully I didn’t set up my psn account yet or I would’ve been stuck with them

    • bob

      what bug are you getting? wondering because ive beat that mission

    • guest

      can you describe the bug?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1506491731 Brandon Bowman

        The bug says, "This game relies on download-able content that is no longer available. Some objects may no longer be available. Continue loading?" Either hit yes, or no, but either way it will say, "The storage device you selected is no longer available. Load canceled."

        • neville

          I’m getting the same bug.

          I am on the 360… have the Tribal pack, but sold those items a while ago.

          All of the sudden about 20+ hours in, I get this bug and none of my saves work? Wow… Maybe hire a QA staff or don’t ship your title until you actually have the bugs worked out. Ouch.

    • wes

      you can finish it by killing the ghhouls, as long as they are dead, the guy in novac doesnt care

    • smallman

      If you are at the point where the ghouls seem to be waiting for you on the launch pad and you've already gotten the materials they need…, you need to go to the observation deck on the top floor…. It's not explained but follow the quest navigation arrows to the top floor and you will see what I mean.

    • BerserkerLemon

      same here!!!!! i had to restart whole mission!!! still a good game though

  • MadWolf

    you need to do a quest and pass a credit check and get a fake passport from the kings in freeside there is a guide on gamefaqs, i dont think you have a glich i do

    after i finished the come fly with me quest and equiped the space suit and helmit I saved and quit but the next day when i tried to load up it said that the save relies on dlc continue anyway? I say yes and it says it cant read the save from my harddrive and goes back tothe main menu, i am not connected to the net so no dlc and no patch

    • fodder4uall

      Same as me. I saved my game and try to load. Says DLC can't be found. Continue? I say yes. Then another screen says returning to main menu. I tried other saves but it does the same thing. I have it for xbox 360. Please help!

    • Martin

      I have the exact same problem…..

    • maddogg

      Same thing happened to me at a different point in the game. I did the Come Fly Away mission two days ago and today I'm clearing out Vault 34, had to save and quit right before I finished and when I turned it back on an hour later I can't load any of my saves.

  • Ranma1993

    The game glitches and says a key is required to enter the new Vegas strip. Is this too specific for the patch to fix it?

    • john

      i've got the same issue now. i need to get back in there to complete the quest i'm on but there's no other way in.

    • jordan

      well usually you talk to the robot and u show him your caps fake pasport or whatever then he unlocks it for you. but my mate just killed it and aparently the robot has a key on it anyway but i dont know what will happen when you go in so you might want to save before you try it

    • Zach

      I had this happen too, if you havent done the side quest (non quest menu) mission involving the bomb on the monorail you can take that into vegas or you can get an EMP which kills a bot in one throw or shot and take their key

    • Elizabeth

      Kill the robot guards.

  • dangadan

    On 360 Live, right now, there is an update that installed when I launched the game.. so it seems the patch may be up. Here's my confusion now: the game still froze right after I began play (i've had 20+ freezes requiring restart)… 2 mins into gameplay is all I get before freezing. Also confusing, every time I restart, the update tries to reinstall. So it seems like it's not saving the patch/update for some reason. Any suggestions out there?

  • damned

    lost all my saved data,,,,

    • jwoom

      same here

  • Syd

    I've been looking everywhere for an answer so I hope some of you can answer my question: I want to buy the xbox version but I don't know if I can install patch/update on an xbox 360 slim with no harddrive and only 4GB of flash memory. So does anybody know if I can in fact download and install patches on that kind of machine?

    • BoBbYdIgGy

      You should be able to as long as the patch isnt too big but on a more serious note why in gods name would you get the 4 gig 360 slim? It is such a waste of money unless you got it as a gift and in that case no worries and get a bigger hard drive.

    • guest

      the patch i downloaded today did not take up much space to speak of….

      I play from a HD install — and have not had a single freeze so far (level 6)

      • Razor

        Where did you download it from? Razor

  • creepysasquotch

    I was in The Strip earlier and my 2 companions, rex and boone, just disappeared. I looked everywhere for over an hour and couldn't find them, but occasionally, I will hear ramdom barking. Also, people will still comment that rex is an interesting dog but rex is no where to be seen.

    • fish

      I had the same issue for a minute. Look outside the Lucky 38, and in the lobby of the casino. Other than that idk where they’d be. I lost Arcade Gannon, and everytime I try to get back in the strip my game freezes. No problems till i nerded out for 15 hours on this game. Amazing gameplay, nerveracking bugs.

    • Alucard

      Same problem, but now I can't even access New Vegas because my screen just goes black every time.

      • Phil McCrackin

        Same here, It's really fucking me off now! Guess I will have to try and get in over the mono rail??? Is this possible???

    • John

      The same thing happened to me for Rex only. I had Rex and Boone wait outside Lucky 38 but when I came back Rex was gone. However, I hear the random barks and comments "… that's a strange looking dog…"

  • Ed D.

    I hope the update includes a few more songs! If I hear "Big Iron" a few more times, I'll go crazy (as much as I love that song).

    As for the worst glitches, they have been merely cosmetic for me. I have seen many objects floating, graphics flickering and cutting in and out, and so on. I do have a couple questions for other gamers though because I'm not sure if I've been victimized by tougher glitches.

    1. In Novac (the place with the giant dinosaur), I waited until midnight to find who the cattle-killer is. Before the killer even entered the guy's backyard, I blasted the killer (don't want to spoil who it is). Maybe I should have waited for the killer to attack the cattle because I cannot complete the quest even as the killer's body is just laying there.

    2. I found a shovel in a shack, but I cannot pick it up. I know I need one to dig a grave up. Is there a requirement before I can pick the shovel up? When I point at it, it just says "Shovel" haha.

    3. I found a new sheriff for Primm in the prison, but I can't find the person to pardon him. I've tried everything, and visited Mojave Outpost about a zillion times. Any hints or this another glitch?

    Thanks for your input and I hope you have a great gaming experience!…….I've got spurrrrrrs that jingle jangle jingle (jingle jangle)……..

    • Sean

      Hey Ed D. in regards to your third question….did you speak to the sheriff replacement again before trying to find someone to pardon him? he's wandering around outside that one little casino in primm. once you talk to him he'll tell you to go to mojave, and then you just talk to the Major, who should be standing behind a desk in one of the main buildings.

      if you've done those things and haven't had any luck, then yes i'd say thats a glitch

      • Triggs

        Great! I wondered where Meyer went after talking to him at the prison. I had him pardoned and couldn’t find him anywhere – I thought he was in the casino already. I will look for him outside.

    • Toddimus

      Did you try the option to grab it instead of putting it in your inventory? on the PS3 its pushing the right stick in, but i dunno about 360 or PC. Maybe you just have to bring the shovel to the area while holding it. there is a quest where u have to drag a body somewhere like that.

    • D Payne

      to question 2, you can buy a shovel in the general shop in goodsprings. think thats the only place you can get one that i know of.

  • Mr.House

    I had a glitch on my first character where I was wearing the Van Graff armor and after taking the quest to guard the Silver Rush the guard removed a suit but left a suit.. and I couldn't drop it as it was a "Quest item" – even though I had it prior to the quest. I was stuck with 25.00 burden I couldn't lose. Irritating.

  • Syd

    Does anybody know if I can install the patch on an xbox sllim without harddrive (only 4GB of flash memory)? If I can't I'm have to buy the ps3 version…

    • collin

      yes you can i have the 4gb slim and i installed to to my internal memory on the system u can use all of the memory on in one suggestion is to take off all the arcade games to free up some memory

    • jozel

      buy the 360 version because the dlc will come earlier than on ps3 and the patch will be installed overnight

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113780281 Matt Charron

    I am locked out of the strip!! Is there some kind of key or is this a glich… Either way, PLEASE fix this!

    • http://www.facebook.com/dominick.nappo Dominick Anthony Nappo

      same here i have been to the strip but it wont load it just freezes everytime i try to go onto the first part of the strip

      • http://www.facebook.com/chad.fame Chad Fame

        Ditto. Every time I try to go back in, it loads then the screen goes black then when you start back up it says that the autosave file is corrupt. I've been roaming outside of New Vegas doing other quests. Hopefully they fix this soon….

    • Vincent

      I had the same problem, was able to enter and leave New Vegas when I wanted. Then it said the gate was locked. I killed one of Mr. Houses Securitrons looted his body and grabbed the key on it. Made a run for it to the Kings hide out, because if you just enter New Vegas right away, every robot will be hostile to you in Vegas. Rezoned to Freeside after entering the Kings, and fast-traveled somewhere else. Had to wait 3 game days before the Securitrons where no longer hostile. Didnt recieve any reputaion penaltys. It may seem like a long proccess but it is the only way I found that works. Hope this helps.

      • Vault-Tec CEO

        There is an easier way than that, just fast travel to Camp McCarren and use the monorail which will take you to the LVB monorail station inside of The Strip! Doing this also unlocks the front gate for some reason.

  • The Kinected Gamer

    They released the patch for 360 overnight, PS3 owners should expect theirs soon.

    Check Me Out At: http://www.kinectedgamer.com

  • Matt

    this save data is missing dlc some items will be missing, do you still want to load? – Yes. The device you have selected no longer exists. SWEET THANKS I DIDN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD DLC

    • Chris

      Same here, fucking annoying

    • durpa durr

      ive got the exact same problem. so hoping that my save data is alright and that they patch it soon or i swear to god this game is going.

      • Stepo

        I have had the same problem its really anoying being into the game a while and this happens. I updated which didn't help on the xbox so i had to restart the game and since have found many reported bugs already.

  • rich

    nice to see they released a patch for stupid crap like floating heads but not one for people that cant even play the game. i could care less about visual glitches when i cant even load a saved game. you would think making a playable game would be the top priority

  • Phyon

    Mr. house hey i had the same problem except i got stuck with 2 sets i stole one set from the chest outside the van graff building then i started the quest where he gives you another. At the end i had 2 sets on van graff armor i could not get rid of it . But i found a solution.

    I just wore one set of the armor for awhile but i finished the entire chain of quests from them kinda Any ways no matter what you do with her after you get cass to follow you. You can give her the armor. I was not able to give the other companions the armor but she was able to take the van graff armor.

    Second bug Matt Charron you need a get to get into the strip or you need to pay the robots outside credits to get in. Or you can just kill them take the key all the robots have and open the door but they slightly makes the strip mad at you.

  • adoseofbuckley

    @Syd – You should be able to patch just with a 4GB flash memory. All games allow you to patch regardless.

    @ Matt Charron/Matt – Both of your problems are glitches people have reported a lot, so hopefully they'll be fixed in the patch.

  • chandler

    that patch keeps making my game freeze when i pull my gun out for my xbox360

  • MackOne

    are these patches going to fix the freezing issues? i was kicked back to main menu after when the Dr. was done with me at the beginning. now i have the 1-4 second freezes constantly and froze at least 20 times where i have to restart my ps3.

  • zaf


    if only the door is locked, try to kill the robots, to get the key

  • KURT


    • ToniP

      mine didnt lock up till 9 hours in…then it did it constantly….

    • Patrick

      I am 25+ hours in, froze on me twice. Witch is not a big price to pay for this awesome game, few minor quest bugs tho, im sure they will take care of it

    • rj clark

      You're VERY lucky! It's consistantly locking up on me just as more intense firefights begin. I'm stuck on top of Hoover Dam — I'm done for a while as I just tried TWENTY TIMES to reload and go and it froze every time.

  • xt7

    invisible walls on scalable mountain sides are BS.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dominick.nappo Dominick Anthony Nappo

      yes they are

    • ricky

      i know its bull

  • Benjamin

    IT Freezes more than dam fallout 3 i god dam what is the issue they were able to get oblivion to work without freezing why can't they get it right!

  • Traun

    Been a Bethesda Gamer since Daggerfall. This is the worst letdown yet. Graphics are garbage compared to fallout 3… especially the guns. The map is about the same size as Point Look Out. Thats a freaking DLC!!!. Game is glitchy and freezes constantly. Total wast of 60 Dollars.

    • :DDD

      it is because of Obsidian, every game they touch is ruined with glitches. Ever played Star Wars: KOTOR 2?

  • Joker99

    I've been gaming since the days of Intellivision and Atari and I've never been more disssappointed in something gaming as i am with BETHESDA and OBSIDIAN in FALLOUT NEW VEGAS…Freezing on level 2. It's like you were Santa and you came to my house on x-mas banged my Mom, slapped me like a bitch taking my money and leaving me some broke ass toy…it's on Santa, lol….Hey big ups to this lastest generation of young folks, these kids network info and troubleshooting quick…. little p.s er if your madden11 wont load take it off the skill…my skill. It will load on any other skill and then you can go back to settings to adjust. hey GREYBUSH out… kicking you in the dick Santa, LMAO

  • Alin

    I have the ps3 version and while I think the game is great it has little freezes throughout the whole thing and it gets really annoying when I am playing it for a few hours

  • Mike

    I've only played four two or three hours and as soon as I stumble upon the legion the games freezes. I cant leave I cant kill them, I cant go in a house, anything I try the game freezes. SO frustrating I was looking so forward to this game.

  • nathan

    Ive been playing fallout new vegas on the PS3 for the last few days and it has only froze on me twice and ive played for at least 5 hours

  • Cramaine

    Love Fallout New Vegas, so far I havent had any glitches apart from some momentary freezing. Love the references and music from Fallout one and two. Only disappointment so far is the third person camera, when you try to look at your character camera cannot center on it as its almost totally off the left side of frame (I know its a petty thing). I dont understand how they can release a game without debugging first, it must be really infuriating for people who dont have net access.

  • Cramaine

    Love Fallout New Vegas, so far I havent had any glitches apart from some momentary freezing. Love the references and music from Fallout one and two. Only disappointment so far is the third person camera, when you try to look at your character camera cannot center on it as its almost totally off the left side of frame (I know its a petty thing). I dont understand how they can release a game without debugging first, it must be really infuriating for people who dont have net access.

  • cjms

    This isn't a Bethesda game; it's made by Obsidian. I guess it's nice to see Bethsoft covering for their dev here.

    • G

      I think Bethesda knew it was going to be crap so they let Obsidian touch it so they wouldn't tarnish their own name.

  • Ty

    I updated on the 360, and now whenever I touch rb for VATs, my game freezes.

    • Steve

      I have excactly the same issue. No problems until the update.

  • Vexas

    Ok I have an issue where everytime I try and enter the strip it blacks out/freezes . I’ve been in the strip before, and b4 it went fine. P.S my game ran fine before the patch (XBOX)

    • Mike

      I'm having the same problem. Even when I tried to take the monorail into the strip the game let me walk about two feet before it froze. Very very annoying, I'm just doing the side missions until I can get into the strip.

      P.S. There are at least two side missions I know have scripting errors, one with the Boone's wife and another with the "I put a spell on you" quest.

      • john

        i have same issue on 360.i have been to the strip before and now when i try ang go back it freezes at a black screen and locks the console up. when will they fix this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/dominick.nappo Dominick Anthony Nappo

      same here but mine is on ps3 n i dont have the patch yet

  • Cam

    Awesome game I love the game freezing everytime I do ANYTHING!. This is so disappointing . I was so hyped for this game and you gave me two strokes and you were done.

  • LittleWeideman

    Hey everyone

    The only real problem I’ve encountered with the game is a lot of lockups without any ability to get out of them besides just a plain ol restart. Oh yeah, there are so many typos in this game, including one I’ve noticed during a loading screen!!

    I have the xbox version btw an the only real glitch I noticed was after I got the Live update today. When I go to lockpick something it brings up a blank terminal computer screen with the screwdriver and bobbypin in the background. Now that’s weird if you ask me.

  • tony

    One bug that I found was with the whethered 10mm pistol you get with the game as a download. When ever I have it out my screen turns very bright, it looks as though the gun isn’t there and he isn’t holding anything, and when I drop the gun or see it in vats it is a gians red diamond with an exclamation mark in the middle. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • dave


  • Danny

    For the people that don't have xbox live are we more or less stuck with a 60 dollar coaster or is there gonna be some kind of patch on disc released

  • James

    I have not bought the game yet I am afraid to due to all the bad things I am reading about it . You know what pisses me off is … how do people run a company ,make a game , and then release it knowing it has problems or looks like crap.I mean did they test this game before it came out ? They are killing the Fallout legend if the keep up al this crap.My worry is I do not have access to XBOX LIVE so if I bought the game how would I get the patches ? Should I even buy this game or just forget it ?

  • Jammer

    @Kurt – I have had no problems either, played for around 7 hours and it hasnt frozen once

  • AnonymousGamer

    wow I'm soo glad I don't preorder games.. Thank god for GameFly!

  • skilllerthekiller

    ive played for 12 hours. the whole time ive been playing the game has been patched. nonetheless, i havent experience a single glitch. the only problem ive had is when i was battling 6 legionnaires at once and using explosives in vats. it was lagging a bit. the game seems pretty polished to me, although i do wonder why so many different people are having so many different experiences with the same game….

  • guest

    I don't get it, I played for 10 hours straight, didnt get a single crash. I've maybe had it freeze once or twice, and this is coming from someone who still on his first 360 (got this in 06). Maybe I'm just lucky? Or havn't got the real glitches yet :P?

  • AllOut209

    I managed to get to several locations and finish a few quests (including been idolized by the Boomers) and such. The only couple of problems I have are the sleep/wait action (can't wait/sleep for more than 1-3 hours if I wanted to for a day), and trying to completely kill a threat (to elaborate, whenever I kill something, the threat still lives with its' health meter at 0 and I'm like 'wtf, Beth'?).

  • Avoid

    Fallout New Vegas is rubbish, the bugs ruined the game even more. If you can, quickly go and get a refund like I did. Fable II was like this – it had game killing bugs, I also went and got a refund for that and I will be avoiding Fable III and every other game Lionhead make and I will also be avoiding every game Bethesda publish, produce or co develop. Stuff like this is not acceptable. I've played many games on Xbox 360 which don't have game killing bugs, so NO, it is NOT acceptable. Bethesda can go choke on excrement along with Lionhead like the scammers that they are.

    • Lingoli

      hey, dont focus on bethesda. if you pay any attention to the opening credits, it also said "OBSIDIAN". they are to screw ups here. obsidian didnt have anything to do with oblivion, and oblivion was almost perfect. bethesda are the ones who are fixing the problem obsidian created by rushing a game that should take a few years to even outline.

  • CAn'T BeliEve It

    on xbox 360 everything was running nice and smooth until i reached the strip..loading times started to double the time and lagging started almost to the point of freezing. I loved fallout 3….new vegas is a disappointment and not worth the 60 dollars!!

  • Pissed Gamer

    O well at least you guys can continue to play. I'm 35 hours in with my only save and auto save in the Gomorrah casino and every time i try to leave it freezes any body have any idea how to get past this or do i need to start a new game?


    ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!! did the update and boom, freeze, crash, no fun. play for 5 min and expect a crash. need to fix this problem ASAP!!

  • Portnoy's Complaint

    I've embarrassingly already played over 45 hours and while I've had a few freezes, they've been few. My biggest problem has been quest-blocking glitches like *potential minor spoiler* the quest for the BoS where you have to partition the virus – use the science skill and you can't complete it. *grumble* Or various map-based glitches that lead me to a zone, you go through the door and it immediately tells you to go back to the other zone. Ad infinitum. There's also the blinding Pip boy screen issue…though a quit and load seemed to absolve that. Then there are the glitchy gliding creatures at a distant who decide that walking is just too much effort. Did I mention Boone also dropped off his gun at a casino and they liked it so much they keeped it?

    My biggest "wait, what?" moment that I'm not even sure if it's a glitch or not involved *hey, hey, another (heartier) SPOILEResque thing* Mr. House deciding out of nowhere to turn on me. I noticed I couldn't send a companion back to our love nest – decided to check it out and WHAM, Victor decided it was time for a lover's spat. So my poor Portnoy found himself at odds sans a save game far enough back to make amends. So now, 40+ hours in, I'm having to completely change my "intended outcome". But. I'm rather intrigued as to where this line of adventuring is taking me…

    I had one enjoyably terrifying glitch moment where I was being attacked by a radscorp near the Mojave outpost; I tried to use an incinerator on it, died, and then saw my corpse land on a rock where my neck started to extend…and extend…and extend, as my other limbs followed suit. I became a ghastly, gyrating Lovecraftian unmentionable mass before loading. I laughed, I'll admit it.

    I'm very torn as I love the series all the way back to Fallout 1 (I even grew to appreciate Fallout: Tactics), and I'm enjoying the game, but to echo the above comments, I am very disappointed that they would release the game in the state it's in. I guess it's a tribute to the game itself when I'm still willing to keep playing and able to enjoy myself even past the feeling that I'm a beta tester…

    • Bob

      hey, since you've played for so long, maybe you can help me kill the nightkiln in the basement of the rocket plant. I'm getting my ass kicked and don't know what to do. thanks

  • Sir Shmexy

    i only seem to get a freeze at the loading point of which when i'm going to a new area or leaving a buidling just after i've done the money glitch, yet when i dont use the money glitch the game plays normaly ?

  • Lakelurk

    Without the crashes, Awesome game, with them its a complete garbage of a game. Constant crashes (I've had at least 12 in about 35 hours of play.) On PS3 these freezes are only fixed by a hard restart which can't be too good for my PS3. lots of quest glitches AI glitches and lots of companion glitches especially using Cass. And to the person that said that oblivion was freeze free, are you serious? it seems like obivion ES, fallout 3, and new vegas are full of glitches. I know sandbox style games always have glitches IE GTA4, but GTA never froze up my playstation

  • Ross

    I play 360.got patch today.now game freezes everytime you try to enter vats…epic fail.so far this game glitches more then any game I’ve ever played about to break it and burn it fml

  • Tirkot

    I am a food character stuck trying to blast ghouls into space outside of novac. every time i try to finish the quest the ghoul leader gives this big speech(i think its mark hammil) and then nothing happens the ghouls mill around and bump into each other love fallout but i have had to restart a bunch. I suggest being evil and taking quickest route if interested in finishing the story.

  • Snowzwer

    I can’t believe Benny is your brother!

  • Rob

    my Xbox version was working fiet till that patch came out. now my V.A.T.S. locks up the game and i have to reboot and also fast travel locks the game up.

  • Bob

    I'm having a heck of a time killing the nightkiln in the basement during the come fly with me quest. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to get this done….was up for three hrs and made NO progress.

    • Andrews10

      I killed them using Freddie Kruger type knife glove, they dont seem to like being stabbed! Plus they are very slow attacking I kept running under their swing

  • Alderanas

    im a bit disappointed bout this game. I love it and hate it all at the same time. I havent had near the glitches that most people have but im not to happy about being chased aroung by an unkillable radscorpion for a few minutes and a quest for the legion cant be completed because a game freezing door is between me and total victory but besides that the game works rather well and my friend playing on his new 360 has had no glitches at besides a few random spinning bushes and a few heads that seemed to not want to come out of the air afer death.

  • Zack

    im sure im not the only one who's trapped in the Gomorrah on the 360 with a damn corrupted autosave&freeze combo when i try to leave

    • fishbonz91

      freeside same combo

  • Oncall

    i cant go into miguels pawn shop in westside like i go up to the door and nothing wat do i do??

  • Clumzilla

    I hope they fix the "legion hate you" bug. I want to continue the main quest and I can't and it's really pissing me off. I don't want to start my game over again for a stupid bug.

  • Max Fusion

    Im still having problems even after the Xbox 360 update on the UK release date. one that relly bugs me (no pun intended) is that the game wont let me get into the strip Ive been in there before but every time I try to get in the screen goes black, I tryied it five times and it still does it, I’m just doing some of the side quests until Bethesda makes a update that works.

    although the game is ACE I just have to look past the innessant glitches and freezes, but apart from that its an excellant game.

  • Artlover

    Xbox360 version here. My question is this: Where the hell is the patch?

    Yes, I know where it is. Connect to XBL. Except I didn't need to be connected to XBL to go out and buy the game. Don't need to be connected to XBL to play the game. But for some reason I need to be connected in order to fix this broken mess. No. Sorry. I shouldn't have to do anything different.. Not every Xbox360 is connected to or even has access to broadband access. Regardless of that fact, "ALL" your customers are "ENTITLED" to support, not just the ones that are easy and convienent for you to deal with.

    Someone over there needs to put a USB transferable or disc burnable patch (like MS does for their dash updates) on the website, or start offering a 100% free (including all shipping) disc replacement program, or something. Otherwise I'd suggest a class action lawsuit might be in order where a whole bunch of things can be discussed, like why support is offered only to certain customers to why the game was even sold at all when it was already known to be broken before hand. Both of which are things that existing laws already make illegal.

  • chuck

    xbox360 version – no patching – I've had some graphics glitches where enemies fall through the floor infinitely after killing them, then show up in random places dead twitching about, and issues where enemies can't walk across level ground or into a room without getting stuck. I also had one issue where the deputy was stuck 1/2 way inside the ceiling of the vicky & vance casino, but I could still talk to him at least. This is the kind of stuff I wouldn't even see when I did beta testing for games. Sheesh, buuuuuggy! The only saving grace is that the game itself is so awesome you can look right past these bugs. Hopefully I won't have any game-ending ones that some others have had.

  • MD17

    guys just call bethesda, i did and got great information from a guy named tommy. he told me that they are working very hard on a patch right now, but in the mean time what you guys can do is erase your game utility data not your save game data but erase what you installed when you first put the disc in and it should fix some of the problems you guys are having. but other than that talk to tommy he helped a lot.

  • fallout

    i'm playing on the ps3 and it has frozen already more then 12 times….all the time when i'm walking in the wasteland (so not inside buildings) hope they fix that up because it f*cks up the whole game….and they should try the game themself instead of letting us be the gametesters….

  • Meathead

    Lots and lots of glitches, but I love the game too much to quit. I've had only two game-stopping crashes that happened only after three or more hours of play. Reboot, and it's fine. I cannot complete two side missions because for whatever reason, there is nowhere to go. For example, while searching for a runaway girl at Gray's hotel, I kill the two thugs, break into the room where I'm supposed to look for clues to said girl's whereabouts, and I find zip. I reloaded twice, searched the entire hotel, no clues, no letters or holotapes, nothing. Another quest involves clearing out the Nightkin in some basement. I get to the underground door or whatever where the map says to enter, and I cannot find a mechanism to enter the hole. Tried clicking the passage, rubbing my character on it and clicking on everything in the room, nothing. I've experienced other glitches, like gear disappearing from my inventory (but usually reappearing later). Sometimes there is bad slowdown, like during this one crazy shootout involving only four characters in a small room at Gomorrah. Another issue: for a few minutes, I thought this one female character, a possible companion, was a midget, but I realized upon reloading that her legs from the knee down were stuck in the ground. Also, I have a minor complaint about the plainness and ugliness of the Strip, as I thought it would be a bit more like the real Strip. Aside from these problems, I haven't experienced enough problems to hate the game (Fallout 3 GOTY PS3 edition is another story). In fact, I love it. It's a deep, involving game. I can't emphasize enough that you'd better have multiple saves from different locations and from varying times of play (an hour or so apart so you don't experience a game-stopping dead end that you can't escape from). There is one glitch I actually appreciate…the conversation level up cheat…I've leveled up three times by using this. It takes ten-fifteen minutes of constant clicking to level up, but it's useful for getting those skills numbers up. I'd better use the hell out of it before they patch it… ;)

  • Elizabeth

    I finally can't go any further. I'm at level 28 and now the game will not load at all. I've had the most issues in New Vegas. The game has frozen now and then at other locations but It freezes up the most in New Vegas now. I'm so ******* pissed off. The Fallout serious is one of my all times favorites but it always has the most problems.

  • Ashley

    I put all my good guns in the lucky 38 suite. then later when im trying to get them, BAM!! victor is a non responsive bastard who wont let me leave the suite room!!!! so now i have no accesss to my GUNSQ!!!!! F***K YOU DEVELOPERS GET UR act together and fix this !!!!! >:(

  • Aidan

    I have the game, have yet too play it because I am grounded. 5 of my friends said that all thir save dat was erased.I HATE THAT!!!!! I have a good 400 hours in fallout3 so If new vegas is F**Ked upwhen Ip lay it im gunna punch a bay!

  • Justinbmt

    I tryed to use the extended mags on the wethered 10mm and i get red !box

    • rob

      i got the same thing for my wethered 10 mm when i added scope i dont think this would be sorted in this update since its only bonus content i think it may be overlooked which would be so annoying since i love the gun

  • mikha aus

    glitches i found mojave outpost everytime i trade with a caravan game freezez
    random freezing
    but the funniest i found was playing playing for 2 hours no probs come up to a safe go to pick lock it instead of the keywhole and a pin the computer screen comes up with nothnn i can still hear the lockpick moving was chalenging for a while picking a lock just by sound but annoying on hard locks (ps3)
    love fallout but they realy screwd this one up in all ways

    • Brad

      After I leave the doc's office all that loads is ground, sky and a few tumble weeds
      And when I say ground I mean perfectly flat ground all the way across the map?

  • mike kelly

    I bought the game and what a dissappointment. My glitche is that my pipboy goes blurry and I can not tell what I am doing is there any way to get my money back or do I have to wait for the patch

  • clubseal22

    Here's one I don't know if anyone else has experienced – When I tried to take ED-E to the Hidden Valley bunker, no one answered when I clicked on the intercom. And then, when I left, Veronica, who was traveling with me, had disappeared, but was still registering as traveling with me. Fantastic.

  • Mr. New Veags

    Hey why did they patch the glitch with the anti-material rifle. The one where you use incendiary ammo, Vats someone, then exit vats and it lights the person on fire????????

  • Nate

    Mine was working fine 25 hours in with only 2 freezes and some minor floating heads type things that can be looked past. Now though when I am near Boone it automatically goes into a conversation with him over and over until I have to tell him GTFO. Sucks cause I lose my ballerest companion.

  • levy

    ive been playin for over 25 hrs and been all over the place…. really not many glitches other than the floating head thing and critters keep fallin thru the floor. but now that im tryin to go to the strip to finish some quests the dam thing keeps freezin right at the door. Ne ideas?????

    • Deus

      Got the same issue… Cant go into the strip after ive been down to the bunker activating all the robots down there, and need to return to Mr. House… Killed all in Silver Rush as im stuck and cant move on :/ Great place for weapons tho :P

      Same thing happens with the door on the top floor of Atomic Wrangler… Cant enter that either…

  • Marymo

    Hey how do I go about getting a shovel to dig up some of the graves i have come across..??

    • marymo

      how do i go about finding a shovel for the graves that i have come across?? !! :)

    • Lance

      You can buy one from the general store in goodsprings.

  • Walrus

    My problem is the monorail is destroyed and the only way into the Strip requires a key to get in. My game is at a complete standstill, being that I have many quests I need to turn in there.

  • knitguy

    Just lost Boone and ED-E after exiting the Tops casino.

  • nasher

    im on ps3 and my one feels jumpy plus it has froze a couple of times which i had no other choice but to turn the ps3 off also i can save it but after restarting the game it takes me back to a save from near the start

  • Anthony

    Man, my game has the bug where it freezes every time that you enter the Strip. It's really annoying

    • Eric

      I have the exact same problem. It crashed a few times on me before the strip, but I didn't think much of it since fallout 3 was a little buggy too and I learned to save often. But, this is rediculous! I've played almost 100 hours and even reached the level cap before continuing the story line in the strip. (I know… I got a little distracted with looting and getting gear :P ) Anyway, now I can't even play it anymore because every save I have on the strip either fails to load or crashes shortly after rebooting. Fix it NOW Bethesda! (Xbox 360)

      • jenny

        same problem here. i can't even enter freeside now. i feel like the glitch is slowly expanding over the whole game. and to wait for the patch i've been doing side quests and just hit the level cap. the game's starting to feel a little pointless, no?

  • 1 naffed of fan

    How about fixing the glitch that keeps you stuck at level 1 for a start? This is probably the most game-breaking of the glitches as you lose incentive to carry…

  • Craig

    Yeah so im 90 hrs in been doing mainly side quests with enough main quests to get me in the strip and a just a touch beyond i am also a one saver and just an autosave i spoke to the chick at the desk stole the gun skill book and and talked to whore missing her man after i got my freebie of course and decided to help her before i stirred up a hornets nest with the boss's go to leave freeze my save right before the whore almost jumped my bones in the court yard. 55,000 caps level 25 and 10 unique weapons with a upgraded ed-e and 4 snow globes im pissed i cant leave Gomorrah.

  • John

    is the glitch where the group that likes you doesnt attack you on site. For some reason the NCR which like me or accept me end up attacking me on site. Im not wearing any faction armor either and my status says im very good so i dont get it.

  • cornelius

    The worst bug that ive experienced? When the BoS take your items to let you enter their base, but never end up giving them back. That includes ALL my money, armor, and unique weapons that i spent hours acquiring…. Such BS

  • T.R.F.P.

    after finishing the quest to be a member of the brotherhood and receive my power armor training the game stops me as if i was supposed to watch something happen around me. but nothing happens and i can't go anywhere nor do i actually receive any power armor training perk. I have to load a previous save and just ignore it for now. along those lines victoria's quest to go back to the brother hood also stops, she just doesn't talk to the elder. I think both of these bugs stem from the fact that the elder is now in the entryway instead of his chambers, but whatever the reason i hope this gets fixed soon, I want to use my power armor!!

  • beau

    are they going to put up a new patch for this game or what? i cant play more than 5 god dam min and this game freezes and i cant play a game like this anymore!!!!!

  • Mr. Soak

    Every time i enter the strip my game freezes. could not enter from the north strip gate whitout the screen going black, but when i took the monarail i could enter. after i left the ultra-lux, i took 5 steps and it froze too. anyone know if they're going to relase another patch for consoles. ps3

    • Eric

      Same here. I couldn't enter through the North Gate without crashing. I took the monorail and was able to go to the Tops. Went to Ultra Luxe next, tried to leave and… crash! Finally got out of Ultra Luxe, tried to enter another gate in the strip = crash! Now I'm lucky if I can even reload a save I have where I'm just stading in front of the damned gate! Me = NOT HAPPY! (Xbox 360)

  • JoJo

    Bethesda don't give a rat's tail. It was all about hitting the market before CoD Black Ops. Money today. They'll be kind enough to gradually supply some adequate patches sometime in the future. Until then however, if you own a glitchey copy you're screwed. What other product in the world is this unreturnable? Seriously, where's the notice of product recall? I'm out $60 and all I have is a piece of crap that's been pressed into a shiny disc.

  • paul

    ****ing hate you New vegas asides from the fact its a lazy mess thats fixed nothing from fallout 3 its decided to go all out and really **** me off. Aside from the usual freezes im used to from fallout its got real special now it freezes up completely i have to reset and when i do i get an error code saying it cant load it. So i reset and hold in for the double bleep get that special menu and restore file system which tells me the hdd is corrupt great it fixes it i can play my games again other games run fine fallout nv however will run for a bit and eventually crash again causing the same problem. You can say its my system all you like but facts are so many people are reporting the same thing. Nv is a ps3 killer. Gah! Formatting the harddrive

  • smudge09

    the game has froze after 30 hours of gameplay. and when i try and reload it, it jus freezes on the load screen, so i may have lost 30 hours of gameplay ! greeeeeat

  • Shleppy55

    If people really wanted to make a statement, they just wouldn't purchase the product no matter how good the game might be, until they see sales dwindle down, maybe then they would take development more seriously. They really essentially did not want to miss the holiday season.

  • Jay

    Worst problem? Stuck in the Lucky 38 and can no longer play the game. Think that trumps all.

  • jenny

    worst problem: cannot enter the strip anymore.
    most ridiculous problem: when entering the main office of the crimson caravan, the floor disappears and is replaced by a big red exclaimation mark. I'm transported to the middle of the floor, falling down constantly, and cannot leave. my autosave is walking in the door. i've tried to leave by jumping from chair to chair but cannot escape this totally unthought out, untested game site.
    it's really unfortunate, because fallout is one of the only games i'm serious about and for a while I wanted to get into bethesda's other stuff. It's at the point where I want to talk to their employees, who I don't doubt are getting cut back so that more profit can be made and we can be the next 100 hours of testers.

  • Bobo

    So people who don’t have an internet connection on their x box 360 are just out of luck?

  • Keith

    I’ve had the same glitch with the monorail where it blows up even if u defuse it. I redid it about 50 times. Trying it different ways, I would get outside to the monorail an if I ran up to it it would just ditch me. But if I walked up real slow I could get on it an defuse the bomb. But the second that I stepped off an ran to the door it would take off an the fireworks start . Then if I go back to the reverse phsycology an walk slow to the door so the train wouldn’t drive away an blow up. An even then when I go to talk to Hsu there is no comment to choose saying that I saves the monorail. It’s frustrating, is there any way around it?


    can anybody tell me if the patch is going to fix the fact that the screen is so dark its impossible to even continue playing , im choked why release a broken game .

  • b0b


  • layne bonnell

    does any of you guys know how to drop rocket souviners? Iwas going to decorate my suite with one but it was marked as a ouest item but i completed the two quest you use it in.Is this a glich?because their are a ton out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sburymozza Gareth 'Mozza' Morris

    my game crashs after going back to see Dr Williams after the "there stands the Grass quest" has well miffed me off as now carnt to the Crimson Caravan quests the game is mint i love it just is doing my head in that it has been allowed to be realised with so meny bugs?????????????

  • Derek

    I can never get into the strip anymore through either the strip or the monorail done so much of the game almost all the side quests now I just want to take over Vegas and kill everyone but the $uckers won’t let me ruined the whole damn game gone try again in a year on tip of that watch vault 13 with the spores let the ghoul delete all the info or u get locked in for good way to many glitches

  • Razor

    Is it possible to download the new patch to memory stick and install. I don't have connection to connect to xbox live? Please tell me someone. Razor

  • Charles

    I finished my game and started a new one but it wouldn't let me get passed level one no matter how much EX i had. I finally started a game that would let me after many many tries and fails but this one when i walk out of a door and end my game when i start I can't look in different directions till i kill a few people and that's only sometimes that it works again. I know it's not my controller because it works before I start the game. This was a let down, the map is small and there are a lot of bugs and freezing. There better be a LOT of good LONG DLC's for New Vegas.