MyTouch 3G: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Live – Do you have it?

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We have some great news for owners of the original T-Mobile MyTouch 3G handset, as it looks as if the update to Android 2.2 Froyo is now starting to appear on some handsets. Do you have the update already or not?

As reported from Phandroid, the rollout process started on Tuesday and as usual, only a select number of users received the notification initially.

We’re unsure if the rollout is happening in both the US and Europe, but you’ll be able to find out detailed updates by following the official T-Mobile forums (you’ll need an account though).

If you already have the update, let us know by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to tell us where you are based too! If you’re interested in reading fresh details about the successor to the MyTouch 3G, check out our report yesterday here.

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  • P69RIA

    Hi you there,

    • P69RIA

      I want android 2.2v for my x10.



  • Benjamin

    I got an update notification Just now. Said it was a two part update. So far completed the first part. Location : Belize

  • Mandy

    I've received the full update. Houston, TX

  • Derrick Jackson

    I received the update and installed it early this morning. Just make sure to powercyle the phone when complete with both ota parts.


  • carlos

    i received a text stating that i should receive my update soon, cant waite….

  • Curtis

    My wife's phone completed the update. Mine is still waiting to push to me.

  • bill

    Got The Text Message Stating I Should Receive The Update By October 31st, Got This Text 5 Days ago and Its Got me Super Anxious Cant Wait!!!

  • Todd Wallace

    Got it two days ago. Wichita KS. My wife's phone hasn't yet.

    Some good things in the update, but no Swype and no Flash. Tried to DL Flash 10 and it wouldn't let me.

  • rusty

    I got it on Monday. I live near Philly. My phone has been 1000x SLOWER since the install. Some cool new features but overall I think it sux if I have to wait for apps to load. I have never seen so many crashes either.

  • allen

    My daughter received the text notification and within hours she receives the update. It has slowed her phone and battery life has been shortened. My received the same text last week by no update has been received. A little worried they have cancelled the rollout….the last day is tomorrow Oct 31 right?

  • yaturner

    The latest word from Customer Support at T-Mobile is that the distribution has been "slowed down" due to problems with people not getting the full update ( myself included ) and the the new completion date for the 2.2 upgrade is December ( yes they said December ) 15th

    bah humbug

  • valerie

    My daughter & I received update about a week ago. My other daughter has not. My phone is painfully slow now and the battery needs to be charged 2x a day! I've turned off the gps and the animations and it still isn't running the same as before the update :( –Annapolis, MD

  • adam

    I received text two weeks ago and no update. I live near philadelphia.

  • Marj

    I haven't received the update yet and I Have a Fender Mytouch with 3.5 mm Jack, T- MOBILE STORE told me the the Regular mytouch will get it before the one with the 3.5 mm jack, Still waiting and still have not got a message about it, I hope it comes soon.

  • unknown

    I recieved the update in october. Runs slow and does drain battery life. Last night i got another update but nothing seems to have changed. Also Live wallpaper does not work.

  • http://prnews Anna Mendez

    I just got my update and my phone is so slow its taking forever to right this. My task killer worked so good before now it doesn’t work and my battery dies so fast now.

  • http://prnews Anna Mendez

    Live wallpaper doesn’t work either

  • teresa

    I received the full update. Kansas City Missouri. My phone is running super slow now.

    • saida

      I just received a sms about the froyo update and after i did it, my phone was very, very slow. it force closes all the time and freezes. im going to reverse the update and go back to the previous version.

      • Saida

        Im in Florida

  • domingo

    i got it and my battery life has really gone down. the phone was going extremely slow at first too. the main problem i have with it is when i text the word completion and correction has very little words in the dictionary. i used to be able to type "youre" and press space so it'd say "you're" but it doesnt work now:( also for all the other words with apostrophes. i checked 1000 times if my word completion and correction is on and it is:( anyone else have this problem? if you have had it do you know a way to fix it? it's REALLY getting me mad:(

  • gen

    i just updated my mytouch 3g slide, and it's extrememly slow. idk what went wrong!