Back To The Mac Event: Live Stream for Apple Devices Only


By Posted 20 Oct 2010, 15:51

We have some good news for those of you planning to tune into Apple’s upcoming ‘Back to the Mac’ event, as the company has just confirmed that they will be providing a live stream for the event.

As reported from Apple Insider, the stream will be available on in a few hours time, and just like their previous iPod event, it will only be available for iOS devices and on Mac computers running Safari on OS X 10.6.

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This means that those of you without an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will not be able to watch a live stream, unless someone takes the Apple’s stream and redistributes it of course.

Apple were also keen to point out that their stream will be broadcast using “industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming” technology, meaning that the quality is likely to be top notch for those tuning in on mobile devices.

What are your thoughts on this? Are non-Apple device users upset about this, or are you happy to tune into a live blog? You can see our live stream and live blogs roundup here.

  • Jmix

    I have iPad. No worries.

  • Bob Barcus

    Well, let's go ahead and just exclude an entire group of potential buyers…. come on Apple!