Fallout New Vegas: Crashing and Freezing Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles?

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After receiving one or two dodgy reviews, the issues surrounding Fallout: New Vegas seem to be piling up, as the game has been suffering from frequent crashes and game freezes during play.

We’re getting reports that the freezing problems in Fallout: New Vegas are pretty severe and that in some cases, it is preventing gamers from working their way through the campaign.

Bethesda are known for the odd problems, i.e Oblivion, but we thought they would have made sure such problems didn’t arise with the release of New Vegas. As far as we know, the crashes are happening on both platforms of the game – with each crash requiring a hard reboot of the system, which is never good.

We haven’t heard anything from Bethesda on this, but I’m pretty sure we will if the ‘teething’ problems continue. For now, give us some feedback on this.

Is your game fine, or have you suffered from any severe crashes during play?

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  • Collin

    Mine crashed about 45 minutes in, and of course I hadn't saved yet =

    • Taylor

      Yup me too, 3 times it has frozen. I cannot play this game and cannot take it back because I've opened it. Fixes better come quick or I will tell everyone to never buy a Bethesda product again.

      • neil

        yep same here my new vagas keeps crashing to but only when trying to enter "the strip" its a reall pain as i cant progress any futher and 28hrs of my life wasted!!! anybody else have this problem??? bethesda say wait for a new patch to come and problem fixed.. yeh im waiting!!lol

        • Rodders

          Yea same here crashes when going into the strip. Can’t play the game any further until this gets sorted.

        • joem22

          My game has crashed about 15 times so far. This is ridiculous. And if it doesn’t crash, it lags…on an xbox! Unnacceptable.

        • Asher

          i recomend having a manual save that you should overwrite every half an hour or more or less. incase your auto save,saves while it freezes or freezes when you die,cause the first time i had to restart when i was almost done so now i keep a manual save i can fall back on and its very useful when my autosave messes things up i can just load the manual save.unfortunatly when i try to get into caezers fort it freezes everytime. so all i can do now is do side quests and scavange the wasteland

    • PS3 MANIC

      Mine as well for ps3, and continues to crash every 30 to 45 mins after

      • Drusoph

        I’m also freezing 30 min in and now it won’t load. I am unable to even play the game now. 2 days after release and it’s not working. I hope they fix soon. I want to play!!!

      • Caulker

        I have been playing for 3 days and it has crashed at least 10 times. As said above when it doesn’t crash or freeze I get randomly lagged to hell. I love the game and many games this company puts out but it needs a fix and they need more testing.

        • Jason

          I no Exactly how you feel This usually happens to me wHen I’m near legion camps ); I really like Bethesda and their games but I don’t really feel like playing anymore

      • beenjamin

        mine only crashes when I have two companions follow me!

    • VagrantSynergy

      mine is only crashing when I enter the targeting system

      • Riley

        same here, its really pissing me off because it’s making it really difficult to play. i just got it and i want to continue further into the story, but with it freezing everytime i go to use VATS, its retarded!! :( patch it up bethesda.

    • Crr

      That sucks, but the good news is the game auto saves every time you enter or exit a building, wait, sleep, or fast travel. Playing for 45 min means you had to go through the intro and character creation, surely you bought items in the shop, so thats probably only 20 possible min of random exploring outside. It still sucks, but when the fix comes, its pretty recoverable.

    • bob

      Mine crashed when i try to get into vegas strip to kill mr.house

    • josh

      yeah stupid greedy developers releasing game too soon….hurry up wit ps3 patch!!!!!

    • nick

      exact same thing with me it pisses me off happenned in fallout 3 too

    • Kyle

      Same here, maybe 4 hours of play time and 3 crashes. It's a total joke, why is Bethesda aloud to get away with this? Wish I didn't buy the game, it's completely unplayable.

    • VPomo

      Just bought the game a few hours ago. Played for about a half hour, game froze. God damnit. (PS3).

    • oldsnake90

      try changeing the your hud and pipboy color to green or blue it dosnt freeze up as mutch. thats what i did but save often

    • Tim

      Mine too, on the PS3, sometimes in VATS mode, sometimes when a lot of activity, also game judders prior to 'Caution' or 'Danger' so you always know when something is going to happen, bit of a let down, similar problems in Fallout 3, think it would be sorted by now, been waiting so long for game to be released :/ A patch is much needed!!

    • jason210

      i played my first time threw really quick with no problems…iv,e been playing my second time now for 62 hrs and now all of a sudden i cnt enter the vegas strip freezes every time, let alone all the small cliching and freezes every now and then. i tried everything, this game is so lame, thats why people burn games now and mod there systems who wants to pay 65 bucks for a game that doesn't work

    • Hanni

      yea mine freezes almost everytime i try to buy steal or load something, and they keep attacking my followers for no reason……… please help Bethesda, i cant live without new vegas!!!

    • rsta

      this game crashes often and hard. no way out but to turn off the system and hope there was an autosave sometime in the no to distant past. the npc behavior, interactions with the environment, and the environment itself are extremely wonky. i don't know how they released this title performing how it does.

    • Ulrich

      I bought the game about a week ago and it has crashed at least 10 times. Fallout 3 had its problems but it was nowhere near this bad. I can't play for more than two hours without a system freeze. I made it to level 17 when the game crashed and I couldn't recover my last save; I then had to start over from the beginning. After three crashes before I hit level 5, I've decided to put Fallout aside and play other games until we get some fixes. This is ridiculous, especially considering that New Vegas isn't a far leap from Fallout 3.

    • frankie

      everytime i try to save it freezes

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000036911300 John H Wood III

      Why is it that every game they create has problems freezing up and crashing? Bethesda needs to figure out what they are doing wrong and prevent future issues like these from happening again.

    • Bishop

      is there any way a lawsuit can be brought against Bethesda and the others if they refuse to give refunds to all customers who are unhappy with this software? Because it is obviously defective.

      • http://Game Eddy in CHI

        Im having the same constant freezing, its annoying as all hell, Fallout 3 did the same exact thing, Come on man these games are too damn expensive for such things to be happening!!

    • Mike h

      Mine was fine for the first 10 hours of play but has crashed to many times to remember! I heard turning your Internet off helps? I’m gonna give it a go.

    • josh

      i was in vegas strate away and chrased

    • dave

      i've been playing this game on the ps3….i've spent perhaps over 60+++hours on this game doing every little side mission..now it won't let me go into vegas without freezing and companions are no longer healing.. i am beyond angry..we should all be able to get our money back or something

    • kelleysj

      Mine has been crashing as well, Not real sure why they cant fix this.

    • Matt

      I have to admit, it's not as bad as Fallout 3, but i'm still experiencing frequent crashes. It really pissed me off when I made a new account and got all the way to Novac, then had my game crash before I saved >_>

    • Jacob

      Yeah I just got the game a day ago and have played about 4 hours or so. Today I started playing and after about 15-20 minutes the screen went black and brought me to the PS3 menu. Seriously, how can't Bethesda figure out how to fix these problems? They have had them for all their games like this…

  • Cap'n Kirk

    I had massive problems with Fallout 3 GOTY edition on PS3 . . . crashes so bad that most of the DLC was utterly unplayable. I will be really sad if the playability is that bad in New Vegas. Especially since I get my copy in the mail today.

    • Jordan

      same problems with me on goty and i pick up new vegas and it freezes every time i go into vats

      • Neil

        after the patch I have the problem of freeze once I go vats.

    • liam

      had the same problems too freezes at various stages of the game, had to reboot ps3 numerous times…its killing me, let alone gonna end up killin my ps3.

    • theSKURGE

      i got my copy yesterday and its so bad it freezes sometimes before the game even loads. fuckin bullshit

    • heartbrokenfallout

      ya….it is…

    • Eddie

      I never had any problems with Fallout 3. But with New Vegas, I was fine until I started getting into the outlying areas of Vegas proper (freeside, sharecropper farm, sewers, etc..) it freezes quite often, and not always "in the rocks" that the fallout wiki claims.

  • Terry

    Yes, Freezing a lot, also I preordered the game and entered the code and did not get the "GameStop" extras..

    • Nexus

      You need to go to data when launching it and activate the extra file by clicking the box. :)

    • Eulogy

      Same here! Feels like i got completely screwed. PSN network said the gamestop code was invalid. An now I'm about 3 hours in and i freeze every 3 and a half minute.

      • scott

        maybe u should try the code again, mine didnt work until like 2 days after i got the game.

    • rob

      same thing happened when i preordered fable 3…no gamestop extras

  • Anon

    Freezing all the time when I try and buy items from vendors… really sux… not even playable for me =(

    • Grimm

      Same here, its seems like every time I scroll down to the bottom of my or their supplies is when it always freezes. I'm not sure why its doing it like that, but let us hope for a patch very soon. Its rather frustrating.

    • SomeGuy

      same, freezing when I accept a vendor or enter the New Vegas Strip.

      • SSS-spencer

        I cant go into new Vegas strip either i have been there tho i need to complete some quests in new Vegas strip does the patch fix it? i hope so.

    • Guest

      yeah its doing it for me aswell, when I activate something use my pip boy it freezes, its really annoying cause i like the game so much and want to proceed with it but dont have the ability to (I am now unable to play it).

    • Miss Steph

      Yep, I've been really enjoying it, then it randomly started to freeze and now it crashes the PS3 (needed a reboot) whenever I try and buy or trade or go to New Vegas. I can't play it anymore either, very frustrating. Would have thought there would be have been some proper user testing before releasing the game to iron out glitches this big?

  • SkullCowboy

    Both platforms? Forgetting something, are we?

    • BBoy Ryu

      their only talking about the Ps3 and the Xbox 360
      it kinda says that at the top of the article

    • Snyper

      Yes. You forgot to read the title. Sill you.

    • BSHumphreyII

      I guess they are, but I'm having the exact same problem with the PC version. The game freezes and/or goes to the blue screen of death every time I fire a gun in VATS.

      Bethesda seems to be saying that the problem is with drivers or hardware, and not with their game, but the fact that the same problem is occurring on all three platforms suggests otherwise.

    • shaye




    • jason

      You’re fucking retarted. Microsoft has nothing to do with it.

    • Cybertronic

      You F-ing loser, MS has nothing to do with this game. Go suck on your macintosh!

    • http://www.facebook.com/hybridphreak Stephen Morgan


    • http://www.facebook.com/jonas.a.andersson Jonas Andersson

      some of the original developers from fallout 1 and 2 developed new vegas. not sure if you're ignorant of that or im missing something here. I think it has to do with the engine and 360's antiquated hardware more than anything

      • Ben

        Yea nah it’s not, read before you speak, PS3s and powerful computers are having the same problems at the same frequency.

    • gaborkcsr

      Probably there is a fundemental problem with the software infra structure. Can`t be fixed!! They culd`t fix it for years. Not in oblivian! Not in fall out 3! And now THIS!!!
      Forget it! The last time i spent money on their games!

  • Eric

    Within an hour the game started freezing as I tried to reenter the first town after the tutorial quest. Freezes every time regardless of approach or saved game file utilized.

    • Also an Eric

      This exact thing is happening to me as well. Did you fix it or did you have to restart?

      • Bryan

        I am having the same issue, Freezes in the first town even after starting a new game. Nothing works so its completly unplayable at this point for me.

    • Courier

      Same problem here, been trying to reach the Saloon, no good so far.. First problem that occured to me, nothing before this, but this is quite a grave one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1605496563 Luke 'Suby' Suban

      Yeah, same's happening with me, didn't freeze till i'd done all the tutorial things and left the first village though, which kinda sucks because i cant get through the next lot of enemies without freezing :(

      • kieran

        i would suggest bringing up pip boy going to world map and choosing go to that town it should work :D if nt youll have to delete ur game data off ur ps3 an backup ur save data an delete it then it should be fine :) any problems add me on ps3 if ur usin a ps (kieran078) :)

    • kyle

      I am pretty far and the game contiunes to freeze making it really unenjoyable! i love it but I am starting to get really annoyed!

  • GeneralMusings

    Par for the course with any of Bethesda's games. I haven't played one yet ( going back through Morrwind) that didn't need to have major patches before it was playable.

    • Dayton

      Rofl dude, I just started playing morrowind again and I've gotta admit, morrowind is less buggy then fallout new vegas…

  • Jamie

    The game sucks…it keeps freezing and anyone who plays it is just a loser.

    • GamerGirlzKick

      I think the criticism should lie squarely in the laps of the Programming and QC Test teams. I’m not really sure what your logic of insulting anyone who plays it is intending to accomplish. Perhaps you’re insinuating it’s MUCH smarter to just trash the disk we just dropped $60 (US) for because you’re throwing a tantrum. Some of us aren’t having issues yet. But we should stop using the game for fear of the remote personality assessment offered by a cranky teen/tween?

      Yeah, I’ll give that all the consideration it’s due…

    • Shawna

      Then I must be a loser. My game hasn't done any of that to me yet, and maybe it won't. Who knows. Seriously though grow up.

    • Liz

      That's funny, because you just said it keeps freezing which means you've been playing it.. Loser.

    • omni

      please don't say things like that. you'll make enemies everywhere.

    • Gman

      You suck

    • hoe

      You "tried" to play it too, you you are the biggest loser you sucker.

    • cdog

      Jamie lost Karma.

    • david

      umm its like a drug play it for about a day and you wont want to get off i promise……

    • Austin

      actually yu just said you play it so yer a loser and you have a girl name lol

    • jamiesucks

      Screw you! That game is gold despite the odd problem…

    • Jewzi

      uh jamie your forgetting the fact that you yourself purchased, played and posted about the game – so not only are you a loser, your an uneducated loser.

    • BigD

      Comments like that will have you becoming famous in no time, possibly as the "Keep Abortions Legal" poster child.

    • gggjkjv

      Your a loser u fag. I been u have never even kissed a girl before u pathetic freakin gaming nerd.

  • Cyb

    PC Version much more stable, although has a few quirks.

    • Guest

      That's untrue. I've got a beast of a comp and it crashes constantly

      • guest

        yeah, seriously, i tried cranking the settings down even though it recommended for my hardware to max it out, and i cant do shit….

        • bob

          imagine it on a console then, because it truly is going to be best on the pc even if it still crashes

    • Gueat

      Just exactly what is your definition of more stable? You mean it only crashes and freezes four times an hour instead of 8? Typical Bethesda P.o.S. I was patting myself on the back for apparently solving all the crash and freeze problems. I played eight yours straight on Saturday without a single crash, and then ten hours today. Now all of a sudden, without having changed anything, the game is crashing every single time I try to save, sleep, wait, or fast travel. I don't allow the game to autosave, so it isn't that ancient problem. It's simply that Bethesda is incapable of releasing a game that works, and they refuse to do anything substantial to their garbage, preferring instead to let the paytesters come up with solutions. Case in point the need for the Unofficial Oblivion and Fallout 3 patches. Other companies manage to produce games that play flawlessly right out of the box. That concept is totally foreign to Bethesda!

  • clark3783

    I didn't have it freeze (only played for 20 mins last night, though.) but I did notice some screen jumping and it did not look too promising. Just from the looks of this game . . . I think I'm going to prefer fallout 3 over it and Oblivion over both.

    • Swizzler

      I prefer fallout 3! The world and story in that one was so much better.

    • Ryan

      Mine keeps freezing when i try to go to "The Fort" which is one of the key places in the game. I went there like 3 times now it keeps freezing whenever i try to get there through fast travel and/or using the raft from Cottonwood Cove. It's pissing me off but since i already played it for like 3 weeks i cant return it because it only had a 14 day trade back warranty SO STUPID.

  • Tex

    About 45 minutes in I crashed. The fun part? I’m on hardcore and trying not to save very often which of course means… I hadn’t. Fail.

    • jordon321

      Why wouldn't you save? your not limited to saves so why make it harder on yourself?

  • baileydt

    I am SO PISSED! It has frozen up on me MULTIPLE times and my gamestop code WILL NOT WORK! :(

    • CapnCrappy

      Did you buy it Pre-owned? Because the code in the box might have been used before. Unless you're talking about a pre-order code, in which case, you should go to a Gamestop and they can still print out one, probably. I believe those particular codes are still in the system, but they don't keep them around forever.

  • John

    No problems on PC version so far, played about 3 hours.

    • Guest

      Crashes every 10 minutes on my PC.

  • Moks

    Had it on for 5 minutes and its already frozen, at the face creation stage. (ps3)

    • Swizzler

      That's where it froze on my PS3 too!

  • http://twitter.com/BigGaymeJames @BigGaymeJames

    Makes no sense how much this crap is freezing up. They only do this because they know we will buy it.

  • NeoDanger

    Same with the GS DLC Code. Playing HC and having problems with freezing. Cannot repair the Powder Ganger Armor without a Freeze and it froze when I tried to save. I need a Patch from Bethesda!!!

    • wedge

      ya same happened to me

    • PretzelBoy

      Me too.

  • Richard

    After 1 hour it crashed, and of course did not save it. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT BETHESDA:((((

  • Eric

    Tip for a particular freezing contingency. I had an issue right on the outset of the game where I couldn't reenter the initial town without the game freezing. I was able to circumvent the issue by fast traveling back into town. I know that may seem obvious to most of you, but it may help a few folks.

    • Ryan

      yeah but the sad thing is you can't fast travel into the Vegas Strip.

      • Jack

        I'm having trouble trying to get into the Strip too. Does it freeze when you try to enter from Freeside? Thats when mine does.

  • Jason

    I have the same problem as Eric. It has happened to me twice now. The first time is when I went to the school and second time is after making the healing powder and going to the saloon. What the heck is going on?

  • Brandon

    I can't even get through the introductory quest where you kill the geckos!!!!!!!!!!! Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      M2A When at desktop before you click to play the game hit the Y button and INSTALL (Rip) Fallout New Vegas to your console it will resolve alot of the loading issues you will have to have the CD in your console but it will be alot less struggle being that youll be playing off your harddrive thats why it freezes is because the 360 cant keep up with all the loading from going in and out of doors ETC…

    • SnookiiSpadee


  • jim

    Repeated crashing on when in primm, not even playable

    • Darke

      +1, locking up every time I use my pip boy, and showing incorrect screens when I try to hack or lockpick

    • zymagoras

      same here

    • guest

      since i have entered primm every time i enter V.A.T.S mode it crashes and i have to hard – reset (ps3)

      • Elliot Hatch

        yeah exactly same here very annoying

  • hola


    Please double check your sources on the developer before making blanket statements. It's not Bethesda that made this game.

    • Vector_Spector

      Wrong, developed by Obsidian, but worked with Bethesda game testers and bethesda worked with making sure the game qualified with their standards. I guess this is their standards.

      • courtney415

        Vector is correct. Additionally it's running on the Beth Engine from FO3 and Oblivion.

      • bbbdisug

        Correct, Bethesda should've said if something was wrong.. But should Obsidian have made a game THIS faulty in the first place? (I personally had no problems with Fallout 3, Just New Vegas.. Just getting immense freezes, And I played Fallout 3 on X-Box.. Got New Vegas on PS3.. Makes no sense when compared to why other people are getting freezing issues)

        • http://twitter.com/richgilberto @richgilberto

          Obsidian made the game on Bethesda's game engine (i.e. some of the people who wrote the original Fallout made up the maps and storyline for this game) but the underpinnings are all Bethesda.

    • Craig

      who made it obsidian? I picked it up this morning and played for about 3 hours (post patch PS3) and have not had any problems other than the odd half a second pause, also a roach in the wall so nothing game-breaking.

    • LeHeretic

      You're an idiot. Yes it is.

  • TriangleOffense

    The game is a joke Ive had over 30 freezes in 9 hours of attempted gameplay. And yes I now have video of it happening. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrTriangleOffense?fea

    The newest freeze is being uploaded as I type

    • Shane

      You played nine hours with all the freezing! What are you a father of teenagers? What patience. I applaud your dedication.

      • Rich

        i have 85 hrs logged, many many freezes and black screens on load. i then got to a point and started a new one with 8-9 hrs play time. that also froze similarly. im trying to troubleshoot, but it seems to be load and saving thats the problem. if bethesda people were here, or obsidian, id kick their asses.

        you hear me bethesda/obsidian? come to my house, ill kick your ass with the BROKEN CONTROLLER i got because of your shit! thanks alot assholes, that was a 60 dollar controller! its your fault!

  • NeoDanger

    I think i got it. I Received an Email from Bethesda saying that I should reinstall the game data (deleting it doesn't affect the saves). I think my Fallout 3 and DLC and GOTY are crossing information some how. I deleted all my Fallout 3 Game Data and New Vegas and reinstalled NV and I have not had any problems. The F3 data must be causing problems. Probably some of the same file names for drivers.

    • Lee

      This is the same ridicuous "solution" they offered with Fallout 3 GOTY. It will either not do anything or will onyl help for a while.

      • goyos

        You think that you are right Lee, more than likely the work-around method will be offered to FONV consumers until they put out an official patch to fix this among other bugs. It shouldn't be this way, as software should be thouroughly tested before it can be sold to the masses as fully "functional", and not something that is broken upon the sale of the item. You would think that with this being a prevelant bug found in oblivion, and fallout 3, the developer would have had this issue under control by now, making sure that this error was corrected (they haven't). In the mean time I know the deleting the "game data utility" (but do not delete your "save game data utility" or else you won't have any savepoints and will have to start all over) from time to time when you experience freezing. Our choices are two return the game (if you purchased from gamestop i think you have up to 10 days or something), or do the work-around method and wait the developer to come out with an offical patch (meh).

    • Ryan

      Are you playing on the PC?

    • Kieth

      i never even played Fallout 3 and im still getting all the crashing and freezes….this game is s**t. if they don't release a patch soon ill be getting my money back

      • john

        They released an update…

        • Kat

          and it did nothing…

        • hollowpointm16

          actually it made it worse.

        • yorkiegirl

          I have installed the update and it seemed better for a bit. But I tried to play it today – it crashed every 10 minutes!!!!

    • Minato

      I think I may try re-installing the game and hopefully it works.

    • Connor

      yeah i had no fallout 3 data on my xbox from the start and i have had freezing…i am over cumbered and it wont let me leave the mojave outpost or it freezes. i cnt drop n e thing or it freezes. and i cant talk to the vender standing right next to me or it freezes.

    • Matt

      I just recently switched over from xbox to ps3. So not only do I not have any Fallout 3 data, but I have no saved data from any games whatsoever. New Vegas is still freezing for me even with no other saved data on the system. So I dont think it has anything to do with what data you already have on the system….

    • bryan

      I ve got the same problem tried your delete and reinstall but it stilll freezes when i use the aim or fast travel button do you have anymore ideas HELP!!!!

    • Austin

      actualy i havent even played FO3 on the Xbox and it still freezing!

  • Peppino

    5 minutes into the game and it froze on me. Bethesda should “playtest” a beta before releasing it out to the public. Bummer!!!

    • Challenger

      You are lucky. Instead of killing gecko's in new vegas, new vegas killed my ps3. Fantastic. Last time that I will buy a game from Bethesda.

  • FUcker

    this sucks my chode

  • Fallout Reveiws

    i just have to say, this has been a major issue even in FO3 GOTY and FO3, i thought to myself as i was picking it up, THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT and then… BOOM it crashed on me cant even do a quest without it freezing.. BETHSADA PLZ MAKE A PATCH!!!!!

  • Brandon

    This game is unplayable for me at the moment. The framerate is horrid, the game crashes, and it honestly just looks shitty. Anyone thinking of buying this game should take my advice. Wait until this game is fixed before you waste your money.

    • Failout

      bit too late for those who preordered the game, don't you think?

  • pat

    about 12 crashes in the 6.5 hours i have played :(

  • ACW

    1 hour in – frozen solid. Had to reboot PS3.

    Also did not get Gamestop extras despite entering code.

    WTF?! Bethesda, come on – playtest your damn games will ya? It’s a fantastic looking game and I love the new additions – but this kind of stuff is pretty unforgivable. I’m gonna keep trying and hope things become more stable – but if it persists, it will be a return.

  • blictorshade

    Frozen up on me twice in the 4 hours i played it. Running it on PC.

  • cyris

    this is bull. ive been waiting for this game and then this crap happens, i want a refund

  • sadface

    on the xbox360 whenever I try to view the achievements for the game there is a white icon for the face of the achievements list and then when I try to view the achievements the game freezes and requires a hard reboot. Does anybody else have this problem or a similar one

  • Dan

    Mine didn't freeze until about 3 hours in. Now it freezes every two minutes after loading. Fucking bullshit. 65 bucks for a game that's unplayable? Give me my damn money back.

  • chris

    i have crashed at hour 7. i had to do a hardboot to solve this. im pretty bummed out i spent almost $90. i dont want this to have been a bad buy.

  • Revan

    ive done a hard reboot on my ps3 twice now.. i waited for this game for a while and this is what i get..

  • mikey

    playing on the ps3 version and mine has frozen twice within 45 minutes of playing. if this isnt fixed by friday im returning it to amazon

  • MK718

    PS3 here, just had my first crash after the 1.5 hour mark. Luckily I learn from FO3 GOTY, and I'm getting back into saving regularly. I really can't believe that this bulls**t is going to be happening again. Too money for this BS.

  • Kyle McQueen

    F'in pissing me off i had Fallout 3 and had the same problem (PS3), and i though to my seft " o there is not going to be any more freezing or anything. they should have fixed it", f'in bastards at Bethesda/Obsidian can kiss my ass

  • Kyle McQueen

    Same Fallout title…More freezing, way to go Bethesda!!!! >[

  • Dan

    The codes are now working for those that preordered for the PS3

  • Dan

    FYI…I have the classic pack.

  • Jeff

    Froze about three times in a 20 minute period. I was about an hour into the game when the problems arose. I've also noticed some other interesting bugs (like some items disappearing from the inventory when repairing them), but nothing so devastating as the game crashing. I thought from the beginning that the game might have been rushed to release, and now I know for sure.

    • Mark

      (just checking all these comments) i got the repair problem to,, i thought it was no bug becasue my fall out 3 has it to, so i always go to vendors for repair

  • F.U. Chelios

    Buggier than a sewer full of radroaches…

  • UGH

    FREEZING at GEKKO quest! ps3

  • Mark

    Froze for the third time in Primm, and now it freezes within 30 seconds of me loading my save in primm, regardless of what actions I take from the save point. Game is completely unplayable now. Taking it back tomorrow. Releasing a product so broken is absolutely unacceptable for any company. This is ridiculous.

  • SimonBelmont

    This is bullshit. I played for about 2 hours with no issues, then boom, I can't play for 3 minutes without a crash. For everyone saying "stop whining, you should expect this, save often"…fuck you…saving often doesn't help when you have to get up and turn off your Xbox every 2-3 minutes. I've already emailed Bethesda, hopefully all of you have too, so they realize how widespread this issue is…hopefully they give a shit and will get a patch out ASAP, or I don't think I'll be the only one who will be a little hesitant the next time I think about buying a Bethesda game.

  • Andrew

    mine crashed every 15 minutes im almost about too return the game because of this issue id use the money on this game for Black ops or Medal of honor

    • kieth

      go for MOH is was great to get away from all the glitchy shit in COD

  • Andrew

    Game stop codes do not work untill the next day i got my game at midnight launch and it did not work untill i tryed it at 2:30 pm the next day most likely due to the time difference

  • Lc

    Freeeeeeezes my ps3…takes five min just too boot the game for some reason then it freezes a soon as I go into the saloon right In the beginning of the game….better have a fix soon or I’ll never buy from this company again…over been trying to get past this for three hours and it freezes every time..severely disappointed

  • Chris

    This BS bethesda! Mine is randomly freezing twice in the first hour. We as gamers cannot stand for this! And no my DLC for preordering the game isn’t working niether. I am SO writing a letter to my Congress. Take that bethesda Bitches!

  • mark

    PS3… 2 freezes in 1hr of play… both around prim while it didn't appear anything stressfull was happening. After the first time I cooled my PS3 to make sure it wasn't on my end. Within 15minutes of restarting, it has frozen again. THERE ISN'T EVEN ANYTHING HAPPENING, i'm just walking around WTF!!!!!!!

  • Thudson

    Mine froze under an hour in. Maddening!

  • Starky

    Horrible problems. Can't play for more than an hour without the game freezing. When traveling in the wasteland, I'm experiencing huge frame rate issues as well. This is getting to be unplayable which is disappointing considering I was such a huge fan of Fallout 3. Tried reinstalling it several times, multiple discs, and no luck.

  • Daniel

    Game freeze any time I try and enter the strip. VERY ANNOYING. Cant continue campaign……

    • Joe

      this is the same with me so annoying

    • Matt

      I have the exact same issue

      • Matt P

        Same issues here … I went 15+ hours with no issues at all … now I cannot enter the strip.

    • omni

      me too. the door through freeside leads to an abyss of death. I can sort of go through mcarran… sometimes

    • Dave

      If the screen goes black try wearing an old cowboy hat, it worked for me now I can go in the strip whenever, just remember the old cowboy hat otherwise it'll freeze again. I think they sell them at crimson caravan company

    • MikeW

      I was told by support to:

      We have had some people report that this does not happen if you wear the "old cowboy hat" . You can purchase one at Mick and Ralph's or you may find one at Crimson Caravan Company.

      I have not tried this yet, but will try tonight

  • Bailey

    Ummm…its crashed 3 times on me already without getting past picking my character all the way through…I never buy these games on 1st day..I guess I should have stuck to that…Wow..

  • Brittany

    Wow. I would have never thought so many people would be having this problem. This game just launched yesterday and I can't believe all the issues it's having. I was probably an hour or 2 into the game and it already froze on me (PS3). The same issue happened to me on FO3 EVERY 5 minutes, but at the moment it's not as severe. Seriously, what the fuck Bethesda? It's starting to get really hard to be a fan of your work if these problems still persist. Patch ASAP or I may just have to bring the game back. I was soooo looking forward to New Vegas, too. :(

  • Andres Quinones

    Lol Damn!!! i've played it for 18 hours straight and until i hit the mission "The House Always WIns II" it keeps freezing, i cant continue the mission and i cant go back. Im stuck till the patch comes out :( will keep trying though. Did you guys save it to your Hard Drive????

    • mike

      yes i did no crashes but i have had some frame rate lags but i have only played for about two hours . will they patch it or should i take it back when it screws up

    • Saruany Rubalcava

      yea wtf im at the same part i go to enter the strip it loads and at the part just after loading it goes black and stays black but music remain wtf everytime and i already deleted my game data and nothign this is the 4th time doing it !!!!

  • Toad

    i cant even play New vegas on the 360 it keeps freezing every 5 min cant get anything done should got it for PC

  • Shirotachi

    The PC version is just as bad i have a top end machine with a top end video card and i can't even play the game. After the initial movie it crashes and the game exits. I have tried 4 times now and not a single time have i been able to play. Total disappointed

  • Mike

    Mine just froze on me after about 1 hour of gameplay. I lost all sorts of good loot because I was wastelanding. I suppose I will have to start saving every few mintues just like in the past games.

  • Freeze

    This fucking game keeps freezing everytime I go through a town

  • http://www.facebook.com/ampdecay Julien Michael Daigle

    Crashed 3 times within the first hour of play on ps3.

  • Tim

    Fallout new Vegas actually made my hard drive stop working!

  • Matt

    Same exact problem. 30 mins into the game right after a save point I try and talk to someone and they aren’t there. Like the yellow marker on my compass is but no one is on the screen. I enter VATS and it freezes…3 times in a row too. Absolutely rediculous. Did they not run into these problems when they tested the game?!?

  • Kay

    Mine froze on the first mission and everyone I restarted my system it froze n the same spot and its impossible to go around it. So right now I’m stuck in tht doctors house…

  • wraith1323

    My Gamestop code worked fine, but the game froze twice in the first two hours of play. Would have been more, but I was being careful to let the game catch up with itself. I had similar problems with Fallout 3. Very disappointing. If I didn't love these games so much, I wouldn't bother.

  • Snacks

    WTF!? My Xbox just resetted on it's own while playing this POS! This is getting out of control!

  • BloodAsylum

    Man Obsidian BLOWS.

  • kdd

    I started playing the night I got it and played for 7 hours straight without problems, then i enter a casino and shoot up the place and bang! the sh!t freezes and its been the same ever since… this sucks :(

  • Kyle

    this game is ridiculous.

  • Pluh

    Played for 3 hours last night, no freezes so far (ps3 fat version)

  • Spulk

    Game has been crashing on me also on my XBOX 360. I am dissapoint.

  • Kyle

    does anyone know if this issue only affects systems that have the game files INSTALLED onto the hdd? im not home right now and would like to know if perhaps it would run better if it was running of the disc?

    • Rebel74

      Using 360 version, installed on hard drive and froze every time I enter the Strip. Deleted it from hard drive and ran it from my disc and still had the same thing.

  • Will

    About to enter primm and freeze every time. I have retried over 5 times. Completely unplayable.

    • Kyle

      im already in primm and right before i got there i was having issues with holding the weapon. i should have known that there was going to be issues.

  • Gregero

    My copy froze about 2 hours into the game, forcing me to hard reboot.
    I haven't experienced another freeze, but am saving often.

    It's very disappointing when a company is known for problems and fails to address them. I can definitely say that I am very disappointed with Obsidian and their rush job. I do hope they muster up some courage to admit mistakes and issue a patch within a couple weeks. I know I don't have it bad (…yet) but I really wish others could enjoy their hard earned money with this game.

    • Lee

      They will admit nothing and no patches will be released. I imagine nothing short of a class action would get them to act. I was banned from their forum for asking about when Fallout 3 would be fixed (mine was unplayable after downloading DLCs). Their strategy is clearly to take the money and run. They make a damn good game so they are getting away with it I'm afraid.

      • julian

        actually theyre talkin about an upgrade for the 360 hopefully they do it soon cause this shit sucks i have about 16 hours into it if not more and nothing

  • Jordan

    OMG!!! I have gotten stuck 4 times now. I just want to kill these damn geckos and go on with my life. But now Im stuck hard rebooting my system every 10 to 20 minutes thanks to constant freezing!!! I want to play!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    I've had one freeze so far very early in the game with a few hours of play. Well we know a few things. Bethesda has to know these problems exist (they must have a test lab and have the complaints from Fallout 3!). But clearly they are ok with sending out broken software anyway. And, if the Fallout 3 experience is any judge, Bethesda will do NOTHING to correct the problem. I had a some freezes with Fallout 3. Then I downloaded the DLC and was unable to finish the DLCs or even play the base game because of CONSTANT freezes, sometimes within minutes of starting and all requiring hard boots.

    It is an amazing irony. Some of the most engaging and fun games on the market packaged with perhaps the least stable engine, and most bugs of any game on the market.

    Another thing to expect, which will add salt to the wound is that all the "independent" game review sites, who clearly have their nose you know where, will publish raving reviews and make not one mention of the fact that a significant population of Fallout gamers can't even play the game they bought. Kudos to this site for allowing the truth to be published!

  • jordon

    Mine has never frozen yet, have played for about 2 hours on xbox and the worst thing i've got was the models for the arms and weapons going off screen a few times. other than that no problems

  • Jett

    New Vegas just froze on me last night, right after I gave the root and flower to sunny smiles, and I hadn't saved either :( I wish they'd resolve this, I dealt with enough frustration from all the freezing Fallout 3 had on my PS3.

  • mick

    Bethesda, if you can't make a game, the maybe you should think about a refund. I can say one thing for the original DOOM, the graphics weren't that good but the game worked. Better than I can say for FALLOUT.

  • mitch

    I understand that games as big and intricate as Fallout New Vegas are going to have a few problems. But I've already had 4 crashes and I've only had the game for a day. You think they would have noticed this in the testing? Or are we the testers? I should have waited and bought this game used when the patches had all been released. Very disappointed.

  • DFP

    Mine also freezes about 45 minutes in. Same as the DLC for Fallout 3 last time.

  • Jrambo

    After about 13 hours of straight play I started getting relly long load screens and some occasional twitchy jumpy game play but no full on crashes.

  • bruce evans

    I didn't even get to the game; my PSP froze on the system update. According to Sony my hard drive is now corrupted, can't even play games at all. Sony told me to take it up with Bethesda. Not only was Bethesda unwilling to help, the rep. I spoke with hung up on me. I didn't raise me voice or use profanities, just wanted to know if they ever heard of customer goodwill. BEWARE of playing this game on PSP. I am now going to have to pay for repair or replacement of mine.

  • scott

    Fallout 3 did the same thing. And New Vegas is doing it again….ridiculous.

  • fallout 1 fan

    I've 3 instances of freezing after only perhaps 4 hours of gameplay in 2 days. With fallout 3, the same error occurred, but in less fruquency and you could usually get it to unfreeze if you pushed the ps3 button on the controller(sometimes it takes a few minutes, but it unfreezes). That trick does not seem to work on New Vegas, sadly. Side not on the gamestop classic pack code: if you had problems with it working right after you tried the game, try again. The codes did not become active till about 1600-1700 eastern time.

  • Niclas

    Frezing , frezing never changes =S

  • Scott

    The gameplay worked fin for the first day, but now when I try to play it on my xbox it crashes whenever it tries to load my save file. Can't play it any more.

  • animosity

    On the PC i get about 20 minutes of gameplay in, then the game crashes.

    not at any specific spot, it always seems random.

    first time it happened i hadnt saved, so i played through again, not thinking it was a common error. it happened again, had to replay the beginning AGAIN, so this time i started saving.

    well the THIRD crash deleted my saves, so a 4th time i tried again, and as expected the game crashed and i have to start from the beginning.

  • Nubandit

    My console has NEVER froze before playing New Vegas and now I can’t play more than 10 minutes without it freezing and having to do a complete reboot! WTF, I want my $60 back!

  • matt

    played it for 2 straight days…. no problems at ALLL… then made a new character…. and now it freezes every 2 min of gameplay usually when im initiateing the V.A.T.S. system….. GAYYYYY

  • librabrat

    Freezing after 30 minutes of play on the FIRST DAY! Waited long enuff for the thing. So how long before the patches? We are at the mercy of Bethesda (AGAIN?)

  • Keirris

    I'm Running 360, When it First Crashed I Installed it to the System to save the Load time and Refreshing rate but much to my Amazement Its crashed more times than I care to Mention Est.10+
    Ive Been waiting for this game for a Year and a Half only to Boot it up and it crash after the Cut Scene at the Start Basically went " Hey your Awa-a-a-a-"Silence and Crash.

  • Facebash

    Though not helpful to the console crowd i can say that if you have gom player installed you have to uninstall it to play fallout new vegas.. such as it was with fallout 3. that fixed my problems immediately . Gamebryo is a dated engine and has a few known incompatabilities . and the biggest for pc crowd was Gom player

  • Magee

    I am having same issues. Freezes every time I discover Novak. Tried 4 times.

  • cannabliss98

    Mine has crashed 3 times and i’m a lvl 4 so far…..i don’t care if it crashes once in awhile its a great game. I just save everytime i kill something/someone. It would be AWESOME if they could fix it. but i just expect it to crash the game is HUGE

  • Fallout Messiah

    I had the same freeze issue the first day. Then I Installed the game to the hard drive and it has given me NO problems since. XBOX

    • Gabriel

      how did u install the game to the hard drive?

  • Fallout Noobro

    I've had several freeze-ups when EXITING the game, necessitating a manual reboot (in addition to all the other issues being reported). Insult to injury. I'll think twice about purchasing an Obsidian game again in the future.

  • HeatupPS3

    Well.. first off, the PS3 does get hot, second thing to mention is add another external fan to help get the heat out.
    I have been playing the PS3 version for over 4 hrs and have had no hiccups…

    Folks, a word of advice keep your PS 3 cool it helps… + longevity of the PS3 ….


    some bs if u ask me i got the collecters edition n its not cool 4 us not 2 get our moneys worth SUPER BS

  • punkrok

    AGHHGGGGHH this sucks. It froze again. I give up!

  • Ryan

    Crashed about 10 times for me over 15 hours. I'm not really wanting to play it until it's fixed, even though the most I've lost is maybe 10 minutes (autosave + paranoia)

    Hope PSN gets an update soon.

  • coss

    Mine wont let me on the Strip… game crashes every time. gonna try installing onto the xbox see if it helps?

  • david burn

    it doesnt come out here till 12 tonight, but reading all of these comments im really not prepared to trade in what games i have to get it, i love fallout 3 and im on my second playthrough with over 100 hours gameplay, but at point lookout and its freezing and stuttering constantly, my soloution is this…….. everybody who has had and having problems message OBSIDIAN directly and threaten to take action and demand refunds. they cant sell you something that doesnt work, and frankly it WILL be DAMAGING your ps3 / xbox with all these hard resets. i thaught 2 years was too quick for it to be released.

  • http://www.facebook.com/M374LH34D763 Torre Schmitt

    mine just crashed as i was exiting one of the buildings on the NCRCF compound during the transitional load screen. I'm staring at a solid doodoo brown screen and having to completely restart the xbox as not even the guide button is responsive. hopefully it saved! XD

  • FAILout

    damn you, Bethesda. Stop preaching at how good your games are and revise your work before submitting it to the public! If no patch is going to be mentioned despite the mass amount of criticism of the freezing and crashing of your new game, I'm trading it for Assassin's Creed.

  • John

    Sick Game but mine is freezing about once an hour…frustrating!

  • Tim

    Freezing more than 5 times with 20 hours of play. Also I got randomly stuck in several places and had to re-load to get out.. Great game but the freezing is a pain.

    It seems like the further I get into the game the more it freezes and has random anomalies… I wonder if the designers were being rushed as they moved along or if they just started slacking.

  • Chet

    Almost 20 hours of gameplay in, and my 360 version has not crashed yet. Not even during the longest session of 6 or 7 hours. Also, my freebie DLC downloaded and works just fine.

    Get the feeling you won't hear much of this from others who are having the same non-issues, as they are too busy playing and enjoying the game.

  • joel

    my game keeps freezing and its getting annoying!

  • Guest

    PC version here. Crashes every few minutes. UNPLAYABLE.

  • jon

    gutted mine keeps crashing waited s o long for this game after all the time creating oh well they will have update soon and in the mean time just have to save regularly :(

  • Gabriel C

    XBOX PLAYERS: has anyone try to load up their game and its saying needs downloadable content, items in the game is not there continue? yes/no? i said yes and another window pops up saying storage device not there.

  • King

    I have this other problem plus the freezeing, my game will not shoot like the trigger button is stuck I had to restart my game countless times but I keep going back, I enjoyed fallout 3 to dam much to give on this

  • wraith1323

    I'm running a PS3 with extra ventilation. Last night I deleted the game data for Fallout 3, then deleted & reinstalled the game data for New Vegas. The good news is I played for 4 hours and it never froze. The bad news is the framerate is still horrible. Even trying to take it easy and giving it time to catch up, the game was struggling. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely behaving better than before, but still far from being acceptable.

    They have announced a patch for the PC, but are still working on one for consoles. Of course, they released patches for Fallout 3 as well…

    Patching a game two days after release is a bit ridiculous. I'd hoped for better than this.

  • vader

    You can’t go into Vegas strip or it will freeze and crash all your saved games.60 bucks for a game that doesn’t even work.

  • Ashley

    I got mine for xbox 360 and it crashed on me 6 times…hadn’t saved. Frustrating as hell! And now my xbox won’t even read the damn disc. Every other game is perfectly fine. I love fallout 3 and this one seems amazing….but the crashes makes it unbearable to play and just really irritating. And now that it’s not even playing, a complete waste of money. You’d think bethesda would have fixed this goddamn problem since Oblivion and Fallout 3……idiots. Im going to get my money back!!

  • Ryan

    My game has never crashed once.

    Oh, and for people who say they can't do the G.O.A.T. exam in Fallout 3:

    Just tell the teacher you don't want to take it, then tell him on second thought you do want to take it and it will work fine.

    Maybe it's your consoles, not the game.. I haven't had one problem since it came out and I'm about 12 hours in.

  • Austin

    I played through 5 hours the day it came out. No problems. I tried reloading my saved games. They all cause me to freeze up during the loading screens or I'll get a message saying "Some content from this save is no longer present on the hard drive. Would you like to continue anyway?" I continued and then it says my hard drive has been disconnected and sends me back to the title screen. I deleted all my saves and started a new character yesterday. And what happens today? The same thing. THIS. IS CRAP.

  • Sara

    Got it today for the xbox 360. Played up until reach the Geckos- 5 crashes already. Gave up- it's unplayable as it is. Can't get immersed at all as all I can think about is saving. And the freezes totally ruin any tiny immersion I do achieve. I've given up completely until it is patched. Terrible. Really disappointing.

  • kevin

    i was playing the game and finishing a quest i had to do. i saved right before i went into a door just to make sure that i wouldnt die. The next thing you know i died so i went to reload the saved game and it wouldn't let me!! it said that i needed new downloadable content to play the game that i just play 5 min ago!!! im super pissed cuz i can play the game at all it wont load any of the saved data. Thats 8 hrs that i already have in the game!! If anyone can help i would like that a lot thanks. i just want to play my game again.

  • daxter49

    my game crashed once during the very beginning of the tutorial…. i have about 4-5 hours played and hasnt crashed since

  • ikilluded

    Just bought new vegas today. I have had the ground disappearing and freeze ups. They need to do something about this

  • Fry

    Freezez at the same point at the Power Puff Gang (or whatever) camp west. getting p'd off now.

  • ikilluded

    My gamestop code did work on PS3 FYI

  • Fugikuro

    XBOX 360, having some freezing but also having problems with "Some content from this save is no longer present on the hard drive. Would you like to continue anyway?" Had to restart my save from a previous save. Hope they can fix this soon.

  • Mog512

    Got to Primm…keeps on crashing. 5 crashes in 10 mins….FO3 froze on me about every 3-4 hours but this is crazy :-(

  • Zack

    Freezing when I try to enter the strip (PS3)

  • Darke

    It's freezing up every time I use my blasted Pip Boy. Bad product, bethesda!

  • Shawn

    Made it a whopping 3 hours before my game froze. In the 30 minutes since, it's frozen three times. Also experienced a nice glitch where NPC's would disappear and reappear across the world map from me.

    • VaultOverLord

      I have also had a issue like that. I had killed someone and then fast traveled to somewhere else and there they were laying on the ground in front of me. Also I have seen alot of guys embedded into the ground and they keep moving up and down making a thumping noise…..and a guy in the bison steve casino died over there and then there he was laying at the door of a totally different casino!!! It looks like obsidian did a shitty job, I could count on 1 hand how many time FO3 crashed me on!!

  • Jdubbya

    I have been playing the game for 2 days now and ive had to hard reboot to system 4 or more times now….. its really frustrating me at this point…. Mostly because i love the gameplay and wanna continue to play. I can only hope they fix it, and fast! How can they release a game with such a large glitch as this ?? Did they forget to play their own game after they completed it , or did they just cross their fingers and hope all would be ok..lol.

  • skiron

    I've played since release and only freezed 3x the doc wasn't released till the the next day for gamestop pack

  • guest

    Several freezes; most on entering/exiting buildings, transactions, etc

  • Kmach

    A few tips: (1) I learned from FO3 to have two seperate save slots and alternate them, that way if a save file corrupts or you happen to save next to a glitch you just load your second save. (2) when approaching a known freezing point taking my time and allowing everything to load completely before barging into an area has solved a lot of freezing issues for me.

    Pretty disapointing considering these are all widely known issues for FO3. Seeing as there are no significant upgrades graphically, same frame-rate issues, and a heck of a lot of cut and paste (characters, textures, music, buildings, etc.) I'm guessing Bethesda handed the software package over to Obisidian who in turn did absolutely nothing but come up with a basic plot and Hardcore mode (nothing but messing with the settings).

    The Bobs asking Obsidian, "what exactly is it that you do here?"

  • Wes

    I'm about 20 hours in, and it has just now starting to freeze on me (PS3). Really a bummer cause the game is amazing. We should all be calling their customer support till they get this crap figured out… 410-568-3685

  • andy

    Played on it for 2hrs and every time i try and use vats it freezes at the same point in the game!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • GamerGirl01

    I pre-ordered Fallout New Vegas months ago and received the game yesterday (xbox 360). The game worked fairly well yesterday, although it lagged frequently and sometimes the pip boy would not display properly, which was annoying, but still playable. This morning I went to play the game and had to download an update first. NOW, when I try to play the game, EVERY SINGLE TIME I PRESS the VATS button (R bumper), the game freezes solid, EVERY TIME!! It does not matter if something is targeted or not, or if there is even anything nearby to target at all, EVERY TIME I press the right bumper, the game freezes, EVERY TIME!! I have to restart my xbox to get it back!! This game is completely unplayable like this!! It is UNACCEPTABLE for an Xbox game to be so completely broken and unplayable!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1121888426 David Cranford

      Same exact thing happens to me. Effing ridiculous! I should have just waited for black ops

  • suxifUcantplay

    i have the version for 360 and every time i press the right bumper(rb) to lock in a target it just freezes

  • Jon

    Me too! After loading the patch, RB freezes the game. Sux.

  • ronin

    ive played the game for an hour , not any problems yet . But i wont be suprised if there
    are some.

    apparanyly some of this can be casued by having multiple save datas , this happend on fallout 3 goty edition , and i deleted some , and the game played fine . However i fear as ive read ,
    that ths is no longer the case. Its a big game , but if people are crashing in the first half hour of gameplay at the tutorial . THEN OBSIDIAN MUST PATCH THIS UP
    i respect that may not be able to take off everything , but they must patch up the fundemental issue which is freezing , crashing.

  • stabbing contest

    i’ve been playing new vegas on xbox for an hour this morning and have now had to restart my system 6 times. SIX!!! IN AN HOUR!!!

  • Jake

    I've played for a few days now, and It's frozen up on me, at least a dozen times, and now every time I try to enter the strip, it freezes, if this isn't fixed by tomorrow, I'm taking the game back. This is bull****, and I'd rather just take my money and put it down on COD: Black Ops. Thanks for deceivingly shitty game Bethesda.

  • joel

    my game crashed 5 time in 10 minutes. not gonna play till they patch it. iif nothings done by the weekend im gettin my money back!

  • guest

    mandosje@yahoo.comWorked completely perfect for me the first 3 days. Then an update was published on my xbox, so i downloaded it, and now every time i attempt to go into vats there is an instant freeze on my game. You can go the game without vats, but how fun would that be???

  • Justin

    I was luckier then most, it seems. I played for 22hrs before it froze. The usual "this save requires DLC" etc and then BANG. No more joy. Of course, I use 6 save spots on my Xbox 360… So I only have lost about 3 hours of game play time….

    I frankly loved what I played of the game so far… I could put up with enemys randomly appearing and disappearing, quests that would work one minute and then stop the next. Random characters teleporting all over the screen…. Hell. I could handle not being able to pick up certain things, friendly factions just going bats*** crazy and my follower randomly blowing away friendlys… then jacking me up for killing friendlys(even without me ever firing a shot)… but the save issue… I frankly don't want to play anymore until its fixed… what bloody good is a game if you can't even trust your saves?

    Im heartbroken.

    • Joey

      I agree entirely… I got it on PS3 and your comment sums it all up!

  • Angry gamer

    I haven’t had any problems with crashes but certain areas I save in say they require dlc that is no longer there so my save is useless mostly in ncr territories and novac any1 else?

  • Tyler

    Yea, everything was running smoothly for the first 5-6 hours or so, but once I left the strip I can’t re enter it with the game completely crashing

  • Patch now!

    Waited all day to get home from work to play it and what am I confronted with? Constant laggyness and the game keeps freezing! As soon as I started playing it and noticed the jumping I thought it's going to freeze pretty soon, and it did!!!

    They better make a patch for this!

  • Patch now!

    Waited all day to get home from work to play it and what am I confronted with? Constant laggyness and the game keeps freezing! As soon as I started playing it and noticed the jumping I thought it's going to freeze pretty soon, and it did!!!

  • Chris W. aka JohnnyB

    I'll put it to you this way, I think sense I got this game, I have spent more time Turning my XBOX on and off then I have playing it. It doesnt matter what I do the game finds a reason to freeze, today I got home from work and said w/e I'll give it another try, UPDATE!!! SWEET!!… 5min in and once again freeze. This finally pissed me off. so I took my game back to the store I got it from and asked for a new copy. guy say's " yeah a guy came in here having the same problems as you " so I got my game came home and well would you look at that, … the game freezes again. I'm a gamer I have more games then I know what to do with. To me this is just unacceptable, for someone and I speak for all of us, to go out and spend 50-90 bucks on something that the creators are soooo proud of, to not work correctly… comeon really? We understand that little things happen and you may get a bug here and there, its new we get it, but this is a problem that the staff should have seen and fixed before releasing. Hell push the release date back a month or 2 if needed, we the people of gameing understand, sure we dont want to wait but if it means a cleaner more fun experience with less bull to deal with then were want it. Am I right? shut up I know I'm right. Good Luck to all of you, I'm gonna be a sucker and continue trying to play this game… I cant help it I want to to work so bad just like the rest of you.

    • PO'ed

      This is why Nintendo often delays their products. Miyamoto said it best. "A delay is only temporary, but a bad game is a bad game forever".

      • Chris W. aka JohnnyB

        i agree my friend

  • Colibri

    I am in the UK just got mine to day it crashed after 3 hours in. With the 1.01 update!

    • guest

      got this game on tuesday. amazing game for the first five hours. then i try to load the game and it says dlc for this game is unavailable-do you want to continue. i click yes and it says the save content is lost

  • Steve

    It freezes in the most retarded places. I can’t open a letterbox without it crashing lol

  • rjjju

    wtf this is bull mine frezes when i go into vats right after the first update u better make a new update to fix this is hot garbbbage

  • Danielle

    I picked up FO: Las Vegas just yesterday and been getting constant minor freeze ups. Today, I got a total lock down freeze. Had to restart my PS3. I have no other issues with other games, they better role out some updates for this asap!

  • aceman

    my xbox didnt start doing it untill i got a update

    • ryan smith

      same, i just cant stand this kind of stuff i wish i bought it a bit later, when all of this was solved.

  • Sharky

    I've been having these issues on my Ps3 as well, it was the same with F3 GOTY, but the sollution to the F3 game was to simply, delete the old save files, turn OFF auto save features, make sure your PS3 got enough cooling ( bying an extra fan helped alot) and made sure I had enough space left on my hard drive, 10-20 Gb +. Right now I'm running a full format on my PS3 system, I think it may solve some of the issues, will get back to ya'll and fill you in later.

  • Jbayne0256

    My game fucks up too… Ive been to the strip already many times and have many things to do there. Yesterday i went to the ONLY DOOR to access the strip after having my Science at 80 to get through AND payed the 2000 caps… still this problem occcurs. I walk to the strip door and hit "enter the Strip" it will load and when the actual loading screen is done. my screen turns black like it does for a split second before loading any screen…. BUT IT WONT FUCKING LEAVE THE BLACK SCREEN! i cant continue on my Campaign or go to my house or gamble to Bethesda fixes this fucking shit…… please be soon! christ.

    • Paul

      that happens to me at one of the casinos in the strip i cant leave so therefor i cant do anything. I was 24 hours into the game and I had to restart! bs

  • Yesnowhy

    No Problems until the newest patch. Now I can't enter VATS at all with out freezing!!

  • Weskerpwns

    Deleted fallout 3 game data and deleted the fallout new vegas data and then re-downloaded the fallout new vegas data and it has been working okay, only lagged a couple times.

  • theguy

    Game freezes Every time i try to use v.a.t. And everytime i try to goto southern outpost. this is major crap

  • john

    i am saved right before entering the strip have reloaded it 5 times and everytime it freezes right after the load screen this sux

  • Spart007

    PC i can even get to the town on with the roller coaster :L every time i get close it uber freezes thank god for ctrl-alt-delete or i probably still be stuck on the frozen screen its kinda sad i had FO3 Game of the year edition and i couldn't even get through the pit i though the most buggy game i played was Pirates of the Caribbean which had numerous bugs as well and Im talking about the 2003 one not the ones based on the movies and what sad is it was Bethesda that was part that game as well you think they learn how to fix bug after 7 yrs and a few games later

  • Lawson

    It’s bs, my 360 crashes evertime I’m going in a heavily populated area, so I pretty much can’t play at all until somethings done quick.

  • Irked Fallout Fan

    Worked fine the first couple of days, but now it is freezing constantly – after I load a save I can play for between 5 secs to 2 minutes, then it totally freezes requiring a console restart. Dang!


    i had no problems with mine crashing until today there was an update on the xbox 360 for it and since then im lucky if i play 5 minutes before it crashes and i have had 2 corrupt saved games since the update.

  • Rhaimus

    Have had 3 crashes so far as well as a number of quest bugs like ted refusing to follow me.

  • VaultOverLord

    Well, I have the xbox 360 verision, I am about 12 hours into the game and it has crashed (froze) on me about 30 times, no joke! When I try to fast travel anywhere it loads and then freezes on a black screen. So, I tried just walking there and encountered a foe on the way, so I hit RB to bring up VATS and whadda ya know? It froze again. I have tried everything, from reloading earlier on to taking the game back and exchanging it, uninstalling it from my hard drive and running it from the disc, still no luck. Do you want to know something really odd?? It had only froze up on me one time prior to today, and I noticed when I started to play it today there was a automatic update and now it is unplayable!! WTF!!! This pisses me off!!

  • Annoyed

    Froze after 1 hour of game play. Forgot to save now have to redo again.

    Fix the damn GAME!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielhadfield Daniel Hadfield

    Just Freezed as i was heading into Primm .. what a hole ! hurry up and release an update Bethesda you dicks !

  • Dan Torres

    everytime i try and go into VATS its freezing! WTH!!! xbox360

  • collin

    after i got home from work tonight i was going to play fallout but now im on the message board pissed off like everone else because there system is freezing and now i cant even play because of the DLC error thing 10 hours in and now what they better fix this i bought the collectors editon because i love fallout but i didnt by it so i can play with the poker chips and the deck of cards wile they take time patching a game that should of been completly ready to go on launch day.

  • Kandace

    So far mine has crashed at least once every single time I play it, usually an hour or so in and generally when I try to fast travel. My system’s old and I really hate having to hard reboot it so frequently. =/

  • Cramaine

    Playing on ps3 and didnt notice any probs until Id installed the update this morning (which I didnt choose to do, it just happened when I started the game), now its freezing and when I press L1 to zoom in 1st person I get this irritating grey blur across the screen. Do these guys test the product before or after sending off the finished product?!
    Bethesda get your act together!

  • Cole

    About 10-11 hrs of gameplay, and every time I try to go into the strip my game crashes. Probably associated with all the flashy lights and effects, but it got so bad that the game DIDN’T crash but I was walking around on a flat plain of land with nothing loaded. If I try to fast travel my game crashes and I really don’t want to load my last save, which is over three hours ago.

    • ryan smith

      exactly what happens to mine, also it freezes just randomly arouund any place, i have to save it every thirty seconds

  • matt

    every time I try to enter V.A.T.S. it freezes also when I try to enter certain areas this is the x-box version.

  • krzonszczyk

    i just clear the game cache and game works fine now!
    so, try it :)

    • Chris W. aka JohnnyB

      i tried this, and it still just freezes my xbox. but i will say, I'm glad its working for you.

  • Hal

    About 1.5 hours in my game completely crashed and i lost all saved data. Had to restart from scratch.

  • nukacola21

    Anyone else crashing whenever they try to leave the Lucky 38 hotel? im playin NV on my 360 and i had rented it before i decided to spend my money. Sadly when i returned the disk hoping it was just damaged..i get the same freezing when i try to leave the hotel and then my autosave feature is "corrupted"

  • debo

    any eta when fix is out?

  • Michael

    Been playing the game quite heavily on PS3 since tuesday night and it has only froze 3 times. It has only happened while roaming the wasteland. It is a bit jumpy while roaming around too. Other than that I have had no other issues.

  • Kate

    Can't open VATS, can't walk towards Novac and I can't die, otherwise it freezes my 360 up.
    In no way near was it as severe until it updated yesterday. It's unplayable now due to constant freezing. Last time this happened to me with a game was with Forza 2 when it just came out, and on one of the freezes my xbox RROD'd….

  • Marko

    Brought Vegas yesterday. (Xbox360). Had 3 crashes in 1 hour. First was in docs house at start., opened the door then crashed. Then it crashed while on a rock & could not move. & then walking up to the cemetery. Really poor quality product. Not sure how they gonna fix this. Should have a recall of all disks on all formats like they do with cars. Can patches really fix this game??

  • Matt

    So, at first, the game crashed a million times over on me. Yes I got frustrated. But, it only would freeze lightly after a certain part. And now I have almost no issues. Apart from the occasional screen jump, I have no severe freezes, no really bad lag, just a fun, absolutely playable game. (Note: the game really does get better. I did however, have to reinstall my game data on my PS3)

  • Ken

    Constantly freezing and requires hard reset after I hit Neil's cabin and try to follow the road.

  • ryan smith

    Also, it freezes straight after loading when i try go into the vegas strip. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

  • Raygunns

    My game just started being glitchy when I got to the powder gangers north? And the nor correctional facility. It’s pretty much unplayable. I waited for this game after loving fallout 3 and even preorderer it and now this? WTH this is not ok they better fix it very soon and give us something for the trouble. So pissed. I live in Vermont, it’s cold and I want to play my damn game.

  • PO'ed

    Anyone think they might be releasing this glitched up on purpose as a way to fight piracy? If you download the patch for the PS3 or 360, then you'll most likely 'brick' your console, or at the very least, the patch may not even work because of the game running of a DVD-R or off the hdd.

  • hellman009

    not very far into the game and it keeps freezing. each time i walk too far or try to use v.at.s. the game freezes, requires a full restart. can't get more than two minutes past my saved game without it freezing.

    • Darcytucker

      Mine keeps hanging eveytime I try to enter vikki and vance casino. I have tried about a dozen times. This is ridiculus. Cant even continue the main story!

  • Sigilaikin

    Crashed on me 9 times so far. Twice on the hoover dam. Just another reason I hate obsidian…. It isn’t bethesda’s fault. they didn’t program it, obsidian did.

  • Des

    I think everyone should just take the game back to the shop (or virtual equivalent), demand a refund and buy something else, from a different developer. Teach these mothers that you can't expect fans to lap up this level of incompetence. Can't play mine for more than 5 mins before crashing (xbox). I'm off to get Fable instead. F**k Bethesda.

  • Pablo400

    I bought the game on its release in the Uk on Friday 22/10/2010. I played it for 10 mins it froze. Started my ps3 again on reboot played it again for 5 mins and it froze but this time COMPLETELY corrupted my ps3. It was so bad that my entire hard disk had to be rebuilt, which didnt work even after formatting the hard disk. I will now have to send my ps3 off for repair for the third time in 2 years. Obviously the game will be returned for a refund which i will get and might even send the repair cost of my ps3 to Bethesdan or Obsidian.

  • joejoe

    THis game sucks it freezes all the time dont buy it

  • josh

    every time i try to go into the strip the game crashes on x box 360 this fuckwits shouldint of even put the game out with major fuck ups like this luckily i only rented it

  • XxGambitxX

    My game crashed and I am unable to continue at all. It looks like I will need to start over completely. I can't quick travel or it locks up, can't walk in any direction, just stops and locks up. I am then forced to do a hard shut down. Very upsetting.

  • James H

    I bought it from the store, installed it brand new out of the package a day ago and within the first 4 hours I started getting "crashes" IE: game freezes and I cant do anything except hard reset the PS3. The most frequent and predictable crashes happened whenever I attempted to repair an item. A specific item I repeatedly tried to repair caused the most problems. A piece of body armor off a some powder gangers I killed (looked like a bullet proof vest or something).
    <3 the game but this crashing crap has got to go, I rarely ever experience stuff like this on my console.

  • phrawg

    I have New Vegas for PS3 very choppy! Game freezes constantly really hard to get through missions when it freezes all the time. I've played and own oblivion and fallout 3 never this many problems!

  • Mike

    The only problem i had was some low framerate issues untill i tried to go back into the "New Vegas Strip". Durring the loading sequence after entering the gate the screen goes black and requires a reboot. Once i bring the game back up the save file says its corrupted and cannot be opened. i took the game back to gamestop and they gave me a new one but this one did the same thing…

  • Minato

    The game was working beautifully until I did the quest Debt collector, I went out of the strip to report back to the Garret twins to complete the quest then went back and the game keeps crashing for me and I don't know why. For now Im gonna keep trying to get in while a patch comes out (btw ps3 version).

  • Tom

    Mine freezes frequently

  • cale

    Mine crashes in ps3 while walking and when listing new areas… had a similar problem with fallout 3 but this is even worse…

  • Zeke

    I think this game needs to be recalled and refunds/partial refunds given D:< I have never been more freaking dissapointed.. brand new 250gb ps3 and brand new collectors edition new vegas and a bunch of unplayable content with constant freezing is my reward? This is beyond ridiculous and don't say "you should know better, save often" I should not have to save often at all thats not how a game should be produced a game should not even be releasing with such ridiculous instability.. this game has been out not even a week and i've seen ungodly amounts of people complaining about freezing issues.. I will honestly never purchase from bethesda/obsidian again.. im moving on to illegal downloading and pirated copies thank you very much.

  • Stoo

    Wow, well reading this I feel lucky, i managed to get a good 5-6 hours in before my first crash, that said, the game has been laggy as hell, I remeber foolishly thinking that by buying games on my "next gen" console (PS3) I would never have to worry about poor system performance like i did with my PC…..sigh…to be young and naive again.

  • David_M

    Well this sucks!!! I just started playing Fallout new Vegas on the Xbox360 I saw enemies stuck in rocks npc's walking into walls Ect, but the worst part is the Large amount of the Game Crashing and freezing every time..I was doing the mission "My kind of town" and I was looking for a new sheriff so I had to walk into the wasteland and right when I did "BOOM" game freezes and I had to do a hard reboot on my xbox360 I was mad as can be,ohh and this was after the first patch that bethe released a few day's ago on xbox360…Thanks bethesda and Obsidian for Such a Broken Game I want a Refund A.SA.P.

  • Acidgrey

    """"POWDER GANGER CAMP WEST"""" Repair the "Powder Ganger Soldier Outfit" while wearing it will crash the system. Repairing a "Powder Ganger Plain Outfit" with the "Powder Ganger Soldier Outfit" I was wearing crashed the system. Repairing the "Powder Ganger Soldier Outfit" after taking it off with the other ""Powder Ganger Soldier Outfit" found in that spot will cause the outfit to vanish.

  • SexyBear

    Having problems, I've managed to work to my through the campaign to the "Boomers", and have had multiple freezes on the way.. It's really annoying, Just try to save when anything major happens.. (Completing a hard quest, Killing a hard enemy, etc)

  • Jerry

    For all of you with the gamestop code problem, I had the same problem when I got it at the midnight release,but mine works fine now. I got the Gamestop stuff just fine after a day of waiting,but mine crashes too. Its done it at least 4 times..I started saving anytime i do ANYTHING in the game. If I travel for more than 20 minutes I save in the middle,if not the beginning middle,and before I get there. Its really annoying and hopefully they fix this crap soon. I also get a lot of weird quirks like people floating into the ground,or my companion disappearing in the middle of a fight(fucking annoying because its usually when I have like 12 enemies on me),and just odd little things. Otherwise the game is AWESOME.

  • Jerry

    Oh, and if you try to attach anything to the weathered 10mm pistol…It makes this big red box with a white exclamation mark go over you and you can barely see anything,and the sound cuts from the gun noise,it still kills,but you cant really tell if your hitting them unless youre using vats. Tried puttin a silencer on it, didnt work, later tried a laser sight, didnt work, so I stopped trying to put stuff on it and sold it bcuz you get it back whenever you start a new char.They need to come up with a fix soon, this stuff is really taking away from the true awesomeness of this game..

  • Jerry

    and just saying…sometimes patience is a requirement. Its kinda sad that people instantaneously go straight to being super pissed and giving up. Calm down,with this many issues do you really think they wont release a patch?(Sorry had to break up the comments cuz it was long :D) The game is well worth the money, its just gotta be fixed. I mean seriously, some of you are probably the same people that will still stick with MW2 even though it had just as many issues when it came out. IDK why,but for some reason as we've advanced in technology, we cant release games like we used to. It used to be you could buy any playstation,N64 game,and it wouldnt really have anything wrong with it. Most the time of course im sure there were a few,but now its like almost every game you have to wait for a patch or two.Stop rushing the game,and make sure it works and is well maintained. Just sayin…

  • stefanowizz

    When ever I go into the New Vegas strip in Fallout it seems to freeze when come to speak with me. :(

  • ASH88

    ( xbox 360 ) My frame rate is not to bad only froze once in 10 hours, but when i try to load any of my saves it pops up saying i haven't got the DLC. I am not aware that there is any DLC for this game yet . i don't fancy starting again just because the save system is F***** up :(.
    So glad i only rented this game :D

  • Amy

    Mine has crashed a few times ( in around 6 hours of gameplay) and required me to reboot the xbox console.

  • fu u

    freees all the time… i wasted my money on this shit. Fallout new vegas ??? more like Fallout new glitches and freezes. Same with Fallout 3 GOTY Fuck bethesda

  • Aaron

    I load a save, IT FKING FREEZES… I dont know what the hell is going on but This gets really annoying It was working Perfectly 2 night ago and now its freezing like hell and not working Can someone please explain what is going on?

  • Corey

    Whenever i try to use VATS guess what, i gotta turn my xbox off and back on HOW AMAZING!

    • Dport

      same here man it really is amazing

  • frank terrazzino

    mine has crashed 3 times in the first 4 hours of gameplay. the first two times occured in the first hour. quite upsetting

  • steve

    ya mine is freezing hardcore in the free side district in vegas but if i dont save and i use auto save it stops a bit and also when i try to trade with moving traders once in a while kind of ruining the game because its going to end up breaking my xbox

  • BH99

    Multiple freezes as well. I really hope one or more people are getting fired over this. There is simply no excuse, especially when you're using the same freaking engine from the last game, which also had freezing issues.

  • Cameron

    What you all have to realize is that Bethesda didn't really have too much involvement in the creation of this one. They handed over the project to Obsidian, and Obsidian is notorious for terrible sequels and Glitch-full games.

  • Grantb

    mine will freeze when i go to continue game and if i load a different file it says download content no longer available.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

      same here, i feel your pain

  • ASD

    Having playing Fallout 3 GOTY edition i am very familiar with the issues that come with the Fallout game(s), now playing New Vegas i've encountered the same problem and an extra issue, i never had any freeze issues with Fallout 3 only crashing to windows, on New Vegas i have this same issue and sadly worse with complete random freezes forcing me to force-restart my pc. If im lucky i'll get to play it non stop for 30+ minutes without a freeze/crash – other times it happens within 5 minutes i am constantly saving it every 2 minutes incase of a crash … And i'll probably stop playing until a fix comes up because i cant afford to keep force-restarting my PC due to Fallout errors.

  • nick

    I played the game for a couple of hours and had no problems at all. About two days after there was an update for it. After that I have not been able to play the game at all because every time I take a few steps everything freezes so I have to turn off the system and try again. Ive tried about 10 times with no luck even getting more than 100 steps.

  • spaceoddity

    my game freezes everytime i go into a casino and they talk to me about turning over my weapons.

  • Dport

    crashes my x box every time i try v.a.t.s

  • stOner gUy

    I was excited to play the new Fallout, but after about 20-30 minutes into the game, it freezes the entire system every time I use the RB button.

  • Klee

    My game crashed for a while, but then the patch came in, but the DLC is 'no longer available' for some reason, so all my pre-order/release content is no longer usable! What a freakin' let down. My vault cantine and weathered pistol are no longer in my inventory *and the armor*

  • JamesG

    I bought New Vegas on PS3 and I can't go 2 full hours without the game completely freezing. For me, it tends to happen more often when I'm fighting large groups of enemies.It has also frozen up while I've been fast traveling or reloading an autosave. It's the same loading screen and the loading graphic just keeps spinning but even after about 20 minutes it doesn't load my game. I've been playing it much less lately assuming it was an overheating issue or something but no matter how long I wait I start to encounter issues within the first couple hours of gameplay.
    Like everyone else here, I was hopeful that New Vegas wouldn't be so glitchy and crash prone as Fallout 3 and Oblivion but unfortunately, it seems that we were wrong.

  • PissedOff

    I don't know if I'm right or not but it seems like these pretty elaborate games that were most likely originally designed for PC aren't doing well when ported to the consoles…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

      true, but pc games can work on many differnt pc's, like differnt lvl graphic or sound cards and stuff (as you can tell im not a pc gamer), im only guessing here, but the pc can be really amazing, if it has the right stuff, if not you can just upgrade your pc….cant on a x box360 can ya…..true they got it wrong at the mo, but hopefully, given time, all will be sorted……

      sorry for the long answer, and sorry if im talking a load of boatfly dung! lol

  • Alpha_Wolfgang

    the game itself is amazing so far, im 40 some hours into it and have had many freezes, mainly in the strip. i am literally stuck in gamorrah casino! i cant exit it without it going to a black screen and freezing. i have an xbox 360. i tried many different ways to get around the bug with no success. clearing cache hasnt helped a bit. and i am not restarting the game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

      I fell your pain!

  • sam

    Mine has froze 3 times in the first 2 hours of gameplay on my ps3…very frustrating!!!

  • pantherson86

    I played through game for 7 hours straight before it officially lagged down and froze completely. Throughout the 7 hours there were numerous times the game would have a minor glitch and stutter a bit and I only hoped this is all it be. As par for the course I feel shot down by bethesda once again. I love the game and the storyline is outstanding I just hipe that this issue gets solved SOON!!!

    PS3 version.

  • Paoru

    i hope bethesda release a patch soon, it freezes frequently at some point, specially near vegas, but try to delete game data (as it doesn't delete save data) and re-install it again, it works on other games that have freezing problems. hope this helps guys….

  • MrSoulSong

    I havent had one freeze in around 20 hours of solid gameplay (PS3). I have Fallout 3 with the DLC installed also, so it cant be drivers from that interfering etc, as some have stated.

    What my quarm with the game is, is that the whole faction setup is completely bugged and flawwed!

    We all know how the factions work etc so i wont explain that. The issue is that it just doesnt work properly!!! Im supposed to be 'Vilified' by the Legion, but they couldnt care less about me! They dont even come up as red. Im supposed to be 'Liked' by the NCR but they attack me on site! Whats with this!! Now i know some of you are going to say "Did you steal from the NCR" or blah blah blah… the answer is NO! I chose my paths very carefully.
    To make it more clear even… I completely slayed ALOT of legionaires! Still they are the best of friends. It just doesnt make any sense! It doesnt end there… The factions status' completely disappear and reappear randomly in the Pip-Boy!

    I hate to say this, but this game is completely flawwed! So to all of you getting the freeze, i feel for ya, but yeah… thats only the beginning of it!

    So damn disappointed!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

      i will be sorted eventually……i hope……i had a bunch of dogs attack me at one point, i had just come out of a door, and when ever i walked, i hear the sound of drums being knocked over (you know the metal ones), and then bout 6 dogs appeared out of the blue(each with a name) and attacked me!
      i got out alive but still, dude

  • MrSoulSong

    Oh also… Ive tried reinstalling the Game Data twice now, to no avail!

  • Zavick

    Mine keeps crashing when I am trying to enter ""the Strip" really annoying 'cos can't carry on with campaign.

  • keith

    got the game on friday and every time i play it now it crashes. Is there anything i can do to stop this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

      errr, i think its best to leave it for a week or so, keep checking the internet, and if after say 2-4 weeks it still hasnt been fixed, then call the game developers….im not sure who they are, sorry,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001708081081 Sam R Bradshaw

    im on x box 360, i was going well, the game didnt freeze at all, i mean it was jumpy at times, and i got the mouth moving no voice thing with a few NPCs, but other than that all was well…….unit i activated my classic pack from Game, all of a sudden my lvl 11 save, i cant load, i really dont wanna start again, i have just started doin the decent quests,
    i hope this gets fixed,
    i do have anouther character, he is a new one(not even left the 1st town yet) but if its the classic pack that has f'ed up my game, then i dont matter does it?

    I also bought the collecters eddition so i cant just get my money back, the disk is fine, and all the extra suff is still good,


    mine worked completely fine the first 2 days i had the game. i pre ordered it, typed in the code and now it says i cant load the downloadable content. And wh
    enever i click continue the roulette ball gets 3/4 the way round the wheel then stops.

  • camden2008

    I've been playing on my copy of Fallout: New Vegas for over twenty hours now according to my save. The game crashes from time-to-time but I’ve come to expect that with Fallout. For example, Fallout 3 crashed consistently, but nothing as severe in this case. But in New Vegas, I am level 16 and have traveled to the Strip many times. But this last time I tried to enter, the loading screen came up and attempted to load. Soon after, my screen went black. I was unable to get it to load correctly, and haven’t been able to since. Is there any way to correct this issue?

    • Matsi

      suffering the same problem, kinda annoying considering the main story line requires you to go there and there is only 1 enterance

      • camden2008

        Hopefully Bethesda will create a patch that will fix the problem. I don't know whats up with it. After various times of re-trying to enter the strip before i finally gave up, I actually saw the screen where it shows your charector in the location you last saved because of the auto save feature (which would be in the strip). The casino to the right (not the lucky 38) wasn't even there! I hope they fix this soon.

  • Takky

    Repeated crashes over and over especially in primm, playing on xbox. Installed the game hoping it would help. Now i can't even get to the start menu…

  • debus42

    Mine worked fine for the first 3 odd hours. I just turned it on today, fired up my saved game and everytime I try and go into VATS it crashes. Kind of impossible to play if I can't do that!

  • Derek

    I've had multiple freezes and at random times during game play – 5 minutes in as well as hours into the game. I'm at level 13 but the freezing is becoming more and more commonplace. I'm used to the freezing from Oblivion and Fallout 3 prior to any patches but this is ridiculous – way worse than either of those games were on the 360 and this time I'm using a PS3.

  • Jake

    Mine freezes every time I enter a casino!!!

  • MattC

    i have about 3 hours on new vegas for the 360. everytime i load a save and do anything other than talk to people or run around it freezes and i have to restate my system. :(

  • Gaulski

    My games not crashing but after I left Helios one

    I can’t turn left or right but can move back and forward!

    Anyone else had this prob? (360)

  • rossrage

    i have had several freezes and the game sputters like a model t.
    my question is will bethsda make right by it after all i did spend 60+ dollars as well as a game guide : (

  • newgame olderrors

    got the game on friday and sure for the first 2 hours it was running very smooth, i even considdered it to be better than fallout 3 on the PS3, (im playing the PS3 version), however the games frame rate started getting all choppy then the typical game freeze, i was hoping that after 5 year's Bethesda would have got their heads round console tech and especially with the PS3 being the most complicated yet it looks like they just lost intrest in making the game which has resulted in the game being rull/overflowing with bugs. (i would say more but im constantly falling asleep.

  • Ladybeava

    Yes same problem of course i was able to go into the strip the 1st time around but now cant everytime it starts loading and all of a sudden bam Black screen which is sad coz i lost at one point a whole 3 hrs worth of play i no im stupid coz i did no this always happens but just annoying hope they fix it soon

  • Callmelucky

    Maybe I'm special…but I've not had issues until the last update that just got pushed to the 360 (not sure if it was for the console or the game, didn't read it before I started smashing buttons). But, since I didn't have problems, this "update" has now caused my fallout new vegas CD to be unreadable….

  • Tats

    I took the update today and like ALOT of other complaints it freezes everytime i try to use vats….. Indoor outdoor different cities in combat or not. Everytime… This is ridiculous

    • Tats

      And to add I had no problems with the game whatsoever until I took that damn update…. WTF?!?

  • Aniel D.

    My Fallout New Vegas game keeps freezing when i get ready to head by to new city reno after i have complete the activation of the robots in that subbasement under the legion fort?? just thought id mention what my game was doing. d

  • Thad

    totally unplayable, cant advance the main questline at all because game crashes and burns everytime i attempt to enter new vegas. waste of cash, waste of time, waste of patience.

  • Kyle

    25 hours of game play and my game completely crashed… it won't reload my game and keeps saying something about 'downloable content'.

  • kenny

    my game just wont load it either crashes instantly when i try to continue from the main menu or when i try to load from the load menu it tells me that the game cant load because it needs dlc that is no longer available this iritates me because the game has not even got any dlc except the preorder stuff. >:(

  • Liam

    Constant Crashing for me and my father so now the game is unplayable.

  • Simon

    Mine crashed after exiting Doc Mitchels place, about 10 mins into the game, has crashed about 5 times since :(


  • Jeff

    game has frozen about 3 or 4 times on me now – mostly when wandering through the desert sections. I also notice a brief pause just before bad guys appear on my indicator – sort of handy in fact to let me know that danger is close!

  • Spud

    ive played mine for 20 hours now but it did freeze up about 2 times in that span and just restarted my xbox but now my problem is that every time i try to enter the strip it freezes up on me no matter what tryed it about 20 times. but i think i might try deleteing my cache and see if that will help at all.

  • Shawn

    bought mine 3days ago got the first freeze yesterday had to do a hard reboot,they should have figured this out,insteed they just wanted to release a DLC on a disk seems to me.

  • Mailey

    lost over 10 hours of gameplay due to freezing and corrupt saves. now cant re enter the vegas strip. such a waste

  • Bill

    It freezes so much i dont even want to play anymore, i beat the game after siding with the ncr so i wanted to go through with yes man but it freezes so much. brand new game, brand new xbox i only had for 2 months, i even installed it to the hard drive

  • Jon

    Level 15 and 22 hours into my game it decides to freeze.. everytime i try to reload my file it locks up my xbox and requires a hard reboot… needless to say im pissed.

  • juba

    NeoDanger is correct, I remeber that this was the work-around bethesda gave for fallout 3 in-game freezes for ps3 and xbox, until they get this officially patched like they had to do with fallout 3 (what was it like 3 months later). Although it seems like a pain in the ass, deleting the game data will usually help the problems with the game freezing (do not delete your save data/"save data utility", only your fallout new vegas "game data utility"). I really wish that I had purchased FONV for the PC (keyboard and mouse rule for FPS) if what you guys say is true (not many complaints about PC version), but I went for the limited edition for PS3 (no PC limited editions)

  • YeSh-T

    Im having huge issues with this game on ps3. Every time i enter a casino on the new vegas strips, the screen goes blank or the game freezes. Worst part is that I have to go inside to continue with the missions :(

  • dougie

    worked for a lot of the game until around level 16. now whenever i try to enter the strip it starts to load then goes black and stays there when i restart the game it tells me my save is corrupt. will they fix this. i dont wana have to reboot my system and lose everything!

  • Pablo814

    Never seen a game as bad as this.

    Almost completed it, I had done the majority of sub-quests. I'd say about 85%+ complete….then crash…. can't load any save. None were corrupt, yet any time I load a save it freezes the xbox within 20 seconds.

    Had numerous crashes glitches bugs throughout but thought I had it under control by using multiple saves. I thought wrong.

    Giving up, trading it in for fable 3, in the hopes it has less crashes.

  • james

    I can't finsh any of my quests. There all on the strip and its seems like theres a giant bubble around it. No matter how i try to get there it crashes. I've tried installing to hdd, playing from disc, playing from different saves but no matter what it always freezes.

  • fhdsakjl

    Patch 1.01 just became mandatory on the ps3. Hopefully it'll have some effect on the crashing.

  • RandomGamer

    I got the crashing problem. But only after getting the first patch. Could there be a connection?

  • Guerrero2

    I've played it a few times, at first I thought i was my xbox and I did all the precautions but this was the only game that froze up. I'm tired of this, you pay money to get a game and there lacking on the quailty because they want to rush it out.

  • FalLoUTMusTGeTFiXEd

    have 35 hours in the game, stops working like clockwork for me, around every 5 hours or so is starts freezing horrible until it locks up. Game is addicting just like fallout 3 (my opinion) and seems it will have plenty of outcomes at the end……many ways to play it. To bad about the Locking up problem……hopefully they have a fix for it soon..playing on xbox 360 by the way.

  • bethesdasucks

    every time i sign into profile it crashes, its awesome.

  • Guest

    I played for about 20 hours, noticed a lot of bugs and crashes but game was playable. Now I can't go into major areas and the game is virtually unplayable. VERY disgusted and pi$$ed at Obsidian.

  • Steve

    I have been having a problem with the saves. I have had a few loading screen freezes then when I go back to my save from a minute ago to an hour ago it says that “the downloadable content you are trying to access is no longer available”. Wtf anyone else having this happen?

  • anonymous

    im absolutely pissed. i cant continue passed nipton or use vats or anything. the patch made things worse for me. they better fix this problem soon cause there are alot of angry gamers that arent gonna tolerate owning a game and not be able to play it

  • gettagrip

    got it xbox 360, and it only freezes when i am trying to enter the strip from the north side gate. it will lock up and then i have to restart my xbox. this is very annoying to the point that i will not play this garbage again. back to COD2 until a better game comes out that isnt made by bethesda or obsidian, you guys suck.

  • Dario

    I played about several hours in, finally got to the strip, saved, I load it and it says . This save game relies on dlc that is no longer available. Some objects maybe no longer available. WTF bethesda patch it up good or give me back my money. Put all other projects on hold and sort ot this problem out NOW. For the sake of all your faithful and numerous fans.

  • edmund

    I beat it once and it id freeze up a few times and enemies would get caught up in the terrain and now that im playing it a second time through its even worse. i just went through nipton to get to novac and it freezes before i can even get into novac every time. ive had to restart my xbox 6 times now and no matter how i try to go there or whether its day or night it crashes. this is annoying bullshit

  • Ashley

    I just got a new PS3 Sunday to replace my old one that died. I played New Vegas for hours with no issues, after loading an update tonight all of a sudden I am getting multiple freezes in Nipton and can't get any further!

  • kisor

    18Hours in and all of a sudden it freezes outside of Vault 11 saying "This games relies on DLC that is no longer available,Would you like to load anyway?" and once i choose yes it tells me that my hard drive was removed and it cant be selected!!!! FAIL BETHESDA EPIC FAIL

  • Gabe

    Mine freezes all the damn time (ps3) I had the same problems with goty. How can they not have noticed this?! I know the testers play the games before they are released. Did they just say fuck it we’ll fix it later?

  • DissolvedGrl

    Ive got FalloutNV for my xbox360, im pretty far into the game, but now it crashes or freezes like crazy and i cannot make any progress at all. pretty upset right now. And the problem is the game, not my xbox.

  • jeff

    I got it the night it came out on the 360. I have over 30 hours in game play and one lockup. The only issue I have about the game is the delay when hacking a terminal. Other then that I have had no issues.

  • dave

    I got it for the ps3. Havent had any problems. played for around 35 plus hours and not one freeze. yea the hacking delay kinda sucks as it doesnt allow you to skips the mumbo jumbo and get right to it. for people who say this game sucks they have no idea what they are talking about. Far superior to fallout goty and i did not have any problems with that game freezing as well.

  • brian

    Ive been hanging out with my next door neighbor, who bought this game, and its awesome. I like the weapon mods and such, but i think we just got lucky. Eventually after a little while in the game, our xbox froze up as we entered the Lucky 38. It also froze again during a trade with the shopkeepers in the Atomic Wrangler, and yet again as we rebooted and left freeside. Why can't these issues be taken care of…… :[

  • Dun

    Mine crashes after playing for about 2 hours…then have to hard reboot ps3 which, like this article said is not good. And I preordered from gamestop and the code for the "extras" did not work…bullsh!t. I went to a gamestop midnight release and I emailed Bethesda at 12:45 right when the code did not work. Been over a week and I have not heard back from anyone, unsatisified with the company

  • Philip

    been playing for a while now it crashes whenever i try to enter the strip

  • Jason

    Mine freezes almost every time i try to go to the NCRCF place to get the new sheriff for primm. BS.

  • Kitteh

    Yep, its freezing up on me too. So bad i cant continue the game without it freezing my xbox. Past couple games ive purchased have been buggy. Wtf with the game companies lately??? >:(

  • Jeff

    Friends! I have found a way to fix some issues! I also had the VATS freeze everytime after the patch, and I have resolved it.This is what I did, deleted the game data…SIGNED OUT of PSN (xboxlive), I know this will be annoying to most if not all people. reinstalled game but not update and left me signed out. When I went to continue I got the dreaded dlc stuff not there do you want to continue.I quit the game before deciding cause I know that has ruined others save files, went back in and just loaded the game, not continue. Went back in game and I have never seen fallout run so fast or smooth before! I hope this helps atleast 1 other person! Play offline without updating until we know a patch has been done to fix most of these issues.

  • Vicini

    I’m getting gobbled up by rocks. No crashing or freezing but jumping from boulder to boulder sometimes I stick and I can’t get out resulting in a reload.

    Companions are retarded. They have poor collision detection and get stuck in everything

  • hardcorechampion21

    even on pc with steam fallout new vegas will crash and on the ps3 it crashes

  • Vicini

    Coolest glitch was an NCR guy sitting at a desk typing making a click click sound but there nothing to type on.

    Mobs in rocks/ walls still able to shoot at me while I am unable to damage them.

    360 version btw

  • Alex

    I have a repeatable spot that locks it up, not for repairs but for selling items to one of the caravans guys.

  • Ripper

    Xbox 360

    So far I've suffered over 20 freezes, most of them tend to happen when loading a new area (Gone through door etc.) and in Vegas i've also suffered with terrible slow down on the graphics, there was only 4 characters on the screen and no action. I've never known such a bad game release. Bethesda should be cained for releasing this with all it's bugs (Pun intended).

  • emily

    i've been playing every day and have had the game since the release date. it has been freezing up on me, and had a lot of glitches. i updated the game with the patch yesterday, hoping it would be fixed….but no. today was the day that the game made its last freeze up..when i rebooted, it apparently corrupted the whole game and now i can't even play it anymore. :[

  • evernite_ps3

    my trigger froze up like my R1 button was stuck when I got to The Fort. I killed Aurelis Pheonix took the boat to the fort and I couldn't stop firing/punching. both controllers. tried to go back to a previous save and it was the same thing. :( I am so happy I spent 60 damned dollars on a game that doesn't work. I dont see how Bethesda will be able to fix this without rewriting the entire code.

  • MilzY

    PLEASE HELP ME iv played about 20 hours so far and wen i get the part wen i hav to decide wat to with mr house it wont let me enter the strip it just goes to a black screen……….PLEASE HELP ME

  • rio

    Am I the only one playing this with very little problems? I've had crashes here and there, but noting in the crazy amounts you guys are claiming. And this is someone who's used the same 360 for almost 6 years now. Had a quest that got glitched that I can't turn in, but it's a minor quest (counts an achievement, but o well). Clearly I'm doing *something* different in the manner I save my games/data on my HD. Don't know what it is, but I had a feeling that's the issue that's causing crashes.

  • Stank

    Looking to clear cache for PS3 for freezing issues, although I haven't found clear instructions.

    Also, my H2O status won't update anymore, it's stuck on zero! >:( Have to go back and load several saves ago, hope that fixes.

  • Elliot Hatch

    seemed absolutely fine at first as soon as i got to Primm i think its called i noticed it freezing slightly when moving the camera angle but it consistently freezes when im on the pip boy repairing weapons or armor. thought it might just be the disk so traded it in for a new one and got exactly same problems. quite dissapointed recomend getting your money back possibly gettin black ops and then wait for bethesda to sort vegas out or get the game of the year edition if they release it.

  • Paul

    mine crashed and i was 24 hours into the game. Every time I walk out the door of the gamorra (sp) it freezes compleatly and I have to turn my 360 off. very frustrated with this game right now. I like it but still needs so major fixing.

  • Jared

    My game froze like 15 times now at bare minimum

  • kris linder

    My game just freezes right at the point im going into the strip rest of the game is fine but going into the strip WONT work!

  • brad

    super disappointed…. can't get past the north gate into the strip in new vegas… so the main quest is closed and I'm now waiting for a patch that fixes it before I can continue.

  • annhwi

    I am playing New Vegas on the 360. I have had no less than 4 freezes so far and the last freeze corrupted the auto save (attempting to enter Freeside via East Gate) I expect console games to be exceedingly stable (since they only have to account for one configuration of hardware) This is very dissappointing. I have noticed that the 360 motor makes significant noise with this disc compared to all my other discs (including Dragon Age: Origins) I sincerely hope that Bethesda monitors this forum and is currently working on some form of patch that they may not have had time to incorporate before release. (I love how games are no longer coming out complete anymore… Cryptic Studios anyone?)

  • Arthur Gardner

    About 3 days into the game… 3 total GAMEPLAY hours and all of a sudden, I try going into the Vegas Strip. BAM! Insta-crash. Every time it seems.

    I had to start a completely new game and I pray it doesn't happen again… *knock on wood*

  • S Dix

    Seems game makers as a whole are making horrible games. First it was bad company 2 with "game servers" not being able to log on. Then it was medal of honor with horrible sounds for weapons and overall game play online didn't in any way lead up to it's hype, in Civilization V the huge map would only allow you a certain amount of cities before it would crash and not allow you to load the saved game, and now Fallout New Vegas with it's crashes. Do game producers even test the games anymore or are they so bent on getting the product out? Sooner or later people are going to rent the game before purchasing to see how it plays. When their sales go down maybe they'll get the hint…. Make a good product or don't release it. Their reputation is gravely at stake. Dice is promoting it's Bad Company 3… hmmmm… I think I'm going to wait for that one and not get it on it's release date.

  • Brian

    Yea any time I try to get into Vegas the game crashes and corrupts my save. Tried going to earlier saves to no avail, so its looking like I’m just screwed.

  • drunkinscot005

    I got a game update notice. I d/l the update, and now whenever I enter VATS it freezes on me and requires a hard boot to make my xbox work again. annoying as hell….

  • vegasplayer

    The game played 20 hours for me just fine, until I went to do a side mission "hard luck blues". Now I'm in the radiation saturated part of the quest and it freezes within 60 seconds of me loading every time. I went from playing it 8 hours a day to not at all. Pretty fail. I went with the xbox360 version for the first dibs on the dlc

  • Kerplah

    its crashed about 20 times since i got it….its fucking rediculous…..the jumping system is messed up too, and if you try to climb the rocks to go over a mountain, a lot of them are glitched so you fall thru them and there is no way out so you are forced to go to your last save point

  • Roberto

    I have the PS3 version, and I've been getting frequent freezes, much more than Fallout 3. When I applied the first update the other day, I lost a bunch of locations that I had traveled to, but I didn't seem to lose any inventory items in. And, I don't know if this is necessarily good or bad, but the update seems to have respawned a lot of items found in areas that I had already cleared and picked dry. Weird. OK, now a NEW problem just started today. Whenever I try to assign a weapon to a quick slot on the D-pad or even press the D-pad at all, . . . . freeze. It's not random, as I just had to do a hard boot 5 times in a row. Grrrrrr.

  • saya

    it fucking crashes, i cannot proceed with main quest because this shit hole game crashes evry time i try entering the fucking strip.
    If i can manage to reach it, with all other shitty freezes.
    Fuck off bethesda, i love this game so i fucking hate you and your bugs!

  • Jason

    So far i've had a few problems with the game, it freezes on me at least once every hour or so, but it finally got to the point where i cant even enter the strip, so that means i cant even continue with the game. On top of that for some reason my companion wont follow me even though i made sure to tell them to… every now and then they just pop up where im at but they still wont actually follow me a around. Game has too many problems!

  • Dan

    Had the game 24 hours and its crashed about 5 times and needed a hard reset each time. Some of the quests are rather buggy and easily broken.

    Despite the fact the game needed lots more pre release work from clearly lazy developers……. Its good fun while it works. The plot is dark and quirky even if it lacks some of the immersing qualities of FO3. i like the game even though its been cocked up in places

  • guy ina suit

    this game keeps freezing,,ug, its glitches wen im fighting, and wen i go in the strip, it loads then the screan turns black.. pleaseeeeeee make a patch, this is a good game, just to many bugs that werent fixed

  • John

    I'm playing the PC version and it crashes after about 10 minutes of gameplay. I haven't even made it out of the town where you start at. I want to play so bad but the constant crashing is unbelievable. It's hard to imagine a game being shipped in this condition.

  • CanTAkEItANyMorE!

    please Fix the crashing and freezing problems!!!! I like the game, i don't want to be force in the name of anger to trade it for pennies at gamestop!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1800075981 Mark Ash

    I cleared my inventory on New Vegas only kept bare essentials then it quit freezing.. for awhile..

  • chintsp

    Had for 2 days. Played 1/2 hours and frooze both times… I even installed a PS3 update but that didn't help

  • Marcello Milanezi

    As soon as I first played the game, an update window showed up and I thought “nice, all of those bugs I’ve read about must be gone now!”, boy was I wrong. After only a little while I could see strange glitches pertaining the texture of some things (like details of a ruined floor showing up and disappearing again, posters that could only be seen depending on the perspective my character was looking, etc) It was only after about 10 hours into the game that it froze, I was about to attack them Ceasar’s Legion slavers and the game just stopped! Turned the hardware off and on again, pushed forward into that very fight and… BANG! Again! Happened 3 times. Today, another part of the game, 3 times again…

  • Leatherknight

    Xbox 360 platform loaded to hard drive: I've played some 50 hours with occasional freezes throughout (maybe a dozen), all of them seemingly random, until now. Now I'm in Novac and no matter what I do, fast travel, enter rooms, play caravan, the game freezes about 30 seconds after loading, requiring a complete system shutdown.

    I deleted the game from the hard drive and re-installed it and I've made it through about 5 minutes, fleeing through the wasteland to try and outrun the Novac glitch.

    I love the game, but really… If any other product in the world had so many problems in the first week the customers would be lining up to cram it down the toilets of the retailer where it belongs. I sincerely hope they're working on this as we whine. ;-)

  • P.Duncan

    I have had massive slow downs and about 20 freezes that caused me to do a hard reboot I am also experiencing a crash everytime i return to the wrangler after finding the sexbot from the wang dang quest. – absolutely the worst quality i have seen in a game in years- it's unplayable

  • John

    The game has completely locked up on me. Now whenever, wherever, any place in the game, when enemies appear in view the game freezes solid. Going back to previously saved games does not fix the issue. Did anyone at Bethesda even play this game for 30 minutes before they released it? The bugs and issues are glaring, so obvious, you would have to be completely lacking of any QA to not catch them.

  • Bot

    Crashing on rescue mission!

  • Myzyri

    Only freezes when I try to enter The Strip… Nice… Can't even do the main quest.

  • Nic D.

    PS3, im about 4-5 hrs into the game, and now every time I try to use V.A.T.S. the game freezes. So far thats the only time, but really, should we have to go through this crap with a $65.00 GAME?! I heard that unistalling all data for NV and then reinstalling the game data helps fix the issues, but I just bought the game last week so I doubt it is that new of a solution. Sucks -ass, dont want to redo everything again!

  • tony

    my game keeps freezing too but at one point only and that point is at the door to the strip, when i go through the door it loads and goes to a black screen and then cnt load autosave after coz it says its corrupt , but IT IS ONLY THIS DOOR ITS A BRAND NEW GAME AND DISK AND DOWNLOADED TO MY HARDDRIVE AND STILL NOTHING WORKS , ALSO TURNING OFF MY XBOX 360 DOESNT WORK EITHER SO THIS PROBLEM NEEDS SORTING OUT QUICKLY PLZ CNT CARRY ON PLAYING MAIN GAME OTHERWISE!!!!!! thanks for reading

    • neil

      hey im having the exact same problem…!!! save corrupt and goes black once you enter the strip!!!! well least im not the only 1 mate?>>>> bethesda say the new downloadable patch will sort it out"!! (it dont work)

  • jeykell

    i have had so many crash's it is ridicules pay 60 dollars for a game i cant even play and my xbox is brand new play fable 3 no freezing what a disappointment from fallout 3

  • Lou

    I was doing the helios one quest and it froze when i entered the tower. NOW I CANT LOAD!! What the hell!

  • fustrated

    its very fustrating i'm a loyal gamer, i always pre-order their games, but if they don't patch those bugs soon, thats my last pre-order from them, it won't let me get in the strip, i tried the north gate it froze, i try the ncr railway, it froze, i try getting rid of my compagnions, still froze, and to make thing worse, now if i get too close to either entreance,(ncr embassy gate, or freeside north vegas gate.) it completly crashes.
    X360 user

  • dan

    freezes up on me everytime i try to leave the casino….cant even play it now. (xbox 360)

  • Darrell

    Mine has been freezing up also cant move but about five feet then crash…i was mad thougt it was my xbox but nope my other games play just i have been playing f3 and red dead no crash with them games just Fallout NV.

  • leclerk

    I have multiple saved games in the Vegas strip and can't load any of them without the game completely freezing up within a couple of minutes.

  • Geth

    I have the game on the 360 and I've played 51 hours through it. The game freezes I can handle, no problem. However, last time I played the game whiel XBL was connected, it installed an update patch. Now when I try to load either of the two games that were saved after that installation, it says that it cannot locate downloaded content and then it says that it cannot locate the device (HDD) where the save it located. The biggest problem for me is that the most recent save that works is from 20 hours ago.

  • Chris White

    level 23 26 hours of gameplay and i die. I load my previous save and comes up with an error
    "sorry you do not have the dlc some items may not be avaliable" yes or no then its says it cant find my memory device!! what the hell has anyone else had this problem with there 360?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1130834363 Charlene Gilbert

    Mine is constantly freezing.I bought it brand new through pre-order at Gamestop then went and exchanged it for another one (also brand new never opened) and it is still the same thing.I even tried it on friends xbox 360 thinking maybe it was my system but it still didnt work.

  • SSS-Spencer

    my game was fine but when i entered las Vegas/ new Vegas the loading screen would come up and then it would finish and the screen would go black. Also many freezing here and there
    please tell me a way how to fix it i am very frustrated!

  • Spenc

    Hey guys, don't lay the blame on Bethsesda, lay it on the douchebags at Obisidan who made the ORIGINAL, Fallouts and they fucked this one in the ass. I've been playing for a good 20 hours since I got it, and I've had to reboot my 360 about 20 times since then. It's ridiculous, its like the game is still in Alpha. They should have tested it better than they did because this buggy mess of a game they've given me isn't worth it at all. I'm glad I have gamefly because had I actually paid for this……

    • Justin

      Haven't you played any other Bethesda games? Fallout 3 was glitchy, Oblivion was glitchy, Pirates of the Carribian was glitchy, Morrowind was glitchy, Daggerfall was glitchy… notice a pattern?

  • BowelRegurgitation

    can't leave lucky 38 casino for the last 5 days. game goes to black after the loading screen (with music playing in the background) when trying to enter the vegas strip. tried four different times with the same results. my other saved game is hours behind my current and i refuse to redo anything i've already done for principle sake. a game of this calibur should be playable (minor glitches to be expected and tolerated) out of the box and i shouldn't have to wait around for god knows how long for a patch that will finally let me continue my game. i'm starting to regret my pre-order of the collectors edition and my faith in Bethesda has been crumbled. they obviously rushed this game and were only concerned with making money and not a quality product….(ps3 version)

  • Darrell

    Try this but im still testing out a theory does anyone have the companions with them when the game freezes up?????? i started having the problems when i got The Sniper Booone,
    whent back to any ealier save and fired him now im testing it out so for no crash yet but im still testing, I had 5 feinds/Raders attacking me and no crash yet and no companions in with me…Please try this out and let me Know if you have the same problem…Thanks… I think that might be where the bug problem is with the companion system something worng with the followers scripting mabey…?? but please let me know if you game works after you fire boone or any companions.

  • gaz7373

    I had to deal with this on Fallout 3 GOTY….I should have known better!!!!!!

  • bla

    i cannot even play i mine if i hit continue it freezes so i reboot it and it freezes again and it been doing for the past hour

  • Justin

    Bethesda games have always been glitchy as heck. Does anyone remember the infinite number of patches Daggerfall needed? Morrowind?

  • hayden

    freezes on me every five minutes after the first half hour of play :(

  • jonesymc

    im having the same problem with fallout, game was working fine untill i got to level 16 or sumit and i tried to enter the strip, every time i do loading screen comes up then a blank screen! was ok befour but iv been told something today as my mates on level 30+ and not had any problem at all.. he yhinks its somthing to do with the mission were u get mcartheys hat!? i think he could be on to somthing as i think since ive done that mission i cant go in to the strip.. hes not done this mission hence why he thinks hes had no problems!?!?! just wondering if other people who r having the same problem have done this mission or not… im getting desperate now 20+ hours in to the game and oooopppsss ive only had the 1 save which i keep saving over and now is corrupt!! please have a look n see if you have done the mccartheys hat mission, ………..thanks

    • Bigg'nTasty

      I think you're right cuz I had no problems with getting into the strip until I did that mission. Now whenever I try, I get the loading screen that goes to black if I try to enter from the main gate and it'll also crash once I get to the bottom of the stairs if I get to the strip via the monorail from McCarren. My game is completely stuck now & it's ever since I did the hat mission. I had no problems aside from a couple hiccups here & there before I got that damn hat. (btw, I'm on the 360)

  • Nils

    Game freezes every 20min, no more playable for me on ps3…. and this for 65€ ??

  • ripped off

    Sorry bethesda but if I see your name on a game from now on I am just walking away. Sorry my hard earned cash will got to connect four before it sees your hands again.

  • MaliciousWomble

    I had a massive cock-up with mine, 10 hours in to the game, I tried to load it and a message came up saying “This save relies on DLC that is no longer available” or words to that effect, it then shows another message saying “Storage device is no longer available” (again not exact quote). Needless to say I’m not a happy bunny, but I’m a huge fan of the Fallout franchise so I’m not going to be a child like a lot of the other gus on here and criticise people who play the game. I’m just going to warn other people and advise that you save as often as possible using separate game saves, and perhaps back your game up on to another device :)

  • Matt

    Yeah mine has been freezin pretty bad too…I was gettin ready to back up my PS3 and take it back for another one bc I thought it was my new system I just bought! I’m glad I checked this out first!

  • Rusty Armor

    XBox 360 Game freezes on saving and requires hard reboot. After hard rebbot then it refuses to let you load the level you are at, saying memory is corrupt. I gave up after running one part over again for the 8th time. The game is unplayable as is.

  • Urburos

    I've had it freeze twice in the two days that I've had it, and that's after patching.

  • Benjamin

    this sucks what is wrong with them

  • adam

    ive had the typical freeze and crash problems but today seems to be the worst ive had it so far, absolutely shocking, surely sending games out to be sold in this state is against the law or something. im going to have to seriously think twice about any more fallout games that come out in the future if this is going to be the case

  • Kylej64

    Mine freezes momentarily from time to time as I play, and also crashes forcing me to do a hard reboot. But after a hard reboot I have not had any problems loading save games. I'm level 21 now and quite a way into the game and the crashes are becoming more frequent.

  • edgar

    Frikin New vegas is full with errors been plaing the game for serveral days and ive been stuck 14 times atm and currently i cant continue the story mode couse i cant enter te Strip anymore couse its freezes every single time

  • FUC U

    I made it quite a ways in before it started freezing. Got to Novac, next thing i know its freezing when i try to enter houses and freezing going into VATS. Was really worth the money, yeah!

    • Grrr

      I am getting this exact problem. Any building entry in Novac or trying to save the game and it freezes.

  • mickeyyyyyy

    playing on the 360, game plays through fine, completed every quest except the last one on the main quest, every time i try to go into the strip i get a black screen and need to hard reboot.

  • Kat

    Mine freezes alot, The strip is unplayable. Also there a certain areas where it will freeze all the time if you dont give it a few seconds to load up (includes areas after FT and moving between the different map grid areas).

    Also, there is now a regional install. As in a CA or US install based on where you buy the copies. Copies are not compatible with each other. If you bought the CE its US only, so for those in canada, if you have to exchange discs for whatever reason, you need to get a US copy not in Canadian stores.

  • Doug

    PS3 – I've Played through the game three times, with various factions. I couldn't even complete the Hoover Dam mission with Casesar's Legion, as the game would lock up my system every single time when going after Kimball. Rebooted a dozen times, trying to look in various directions, to no avail. It's an event-based crash.
    And now I've come across another such lock-up. In Eastside, doing missions for the Kings. When there's a shootout at the old train station, every time I approach the NCR characters, no matter the direction, it freezes.
    This isn't even to mention the insane amounts of times that it's locked when exploring the wastes, or near the end of dungeons, or entering/exiting an area.

    Really, Bethesda should have let Obsidian use their own engine for creating the game, instead of using the old Oblivion/Fallout3/F3GOTY one that has EPICFAIL written all over it.

    Honestly, I've bought four games from Bethesda now, and not a single one of them was without massive bugs, errors and freezing. Enough is enough. Though the content is substantial, the overall experience is heavily weighed down by these issues. I really don't care what game they're coming out with next, or how good it's supposed to be. If they don't purchase or create a new gaming engine, then there's no use in buying it.

  • Luke

    my game was reasonably sound untill around 4 hours in seems that exploring is out of the question, this game had the chance to be epic and the same old problems occur i should have realised after a long battle with oblivions half hour loading screens. shame

  • Ivan

    My game already crashed 4 times. Jesus Christ.

  • Dan S

    Xbox 360 here constant crashes at the strip cant even get into the bloody thing and it keeps corrupting my auto save, Ive even tried disabling the auto save function and still crashes fucking great and I bought the limited edition that was £70 what a waste of time and money.


    Mine Keeps Freezing Just as i go to enter New Vegas So Its Retitled Itself To FALLOUT NEW EVERYTHING BUT VEGAS !!! Its pissing me off now ANY HELP :) ? LOL

    • Jason

      Go to crimson caravan, and get an old cowboy hat from the vendor. Wear it as you go into the strip. Apparently killing McCaffrey on the strip breaks the game. Old cowboy hat fixes it for some oddball reason.

  • Scott

    Playing FO New vagas on the 360 had no problems up till about 7hours in, i can no longer enter the vagas strip, when i try the load screen comes up goes longer the usual the screen turns black, then nothing. need to going into the strip to contiune game

  • p4nth3r7

    OK guys i have severly play tested the crap outta this game now and ive notched up over 50 hours of playtime. I have encountered so many crashes in which i have to reset the PS3 that i cannot count them all. Also the framrate is very bad and the game seems to pause very often for a fraction of a second. I was very patient and carried on playing the game even though i sometimes had to reset the console 5 times just to get through a door without it crashing again. I'm nearly finished with the game now and i'm going to trade it in very soon as it was a huge let down and although the story and mechanics are fine, the gameplay is flawed and lag and bugs make the game near unplayable for anyone without the patience of a saint. Also the graphics are still the same as FO3 which is ok but not a step forward to what we were expecting. Its a old game reboxed with lots of bugs.

    Overall i would not reccomend this game to anyone.

    Graphics — 6/10
    Sound — 8/10
    Playability — 1/10

    NB: the crashes can happen at anytime and anywhere in the game world so just because you havent experienced it yet doesnt mean you wont.

  • Guest007

    After playing for a very long time, over 100 hours it finally Freezes during the loading screen for THE STRIP. i am extremely pissed, having i cant beat the game now.
    PLUS, i dont have xboxlive so how am i supposed to play, without the patch?.
    this is absolutely ridiculous.

    • p4nth3r7

      There is one saving grace, when you load the game choose 'Load' not 'Continue', then save the data again over the autosave (as it autosaves when you walk through a door) and that should solve your problem for now, but it will happen again elsewhere and is very annoying i know.

  • Hollowpointm16

    My game wont load, every time i try to load my game it either freezes or tells me some kind of required addon content isn't working and sends me back to the game menu. Im hesitant to start a new game because im already done with most of the main story line and most of the side quests. >:l XBOX 360 user

  • jamesta

    SOB!. 15+ hours gone due to a corrupt auto save. Thanks. I swear whoever gave the final word to release this before it was ready should be beaten. Not only does it crash and ruin data but it is jumpy ass hell. What a disappointment.

  • Shane

    I played for over 2days with no problems on ps3, now every time I load my save it freezes up. We should at least get one of the up coming DLC for free for Bethesda F-ups.

  • http://? bat_freak

    im a die hard fallout fan… played all of them from start to finish on pc and xbox without any flaw (including fallout 3)… now im playing new vegas but it keeps freezing on me every 5 min or so at random points. im very heartbroken because of this… ive noticed this all started to happen right after i got that new xbox dashboard update, but i guess that doesnt matter since it still happens to ps3 and pc as well… i hope theres an update soon cuz i cant finish this one (let alone playing it) until theres a patch

  • Alan

    contsanly freezes whenever I have a big shootout or theres a lot of activity on screen… very annoying!

  • nathan

    mine freezes every 10 mins or so

  • Mike Hawk.

    i cant even re-enter the strip, automatic game crash, like wtf. They need to fix these problems unless they want to become utter jokes. i didnt pay 60.00 for a game that i can't even play. BULLSHIT.

  • Anthony1138

    Mine crashes about every 10-15 minutes now, it doesnt even load the game anymore, it just freezes everytime i try to play.

    I waste money on this game and i am pissed, Bethesda should do something about this, because i cant even run the game i paid 60$ for, what a f***ing rip off.

  • texas

    wont let me through campaign freezing all the time!

  • Andrew

    Froze about an 1 hour in and has done so about 9-10 times during 40ty hours of play. If anyone dares buy the add-ons before this buggy piece of shit is fixed they deserve a kick to the throat…other than that, its a good game.

  • Wagaga

    Mine was doing okay, but now it keeps freezing when i try to enter the strip. Only the most important place in the game :|

  • Ryus

    Been crashing (on 360) after buying playing cards from merchants… Also odd on several occasions I have bought ammo boxes from merchants and they didn't appear in my inventory after buying them yet disappeared from the merchants. Sadly I wasn't paying attention to my weight so i'm not sure if I have an invisible item that is weighing me down, however I did feel my weight was high but didn't both to add up my weight either (so I could just be paranoid on that part).

  • votorious22

    I'm having a lot of freezing problems with new Vegas on the PS3. I had the same problems with fallout 3 and they actually gave my ps3 the yellow blinking light of death. back then i thought nothing of it now I'm nervous that new Vegas is gonna do the same thing. game carefully everyone.

  • tuckshop64

    What is this, I repair and put on a hat and it crashes. Had about 2-3 hours game time, now cant last 5 mins.

    I debated in the shop whether to get Fable or Fallout, now bought Fallout back into work to take back at lunchtime. Think I will wait this one out for the later edition with all DLC.

    Gutted. Lost my mojo with Bethesda on this one

  • jack

    mine crashes whenever i try to enter vats. good luck to me beating game without it =/

  • http://twitter.com/AliceSteventon @AliceSteventon

    This is really getting to me. I LOVE the fallout series on xbox 360 , and I haven't had too much go wrong untill the final part of each main quest line. It is completely driving me nuts! PATCH PLEASE!!

  • scootascoots

    mine has been freezing at the strip after I meet ceasar every time and I do not have FO3 on this x-box.

  • smudge09

    after 30 hours of gameplay it has frozen and wont let me reload it ! im absolutely gutted and really dont want to restart it

  • Cara

    I bought Fallout New Vegas on the PS3 and I just can't finish it! It's been crashing and freezing everyday since I bought it on the 19th October! It has crashed as much as 8 times during one play lasting a couple of hours. I'm so close to the end of the game, but I just cannot get there and I have to save my progress every few minutes. I'm an extremely frustrated fan!

  • lopetz

    same VATS freezes here now since a week or more… (PS3) I tried to contact Bethesda support by email for at least a word about when the patch is arriving. without no response… at least they could put their fix/patch news upfront on their websites/blogs/twitterfeed. they know well why to hide these informations. I'm really disappointed seeing a game company is re-releasing the same buggy engine after two years later after fallout 3. I bought an unplayable game and I won't buy any other game from that company.

  • Damo

    Plyed for about 7 hours without any problems on my xbox360. However, it now crashes every 20 minutes.

  • dominic

    my only is only frezeing when i go into the vages stripe and other locatiions but i hope they fix it because i bored the money for the game from a friend and now i got not a much to show for it .
    gamer tag Domer 1995

  • JV

    Mine is crashing my PS3 every 10 minutes, sometimes more. $60 on a game to deal with this crap? I’m pissed!

  • gemima_px

    i never played Fallout 3 but Fallout New Vegas i've really got in to..

    I get so far and then it just completely freezes the game and the system. Its quite aggravating especially when i've done so much and it freezes before i save then i gotta do it all over :(

  • BuzzBravado

    I cannot get into The Strip, it just crashes. Has anyone re-installed the game data (PS3) and fixed the problem?

  • Bad

    No problem until it froze in Helios one, and froze again and RROD and ok after and Froze again and I tjink my 360 is done for… 2 minutes of playtime, 2 hours of my life in the last 2 days…

  • Steven Baker

    Been playing for about 20 hours and not had a problem. Getting right into the game. Now tried buying some goods of a vender and the game crashed! Now everytime i start the game it crashes within 20 seconds or so! So now "I CANT EVEN PLAY THE BLOODY THING"…………………………………..I WANT A REFUND NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Pissed Off

    Screw this game, the makers, and the sellers. When a company releases a game they know has glitches in it they have no regard for their customers. They figured they would release it and fix it after. F them. I was able to return mine to GameStop after making a stink in the store. They only game me store credit but that is fine. But they still sell the game which makes them responsible as well. If the sellers would make a stink and boycott crap that would force the makers to think twice about releasing crap. I will never buy a game from the studios that made this ever again.

  • sam

    Mine has also froze 3 times im getting pissed off.

  • Troy

    Well i try to do the side quest hard luck blues and when i die it freezes everytime and when i beat it, i cant load my saved game anytime afterwards

  • timmmm

    My ps3 freezes at least once every hour or so. Have to do a hard reboot.

    I know it's not a Fallout 3 issue since I played that on 360 and bought Vegas on PS3 to try and get around these issues… :(

  • Soltari

    Wonderful. Stuck in the lucky 88 casino, can't leave the friggen thing. Loading screen comes up, black screen and need to hard re-set.

    Well fucking done beth and obsidian. Release a game you can't friggen finish

  • chelsea

    Mine freezes everytime I enter a casino after I killed Mr. House. It is weird because it never froze before I killed him. Hella blows.

  • dustin

    it will freez about two times a night if i actually decide to play it. i would understand if the graphics were crazy good but there not. whats the issue?

  • Aww Man

    So yea I guess we all have the same problems I’m pissed off we all paid $60+ tax and for what a game that’s locks up no matter what u try it ain’t going to work. So am wait for assassin creed brotherhood and maybe by at time they will fix all this bullshit. Cuz I love this game even though I can’t play it anymore!

  • Kristen1641

    I literally can't leave the casino… I've tried to leave the casino seven times after meeting Mr. House and it keeps freezing. Ps3

  • Michael

    I too have the prob. Spent 65 caps and well played around 60 hours and then the 360 went cold. Freezes when I try to go back to the fort the one Caesar lives in and that darn roulette wheel stops spinning and I start cursing. I wish there was a way to dial back the settings on the 360 but nope. well that is my two caps. :(

    • nio

      I cant enter the strip crashes each time

  • Some Guy

    This is the last game from them I ever buy. The first one or two times this happened it was understandable but now it just shows they don't give a f**k. Well, neither do I anymore.

  • tms

    My problems have gradually increased to the point that the game is utterly unplayable. I went through most of the main course of the game with little problems, but around 50 hours in things took a turn for the worst. It started with a freeze here and there which was bearable, but they've now become regular. It's to the point that a fast travel will inevitably cause a crash. What's worse is there's always a telltale sign that its gonna happen. Whenever my hot keys stop working, and theres no sound from reloading or drawing a weapon, I know that a crash and hard reboot are just a load screen away. Its a shame because when the game is working, its easily the most fun I've had on my PS3 this year.

  • rob

    I’ve had 2 severe freezes I’m about to give up on this game it’s really pissing me off. but I get freezing and horrible lag when multiple enemies are around

  • James

    I just started and got to Primm
    Then whenever i went into 3rd person my character was invisible (somehow) and then as i ran to a door the game just froze

  • Nathan

    I play on PS3. I bought the game the same day it came out.about 4 hours in. no problems, well other than the brutal laggin-floating animals-magic appearing enemies.im about 6 hours in now and i have had 2 Brutal crash's..im sure its taking a toll on my ps3….

  • Jason

    For those having freezing / black screen lockups when entering the strip, go to crimson caravan and get an old cowboy hat from the vendor. Wear it as you go into the strip. Apparently killing McCaffrey on the strip breaks the game. Old cowboy hat fixes it for some oddball reason.

    • brendan

      i hope you're right. that's exactly where mine keeps freezing up. starting to really piss me ott

  • kyle

    this is freaking outrages it freezes when ever the fu<k it wants is choppier than sh1t wtf Bethesda make sure your sh1t works before you release it

  • emjaygee

    played 25 hours, been to the strip a few time, but last 5 times i tried to get intot he strip the game locks up. Once reloaded it says the auto save for the Strip is corrupted. So I go back to my last save place again,a nd try to enter, and it dos the same thing, again auto save is corrupted.

  • Mr Garrison

    im a big fan of the Fallout games, absolutly loved F3 GOTY, but also had all these problems. with F3, when running across the wasteland the game would keep pausing for like 2 seconds, do it about 6 or 7 times in a row, then crash. i, like all fans, was so looking forward to New Vegas coming out and never would have expected the same problems, but i got em. WOT A JOKE. SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in regard to NeoDanger's comment, i just bought a brand new ps3, ive got nothing of F3 GOTY on this system and my save game data for F3 GOTY is on a external hard drive yet ive got exactly the same problems with New Vegas. IM P***** OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pissed@bethesda

    same here. 45 hrs into game. i have 20 save games, and none within the past 15 hours will load.

  • Rollinbus

    massive freezing on my PS3 version. I'm almost ready to give up halfway through the game

  • Dustyn

    35 hours into the game and it now freezes about 5 mins after hard reboot and then reloading. I repeated this process about 5-8 times in a 30 minute span. Very frustrating and I can't play anymore because of it.

  • Dom

    Played 2 hours and it hadn't auto saved even though it said it had. Screens still jumps and tears. Now I can't even get to vegas as it just keeps freezing on me, even after the recent patch download. They have had over 2 years to fix these problems as they happened in fallout 3. WTF!!!

  • tk_dj

    Ok, I played Fallout 3. crashing some time for no reason, but it was ok. I'm now playing Fallout New Vegas with all new updates (21 October 2010). I bought the game 80$ with the collector edition box, andddd NOOOOOOWWWW…….. the game is always crashing…..! I cant play more than 20 minutes without trowing everything and swearing! So i really hope that Bethesda Softworks will think about their clients and will make a big update fixing all these memory crash. I don't think it the cause of my computer because I have a Intel core duo CPU 3.17 GHz 4GB of ram, windows 7 64 bit, a nvidia GeForce GTX 260 with the update V.260.99 with 896 Mb of GDDR3 video memory. It would be very disappointing if they do nothing, ruining this very great game!

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvilerDictator Sarah Harding-Roberts

    Crashed over ten times yesterday (Playstation 3 version, so there's no need for people to blame Microsoft for this one), and twice today in the space of less than an hour. Woot?

  • ryan

    makers of fallout new vegas need need need need need need need to make a patch to fix this. its bull and makes me not wanna buy another fallout if they make another one.. froze when by hoover dam and before going into the strip (360)

  • Blat

    It has something to do with how it loads zones. for me it only happens as I get close to a new town, like where is starts loading all the small objects instead of just the scenery, and then it freezes a little bit and then completely crashes. I think there is a simple solution like what they did with oblivion. Just make a tiny little preloader bar pop up when there's too much stuff to load.

  • Jay

    X360 version and it crashes out requiring a hard reboot every time I try to enter the Strip since taking pictures for Michael Angelo. That means I can't get on with the main quest at all.

  • Pissed Off

    I lost ED-E yet everyone thinks he's there, so everytime i go to the vegas strip, it locks up the ps3 and i have to hard boot. I had to lose 6 hours of gameplay and restore my ps3 off backup just to go back to a point before i ED-E dissapeared. WTF i paid good money for this.

  • Congp Jack

    It freezes everytime I try to enter the strip meaning that the main story is now unplayable for me. So Damn annoying!

  • Ashley

    I've been playing the PC version, and at first I was impressed with how few bugs there were, and I never had a problem with crashing. Last night that all changed. I can't get anything done without crashing. I'm stuck in the Luxe and can't make it 3 minutes without a hard crash and having to restart. I've tried everything, and now it's pretty much unplayable. I accidentally overwrote the only other save I have outside of this stupid casino, so now I'm stuck. I find it appalling that a game with this many problems would be released.

  • C-J

    Just adding to the torrent of complaints: Xbox 360 crashing at:
    Wandering Trader at Mojave Outpost (sometimes travels to Novac, has a slightly oriental look and a hood).
    Anything to do with Black Mountain, in particular talking to Raul.
    Whilst going into VATS to shoot or attempting to loot an Evolved Centaur.
    It's just plain unacceptable that with a cumulative total of over 500 pages of complaints on various forums (including their own) that the mother of all patches hasn't been released.
    I guess that's what happens when you put an already unstable 4-year-old engine under extra pressure…

  • Andrew

    Playing on 360 here. I get freezes if I play for a long time and only when it's loading in between areas or I'm running through the big areas. It's pretty annoying having to restart my xbox, but I've gotten through most of the game, so it's definitely not unplayable.

  • Ryan z

    Yup, freezes on me consistently 4 times on same spot of campaign. I’m so pissed. I can’t even go any further.

  • Pissedgamer

    Yup mine just freezes wen i try to load the game either manually or auto. It then says there is downloadable content thats no longer present. It then asks if i wanna load anyways, which i reply yes, only for it to then say 'theres nothin saved on my device' , n then kicks me to the main menu. Im so pissed theyd release this crap if it didnt work in testing. I want my damn miney back. I surewont get the time i spent playin it back.

  • novak

    freezes and jumps all of the time, though still playable and I like the game a lot, I just don't know if this will have any adverse affects on my system or other games if I keep playing through all of the crashes…reall buzz kill

  • GoliathOnline

    Mine is crashing whenever I try to enter New Vegas. It’s driving me nuts. I want to play the damn game! Im forced to do a hard reset every time I try.

  • The Master

    Okay I've been playing for about a week now, and I have noticed quiet a few problems with Fallout New Vegas on the game on the xbox360. The most annoying is lag. There shouldn't be any lag when your not playing online. I never had this problem with Fallout 3, and I own all 5 of the DLC's. The next problem is the trigger to firing mechanics, I'm not sure if its due to lag but I've had instances where I pulled the controller trigger and the in game gun didn't fire for nearly 3 second after, missing the target completely. I've also had problems with the loading screen, it takes 2-3 times longer then it should to load even small indoor area's, while other times it just freezes at the loading screen for about 3 minutes not letting me use ANY functions for the game OR my xbox360. It occasionally does the exact same thing, but you will hear the animation noises for what ever function you try and use. I've only had 2 instances where everything froze completely and i was forced to do a hard system shutdown. It feels to me its a shame for people to buy a game like this, and have it ruined by small things that should have been fixed before the launch.

  • Joey

    Mine crashes randomly a hell of a lot.

    Also the factions randomly hate my character for no reason causing me to fail loads of quests instantly.

    Sometimes it doesnt even crash the PS3 will just restart suddenly.

    I've played the game loads but the crashing is starting to put me off :(

  • jut

    yes it just happened to me! I cant get into the strip anymore. I'll try every possible way in and once the loading screen is ready to go away the game/console just completely freezes up. After doing a hard reboot to the 360, I'll try to reload the last save (which is an autosave) and it tells me the save file is corrupt. I then go to reload a save file from earlier, travel to a new way into the strip and the same thing happens all over again.
    They have got to fix this!!!


    I installed a new video driver and dx9d9.dll, the new video driver really made my game go more smoothly, but afther 30 min or so i had a strange kind of crash with a coming-up message (i don,t really remember what it said) (something like: shockwave player broke down or did not work correctly blablabla) i never installled a shock player so far i knew,,, so i went to adobe and downloaded shockplayer,, don't know if that might help or that it has do do anything with FONV but when i,m back home ill try playing again. (hope i did not act like a retard with this comment :P why would that message come up anyway?)

    ow and i did not needed a hard reboor, i went back in the game witch was become extremely distorted and unplayable, but i could get to the menu and saved were i was standing YIIHAA! ^^

  • plavko

    fallout new vegas waste of many, please people do not buy this f………g game

  • plavko

    fallout new vegas waste of many ,please people do not buy this f……g game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    I don't know about the pc version but the ps3 version is of such apalling quality, it ruins the entire experience. I'm a huge fan of the fallout series and I liked the fact that they used the oblivion engine for part 3. But this game freezes so often you just have to give up after a while because you just get sick of re-starting your ps3 every ten minutes or so.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=625890445 Kevin Chevarie

    I`ve been having a lot of freezing, sometimes I`ll notice the game start to slow down first, and save, but I`ve even been crashing during load times and prior to entering a new area. This is getting to be a real Pain. Had similar issues with Fallout 3 as well. At first I thought it might just be my system, but if others are having it happen to them as well, then maybe not…

  • Matt

    I can play for a few hours before it freezes (PS3 btw), but it happens virtually every time I play and now I just consider it the signal I've played enough for the day LOL The only problem is now I'm getting serious roadblock freezing beginning- I can't use one gate to the Strip- it freezes every time I try- and just now it seems the other gate, from the monorail entry point, is doing it too… of course right when the campaign requires I go in there…

  • lopemon

    Hell, where’s the fix for the all of us?

  • Jak

    mine was fine but now whenever i actually try to enter New Vegas, the main city which i have to go to to beat the game, it finishes the loading screen and goes frozen black. Oh also the VATS bugs out if you dont have enough to take a shot i wont let you exit out of it

  • earl

    The game crashes almost every time i play, and I have to restart my ps3.

  • CrazyFox

    Mine seems to freeze quite often until I hit like level 10 or so… i've already played through it once and after i got to a certain point, it quit freezing. But, alas, upon my second character leaving the tutorial city, i have had to full system reboot my PS3 about 4 times just today

  • Roger

    Got mine for the ps3 i have been rebooting everytime i play and its getting to the point where i just shut the damn machine off cause im just getting sick of getting to major plot points and it freezes if i roam around just lookin for stuff to kill no prob once i start to do a quest freeze hmmm…..maybe Bethesda doesnt want me to find out the ending of the game thats fine as long as it keeps freezing you'll get your wish!

  • Lingoli

    complete bullshit. from what ive read, ive had better fortune than most. i got about four days into the game and as soon as i got to hoover dam, the freezing started (XBOX). i can hardly play from the skipping and it freezes constantly. probably over 30 attempts so far and nothing seems to be getting better. i didnt have this problem with fallout 3 or its DLC's, but new vegas is ruining my respect for bethesda and obsidian. cmon guys! if your gonna make a game, make it right.

  • Lingoli

    at the moment i am testing a "theory" of fallout 3 data corrupting new vegas. will update as soon as i find something out.

  • Lingoli

    thats a negative on the fallout 3 theory. i guess all we have to do is either hand our copies back, or rough it out until a patch comes. bethesda, better hurry up with that patch. your loosing allota customers pulling this Bs again.

  • TitanUranus

    I had a few glitches in the beginning, then it wouldn't load my saved game!
    I took it back and got a replacement and the same thing is happening!

    I love Fallout and hope these glitches get resolved quickly

  • Gordy

    Playing on PS3, hardcore. Game freezes every 5 mins to 2 hours, randomly. Saving often as a workaroud, but I'm playing Hardcore mode, which means this is isn't al that hardcore.

  • Bowstar01

    It's not the freezing that is as much the issue as the total crash of the system when I try to enter The Strip. I was able to enter it once but now I can no longer get in at all! What's the point of the game if you cant finish the main quest?!?!

  • martinezz

    Freezing, and much more problems in the game fallout new vegas wasnt ready to play

  • Adam

    Mine freezes everytime I try to enter the new Vegas strip so I can’t even beat the game. But on my wires profile she has no issues. I hope they fix this problem soon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000457462027 Trond He

    i can`t enter the strip. When im half-way through the loading screen the screen blacks out and i have too reboot.

  • lee

    fallout 3 played fine and never crashed once,,, this bag of shit has froze twice in the last hour, big disapointment……. waiting for your cure bethesda, why do i get the feeling its gonna be a long wait???

  • Taylor

    I'd say my game freezes about every 30 minutes or so of straight game play, requiring i reboot my ps3.


    ps3 version freezing like crazyyyyyyyy

  • Ghost

    Not only does mine freeze during play but it freezes during a load and i also get stuck in places (rocks, trees etc.) and can't get out of some at all because you can't fast travel in mid air.

  • Shannon

    mine freezes EVERY time i tried to go into the strip… i have to restart the xbox,,,but it still wont let me into the strip!!

  • lzi

    constantly crashes in some sections even though it is saved even bought another copy in case it was just that copy, nope exactly the same problem but at a different section!!!!

  • adavis9

    ok here are some quick fixes i havnt tested them on the xbox but give it a try

    1. disable the internet connection
    2. disable the psn or xboxlive accounts
    3. if you have the fallout 3 gamedata not the gave saves delet the game date
    4. turn off the pipboy radio

    i did this about 4 days ago and it hasnt frozen yet
    sorry about the spelling hope it helps
    i want to here back from those xboxers to see if this helps on the xbox version

  • Thegregulator

    Mine keeps crashing when the guy at the front desk of the Tops Casino asks for my guns.. as soon as I hand them over the game freezes. It's done it about 10 times now. I paid too much cash for this trash.

  • Angry fallout guy

    yes I have suffered severley my game keeps freezing when ever I attempt to enter the strip and 20000 caps worth of stuff is in the lucky 38 and I cant get back in there and I cant finish the campaign aswell very angry.

  • Vaultie

    Finished the game with that nice stop and go technique:make 5 steps wait 5 seconds. so relaxing a game that makes brakes and stops all the time.just perfect.Despite of that great feature i wanted a second round and now i cant enter the fucking strip because the screen goes black. These assholes should be ashamed of themselves to push a game out which has so many bugs!!!!

  • irvin

    cant even walk without freezing and also my puppy keeps licking my feet!

  • Nate

    I'm freezing at the rate of at least once per hour. Way to kick the most anticipated game of 2010 in the dick,

  • Jordan

    Played through once with no problem. Now it freezes when entering the strip from freeside or from the lucky 38.

  • Logen_sk

    I have had nothing but problems with this game since day one, freezes everywhere and black screens. Finally the other day while exploring vault 22 my PS3 froze and I had to shut it down again, when I tried to restart it I received the green light then blue light and finally blinking red light. At this point I can’t even get it to start just run through the lights quickly and flashes red blinking lights. And on the Fallout forums I’m not the only one who has had this problem. I loved my 60GB Fat PS3 and now I have had to replace it, I will never play any of Bethesda’s games ever again, and in fact I have already canceled my pre-order of Demon Forge.

    • everton90

      Yea my ps3 yellow light of deathd cos of it too my ps3 got fixed not by Sony cos id lose everything all save data but im trading in new Vegas I give up with it :-/ waste of a good opportunity bethesda!

  • Dave

    I only have 2 saves (1 Manual and 1 auto) saved within about 2 minutes of eachother on the strip, everytime I load either save if I move or even turn. Am I going to have to start over again?? If I am FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Starting to really regret buying this game, I could bear with the bad freezing in FO3 GOTY but this is on another level. I was looking forward to New Vegas so much as well :'( Oh and if you have trouble with the game freezing when you enter the strip, try getting an old cowboy hat and wear it when entering the strip, it worked for me when my that happened to my games.

  • crazy fuck

    This is pretty lame. New vegas is a great game even though you can’t walk certain places and your a lot more restricted than fallout 3 in my opinion. But I just bought the new 360 mainly because of new vegas and put alota hours into it pridefully. Now my auto save loads in the doors of the the ganorrah or however you spell it and when the omerta guy tells me to surrender my weapons, it freezes and I can’t escape it. I slapped that money on the table with a smile ear to ear… Now I regret it

  • Thomas

    i played for about 2 hours and got a little into the game example past the tutorial and a little into the game, but now when ever i load my game and play once i get into a large desert area or if i teliport using the map my game freezes. its really annoying to try over and over to play so i just put the game on the shelf and it is now a paperweight, thanks Bethesda :D

  • Steve

    I play the PS3 version and I crash about every hour, though I noticed some area's are more crash or lag-prone. Some examples are: Freeside (outside the old mormon fort), Camp Forlorn Hope, And inside the Tops Casino (lag). I havent had any crashes in indoor locations.

    In some cases, I get stuck in the loading screen as well. It occasionally crashes (the roulette wheel stops moving) or the loading simply goes on nonstop, in wich I can quit the game from the HUD, but still casuing my ps3 to reset itself with a loud popping noise. Not good.

    Finally, I also see a huge amount of cosmetic bugs (npc's sitting in the air next to chairs, or typing on invisible computers etc.) but those dont bother me at all compared to the crashing.

  • Teufelhunden_JD

    Massive, constant crashing and freezing on a new(ish) xbox 250 GB, with or without the game loaded to the HDD.

    Nearly unplayable, my wife and I have to save about every 3 minutes in anticipation of the next crash. I've played betas that were more stable, and this game is 2-3 patches in.

  • Kirkyeehee

    I can almost time when this game is going to freeze on my xbox 360. Every time so far it has frozen when I have played… About 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes it will lock up on me. I tend to save every 3-5 minutes to combat losing a lot of progress.

  • Vaultie

    To all the people who complain about the freezing(me too):its not so bad, because the first DLC is coming out!!Bringing out a game which runs flawless and makes fun? Nah screw this. Make a patch so the game will work?No that is boring.Squeeze some more money out of the people we just screwed with a untested Product? YES WE CAN!!!
    No one can tell me that they oversee all this mistakes in this game. I spare myself the names and words for this company.

  • BjR91

    My copy has had two severe crashes, the first time I had just completed the Hoover Dam Quest for Mr. House, it crashed and corrupted the save file on my PS3, when I restarted the whole thing over again I just got to The Strip in New Vegas and the screen went black when I was exiting the Lucky 38, I leveled up very nicely, discovered loads of locations and did loads of side quests and yet again lost it all, the screen even went black when I reloaded it, I am not amused, even Fallout 3 didn't have this many glitches or crashes, the amount of hours we all put into doing this game for nothing, Bethesda, get your heads screwed on!!

  • timmy

    mine crashes whenever i walk into any building any solutions?

  • http://none Ded Asset

    Sometimes have to hard stop system every 15 mins and restarted my whole game thinking I had messed up, when in actuality it was the system had gliched.

    Sometimes money is spent and you don’t get the items you paid for.

    Certain merchants freeze up no matter what.–tried 7 times and it won’t let me purchase from a particular merchant. Some characters freeze up.

    I cannot beat the game within a reasonable time frame due to freezing and gliches.

    It won’t let me play caravan even though I have twice as many cards as I need. This is the second time around, the first time I had no problem.

    Where and when do we get our money back? I would rather have the my money than the stress.

    The changes are not so significant that it should be worse than fall out 3.

  • anonymous75

    i have over 200 hours of game play and level 29 and now i cant load or continue my saves, so apparently i have to start over??? wtf!

  • PheonixZip

    Crashes whenever I enter the new vegas strip

    • enags

      same here…..crashes when trying to enter new vegas strip

  • Mike

    can´t get trough north gate to the strip thing. crashes.. arggg

  • jon

    mine froze half way through the fucking game and it was while it was auto saving and now i have to restart over because the file corrupted… :|

  • James

    New Vegas crashes whenever I try to buy stuff from the travelling merchants. same thing everytime, have to do a hard reboot of the system. I'm on ps3.

  • kim

    My ps3 crashed completely after playing fallout. We kept getting frozen after we hit prim we made it a long way but was very annoyed bc every time we got going it wld freeze. Then it finally crashed. We cld sony and they wld fix for a good amount of money so we just bought new ps3 the move bundle figured it was better deal. Well we cldnt save our old one lost all data so we reinstalled new vegas and guess what our brand new system is freezing locking up and making horrible sounds. I think they should reimburse us or something my system was fine until I started playing it now a brand new system is messing up. Uhmmmm.

  • JackTres

    My PS3 version of Fallout New Vegas freezes once an hour or, in other, words, every single time I play it. When it freezes, there is no way to reset the game without resetting the entire PS3. Crashes occur more frequently as the campaign goes on. Terrible.

  • Kragbax

    Read through a good bunch of the posts. Same problems here. Play for a while (maybe an hour – if I'm lucky) and it crashed/freezes. Might be while leaving an indoor location, might just be while walking around. No rhyme or reason. I'm persistent, though, and managed to finish the game with two separate characters. Don't know how many hours, but I DO know that I spent several hours of it all just resetting my PS3 and waiting for it all to reboot/reload and many more hours lost just making up the time lost since the last save.
    It sucks that there are all these problems. I loved FO3 and don't recall nearly as many freezing issues – though admittedly I didn't get it day 1.

  • Zach

    It could be anywhere but almost every hour my game freezes. Doesn’t matter where I am. I’m concerned I’m going to destroy my ps3. Has anyone found any kind of patch for PS3 or any console that works to solve this problem? So frustrating!! Grrr

  • andrew

    Anytime I fight more than 3 guys or anytime I go into an area with a view of the surrounding areas, the game lags horribly or freezes. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! BETHESDA FIX THIS CRAP!!

  • NMI

    I cant get into the strip without the game freezing. How can I play if I can't even access the strip?? Unbelievable! I can't buy from certain vendors without the game freezing. I cant continue certain quest lines without the game freezing.
    I'm stuck and the game is unplayable.
    The absolute worst experience with a game I have ever had.

  • Red

    Freezes once every hour… Sometimes it could a few hours without crashes buts that’s rare. I’ve had this game for about two weeks now and freezing is just one of the problems.. Probably the biggest but there’s other small issues like texture problems, my companions disappearing especially ED-E. I’ve also got the Euclid’s C Finder weapon which is awesome but the F’ing thing leaves a permeant animation after firing it a few times(so annoying but goes away if I re start”sometimes”) countless others too!

    I love this game, that’s why I bare with all the bull shit I have to deal with. if there isn’t a patch out soon someone needs to sue the shit out of Bethesda because what they did was sold is a defective product… PERIOD!!! this game is a complete tech mess. But.. I still keep playing, I’ll give up when GT5 is out in 2 days because there won’t be a patch by than..

    With the most recently update patch


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001598312233 Thomas Richardson

    Yes freezed when i tried entering novac multiple times eventually started to work again but big dissapointment bethesda…:|

  • Fuel

    I'm constantly crashing as I try to take on the Alpha Male and Alpha Mother Deathclaw. Something about that area makes the game freeze. I hate to leave an area unfinished, but I may have to.


    gues there is still no word of a patch witch REALLY fix the crashing?

  • time invested

    I HAVE ACTUALLY GOTTEN 31 HOURS WORTH OF MISSIONS DONE' now it dies only when I try to enter the vegas strip. Sucks hard where this is where I need to be to continue story line. Crap crap crap!!!!

  • CigsAce

    I have played this game for over 200 hours (play through twice). The game will freeze after getting a partner (like Ed-E, Raul, the Ranger, the BoS chick)-which tends to be about two hours into the game for me (on my PS3) and consistently freeze every hour or two thereafter. Bethesda said to clear the game cache off the console to resolve this issue, and so after doing so and re-installing the game it froze within 10 minutes! I've also heard that star caps are the source of the issue. This too is false because I've given my 50 star caps to Festus and I'm still freezing. Actually, I'm freezing more than ever now. Five to ten hard reboots per day with this game is the norm. I just want to see the alternate ending then I'm putting this game up on eBay. I would have been willing to pay double for the game IF there were no issues, but with the issues I would have passed if I had read the reviews and known beforehand. Bethesda you can and should do better than this!

    • Matt

      I've got 100 hours on PS3 and I've had absolutely no freezes or issues!

      Just kidding. It's freezing like every 15 minutes now. Seems to get more frequent the longer I play that character, but when I made a new one I haven't had any freezing after a couple of hours.

      I'm going to try re-installing the game data, but what about clearing the game cache? is this something else? How do I do it?

  • matty k

    its a large new game think fallout 3 it sucked when i bought it a month after it came out now its all patched up and i have few probs

  • Dan

    First two hours went fine, but now, literally can not play more than 5 minutes without it freezing up. Restarted the game, still freezing up. Game is literally unplayable. Such a shame.

  • Mitchell

    I have an Xbox 360 and it freezes and I have to restart my entire Xbox. Once I leave this building in new vegas "Lucky 38" or try to leave it it loads then my xbox totally stops and have to reboot it. I deleted all my other save files and kept the one while in the Lucky 38. So, im screwed. They better patch or update this problem or I'm never buying from them again. I paying $60 for this cutting grass, then this happens. Thanks a lot :(

  • Avid Gamer

    I am attempting to play through this game on the PS3, and I have just had to hard reboot for the 42nd time. I'm on the strip, and I can't even save or load. This is an awful, awful lazy coding job, and someone talked someone very important into an awful software and business decision at Obsidian. It is shocking that a company would allow such a product to exist, — even to sell it and make profit from it. These multi-million dollar software companies have the money, the man power and the departments to ensure these problems don't happen. Apparently, they'd rather roll out their product 6 months early and save 80k, then address the issues at hand. I'll never buy an Obsidian/Bethseda product ever again.

  • Avid Gamer

    I literally cannot continue playing without a freeze every three seconds. I've rebooted my system 15 times today. This is completely inexcusable. Please hold Bethesda and Obsidian accountable and don't purchase their products any more.

  • disappointment

    The consoles versions seem to be the most widely affected. By most accounts the errors on the PC version are small and manageable. I have New Vegas for the Xbox 360 and it's barely playable. Objects and characters disappear, the game freezes frequently, often requiring a hard restart, and saved game have files become corrupt and unable to load several times during one (attempted) play through.

  • Jack

    Freeze-ups remain constant. Explore an open world only to have your progress repeatedly erased when you lose your last hour's play to a manual reboot.

  • Devon

    I havent had more than a few lag quirks before today. This is my third character (trying lots of different approaches :) ) I got off last night as soon as I talked to the sister at the atomic wrangler. I had just told her about hiring the ghoul prostitute. Now when I load in I am entering the building and it shows the mission objective is to talk to her. Five seconds in the xbox freezes. I’ve tried three times and it still won’t work.

    Also these problems should be blamed on those who tested the game and didn’t tell anyone about the issues.

  • mari

    mine keep crashing when I try to talk to the guy next to the exit of the strip..knight something".. I manage to save it before and fast travel, but now I ca not enter the strip or exit….

    I gave up, no patch will make it up for the time lost.. I promise myself to NEVER BUY anotehr game from bethesda.

  • Nik

    I've had odd things happen (Xbox)… from the pip boy opening up off center- usually higher- so can't see anything except the bottom menus. A few open/closes seems to sort it, but it's very strange. Not had [touch wood] issues with saves just yet, but I have had a LOT of crashes- some claiming a dirty disc so taking me back to the system menu and others requiring a full console reset. The causes range from talking to people about something/someone specific [most recent one was when asking a shop owner about a super mutant with a speak impediment]; playing various casino equipment- usually get the dirty disc error with this one; and the game going into what can only be described as "slow motion"- with everything lagging. Once it has lagged it either catches itself up or dirty disc errors.
    The constant uncertainty with crashing means i'm very grateful for the autosave… I just hope that remains stable for me after reading what others have suffered!

  • VALVe629

    i cant load a previous game. it says that the game relys on downloadable content that isnt available any more, but im not playing any downloaded content yet. effing retarded. i had like 40 hours into this game now and now i guess i have to start over, or throw the cd agenst the wall as hard as i can.

  • Devon

    What I said before about testers… Scratch that. I forgot that new vegas was developed by obsidian which is why there are so many problems they are using bethesdas systems but don’t know how to make them work. Thieving bastards. WE WANT BETHESDA BACK.

  • juan

    it keeps freezing, i thought it was my xbox but i change the first one bcause it got all blury so i took it back and the second one keeps freezing and i have to turn off the console every time

  • Michael

    Yeah. It's getting worse too. Nowadays it crashes every 10 minutes. Can't even play the thing anymore.

  • DaemonNinja

    Mine has just taken to crashing. Got about 45 hours of gameplay logged, saved regularly after killing the Deathclaws at Quarry Junction and now it won’t load. Hard reboot, hit start, continue from last save, roulette wheel on load screen gets spinning and then stops. Does this on any save point I try. Balls.


    Motherfucker crashed on me, i had to then reboot my motherfucking computer, and all my files were fucking mixed.


    • Devon

      Stop blaming shit on Bethesda they aren’t the developers.

  • Nwrd


  • Scum Developers

    I preordered this piece of crap game and am kicking myself for it ever since. The freezing/hard reboot issues are unlike anything I have experienced with any other game, EVER. It is completely unacceptable. I will never buy another game from these jerks again. They obviously only want to rip people off.


  • Big Red

    Yep freezes all the time now and only with fallout. Sucks big one

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000881204384 Wesley Smith

    Playing on hard core while the wife plays regular and both freeze non-stop. made it to the hover-damn mission and now it freeze to the point where i can't progress. I never have this problem with fall-out 3

  • Rick

    On the 360 slim mine first froze up 6 times in a row trying to get on the boat to see Ceasar.. Now I can’t complete the mission for the boomers where I bring the girl from the caravan to the Nellis airfield for the blonde boy. Has crashed about 10 times trying it so I gave up.

  • Eric B

    Let me know when there will be a cure for this mess! I just can't go in the STRIP! The game crashes all the time. The update was made and I cleaned my HD cache. Frustrating…..

  • ps3lulz

    the first night I had it hiccuped every now and then, so it wasn’t severe. the next day the lag got worse and it froze two times within a four hour period. kind of frustrating. ps3, not much gigs and other types of space used.

  • Nick from UK

    Finding it very difficult to continue playing. Getting very concerned about what the near constant hard reboots are doing to my PS3's hard drive.
    Sorry this is a product unfit for the purpose of which it was sold. Under UK law, it should not be sold at all. I'm returning it stating exactly that. I've been sold faulty product.

  • jeffschreurs

    Fallout New Vegas is the most disappointing game we own. We are 1 1/2 months into it and can't hardly play anymore. We actually wrote Bethesda a letter; which we usually never would do, but felt necessary to question the QA testers.

  • Tyler

    This shit is annoying. If I pay for a game I want to play it and cant if it wont load my saves. fix your shit

  • john

    cant get past brtherhood contacting you with e-d-e, can move sit/stand cant accrdd invrntory or use weapon, screen jumping also, not impressed at all.

  • ShanMan

    I noticed that the majority of the time the freezing is when loading and I have hit a button on the controller before it finishes

  • faillout

    I have put in 20 hours and sure enough I have had 4 or 5 freezes come on this is ridiculous Bethesda

  • Supernaut

    I can’t even count the number of times this game has frozen on me. I had the same problem with Fallout 3, but I figured they had fixed it for this one when I played about 10 hours with no problems. Now it seems it’s every 30 minutes or so. Annoying to say the least…

  • poopfeast

    As fun and in depth as this game is..I've encountered a system/game freeze at least once a day since I got it. I'd estimate 10 freezes in 30 hours of game play…frustrating and disappointing, but the game is still worth playing..

  • jeff

    yeah mine froze so i restarted and froze again within 10 mins :/

    • gaborkcsr

      After numerous reboot it actually made cod4 freeze up for the first time. I thought it was the blue ray driver which i stated to pursue. But now i see i`m not alone whit the problem.

  • Petecworld

    Played for about 4 hours and it froze 6 times (hard reset needed PS3 ) got the update and now freezes every hour that i play , also managed to get stuck in several areas (next to fences etc) got to have the worst games testers ever thank god i am not the only one was thinking it was my PS3

  • Splashanderson

    my Fallout 3 started crashing regularly after installing the DLC (operation anchorage, mothership zeta. etc) i noticed it worst after installing point lookout. i was hoping that it was only down to this, and fallout new vegas would be good to go… but no, new vegas crashes at least once every time i play it.

  • steve

    I also had it crash about half hour into the game. right after i started to explore the wild. I didn't save because i didn't expect it to freeze so fast… i knew it would freeze i read the reviews but i didn't know when.

    So i get to start over now. bastards.

  • gcstang

    Same here crashing like crazy can't play at all now, this is ridiculous.

  • matt

    keeps freezing when i try to enter the strip.and yes i already blew the monorail up

  • Derek

    Ok… Up to the end of the game. My game froze… happened alot but meh, and now I cant even load my games. Auto save freezes while loading and when I load my other it tells me "This game relies on DLC (which I have) " blah blah blah. Then says my device is no longer available then goes back to the main menu… -_- Fuck this game.

  • ThatPersonRightThere

    Son, I am dissappoint.

  • mattyj3388

    crashing pretty much every hour that i've played the game, struggling to finishes quests without it freezing, very disappointing for a brand new game

  • tony

    it crashes whenever I try to enter the Strip. I don't know why???

  • Jordan

    I went to do a quest in Omerta Casino in the strip and when it gets to part he wants my weapons, if I click keep hold out weapons or give weapons its freezes but the other option still work and I cant fast travel i even tried hiding weapons in box kinda but still asked

  • gaborkcsr

    Not only that in fact it is a brand new game but some of us has thougt it might be the console! Did what ever they thought might work. Needless to say it cost big bucks for all of us!!!! Some tried to clean the blue ray lens rendering the console useless. Some just voided the warnty like me. And some sent it to sony for repair.
    Keep doing that HARD BOOT and you will have a reason to send it in for service for sure!

  • lilmanDan

    to start with this game is extremely … Crap… I have encountered:

    Continuous freezing in over 70% of the map making questing extremely difficult.

    Terminals not forwarding to hack screen in the hidden valley and in one of the vaults.

    Words completely missing from hack screens.

    Mapping completely uncalibrated.


    Extremely long loading screens (enough to go to the toilet and then make a drink)

    Npc’s showing up completely out of bounds (old lady Gibson i think and her killer dogs and deathclaw alphamale),

    Characters being killed by other npc’s.

    getting stuck in hills,

    dissapearing followers,

    It looks to me that this game has not been tested to a professional standard… My son could have tested better and he’s 7… What a waste of money

  • analcharliehorse

    x360 here, has only crashed twice – in the same spot, killing the ants for the bombers.. took a different route the third time and its been smooth from there.. sorry guys

  • Pete

    After about 50 hours of play. I can not finish the game because it freezes everytime I try to enter the vegas strip. Total frustration. All of that for nothing.

  • warwick

    I'm starting to want to go back to amiga, megadrive games etc and forgetting about games like this, They never ever froze like this. I havent played new vegas yet but I have bought the collectors edition already, Fallout 3 was a nightamre, it froze every hour and really tested my patience, if bethesda/obsidian havent released a oatch and taken action for their mistakes then I am going to return NV without even playing it. F3 was extremely frusterating with the freezes and I cant believe they would release another one without fixing this mistakes in F3. Get ir sorted Bethesda/Obisdian, this is just insane!

  • rowdy idiot (Dan)

    Yeah, all kinds of problems… most of my saves went some place (though I don't know where), I was hated and at war with the NCR and then all of the sudden they're somehow neutral, and now my 360 won't even read the disk (I can't see anything wrong with it and the console will read my other games). I'll be honest, I'm kinda mad.

    • lilmanDan

      i had the same neutraling problem happen in the final battle me Hoover dam…

  • Flawson

    Just want to put in another 2 cents, I have always been a big bethesda fan and have overlooked past problems…and frankly, there didn’t used to be as many (for me). I had less problems with fallout 3, less than that with oblivion, and still less with morrowind. So there is a very bad negative trend afoot here- at this rate, elder scrolls v will probably explode in the disc tray! I have played these games on both consoles and on pc, it really doesn’t matter- at the bottom of it, they just don’t seem to be able to adequately playtest their ever-more-complicated games. There is really no way they can say otherwise. everyone that bought fallout new vegas deserves a check for being a beta tester for bethesda/obsidian. Sad.

  • Jon

    my game keeps freezing when I try to buy/sell items simultaneously.

  • Jq

    Just keeps freezing horrible

  • rageguy

    My game freezes every time i enter the TOPS casino and hand over my weapons….. and my other save slot is hours away in gameplay

  • http://www.facebook.com/brohard James Brohard

    Not really glad, but re-leaved that it is not just my PS3 going out. I have an original 60 gig ps3, and I was thinking maybe it had something to do with that vs owning a newer slim model. I had the same problems with Fallout 3 as well. severely pisses me off when I am mid mission, or have been playing out in the wastes for an hour, and have not saved recently. I really like the game, but how do they keep getting away with releasing the buggy as hell crap?

  • Josh

    Me too. Freezing and choppy on my 80GB PS3. Mode doesn't seem to affect it. Makes the game unplayable and therefore worthless, as I can't enter any of the larger battles without freezing completely. So I paid $60 for nothing. Will be remembering this when the next bethesda game comes out.

  • Logan

    Preordered the special edition PS3 version. Also got the hardback players guide…FML. Had so many problems with that I brought my copy to Gamestop and they ended up giving me a 360 copy for no additional price. Well I’m having a fantastic time, 19 hours in, the game starts freezes consistantly at one location. I load my autosave and after about a minute of play it freezes. I tried this 11 TIMES. Consistantly freezing after 1:30 of play. FUCK this game.


    you know theres a patch for it i had the same problem but it got fix it plays smoother than it use to =)

  • Humbug113

    Mine kept freezing when it was loading when i first got it then it worked, now ive bought dead money it froze when it was loading, then it stopped now it just freezez in open play in dead money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000529465150 Sam Fishback

    Mine freezes usually when playing for 2 hours. then if i hard reboot, it will only take 1 hour to freeze, then 30 min, and so forth. I don't have any internet so patches are unattainable. Reinstall doesn't require internet, does it?

  • lilmanDan

    Jonas… Not to be funny or anything but whether or not the originals made new Vegas doesn’t change the fact 1000′s of People stupidly spent between £25 – £60 of their hard earned money on a game that was destined from the start not to work. Bethesda employ numerous IDIOTS Who… are paid to give full reports about the game engine. Glitches, bugs and graphical issues before release to prevent these said issues… Clearly over paid couch potatoes Who just like the title games tester or graphics engineer on their cv

  • Ben

    My copy of Fallout: New Vegas for PS3 started out okay but after investing quite a bit of time into the game, it began crashing quite consistently. Im not sure exactly when but as stated, it requires a hard reboot everytime.
    This is accompanied by short glitches which almost seem like a freeze but only last a few seconds. Probably for every five of these glitches, the game locks up completely in a full on freeze.

  • Ben

    My copy of Fallout: New Vegas for PS3 started out okay but after investing quite a bit of time into the game, it began crashing quite consistently. Im not sure exactly when but as stated, it requires a hard reboot everytime.

    This is accompanied by short glitches which almost seem like a freeze but only last a few seconds. Probably for every five of these glitches, the game locks up completely in a full on freeze.

  • Me…

    i played for hours completed many quests and before going to hoover dam i decided to go to jacobstown… i hadn't discovered it yet so i had to walk… i got there and went to see the doctor it froze just after i was given the quest [this was my first freeze]

    anyway i walked to jacobstown again, talked to the doctor… it froze… and again i got there, -this time i saved- it froze and again, and again, and again…

    until i gave up… i wont play it again til' they patch it… :/

  • Daniel

    I got New Vegas for Christmas, but it freezes everytime I go into the Prospecter's saloon, so I have to keep rebooting my system. They HAVE to fix this.

  • ScizzlefoShizzle

    i purposely didn't buy this game after having NUMEROUS crashing/bug issues with the last fallout game. I played Oblivion too and that game crashed even worse. New Vegas has been out for a while now, and my friend loaned me his copy of the game. I spent the time to downloaded the 'patch' and create my character, and less than 40 minutes into the actual game play, the entire system completely froze. What happened to the days where video games actually worked properly? I certainly never saw any games crash back before consoles had an internet connection. Do developers not give a s hit anymore? If you don't have an internet connection going to your console…..are you stuck with dozens of poorly written, unpatched software? At any rate, New Vegas confirmed my decision to never ever buy anything made by Bethesda or any other company associated with this pathetic excuse for a game again.

  • Conm3

    i had issues with ps3 version and since big patch most probs sorted yes it crashes now and again but not enough to mention. Im about to exchange for xbox version as dint notice MS had rights so hopefully wont be any worse.

  • The only smart one

    Just thought id let you guys know that Bethesda DID NOT develop Fallout:New Vegas. I REPEAT BETHESDA DID NOT DEVELOP THIS GAME! They Are the publishers, not the dev’s. The developers (the ones who made the game) is Obsidian.

    • Yeah, sure.

      Good try, but no.

      Obsidian developed New Vegas, meaning they created the game content. Bethesda coded the engine in runs on (about ten years ago and still carries most of the same old problems it did back then), which is what's causing all the freezing. Get it right.

    • The real smart one

      Yes, Bethesda didn't develop FNV but as publishers they had a moral obligation to check the game was playable. They obviously failed.

  • John Warden

    Its a easy fix everyone – all I did was turn off all the auto saves ( means you have to pay attention and save you game often) but ever since it hasnt froze one time on me – hope this helps everyone

  • Fenseven

    going on 6 freezes on my xbox 360 S within the st 48 hours of owning it.

  • roflstomp

    To: The only smart one

    Obsidian used Bethesdas game engine to create New Vegas which is where all of the damn bugs and constant crashes come from. Mine is freezing very frequently as well. Maybe 4-6 times since yesterday (PS3 version). Did Obsidian really not see this when they were testing it? Did they test it on somting other than a computer? I enjoy their games, but beacuse of the mass of problems I've had not only with New vegas, but with FO3 and Oblivion, I can say I will never invest my money in any Bethesda associated game again. (I hope someone from Bethesda actually reads this).

  • Jon

    My game freezes once in a while when the screen is loading. i.e. when i go into new territory or through a door. Really hard to play

  • #23

    lot of freezes, mostly near hoover dam and other big landmarks. had to reboot my xbox several times, and I don't like that at all.

  • Jimmy

    mine was fine for like 2 days then suddenly freezes whenever i try to go into any building ( which as you can guess means i cant do much ) the screen just goes black and the xbox crashes and its all very annoying

  • scott

    freezed evry time i did a power move with a mele weapon

  • Eisaak

    I just got the game and within an hour it started freezing up. I had to reboot my PS3 to get it going again. I have been playing for several days now and it seems to happen after about an hour of play. I have spoken to three friends who all have the game for the PS3 and they have all experienced the same problem.

    NeoDanger: I am glad your problem is resolved but I never loaded FALLOUT 3 on my PS3. I played it on PC. So your problem and resolution are not my problem and won't help me.

    This entire year has been the release of complete turds. I am thinking about starting a Class Action Lawsuit group that just sues all game developers who release games that are unfinished or have major game stopping issues.

  • http://Product-reviews Shane19-

    I’m getting real fucking sick of this game crashing on me I can’t get into the mojave outpost iv played like 30 Mins into the game and I can’t play Bethesda u r just terrible at making games how bout u get rid of as many bugs as u possibly can before u release a game u lazy fucks!

  • Kris

    it's a really fun game except for the fact that it froze during a loading screen and somehow the memory got lost, that was after i had spent a good 5 hours playing… had to start all over

  • Pissedoff

    Mine has crashed 6 times today just trying to walk into Novac, yesterday I fell down a bottomless pit next to Mojave outpost. I am taking this game back to Game for a refund as I am so pissed off. The games industry is the only industry that can palm off unfinished products and get away with it. Its a shame as it seemed like a great game, its just fu***ing unplayable

  • Angry-Gamer

    my game freezes unexpectadly aaalll the time its really getting annoying as i love the game and cant stop going back to it……dont know why they cant just fix the damn thing. freezes at least 4 times a day and only on this game. i have a slimline btw

  • Jack

    I have fallout new vegas for the ps3 and it constantly crashes there should be a update to sort the problem out and also there should be a dlc so you can carry on playing after the ending because the ending at the moment is sh*t

  • Savvy

    On the 360, played roughly 40 hours with nothing more serious than some polygonal graphical issues, just started getting major freezing issues within the last few days. Game crashes sporadically now every fifteen minutes to a few hours. Really disappointed by this, but unsurprised given it runs on engine they haven't done more than tweaked a bit in the last six years.

    I suggest to those who don't yet have the game, just wait until it drops in price or you come across it used. Waiting a few more months is worth it in the event it's this broken for you.

  • Deadeyedex

    I have NEVER froze in the game at all I doint know what you people are talking about?

  • Clayton

    I haven’t heard much about the game freezing everytime you save but mine does and its really pissing me off I need to fix this because I just payed for the damn thing and two days later my entire game crashes I even got a refund for a new one and it still does the same freaking thing any suggestions (xbox 360)

  • OhBaby

    Mine is freezing just like everyone elses i figured it was my ps3 but i guess not if everyone is freezing to oh and fallout 3 game of the year froze up on me a lot…… I'm getting my ps3 maitenced soon so maybe that'll work i hope

  • Victor

    My game has never frozen.. I have about 40 hours of play.. I'm really scared it starts doing that though.I've played Fallout 3 for more than 200 hours on my PS3 never had a problem..
    The really annoying part is the loading when entering or leaving buildings but turns out is related with auto-save which I disabled.As an experienced FO player I save quite often.. Yesterday I've played for 6 hours and the day before 8 and it was ok.. Some minor glitches but I tend to ignore that. Hope it keeps like that till the end of the game..

  • aaron

    i hate this game its crashed on me over 50 times

  • StephaBon

    I've been playing it 4 days. First day, it took 10 hours to freeze my Xbox. Next day, about the same. But the amount of time my Xbox can handle it is getting smaller and smaller and today it only took three hours for my xbox to not respond at all. The game itself is amaizing, when it plays.

  • Jason

    The game is truly amazing. I started encountering problems after the quest where you deliver the platinum chip to Mr. House. I tried teleporting to North gate vegas and frozen… 7 times now. Is there ANY way I can fix it? Have other of you guys been having fast travel problems?

  • clownworld

    a lot of freezing…and on occasion the game will randomly quit to the ps3 main menu. very odd and frustrating.
    the game was boring at first…but just starting to get interesting…and now the crashes have become more regular. Also some serious slowdown quite often.

  • Khailis

    For Xbox 360 try downloading the game to your hard drive. At the dashboard, press (Y) for game details and select the option to "install game". This helps with performance on all games and I do this for every game I play as the fan is quieter this way too.
    I had trouble with freezing while using merchants near Mojave Outpost and nowhere else. Tried downloading the game to the hard drive and have had success thus far.

  • djfreezie

    ive had it freeze at least 10 times.. loading screen freezes.. walking through the waste land and randomly freezing.. i mean my ps3 is a little older like 2008 but still.. never done this with anyother game except new vegas.. lets hope they get some patches out or something because rebooting every 20 minutes is getting stupid.

  • lilmanDan

    well… This won’t be making it to game of the year obviously…

  • StressedGamer

    Mine Crashed right at my quick save point. FANTASTIC. MY closes manual save was near the beggining. As soon as i load up the game, might get one second in before it freezes, and prevents me from dashboarding.

  • Phil


    • Go to Doctor Phill

      LOL,, even if the game DOES work, you better don,t save at one slot ^^

  • Steve

    Compared to the rest of you I guess I've had a pretty good run, I've played about 28 hours now and all of a sudden after working for the Legion I've been getting constant freeses all over the place from just fast traveling to 'the fort' and from randomly walking in the 'mojave'. had about 3-4 now and all have occured in the last 2 hours of gameplay. I really want to keep playing as well but its doubtfull. hope bestheda makes a patch and we can all keep playing.
    PS3 version btw.

  • mr nerd

    new vegas just erased my hard drive. happy new year.

  • chris

    mine crashes about an hour in sometimes mostly in the vaults

  • John

    mine crashes so often that i cant complete a quest in the time (about every 6/7/8 minutes)

  • brandon

    mine tends to freeze up about every 30-45 minutes on a loading screen. this game is REALLY fun…when i can actually play it. the annoying part is that when it freezes, the only way to fix it is literally go to the xbox and hold down the power button there. it entirely locks up the xbox. quite annoying. please release a patch and fix this. please

  • tony

    i deleted all the fallout3 expansions and game stuff not the save, then reinstalled new vegas so far so good

  • lee

    grrr i cant even enjoy the game, crashed after 2h on first day i got it and now it seems to be getting more frequent like every 30min PS3 btw is it worth trying to be saintlike? or do u get better stuff just being evil? usually games reward u for makin the right decisions but im not getting very good stuff (i dont think lol)

  • Ben

    Ok so I did a whole playthrough with little problem whatsoever… (except that if you went to over 30ish different locations the loading times started taking a lot longer, which was fixed by exiting the game and just going straight back in, annoying but not too bad) then after downloading the DLC it has frozen up every time I do anything but walk… Or if I walk for over 45 seconds… I’m thinking it’s a memory issue… The game must use to little memory for a large amount of processes or other things requiring RAM… or maybe not… I dunno but could it have anything to do with the DLC?

  • Rob

    Same happens to me…and im only at the Mojave Outpost so far. Its a great game too. Such a shame it has to have so many problems.

  • Xtreme

    I have just finished a mission in vault 34 i have had none stop freezing, lagging, cant finish missions as it tells me to go to this person to complete the mission and when i go there to see him it wont let me finish the mission, i keep falling through the map, had to restart the game twice as it has corrupted my game save data even though i have saved it three times, i am so annoyed with the game its going back tomorrow

  • alex

    Mine seems to crash every other time I play it. I had no problems (that I remember, maybe once or twice) with Fallout 3. This one just seems way more bugged.

  • NeXuS

    All this crashing,,, and they still make mutch commercials on the TV and radio :O

    ,,,or they are selling good working FONV games now,,,

  • Dave_Dollar

    When the duck are we getting a patch to fix the problem? I am going to the game makers headquarters and killing them all. I'm going to clear the room and search everything just like i want to do in the game but it freezes, i am also going to rape every female there and possibly a few men.

  • GuitarLady

    I can't believe how many more times new vegas ps3 has frozen than fallout 3 ps3 did. with f3 it got 2 be a nightmare but now I'm playing new vegas I'm having to save every 10 mins or so just so I don't have to keep redoing the same missions and talking to the same characters.
    I really love fallout but I'm soooo dissapointed with the state of the gameplay now, the further I've got into the game the worse it's got. I'm gonna perservere simply because I love the game so much that it just about seems worth the hassle, and also after buying the collectors edition new I really don't want to swap it for a different copy to see if it's any better. but it's definately stopping me getting so involved in the world that is fallout simply because i have to constantly save or get stuck repeating things I've already done which takes away from the whole game experience.
    Right, rant over, just had to share that with some other people who understand my frustration. I'm off to watch new vegas freeze up some more.

  • Celdrian

    Okay well, the game was so great so far and Imade it to the part where I joined the Ncr, so I made it very very far and played exactly 24 hours, last time I played the game was before I reformated my ps3 and it sucked so bad it just kept freezing, and now i got it for christmas so i had no choice but to play it and yeah… it seems that the installation went pretty well the first time and the game files were almost-perfect or something. Than I update the game with the patch and decide I rather not play with the patch so i deleted, reinstalled the game and boom it starts freezing and freezing. And note that my ps3 was almost completely empty when I first installed it.

  • meatmins24

    multiple freezes that require hard reboots within the first 2 hrs of game play.

  • Jimbo

    Several hard crashes. really detract from the experience. Wish a patch was made

  • Mad Owner

    some of my quests are glitched so i cant complete them and it freezes a shit ton about 10 times a day and graphic clashes LAGING RANDOMLY bethesda stop being lazy dick heads

  • leo

    i thought it was just me, man i got furious last night, i was just finisshing the game then i had a freeze!! omfg and i didn't save the last 4 hours, so, i thinnk i'll never see the final of new vegas. I'll play gran turismo 5 now. (ps3).

  • DrBob

    They did no usability or testing obviously. Fallout 3 froze now and then but New Vegas (PS3) is the worst game I've ever seen in terms of freezes that require a cold start. It also halts…screen displays are jerky (no pun) and there are way to many invisible walls.
    This destroys the 'mood' of the story and undermines the work that went into it. SONY should be on their case as should Microsoft. These folks obviously do not use their own products and do not test. Sad. Makes the came drop from 8 or 9 to a 4 or 5 (of 1).

  • King

    They wont patch it until they r ready to release a new game or expantion….thats what they always do

  • Edward

    It's fine when I boot up the game… however I notice the lagging gets progressively worse and worse the more 'cinematic' deaths occur. Ya know, when the game slows down…. I don't know what the issue is, but I have a feeling there's some kind memory leak present because the longer I play the worse it gets.

  • Edouard

    mine freezes whenever it tries to load a building or things like fast travelling

  • Gamer

    My game has only froze a couple times. Really it hasn’t been that much of an issue for me. However today as I was trying to get into the strip, after the loading screen came it just went black and I need to turn off my xbox. I can enter every other part of the game without it freezing or lagging, but it just won’t let me get into the strip.

  • jon

    for me personally the freezes arent that frequent, however, they will occur usually when I try to perform too many actions at once. What I mean is, if you are fighting an enemy and have to reload, dont try to go into V.A.T.S until the weapon is completely done its reloading process. Also, if you try to bring up your PipBoy right after killing or fast traveling I will occasionally get freezes. I dont know of any soution other than to SAVE YOUR GAME after any notable or difficult accomplishment.

  • hillbilly

    mine freezes when i try to use vats

  • Disappointed in Utah

    360 crashing after playing for a few hours. Plays fine for two – three hours then screen gets jumpy and eventually freezes when opening doors or anytime something has to load. What a joke.

  • curtis

    lol my fallout nv never freezes it only has miner laggs but its carry's on i don't know why… but i had problems with fallout 3 were it froze when i tried to get into rivert city :( but as i've said i have hardly any problems with fallout NV

  • http://www.aftershockforums.com/board Palmer

    I’ve never had a single problem with Fallout 3 or Oblivion on console OR PC.
    Now New Vegas comes out and it freezes every here and there, sometimes after walking for a long time (meaning no autosaves when entering/exiting buildings, meaning I have to re-do a bunch of things).
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. They really need to patch this because I’m considering just leaving New Vegas in it’s case and sticking to a pirated version of it on my PC instead. (I haven’t had any freezing problems on the PC at all).

  • hyegrcefgt.

    mine kept freezing my xbox but i installed it to my harddrive and it works a lot better

  • Mikey

    I play FO:New Vegas on Xbox 360 and recently a crashing problem has occured which is beginning to become very annoying and has stopped me from playing the game now as i just cant do much. The crash occurs when i enter a new zone or quick travel which causes the game to load. The screen then goes black and that is it, i have to reset the console. Anyone know what to do?

  • AlmostPissedOff

    I saved my game a lot in case it would freeze. It worked as I didn't loose much progress, until the game suddenly prevents me from playing at all. If I try to save or enter a house or whatever, it just freeze, and then I have to turn my xbox off and on..Tried to reinstalling the game on the harddisk. but nothing really worked -.- I reached level 26. All that for nothing. Lame

  • Katie

    I'm stuck inside the helios one building. if i try to leave or save, it freezes up. i loaded up one of my previous saves :/ and it was all good til i had to save again. same shit. every time i save, it freezes.

  • anton vaughan

    having major problems with new vegas at the moment, at the main menu it comes up downloadable content loading, stops then comes up again and then freezes, i have to keep turning my xbox on off for about ten minutes before it eventually works, some of the problems are due to them rushing the game, fallout 3 came out in 2008 and was quite good, with the elder scrolls, i never had any problems with oblivion, and the good thing is that they have left it 5 years to bring out the elder scrolls 5 skyrim, which is out on 11/11/11.

  • Slice

    Got this game and played it. Got my guy all the way to lv30, and it crashed more than 30+ times, and the frame rate lagged when entering new areas. All this was not the sum of the glitches this game has, there are quests that you cant turn in or do, I know the one with veronica were you have to get data from a vault, on plants, is on of them. There is other quests that have gave me tons of glitches and problems. Then, there is the glitch were you walk up to some one at a desk and realize they are sitting out 10ft from it in mid air. Lots more, went to the strip and one of the girls didnt even have a face, just a pair of floating eye balls, teeth and hair. This game is a bunch of crap. Its normal for a game to have a few glitches or to glitch sometimes….but these are problems that should have been seen and fixed before they put the game out. Yet even since then, these glitches are still not fixed. BULL SHIT.

  • Eric H

    my fallout new vegas for the xbox360 will crash after trying to buy sets of cards from a trader down the road this is very annoying indeed.

  • mat

    My last buy from Bethesda. Same thing than fallout 3 but the game freeze every 45 minutes. more than 3 months and no update that correct this. unacceptable.

  • Stuart doherty

    I have been playing fallout new Vegas for a week and thought I must have bought a faulty ps3 but will be hitting Sony demanding a refund as they should have pulled this game from the shelfs until it is resolved!

  • Jamie

    Mine just crashes in new vega, as soon as it loads it crashes, everything worked fine up until then :/ doesn't even give you a chance to fast travel to say primm or goodsprings :/ last update seemed to have made it worse!

  • Zeroz

    Mine freezes everytime I try to enter the Hoover Dam Offices. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Evan

    As everyone feared, Fallout NV freezes a lot. More so than Oblivion or Fallout 3; about every 20 minutes of play time (on PS3). Bethesda avoided the questions about freeze ups prior to it's release, but they had to have known. Selling such a bugged game should be a crime and we should all sue for our money back. Having said that, I love the game. To look at the bright side, at least the freeze ups give me a chance to get off the couch and blink every so often.

  • Caleb

    Ive had my copy since Christmas and it didn't start freezing on me until i tried to enter the fort at cottonwood cove, every time i attempt to enter it crashes, so i rebooted and went elsewhere and it crashed again while i was just running around.

  • chris g.

    mine continually keeps crashing/freezing. getting tired of reboot,i like the game,but can't save my gave,i have found myself saving my game manually every 30 minutes of game play. but i just had a freeze after fighting 15 super mutants,and i'm not happy to go fight them again.

  • Alex king

    Mine is only starting to freeze now, near the end of the main campaign…..game sucks! Cant do the mission anymore….anyone elses freezing when you get the boat to the legion camp? Up till now had some glitches but nothing like this…….

  • Merawder

    I have been playing the game for weeks on the ps3, I love it (even tho it crashes sometimes). However, recentlyy it crashes everytime I press R2, or if I approach a new location. It is now utterly unplayable :( what do I doooooo??

  • Elroy

    Cant us vatts at all gay… Cant even play the game without a freeze..wat a good job for a 60$ game

  • Jess

    I was playing, and it froze for like 2 min. and then the cd drive went haywire….now the game disk is unreadable….might be stuck buying another copy

  • Chris Ottinger

    Yep. Same here on the Cottonwood Cove. XBox 360. I also keep getting quest messages in the upper left screen telling me to see Yes Man every 30 seconds, no matter what I'm doing, or what quest I'm on.

    Was freezing on trading screens like others experienced, and tranistional loading screens with the roulette wheel going through doors and such. Loaded it to the HD and it seemed to help.

    Then the Yes Man messages started coming up, and if I go a certain distance towards Cottonwood Cove, hard lock.

    Anyone finds anything out and has time to shoot me an e-mail, it's vikasmailguy@yahoo.com.

    Thanks in advance and good luck.

  • Lloyd

    Yup,freezing I would say alot.Once froze right at a auto save,restart and start at last save point right into another freeze.NOT GOOD.

  • Hunkycorn

    I haven't seen anything real sereous on my ps3. The game just freezes at random once in a while. More of a pain than anything. My advice? SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!!!!!

  • brandon

    Yeah the locks ups get very annoying, didn't have a problem when I first got but now seems every 5 to ten minutes

  • kjh

    Come on you guys im having alot of freezes regardless of the game maker but it seems that that when obsidian takes over a franchise the gameplay and every thing else just **** the bed

  • shane

    Freezing at least once a day and follower always gets stuck. What a pain. Requires a forced shutdown. WTH is going on Bethesda?

  • C0bra93

    Aside from the freezing problems, has anyone been having trouble picking locks such as doors, ammo boxes, etc? I am on level 11 with a lockpick score of 50+ and I have not been able to pick one lock in the game for PS3. I am also used the +10 using the lockpick mag and still no luck. I am in regular mode.

  • DesignatedHitter

    yep its crashed at least twice, load times in this game sucks and a freeze bringing you back to your save can waste a lot of time

  • Griffin

    Was just playing, 10 minutes into my saved game, it freezes when i go through a door. ugh.

  • slayter

    had freezes throughout the game,and now I'm at a part after 8 or 9 hours in where I starting shooting the third enemy from my save point (which is a part I have to go through) it freezes everytime. Loved Oblivion and the Fallout 3 was very good but this is unplayable and I will be taking it to gamestop and trading it in for something else, thank god i only lost 40 dollars on this hunk of garbage. Please don't let Skyrim be this terrible or bethesda will lose so many fans I'm sure of it.

  • Phl

    mine crashes at about the fourth or fifth queest in, which is really frustratring/…..

  • Blake G.

    no lie…. 5 mins in and it freezes. not even fair. It sux that this game is so awesome or else i wouldnt give 2 shits.

  • Katie

    I had a used copy of Fallout 3 GOTY that froze up a lot on the game of the year extras, and I put it down to it being used and must have had a scratch or something, got to the point where I could barely get through the Alaska mission just to LEAVE it to continue my game, it was awful. I received Fallout New Vegas as a late Christmas gift and have been playing it on and off for the past two weeks, and at least 3 times now it has full on frozen just as my Fallout 3 game had, twice now in the same area of the game. This is a brand new copy, so it can't be twice now i've gotten scratched discs. What gives? I've been a fallout devotee since the first PC game, and have owned and played every game since, this is very disappointing!

  • Brad

    Got done with Come Fly Away with Me and went to Vegas strip. Freezes everytime i go in the strip. I have beaten once but wanted to get all the little unique things so started it over. Auto save does not work. NOthign I can do….I have read to not do the Come Fly Away with me mission. Not sure if it makes a difference but the first time i did it, i launched the successfully and the game was fine. The second time, i made them crash into each other and thats when the problems started.

  • Lisa

    Mine's the same. Crashes every time I play without fail. Have to turn off the PS3 console and wait 10 mins before rebooting. Anyone know how long it will be before they fix this as its seriously starting to annoy me.

    • gamingmad

      You would have thought that after such a smashing game fallout 3,that they would have got this one wright.Ten minutes in and the dam thing freezes.Was 2/3rds through the game,but having to save every 15-20minutes,and then rebooting and starting from the last save so as not to start that level again, was all i could take.Took this piece of sh@t back to game and demanded a full refund,which i got back.Was also informed that there is a lot of returns going back to them with out any problem of a full refund as they are all aware that this crap was being sold without any proper testing..So,guys/gals do what i done on the way home with my £45.95 in hand,called into a second hand store and repurchased a second hand copy for £7.00.And let me tell you,for this price i can cope with all the crap this game fires at me.

  • sephiroth_lives

    lets face it they know the problem is there but they know they can get away with it if they just hide under a rock. as usual they fucked the game up just like oblivion and fallout3 id rather play the original fallout and fallout 2 they dont crash and have zero chance of fucking up my system

  • jesus arroyo

    last year i was palying the awesome game of fallout 3 on ps3 and then it froze and i could never complete the game lost my money, i tried to exchange it 3 times to no avail it still froze, now this year i am trying fallout new vegas on xbox 360 and the game froze AGAIN'' what the heck mannn' i love this game but apparently i'll never finish it, freezes over and over, and to top it off they only want to give me another fallout vegas and it freezes again , thats a lot of lost money , please ps3 owners help me , i work very very hard for my cash and i feel like no one gives a crap but just to take our money, jesus arroyo 3480 seymour ave, eastchester heights community center bronx new york 10469 ,for all the upset players, give us a break 718-653-3230

  • Jacko

    This games value $59.00. This games value with freezing and lock ups $3.99. I would be satisfied for $3.99.

  • tmarv

    i have played it a ways through on xbox, but now every time i am in combat it freezes and i have to reboot

  • Daniel

    Regular freezes started occuring around lvl 20.

    Had to stop playing Fallout 3 because of a constant freeze with no work-around near the end of the last expansion. Thought that was crappy besides seriously depressing because I loved the game. Thought I'd give the series another go with Vegas but hey – wrong move.

  • PlasmaBomb

    I am having FO3 New Vegas repetitively hard crash randomly on the PS3 :(

  • Geoffrey

    Mine keeps freezin when I enter the strip to do a quest..
    I walk in a casino and the guy takes my weapons and then it jus stops…~_~

  • SnookiiSpadee

    I'm on level 30 the messiah
    But I'm no where finshed with the quests I have like
    30 more places to discover..smh..
    But this one mission when I jus have to go inside one of the familys buildings in
    The strip,as I walk in he takes my weapons and it freezes…..
    And also I had two companions the rex dog
    And cass
    They were with me for some time
    And now there no where to be found..?lol
    I love this game but I def have to start over….~kill~
    #holla at me

    • Pyris

      don't see them on map?
      they aren't in the lucky 38?
      Also check where you got them originally?
      Other then that sry have no clue other then those.

  • swagg-t

    i freeze every time i play the game about 20 mins into it

  • jay-o

    seriously, don't buy fallout nv on console. it's terrible. how did they make it more sketchy than fallout 3? it's the same game!!

  • JJB

    I've noticed it sometimes vrashes when trading item or selling/ buying … esically if you buying or selling in bulk….. very annoying.

  • TinyMaster

    I would have finished this months ago if it wasn't for the crashing. Now it's crashing every time I try to use VATS and at other various random points. But the music keeps going, so does that mean the disc is still working, or is that on the game data utility as a separate entity? I don't want to reinstall in case I lose my saves.

  • GamerGirl88

    I've had to turn my PS3 on and off about 4 times in 20 minutes. You'd think the amount of money these people get paid for their games they would make them playable! Fallout 3 also has the same problems on my PS3. It's so frustrating! The moving around the map causes a lot of lag too, even though i'm not connected to the internet (had to disconnect because it made the freezing worse!)

  • Sergio

    Played till the hoverdam, then after that it started to freeze if i dont go into hoverdam. this sucks and im playing it on xbox360.

  • arcadegannon

    Definitely crashes more the farther I progress. My level 30 character is all but unplayable at this point. I restarted to see if it'd get better and beat the game at level 20, with fewer crashes per day, but still not flawless. After that, I switched back to the level 30 and I can't play for 20 minutes without rebooting the ps3.

  • Robert Chambers

    I have an Original PS3, I was a couple of days into the game before it started locking up. It has even caused the console to self-reboot a couple of times. You just have to remember to save often, very often. At the end when fighting the Legion, the sprite graphics were just black boxes floating on the screen.

    I wonder how these issues got past quality control ? Or did they say "screw the customer" and shipped it anyway? How about a class action lawsuit.

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Jewzi

    Phew! Seems that the bombs really did effect Vegas……Fallout 3 had minor to no issues and now F:NV is plagued with crashes and corrupt save files. Great immersive storyline and game play – but even the patch seems to have fixed exactly what?? Nothing. Two and a half playthroughs later I've noticed no change. DL content which comes with purchase ended up corrupting first run through, so I had to delete from hardrive to actually LAUNCH the bloody game without a freeze up at main menu. Ok – so that taken care of I was able to continue with a load of a saved games and continue on, only to have a FIXER glitch permanently darken my screen – adjusted brightness as far up as possible and still too dark. End of playthrough one – playthrough two I hurried through and completed amongst many hard reboots due to load freezes and ended up with an autosave corrupt save file a few times. Now on final and last playthrough Im still expierencing such problems just as often or as many times as before patch. They rushed this biotch to marked and seem to have forgotten that there is no excuse to such rubbish for 60 dollars a unit! You have to the bloody money and man power – dedug before launch you moneygrubber.


    yes i've been playing fallout: new vegas and i have had continuous problems with it freezing, at first i thought maybe it was a one time thing, like a glitch in the game, but i soon found out it was definitely not, every time i play it freezes up at least 3-4 times, where i cant do anything but restart the whole system completely, it has become such a hassle, its a great game but this has made the game so not enjoyable , they should definitely get this fixed soon!!! if this is going to be a continuous issue with their games they can count me out ever buying one their games again, its not worth it when u pay 50-60 dollars for a game the u cant even enjoy, with how far we have come in game making this should not be happening!!!

  • Bluewing

    I've not been playing long and already I've had it freeze on me 3 times… I had hoped this wouldn't have been as much of a problem on New Vegas like it was on Fallout 3. D;

  • guest

    Mine crashes a lot and I have to restart the PS3. I just had it crash twice in less than 5 minutes, so frustrating… I probably will not purchase another product from these joker programmers. Maybe they are all former Microsoft programmers that release a bug laden product and don't address the problems until the next version which you have to pay for and deal with new bugs… It's practically the same as all my other 1st person shooters, except they don't crash. You suck Bethesda and I hope you go bankrupt. I will make sure I never hire anyone that has "Bethesda Programmer" on their resume.

  • Pyris

    Have it for 360 not exactly sure how many hours in but i am at lvl 17 and have had only a total of 4 freezes on me…. so i dunno .. maybe some copys are worse then other but then this copy is borrowed from my friend and he actually went all the way to 35 with dead money also but then all of a sudden started freezing all the time on him

  • IAN

    Get it sorted
    you have my money
    the least you can do is provide the service paid for
    SOOO irritating

  • Tony

    i'm 11 and i love bethesda and it took me a really long time to get the 60+ dollars to buy a copy for it to freeze after the first 10 minutes anyone who reads this never buy this game or any other of their games cuz it does the same with those to

    • Tony

      did that didn't help

  • Zac

    The game played fine until I had a good stash of weapons and armor in the Lucky 38 casino and had sent 4 different companions back there. Now everytime I try to go through the gate to Lucky 38 it freezes and I tried both gates.

  • Jordan

    Developer comments aside.

    I too also experience an abnormally large amount of freezing issues. I almost think they intentionally knew that it did but rather than trying to fix them all they installed an autosave feature on every zone transfer so you would not be too mad for only losing several minutes of gameplay.

  • Brigade2506

    Strange…i played New Vegas for over 40 hours before my first "freeze" experience. I have since had it freeze on three consecutive gaming sessions. I have also experienced various other bugs in this game. It is a great game but very, very buggy. Bethesda should have delayed release, as the patches do not fix the issues. Too many flaws have ruined what would have been a masterpiece.

  • nacci

    Freezing issues several times. It was necessary to do a hard reset and now the only I get is a message saying that the hard disk´s system is corrupted asking for a restoration that restoration starts but reaching 50 % done advance immediately to 100 % and repeat message and restoration request. I can not get the XMB and I´m terrified knowing that all my saves coud have gone. Is there a way to solve that?. From the console restoration mode I have tried all the options but not option 5 as this means saying definitively bye bye to my saves because this means formating the disk

    • errie

      try not 2 make fast turns can help the freezing glitch not ideal solution but has cut down the amount of times it happens

  • Frustrated

    28 hours into game play, never had a freezing issue. Signed on tonight and it downloaded a new patch, Now I can't play any saved version of my gave for more than couple minutes without freezing and having to do a system reboot. I've tried every saved version I have. How they managed to make a patch completely ruin the game…. is beyond me.

  • neverbethesdaagain

    Ps3 at level 25 i've had a crash or to a day and had to hard boot. the roulette wheel will freeze on loads or the game just locks up. There also are so slow downs and video lag that do work out on there own . IMHO save your money (though if your reading this you probly are haing the same problems).

  • Bill Read

    After 130 hours of gameplay with dozens and dozens of crashes getting progressively worse and worse, I tried the following (after an email from Bethesda) For those of you with a PS3 delete Fallout 3 gamedata (leave the save games they are not deleted) Delete Fallout 3 DLC gamedata Delete Fallout New Vegas gamedata Re-install New Vegas and everything works as it should.

  • Rosier

    Ahhh! Im going nuts too! Im 2 quests away of finishing it, and it crashes just around 2 minutes I load the save game…. it sucks! fallout 3 got stuck some times but it was totally random (for me, at least) so it was not that bad… many 10 times from start to finish, but new vegas… its so cool and it sucks so much at the same time… its like having a model car, its so cool on the outside but it doesnt do anything…

  • simon

    I love the game but any time I go to use a terminal ( PC ) it freezes which is stopping me doing certian missions I wish they would hurry up and fix this problem. Im using a new kinect xbox 4 gig.

  • zach

    Ok, to the freezing situation, if you cant figure out how to counter act this your a retard and shouldnt play anyways…saving constantly is always a must in rpg games, thus i always have two save i constantly go back n forth on save and when it freezes i easily turn off the box and reload and fast travel and take a different route to where you are going, if you go the same route it will freeze again, and if u avoid the same route you will continue gameplay, its a big game people yes there will be problems, but this is my favorite game and most addicting, use your brain.

  • Dan Bowen

    Everytime I go into The Strip I can move my camera without freezes and usually it freezes anyways any fixes?

  • jordan stewart

    Honestly, I was so excited for this game. And now, it takes every bit of strength in my body to not go in my back yard and break this game into millions of pieces and burn the remians. I mean seriously, its pretty fucked up I can’t do the MAIN MISSION!!!! Instead of assassinating benny, I would love assassiate the lead person in taking care of glitches and hard system freezes for this game

  • Britter

    My game's freezing problem is completely irregular. It usually happens once every few hours during no particular action. Though this is very upsetting, it does not make the game completely unplayable. (At least for me)

  • aaron

    my copy (ps3) is doing pretty good, jumps a little bit, doesnt happen alot, untill i get really close the east gate of freeside, then once i get in, following the arrow thing to find benny, it all of a suden a lil kid starts to talk then it freezes on me, so i restarted my ps3 started the game, and my partner (boone) switched from a rife to a machete that he had never had on him befor, glitch maybe?

  • Guy near Bethesda

    yeah…mine froze so bad just now i had to do a hard reboot. upon opening the game after the reboot, it froze at the loading screen. in an attempt to not have to do another hard reboot, i have been reading "Companions will heal themselves if they get a chance, but if you want to ensure they live a long life in your service, use the Companion Wheel to administer stimpacks directly" for 15 minutes.

  • barry white

    Yeh I bought it when it came out, loved it but it froze so much. It was constantly running at maybe 20fps, very very poor. I went back to it yesterday and seen a few updates had been released since then, but still no change. Got to about 40 mins in and it froze. I turned off all of the sound effects after reboot, and that does make a difference, but come on. A £300 PS3, £40 game and i have to turn all the f*****g sounds to make it playable? A total shambles. I can't see how Sony can let this game be published. For background info, my PS3 was 2 weeks old after buying a new one from the infamous HDD failure; so it's not like it was knackered or anything. It's such a shame, because it is a brilliant game on the off chance I can play it. Bad work Bethesda, bad work.

  • Confused

    It keeps crashing. I played it the first time and it was fine. But the next day I have been trying to play and it freezes every 10 minutes

  • Kevin Grant

    Mine froze at the Nelson barracks. Cant go in and finish the quest! :(

  • Brenden Jones

    Im on xbox 360 and mine freezes somtimes like when i get hit by an enmy from the back or if my dog rex hits an enmy im not looking at and half the time i dont save so i end up going back 45min so please put out an update to fix this or somthing!?!?!?!?!

  • James

    i went out and bought New Vegas, after playing it abot 2 hrs it kept freezing and the problem only seems to be getting worse…..now its everytime i turn itt on! In regards to what a previous post said, it is true the only reason the game is this undeveloped is due to the fact they know the general population will buy it anyway…..what i suggest is everyone who is able to (smart enough to keep reciepts) should return the game and ask for a full refund…..then when the company who developed the game starts to see a massive increase in refunds (which could take bout 3 months) will finally get off their asses and might reconsider distrubiting a game that not only is unstable and unplayable ….but not fully finished in the first place.

  • bryce

    mine freezes anytime i try to save right now, i.e. go through a door, fast travel, wait, sleep. it pretty much sucks.

  • Joshee Lenihan


  • cobra

    turn off the Autosave, it works for me

  • Ryan

    I own the game on PS3 and played it for maybe an hour before it froze. I do not have the GOTY edition nor have I played the game since. I'm just waiting and hoping that a fix will be out in a future patch.

  • Clary Engel

    xbox360 Fallout New Vegas has many same troubles that have a easy fix. Game was very laggy for play and it took long to load game area. FIX: Get rid of 90% – 99% of YOUR game Saves. Thia also works with many other games on xbox360 Game now runs smooth and no crashes or laggy play.

  • Nicole

    My game freezes all the time on my PS3. I always restart and continue playing. It seems, however, that the longer I play, the more it freezes. I've been playing for 2 hours and in the first hour it didn't freeze at all, but in the second hour, it froze within the first 15 minutes, then 10 minutes later, then 5 minutes later, and now it seems to freeze every minute or so. I give up! >.<

  • Jameswil

    Ps3 40g with 320g drive in it, completed fallout 3 goty with crashing! But new Vegas has been worse!!! Completed it ages ago and now on over 100 hrs gameplay but the more you play the worse it gets, it's unplayable now :( now I want dead money but I know I won't get enjoyment out of rebooting every 5 mins for hours on end just to find that it hasn't saved!!! Why haven't they fixed this???

  • eddie

    had zero problems with Fallout 3. Was running through New Vegas pretty good, until I got into some later missions, mostly away from the southwest corner of the map (GoodSprings, Primm, etc…) I lost ED-E in vault 22, he is listed on the world map, but not the area map, I looked everywhere recommended by the wiki…but no ED-E. Companion dialog seems to indicate he is both dead and alive (Cass – "I guess it is a caravan of two now…" Refugee– "I never saw a robot like that before..") ended up progressing without him. Also, cannot get troops reassigned to Bitter Springs from Camp McCarran. Cannot get the quest to interrogate the prisoner there (Silus) no matter what I do. Many, Many freezes, not just in the "rocks" like stated in the wiki, but at doors, in tunnels, on roads, basically whenever it decides to freeze. It is almost to the point of being unplayable.

  • Dman

    I have also experienced many problems throughout my duration of play. There are many gaps throughout the map that you can fall through. This causes the character to be stuck resulting in a restart. The previously mentioned skipping while navigating through the map. Saving issues and freezing. I have been able to stick it out through most of the ps3 version. Fallout is a great concept, but the development is surely half ass. The main problem I have is paying a good chunk of money to become a tester for a lazy effin company. We are paying money for a under developed product that holds the same issues as their past titles. These issues should no longer exist. Get your sh!t together.

  • jackbramers

    it is driving me mental always bethesda games morrowind oblivion now fallout new vegas sort it out you make good games

  • ARH

    I am so frustrated, first the game keeps freezing every time I try to enter the Strip, so I have to take the monorail and get attacked by the NCR, then my companions mysteriously disappear, then suddenly my save game refuses to load for no apparent reason. How do I fix this?

  • Pinfrrt

    I can't go to the Legion Fort now because everytime I clicked on the little boat/dock thing, it goes to the loading page and freezes. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

  • cmnk45

    Mine on ps3 only seems to freeze after 5 or so hours of game play on 120 gig ps3 maybe the model of system also effects it? on my 80 gig (now dead due to YLOD) it would freeze up far more but my new slim has far less issues the odd texture and freezing after elongated play

  • Austey-poo

    I used to party on the 360 with Fall Out 3: GOTY edition and have VERY little crashes. Once I stated getting crashes, I would just clear my cache like a big boy and shahglakee! No more freezing for a long time. Since then I have sold my 360, is there a cache clearing option on the PS3? 'Cause I am crashin' like a mo fugga.

  • cody

    freeside and the strip tend to freeze alot

  • Big_boss110189

    Yeah It really sux that after playing the game for so long and having suffered through the game crashes I had to revert back to my tactic from Fallout 3 (Save before and after you compleat a mission) and it really bites that I have to be saving every five minutes just in case it crashes seriously Bethesda should have fixed this issue since Fallout 3 It's not like it's something small that your video game testers can just miss its a big issue and it happens to mostly all copies of the game no matter what console.

  • Nate

    Every time I play the PS3 version of New Vegas it freezes 60% of the time!!! WHAT GIVES!?!?!?!? I have to save my progress every 10 minutes just to be safe!!! And anyone that plays this game knows that that is a lot! I can understand that with a game like this with so much information that it "can" happen once in a while, but every time I play it, IT FREEZES!!!
    The game freezes when I:
    -Load from my last save point from the START menu.
    -While I'm fast traveling.
    -While walking around the Mojave Wasteland.
    -When entering an area (Entering through a doorway ei.: going from the Mojave waste-into-Freeside, entering a house/building etc.)
    while Im gambling -or- right after I win/lose a mini gambling game like roulette or blackjack.
    While cracking a safe (Or right when I select the "Lock pick" option when facing a safe)


  • Devon

    in my game i am currently in the strip, but as soon as i get on my character the game freezes, any tips? i dont want to have to buy a new version

  • max

    Now I'm a big fallout fan! However, I am thoroughly upset at bethesda for this recent blunder on their part for releasing this freezing prone game that cheapen's the fallout frenchise!!! I purchased new Vegas with childish delight, Almost like a kid that can't wait to unwrap his present. Only to have the game freeze up on me 50 minutes into it!!
    Needless to say I returned new Vegas to the store and purchased Dead space 2. SHAME ON BETHESDA! Obviously they only care for whatever brings revenue,and the fan is just an afterthought ….

  • C.

    I played FO3 for god knows how many hours, and it never froze on PS3. FO:NV? Hard freezes every goddamned time.

    I have done the Restore Data Files, I have turned off the auto-login, I have changed the default HUD colour, I never save over a file. And I cannot get a single hour without getting stuttering and lag, and finally, a hard freeze that requires a total reboot.

    I’m so glad I didn’t pay full retail for this game.

  • Nicole Riccardi

    I bought New Vegas about a month ago and I was almost done with the game and it crashes my entire PS3.

  • diE_sAiKo


    thought my disk was fucked …. cleaned it still fucking up … then figured need a patch or sum shit want to progress but frezzing and crashing is delying my progression …… FUCKING GAY…..

  • Thimien

    i am trying to get 100 on this stupid game, but when i am near to completing anything its like the end of the world,… freeze… crash… and switch off PS3 to realise i have to start 30mnt of gameplay that i had already done.

    its like its temperamental..

  • jake amerine

    i cant even leave doc michelles house in the bbeginning of the game without it crashing on me if there is anyway to fix this plz let me know cause i have tryed just about everything

  • Shikee

    I'm a good ways into the game — and only now is it freezing. Freezes when I try to exit the Tops casino.

  • Alex

    To be honest I haven't experienced much crashing, I've been playing for just over 40 hours at the moment and I've had about five encounters with crashing.

    Once in the Gomhorra Casino.
    Once at the Fort (Caesar's Legion Camp)
    Three times in the strip.

    If I stay away from the strip then the game never crashes, I was playing for 10 straight hours yesterday in the mojave wasteland discovering locations and killing stuff (Scorpion Gulch and Cazador Nest).

    Love the game, which is why before I go into a building, or after 10 mins of gameplay, I save it, I'm up to save #182 at the moment on overwrite.

  • Trent

    Mine crashes every like hour and its annoying as hell. Even though i keep playing its is getting really annoying im just about to wait for another update. After the update it crashed even more so im going to go try if it is the update.

    • Jeremy

      I tried to get back into this game after never finishing it due to it crashing and having broken quest lines, and after 2 hrs I remembered why I deleted the game from my hard drive. Another crash and corrupted save. On Xbox. You think they would have fixed this. I like the gameplay in their games but they continue to release games that are unplayable in the sense that they continually foul up until you walk away from it.

  • Tamehana

    my game crashed on me 5 times in an hour :(

  • tim

    you know i noticed something, when i purchased fallout 3 without any updates or addon packs, i had no issues playing the game, i played for hours, and days. no issues. then vegas came out, and yea i noticed the issues, then i bought the updates for 3, and i had even more issues with that one, especially when i got the pitt expansion. i guess the game works bare bone and you just bone yourslef if you get the addons

  • Zacharyr666

    This is realy starting to piss me off. Freeside is god awful, if my fps isnt bad enough there is alwas a freeze chans.

  • Gus

    Good Game But Freezes Once Or Twice A Session Thumbs Down :(

  • Nate

    We just got ours from Gamefly, no problems with it until maybe halfway through the campaign and then it just stopped. Frozen solid. Real annoying.

  • chris

    This is god damn horrendous. I cant play this game any more – every session i play it crashes with a full re-boot every time. Shame too as its a good game otherwise

  • gregory

    Mine freezes about once every couple of hours. annoying as hell If I get sucked in

  • mkloker

    Mine freezes constantly. During one hour of play I can be assured of needing to reboot at least twice. The longer and farther you get in the game – the more it freeses. I am using a PS3. My son has an Xbox 360 version and his freezes somewhat less than mine. Maybe once every 2 hours.

    What a shame – incredible game and like Fallout 3, incredible gameplay, graphics, storyline, etc. Just too frustrating to play with the freezing.

  • Enzoprime

    DAAAA……. WTF >i im returning this game ill get it again used when this is fixed!

  • tyler mullet

    it freezes alot. and something is happening so i cant purchase anything from mick and ralphs. plus it wont let me on the strip at all. it keeps saying i need a key. i found this out when i decided to drop off my loot at my suite at the lucky 38

  • jimjim

    after the new up date every time i go through a door it freezes **** it in done with all their games

  • Colton

    Mine requires a hard reboot about every hour of play. That wasnt so bad I could time it and save in time. However as of late the sky has turned green and it would keep me stuck in a vats attack until the person dies or I die (that problem is fixed with a load). It is worst in the wasteland for me and never slow or laggy.

  • guest

    Whenever i fast travel, it freezes, whenever i use vats, it freezes, now i can't look around at all.

  • derek

    im on level 24 and it hasnt froze yet. yes!

  • Edove

    I have had nothing but problems with this game, from companions getting stuck or vanishing into thin air, random freezes at the loading screen and now I was prompt with a update and after the update, I continue to load my saved game and then tells me my saved game relies on downloaded content. If I continue to attempt loading the saved game it just freezes the entire xbox 360. Very disappointed that this was released when it was no where near ready.

  • David

    I bought F/New Vegas about a year ago for the hell of it, loved the game, kicks ass. Played happily with no problems till around level 25, then would freeze with sound still playing every few days and require a hard boot to fix. Occasionally holding the PS button solved it, maybe 20% of the time. Things out of invent went missing and the odd bug crept up but wasnt bad enough to make me stop playing.
    Once I maxed out exp I got bored and bought Fallout 3. Another kick ass game. Froze maybe twice up until level 25, then froze more frequently until level 30. Now, I cant play the thing at all. Im wandering the north-west for maybe 3min then it chokes…every damn time. I read on another site that with the game being so large (calcs on weight, con, dam,exp, SPECIAL, keeping track of dropped items….. the list goes on), so when you reach higher levels the game cant handle it any more. Anyone heard of this? Its got balls on it…..

  • band of atticus

    yeah, my fallout new vegas on xbox keeps freezing everytime i go into a casnio where they take your guns away! this is rubbish and cant believe bethesda for there poor attention to detail compared to the orginal fallout i never had this trouble

  • INVADER rev138

    I've had 2 crashes in 2 days of playing New Vegas. This is the exact reason I wait to buy games, so the developer can work out the bugs and I don't get frustrated. I have about 3 hrs of game play and 2 crashes so far. Barely even made it outta Goodsprings last night and it crashed. I figured after 6 months of the game being released that they would have fixed this but it does not appear to be the case.

  • jackie

    fallout new vegas freezes ALL THE TIME. usually when i walk through a door, the black screen that appears for about a millisecond before the loading screen appears just stays there. not every time though, just often enough for it to be ridiculously annoying. it also freezes extremely often at random points in the game. this never happened with my first saved game, but ever since i began a new one (which i had to do due to the fact that it's impossible to continue playing after completing the final quest) i've been having a lot of problems with freezes. how could such a good game have such shitty quality? i will never understand how they managed to fuck this game more than fallout 3

  • Bella

    Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas both freeze up for no reason. FO3 was so bad that I would save almost every few minutes. Today in FONV within 5 hours it froze up 7 times. Hard freezes..re-start. I can't travel, look around or try to find out who was shooting at me. I haven't played FONV for 3 months,due to the freezing, and it is now almost impossible to play. Guess I need to save every few minutes again. Bethesda, I had respect for your company….not so much anymore.

  • shaye

    Crashes all the time i have a ps3. thing is sometime it freezes right when saving and will corupt files "i keep 2 save files just in case" love my ps3 and am glad to here xbox owners are having the same problems and its not just the ps3 cuasing it. Hope Bethesda fixes it with an update.

  • Cameron

    Basically at the the end of the NCR quest line and I am unable to leave the Hoover Dam offices to talk to Ranger Grant fucking pissed off because now I don't want to do all that shit again!

  • Dude

    The latest update for the 360 isn't really helping at all. I couldn't load my save file when I got around the great khans. I had to delete the update just so I could load and get the hell away from them.

  • Chris Dugan

    Turns out it's a fatal flaw in the build of the game… due to the game's massive cache rate, especially when you get to upwards of 80-90 hours of gameplay, the cache can no longer recycle all the data properly and you get screwed. Just heard it from Bethesda's own mouth! But, in the defense, the Gamebryo engine was used and made that way so that we don't have load screens 20 times for every ten minutes of Wasteland wandering.

    My point: if you're like me and you like to loot your brains out, safe yourself the fun until you've beaten most of the main campaign.

  • fjfffff

    mine crashed after i created my character. Then it crashed after i met victor.

  • Lana Peacock

    I didn’t have ANY freezing untl the last update. 

  • Jobob

    I literally can’t go ANYWHERE near the Hoover Dam without my game freezing or crashing…. this is really pissing me off.  I have PC version and it runs like a dream on my computer but whenever i go near the Hoover Dam…. FREEEEEEEEZE!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IOJYVNUXLK5MH733W7YYLGOBOY James

    I put over 40 hours into this game and stopped playing a few months ago.  I thought I had stopped playing to focus on my studies but after playing tonight I realized that is because of the constant freezing.  I am stuck on the New Vegas Strip and I cannot go into any casinos anymore.  The game just freezes.   This really sucks.  I dont have a whole lot more to do in these casinos but I need to get in there.  Plus one of my allys was accidently left behind in one so I want to retrieve him.   but I guess I wont be able too unless they fix this damn thing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IOJYVNUXLK5MH733W7YYLGOBOY James

    I put over 40 hours into this game and stopped playing a few months ago.  I thought I had stopped playing to focus on my studies but after playing tonight I realized that is because of the constant freezing.  I am stuck on the New Vegas Strip and I cannot go into any casinos anymore.  The game just freezes.   This really sucks.  I dont have a whole lot more to do in these casinos but I need to get in there.  Plus one of my allys was accidently left behind in one so I want to retrieve him.   but I guess I wont be able too unless they fix this damn thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526623051 Jef Chen

    hoover dam, dam n…..freeze again

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526623051 Jef Chen

    seems no solutions at all, what can we do……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=618438124 Shan Stenning


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LTVCPCYBHFXB2CLBRTY2GEXMOA Alyx

    Bethesda is only the publisher for New Vegas, NOT the developer as they were with Fallout 3 and Oblivion. The problems for this game should be blamed on Obsidian, and if you have played their past games they are notoriously known for these problems happening in their games, look at Alpha Protocol and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. It drives me crazy when people blame Bethesda for the problems in this game when they really weren’t on the developing end of this game. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Chaney/100001130473216 Michael Chaney

    If I set a day to play New Vegas, it’ll freeze like 2 or 3 times during the first few hours and will require a hard-reboot but after that it will usually play smoothly… Of course I’d rather it NEVER FREEZE. If you ask me a game that freezes one time is a game freezing one time too many. The game has been out long enough now that Bethesda or Obsidian should have been able to release a patch to fix this. Its really getting annoying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Chaney/100001130473216 Michael Chaney

    If I set a day to play New Vegas, it’ll freeze like 2 or 3 times during the first few hours and will require a hard-reboot but after that it will usually play smoothly… Of course I’d rather it NEVER FREEZE. If you ask me a game that freezes one time is a game freezing one time too many. The game has been out long enough now that Bethesda or Obsidian should have been able to release a patch to fix this. Its really getting annoying.

  • Marie Michele Bergeron

    Bethesda is not to blame here…and I’m sure they learned fast with Oblivion for Skyrim. However I wanted to try Fallout New Vegas (yup I never did before) and after 10 hours of enjoyment (with a lot of criticism on the side) it crashed and won’t reload my game…lost everything and I’m not sure I want to start over again…for now. Let’s just say I’m f*ckin pissed to know that when they published a big game like this and still having huge problem (even after the fourth one)

    • http://twitter.com/TheGamerColonel J. Michael Warren

      Bethesda routinely publishes games with multiple graphics & frame rates glitches as well as severe freezing issues. It is their job to ensure that their “underlings” support the product in which they so willingly attach their name to. So in short, you’re wrong — sorry…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Martin/851725715 Rachel Martin

    About half way through FO3 was when it started freezing up on me and my fiance. It got so bad I didn’t even bother trying to finish the game. I was so excited to play New Vegas because I thought “this one is brand new, there shouldn’t be any problems with it” but after maybe 4 hours of playing spread out over 2 days, it froze. I don’t understand how a game can be mass released with such a flaw in production.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Martin/851725715 Rachel Martin

    About half way through FO3 was when it started freezing up on me and my fiance. It got so bad I didn’t even bother trying to finish the game. I was so excited to play New Vegas because I thought “this one is brand new, there shouldn’t be any problems with it” but after maybe 4 hours of playing spread out over 2 days, it froze. I don’t understand how a game can be mass released with such a flaw in production.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BlueJazzGal Susan Doh-Nym

    I’m at 138 hours now and it’s freezing every few hours on the XBOX 360 (white case).  It especially likes to fail at “door opening” events.  I usually save frequently when I’m in a bunker and have to open many doors.  Out in the open things seem to be fine…

    Too bad my unit doesn’t like to read the DVDs very well.  Usually takes a dozen attempts to get it to read the (pristene, unscratched) disc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=103301820 Michael Axline

    I know this thing is old, but time for me to put in my two cents.
    Skyrim comes out in just under 4 months… That will put Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GOTY at just over what, 4 years old? And they still haven’t fixed the problem with being unable to cure vampirism. Seeing as Marrowind had a whole different game basically, inside it, that you could play as a vampire… It’s a pretty big thing.
    My point is, Bathesda releases games that are awesome storywise, graphics… But you just can’t play the damn things. I’ve never finished a single game released by them, because of some absurd thing that they just refuse to fix, and it seems to affect everything.
    Someone earlier mentions that Bathesda is “only” the publisher and therefore should not be to blame. Well, if all Bathesda’s products have such huge issues, and all remain typically unfixed… And being that it’s a publishers job to make sure it doesn’t have huge flaws like FONV does (you don’t release books that are missing every other chapter, or have 3 letters of the alphabet completely missing out of the entire book [unless it is intentional]), Bathesda should be to blame.
    I fear for the behavior of Skyrim, and I am afraid that it will face the fat that all of my Bathesda games face. Played for 20 hours, then shelved for eternity.Bathesda… You should be ashamed of yourselves, and all of us as owners of several products that do not fit the standards of the implied warranty of merchantability should demand you refund our money. Or should we just assume that because it has the name Bathesda on it, that it does conform to the normal functioning ability of a Bathesda game.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000559380928 Kevin Henry

      okay ive cured vampirism on the game of the year edition and regular one with and with out the downloads its your disk. the quest to cure it is so easy

    • Anonymous

      Curing vampirism was possible, it was just a long and tedious task. But with Oblivion I never had the problems like I’ve had with Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas. Oblivion never crashed on me and I got nearly 200 hours worth of play time with that game and still have it with all the dlc. With FNV I’ve had it crash probably over 100 times since it released and I’m not exaggerating, some missions aren’t even playable still. I don’t fear for Skyrim at all as Bethesda has been making the game and they created a brand new engine which is 100x’s better than the engine that was used for Oblivion and the last couple Fallout games.  With Oblivion they were just learning the consoles technology, now they know it like the back of their hands and I expect Skyrim to be the best game of the Year.  Plus you should be ashamed for calling Bathesda multiple times.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CrHsRhDs Chris Rhodes

    I have multiple Profiles on Fallout vegas already, each one having over 80 hours of gameplay or more. And now, I cannot access ANY of them. The game freezes before even loading my save. And I am even on the new Xbox 360 Slim. (Old white case elite RROD’d) So now, ALL MY TIME, probably a combined time of over 300 hours of gameplay is gone basically, since I cannot play on any of them. Thank you. Goodbye.

  • http://twitter.com/TheGamerColonel J. Michael Warren

    This article is dated 10/19/10 & I just got the game on 7/1/11 and I literally cannot get the game to stop freezing (I play on a Jasper Elite 360). It is installed on my HDD & I routinely clear my system cache. I’m lucky if I can go 10 minutes w/o a freeze — it’s ridiculous! Where’s the patch? Will there ever be one? I can’t even find a verified Bethesda twitter. This sux worse because ME3 doesn’t come out for another 8 months…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001749062200 Carolin Heinz

    I’ve played more than 110 hours of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS and the game often crashed. Yes, it was annoying but I still enjoyed playing. It was a fine game. Now, all of a sudden, I cannot switch between weapons anymore. I can draw my baseball bat just fine but the moment I try to switch to my gun the game freezes. This happened to all of my saves even though I had four different saves + the auto save. For me, the game’s lost after 110 hours of playing. It all ended just when I was about to kill Mr. House. I am badly disappointed.

  • Kiingb0ngx

    I got new vegas pre-orderd it arivied the day after release i never had a problem until TODAY i finished dead money and it always crashes when i buy things all the ambient sounds,music and sh*t are still playing but the game just stops the second the clinking noise from completing a buy/trade with a vendor it happens about 60% of the time i barter it and it often happens when im doing a big trade which means i cant really sell my 37 gold bars from dead money worth 10000 caps EACH ITS F**KING PISSING ME OFF! I love the game and am desperate to keep it but i might have to trade it in while its still marginally worth some store credit

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000559380928 Kevin Henry

    okay as for oblivion mine has never froze and ive beaten it like 5 times, fallout3 hasent froze either and i have like 42 hours play time. with fallout new Vegas (brand new copy) it started frezing right out the gate it froze when i try’d to get out of the docs house, i got to the very end of the game (22 hours playtime) and then NONE of my files would load i let it load for 30 min and it didnt it would just show the weel spinning and the background. all in all its a good game but because of the non loading issue and frezzing its not that good. they need to fix this problem asap. and yes i did get the patch and made my new character and it still freezes

  • Anonymous

    It’s 9 months since this game has released and it is still filled with many issues including hard crashes and infinite load screens. Since the last update I get random hard crashes and infinite load screens every time I try to play and with some missions I can’t play with the new update because the game crashes or the mission won’t load. I erase the update, finish a mission, save and quit and then it hard crashes. Then I must re download the update just to play the dlc. Clearing the cache does nothing, and I have no corrupted saves on any of my games. This game is still just flat out broken and it gets worse with every update. I can’t believe Bethesda published this, I hope they drop Obsidian after this game. If I ever see a game that’s made by Obsidian Entertainment again, I won’t even try a demo.

    • http://twitter.com/TheGamerColonel J. Michael Warren

      I’ve never even finished the game because of all of the freezing issues. It’s friggin ridiculous. It’s gotten to the point now that I can’t go 2 minutes w/o it freezing. I’ve tried old saves, I’ve tried clearing the cache, I’ve tried deleting the update, I’ve tried playing w/ & w/o the game loaded to my HDD & nothing–literally NOTHING–makes this game playable. If they haven’t fixed it by now, they never will, & they never will, because they can’t. Whatever, at least the game only cost me $20 & I didn’t buy any of the DLCs (when I bought all 5 for FO3).

  • Frankislazy

    I had a level 35 character with a sh*tload of ammo, pretty good weapons which took some time to aquire and I finished Dead Money (which, by the way was insanely hard and frustrating). I basically spent a year and a half’s worth of gameplay on this profile only to have it utterly destroyed by faulty programming. Now I cant even have my character walk 2 inches without the game freezing. Its a damn shame too, New Vegas is a great game but that opinion is stained by the constant freezing and glitches.

  • David

    New Vegas is by far one of the most addicting, most fun games I’ve ever played. But I swear, I can’t go more than 10 minutes without it freezing. It’s a real shame. I can’t believe that Bethesda published this. It’s like it’s still in development stages. I hope these are fixed in Fallout 4.

  • Mithellbryce1990

    I love this game and the DLC available is great. But my game keeps freezing in any save game situation…ie trying to enter buildings or waiting or just flat out pause then save it did t start until I downloaded honest hearts. I can walk any where for as long as I want but it will freeze up if I try to save or go through a door then it stopped when I left honest hearts. Now I got old world blues and I can’t even start the DLC. Frankly I’m kinda mad about it. Is it the game or the DLC or do I need to delete the old DLC or what?

  • Matt

    I enjoy Fallout New Vegas but I also suffer from bad lag, falling through the map and instantly dying, but the most annoying so far is,I just had entered the hotel building in Nipton and killed all the Legions dogs. Next I find out that I can check in I just can’t check out. Everytime I try to leave I have infinite load time and just can’t do anything from there on out. I was level 26, tons of ammo, incredible weapons, and just became a member of The Brotherhood. I swear, I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop up on my screen. :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002129761521 Austin Cukrowski

    Strangely enough, the freezing is the only true problem that has been coming at me from F:NV. The main issue, is when I start killing the Brotherhood, if I die, the loading screen comes up, and just freezes requiring a hard reboot of my 360. WTF MAN!!!

  • Greg

    No exaggeration here at all. Been playing NV and I’ve froze up at least 6 times in the past 30 minutes. Yes I said 30 minutes. Its at the same spot too. It happens right when I end a transaction with the vendertron at gun runners. I’ve had the usual long loading times and an ocassional freeze at a loading screen but this really has me frustrated. I did download the two latest add-ons last night. Could that be part of the issue?

    • Killerj1998

      Vatts is a problem some times too, I was on my way to get the remnants power armor helmet and the legendary cazadore shows up and I used vatts to punch it but got glitched into the wall and the cazadores just swarmed and killed me while I couldn’t move or see

  • Killerj1998

    I. Am on the quest young hearts but I already brought the bomber back and everything so when I went to tell jask the stupid red head was into him I found out he was glitched into the b52 bomber and I can’t complete the quest. Pc gamers have console commands if I had that I could just respawn jack but I can’t cause I’m on console

  • Killerj1998

    I. Am on the quest young hearts but I already brought the bomber back and everything so when I went to tell jask the stupid red head was into him I found out he was glitched into the b52 bomber and I can’t complete the quest. Pc gamers have console commands if I had that I could just respawn jack but I can’t cause I’m on console

  • Deamonsoul1

    cant even get to campfire to comeplete first actual quest frozen 9 times no matter which route i take

    • MUNCHYz666

      im not much further. primm keeps freezing all over the place for me. its happened almost 15 times in 2 days and not even 3 hours of gameplay

  • Mathhead96

    I love the game but im really discouraged in playing it because it frezzes about 10 times a day

  • Sirtrolley

    i love the fallout series so i was really excited when new vegas came out but as soon as i try to enter the strip it says my disc is unreadable i can go anywhere else

  • DocAch

    I’m at the part where I just teamed up with the NCR and I was running through to turn the water main on to grind up the Legionnaires that are getting in. Yeah I don’t think it could handle that many characters in one spot doing so much shooting and moving in such a small area. It froze and now I get to stare at a screen of enemies with a subtitle saying “All I’m doing is pissing him off.”

  • Bla

    Wow. Hidden Valley always crashes! I go in talk to the elder, then boom it froze. WHY CAN”T THEY POST A STUPID UPDATE! I KNOW WHY BECAUSE THEY WANT TO RIP US OFF! NICE JOB!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-Ishizuka/100001903786563 Russell Ishizuka

    I bought this game for the xbox 360 maybe a month ago cuz a friend told me it was great. But the freezes keep occuring randomly and by the fourth freeze i can no longer load the game save forcing me to restart after lvl 20! This is not the first game to randomly freeze on me. On the games that do freeze this and Far Cry 2 i have tried more than a dozen times trying to complete the campaign for the achievement but only get as far as lvl 20 on fallout and 50% on far cry. I thought is was just my xbox but i guess not….. OBSIDION FIX THIS PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

  • Plasticjesuslovesme

    Fallout New Vegas (expecially the DLCs) are almost impossble to play. Nothing technical support recommends works to correct the constant lagging and freezing. It really bothers me because I grew up playing all the earlier Fallouts that you could totally get into. This freezing kills that. DO SOMETHING!

  • Plasticjesuslovesme

    Fallout New Vegas (expecially the DLCs) are almost impossble to play. Nothing technical support recommends works to correct the constant lagging and freezing. It really bothers me because I grew up playing all the earlier Fallouts that you could totally get into. This freezing kills that. DO SOMETHING!

  • Davidvereker

    My game runs fine but yesterday it stopped me in my tracks. I have all the DLC installed. I was inside Hidden Valley(first floor were the shop is) I saved the game over my only other save then I killed the girl for fun I reloaded it since I didn’t want the BOS to hate me. I reloaded it but the roulette wheel was all slow and wouldn’t load. I turned off the Xbox. Turned it on and now the roulette wheel stops after two or 3 spins. It loads new games but I’m level 50. I don’t wanna do all the quests again. PLEASE help

  • Jrpenn1081

    Trying to play lonesome road and game freezes about every 5 minutes or so in. played fine until i installed the dlc’s. i have all of them and its kinda disheartening that with pourchase of the game and all dlcs im in over 100 dolaars and i cant even play anymore.

  • Bryguy2105

    Well I’m honestly kinda glad I’m not the only one having issues with this damn game. The freezing problems got to the point that it fried my hard drive. I sent a letter to Bethesda telling them what had happened and have gotten no response yet. Which probably means I never will. I already shelled out the money to download them onto my xbox yet my character at the time wasn’t tough enough to try any of them out. I’m already angry I’ve lost a hard drive because one game doesn’t work right, now I just wanna finish the game and the dlc so at least it’s not a complete waste of money. If Bethesda’s next project is anything like 3 or New Vegas I will never buy it. 

  • aspoe

    the game is relly fun espicaly with the DLC but there are parts i cant even get to with out it acting up i think it is a vary fun game and its just the gliches there are to many bethsoft should relly look into geting bettter softwear or spending more time in the devlopment of the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1478701416 Jason Thompson

    just picked it up. played for a few hours and already have two areas i cannot go. thinking of demanding my money back from the corporation.

  • http://www.harlanadvertising.com HarlanAds

    After 45 hours of play, the freezing is getting unbearable. Seems to have gotten worse. Now it’s like every every hour or more. Each time I have to turn off the XBOX and turn it back on, select the game to load, wait for the prompts, etc. When I’m playing I save about every 2 minutes so I don’t lose too much. If I weren’t so stubborn I’d have thrown Fallout New Vegas in the trash long ago.

  • travis marcum

    finished all of the dlc’s and i froze about…… 32 times?
    i just noticed another topic above and it says 

    “Fallout New Vegas: PC Patched, Xbox 360 and PS3 Still Waiting”

  • Smlueck

    ugh, i’m stuck in novac..i take 3 steps and…freeze..reboot…freeze. I even installed the game to the hardrive…had problem in oblivion too..good thing i waited to buy it when it was 20bucks…

  • V4|_|LT DW3LL3R

    Xbox 360| I have not seen any problems of freezes/stutters whist waiting, sleeping or even fast travels. While roaming the Mojave Wasteland I have noticed some lagging and stuttering as the system renders the environment, NPC’s, etc., but one, and only once, have I had this lead to freeze/hard reboot. 

    That being said, the problems occur 10% of the time when leaving the dialog screens with NPC’s, and the other 90% of the time they occur during the loading screenshot with the roulette wheel and just after that screen while the screen is still blackout when moving through doors that lead to new areas. 

    The thing I noticed is that I really had no problems until I completed the “Dealing with Contreras” side-quest. (I will have to look and see what other quest’s I completed in the same timeframe) I won’t go into detail into the specifics of the glitch as it seems already well documented. But, my problemis beyond just stuttering/freezing when talking to Contreras or leaving the Camp McCarran Supply Shack, but has extended to other areas, especially vaults/dungeons.

    I hate hard rebooting my 360 because it is not good for the console, nor is it good for a PC! But, I love the game and am to engrossed to put the game down and wait for a fix (or until my will breaks)

    Bethesda, i mean, C’mon man, atleast SAY something. Skyrim should give my system a nice reprieve from the hard reboots, but you better make a patch cause I still love FONV.

  • V4|_|LT DW3LL3R

    I have tried reseting the cache (holding A during load-up until bethesda screen appears) and this works for a while but is very temporary fix

  • Rach_todd90

    I seem to have trouble getting into the New Vegas Strip when I go through the gate it loads, but when it is done the screen is black it happens every time I go in. I have reloaded the game, and turned off, and then back on again, but it does not fix anything. Let me know if anyone knows how to fix this. It is really bugging me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jesse.McGlothlin Jesse McGlothlin

    It’s frozen 3 times on the loading screen when I’ve went outside or inside in different areas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jesse.McGlothlin Jesse McGlothlin

    I have xbox 360 version.

  • Jonathon Blue

    PS3: have all the DLCs. Wanted to play them all before ending the game. Each DLC has caused countless “freezing” issues but I have had literally hundreds of issues with “freezing” since before any DLC was installed. Now I’m at Lonesome Road and as soon as the game loads I am attacked by three Marked Men and BAM!…Game freezes. Hard restart or pull the disk out everytime. Well over 170 hours of game time logged. I should have learned my lesson from Fallout 3 which was almost as bad as New Vegas.

  • assasinpugs

    bethesda happy to take your money for something that doesnt work, there soloution drop the price to £15 instead of taking it off the shelves. the sad thing is they get awards for these games, how i do not know. the testers of this game should be taking out back and shot if you ask me ha

  • TheShindig

    My game freezes everytime im inside a building and the Level up dialog appears. so basically everytime i level up i have to be out in the mojave……I see now why the price dropped down to 15$

  • Chedder Bob

    well its a pretty complicated solution but i didnt try it all the way but i got really close to Novac from the north, maybe thats a way around the glitch but fast raveling doesnt work at all

  • Falloutfan111

    i have been playing for just 1 hour and it freezed 5 times im was getting skyrim but now im not sure

  • Drwatkins

    Ok someone told me that you have to delete your fallout game data NOT your save game data it should be at the top of your game menu on your ps3. Then put in the game it should say some thing like down loading game data. After it downloads your trophies. If you dont trust me and you dont wont to delete your data because you think it will delete your save game data do it on mw3 or an easier game first. All it does is drop your bites to a very  small to none megabites or whatever there called im 12 not very interested in that. After you do that and your fallout new vegas menu is up go to load and your saved game data should be there. Ever sinse I did that my fallout 3 and new vegas stoped freezing. But once your bites get high again (6000). Do this all again. I know it works fallout 3 even with all the dlcs (mother ship zeta)(point lookout)(the pitt)(broken steel) I have no idea if this works for fallout new vegas dlc (old world blues)(lonesome road)(honest hearts)(dead money). Thats all you do i hope it works for ps3 owners. Sorry i dont know how to help xbox 360 players.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Thomas/1159793624 Corey Thomas

    I just got the new edtion for New Vegas with all the DLC and it did an update.  It seems to freeze when ever I do a big sale with a merchant

  • Cody

    well, I have put in over 190 hours. I havn’t even finished 2 of the expansions yet. I can even load the game now. It freezes from the start. I have invested over $80 into this game and I would just like to finish it. Explore everywhere, make every weapon, do everything. Now I can do nothing. So, This moring I was so pissed off!! So Enraged about the fact that I havn’t been able to load my game for a month now. I took the disc outside and used a SpringField XD 40 CALB. Hand Gun, and shredded my game to pieces. Even though I could not finish my game. I do feel a lot better now. So I suggest to any gun owners, that if you want an $80 dollar target then: FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is the best shoot target because it is good for nothing else. I’m still going to want my money back.

  • puff

    god dam sick of this freezing up for god sake fix the problam its 2012 and the dam game still has problams

    • Re5entedMeerkat

       im the same wih XBOX.

      I used to have an Arcade version and it froze there and corrupted my game save.  I changed to Xbox slim Black and deleted all saves and tried again…the game still freezes and i have to hard reset the xbox to do anything.

      the trouble is its almost everytime i go to pick up and item or sell items…ive even offloaded loads of my inventory just in case..but the game freezes..i have all the DLC and updates but i have to reboot frequently.

      The only thing i can do now is call the manufacturer

  • Jivonneyranne

    ahhhy stupid crashs i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sar

    Mine has been freezing up within an hour of play every time since I got the DLC.

  • Camachofam427

    I was playing it on the ps3 and got tired of the freezing so I got it for the 360 and its even worse

  • Tom The Turnip

    I have fallout new vegas for the ps3 and I have to say it worked great until I got all the damn DLC! It freezes everytime I use the pip-boy or even load the game! Also it freezes when I open crates, walk into places, or even just puase the game!

    • Soldierman876

      Exit the game to the main menu go to game data delete ur fallout nee vegas data n the dlc data go into the game itll say v 1.07 update do it n it works perfect n u still have ur saved games do it around 4000mbs on ur fallout games (game data)

  • Soldierman876

    Ive beat the game 3 times each time was very painful cause in a day it crashed on average 12 times its upsetting me to the point were i wanna do new thing dlcs but why waste money n time when all it does is super lag n freeze n randomly reset my ps3 im to the point of breaking the game but its hard cause im a serious fallout fan n deff wanna see more games but they need to set it up in a patch to low gfx or do something so bethesda u gotta do something

  • Danthman420

    i love Fallout New Vegas, and im just getting to where it is getting fun on the story mode and when i go to load it, it sais, this game relies on downloadable content that is no longer available. some objects may be no longer available. continue loadong. i click yes then it shows. the storage device you selected is no longer available. load cancled. thing is i have plenty of memory left on hardrive, i got a new x box 360 and it still does it. they really need to fix this because i want to go back to the quest which im defending the dam from the legion.

  • Matt

    my fallout freezes about once every half hour. it got worse after i downloaded the last expantion pack. it worked fine with thrre expantion packs but the fourth made it start freezing alot. now i cant play any part of the game without it feezing constantly.

  • Jonathan

    I am unable to sell my gold bars from dead money. Every time I use the accept button for the exchange it instantly freezes the game. Please patch that so most of us can say the dead money expansion is worth the money and torture in the story. Seriously it had to have something good out of it. The setting was horrible and some of the challenges during the time spent in that hell hole was absolutely horrible.

  • stuart

    is thier any way around the glitch whare when you go through a door the console freezes I’ve all ready had to make a new game becouse of this glitch and I’m not the only one so if any one knows how to get around this glitch it’d be appreciated

    • stuart doig

      Figured it out transfer save file to different memory unit, load old save on original memory unit then go into load and select device/storage, select memory unit with moved save and load the glitch should now be fixed

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.swoger Jacob Swoger

    Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas both suffer from the same shortcomings. The longer you play it, the more it freezes. We live in the 21st century. A developer should be able to make an expansive RPG (especially one which runs on an older graphics engine) without it freezing and crashing every hour that you play it. I put over 100 hours into Fallout 3 and now I can hardly even play it anymore. It should be illegal to release a game that has this many bugs in it and expect us to pay full price for it. The games are great, but the glitches are unacceptable.

  • Jagar Alagoria

    I think it might be because of the sheer volume of the content, but I’m not sure. Mine also has a nasty habit of freezing in the middle of an autosave, and because I move so fast through the game without saving for long periods of time (and yes I realize it’s my fault, but I can’t stand slow games) I lose a lot of progress, because the autosave is “corrupted” and cannot be loaded.

  • POed gamer

    Game freezes more than my ice maker. POS, spend hours of my life playing a low tech low quality game that I paid full price for, could have spent the money on beer and had more fun!!!!!

  • David

    I first got this game day 1 for 360 and it hard crashed all the time and the co owner of Obsidian ended up giving me a free PC copy which can only be played at low settings but even that stuttered. Years later I picked up a ultimate edition for PS3 and still it hard crashes at least once after a few hours and freezes quite a bit. Obsidian blamed the engine because it wasn’t theirs so I’ll give them one more chance when South Park TSOT comes out but if that has crashing and freezing issues I will never buy another game made by Obsidian.

  • Soobe

    Well just bought the Fallout Las Vegas Ultimate from Steam, and it is now Oct, 2013, And the Game is the worst for money I have ever spent. The game is good, but every 5 minutes, it freezes, and or, CTD. This game is still not fixed. Has nothing to do with my Pc, My Pc is new and up to date, even with 8g memory. If I would have known about the terrible freezing issue with this game, I never would have bought it. Company’s should be sued for releasing a game like this. Totally, disappointed .

  • caelem

    Still going on it is now 2014 hats off to bethesda

  • BoycottThis ShittyGame

    It will never be fixed, just remember that when the new Fallout is released this year (2014). Don’t bother buying it until you see how bad it is.