Star Wars The Force Unleashed II: PS3 Move Lightsaber

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It is not long now before we see the worldwide release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and the game should be getting Sony PlayStation Move support via a patch next year. An image on the Official PlayStation Community forums is showing a Lightsaber.

James Love of connectedconsoles is reporting that the Kinect is getting its own Star Wars title, so it would not be much of a surprise if the PlayStation Move didn’t get some support from LucasArts as well. As of yet there has been no official news from LucasArts or Sony about any Move Support.

This could be a photo chopped image and not real, but if it is will please a lot of Star Wars fans who also own a PlayStation 3. But with the use of ‘Unleashed 2011’ in the image suggests the game will have some Move support next year, and possibly a Lightsaber.

Would you like to see a Move Lightsaber?

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  • Grpeephole303

    The image is very well down because they have the move buttons placed on the ligthsaber hilt. so.. its pretty much profesionaly done and probaly took some time to do whether its done to dissapoint allot of people or by sony i dont know

  • LucasNaj

    PS3 Navigtation and PS3 Move will make this a cool combination for PS3 Move. This is going to be cool.

  • Anthony

    There are so many games coming out in a short amount of time. I will first get star wars unleash 2 and Gothic 4

  • Francis Kimmel

    lucas arts make a ps3 move only game to unleash the lightsaber control with star wars episode 3 music such as anakin vs obi wan, also take your time so it will be sweet

  • juss

    ok how about joining 2 controls…


    I think definately made by somebody. Looks like an authentic PS3 add but my opinion is if they do make the light saber you can use especially for Star Wars games like Wii has there is no way it would ever be a full size light saber. Maybe a 1/3 of the size at the most, cuze you'd be knocking shit all over the place. But they really need to get on this patch shit and hook Star Wars up because I bought the PS3 Move just thinking that shit was gonna work with it, because why wouldn't it, very very dumb decision.

    But like someone before me said now LucasArts is kinda teamed up with XBox and they are gonna give XBox their own Star Wars game. So I don't think making a patch for PS3 is high on their schedule. Althought I'm sure it will come around as soon as everyone has already beaten the game. I bought the special edition a month and a half ago and I still haven't opened it, haha.

  • Henrik

    I see this was a while ago. But I haven’t seen any Star Wars title to PS3 Move yet.
    Does anyone have any informaiton about this?